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IARU HF World Championship   2007   Jul 14   Comment Summary

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WB8JUI   SO CW LP   7,1002007-07-14 17:56:53
I only had a few hours to devote to this one.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
WF3C(@W4MLB)   SO Mixed HP   33,9562007-07-14 19:09:49
Thanks to AF4Z and PCARS for the use of the club station.

TS850 + Harris RF103A Amp @ 1KW
Moseley Pro67C @ 60'
Inverted Vee @ 58'

I had some trouble getting everything set back up from Field Day when I arrived
at the club station around 1830Z, but once that was resolved the only persistent
problem I experienced was between the keyboard and the chair (otherwise known as
the "ID 10 T" error).

Many thanks to everyone who slowed down to answer my CQ, especially if it took
me a couple of tries to complete the QSO.

Chris WF3C
W6NOW   SO Mixed LP   14,4672007-07-15 04:20:46
lots of fun, had a few gud runs on 40cw and 20ssb. thanks to those stations who
kept trying until i could pull them out - 73 de w6now.
KL3R(@KL7RA)   M/S HP   475,1802007-07-15 05:01:09
Many thanks to Rich, KL7RA, for use of his station.

Used new K3 radio - which worked VERY well. The receiver is a joy to use.
This radio will be seen at many contest stations soon.
DJ1YFK(@DLØTUD)   SO CW HP   1,103,2352007-07-15 05:01:20
TS850S, PA 500W, 3el tribander @ 25m, dipoles

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
1200 0 0 0 0 51 37 88 88 5.0
1300 0 0 0 32 9 39 80 168 4.6
1400 0 0 0 101 0 0 101 269 5.7
1500 0 0 0 91 0 0 91 360 5.2
1600 0 0 0 95 0 0 95 455 5.4
1700 0 0 0 89 0 0 89 544 5.1
1800 0 0 13 35 11 3 62 606 3.5
1900 0 0 109 0 0 0 109 715 6.2
2000 0 27 60 0 0 0 87 802 4.9
2100 0 157 0 0 0 0 157 959 8.9
2200 1 98 0 0 0 0 99 1058 5.6
2300 46 2 2 2 2 2 56 1114 3.2
0000 9 7 30 3 0 0 49 1163 2.8
0100 11 28 12 0 0 0 51 1214 2.9
0200 9 18 17 0 0 0 44 1258 2.5
0300 0 24 12 2 0 0 38 1296 2.2
0400 0 0 25 21 0 0 46 1342 2.6
0500 0 0 64 1 0 0 65 1407 3.7
0600 0 0 67 0 0 1 68 1475 3.9
0700 0 0 0 13 12 6 31 1506 1.8
0800 0 0 0 0 48 0 48 1554 2.7
0900 0 0 0 0 82 0 82 1636 4.7
1000 0 0 0 0 4 58 62 1698 3.5
1100 0 0 0 0 0 40 40 1738 2.3
Total 76 361 411 485 219 186 1738

Gross QSO's=1758 Dupes=20 Net QSO's=1738

Unique callsigns worked = 1054

The best 60 minute rate was 159/hour from 2055 to 2154
The best 30 minute rate was 164/hour from 2133 to 2202
The best 10 minute rate was 192/hour from 2104 to 2113

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
29 20 82 119 109 109 94 533 30.3
28 20 164 130 112 32 38 496 28.2
27 2 29 47 32 25 25 160 9.1
8 0 13 30 88 0 0 131 7.5
30 1 17 11 28 9 2 68 3.9
18 5 14 16 8 7 5 55 3.1
37 1 3 4 7 4 3 22 1.3
39 1 2 4 6 1 0 14 0.8
4 0 0 2 12 0 0 14 0.8
DARC 2 2 2 2 2 2 12 0.7
9 1 2 0 6 0 0 9 0.5
31 0 0 2 5 1 0 8 0.5
7 0 0 0 8 0 0 8 0.5
36 0 1 3 2 2 0 8 0.5
SSA 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
ARI 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
LRAL 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
FRR 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
45 0 0 0 5 1 0 6 0.3
CRC 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
SRAL 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
SRS 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
RSGB 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
PZK 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
32 0 0 0 6 0 0 6 0.3
LRMD 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
REF 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
UBA 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 0.3
NRRL 1 1 1 1 0 1 5 0.3
UARL 0 1 1 1 1 1 5 0.3
ARABH 1 1 1 1 1 0 5 0.3
URE 1 1 1 1 1 0 5 0.3
MRASZ 1 1 1 1 1 0 5 0.3
BFRA 1 1 1 0 0 1 4 0.2
USKA 1 1 0 1 1 0 4 0.2
20 0 0 1 3 0 0 4 0.2
11 0 1 2 1 0 0 4 0.2
SARA 1 1 1 0 1 0 4 0.2
ZRS 1 1 1 1 0 0 4 0.2
OVSV 1 1 1 1 0 0 4 0.2
VERON 1 1 1 0 0 1 4 0.2
JARL 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.2
14 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.2
SRR 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
19 0 1 0 2 0 0 3 0.2
54 0 1 0 1 0 1 3 0.2
33 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 0.2
ARRL 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.2
REP 0 1 1 0 1 0 3 0.2
44 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.1
21 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.1
17 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.1
RAAG 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
AC 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.1
IARU 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
RCA 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0.1
15 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0.1
RL 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 0.1
53 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.1
MARTS 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
34 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
10 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
49 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
6 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
AARC 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
RCU 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.1
60 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
59 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
290 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.1
12 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
VRNA 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
FRRA 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.1
2 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
R1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
RAST 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.1
Total 76 361 411 485 219 186 1738

Multi-band QSO's
1 bands 669
2 bands 213
3 bands 96
4 bands 47
5 bands 13
6 bands 16

The following stations were worked on 6 bands:


----- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O ' s -----
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 11 131 142 255 67 63
W4BQF   SO CW HP   87,4252007-07-15 05:03:57
ZONES, ZONES, ZONES!! Couldn't seem to get out of the US/VE with this poorly
pointed 40m dipole, but did get some rates of over 200/hr. Lots of activity and
very good signals. Thanks for all of the Q's!

Omni 6 Plus/Titan III
40m Dipole

Tom - W4BQF
K3WW   SO CW HP   1,307,6162007-07-15 05:06:39
I was thinking of a mixed mode entry, but CW was more fun and phone bands didn't
sound busy when I checked. Took a brief nap, club meeting this afternoon.
VE3MGY   SO CW QRP   32,3642007-07-15 05:08:05
Didn't have the time to be serious so I enjoyed a relaxing part time effort and
checked out the antennas for the fall.


AA3B   SO CW HP   1,265,8442007-07-15 05:08:16
Total QSOs and HQ stations up from last year. QSO points, zones and score down
from last year. 73 Bud AA3B
WN6K   SO CW LP   162,5252007-07-15 05:13:06
I had a lot of folks think they were in the CQWW and couldn't convince them to
give me their ITU zone. Their code readers weren't functioning properly I

Had a bit of trouble with RF locking things up a bit...gotta research that
stuff...this is all post field Day and putting the shack back together always
presents these little problems.

KØOU   SO Mixed HP   557,5202007-07-15 05:15:44
More ssb Q's than usual and DX was scarce, but great fun and good rates
Dont know how many of the mults were HQ stations
YU1ARC   M/S HP   1,381,6042007-07-15 05:16:44
Tks to host Ljubisa, YZ1PL and Sinisa, YT1NT for tech support.
Nice top of the hill location with 3 towers and 3 monobanders.
Murphy played with mic connector but we preffer CW anyhow.
FT-1000MP Mk-V and SB-220 worked fine, air condition failed :-)

73 de Mario, YU1/S56A
W1KLM   SO SSB QRP   17,3912007-07-15 05:21:34
What a time to have the TB on the ground awaiting the new tower install. Had a
good run on 15M and 40M Saturday. Suprised how many ops copied my QRP signal.
Had a great time and 73 to all. KLM
NF4A   SO Mixed LP   153,1042007-07-15 05:23:09
Emergency FM broadcast antenna repairs kept me from doing a full effort. When I
could operate, thunderstorms limited it! Murphy is alive and well! Doesn't seem
like a year has gone by since I was in Brazil at the WRTC!
SM6EQO   SO CW QRP   241,1642007-07-15 05:25:22
Rig: Elecraft K2 at 5 watts
Ant: Butternut HF6V vertical
End-fed Half-wave Dipole for the 80 meter band
Both antennas at 22 meters over ground

More info at:
AI4MT   SO Mixed LP   166,8332007-07-15 05:31:24
Great contest, managed 16hrs in the chair. Score was triple last years, but less
DX and more 1pt contacts, bands were in bad shape here, would have operated for
longer but had two bad storms pass overhead.

Equipment Yaesu FT1000MP MkV - 100w 264ft 160m Dipole at 65ft.

Thanks for all that heard my signals and came back...till the next one...
W4PTS   SO Mixed LP   14,3002007-07-15 05:33:25
Yaesu FT-857D
MFJ 993B Auto Tuner
Cobra Ultralite 80-10 Dipole

Had fun in my first contest. Worked S&P only...that'll change as the cw
improves. The rig and computer program worked well....WinTest gets an A+.

15 was nice for a good while in the afternoon...

Thanks to Ron, WD4AHZ, for getting me started in contest's gonna get
addictive, I can see!!!

73 to all...

Dan, W4PTS
K1TN   SO CW LP   26,1122007-07-15 05:34:02
Indoor, second floor, 40 Meter bent dipole. Worked P40W on all three bands.

Man, this is a great radio location; it's easier to work Europe than W6/7.
Reminds me of when I moved to Connecticut 34 years ago and the thrill of
hearing EU on 40 with an indoor dipole there.

If only I could have an antenna outdoors.

Did better than I expected; I should have kept a log instead of just dupe
sheets (remember dupe sheets?).

Only ran 50 watts, hoping not to meet my neighbors. No 15 Meters for the same

Jim Cain
Atlantic City
(I'm about six miles from the Boardwalk.)
W3NX(N3NR)   SO SSB HP   354,1992007-07-15 05:40:09
Another fun one!

First I want to thank Art, N3DXX, for allowing me to use his great station as
well as the W3NX memorial callsign. It was really fun to operate from such a
well equipped station!

Second, I want to thank my wife Elena, and my kids, Nicholas, Victoria, and
Sophia for allowing me to devote a whole summer day to playing radio. They
always get a big part of the credit for my effort in this contest!

I almost met my goals for this contest! Had a phenomenal first hour... my best
ever in any contest at any station. After that things seemed to slow down
considerably. Not sure if it was conditions or what was happening (or if it was
the rush of the first hour coloring everything). Didn't really feel like things
were going well again until the afternoon. Europe seemed like a chore to work
on both 20 and 15. On the flip side 40 was fantastic! Thanks to all the
European agencies for finally allowing phone ops up to 7.2MHz. It was fun to
actually have European HQ stations calling me on 40! 80 was also good, but the
new band plan still has me befuddled for phone.

Another personal best score! This year provides a bunch of motivation to
upgrade the home station.

Catch everyone next year!

73 de Nick N3NR
NQ3X   SO Mixed LP   57,1042007-07-15 05:40:55
My first time in IARU; I really enjoyed it. See you in NAQP!
NS3T   SO Mixed QRP   45,2102007-07-15 05:42:38
For some reason, I decided a few days ago that I would try the QRP Mixed
It worked out pretty good really. I was able to call CQ on just about every
band for a few contacts here and there. Yeah, S&P was a little more difficult,
but it was fine. Most of my op time was after the family went to bed. I caught
an hour nap when things got real slow overnight.

Best DX on SSB was ZL1V on 20 meters - how he heard me, I don't know!
On CW it was LR4A on 40 meters after sunrise here.

Thanks to everyone for all the Q's!

73 Jamie NS3T

inverted L's on 160 and 80
W4OP end fed dipoles on 10-40
N4LF   SO CW LP   45,5042007-07-15 05:52:13
IC746Pro/100' dipole @ 35'. I love this contest! Maybe next year I can spend
a few more hours on it.
DL2AA   SO SSB HP   1,009,8782007-07-15 05:54:31
Saturday was very slow. I tried to make the best out of it but NA was once again
almost not there. Have not worked a single JA.
However, the new 160/80 vertical helped to work more multipliers on the low
bands than the years before but I spent most of the time S&P'ing. Best rate was
in the last two hours of the contest. At least I made over a million points....


