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SP DX Contest   2008   Apr 5   Comment Summary

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UZ5UA(VLADIMIR)   SOSB/160Mixed LP   2,1602008-04-05 22:18:36
LY5W(@LY3V)   SOSB/80CW HP   8,1602008-04-06 05:53:18
TNX LY2FN for qth. Were nice to hear old friends!
2EØCVN   SOABMixed LP   14,0222008-04-06 07:02:01
Only a part time effort. But happy to get over 100!
OP4A   SO3BMixed HP   94,3202008-04-06 08:00:20
Nice contest with a lot of activity,
Logging with SD works execlent,
Best 73 to all
Till the next one.
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   SOABCW LP   78,7202008-04-06 08:16:21
TS 850 SAT 100W , A3s 3ele yagi , 80/40 half sloper , 160 trap sloper.

Very good activity! Only 15m QSO - SP6T , very short opening here.
Glad to have 31 - 160M QSO's - congrats for good ears.

CU next time , 73 de Nasko ,LZ9R
KO7X   SOSB/20CW HP   1,9202008-04-06 08:33:30
Not exactly a barn burner but managed to work all 16 voivodeships. Many of the
low power/single element antenna stations were unreadable or unworkable from
out here. Conditions were poor and there was a period on Saturday morning where
20 meters appeared to close down completely. It eventually came back and stayed
open fairly late. Next year has to be better than this.
VE1RGB   SOABCW LP   21,1142008-04-06 08:56:59
Hard going from here, but this is my best score ever in this contest (seventh in
a row) and very satisfying to get the sweep of the Polish provinces on three
bands. All of the bands were very, very noisy, and by mid-night last night
(local) I was using the beverage and at the same time I had the K3 configured
with Attenuation ON, Noise Reducer ON, Noise Blanker ON, the filters narrowed
up, and the RF gain backed off from 5 o'clock to 12 o'clock, all to improve my
SNR. Good thing the radio has lots of AF Gain!

Congratulations to the SPs on their 75th anniversary of SPDX from the Halifax
Amateur Radio Club, which is Canada's first established ARC, also celebrating
its 75th anniversary in August 2008 (see

Rig: K3/100 #095
Antennas: Steppir (BigIR) vertical, 80 and 160M dipoles, and beverage + DX
Engineering NCC-1 Noise Canceling Controller.

Gary, VE1RGB
K3WW   SOABMixed HP   78,6482008-04-06 09:05:08
Nice 75th Anniversary turn out.
F5IN   SOABCW HP   69,5042008-04-06 09:49:04
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YL7A(YL2GM)   SO3BMixed HP   101,5202008-04-06 10:20:31
Tnx, contest was fine!
There was 5 YL stations in 1933 SPDXC and YL2BB in top ten.
73, Yuris
VU2PTT   SO3BMixed HP   12,6542008-04-06 10:37:39
Rig: IC-746PRO + SB=200 AMp about 400 Watts to C3S at 60' + Wire Vertical for

Heavy family commitments, but kept a target of atleast 100 QSOs this time. Did
that in about 7 hours spread in several small parts. Enjoyed some ESP QSOs :)

Amazing to hear other stations with 1K+ QSOs, just reflects the level of
actvity in SP-land!!! Hope to do more next year.
SPØPZK   M/S HP   259,6592008-04-06 11:06:52
Bad propagation on high bands, but great activity on low bands - thanks.
Worked from PZK HQ.
FT1000MkV + PA,
Tribander and inverted vees.

You can get special anniwersary (75th SPDXC) award for participation in SPDX
Check at

Marek SQ2GXO
G3TXF   SOABCW HP   24,2522008-04-06 13:45:17
Joined in the SP-Contest (on CW only) for a couple of brief sessions. Pleased to
get a full-house of Province Mults on both 80m and 40m (but whatever happened to
the old Powiats?). Only got 11/16 on 20m. I was not at home during the time when
20m would have been open properly to SP.

73 - Nigel G3TXF
S51CK   SOSB/40SSB HP   15,0242008-04-06 14:39:52
SP6YAQ(SQ6MS)   SOSB/40CW HP   88,0402008-04-06 14:47:26
Thanks for all qso.Worst conditions ever since i participate in sp-dx
contest.Another good expirence - see you next year!
CT1ENQ   SOSB/40CW LP   362008-04-06 16:40:21
Didnt have time during this weekend. N1MM reports 0,07h time on :)
Found a few minutes to give make the bencher work hi

K4BAI   SOSB/20CW HP   122008-04-06 18:48:39
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX. Sorry for limited time. Please look for
W4AN/M and others in Ga QSO Party next weekend. See: 73, John, K4BAI.
OH8MJ(OH1RX)   SO3BCW LP   38,0702008-04-06 22:10:42
Thanks for the new 3band category. Fits well to us within 1000km radious from
SP. This would be worth to consider in other contests, too.
73s de Jouko
SP6A   SOSB/40CW HP   26,5002008-04-07 00:46:15
Due to family commintmens only partial effort. Using only GP antenna in the
middle of the town, and IC 756 pro + GU13, thanks to all competitors for the
points - Zbigniew SP6A
IT9RBW   SOSB/80SSB HP   2,1002008-04-07 02:37:43
Just 1 hours! see you next here.

