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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2002   Nov 23   Comment Summary

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ON4ADZ   SOSB/160 LP   4,7472002-11-24 09:25:08
EQ : ft1000mp MkV @100w top loaded vertical and elevated radials
software : writelog
UT1IA   SOSB/10 HP   215,7482002-11-24 10:02:45
RIG: TS-870S
PA: 1 kW
ANT: 7el. @40m, R7000 vertical @30m

Conditions were not so good this year.
Where are the rest zones ? :-)

73 ut1ia
LA8OM   SOSB/10 LP   116,1162002-11-24 12:58:37
10m only => Daytime operation => Still fit for Monday :-)

Tnx to all 'big ears'.

73 de Chris

using Kenwood TS570 + Force12 Sigma-5 Vertical Dipole
S57O(S51TA)   SOSB/15 HP   775,0002002-11-24 14:05:01
Just came home with full head, swallowed throat, painfull ear, with high
temperature...etc.....anyway on moments today I could not copy clear strong

Bad cndx both days....

ccu arrl 10!

gonna sleep now...:)))

73 Ted, s51ta
N4ZR   SOAB HP   2,189,9982002-11-24 14:06:20
Quit about noon Sunday because things were going so badly. I really don't
understand it, because the station was working fine, and I didn't have any
cockpit problems that I could notice, but the QSOs just wouldn't come. Had S9
noise levels on 80 and 160 both nights (no RX antenna on 160), but the high
bands opened late for me, never sustained anything like the rates of 2000 or
2001, and closed early.

I'll be interested to see what the consensus is on conditions. Maybe my
disappointment is just a symptom of my having a capable station for the first
time over the top of a sunspot cycle and down the other side.
N1SZ   SOAB LP   61,1742002-11-24 14:40:46
Not too bad for a couple of hours of operating and a 30m dipole 20 feet off the
ground. I was thrilled to work TX2DX on 40m! Maybe it was my crummy antenna,
but it seemed like EU was missing on 10 and 15m.
VK2CZ   SOSB/10 LP   1,7482002-11-24 14:50:20
My first ever attempt not only at a serious CW contact, but in a CW contest to
boot. Not as dawnting as i'd though, but a few guy's ran over 50wpm which
challenged. Kept to low power, so I wouldn't make a dill of myself. While the
score is arbitrary, I found my self wanting to 'have a go', just like the SSB

So many thanks to Mr W3LPL and Martin VK5GN who took me thru the basic learning
practicalities of CW contesting, corrections and some of the whacky
abbreviations used..
VE3HG   SOAB LP   313,1402002-11-24 14:57:41
Loaned my SB-220 to the VE3DC multi-op effort. Big mistake considering
conditions. Still not bad for little gun with Th-3 and Alpha Delta sloper at 100
K3SWZ   SOSB/10 QRP   19,8722002-11-24 15:06:17
Hope my "drop in the bucket" helps!
Celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary and had too much stuff to do
around the QTH...
W5AJ   SOAB(A) QRP   5,1412002-11-24 15:43:35
put up a HF2 on Saturday and got into the test.
The 17" monitor in other room tore up 80 - shut it down about 1am Sunday morning
and could finally hear on 80. Must be lots of electric fences around here too.
Tuned the HF2 on all other bands. Most of you were pitifully weak, hi.
Congrads to P4 for putting most qso's from one country into the log.
If you got into this log - check your antenna, it must be working.
73 Robert
VE1OP   SOAB(A) HP   1,935,3632002-11-24 15:47:13
Had to split the weekend between WW and babysitting my 10 day old
grand-daughter, so hours are down from what I wanted, but great fun anyway..

Not sure where propogation was Sat afternoon, but sounded like I had the
attenuater on...40 was good to me Fri night which sure helped with the
Nice opening into Japan Sunday evening on 20 metres...

Need a new 80 m antenna!! Wind threw it into the neighbours yard Sunday

Lotsa dx and lotsa fun...Thanks for all the Q's...CU in the 10 m contest...

Scott VE1OP
NG3K   SOAB LP   234,2522002-11-24 15:47:15
20 watts, 20m Carolina Windom

Conditions were not nearly as good as last
year. Highlight was working S9MX on 15m
and 20m for an all time new one. Never heard
20m really wide open to Europe. Probably
should have spent some more time on 40. There
was surely a lot of activity from Aruba this
N7OR   SOSB/15 LP   179,6972002-11-24 15:48:12
Used N1MM Logger software. Worked great! Don't think there were any CQWW gotchas
at all! The users group fielded 2 teams, I wonder how we all did? GO TEAM B!!!

Sunday was just awful. I don't think my little station was meant for SB
competition. Couldn't raise much EU on Sunday. Took lots of long breaks as a
result. It seemed like 15 was full of USA and duplicates most of Sunday. Working
a single band DXCC would have been nice, missed it by 3. Heard more than that
Sunday morning, but they sure didn't hear me! I honestly thought I could have
had more than 32 zones. I predicted I would get 36. Oh well. 3 weeks til ARRL
10, then I can work those darn USA guys all I want. Even only working 19 hours,
(I planned 24, but burned out Sunday), I'm tired and my headphone ears are
73, Craig R. Cook - N7OR
VA3DX   SOAB(A) LP   430,2362002-11-24 15:48:34
Both of my daughters made staggered trips from out of town,
on Sat and Sun. An unscheduled trip, made babysitting my
sisters doggy a time waster. Starting conditions seemed rather
poor... So in all, just came to the shack every now and then;
and ran as much as I could. Just a lack luster effort on my part.
Next year will tell everyone to stay AWAY !!!!
A few points for the Contest Club Ontario guys anyway..
WA1Z   SOAB LP   1,009,3602002-11-24 15:49:45
160M Inverted L
80M 1/4-wave Vert
40M Full-wave Loops N/S + E/W
20M BiSquares N/S + E/W
15M Phased Collinear Verts
10M Phased Collinear Verts

Bob, WA1Z
K7ABV   SOAB HP   571,6652002-11-24 15:53:35
NA9D   SOAB(A) HP   33,2802002-11-24 15:55:03
Didn't really have a lot of time to play in this one after the two SS contests.
Besides, I am not a great CW contester, but I am beginning to like it more and
more. It's kinda cool zipping along at 30 to 35 wpm! I really got on to expand
my country count on CW and on 40m as well. I am also getting a feel for my new
tower and antenna setup in a DX contest. So far, I am pleased. When I can work
Hong Kong on the first call when I've never been able to even hear Hong Kong
before, I am very pleased. Now, I just have to get that new beam come next
spring! This was fun and I certainly won't win any awards, but hey, life's
about having fun!
N3RA   SOAB(A) LP   107,0722002-11-24 15:55:09
Fun weekend. My vertical only seems to work on 40 now. Time to replace it, I
guess. 90% of the Q's were on the old 35' high 80m dipole with open wire.
Hopefully by next year, the stacks and 40m beam will be up and I can give SOABLP
Unassisted a serious try...
ZF2NT   SOSB/15 HP   1,423,4442002-11-24 15:57:02
This beats the old NA record (set by ZF2AM in 2000, with 1,196,320 points, 35
zones, 125 countries). But I know that doesn't mean much. (I did the same
thing in 2000 on 10m, but so did half a dozen other people, and some beat
AA5DX's old NA record by lots more than I did.) Will wait to see the results
from KP2/OK1TN and PY2NDX before breaking out any champaign.

The finish on 15 was absolutely insane. I was struggling to pull out water-weak
JA calls until 2350, and all of a sudden it was like there were hundreds of them
in the same room with me. Somebody turned on the lights at the very last
instant there.
KØXH   SOAB(A) LP   192,4562002-11-24 16:01:56
15 crashws of the computer before I changed port assignments (in desperation) no
more crashes! Great fun for a phone guy, assisted sure helps! See ya next year
maybe better antennas, especially 80/160 and less noise!
AEØQ   SOAB LP   113,2122002-11-24 16:02:09
Attic dipoles suck. After dark on Friday put out a 'vee-dipole' from 2nd-story
balcony to bushes in parking lot, left the invisible #26 wire up all weekend.
Actually works OK on 40m to Japan :-)
NX9T   SOAB LP   179,2802002-11-24 16:03:30
Had a nice time playing around, LP, hit and miss style.
Both my parents and the inlaws visited this weekend so there
were plenty of activities to take me out of the shack. The weather
was nice for a change so actually even got some outdoor projects done
as well. Decided to go at this one LP so as to not have to mess
with the amp on bandchanges, etc...worked just fine.

73 and Happy Holidays.
jeff NX9T

2 El. Quad @73'
40m Rotatable dipole @ 75'
Wires on 80 and 160
K3JT   SOAB LP   414,1282002-11-24 16:06:34
Casual operation this time....
KR2Q   SOSB/15 QRP   242,9592002-11-24 16:07:17
Condx pretty poor. Thank goodness for JA's both nights. Used a 4L yagi @ 82
feet (Cushcraft), a homebrew 2L quad (thanks N2NC for design) at 38' fixed
South, and a 5L Yagi beam (thanks N3RS for design)) at 55 feet, which was the
workhorse of the weekend. Thanks also to WB2BHC who helped me put them up just
days before the contest. Broke the old USA qrp/15 record, but not sure if any
one else did that also (N6MU?).

Once again, called AH2R both days with no response, just like on SSB. And where
was Hawaii?

de Doug KR2Q
KØUK   SOAB(A) HP   132,5022002-11-24 16:08:27
I was very hesitant to use the amplifer. I started with 500 wts to see just what
kind of phone calls I would get. Did a little friday night and very early
saturday morning. No calls. Later that evening after helping the xyl with a
clothing give away all day saturday. Ran it again saturday night for a bit. No
call. Then early sunday morning on 40 but went to 800 just to see. Still no
calls. After church and a movie did the same on 10mtrs and no call. So we shall
see what comes to the surface.
Band conditions felt a little punk friday night but saturday and sunday into JA
sounded good. Hope we all had fun...Didnt hear many GMCC'er on. Did hear K0FX
running them on 40mtrs. Had fun and made some major points with the xyl this
weekend. Hi..PTL Go GMCC..bill K0UK
VE3BUC   SOAB LP   513,7722002-11-24 16:16:37
Had limited time to operate this one due to a family gathering near Fort Erie.
Friday night was a slow start with only north-south propagation but good into
the Caribbean and SA. Most of my operating was done on Sunday and conditions did
improve but could never quite keep the pace of last year under similar

Always a fun contest and lots of challenges. Thanks to everyone for the
GMØTGE   SOAB LP   245,9802002-11-24 16:19:47
Not enough time spent on the air or in preparation, but good fun none the less
VO1TA   SOAB(A) LP   809,3252002-11-24 16:22:29
lots of fun,conditions seemed to be good with activity on all bands, thanks for
the Q's looking forward to the 10 meter test next month hpe conditions hold up.
All the best Wayne

station TS 450
antenna cl33@ 35ft inverted V dipoles for 40-80m
W7ZR   SOSB(A)/10 HP   208,5002002-11-24 16:25:52
Only one radio. 10 to Europe on Saturday was poor. Sunday was good but short.
Opening into AZ with any strength was 1 1/2 hours. Good fun. You know it is
slow when there is a pile up of Ws calling a VE on Sunday afternoon.
K4WI   SOSB(A)/10 LP   262,4092002-11-24 16:32:04
Ten was trrible.. thats all I can say.. didn't even get zone 1... oh well next
VE7AV   SOSB(A)/20 HP   286,2322002-11-24 16:32:29
Band was so slow, opted to attend hockey game!
6J2AC(XE2AC)   SOSB/40 LP   62,5262002-11-24 16:36:47
Degraded condx allowed to work stateside.
Special Callsign yielded some trouble for some

Antenna: C4SXL @ 80 Ft
Rig: FT-1000MP
CT 9.81
NR3X(N4YDU)   SOAB LP   2,011,5422002-11-24 16:38:56
It was a long grind on Sunday afternoon. I wanted to get to two million and did
it with just 10 minutes left. It really wore me out.

First time I've operated 40 hours in any contest. I'm paying the price. My new
favorite energy drink, Red Bull, was quite effective. I drank six of them. I
should have bought more. After slurping them down early Sunday morning I felt
kind of strange, but I got over it.

Conditions weren't the greatest, but they were OK. The openings to Europe
weren't as long as in years past. The low bands were OK at best. I had fun both
nights staying up for European sunrise.

The biggest improvement to the shack was the simple audio mixing unit that
Dunestar sells for SO2R. It made SO2R much more enjoyable.

The only failure was my remote antenna tuner for a wire antenna that stopped
working. As it turned out my new puppy had chewed through the 12 volt line in
the shack that controls it...It was easy to fix. He didn't offer to help,

Radios: Ten Tec OMNI VI and Icom 756
Antennas: Two tribanders, one at 35 feet and the other at 20, both rotatable.
Dipole for 40M at 70 feet, ground plane for 80M and INV L for 160. Also a 160
foot wire for the second rig.
One 250 foot beverage for receive...
KI7Y   SOAB LP   521,9682002-11-24 16:42:20
K4FXN   SOSB/10 LP   128,8302002-11-24 16:45:57
Had a great time. All QSO's were with a Cushcraft X-9 at 40 ft. Seems to be
about the right height if the band is good.

73's Dan
LY1YK   M/2 HP   7,623,6962002-11-24 16:52:53
Rig: ICOM 775DSP,Kenwood TS850SAT,TS570D + 3 x 1Kw Amp.

All info about the rig on the

Roli LY2FY.
N9AG(@N8NR)   SOSB/10 HP   499,3302002-11-24 16:53:42
Really interesting conditions. Certainly improved as time went along. The
multipliers just kept coming out of the woodwork.

Thanks to Bob, N8NR, and Debbie, KA8CFU, for letting me use up their

Rig: FT1000MP MkV
Titan II
5/5/5 at 120'/90'/60', top rotatable, bottom 2 at Europe
NG3Q/8   SOSB/15 LP   160,3002002-11-24 16:53:49
Radio: Ten Tec Triton IV
Antenna: 3 element Telrex @55'
Location: Rocky River, OH

Thankfully this was not Thanksgiving weekend, where it makes particiation by
those with families and children difficult.

Conditions were weird, but got better from Friday night. Hope everyone haddd
fun though. Might as well enjoy what's left of the sunspots!
HL1/WX8C   SOAB LP   384,9752002-11-24 16:54:16
Finally put up a dipole for 80 meters which worked great for the JA's!
AE9B   SOAB(A) HP   966,7442002-11-24 16:58:13
Most CW contacts for me ever I think. Wasn't really planning a big effort, had
some family things to do the first night and put up a loop antenna during the
daylight hours on Saturday. Got my regular sleep and just missed a million
points. This CW stuff kinda wears on you huh?
Thanks for all the Q's and patience.

N9CIQ   SOAB QRP   514,2722002-11-24 17:00:33
VE3OSZ   SOAB LP   18,5042002-11-24 17:00:53
Equipment: Drake TR7 100 watts
Antennas: Inverted L; beverage; pennant
K3WW   SOAB(A) HP   6,705,6602002-11-24 17:01:52
Up from last year, down from the 2 before as I recall. Rates a bit slower and
runs shorter, and pileups meaner... Pretty tired, as usual..
I may lose a multiplier..the ZD7 ansered right after the ZD9 which was right
after working the ZD8 who was surely for real.. the 3rd one got me thinking
about the second. Someone spoted the ZD7 if research pans out I
gain the one I didn't log rather than lose the one I did log....written
fully sleep deprived since I got up Friday morning for work.
2nd month in a row that our Eagles play on the Monday Night after CQWW...
Tuesday is becomming the day to not visit this dentist.
W7UT   SOSB(A)/15 HP   452,7252002-11-24 17:05:47
Band seemed to close early to Europe both days and many of the
European signals had an aurora sound to them. Condx definitely
down from SSB weekend. Most surprising moments were when
UN7JJ, S21YY and 4S7EA responded to my CQ'ing.
W5ZO   SOAB(A) HP   1,198,2282002-11-24 17:17:22
Raw data but wont change much. This was a flat out effort from this little
station. I take pride in busting the million point mark in both ssb and cw. I
got alot of enjoyment in this contest. everything worked, I was very pleased
with 40 meter phased verts with 25 zones and 74 ctys. I had many personal
records but that was a blow out from this qth on the prarie on 40 meters. My
sons and their wives dropped by for a nice lunch with my grandson sunday. My
daughter-in law said " What are you doin, Grand Dad." I said "Oh , just talking
to a few friends on the radio". 73 and good dx --Mike W5ZO.
K3ZO   SOAB HP   4,693,2852002-11-24 17:19:37
I spent a little less than my normal operating time in this one.
For a Wisconsin native like myself, there was a very important
football game being telecast late Sunday afternoon and a local
station was carrying the game so there was no way I was going to
miss seeing it.

Thanks to a visit by Mike, W3MC, earlier in the week, all three
antenna problems I had were repaired, and I had the use of my
European 160-meter EWE for the first time in months, so I pigged
out on 160 meters a little more than is customary. It sure was
nice to be able to hear the targets through the pile-ups of W's
for the first time in a long time. In fact I think with the new
WX0B transformer Mike has the EWE playing better than it ever did

The dry, windy day Saturday caused 10 meters to be bothered some by
line noise that day, as was 15 meters beaming Asia. Other than that,
no complaints about local conditions. On Sunday however there were
no such problems.

As far as radio conditions were concerned, the contest began with
disturbed conditions which actually seem to have enhanced 80 meters
at the beginning of the contest. I found running on 40 to Europe to
be not as easy as usual so I probably did more S&P than usual during
the hours of darkness, which didn't hurt the multiplier total at all.
QSOs however would have been down even if I had put in my usual 41/42
hour effort.

Probably more a sign of diminishing solar flux levels than temporary
disturbances, it was rather a shock both days to find 20 meters closing
so early to Eastern Europe. In order to be sure of getting all possible
20 meter mults from now on it will be necessary to catch 20 in the
mornings the minute it opens before going on up to 15 and 10. No more
skipping directly from 40 to 15 or 10 as I have become accustomed to doing
in recent years.
K5TSQ   SOSB(A)/15 LP   165,0002002-11-24 17:27:15
Amazing how much fun this was with a TS50 and 4 el yagi with no rotor
Condx were even better on Sunday.

Ken, K5TSQ
C6AKP   M/2 LP   2,502,4002002-11-24 17:29:16
Enjoyed the new multi-two format.
We used 100 watt rigs and simple vertical antennas.
Had some good runs.
Had fun passing out the 'Bimini Multiplier',
and meeting old friends.

Thanks, and Warm Regards,

Dick N4RP C6AKP, Joe W4SAA
K4HV   SOAB LP   46,6322002-11-24 17:32:38
Very Limited Operating Time.
AD6WL   SOAB HP   185,9552002-11-24 17:33:04
My first CW test using a memory keyer. Took a little while to get used to.
Could not operate the entire time due to xyl commitments. I could not get any
runs going because speeds were to fast for me so it was S&P the entire test.
Still lots of fun. 15 meters was the best band. TU.
NS3T   SOSB/40 LP   52,2632002-11-24 17:35:16
My goal was pretty simple - beat the 3-land record for this contest
in single-op-40 meter (low power) and if my score holds, I did just that!
But it was anything but easy.

I started fine with 34 S&P QSO's in the first hour. But by around
0130, the Europeans went away, and never came back for my inverted
vees until around 0700. It became a real slugfest just to get a
few contacts in the log each hour almost the rest of the contest.

I stayed with it though and was rewarded with some great contacts
in the wee hours on both nights. On Saturday morning, I got
ZL6QH and a few JA's in the log with the sun already up here.
The second night was marked by getting thru a pileup for OY1CT.

With my simple inverted vees, all I could do was S&P, and my
weak signal meant some missed chances for zones and countries.
I clearly heard zones 12, 19, 27, 29, 30 and 36 several times
on 40 meters, but I just couldn't break thru. And I never
could find KL7 and zone one. Oh well.

I have to thank all of the VE's who helped my cause - of my just
over 200 contacts, 30 of them were from Canadian hams! Plus,
my only KH6 was from a VA7 who was in Hawaii.

I'm no expert, but conditions seemed a bit suspect at times,
especially on night one. Of course, some big antennas might
help avoid all the repeats for stations trying to dig my
signal out of the noise. I really like the way my NS3T call
sounds in CW - unfortunately, it seems to be easily read as
NN3T, NI3T, NH3T, NS3A, NS3D, NS2T and NS4T.

Jamie NS3T
W5VX   SOAB(A) HP   2,221,7772002-11-24 17:36:17
What a gas! This was a really outstanding weekend. So much DX, I couldn't seem
to make a dent. I can't seem to do the whole thing anymore but 31 hours was
enough to exceed all of my goals except # 0f QSOs. I can't wait to see what the
stations with big antennas and really good ops did.
VE4XT   SOAB LP   99,2522002-11-24 17:36:17
Radio works best when 2-year-old son keeps finger off power supply switch!
KE8RO   SOSB/15 LP   176,3682002-11-24 17:38:18
A moderate attempt at my first CQWWCW contest in a few years and it all was a
S&P effort. I had to work Friday so I did not really get started until Saturday
morning and then I over slept on Sunday. I thought the bands were pretty fair
from my location. Plenty of super signals from Europe and the Caribbean. As
far as the Pacific, I wondered what happened to Hawaii? I only heard AH6RE
toward the end and he had such a pile up that my little station would never have
made it. I was happy to get Zone 1 toward the final leg of the contest when I
started to hear Alaska.

HIGHLIGHT: Working a new one, Western Sahara (S0)!

Off to make up some family time and then once the dust has cleared, time to fill
out the QSL cards and find routes for those that I need. Thanks to all that had
patience with my small signal from near Lake Erie!

See ya's in the next one!

Phil KE8RO
K8IR   SOSB/15 LP   133,2452002-11-24 17:42:32
Conditions not always the best here, but they sure beat last year.
K3PP   SOAB(A) HP   1,740,4132002-11-24 17:44:55
Conditions were strange and certainly worse than the phone contest. I had to
struggle more to break the pileups than I did in phone. The pileups were
absolutely unruly. In the phone contest, I rarely had to fight in the pileups.
Not this time. I had some nice successes, but I'm worn out from the pileup

Still, it was a great contest. I had to sleep more because of work commitments.
Judging by the conditions when I shut down for the night, I didn't miss much.

Thanks for all the QSOs and especially thanks to those brave souls who hung in
there while this mediocre CW operator attempted some feeble runs. The vast
majority of my QSOs were S&P and I never used the SO2R setup.

VY 73 de Glenn K3PP
N5TW   SOAB QRP   609,8282002-11-24 17:46:58
It will be interesting to check on conditions - they seemed ok. Worse and QRP
is very tough but not ideal either. But it was fun - especially finding a rare
DX station before the packet cluster spots alerted the high power folks. I more
than doubled my year 2000 score and came close to making my 2001 score with more
mults and less QSOs. Thanks to all those stations with good ears!
NØAX   SOSB/15 LP   179,8262002-11-24 17:51:27
The CQ guys must have let their propagation subscription lapse :-)

Really rough conditions on 15-meters from up here in the Pacific Northwest. All
the JA ops were very, very welcome callers, making up almost 50% of my QSO
totals! Although there wasn't much rate and basically no EU on Sunday, it was
fun to try and work all the contest expeditions from the DX bulletins. Crossed
off quite a few of them and managed to get through to XT2DX and XW1IC running
QRP for countries #299 and #300!

On the bright side, rates were low enough for me to use the second radio to
listen to the football games and not miss a beat :-)

73, Ward N0AX
6YØA(W7CB)   SOSB/160 QRP   38,8892002-11-24 17:57:37
Larry, W7CB, gets the cotton ears award... worst static we have heard in all
the years coming down here. Min S9 static most of the contest, often pegging
the S meter. I never thought it would be possible to be an alligator on 160
while running QRP!

Large storm surge on Monday with 12-15' waves (far away storm - was sunny here)
nearly wiped out all the antennas. What made it more dramatic was at this new
QTH, we are on 12' cliffs... waves were breaking over the top of the cliff, and
often sending the water another 20-30' above the cliff. At that time only the
first of the 2 ele 160 was installed, and that antenna was completely damaged
(half of it went out to sea...) Luckily we had not put up the 2nd element, or
it too would have been gone. A number of other antennas had bent elements, but
survived, even though they had fallen down from the waves.

We had to wait out the storm surge until we felt it was safe enough to approach
the antennas at the edge of the cliff to try and fix them... all in all, we
lost about 1 day of installation time. We got REALLY nervous when another storm
surge hit Saturday night during the contest, and we were concerned we would
loose the antennas again...

Unless the log gets dinged too bad by log checking, it should survive log as a
new world QRP record on 160. Unless someone else was crazy enough to do QRP
single band operations (even on other bands), this operation should end up with
all QRP single band records being set by 6Y_A in the past 2 efforts (160, 80,
40, 20 this year, and 15, 10 last year).

Great job Larry!

Kenny K2KW
K4XU   SOAB HP   2,403,0752002-11-24 18:00:06
First cqww with SO2R. Basically used the second station as a spotting rig since
I only have one amp working. The second station ant is a 40m vertical. Goot
prety good at changing frequecy with the amp to grab a new mult on another band,
ususally on 40 or 15, while the CQ was going on 80, 20 or 10m. The conditions
were not very good on 10m - one zone 15 and 1 zone 14 only. However, on sunday
morning I was able to hold a frequency and maintain a 100+ rate for over four
hours going to Europe.
Got more sleep than I planned, I must be getting old.
N6RO   SOAB HP   3,536,9042002-11-24 18:04:41
Celebrated my 65th birthday this weekend by sitting in the chair for 42 hours!
Score improved 10% over last year, despite declining condx- SO2R kept me
motivated. Low band numbers were up because high bands (including 20m) closed
very early. Good 80m JA condx. and LP to central EU both mornings kept me from
going to 10m on time - hence the poor 10m mult. No night openings to EU so 20m
mults poor also. Overall, a good time.
6Y8A(N6BT)   SOSB/80 QRP   228,3002002-11-24 18:05:33
Tom N6BT at the key for this band. Static was a big problem just like on 160m.
But for some reason, 80m was the magic band at this new QTH on the elevated
cliffs. We used a 2 ele vertical array fixed at 20 degrees on this band, and it
played very well. This was the one band where we didnt feel like we were QRP.

I had forecasted around 800-900 QSOs (optimistically) and much lower Zone and
Countries. Tom's results totally blew away my highest expectations. Super job

Kenny K2KW
6Y4A(K2KW)   SOSB/40 QRP   442,3082002-11-24 18:19:05
I was at the key for this band... I used N1MM logger, and it was a great asset!
(KE7X on 20m, and N6XG on 15 also used N1MM logger).

QSO total includes a lot of dupes, but score is correct. I had forecasted that
`450,000 points would be possible, and came very close to my target. But I had
assumed that 2000 QSOs would have been possible, but lower mults. Again, I blew
out my forecast on the mults.. I was amazed at some of the weak zone 17, and 18
mults called in.

We used 2 antennas on this band: 2 ele full 1/4 wave vertical elements pointed
to EU, and a 2 ele Sigma 40 array towards EU (the JA array was out on a
spectactular point in the ocean).

This effort surpassed W0YK's 2001 world record who manned 6Y4A that year (I
think Ed's final score was around 260k, which had doubled the previous QRP
record at that time)

Weak EU opening the first night. Very hard to hold a frequency on this band,
and finding another one that produced EU QSOs was really hard...

Kenny K2KW
6Y2A(KE7X)   SOSB/20 QRP   394,6802002-11-24 18:24:42
Fred, KE7X operated this band. The old world record was 230,528 so this too
should be a new QRP record. Great job Fred!

Fred used 2 array on this band:
EU was a 2 ele SVDA (full size vertical dipoles)
JA/USA was a 2 ele Sigma design

Kenny K2KW
CX9AU   SOAB LP   2,276,3732002-11-24 18:27:40

G4WFQ   SOAB LP   518,6222002-11-24 18:30:49
Thanks for all QSO's, 73 Dave G4WFQ.
NA4M   SOAB(A) HP   102,2702002-11-24 18:35:05
Got on for a few S&P hours here and there. Conditions seemed pretty good
overall except 80m seemed better Friday night than Saturday.
NØFP   SOAB HP   311,8922002-11-24 18:40:54
Interesting propagation. It was nice to see all the DX forced to lurk on the
lowbands this year. Makes for interesting log content for those of us in the
propagationally challenged areas (Minnesota).

Speaking of challenged. No 20-15-10 antenna of any stature. Ran with a 6BTV
while the yagi is in the shop. The only antenna over 6 inches off the ground
was a 40M V at 42 feet. My best band to boot! What a hoot!

I usually run LP unassisted and couldn't get ANY Qs Friday night without running
AK3Z(@WX3B)   M/M HP   2,388,2552002-11-24 18:55:55
Great contest - and a new record for number of stations operating simultaneously
for more than just a few hours. Had 4 stations going for a good part of Sunday.

Thanks to N3SB for providing the new, improved 10 meter radio (Icom 781), NY3A
for many all the operating hours Saturday night and Sunday - I think we may have
another Multi/Multi convert with you.

Thanks to David, K3LP for the pep talks and Pileup crunching lessons.

Thanks to AK3Z for lending his call sign - and being the implicit QSL manager
for this operation.

Ask anyone who operated this contest about the excellent antenna rotors for the
10 and 15 meter Monoband Quads...the rotor, and the operator...are one in the
same. All equipment performed very well.

Now onto the 10 meter contest...


Jim Nitzberg WX3B
WØZA   SOSB/15 HP   228,8162002-11-24 19:03:34
15 mtrs had some good openings to Japan and Europe, better than the SSB CQWW
VA3WN   SOAB LP   164,1602002-11-24 19:18:54
Murphy was way overdue for a visit to my shack, but I was still surprised when
he showed up. My antenna tuner let go 2 hours into the contest (of course, no
backup), and it was a struggle to keep it together after that. I could convince
it to work for periods of 5 - 20 minutes at a time, after which the SWR would
jump to infinity and I'd have to break off a run (and lose my frequency) to set
things right.

To add to the frustration, sigs on Friday night sounded like I was operating
from the ocean floor. Condx were not good in Northern Ontario (laugh all you
want, VE6'ers), and low band QRN made copy really difficult. I decided at the
last minute to go unassisted (I usually like to use packet to find the "new
ones"), and had no luck finding the mults on my own. Good lesson learned about
the difference between assisted and unassisted. You've gotta move around!

I was planning a serious effort for this test, but ended up having to go in to
work on Sunday, so I could only operate until late Saturday night. To add to
things, I got back into Sudbury from a quick business trip to Toronto only 1.5
hours before the start of the test. Excuses, excuses... ;)

The bright spot in all of this is that while down in Toronto, I got to sit down
and shoot the breeze for a while with Bob VE3KZ and Don VE3BUC. Worth the trip
down just for that, hi.

Thx to all for the Q's, especially to those who stuck with me to make the QSO
through multiple repeats.

Go Go CCO!

73 Travis VA3WN
Secretary, Contest Club Ontario
W6TK   SOAB(A) HP   598,2182002-11-24 19:25:28
Fun working VK on 20 meter long path middle of afternoon local time! Always
something new. Several new band countries and modes. Limited effort but lots
of fun as usual! 73's until next time.
W8TOP(W8UVZ)   SOSB(A)/160 HP   15,1232002-11-24 19:25:53
Difficult condx to EU and Asia (both ways). "Earned" every QSO!
N5AW   SOAB LP   2,545,2722002-11-24 19:26:35
A personal best for this contest.

Conditions were pretty good all day Saturday and Sunday morning until about 1700
UTC. Then propagation really shut down. The Europeans that were coming through
were weak and about the same strength regardless of where the beam was pointed.
Struggled make a dozen contacts some hours on Sunday afternoon.
WØAH   SOAB QRP   687,0382002-11-24 19:29:22
Favorite contest for sure! Need to add 8N1OGA to above country total since
software scored it as Japan. Disturbed conditions, but still pretty good. Ran
monobanders on 10 through 40M, but the 20M yagi was fixed on Europe, so there's
room for improvement on that band. Quarter wave vertical on 160 with a Hytower
for 80M and backup. All S&P, and maybe I won the most calls award! Although I
called many, many stations well over a dozen times, the award goes to HC8N who
finally copied me on 160M to complete six bands. Thank you. CU on 160M and 10M
next month.
Doug W0AH near Pikes Peak
PY2NDX   SOSB/15 HP   1,039,5002002-11-24 19:35:07
Very bad propagation in 15m to EU. QRM during the night with peaks of s9! I
worked little Europe very. 50% of the QSOS with the USA. I did not listen to
zones 29, 34, 37 and 39 in 15m.
I made many stops during cqww. In the sunday I had that to interrupt contest
and to go to make an examination test in the school, of 4 hours.

RIG: TS-450S
400W - DENTRON MLA-2500B
ANT: TH7DX @18m

73/DX PY2NDX Rafael
K8CC   M/M HP   10,200,8402002-11-24 19:38:30
Condx very poor on Friday PM. Raised one JA apiece on 21 and 28 MHz at start
and that was it. Paths from east to west through north were non-existant after
first hour. 9V1YC and VR2BG would get spotted but we couldn't even hear the
pileup calling them! THe 28 MHz op was in bed by 0230Z and the 21 MHz op (me)
an hour later.

Condx started to improve on Saturday AM, but both 21 and 28 MHz were slow to
open. Eventually, both got to be pretty good to EU but 28 closed down early.
Saturday evening was pretty good on 21 MHz to the Pacific. Sunday was more or
less a repeat of Saturday with regards to 21/28. For us, 21 MHz was a big
improvement over last year, while 28 MHz was down a bit on QSOs.

14 MHz was the disappointment of the weekend. With the band shutting down both
evenings, it limited the opportunity to run up a typical QSO total. Mults were
about the same; surprising since we only had about 2/3 the QSO total of last

The low bands seemed productive, even though condx seemed to be unimpressive -
improved country totals for us on all three lower bands. QSOs were up on 40,
flat on 80 and up on 160. We lost our usual 160m op to a death in his family on
Thursday, so all the ops spent a little time there.

The pileups, fueled by spotting via packet and internet are getting to be
something else. Even with big antennas, these prove to be huge time wasters.
And everybody seems to be consumed with an urgency to get thru so they call and
call and call. Before anybody flames me, I'm sure that K8CC is no better than
anyone else at this, however I think something needs to be done. Will Internet
spotting be the death of DX contesting?

Nothing broke this time, and we had virtually no computer trouble. For the
first time ever, the station was ready to go three hours before the contest.
However, I won't tell you how hard I had to work to get it there - I joke that
the best thing about one of our multi-multis is that everything in the station
gets fixed and the basement gets cleaned :-)


NQ7X   SOAB QRP   89,1002002-11-24 19:45:53
Conditions varied from easy first call contacts to frustrating multiple calls
and still no contact...was tempted to turn up the wick a notch. Though not the
best of conditions, still got one new country(#188 QRP) and worked some nice
semi rare ones like:9L1AB,9M6NA,9V1YG,YB0DPO,BY4BG,XT2DX,TF3IRA,ZS4U. Had no
luck only 1 answer and gave up, so all S&P. Missed the big sigs from
Hawaii...found only one...KH6/VA7CW. Thanks CQ for another great contest. BTW,
the code speed seemed much faster than SS and other contests...I had more than
my usual problems with s,h & 5s.
BA7NQ   SOSB/15 LP   66,3302002-11-24 20:02:16
It is a very pleasure contest, enjoy very much! 95% Qs are answer "CQ TEST". I
used a IC-706MKIIG and a R6000 vertical, barefoot power, I am very happy that
give some stations the BY and 24 multiplier. See you next CQWW.
K4NNN(K4OJ)   SOSB/20 HP   331,1002002-11-24 20:07:37

Call: K4NNN
Category: Single Operator
Power: High Power
Band: Mono 20
Mode: CW
Country: United States
Zone: 5


160 0 0 0.00 0 0
80 0 0 0.00 0 0
40 0 0 0.00 0 0
20 772 2150 2.78 35 119
15 0 0 0.00 0 0
10 0 0 0.00 0 0

Totals 772 2150 2.78 35 119 => 331,100

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:

Club Affiliation: Florida Contest Group

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

Signature _________________________________


Seffner ARC c/o Jim White K4OJ
3527 King George Ln
Seffner, FL 33584
W7GG   SOAB HP   2,503,8722002-11-24 20:15:15
Old (like me) alarm clock let me down .... took a two hour break
early Sunday AM and woke up six hours later! Sad as it cost me
some prime low band time! Needless to say I had no troubloe staying
awake the rest of the test!!

High band cndx really headed down as we move into the next cycle.
Very little EU on 10 and 15m. Difficult to work second and third tier
stations on these bands with disturbed polar cndx from the NW.

Glad JA's show up and are so workable from the left coast .... cuz
without them it would really be a long weekend .... 600 worked on all
bands except 160m. Not a single 160 JA heard from my Qth. No prop
I assume. Years past I cud count on 50 to 100 JA's on 160 !

Pet peeve: Hoshots that don't give their CALLS OFTEN enuf! Notable execptions,
CN2R, ZD8A, PT5A ...... Great fun as always. You never know
what the propagation GODS are gonna give you until the test is on .....
every year its different..... and that's of part what makes the game so
fascinating and fun!

If I could do it over again I would opt for a single band 40.
That band really produced for me even with the over sleep.
Wish this contest had a low band entry class ie. 40-80-160m.
Whatsay, Mr. Cox?
de W7GG, Oregon
VA7XX   SOSB(A)/20 HP   49,7642002-11-24 20:27:15
Conditions not the best, but had some fun hunting mults for a few hours early
Sunday morning and then again later in the day. All S&P
N6WS   SOAB(A) QRP   295,7282002-11-24 20:40:01
Equipment: Yaesu FT-1000MP MkV
Antennas: Cushcraft X-9 w/X-940 at 17m, 80m sloper

The biggest thrill of the contest was working VU2WAP on 20m. It was my first
VU on QRP.
I was able to work XT2DX on 40m through 10m with just a couple of calls each
time. They must have been using good receivers to hear me.
I had a great time, and hope to hear everyone again next year.

73, Bill/N6WS
N6AW(@W6KP)   M/M HP   6,494,2002002-11-24 20:55:47
HZ1AB(SMØCXU)   SOSB/15 HP   798,9732002-11-24 21:13:06
Thanks for all QSOs. Some of you may have been surprised when I called you, the
reason was that I lost one mains phase during some hours and without the linear
I could not hold a run-frequency so I had better S&P and hunt multipliers.

