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New England QSO Party   2011   May 7   Comment Summary

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NØAX   Single Op LP   1,8502011-05-08 06:56:08
I did manage a clean sweep! (Of the NE states, hi...) How many QSO parties can
we pack into a single weekend? Funniest abbreviations...WASRI...WORMA...NORMA
(my aunt's name)...all fun :-) 73, Ward N0AX
K1PX   Single Op HP   22,5282011-05-08 08:49:14
Tnx to all for the Q's.
Jim, K1PX
WØPAN   Single Op LP   4082011-05-08 09:03:58
VT was elusive. Always tough to get from AZ to the East Coast. When the
sunspot cycle gets back to better conditions should be a great QSO Party for us
westerners that run low power in antenna challenged communities.
VE3YF   Single Op LP   1,8302011-05-08 10:20:58

The weather finally got nice at my QTH and had plenty of outdoor jobs to
complete while the nice weather held up, which unfortunately allowed me only a
couple of hours to partake in the QSO Party. Thanks to all the contacts, band
of choice here was 20m, I was going to try 15m as it seemed to be in good
but then again odd jobs got in the way. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers.

73 De Mike
N8XX   Single Op QRP   4,8642011-05-08 15:05:05
Score tabulation may be wrong, because I did it by hand using Excel to sort the
NEQP scores amongst the 7QP and the INQP scores! This was a "baptism by fire"
for me using N1MM logger, but, after the first few glitches, I might even like

Was pleasantly surprized with results of my 5 Watts to a 135' inverted V, with
apex at about 32' and lower ends at less than 10'.

Rig: Drake TR-5
Power Meter: Recently calibrated Heath HM-9 (against a calibrated Bird
Antenna Matching: LDG Z-100

Thanks to the super ops who dug down into the mud and copied this peanut
whistle, and to the organizers of the New England QSO Party. A FB contest!
K1ZR   Single Op HP   23,1122011-05-08 15:28:27
Played around for a few hours....
W6SX   Single Op HP   4,5362011-05-08 16:31:16
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, N1MM.
WA1Z   Single Op LP   182,9312011-05-08 17:13:48
W6PH and I had plans to team up this year in the mobile category, but three
weeks before the contest my car was involved in an accident in Washington DC
(no one was in the car at the time and no one else got hurt), sustaining about
$4,000 in damages to the rear end. I had hoped to get the car back in time for
this weekend, but it was not to be. Back on the road in 2012...

Activity was awesome on Saturday. It was a bit slow going most of Sunday.
Grabbed the Heil headset and played on SSB when things got really slow. Thanks
to everyone for the QSOs and for making this contest a lot of fun. And thanks
to K1KI and everyone else involved in making NEQP a great QSO party.

Bob WA1Z
AE1P   M/S HP   94,9322011-05-08 17:20:25
NEQP is always one of my fav. qso party's....
But this year was not as fun as usual....
powerline noise was as bad as ever,and it seemed like
everyone was busy for Mothers day,
The bands just seemed dead Sunday AM,
until the last 3 hrs on Sunday evening,
then it seemed like
the flood gates opened up..EU on 20m was
terrific,and the locals on 40m CW were plenty...
The last couple of hours made the Qso party for me.
One thing for certain ,I will not
operate from the home QTH again, just
too much qrn from the powerlines..
Thanks to all for the Q's...
73 from CHE NH !!
AB1OD   Single Op LP   17,0512011-05-08 17:24:16
Credit really goes to my very tolerant XYL for putting up with me this weekend.
KS4X   Single Op QRP   7,3922011-05-08 17:25:42
Thanks to all for hearing my weak signal .Only did NEQP on Sunday.
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   2,6102011-05-08 17:31:15
Limited playing time this year. Activity appeared to be great. Even 10 meters
joined the party 8-)

73 - Rick WB8JUI
K1RX   Single Op HP   225,7322011-05-08 17:34:27
XYL was away all weekend and was left to my own devices (not good)! Conditions
were good the first day but rather poor the second day. 15 had some life on
occasion. Never worked so many WA state guys in my life! Ran into a few
equipment problems which as annoying but hey, its only a QSO Party!