'more to come...'

SO/ZN+HQ by hour and band

Hour 160M PH 80M PH 40M PH 20M PH 15M PH 10M PH Total Cumm
D1-1200Z - - - - - 48/15 48/15 48/15
D1-1300Z - - - - 13/13 34/3 47/16 95/31
D1-1400Z - - - - 50/16 - 50/16 145/47
D1-1500Z - - - - 34/7 5/3 39/10 184/57
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 11/9 9/0 30/7 50/16 234/73
D1-1700Z - - - 90/20 - - 90/20 324/93
D1-1800Z - - - 61/13 - - 61/13 385/106
D1-1900Z - - - 4/1 3/2 - 7/3 392/109
D1-2000Z - 1/1 8/6 13/6 - - 22/13 414/122
D1-2100Z - 11/9 30/8 - - - 41/17 455/139
D1-2200Z - 20/13 17/7 - - - 37/20 492/159
D1-2300Z 11/11 52/5 - - - - 63/16 555/175
D2-0000Z 19/13 21/2 --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 40/15 595/190
D2-0100Z - 1/1 11/5 - - - 12/6 607/196
D2-0200Z - 2/0 - - - - 2/0 609/196
D2-0300Z - - - - - - 0/0 609/196
D2-0400Z - - - - - - 0/0 609/196
D2-0500Z - - 43/5 - - - 43/5 652/201
D2-0600Z - 1/0 32/0 20/4 3/0 - 56/4 708/205
D2-0700Z - - - 14/0 - 1/0 15/0 723/205
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- 6/6 30/2 10/0 --+-- 46/8 769/213
D2-0900Z - - 19/1 - 7/0 35/2 61/3 830/216
D2-1000Z - - - - 95/3 - 95/3 925/219
D2-1100Z - - - 121/2 1/1 - 122/3 1047/222

Total: 30/24 109/31 166/38 364/57 225/42 153/30

160M PH 80M PH 40M PH 20M PH 15M PH 10M PH Total %

EU 30 104 151 294 188 145 912 87.1
AF 0 1 1 3 6 1 12 1.1
AS 0 2 7 27 8 0 44 4.2
SA 0 0 5 11 22 7 45 4.3
OC 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.2
NA 0 2 2 28 0 0 32 3.1
OK1DSA   SO CW QRP   22,3922007-07-15 05:55:35
Rig: TS-690SAT (reduced power)
Pwr: QRP 5W out.
Ant: INDOOR half-size G5RV (in a loft)
Log.: SD v13.23
VE3XD   SO CW LP   195,6002007-07-15 06:05:39
9 Phone contacts were made for checklog only.
VE3GSI   SO CW LP   174,2702007-07-15 06:10:10
First time entry for me in this contest and had a lot of fun.
Look for my log in LoTW soon, cards via Buro Ok too.
N4PN   SO Mixed HP   906,2462007-07-15 06:15:28
Condx were not bad. Pleasant surprise to find 10m in good shape again this
weekend and 15m better than the last couple of weeks. Thunderstorms in
the area the whole 24 hour period but only had to shut down twice for short
periods of time.
Thanks to all who called on 10m and didn't have a clue what was going on.
Easy to give a quick lesson on phone about ITU zones.
73, Paul, N4PN
K4JPD(W4ATL)   SO Mixed HP   319,0542007-07-15 06:15:52
Thunderstorms, good food, goats and dogs at McElroy Manor.
KR2Q   SO CW QRP   22,2502007-07-15 06:18:12
Too nice out. Spent most of the time with my wife enjoying the day.

Elecraft K2
HB 2L Quad @ 55ft
402CD @ 80 feet
OB11-3 @ 72'
ZS6AA   SO CW LP   310,0162007-07-15 06:19:53
Learning to SO2R - I feel a bit like a juggler with one ball too many in the

Propagation wasn't bad considering it's winter time in the southern hemisphere
and our winter propagation is traditionally terrible. I allowed myself to sleep
until 6am (0400Z) because in CQ WPX, when I woke at 4am, the bands only opened
at 8am. Of course, when I got to the radio with a cup of coffee at 6:15 am,
North America was loud and clear on 40m, but I only managed a few before it
faded again. That'll teach me. Anyway, at least I got some NA multipliers.

I borrowed a spectrum analyzer from work to monitor 10m - a bit like a big
beautiful fish finder. But no fish were found - I only managed 4 QSOs on 10m
during a brief and patchy opening to Europe. A couple of openings to the US on
20m and 15m kept me in the hunt though. I heard very little from Japan, despite
pointing the beam east several times.

Highlights: working K1ZZ (AC) and NU1AW (IARU). Oh, and having N6TU and N6TV
call consecutively while running (kind of an echo). Never mind, it doesn't take
much to amuse me during contests...

C-31XR tribander at 60ft with separate feeds for 20, 15 and 10m. Dipole on 40m.
TS-850S and TS-930S, both 100W.

73 'till CQWW
KØEWS   SO CW LP   33,2822007-07-15 06:20:02
This was my first contest in a while. The first from my new station setup, and
I enjoyed it.
KG5U   SO CW QRP   35,7512007-07-15 06:22:34
Due to prior commitments, only got 8 hours operating time in. Due to a broken
beam pointing NW and a broken rotator, I never heard much out of Europe on
10/15/20. But, did manage to eke out a few DX QSO's on those bands. It was
nice to 10m open with some activity midday and to hear 20m open so late--my
only JA's and KH6 were on 20m CW at around 0700Z.

Hopefully, next year the station and I will be fully QRV for this contest.
It's one of the best.
ES1GF   SO Mixed LP   150,0002007-07-15 06:28:28
Great Contest! Very Thanks to ZC4LI(STEVE) and ES9 Head Q.(ES5RR ES5QA ES4MM
ES3RF ES1LS ES1A) and all who worked me,73! de Vlady(ES1GF)
F5LCU   SO Mixed LP   77,2262007-07-15 06:35:35
Nice contest, lake of propagation compared to 2006 so less dx contacts.
Many head quarters stations so difficult to find OM ad YL.
73 Fabrice
2EØCVN   SO Mixed LP   456,1442007-07-15 06:40:55
Great contest.

Cu all in IOTA - Cray Valley RS - M8C - EU-011. I will be active on WARC/6m b4
IOTA and all bands after as well as the rest of the team will b active on all
bands with various calls.
K3STX   SO CW HP   39,1682007-07-15 06:44:25
Got on from 0130-0530 Z and most of Europe was gone from 40. Thanks to N6RO for
my only 15 M QSO, it was at about 11 pm here! Conditions on 40 were OK, but 80
was not so great. Had fun, and the highlight was having EL2DX call ME for an
all-time new DXCC for me.

Thansk for the QSOs,


Kenwood TS-850S, Ameritron AL-811 amp, N1MM logger.
Fan dipole for 20/40 at 40 feet, 80 M wire vertical.
NG7Z   SO Mixed LP   15,0502007-07-15 06:44:38
VE3TA(@VE3NE)   SO CW HP   213,7442007-07-15 06:54:34
Thanks to Lali, VE3NE for use of his QTH.

Orion I
Alpha 78
A4S & Dipoles
WinTest 3.12, WinKey2

73, Paul, VE3TA
W5VX   M/S HP   429,5482007-07-15 07:03:01
I decided to open the station to anyone that wanted to come operate. We had a
good time, and I decided that I was not going to stay up all night. Went to bed
at midnight. Not a lot of DX, but action was pretty hot with runs to the US on
20 and 40. 10 was a bust with very little activity and had only 200 Qs on 15.

I always forget that I am going to have to listen to a lot of QRN for this
contest. I should have gotten on 80 PH and worked a mult or two.

Come on sunspots!!

Bill, W5VX
S59TI   SO SSB LP   7,4392007-07-15 07:08:37
Nice contest (I managed to do even a "Worked All Continents" :)

Ant: two wires (dipoles 10&20m) and a fishing rod on the roof (10&15&20m)
Rig: IC-746

73 de YL Urša S59TI
S56G   SO SSB LP   11,8002007-07-15 07:12:54
Nice contest worked from living room :)

Ant: two wires (dipoles 10&20m) and a fishing rod on the roof (10&15&20m)
Rig: IC-746

73 de tom*/s56g
VA3NR   SO Mixed LP   243,5002007-07-15 07:13:52
Mk-Vfield 100watts, DX-CC multi-band dipole at 35', HF6V vertical, 160m inv-L.
Tnx QSOs. Primary objective was to have some fun and didn't worry about score
at all. Mission accomplished. 73, Chris.

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
1200 0 0 1 49 13 0 63 63 7.5
1300 0 0 0 23 17 13 53 116 6.3
1400 0 0 0 10 3 3 16 132 1.9
1500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 132 0.0
1600 0 0 0 1 1 11 13 145 1.5
1700 0 0 0 2 12 22 36 181 4.3
1800 0 0 0 18 3 8 29 210 3.5
1900 0 0 11 10 6 6 33 243 3.9
2000 0 0 6 5 0 2 13 256 1.5
2100 0 0 0 31 10 3 44 300 5.2
2200 0 0 27 8 6 3 44 344 5.2
2300 0 0 10 69 0 0 79 423 9.4
0000 0 0 80 6 0 0 86 509 10.2
0100 0 0 77 0 0 0 77 586 9.2
0200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 586 0.0
0300 0 5 45 6 0 0 56 642 6.7
0400 0 24 22 1 0 0 47 689 5.6
0500 0 70 4 0 0 0 74 763 8.8
0600 3 31 10 0 0 0 44 807 5.2
0700 4 17 8 1 0 0 30 837 3.6
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 837 0.0
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 837 0.0
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 837 0.0
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 837 0.0
Total 7 147 301 240 71 71 837

Gross QSO's=840 Dupes=3 Net QSO's=837

Unique callsigns worked = 570

The best 60 minute rate was 114/hour from 0039 to 0138
The best 30 minute rate was 130/hour from 0104 to 0133
The best 10 minute rate was 162/hour from 0119 to 0128
AB4GG   SO SSB LP   1,2882007-07-15 07:15:27
Operated mobile in Alabama for this one. Thanks to all who dug out my signal.
NG9T(@K8IR)   M/S HP   171,8422007-07-15 07:17:59
All phone QSO's by 11 year old W9JJC, including a couple of nice 20 meter runs.
CW by grandpa K8IR. About the same number of QSO's as last year, but points snd
mults down. The low bands were unusually quiet for mid-summer. The only 6
bander was K4BAI.

Lost an hour finding a new buzz on 80 meters. Turned out to be the power supply
in the bedroom surround sound system the xyl gave me for my birthday in May.
Needless to say she was back to only two audio channels from the TV for the
duration of the contest.
K1IB   SO CW LP   33,2802007-07-15 07:20:44
A recent thunderstorm downed my low-band wires, so I was limited to using my KLM
KT-34A triband yagi on 20 and 15 meters.
LW4EU(LU5DX)   SO CW HP   1,622,4202007-07-15 07:21:46
First time in this contest outside of WRTC. It´s FUN! Tnx everybody for the Qs
speacially to all the LIDS from WWYC!!! :-)

Tnx to Jorge, LW4EU for hospitality and support!!!

Martin, LU5DX @LW4EU
XE2GG(@XE1KK)   M/S HP   1,106,9602007-07-15 07:32:27
This is the WRTC-2006 “Team Mexico” (PW5U) reunion using David´s new
callsign for first time. David had to get a new passport Thursday before the
contest in order to make the trip.

We operated from the XE1KK QTH. According to David, the accommodations are
“de lujo”. But we both sorely missed the Brazilian hospitality, TNX AGN
dear PYs. We had a fantastic time!.

Bad propagation but lots of fun. It’s amazing what can be heard with a two
digit solar flux.

Murphy killed the amp for 3 hours, but XE1GFF came to the rescue.