Had 7 hours mains power problems whereof 5 hours was prime-propagation time!
Thanks to Steve, KA8GVS who came to assist crank up the generator, hope no one
argues to put me in Assisted for that :-).

And as the mains power was not enough, the fuse to the FT990 got faulty. It
didn't blow, but gave up due to a bad quality fuse.

The generator could not handle the Aircondition, so it got quite warm in the
shack, thanks that the contest is during the "winter" here. BTW, last year it
was raining almost all the time.

Finally, for resons beyond my control, I had to close operations much earlier
than planned, last QSO was at Sunday 12:06. This also added to hours that I
lost, but I was of course happy to get home much earlier than planned. My
DXpedition route Dhahran - Riyadh is some 400 km on a 2x3 lane highway!

Equipment: FT990, TenTec Titan, Force 12 - 5BA at 40m and CT

73 Thomas, SM0CXU @ HZ1AB
NG7Z   SOAB LP   88,4762002-11-24 21:17:50
There are big guns, little pistols and then there's us unloaded cap guns. I'll
stick to domestic contests from here on. Just don't have the antenna to do a
decent job with DX contests. They can't hear me more often than not and its a
real chore for the DX ops to pull my puny signal out of the QRM. But got a
couple of new ones. AH2R, P3F, J75A, VU2WAP. BTW, thats the first India station
I've ever heard and truth be told it made the contest worthwhile.
VE7IN   SOAB LP   377,7752002-11-24 22:11:07
Another LP casual effort. Except for Sunday afternoon most of the Q's are S&P
with short attempts at running. Sunday afternoon I decided to see if I could
raise the Q count. Still working on my CW, I believe there has been more
improvement although unfortunately the one cell CW decoding system just blocks,
I seem to stumble on the simplest calls at times. However as the "skill"
improves CW becomes more fun all the time, and that was in full force this

Need to still get a listening Antenna up for 160, even at 100 Watts I felt like
an alligator, highlight was working PJ2T, Cool.

As mentioned all ready 10 meters not happening to Europe from this part of the
West Coast, 15 was limited,with Saturday being better I think than Sunday(to
Europe that is, the JA's were putting in many fine signals here. The 20/40 still
stuck East so only limited calling on those bands, but pleased with some of the
mults worked there.

I must mention thanks to my wife Patricia who like many Ham wives assist in
having lunch or supper available at odd times(depending on the run? pile-up?
whatever), she continues to be supportive all these contesting years.

Thanks all for the Q's.

73 Earl VE7IN

PS: Please check out for info on Pacific Northwest DX Convention
2003 July 18,19 and 20. We would like to meet as many as would like to come.
N6MU(@N6NB)   SOSB/15 LP   300,1602002-11-24 22:14:16
You know condx weren't great when I had more JA Qs than EU. That hasn't happened
in years. Even had a little long path Saturday night and snagged HZ1AB for Zone
21. Also heard A61AJ but he couldn't hear me. Never heard either short path.
Never did get Zone 23. JV5C was calling endless CQs but couldn't hear me. Even
low power can be frustrating at times. It took me close to half an hour to break
the huge pile on ZS6EGB for Zone 38. Of course the next Q was ZS6QU down the
band a little who I worked in less than a minute. Sound familiar?? 73...

John, N6MU
K7HBN   SOAB LP   654,9002002-11-24 22:30:45
Other than getting tired of hearing QRZ from almost every European I called on
40 with my 100W and low inverted vee cloud warmer, I enjoyed the contest a great
deal. I didn't really set any goals, so I exceeded them by a great deal. The
highlight had to be my close to esp contact with XT2DX on 10 after 2200Z Sunday
afternoon, had to employ the NR2 function on the TS-2000 to verify his call.
Must of been a heck of a battle for Zone 35.
de K7HBN
LY2GW   SOSB/160 LP   19,3232002-11-24 22:59:32
Sorry, correct call (LY2GW)
OMØC(OM2TW)   SOAB LP   870,4302002-11-24 23:34:37
Only 21 hours in the air. For the first time with low power. QRM from my little
boys (3 and 7 years old). Problem with burglar alarm in the nearly shop (on
40m). Thanks to all for the QSOs. See you next year. 73 de Rich OM2TW / OM0C.
OL5Q   M/S HP   3,335,9042002-11-25 00:21:25
SP5DDJ   SOSB/15 QRP   162,4002002-11-25 00:24:01
At 03:30Z I turned all equipment on, boot computer and could't log the first
contact, because my keyboard worked weird. I had letter Y instead of Z and vice
versa. Rebooting did not help, and while conditions were raising I had to
reconfigure CT in Windows environmnet very fast. I made it in 30 minutes
learning again how to handle DOS programs. First day for QRP-er is always tough,
because of pile-ups and I concentrated on multiplier. Couldn't reach zone 26,
but what a nice surprise when I called CQ only once by the edge of the 15m CW
edge and VK2 responded. Zone 30 was logged then. South America failed on 15m
meters completely both days. Second day was much easier and I could complete
remaining zones and countries. Within the contest I made DXCC QRP on 15m. The
same one I have made last year on 10m. Next year I'll go for Polish QRP record
on 20m.
I'd like to thank all Hams who picked-up my weak signal. You must have good
OHØNL(OH2BYS)   SOSB/40 HP   938,7842002-11-25 00:32:59
All OK but the aurora again. I think I missed a new European record.
GUØSUP   SOAB(A) LP   20,0642002-11-25 00:34:09
Just a very short operating time, as I only went on to work a few new countries,
then decided I had better appear in other logs too, just to validate those I
Great to work 9L1AB, XT2DX, C53M and D4B for new countries on CW, plus 3V, A6
and CN on 40m.
Tnx and vy 73 to all.......
YT9X(YU1ZZ)   SOSB/15 HP   647,2732002-11-25 00:40:05
ANT: 4 el QUAD @ 15m
PWR: 900 w

73`s Milan, YU1ZZ
OH2BH(OH1WZ)   SOSB/80 HP   299,1542002-11-25 01:01:30

At short notice was given the opportunity to try out
Martti's new 3-el yagi.

Operated until 07 GMT Sunday morning as was alerted in the
afternoon to join the home troops to fight a stomach flu that
had knocked out the XYL and harmonics. Pitty to leave the station
as OH2BH was about to arrive at a fair score. Anyway got to stay awake
three nights in a row as excepted....(and probably a forth one
coming up having catched the disease)

I can only say that a 3-el yagi makes all the difference on
80 and it was really exciting. Thank you Martti and Toni (OH2JTE)
for making this possible.


FT-1000 MK V , 8877 PA
Dipole (East) at 30 meters, 3-el yagi (pwr split at times)
W7BX   SOAB HP   305,9102002-11-25 01:02:05
Only a part-time effort, but lotsa fun nevertheless. Always great to work old
friends like Koji/JM1CAX at JY9NX and Hal/W7NN at 7J1AAI in this .. THE DX
contest ... Some of the ops (e.g. XT2DX have phenomenal ears). Sometimes I
really wish I lived at the TOP of this hill, rather than on the west side of it
.. sure would make working Europe and Africa a whole lot easier. Last, but not
least ...... Thank Goodness the contest was NOT during the Thanksgiving weekend
as I'll be spending most a lot of that time driving. Arghhhhhhh. Happy
Thanksgiving Day to all. 73, Sandy Portland,OR
XW1IC(E21EIC)   SOAB LP   3,296,0282002-11-25 01:05:32
RIG: Kenwood TS-850S
Power 100 Watts.
ANT: 8ele 4Band Yagi 45mH.
Vertical (40m and 80m)
1/2 Lamda Sloper (160m)

I heard many many station on 160m, but no body heard me. JT1CO very strong on
I can't workd K3ZO in this contest, but I heard him on 20M.
I would like to say thank you very much to my good friend "Larry, XW1LLR and his
XYL" for support station and everything and Sonthaya,HS6NDK/XW1N for set up

Don't forget thanks to CQ magazine for support contest.

73 de Champ, XW1IC/E21EIC
LY5W(LY1DR)   SOSB(A)/80 HP   102,1762002-11-25 01:32:25
RIG: TS850 + 1KW
Ants: Sloping dipoles (NW, NE)
DL6LAU   SOAB(A) HP   284,1302002-11-25 02:07:45
Due to family commitments I could only operate 9.5 hours. However was pleased to
have good results trying my new freestanding 85ft vertical for 160/80 and 40m. I
even used this antenna, matched with the inbuild tuner of the FT-1000MP-V on
20-10m :-) ...
IK4VET   SOAB LP   254,4752002-11-25 02:45:16
Few time but great fun.
I used a vertical antenna 100w (but more less on 15, 80 &160m due to match

any comment to

see you on ARRL 10m

DJ7IK   SOSB(A)/15 HP   286,0362002-11-25 03:29:40
I lost my first 30 QSOs with 25 multipliers due to a computer error.
On sunday afternoon I had to go to a family celebration and missed the opening
to NA. It was a relaxing weekend for me!
SP8ZBX(SP5UAF)   SOSB/20 HP   271,1702002-11-25 03:44:22
Conditions were not good on 20 meters - especially on Saturday. Many Carribean
stations appeared on 20 meters when they were hardly received in Poland. I heard
many DLs working them but in SP it was almost impossible. Most of such
multipliers were worked about the noon on Saturday or on Sunday but I lost a lot
of them (to mention V4, J7 or KP2). So in the end the multiplier is not high.
Also very few JA stations. On the other hand many zone 3 US stations on Sunday.
I was lucky to be called by KL7XX so I didn't lose this zone.
I was at the radio the first night (night in Poland) but during the second one I
went to bed - the band was almost completely dead, also during the last hours of
the contest.

Equipment: FT-1000MP + PA 700W; 6 el. mono-band Yagi
PA3BFH   SOAB LP   1,117,1582002-11-25 03:52:12
Really missed the JA's, only a few worked
20m bad
15m good
10m ufb

40/80/160m, just look at my antenna..............
(but had some unexpected multies)

Frizel FB-DX 506 up 13m
Alpha Delta DX-LB as Inverted Vee
ON4UN   SOSB/160 HP   131,7122002-11-25 04:00:40
Horrible conditions on 160. What a real struggle to work just under 100
NA-stations (10 % of total QSOs). In a good year I work 1/3rd NA-stations on
160, now 10 %. Only East coast and just a few mid west big guns. No sunrise peak
on either day. To the East it was even worse: never heard a single JA, never
heard VK8HD, and it was a struggle making even 3000 km distance QSOs. I decided
to do single band 160 because YI9OM promised they would be on 160 and I need
that for a new band. They were never heard on 160... After all, maybe I should
have done 10 m single band??? Spent over 30 min calling a very Q5 PJ2T station,
but he was deaf like hell. Never heard him working one Eu-station. Thanks to all
who called me or heard me! 73 John, ON4UN
GW7X(GW3NJW)   SOSB/40 HP   349,0042002-11-25 04:04:34
When KC1XX is weak, you *know* there's a problem!
DFØWA(DL2MEH)   SOSB(A)/10 HP   597,6182002-11-25 04:14:48
See you in ARRL10m !

73 de Manfred, DL2MEH
HL1VAU   SOAB LP   117,2162002-11-25 04:25:50
RIG: IC706 100w
ANT: 4 bands Multi Bands Dipole 4mH

I had only afternoon and evening time in this weekend. But contest was so fun.
Due to time limit, most of QSO made by Search & Pounce.
15m/10m was not better than last year. But, 20m/40m was usable. 20m opened for
EU and Westhern AF thru long path with great signal, even so my poor
could not post my signal there.
I missed D4B, ZD8Z, EA8ZS, C53.. and so on.. EU wall was unbreakable.

Hope more better condition for ARRL 10m..

73 & Good DX
KC1XX   M/M HP   21,206,9442002-11-25 04:31:22

Call: KC1XX
Category: Multi Multi
Power: High Power
Band: All Band
Mode: CW
Country: United States
Zone: 5

160 199 360 1.81 17 67 N6HB,DL7SI
80 839 2316 2.76 29 121 W1FV
40 1744 4991 2.86 37 137 N6MJ
20 1599 4418 2.76 39 153 W2RQ,N6IG,K1GQ
15 1867 5375 2.88 38 151 N3RD,DL7NS
10 1585 4448 2.81 34 145 KC1XX,AD1C
Totals 7833 21908 2.80 194 774 => 21,206,944

We had two stations set up on each of 10-20m, using ACOM 2S1 for interlock to
drive a shared AL-1200 amplifier. This allowed either station to work needed
QSOs or multipliers, freeing the "run" operator from having to chase after
packet spots. We think this worked out really well, and were fortunate to
both stations manned throughout the entire contest.

Thanks to Christine and Matt's daughters for keeping us well taken care of
during the weekend. I'm sure we worked Mickey Mouse on at least a couple
of bands.

73 - the KC1XX team


HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

0 11/15 113/39 109/40 55/50 28/26 14/12 330/182 330/182
1 25/15 81/11 85/19 22/6 10/4 . 223/55 553/237
2 10/7 28/20 77/28 19/8 11/2 1/2 146/67 699/304
3 17/8 58/11 89/11 15/10 2/0 . 181/40 880/344
4 11/4 32/12 85/9 18/7 . . 146/32 1026/376
5 17/7 60/9 86/6 6/1 1/1 . 170/24 1196/400
6 28/2 49/6 100/6 17/13 . . 194/27 1390/427
7 10/0 33/4 105/3 15/14 . . 163/21 1553/448
8 5/3 14/4 79/3 9/7 ..... ..... 107/17 1660/465
9 3/0 8/1 62/4 11/3 . . 84/8 1744/473
10 4/3 1/1 15/4 45/6 7/8 2/4 74/26 1818/499
11 2/0 2/2 7/6 71/9 101/42 25/31 208/90 2026/589
12 . 4/2 15/5 88/14 132/14 127/41 366/76 2392/665
13 . . 5/0 62/4 119/6 160/25 346/35 2738/700
14 . . . 44/5 132/11 137/9 313/25 3051/725
15 . . . 33/6 123/7 160/13 316/26 3367/751
16 ..... ..... ..... 64/2 120/10 118/1 302/13 3669/764
17 . . . 91/0 88/6 42/7 221/13 3890/777
18 . . . 88/6 31/7 34/5 153/18 4043/795
19 . . 10/0 45/2 18/8 41/0 114/10 4157/805
20 . 1/0 36/3 27/0 32/2 23/2 119/7 4276/812
21 . 6/4 58/2 40/1 22/3 28/4 154/14 4430/826
22 2/1 3/0 56/3 38/2 63/6 25/1 187/13 4617/839
23 2/1 4/0 75/2 25/6 34/5 4/0 144/14 4761/853
0 2/0 34/2 63/2 38/0 2/1 1/0 140/5 4901/858
1 8/5 43/0 52/3 23/0 3/2 . 129/10 5030/868
2 5/3 20/2 17/2 8/0 1/1 . 51/8 5081/876
3 13/3 30/0 30/2 15/0 . . 88/5 5169/881
4 7/1 43/3 31/1 17/0 . . 98/5 5267/886
5 2/1 45/1 44/0 2/0 . . 93/2 5360/888
6 1/1 39/4 49/0 8/0 . . 97/5 5457/893
7 1/1 37/2 72/0 3/0 . . 113/3 5570/896
8 1/1 17/4 47/1 3/0 ..... ..... 68/6 5638/902
9 1/0 2/2 22/0 . . . 25/2 5663/904
10 1/0 3/1 10/1 7/0 . . 21/2 5684/906
11 2/0 5/0 6/2 83/1 54/2 18/0 168/5 5852/911
12 . . 1/0 43/0 118/3 109/7 271/10 6123/921
13 . . . 43/1 90/2 148/3 281/6 6404/927
14 . . . 36/2 89/1 98/4 223/7 6627/934
15 . . . 46/0 104/1 81/2 231/3 6858/937
16 ..... ..... ..... 49/0 100/0 58/0 207/0 7065/937
17 . . . 52/0 76/2 35/0 163/2 7228/939
18 . . . 70/0 48/0 16/2 134/2 7362/941
19 . . 6/1 21/4 26/1 22/1 75/7 7437/948
20 . . 37/1 24/2 14/2 12/0 87/5 7524/953
21 . . 37/1 24/0 7/0 11/0 79/1 7603/954
22 3/0 7/2 37/2 15/0 26/1 31/3 119/8 7722/962
23 5/2 17/1 29/1 21/0 35/2 4/0 111/6 7833/968
DAY1 147/66 497/126 1154/154 948/182 1074/168 941/157 ..... 4761/853
DAY2 52/18 342/24 590/20 651/10 793/21 644/22 . 3072/115
TOT 199/84 839/150 1744/174 1599/192 1867/189 1585/179 . 7833/968

Continent Statistics

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America CW 112 115 142 201 144 162 876 10.9
South America CW 7 23 33 66 76 96 301 3.7
Europe CW 67 669 1480 993 1429 1215 5853 72.8
Asia CW 1 17 114 282 224 79 717 8.9
Africa CW 14 25 34 41 36 41 191 2.4
Oceania CW 0 7 13 42 15 27 104 1.3

QSO Counts By Band-Country (more than 10/band)

PRFX 160 80 40 20 15 10

9A 2 10 26 8 10 15

DL 15 108 272 152 242 240

EA 24 42 42 44 39

EA8 1 5 7 10 7 7

EU 5 9 7 12 8

F 1 47 96 58 85 77

G 8 55 90 66 84 95

GM 2 8 14 8 17 11

HA 1 18 48 23 41 34

HB 14 26 13 23 18

I 1 22 73 46 56 59

JA 4 58 156 148 51

K 63 46 53 90 44 73

KL 1 1 4 11 3

LA 6 15 14 10 10

LU 2 4 21 21 29

LY 3 9 14 17 22 14

LZ 1 3 21 10 22 19

OE 5 16 13 14 11

OH 12 49 41 34 33

OK 3 68 121 66 115 100

OM 16 35 24 34 26

ON 2 10 20 11 21 30

OZ 5 6 8 11 11

PA 3 10 29 17 26 31

PY 1 3 13 20 24 34

S5 1 23 40 22 34 25

SM 17 45 26 40 35

SP 3 36 63 51 83 60

UA 2 30 91 92 123 53

UA9 2 22 76 32 8

UN 3 11 7 2

UR 1 34 70 43 73 30

VE 25 42 52 64 50 47

VK 2 6 11 1 9

YL 3 8 10 9 9 4

YO 1 3 17 11 17 15

YU 10 35 23 30 23

ZL 3 2 14 2 10
K3ND   SOAB(A) HP   2,095,4772002-11-25 04:42:26
Lots of mults! Great activity and conditions. Never worked so many VEs and so
few KH6s!
NQ4I   SOSB/80 HP   86,0202002-11-25 05:02:21
Equipment FT-1000mp, Alpha 87a, and 80m 4 square...just played around to see how
the new 4 square is doing...I have to give it a big thumb's up!!...installing
more towers this week...hope to have the multi-multi ready in time for ARRL CW
and SSB...looking for Rick nq4i
K6OWL   SOAB LP   60,2642002-11-25 05:20:52
A few hours here and there to S&P.
55% of contacts to JA's - tnx!
AA4V   SOAB HP   570,7412002-11-25 05:38:51
Just some time for a little S&P....sure was fun
F5OIH   SOSB/40 HP   160,2932002-11-25 05:48:15


GM7V   M/M HP   11,947,6502002-11-25 05:48:38
Conditions noticeably poorer than in 2001, esp. on Saturday. After 10 years of
'CT', we used a 'Writelog' network for the first time - worked OK but several
quirks are really annoying when running a pile-up (maybe I'm too easily
annoyed!) Thanks to everyone who worked GM7V - please see QRZ.COM for info.
about our new QSL Manager, Linda M0CMK. 73 Chris GM3WOJ
K3NM   SOAB(A) HP   1,683,7302002-11-25 05:58:42
Had a great time the pileups were fun, This is my best CW score only did S&P i
need to learn to call CQ then score will get alot better. CT says 24 hour's but
i had alot more time then that.
WD4AHZ   SOAB LP   337,3442002-11-25 06:00:46
Just a part-time effort.
VE9DX   SOAB LP   752,1152002-11-25 06:11:08
Mostly S&P here. Just couldn't get into this for one reason or another. To the
point where I missed Canada and zones 2,3, 4 and 5 on a several bands. Maybe
next year...
Did manage 10 5 band QSO's though.
9L1AB, C53M, S07PM, S9MX, XT2DX all the CT9's, EA8's, P4's kept things active.
Rig: 50 watts to an all band vertical
Logging with WRITELOG (worked great)
73 Andy (VE9DX)
6Y9A(N6XG)   SOSB/15 QRP   334,6352002-11-25 06:14:04
Walt, N6XG manned this band. Comparing rates to our effort last year on this
band, conditions were terrible! It was hard to beleive that conditions could
have been worse than last year!! This band shut down hours earlier than last
year, and opened later.

Fellow NCCC member ZF2NT did a great 15m HP effort this year (new NA record),
but would have done much better last year!

Two arrays used on this band:
EU: 2 ele SVDA array
JA/USA: 2 ele 1/4 wave vertical array on a spectacular point in the ocean.

Conditions limited our QRP efforts on this band, even though Walt put in a super

Kenny K2KW
N5RZ   SOAB HP   4,495,1122002-11-25 06:15:06
Good shakedown for the new monobanders. Nothing broke, so that is a good

Cool things:
JA's just like the "old days". Over 400 JA's on 40M.
Being called by VQ9X & working SM2EKM (LP) on 80M at my sunrise Sunday.
DXCC on 4 bands
EA8ZS, HC8N and several others on 6 bands & lots of 5 banders
15M & 40M condx

Not so Cool:
20 Meters Condx
CB hash on 10M -- S9 across band at times
Lids & bad key clicKS.
Still can't beat K5GN - congrats Dave!

160M: Quarter wave Sloping Vertical
80M: Inverted Vee @ 70'
40M: 2 el Force 12 Mag240N @ 105', Rotary dipole @ 60'
20M: 5 el 44' boom (based on OWA) @ 75' 204BA @ 35' fixed NW
15M: 155CA's @ 65'/40', top rotary, bottom fixed EU
10M: 6 el 24' boom OWA @ 110', 4/4 homebrew EU stack 70'/39'

2 el Lightning Bolt Delta Loop (rotary) for "extra" antenna on 10-15-20M

No RX antennas for lowbands yet. Plan to get the 15's & 20's higher next

WX0B Stackmatches on 10-15-20
WX0B Six Pack

Stn #1: TS850S + Ameritron AL1200
Stn #2: TS850S + Alpha 99

ICE 419 Bandpass filters

Next upgrade: Automatic Antenna/Filter switching -- ran out of time & $$!!

TR Log

Thanks to all for the QSO's - It was fun.

73, Gator
PX2W(PY2YU)   SOSB/10 HP   1,938,8852002-11-25 06:16:39
G4KIV   SOAB LP   133,9642002-11-25 06:24:29
FT1000Mk 5 died on RX only 6 hours into the contest ... gutted !!!
It was a good contest up till then, only other problem was wanting to send ZC4BS
instead of my "NEW" homecall <grin !>

Considering a 2nd FT1000 for emergency purposes only (as Christmas is just
around the corner lol).

I'll be back next year.

N2IC   SOAB HP   4,561,4422002-11-25 06:28:01
A taste of things to come, as the sunspots drop !

Despite the lack of direct-path EU propagation on 10 meters, it was a pretty
entertaining contest. The high point was definitely the 80 and 40 meter
long-path openings to Europe on Sunday morning. Had a nice run of EU on 40
during the 14Z hour - a time when I would have been doing the same thing on 10
meters a few years ago ! The low point was the lack of runnable EU propagation
on any band duing the first 36 hours !
N2CQ(KEN)   SOAB(A) LP   821,7542002-11-25 06:34:58
TS-850s, TA-33jr, Doublet
CT 9.70, DXTelnet, K2UT Node
W4MYA   M/M HP   10,403,8512002-11-25 06:43:59
First time 5BDXCC in a contest..
Thanks for the QSO's..
On to the 160M Contest
Take care
VE3ANX   SOAB HP   505,9202002-11-25 06:54:27
The contest was already over for me Saturday morning. My good old TS930S
developed some keying problems and it was not possible to go on. It was snowing
so much on Friday night that my dipole had high SWR on 40 and 80 for the first
few hours of the contest.
WA7BNM   SOSB/10 LP   7,6442002-11-25 07:04:48
First time in 7 years that I haven't been out of town on business during this
contest, but had very little time to operate. Oh well.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM (
N4EK   SOAB LP   180,7922002-11-25 07:30:02
Part time effort. conditions were fair.
Thought alot about the loss of Bob White, W1CW.
RIP Bob.
N2CU   SOAB HP   586,5212002-11-25 07:34:08
Why do bad conditions always fall on the CW weekend?

FT1000MP, SB-201, TH6DXX 50', 80/40 1/4 sloper, 160 lazy inv. L, TR Log (of
VE3KZ   SOAB HP   1,540,4132002-11-25 07:39:26
I'm pleased with the result of a half-time effort. I have to work on the
ergonomics of my shack! I really have to improve the layout of the Rig/Computer
Screen/keyboard. Too much eye movement, hand movement and refocusing led to many
delays in adjusting the rf gain and tuning and correcting keyboard errors.
Thanks for your patience guys.
Interesting how most people call higher in frequency as the signals improve.
Actually worked two stations at once on two occasions. Weird to hear your call
coming back in stereo! On the other hand on 160 and 80 it was amazing how
several strong steady W's can all call zero beat with such precision! Working a
weak W6 on 160 followed by a pileup of W2's can be hard on the ears as well.
Enjoyed it all, didn't aggrevate my flu left over from CQWWSSB and am ready to
tackle ARRL 160!

73 Bob VE3KZ
N4MO   SOSB/15 LP   354,1202002-11-25 07:48:13
Another carbon copy of 2001. Same OL OP to go along with same antennas
and equipment. So I guess I shouldn't expect better results. I do need a
better strategy for the 19-21 hours on the second day. Currently I just
S & P. Any suggestions?
Bloopers - missed MJ5 - heard him often 1st day and said later due to the
pile. Second day nil hrd. Also never hrd KH6 other than KH6/K1ER S & Png
and he wouldn't bk for me.
Highlight - worked 9V1YC with my peanut whistle.
C everyone next year god willing and the spots don't disappear!
NE9Z   SOAB(A) HP   277,8902002-11-25 07:49:50
Missed zones 22,34,37 & 39. Heard a couple VUs in zone 22 but could not break
the piles. Did not hear or see any DX Summit spots for 34, 37 & 39; however I
was not on enough hours to really know. Propagation was not as good as CQWWSSB
contest. Signals from Europe here in North West Wyoming were weak. At 13 hours
that's only about 2.5 minutes per QSO. Great contest!
YI9OM   M/S HP   7,648,8922002-11-25 07:59:45
After few casualties (broken TS940, TS850, PA L4B) we think that the result is
quite good. We were using dipoles for 80m and 40m, fixed logperiodic for
20m,15m,10m, undefinable Long Wire for 160m and some strange antena called AP8A.
We couldn't handle the pile up on 80m because all europeans had same strenght of
the signal - sorry guys for that. We had a big interference between multiplier
and pileup stations so that is the reason why so low number of mults.
To the last moment we did not receive the approval for using contest call YI0M.
Maybe next contest :)

message for ON4UN:
John don't worry. I will make the maximum to improve 160m and I will work you
very soon (om2dx). By the way we were running only 100W on 160m.

73 from YI contest team
AA1K   SOAB HP   4,962,2542002-11-25 08:06:10
Fun contest! Some very good conditions. No sleep other than a few minutes at the
keyboard before sunrise on Sunday. The high 204BA (at 98.5 feet) in the 3-stack
array stopped working early Friday evening (blown balun?), so only had the lower
pair (28/65 feet) fixed on Europe and a low 3-el delta loop fixed South for most
of the contest.

FT1000MP main radio, TS940S for spotting RX, single and phased Beverage rx
antennas. Three 100-ft Rohn towers:
160: series-fed 100 ft Rohn 25
80: Inverted Vee at 95 feet, 1/4 wave wire vertical
40: 3-el Hy Gain Explorer at 83 feet on Ring Rotor, 1/4 wave wire vertical.
20: 4/4/4 stack of HyGain 204BAs at 28/65/98.5 feet (top one died early in
test). Bottom pair fixed on Europe.
Fixed South 3-el Delta Loop at about 25 feet apex
15: 4/4 stack of Wilson 415M yagis at 100/50 feet, bottom fixed on Europe.
Fixed South 3-el Delta Loop at about 20 feet apex
10: 5-el HyGain 105BA (modified W3XU design) at 55 feet, side-mount rotor.
5-el homebrew yagi at 16 feet, fixed south.
3-el delta loop at 20 feet, fixed west.


UTC 160 80 40 20 15 10 rate total
00Z 0 0 108 0 1 1 110 110
01Z 0 0 72 1 0 0 73 183
02Z 13 0 13 25 0 0 51 234
03Z 5 46 0 1 0 0 52 286
04Z 0 0 21 4 0 0 25 311
05Z 8 18 16 1 0 0 43 354
06Z 0 53 1 2 0 0 56 410
07Z 2 1 73 1 0 0 77 487
08Z 2 5 26 3 0 0 36 523
09Z 0 3 21 1 0 0 25 548
10Z 4 1 7 6 0 0 18 566
11Z 0 0 0 15 69 1 85 651
12Z 0 0 0 0 146 4 150 801
13Z 0 0 0 0 57 78 135 936
14Z 0 0 0 1 0 142 143 1079
15Z 0 0 0 0 0 108 108 1187
16Z 0 0 0 0 51 22 73 1260
17Z 0 0 0 4 46 18 68 1328
18Z 0 0 0 125 1 0 126 1454
19Z 0 0 0 28 15 6 49 1503
20Z 0 0 0 14 11 7 32 1535
21Z 0 0 6 14 6 11 37 1572
22Z 0 0 0 1 36 7 44 1616
23Z 1 0 0 5 23 13 42 1658
00Z 0 0 21 2 8 2 33 1691
01Z 2 14 13 0 0 0 29 1720
02Z 0 17 0 4 0 0 21 1741
03Z 0 0 62 0 0 0 62 1803
04Z 3 11 7 6 0 0 27 1830
05Z 0 0 35 0 0 0 35 1865
06Z 0 10 9 0 0 0 19 1884
07Z 0 34 3 0 0 0 37 1921
08Z 1 1 25 0 0 0 27 1948
09Z 2 3 5 0 0 0 10 1958
10Z 1 0 11 0 0 0 12 1970
11Z 0 2 3 24 0 0 29 1999
12Z 0 0 0 60 3 2 65 2064
13Z 0 0 0 17 25 7 49 2113
14Z 0 0 0 4 0 121 125 2238
15Z 0 0 0 6 0 98 104 2342
16Z 0 0 0 0 78 10 88 2430
17Z 0 0 0 3 68 2 73 2503
18Z 0 0 0 9 34 2 45 2548
19Z 0 0 0 37 1 7 45 2593
20Z 0 0 0 23 3 1 27 2620
21Z 0 0 8 20 0 1 29 2649
22Z 0 0 0 3 18 11 32 2681
23Z 0 0 0 25 3 2 30 2711
tot 44 219 566 495 703 684 ---- 2711


160 80 40 20 15 10 total
N America: 27 56 88 67 51 36 325 (11%)
(8%) (17%) (27%) (20%) (15%) (11%)

S America: 3 11 20 32 24 24 114 (4%)
(2%) (9%) (17%) (28%) (21%) (21%)

Europe: 11 143 408 336 530 568 1996 (73%)
(7%) (20%) (16%) (26%) (28%)

Africa: 3 7 14 21 16 13 74 (2%)
(4%) (9%) (18%) (28%) (21%) (17%)

Asia: 0 1 27 28 71 34 161 (5%)
(16%) (17%) (44%) (21%)

Oceania: 0 1 9 11 11 8 40 (1%)
(2%) (22%) (27%) (27%) (20%)
N4GN   SOAB HP   2,754,1502002-11-25 08:34:31
This was my first contest effort since Joana, my YL from DU1, came to
Kentucky. So I guess this was a big "test" for her as well as myself.
I'd say she did better than I did! While I was struggling to put contacts
in the log, she spent much of the weekend with my family, stopping by the
shack from time to time to bring food and drink, and to give me a little
back massage. I'll bet I was the only guy in the contest eating chicken
pork adobo, shrimp pansit, lumpia rolls and leche flan. What a deal!

Sometimes Joana would sit in the shack next to me, working on her cross-
stitching while I operated. She even listened on the second set of
headphones for a while, even though the only CW she knows is "dah-dah-dah-
di-dit dah-dah-dah-di-dit" (that's the ring tone she hears when I call her
Nokia phone!). She was impressed to hear the big pileup on 4G1A from her

As far as the numbers go, I was a bit disappointed. In 2000 (last time I
operated from home in WW CW), I did right at 4 million points with
basically the same station setup. So I figured a reasonable goal this
year might be 5 million, if conditions were really good again. But I
could tell before the contest even started that wasn't going to happen, as
the bands really didn't sound good.

In 2000, we started off with tremendous JA runs on 10 and 15. This year,
I struggled to work just a few at the start on 15, and not a single one on
10. In 2000, we had awesome all-night openings on 20, with great EU runs
from 0500Z to well past 1000Z. Nothing like that this year, so we were
forced to slug it out on the low bands all night. Ugh!

With a busy schedule before and after the contest, I had to get a lot more
sleep than usual this year. If 20 had been open all night, I would have
forced myself to stay awake, but as things were, I didn't feel like I was
missing too much.

The result, like I've already seen on several postings, is that QSO
numbers were WAY down, but mults were actually up a bit. I thought 40 was
in pretty good shape during the middle of the contest. This is the first
time I've ever actually worked DXCC on that band in a single contest.
Pretty cool! We had a nice LP opening on 40 well before 2200Z Saturday
night (about 45 minutes before my sunset), but there weren't enough guys
on the other end of the path that I hadn't already worked. T88JA was the
only good mult that came from that opening.

The coolest QSO has to be my buddy James, 9V1YC calling in on 15 via LP
while I was running Europeans Saturday morning. I like to keep one
antenna in the stack pointed SSE when I run Europe on the high bands. It
helps to lure in the odd South American, but this is the first time it's
paid off with a check-in from halfway around the world!

The other interesting QSO that I need to ask the propagation experts about
is R1ANZ at around 1300Z Sunday on 40. According to the coordinates I
have for Mirny Station, he should be within a half degree of due south for
me, directly across the south pole. But I swear he was peaking to the NE,
at around 30-40 degrees. And he was amazingly loud, especially since the
path was apparently crossing the auroral zone twice! I guess this kinda
thing is still part of the magic that I never get tired of.

The flare at around 2130Z Sunday was also very evident. It was like
having a big attenuator switched in. When HC8N sounds kinda puny, you
KNOW something's up! Fortunately, it wasn't a very big flare, and the
effects were soon gone.

The only hardware problem was a failure in the all-band vertical, which,
as sucky as it is, is my primary second-radio antenna. I haven't
investigated yet, but I assume the feed attachment broke again, which
seems to happen far too often. Luckily, it broke in the middle of the day
Sunday, so I could limp along as SO1R until 40 opened, giving me something
useful to do with the second radio again. Not having a "real" antenna for
10-20 for the second radio is probably the biggest shortcoming of my
station now. But I have a plan for fixing that!

All in all, it was a great weekend, even though I barely made half of my
scoring goal. Hopefully I'll be back next with the second tower and a
bunch more antennas!

Station setup:
Radio 1 - Mark-V Field and Acom 2000A
Radio 2 - IC-746 and Ten-Tec Hercules II (500 W)
WX0B SO2R box
TR Log

Antennas (yes, still only one tower!):
C3 (10-20 meters) at 40 ft (rotates SW through N to SE)
C3 (10-20 meters) at 65 ft (fixed on EU)
C4XL (10-40 meters) at 90 ft (full rotation)
Above three antennas switched via WX0B Stack Match (10-20 meters)
80-meter inverted V, apex at 80 ft
160-meter inverted L, 70 ft vertical
Butternut all-band vertical (for second radio)
K1TEO   SOAB HP   378,8792002-11-25 08:42:42
Spent about 1.5 hrs on Friday night, about 3.5 hours on Saturday and
unfortunately only about 1 hour on Sunday. Sunday condx seemed very good so
wished I could have spent more time. Lot's of juicy dx in this contest!
SM4F(SM4DHF)   SOSB(A)/15 HP   362,8802002-11-25 08:42:44
The band was dead during half contest and when it was open it was impossible to
get a pile with a good run. SM seems to be of no interest!
S & P gave better results.
KØRF   M/M HP   9,710,0002002-11-25 08:47:48
Had a great team and lots of fun. Too bad about the bands. No direct path to
EU on 10M and little on 15M. 20M had little activity. 40 was great. 80M had
no direct EU. 160 was average (1 EU, 2 A, good South America and Carribean).
When I look at KC1XX and other M/M scores, it seems like we are doing some
other contest.

. . .but we keep doing it anyway.

73, Chuck and the gang.
9M6NA(JE1JKL)   SOSB/15 HP   1,102,8582002-11-25 08:47:56
Team Contesting: CCF-Sweet Fifteen
Zones heard but not worked: 12 & 39
Zones not even heard: 2 & 34

Way below my target - Oceania record
Incredibly poor propagation on 15m here in 9M6
A61AJ & HC8N were very loud all the time

Mni Tnx for calling 9M6NA always!
Will be SOSB20 next year "maybe"

N9RV   SOAB HP   6,779,2042002-11-25 08:48:43
IC-765 (2), Commander HF-2500, Alpha 87A

160: 1/4 wave wire vert, beverages
80: 4 square
40: 4 el OWA yagi @ 160', 2 el CC yagi @ 140'
20: 5/5/5 @ 170/115/57, 4 el Telrex yagi @ 70'
15: 5/5/5/5 @ 160/120/80/20, 5 el Telrex yagi @ 75'
10: 6/6/6 @ 100/66/33, 5 el Telrex yagi @ 80'

Very nice and very fun shakedown for the (hopefully) complete
station. Now I just need to improve the stuff between my ears.