Thanks for all the QSO's and hope you enjoyed yourself this weekend!

73, Mark, K1RX
N4PN   Single Op HP   54,5382011-05-08 17:39:16
As always, lots of fun and plenty of activity.

Condx seemed down and limited activity due to wx in New England
and being Mother's Day on Sunday. But, there was lots of stations

Personal score up as 9 more cw Q's and 25 more ssb Q's with the
same mult as last year = 3K more score.

Thanks to many mobiles who did their usual great job....led by
Tom, K1KI, with 21 Q's. Followed by Doug, K1DG with a late start
with 10 Q's. Then came, Sean, KX9X with 9, K1JB - 7, W1GS - 4,
W1VE - 4, K1BX and N1KPW - 3. Lots with one and two Q's...
Special thanks to Joe, K1JB, for back-tracking on Sunday to give
me SAGME for the sweep after Tom, K1KI had given me GRAVT for
number 66.

Thanks to all who put in a lot of effort to make this happen again.

73, Paul, N4PN
NF4A   Single Op LP   34,1762011-05-08 17:45:42
Could not get consistant runs going running low power....bands were crowded with
nets, pig farmers and ARI DX Contest participants.....thanks to all the
mobiles...they make a QSO Party sucessful !!!
WJ9B   Single Op QRP   21,1642011-05-08 17:46:05
NEQP is my favorite QSO Party, oops, except for FQP.

73, Will, wj9b
W3UA   Single Op HP   200,4082011-05-08 17:46:21
I never planned this contest (I'm no good at all in non-DX contests... I can't
say I'm good at DX contests, just so-so; but QSO parties is just not my type at
all); but K1KI sent an e-mail, suggesting get out of bed and made a few Qs...
and as former Soviet, when Party orders, I obey ;) . Indeed, it was fun. Even
my infamous power line noise was quite moderate, thanks to the good "bad"
weather. The major problem was with my main amplifier, which refused to work; I
reconnected the cables to the second op's amp, but thus completely messed up
with antenna switching. As a result, I couldn't use stacks and 4SQ, and was
limited to rotary beams. In contest where bulk of Qs is coming from the "wrong"
direction, it is a big nuisance...

Another thing -- I jumped to my shack 15 minutes before the test, and didn't
even read the rules completely... so countless tactical mistakes were made all
contest long ;) . For example, I discovered that CW Qs are twice the points
only on the second day; and for some reason I thought that contest runs till
2AM Zulu. Some good Samaritan advised me about 12 minutes after GMT midnight
that the contest is over... I was so sure that the test runs till 10PM EST, so
initially couldn't realize, how wrong I am... Anyway, short look at the rules
and ... 10 unclaimed QSOs ;)

Overall, it was a good contest to warm up before the WPX. Thank you Tom for
convincing me to play this game.
W2JU/1   Single Op LP   30,8942011-05-08 17:46:51
Thanks for all the Qs!

Alec W2JU
WA1FCN   M/S LP   35,7742011-05-08 17:51:41
Seemed like less mobiles than usual. also I had to work harder to get
the Q's. Last weeks tornadoes took out my short tower, but never
bothered the other tower or antennas only 150 feet away.
At first i thought I would enter SO low power, but after
a couple hours decided to use packet. It was fun !
Even with packet I got less counties than previous years !
73 Bob WA1FCN
K9YC   Single Op LP   15,9162011-05-08 17:54:41
This was a CW-only entry, unassisted. N1MM couldn't compute my score (mixed with
7QP and INQP), so claimed score is based on working up my log in a spreadsheet.
The log checkers will do a better job on it. Couldn't get a breakdown by band
out of the spreadsheet. Time on the air is only a guess.

