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IOTA Contest   2007   Jul 28   Comment Summary

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K4TD   SO12CW QRP   5,3042007-07-29 01:04:00
Couldn't sleep so I got on the air to hand out a few Q's and test out a new
ORION XCVR... QRP on 40 meters in the summer is interesting to say the
least... :-)
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   SO12Mixed LP   692,4722007-07-29 01:52:54
TS850SAT 100W A3S 3ele yagi ; Half Slopers 80/40

Very Bad condx from home station.Just try to work every heard IOTA station.
About 95% of QSOs were with Islanders.
73 CU Next Year with better conditions.

73 de Nasko , LZ9R
PY2OMS   SO(A)12Mixed HP   410,8322007-07-29 03:58:46
Bad propagation but nice contest people.
Thanks for being on my log
PY2NY   SO12Mixed LP   63,6482007-07-29 05:06:38
Much better than last year, under incredible bad conditions. I am happy
with my Low Power effort from my own home this time. Warming up for the
WAEDC CW Contest... I had time to take some wine during the contest and
even to try a new RUFZ personal score. Thanks to everybody on the log!!
S56A(@S55A)   SO12CW LP   404,4302007-07-29 05:08:05
FT-1000MP MkV and antennas needed maintenance before this contest :-)

We had fun sharing station and a lot of red wine unfortunately without S53Z

73 de Mario, S56A
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SO12CW HP   524,9642007-07-29 05:09:57

Antennas:- C/craft A3S @ 50ft Titanex 160HD
Amp:- Acom-1000
Rig:- Ic-756 Pro 3

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's.
Score is a bit down on last year due to a few less mults.
Condx were good all round.
Best hour was 122 with another 4 over 100.

Not a lot of listening was going on in the pile ups.
It would speed things up a lot if you could hear an
exchange the first time round without having to ask
for numerous repeats due to consistent calling.

73 and hope to cu in the TARA Grid Dip, Steve.
YL9T(YL2TW)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   680,5862007-07-29 05:11:41
Did not worked for a result this year, just for fun. Activity was great but the
propagation was bad. Thanks for IOTA expeditions! 73!
DL8MBS   SO12CW QRP   136,6202007-07-29 05:14:10
Ufffffff... At least condx were not worse than the weather.
Best 73, Chris

K4BK/4   SO12SSB LP   2,6522007-07-29 05:20:31
Antenna: Hustler 5 Band Vertical
Rig: Collins KWM-2A

Only a part time operation (between Honey-do projects). Thanks for the Q's.
73, Jim
OL3R(OK1VWK)   SO(A)12Mixed LP   214,1762007-07-29 05:20:37
Only for fun from my flat, but good experience with low power in low sun spot
cycle. Only wire antenna projects. Antenna for 80m had good SWR ratio only in
CW segment of 80m. No contact on 80SSB because of high SWR.

3band Inv.V 10-15-20@12m
2band Inv.V 40-80@15m (EA6XD design)
FT1000MP Inrad - only 50W, my power supply gives max 15A

Next to see you in next contest. Propably some CQWW on behalf of OL7R team.

73 de Milan OK1VWK/OL3R
DR6IOTA   Multi-Op HP   13,339,3682007-07-29 05:28:06

KØFX   SO12CW HP   108,1202007-07-29 05:39:50
Thanks to the RSGB for another fun contest.
Also, thanks to all the portable stations for
making it possible.
Nothing heard on 10/15, thanks to VK7GN for the only
80m QSO.
Equipment: IC-765 + SB-220 at 400w,
KT-34XA 10/15/20, 2el yagi 40m, 1/4 sloper 80m.

See you next year.
73 Don K0FX
W2LHL   SO12CW LP   22,2002007-07-29 05:53:09
For a change, Saturday was just too good to stay indoors.
100W., 4BTV
UY5ZZ   SO12SSB HP   566,5802007-07-29 06:05:44
Band Mode QSOs Pts Exc
3,5 LSB 65 639 25
7 LSB 120 936 32
14 USB 214 1842 59
21 USB 44 420 19
28 USB 19 153 7
Total Both 462 3990 142
Score: 566 580
W4PTS   SO24SSB LP   2,3432007-07-29 06:05:54
I took short breaks from painting the living and dining rooms to go play
radio...between that and poor band conditions (heard NOTHING except on 20,
IOTA-wise) and a small station, this is what I mustered. Also had an interface
issue after I installed new filters on my radio, but a simple reset of the
radio's cpu and I was up and running....sort least up!!!


de Dan, W4PTS
NG7Z   SO24CW LP   22,3442007-07-29 06:28:39
Thanks to all the hardy souls who went to the islands. Sure glad I put up the
beam as I never would have worked a lot of them. Couldn't put in much more time
with so much to do in the yard. So I got on in for a few minutes each hour. EU
was weak on Saturday morning and most of them couldn't hear me even though I
could hear them. During the rest of the day, signals were up and down on 20M
and 40M didn't open up enough for me to be heard until 8pm. By that time, I was
getting sleepy after working in the yard. So bagged it at around 9:30.
73 and thanks for the q's
Paul NG7Z
NY4A   SO12CW HP   662,4182007-07-29 06:29:57
Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 71 585 22
7 214 1434 54
14 397 2343 51
21 44 336 14
Total 726 4698 141

Score : 662,418
S55A   SO12CW LP   43,0502007-07-29 07:01:04
Shared CW operation with S56A guest op.