Thanks to the 10 minute rule we had to deny many QSY requests.

Heard P43W working P33W. Cool!

XE2WWW paid us a visit during the contest. Next time we will try harder to get
him to operate with us.

XE2K was stealing our phone mults on all bands, and XE1MM the same on CW. (hi
hi!). Please don’t work them next time!!! :-)

As usual the best part is working friends: XE2K and XE1MM on top of the list.
KO7AA   SO CW HP   209,0952007-07-15 07:42:33
Good warm up for NAQP, not much DX in this one from here. Not a peep
from EU on 20/15 by 1800Z, so I spent the afternoon at a pool party
with my wife. Came back home in time to eek out a few EU mults on 40
at their sunrise and run 1 point W6's on 80....

73, Bill KO7AA in Tucson
WW9R   SO CW LP   3,8642007-07-15 07:44:11
Two hours of cw fun, since I couldn't spend the whole week-end "playing", I
jumped in to hand out some points... cw contesting - there is nothing else
like it :)

VE3WO   SO CW HP   43,3372007-07-15 07:45:52
No 40m antenna (dipole snapped in a recent windstorm), so I kinda fooled around
for a few hours after the kids went to bed, running on 80 and 20. Condx were
definitely open to the Pacific on Saturday night, just couldn't find much
activity in that direction. Too bad; the VK's and ZL's that I heard were quite
loud, and first-call workable.

Nice to get a little active again!

73 - Travis VE3WO
K2SX   SO CW HP   166,6082007-07-15 07:48:09
Nice to hear 15 and 10 open, even if only short skip altho some EU on 15. Had
three major thunder/lightening storms during the day that forced me to run for
the hills (there aren't many of those in this part of the country). Then, I
had to go out for most of the evening so limited amopunt of time to operate.
Was real happy with the rate though given my limited antenna farm (one
WA6BOB   SO CW LP   2,9162007-07-15 07:50:06
Weather better than the bands, so spent the day hiking in the mountains.
CT1DRB/P   SO CW LP   5,8522007-07-15 07:50:08
My small contribution to IARU 2007 due to lack of time.
N2WN   SO CW QRP   169,8562007-07-15 08:08:52
That was loads o' fun! Lotsa action on all the bands, nice to hear 10 busy. 160
and 80 were noisy here and the 80M antenna was the 160M Tee (not very
effective) but kudo's to YV5AJ for copying me regardless. The openings to EU
were on and off, but strong enough at times. 40M really surprised me,
considering the antenna is a sloper headed NNW made a lot of "easy" DX
contacts. Heard more VKs, ZLs and JA than I've heard in a while. Rig was an
Elecraft K2, antennas included 4 el SteppIr. Thanks to all for a great time!
72, Julius n2wn
OQ5M(ON5ZO)   SO CW HP   1,597,1552007-07-15 08:11:46
73 and thanks for all the contacts!
Franki ON5ZO / OQ5M
PY1NB   SO Mixed LP   463,5722007-07-15 08:12:41
Very nice, but I missed the usual NA opening on 20m and 15m, and the huge

73 to all,
Felipe PY1NB

ps: see the submitted scores database at
N8BJQ   SO CW HP   40,1522007-07-15 08:13:14
Only had a couple of hours to play
K4EU   SO CW LP   103,7922007-07-15 08:26:44
Thanks for the Q's.... 73....//Steve K4EU
W7ZR   SO CW HP   252,3842007-07-15 08:27:25
Sorry I could not do more time. No EU or AF to speak of. AS was also pretty
quiet here. Maybe next year.
K7ABV   SO Mixed HP   56,0972007-07-15 08:31:28
with these condtions lucky to work much Europe, only on 20 tho...had fun for a
few hours, 40 cw a blast...
KU8E   SO CW HP   276,4322007-07-15 08:35:19
IC756PRO - AL811H (600watts) - Center fed zepp @ 35 Feet

A fun contest - Wish I could of operated more. DX Condx not very good but
stateside rate plus 15 and 10 meters open made it fun. CU in the next one.

KQ6ES   SO CW LP   34,0742007-07-15 08:39:38
Also worked phone Qs, 15 on 20m, 2 on 10m. Only one new multiplier on phone.

John kq6es
K8IA   SO CW LP   459,3162007-07-15 08:41:53
Ten-Tec Orion II (100 watts; 3 el SteppIR at 78 ft; M-Squared 40M3L at 71 ft;
80m Inv Vee at 65; 160m vert (shunt fed tower); K9AY Rx Loops

Nice to see 20m open for DX the entire dark period. Not so during the day from
out here in the west.Totals here were very close to my last years performance
but pts/qso were less due to poor daytime DX openings.

Sincere thanks to ARRL/IARU for sponsoring my summer favorite contest! CU all
in the Fall.

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona USA
PG7V   SO Mixed LP   412,0502007-07-15 08:44:16
Yaesu FT-2000, 100 W
Cushcraft R5 vertical @16m high
G5RV dipole 2x 16m, feeding point @15m high
Longwire for 160m

Enjoyed the contest, nice short-skip, especially at the end of the contest on
Sunday. Most of the time worked S&P, chasing HQ stations. 239 QSO's were made
with HQ stations.

CU in the RSGB IOTA contest from Texel Island (EU-038) as PC6IOTA.
Active also several days before and after the contest.
W7WHY   SO CW HP   31,6352007-07-15 08:49:30
That was fun but conditions were pretty poor here in the PNW. I worked 1
European station, 1 African statin and a few South Americans. I did hear a few
Eu. stations, but they were so far in the noise I could barely hear them. This
was like a NAQP contest. Lots of activity though.

Did manage to hold a frequency for a couple of hours and had a pretty good run
going for a while.

Skip was really short here on 15 and 20. Worked a bunch of zone 6 stations on
20 and even some on 15.

But, I had a lot of fun and I guess that is the main thing!!

Log is already on LOTW. 73 and thanks for all the Q's.

TS-450SAT + SB-200 ~500 watts

80 meter inverted V, 3-40 meter phased verticals, home brew 2-el monobander on
20, 160 meter inverted L on 15.

N1MM Logger 7.7.0
WA1FCN   SO CW LP   275,8402007-07-15 08:55:37
Glad to have entered test, as this was only about my 4th contest in over 40
years to have over 1000 qsos. Too bad 20 was so poor, at least at this qth.
K4IJ   SO CW LP   20,8082007-07-15 08:56:53
Had lots of fun, thanks everybody!
N4EEB   SO CW HP   329,2092007-07-15 09:03:09
This was my first ever IARU HF. It was a very different and interesting format
from I was use to. I had hoped to put in the full 24-hours, but I ran out of
steam a few hours short of the finish line.

My best hour was 14Z with a 91. My worst hour was 23Z with less than 30. I
had 7 hours above 70Q/hour, not too bad for a wire antenna at 20 ft. I can't
wait to I get a tower.


Icom IC-756 Pro III
ETO Alpha 78
PalStar AT1500CV
Win-Test for Windows 3.11.0

A horizontal wire antenna at 20 ft. (Loop) was used for all contacts.
N3AD   SO Mixed HP   905,5752007-07-15 09:16:50
Zones and HQ mults are combined as that is how software reports it.
KE1F   SO Mixed LP   46,2402007-07-15 09:18:34
Nice openings on 10 meter.
W3LL   SO SSB LP   141,4532007-07-15 09:24:53
No relay for 80M and 160M antennas.
HG8K(HA8GY)   SO CW LP   817,0202007-07-15 09:45:29
IC-781 150W
3El tribander yagi,dipoles
KD4D(@N3HBX)   M/S HP   1,287,6112007-07-15 10:01:39
Thanks again to John Evans, N3HBX, for letting us invade the farm. He has
upgraded the antenna switching, allowing us to split transmitted power between
antennas and rapidly switch between them. That helped when we were getting
answers from Europe and the US at the same time.

The new 80-meter Lazy-H worked very well and gave us a rotatable antenna on 80
to go with the 3-element delta loop fixed on Europe and the inverted vees.

Conditions on 80 and 160 seemed good for mid-summer. We had a lot of QRN
Sunday morning, but it was worse after Europe pretty much disappeared. About
400 fewer QSO's on 20 meters this year.

We missed the beginning of the 10 meter opening here but it was short! We had
a blast. Thanks for all the QSO's.

(I know the total QSO's don't quite match between the mode breakdowns and the
summary sheet. I'm not quite sure what Excel and the logging program did
there! :-), but they're close enough.)

IARU HF Championship -- 2007

Call: KD4D
Category: Multi Single
Power: High Power
Band: All Band
Mode: Mixed Mode
Country: United States


160 48 106 2.21 11 13
80 239 545 2.28 18 29
40 486 1462 3.01 27 35
20 978 2604 2.66 30 37
15 188 478 2.54 19 24
10 10 18 1.80 4 0

Totals 1949 5213 2.67 109 138

Score: 1,287,611 points

BREAKDOWN QSO/mults KD4D IARU HF Championship Multi Single

HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

12 ..... ..... ..... 56/18 12/10 ..... 68/28 68/28
13 . . . 22/5 48/19 10/4 80/28 148/56
14 . . . 74/9 23/6 . 97/15 245/71
15 . . . 31/1 44/3 . 75/4 320/75
16 . . . 34/4 48/3 . 82/7 402/82
17 . . . 102/5 . . 102/5 504/87
18 . . . 119/3 . . 119/3 623/90
19 . . . 95/2 . . 95/2 718/92
20 ..... ..... ..... 69/8 13/2 ..... 82/10 800/102
21 . . . 128/2 . . 128/2 928/104
22 . . 27/21 78/0 . . 105/21 1033/125
23 . . 100/14 . . . 100/14 1133/139
0 . 55/29 2/0 . . . 57/29 1190/168
1 18/15 21/3 . . . . 39/18 1229/186
2 8/5 13/4 51/9 . . . 72/18 1301/204
3 . 26/2 80/3 . . . 106/5 1407/209
4 ..... 15/1 56/5 21/4 ..... ..... 92/10 1499/219
5 . 33/4 31/4 . . . 64/8 1563/227
6 . 40/3 35/2 . . . 75/5 1638/232
7 . 22/0 29/2 11/2 . . 62/4 1700/236
8 22/4 14/1 16/0 . . . 52/5 1752/241
9 . . 56/2 . . . 56/2 1808/243
10 . . 3/0 54/3 . . 57/3 1865/246
11 . . . 84/1 . . 84/1 1949/247

TOT 48/24 239/47 486/62 978/67 188/43 10/4 . 1949/247
K4TD   SO CW HP   351,6802007-07-15 10:05:30
Even though the IARU contest is one of my favorites, I was only able to mount a
part-time effort. Between lawn work, family social obligations, and pool
maintenance (read that as maintaining goodwill with the XYL for contesting in
the summertime), there just wasn't a great deal of time left for this one.
But, hey, 12 hours of contesting is still better than a "poke in the eye with a
sharp stick," right?

My only complaint was that the local QRN level was unfortunately high during
the contest. I had to adopt a "love/hate" relationship with the QRN. The QRN
kept me from hearing as well as I would have liked, but at least there was rain
in the area, which we desperately need. According to the rain guage on my Davis
WX-station we are 22.5 inches below average rainfall at this point in the year.

My thanks to everyone for all the QSOs and a special thank-you to those who
hung in there with me during the QRN.


AD5VJ   SO Mixed LP   4,9352007-07-15 10:08:22
New location here. Setup antenna on first day off in a while. Using Butternut
Vertical and a new rig (new to me). MK-V-FT-1000MP.

Dont have rig set up for computer logging completely yet.

This was a trial run and the rig was great.
Need to get that INRAD filter mod installed ASAP and I think it will be alot
better as well as getting N1MM going full strength for me.

Thanks to all for the contacts and to headquarters for the multi.