Turn-out was pretty good except for mobiles -- K1KI was the only heavy hitter,
with K1DG and KX9X putting in a few hours late on Sunday. Conditions were
so-so, with 40M totally useless on Sunday, 15M open for a few hours on Saturday
and about half of Sunday, and 10M not at all.
KH6LC(AH6RE)   Single Op HP   13,8002011-05-08 18:03:26
I had a combined 7QP/NEQP log, and to get the score I had to count by hand off
the computer screen, so the numbers are only approximate. Thanks to Lloyd
KH6LC for the use of his top-notch station once again.

Curt AH6RE
K1GQ   M/S HP   225,9902011-05-08 18:30:31
Me + cat + net; K3 (one), 87A, wires.

Logged into RBN to compare my signal against other NE stations and see what
band(s) they were on. Didn't use the net for grabbing mults or QSOs; just CQed
incessantly. Interesting to see some SO2R entrants spotted as "CQing"
more-or-less simultaneously on two bands.

As always, Saturday was fun and Sunday wasn't. Worked quite a few stations via
ESP, yet the next guy from the same state was LOUD. I hope I'm not as deaf as I
sometimes felt.

K8MR   Single Op LP   12,2402011-05-08 18:41:24
A bit frustrating - for much of Sunday I was on the hairy edge of propatation to
NE on 20 meters. There was not much daytime activity to make up for that.

The NEQP typically does not have much mobile activity, and that was true this
year. K1KI was the only regular mobile I heard, and missed him in a few couties
on 20 that I heard his pileups, and barely him. K1GQ was my only 15 meter QSO,
and then I missed him (or heard him and assumed I had worked him) on 80.

My daughter's finace has just accepted a job offer in NNJ, so some year that
may be an excuse to get me close enough to NE to do something about the lack of
mobiles up there. Until them, look for me in the Ohio QSO Party on August 27,
and possibly in the West Virginia QSO Party in June.

73 - Jim K8MR
K1XM   Single Op LP   81,1202011-05-08 18:57:26
Part-time effort. Called CQ while working on other stuff.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   5,9522011-05-08 18:59:28
Did much better than last year (21 Qs for 17 mults = 714 points). Not as much
selection on Sunday, but had fun twirling the dial looking.

-- Bud VA7ST
N4GG   Single Op HP   3,4802011-05-08 19:06:50
Didn't get home until 3PM Sunday. Condx fair.

2X FT-1000MP+ACOM2000A+wires in the woods
AE1T   Single Op LP   26,1582011-05-08 19:21:22
Limited operating time due to other commitments. But, fun while it lasted.
More time & SSB next year.
VE6TL   Single Op HP   3,7742011-05-08 19:28:50
Didn't hear much from New England Sunday afternoon. What I did hear, however,
was very strong. Glad to give a mult from VE6.

Jerry VE6TL
W1WBB   Single Op LP   98,1982011-05-08 19:41:19
Propagation conditions for high bands seemed somewhat below average for recent
months during the solar cycle upswing for my modest LP/wires SSB
totals particularly show the story. 40m and 80m were relatively QRN quiet for
this time of year, especially Sunday.

S&P'd more on Saturday to work the 7QP and INQP folks who would not be around
on Sunday. Exchanged 45+ serial #'s with ARI participants during weekend.
Worked 43 US states, 6 VE provinces and 25 DX.

Put in alot of chair-time along with many fellow CT/RI CG members in hopes of
establishing new club record score.

Thanks to all the in-region , out-of-region and DX participation this year.