73 de Vlado, S55A
SK7OA   Multi-Op LP   579,4982007-07-29 07:06:12
2 DUP QSO, 1 on 80m & 1 on 40m both SSB.
N5XZ   SO24Mixed HP   166,1402007-07-29 07:06:21
Fun contest. Had to QRT for a while due to storms. Wish I had more time to
N1MGO   SO24CW HP   17,5772007-07-29 07:07:18
Just a little time to operate, never done the IOTA before, was fun and lots of
special stations on!
Propagation was very poor, and lots of thunderstorms in my area, so lots of off

Thanks! Gordon - N1MGO (can we get a RTTY version of this??)
YL7X(YL2LY)   SO24Mixed HP   922,4282007-07-29 07:19:14
Good pileup on 15m ssb last 2 hours ...
Thanks to organizers and all ham's company :)))
Mult's info is not correct...
73, Arvis
N4ZR   SO12CW HP   9,4052007-07-29 07:39:52
Just had a couple of hours' free time, but enjoyed the chance to test summer
improvements in the station.
OK3C(OK2ZC)   SO12CW LP   746,8412007-07-29 07:46:02
better score then last year

see you in WAE CW

Ludek OK2ZC
AA4V   SO12Mixed HP   559,1072007-07-29 08:03:36
As usual at this time of year, we had severe storms in the area for nearly the
entire contest period. Reception on 40 and 80 was very poor with 9 +20 QRN
all directions. Thanks to everyone for the Qs.
EI5DI   SO12Mixed LP   286,6382007-07-29 08:11:56
SDI, WinKey, Pro3
K3OO(@K3OOOOO)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   45,1292007-07-29 08:37:35
Interesting 15m opening at 2240z. I took a quick listen to 15m cw with beam
toward Europe. Heard JA6LCJ/6 cqing.. Turned beam to JA and he was s8.. also
worked JA2ACI,KG6DX on cw.. then BX5AA on 15m ssb with a good signal.. Nice to
hear at the bottom of the cycle.
73,Rick K3OO
SJØX(@SKØUX)   Multi-Op HP   287,6162007-07-29 08:50:00
No comments needed. Nino was the strongest on the band, and the runner up was
IC8R   Multi-Op HP   6,301,6202007-07-29 09:04:00
WP4I(WP3C)   SO24SSB LP   605,5292007-07-29 09:22:55

The propagation was terrible but had fun! See you in the next contest, 73'

Att Alfredo Velez WP3C/WP4I
G4FKA   SO24Mixed LP   614,7752007-07-29 09:27:18
S&P throughout and specifically hunting for island stations so a high proportion
of mults. IC756 ProIII, 100w, MFJ993B auto-tuner, 10m wire vertical and 30m
inverted V doublet. Conditions variable and higher than average noise levels.
Good fun chasing islands from home instead of being on expedition as usual.
VA7ST   SO12CW HP   75,5762007-07-29 10:06:50
Ran SO1R assisted. Space wx: started with SFI=69 A=10 K=3 and ended with 70, 5,
3 -- so things were quite lousy overall.

* FT920 and SB221
* N1MM Logger
* 3-ele. yagi at 45'
* 40M half-square SE-NW and NE-SW
* Ground-mounted vertical (80M) + delta loop

Thanks RSGB for the contest! 40M was great to the Pacific both mornings
(contest starts 5 a.m. local). 20M was good to EU, but 15M and 10M were
washouts. Great to work FW0YL on 20 and 40 with strong signals.

Congratulations to the Kiwis -- ZLs were out in great numbers once again (7
worked). Also, had more than the usual share of VKs (7 worked). Was nice to
hear young Raj (VK4FRAJ) in there again.

Disappointing JA turnout. Only worked 7 JAs in total (2 on 20M, 7 on 40M)
despite long, long CQs in their direction and a lot of S&P looking around. I
was once again relying on finding plenty of JA 15-pointers to partly counter
the East Coast advantage into EU. In tests like this one, when the JAs aren't
running, I can't run. Had some decent UA runs but few IOTAs in the mix.

80M was a wasteland -- were there stations under the atmospheric noise? Did
find P43E and VE7NH for mults. Only two other stations heard and worked.

Amp at 500W helped keep the monotony at bay, but there were still long periods
of unanswered 40M CQs in the late evening and early Sunday morning. The extra
5x power only produced 10 more mults and 38 more Qs than last year as LP,
however last year I put in a few more hours.

Year Qs Mults Score
2007: 292 47 75,576
2006: 254 37 49,950
2004: 39 10 2,370
2002: 25 12 2,628

Took a lot of long (hour+) breaks, but thought I'd be over 12 hours. Turns out
I was actually an hour or so under the 12-hour limit.
N1LI(K1DG)   SO12Mixed HP   1,248,3242007-07-29 10:12:56
First time in this one - amazing amount of activity. Had a great time. Might try
a serious effort in the 24-hour category next year! It is good to be on an


Doug K1DG
WN6K   SO12Mixed LP   16,8752007-07-29 10:17:00
Typical up and down conditions here ... noisey ...decided to go to bed after
going up and down 40 and not finding any IOTAs and hearing almost no SSB

OZ6PI   SO(A)24Mixed LP   414,0812007-07-29 10:53:07
Hi all!

Many thanks for a nice contest, also thanks to all who went to the islands!

See you again!


SM5D(SM5DJZ)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   387,9002007-07-29 11:31:33
Just having fun and chasing almost only Island stations.
Quite a bit of heavy QRM from very strong Non-Island stations when they were
CQ-ing and making a bit hard to copy weak Islanders.
PC6IOTA   Multi-Op LP   2,737,1882007-07-29 11:41:54
For the third time we participated with the special callsign PC6IOTA in this
contest, it was fun again! ALL QSO's will be confirmed with QSL automatically
via the bureau.