73 fer nw
K1PT   SO CW HP   820,6152007-07-15 10:22:41
Very close thunderstorms forced me off a few times. 160 and 80 unbearable with
no RX antenna. Nice 10M and 15M openings Saturday afternoon and an excellent
40M opening to Asia Sunday at sunrise.
FT-1000D and QSK Alpha 76
C31XR at 60', XM-240 at 75'
67' vertical on saltwater for 80/160
Thanks for the Q's!
PY2MTV   SO Mixed LP   3,5642007-07-15 10:22:47

Thank you very much to all contacted stations, in next opportunity hope to be
with the station in better conditions to accomplish excellent contacts and to
be present in full time of this wonderful party.

Congratulations to all.


André PY2MTV
YL2PP   SO CW LP   124,1762007-07-15 10:24:24
Trcvr ICOM-751A Ant - Delta 159m
W6/VK2IMM   SO CW LP   193,9682007-07-15 10:25:37
Rig: TS-440S, 90-100W
Ant: Trap verticals - 12AVQ at 25ft, 5BTV at 15 ft

During day hours not much DX happening on 15 and 10 M, so worked all I could
hear. Not enough signal to get some South American mults from my side. Lots to
do on the bands staring late afternoon. 20M was kept open for long offering
very good propagation to JA, Australia and Africa. Europe seemed to be illusive
with not to many multipliers from there. Plenty of activity on 80 and 40 m
offering reasonable RUNs. 80M score beat my 15 M score what I did not expect.
Worked many old friends from everywhere. Did better than what I was expecting.
Fun contest.

Many thanks,

Sergey VK2IMM
DJ8OG(@DJ6QT)   M/S HP   979,1702007-07-15 10:28:24
Thanks to Walter, DJ6QT for the station.
This year we were Multi Op from his station, condx were not so good like last
year, not many good openings to the US and JA, but lots of short skip with
German stations peaking 20 over S9 in on 20m from north DL. We hat not really
good antennas for the low bands thru the storm Kyrill in january. We didnt
fixed the antennas yet.
Anyway very nice (HOT) WX and a nice weekend with contesting, cu again next
contest ...
KA3DRR   SO CW LP   2,3202007-07-15 10:33:43
My first time in the IARU and lots of fun searching and pouncing through the
24-hour period. Scored my first DX on 80-meters late in evening and enjoyed the
Pacific/JA opening on 20-meters as well. Overall, a stellar goodtime running
35-watts into a random wire from the central coast of California. I'm looking
forward to next year. Best results to everyone.
WD4AHZ   SO CW LP   34,4402007-07-15 10:37:26
Very part-time effort in between working at a Hurricane Expo, having lunch
afterwards with our local Director of Emergency Management, and playing in a
Trivia Tournament Saturday night.

Maybe next year, they'll get the date right, so we won't make other plans!

N6AA   SO CW HP   420,2842007-07-15 10:44:05
70% USA and Canada

Continent List

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- ---
USA calls = 9 93 185 283 56 13 639
VE calls = 1 9 23 32 7 0 72
N.A. calls = 0 2 4 13 1 0 20
S.A. calls = 0 5 15 4 0 0 24
Euro calls = 0 0 9 30 0 0 39
Afrc calls = 0 0 0 2 0 0 2
Asia calls = 0 3 13 29 0 0 45
JA calls = 0 6 46 93 0 0 145
Ocen calls = 0 5 13 18 0 0 36

Total calls = 10 123 308 504 64 13 1022
KA2KON   SO SSB LP   85,4562007-07-15 10:45:32
I succeded in beating last years score dispite the qrm. Had to work a little
longer to get it. Mostly s+p with some short running during the last hour.
Probably should have run more earlier. I don't have a voice keyer, so I was
running out of voice toward the end. Also got a little tired and started
attempting to rotate the vertical I use for 80 meters using the F-12 key. Never
did rotate. Lots of fun.

K3JT   SO CW HP   228,4102007-07-15 10:48:00
New 40M ground plane worked well.
W7QN   SO CW LP   17,7532007-07-15 11:02:11
No Europe, Russia or JAs for me this year. Could hear them but they no hear me.
WA1Z(@KC1XX)   SO CW HP   1,528,8042007-07-15 11:08:53
Thanks to Christine and Matt for offering the station for the day.


160 34 54 1.59 6 10
80 276 768 2.78 19 25
40 473 1545 3.27 23 29
20 1039 3643 3.51 32 34
15 227 597 2.63 21 20
10 39 69 1.77 7 3

Totals 2088 6676 3.20 108 121

Score: 1,528,804 points

BREAKDOWN QSO/mults WA1Z IARU HF Championship

HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

12 ..... ..... ..... 135/15 5/3 ..... 140/18 140/18
13 . . . 78/9 23/5 6/3 107/17 247/35
14 . . . 53/2 22/8 15/2 90/12 337/47
15 . . . 64/2 32/8 2/1 98/11 435/58
16 . . . 51/5 19/3 5/1 75/9 510/67
17 . . . 58/3 30/5 4/0 92/8 602/75
18 . . . 69/1 22/2 4/1 95/4 697/79
19 . . . 75/5 20/0 . 95/5 792/84
20 ..... ..... ..... 72/5 9/0 ..... 81/5 873/89
21 . . . 116/6 7/1 . 123/7 996/96
22 . . . 62/1 32/6 3/2 97/9 1093/105
23 . . 113/13 4/1 . . 117/14 1210/119
0 . 20/7 56/4 15/2 2/0 . 93/13 1303/132
1 . 34/7 72/5 9/1 . . 115/13 1418/145
2 1/1 82/16 . 6/1 . . 89/18 1507/163
3 18/11 24/1 25/3 1/0 . . 68/15 1575/178
4 ..... 37/3 53/16 ..... ..... ..... 90/19 1665/197
5 8/3 41/7 20/2 1/0 . . 70/12 1735/209
6 1/0 12/2 38/3 1/1 . . 52/6 1787/215
7 . 11/0 56/5 . . . 67/5 1854/220
8 5/1 10/1 22/1 9/0 . . 46/3 1900/223
9 1/0 5/0 18/0 15/2 . . 39/2 1939/225
10 . . . 64/1 3/0 . 67/1 2006/226
11 . . . 81/3 1/0 . 82/3 2088/229
TOT 34/16 276/44 473/52 1039/66 227/41 39/10 . 2088/229
NK6A   SO Mixed HP   33,4972007-07-15 11:12:43
Fighting a lot of noise on 20 M all day Saturday. Evening was quiet but I fell
asleep at 11:30. Didn't hear any Europeans on this year during my operating
My new FT2000 worked great.
KD5J   SO CW LP   12,1442007-07-15 11:37:51
Fun contest to work CW only. It was fun to work so many stations during the
opening on 10 meters Saturday afternoon.
PY2KC   SO SSB HP   1,859,0442007-07-15 11:41:49
First contest from new QTH.

4 El CUBICAL QUADS 10/15/20M
2 El Yagi (PP5UA) 40M
Invert V 80M

FT100D + APLHA 87A
K3ZT   SO SSB HP   33,3062007-07-15 11:45:05
This year's IARU Contest was a Lot of Fun for Me!
Favorite Contacts: Hawaii on 40 Meters and New Zealand on 20 Meters
KKØHF   SO CW LP   127,4052007-07-15 11:48:30
Mostly S&P. Looking forward to better band conditions next year!
VA7ST   SO CW HP   238,3742007-07-15 11:52:47
Band QSOs Pts Sec HQ
1.8 1 3 1 0
3.5 120 350 15 5
7 169 525 19 8
14 369 1089 26 25
21 36 102 6 5
28 8 22 3 1
Total 703 2091 70 44

* FT920 + SB221 (400-800w)
* 3 ele. tribander @ 45'
* 40M half-squares (EU/Pac, US-VE/Asia)
* 80M 3/4-size delta loop (1 week old)

SFI=76, A=16>14, K=4>3.

Short report:
- EU only opened at 1 a.m. (0800z) and it was very weak
- 40M half-squares worked lots of Pacific and SA DX
- 80M delta loop worked great -- plenty of DX and NA
- Met goals for mults, not points or Qs
- High power keeps rate going, but only slightly more
productive overall than last year with 100W.

Long report:
If you live in an area where Europe was workable on Saturday, rejoice. It
didn't happen here. The day before the contest I heard deep layers of EU
stations working North America in the afternoon and evening. Yet in the contest
only a few EU stations were heard all day on 20M. I turned the beam that way
every 15 minutes or so looking for a brief opening that just never happened.
Oneseys and twoseys only. If anyone in Zones 2 and 6 (left coast) did really
well this year, they get big kudos from me. Well done!

20M mults sat at 30 or so till 0700 (midnight local), when I found DA0, YT7 and
OL4 HQ stations -- on the edge of unworkable, but made it through. Then, just
after 1 a.m. (0800z), I heard very weak HG0, LX0, S50 and GM3 stations. Had to
use every trick in the book and every watt I could squeeze out of a pair of
3-500Zs to work them.

Went back to 20M at 0948Z (nearly 3 a.m.) to hear signals a bit louder, and
worked YR0, SN0, OM7, LY0, T90, LN2, SK9 HQ stations. That was pretty much all
there was from EU here, plus a small handful of non-HQ stations in the mix
(curious that virtually nothing other than HQs were heard here). So, the only
20M EU opening felt more like a poor 10M regional ground-wave opening. Didn't
think I'd come close to last year's 52 mults on 20M, but ended up with 51 after

I had been reading recent contest reports of east-coast stations working EU on
15M, but have never heard a peep from EU myself, being so close to the auroral
oval. Being cheeky, while working a marginal NA 15M opening Saturday afternoon
I turned the beam north over the pole and called. Got two HQ stations and an
SP3 5-pointer, all out of the blue and down in the noise, but they were
complete shockers. Haven't worked EU on 15M in at least two years.

One of my personal goals in each contest is to top by previous year's totals on
each band. In this one, I raised the Q totals on all but 40M -- 169 this year,
235 last year though mults rose from 22 to 27. It was a conscious choise to
spent more time on 20M working the Pacific mults, taking away from 40M
3-pointer time in the mid-evening when there would be fewer mults to be found

Have never run HP in this contest. Going from 100w to 400-800w made a
difference in rate and mults, but score increased only slightly from last year:

Year Qs Pts. Mult Score (claimed)
2007 703 2091 114 238,374 -- 40 HQ
2006 630 2012 96 193,152 -- 44 HQ
2005 267 843 42 35,406 -- 10 HQ
2004 462 1446 88 127,248
2003 181 31 17,019
2002 235 799 77 61,523 -- 27 HQ

Aimed for 110 mults, 1,000 Qs and 300,00 points -- hit only the mult target,
and it was very hard work (but fun).

Surprises included several VKs on 20M and 40M, and good DX from B.C. on 80M --
ZL4PW, PJ2, PY2, LW, YV5AJ, ZW5B, and FO5RH(!) on 80M (delta loop works).

Five-banders with K0RF, K6NA and LR4A. Four-banders with 13, including YV5AJ
and TI5N.

Conditions overall were pretty bad -- SFI=76, A=16>14, K=4>3. Had hoped for
flux to hit 80+ but it didn't happen. Sun spot count was "elevated" at 41 by
the end, but no benefit observed. I am confident we've turned a corner, though,
and may see improving conditions by the fall contest season. It can't get worse.
Hmmm. I've said that before through these many months of the bottom.

Looking forward to casual CW and RTTY contesting for the summer. See everyone
on the bands!

-- Bud, VA7ST
WØLM   M/S HP   2,6202007-07-15 11:54:48
Got on for a few hours of S&P, mainly to try out a new amp on 40 meters. Mostly
N/S propogation into the black hole during the short time I was on, although I
did work ZL on 40.
NP2KW   SO SSB LP   49,7702007-07-15 12:06:08
Had other commitments Friday evening and all day Saturday, so not much effort.
The usual suspects were N2BJ, WB9Z, and N0NI...good job guys.
I may be wrong but to me there wasn't much participation, I kept hearing the
same stations on the bands, and for sure it was the worst propagation so far
this year.

73 de NP2KW
KC5R   SO SSB QRP   175,6802007-07-15 12:07:10
Zone value includes HQ mults.