73s de IT9RBW Joe
N2WN   SOABCW LP   7,0382008-04-07 05:08:20
Conditions left something to be desired, but plenty of SP stations on 20. Wish
15 had opened here. First CW contest with the new K3...
SN2M(SP2XF)   SOSB/160CW HP   9,8642008-04-07 07:13:58
RIG: IC 775 + PA
ANT: Sloping longwire, 75m total lenght, abt 12m up
RX ANT: 3 Beverages on the ground (JA, VK, Middle East) + 2 x K9AY used for
West EU and North America

TNX everybody for calling. See you next year.
VE3QAA   SOABCW HP   55,3322008-04-07 08:24:20
Very poor conditions. No opening on 10 or 15m. Shorter than normal opening and
high noise on 20m. Very high noise on 40 and 80. Usual noise and reasonable
activity on 160, especially near sunrise in Poland.
CT1ETE   SOSB/20CW LP   3,0722008-04-07 08:43:04
I couldn't participate the entire 24 hour period but I wanted to be an entry for
the 75th anniversary edition of SP DX Contest.

Band conditions were not amazing.

My working conditions:

RIG: Kenwwod TS-870
Antenna: 20 meter Long-wire
Power: 125 watts
Looger: N1MM

Always a pleasure to be on-the-air.
PA3ARM   SOABCW LP   17,5442008-04-07 08:52:36
Too bad 20m wud not open whole Sunday fer stns in PA land.
Lots of stns participating. Nice contest.

Ten Tec Orion II 100W
inv. vee 10m up; 2x9m fer all bands.

cu in 2009
VA3EF   SOABCW HP   53,9282008-04-07 11:07:54
Nice 75th anniversary with good SP stations activity. I guess only bad
conditions prevent everyone get better results. Till next year...
73 George
YW7A(VIC)   SOABCW LP   2,5922008-04-07 15:33:17
RIG: IC-735
PWR: 100W
Ant: dipole 40m, YAGI 10,15,20
Sloper: 80m
Logger: SD 14.00

Despite some occupations and jobs here at home on the weekend, I had time to
make some contacts ... See you at the next contest
N8II   SOABMixed LP   15,9602008-04-08 05:26:39
Operating in a DX contest with low power at the very bottom of the solar cyle is
a challenge to say the least. 15 never opened which was expected, but 20M was
well on it's way to closing by 19Z and closed by around 20Z. I could still hear
EA,F,I,YO making some Q's with SP at 20Z, but nil heard here. 40M peaked between
2215 and 2315Z and sunset was about 2340Z. By 0015Z, signals were weak from the
big guns. SP6YAQ was the beacon 40M signal. QRN was high on 80M and almost
every station had to struggle to copy me. Sunday, I didn't show on 20M until
1220Z, expecting to have missed a good hour of the opneing; sunrise is about
1050Z. Instead, the loudest SP was about S5 with my 5 El yagi and signals very
slowly improved from then until the peak around 1315-1400Z.

I couldn't run many stations on 20M. Most were run on CW, but I did catch a
quick 4 Q's on phone in the last hour. This contest is a lot of fun when condx
are better. I look forward to trying again when 15 and 10M are open.
SP/DJ1YFK(@SP5ZCC)   SO3BCW LP   32,3402008-04-08 08:34:04
Checklog. FT990, 100W, Dipoles.
VK6DXI   SOABMixed HP   30,8552008-04-08 09:08:42
It was an honour to participate in a special, 75th edition
of the SPDX Contest. Something to celebrate.
Unfortuntely I think it was the worst band conditions I
have ever experienced in SPDX Contest. I just hope it
will just get better from now on.
Dziekuje wszystkim za cierpliwosc i lacznosci. Do
uslyszenia sie ponownie na pasmach.73
EA5VK   SOSB/20SSB QRP   8,2082008-04-09 13:59:16
I really enjoyed SP stations calling me for two hours and a half. My rigs were
an old FT101E and a FL2100Z. The antenna was a windom in a quite bad location.
I'm sure the propagation was better this year than the year before.

YO8AXP   SOABCW LP   56,7842008-04-11 00:34:51
Congratulations for the contest and anniversary!
To SP, poor cndx in 14 MHz es 21/28 was closed for me.
S56A   SO3BMixed LP   28,3412008-04-12 04:37:48
Slow start but great activity for 75 years SP celebration.

73 de Mario, S56A
NØKE   SOSB/20Mixed HP   8192008-04-13 06:33:21
Very poor condx from western W0.
YR1Z(YO9GZU)   SO3BMixed HP   22,3742008-04-19 04:58:11
We did some contesting in between YO22NATO special event operation, sharing
station with Ionut YO9WF. Nice SSB pile-up of SP stations at the end of the
contest. Sorry that we didn't put in more hours. SPDXC starts to look like WAG.
Congratulation to the sponsors!

73 Tibi YO9GZU