Our station set-up:

Yeasu FT-2000
Yeasu FT-920
both 100 Watts

FB-33, approx. 12 meters above the ground
Cuschraft R7, 5 meters above the ground
G5RV dipole, feeding point 10 meters above the ground

Logging software: N1MM

More info on
DQ4W   Multi-Op HP   5,674,3832007-07-29 11:59:06
Not a serious effort - this weekend's mixture included: antenna work, training
new contest OPs and enjoying the nice IOTA contest.

73 de DQ4W.
K2NNY(N2ZN)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   10,3682007-07-29 12:48:07
Just a few qso's in between bathroom remodeling.
HB9CZF   SO12CW LP   545,8322007-07-29 12:51:16
more on

73 de Dominik, HB9CZF
SM6EQO/P   Multi-Op QRP   457,2272007-07-29 13:03:42
rig: Elecraft K2
ant: W3DZZ, GP for 20 meters, GP for 15 meters
N4PN   SO24Mixed HP   1,303,8242007-07-29 13:09:56
Weather played a part in this contest. Had to shut down once on Saturday
afternoon and again on Sunday morning. Great run into Europe on 20m
Saturday evening. Who would need sunspots if condx were that good for
extended periods of time? Not many JA's worked or any Asia except for a
few 4X/4Z, ZC4, C4, UA9/0 and BX5AA.
Lots of serial number 001's in log - calling for anyone on 20m phone
helped somewhat but stopping to explain what was going on took more time
than it was probably worth. 10m proved to take even more time and not sure
those 44 SSB Q's was worth the time.
Thanks to all who kept me in the chair once again.
73, Paul
VA3RKM   SO12CW QRP   13,6502007-07-29 13:10:00
K2, 5w, verticals. Tough going at times for QRP. Thanks for your patience!
KN4Y   SO12CW LP   13,8062007-07-29 13:48:03
Did what I could in the short time I had to do it. Fair conditions.
N2WN   SO12CW LP   199,6562007-07-29 14:59:11
Conditions were so-so here Saturday at the start, decided against 24 hours to do
some needed tree pruning while the weather was on my side. 20 and 40 were the
place to be, much like a state QSO party, 80 was too noisy between area storms
and a street light on the fritz. Night bunch of NA islands kept things going.
Was happy to work FW0YL twice, some nice openings to the Pacific. Sounded like
the EU islands were having a blast, wish I could have worked a few more. Thanks
to all the folks who traveled to tough islands for the rest of us. Catch you in
the next one!


TNQP 2007
9 Sept, 1800z - 10 Sept, 0300z
YV7QP(VIC)   SO12CW LP   16,3802007-07-29 15:14:28
PWR: 100W

MDØCCE   SO24CW LP   1,141,9202007-07-29 15:37:16
FT-2000, 4-el SteppIR at 80ft for 40-10m, vertical and inverted vee for 80m,
Writelog and micro Keyer.

Poor conditions on 10m and 15m seemed to be made up for by the numbers and
enthusiasm of participants on other bands. A fun contest and nice to see so
many islands activated on WARC bands before/after the contest as well. Thanks
for all the Qs and see you from 3B7C next....73, Bob
G3TXF   SO24Mixed HP   446,4002007-07-29 16:21:59
Enjoyable part-time (QRV 14 hrs) activity mostly on 80m CW and 20m CW. Just a
few QSOs on SSB. Highlight was being called by KG6DX (Guam) on 20m CW just two
minutes before the end! Conditions sounded pretty grim although a couple of JAs
were worked on 20m CW.
W7WHY   SO12CW HP   1,6382007-07-29 17:15:34
Just a few Q's here and there as the wife and I were packing the camper for
vacation. We are heading for a couple of weeks camping and fishing so I would
sneak in and make s few conatacts while the XYL was putting away the
groceries, etc.

Either band conditions were terrible, or not many guys on because 20 meters
seemed dead here. I did go up and listen on 10 and heard some guys on cw
around 28.250. Called CQ down lower in the band, but never got any replies,
even though 10 was open. 73 and thanks for the Q's.
K4RO   SO12CW HP   8,8202007-07-29 17:41:26
First time in this contest. Surprising activity level.
I like the "everyone works everyone" format contests.
Say really, how does N4PN do it? Paul is amazing.


-Kirk K4RO
NE1RD/1   SO12SSB QRP   3,5372007-07-29 17:52:45
I camped on Lovells island for this event. Two boat rides, a fierce thunderstorm
mid-contest, and no sunspots made it tough going. My 9 hour effort from the camp
site didn't even match last year's 6 hour effort from Georges island. I checked
my antenna connections more than once. I could hear Europeans, but it was like
trying to eavesdrop on a conversation held in an adjacient room. And, with QRP
and a vertical, they could hear me. Still, I always enjoy this contest and have
already been thinking about next year.
KØXP   SO12CW LP   86,3042007-07-29 18:33:56
Couldn't get my head into this one, and fast QSB on all bands required numerous
repeat requests. QRN was OK though a little higher than usual. Finally quit
early at 0630Z Sunday. Thanks to all for the island expeditions, good shows!

Rig: TS-130S
Ant: 80m Inv V
40m Sloper
20m Sloper
K4BAI   SO12Mixed HP   364,6502007-07-29 18:52:33
FT1000MP, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole, inverted vee. Conditions were pretty good for
USA contacts on all bands. 40 was fair to Europe, but QRN was high. 15 and 10
were open for short skip and a few European QSOs on 15M. Lots of signals on
10M, but very few were interested in the contest. I didn't hear any IOTA
stations on 10M. Despite conditions to Europe, score was higher than last year
with less time spent this year. Thanks for the QSOs. Maybe next year I can go
to another IOTA island for the contest. 73, John, K4BAI.
YB2ECG   SO24SSB LP   77,5502007-07-29 20:36:49
It's always fun joining the IOTA Contest series.
K6VVA   SO(A)12Mixed HP   17,8202007-07-29 20:43:53
Condx here were terrible for the most part. Lots of weak signals with fast QSB.
I miss working Europe in Contests, but nice to see so many VK/ZL folks come to
the party.