Bill W1WBB
W1AN   M/S HP   66,2762011-05-08 19:47:41
This multi-contest weekend with INQP, 7QP and ARI made things quite interesting.
Perhaps someone with time on his hands will come up with a log version that
merges all the weekends contests into one log and then separates the cabrillo
logs afterwords. Hi! I enjoyed my time in the chair. Thanks to Tom, K1KI and
all the supporters of the NEQP and especially those who took the time to work

John, W1AN
K6CSL   Single Op LP   1,2482011-05-08 20:12:02
Another personal best for New England QP. I never did find ME. I ran this
parallel to 7QP, and the SKCC Weekend Sprint. It sure was fun. Bert, K6CSL
N4UC   Single Op QRP   6,5362011-05-08 20:14:06
With multiple contests going at the same times, I obviously need to work on my
"juggling" skills! This was my first time going QRP and I was pleasantly
surprised, especially on 20.
W4UCZ   Single Op LP   14,3822011-05-08 20:31:08
Well, that was fun! Conditions from Georgia permitted easy contact
with the Yankees at any time on some band. With 85 unique stations
in the log there was plenty of them to work - although Sunday afternoon
was sort of a dead hog in a piranha pond for the "fresh meat" stations.

Hats off to the omni-present cotillion chief Tom, K1KI, for 16 QSO's and
for getting all the debutants out of the powder room and on the air.

I was licensed in 1958 but in all my time-in-grade have never worked
Suffolk County, Massachusetts (Boston, emmm, 'proper') ... maybe 2012.

Thanks to one and all ... y'all hear?

Mark, W4UCZ
W1BYH   M/S HP   42,4972011-05-08 20:35:01
N1YX   Single Op LP   26,0232011-05-08 20:56:41
Very partial time between yardwork and other chores. I think it is good idea to
have it the same weekend as 7QP and INQP, that boosted participation. I never
worked so many 7-land stations in one contest. Propagation was not very good on
W6PH   Single Op HP   10,6602011-05-08 22:20:57
IC-781 AL-1200 A3S 40 ft MA8040V

Operated mostly on Saturday due to a Mother's Day commitment which took us 190
miles one way. Hard to work through the 7QP activity out here in California.
Sunday would have been easier. I got back about 10 minutes before the end and
made six quick QSO's. I missed all the mobile activity on Sunday.

73, Kurt, W6PH
N2WN   Single Op QRP   26,8802011-05-09 04:29:06
Well, it wasn't 2009, but considering the lack of any meaningful openings to
here from 1land on 10 and 15, it weren't bad, eh...

K1KI was the outstanding mobile (19), followed by K1JB (5), W1VE, KX9X and K1DG
were also worked and think I'm still missing one or two others who I only caught

20 was the money band. At times signals were 60 over here, the band was pretty
much open all the time to some degree. Heard some decent signals on 15, but
looked like it was either one way, or the arrays were pointed towards EU. Nada
on 10 and 80 wasn't all that great either.

Was able to have a couple decent runs on 20 SSB, spent more time on phone when
I worked out the folks on CW. Phone did have a wider variety of folks just
stopping by... Had a couple of rag chews, maybe I'll share the r/c Tiger Tank
vs Squirrel story with you, if you weren't listening. Phone had some pretty
weird stuff going down.

Comments seemed to enforce the idea that conditions were only so-so. It did
sound like a decent amount of EU action, outside of ARI. All the contests
seemed like they worked well together.

Thanks again for a fun contest, and see y'all in the 2011 TnQP!

W1UE(@KØTV)   Single Op HP   216,6122011-05-09 05:26:51
All that effort just to have a palindrome for a final claimed score!

Lost 30 min Sat eve due to a passing lightning storm. Lots of loud static
crashes both before and after shutdown. So2R setup using a YCCC SO2R Box
worked great.

Spent most of my time on CW- much nicer mode than SSB. Rate was never as high,
but it was more fun.

Congrats to Mark K1RX for a fantastic new record score. Thanks to everyone for
the Qs, and a particular thanks to Jerry K0TV for hosting me this weekend.

Dennis W1UE
W1FJ   Single Op LP   52,2002011-05-09 06:15:10
In and out too much good jazz to listen to,rather than the static. lots of
displaced W1 guys checking in. Thanks to all
KI1G   Single Op HP   371,9522011-05-09 06:29:07
This contest has definitely grown in participation, add in ARI, 7QP and INQP and
there is quite alot to keep you busy during this contest with a good mix of DX
and W/VE. Thanks to Dave KH2/N2NL for pulling me out of the noise and all the
other Q's/multipliers this weekend. Nice to have VA1MM and VE9DX call in near
the end for 2 new mults.