Managed to beat my last years score by 40K points. New voice keyer worked

Good runs on 15 and 10 - E-skip conditions on 10 (sounded more like 6 meters).
Only worked zones 4,7, and 8 on 10 mtrs plus ARRL in 225 Q's (4 mults) versus
working 9 mults with zones 4,6,7,8,10,12 plus ARRL/IARU/VRNA on 80 mtrs in 28
Q's through S9+ QRN. Just odd.

Had to watch nearby storms all weekend as QRN levels even made 15 noisy at
times. Fortunately, late evening QRN on 40 and 80 was tolerable, all else

Not as much DX around to work - even on 20 it was tough. Maybe it was just
condx. Unfortunately a committment on Saturday early evening cut into some
prime time to scrape up some more mults and 5 pt QSOs on 20. I only had 92 pure
one-pointers versus 45 off-setting 5-pointers out of 706 QSOs, not counting the
HQ stations. Usually I like it to be more balanced. Hence part of the reason
for the low mult count.

Thanks to everyone who listened up, especially my lone JA on 20. QRP has its
moments that leave you wanted to reach out for the AMP switch. Funny how half
the time folks said I had a great signal and the other half of the time they
could barely hear me. I even had a single unidentified report say I was
"splattering all over the band" and needed to "turn down my gain". You know, it
always amazes me that these "experts" never give out their call, and don't
really understand that S5 is about -60 dB (the selectivity of many receivers)
below 30 over 9, so at 2.1 Khz away in the direction of the sideband, don't be
surprised to still hear some signal there. I just went back to my run, and got
a few more honest opinions (not to mention I monitor my output) just to make
sure that something that I hadn't changed in the last few years had changed.

Such is the fun of contesting.

See you next year. -Al
W8MJ   SO CW HP   242,5692007-07-15 12:13:19
Family commitments only allowed half time effort. Missed the primary operating
time, but enjoyed the time I was able to get on. Managed to work 9 stations on
all six bands. Lots of 1 pointers.

1 pointers = 481
3 pointers = 492
5 pointers = 65

73's Ken W8MJ
KØRC   SO Mixed HP   265,9902007-07-15 12:14:13
Only three of the HQ stations I heard were not worked: YL4HQ-Latvia-20ph;
LX0HQ-Luxembourg-20cw/40cw; and R9HQ-Russia-20cw. Propagation was both good and
bad! Ten meters provided 63 contacts in 11 ITU zones but the path was confined
to North/South routes. The normal summer static made 160m unbearable and 80m
another challenge.

I was so tired Saturday night I forgot to work 80m phone! I probably lost some
easy contacts and zones. I staggered to bed at 04:30 UTC after 15 hours of
contesting. The dog woke me up around 08:30 UTC but I managed to avoid getting
up for another half hour. I got back on the bands about 09:45 UTC. The cluster
was full of 20m spots but the problem in MN was 20m not being open. I worked
the low bands on CW and caught all the early birds. I returned to 20m at 11:40
UTC and had my first contact on CW.

I enjoy the IARU contest because everyone gets to work everyone and there's
always interesting DX. It's also fun to find and work all the HQ stations. In
the 2007 IARU it was 90% S&P for me using the same old equipment (IC-756 +
IC-2KL + TH-11DX @ 22m).

73 de Bob - K0RC in MN
VE3DZ(@VE3SY)   SO Mixed HP   1,879,8402007-07-15 12:25:51
Thanks to Paul, VE3SY and Marg, VE3RE for letting me use the station once
Thanks to Paul, VE3TA for ACOM2000A loan.

FT1000MP (2pcs.), Alpha87A, ACOM2000A, N1MM, DX Doubler for SO2R.

As it was mentioned before, with all ths HQ activity Europeans are highly
advantaged in this contest. Just imagine those extar number of mults on low
bands!. However the contest format is very interesting so I always try to
Had some computer issues at the beginning, but then everything worked more or
less flawlessly, not counting two short power outbreaks that probably cost me
at least two dozen contacts. Not sure that my version of N1MM calculates points
Conditions seemed to be much better than last year. Great showing of CCO
members! Worked at least 20 of them. Was difficult to push myself to make some
phone contacts since I decided to enter Mixed Mode category this year for a
change. CW activity is amazing.
See you next contest.

YV7QP(VIC)   SO Mixed LP   125,6442007-07-15 12:27:17
Rig; IC735 110w
ANt: Dipoles 40/80 - Yagi 2 ele 10/15/20 L Invertes 80/160

FB Contest. Regular propagation.
NY3A   SO CW HP   907,0552007-07-15 12:28:03
Fun Contest. I thought 40m was in quite good shape this year. I could hear the
weaker EU and worked the VK/ZL's with ease. Heard W5/6 working JA's but I
wasn't able to copy them.

I don't have a 160m antenna here yet so in the wee hours of the morning I
turned off the amp and managed to load (my 10m beam I think) with the xcvr's
tuner and work a couple. The first q on 160m was KD4D and working him with that
antenna was like working first dx. I did manage to work VE1 with it though!

Seems I don't do very well at finding the HQ mults. Something to work on next
year. Congrats to Bud AA3B and Chas K3WW for their great scores.

W4TMN   SO SSB LP   169,2902007-07-15 12:30:07
I set out with only one goal, to beat last year's effort. It didn't start too
promising as all I was hearing was zone 8 stations on 20 meters. Things
started opening up and I was well beyond last year's score by the middle of the
contest. 20 meters stayed open late, so I was able to get a number of
stations there before moving down.

My wife spoiled me by bringing food and drink to the shack so that I could
concentrate on the effort. What a lady!!!! I am really blessed to have her!!

I was beginning to slow down a bit when N4PN stopped by while I was trying to
run stations on 40meters and got me back on track by clearing my head. Thanks,
Paul!!!! All in all, lots of fun. I can't wait for some sunspots!!!!
K4FTO   SO CW LP   5,8802007-07-15 12:39:22
Gear:Kenwood TS 570, attic dipoles
NP3D(EW1AR)   SO CW HP   140,1122007-07-15 12:50:14
Part time effort. Did 15 Q's on SSB in the very beginning (marked them as
unclaimed), then switched to CW.
Getting ready for NAQP RTTY next weekend.

Thanks to all who called.

73's Andrei EW1AR-NP3D
N4OGW   SO CW HP   916,1642007-07-15 13:00:14
Due to a logging software glitch I accidentally sent zone 7 for the first 52
qso's (sorry!!!). I will put the zone I actually sent in the cabrillo. Lost a
half hour fixing that and other station problems. My zone is listed incorrectly
in the latest .CTY file.

Conditions and score down from last year. From here this seemed more like a NA
qso party than a worldwide contest and 20m never opened well to Europe or Asia.
852 1-point zone 8 qso's, 79.6% USA/VE overall !!

OK3C(OK2ZC)   SO CW LP   808,4612007-07-15 13:04:09
W4SVO   SO SSB LP   232,5962007-07-15 13:43:53
I decided to go low power as I do not have the antenna hardware to compete with
the big boys., plus I new Jay, N4OX would be operating high pwr from N.Fl.
Anyway I used 4 wire antennas, two wire verticals(1-49' & 1-97'), plus I
designed a 10mtr. rectangular loop which I put up in the same tree as the two
wire verticals. It was at 35'. Then I made a 2el. horz. phased array for
20mtrs.,using 1/2 wave spacing, 180 degrees out of phased. This was at 40 feet,
in the same tree, off of some large branches. I am using an Omni 6 plus, 100
watts.Two hours into the contest I had to shut down because of thunder storms.
So that blew 15mtrs. I ended up breaking the low power phone record by W3LL, by
31,000 pts. Not bad for stealth antennas in downtown Ocala, Fl. Mark W4SVO. Cu
all from NQ4I in October!
PY2TO   M/S HP   1,340,2362007-07-15 13:45:39
Ad hoc assembly of team and station, started 1h late due to set-up problems.
Thanks to PY2DM, Mamiro for hosting us at his fine station.
NR4M   M/S HP   975,4532007-07-15 14:04:36
NR4M team had a great time as usual in the IARU. This year we had the pleasure
of Bill, KC4D and Fred W4DF joining us. There were actually a smattering of
phone Qs, made, but for the most part it was CW. The station is slowly coming
This year we had the first 40M OWA up, fixed on Eur at 100ft. Thanks to Steve
and Caroline for the great hospitality always experienced at the Goat Farm
F4DNW   SO CW HP   459,6122007-07-15 14:07:25
Gm all

a very good opening on 15m/10m, EU AS
nice also on 40m,and low bands
just a little crak k=5 saturday evening
20m was bad with NA,

tnx to all

F4DNW Jerome
VA3EC   SO CW LP   31,8682007-07-15 14:18:13
Not much time, bands were in good shape. Worked VE1 in last few minutes on 10
meters, he was S9+.

Icom 756 Pro, Explorer 14 up 50 feet with 40 meter kit and Alpha Delta Sloper
for 80 and 160.

Thanks for the Q's

N5XZ   SO Mixed HP   147,7782007-07-15 14:20:51
Limited time and heavy QRN from power lines and storms but I had a great time!
Waiting to put up 40/80/160M antennas.
YT9X   M/S HP   2,521,1432007-07-15 14:29:25
73`s Milan YU1ZZ
N3ZL   SO CW LP   126,5002007-07-15 14:30:46
My first try with this contest. It was fun, but more zones would have been

Good openings on 10 and 15.
VA3RKM   SO CW QRP   16,4412007-07-15 14:53:59
K2, 5w, 20 m vertical with parasitic reflector, 15m vertical, 40m vertical,80m
dipole, 160m 1/4-wave wire. Lots of fun!
VE7RAC(@VE7UF)   Headquarters HP   634,3682007-07-15 15:04:05
Well, that was fun. We were a little late getting this organized but, to our

delight and thanks to Ed Frazer, VE7EF, our RAC Director, we were able to be

the RAC HQ station.

We had hoped to muster 5 ops for this one but two couldn't make it so our

shifts were 8 hrs on and 4 off.

VE7UF isn't set up for phone contesting so I arrived on Fri to try to get

everything going, including the sending of wav files for CQing, etc. This

took quite a bit longer than I expected and it was an hour into the contest by

the time we got the ssb position functioning properly.

We were pretty excited on Fri evening to hear 20 wide open to Eu. Sadly, the

excitement didn't last. Worked very little Eu.

Had a great run on 20 ssb on Sat aft for a few hours. Pretty well all NA

though, with a sprinkling of SA. A lot of the signals were pretty much in the

mud. Had the short term rate up to 283/hr which is far and away the best I've

ever done. By the time I'd finished my shift I was pooped. Gives me an even

greater appreciation of those ops who can maintain high rates for hours and


We were fortunate that VA7AN was able to join us. Doug has been away from

contesting for many years and this was his second outing from VE7UF. He was

pretty impressed by the operating and logging automation provided by N1MM.

Welcome back, Doug.

As always, the gear at VE7UF performed flawlessly (except for a sticky key on

a keyboard which generated a certain amount of excitement). Oh, and the 80m 4

square doesn't like the phone band.

Had to explain a surprising number of times that 59 RAC means we're a HQ

station. Would have been nice to have a call with HQ in it but VE7HQ and

VA7HQ are already taken.

All in all, a really good time. We're pretty happy with our score, given the

conditions. Mults really sucked, though.

73 and thanks for all the Qs.

Jim Smith VE7FO
N2YO   SO CW HP   147,6362007-07-15 15:13:53
IARU HF is always a fun contest!

73s de Chip N2YO
K9MMS   SO CW LP   85,5002007-07-15 15:21:15
Part-time effort. 43% of QSOs via CQ mode. Very poor conditions. No DX heard
on 10 and 160 meters. DX almost nil on 15, and sparse on 20, 40, and 80. Most
enjoyable part was time spent on 80 meters with a nice 1.5 hour CQ run -- rate
over 100 for a while and peaked at 140. 160 was fair, but activity seemed
quite low from U.S.A.