If anyone still needs NA-041, I'm hoping to be there in early September.


Rick, K6VVA
DJ6QT   SO12SSB HP   588,6722007-07-30 01:26:31
Condx could have been better a lot of deep QSB.
Thanks for those who are in my log.
OH4A(OH6KZP)   SO24Mixed HP   4,508,3222007-07-30 02:20:48
Beat last year's winning claimed score by an inch, but it seems that's not
enough this year; congratulations to UW2M/UR0MC!

OH4A was not in full swing this time, as some antenna work was done just prior
to the contest and it was not possible to rotate the second tower. Still, the
station and the antennas worked their magic without problems.

Sincere thanks to Jukka (OH6LI) and Merja for their hospitality and for another
opportunity to use the fabulous station. Thanks also to all those island
stations who moved through bands and/or modes for me to get the multiplier.
This was a lot of fun, except for a period of some serious fatigue around
03z... :)
G4FAL   SO24Mixed HP   1,255,4102007-07-30 04:44:00
I tried to operate for 24 hours and found that I was still coherent at 11:59 UTC
on Sunday when I had expected to be too tired to think.

Aerials: 80m and 40m dipoles, 20m - 10m 2-ele tribander at 45 feet
Rig: FT2K and Quadra
Software: Wintest version 3.13 for one hour then Wintest 3.10. (Unfortunately I
had downloaded the bad version last Wednesday (unlucky 13) which had a horrid
problem with IOTA island idents which were not correctly copied to later QSOs
with a previously worked station). This was just bad timing but lost me most of
an hour. I plugged a high res monitor into my laptop and it was great to spread
all the little windows all over the screen. Not being familiar with Wintest, it
took me a while to find out how to speed up the CW (alt F9/F10) and only after
20 hours did I find where the current speed is shown!

The canine radiology was poor but there were plenty of European islands to
work. I struggled with running a frequency as I only have "domestic" aerials -
also running gets lots of 3 point contacts and few multipliers.

On 80m someone came back to me as G4FKA saying he thought I was Geoff - a
couple of minutes later Geoff called me - weird eh?

Thanks to all for the contacts and hope to see you next year.
OH9A(OH1TM)   SO24Mixed HP   4,015,0892007-07-30 05:43:01
A single op effort from Sandstrom reef this time.
10/15m almost dead on Saturday, on Sunday some Es to Europe.
Nice pileups, but getting multipliers needs a lot of work with
a vertical..

Thanks for QSOS!

73 Timo OH1TM
PB2T/P   Multi-Op HP   5,640,5762007-07-30 06:31:40
For the seventh time our club visited Goeree island. Every year
the team gets bigger, the food and drinks better, but the number
of QSOs lower. Some say it is the sun spot cycle.....
Rig; 2 times FT1000 + ACOM + home made stubs system
Ant; 10/15/20 - 2 el Quad + 3 el SteppIR, 80 + 40 - vertical + dipole
VY2LI   SO12SSB LP   5,2202007-07-30 07:40:13
Squeezed in an hour of operating time while at QTH to do laundry.With
temperature running close to 31C outside, my basement shack was a great place
to be.Hope we got in your log,73,Bill
AA9DY   SO12SSB LP   1352007-07-30 07:42:33
Wasn't planning on playing. Maybe next time. Just got on while I was in
Galena, IL with a portable setup checking out my ILQSOP location for his
PA3ARM   SO12CW LP   141,3812007-07-30 08:21:25
Ten Tec Orion II - 100W - inv vee es dipoles
LZ4UU   SO24CW LP   1,179,2792007-07-30 08:40:34
Still a very nice contest,but a lot of stations didn't managed to handle that
big pile-ups after spotting.Especially on 20,it had never been that hard to
work even some of the big guns like OH9A,OH0X,UU7J,M8C,N1LI,etc.Otherwise,80/40
been pretty good for summertime,and some nice openings on 15/10 should be
noticed.The top qso was VK2CCC on 40m 2 hours before my sunset,pleased to have
in my log YE1ZAT,KG6DX,VQ9JC,VK6DXI,9M6XRO and many other from
east-southeast,as usual worst my direction was NA(3 qso for the entire
contest),nothing from SA...

73/cu in EUHFC that week!
Iliya LZ4UU
DF1LON/P   SO12CW LP   215,0002007-07-30 12:04:00
Great Contest, very bad weather. My YL and I were on a camping place on Borkum
EU-047. I had to lower my glasfiber mast so that it will not break in the wind.
Station TS-480 100w, 9m Glasfibermast, SG230 tuner and 4 radials (each 10m long)
somewhere on the smal piece of ground that we had for our tent.
We had lot of rain and very strong winds. The glasfiber mast could not be left
unattended because it collapsed a few times. Lots of rain and especially the
sand makes it a bit unsafe.
And now we also need a new tent. One of the supporting glasfiber bars is
broken, the stitching of the tent is damaged at some places and after the first
night we already needed some new ropes to tighten the tent because the piece
that is responsible for adjusting the rope length was broken. Never had so much
bad weather during an IOTA Contest.
I was QRV the first 8 contest hours and on sunday morning from 5utc until 9utc.
Next time I have to spend more time on 80m to collect some more mults. Nothing
heared on 10m and only one signal on 15m during my 12h contest time. Very
difficult to find those needed IOTA Mults. Seems that more IOTA stations use
SSB than CW.