Very poor JA on Friday night with the disturbed conditions.
40 meters went very long here also. Western EU was weak with
flutter at start, and there were many unanswered CQ's around
0200z. But it came back very nicely. :-) 20 finally produced
something on Sunday around 1700z here, when 10m got hollowed
out. And the WW always produces a lot of UA9 activity, especially
on 40m.

I gave W9RE a bunch of tips on this contest, then proceeded to
not follow them myself. Not sure what excuse I can come up with
for 160. The band was quiet and conditions were much better than
my score would indicate.

It was fun working 80, but I couldn't CQ from here. But now that
I've got the ground system for the verts done, at least people
don't ignore me on that band anymore.

I know I say this every year, but the activity in the WW is just
phenomenal. Can't believe how many Africans were on. When was the
last time you heard an S0 (<-- that's a zero) on CW? Never heard
a z34, but you can be sure one was on.

One of the highlights (and lowlights) of the contest was at the
end. Paid attention to a weak signal at about 2200z on 40m at the
end and was rewarded with an absolutely copy-able VU2WAP. But
couldn't raise a peep out of him. Rats. Another came on 15m
when I heard HZ1AB working YI9OM. Which one should I call?

Took a midnight walk out to the feedpoint of the 80m antenna late
Sat night to correct an intermittent. Walking out of one's florescent
lighted room into the blackness of the night with no sleep makes
for an "interesting" experience.

This is also the first contest I can remember that had no (real)
3830 activity post-contest at all. Just KC1XX and W3LPL exchanging
scores (as well as some other entertaining information). So
congrats to the winners, whoever you may be.

- Pat
LY2MW(@LY1PM)   SOSB(A)/20 HP   511,7342002-11-25 08:50:55
Poor Auroral conditions... Hard contest but I have had fun. Heard but not worked
7 dxcc mults (3C2,9M2,CP,HP,HQ,OA,TK) - all was too late for me because of
unexpected high local noice level; clear area was between 300 and 30 degrees
direction. Strange path last few hours of the contest - 3G1X produced best
signal here with antenna direction to W1/W4, all Carribien stations was heard
better with antenna to zone 4. As well as zone 5 and 4 was heard better with
beam between zone 3 and 1. I hope I was not alone with those observations?

Anyway I'd like to thank everyone for the contest and I hope to meet you again
next time.

Equipment : IC-746, 1KW, 4 x KT34 (10/20/30/40m height).

Best 73, Remi LY2MW
9A2RD   SOAB LP   2,470,5002002-11-25 08:53:01
TS930S 100W
160/80/40 dipol
20/15/10 3el tribander AS33

Condx were not too bad... 225 K's on 40m isn't too bad for this equipment

73's cu in arrl10
WF3J   SOAB HP   2,198,0162002-11-25 08:57:03
G3TXF   SOAB HP   4,365,7242002-11-25 09:00:11
Almost did full 48-hours - but fell asleep for 90 minutes while CQing on 80m on
Sunday morning, hence QRV = 46.5 hours! Being the CQWW CW, there was loads of
activity and interesting stuff to work, but I thought that conditions were
deceptive in that the huge amount of activity masked the fact that conditions
were not that good. On HF (21/28) there were loads of stations to work but many
of the more distant Zones just never appeared in the log, eg no JA heard or
worked on 28MHz and only a handful (of the big JAs) on 21MHz. On 160m signals
from DX-stations seemed weaker than they can be. Precious little heard from the
Caribbean on 160m - just FM5GU. No matter, it was great fun - CQWW CW is the
world's greatest Contest - whatever the band conditions!
NA2U   SOAB(A) HP   2,206,4582002-11-25 09:22:24
QRO on 40/80 and some mult Qs on higher bands. Otherwise 100w on

K5TR   SOAB(A) HP   2,572,3202002-11-25 09:27:26
I was a DXer this weekend. It was fun to chase the packet spots and
just work some DX. After CQ WW SSB, ARRL CW and SSB SS it was a good
break to just play around in the contest getting to sleep when I was
tired and to take breaks when I wanted.
K2PS   SOAB(A) LP   2,332,9442002-11-25 09:40:42
Who needs to run anymore? Just pick 'em off the Writelog packet window and get
rates of 100+/hr, even LP! Nice condx here, but high QRN made 80/160 very
LA6YEA   SOSB/10 HP   430,7812002-11-25 09:50:10
KQ2M   SOAB HP   7,483,5302002-11-25 09:54:26
Very strange propagation weekend! Lots of good unexpected openings and lots
of expected openings that never happened.

Great low-band openings the first night which all but disappeared the second.
Great JA LP on 40 at 2200z on Saturday but couldn't work them.

Felt like I was swimming uphill in the last 6 hours with lots of "brain fade"
and wasted time. Definitely DX'ed too much but hard to resist with all the
interesting active Dxpeditions.


40 & 80 GREAT the first night
Broke 100 mults on 80 for the first time and 722 mults Unassisted!
15 Meters "magic" once again!


More and more incredibly unruly DX pileups
Even LESS ID'ing by DX stations and NOT announcing QSX operations
10 Meters going away! ;(
20 Meters minimally useful after dark - Sunspot minima here we come!

It is becoming painfully obvious to me that I need a ROTATABLE 40 meter antenna.
In fact, I need to improve ALL my low-band antennas as the highbands go away.

Congrats to N9RV, K5ZD, N2NT, K4JA and others for great scores. Look at that
K4JA 40 meter number - WOW!

Thanks for all the qso's and the qsy's!


Bob KQ2M
N7IR   SOSB/80 QRP   2,6682002-11-25 10:10:18
Broke the old zone 3 QRP record for 80 meter SOSB. Heard a lot more stations
than I was able to work. Conditions seemed to be fairly good part of the time,
especially East-West; heard several loud zone 35 stations early each evening and
a lot of sunrise greyline signals from zones 15 and 16 Sunday morning.

EQ: Elecraft K2 and 80 meter delta loop with apex at 22 meters.

Gary, N7IR
VO1MP   SOSB/15 LP   438,9422002-11-25 10:11:22
Call: VO1MP
Category: Single Operator
Power: Low Power - Unassisted
Band: Mono 15
Mode: CW
Country: Canada
Zone: 5


160 0 0 0 0
80 0 0 0 0
40 0 0 0 0
20 0 0 0 0
15 1184 2986 30 117
10 0 0 0 0

Totals 1184 2986 30 117 => 438,942

All reports sent were 599, unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description: 3 Element Tribander
Kenwood TS 930 S

Conditions were not great from here and path to the pacific
was open at the usual times however all those guys were
operating on 10 Meters,so timing for those mults was a bit off.
Band closed very early on Friday and a bit later on Saturday
Low Power means it's Tough Sledding having to find a spot very
high in the band to CQ, most often above 21100 until band closed
to Europe.
Hope to be QRV during 10 meter Test
so see y'all then GLWCDR
Thanks for the Qs.

73 Gus VO1MP
KØFX   SOAB LP   1,354,0172002-11-25 10:19:53
RIG: IC-765
ANT: KT-34-XA, 2 el yagi on 40, delta loop for 80m

Still enjou this contest.
W2VJN   SOAB HP   2,643,2122002-11-25 10:26:50
For this year I want to change the old saying to "There's no meters like 15
meters." Twenty didn't produce for me on Saturday, so I hit it hard on Sunday
and missed the 10 meter Eu opening. Oh well. Most of my operating time was S&P
as it was difficult to get a run going. This is the first time for beating my
personal best country total in the ARRL 67 CW test. All said, conditions were
better than I expected.

SP4ZO   SOAB LP   2,041,8482002-11-25 10:33:39

Call: SP4ZO
Category: Single Operator
Power: Low Power
Band: All Band
Mode: CW
Country: Poland
Zone: 15


160 292 307 1.05 7 43
80 578 717 1.24 14 69
40 325 496 1.53 18 74
20 359 616 1.72 24 77
15 405 944 2.33 29 97
10 247 646 2.62 22 74

Totals 2206 3726 1.69 114 434 => 2,041,848
S52GO   SOAB LP   454,2512002-11-25 10:38:29
ICOM 745

160/80/40M dipole (W8NX)
80-40M GP
20/15/10 3el 3band

Time ON: 21.6 hours
Time OFF:25.7 hours

73' de S52GO
W4NTI   SOSB/40 HP   35,7842002-11-25 10:40:43
My program don't break down seperate zones and countries. Found the high
in bad shape. Decided to try out the new Delta Loop on 40. Seems to work very
well. MP to a AL811 w/ 572b installed.
K8LX   M/2 HP   6,957,0622002-11-25 10:58:48
Two of the regulars couldn't make it, but the three of us decided to go M2
anyway. Because of the marginal conditions, we didn't feel too undermanned,
contrary to how the score looks! We didn't pay a lot of attention to packet.

We have a new 3L 80 wire beam at 160' fixed on EU. It seems to be an S unit
better than the verticals on TX & RX, but still can't run. Oh well.

40 wouldn't quit Sunday morning - it was our only good run of the weekend.

Sorry about the choppy CW - we were using a Windows setup for the first time and
it showed, big time.

Steve K8LX
WO4O   SOSB/10 LP   152,6262002-11-25 11:01:44
Try contesting while a work crew of 4 are hammering and sawing in the
adjacent room. Talk about local QRM! Friday night (local) was a bust.
Saturday early morn woke up to intense pain in my right hip and leg and
could sit for short periods only. Then the local QRM from our
remodelling project started and continued through late afternoon. Didn't
have antennas for all bands so went SB10. Almost all S&P with about an
hour EU run Sunday morn and a short JA run Sunday afternoon. Didn't hear
some easy mults, such as C6, HK, OH, OZ or YO. Reached 3 goals: Tested
new antenna, worked DXCC on 10-m (again), and produced 100k + points. Go TCG!
RW4PL   SOSB/160 HP   77,4562002-11-25 11:15:18
Continent List

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- --
USA calls = 5 0 0 0 0 0 5
VE calls = 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
N.A. calls = 2 0 0 0 0 0 2
S.A. calls = 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Euro calls = 369 0 0 0 0 0 369
Afrc calls = 12 0 0 0 0 0 12
Asia calls = 70 0 0 0 0 0 70
JA calls = 74 0 0 0 0 0 74
Ocen calls = 2 0 0 0 0 0 2

Total calls = 535 0 0 0 0 0 535

New wire 4sq job good,but the conditions was poor.

Heard many another West Europe,and Japan stations who caled me,
but the signals was not readable - were under noise level.

Thanks to everyone who worked and heard me.
73! Andy,RW4PL.
W5PR   SOSB(A)/10 HP   90,8722002-11-25 11:16:45
10 closed early on both nights. I only operated on and off Saturday afternoon
and a couple of periods on Sunday. I saw no long path.

See you in the 10 meter test.

Chuck, W5PR
EA1WX   SOAB HP   94,8442002-11-25 11:22:45
This year, I only was looking for new ones in 80.
AA6TT   SOSB/160 HP   13,8062002-11-25 11:24:51
Decided to give new 160m Four Square a spin with a SOSB 160m operation. Hooked
up the new Array Solutions 160m Four Square box on Thursday before the contest.
VERY happy with how my array hears: stations jump in and out of the noise when I
switch directions, typically 4 S-units difference on the stronger stations (the
weaker ones just vanish). In fact, I seem to receive a lot better than I
transmit. Many stations whom I copied perfectly CQ'd repeatedly "in my face"
(even through I could hear them fine, I wasn't able to work 9K9X, A61AJ, GI5W,
IR7A, C3A, 3V8BB and a few others) and I regularly got stompted in pileups by
KC1XX, W3LPL & W4MYA. What's the opposite of an alligator? I am only using two
elevated radials per vertical and I'm guessing that I am losing a lot of TX
power into the ground. Conditions to the west and Pacific region were
horrible--I didn't work ANY zone 1, 3, or 6 stations, which should have been
easy, and didn't work KH6, ZL or any other Pacific stations. The Array
Solutions Four Square box is awesome, I'm going to use them on 80m & 40m as
EA1CS   SOAB LP   670,1222002-11-25 11:33:26
THE contacs with NA very easy.Very good condx on all bands.
MMØBQI   SOAB(A) LP   350,7452002-11-25 11:46:58
FANTASTIC FUN! Some great QSOs with 2 all time new countries and 13 new ones
on 80m. Hard going with 50 watts and a wire dipole in the back garden for HF
and an HF2V lashed to a water pipe on the roof with 8 radials.
Antenna plans were for much better and higher dipoles but builders moved in next
door on Friday and when I came home the whole side of the house was covered in
scafolding. With men working on the roof all weekend I had to settle for the
back garden to reposition the dipoles.
Noisy (electrical)power tools made conditions trying during the day but once the
builders knocked off it was back to the bands full time. Conditions were
variable with lots of noise on LF.
Logging with N1MM Logger was perfect. Great features and functionality all
crammed into a free package!
I noticed many contest stations listening up and working split frequency. This
is the first time I have really noticed this and I don't like it. They managed
to wipe out large chunks of the band and tough luck to any station using the
frequency a few K/C above them. They were not rare DX stations, maybe the
operators were not up to the job of managing the pile-up and could not cope.
Even listening up with the pile spread over lots of the band they were still not
racking up the Qs of the more experienced ops. If this practice were to spread
the bands could be effectivly wiped out by a handful of high power stations.
Let's outlaw this now before it lessens our contesting enjoyment.
Thanks for all the Qs, hope to work you in the next one!
K4OGG   SOAB LP   1,403,7672002-11-25 11:52:44
Semi-serious effort with one eye on TV football and the other on the radio.


K1TO   SOAB LP   4,292,9732002-11-25 12:02:03
Tremendous help from fellow FCGers in the weeks, days and minutes leading up to
this one. If you heard the letters "CW" being sent at the end of an exchange
this weekend, that was an FCGer honoring our fallen founding grandfather (K4OJ
being the founding father of the FCG) - W1CW. RIP, Bob.

CQWW CW is THE contest. The multipliers that are available are just amazing.
Thanks to all of you who traveled around the globe to activate one!

Although a QSO was squeaked out with GM3POI on top band, a bunch of neat ones
were heard that did not hear me, including A61AJ, VK6VZ at our sunrise, PT5A at
his SR, XT2DX and EA8ZS. Ended the contest unsuccessfully in the V47KP

80 was neat at times. S9MX successfully moved there with me and I did work
A61AJ there. Heard ZC4DW, 9K9X (who I also heard at 27999.5 at one point
running guys!) and ZP6T in the last hour on 80, but no luck getting through.

Antennas look like this now:
160 - Inv vee with apex at 160' (phased array later)
80 - (3) 1/2 wave slopers from 86' (eventually this will be a Lazy Vee system)
40 - 2/2 @ 160' rotary /80' fixed East
20 - 204BAS @ 100' rotary, 204BAS @ 50' fixed NE (not stacked)
15 - 4L @ 87' rotary, 4L @ 29' fixed NE
10 - 4/4/4 @ 57' rotary, 38' fixed NE, 19' fixed NE
Also installed a C3E @170', but never found a time when it was better than the
other high-band antennas.

73, Dan
N1UR   SOAB LP   2,013,9122002-11-25 12:08:57
Had a lot of fun! Bands were wierd on 160 - 20. 160 seemed especially bad here
(absorbtion?). Great runs on 10 and 15 Sunday morning.

Look for an on line article I will be posting on Low Power contesting over the
next week for complete run down.

Antennas: 10 - 3el @ 25 ft rope turned
15 - 3el @ 30 ft rope turned
20 - 2 el @ 30 ft fixed EU
40 - Delta Loop EU
80 - Dipole
160 - Inv L
plus multi band vert, home brew

Radios: FT990, FT1000MP, TR Log, DX Doubler


Ed N1UR (ex K8EP)
W2UP   SOAB(A) HP   7,539,0512002-11-25 12:31:42
On Friday morning, before the contest, I was chatting with one of the guys on
the FRC repeater, and he asked me what my goals were for this contest. I said,
"Same as always. Beat K3WW, but I know that will never happen..." Why not? Cuz I
like to sleep, and Chas is the 48 hour Ironman and too good an op to not compete
hour to hour. For me, a little sleep is worth more than trying to operate in a
quasi-hallucinogenic state on Sunday. With the low solar flux and the high K
index, and the way condx sounded, I figured 20m wasn't going to open to Europe
at their sunrise. So, there was my opportunity to catch a few hours. I thought
it more beneficial to sleep from EU sunrise till about an hour before our
sunrise (about 3 hours), rather than curse and groan at S&P'ing South Americans
on the low bands for a few hours at some pitiful rate. The sleep, plus my relay
box which automatically transfers both ears of my headphones to radio 2 while
radio 1 is transmitting gave me the energy and motivation to use the second
radio more extensively than ever.

1. My best score ever, just barely better than CQWW CW 2000, which had much
better band condx.
2. The runs seemed fast, furious, and endless. Seemed odd that one of the locals
commented on the Cluster that he couldn't run anything on Sunday afternoon, and
my rate meter was at about 100 at that moment.
3. The coolest thing was running JAs longpath on 40 on Sunday afternoon for
about 20 minutes. Got the idea to try after I heard a JA that C4W was working
when I tuned across him. It's amazing how quiet 40 gets when the beam is pointed
southeast - like 10m! It did help when one of the JAs spotted me on the Cluster.
It's always interesting to search one's own call on DX Summit after a
contest... Was hoping for an HL too, but the only other call in that part of the
world on 40 was YB1A (though did have VU2WAP call in on Friday).
4. The rain just before the weekend quieted my power line noise. It started
coming back Sunday afternoon.
5. After many years, finally convincing the XYL that I haven't quit contesting
yet by her ignoring me this weekend, and helping by bringing food to me is
appreciated. Who knows - maybe a contest Dxpedition will be next!

1. I set up my Writelog files a week before the contest, and was all set, or so
I thought. Log my first call at 0000Z, and notice the zone didn't appear. I
think to myself that's what I get for using a Writelog beta version in the
contest. At 0004Z and 11 QSOs later, I notice I had loaded the WPX module by
mistake! What to do? Can't keep entering zones and not knowing my mults all
weekend, so I quit my great 40m run, save the file as is, and create a new
Writelog file, just as I'm thinking it's too early to quit after only 4
minutes... About 10 minutes later, was back in business, but had to find a new
freq to get started. Damn shame someone took my freq after only 10 minutes :.)
2. The packet pileups were more horrendous than ever. Does anyone ever listen to
the DX to see if he came back to someone after less than 15 calls?! There's one
guy (too close to home) who has the knack of ALWAYS sending his call just as the
DX comes back to someone.
3. OY1CT answering my CQ and it was a dupe :.(

Questions to ponder:
1. Do you also get that nagging feeling in the back of your neck that someone is
about to take your frequency when one of those QRPers calls you at 10 WPM like
W2UP W2UP de DL1XXX/QRP DL1XXX/QRP K and so on...
2. Have you ever worked an old timer so many times, you know his call by his
fist, after he only sends the first 2 characters? For example, as soon as I
heard IS, I knew it HAD to be IS0IGV. I was fooled - it was IS0RDY! Must be a
new call or his twin :.)
TM7XX(F5MUX)   SOSB/10 HP   577,4862002-11-25 12:31:42
Bad condition on 10m. Poor rate but good test before the ARRL 10 M contest.
Will be SO/HP Mixed mode during the ARRL 10 M and each QSO will be confirmed by
QSL to the Buro.
See you !
73 Lee TM7XX (F5MUX)

Condition : TS-950 SD, FT-847, Alpha 91B, 5el 10 M @ 21m + 5el 10 M @ 11m + R7
WP2Z   M/2 HP   15,254,5082002-11-25 12:37:53
Hello from AB2E and K3TEJ at WP2Z,

Multi-2 category, high power.

Wow....what a contest. Best hours were the 1st 2 with 340 QSOs per hour. We
reached 1000 Qs at the end of the 3rd hour. THe 1st 24 hours netted 5216 QSOs,
for 1 1st 24 hour average of 217 per hour. Only 30 minutes time off each op 1st
24 hours.

Operated from Windwood, the contester's dream site of the Caribbean on St.
Croix. The villa sits on top of a 1000 foot high mountain, with clear view in
all directions.
Antennas: Tower 1 C3S at 30', 80m dipole at 20'.
Tower 2: 40-2CD at 30', A3S at 20', 160m dipole at 25'
Antennas are at the edge of the 1000' mountain slope facing north, great clear
shots to US and EU.

Thanks to the many who worked us on 5 and 6 bands!

73 Darrell AB2E, John K3TEJ
KT1V(NT1N)   SOAB HP   8,581,6682002-11-25 12:46:26
Thanks to Ted and Margaret,and kids and dog, for allowing me to sit in front of
radios for 48 hours!

Special thanKS to K6NA at ZD8A for pulling KT1V out of the huge pile on 160!

S9MX is awesome. Great signals and QSYs--80 Meters at the end was special. How
about three S9s on 40!

A great weekend and all I can think about is how loud JT1CO, RU0LL, JA3YBK were
on 80 at 2200Z on Saturday, but only working EU and JAs, sigh. That was the
only moment of the test where I really reverted to being a DXer. Recovered from
my "hurt feelings" (KC1XX couldn't work the JT either) and went back to running
JAs LP on 40 at that time. Was rewarded with YB1A and 9M6A. Couldn't bust
through to HS0ZDZ (didn't try long when it was apparent Ray was working mostly
JAs) and after wasting too much time on 80, went back to CQing.

73, One of the "T1"s.
K9NS   M/M HP   14,179,1312002-11-25 13:10:02
Continent Statistics
K9NS CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST Multi Multi 24 Nov 2002 2359z

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America CW 139 92 199 200 145 140 915 15.6
South America CW 10 27 38 71 84 76 306 5.2
Europe CW 11 172 713 683 969 656 3204 54.8
Asia CW 0 19 183 348 329 234 1113 19.0
Africa CW 11 17 32 45 38 36 179 3.1
Oceania CW 3 9 31 30 25 33 131 2.2



HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

0 7/11 16/24 73/42 70/57 49/47 26/23 241/204 241/204
1 18/6 29/20 41/22 28/10 24/2 1/0 141/60 382/264
2 7/9 19/5 54/15 44/7 10/2 . 134/38 516/302
3 12/8 22/12 53/15 40/10 4/5 . 131/50 647/352
4 7/5 25/8 59/17 15/7 . . 106/37 753/389
5 12/3 19/8 81/4 8/6 . . 120/21 873/410
6 12/4 16/3 60/8 8/5 . . 96/20 969/430
7 10/2 10/3 60/8 2/1 . . 82/14 1051/444
8 8/1 7/5 60/1 4/3 ..... ..... 79/10 1130/454
9 9/3 6/3 15/4 1/0 . . 31/10 1161/464
10 2/3 3/0 33/8 1/0 . . 39/11 1200/475
11 2/0 3/3 10/1 . . . 15/4 1215/479
12 1/0 10/4 31/8 50/21 42/39 20/22 154/94 1369/573
13 . 2/0 36/0 80/10 130/27 53/32 301/69 1670/642
14 . . 9/4 63/3 126/12 94/23 292/42 1962/684
15 . . . 42/9 114/9 122/14 278/32 2240/716
16 ..... ..... ..... 97/2 106/2 114/6 317/10 2557/726
17 . . . 66/5 74/7 34/8 174/20 2731/746
18 . . . 56/9 48/4 24/3 128/16 2859/762
19 . . 1/0 42/4 34/5 18/2 95/11 2954/773
20 . . 6/0 47/2 24/4 33/4 110/10 3064/783
21 . 1/1 19/2 39/1 52/1 28/0 139/5 3203/788
22 1/0 6/3 27/2 30/1 58/1 75/6 197/13 3400/801
23 . 3/0 14/0 25/0 61/5 98/6 201/11 3601/812
0 3/0 7/1 23/1 40/0 64/4 21/3 158/9 3759/821
1 7/0 4/0 39/2 41/0 55/0 . 146/2 3905/823
2 3/2 5/0 18/0 31/1 3/0 1/0 61/3 3966/826
3 4/1 13/7 29/1 8/0 1/0 . 55/9 4021/835
4 8/3 25/3 22/1 8/1 . . 63/8 4084/843
5 3/1 20/0 30/0 2/0 . . 55/1 4139/844
6 11/0 14/3 53/0 2/0 . . 80/3 4219/847
7 3/0 8/4 41/0 1/0 . . 53/4 4272/851
8 1/1 11/0 42/2 2/0 ..... ..... 56/3 4328/854
9 4/0 2/0 22/1 4/0 . . 32/1 4360/855
10 4/2 5/1 20/1 1/0 . . 30/4 4390/859
11 7/2 6/2 23/1 8/1 . . 44/6 4434/865
12 4/0 7/3 7/1 40/3 7/0 27/0 92/7 4526/872
13 . 2/0 6/0 37/0 92/1 47/5 184/6 4710/878
14 . . 5/0 31/2 112/5 50/3 198/10 4908/888
15 . . . 40/1 76/0 83/2 199/3 5107/891
16 ..... ..... ..... 56/1 54/0 47/1 157/2 5264/893
17 . . . 70/1 41/0 34/0 145/1 5409/894
18 . . . 22/1 23/0 20/0 65/1 5474/895
19 . . . 8/0 12/1 20/1 40/2 5514/897
20 . . . 16/2 13/0 5/0 34/2 5548/899
21 . . 3/0 10/0 16/0 15/0 44/0 5592/899
22 . 2/1 7/3 10/0 15/0 21/1 55/5 5647/904
23 1/0 4/0 12/0 9/0 12/1 11/2 49/3 5696/907
DAY1 108/55 197/102 742/161 858/173 956/172 740/149 ..... 3601/812
DAY2 63/12 135/25 402/14 497/14 596/12 402/18 . 2095/95
TOT 171/67 332/127 1144/175 1355/187 1552/184 1142/167 . 5696/907
K8AL   SOAB HP   2,407,4442002-11-25 13:16:47
FT-1000 + Narrow 250 Hz + HF-2500 for "run" band, AL-82 for search/pounce
160m: 1/4 wave sloper at 75'
80m: 1/4 wave sloper at 75'
40m: Force12 Mag140N dipole at 79' (new - like it!)
20m: Hy-Gain 204BA at 78'
15m: Hy-Gain 155BA at 63'
10m: Hy-Gain 105BA at 52'
WE9V   SOAB(A) HP   736,0002002-11-25 13:23:28
Conditions were so bad on Friday that I relagated myself to just working new
mults from the packet. About 95% GPS effort (grab packet spot), 5% CQ.

Chad WE9V
FM5GU   SOSB/160 HP   140,3042002-11-25 13:30:50
Waow! When entering this contest in single band 160, it was only for fun , I
swear that I thought having no chance to make a good score... But 160 is really
unpredictable !
What a thrill during the second night, when it opened to Europe!
I was told that so many called me from everywhere and I did not reply them:
sorry for that!
We say in French "I am on a little cloud"
You understand ?
VE7ZBK   SOSB/15 HP   6,6652002-11-25 14:10:49
Had lots of fun even though I only could spent a couple hours.
EA1AK/7   SOSB/15 LP   292,2962002-11-25 14:24:00
I decided to try this year contest at home on thursday, I built up a simple
dipole on friday morning. Very happy with this score with 80 W into a dipole,
but think conditions were not very good, because band closed too early and
opened too late. Missed some "easy" zones (1, 32, ...)
N1EU   SOAB(A) HP   2,397,4182002-11-25 14:37:24
CT9M(DL2CC)   SOAB(A) HP   12,026,3912002-11-25 15:25:29
A hill on Madeira island, in the south east corner. A lot of times the shack,
which is a forrest guard post, is in the clouds.
Radio A: FT1000MP + AL1500
Radio B: TS870 + AL1500 (hardly used the second radio as I didn't have a good
SO2R switching system)
Dipoles for 160/80/40, 4 el. monoband yagi for 20, triband 3-el for 10/15/10.
Good news for the CQWW committee: No simultanious transmitting on two QRGs at
the same time possible. Even one linear was too much for the available power
line. 1000 Watts output maximum. The room light was like being in a

Luckily my hosts - CT3EE, CT3DL, CT3IA, CT3EN, CT3BD, CT3KU - don't know CW very
well. So they go through this immense effort of hosting the CQ WWDX CW for me in
a fieldday style operation. Thanks to those fabulous men!

With 4 active contest stations on the island (CT9L, CT3EE, CT3KN and CT9M), the
competition was higher than it has ever been.

Low bands:
160m and 80m were tough. I called lots of people on 160m with about 50% of them
not hearing me. I couldn't even work zone 16!
Only some people who are known for their good low band reception heard me
Why is that?
A) Are 1000 Watts are not enough anymore?
B) Wrong TX antenna? I wonder how a good vertical antenna would have performed
for transmitting.
However, I always thought that in general the signal strength at the other side
follows the reception signal strength on my side.
The 160m dipole was certainly high enough to not radiate everyting into the

160m: It was sometimes tough to call others with so many people calling over the
DX station to work me as a mult.
HC8N 160m op must have been really exhausted yesterday evening. Had to call him
for a long time and he insisted calling me CT8M instead of CT9M... and I had
worked HC8N on the 5 other bands by then...
FM5GU and AA6TT: good choice of your bands, both loud, FM5GU was S9!

40m: Never heard the band so full up to 7100. This makes me wonder if ever all
IARU zones will have the same frequency allocation.

20m: Our preparations were such that we guessed that 20m will be a very
important band with USA being open all night - thus we had a monoband yagi for
20m and no yagi for 40m. Bad idea. Only SA during the night.
Some strange conditions on the bands. How about a 20m opening to JA 2.5 hours
before sunrise with a strange direction of east (should be about 20 deg. for JA
short path) - the magic stopped 25 minutes later within seconds.

15m: condition wise the best band, most countries with least effort worked
there. I guess everybody is so happy about 10m being still open that one forgets
that 15m is a hot band!

Some antenna problems:
Before the contest, the big Titanex vertical broke in an attempt to pull it
On Sunday evening, just after 15m and 10m died to EU and NA, a hurricane
strenght storm visited our QTH and the crank up tower fell on the shack
building. Luckily that tower with the triband 3-element was only needed for
exactly those two bands.
My hosts had a tow away truck come at 00Z after the contest to pull it straight
and crank it down. At 2Z monday morning I left the scene when I started seing
strange things and feeling more like a ghost than a human being.
Ever had this: After staring 48 hours into a computer screen my 3D vision was
strange. I saw a white mark on the street and I actually thought it was
something sticking out about to hit the car!
I had a real physical problem this contest. Quite a few times I was so tired
that I forgot about being in a QSO in the middle of the QSO. I mean I looked at
the screen and saw a callsign in the callsign field and saw the radio
transmitting the CQ sequence. Sorry to those people!
I'll go for some drugs next time. Doesn't seem to be outruled. Pse anybody give
me the name of a working drug commercially produced.

Multiplier moving:
Some M/M and M/2 guys moved me from one band to the other without communicating
the potential caller to the other operator. I have a favor to ask for those
guys: If you convince a DX to move, inform the operator which is on the other
band. It was frustrating to be moved by one M/2 to 160m and I then I couldn't
get through the pile up on the other band and the guy never called for me.

VK4DX   SOSB/20 LP   505,1202002-11-25 15:31:26
This was the "long-pat-only contest"

I worked only about 20-30 US stations on SP, EU didn't work well on SP either,
and Japan was good as usual. However on the LP I worked around 200 W's on sunday
morning (my local time)in 90 minutes, worked most of EU on the LP, picked up
heaps of mpls from Carribeans and S. America and almost all multis from Asia
came on longpath. Just incredible. I think 75% of all QSO's were via longpath.

The best of all was the QSO with zone 2, from here via south polar region, up
the globe, trough north polar region and bang into VE2. The signals sounded like
the mountain creek, hi. I wish I could have taped it.

73 Mike, VK4DX (see you in ARRL-10, on shortpath I hope)
WB2DVU   SOAB LP   876,9162002-11-25 15:34:16
Station: FT-1000MP, DSP-599x, Writelog, TGM miniquads (3-ele MQ-3 @ 30',
temporary 2-ele MQ-1 up 20' and fixed on SA), temporary 40 meter reversing wire
beam NE-SW, temporary 40 meter inverted vee for SA/JA, slopers on 80/160. All
on a 60' x 120' city lot. My neighbors think I'm nuts.

Yikes!!! Wasn't it just last year that low band condx were LOUSY the first
night? This year was worse from upstate NY.

I decided to try SOAB vs. my usual single band entry. You folks that regularly
do serious SOAB are fit and tough and have my total respect. You're real SOABs.
The bad news is that poor conditions on the first night coupled with my
somewhat limited antennas prevented me from achieving my 1M points goal. The
coma late in the contest didn't help, either. The good news is that the
extended hours required of SOABs uncovered a heretofore unknown ergonomic
problem with my station layout; today I can't raise my right arm above my
shoulder. Back to the drawing board.

Thanks to everyone who dug me out and to the crew at M/S W2FU (great call, also
RDXA) for unknowingly giving me USA on 80-10. They probably think I'm nuts,

Where do I apply for WAA (Worked All Aruba)? They must have taken up the entire
North shore.

73 and see you in December, Redd WB2DVU
KC8FS   SOAB LP   431,4802002-11-25 16:02:15
This was my first contest at the new QTH in Huntington. I am having my patience
tested with American Electric Power Company trying to get someone to come here
and locate a noise source that is plaguing me with a 10-over hiss from hell on
EVERY band. Sure makes it tough with the noise blankers in on the 100-MP when I
am copying every strong signal on the band in a din of splatter. This was not
fun and I will have to have some relief from this before I make another attempt.
I couldn't hang due to frustration, anger and discouragement. Otherwise, I am
pleased with the new C4SXL but know my score and at least my psyche would have
been a lot better had I not had to deal with the powerline interference.
WØETT   SOAB LP   874,9442002-11-25 16:20:25
Enjoyed the 2002 CQ WW CW test. Good signals (with some disturbed/auroral
signals at first) and lots of DX stations. Some DX stations (especially JA and
EU) were exceptionally good about giving their callsign every time or every
other time.

In pileups, more patience is needed by some stateside ops who keep giving their
callsign even tho the dx station asked for a specific, broken callsign. It
makes it difficult for the requested station to give his complete callsign and
thus slows the contact process for all other stations waiting.

Rig: IC756 with 100w to tribanders, etc.

Heard several GMCCers: K0FX, AE0Q, KV0Q, N2IC, W0AH, and worked N0KE at TI5N on
three bands. Thanks Phil! Great job on the QRP!

73 Ken, W0ETT
DL6RAI   M/S HP   7,832,0002002-11-25 16:44:41
Planned operator #3 said he could not come so we did it with
two ops and little sleep. Big fun as usual but condx down from
last year. Personal record stands unbeaten at 9M from 1999.
W1MU   SOAB QRP   293,7332002-11-25 16:53:06
Had fun with my Elecraft K2 at 5W to wire antennas. Highlights included
cracking a pileup on 40M to work XT2DX, finding VK4EMM on 15M long path, and
working S9MX on 15 & 20M (looking forward to this year's "fish card").
Lowlights included listening to JT1CO calling CQ after CQ, finding S07PM all by
himself on 40M and not being able to break through the noise, and drawing a
blank on Oceania in general. Both nights (around 2330) wide open to JA with
those loud, hollow-sounding notes coming through the ether.
VE6WQ(@VE6JY)   SOSB/40 HP   375,6962002-11-25 17:19:14
Operating at VE6JY

Ft1000mp/ Henry 5K/ Trlog
5 el at 150' 3 el at 120', log periodic at 93'

Interesting to hear VU2WAP at almost noon local time Saturday, but unfortunately
not able to work him. Lots of other good dx heard but not worked. Generally
tough conditions on a disturbed weekend.

K8IA   SOAB LP   452,1942002-11-25 17:24:04
IC-765 to GAP Challenger

Just permanently moved to AZ about six weeks ago. Since I wont have the tower up
before Spring 2003 and I got the bug to operate my favorite DX contest, I
erected the GAP the day of the Test.

Interesting comparison study using the same setup last year in MI and this year
in AZ, although not totally surprising to the seasoned guys who have operated
from many US Locations as these are all location driven;

1. Asia accounted for 172 of my 554 QSO's. Last year, in MI, with 551 QSO's Asia
accounted for 25.

2. Was impressed with how easy it was to work JA/SE Asia etc, especially on 40m.
Even with the small antenna and 100w it was usually first call. In additimon,
heard JA from 0700-1500 with ease on 40. None of this was all that easy, even
with a small yagi, from back MI way!Heck,it wasn't easy to Asia with 3el
fullsized yagis at 160-190'+ from several locations I operated at back there.

3. Disturbed conditions this year, just like last year, but very few EU qso's.
Last year I had 337 EU qsos' and this year only 76. For example, the ten meter
"opening" here was nearly nil on Saturday and only about 90 min on Sunday. I
dont' know enough about AZ conditions yet to evaluate the respective "openings"
but enjoyed comparing years etc.

4. Lots more 2 point VE's from here as MI is just too close to VE3, VE2 to make
easy high band contacts.

5. 80 S.Americans this year compared to 52 last year. This maybe just activity
level difference but I dont know that.

6. 35 Africans this year, 19 last year. This was, in what I heard and read,
definitely an activity level difference.

One good thing...with just a vertical I didn;t have to bother with short
path/long path/skew path decisions..hi!

More metal next year!

73, Bob K8IA
Mesa, AZ
K1OA   SOAB(A) HP   3,029,5652002-11-25 17:57:16
FT-1000MP, AL-80B, Tennadyne T-10 @ 60', XM-240 @ 70', 2-el 80M
Delta Loop @ 50', CT9.71

Go YCCC!!!
W6EEN(N6RT)   SOAB HP   1,372,2242002-11-25 18:00:29
I developed a very queasy stomach Saturday morning. Between that and pretty
lousy band conditions, I decided those two were not much of a fun combination to
deal with for another 24+ hours so I pulled the plug early on this one.

73 de Doug, N6RT
YW1D(YV1DIG)   SOSB/40 HP   1,199,4092002-11-25 18:43:17
Lousy to had 2 power blackouts on my JA primetime and lost the Alpha 77 the 1st
night... nice to hear many great DX around and even JA's 2 hours after my
sunrise beaming central PAC !

Had a lot of fun for sure !