W6AQ   SO Mixed QRP   76,6082007-07-15 15:48:21
If there was ever an EU opening to Los Angeles on any band, I sure missed it.
But overall, for being the bottom of the sun spot cycle, I thought the bands
were behaving themselves. Virtually no noise at this QTH. QRP at the bottom
of the cycle requires a lot of patience, though. I can hear them. They can't
hear me. Writelog, which behaved flawlessly, may separate Zones and HQ Mults,
but as far as I can tell, it combines them, so I just counted the HQ mults by
band and subtracted from the total for zone mults.
LN8W(LB1GB)   SO CW HP   957,4802007-07-15 16:39:30
Great contest, but condx was very poor. 82.2% EU contacts speaks for itself.

Highlights: ZL4PW longpath at 23:00z on 20 meters. VA7ST zone 2 longpath on
saturday morning 20 meters. Silly me tried to beam short and almost lost the
contact. Thanks for calling again Bud.

Other highlights: 1321 of them. 1 is for hitting forehead in table at 02:00z.
Time to wake up!

Bjorn LB1GB@LN8W

QSO/ZN+HQ by hour and band

Hour 160M CW 80M CW 40M CW 20M CW 15M CW 10M CW Total Cumm

D1-1200Z - - - 64/15 4/4 16/10 84/29 84/29
D1-1300Z - - - 46/4 17/11 - 63/15 147/44
D1-1400Z - - - 73/5 5/1 8/4 86/10 233/54
D1-1500Z - - - 35/4 12/4 - 47/8 280/62
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 24/5 3/1 9/5 36/11 316/73
D1-1700Z - - - 49/1 14/6 4/1 67/8 383/81
D1-1800Z - - 35/19 14/0 8/2 1/0 58/21 441/102
D1-1900Z - - 21/7 14/7 - - 35/14 476/116
D1-2000Z - 27/14 9/0 7/2 - - 43/16 519/132
D1-2100Z 30/21 16/6 4/3 - - - 50/30 569/162
D1-2200Z 64/1 3/2 - 6/4 - - 73/7 642/169
D1-2300Z - 72/4 - 2/2 - - 74/6 716/175
D2-0000Z 5/2 14/1 13/11 --+-- --+-- --+-- 32/14 748/189
D2-0100Z 3/2 16/4 - 1/1 - - 20/7 768/196
D2-0200Z 4/4 4/1 4/1 - - - 12/6 780/202
D2-0300Z - 34/3 13/1 - - - 47/4 827/206
D2-0400Z - - 10/1 8/1 - - 18/2 845/208
D2-0500Z - - 11/3 24/1 - - 35/4 880/212
D2-0600Z - - 2/0 52/1 5/3 - 59/4 939/216
D2-0700Z - - - 77/0 9/1 - 86/1 1025/217
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 104/2 7/1 --+-- 111/3 1136/220
D2-0900Z - - - 68/3 2/1 10/0 80/4 1216/224
D2-1000Z - - 2/1 9/2 11/1 20/1 42/5 1258/229
D2-1100Z - - - 59/6 5/2 - 64/8 1322/237

Total: 106/30 186/35 124/47 736/66 102/38 68/21

160M CW 80M CW 40M CW 20M CW 15M CW 10M CW Total

3V 1 1 1 1 4
4J 1 1
4O 1 2 1 4
4X 1 1
5B 1 2 1 1 5
5H 1 1
8R 1 1 2
9A 1 5 1 8 3 3 21
9N 1 1
A2 1 1 1 3
BY 1 1
CM 1 1
CT 1 1 1 3
CU 1 1 1 3
DL 16 25 3 92 3 8 147
EA 2 1 3 8 3 17
EA8 1 1
EA9 1 1
EK 1 1
ER 1 2 3
ES 1 2 1 1 5
EU 1 1 3 5
EX 1 2 1 4
F 2 4 3 14 1 3 27
G 2 2 2 14 1 1 22
GM 1 1 2 4
HA 6 10 6 36 7 7 72
HB 1 1 1 8 2 2 15
HB0 1 1
HR 1 1
HZ 1 1
I 1 4 5 19 7 8 44
IS 3 3
JA 2 2
K 2 6 67 1 76
KL 1 1
LA 2 4 1 1 8
LU 1 1 1 3
LX 1 1 1 1 1 5
LY 2 5 2 5 1 15
LZ 1 2 14 2 19
OE 1 3 1 6 1 1 13
OH 1 3 4 5 1 14
OH0 1 1 2
OK 7 13 3 37 6 2 68
OM 2 2 1 13 1 4 23
ON 2 5 3 9 3 1 23
OY 1 1
OZ 1 1 1 3
P4 1 2 1 1 5
PA 2 2 1 15 1 1 22
PJ2 1 1 2
PY 1 5 5 11
S5 2 4 5 14 5 6 36
SM 3 5 1 3 1 1 14
SP 8 8 6 33 1 2 58
ST 1 1
SV 3 3
SV5 1 1
T9 1 2 1 2 1 2 9
TA 1 1 1 3
TF 1 1
UA 16 25 13 101 10 1 166
UA9 4 4 13 44 65
UN 5 5
UR 7 16 5 44 6 5 83
VE 1 18 19
VK 1 1
VQ9 1 1
VR 1 1
VU 1 1
XE 1 1
YL 4 4 3 4 1 16
YO 2 6 3 21 5 2 39
YU 3 6 6 20 7 4 46
YV 1 1
Z3 1 1 1 3
ZC4 1 1 1 1 4
ZL 1 1
ZS 1 1 2
K3CR(LZ4AX)   SO Mixed HP   1,523,4902007-07-15 16:39:39
Just couldn't get the phone thing going. Felt much better on CW, so I stuck with
it most of the time.

Thanks to WA3FET for letting me use the station again.
WW4LL   M/S HP   689,4152007-07-15 16:43:22
Best outing for us in 5 attempts now. No electro-mechanical failures and the
boys stepped up to the plate. Good effort and a lot of good comradere. Glad
to have K9MUG operate with us again and first timer at WW4LL, Gordon N4LR.
Very pleasant to see openings on 10 and 15. Lots of noise on 80 as we had
several cells of thunderstorms move thru during the course of the contest but
never shut down.

Many thanks to those that contacted us!

73'.....Fred WW4LL
K6GEP   SO Mixed LP   60,3562007-07-15 16:47:33
I was a mixed category entry, but I do not have breakdowns for phone /cw.

During last year's IARU contest, I worked tons of EU countries on 20m
during the 0200z to 0500z timeframe. With the K index at 4 this year,
it just didn't happen. I had rigged up a 2 element dipole beam pointed
north, and oh well. At least I worked some new EU countries the night before
the contest.

When I noticed that 20 was becoming the ITU Zone 6 QSO party, I decided to
switch to 40 at about 0300z to work back East. I think it was a good
choice, and had some good runs going on Phone. I switched back to 20 a few
hours later to find some good openings to VK/ZL and JA.

Nice to see some activity on 15 and 10 the first morning. Amazing propagation
to Northern California.

Best DX: V73RY on 40 and 80. Tnx Randy!

Rig: FT-990
Ants: 40 meter inverted vee up 55 feet
Multi-band Alpha-Delta DXCC dipole as sloper from 55 feet
2 Element VE7CA style 20 meter wire beam up 20 feet
10 Meter Ringo Vertical

Software: N3FJP IARU Contest Logger
N4LZ   SO SSB HP   18,1002007-07-15 16:48:16
Had fun! Storms kept operating time down. Used only the Hamsticks on my auto
with the FT2000D in my HOT HOT garage. WriteLog users beware, my version 10.62
did NOT total my score correctly when converting to the Cabrillo file.

362 points X 50 multipliers equals 18,100, not the 14,400 as indicated.

For Mr. tOad: (4011888.iaru-hf)

Highlite: working P33W and 3V1A
K7QQ   SO CW HP   287,8612007-07-15 16:59:29
The EU pile-ups were Great well both guys that called me on CQ's

WJ9B   SO CW LP   533,6002007-07-15 17:10:33
73, Will, wj9b, dit dit
K4BK   SO CW LP   16,8812007-07-15 17:22:39
Rig: Collins S-Line @ 100 Watts (32S3 and 75S3C)
Antennas: 5 band vertical plus Inverted Vee was used on 80

Scoring this contest was confusing to me. I hope I have it right. I had 331
QSO points. I had a good time.
VE7BZ   SO Mixed HP   15,4332007-07-15 17:31:52
I only had a brief opportunity to participate, but Saturday night conditions on
20m produced a large multi-layer pileup on my run frequency that at times
seemed endless. What an enjoyable treat!
Paul, VE7BZ
K6TD   SO Mixed HP   55,9522007-07-15 17:37:51
Started out slow. Picked up in the late afternoon and great into evening. 20m
stayed open late for Norcal.
N6RO   SO CW HP   580,4642007-07-15 17:44:12
Had to miss 7 hours Sat. afternoon, so not much production on 15 and 10m. But
good to hear 10 open to US in the morning. This was pretty much a NAQP plus
JA! TR-Post 6.79 did not recognize the HQ mults, so I counted them manually.

Continent List IARU 2007 N6RO
160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- --
USA calls = 47 145 188 284 152 85 901
VE calls = 8 21 16 42 8 1 96
N.A. calls = 3 4 1 7 0 1 16
S.A. calls = 0 10 8 1 0 0 19
Euro calls = 0 0 5 16 0 0 21
Afrc calls = 0 0 3 3 0 0 6
Asia calls = 1 7 15 20 0 0 43
JA calls = 2 54 82 68 0 0 206
Ocen calls = 3 11 15 8 2 0 39

Total calls = 64 252 333 449 162 87 1347
N4OX   SO SSB HP   484,7062007-07-15 17:46:17
Had equipment problems which cost me about 30 minutes and then the thunderstorms
cost the other 90 minutes.(W3LPL helped me fix the equipment problems, bad audio
on 10 meters when the voice keyer was hooked up, by providing a known critical
ear of my audio....Thanks Frank) Static on low bands was 20 over 9 at times,
making for a major headache, literally. Rate was decent, but DX was not
plentiful at least here in extreme northwest Florida. Interesting to get
several comments on my BIG signal on 20 meters when the antenna is an old
Telrex TB6EM tribander at 40 feet and 800 watts from an Ameritron AL-572,
driven by a Kenwood TS-830S. The activity on 10 meters is very noticeable with
the change in licensing. Should be interesting when the sunspots come back to
see how the two worlds collide. There are alot of groups meeting on
28.300-28.500. See ya'll next year, probably on CW for a change. 73, Jay N4OX
YB2ECG   SO SSB LP   55,3382007-07-15 17:48:58
Too bad that I could not work any stations on 10m!
Very surprise with some QSO's on 80m and 40m! Thanks guys!
WO4O   SO Mixed HP   235,2772007-07-15 17:49:02
Intended to play fulltime, HP for the first time in this event, then Murphy paid
a visit...
NX9T   SO SSB HP   86,0432007-07-15 17:52:26
That was fun! Not much of a final score though due to my choice to just
"run'em" rather then hunt around for the HQ multipliers (the ones I worked are
included in my zone listing). Must of my runs were with North American stations
but there was a nice period into EU on 20m during one my visits to the contest!
I enjoy the run much more than the S/P so for me, this was it. The 5 hours I
was one provided excellent rate and kept me quite busy. I even had trouble
surfing the net and doing email in and around the Q's! :)

Thanks to all and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer. I can't
believe it's already mid-July.

jeff nx9t
W2TB   SO Mixed HP   122,7452007-07-15 18:19:03
Can I buy a sunspot or two? Condx made Saturday all stateside. Glad to see some
nice openings on Sunday. Had a great time.
PS2T(PY2NY)   SO Mixed HP   2,697,9682007-07-15 19:44:08
Working from that mega station PS2T (PY5EG property) during IARU was
unbelievable. I was expecting "zero" propagation, but even under that
condition I had great time, with no-stop for lunch/dinner and 100 QSO/hour!
Finish with 2420 clear contacts and totally tired.
St 1 - FT9000D, Acom 2000
St 2 - FT2000, Alpha 77dx
40m SteepIR, 15 and 10m stacked yagis. Bazooka on 80/160 and K9AY
for listen antenna. Writelog and MicroHam.
VE3JM(@VE3RM)   SO Mixed HP   1,345,8372007-07-15 19:50:27
Many thanks to Don for letting me operate from his station.
As always, it was fun to operate this contest.