73 de Lars DF1LON
DJ6TK   SO12CW LP   90,2162007-07-30 13:19:13
graeting from Flensburg/Germany.
Vy 73 and moin moin,
Wilf - dj6tk -
DL3TD   SO(A)24Mixed HP   4,762,8002007-07-30 14:09:50
This was my first IOTA Contest and I had fun.
73, cul in next IOTA Contest Lothar, DL3TD
N4A   Multi-Op LP   419,1362007-07-30 14:33:36
W4KAZ and myself decided to head for the Core Banks for a little IOTA DXPedition
this year. It was a blast, even though conditions stunk in the afternoon on
Saturday. The rates were very good prior to sunset and a few hours after. We
hope to be QRV for IOTA again next year. It was a lot of fun operating with
Keith, as always.

Our antennas were a 40M inverted vee, multi-band vertical and a long wire.


PY2KC   SO(A)12SSB HP   165,4652007-07-30 15:12:12
Time on : 5 hs

Just pile up fun

VE7NH   SO12Mixed LP   64,6982007-07-30 16:19:36
8 Hours, 310 QSO's from approx 1200 CQ's !!!! Condx pathetic over here,
and my local Power Line Noise going strong as usual. Very few EU worked,
and those were very strong. JA's missing, and only a couple from Oceania.
I think for the West coast, the start and finish times are not too suitable,
but you can't please everybody. Sorry I missed out a lot of USA due to
sigs being under the Power Line noise. Hopefully an Inspector will come
this week and try to locate it, (or I should say them, because they come
from all directions according to my beams). However did manage to work
seven new IOTA's. Hopefully will collect their QSL cards.
Wait till next year!!
YW1DX   Multi-Op LP   42,5702007-07-30 18:31:26
Thanks all who help us to make this IOTA activation,just 36 hours in the
Island,our original plan was to take part in HP,our second generator did not
start after several tests in land,well we decided to take part in LP,from our
qth,the begining of the contest was dificult no propagation for several
hours,never open 10 or 15m,at nigth an elctrical storm disturb our plan and we
had to stand by for more than an hour,until storm and rain let us turn on the
main generator.Anyway we are happy permiting many IOTA hunters get our QSL from
our QSL manger IT9DAA,Corrado.
Once again thanks to all spot us,and suporting us like sponsor or donor,see you
in our next Dxventure. Check out pictures at:

Team YW1DX
Alex YV5SSB Team Leader.
VA7XP   Multi-Op LP   6122007-07-30 22:05:24
Went on DXPedition for the day. Propagation was absolutely horrible.
Had great weather and food though. Ferry ride was very pleasant.
K6GEP   SO(A)12Mixed LP   16,7042007-07-30 22:28:34
My first time out entering the IOTA contest. As everyone else has said,
the conditions were awful. Neither of the big summertime contests had
a good opening to Europe this year. Thankfully, I have been working some
good DX on the weeknights to make up for it.

It was a combination of boredom and frustration, punctuated by the exhilaration
of working some rare DX. From North America, there were very few stations to
work. The pileups for DX were horrendous, even worse than ARRL DX or CQWW.
The assisted mode helped quite a bit in this contest.

In addition to the high K index (3 & 4), the QRN from the monsoon season in
Arizona was bad here!

New DX worked for band fills: KG6DX (Guam), JW0, and FW0.

Thanks to all the VKs and ZLs for their multipliers.

Seems to me like there were more KH2's than KH6's this contest.

As a little pistol, I tend to frustrate myself on 20m during the day.
I think maybe in the upcoming NAQPs, that if 15 and 10 aren't open
mid-day, that I am going to leave the radio off and do other things
until about 0000z.

No man is an island, so thanks go to the RSGB for sponsoring the event, and
also to all the dxpeditions out there.

Rig: FT-990
Alpha Delta DX-CC Multiband Dipole as sloper from 50 ft
2 Element Dipole beam on 20 pointed north
40 meter inverted vee up 50 feet at apex

Software: N1MM Logger - I am getting more comfortable with it. CW keying
is really smooth.
YO5BRZ   SO24Mixed LP   754,0262007-07-31 00:22:44
Nice Contest but funny propagation!
SP9LJD   SO24SSB HP   2,799,5252007-07-31 03:51:01
Many thanks for all QSO's. Heavy storm has made me a lot of trouble on 40 and
80, completly poor death 10M and 15M. I was use only 1 radio beacuse I forgot
cables for second one. Finaly I'm really happy did my ever best result in IOTA
see you next year than.
ES2Q(@EXPED1TION)   Multi-Op HP   7,841,9462007-07-31 05:41:40
Great experience to go to an expedtion to really small 100x400m islet. Just
beacon and the house of the beacon keeper on it. Pile ups were furious indeed
and we had a lot of fun.

Check for info and pictures.

It is a bit confusing that the score reporting does not distinguish between
FIXED and EXPEDITION Multi OP IOTA stations here.

Looking at some of the high scores of Multi Op stations I wonder if they were
really running with just two tranceivers like the rules say. I am not blaming
anybody but it seems to me very difficult to get way over 500 mults with just
two stations...

ES2Q antennas:
JP2000 tribander at 15m, JP tribander at 12m
80m GP, 40/80 Inverted V at 12m.