Rig: FT1000mkV + Henry 2k3 (after loosing the Alpha77)
Antenna: 4 elements KLM @ 110ft


73's Paul YV1DIG
N3ZA   SOAB(A) HP   999,3542002-11-25 18:56:40
My last Q was a multipler on 40, but wasn't enough to get the meg. Oh well.
Winds on Saturday turned beam 60 deg. Had to recalibrate the indicator.
Score is all search & pounce. Good thing packet problems were eliminated via DX
spider on our Frankford nodes. Thanks N3RD/K3WW, et al. See everyone in ARRL.
N2NT   SOAB HP   6,237,6162002-11-25 19:06:48
Thanks to all for the contacts; thought my station worked better than ever this
weekend. Really enjoy operating at home, even though my antennas aren't big
enough by today's standards. It's a great feeling when everything works after
spending a month fixing stuff too :)
Really kicking myself for being 45 mins late to the only 160 opening all
weekend. I was ready, but got there too late. I usually spend too much time
there...Lost at least 20 mults it looks like.

Congrats to NT1N at KT1V for an amazing score with these conditions. 40 must
have been different up there in New England :)
Also, N9RV for a great job from out there in the black hole, obviously all that
antenna work paid off.
Also, the number of expeditions were enourmous... Great job by all.
I think the single op competition in Aruba was just as competitive as it was

73, Andy N2NT
K2ONP   SOAB(A) HP   2,671,0222002-11-25 19:12:00
My station is basically a tribander plus wires setup, consisting of the
following:a TH-7 @ 50 ft; 10-4CD at 30 feet (South); wires for low bands
including Beverage receiving antennas.and wire antennas for the second radio.
Radios were an ICOM IC-765, FT-920 as SO2R, and an Alpha 89 for the run radio.
Conditions were poor on Friday evening and early Saturday morning due to high A
and K indices. Unable to run on 20 meters on Friday night, so spent most of
that time trying to get low band multipliers. By late Saturday morning,
conditions improved on 15 and 10 meters, and were much better on Sunday.
Best rate on Sunday was a 145 Q/hr at 1320 on 15 meters.
VE7UF   M/S HP   3,478,0002002-11-25 19:15:21
Poor conditions except to Japan except on 160M. No EU worked on 10M. Our
thanks to all that called.
Duane VE7UF
N3GJ   SOAB LP   901,3682002-11-25 19:22:37
Equipment: Icom IC-761 100w, 80m dipole at 30 ft, 40m dipole at 45 ft, ground
mounted GAP vertical for 20/10m, used the 40m dipole thru the internal tuner for
15m which work rather well

Set a goal of trying to hit the 1 meg mark using 100 watts and some basic
antennas. Came close, but needed a few more QSO's to get there. I was expecting
to get more out of 20m, but the condx just weren't quite there. The lower bands
seemed to be the best on Friday evening as I didn't seem to hear as much on Sat.
K1GU   SOAB(A) HP   1,814,6162002-11-25 20:00:40
All wires, all the time. 160 Inv L & 80 vertical wire share the same radials.
40 Delta Loop. 20-10 Fan Dipole. TS-850, Centurion Amp, WriteLog. Even a
modest station can be fun if the bands are open.
W6MVW   SOAB HP   42,7442002-11-25 20:08:28
Very poor conditions + Weekend family visitors = Very little time for CQWW.
KA1IS   SOAB QRP   611,7972002-11-25 20:59:58
Sincere apologies to victims of the period of time I nodded off with my hand on
the dash paddle. It was the Nyquil (tM).

Tom Zicarelli
Bethel, Maine
RG9O(RZ9OU)   SOSB/15 LP   409,4942002-11-25 21:14:17
Fine propogation on 15! Station's operate untill 21.150 !

73, Igor
K3CR(LZ4AX)   SOAB HP   5,279,8072002-11-25 21:27:41
KVØQ   SOSB/15 HP   489,7682002-11-25 22:13:33
The disturbed conditions made this a very challenging contest to do well in from
the western US especially when trying to run europeans with only a few hours of
direct propagations on both days. The conditions were surprisingly good at
select times durning the weekend allowing me to work all zones except 34 and

My new 7/7/7/7 15m monobanders made working the pile ups alot of fun and I did
experience pretty good openings each evening towards Japan and the Pacific.

When looking at the 15m scores of stations like W3lpl and Kc1xx it really seems
like they are working a different contest on the east coast!

Overall the weekend was alot of fun and I look forward to next one.
Bill KV0Q
N8SM   SOAB(A) HP   3,000,0012002-11-25 22:59:59
The good:
1) New antennas for 10 & 15
2) Receiving "big sig 5nn 27" when I called 4G1A on 15 (see #1)
3) Multipliers - DXCC on 4 bands
4) 6-band QSOs with C6AKP, EA8ZS, HC8N, HQ3J, J75A, PJ2T, PT5A, V26K
and ZF1A

The bad:
1) Line noise up to S8 Friday and Saturday, thus was a DXer and
nearly 100% S&P for the first ~36 hours of the contest
2) Unexpected power outage 1305-1507z Sunday only 3 QSOs into my
first 15m run after the line noise had disappeared
3) Too much station work with no rest before the 'test - slept 3+
hours both nights
4) Not setting up the DX Telnet to Writelog integration before the
contest - figured it out Saturday morning after RTFM

The ugly:
1) Packet piles

I found V47KP on 15 just after he had only been there a short while.
There were about 3 or 4 stations calling and I listened to 2 or 3
more QSOs before spotting him. After the spot, there was a roaring
pile and with non-stop calling for almost 2 full minutes before
there was enough of a lull for a reply. His rate must have dropped
to less than half the pre-spot rate. Next time I'll just work him,
move on and hope he has a few more minutes of steady pace and relative
OK2ZC   SOAB(A) HP   437,4002002-11-25 23:28:27
PA with GU43B
GP ECO AVT 25 80-10m

only for fun.....
ZC4DW(GØDEZ)   SOSB/80 LP   165,8862002-11-25 23:30:17
KT3Y   SOSB/40 HP   612,0102002-11-25 23:57:47
Condx seemed poor at the start on 40 but gradually improved.
I heard, but couldn't work, a few mults including T88, 9M6
and and HS0. I never heard zones 39 or 37.

TS950 to Commander 2500 amp

4 L wire beam to EU at 70 feet
NW/SE 80 M dipole at 90 feet
E/W dipole at 75 feet

73 Phil KT3Y
OT2A(ON5UM)   SOSB(A)/15 HP   690,0452002-11-26 00:07:28
N7MH(@W6YX)   M/2 HP   2,611,4042002-11-26 00:43:36
Our usual W6YX operators were burned out from all the other contests over the
past couple of months starting with CQP. So we decided to do a casual effort,
with whatever crew was able to show up. Scotty, W7SW, wanted to use his own
callsign and operate casually, so he occupied one radio when he was around. We
set up two other radios for our club effort and put my callsign on the air for
the first time in 25 years. I hope that didn't cause too much of a Super Check
Partial crisis for everyone's logging software.

This was a meager M/2 effort, but we wanted the freedom of being able to fully
use our 2 radios when we had 2 operators available. We only had 13 hours with 2
operators, for a total of 59 operator-hours.

I got a late start at 0008Z on 15 meters and decided to S&P since a CQ frequency
was hard to find that late. I soon began CQ'ing and later swapped bands with
W7SW, moving to 10 at 0130Z. Since Scotty was on 15, I next moved down to 20
which was open to almost everywhere except Europe. The only European stations I
heard were a few Russians and OH stations. After a good JA run on 20 I moved to
40 to catch the European multipliers there. There were a lot of workable
European stations on 40, so I stayed there for a while. By the time I went back
to 20 it was dead except for HC8N and a few other South American stations. So,
virtually no Europe on 20 that first evening when we're used to great evening
openings in recent years.

This is the first contest I recall getting more than 100 countries on 40 meters.
We spent a lot of time there since the higher bands weren't open at night. We
worked several African stations on 80 but only one station in a European zone,
CU/DJ9RR, during the evening. Several Europeans were worked during the 80-meter
long-path opening on Sunday at sunrise.

We got to 20 late both mornings because 80 and 40 were so good, so we missed
many easy multipliers on 20. Splitting bands with the W7SW effort also meant we
only had a handful of Europeans on Saturday morning on 15. I arrived late in
the morning and shared 15 meters with W7SW, using a PRO67A pointing east.
Amazingly, neither station could tell when the other was transmitting. I was
also surprised that I could easily work most Europeans even though my antenna
was pointed about 60 degrees south of the direct path. By the time I got to 10
meters the band was no longer open to Europe, but I did manage to work H2G in
zone 20.

On Sunday morning I noticed that all the Europeans I heard on 15 were loud but
virtually uncopiable because of the auroral flutter, or so I thought. Stations
were having a hard time copying me also, even though I presume my signal was
also strong. When I switched to the fixed 155CA pointed east, I could copy the
callsigns so I began using that antenna even though stations were much weaker.
Matt, WX5S, was on 20 meters working into Europe. He made a comment about long
path on 20 and that's when I realized that my main 15 meter antenna was on the
same mast and Matt had pointed our antennas in the long-path direction. The
combination of long and short path signals resulted in what sounded like a
constant, lightly modulated, tone. About 10 minutes later Matt started
complaining that the signals on 20 were so fluttery that they were uncopiable -
it turned out that propagation had shifted to short path on 20 and the same
thing had happened to him. Switching to antennas pointed short path solved the

One odd thing that happened was that I heard 3C2MV weakly CQing around 14065 on
Saturday afternoon. I tried calling but couldn't get a response and didn't hear
any other stations calling or a response to any other station. I ended up
working 3C2MV at about the same time (2100Z) on Sunday in a huge pileup near
14012, working split. It would have been nice to make the contact without the

We never did work S07PM even though we spent time in the pileups on 15 and 20.
Finally worked KH6 on 15 meters with 2 hours to go in the contest. We spent a
long time in the pileup for 9S1X on 10 only to have W7SW get called by 9S1X in
the last hour of the contest.

Hope to work everyone in the ARRL 10 meter contest.

-Mike, N7MH
IK4ZHH   SOAB HP   767,5992002-11-26 01:24:05
To be in ww contest cw like a single operator is wonderful...
Low bands worked wid a dip and vertical fer 80 meters and dip inverted fer 40
...a lot of time easy on pile up !!! Happy to have one thousand qso!!!
cu next!
Filippo, IK4ZHH
PAØJED   SOSB/15 QRP   18,7342002-11-26 01:30:23
This should be my 15th CQWW CW, so decided SOSB15 HP. Got myself a 2 ele mono.
(have to install every time I want to operate on a telescopic alu mast).
Did test the set-up at the SSB part (minus HP). That was The Plan, but as
always in real Life things change. Just one week before 00.00Z mr Edsel Murphy
made me to know his sister Flu Murphy. And as things happens we ended in bed.
Had a hard fight together, me pretending headaches etc., she didn't want to
leave. At the end I won but the deadly mark of 00.00z was long out of sight, it
even was already 12.00z.
So The Plan had to be changed, at that moment clear thinking was a little
possible but had time enough, to tired to do anything else. If, if, if I was
ready enough to sit upright, I maybe, I could I might participate Sunday.
That moment came at abt 12.00z Sunday. Oke Rise&shine.
Turned my antenne West reduced the IC746 power to 4,7 watts ( age/10??) And
jumped in. Why QRP you might think: was a part of my thinking in the previous
hrs. I know myself, if thinks went well, I would go to the limited to work every
Ham around.With QRP have to select: could hear/can't hear. 2nd should be a small
effort, hence small power.
3rd Did see in the CQWW overall standing for PA0, no 21Q entry, so? 1 QSO would
make me famous ( for at least 1 yr). QRP pwr it would be.
After 30 mins 39 Q's. Had to lay down for a while Flu laid here warm hand in my
At 15.00 tried again, this time could operated for 1,5 hrs 83 QSO's.
Laid down for a while and could make some 9 more QSO's until 15mtrs was
exhausted to.
So, is this fun, YES it is.

2nd check your log if I'm in, You have a fine set of ears and had, at that
moment, one of the strongest signals on the band at my place.Congrats.

3rd beware of miss F. Murphy.

4rd QRP is only 2 S units down of 100W and perhaps 4 with full legal power.

tnx and 73 jan pa0jed
UA9AM   SOAB(A) HP   4,406,7102002-11-26 01:56:52
ANT: 160 m - GP 35 m with Top Hat
80 m - 2 x Delta Loop system switchable
40 m - 3L Yagi 35 m up + 2L Quad 22 m up
20 m - 4L Quad
15 m - 4L Quad
10 m - 5L Quad
+ Cushcraft X9 + ICOM IC-775DSP + PA + PC/N6TR 6.71b + Wintelnetx
OZ1AA(@OZ7YY)   SOAB HP   3,523,5002002-11-26 02:15:39
Missed 20 meter during the nights, but otherwise the conditions seemed fine here
- especially surprised about the activity on 40. My SO2R skills are improving
but still need to push harder tuning the 2nd radio while being tired.

Thanks for the QSOs and thanks to OZ7YY for the use of the station.

Vy 73 de OZ1AA, Thomas
YT6A   SOAB HP   5,791,7642002-11-26 02:57:22
K5ZD   SOAB HP   7,336,1572002-11-26 04:26:12
A very fun contest. Good mix of high rate hours and others where you had to
work for every QSO. At the end, I thought I had done just about all that was
possible. As I see the bigger scores come in, it was not enough! No three-peat
for me.

Increadible amount of multipliers. Even more amazing that I never even heard
stations like YI9OM. Or worked 4U1ITU on 2 bands, JY9QJ on 1 band (and he
called me!), etc. So more mults were possible.

I felt like I did SO2R as well as I ever have. Spent most of the contest (even
during high rates) tuning and calling on the second radio. WriteLog and the
W5XD keyer really make this efficient.

My failure was on 40m. Just couldn't seem to get much going there in the early
evenings. Not like last year.

One big hour of excitement on the first night at 03Z on 160m. Worked most of my
countries then - including a UA9! Could not break many of the Carribbean

No sleep at all. Was in the chair for all but a few 10 minute breaks. It gets
easier to do this as I get older. Being in good physical condition (run 5km
each day) also helps!

I feel like the operating quality in the contest was better than ever. My
biggest concern is the lack of station ID. So many times I would listen to
stations just send TU after many QSOs. Since I did not have packet, I had to
work them and ask for their call. D44TD was the worst and I think we duped on 4
bands because of it.

Some numbers:

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-0000Z --+-- --+-- 96/42 20/27 --+-- --+-- 116/69 116/69
D1-0100Z - 6/9 81/9 16/11 2/4 - 105/33 221/102
D1-0200Z - 67/38 13/0 - - - 80/38 301/140
D1-0300Z 41/35 10/1 1/0 1/2 - - 53/38 354/178
D1-0400Z - 5/2 81/20 7/3 - - 93/25 447/203
D1-0500Z 14/7 23/16 21/2 - - - 58/25 505/228
D1-0600Z 7/3 24/2 27/8 - - - 58/13 563/241
D1-0700Z - 4/2 108/4 - - - 112/6 675/247
D1-0800Z --+-- 9/5 87/4 --+-- --+-- --+-- 96/9 771/256
D1-0900Z - 3/3 26/15 - - - 29/18 800/274
D1-1000Z 4/4 2/0 8/5 9/10 - - 23/19 823/293
D1-1100Z - 4/1 - 86/27 12/16 - 102/44 925/337
D1-1200Z - - - 46/12 95/34 - 141/46 1066/383
D1-1300Z - - - 4/2 39/5 126/44 169/51 1235/434
D1-1400Z - - - - 12/7 152/9 164/16 1399/450
D1-1500Z - - - - 9/3 132/11 141/14 1540/464
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 27/17 104/6 131/23 1671/487
D1-1700Z - - - - 69/11 29/14 98/25 1769/512
D1-1800Z - - - 24/1 44/1 27/12 95/14 1864/526
D1-1900Z - - - 76/10 - 8/8 84/18 1948/544
D1-2000Z - - - 31/4 30/14 2/3 63/21 2011/565
D1-2100Z - - 22/4 9/1 - 9/9 40/14 2051/579
D1-2200Z - - 20/4 16/4 8/2 - 44/10 2095/589
D1-2300Z - - 7/2 20/2 22/7 - 49/11 2144/600
D2-0000Z --+-- 1/2 40/5 10/2 2/1 --+-- 53/10 2197/610
D2-0100Z - 12/0 33/1 2/1 - - 47/2 2244/612
D2-0200Z - 4/1 6/1 7/2 - - 17/4 2261/616
D2-0300Z 3/3 30/1 - 1/0 - - 34/4 2295/620
D2-0400Z 4/1 14/3 5/2 - - - 23/6 2318/626
D2-0500Z - 6/0 10/0 9/2 - - 25/2 2343/628
D2-0600Z - 45/3 9/2 - - - 54/5 2397/633
D2-0700Z - 10/2 41/1 - - - 51/3 2448/636
D2-0800Z --+-- 2/3 59/3 --+-- --+-- --+-- 61/6 2509/642
D2-0900Z 1/1 2/3 9/1 1/0 - - 13/5 2522/647
D2-1000Z - 2/1 2/2 4/1 - - 8/4 2530/651
D2-1100Z - - - 89/2 1/1 - 90/3 2620/654
D2-1200Z - - - 75/2 17/1 - 92/3 2712/657
D2-1300Z - - - 2/1 94/1 36/3 132/5 2844/662
D2-1400Z - - - - 76/5 56/4 132/9 2976/671
D2-1500Z - - - - 99/1 23/3 122/4 3098/675
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 7/0 33/2 31/3 71/5 3169/680
D2-1700Z - - - 8/1 68/2 6/2 82/5 3251/685
D2-1800Z - - - 66/3 23/1 2/2 91/6 3342/691
D2-1900Z - - - 33/4 13/5 1/1 47/10 3389/701
D2-2000Z - - - 15/7 5/0 - 20/7 3409/708
D2-2100Z - - 23/1 2/1 7/1 2/0 34/3 3443/711
D2-2200Z - - 33/2 - 8/4 - 41/6 3484/717
D2-2300Z - - - 24/6 13/0 6/4 43/10 3527/727

Total: 74/54 285/98 868/140 720/151 828/146 752/138

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 34 199 709 474 644 644 2704 76.7
AS 1 1 25 87 66 14 194 5.5
SA 5 10 22 42 32 30 141 4.0
NA 30 59 88 74 56 38 345 9.8
AF 4 16 19 28 24 20 111 3.1
OC 0 0 5 15 6 5 31 0.9
DL6FBL(@DFØCG)   SOAB(A) HP   5,600,0492002-11-26 04:48:42
Big Thanks to Markus/DJ7EO, Jochen/DH5HV, Peter/DB6JG, Thorsten/DO1ET and
Bernd/DO1BVW for letting me use their fine station and giving their time to
prepare the station for SO2R. Pictures can be found at: ->
"Fotoalbum", "Contestfotos", "CQWWCW02". Corresponding stories are in German
language only.

2x Yaesu FT-1000MP + PAs

160m: Inverted L with two elevated radials
80m: 2-ele DeltaLoop apex@30m (fixed USA) + Sloper East
40m: 3-ele KLM @ 30m
20m: 5/5L20 @ 28/16m + 5L20 @ 34m
15m: 5L15 @ 20m + 5L15 @ 32m
10m: 5L10 @ 20m + 5L10 @ 20m (USA) + 5L10 @ 16m (South America)
+ Beverages (JA+USA)

IBM Thinkpad A31 (P4/1.6MHz) [Windows 2000 and Writelog v10.36G]
* WX0B StackMatches on 10/15/20m
* Homemade 6-in/2-out Relay Box
* SO2R by W5XD/K5DJ MultiKeyer and
* two TopTen Device Band Decoders
* two Dunestar 600 BPF's

Packet cluster over Internet (connected to DB0SUE, tnx, very reliable!)

The setup was operable almost fully automated by PC keyboard and mouse. The only
manual actions were: rotating antennas, selecting antennas on the StackMatches
and switching between the main antenna and the two Beverages on the low bands...
K1IR   M/S HP   8,093,7652002-11-26 05:16:41
Station preparations paid off big-time this year. For the first time, there was
no need to climb the tower or perform any sort of emergency repair in the middle
of the contest. It was a real pleasure to have the radios, computers and
antennas all working as designed throughout the contest.

That 160m opening was the highlight for me. Our inverted-L project turned out to
be a great investment.

The lowlight for me was also a 160m moment - waking up with my finger fully
depressed on the K1IR button and hearing my callsign going out over and over on
top of the DX station. Better keep this lid off the Gentleman's band!

Congratulations to all! Thanks to my station-building and operating team. Thanks
to my family for putting up with us. And thanks to all the DXpeditioners who add
so much to the fun of the competition.


Jim K1IR
EA7RM   SOAB LP   3,007,7502002-11-26 05:31:32
DK2GZ   SOSB(A)/160 HP   60,6902002-11-26 05:45:25
TenTec Centurion

Antenna: Inverted Vee
Inverted L

Beverage to west

All the antennas were setup just for the contest.

Antennasupport was the tower for a wind turbine abt 150 feet high.

Bad condx the whole weekend on 160.

73 de Harry, DK2GZ
GM4YXI   SOAB HP   3,278,4842002-11-26 06:01:44
Another aurora-blighted weekend. 80m was probably the star band (albeit a rather
faint one!). 40m has great potential but a combination of being in Eu and a
quarter wave vertical antenna makes it hard to realise. Staying in the chair
ranked with propagation as the biggest problem (apart from questionable CW
ability). Had unexpected work issues take me out on Saturday (daylight) morning
and all Saturday evening/night was lost.
I really enjoyed the whole event though I found it really hard going 'cos my CW
is not really up to the job. By Sunday night..and probably before..I was really
struggling to read the code, so apologies for all those fills!
I can but echo comments I have already seen here and elsewhere. Conditions, esp
on the high bands, were PUNK at this QTH. Some operators (and not ones
CW-challenged like me) seem to think that any combination of letters is a reply
to them. Just because 'you' are in a hurry to work me, does not give 'you' the
right to be first in the queue. I am in just as much of a hurry and this sort of
practice slows everyone down. 40m in Eu, even on CW, is a, no-one
has any right to any frequency, even if you've been running it for some time!
All this sounds more 'negative' than is fair. I had a great time. I just need to
improve my CW and try to make SO2R work on this mode. This weekend, I didn't
even attempt any passes until Sunday afternoon.
Best Wishes to all
Keith GM4YXI
OL7R(@OK1KUW)   M/S HP   4,838,8602002-11-26 06:35:23
Software: CT Log, 4 workplaces conected over LAN/10BaseT Eth(NetTSR driver,OS
MSDOS 6.22)

Hardware: RUN - TS850+SRS457
S&P(1) - TS870+SRS457
S&P(2) - FT840+4xGU50
S&P(3) - IC746

ANT: ECO 3el. 3bander 10,15,20 - 15m up
5/5el. stack 28MHz - 10,15m up
5el. monobander 28MHz - 24m up
3el. monobander 21MHz - 22m up
3el. monobander 14MHz - 20m up
HF6V vertical 7-28MHz

20m vertical 3.5/1.8MHz (for 1.8MHz linear prolonged)with 128 radial's
Inverted "V" 1.8,3.5,7MHz
RX flag with LNA beaming to NA and JA
RX beverage beaming to NA and JA

Poor conditions in higher bands, problem with HF, Ethernet and repeating reset
our computers, but very fun so. See you in next contest....

73 de OL7R team
WA3SES   SOAB LP   316,2742002-11-26 06:36:04
In recent past years I was able to get a few runs into EU...not this year. Tough
sledding...not even one new DXCC entity...c'est la guerre
DL5YYM   SOAB(A) LP   1,225,4842002-11-26 06:58:34
TRX: TS 850 SAT ( 100 W)
ANT: GP on 10 / 15 / 20 m
DL on 40 / 80 / 160 m

Sorry for no better results
VE3GFN   SOAB LP   385,4342002-11-26 07:43:57
This was the contest from Hell! The bands were awful on Friday night, and I had
39 contacts in total, for 3.5 hours of work.

At the 250 QSO mark, I smelled something bad close to the rig, and my power
output was down to almost nil. Must have been a capacitor shorting in the
ALC/power control ciruitry of the TS850, as I could restore full power by fully
advancing my carrier level control, and within an hour, rig operation had
returned to normal. The capacitor short must have dissipated, and the bad smell
vanished as well. That cost me 2 hours.

1.5 hour before the end of the contest, my logging program refused to send CW.
It turned out to be a corrupted data file in the program (RESTART.BIN), as
removing that file restored normal operation, with my logging info intact, and I
could still avoid dupe contacts. Lost a half hour on that one!

The good news was that my beam rotator, which had been acting up in the week
prior to the test, worked like a trooper all through the contest.

Contesting is stressful enough, without all these mini heart attacks! Haven't
had a contest like that in 25 years! 73 Mike
N3FR   SOAB LP   628,8452002-11-26 08:12:59
Heard many (worked a few) rare countries. Great weekend!
K5NZ   M/S HP   5,638,4102002-11-26 08:21:13
My first serious WW CW and what a blast! No good runs for us but we tuned the
bands hard and found lots of nice non-spotted mults! I asked each op to give me
a thought or highlight of the contest so here goes....

N1LN :

After working all night from Friday mid-night to Saturday morning, finishing up
with 80 and 160 grey line, it was time to sleep. What did I do... off to the
bedroom and turn on the sound machine. My favorite sound is the fan noise.....
What did it sound like??? - 80 / 160 noise. Kept expecting to hear CW.

Most memorable contact - we needed a JA on 160 and by Sunday am we still did not
have one. They
very loud on 80 - so I asked one that was CQing w/o anser to QSY to 160. He
said YES - off we went -
I called him and in the log it went. Zone 25 / JA (double mult) for 160.

One last item..... Chile is fine w/o beans as long as you have enough hot sauce.



Gentlemen, I had a great time this weekend, picking up a few pearls from the
pros in the process.

One fun highlight was finding YI on the 20m "hose" as the band was opening, way
before the W's started calling him, and breaking through his European pileup
with just a couple of calls. Couldn't quite get through to 4K so early

Another chuckle was tuning across a desperate HT guy who cq'ed for a couple of
more minutes after our qso and left without ever being spotted (probably lucky
for him he didn't).

And finally it was fun to close the contest with a modest JA-fest on 10/15.

Thanks for letting me come play and learn. And Mike, thanks again for the
five-star contesting environment, the great food, and fun four-wheeling!

K5GA :

1st Highlight....breaking the pileups brought on by the internet spotting
systems. As K8CC said, those pileups brought out the worst in operators. In all
my years of contesting, I've never heard such insanity. To intelligently
outsmart these yo-yos and make the contact within 2 or 3 calls most of the
time,,,,well, that's fun.

2nd Highlight....telling Mike that a VU2 will be in the log via 40 meter
loooooooooong path Sunday morning. Instead, I got 2 of them. I think had I
stayed on 40 longer, we would have gotten an HS, XW, or 3W in the log also.

Bill K5GA


Yep....we had a great time! Thanks to N5RZ and K5TR for helping me set some
goals for the contest from W5. Mike K5NZ
TM5C(@F6CTT)   M/S HP   10,120,7682002-11-26 08:30:32
Well, conditions were not too good on high bands and closed very early. After a
saturday not too bad anyway, we stopped about 1h the sunday morning due to a
strong storm and missed the end of 40m path. Not a single JA on 10, I called
15min KL7WV on 40 with no luck and PJ2T with a clear fine Q5 sig on 160 with
same result...we missed about 10 mults on top band, WAZ score and PTS/Q are too
low, but lot of fun again, tks to all.
73 Laurent.
F5VHJ(NH7A)   SOAB(A) HP   463,9042002-11-26 08:57:28
I was just going to work a few stations, but there was so much activity I stayed
on longer then expected. I have been doing this since 1964 and still doing this!
Not being serious and doing a CW contest is really fun.
VE6SV   M/S HP   2,820,9502002-11-26 09:10:28
Kind of a tough contest for us in the sense we could not establish any
substainable runs into Europe, Japan or even NA. As usual we heard more than
we were able to work. What openings occurred were short and low in signal
strenght. We plotted the K-index (low of 2 to a high of 6) and our prop followed
the trend with prop closing as the K rose in value. For us in the aurora zone
eveything was weak and fluttery.

The team operated as team and did a great job as a team. One of these contests
the sun will give us a break and hold the x-ray emmision for a full 48 hours and
we can than experience the "good prop conditions" others seem to be reporting.
Moving the station to a lesser latitude just is not an option.

On behalf of the Sierra Victor team thanks for all the QSOs and look forward for
in doing it again.

73, Gord VE6SV
G4BUO   SOAB HP   5,023,6122002-11-26 09:23:12
Conditions weren't good on the HF bands, though I suspect in a few years time
we'll look back fondly on the days when you could make more than a handful of
QSOs on 10m!

Dave G4BUO
W9XT   SOAB QRP   562,8362002-11-26 09:54:16
First serious QRP effort. I think I will check the propagation forecasts before
I do this again. Working DX with 5W is tough enough without fighting bad
propagation as well. Thanks to everyone who dug out my signal!

73 - Gary
OK1DTP   SOSB/15 HP   477,4532002-11-26 10:01:45
Band seemed to clouse early to SA both days and many of the JA signals had an
aurora sound to them. Most surprising moments were when S9MX, HP3XUG, VQ9X,
9M6A, TI5N, C6AKP, OA4SS responded to my CQ`ing. Thanks to all excelent CW
operators for a nice contest.

73 David
HB9CZF   SOAB HP   1,558,2082002-11-26 10:03:22
more details on or directly to

73 de Dominik, HB9CZF
TM2Y(@F6BEE)   M/S HP   8,300,5172002-11-26 10:15:57
Very (locally ?) noisy 20 m band due to static rain on saturday night. 80 was
also noisy most of the time for unknown reason.
Low QSO count and too many missed multipliers on 10 and 15 means a low score.
Thanks to all that called us and I hope we didn't miss too many of you in the

S51RJ(@S53O)   SOSB(A)/10 HP   779,7202002-11-26 10:19:10
Rig: TS-850 + PA 1kW
Ant: 5/5, KT34X
K7BV   SOAB(A) HP   983,6342002-11-26 10:19:26
Wow - East Coast DX contesting is more fun than should be allowed. I didnt get
the towers up this summer so I tossed up 4 sections of 25G and put a F12 4BA for
10/15 on a rotor mast, lashed a 20m mono bander at 30' fixed on EU, yanked up a
40m dipole between 2 trees at 30' to be able to get on the air after the snow
comes (tomorrow they say). ARRL had me on the road until Friday midnight so no
serious effort possible but I had a great time chasing mults. I am sorry I
couldnt put much time in but it was great fun to join my new YCCC friends on the
air from what looks like will be a great CT hilltop DXing location.
W4AN(K4BAI)   SOAB HP   4,786,6162002-11-26 10:28:55
20 meters was a disaster in this contest. It was seldom open to Europe. There
There were some very good DX stations with good signals (HS0ZDZ, 9M2TO),
but it was almost impossible to run Europe from here. The only good open-
ings to Europe were at our sunrise each morning for a couple of hours.
Then the absorption took over and the band didn't come back in the after-
noon as it usually does. I could only S&P the few European signals coming
through before the band closed to Europe. We had no nighttime propagation
unless you count very weak signals from the strongest Europeans (e.g.
DF0HQ), but these stations couldn't hear me calling them then. The
numbers make it look like there was some station problem with 20 meters,
VE7SV   M/S HP   4,986,9442002-11-26 11:04:52
Despite the very poor conditions here in the Pacific NorthWest
the CQWW CW contest continues to be our favourite contest.
We had a great time! Murphy visited several times but team effort
quickly chased him away and we learned from each experience.
It was interesting to hear our run to Europe on 20 meters dry up,
the band noise come up and all the signals disappear for a while
on Sunday morning when the flare hit.
Thanks to all who worked us, qsy'd for us and especially those
who took time to say hello.
K6LRN   SOAB HP   366,1202002-11-26 11:10:13
Same number of Qs as last year, but more countries.
JY9NX(JM1CAX)   SOSB/20 HP   1,151,9662002-11-26 11:12:00
The CQWW CW this year was just a disaster.

First of all, it was very hard to secure a day off on
Sunday under the current circumstances surrounding
this region.

The condition at the kick-off was terrible. I was only
able to make a total of just less than 100 QSOs for the
first four hours.

When EU became opening, the power went off suddenly
just in the middle of good pile-up. It lasted for 2.5
hours. I didn't know when the electricity would go back
on so I was not even able to take a nap. I guess my
500m-away-neighbour JY9QJ was in the same situation.
I would have missed approximately 300 QSOs.

First night, there was almost no opening to juicy
North American running.

On the second morning, I was expecting to make use
of the time I lost on the previous day. At 10 a.m., however,
I received a phone call from my colleague saying that
I have an urgent cable at the office. I had to leave the
shack once again in the good EU pile-up. Lost about
one hour with the possible QSO of about 120-160.

After about one hour since I returned home, I received
a phone call from my wife in town saying she was involved in
the traffic accident. I left the shack with no hope to
beat SOSB 20m Asian record that I was initially aiming for.
She was fine but I had to fight against the other driver
at the police station and her little Peugeot was hospitalized.
Lost about 2 hours+ and missed approximately 200-250 QSOs.

The night condition on Sunday was not as I expected. Any
Caribbean multipliers were not so strong and USA/EU
wall was too high to compete with.

After all, I was not able to replace the existing Asian
record which, I believe, I would definitely have been able to.

But all in all the contest was fun. I hesitate to say this
as I am saying it every year; my last CQWW CW from JY
was a memorable one. Let's hope that the political situation
would remain stable enough to allow me operating ARRL 10m.


73 de Koji JY9NX \(^o^)/~
1/2 of S514U/WRTC2000, OJ4S/WRTC2002
W1TO   SOAB(A) HP   1,535,0042002-11-26 11:18:04
FT1000MP, AL811H(only 3 finals), wires. Someday I will have a tower and beam(s).
IR4B(IK4AUY)   SOSB/160 HP   19,8602002-11-26 12:08:50
Equipment Description: Ant. HF2V Butternut, top loaded; Kenwood TS570DG;
legal power (500w.) one 4cx800a tetrode tube, low pass filter by Bencher,
SRC-02 FRONT-END with cauer bandpass filter (,
CT 9.81 software real time logging. Unfortunately no receiving only antenna at
this time, what a big missing!. Enjoied the contest.
3V8BB   M/2 HP   26,236,7102002-11-26 12:11:20
Modest setup with two tribanders few meters apart and low wires.
Radios were TS-870+ETO91 and TS-2000+Titan.
Internet DX Cluster spots transfered on paper.
We had a lot of fun despite 385 dupes!

73 de Mario, S56A
OH6BG   SOSB/10 LP   131,7842002-11-26 12:16:15
Setup: Yaesu FT-840, 70 W + two stacked TH7s @ 35 & 10 metres a.g.l.
Soft ware: TRLog
Soft drinks: apple juice + coffee
Rotator: a spare Armstrong assigned for Sunday

Mostly S&P. Thanks to Jari OH6QU for letting me stress-test the new mast setup!
W1KM   SOAB HP   6,531,7082002-11-26 12:25:38
Very strange conditions: good and bad at the same time.

High points:

Reached a long-term goal of 100Meg CW SO points from the windy coast of
Southern Massachusetts (since 1979).

Sliced thru a big European pile to get YI9OM on 80 just as I was telling
myself "this is dumb, I'm never gonna crack this pileup"

Low points:

Missing several juicy openings, especially the 80 M lp to JA on Saturday
afternoon (and consequently missing JA/25 on 80)

Headfone problems. My comfortable fones had bad distortion; some of the
other (older) fones had good audio but either crushed my ears or dug into my
skull. The floor next to my operating position was strewn with headfones
collected over the past 20 years. What should I do?

My dismal high band multiplier totals :(

As always a most interesting and entertaining weekend; thanks again to K3EST and
all the hard working members of the Committee.
W7YAQ   SOAB LP   634,5022002-11-26 12:38:42
Fun to operate this contest, my first entry in it as usually falls when I have
Thanksgiving week activities. Conditions were challenging, but 40 was the
surprising "hot" band. Did anyone work all 40 zones on any band, or
cumulatively for all bands? I didn't see any in the individual band total
summaries? Cumulatively I missed 29, 34, 37. Incredible activity from Zone

P4ØW(W2GD)   SOAB HP   11,235,8272002-11-26 12:59:34

IC756PROII, Alpha 87A, FRC Keyer, CT9.48
160M Inverted V @ 70'
80M 3 ele wire beam @ 60' toward EU, Inverted V @ 70'
40M 4 ele wire beam @ 60' toward EU, Inverted V @ 65'
20M 4 ele F12 @72'
15M 5 ele F12 @85'
10M 5 ele F12 @78"
Cushcraft A4 (less reflectors) @ 60'

Congratulations to Jose, P40E/CT1BOH and Scott, K0DQ/P40Q for their fine SO2R
efforts. Bob, WX4G/P40J did very well SB 40, and I heard John KK9A/P40A
plugging away SOAB QRP.

Pretty sure more points were generated "per capita" from Aruba this weekend than
from any other country. No excuse for anyone not working a P4 somewhere this
past weekend.

Arrival late Wednesday afternoon only provided enough time to make minimal
repairs and retune the wire antennas from PH to CW. Ran new feedlines to the
F12 monobanders 20 - 10 and to the 80 and 40 meter wire beams (had used RG58 at
the last minute as an emergency measure during my LP effort SSB weekend). Not
enough time (or helpers) available to fix the broken 40M beam again this trip
and then I discovered a new 15M problem...a flat 2 to 1 SWR across the band on
the 5 ele yagi. Fortunately the beam seemed to work OK through a tuner. On the
second tower, the A4, already missing both reflectors (F12 rivets are the secret
to keeping antennas together on Aruba!) seemed to radiate "something" but who
knows how well. Installed a power divider for the first time to allow use of
two antennas pointed in different directions at all times (except on 160M) which
significantly reduced the amount of beam turning required.....but not sure if it
really helped my score in the end.

The only other negative was a new source of S3 - S5 line noise which was not
present on WW PH weekend. Since it had not rained much since WW PH, salt
buildup on the HV AC lines was evidently causing the constant arching.
Fortunately it rained for about 15 minutes around 4 a.m. local time Saturday
morning which made the noise go away for about 6 hours - a welcomed relief.
Then the line noise started again and continued until another series of rain
squalls came along mid-morning on Sunday. I apologize to those who called and
thought I was an allegator. For all practical purposes I was!