My setup allowed me to use two radios for CW, so I tried to use the second
radio more often this time - when there were no interference issues.

Sorry for being deaf on 80 and 160. There was no receiving antenna. The
Beverage was removed few weeks ago since the field is used by a local farmer.

I was expecting more QSOs on 40, especially with Europe,
but it also looks like that I went to 40 too late.

Lots of activity from the states.

Congrats to Yuri VE3DZ for an excellent score.
W4WTB   SO SSB HP   565,9852007-07-15 19:56:45
***N1MM Contest Log did not seperate zones and HQ I combined the two
and listed both together under Zones.

This was the first time I worked this contest since 2002 and I could really see
the effects of being at the bottom of the cycle. Runs were very good, but 68% of
my contacts were here in the continental US. I hadn't planned on operating...
but decided to at the last minute... in order to evaluate my new FT-2000 under
contest conditions. I will have to say I was very surprised...the rig seemd to
work very good during crowded band conditions...the roofing filters worked as
advertised... The DSP was very good for weak signals and worked quite well for
QRN on the low bands. I have operated a TenTec Orion for the past 2 years but
recently switched to the FT-2000. Guys I know the numbers on the FT-2000
receiver look poor .... but don't overlook this will surprise you
.... the receiver is actually pretty darn good.
I noticed a lot of new operators on the bands that were not familiar with
contesting I ended up doing a lot of explaining ...especially about the
ITU zones. Overall the contest was lacking the propagation I had hoped
for...but at least the bands were not dead ....If high rates are what you were
looking for ...then this one sure didn't get boring !!

Here are a few stats from the contest.............

My QSO's by Continent:

NA ... 1157
EU ... 238
SA ... 57
OC ... 35
AF ... 9
AS ... 8

My Countries worked per Continent:

EU ... 37
SA ... 13
NA ... 12
OC ... 6
AF ... 4
AS ... 4

76 Total Countries Worked
23 Total ITU Zones Worked
1504 Total QSO's minus 27 Dupes = 1477 Total Qso's
My Best 60 Min rate ... 167 from 12:10 - 13:09 UTC
My Best 120 Min rate ... 253 from 19:09 - 21:08 UTC

My most notable Qso's were on 20..which included...

YJ / Zone 56
FO / Zone 63
ST / Zone 48

Thanks for all the Q's
W6YI(N6MJ)   SO CW HP   1,528,8042007-07-15 20:39:11
Conditions leading up to the contest were great, but once the contest started it
all went downhill. Only managed a total of 77 q's with EU the entire contest.
Participation from the US seemed to be up a bit, and I had no problem keeping a
steady rate of stateside stations which was a real life saver.

The 2 best contacts of the weekend were 5H3EE calling in on 40m, and A25HQ
calling in on 20m during a JA run around 1am local time.

Thanks again to Jim, W6YI for the use of his station and the great hospitality.
Its always nice to get away from life for a weekend and play radio.

73, Dan N6MJ

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults Zones

160CW 45 45 99 7 7
80CW 217 217 651 12 19
40CW 613 613 2140 33 35
20CW 777 777 2436 32 39
15CW 388 388 1037 12 20
10CW 123 123 313 5 8

Totals 2163 2163 6676 101 128

Final Score = 1528804 points.

585 2nd Radio Q's

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
12 1 55 40 0 0 0 96 96
13 0 2 71 24 2 0 99 195
14 0 0 8 56 28 5 97 292
15 0 0 0 18 101 32 151 443
16 0 0 0 13 91 23 127 570
17 0 0 0 14 54 40 108 678
18 0 0 0 47 32 10 89 767
19 0 0 0 57 19 1 77 844
20 0 0 0 43 24 2 69 913
21 0 0 0 51 17 5 73 986
22 0 0 0 26 17 5 48 1034
23 0 0 5 48 3 0 56 1090

0 0 0 40 46 0 0 86 1176
1 0 0 24 50 0 0 74 1250
2 0 5 32 59 0 0 96 1346
3 0 7 69 32 0 0 108 1454
4 4 11 45 46 0 0 106 1560
5 9 64 4 25 0 0 102 1662
6 14 9 31 52 0 0 106 1768
7 7 0 41 32 0 0 80 1848
8 6 7 39 29 0 0 81 1929
9 0 32 38 7 0 0 77 2006
10 4 13 69 2 0 0 88 2094
11 0 12 57 0 0 0 69 2163

TOTAL 45 217 613 777 388 123

160 80 40 20 15 10 30 17 12 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---
USA calls = 34 129 279 464 320 108 0 0 0 1334
VE calls = 6 24 36 64 30 11 0 0 0 171
N.A. calls = 1 6 7 17 6 1 0 0 0 38
S.A. calls = 3 9 14 16 16 3 0 0 0 61
Euro calls = 0 1 27 46 3 0 0 0 0 77
Afrc calls = 0 0 3 6 2 0 0 0 0 11
Asia calls = 0 7 35 42 0 0 0 0 0 84
JA calls = 0 34 189 101 6 0 0 0 0 330
Ocen calls = 1 6 22 20 4 0 0 0 0 53

Total calls = 45 217 613 777 388 123 0 0 0 2163
N7WA   M/S HP   386,8432007-07-15 20:59:24
This contest is traditionally a Multi-op for Guy/N7ZG and myself.
It makes for a nice cap to the contest season. Unfortunately, making
it a multi-op forces you into the mixed category and phone isn't
a strong part of our skill suite. Still we slogged on through and
I think we had our best phone performance to date. My apologies to
those who found me laughing in the middle of my phones CQ's - sometimes
my tongue just doesn't work. Note to self: get that sound card and voice
interface working (it just doesn't seem a priority the rest of the
year <sigh>).

As others have noted, the Pacific Northwest was essentially
locked out of Europe by the high A/K indexes. We heard a few and
all those packet posts by our neighbors to the south made our
mouths water but mother nature wasn't going to relent. Fortunately,
we can only go up from here (I hope). The JA's did make a re-appearance
from their no-show in the CW WPX, that was good news. However,
total points were depressed from last years levels (our best) even
though Q's and mults were our best ever.

Sure glad this contest starts and ends early in this time zone (0500).
You only lose 1 nice day and with another operator to swap out with, I
can still get things done in the yard.

Still one of my favorite tests. Hope the IARU/ARRL take the concerns about
rule breakers seriously and that we can get the "boycott" crowd satisfied
and back in the fold.

dink, n7wa
KØXP   SO CW LP   103,9642007-07-15 21:01:56
No excuses.

Rig: TS-130S, 85W output
Ants: 80 Inv Vee ^ 51 ft
40 sloper toward northeast ^ 60 ft
20 sloper toward west ^ 40 ft
K7WP   SO CW LP   363,1402007-07-15 21:19:31
Rig: FT1000MP; Force 12 6BA, HF2V, 6BTV

Thanks to the sponsers for a great time, and thanks for all the Q's!

W6NF   SO SSB LP   7,4242007-07-15 21:26:27
Just playing around a bit. Terrible conditions on 20 and 15. 40 was very nice
even early Saturday afternoon.
N6TV   SO CW HP   903,7202007-07-15 22:18:19
With the K-Index at 3 or 4 all weekend, conditions were very poor, and never
really improved much, though there seemed to be plenty of activity. You know
things are bad when you can only work one JA from Northern California on 15m!
Even the "big guns" in Europe were very weak here on 20m.

Many thanks to all the stations, especially HQ stations, that agreed to try a
quick QSY to 80 or 160 for a new multiplier.

My new Force 12 Sigma 180S 80m antenna with Tornado Tuning drive seemed to work
very well.

Next year should be better for everyone, right?

Congratulations to N6MJ at W6YI for his very big total.

Bob, N6TV
K7ZSD   M/S HP   596,3752007-07-15 22:20:53
This contest prodded me to start a month ago and put up 2 new antennas and work
more on antenna switching, I usually do these things in October, and thanks to
a lot of help, they are now done. It sure is nice doing antenna work in the
summer. Many thanks to Hank, Kevin, Al, and Jim for going the distance to help
put up antennas, and then spend time here for the contest. It was an enjoyable
Saturday here and mostly relaxed, good conversation, food, and drink. The 24
hour format is rather comfortable especially with 5 operators splitting time on
one transmitter.

The weather was just beautiful, 76 degrees, so we sat outside, inside, cooked
and relaxed. In retrospect, we could have spent more time making sure we worked
all the mults available. We all enjoy a good run, and early on I suggested
running over searching and pouncing for mults. I remember saying several times
that later in the day would be better for working the dim afternoon Euro
signals. Being heard through the Midwest and East Coast wall is an exercise in
patience during marginal conditions. Unfortunately, 20 meters worsened through
the day, and our west coast evening summertime propagation over the pole was
gone, hence, very few European mults, even the big HQ stations were gone. There
seemed to be no opening on 40m to Europe as well.

Fortunately 20m to the states from here on the west coast really started to
produce great runs in the evening. Then around 11pm local, 40m phone was hot
with a great run. The rates were so good we did not go back to 20m where
propagation over the pole came back around 1am local, I found this out after
the fact. We really had fun the last four hours on 40m cw with great rate and
big Asia and Oceana numbers. Jim, KI7Y was grinning ear to ear running 40m cw.
We finished the contest at 5am local with a good QSO total, and a really low
mult score. I will read this post next year before the contest. Many thanks to
all the great ops out there. Brad K7ZSD
K3LL/6   SO SSB HP   158,8952007-07-15 22:33:28
Great fun! This was my first serious contest operation since 2000 and only
second IARU since 1978. Just back on the air for past year after a 7 year

Nice to have some activity on 10 and 15. Amazing how the bands "open" during a
contest. Was lucky to be on 3800 at the exact moment when Randy V73RY came up
on the band.

Did spend some time convincing folks that I was *not* Dave, K6LL. My apologies
in advance to Dave ;-)

Already looking forward to next year.


Cliff K3LL
YO5KIP(YO5OHO)   SO CW LP   483,6422007-07-15 22:34:49
TS-870 rig and 2 INV. VEE antennas: 40&20m.
WC1M   SO CW HP   1,135,0602007-07-15 22:38:17

160M - trapped vee @65' (legs 100 degrees apart - a neighborly compromise)
80M - trapped vee @65', delta loop @75'
40M - 40-2CD @110', 4-square
20M - 4/4 @96'/64' (SteppIRs), C3E @50', 4-el @72'
15M - 4/4 @96'/64' (SteppIRs), C3E @50', 5-el @50'
10M - 4/4 @96'/64' (SteppIRs), C3E @50'

580' beverage aimed 20-degrees


Orion + Alpha 87A, FT-1000D + Acom 2000A, Writelog, TopTen and homebrew band
decoders and switches.

Could it be that we have a dead tie for first place USA/VE SOAB HP between
WA1Z@KC1XX and W6YI(N6RM)?!?? Has that ever happened? Can't say I've ever seen
two posted scores exactly the same, especially not on the leader board. Could
be a zone 9 VE with a higher score lurking out there, but it'll be really neat
if the tie for first holds up -- at least until the UBN checks. Total mults are
identical too, though the Zones and HQs are reversed. I guess that makes sense
between EU and AS. Wouldn't it be a gas if the scores were identical after UBN
checks? I think we should all chip in for a second plaque if that happens...

Anyway, congrats to WA1Z and N6RM for great efforts, and to K3WW and AA3B for
their fine scores as well.

This contest was the maiden voyage for my long-awaited stacked SteppIRs. Spent
the last few weeks finishing the tower cabling (MicroHam stack match, two runs
of heliax and five more control cables), building/mounting the second TIC ring
and building/tramming the second 4-el SteppIR. Lots of work. But it was worth
it. The 2-stack played very well on 20. It was pretty good on 15, too, though
it should play even better when I add the third SteppIR at 34' sometime in the
next few weeks. Then again, I don't think antennas are what we need for 15
these days -- we need sunspots! 10 meters seems a distant memory and a wishful

The antenna work wore me out to some extent. Adding to that, I stayed up late
Friday night finishing a PC program to tune the SteppIR stack (a complicated
story I won't go into here.) The program worked well, but I wasn't in the best
of shape Saturday morning. It was a bit more than the usual slog getting
through the next 24 hours. I ended up needing to take a couple of naps in the
wee hours to get my head clear enough for the Sunday morning runs (which never

I haven't done a serious effort in IARU since 2004, so it was nice to get back
to one of my favorite contests. I like the morning start, the compressed
24-hour format, the one shot at each opening, and the combination of zone and
HQ mults.