By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

! Hr ! 80 ! 40 ! 20 ! 15 ! 10 ! Total !
! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 12 ! ! ! 113 ! 6 ! ! 119 !
! 13 ! ! ! 108 ! 9 ! ! 117 !
! 14 ! ! ! 144 ! 3 ! ! 147 !
! 15 ! ! ! 143 ! ! ! 143 !
! 16 ! ! ! 134 ! ! ! 134 !
! 17 ! ! ! 146 ! ! ! 146 !
! 18 ! ! 4 ! 107 ! ! ! 111 !
! 19 ! ! 48 ! 60 ! ! ! 108 !
! 20 ! ! 116 ! 8 ! ! ! 124 !
! 21 ! 20 ! 96 ! ! ! ! 116 !
! 22 ! 9 ! 98 ! 1 ! ! ! 108 !
! 23 ! 76 ! 31 ! ! ! ! 107 !
! 00 ! 99 ! 11 ! ! ! ! 110 !
! 01 ! 75 ! 8 ! ! ! ! 83 !
! 02 ! 32 ! 45 ! 3 ! ! ! 80 !
! 03 ! 3 ! 80 ! 2 ! ! ! 85 !
! 04 ! ! 77 ! 3 ! ! ! 80 !
! 05 ! 1 ! 38 ! 41 ! 1 ! ! 81 !
! 06 ! ! 5 ! 139 ! ! ! 144 !
! 07 ! ! 1 ! 44 ! 80 ! ! 125 !
! 08 ! ! 4 ! 6 ! 148 ! ! 158 !
! 09 ! ! ! 3 ! 169 ! 6 ! 178 !
! 10 ! ! ! 4 ! 172 ! 8 ! 184 !
! 11 ! ! ! 2 ! 12 ! 134 ! 148 !

! ! 315 ! 662 ! 1211 ! 600 ! 148 ! 2936 !

Powered by Win-Test 3.14.0
9A/VE3ZIK   SO24CW LP   127,3002007-07-31 06:14:30
Thanks to all for QSO.
Worked EXPEDITION category.
Antennas: 80/20/15/10m dipole, 40m GP.
Radio: IC-738.
Nice condx, but missed some EUs on 20m. Thanks to all IOTAs who made extra QSY
and gave me MTPL on another bands.
QTH was Zlarin Island, CI-148 and EU-170.

Zik VE3ZIK, DO7ZZ, ex 4N1DX
GM7R(GMØNAI)   SO12CW LP   460,8722007-07-31 10:39:42
Expedition operation from the north of Orkney mainland EU009.
Elecraft K2 and Butterneut HF6V
12Hrs of operations scheduled around social gathering, sight seeing and YL this
trip as we were visiting friends.
Strong QRN during rain showers, too much wine at diner and my rusty CW kept
things interesting. Nothing heard on 10m despite a couple of QSYs from 15m.

Thanks for the QSOs hope to hear you next year


OE2VEL(@OE2S)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   5,509,8722007-07-31 11:20:00
Big fun to work more island stations than others! Did not want to run 24 hours,
but it was always fun, so I stayed on. Poor condx on 10m and also 15m, so I did
not get 500 mults. Cu next year maybe from an island again.
MIØLLL   SO24SSB HP   2,888,5682007-07-31 13:09:15
FT-1000MP + Alpha 99
M2 KT36XA + 5L US 10m + 5 EL US 15m
40M Vertical
80M Inverted V
Win Test

This was a SO1R effort, 40m antenna was a very basic home made vertical with
only one elevated radial but did manage to work
VK ZL and several Caribbean mults.
My Points per QSO is very poor, was hoping for more G stations on 80M and a
better run to JA on 20M and some on 15M but it did not happen.
N1MM software has been a treat to use as past few contests however this time i
have went for Win test sine a lot are starting to use it and i can
see why, i set myself an objective file target of 2000 Qs and 250 mults which i
just about managed, i wonder if i had of had set it at 2500 Qs and 300 mults
would i have worked harder.
I have only recently discovered a contest log analysis tool called SH5 which
can be got at which is
impressive, a post-mortem of my log indicate my most contacted countries in
this test as being Germany at 417 contacts, European Russia at 162 contacts,
Italy at
130 contacts, Ukraine at 103 contacts, Poland at 102 contacts, U.S at 91

Thanks to all who called
Logs to be uploaded to LOTW

Chris MI0LLL
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO24Mixed HP   1,725,3242007-07-31 20:47:21
Exactly the same number of QSOs as in the 2006 event! 8 more on CW, 8 less on
Phone. Band/mode breakdowns are almost identical as well except I found more
mults this year. None of this was by design as I didn't pull up last year's
results until after the contest.

Conditions were ok....not great but not terrible. Lots of QRN though with
thunderstorms in various parts of the country.

It seems, little by little, more North American ops are discovering this fun
event and heading out to any number of easily accessible IOTA counters off our

Thanks to all the IOTA expeditioners and thanks again to RSGB for sponsoring
this fun summertime event!

73, Mike K9NW
YT5T(YT1XX)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   3,632,8502007-07-31 23:25:06
Jose is right. SO2R is a must if you want to maximize your contest score. I must
improve my setup. I had some things to do on the antennas before the contest and
was a little tired when contest starts. Same story everytime. Anyway, see you
next year and thanks to everybody who called me.

ZM2B(ZL2BR)   SO12CW HP   71,0642007-08-01 03:50:33
Bands were very flat in this part of the world. 20m only open during daylight
hours. Signals from the European epi centre of this contest were few and far
between. Eu stations worked were all UA/UR except for 1x9A, 2xI and 2xDL. Not a
single G station was heard at all. It looks like the upcoming WAE CW is going to
be really hard going from the Pacific. I may not even bother.