First HP effort in several really does make a big different over LP
and QRP. Didn't experience those morning dulldrums when the US and EU are
"connecting" on 10M.

The big plus of the weekend was giving my new IC756ProII a workout in heavy QRM
and coming away extremely impressed and satisfied. I was amazed at how
selective this DSP only box really is....150 cycle selectivity without a hint of
ringing....I recommend more people try this radio - in my opinion it runs rings
around the MP in selectivity, and rivals if not surpasses the performance of the
781. If only they would fix the full break-in keying circuit!

Felt pretty good overall when the smoke cleared.....where else in the world do
you end up in third place for your own country with a score over 11 million
points! Slept both nights, didn't feel buzzed out at the end. Conditions were
"different"...did my best to spot the openings and to be on the right
bands....probably worked more 20M than ever before and the multiplier total
shows it. But when 20 closes, its like someone turned off a switch. We didn't
have the same 160M opening to EU Friday night the NA boys experienced, but it
was there Saturday evening. Unfortunately QRN was at above average levels both
nights :-( Used my beverages 90% of the time on all bands - to help overcome
the line noise somewhat and the occasional rx overload from P40Q a mile away.

One final editiorial comment. This was (by choice) an SO1R entry class
operation, and IMHO it is not directly comparable to scores generated by
stations operating in the SO2R class. The expected results from each as you
should expect will (and should be) significantly different for a obvious
reasons. I hope sometime soon there will be an official recognition of the real
and measurable differences between these two entry classes and the rules changed
to properly reflect the distinction.

I want to especially thank my hosts Humphrey and Corrie for their continuing
hospitality as well as W2NO, W2CG, K2TW, NO2R, WX4G, N6BT, P43P, P43T and my YL
Elaine, KB2ERI, for providing various forms of assistance that helped make my
operation a success.

Looking forward to the forthcoming 160M contest season.

73, John W2GD/P40W
7S2E(SM2DMU)   SOAB HP   2,044,9382002-11-26 13:12:54
S5ØC(S53MM)   SOSB/80 HP   278,2082002-11-26 13:25:46
I've got sick on Friday so I didn't enjoy in contest, I just waited it to end.
Anyway promising 160 NA first night, but second only 60 more. No VK, ZL here.

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 0 1209 0 0 0 0 1209 78.1
NA 0 221 0 0 0 0 221 14.3
AS 0 96 0 0 0 0 96 6.2
SA 0 5 0 0 0 0 5 0.3
AF 0 16 0 0 0 0 16 1.0
OC 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.1

ANT - vertical, inv V, beverages
PA - Left&Right by Redifon Ltd, London

73 Matija, S53MM
8S5A(SM5AJV)   SOAB HP   3,041,4872002-11-26 13:30:47
Rig: FT1000MP + L4B
Ant: C3+EF240S @ 20m, dipole-80

Rig: TS450 + ClippertonL
Ant: 18AVT + dipoles-160/80/40

TRLOG with homemade SO2R-box and filters.

Thanks to all for another thrilling CQWW contest.

73 de Ingo, SM5AJV
NØHJZ   SOAB(A) LP   389,4632002-11-26 13:37:49
The most fun I've had in a CW contest. 40M was great. I have a small vertical
with a few radials and I never thought I'd work so much on 40. Fun! See
everyone in 160 & 10M contests.
IU9S(OK1DSZ)   SOSB/10 HP   649,6352002-11-26 14:54:19
Many thanks to Joe,IT9BLB, who offered his hilltop QTH and very nice callsign
after the announced IH9 operation had to be cancelled because all ferries to the
island were cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

Good EU and NA runs, but lost a lot of JAs/Asia sunday morning when ACOM PA was
not satisfied with stability of 220V power line. Band closed very quickly both

Rig: TS570D + ACOM 2000A (saturday) and an old Henry PA (sunday)
Ant: 6 el OWA @ 12m (tnx Martin OL5Y)

Continent summary:
USA 610
VE 42
NA 21
SA 42
EU 833
AF 27
AS 111
JA 204
OC 12
N3RS   M/2 HP   11,186,6042002-11-26 15:08:38
A bit understaffed, but we decided to go M/2 for the points. Congrats to Paul &
crew on an outstanding effort. Very bad wind on Saturday rendered the 80M
dipole useless. We had fortunately repaired the old reliable 4V array one hour
before the contest started, in the dark! It was a difficult weekend, but we
thank all who called in and gave us a QSO.
WD4K(KØEJ)   SOAB HP   2,995,3862002-11-26 15:26:17
Tnx to Tommy(WD4K) for use of station and kind hospitality. I sure like that new
40M beam (F12 Mag 340N @110')

73, Mark K0EJ
W1UK   SOSB/15 HP   681,7622002-11-26 15:41:15
Missed most of Saturday afternoon and evening with a family member at the
Emergency Room. Refused to give up though!

Band seemed to close early both days to Europe and the Asia path was not great.
Kept the upper C31 moving all weekend looking for unusual paths.
PY2NA   SOAB LP   1,518,3262002-11-26 16:42:21
Rig: TS-440S, 100 watts.
Ant: 10/15/20 - 3 el. Yagi tribander @ 12 meters
40 - Wire dipole @ 10 meters
80 - Wire dipole @ 10 meters
W2RE   SOAB(A) HP   1,768,3482002-11-26 16:51:48
It was to be a serious effort!
However, bad snow storm/ice caused terrible static S9 fri night and I couldnt
overcome the slow start. So, I just putzed around a few hours here and there
over the weekend.
73 Ray W2RE
N4TO   M/2 HP   7,204,7562002-11-26 17:45:50
Conditions were down a bit from last years', and our appologies to those that
called us at times when we must have seemed deaf. We had trouble with
intermittent high line noise which made receiving very difficult. Despite this
fun was had by all. CQWW CW is THE contest ... without a doubt.
KB1H   M/M HP   10,460,2592002-11-26 18:06:39
Great contest, Murphy stopped by and hosed the network, we continued, so he
whacked a stack relay in prime time 10m Saturday, so we bypassed the relay.
Best country total ever on 40 (new 4 SQ, no beam), 5BDXCC, best countries on 80
to (101). Thanks for all the calls and qsy's. We had extra ops call in the day
of the contest so we switched from M/2 to M/M. A good time was had by all!
VA3XRZ   SOAB LP   197,7952002-11-26 18:47:39
Absolutely 100% S&P with no packet, some pile-ups were impossible to get

Bad conditions this time, I had to multitask contesting with some house and work
chores so I set my personal goal to make 100 QSOs in each band but I could only
accomplish it on 15m, and barely.

As soon as it gets dark outside I have an S7-S9 line noise on 20m coming from
the sodium street-lights that renders the band virtually unusable during the
night, several calls to the Town and the local Hydro produced no results so far.
On Sunday afternoon I had some intermittent line noise on 15m and 10m, I really
can't understand how a semi-rural location like this can be noisier than my old
city location in Mississauga... the only thing I have gained is more antenna
space, but noise-wise is worst.

Oh and I have to do something to get on 80 and 160, my all-band efforts are
really only four-band efforts.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 de VA3XRZ
VE3YDX/R4(RW4WM)   SOAB LP   1,044,0002002-11-26 20:20:10
TRX: TS-870 (100 Watts)
ANT: Delta for 80m @ 36 m
Cushcraft R7 for 40m-10m @ 18 m
WD5K   SOAB LP   1,085,2802002-11-26 20:44:51
FT1000mp 100w
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Inv V
80m Inv V
WØAIH   M/M HP   7,043,0642002-11-26 20:46:24
Thanks to Paul for letting us come out and operate the big hardware. Conditions
were strange to say the least. We can really see the decline in conditions here
in the black hole. I guess we are on the way down the cycle.

Look for AIH on Top Band.

Vry 73 & Happy Holidays
Dave KT0R
RT9W(@RZ9WWH)   M/S HP   10,141,3902002-11-26 21:04:47
Continent Statistics
RT9W CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST Multi Single 24 Nov 2002 2359z

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America CW 0 4 71 126 86 44 331 7.1
South America CW 0 2 17 18 13 17 67 1.4
Europe CW 231 625 809 628 538 718 3549 76.4
Asia CW 47 82 70 92 156 124 571 12.3
Africa CW 5 9 19 14 20 21 88 1.9
Oceania CW 0 3 9 10 11 9 42 0.9


HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

0 19/23 207/52 14/20 ..... ..... ..... 240/95 240/95
1 2/3 72/7 74/42 2/2 . . 150/54 390/149
2 11/11 100/11 17/9 . . . 128/31 518/180
3 4/4 3/1 131/9 6/10 . . 144/24 662/204
4 . . 134/9 22/32 14/25 . 170/66 832/270
5 . . 2/0 152/39 14/16 13/22 181/77 1013/347
6 . . . 152/16 16/20 9/14 177/50 1190/397
7 . . . 131/11 12/13 15/16 158/40 1348/437
8 ..... ..... ..... 12/0 146/24 10/13 168/37 1516/474
9 . . . 3/3 167/12 7/10 177/25 1693/499
10 . . . 1/1 60/9 94/24 155/34 1848/533
11 . . . 3/4 13/4 135/20 151/28 1999/561
12 . . 7/11 . 32/7 45/11 84/29 2083/590
13 . 1/2 2/4 . 95/8 7/9 105/23 2188/613
14 . 1/2 4/5 77/7 4/2 3/5 89/21 2277/634
15 10/3 1/2 2/2 39/3 7/0 . 59/10 2336/644
16 3/4 2/4 35/7 32/0 ..... ..... 72/15 2408/659
17 2/3 13/3 64/0 . . . 79/6 2487/665
18 11/1 44/7 5/5 . . . 60/13 2547/678
19 24/2 36/1 10/2 . . . 70/5 2617/683
20 22/2 51/3 3/4 . . . 76/9 2693/692
21 38/2 1/1 1/1 18/0 . . 58/4 2751/696
22 26/1 15/0 11/2 . . . 52/3 2803/699
23 17/4 20/7 12/1 . . . 49/12 2852/711
0 29/1 13/0 6/0 ..... ..... ..... 48/1 2900/712
1 27/1 . 14/2 2/2 . . 43/5 2943/717
2 . 1/1 27/0 3/4 . . 31/5 2974/722
3 8/0 6/0 5/0 12/3 . . 31/3 3005/725
4 . . 34/5 4/4 3/0 . 41/9 3046/734
5 . . 2/3 2/3 101/3 16/0 121/9 3167/743
6 . . . . 22/1 68/1 90/2 3257/745
7 . . . . 19/2 98/2 117/4 3374/749
8 ..... ..... ..... ..... 3/4 124/0 127/4 3501/753
9 . . . 2/2 . 98/2 100/4 3601/757
10 . . . 3/4 2/2 94/3 99/9 3700/766
11 . . . 61/0 3/3 17/0 81/3 3781/769
12 . . . 35/3 55/3 2/2 92/8 3873/777
13 . . . . 20/2 47/2 67/4 3940/781
14 . . . 18/1 8/2 24/2 50/5 3990/786
15 . . 1/0 57/0 . 1/1 59/1 4049/787
16 ..... ..... 52/2 7/0 ..... ..... 59/2 4108/789
17 . . 65/0 1/0 . . 66/0 4174/789
18 1/1 1/1 37/1 17/0 . . 56/3 4230/792
19 . 1/1 97/2 . . . 98/3 4328/795
20 1/1 46/0 34/1 . . . 81/2 4409/797
21 13/2 43/0 1/1 . . . 57/3 4466/800
22 3/1 20/1 31/0 . . . 54/2 4520/802
23 7/2 1/1 49/0 . . . 57/3 4577/805
DAY1 189/63 567/103 528/133 650/128 580/140 338/144 ..... 2852/711
DAY2 89/9 132/5 455/17 224/26 236/22 589/15 . 1725/94
TOT 278/72 699/108 983/150 874/154 816/162 927/159 . 4577/805

HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

0 4/295 51/241 5/173 ..... ..... ..... 60/239 60/239
1 1/195 26/164 32/141 1/83 . . 60/150 120/195
2 5/133 45/133 10/98 . . . 60/127 180/172
3 1/262 8/22 49/159 1/292 . . 60/144 240/165
4 . . 49/165 8/176 4/200 . 60/169 301/166
5 . . 1/90 50/181 5/160 2/321 60/183 360/169
6 . . . 50/181 7/142 3/185 60/177 420/170
7 . . . 49/161 7/104 4/209 60/158 480/168
8 ..... ..... ..... 9/80 48/183 3/201 60/168 540/168
9 . . . 1/230 58/174 2/250 60/177 600/169
10 . . . 0/171 28/129 32/178 60/155 660/168
11 . . . 2/109 9/84 50/163 61/149 721/166
12 . . 5/78 . 26/73 29/94 60/84 781/160
13 . 1/116 1/171 . 55/104 3/125 59/106 840/156
14 . 1/58 3/76 52/89 2/102 3/69 61/88 901/152
15 12/52 0/360 1/136 29/82 17/24 . 59/60 960/146
16 3/65 0/424 34/61 23/83 ..... ..... 60/72 1020/142
17 0/800 7/114 53/73 . . . 60/79 1080/138
18 9/77 49/54 3/110 . . . 60/60 1141/134
19 27/54 21/105 13/45 . . . 60/69 1201/131
20 21/63 36/84 2/82 . . . 59/77 1260/128
21 40/58 0/257 0/257 20/53 . . 60/58 1321/125
22 28/56 17/53 15/45 . . . 60/52 1380/122
23 18/55 23/52 19/39 . . . 60/49 1440/119
0 33/53 16/49 11/32 ..... ..... ..... 60/48 1501/116
1 37/44 . 23/37 1/185 . . 60/43 1561/113
2 . 1/92 55/29 4/45 . . 60/31 1620/110
3 17/28 23/16 8/39 15/48 . . 62/30 1683/107
4 . . 52/39 4/62 2/76 . 58/42 1741/105
5 . . 1/176 0/1200 52/116 7/144 60/122 1800/106
6 . . . . 16/84 44/92 60/90 1860/105
7 . . . . 11/101 49/121 60/117 1920/105
8 ..... ..... ..... ..... 2/77 57/130 60/128 1980/106
9 . . . 2/58 . 58/101 60/99 2040/106
10 . . . 5/34 1/157 54/105 60/99 2100/106
11 . . . 43/86 3/52 13/76 60/82 2160/105
12 . . . 20/104 39/85 1/84 60/92 2220/105
13 . . . . 19/63 39/72 58/69 2278/104
14 . . . 15/73 14/36 21/68 50/60 2328/103
15 . . 1/95 59/58 . 0/900 60/59 2387/102
16 ..... ..... 46/68 9/49 ..... ..... 54/65 2442/101
17 . . 52/75 3/21 . . 55/72 2497/100
18 0/277 3/20 26/85 16/65 . . 45/74 2542/100
19 . 0/144 60/98 . . . 60/98 2602/100
20 1/44 34/80 25/81 . . . 61/80 2663/99
21 20/39 38/67 1/53 . . . 60/57 2723/98
22 5/33 21/58 34/55 . . . 60/54 2783/97
23 13/33 1/71 45/66 . . . 58/59 2841/97
DAY1 2.8/68 4.8/119 4.9/107 4.9/132 4.4/131 2.2/156 ..... 24.0/119
DAY2 2.1/42 2.3/58 7.3/62 3.2/69 2.7/89 5.7/103 . 23.3/74
TOT 4.9/57 7.1/99 12.2/80 8.2/107 7.1/115 7.9/117 . 47.3/97

BREAKDOWN in kilo-points by hr RT9W CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST Multi Single

HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

0 197 615 180 ..... ..... ..... 992 992
1 28 127 394 20 . . 568 1561
2 83 197 84 . . . 363 1924
3 30 10 220 91 . . 351 2275
4 . . 220 285 241 . 747 3022
5 . . 2 450 130 209 792 3814
6 . . . 289 167 128 584 4398
7 . . . 222 100 121 443 4841
8 ..... ..... ..... 14 325 110 449 5291
9 . . . 23 275 89 386 5677
10 . . . 8 147 275 430 6107
11 . . . 34 53 288 376 6483
12 . . 105 . 88 134 327 6811
13 . 19 39 . 177 83 318 7129
14 . 20 42 146 17 48 274 7402
15 34 19 14 71 8 . 147 7549
16 39 40 82 39 ..... ..... 199 7748
17 27 29 70 . . . 125 7874
18 17 115 36 . . . 167 8041
19 34 49 22 . . . 106 8147
20 39 76 35 . . . 150 8297
21 52 7 8 22 . . 88 8385
22 38 18 26 . . . 82 8467
23 44 79 21 . . . 144 8611
0 40 16 7 ..... ..... ..... 63 8674
1 39 . 28 15 . . 82 8756
2 . 8 33 34 . . 74 8830
3 8 6 6 36 . . 56 8886
4 . . 79 36 1 . 116 9003
5 . . 28 28 74 9 138 9141
6 . . . . 27 56 83 9223
7 . . . . 41 110 151 9375
8 ..... ..... ..... ..... 35 142 177 9552
9 . . . 15 . 129 144 9696
10 . . . 35 15 132 183 9878
11 . . . 68 23 21 111 9989
12 . . . 66 85 15 166 10155
13 . . . . 37 69 106 10261
14 . . . 26 22 42 90 10351
15 . . 1 69 . 8 78 10429
16 ..... ..... 72 8 ..... ..... 81 10510
17 . . 75 1 . . 76 10586
18 8 8 51 21 . . 87 10673
19 . 8 134 . . . 142 10815
20 8 53 47 . . . 108 10923
21 25 49 8 . . . 82 11005
22 10 30 36 . . . 77 11081
23 27 8 58 . . . 93 11174
DAY1 661 1422 1598 1714 1730 1487 ..... 8611
DAY2 165 184 664 458 359 732 . 2563
TOT 826 1606 2262 2172 2089 2219 . 11174

73! Ilshat RU9WX (RT9W Team)
W7DRA/7   SOSB/80 LP   1,8432002-11-26 21:07:10
B4R(@BY4RSA)   M/S HP   2,787,2952002-11-26 21:23:44
Station Description:
FT1000MP+Go2KW for running station
TS450S+TL922 for multiplier station
5ele Monoband Yagi on 10m
5ele Triband Yagi on 15,20,40m
4ele Triband Yagi on 10,15,20m
Dipole on 80,160m

Chen, BA4RC
Ken, BA4RD
David, BA4RF
Deal, BA4TB

We began the contest in a hurry, and the network between running station
and mult station brought us a little trouble. But finnally we managed to set a
new record of China. What a contest!
OM6RM   SOAB LP   976,9102002-11-26 21:24:14
PWR: 100 Watts
DL1CW   SOSB/80 LP   80,2782002-11-26 22:58:13
120 QSOs less then last year, but 2 multis more.
Impressing to see how excelent HC8N lsn on 80m!
Also this year no chance to catch XT2DX although he was strong. Assume he had to
deal with heavy QRN in Africa.

My old IC-735 did a great job again.
N7WA(@W7AL)   SOSB/20 HP   472,0712002-11-26 23:05:25
This operation was a blast. It couldn't have happened without the great
hospitality of my friend and host W7AL who provided the station and equipment
and our mutual friend KA7CSE who did a lot of the tower work over the Summer and
Fall. These guys went way out of their way to ensure I had a great time this
CQWW. I hope I can repay the favor some day.
G3LZQ   SOSB/80 LP   78,5382002-11-26 23:48:30
TX/RX : Yaesu FT-1000MP
Power o/p : 100w
Antennas : Dipole @ 55ft 4-Square Array (350ft from Shack 9913 Coax)
Operators : John Dunnington G3LZQ

Rx advantage of 4-sq improved the situation when condx got
really bad during Sat Nite. QRN and General Noise from dense fog
added to the overall drama..even the odd major static crash...
Only 62 NA Pts/QSO well down at 1.42 Lots worked not audible
on Dipole or at best ESP Mode BUT Q5 on 4-SQ.

G3LZQ - Country Multipliers for 80m Metres

3V 4J 4L 4U1I 4X 5B 6W 6Y 8P 9A
GØIVZ   SOSB/20 HP   716,2102002-11-27 00:00:16
Conditions very poor this year to the US which kept the points/Q way down.
Closed early on both nights, very poor on Sunday afternoon and then recovered a
little in the evening.Lots of rain static throughout the event and thunder
storms in the early hours of Sat morning. My first try at single band 20m in WW
... nice to get some sleep during the event.
K4RO   SOAB HP   2,592,0512002-11-27 00:10:33
WOW. The CQWW CW. THE BEST contest of them all for sure.
I had an absolute blast in this one, even with the strange
conditions and complete lack of 20 meter European runs.
November is definately "hell month" for North American
contest fanatics. I'm kind of releived that it's over.

The real joy began Friday about 1800Z, before the contest.
The line noise that had plagued me in CW SS had reached
ridiculous levels. I called Nashville Electric Service
(NES) Thursday and beged them to send the "A Team" out if
they were available. Friday morning, with line noise S9+10
on 15m & 10m, the NES bucket truck arrived. Out I went with
AA4NU's 135 Mhz RFI sniffer and showed them the two suspected
poles. The noise was so bad that it seemed to be coming from
everywhere. Tech#1 (Toby) got out the ultrasonic sniffer and
nailed it down to one pole. Tech#2 (Mike) went up in the bucket
and eventualy replaced an insulator, after trying a few other
things. HALLELUJAH! It was completely quiet, and it remained
that way the whole weekend. I have NEVER heard so well here.

My station is one tower, two tribanders and wires. No gain
below 20m. And if you believe the tribander report from a
few years back, I have "negative gain" on 20m-10m. I really
enjoy seeing what I can do from my own home station.
I tried to get some gain on 40m to EU this year by putting up
a 2-L quad. Major thanks to WB4LHO for helping me install
the quad. Unfortunately, the antenna turned out to be a big
disappointment. The 40m N4KG "boom dipole" remains by far the
best 40 meter antenna I've used at this station. Next year
I'll try a 2-L wire yagi, but my very rugged terrain and single
caternary support will make that a challenge to Europe.

I got off to a rough start -- just a bit overwhelmed at the
starting bell. Twenty meters was a complete bust. I don't
think I ever ran EU on twenty, and the nighttime openings were
non-existant. Fortunately 40m was in fine shape, and even
with the loop not playing like I'd hoped, I was able to run
EU on 40m with the boom dipole for a few hours. My contest
notes are sprinkled with comments like "It so QUIET" and
"ghod bless NES" and NO LINE NOISE... It was heaven.

Highlights included the incredible number of African mults, and
all of the other multipliers from all over. This was my best
multiplier effort yet in a DX contest from home, but my QSO
count suffered some. I felt like I was able to walk in and
out of the most unruly pileups with general ease. Maybe all
that QRP S&Ping lately has helped my pileup skills. I was
also much better at moving along if I didn't work a mult in
a reasonable amount of time. Ten and fifteen had decent morning
EU runs, but JA did not really come hammering through until
the very end of the contest, when they were very loud. Having
an XW call ME was just unbelievable. The real highlight was
just being able to HEAR. I thoroughly enjoyed this contest
from start to finish. After the complete gut-wrench of SS,
this was DX heaven. I operated about 40 hours, and slept about
five hours total. Everything worked great in the station,
including my ridiculously simple home brew TIC ring controller.

Lowlights were the disappointing 40m quad performance, and
the stations who went an absurd amount of time without IDing.
I know sending TU helps the rate, and I do it too. But not
ID'ing for 20 QSO's starts to become ridiculous. I resorted
to calling stations and asking for their callsings. I tried
hard to determine who they were by other means, but as a single
op, I don't know who you are without your call sign. If you're
sending a rare zone, I'm going to work you and ask for your call
sign before sending my report. And no, I won't do this immediately.
I'll make a real good effort first to figure out who you are
(even though you are not IDing) so as not to waste YOUR precious
time OR MINE. But when you go on for 30 QSOs without signing,
I'm going to call you when my run frequency permits it. And you
won't get any sympathy from me for wasting your time, or hurting
your rhythm and rate. My time is as precious as yours. My only
other peeve was some of those klicky signals. Good grief -- do
some stations really need their CW signal to waste so much energy
and bandwidth with clicks and trashy spurs?

The CQWW CW is the undisputed king of DX contests. What a blast!

Thanks to all of the intrepid travellers who make this the
best weekend of the year on the radio. I hope to be one of
you some day.

-Kirk K4RO
4Z8EE(OK1EE)   SOSB/40 LP   260,9202002-11-27 01:45:46
FT-1000MP, vertical R7000, logperiodic HL-451, TRlog 6.67.

On Saturday morning when I had less QSOs than
last year (98 -> 212 QSOs), I wanted to quit
contest. I didn't feel very well and was very tired.
The second night was much better and Sunday night also
so I did better score against last year (175 -> 260 kpts).
Missed some good mults - JT1BH, CN2R, B4R, TU2MA, 3B8CF,
HS0DZD, PV8DX, PT5A, TA1DX, D4B, 9M6A, T88, HL, etc.
Thanks to all for the contact and see you in the next
CT8T(OH1NOA)   SOAB HP   7,828,5642002-11-27 02:05:14
New claimed European record

- no beam for 40m
- no second radio
- no "monster" amplifiers
- no propagation to Asia ( = low zone numbers )
- some Murphy visits

Rig: TS-870S + Alpha 87A (Sat), Alpha 91b (Sun)
160m dipole
80m delta loop
40m delta loop (Sat), vertical (Sun)
20m KT34XA
15m KT34XA ( 5el beam not working on CW )
10m 5/5/5el (lower two fixed to USA)

Best hour 218 qsos (personal record)
Best 10-minute rate 288/hr


This operation would not have been possible without my Portuguese family,
obrigado Santos (CT1DVV), Rui (CT1ESV), Theresa, Carla and Andre.

73, Timo OH1NOA
S58M   SOSB/20 LP   188,8002002-11-27 02:17:00
RTX: Icom IC781, Kenwood TS 850
ANT: TH6DXX & 4 el. Quad
IQ4A   M/S HP   9,566,0002002-11-27 04:05:45
After a good suturday propagations quickly dropped down on suturday evening, so
40 meter became the main band.
Our new setup seems running well but always fewer callers for a sinple italian

Yhe 10 million limit still remain unreachable.
Thank for calling and see you in the ARRL 10 meters.
73 de Claudio I4VEQ
DL1IAO   SOAB LP   3,208,9722002-11-27 04:28:36
NY4A(@N4AF)   M/M HP   15,299,9702002-11-27 04:47:34
Excellent hi band condx. 20M disapointing at nite. 40 excellent with last DL
worked at noon DL time. 160 seemed pretty poor. Neat to have 5BDXCC. Our rigs
and antennas worked flawlessly, but a lot of computer problems w/ serial ports
kept us too busy on the floor and not always on the air.

73, Howie
Z36W   SOSB/10 LP   505,1162002-11-27 04:55:17
Another nice expirience from our mountain contest location
(AVL 1200 m.) Bad short skip condx. miss to work SV, TA & 4U.
Nice opening to JA and NA. Congrates to all contest expeditions
for the nice operations. Thanks to all for calling me. See you
in the ARRL 10m contest.

73's Venco Z36W
SO2R(SP2FAX)   SOSB/80 HP   446,6642002-11-27 04:55:47
Equipment Description: FT1000D, semiautomatic PA , Ant: 4XSqr by ComTek; 5/8
Vertical ; Delta


First time 80m SOSB HP in CQWW for me, decision taken few hours
before contest due to poor K and A index, which would make an allband
entry just a waste of time and energy in this part of EU.
Conditions on 3.5 were rather modest both nights, Saturday more favouring NA
Eastcoast (much worse second night) and Sunday gave better signals from US/Can
Westcoast on long path. Couldn't get trough pileups to T88, ZD8 and some others
who didn't devoted much time to work EU on my band.
Very dangerous AC power cut here abt 0000z Sunday , just on the sunset in E/MW
USA. Lucky, after my telephone intervention to supply company, they found some
of their stuff (in the middle of the weekend!)
and after 2 hours I was back on air,but quickly realized now suffering from a
heavy noise, coased by the sparking somewhere in the place of that failure, 2 km
from my home. They finally fixed the problem, but 10 hours after the contest :-)
, so please excuse me everyone who called in last 22 hours of the weekend and I
didn't replied - simply I coudn't hear you - something which very rarely
happening in my qth.

P.S. I found that many Ops. having difficulties to read my new contest
callsign. But I like it so far. And you?

73, Kaz SP2FAX
W4AU   SOAB HP   342,3482002-11-27 05:23:40
I was only able to get on for 8 hours over this weekend, but the activity levels
on all the bands seemed to be high. A lot of fun with big rates and lots of
callers. See ya' all on 10 meters in a few weeks...
K1TTT   M/M HP   11,037,0452002-11-27 05:46:57
pictures at
Heavy static from storm friday night made low bands tough, wind blew top of
inverted L for 160m into guy wire enough to arc through insulation and fry
connectors in shack (see pictures). Required soldering pl259 at 2:30am
saturday morning to get back on the air. Swapped out ft-1000 with broke fan
at same time... but overhauled beverages worked good when we got to use them.
15m mast started slipping in rotor in high winds saturday night i think, had
to keep nudging it back to europe until pacific opened where it wanted to
K7NV   SOAB HP   2,101,2752002-11-27 06:51:40
After 19 years since my 1st CQCW contest, I couldn't just not get in there for
another try. This contest is just too entertaining to not be involved in it. I
sure missed the two days that the Thanksgiving holiday normally provides to get
ready for it. Hadn't had time since SSCW to do anything with the amp that
No problem! I'll just get up early Friday and replace the sticking T/R

Oops! My spare isn't the same as the one in there...hmmm it's made by Kilovac,
look them up on the Internet and call tech service to get the details. After a
few calls, the tech service guy finds it is so old they don't have any tech
sheets on it anymore. I measure the coil resistance, the guy talks to some of
the old-timers, and we figure out it is a 12v relay. That's not real good for
replacing the 26v one that's bad. Ok, no problem, I have two of these amps so
I'll just take the T/R relay board out of the RF deck that has other problems,
(IE low power output, due to some component failures I haven't had time to/or
can't figure out yet).
Not real simple, but the board gets swapped, wait till the XYL is done with the
laundry (she understands no laundry on contest weekends, but she asked if she
could get it done first, to stay out of my way for the big weekend), and plug in
the 220v extension chord to check out the amp. Cool, it's making 1500w, and the
T/R relay is working just fine. POW! What's that pop in the power supply, still
making full power..... Uhoh!....There's smoke pouring out of the power supply,
better turn it off. Take it apart, this should be easy, just look for the black
parts. signs of anything. Ok, use the old sniff checker, oh great,
the transformer stinks "big time". No, problem, I'll put the one from the other
supply in there. Fire that one up, and poof, there's a big groan, then all the
lights go out. Ok, so much for an amp on radio 2.

It's 2 hours before the contest starts, I'll just pack it in.
No way, can't miss this contest, I'll just do a singleband deal. Which one
should I do? Well, my station stinks on all bands, so that's not going to be
very much fun. What the heck, I'll just do AB and have a good time. Time to get
a shower, and be fresh for the marathon.

Pretty good 1st hour for here with 120 on 10m. Worked a half dozen on 15 with
the low power second rig. But, after the sun goes down rig 2 is absolutely
useless. But, generally more fun than a barrel of monkeys to qsy the run rig to
work a mult and get back to running without losing the freq. 40m is really good
Friday nite, 20 is non-existent to the pacific, for those hard to get mults.
At 07:00 it starts raining, that wasn't in the wx forecast (I checked it all
out!), can't hear much of anything thru the rain static. Cool! I'm really tired,
I'll take a nap. A couple of hours later, waking up groggy, the rain has
stopped, but all the places on 40 are taken. Finally grovel into one and get a
run going.

Lot's of fun navigating those obnoxious pileups and trying to figure out this
goofy propagation. Great 40m LP opening Sat morning, spent too much time there,
but what the heck, this is for fun. At the end of the first day, I'm 100 q's and
40 mults ahead of last year. Then it sinks in, I remember now, last year we had
that solar blowout Sat morning, and I didn't work any EU on the high bands. That
explains it.

Mults are way low on the 80 & 160, I'll make that up Sat nite. 80 is good, 160
is impossible. Why do I have 10 over S9 noise on 160? I can hear west coast
guys, that I know don't have much better than I have, working stuff I can't
hear. Run around the joint turning everything off. Oh, great, it's the
Wanna go back to paper logging? Nawh! Sometimes, "ya just gotta run what ya

Lot's more naps cuz I'm still exhausted, but the fun stuff is great fun!
Specially those obnoxious pileups, with all those guys that haven't yet been
taught: 1) if you can't hear them (like by listening when the Dx guy is
sending), you can't work them, and 2) if you don't call where the guy is
listening, he won't hear you. Some have learned that if you run enough power,
and big enough antennas, it doesn't matter. I tip my hat to those very gifted
operators that know how to get themselves worked quickly with great or very
modest stations. They know who they are. I think the LID's just make the game
more challenging for them.

Sunday morning.....Great LP opening on 80m! Worked several all time new ones. what happend to 10m, why is everything on rig 2 esp level, or
non-existent? Take another hour off while EU is open on 15 & 20, to find out
that the 8 pin DIN jack on the back of the R2 TS930 is dead. It won't hear with
the plug installed, and the same with it unplugged. Spend another 2 hours
routing the RF recv lines past the jack? Nawh, just turn the turkey off. The
last 8 hours we go SO1R, just doing the old "better make your rounds on 10m-20m
faithfully" to get those missing mults. Not too much running on Sunday. I could
usually raise the rate by 10-20 q's by just digging into S&P.
Only had 90 R2 q's this time, ended up beating last years claimed score by a
little bit, just got there by a different path this time.

At the end, I find P3A on 20 (didn't know he was on) with 30 seconds to go, and
get right through, sit back and say to myself "yep, just as exausted as when ya
started, but....wasn't that some kinda fun?" Sometimes, it's just all about
being there.

Many thanks to the guys that tried to qsy to other bands, whether it worked or
not, and those EU's that hung in there to try and copy me thru their QRM.

For those that like to follow these things:
The station got changed this year, in about 4 weekends of questionable spare
time (which included a new fence around the back, and a patio cover to keep the
snow off the dogs).

TH7 @ 45' on AB577 #1
Homebrew C3 knockoff @ 25' on guyed 3" dia mast
40-2CD @ 50' on AB577 #2
40m 4 sq
40m Inv Vee apex @ 43' on guyed 3" dia mast
80m vertical (shunt fed TH7 tower)
80m Inv Vee under TH7.
160 Inv Vee apex @ 45' on guyed 3" dia mast

The 40-2CD (thanks K5RC) is a blessing, the C3 for R2 is a bit goofy at this new
height. Great for SS, JA reports no difference between tribanders to JA (that's
a terrain feature), it can work any SA station when no one else is calling. But,
to EU, the low antenna is way marginal without an amp, still worked folks with
it. That proves the maxims, that "any other antenna is better than no other
antenna, and you just can't have enough of them."

73, Kurt

P.S. Does anyone know where TV8K, sending zone 8 is located? I could sure use
another mult.
VE7XR   SOSB/20 HP   510,6642002-11-27 06:53:25
Many thanks to all that called.

Ron Kaye
VE7ASK   SOAB LP   313,7402002-11-27 06:56:22
Another great contest weekend in the books. The final tally of 675 QSOs is 300
more than my previous CW best-effort, and 277 better than my all-time best
contest result (CQWW RTTY 2002) so I'm a very happy OM.

Got started late, slept a few hours both nights, and missed a few hours Saturday
morning working on antennas. Total operating time, about 30 hours.

After ducking out of work an hour early Friday afternoon, I drove an hour to
arrive 00:10Z Saturday at the "contest" QTH, where the Expanded Lazy-H and G5RV
antennas were already strung about 70 feet up in the pines.

The Lazy-H was OK, but my small outboard tuner wasn't up to the matching
challenge. That left me with no safe way to match the 300-ohm twinlead to the
FT920. It was G5RV-only almost right from the start.

Scrambling to set up quickly, I discovered that the coax I'd brought with me
from home was too short to reach the bottom of the G5RV's twinlead feeder. Had
to lower the middle of the antenna, and while the feedpoint was still 35 feet
up, I could sure tell the difference. In the freezing dark, I added a 20-foot
length of twinlead. Ran inside to warm up and try the antenna. SWR all over the
place, as I suspected it would be. I ripped out the splice, and used the low
(now V-shaped) antenna all Friday night, with limited results.

Saturday morning, I found a 30-foot length of coax (bulk, unlabelled, probably
something I scavenged from a cable company years ago) in my junkbox. Thinking it
"looked" like RG58U, and using the ham's unflagging "can't hurt to try"
attitude, I added it to the antenna feedline. Ran inside to see how it played,
but found signals greatly attenuated. They were there, but soft and "distant."
Either a solar flare had struck or I was dealing with a dummy load. I think we
all know the sun wasn't to blame.

Back to the drawing board. If you can't just add random lengths of 300-ohm
twinlead to a G5RV, you can scale up the entire antenna to get a longer
feedline. "Hey," I thought to myself, "a double-sized G5RV uses 57 feet of
twinlead -- that would be long enough to reach the too-short coax."

So, a whole new antenna was the solution, (after only two hours' sleep anyway).
So be it. I grabbed a bunch of #14 speaker wire I had fortunately thrown into
the truck on Thursday night, and measured two 102-foot lengths, cut a 57-foot
piece of TV twinlead, and rigged up a double-sized G5RV. That's 204 feet of
radio enjoyment, if I could get it up to, say, 70 or 80 feet. Lucky for me, I
already had ropes that high in the pine trees and so I raised the new antenna in
place of the old 102-foot G5RV. With an extra 51 feet of wire on each side, I
had to pull the "tails" of each side through the trees and away to the farthest,
highest points I could find. Ran inside to warm up and try it. It worked FB.

Time lost to build and hoist a new antenna: 2 hours or so. Probably would have
made more contacts and more points just using the old low wire for those two
lost hours, but I felt better anyway.

Worked a few on top band Saturday night, first time with a 160m-friendly antenna
but not a lot of activity there. 40m surprised me, as did 80m -- over 100 Qs on
each. Noticed conditions fell off at about 10:30 a.m. local Sunday, but came
back over the next hour. Wasn't able to work everyone I heard (EA8 and others,
thanks for trying), but enjoyed a nice run to the finish.