Rick KI1G
AA4GA   Single Op QRP   1,5842011-05-09 06:52:05
Operated about 20 minutes from a city park on Saturday and decided Sunday
morning to toss up my antenna (50' doublet) at the apartment and operate a
couple hours from the patio.
N1DC   Single Op LP   62,8322011-05-09 08:05:13
Thanks to Tom and all the NEQP organizers and award sponsors for another fun
event. I had very limited time on Sunday due to mother's day (didn't get
started until 4:30 PM EDT). I would like to lobby for a permanent move away
from mother's day weekend going forward.

I was on pace to set a new Norfolk county record and perhaps a repeat of the
SOLP MA and New England wins from 2010. I came close to last year's score with
a lot less hours. It will be interesting to see how the score holds up.

I was hoping for better conditions on 10/15 this year. What happened to the
sunspots? Surprisingly, 15M sounded very quiet on Sunday around 2200, but
calling CQ provided about 15 QSO's including several S9+ west coast stations.
Never heard anything on 10M, but wished I could have tried mid-day Sunday.

Saw the rate meter hit 154 for the first time. I worked 5 stations during the
same minute at one point. Great fun trying to pick out calls in the QRM. Thanks
for all the QSOs and extra effort by many DX stations calling through QRM.

Station: TenTec Omni 7 running 100W Antennas: 10/15/20 4 element @ 35ft,
80/40M dipoles @ 40 ft Computer: HP Pavillion running CT (Maybe the last
contest for this old workhorse)

73 de Rick N1DC Braintree MA member YCCC
K7ULS   Single Op LP   5602011-05-09 09:26:58
FT897-D DX-EE @ 20'
W2LC   SO Mobile QRP   722011-05-09 09:28:40
Had to go to Boston to pick my daughter up from the airport, she did study
abroad for college this spring semister in Valencia Spain and basically missed
the entire winter, lucky her! I wasn't going to get on but I stopped at a rest
area put the 40m antenna on and operated a few minutes while my youngest drove,
made 6 QSO's! Used an FT-817 running 5W to a ham stick. Berkshire county only.
73 Scott W2LC
NZ1U(@KB1H)   M/S HP   203,8402011-05-09 09:41:58
CW only effort. For the most part, one of the 3 operators were on-board for the
full effort on Saturday. NR1X powered through the Sunday action, solo.

Thanks for the QSOs and the great activity.

The Barnstormers-
W1UJ   Single Op HP   5,7602011-05-09 10:00:52
Operated from NZ1U on Saturday, and had domestic/Mom responsibilites on Sunday
but was able to get in within the last hour on Sunday.

23:17 Was my first contact, 23:59 was my last contact with W1UE.

Thanks for the QSOs.

VE4EAR   Single Op LP   7,5272011-05-09 10:56:37
Conditions were far better this year compared to last year. Unfortunately
whoever scheduled Mother's Day should have checked the contest calender. Sunday
was almost a complete non-event for me as mother's took priority over radio. I
did manage to sneak some time in before she woke up. Then late in the day
Sunday another small window that was cut short due to thunderstorms in nearby.

Saturday afternoon I missed most of prime time dealing with pre-mother's day
preparations and a leaking dishwasher.

Hopefully next year I can devote more time!