QSO's by Region
NA 245
OC 34
AS 30
EU 21
SA 2
AF nil

Rig TS-2000, AL-80B, 40m GP, HF 3el yagi

73 Frank ZL2BR (ZM2B)
PA1BX/P   Multi-Op HP   2,335,5452007-08-01 05:36:46
Rigs : 1/ FT1000MP - TL922
2/ TS480/IC746Pro - ACOM 1000
Antennas : FB33 - TH3Jr for 20/15 & 10 m @ 15 m
40 m rotary dipole on FB33 boom - 40 m 4 square - 40 m vertical
80 m dipole - 80 m sloping vertical
3 ea
DK2AB   SO24Mixed LP   217,3382007-08-01 07:59:21
For the first time I did CW QSOs in a contest. The software-decoder
helped a lot. Next year again with better equipment and more CW
operating experience. I used an TS440-SAT and a GPA-50. The
antenna did a good job also on 40m and 80m.
S51CK   SO(A)24SSB HP   772,2002007-08-01 09:04:33
de Ivo
DJ7YT/P   SO12CW LP   306,1532007-08-01 14:42:58
cu next year

73, de Jürgen DJ7YT
IC8WIC   SO12SSB LP   822,3242007-08-01 15:00:06
This year poor conditions from outside Europe and
80 meters impossible to use from this area due to QRNNN
Great fun as usual....cuagn in 2008!
ZF2DK   SO12SSB LP   1,9682007-08-01 19:59:24
I discovered after I'd planned to take my radio with my on a vacation/holiday
that I would be there during the contest, so I tore myself away from lying
around the pool and operated for a couple of hours on Saturday. I didn't really
expect to set any new records, but I was glad to be able to be on and give out
points from NA-016 Grand Cayman.
K3EST(@KT3Y)   Multi-Op HP   1,525,6802007-08-01 22:42:17

DL9EE   SO(A)12Mixed LP   370,0002007-08-01 23:38:32
73`s and cu in WAE-CW

Whoever read my weak Signal, please give out QTC`s. Be clever and sure ur
signal is much louder......

Holger, DL9EE
SP5XSD/1   SO24SSB LP   224,8142007-08-02 01:26:44
Trx: Icom IC-706MK2, Ant: FD4 windom.

73 de Andy/SP5XSD
VE3ZIK/9A   SO24CW LP   1,271,5562007-08-02 01:45:10
Just an update from my score.
I missed to put a whole information, so here we are :)
Using Icom 738, dipole for 80, 20, 15, 10m, and L/4 GP for 40m.
I am claiming expedition category in IOTA contest.
Thanks to all who called me, especially to IOTAs who has time for QSY to
another band for MTPL.
QTH was Zlarin Island, near Sibenik, EU-170.
F8CRS   SO(A)12Mixed LP   323,9192007-08-02 10:01:10
I'm using FT1000MPMark V fiel, 100w into a vertical antenna.
good opening on JA at the beggining but to many people for my station.

32 new IOTA in the log.
thanks to all.
73's david f8crs
VE2FK   Multi-Op LP   193,2002007-08-03 04:50:07
This is a DXpedition entry. A first experience for us. Lot of fun but wish more
VE and W mults would be on air. Will try again next year... on a island
somewhere on VE2 land, on a better site and better antennas.

Video of the dxpedition:

73 es tnx for all teh Q's!

Pete VA2SG
OK6Y(OK2PTZ)   SO12Mixed QRP   141,6932007-08-03 08:19:52
Hello everybody!
Thank you very much for the pleasant time in this contest during my vacation.
I decided to participate in this contest 3 days before the beginning of my
family vacation. I bought G5RV, enclosed it with TRX and laptop and leaved for
the hotel in Krkonose (Giant Mountains). My new QTH was the hotel Energetik in
1070 mtrs asl (see It is very nice place with beautiful
view to our highest mountain Snezka (1602 mtrs asl). My thanks to helpful
hotel´s management which satisfied my radioamateur´s needs.
I decided to choose QRP category to get new experience. That´s true this
category needs different game than LP. Again something to learn.
Nobody is perfect :-))


LX7I(LX2A)   SO24SSB HP   3,216,0422007-08-03 10:32:27
First time I operated the 24hours. Could have done more QSOs but I tryed to work
every multiplier.

cu in the next Contests,

2 new towers will be installed next month including new antennas on 80m 20m and
6m .

73s de Philippe LX2A / LX7I
VK6DXI   SO24CW HP   145,3502007-08-03 11:04:25
Last minute effort. 40 and 20m were my money bands. Not too many JA's on 15 m
:-( ... anyhow I had fun. I had to do some antenna maintenance work so it
was business with pleasure. See you all next time. Thanks for the contacts.

PS I am not sure about the multipliers as Writelog calculates the score without
showing the above multipliers are just to get this submission pass
the 'checking filter"
CU8T   Multi-Op HP   3,002,0222007-08-03 12:43:14
A big storm destroyed our A3S, the 18m tower, the 80 m dipole and the 15m stub
of our HF9V antennas. Fortunately, the 40m 4 square remained up. Sorry for our
week signal on 20m , 15m and 10m. We used a dipole 6m up for the high bands and
the HF9V on 80m.
PA1BX(@PA1BX/P)   Multi-Op HP   2,335,5452007-08-04 06:17:34
Rigs : 1/ FT1000MP - TL922
2/ TS480/IC746Pro - ACOM 1000
Antennas : FB33 - TH3Jr for 20/15 & 10 m @ 15 m
40 m rotary dipole on FB33 boom - 40 m 4 square - 40 m vertical
80 m dipole - 80 m sloping vertical
3 ea 90 m long beverages
Soapbox : Great weekend with old and new friends for all of us . By moments
very bad WX . Fortunately all build up and fold up activities could
be done under dry condx but the remaining of the days where very
windy and very rainy . WET MUD !!
Score is rather disapointing as we had a mix of skilled and non or
less trained contesters . We have to make choices sometimes as to
what the goals will be.
Thanks to the friends that attended this gathering and those who
worked us .
Pictures on