I went into the contest shooting for 500 QSOs, and passed that at 12z Sunday
when I headed off for some sleep. Added another 175 during the day Sunday.

I also had hoped to make 100 QSOs on the three high bands, but ended up pushing
through 100 on five bands, which makes me very happy. Even had a handful of
6-banders, and HC8N on five.

Didn't get a great heap of countries, but worked lots of new ones -- mostly in
the Caribbean and South America. At one point, I worked the Caribbean islands
from south to north like a string of pearls stretched out across 40M. Not many
JA stations around compared to other contests (I was looking forward to dawn
openings to Japan but didn't see them). Hardly any VK/ZL stations heard. ZL1GO
and the Quartz Hill lads were active, and I heard VK4EMM, VK4UC and one or two
others, but that was all.

Used GenLog (vers. 6, 32-bit) and it worked great for logging and scoring. The
Celeron 450 computer gave me fits on CW though -- GenLog does OK on my P200 at
home, but on the Celeron machine the CW timing was a bit flakey (not the
software's fault!). My apologies to those who had to suffer my computer "fist"
and even greater apologies to those who suffered through my iambic keying, hi.

This contesting game gets more interesting each time out, and I am learning
loads of things about technique, the gear, the ionosphere, and me.

Thanks to everyone for the contacts and near-contacts, and to the sponsors and
organizers for this gigantic contest.

See you in 2003,


W9WI   SOAB(A) LP   1,050,6512002-11-27 06:58:39
Not a whole lot of Qs - no success in running, it was almost all S&P.
Conditions were simply *weird*.

First shot at the assisted category. I thought going QRP in ARRL DX was an act
of masochism - SOA low-power raises it to a whole new level. (I note the CQWW
records list doesn't acknowledge anyone trying SOA QRP!)

MANY thanks to K1EU whose telnet site I was using, and to K1TTT whose site
pointed me there. It worked flawlessly.

Lots of interesting mults out there! Zone 35 was unusually well-represented.
So was Asia. It was rather frustrating having XW1IC CQ in my face on a
completely clear frequency on 15 meters Saturday night, but the other mults make
up for it.

What happened in Hawaii?? Three QSOs with Zone 24, three with Zone 28, and
*NONE* with Zone 31???

Seemed to be more people than usual failing to ID. That accounted for at least
3/4 of my dupes. Also had our usual complement of people who call CQ without
bothering to listen. Sometimes I think there's an unwritten rule that prohibits
anyone west of the Appalachians from running.

The weather was way too nice here in Tennessee. Finally gave up around 2100z
Sunday, stuck the laundry on the clothesline (didn't think that'd be happening
any more this year..), got on the bike, and rode 30km to take a QSL to the
Pleasant View Post Office. (no, I don't live 15km from the post office. Long
path.) Got home in time for the last two hours.

Plenty of interesting QSOs, interesting conditions, nice people, and the world's
best CW ops. Gotta love the CQWW.

(more statistics by 0600z on .)
NØFW   M/S HP   2,457,0702002-11-27 07:20:39
A first run for CQWW for us. Still much learning to do. We also need more
CU next year!
NX5M   SOSB(A)/160 HP   1,1402002-11-27 07:24:06
160 seemed pretty flat here in Texas. Of course I did not stay up late to work
much. At least my transmit antennas are still working although I seem to have a
dead 300 degree beverage.
Noticed I was picking up a beacon (BNH) on 1813 and although it was weak it was
still louder than PT5A who was also on the same frequency. The originating
signal is down in the 300 khz part of the band (I wrote it down but it is still
out in the shack so I do not recall exactly what the frequency was).
I had thought I would make it into the shack the first night but I just never
did. Figured sleep, after being deprived of it for about the last month, was
the best thing for me to concentrate my efforts on. AND, now here I sit at 1am
Sunday morning making this post when I should be taking my own advice and be in
bed sleeping. Not to worry, that will be the next thing I do after I finish
My drive to contest has just not been there for the past several weeks due to
some medical issues within my family. Sweepstakes qsos were 0 and now 27 in
CQWW. Oh well, I hope things settle down and I will do my best to be full speed
for the ARRL 160 and 10 contests in December.
W8AV   M/2 HP   7,130,6402002-11-27 07:31:13
K4VX(N9JF)   SOSB/40 HP   407,4592002-11-27 07:39:04
My first 40 meter effort from the K4VX station. I have a lot to learn about
this band, but it was quite an enjoyable experience. NS0Z's cooking would make
the weekend worthwhile, and I got to play radio besides!

Amazing number of Zone 35 and Zone 27 stations, good runs of JA's, off-and-on
conditions to EU. First night was bizarre until about 0530Z, when conditions
began to sound "normal". All the equipment worked.

Biggest thrills: BV4YI, *two* S9's, two "JF's", (EI8 and LZ2), lots of watery
Zone 17's and 18's.

Shared the shack with K9BGL (at NS0Z) who made a great effort on 10 meters on a
rough weekend for that band.

It occurs to me that if we were to share with our code students the complexity
of digging out the callsigns of Zone 17 stations over the pole, they were
probably walk out the door and never come back.... Fun, though....

Am I the only one who is disturbed by 9K9X's calling CQ on 6999.2 and
maintaining a pileup? I didn't need the multiplier *that badly*.

Astestos undies on....

73, Jim N9JF
GMØF(GM4AFF)   SOAB HP   3,234,0802002-11-27 07:41:42
Thanks to everyone for all the QSO's. Just wish there were more! Apologies again
to those who thought I couldn't read CW on Sunday morning - I couldn't. Thanks
to AH2R for calling me on 40m, and XT2DX for calling me on 160m. Thanks to
Murphy for mysteriously breaking my beverage switch box on Friday night. This
really is a tremendous event.
6Y1A(W6NS)   SOSB/10 QRP   1002002-11-27 07:48:18
Our 6m operator, Tim, W6NS made about 100 QSOs on this band (I dont have the
actual breakout handy). Tim is not a CW kind of guy, and those of you who
called Tim's at 34 WPM compared to his slow CW, missed the chance at the 6Y mult
on this band. If a guy is sending slow, you should always match his speed when
calling him!

Kenny K2KW
VE6EX(@VE6JY)   SOSB/20 HP   438,2102002-11-27 08:14:02
VA7RR operating at VE6JY

Stn 1: Ft1000mp/ Alpha 77/ TRlog / antenna: 5/5/5/5 OWA stack
Stn 2: IC 756 / AL-1200 with 6 el at 110'

Nice to have Gary VA7RR operate from here. Too bad conditions were so disturbed,
runs to Eu were far less than normal.

73 VE6JY
VE6JY(VA7RR)   SOSB/15 HP   772,7302002-11-27 08:19:49
VA7RR operating at VE6JY

Stn 1: Ft1000mp/ Alpha 77/ TRlog / antenna: 5/5/5/5 OWA stack
Stn 2: IC 756 / AL-1200 with 6 el at 110'

Nice to have Gary VA7RR operate from here. Too bad conditions were so disturbed,
runs to Eu were far less than normal.

73 VE6JY
FS/KM3T(@FS5UQ)   SOAB LP   5,971,1382002-11-27 08:31:36
All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:

Radio 1: Kenwood TS-850SAT 100W
Radio 2: Kenwood TS-440S 100W
Antennas: - 20/15/10m: Force 12 C3 @ 45' (in poor shape, not resonant anywhere,
used tuner)
- 40m: Dipole @ 65'
- 80m: Dipole @ 75'
- 160m: Wilted ground plane, elevated radials not elevated


- First ever SOAB from outside the USA...great fun
- Took 10 minutes off Saturday afternoon to hook up second radio, was doing too
antenna work prior to the contest to set up SO2R
- Had to sleep each night, too exhausted from doing antenna work in the sun to
put in a
100% effort and get anywhere close to 48 hours in the chair
- Had an excellent was amazing how I could run stations on 40 with a
dipole and 100W
- All QSLs via K2PF (cards will be ready in a few weeks)

Thanks for all the Qs and QSYs!


- Thanks to Mort Bardfield W1UQ/PJ7UQ for the use of his excellent location in
FS and
for use of his PJ7 location as well
- Thanks to David Bardfield PJ7DB and one of his workers, Curt, for help with
work...and also to Tiejo, one of David's friends, for helping out on Thursday

- Thanks to Klaus VE3KR for keeping me company on the IRLP repeater link during
odd hours before the contest
EA6IB   M/S HP   11,689,1162002-11-27 08:34:20

160 109 156 1.43 14 73
80 815 1399 1.72 28 117
40 1922 3778 1.97 33 140
20 1111 2159 1.94 33 137
15 1332 2625 1.97 33 137
10 1070 2561 2.39 35 142

Totals 6359 12678 1.99 176 746 => 11,689,116




40: 2 el Yagi 25m.high

20: 5 el Yagi 18m.high

15: 4 el Yagi 21m.high
2 el Quad 12m.high

10: 5 el Yagi 17m.high


160 stn.: FT920 + TL922
80 stn.: IC-775DSP + AL1500
40 stn.: IC-775DSP + AL1200
20 stn.: IC-756PROII + TL922
15 stn.: IC-765 + TL922
10 stn.: FT920 + TL922

Every year we try to setup a new antenna into EA6FO antenna farm, 2002 was
the 80 meters time. We setup in 2 days a 4square array, remote switchable
system with more than 200 radials.It was really dangerous to walk through
the ground system (hi), but really it works and we have a big gun antenna
for 80, take a look to our multipliers on this band. The antenna was take
down just after contest (thats a portable antenna in our system...... but
think a lettle before to setup a field day 4 square system for 80 !!!).

We have win, rain and sun during contest, second night was terrible on
noise levels, propagation drop dawn drastically in high bands 10,15 and
20 closed at same time.

Every year we make a 500 Kms trip with car,truck and ship with a record
time to setup several antennas (160m vertical, 80m 4square, 15m 2el quad,
3 beverages, 1 loop and all the transceivers and PCs network), we start
and finish the contest completely tireds.

Thanks for calling us.

See you next contest.

EA6IB, Ibiza HF contest team.
Ibiza Island,Balearic Islands, Spain
N2NU   M/2 HP   9,500,0002002-11-27 09:04:16
Thia was the operation that almost wasn't. Thanks to Zev for motivating me to
get this together at the last minute. Didn't have rotor working on 40 and had
another few issues, but enough worked that we all had some good fun. Couple of
power outages due to strong winds and downed power lines. Also with the so so
conditions the first night, we decided sleep was more important. Nice job by
Dan on 15 meters.

73, John
VP9/WA3AAN(@WA3AAN/VP9)   SOAB LP   127,5842002-11-27 09:05:13
Thanks to all for the contacts .... running 100 watts to a 1.5 meter vertical
from the balcony on the USA side of a hotel(10 meters from the ground)...QRS was
appreciated since the noise level was S9 on 20 and 40 meters
(a little less on 15 and 10)... Thanks KB1H for working me 40-10 ... Sri
NO2R for S&P just minutes after you had wrkd me ... I learned a lot and
grew to appreciate the skills necessary to be on the bottom of a pileup ...

4G1A(N2NL)   SOAB HP   3,284,0572002-11-27 10:35:24
1st of all, a big thanks to Rey, 4F1FZ (station host), 4F1DLC (CW Philippines
prez), and the whole CW Philippines group who came out in droves to help me get
on and kept me company during the contest. I'm honored to have them as friends
and their help was incredible.

The primary purpose of my trip to the Philippines was for a formal church
wedding with my XYL, Mickey. It just happened that I would be there for the
CQWW CW contest. I was hoping to operate the entire 48 hours but due to my
schedule and some serious Murphy visits I only was able to operate for the 1st
24 hours or so.

80m: dipole @ only 20ft or so (way too low but the only thing available)
40m: delta loop @ 55ft (the DU boys tied a 30ft piece of bamboo in the top of a
mango tree - the antenna kicked butt)
20/15/10m: A4S tribander @ 35ft (rotator seized to the south about 30 minutes
before the contest started. I ended up turning the antenna manually with a rope
tied around the boom)

FT1000MP/SB221 (Amp provided by WH0V - TNX Jun!)

Operating plan was simple: run like heck for the 1st 24 hours and pack it in. I
tried to run on bands which were open to EU or NA, even if the rate was slower.
Conditions seemed much better from DU than KH2, I had some cool LP openings to
EU on 20 and the USA on 40. USA was coming over the pole on 20m almost the
entire time.

-10m is trashed over there. S7-9 SSB crap, noise, and splatter across the band
out of SE Asia. Sorry I had trouble with the weaker guys on this band. 10m is
now worse than 40 in Asia.
-cool to hear all the activity from BY, HS, and HL. The BY guys are sounding
good, and really know how to work the code.
-Fun to work a bunch of the guys on multiple bands, and enjoyed moving when
asked. The only time I wouldn't go was for 80, which I was often asked, but
really out of the realm of possibility with the antenna I had.

Im dissapointed not to be able to go the whole 48 hours, but neither the
station or myself were ready for a full effort. I'll defenitely be back in the
future, with more time to set up and prepare. Eventually, a few years down the
road, I'll have my own station there and will probably be QRV from a couple
months of the year from DU.

Hope I was able to help out with a mult.

73, Dave N2NL
P4ØE(CT1BOH)   SOAB HP   15,554,9492002-11-27 10:45:53
F8AAN   SOAB LP   192,2702002-11-27 10:46:43
1erCQWWCW is very difficult in pileup.(on expert in CW )
73 F8AAN David
OD5/OK1MU   SOSB(A)/10 HP   1,053,0002002-11-27 10:54:41
Thanks to all for calling me. Band open in Beirut daily only 04.30 UTC - 17.30
UTC,SRI. Poor CONDX for USA - only 291 QSO and 14 VE, standart nr JA - 315 QSO.
From EU best nr : DL-325, UA-210, OK-177 and SP-110. Also interesting nr is UA9
- 97 QSO. Crazy WX in saturday - QRN abt 8 hrs on my baby 4 el Yagi - 59+, im RX
only whit my logperiodic ant,hi. TRX TS940+750W and 4 el Yagi , 10m UP.

Many good friends on the air and like always - nice fun and nice time whit my
key !

Laso thanks for 5 new band - 3C,9L,S0,VP9 and XT.

This CQWW is SURE my last from OD...

Congrats for ZS4TX, CX5BW and PX2W - nice job Tom !

73/GL de Pavel, OD5/OK1MU
HB9ARF   SOAB LP   1,405,9942002-11-27 11:55:13
TS-870s ( 100 Watts )
Force 12 C-4S for 10/15/20 and 40m
Butternut HF-9VX for 80m
Long Wire for 160m

Small station but a lot of fun. Less points then last year ( i was sleeping
to much..... only 34.1 hrs operation)

Hope to hear you again during the ARRL 10m contest.

For Jack W1WEF i dont have a dog myself (HB9ARF) but my brother have one....

73's qro
Phil - HB9ARF
TF3IRA(TF3CW)   SOSB/15 HP   534,1632002-11-27 12:00:04
YT7W(@YU7BCD)   M/S HP   5,668,1062002-11-27 13:05:09

Old friends gathering in Pancevo after very long time.
Due to old equipment we are happy that finished the contest,somehow.
Anyway,we spent a nice contest weekend.
W1NR(@W1BK)   M/2 HP   851,3562002-11-27 13:21:51
Crispy fried the remote antenna switch on tower 1 15 minutes before the start.
No 80, 40 or 20 antenna!!! Ran out in the rain to rig up the HF-6V vertical.
Agony trying to work anybody on it. High winds on Saturday and Sunday morning
prevented any tower climbing to try and fix it. Finally got a run of coax up to
the 20M beam 4 hours before the end on Sunday. No brake on tower 2 rotator made
15 and 10 a constant struggle to keep the beams pointed in the right direction.
Station 2 wanted to lock into key down transmitt all the time so we took that
station off line soon after the start. What a disaster...
IT9BLB   SOSB/20 HP   561,6212002-11-27 14:13:35
Not so good conditions on both days,
Openings on 10 and 15 took a lot of
people away from 20 meters for sure.
Anyway, the usual big fun !
OE2BZL   SOAB HP   2,027,6072002-11-27 14:31:09
Condx were bad on saturday only few US on 10m and poor on 160m the whole contest

no US stations heard.
NØRA(@KRØB)   SOSB(A)/15 LP   219,3852002-11-27 14:40:24
Europe openings were rather short in length, especially
on Sunday. Couldnt get much of a rate going except for
Japan. Had fun with the "Best Mode". Had rf gain turned
down accidentally.....sorry for the hard copy KH6/
fault!!!!!(lucky trouble with only one contact before finding)
7J1AAI(W1NN)   SOSB/10 HP   437,2802002-11-27 15:12:29
ND2T   SOAB(A) LP   143,7042002-11-27 15:32:58
Time for new low-band wires.
ACØX   SOAB(A) LP   2802002-11-27 15:40:20
A little noodling around on the low bands Saturday night
N4OX   SOSB/10 LP   268,8872002-11-27 15:57:18
Another, "Field Day" effort from home. Rented portable lift for the weekend.
Conditions were.....
See everyone in ARRL 10 meter contest with same set-up.

73, Jay N4OX
EY8MM   SOSB/10 HP   565,0002002-11-27 19:31:01
Second day 10 m closed even during sunlight on the middle of EU pile up. Managed
to work only 2 stations from USA. No condition at all to NA so didn't work easy
1,3,4 zones. Non even single VE station. 3G1X surprised me no copying AS pile

Was 200W only first day due to unstable power.

Was called by very good mults like S07PM,V2 etc and P5CW! Just to make sure
asked for call 2 times, copied it 100% and deleted from log.
It is a bit late to be on 28 Mhz from EY. Better move to low bands next

Made few dozen qso's on other bands too for fun due to limited time available on
10 m.

FT1000MP MV, ACOM 2000A, 4 element quad

qsl via K1BV
ZS4TX   SOSB(A)/10 HP   1,680,0002002-11-27 23:26:33
Missed Zones 1, 29, 34 and 39
T93Y   SOAB LP   877,4152002-11-28 00:52:32
Transceiver: KENWOOD TS-690SAT + KENWOOD DSP-100
Antenna: Cuschcraft R-6000 @ 80m
Logging: P-III@850Mhz + Writelog v10.35f

73's Boris T93Y
LZ1ABC   M/S LP   2,434,1042002-11-28 01:23:57

Call: LZ1ABC Country: Bulgaria
Mode: CW Category: M/S(LP)


160 76 85 1.12 6 34
80 435 498 1.14 12 61
40 626 996 1.59 24 84
20 367 649 1.77 25 81
15 432 898 2.08 28 94
10 473 1122 2.37 28 96

Totals 2409 4248 1.76 123 450 => 2,434,104

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Operator List: LZ1AQ, LZ1ABC

Equipment Description: Ic756pro, Alinco dx70t
ANTs: Delta 160m-10m, 2el Delta 28mhz, 2el Delta 14-28mhz
Slooping dipole for 14mhz working also on 21,28mhz

What a great contest! Our first good MS effort> THE 2pc setup worked great with
Didnt have any problems with the rig. Everything worked like it's supposed to
be. Highlight: being called by VK2IA on 40m. On the SSB tour this is
Thanks for all QSO's and hope to meet u very soon again maybe on arrl 10m.

73's de Chav/lz1abc
ZL6QH   M/2 HP   9,565,5812002-11-28 02:33:57
What a fantastic contest! Our best score yet and very close to the 9.6M
Multi-Multi record set by ZL2K in 1993.

Conditions were only average so the big score is due to other factors like the
awesome ops and the new 6 el monoband yagi antennas on 10m. Furthermore,
everything worked according to plan. We were ready to go 1.5 hours before the
start of the contest and nothing failed during the contest - amazing!

As expected, The M2 category proved to be a lot of fun. We operated two stations
- one was designated as the "LOW BAND" station and the other as the "HIGH BAND"
station. The LOW BAND station focused on the lowest bands with propagation
(160/80/40/20 plus 15 during the day) and the HIGH BAND station focused on the
highest bands with propagation (typically 10 during the day and dropping down to
15/20 over night).

160 m was a big disappointment. We did not even hear HC8N on 160m so it was very
BAD! Signals on 80m were also weak but at least we managed to achieve some runs
to USA, JA and Europe. Here is a summary of the QSOs broken down by band and

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America 2 104 439 567 549 1118 2779 44.9
South America 0 1 15 26 26 12 80 1.3
Europe 0 66 354 614 182 287 1503 24.3
Asia 1 80 359 397 291 543 1671 27.0
Africa 0 0 4 14 7 3 28 0.5
Oceania 2 15 11 36 26 30 120 1.9

We used the following equipment and antennas

Radio 1: FT1000MP + TL922
Radio 2: FT1000MP + FL2100B
Logging: CT 9.81 with K1TTT Ethernet

10m Antennas: Fixed 6el yagis to Europe & North America, Vee beams
80m - 15m Antennas: Vee beams and Rhombic (for Europe)
160m Antennas: Longwire (highest point 40m AGL), Delta loop, Vee beams

Thanks to everyone for all the QSOs; the Wellington Amateur Radio club for the
ZL6QH facilities; ZL2AOV, ZL2GI and ZL2III (DK1II) for the loan of equipment;
and the contest organisers for the fun contest.

CU All in the 2003 CQ 160M CW contest


Brian ZL1AZE
for ZL6QH team
IT9/OL5Y(OK1FUA)   SOSB/40 HP   492,6922002-11-28 03:06:16
Many thanks to Joe, IT9BLB, and Co. who offered his hilltop QTH after the
announced IH9 operation had to be cancelled because all ferries to the island
were cancelled due to bad weather conditions. I installed the antenna and the
station on the friday night, when the contest started, so I lost some time and
energy... I had some problems with PA (because of stability of 220V power line)
and QRM from unknown sources, but mainly - a lot of fun!

Rig: IC-756 + ACOM 2000A
Ant: 4-square
EA8ZS   M/M HP   54,560,5632002-11-28 04:34:12
6 band DXCC in a weekend!

DH7KU   SOSB/15 HP   432,0332002-11-28 04:35:31
I hope to hear you in the next contests, vy 73, Csaba
RW9OWD(N6ZZ)   SOAB HP   3,285,2162002-11-28 06:51:13
RW9OWD is the club callsign of the Novosibirsk State Technical University.
Thanks to RW9OW and the rest of the NSTU contest crew for agreeing to stand
aside so I could do a SOAB effort from Zone 18.

Only 3 hours of > 100 QSOs made for a long time sitting in the chair! This
would have been a good situation to do SO2R, but it just wasn't possible.

10 meters was surprisingly productive. The 6-element yagi atop a 9-story
building definitely gets out! The 20 meter 5-element yagi also performed
effectively. 15, with a 3-element beam, was a bit disappointing....the band
just never sounded very good. Antennas on 40, 80 and 160 were wires....that,
along with some local noise made those bands very tough going. With a location
that's as far from major population centers as this one is, big antennas are
very welcome!

As usual from the higher latitudes, the echo effect provides some interesting
challenges. The echo was so pronounced, that the second and third iteration of
a character would obliterate what was being sent the first time around.
Sometimes even sending slow didn't improve the situation.

Also, the band openings, especially on 10 and 15 were extremely sharp...a
station would go from having a good signal to being totally inaudible just one
character later....just like somebody had suddenly disconnected the antenna. A
return to the band 10 minutes later might again reveal audible signals.

Continent List 2002 CQWW CW - RW9OWD

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- ---
USA calls = 0 0 10 360 3 2 375
VE calls = 0 0 0 27 1 0 28
N.A. calls = 0 0 0 10 3 3 16
S.A. calls = 0 0 2 11 2 7 22
Euro calls = 14 154 142 347 328 489 1474
Afrc calls = 0 2 7 7 11 13 40
Asia calls = 7 21 32 31 37 30 158
JA calls = 0 18 55 20 105 82 280
Ocen calls = 0 1 8 2 4 8 23

Total calls = 21 196 256 815 494 634 2416
G3WGV   SOSB/80 LP   164,0802002-11-28 06:57:30
Heavy work in Saturday, more than made up for by superb conditions at my Sunday

The last minutes of the contest were rather spoilt by a vulgar policeman,
language not repeatable here, who QRMed the end of my last QSO. It is true that
as the QSO was concluding it was seconds past 0000 but it definitely *started*
before the finish bell. I had always understood that a QSO that started before
end-of-time coupld be completed and would count, though interestingly, a check
on the rules shows that they are silent on this point.

That last QSO? No, it's not in the log! Well, not mine anyway.

73, John.
ZP6T(@ZP5MAL)   M/2 HP   8,766,1862002-11-28 08:59:53
We had a very nice time with our best friends and hosts Juan ZP5MAL and Tom
Was very nice to met again Dale N3BNA and to knowed Paul W4PFM, both great
Thanks very much for all the ZP people that support us, Juan ZP5MAL, Tom ZP5AZL,
Luis ZP5WBM, Anibal and others!!

See you next contests!


HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

0 ..... ..... ..... 78/11 133/13 ..... 211/24 211/24
1 . . . 17/0 143/13 54/16 214/29 425/53
2 . . . 88/14 102/16 6/2 196/32 621/85
3 . . 2/4 77/13 20/10 3/3 102/30 723/115
4 . . 17/22 53/13 8/5 . 78/40 801/155
5 4/6 2/4 33/19 2/0 . . 41/29 842/184
6 . . 68/9 20/5 . . 88/14 930/198
7 . . 41/8 21/8 . . 62/16 992/214
8 ..... 3/5 49/4 10/1 ..... ..... 62/10 1054/224
9 . . 4/2 . 92/29 1/2 97/33 1151/257
10 . . 1/0 12/3 118/15 . 131/18 1282/275
11 . . . 4/1 3/0 14/7 21/8 1303/283
12 . . . . 16/2 96/29 112/31 1415/314
13 . . . . 12/4 44/4 56/8 1471/322
14 . . . . 6/1 75/4 81/5 1552/327
15 . . . . 14/3 128/17 142/20 1694/347
16 ..... ..... ..... ..... 29/1 113/9 142/10 1836/357
17 . . . . 53/2 140/11 193/13 2029/370
18 . . . 1/1 28/1 152/7 181/9 2210/379
19 . . . . 104/4 135/1 239/5 2449/384
20 . . . . 74/2 89/8 163/10 2612/394
21 . . . . 65/3 113/0 178/3 2790/397
22 . . 2/0 . 22/0 47/2 71/2 2861/399
23 1/1 . . 77/6 40/3 3/1 121/11 2982/410
0 1/2 1/1 5/1 118/11 ..... ..... 125/15 3107/425
1 . . 17/5 103/2 . . 120/7 3227/432
2 . . 82/5 110/9 . . 192/14 3419/446
3 . 1/0 75/6 30/1 . . 106/7 3525/453
4 . 4/7 32/3 . . . 36/10 3561/463
5 . 4/3 53/2 . . . 57/5 3618/468
6 . 1/1 16/1 . . . 17/2 3635/470
7 . 31/0 68/6 . . . 99/6 3734/476
8 ..... 5/2 6/0 45/8 ..... ..... 56/10 3790/486
9 . . 37/0 33/4 . . 70/4 3860/490
10 . . 44/0 35/7 4/0 . 83/7 3943/497
11 . . . . 62/5 20/1 82/6 4025/503
12 . . . . 26/4 24/1 50/5 4075/508
13 . . . . 70/2 15/1 85/3 4160/511
14 . . . . 49/1 6/0 55/1 4215/512
15 . . . . 47/1 12/1 59/2 4274/514
16 ..... ..... ..... ..... 27/1 122/5 149/6 4423/520
17 . . . . 42/0 110/1 152/1 4575/521
18 . . . . 38/5 100/2 138/7 4713/528
19 . . . 1/1 94/9 73/5 168/15 4881/543
20 . . . 1/1 52/0 54/1 107/2 4988/545
21 . . . 5/2 81/0 32/0 118/2 5106/547
22 . . . 67/4 80/1 . 147/5 5253/552
23 . 1/2 19/3 67/4 . 4/0 91/9 5344/561
DAY1 5/7 5/9 217/68 460/76 1082/127 1213/123 ..... 2982/410
DAY2 1/2 48/16 454/32 615/54 672/29 572/18 . 2362/151
TOT 6/9 53/25 671/100 1075/130 1754/156 1785/141 . 5344/561


160 6 7 1.17 4 5
80 53 128 2.42 11 14
40 671 1940 2.89 25 75
20 1075 3128 2.91 35 95
15 1754 5157 2.94 36 120
10 1785 5266 2.95 31 110

Totals 5344 15626 2.92 142 419 => 8,766,186

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America CW 0 37 332 691 893 1000 2953 53.9
South America CW 6 15 38 48 51 45 203 3.7
Europe CW 1 1 162 140 596 636 1536 28.0
Asia CW 0 0 136 189 222 123 670 12.2
Africa CW 0 0 12 19 26 28 85 1.6
Oceania CW 0 0 2 12 8 6 28 0.5
SW1W(SV1DPJ)   SOAB LP   531,1122002-11-28 12:17:44
Team/Club : Radio Amateur Ass. West Greece ( R.A.A.W.G. )
( )

3G1X(XQ1IDM)   SOAB HP   2,348,6102002-11-28 12:54:56
Regular condx on 10,15,20m. 40m was better.
No JA runs. Usual EU disorder, hi.
But had a lot of fun, as always.

Check the on-line log and photos at

Thanks everyone for all the nice QSOs!

73 es DX de Nick, XQ1IDM/3G1X
AC7LX   SOAB HP   1,106,5682002-11-28 13:01:12
First ever effort as a SOAB HP from Pacific NW with 700W, C-3S @30ft and HF2V.
Was shocked by the signal levels of some zone 35 stations like D4B and C53M. As
usual lots of JAs (almost 30% of all contacts). It seems in all fairness our
gratitude to Japanese hams, I include those of us left of the Rockies, should go
beyond just sponsoring the JA low power plaque.
YZ1EW(@YU1AAO)   SOAB LP   1,312,2622002-11-28 13:10:58
RX/TX: FT-767
Power: 100 Watts
ANT : TH3MK3 (14, 21, 28)
GP, Dipole (7)
Inverted Vee (3.5)
Inverted L (1.8)
I did better score against last year for 1M.
Special tnx to Rod, YZ1AA and Miki, 4N1IO for help building 160 meter antenna.
Thanks to all who give me points. See you in the next contest.

73, Acim YZ1EW
G4IIY   SOAB HP   2,000,1802002-11-28 13:58:31

FT1000MP Explorer 1200

160m Carolina Windom at 35 feet
Butternut HF2V (80/40m)
Cushcraft R6000 vertical for 10,15 and 20m

First time in the HP section and definitely easier to hold a run frequency,
compared with my usual 100W effort. Stopped not long after 11pm on Sunday, when
I reached 2m points (47 hours of operating), since I had to be at work by 8am on
Monday. Madness.

N3UM   SOAB HP   1,411,0002002-11-28 15:08:18
Goal was to exceed last years' score, which I did by a bit: a few
more QSOs and more multipliers than in '01, in 2.5 fewer hours.
Ten still delivers high rates to EU in the mornings, though fewer
mults than last year. Better results for me on low bands re '01.
Sat. morning was more fun without a solar flare!
MD6V(MØBEW)   SOSB/10 HP   518,4462002-11-28 16:25:40
Raw score.
Very poor propagation.
Band was slow to open and closed very early.
No JA opening at all both days, and zones 24, 26, 27 were near impossible.
I'm missing a lot of mults from these areas.
It was frustrating to hear nearby countries running JA with absolutely zip
Without 3pt qsos during the mornings and the early close to the west, hopes
for the kind of score I expected quickly disappeared.
Thanks for the qso's.

QSL via G3NKC.

W5KFT(K5PI)   SOAB HP   3,089,9882002-11-28 19:16:36
This was my first CQWW single op from a big station -- what a blast! Great
conditions on the low bands, especially with the new beverages, but 20 was
N2BA   SOAB(A) LP   3,037,4922002-11-28 20:09:36
First ever attempt at assisted category. Running low power w/2 radios and packet
certainly had me feeling like I was operating the computer more than the

I'd put up a K9AY, which seemed to work great before the contest, but all during
the contest it seemed to lack directionality. About 1 minute after the contest,
when tunning to 3830, I realized I'd pulled the control cable out of the back
right before the contest as I was setting up the 2nd radio! Now I'll have to
wait for the 160M contest to see how it works...
K5GO   M/M HP   8,872,0562002-11-28 21:17:35
A lot of fun as usual. Pleased with the performance of the antennas. No stacks
on any band and the single yagis seemed to work pretty well.

Highlights were SM2EKM LP on 80M Sunday morning and HS0, JT1 LP qsos on 40M in
early evening. 20M Conditions not good but the operators stayed with it to get
as much out of it as possible. Only one amplifier blew up - a record low

Glad to have Ron, K5XK operate this time and pleased that K0OU and K0VBU were
able to be there.

Hope to have reliable 1500W single band amplifiers within next year or so.

Stan, K5GO
BV4YI(UA3VCS)   SOAB LP   1,728,4342002-11-28 21:56:28
Highlights: good condx on low bands, didn't expect to work Zone 05 on all bands
except 160. Some unusual multipliers
especially called by VQ9S on 80 was a big surprise.
Lowlights: My A4S beam refused to work on 15 and 20due to some trap(s) failure.
Used my 40 meters diploe on 20 and 15 instead.
Still no antenna for 160.
Equipment: IC737
80m horizontal loop @ 15-20 meters above the roof level
40m half wave dipole @ 17m above the roof level altogether about 60meters
20to10 Cushcraft A4S with faulty traps, no rotator.
See you next time,

YZ1U(YU1WS)   SOSB/10 HP   361,5432002-11-28 23:10:33
RIG: IC751, QRO 1 Kw
ANT: 2x4 el Yagi


73`s Dugi, YU1WS
DL3YBM   SOAB HP   2,145,6162002-11-29 00:13:14
DAØED(@DL7MAE)   M/S HP   2,079,0302002-11-29 00:37:11
FT920, TL922, TH7, 2 Ele 40m, GP for 80/160.

Difficult to run.. and only a few hours with QSO rates >70.
Heard guys in South Europe running W6/W7 we almost couldnt hear!
40m was good, some nice Mults there.
9A7P(9A6XX)   SOAB LP   1,530,3502002-11-29 02:40:27
TS440S(100W),2L QUAD(20-10m),40m + 80m = dipole, 160m = 80m dipole - no ant

Made a typical contester's mistake, after 26 hrs on the air instead of 90
minutes I slept for 9 hours. Made 1300 qsos on the fist 24hours but that seemed
to be pretty much everything from me. Only 7-8 hours on the air the 2nd day.
Hard going on every band.. gotta get into SO2R for this, DL1IAO gave a real
lecture to all the SO1R guys.

However SOAB LP was not the idea of spending this weekend but we were all forced
to do something else rather then M/S as 9A1P due to the crash of our antennas
just the weekend prior the contest. You can see some nightmare pictures on

8P5A, VP5V, V26K ... 40-10m all the big signals I couldnt break into on any
band. P40E for me showed the best skills in the contest. Fantastic QRQ CW and
great ears. BOH iz da man, whr waz TJ?

- ..-
Hrle - 9A6XX
KC1F   SOAB HP   3,204,5402002-11-29 04:51:32
Equipment Description:

Station #1: TS-850S, AL-1200
Station #2: TS-930S, NCL-2000

160 meters: 135 foot inverted L, 70 feet vertical, four non-resonant radials
80 meters: 1/4 wave wire vertical, 7 non-resonant verticals
40 meters: wire four square
20 meters: KLM KT34A rotary at 57 feet, Cushcraft 20-3CD fixed at Europe at 45
15 meters: Cushcraft 15-4CD rotary at 49 feet
10 meters: Cushcraft 10-4CD rotary at 51 feet, Cushcraft XM510 fixed at Europe
at 46 feet

Time of operation: 33 hours
SO2R with Array Solutions SO2R Master

Conditions didn't sound that great here, and my score suffered despite ongoing
station improvements. The bands opened late and closed early, and I had a tough
time on 40. I think higher antennas would have helped a lot this weekend. New
for this contest was a 3 element 20 on a 20 foot boom, which really was not much
louder than my tribander, and a 160 meter inverted L, which did work OK. Also
new was a SO2R Master, replacing my old home brew box.

73 to all, and see you next time !

Stu KC1F
WA1FCN   SOSB/20 LP   103,9392002-11-29 07:57:27
Ah yes Murphy visited me in the form or troublesome weather.
Between the rain and wind the swr was ruined. Oh well I am not one
quiting so this little score is submitted for YCCC.
DJ9DZ   SOAB HP   2,848,2902002-11-29 08:29:01

Call: DJ9DZ Country: Fed. Rep. of Germany
Mode: CW Category: Single Operator High Power
Zone: 14


160 241 262 1.09 8 54
80 566 730 1.29 14 71
40 495 835 1.69 23 90
20 647 1215 1.88 25 77
15 401 878 2.19 27 74
10 432 1077 2.49 28 79

Totals 2782 4997 1.80 125 445 => 2,848,290

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description: Ft-1000 MP, TL-922, 2 el. Quad, Groundplane, Dipol

Club Affiliation: Rhein-Ruhr-DX-Association (RRDXA)
MW5A(G3WVG)   SOAB HP   5,075,2802002-11-29 08:33:29
Great Fun. So many stations and so few Hz. !
Thanks to Steve GW4BLE for letting me invade his excellent station.

N2NI   SOAB(A) HP   836,5762002-11-29 09:52:03
First major contest from my new house in Mt. Kisco, NY. Much better than
Manhattan. G5RV, Vertical, 80 M. Dipole, 200W.
WI9WI   SOAB HP   1,038,7652002-11-29 13:06:47
Things started out slowly, and stayed that way. Lots of aurora on Fri nite, 10
was dead at the start, not even any strong SA, 15 was close to dead, as was 20.
Forty was OK, and 80 and 160 very poor. I'm in the upper midwest just beneath
the auroral ovel in N. Wisconsin. Managed to run on 40 a while. Saturday AM was
as expected, late openings on 10 and 15. Usually I can run all morning on those
bands, but just managed a few short runs on 15. Conditions got better Saturday
nite and Sunday, but never could get much in the way of runs going, so this
turned into an S & P contest for me. Twenty was a disaster from here. My best
antennas are on 20, but never could get any kind of run going. The openings to
Eu were short, with a lot of D absorbtion during the day and when the MUF
dropped it dropped right through 20 like a rock. Interestingly because of all
the S & P, my multiplier total was close to what it was the last time I operated
this contest from Wisconsin 2 years ago, but in 2000 I made 2000 QSOs and 2M+
pts. We are obviously starting the slide towards solar minimum. Only 6 band QSOs
PJ2T and HC6N. A number on 80 thru 10.