K1BV   Single Op HP   54,8702011-05-09 11:33:08
Conditions were only fair, but the contest was fun as usual.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   20,6042011-05-09 17:21:03
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Band conditions pretty
good from here. Very little activity from New England on 80 meters this year.
Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
N9AG   Single Op LP   3,3482011-05-09 18:41:45
Sunday only. Can only handle on QSO party at a time, lest my head explode.
NI7R   Single Op HP   3,2642011-05-09 21:00:22
These are the NEQP stations I worked during 7QP. I also worked a bunch of New
England stations outside of the NEQP contest hours. Too bad! I forgot the NEQP
was going Sunday also, so I missed some contacts there.
W3DYA   Single Op LP   1,7482011-05-10 08:50:56
The county hunters' contest was moved to July so I had a chance to work the
three contests this weekend. Conditions seemed to be very good most of the
weekend, with 15M being a welcome surprise!
73, Norm, W3DYA
W1TO   Single Op LP   10,1642011-05-10 15:58:07
Only limited time available after returning from Hawaii.
W1HIS   Single Op HP   92,0162011-05-10 20:29:08
One wire antenna, 21 m (70 ft) long and 6 m (20 ft) high, for all bands.
W1FH(@K6ND)   M/S HP   242,9042011-05-11 02:55:56
This was nice to use W1FH! Many good comments.
W1END   Single Op LP   13,1602011-05-11 04:21:47
Rather busy weekend, Sunday road race, Mothers' Day dinner, and a bunch of qso
parties. Most of the qso's were made in the last few hours of the party. Nice
to hear so much activity. The 7-land bash was really hopping on Saturday. I
tried to save working a few w7's until the NENG qp started so I could get the
state mults. After a while it just became too much of a chore. Worked about
30 DX stations in the ARI contest and didn't bother to put them in the NENG qp
log. After all for us little pistols it is just for fun.

Thanks to everyone, Eldon - W1END
NX6T(@W6HCD)   M/S HP   13,2962011-05-11 22:21:07
Worked FOUR Contests at once to keep from getting bored working just 1 QSO
NEQP, 7QP, INQP and ARI - Somehow misread the rules and did not see that NEQP
also restarted in Sunday - DUH ! That cost us 4 hours worth of contacts Sunday
morning when we finally realized W1s were still calling CQ ! Coming into the
contest very tired from setting up portable antennas after a bust week for both
of us Ops ! Found only 48 of 67 NE State Counties...... Wait'll next year I
guess.....N6KI & WQ6X
KV8Q   Single Op LP   6,7982011-05-12 05:48:44
Operated the three QSO's parties simultaneously using the N1MM
IN7QPNE module. Then sorted everything out using Excel. Started
at 1300UTC with the 7QP and pulled the plug around 0400UTC with
400 QSO's. A very interesting method of wearing the knobs off the
radio. Never got on the NE Party on Sunday. Thanks to everyone for
all the Q's and the fun. Special kudos to the following mobiles:
WN9O - 14 Q'S K7RE - 10 Q's KJ9C - 10 Q's AE8M - 9 Q's
N7XU -7 Q's K1KI - 5 Q's K7WA - 3 Q'S KK6MC - 2 Q's
Hope to see you all next year.
N1FD(@WB1ADR)   M/S HP   8,2412011-05-15 13:03:32
WB1ADR Lee, and 10 year old harmonic KA1RON Aaron
had a lot of fun on 20m SSB together. Aaron got the rate meter up
to at least 60 Q's per hour! A big thank you to the contest

KA1RON Aaron
WØBH   Single Op HP   1,2482011-05-15 16:45:05
I knew I was leaving for Phoenix on Sunday and would miss a day of the NEQP, so
I concentrated on the 7QP on Saturday (but answered anyone from New England who
called me). Sorry to miss most of the fun with the beam turned west. Congrats
to N4PN for another excellent showing!

73, Bob, w0bh
W1AF(NF1R)   Single Op QRP   26,3942011-05-23 15:39:25
My first half-serious attempt at QRP contesting. Probably should have operated
more of the first day, as activity seemed to drop off substantially on Day 2.
K1KI/M   SO Mobile LP   200,0642011-05-29 17:14:05
Just finished entering paper logs from 26 counties. Nice weekend, saw one
moose, one turkey, one rainbow, one hillside with hail, one flooded road, snow
in NW Maine. Trip went along some very nice scenery along northern Maine, New
Hampshire and Vermont. Saw Quebec two miles away. Stopped in several nice
places for meals. Very nice trip before tourist (and bug) season! 73 Tom