Best 73 on behalf of the PA1BX/P team
ISØ/OM3LA   SO24Mixed HP   4,670,4122007-08-04 17:32:39
Mr. Murphy was with me all the time.
I planned to work SO2R but my 2nd TCVR broke the very first day of my holiday.
Very strong wind on friday night before the contest smashed my antenna so 4
hours before the contest started I woke up and saw a desaster. I had to repair
the antenna and the tower. I finished the work 30 minutes before the start of
the contest. But the rotor didnt want to turn the antenna. I decided to operate
the contest anyway. What I had was a spiderbeam fixed to NW about 10m up for
20-15-10 and dipole fed with open feeder and tuned with an external tuner for
80-40. My 3rd antenna was R7000 hidden behind our guesthouse. The reports with
R7000 were 1-2 S units worse than with dipole.
I started at 12:05 on 15m with huge pile-up from England. After 15 minutes my
computer crashed, I tried to restart the programme, the device router (I still
used SO2R Box from Microham as interface) but it did not work. I had to restart
the computer and the problem was solved. But I lost another 20 minutes. Then the
contest really began for me. The rates were great - the best one 214/hour at
16:00 on 20m. There were not too many callers from the east, but I logged some
Japanese boys, some 5b4´s... Then I moved to 40m. There I had an incredible
pile-up for hours. At 2:00 the SWR got worse. I tried to find a better match
with my tuner - but no luck. My CW was distorted - HF feedback was the reason.
I moved to 80m. I could work a couple of stations here but the SWR problem
deteriorated. There were less callers, they didnt hear me well. I knew there
was a serious problem with my antenna. I went out to the darkness - I couldnt
see anything for minutes. Then I saw there was no problem with the tower, the
wires were still hanging in the trees, the problem was my matching unit. This
unit could not withstand the power of my SPE amplifier (1k PEP). I lost another
30 minutes. This situation was serious, I had very few multis on 40 and 80m. I
worked a couple on 40m with R7000 but the rates went down. I was very tired and
the missing antenna for 80m cracked me down.
At 8:00 local time my wife brought me a cup of coffee - and saved my life :-)
Then I moved to 20m, 15m and 10 and had good rates again. I finished the
contest with almost 2800 QSO and 4,67 mil. points. I was hoping I could break
the 5 mil. points but without a working antenna for low bands for a few hours
it wasnt possible. Anyway it was nice experience, my first contest holiday.
CU next time.

Ivan OM3LA/OE1DIA member of OM8A
EI9JQ   SO24Mixed LP   902,9882007-08-05 02:35:33
IC-7000, 90W
Loaded dipole (inv-v)

Erected the inverted-v the morning of the contest with the help of
father-in-law and drew much attention from other residents in our holiday

Not too much worked outside of EU but delighted when P43JB called. Still not
sure of the 'right' strategy for IOTA.

Thanks for the QSO's and the XYL for giving up a weekend of her holiday.

73, Dez

S57L(@S52L)   Multi-Op HP   1,619,5922007-08-05 13:03:19
Ant: 4L quad (20,15,10m), loop
Rig: FT-100 mp
M8C   Multi-Op HP   10,551,1562007-08-05 15:08:21
Great score from DR6IOTA. We only worked 18 JAs in the whole contest, and a lot
of the multipliers to the east were inaudible to us. Several times we switched
from CW to phone looking for a higher rate, but the rate went down. It will be
better once we have some sunspots!

N3ZL   SO12CW LP   1622007-08-05 15:27:15
Again, in FL for this one (Seminole), only S&Ped for about 15 mins with a dipole
up a few feet.

Sounded like a fun contest, too bad I was unable to work any more than I did.

73 de Greg N3ZL
HA3LN   SO24CW LP   1,057,2212007-08-06 01:53:29
RF got into the SO2R switch-box so was useless... I have 23 R2 QSO... I lost ~25
mults... More focus needed on IOTA stns to maximize the score.
Thanks for the Qs and the great fun.

Powered by Win-Test 3.14.0

Csaba HA3LN

CT1ENQ   SO12SSB LP   68,1122007-08-08 05:46:23
Been away from HF and contests since 1998, almost 10 years. Now i'm back with
poor antenna conditions but enough for warm up. First time i've participated
from outside an IOTA. 1994-1998 always worked from portuguese IOTAs (CQ2I, CQ2C
and CQ2P). Poor condx on 10 meters, must prepare some antennas for better
EE5KB   Multi-Op HP   5,769,3362007-08-13 01:08:48
Nice contest. We have a big problem with the power supply and we run mostly LP
from 19:00z to the contest end. In the other side, the phased verticals perform
very well on 20 and 40m.

You can see some pictures at

Many thank for calling us.

73 de EE5KB team.
OL6P(OK2WTM)   SO24CW HP   2,039,7422007-08-14 07:29:17
Very very nice contest sa usual.
Thaks all for QSOs.
Congratulation RD3A to their super score.

73, Petr
E21EIC/P   SO12CW LP   10,6082007-08-22 20:56:47
Always Rain !

73, Champ, E21EIC/P
SX5P(@SV5FRD)   Multi-Op HP   1,944,5762007-08-26 02:06:23
YO5OAG   SO12CW QRP   4712007-08-31 03:59:45