Some great scores out there considering conditions

73 and great contestiong to all


VE2IM(VE3DZ)   SOAB HP   7,044,8492002-11-29 14:04:13
Radios: IC735, FT767GX
PAs:MLA2500, SB220.
Antennas: Mosley CL37 tribander @56', AP8A vertical with 32 radials(used mostly
for 80 and 40), R7, Inv.Vees for 80/160, Alpha Delta dipole (40-80-160).
87 dupes called in. Best hour - 265/hr (16...17 z Sat.)
Had a lot of problems this time. To name a few: HDD crash, 160 m antenna died
(thanks to VE2XAA for repairs), burned front end of one of the radios...
Conditions were poor at the beginning of the contest. Improved on the 2nd
80/40 m short vertical with 32 radials (21 m each) performed very well
though. should have made something like that for 160m...
Thanks to VE2NN, VE2XAA and ARASI for the help and hospitality. And VE3EO,
VE3EY, VE3XB and VE3NE - for their help before the contest.
Thanks for all the QSOs everybody, pile-ups were incredible. CU next year.
C4W(5B4WN)   SOAB HP   8,140,6922002-11-29 14:12:48
SSDY (same story Different Year!):
Returned last minute to 5B4 (wednesday pm).
Minor antenna repairs on Wednesday night and Thursday night. Weather was
fabulous (25C during the day..Cypriot winter!)
5B4ADA turned up on Thursday doing his magic --> bringing up alpha 91b +dunestar
filters [Ivo who is leaving Cyprus tomorrow for good moving to I7 will be
greatly missed)
Other SO2R work on thursday and friday.

Every year I spend the last few hours before the contest, setting up aerials.
Guess what happened this year (SSDY is a clue)!
NO SLEEP before the contest=very sleepy DURING the contest
Hence at 2 points I gave up and went to sleep hence about 43hr operation.
Despite all these, I felt that conditions were above average. 40m was the best
band on this side and I really liked the high rates on 10m to NA with S0 signal
levels. I now use NO filters (apart from 500Hz) for pile-ups as suggested by
CT1BOH many years ago and train my ears to do the DSP work ---> pile-ups are
rarely unmanageable.
I spent too long chasing mults on the main radio hence compromising the total
QSO score. The DX doubler worked very well and it was useful for quick QSYs.
SO2R I found was very difficult with high rates hence not amazingly productive.
How do good SO2Rers do it?

Alpha 78 is FANTASTIC for quick QSYs (many thanks to N6KI for recommendation)
and 91 worked flawlessly.

Points for next year:
1) Sleep for MANY hours before the contest.
2) Practice SO2R before November

Many thanks for those who called me. Thanks to 5B4ADA for his help EVERY year,
advice and support [he is in my hero book for sure]. And of course many thanks
to my old school 5B4ES which every year puts up with me completely disorganising
their shack for 1 week!

Hopefully we will be there again next year.

9K9X(@9K2HN)   M/2 HP   11,513,2682002-11-29 15:05:25

Call: 9K9X (OPs 9K2RR, DL1HCM, 9K2HN)
Category: Multi Two
Power: High Power
Band: All Band
Mode: CW
Country: Kuwait
Zone: 21


160 82 211 2.57 8 31
80 731 1934 2.65 20 79
40 1637 4588 2.80 29 104
20 1228 3407 2.77 30 100
15 1421 3908 2.75 35 115
10 1081 3034 2.81 27 96

Totals 6180 17082 2.76 149 525 => 11,513,268

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Operator List: ______________________________________________________________

Equipment Description:

Club Affiliation: Bavarian Contest Club (BCC)

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

Signature _________________________________


Hamad Alnusif 9K9X
V26K(AA3B)   SOAB LP   8,533,9922002-11-29 15:20:35
QSOs QSO pts Zones Countries

160m: 80 172 10 20
80m: 456 1089 16 63
40m: 1377 3615 23 93
20m: 700 1684 27 90
15m: 1254 3263 30 98
10m: 1770 4790 23 91

Totals: 5637 14613 129 455

Claimed Score: 8533992 SOAB LP

This was my seventh effort from the Carribbean, and my best score ever. Things
really went well overall, with very few problems. I thought conditions were
excellent, especially the low bands.

I have analyzed my log carefully, to look for ideas on how to do things better
next year. I was particularly interested in understanding how productive I was
a function of what I call the "Carribbean Operating Scenarios." I define these
scenarios as follows:

Hunting for Multipliers
Running 3 pointers (subset of running)
Running 2 pointers (subset of running)

I spent my operating time as follows:

Total On time: 42 hours and 15 minutes
Total Run time: 39 hours and 23 minutes
Total Hunt time: 2 hours and 52 minutes
2 pointer run time: 12 hours (full hours)
3 pointer run time: 21 hours (full hours)

I did an estimate of the points I scored per hour for each of the scenarios
which is summarized in the table below:

QSOs/ Points/ Mults/ Total Points/
Scenario Hr QSO Hr QPTS Hr*

Overall 133.4 2.59 13.8 14613 202334

Running 141.3 2.59 13.0 14613 190713

Hunting 25.8 2.59 24.8 14613 361994

Running 3 Pointers 150.9 2.77 14.8 14613 216829

Running 2 Pointers 164.3 2.17 9.5 14613 139180

*Points/Hr = (QSOs/Hr x Points/QSO) + (Mults/Hr x Total QSO Points)

The above numbers are unique to my totals, but are probably useful for
developing future operating strategies from the Carribbean. My conclusion and
self critique is that I need to spend a lot more time hunting multipliers and a
lot less time working 2 pointers. It looks to me like 2 point runs should be
the last resort as an operating strategy.

I also feel like my pile-up management skills are maturing. Here are the
techniques that I use:

Send a partial call that you can pull out; repeat the full call as part of the
Always complete the contact with partial call you pick out
Increase sending speed as the pile up grows; decrease speed as it declines
Listen slightly above or below the transmit frequency: +100 Hz to - 50 Hz
Work dupes
Ask interfering stations to QSY
Always send my call as part of the confirmation message
No cut numbers

Many thanks to all those that helped make this trip so successful. I am
especially appreciative of WT3Q, W3CF and N3OC for their sage advice and

I plan to return to V2 in 2003 for another SOAB LP effort.

QSL to AA3B - direct or via the Bureau.

73 Bud V26K / AA3B
XT2DX   M/M HP   39,900,9602002-11-29 15:54:33
We are pleased by our results this year from our hotel roof in downtown
Ouagadougou. We apologize to those we could not pick out of the noise on
80/160. We battle tremendous QRN from the equatorial region every year. It
makes hearing extremely tough. We tried numerous antennas this year, including
a short beverage down an alley way, a K9AY loop, and a magnetic loop along with
the TX antennas.

All in all it was a very smoothe operation with only one glitch during the
contest. The current balun on the 160m sloper burned up on the 2nd night but it
was quickly replaced.

A couple of the team members battled a stomach ailment before the contest but
recovered in time. We made over 5,000 QSO's outside of the contest and an
additional 1,000 plus QSO's on 6 meters using XT2WP.

VP9/W6PH   SOAB LP   4,153,6622002-11-29 17:01:48
Equipment: TS940S Antennas: Verticals (R6000, AV5)
My score is down about 10% from last year. Last year I started out on 20 and
had 360 QSOs before I went to 80. This year I had 10 QSOs in 10 minutes and
headed for 80. I was ahead of last year at halftime but couldn't keep the runs
going the second day. I stayed high in the bands as I was intimidated by all
the loud signals. I had to use the SSB filter and VBT for most of the contest
as signals through the CW filter were too weak to copy most of the time. The
bands seemed to open late and close early and signals seemed weaker in general.
There were a lot of DXpeditions this year to the Caribbean probably as a result
of the contest being before Thanksgiving. Ten meters was open to W1 this year
although signals were pretty weak. So I have a lot of 6 banders this year.
This is probably my last time to operate the CQWW CW from off shore. I still
haven't received the certificates from Year 2000 and Year 2001.
The ARRL sends their certificates. So I will be at VP9 for the ARRL CW and SSB
using the Bermuda DX Club call VP9I. Bottom line is that I really enjoyed it
but still have to figure out what went wrong. I stayed with VP9GE and
appreciate his hospitality. A good weekend. QSLs sent direct to my homecall
will be answered. 73, Kurt, W6PH
W3TX   SOSB/40 HP   426,0202002-11-29 18:45:34
This was my first DX contest entry since about 1985/86. Beyond proving that I'm
no longer a teenager (my family gleefully noted signs of sleep deprivation
several days after the contest)I had fun and learned alot! The station consisted
of a TenTec Omni6+, Alpha87A, and full size 3 element yagi up one wavelength on
a rotatable pole. Thanks to everyone for their Q's!

73, Scott W3TX
W3EF   SOAB LP   1,843,2002002-11-29 18:52:38
Great fun, and not bad for a 3-el tribander and some wires....

Highlights were QSYing XE2FL and MU5X, and bypassing several hot and heavy
pacific pileups to find VR2BG clear and lonely on 21108 at 2316z on Sunday
(thanks Brett!).

Hats off to K1TO. Unbelieveable score! Who needs an amp anyway???

Maury W3EF / G0UHK
Silver Spring, MD (and Harrow on the Hill, England)
K5GN(@W5KU)   SOAB HP   4,664,9372002-11-29 19:54:59
Had a great time in this year's running. Condx were unusual, especially on 20,
where openings to the population centers in Europe and Japan were really punk.
Very pleased to make DXCC on four bands this time--first time ever! I still
think there are a lot more Q's to be had out of the station, but this lid
couldn't do it this year. Hit the wall at 0515 and tried to take a power nap.
Woke up nearly five hours later. I remember turning the alarm on, walking
around the room and checking it a second time. Apparently I was roused enough
to turn it off at the desired time, but never woke up. Arggh. Didn't have two
alarm clocks this year. Oops.

Great scores from all over, especially N5AW, N9RV, and KT1V.

K6III   SOAB(A) QRP   21,4502002-11-29 20:00:10
QRP with Elecraft k2 kit radio. 5-watts.
7S7V(SM7VZX)   SOSB/40 LP   131,3762002-11-29 21:02:52
Z39Z(Z32AF)   SOSB/40 HP   483,5812002-11-29 21:09:59
Where were the multipliers this time ? Whenever I went to search band there were
no mults. for me. The only mults. I heard and didn't work were XQ6ET, 9L1AB and
FS/ ... I expect more to come on CQ but nothing. During the contest, crazy guy
started to work on my freq. with my call and unfortunately some stations worked
him. Band was very good open to east and JA's were very strong even a qrp
station come with S9. Interesting 6Y4A was quite strong here and I was able to
copy him for hours but I need to call him at least 20 times to make qso. Thanks
- Z32RS, Z33A and Z33AA for help about antennas and equipment. CU in ARRL 10

Equipment : FT-77, amplifier with GU-81M max. 600 W, ant. 2 el. wire yagi for NA
just 9 meters above the ground and delta loop for JA - 10 m. up.

73' Ven Z32AF
W3CF   SOAB(A) LP   873,0502002-11-29 21:12:42
All time personal best for me by 275k...Mosley Pro 67 and no 80/160
antennas/100w S&P 15 hours of analgesic (foot surgery) induced sleep. Write Log
was excellent new addition. I can hardly wait to get the rig interfaced!.
OH5DX   SOAB HP   335,5442002-11-29 22:26:30
Was able to operate a few hours here and there. Lousy propagation from this part
of the world. Still getting used to my new callsign. Beats the old one (OH1EH)
for sure :-)

73 Ari
L59EOC(LW9EOC)   SOSB/15 LP   569,4722002-11-29 22:34:06
his was a great contest! The condx were very bad here but condx were
surprisingly good with JA. I worked some VK,ZL,DU,KH6 and they were very

I think that my antenna made a great job. I worked more JA than EU.
the condx to eu were very poor. tnx to all for the contacts.

Had a lot of fun for sure, see you in ARRL-10.

TX/RX FT840 100W
ANT: 4 Elements monoband yagui for 15 Meters (design by LU3CT)
ANT: 6 Elements monoband yagui for 10 Meters (design by LU3CT)
ANT: Dipole for 20 Meters. very poor hihihi!. I'll put some yagui vy soon

73 guys de L59EOC (LW9EOC) Tim
P4ØQ(KØDQ)   SOAB HP   12,327,2162002-11-30 07:03:07
9A1P(9A5AEI)   SOSB(A)/80 HP   170,9692002-11-30 07:24:54
2 PC with CT9.81 in Network with Packet, worked SUPER!

First time operating SOSB 80m, some problems with FT757GX he had big
temperaure!...hi, 1st night big noise and thunder storms around the location,
2nd night i have 2 times radio failure (again big temperature...hi)filter did
not worked ok (IF shift went up and down), 3nd night all ok... i put some
ventilators to cool FT757GX!
Thanks to all who called me, also thanks to USA for QSO, great signals from USA
and all very loud & stabile... Thanks to FY, ZD8A, S07, 6W who came to my CQ!
I heard and called KP2/ok1cw, J3A, HS0ZDZ... but no ears...hi
Thanks to 9A2CW for nice FT757GX .. hi, and 9A2RD/9A6NDX for location!

Best 73 de Patrick 9A5AEI
ZA/Z35M   SOAB HP   343,6822002-11-30 10:59:09
On Saturday after 200 QSOs my linear stop to work and continue
with low power. On Sunday afternoon I visited finish team operated
Multi-two (ZA1B) near my QTH.Also had few power restrictions.
WN3VAW   SOAB LP   4,0482002-11-30 13:09:35
This one may yet get submitted as a check log. I had originally planned on
having most of Saturday free for operating (since most of Sunday was otherwise
occupied), but an early morning phone call sent me on an emergency service trip,
and work has to come first.

However, I am not unhappy with this score! Just prior to the contest I needed
only 20 more entities worked/confirmed to complet 80 M DXCC, which also
completes my last band for 5BDXCC. Between a few station's pre-contest "warm
ups" and what little time I did have, I've knocked that down by half. Could
have gotten more, but my linear is not performing well on the low end of 80
meters (another service call took the time that that repair was set aside for,
oh well) so I did without it. Still plenty of operating time left this winter

Biggest disappointment: Worked XT2DX on 40 - 10, but he just couldn't pull me
out on 80, where I really wanted/needed him. Oh well.

Most fun: CY0MM was a piece of cake -- on 12, 40 and 75 phone since most people
were looking for them on CW! One call each. Also, I realized near the end of
the contest (when I had a little more time to operate) that I was missing HC8N
only on 40 meters, so I went hunting for them for the "HF Sweep." Maybe by next
year I'll have something working on 160 and can make it a 6 band sweep...

73, ron wn3vaw
N1IX   M/M HP   11,853,9802002-11-30 15:06:51
Finally during all these years of contesting we too actually had some equipment

High winds caused the rotor on Tower #1 to slip and thus no directional control
until Mark (K1RX) put on his wind breaker, climbed the tower and fixed the
problem. Most of Saturday afternoon the lower stack was pointed toward Easter
Island. No we didn't work anyone there although HC8N was really loud.

Lost 40 meters for two hours early Saturday evening due to an "unknown" problem
which caused high SWR. Swapped the connectors on the hardline and accidently
shutdown 10 meters. Replaced the connectors back and 10 meters returned to
life. Replaced an Alpha 89 amp on 40 with an SB-220 and that band was back in

Thanks to SV1AOW who showed up on 80 meters late in the contest at our sked
request earlier that afternoon. Also thanks to the many operators who QSY'ed to
other bands for us.
KV8Q   SOSB/10 LP   102,0002002-11-30 15:37:24
Running a Ten-Tec Jupiter to a ground-mounted GAP Eagle DX. Lots of fun.
Thanks to 305 stations with extremely good ears.
M2D(G4BYG)   SOSB(A)/160 HP   79,6232002-11-30 23:58:28
Thanks to John G3LZQ,after several failed attempts we finaly arrived at a design
for a 160m Vertical that would/has survived the severe UK weather.
The effort was realy worthwhile and the results very encouraging.
This was my first serious entry into Single band territory in CQWWCW and was a
treat to have an extended bash at the band.
Using the N1MMLogger program was a breeze and I can Highly recommend it to
anyone. The bandmaps with spots coming in made picking out Mults very easy.
Band conditions were not good for DX and made the contest for me essentialy a
European event. Although several states were worked it was hard work trying to
get over the high static levels in the States.
The first night was better with much higher levels of activity than the 2nd.

Radio was IC746Pro with an Alpha87 Amplifier.
Antennas: 90ft captop and base loaded vertical with 8 raised radials plus a big
ground screen. Plus a dipole at 60ft for high angle stuff.

Johns shack with all (Mod cons) makes contesting a real pleasure.
I must also thank his wife Trixie for all her help in making this the best
contest weekend I have ever had.
See you next year I hope.
OZ7BQ   SOSB/15 QRP   11,3402002-12-01 06:00:07
Rig used Elecraft K1 with 5 watts and a dipole. Lots of fun.
73 de OZ7BQ Joe
M2A   M/S HP   7,559,2702002-12-01 11:50:48
De Montford University Amateur Radio Society
W1FJ   SOAB HP   2,641,2962002-12-01 12:01:38
Planned to run some Q's on 20 Sunday PM... BAD plan. strange propagation on all
Last major operation from this QTH. Lots of fun with a 70' TH5, 40m vertical and
some wires for 80 & 160.
HP1XVH(DL5XX)   SOSB/15 HP   1,600,0002002-12-01 12:15:59
Comparing to the last year, condx were not so nice.
See you next year !
OZØXX   M/M HP   5,597,5462002-12-01 12:42:16
Antennas: 160m Slopper, 80m GP, 40m 4-Square, 20- 15- 10m 3- 4- 5 ele. yagi's
Power: 500Woutput, execpt 160m 100W
Fair/ good condx
Cu next year
WC1M   SOAB HP   4,288,6482002-12-01 13:10:40

160M - trapped vee @65'
80M - delta loop @75', trapped vee @65'
40M - 40-2CD @75', 4-square
20M - 4-el @70'
15M - 5-el @50'
10M - 6-el @50'

580' NE beverage

All yagis on separate tubular towers


FT-1000D + Alpha 87A, FT-1000MP + Acom 2000A, Writelog, TopTen band decoders
and switches.

It's December 1 and I'm just coming up for air after being immersed in the sweet
bliss of contesting for six weeks. The first half of the season began with an
unexpected trip to 8P for CQWW SSB (long story to follow), then ARRL SS CW the
next weekend (short story to follow), and wound up with my favorite contest of
the year -- CQWW CW (I'll try to be brief... not!)

CQWW is the best. Regardless of conditions, equipment, dumb mistakes and the
tough sleepless hours, by Monday I'm always wishing the contest was still going.
This year was no different.

Conditions were better than last year, but were unusual to say the least. Almost
the entire first day last year was derailed by a flare, but conditions on the
second day were excellent. This year, conditions were horrible for the first six
hours, but improved considerably after that. Even so, geomagnetic disturbances
made for some strange phenomena, at least from my QTH. It seemed like the mults
just poured in, especially on the low bands and especially on 40m. They kept
coming on all bands, except 20m, throughout the contest, resulting in my best
mult performance to date: 602. That's 69 better than 2000, when conditions were
fabulous, and 92 better than last year. Although my 80m country mults were low,
this is the first time I've come so close to 4BDXCC on the high bands, and the
first time snagging over 100 countries on 40 and 15. Heck, I've only broken 90
countries on one band before, 20m. Previous high on 40m was 78 mults. I think
some of this is due to a much better 40m antenna (40-2CD vs 4-square), a little
more operating experience and improved SO2R skills. But most of it had to be
incredible participation by DX and DXpedition stations. Thanks to all who got
on, especially those who traveled far -- it made the contest really fun for all
of us.

Anyway, it was strange getting called by the likes of BV4YI, B4R, A61AJ, VR2BG,
VU2WAP, S9MX, 5N0W, etc. while struggling to maintain a decent run! Could
general participation have dropped off because conditions were bad at the start
of the contest? Was it just a matter of not being able hear the usual hoards of
QRP stations?

The beginning of the contest was worse than last year, which I didn't think
possible. 20m wasn't open enough to run EU and 40m was massively crowded. It
took forever to find a spot to CQ and then I couldn't get a decent run going.
Despite heavy use of the second radio, I only had 100 Qs by the end of the third
hour! Prior to this year, I would have assumed that the 40m 4-square was mostly
to blame. It just can't compete with yagis, and tests have shown my new 40-2CD
to be 6-10 dB superior to the old 4-square. But even the 40-2CD, which is now at
a respectable 75 feet, couldn't get a run going. Nothing wrong with the antenna
-- by 0530z I was able to get a decent run going on 40m and it ended up being my
best band for both QSOs and total mults. I had quite a bit of trouble with rain
static on the 40-2CD the first night, but was able to compensate by listening on
the beverage or switching to the much-quieter 4-square. I found the 40-2CD and
4-square to be a powerful combination for running and S&P. The 40-2CD was
clearly superior for generating runs and breaking pileups, but the 4-square
added directional flexibility and quieter reception.

Despite the disturbed conditions, 160m was good here and my little 160/80
trapped vee at 65' (with beverage) worked pretty well for a respectable 9 zones
and 21 countries. 80m was disappointing: couldn't get a run going and the mults
are at least 20 countries too low. Guess the delta loop at 75' doesn't quite do
it. Could it be time for a 4-square? Seems like a lot of them are popping up
these days -- just in time for the long ride down to the solar minimum.

20m was terrible here throughout the contest. It opened to EU for brief periods,
then shut tight. I couldn't get a run going after sundown, there was no EU
sunrise opening, the band was open only for a short time at the start of the
morning runs, and the 1900z opening came an hour early and closed much sooner
than usual (my best 20m run lasted one hour starting at 1800z Sunday.) I have a
decent 20m antenna (4-el w/30' boom at 72') that's usually competitive, so I
think propagation was the problem. A scan of the band summary on 3830 shows
that, with a few exceptions, 20m was the worst of the four highest bands for
many stations, even for NT1N at KT1V (one of the exceptions was K5ZD, who,
according to W2SC, "rules on 20m".) I think the numbers were worse for us more
northerly stations, but that's conjecture. It's odd that the "middle band" was
so bad while the lower and higher bands were better. Must have been some bad
timing in propagation.

15m and 10m were OK here. After working only 453 stations in the first 11 hours,
the high bands bailed me out Saturday AM with six straight hours averaging over
100/hr. Best single-band hour was 132 on 10m during the 15z hour, but the best
overall hour of the contest was 142 during the next hour: 128 on 15m plus 14 on
10m on the second radio. Best I've ever done S&Ping on the second radio while
running at a fairly high rate. The best QRATE was 149/hr for a single hour
around 1700z, and 180/hr on the 10-minute meter at about the same time.

I was pleased with my CW copy in this contest. A lot of the time it felt almost
automatic, a real improvement from just a few years ago. Participating in
November CW Sweepstakes helped, too. In that contest I made a point of listening
to both radios in stereo as much as possible instead of switching to mono during
each QSO. I found myself switching to mono less and less in CQWW CW this year,
which I think is a good thing. Of course, there were the usual moments of sleep
deprivation in which I could barely remember my name, much less copy high-speed

I made two serious bonehead errors in this contest. Having slept only 20 minutes
on the first day, I decided to grab one hour during the 0900z hour on Sunday.
Big mistake. I put the alarm clock on my chest (another big mistake) and must
have shut it off when it rang. I awoke just before 12z, having missed two key
hours: 1000z and 1100z. I took another 15 minutes to wake up and make some
breakfast (a small mistake) and hit the bands. 20m was already done, while 10m
and 15m were not producing a heck of a lot of rate. For the next two hours,
1200z and 1300z, I had trouble getting the rate meter up to 100/hr. Then at one
point I glanced over at the FT-1000D and saw the RX ANT light glowing. I had
been listening to 10m and 15m with the beverage antenna for two hours! I had
forgotten to turn off the receive antenna after using it on the low bands in the
wee hours. Actually, I might have used it for as much as three hours: I have a
vague recollection that I discovered it was on at 1500z instead of 1400z, but
I'm not sure. No wonder I didn't hear the usual second-day QRP and low power
stations. Such is sleep deprivation. Anyway, between these two really bad errors
I must have lost 300 Qs or more. I'm pretty sure the errors cost me a spot in
the top ten. Argggh! It's really hard to play error-free ball in this game.

After that, there were no more breaks beyond quick pit stops and I ended up at
44 hours. Best yet. Next year, gotta go the whole distance. Note to self: NO

I really missed the tribander this year. I had to take it down to free up one of
my portable military masts for the 40-2CD. That left me with four independently
rotatable monobanders for 40m, 20m, 10m and 15m. That's not a bad setup for
S02R, but there were many occasions where a quick switch to a south tribander
would have saved time. I also missed the ability to horizontally "stack" the
tribander with one of the monobanders for a wide footprint when JA and EU were
open at the same time. About the only way I can get the tribander back in is to
sidemount one of the small monobanders on the 20m tubular crankup to free up
another military mast. I don't think it's safe to mount another antenna on a
mast 10' above the 20m antenna -- too much bending moment for the unguyed
tubular tower. So, I'll have to fabricate a sidemount for the 4.5" diameter tube
that's 16.5 feet below the 20m antenna. That will put the small monobander at 55
feet. With this kind of tower the sidemount needs to be very close to the
centerline to avoid pulling the tubing to one side. The 10m would be a lot
easier to mount, but I figure there will be less SO2R interference with the 15m
and 20m on the same tower. It's unlikely, but if the snow melts and it gets a
few degrees warmer I could get this done by ARRL DX CW.

There were a lot of great moments in this contest: getting called by B4R, VR2BG,
3B8CF and lots of other semi-rare ones, breaking big pileups like 3C2MV with one
call, beating big guns on 160m with my wimpy trapped 80/160 vee at 65 feet, and
so forth. The high point came at 2315z on Sunday. This is the first contest in
which I tried to move multipliers, but I was singularly unsuccessful. First, I
missed asking a bunch of good ones to move. Second, everyone I asked refused to
move! Finally, KL7RA worked me on 15m and cheerfully agreed to QSY to 20m. Using
the second radio, I quickly scanned 20m high in the band for a clear frequency
and found one at about 14080. But no sooner had I started swinging the antenna
and calling KL7RA than I discovered a JA holding forth in a pileup on the same
frequency! I tried a few calls off frequency, but no luck. After a couple of
minutes I went back to running 15m. You can imagine my surprise when five
minutes later KL7RA returned, informed me that the frequency I had suggested was
busy with a JA pileup, and suggested we try 14100. Not only had he taken the
time to return to 15m, he even picked out a clear frequency for us! Got the 20m
contact in the log at 2321z. I should mention that KL7RA was also a trooper for
us at the 8P8P operation -- he moved several times and tried again when we were
not successful. What a guy! Now that KL7RA has so graciously helped me to break
the ice, I have to get a lot more serious about moving mults consistently.

I was pretty well prepared for this contest. Finished antenna work weeks ahead.
The big job was installing the 25' extension kit on one of the AB-577 portable
military masts to push the 40-2CD up to 75' (if you haven't seen a 40-2CD with
rotor swinging back and forth on top of a wet noodle before, it's really quite a
sight.) Other than that, all I had to do was fix the 80m delta which broke for
the third time in high winds this year, and repair the beverage which got
whacked by deadfalls a couple of times. I got a reasonable amount of sleep in
the weeks and days before the contest, had plenty of time to review past results
for top-ten stations and myself, prepared a decent game plan (which went out the
window right at the start), and got the food situation set up in plenty of time.
I didn't manage to arrange things so I could sleep for a few hours right before
the contest, but was able to sleep late Friday AM. Next year, I'd like to sleep
Friday afternoon from about 1PM to 5PM -- I think this will help with the
first-day fatigue that normally hits me early Saturday morning and late
afternoon. I have a lot more trouble in the first 24 hours than in the second 24
hours. I think it's largely psychological: during the first day I'm very aware
that a lot of tough hours lie ahead. Once the halfway point has been passed, I
know I can make it to the end and get psyched. Having a bunch of Qs and mults in
the bank and watching the score go up by larger and larger increments helps,

This year's food plan was different. I decided that it's best not to eat very
much during the contest because eating always slows me down and getting full
doesn't help alertness. W2SC has written about drinking Gatorade and Slim Fast
at 8P5A, but that's a different situation -- high humidity demands replenishment
of electrolytes. Also, those products are loaded with sugar, which results in
too many ups and downs during the contest. I did get a couple of bottles of
Gatorade in case I felt dehydrated, but didn't use one until Sunday morning. I
drank water, but not a lot of it. Instead of Slim Fast, I got a couple of cans
of flavored high-protein powder. When mixed with skim milk in a blender the
result is a super-thick vanilla or chocolate shake that tastes pretty good. The
version I bought had the fewest grams of sugar of any brand in the store. I
supplemented this with some hard salami, pepperoni slices and aged cheddar
cheese (from a study that recommended aged meats and cheeses as keep-awake
food.) This year, I pre-sliced everything and kept it in a tupperware container
in the cooler. Very quick and easy to eat. I made way too much protein drink (32
oz of each flavor.) I ended up drinking only about 8 oz of each. The stuff is
incredibly filling and I wasn't hungry for many hours after drinking only a cup
or so. I had planned to eat a normal meal consisting of rotisserie chicken and
salad a few hours before the contest, but one thing led to another and I ended
up wolfing it down only 30 minutes before the 0000z hour. Aside from that, the
system worked pretty well -- I was alert most of the time, wasn't hungry and
never felt bloated. I did supplement the diet with three soft boiled eggs, six
strips of bacon and a slice of wheat toast Sunday morning, after my huge
oversleeping error, but could easily have skipped that. I think I was so bummed
out about missing the 1000z and 1100z hours that I drowned my sorrows in food
;-) As usual, I drank one large mug of coffee at my normal times, right before
the morning high-band runs. There's a little bit of a letdown in late morning,
but I've found it preferable to going cold turkey (or, heaven forbid, drinking
coffee throughout the contest!)

All in all, this was a much more satisfying contest than last year, but not as
much fun as 2000. Hope we get some good conditions next year, but I'll have to
get the tribander back in and improve the low band antennas to be competitive.

Thanks again to all participants, especially DX and DXpeditions. Now that I know
more about what it takes to operate from a DX location, I have even more respect
and esteem for those who take up this challenge and make this the best contest
of all. See you next time!

73, Dick WC1M
S58A   SOAB HP   6,917,2952002-12-01 14:26:08
First time have all my 19 antennas in function bur condx not enough good for
better score.
N8II   SOSB/10 LP   238,2662002-12-01 16:41:49
I had to work from 20Z til 05Z each day, so that led to working only 1 stn. west
of the West Coast USA, NH7Y. There were a good number of Africans active and
also worked YI9OM and A61AJ. Running LP really hurt the most as Eu was dying
out, impossible to run then. The only deep Asian worked was VU2WAP and he was
very weak the first day. I broke almost all of the pile-ups easily with LP; they
didn't seem as ferrocious as other years and I caught some of the rare stuff
before everyone was in S&P mode.
9H1ZA   SOAB HP   4,272,2982002-12-01 20:42:34
Rig used:
ICOM 756pro, PA 400W
Top loaded vertical (160, 80)
Vertical dipole (40)
LPA (20, 15, 10)
LY2OX   SOSB/10 HP   353,2002002-12-01 22:29:51
Just wanted to say Good Bye to 10 meters.I was surprised being called by S07PM
and congrats to W7XB who succeded to hear me and call in nonexisting condx with
zone 3!
S9MX(K1XM)   SOAB LP   5,512,7262002-12-02 00:56:25
Rig: Elecraft K2/100

Antennas: 10/15/20 homebrew vertical, 40/80/160 HF-2V

A fun contest.

I should have done more on the low bands.
K5NA   SOAB(A) HP   3,078,3382002-12-02 08:35:34
I decided to have fun and just be a DXer for the weekend. So I spent 95% of my
time chasing DX spots and only running when new multipliers were slow in
appearing or when I was inclined to do so.

As usual, this is a great contest.

73, Richard
KG9X   SOSB/10 QRP   101,9182002-12-02 09:13:45
Only 4 contacts before band closed on Friday ( 3 ZL & 1 VK ). Must have been
nuts to try QRP with poor propagation but I was hoping condx would improve.
Well, they didn't! Only a few hrs of strong sigs from Eu. CQ'ing only brought
3 contacts although I didn't try much with these condx. I QRT at 1630Z Sunday
and went to a Car Show instead!!
HA9PP   SOSB/15 LP   233,7732002-12-02 14:04:21
I used CT program and less than 5 times pressed F1 button during the Contest !
There were impossible to catch XE,5H3 and T48K in pile-ups with Low Power !
I really enjoyed the band at late Sunday evening hours, made US stations by one

C U next time !

73 es DX de STEVE
VY2TT(K6LA)   SOAB HP   6,124,6082002-12-02 18:20:59
VE3FU   SOSB/40 LP   146,5612002-12-02 18:22:12
Equipment: TS-950SD, 4-sqr

I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong. I've been reading some of the
other stories on 3830 and everyone keeps mentioning the great condx on 40m. A
lot of stations had more QSOs on 40m than any other band.

I was expecting to do a lot better, since I had made what I thought were
considerable station improvements since the last time I went SO/40/LP. In 2000
I was using a TS-430 (no filters) and a 2-el delta loop up 55 feet, compared to
a TS-950SD and a 4-square this year. In 2000 I set the VE3 40m LP record and
the Zone 4 40m LP record with 894Q 23Z and 87DXCC for 231,800 points.. This
year I had a hard time getting any sort of run into EU.

I'm still amazed that in terms of the number of QSOs per country, JA was 6th (7
QSOs)!! The only countries to beat JA were W(349), DL(17), HA(12), EA(9), and
I(8). Imagine, I worked more JA's than SP(2), SM(2), OM(2), LZ(3), OH(3),
UT(3), LY(4), OZ(4), GM(5), YT(5), 9A(5), UA(6), G(6), and F(6)!!!! Who says JA
activity is declining - I think EU activity is declining :=)

I worked more ZS's (2) than OE, ON, ES, ZL, LX, PA, YO, HB9, GW, all 1 each.

In 2000 I worked 17 UR and 10 OM. This year, despite calling many, I never
worked either of them until the last hour of the contest.

I heard at least 15 more countries and 4 more zones than I was able to work.

The funniest moment for me was duping NY4A, thinking he was 9Y4A. It took me a
while to figure out why he sent me 599 05 :=)

Definite lowlight was calling a "station on an island off the west coast of
Africa." He worked someone and asked them to move to 80m. I think "Perfect!
Here's my new CQ frequency with a lot of stations here listening already!". I
call CQ and get an instant pileup. 20 MINUTES later, the same "station on an
island off the west coast of Africa" starts CQing again on the exact same
frequency he left! I'll let you guess who won the frequency :=(


Chris VE3FU / VO2AC
RA9JR   SOSB(A)/15 HP   604,0722002-12-02 20:09:58
TX : FT 890AT + 300 wat
ANT: 6 el YAGI monoband + 2el QUAD FOR USA ???????
S5ØU   SOSB/80 HP   303,7862002-12-03 01:09:52
BAD USA conditions, BAD EU QRM and BAD FT1000MP keyclicks.

CUL de Dan, S50U
IU2M   M/S HP   3,752,2342002-12-03 09:07:23
We did it, and that is our success.
Far away from last year IU2M record, but enough fun for those who were there.
It is hard to think to do it again in that way, meaning so few operators,
somebody even part-time, but let see what will happen in the future:
a whole year is a long way, but a short one also, so don't worry.
Conditions were better on sunday, 20 meters were bad on saturday,
and we found 40M was the best band.
What will happen next year, with the sun going down..?
You need to be there, if you wanna know it!
So, cu next year.
In the mean time look down here.........

thanks to our friend Paolo, IK2GWH, we took these short video clips
and our web-master Luca, IW2GPI, put them on the IU2M web-site.

Among the callers there were....

aa0cy/3, k4bev, w5tcx, w1te, ik3vut
ve3wg, k9es, w1nr, k3zo
w4ye, k3jg, w1to

I2WIJ and IK2GWH were running 10M
IZ2BKC was running 15M
I2AZ was looking for mults

Give it a check, it worth the mouse-click
and let us know your opinions.

Bob, I2WIJ (one of IU2M team)
K7KU(KØKR)   SOAB HP   2,263,3922002-12-03 11:44:47
Transceiver: single TS-950SDX
Amplifier: single Alpha 89
Antennas: 10M: 4el Quad on 30' boom up 180'
15M: 4el Quad on 30' boom up 180'
20M: 4el Quad on 30' boom up 180'
40M: 2el Quad on 30' boom up 180'

(the four antennas listed above are all on a single boom,
and are fed with a single feed line switched at the top of the

80M: 2el collinear array up 156'
160M: lazy V with top at 160', bottom at 4', and feed point
at 82'


CW might be well on its way to becoming a relic of history. The CQWW-CW contest
demonstrates, however, that throughout this crazy world there remains an amazing
collection of gifted, highly qualified practitioners of the CW art. Without
this international human treasure, this contest could not exist. CW ops of the
world, I love you and I salute you.

A handful of DX operators, on the other hand, seemed perversely resistant to
making corrections to their copying errors, even after numerous QRS repeats.
Could it be that a call sign, once typed into the computer log, acquires a
certain inertia because some operators, having made the entry in the first
instance, more or less consider their work done?

In operating this contest, I had the advantage of the exceptional capabilities
(with minor reservations noted below) of the antenna system built and maintained
by Jim Lindsay, W7ZQ, in west-central WY.

On transmit, the superb performance of Jim's antennas 10M through 40M, plus
160M, was a genuine luxury. This was most evident, perhaps, on 40M, where the
full-size quad, high in the air, seemed to me to be a world beater.

I myself have spent just enough time working at the top of Jim's tower in recent
years to be able to attest, without fear of contradiction, to the assiduous
effort it takes to keep all of this hardware up and working in the rugged and
unforgiving WY climate.

Jim's antenna system does present a few minor limitations, strictly from a
contester's narrow perspective. I hasten to say, however, that Jim did not
design his system with the rather special needs of contesting in mind. Jim's
goal, rather, was to achieve maximum general and DX performance from a
single-tower installation. That he achieved the goal in awe-inspiring fashion
cannot be questioned.

The minor limitations are described in paragraphs a., b., and c., below.

a. Jim's two-element collinear array for 80M constituted a bit of a handicap.
The collinear has bi-directional gain NE/SW, which proved to be a decided
negative in this particular test. One notatable exception was the 80M long-path
opening Sunday AM, where the collinear's pattern was right on the money.

b. I ended up doing most of my low-band listening on the transmit antennas.
Jim's only beverage receiving antenna, to the NE, again was not much help in the
conditions of this contest. (I confess to having become spoiled by the
magnificent performance and convenience of the beverage system at N2IC. Steve
has a comprehensive collection of instantly selectable, near-optimum-length,
terminated beverages, one for each of the important compass points. That
assortment is often useful, for azimuth-scouting and other quick-turnaround
receiving purposes, even on the higher bands, in lieu of having to rotate the

c. All of Jim's 10M-40M antennas are on but a single feed line. Such an
arrangement precludes the efficient, modern practice of listening (or making a
quick QSO) on Radio 2 while a CQ is in progress on Radio 1. Thus, my operation
in this test was a one-radio affair. This discouraged the moving of
multipliers, and otherwise impaired the station's "agility."

Uli Bettin, DL3OI, operated ARRL DX CW SOAB(A) from W7ZQ in 2001 and 2002, with
outstanding success. I tip my hat to Uli: although he operated in different
contests, in a different category, and under decidedly different propagation,
his hard-driving, impressive performances reveal, with better accuracy than my
own effort I am afraid, just what the W7ZQ antennas can make possible.

Because of Jim's hot-performing antennas, I was hoping the contest would be as
pleasant as an afternoon stroll in the park, with such joyful things as deep and
long QSO runs. I got a quick education about just how unrealistic it was to
harbor such optimistic expectations in west-central WY during disturbed, auroral
conditions. In particular, I received a lesson (as if any were needed) as to
how different (and more difficult) things sometimes can be in northern 7 land
than in north-central CO where I am accustomed to operating.

I tip my hat particularly to two of my tough and able competitors in the 7th
call area, W2VJN and W7GG, each of whom delivered a formidable performance in
what, in their State of OR, must have been (if my experience in WY provides any
basis to judge) somewhat frustrating conditions.

While I have never before attempted CQWW-CW seriously in the SOAB category, I do
not have the excuse of being a contest rookie. I was guilty, nevertheless, of
one or two rookie-like mistakes of time allocation, principally in staying up
too late on Saturday night and, in consequence, getting started too late on
Sunday morning to exploit, among other valuable opportunities, a goodly chunk of
the predictable 40M JA run.

I experienced a few problems with the default settings on the particular version
of TR-Log that I used. I was not adept enough to study and alter the defaults
during the hurly-burly of the contest itself. In the most important aspects,
TR-Log performed admirably.

Overall, this was a fun, fun contest, and a big-time learning experience.

MNI TNX to N2IC for encouragement, for the loan of several handy station gizmos,
and for many useful tips as to station setup in a quasi-DXpedition situation.

Last, but by no means least, MNI TNX to Jim Lindsay and XYL Bonnie who
graciously provided amp, desk space, AC power, and world-class antennas, and who
willingly suffered my disruptive presence throughout the weekend.

73 until next time,
Bob, K0KR
N4TZ/9   SOAB LP   2,048,6062002-12-03 12:00:04
The third time is the (unlucky) charm? Two years ago,
my computer logging software crashed and would not restart
on two different computers, so I lost Sunday afternoon.
Last year, strong thunderstorms and the tornado warning
siren wiped out Saturday night. This year, my right hand
gave out late Saturday night. The pain in the thumb
became so bad that I took 4 hours off to sleep. When I
arose, the hand was clenched into a ball and I couldn't
pry any of the fingers apart! So much for using two
radios! I continued as best I could typing and tuning
with the one (off) hand. On Monday, I had to tell the
story 4 separate times to the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine
people who couldn't believe how physically demanding
ham radio contesting really is! The diagnosis is
arthritis located in my right thumb which caused the
fingers on the hand to become curled up. One week later
I can type with some difficulty.

Low power operation is more physically demanding than
high power. While the high power guy may have worked
4000 stations, I not only typed in at least the same
number of calls while Searching and Pouncing, but also
had to continually tune two radios. Even with remote
tuning knobs on each radio and a keyboard set at an
ergonomic height below the equipment table, the right
thumb is especially active. I used the thumb to tune
the edge of the knob, and the thumb is needed to hit
the space bar, which is a multi-purpose key in TRLog.

The contest started slowly compared with 2001, when
10 and 15 were still open to Asia at the beginning
of the contest. This year only the Caribbean stations
were heard on 15, nothing on 10. 20 and 40 were very
tough, so I retreated to 160! Even though the 2001
contest was marked by very bad conditions after local
midnight on Friday, I didn't fare much better this
year on Saturday. And Sunday was much worse than
last year. I averaged only 16 QSOs per hour the
last six hours this year, while last year I averaged
abour 40. Only the increased number of multipliers
everyone noted kept my score around last year's level.

Ten meters only opened for about 30 minutes on Sunday
morning. I found it virtually impossible to attract
any attention on any band at any time with my CQs.
Unlike N1UR, I did not get those 80-90 hours Sunday
on 10 meters. A four high stack of 5el yagis on the
fringes of the Black Hole is no competition for a
3el at 30feet in New England (or should I say,
Far West Europe!).

If I can't win the contest, or become Miss Congeniality,
I guess I'll settle for Mr. Consistent. This should make
9 DX contests in a row that I have made the top ten in
the category with the most entrants - SOAB LP:
2001 CQ WPX CW, 2001 CQ WW SSB, 2001 CQ WW CW, 2002
ARRL DX CW, 2002 ARRL DX Phone, 2002 CQ WPX SSB,
2002 CQ WPX CW, and hopefully 2002 CQ WW SSB &
2002 CQ WW CW.
EA8/ES6DO   SOAB LP   1,013,7452002-12-04 00:37:50
Limit time operation - only 17 hours. But good feeling to run U.S. and EU
pile-ups. Thanks to all answering to my CQ and see you next year from an other
interesting QTH...island

73 de Neil, ES6DO

QSL as soon as coming out from printer
YU7AV   SOSB/80 HP   219,2642002-12-04 03:15:20
Unbelievable long-path opening at Sunday afternoon.
West Coast stations sounds like 15m!

73! Voja
N2GC   SOAB HP   2,467,9952002-12-04 08:12:01
Equipment Description: TS-940S, AL-1200

Antennas: 160 METERS: 250' LW (SHORTED 80 METER DIPOLE + COAX)


First time in a long time that everything was ready to go 24 hrs in
advance instead of the usual last minute scrambling. Was not well rested
before contest though. I like when the contest falls after Thanksgiving
because I can usually sleep late or take an afternoon nap on Friday.
We had very high gusty winds on Saturday, my wire antennas were going
crazy. I had to keep one eye on the swr meter fearing the worst was
going to happen at any time. Conditions on 40 & 20 were challenging
at times this year. The mults were everywhere, first time with DXCC on
10-20, could have had it on 40 if I didn't sleep so long Saturday night.
Thanks to all the guys and gals who went on expeditions, you really make
this contest a whole lot of fun. This will probably be my last serious
effort for a while since we are expecting jr op #2 in February.

Happy Holidays to all
Mike N2GC
S5ØG(S56M)   SOSB(A)/40 HP   278,0082002-12-05 01:37:56
Ended contest on Saturday evening after 17 hours because of technical problems.

73 Vito, S56M
S57AW(@S5ØA)   SOSB(A)/80 HP   360,7602002-12-05 01:38:38
RIG: TS-950SDX, Alpha amp
ANT: 3 el Yagi, dipole

No particular preparations before the contest due QRL. Missed few mults, good
condx to USA 1st night, 2nd night much worse. Some difficulties with the
equipment, SRI!

TNX to Tine, S50A to offer me his station.

73 & GL de Robert, S57AW
UA9FM   SOAB HP   556,3802002-12-05 04:27:42
Very poor propagation at this high altitude. Both morning here at 00 - 03 UT no
prop. at all on 20 except P40E @ D44TD. On 40 bad condx also bad, very strong
auroral echo, but good sig of VY2TT at least 3 S-utins over all VE/USA.
Crazy pileup on the spotted DX. No kind of sport spirit.
Many spotted dx ops "forgot" to give own CALL. So frustrating listen to more
than 5 min without any hope.
Zone 01 was a real GAP. Is there nobody like WL7E, KL7Y, AL1G in NA now?!
Anyway good dx activity, lots of skillful ops, lot of FUN.
K2YWE   SOAB LP   1,675,8102002-12-05 08:03:48
100w, C3SS at 45 feet, wire antennas for 160m through 40m.
PJ4W(DL1EFD)   SOAB LP   7,466,9442002-12-05 13:25:50
The first time as a Single OP in the CQWW. See my detailed report
on the cq-contest reflector.

2el Delta Loop to EU @ 70ft
Inverted Vee @ 57ft
One Inverted Vee each with common feedpoint @ 45ft

QSO/ZN+DX by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 97/14 67/11 --+-- 164/25 164/25
D1-0100Z - - - 184/5 - - 184/5 348/30
D1-0200Z - - 125/34 11/12 - - 136/46 484/76
D1-0300Z - - 137/26 - - - 137/26 621/102
D1-0400Z - - 109/15 - - 1/2 110/17 731/119
D1-0500Z - - 99/9 - - - 99/9 830/128
D1-0600Z - - 131/2 - - - 131/2 961/130
D1-0700Z - - 49/1 6/10 - - 55/11 1016/141
D1-0800Z --+-- --+-- 89/1 --+-- --+-- --+-- 89/1 1105/142
D1-0900Z - - 20/3 2/2 - - 22/5 1127/147
D1-1000Z - - - 24/21 55/26 - 79/47 1206/194
D1-1100Z - - - - 75/12 51/24 126/36 1332/230
D1-1200Z - - - - - 165/23 165/23 1497/253
D1-1300Z - - - - 1/1 99/21 100/22 1597/275
D1-1400Z - - - - 1/2 143/5 144/7 1741/282
D1-1500Z - - - - 26/13 71/2 97/15 1838/297
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 1/2 182/5 183/7 2021/304
D1-1700Z - - - 1/1 3/4 100/9 104/14 2125/318
D1-1800Z - - - - 96/4 - 96/4 2221/322
D1-1900Z - - - - - - 0/0 2221/322
D1-2000Z - - - 4/4 39/6 50/2 93/12 2314/334
D1-2100Z - - 1/0 4/0 30/3 64/5 99/8 2413/342
D1-2200Z - - 1/1 36/3 1/1 59/4 97/9 2510/351
D1-2300Z - - - 127/12 - - 127/12 2637/363
D2-0000Z --+-- 4/7 --+-- 126/9 --+-- --+-- 130/16 2767/379
D2-0100Z 5/9 16/24 - 13/0 - - 34/33 2801/412
D2-0200Z - 6/7 - 92/1 - - 98/8 2899/420
D2-0300Z - - 43/2 - - - 43/2 2942/422
D2-0400Z - - - - - - 0/0 2942/422
D2-0500Z - - - - - - 0/0 2942/422
D2-0600Z 2/2 2/2 - - - - 4/4 2946/426
D2-0700Z - 5/5 34/0 - - - 39/5 2985/431
D2-0800Z --+-- 55/4 15/0 --+-- --+-- --+-- 70/4 3055/435
D2-0900Z 5/5 23/0 12/0 8/7 - - 48/12 3103/447
D2-1000Z - - 16/5 13/1 13/2 - 42/8 3145/455
D2-1100Z - - - 3/2 127/4 - 130/6 3275/461
D2-1200Z - - - - 33/4 82/4 115/8 3390/469
D2-1300Z - - - - - 109/3 109/3 3499/472
D2-1400Z - - - - - 91/5 91/5 3590/477
D2-1500Z - - - 1/1 70/3 49/2 120/6 3710/483
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 118/0 15/1 133/1 3843/484
D2-1700Z - - - 3/1 21/6 62/0 86/7 3929/491
D2-1800Z - - - 37/5 79/3 1/1 117/9 4046/500
D2-1900Z - - - 57/5 24/5 2/2 83/12 4129/512
D2-2000Z - - - 1/1 169/3 2/1 172/5 4301/517
D2-2100Z - - - 91/3 4/6 3/3 98/12 4399/529
D2-2200Z - - 36/6 47/4 - - 83/10 4482/539
D2-2300Z 1/1 - 98/4 28/0 - - 127/5 4609/544

Total: 13/17 111/49 1015/1091016/1241053/1211401/124
VA3SY   SOSB/20 HP   110,4842002-12-05 20:41:52
Result : CQWW -2002 ( CW ) OP: Syl Call: VA3SY

Single / OP / Single Band 20 Metre / (( Hi/power my fisrt Time !

Tnx Qso all and Good Luck !

Best 73


J75A   M/2 HP   14,584,0682002-12-07 18:20:18
We had a blast. After several days of hard work putting up what was essentially
a field day style operation and facing numerous "challenges", the station
finally came together and worked nearly faultlessly for the entire 48 hours. We
then spent Monday taking it all down and packing it away for the next one! In
addition to the 8765 contest Qsos, we netted an additional 8600+ Qsos during our
10 day stay. Not bad for two hackers!

Our host, Lambert, J73LC, produced the J75A callsign literally moments before
the contest. Special tnx to Jon, W4IX, for last minute equipment assistance.
Recognition must also be given to our local friend, Don-Ford, for climbing
(barefoot) many tall palm trees and hanging pullies, and for fixing some special
island cuisine. Lambert, also produced his normal miracles, not the least of
which was coming up with an antique A3 and the biggest bamboo pole you have ever

Here was the station config:
TS-890, AL-572
FT-570S, Acom 1000
160m - Inv L
80m - Full wave loop
40m - Full wave loop
C3 @ 20 ft.
A3 @ 30 ft. (bamboo)
Beverage to the NE (Ask John about fighting off the giant lizards in the

QSLs for J75A and J75KG via KU9C.
QSLs for J79JRC via W4IX.

73, George & John
TI5N(NØKE)   SOAB QRP   1,766,9122002-12-07 18:21:10
Thanks again to TI5KD for the FB station. 10m definitely on the way down in the
cycle as had almost 300 QSOs less than last year as TI5X. Increased mults
overall of 32 offset 38 less QSOs for a 16,200 point improvement. Increase in 2
pt QSOs also showed cycle decline. First time using the K2 for the contest rig.
SP9FJA   SOSB/10 LP   46,1602002-12-07 18:29:28
It was pleasure to work all this sations.
I work 30% of QSO with QRP just for testing
the antena and condition.
Many thank to all, 73's
SP9FJA Joe Wojtek

Call: SP9FJA Joe
Category: Single Operator
Power: Low Power
Band: Mono 10
Mode: CW
Country: Poland
Zone: 15


160 0 0 0.00 0 0
80 0 0 0.00 0 0
40 0 0 0.00 0 0
20 0 0 0.00 0 0
15 0 0 0.00 0 0
10 233 577 2.48 23 57

Totals 233 577 2.48 23 57 => 46,160
NA4W(K4WI)   SOSB(A)/160 LP   1,2252002-12-07 18:36:30
Wish I would have thought to try this on Friday evening but didn't think to do
this until Saturday night. Heard XT2DX and C53M but didn't get thru!
N4JF   SOSB(A)/40 LP   48,4712002-12-07 18:36:30
K2UA   SOAB HP   4,501,4552002-12-08 08:45:02
It was an interesting weekend . . . like the old Chinese proverb. I lost
commercial power for three hours starting around 2100Z Saturday, *just* after
sunset, and for no apparent reason. (This couldn't have happened a week earlier
during the ice storm, right?) The power loss was most unwelcome. Not that I was
on a record pace or anything--but I'm fairly confident that it would have been a
top-ten effort. Instead it's going to be, like, 17th claimed.

Conditions, especially Saturday, were less than wonderful--but not quite as bad
as CQWW SSB. We had poor JA openings Friday night (dunno about Saturday). That
was a shame, since I rely on those openings. Runs were good; my best hour was
177 shortly after 10 opened on Saturday, which is just about normal. But run
periods were shorter than the past few years on the high bands, as expected.
Twenty was in purgatory almost all weekend; it was a no-show from here for
sunrise in Europe, which is usually one of the best times to be on the band. I
learned some things about finding mults--that's probably the best thing to come
from this weekend from my perspective. The new 80-meter antenna works very well;
it was worth the effort (and some more over the winter to improve the ground

I sure enjoyed all the multipliers--it was stunning how much stuff was on the
are you listening?!
N4KG   SOAB QRP   1,167,6092002-12-08 10:56:21
Conditions were 'interesting and challenging', especially for QRP'ers.
10M closed 2 hours earlier to EU and JA than last year (even last month).
15M was THE Daytime Band, easily surpassing 10 and 20.
20M became a daytime band with NO afternoon or nighttime EU openings.
40M was THE Nighttime Band. 77 countries QRP. What a HOOT !
80M was TOUGH for QRP. Only worked 2 EU (CU/DJ9RR and G4BUO)
160M only produced W and VE contacts. HC8N could not hear me.

Antenna Farm needs LOTS of work.

Tom N4KG / QRP
W9AU   SOSB/20 LP   102,1682002-12-08 12:50:33
Couldn't turn my beam. Wait until next year!
KBØVVT   M/S HP   721,1902002-12-08 19:33:28
C53M   M/2 HP   26,572,0042002-12-10 03:13:01
160m Summary
3 4 5 8 9 10 11 14 15 16 19 20 33 35 36

3V 4X 5B 6W 9A 9L C5 CT CT3 CU

80m Summary
3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 25 27 29 33 35 36

3V 4X 5B 5N 6W 6Y 8P 9A 9H 9K

40m Summary
1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 25 27 30 31 32 33 35 36 37
38 40

3V 4U1I 4X 5B 5H 6W 6Y 8P 9A 9H
9K 9L A6 C5 C6 CE CM CN CT CT3

20m Summary
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 35 36 38 40

3V 4J 4X 5B 5N 6W 6Y 8P 9A 9H
9K 9L 9M2 9V A4 BV BY C5 C6 CE

15m Summary
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 25 26 27 28 30 31 32
33 35 36 37 38 40

3V 3W 4J 4L 4U1V 4X 5B 5N 5X 6W
9A 9H 9K 9M6 9V A6 BV BY C5 C6

10m Summary
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 20 21 22 25 26 28 30 31 33 35 36 38
39 40

3A 4L 4X 5B 6W 8P 9A 9H 9K 9M2
PJ2 PY S0 S5 S9 SM SP SV T7 T9
GØWAT   SOAB QRP   263,7812002-12-10 05:00:59
GU4YOX(BOB)   SOSB/160 LP   46,7602002-12-10 11:22:23
An enjoyable contest this year. I fell to sleep though the first night at around
03.30 (Too much work in the week !) But the second night was exciting, I
couldn't believe being called by HC8N at around 04.00 I was the first UK station
in his log out of only two that finally made it on 160M! I think my most
memorable QSO ever....this spurred me on to 627 Q's with only 70 W ! to an
inverted L at 55'. The noise was bad this year though at times 40+ over nine.
But this is CQWW "The contest". Very difficult to the US this year, I'm sure you
were all there but I never heard a peep. Maybe next year..

73 Bob GU4YOX
K8GL   SOAB HP   2,860,8162002-12-12 07:44:59
Totally exhausted from signing on 500 kW digital television station the week
before. Needed sleep, and Friday night showed it! Had a great time. Great
African activity; Zone 33 was like getting Zone 8! XW1IC calling in on 20 while
the beam was on Europe was the highlight. Still need more horsepower on 40
meters. 100+ countries on three bands was a treat.
CYØMM   M/S HP   4,236,8762002-12-12 09:53:15
We were experiencing very high winds and we couldn't turn our antennas.
We changed frequency a lot to give more chance to others for a multiplier.
We had huge pile-ups both from EU and US.
Unfortunatelly no antenna for 160 because of the weather.
Great contest with great condx.


Lali VE3NE / CY0MM
N6XI   SOAB HP   1,853,8972002-12-12 10:09:04
First opportunity to test all-new antennas at my mountain QTH (Truckee, CA).
They seem to be working pretty well. Force 12 Sigma 80 rotary dipole, Force 12
Mag 240N, FluidMotion SteppIR, all on a 72' crankup. Finally got TRLOG/DX
Doubler working for SO2R but using an R5 vertical for Rig 2 limited the number
of second radio Qs. Guess I need to put the old C4S back up to render all the
station configuring effort worthwhile.
VE5UF   SOSB/10 QRP   152,4282002-12-12 17:21:19
Last month I observed about operating the WWSSB from J7:
"5 watts and a dipole is an exercise in frustration, but interesting."

The CW weekend was waaaaay worse from home. Same rig but with a 4EL quad this
time and despite twice the work, a lower score. But I might now be hooked on
73 doug ve5uf/j79uf
YZ1KA   SOSB/20 LP   250,7972002-12-12 22:49:22
QSL info

73`s Buco YZ1KA
GW8K(GW4BVJ)   SOAB LP   1,396,7222002-12-14 00:53:44
Used my mid-price ranged rig as it had an auto atu and
got hammered from all sides. Next time I will use the
best receiver I have. First entry in low power section
and had a very enjoyable weekend.
HG1R   M/S HP   1,916,8612002-12-15 23:32:26
Only CQ !
ES6Q(@ES5Q)   M/S HP   7,708,9202002-12-16 00:45:28
Missed 600 qso-s and 5BDXCC one weekend (not easy).Best band was 40m,
worst was 20m.Worked only 1200 U.S.
GJ2A(K2WR)   SOAB HP   2,107,8092002-12-16 20:13:23
A3S tribander on broken rotator fixed on USA
R-8 Vertical
160M dipole @ 40 ft.
80/40 trap dipole @ 40 ft.
150w on 160 & sometimes on 10, 400w otherwise
WB6BWZ   SOAB QRP   80,2142002-12-16 23:59:04
58 unique countries worked.

QSO "surprises" for this first-year QRP contest newbie in my first real
CQWW-DX-CW were: C53 (20M), CY0 (40M), D44 (10M, 15M), VO1 (15M), XT2 (20M) and
ZD8 (40M).

Thanks to K9NS, W3LPL, VE3EJ and K1TTT for being my only four Q's on 160M. Also
thanks to EA8ZS for Q's on 80, 40, 20 and 15 meters. Saturday night was a big
improvement over Friday night's QRN on 160M and 80M.

Yaesu FT-817 QRP transceiver, 5 watts to 5-MHz OCF 28-ga insulated wire stealth
antenna up 40 feet in heavy foliage trees next to I-75 in downtown Atlanta
industrial area.

--Matt, WB6BWZ
SP3LWP   SOSB(A)/10 LP   158,7022002-12-19 09:06:18
ant GP 5/8
W3LPL   M/M HP   19,507,8632002-12-19 19:53:52

160 280 355 1.27 19 66 K1HTV AI3M
80 818 2183 2.67 29 113 W3LPL N3OC
40 1657 4595 2.77 36 136 W2GG KD4D
20 1434 4005 2.79 38 149 K3RA K3KU K4ZA
15 1772 5126 2.89 36 151 K3RV ND3A
10 1494 4249 2.84 32 146 K3MM ND3F

Totals 7455 20513 2.75 190 761 => 19,507,863

Equipment Description:

Two FT-1000MP transceivers driving a common 3-1000Z 1500 watt
amplifier on each band.

160: 4 square vertical array, 1/4 wave GP, 1/2 wave sloper,
Eight 580 foot Beverages

80: four 2 element quads, 170 feet high. Eight 580' Beverages

40: Two full size rotatable stacked Yagis as 30 and 60 meters
Eight 580 foot Beverages

20: Two stacked fully rotatable 5 element Yagis at 15 and 30M
5 element Yagi at 60 meters.

15: Three stacked 6 element Yagis at 13, 27 and 40 meters on
a rotating tower. 6 element Yagi at 60 meters.

10: Two stacked 6 element Yagis at 10 and 20 meters
6 element Yagi at 20 meters. 7 element Yagi at 60 meters.

Continent Statistics

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America 202 147 199 178 130 138 994 13.0
South America 10 25 27 68 73 74 277 3.6
Europe 56 623 1318 898 1326 1149 5370 70.3
Asia 2 14 111 251 206 105 689 9.0
Africa 18 20 34 41 42 38 193 2.5
Oceania 1 7 24 35 19 26 112 1.5

QSO Counts By Band-Country (10 or more QSOs on any band)

PRFX 160 80 40 20 15 10

9A 1 7 19 8 11 13
DL 10 87 223 112 233 193
EA 28 41 39 50 43
ES 4 3 3 5 11
F 1 50 88 49 82 77
G 10 53 110 71 80 88
GM 2 8 13 7 15 12
GW 2 9 11 7 7 12
HA 17 43 27 31 31
HB 16 23 13 26 19
I 1 20 59 41 64 67
JA 2 50 118 140 73
K 143 62 93 62 32 50
LA 6 15 14 16 10
LU 2 2 25 22 21
LY 12 20 17 20 11
LZ 5 15 14 18 23
OE 6 13 8 13 11
OH 10 36 36 30 27
OK 3 57 105 68 110 100
OM 12 30 24 30 19
ON 1 12 18 8 17 22
OZ 1 5 9 6 9 10
PA 2 10 33 20 28 26
PY 3 5 8 20 23 22
S5 2 27 35 28 36 22
SM 10 44 27 35 25
SP 2 28 45 43 71 54
UA 3 28 81 81 98 60
UA9 2 23 76 27 9
UN 4 11 6 2
UR 1 34 52 29 62 36
VE 34 54 68 66 51 47
VK 1 2 9 13 4 7
YO 1 1 16 8 17 14
YU 15 29 22 24 20
ZL 2 5 10 4 6


HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

0 10/15 94/46 101/42 53/48 38/39 10/11 306/201 306/201
1 11/13 81/21 77/20 23/10 10/2 1/2 203/68 509/269
2 17/9 49/10 75/24 19/10 . . 160/53 669/322
3 24/9 44/12 73/17 13/10 . . 154/48 823/370
4 20/7 43/9 65/12 13/3 . . 141/31 964/401
5 14/4 58/4 90/8 14/7 . . 176/23 1140/424
6 14/3 51/1 66/7 8/6 . . 139/17 1279/441
7 14/2 34/6 76/2 14/10 . . 138/20 1417/461
8 8/1 12/3 88/3 6/4 ..... ..... 114/11 1531/472
9 14/3 3/3 42/7 4/1 . . 63/14 1594/486
10 4/1 . 20/6 5/3 7/9 . 36/19 1630/505
11 8/0 3/5 9/3 49/14 60/38 18/20 147/80 1777/585
12 . 1/0 21/5 80/13 125/28 71/53 298/99 2075/684
13 . . 8/0 49/3 124/10 165/23 346/36 2421/720
14 . . . 42/3 123/9 154/7 319/19 2740/739
15 . . . 40/5 78/5 143/2 261/12 3001/751
16 ..... ..... ..... 64/6 107/3 101/8 272/17 3273/768
17 . . . 114/3 96/5 75/13 285/21 3558/789
18 . . . 81/6 58/4 35/4 174/14 3732/803
19 . . 2/0 52/4 29/3 17/6 100/13 3832/816
20 . . 8/2 43/0 23/0 16/4 90/6 3922/822
21 . 1/0 56/0 30/3 30/5 19/5 136/13 4058/835
22 1/1 6/0 41/1 32/3 42/8 43/2 165/15 4223/850
23 3/1 7/0 43/2 24/2 26/6 25/3 128/14 4351/864
0 ..... 15/0 54/2 34/1 27/1 1/0 131/4 4482/868
1 19/0 39/1 41/0 14/0 3/0 . 116/1 4598/869
2 9/3 34/1 30/0 14/0 2/3 . 89/7 4687/876
3 13/2 43/2 41/0 7/1 . . 104/5 4791/881
4 23/1 33/1 34/0 12/0 . . 102/2 4893/883
5 20/3 55/1 27/0 2/0 . . 104/4 4997/887
6 6/0 33/3 66/0 5/0 . . 110/3 5107/890
7 6/1 38/4 81/0 . . . 125/5 5232/895
8 6/2 18/2 72/1 ..... ..... ..... 96/5 5328/900
9 4/0 3/2 54/0 . . . 61/2 5389/902
10 3/0 2/1 15/0 7/0 2/0 . 29/1 5418/903
11 4/2 1/0 15/2 41/0 39/0 12/2 112/6 5530/909
12 . 1/2 15/2 47/1 117/3 51/1 231/9 5761/918
13 . . . 41/0 129/1 129/3 299/4 6060/922
14 . . . 34/1 91/2 116/4 241/7 6301/929
15 . . . 53/1 79/0 107/0 239/1 6540/930
16 ..... ..... ..... 40/0 89/0 60/1 189/1 6729/931
17 . . . 61/1 63/0 30/0 154/1 6883/932
18 . . . 67/1 45/0 25/0 137/1 7020/933
19 . . . 15/0 10/1 16/1 41/2 7061/935
20 . . 5/0 7/3 11/0 14/1 37/4 7098/939
21 . 5/0 32/1 21/0 27/0 18/1 103/2 7201/941
22 4/2 3/1 61/2 20/0 27/0 11/0 126/5 7327/946
23 1/0 8/1 53/1 20/0 35/2 11/1 128/5 7455/951
DAY1 162/69 487/120 961/161 872/177 976/174 893/163 ..... 4351/864
DAY2 118/16 331/22 696/11 562/10 796/13 601/15 . 3104/87
TOT 280/85 818/142 1657/172 1434/187 1772/187 1494/178 . 7455/951
ZS6DX   SOSB(A)/15 QRP   128,2962002-12-19 20:49:37
Great Contest !, First QRP contest entry with new FT-817 and it worked very
well, will be back for some more QRP contest action next year.
RU1A   M/2 HP   16,292,5642002-12-22 00:08:01
Equipment Description:
160 - 2 el wire , BV USA ,JA ,EU
80 - 3 el yagi up 40 m , dipole
40 - 4 el yagi, 3/3 el yagi
20 - 7 el yagi , 3 el yagi , RQ63 ( 4 quad 20 )
15 - 4*4 yagi , 5/5 el yagi , RQ63 , A3S
10 4*5 fix JA , 7 el yagi , RQ63 , A3S

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America CW 3 196 817 785 508 393 2702 33.1
South America CW 0 19 42 35 43 20 159 1.9
Europe CW 243 817 743 656 718 331 3508 43.0
Asia CW 65 163 448 282 296 323 1577 19.3
Africa CW 8 16 17 25 32 24 122 1.5
Oceania CW 2 6 21 18 18 21 86 1.1
F5PHW   SOAB(A) LP   1,313,4662002-12-23 04:57:22
First time at home with a poor 3 elements beam just over the roof oh the
Had fun ...
A61AJ   M/2 HP   26,375,3822002-12-23 05:17:59
This activity was a cooperation of Slovenia Contest Club (SCC)
and Bavarian Contest Club (BCC)
OZ5BAL   M/S HP   211,2652002-12-25 03:47:55
K1AR(@K1DG)   SOAB HP   5,406,1252002-12-28 09:18:29
Entered the newly self-created but yet to be approved category of Single
Op/Sleep in this one. After a delusional period of thinking that I would use
K1EA's only functional antenna in a mono-40 effort (home construction prevents
other classes of entry), I decided upon a more casual all-band operation from
K1DG's station, hence the 13 hours of off-time. DG is pretty loud in most
places, especially on 6 meters, but I digress.


PS: Would have posted this weeks ago, but I just woke up. Feeling great,

PPS: I'm fairly certain I would have worked only one or two more QSOs (and
probably W1's) had I operated the full 48-hours, based on propagation that
OM7RU   SOAB LP   552,7202002-12-30 17:17:14
Icom IC-706 MkII 100 W + MFJ-969 antenna tuner + W3DZZ
VE7FO   SOAB LP   491,8922003-01-07 14:08:49
Did 10% better than last year. Still some distance from cracking the 1000 Q
barrier. Sorry, no story this time. Too busy with other stuff.
8P5A(W2SC)   SOAB HP   9,340,0002003-01-10 06:29:35
Not real happy with the result. Had a great start but the pileups proved to be
more challenging than I thought. I was fully SO2R capable but could not do much
of it on the high bands.

Super jobs by P40E, P40Q, P40W, and KP3Z

Learned a great deal and will be ready for the next one.

On a happier note, 2001 CQWW SSB first place world plaque arrived yesterday.

QSL to NT1N (Thanks Dave)

Thanks to CQWW Committee for a great event.

73, Tom W2SC 8P5A 8P9JG

PS: Look for a long writeup on CQ-Contest. I will update my website in a few
weeks with info from both CQWW efforts this year.
FY5FY   SOAB QRP   3,888,9002003-01-10 11:14:45
3EL QUAD @16M ON 21/28
3EL YAGI @21M ON 21/28
3EL YAGI @22M ON 14


K4SAC   SOAB LP   70,9772003-01-11 21:59:58
Sorry this is late being posted here on 3830...due to move, I was without
internet for a while. 73 Jack K4SAC

Rig : TS-940S
Antennas : Butternut Vertical Ground mounted

Soapbox : Just moved in new house less than 30 days ago. Ham station was not set
up totally yet.Due to family issues was not able to get on the air much. Had a
blast what time I was on. Looking forward to next year!
LZ9W(@LZ1ZD)   M/S HP   8,878,5002003-01-14 04:43:01
No access to the cluster during the first night. 10m not as good as expected.
Some PC problems too.Where were all these JAs ????

Antennas : 160m - Inv.Vee, 80m - 2 Phased Inv.Vees, 40m -HB9CV, 20m -6L
15m - 6L WA3FET, 10m - 7L WA3FET. Mult stn - KT34XA and dipoles for low bands.
Equipment : PAs - ACOM 2000A, Alpha 91b, TL922, LZ1ZD Kw amp on 40m only
Radios - IC746, IC 735, FT900, TS 940, TS 930

Some new antennas to be added this summer and hopefully installation of the pass
band filters for CQWW SSB 2003 :-)))).

73's de Wally LZ2CJ on behalf of LZ9W Contest Team
IG9A(IKØYVV)   SOAB(A) HP   11,073,6032003-01-14 10:26:38
First try from a 3point land , a lot of work to do before and after the contest
since it has been a tipical IG9-activity : field-day ! 2 towers , 6 antennas to
be erected and done ( all low bands antennas were wire home made ants ) before
the contest and on Monday evening all was packed and ready to be shipped back !!
Untill Saturday at 2230z all was going right but moving a mults from 40 to 160
the second radio crushed ..... something has happened .... i went out and looked
the tower .... a wire element of the 40m 2el crushed over the 160m slooper with
the results that you can imagine . i tried to separate the 2 wires from the
ground level but nothing so i had climb the tower after 23 hours of setting
behind a radio and with darkness for tring to separate the 2 wires . After 30min
i was back from the tower , done the job , but i lost more or less 90 mins and
...... the second radio ! I had also some problems with the packet cluster but
..... that's murphy . Cndx has been not as good as espected mainly on the high
bands , 10/15/20 closed both days quiete at the same time :early . The big
surprise come from 160 , i spent there just few hours on sunday evening ( the
problem on the first night caused even high SWR on the 160m ant ) but this time
produced a lots of mults ( the first station who replied to my cq has been 9L1AB
... tnx Andy ) .

73s cul sn de:
OH4A(OH6QU)   SOSB/20 HP   647,4002003-01-14 13:01:10
The conditions were really lousy on 20M at the beginning of the
contest. There were no pile-ups at all during the first night and
it took 8,5h before the first US station (N7WA) came to my CQ.

Due to poor conditions I did not push myself for maximum
performance but just enjoyed the contest and pile-ups when the
conditions improved a bit. I just wish that there will be better
luck with conditions next year!

Thanks everyone who worked OH4A! QSL goes via OH6LI (via buro).

2 x Kenwood TS-850S/AT
Top Ten Devices DX Doubler (SO2R controller)
Commander HF-2500/kW
6 x 4 el monoband yagis in two fully rotable towers; 4 over 4 over
4 on 42m (140') tower and 4 over 4 over 4 on 45m (150') tower
2 el delta loop fixed to EU at few meters above the ground

73 and cuagn next year,
Jari OH6QU
P4ØA(KK9A)   SOAB QRP   3,700,0002003-01-14 14:44:55
The CQWW Phone contest was plagued with problems such as a computer virus, a
dead transceiver and a power failure. I returned to Aruba for the CQ contest
with a different Yaesu 1000MP Mark-V and hoped that Murphy had left the island.
This time the only thing that broke was the A/C which I was able to get it
repaired before the contest started. CW is not my best mode, but I knew that
there would be three great high power P4 ops keeping the pileups down to a
manageable level. I installed my temporary antenna before the contest, used a
band decoder for switching and Writelog software. I tried to run stations
whenever I could and I'm very happy with my QSO totals. The multiplier totals
are disappointing. Many Caribbean stations couldn't hear me on the back of
their antennas and on 80m no one could hear me. This was my first CQWW CW as DX
and my lack of experience also effected this total. It was a last minute
decision to operate this contest and I am so glad that I did. I had a blast!
Congratulations to P40E (CT1BOH), P40Q (K0DQ) and P40W (W2GD) who all did a
fantastic job from this not so rare country. Iguana Villa - Aruba currently has
an empty 70' tower and hopefully permanent antennas will be installed later this
year. Thanks for the QSO's - QSL via WD9DZV.

OH3XR   SOSB(A)/80 HP   171,3362003-01-16 22:07:54
ZW5UF(@PY5UFP)   M/M HP   813,8882003-03-10 22:41:18
QTH: University Federal of Parana State -
Operator List: PY5JO (John), PY5CAM (Charles), PY5BF (Fox), PY5TJ (Rib),
PY5ZT (Wilson)

Equipment Description:
Kenwood TS50s, Dentron Amplifier 500W, Yagi Monoband 5 Elem 10 Meters.
Icom IC-706MK2 100W, Dipolo 40/80 Meters, Yagi Tri-Band 3 Elem 10/15/20

Club Affiliation: Araucaria DX Group - GADX