Unfortunately, I lagged pretty badly on HQ mults this year. With the possible
exception of 15, I think that was more operator error than propagation or
antennas. It's always hard to tell. For example, my mults were quite good on
20. Was that a function of the new stack and good propagation on 20, or was it
a matter of spending more time on that band than others? My sense is that it's
a combination of these factors, but my log indicates I didn't hit the second
radio hard enough when other bands were open. At times the rate was so high on
20 and 40 that I couldn't concentrate on the second radio and I didn't want to
leave the rate for S&P.

I need to work on juggling the two radios better, but I know I can do that when
I'm in top form. What I really need to work on is my S&P rate and technique. I
think that's the weakest part of my game, and it figures into both pure S&P and
using the second radio effectively.

Like many contesters, I got my start doing pure S&P at low power with meager
antennas. I was primarily a DXer back then and used contests mainly as a way to
find new countries. I S&Ped for DX, not for rate -- I skipped stations I didn't
need for a new one. I was pretty good at listening, finding DX and timing my
calls, but I never learned to maximize rate while tuning. When I got into
contesting, I found running to be a lot of fun and concentrated on developing
that skill. As a result, my S&P rate is pretty low. It's not a matter of
calling the same station over and over -- with high power and good antennas
that doesn't happen often. It's more a matter of deciding when to continue
listening and when to move on without working the station, when to work every
station I hear and when to work only new mults, etc.

Also, to find the exotic mults I need to swing the antennas more. Having more
antenna choices will help, but I need to improve my knowledge of propagation,
too -- a never-ending quest, it seems.

Anyway, once I get all the hardware and software in place, I need to get back
to working on operating skills. It seems I'm always in one mode or the other:
building or operating, and it's tough to concentrate on both at the same time.
When I'm building, as I've been for about a year, I'm more interested in the
next task, redesigning, optimizing, etc. Sometimes I find myself tinkering
during contests when I should be focused on operating. Once the station
building settles down, I gradually shift my attention back to operating.

Hopefully all the work will be completed well before CQ WW CW and I'll be
focused on operating in the big one. See you then!

73, Dick WC1M
UA6LV   SO CW HP   1,322,4002007-07-15 23:02:40
Had problems with 80/160 therefore slept at the night...
VU2PTT   SO Mixed LP   20,6582007-07-15 23:25:48
Another part-time effort with my IC-746PRO and Sigma5 vertical. Highlight (or
should it be lowlight?) was that I did not hear any stations from NA or SA
during this contest. Not great conditions to other parts as well and my antenna
is a bit deaf :) I should have better antennas running by CQWW CW at least. CU

I will be in Santa Monica, CA for a month from 29th July till 1st September
2007 - hope to see some of you in person.

73 de Prasad VU2PTT
(Log uploaded to LOTW)
S51J   SO CW HP   574,0902007-07-15 23:54:55
Nice contest, with moderate conditions. Some participant discovered the new
meaning of SO2R. They use cecond radio to banish someone from the frequency
with strong and annoying QRM. But HAM is fun, isn't it?
My FT-920, new Chalenger 811, 3ele 3bander, home made inv. V for 40-80-160 and
my 59 years old ears, couldn't do better.
UY5ZZ   SO Mixed HP   923,7842007-07-16 00:21:53
Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
1,8 CW 15 19 4
1,8 LSB 12 14 12
3,5 CW 188 438 37
3,5 LSB 13 15 3
7 CW 134 364 38
7 LSB 15 25 6
14 CW 274 834 17
14 USB 184 498 37
21 CW 202 548 23
21 USB 137 367 30
28 CW 128 337 19
28 USB 123 327 17
Total Both 1425 3786 244
Score: 923 784
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SO CW HP   2,062,9882007-07-16 01:23:45

Antennas:- C/Craft A3S @ 50Ft Titanex 160HD
Amp:- Acom 1000
Rig:- Icom 756 Pro 3

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's

Condx were pretty good all round and with 10M showing
more signs of life it could be that the sun spot cycle
is on the up.


Can't think of any worth mentioning, which makes a nice
change. The standards of operating seemed to me to be
very good.

Best hour was 150 with another 4 over the 100 mark.

73 and hope to cu in the next one. Steve.
DL/K9GY   SO CW QRP   37,2962007-07-16 01:37:21
Yaesu FT-817 (5 watts) and miracle whip antenna on roof of car.

Started out for an hour in the bright sun (black car + black radio + Hot sun =
hot ham + hot radio!). So finished out the last 1-1/2 hrs in the shade off post
near the farming fields across the Autobahn.

Only wish EU was this loud back in Illinois, hah!

Best of health to all,
MDØCCE   SO CW LP   847,7042007-07-16 01:53:54
New SteppIR 4-el put up last week (thanks Alex GD6IA and Brian GD4PTV); antennas
for 80 and 160 put up in the morning did not achieve SWR below 3:1 so decided to
enter low power as amp would not load on low bands. Still in process of cabling
shack and couldn't get the SO2R controller/logging software/radios to play
together nicely like good little children, so wound up using manual paddle and
one radio for contest; the paddle started sticking and finally broke altogether
early Sunday morning. Plugged in second key but it was old and sticky so had to
QRS and sound sloppy for Sunday. N1MM software skipped over 15M when changing
bands (what was THAT all about???) so had to activate WriteLog when changing
bands and now have to manually re-enter Qs to combine the two when sending in
the logs....and then there was the propagation! Where was the West Coast?
Where was the Pacific?

But still lots of fun, and personal best in this contest....will be better
prepared next year!!

Thanks to all for digging out my signal and for putting up with the sloppy cw,
and thanks to Ann for keeping me fed, watered, and getting up in the middle of
the night to find out how I was doing!

EA8/OH4NL(OH2BYS)   SO SSB HP   2,459,3402007-07-16 03:49:08
Problems with allmost everything: One broken boom, one broken reflektor, one
broken beverage, broken radiator of the 80m´s wire yagi (maybe the worst
thing), one broken linear amplifier, one broken laptop, broblems with the
electricity, had to disconnect the phasing unit because of the arcing
connectors! Still on the air 23h 50min!! Tired but fun(ny)!!! Thank you!!!!
RL3A(@RK3AWL)   M/S HP   3,291,9042007-07-16 04:39:42
160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- ---
USA calls = 0 14 51 154 0 0 219
VE calls = 0 5 6 19 0 0 30
N.A. calls = 0 0 10 4 0 0 14
S.A. calls = 0 11 48 20 19 0 98
Euro calls = 163 448 428 634 433 282 2388
Afrc calls = 0 3 6 8 14 0 31
Asia calls = 21 42 88 152 36 16 355
JA calls = 0 2 13 55 0 0 70
Ocen calls = 0 3 9 13 4 0 29

Total calls = 184 528 659 1059 506 298 3234

QSL via W3HNK.
KG4IGC   SO SSB LP   62,7122007-07-16 04:56:57
Had a good time this year in the contest.I had a slow start, just causual
operating while doing other things. Was real pleased to see that all bands were
open at some point or another. Was going to run QRP again this year but decided
not to at the last minute and ran low poer 100 watts. Used my MarkV Field for
the rig, antennas used: 282' loop. 20 meter Lazt H, Gap Challenger ground
mounted, Maco V5/8 (10 meters) and my 8 element Sterba Curtain. Later in the
day I tried to make an all out effort and make up some Q,s but I think that I
spent a little too much time running. I think perhaps next year I will do more
search and pounce to try and raise my score. Hopefully the bands will open up a
little better next year so that our club (Low Country Contest Club) will have
some representation in the QRP catagory. Bands really started to slow down
after midnight but had some really nice openings on 20 into the North and South
Pacific. Best contacts for me were into Pitcairn Island and New Zealand. Many
TNX goes out to the many stations who answered my calls see you all next year!
KG4CUY   SO CW HP   40,3262007-07-16 05:07:02
Glad to see 10 meter activity.
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   SO Mixed HP   392,6792007-07-16 05:47:43
Bad local weather caused more operating time :-) At least 60% S&P with no spots
also mis-interpreted the rules so no quick band changes or SO2R :-( Hope all
had fun and thanks for the QSOs.
VY2/KV8Q(@VY2TT)   SO CW HP   1,181,8562007-07-16 05:52:04
What a thrill!!! I usually operate a contest with my little 100W to a simple
G5RV that I use for all bands. To actually operate with HUGE antennas and full
power is quite a shock. I have no idea how this score will stand up to the rest
of the pack; but, I never had so much fun in a contest. Many thanks to everyone
that provided me with a contact. Thanks to my wife for including this stop as
part of our vacation and to Ken, K6LA, for the use of his PEI DX Lodge. Thanks,
also, to Tony, KC8UR, for all of his support and being my QSL manager for this
W4KAZ   SO Mixed LP   11,6102007-07-16 05:52:52
Only 112 QSO's spread out over several hours. I spent a lot more of my
operating time listening to various run stations and just soaking in the
propagation observations on the bands. I just couldn't get into operating the
contest on either mode.

But maybe thats because I spent the first five hours ripping apart and
re-building the station set up. All was not lost. I was able to debug a
problem with the DVK input to the radio(a bad RCA jumper). Since I had just
completed a new feed-through panel, I also needed several new jumpers to go
from the panel to the station. I had more fun soldering up jumpers than I did

I also discovered that my 20 meter dipole seems to favor the east, so it must
have some interaction with the other wires in the yard. Working the European
stations I could hear was easy, but working US stations to the west was
difficult on the 20m dipole. Interesting.

I tried in vain to work the ZL who had a really good S8 signal here on my
dipole. I was able to work KH6ZM after trying in vain earlier to work KH6 and
KH5 through the pile of sixes and sevens.

Working Europe simplex rather than split on 40 meters was fun. It seemed to
help spread things out on SSB. CW on 40 was very difficult this year.

It sounded like the US 'five landers' had a decent shot at running on 10
meters. Am eagerly awaiting more sunspots here in central NC!

G3WW   SO Mixed LP   487,2242007-07-16 06:06:54
IC-7000, 80 Watts
Doublet (80m 1/2 wave dipole (balanced feed))

Only meant to be a practice session for IOTA, testing the laptop and IC-7000 in
contest environment. IC-7000 held it's own but the laptop had a few glitches.

Good sporadic-e on 10m but couldn't take advantage on 15m where the doublet
refused to tune.

See you in a fortnight as EI9JQ from EU-115


4O3A(@YT6A)   M/S HP   2,811,2822007-07-16 06:33:02
New towers were loaded with first antennas. Will be ready for CQ WW.

Ten minutes rule limited us for MPLs hunting. I hope that log checking will be
serious this year.

PY2YU   SO CW HP   1,090,2202007-07-16 07:16:15
Rig: IC-706MKII + Amp TMC (300W)
Ant.: 10/15/20 - 3 el. Tribander (3DX3) @ 14m
40 - Dipole @ 10m
80 - Dipole @ 12m
SK9HQ   Headquarters HP   13,337,7762007-07-16 07:45:20
Preliminary score
K4RO   SO CW HP   815,1782007-07-16 07:48:53
Zones and HQ mults were not broken out by program.

Very little DX propagation Saturday morning -- the openings
just weren't there. It was mainly a North American QSO party,
which was great for some good rates. I had a couple of 5-QSO
minutes, which are equivalent to 300/hr -- not bad for CW! My
best clock hour was only 130, but with seven hours above 100
and six above 90 per hour, I'm not complaining. The real
highlight was TEN METERS. Sporadic E really kept things
interesting throughout Saturday. Good to hear N9RV QRV again.
Thanks for the QSOs folks; this is one of my favorite contests.


-Kirk K4RO
K4BAI   SO CW HP   724,0552007-07-16 08:17:26
Sorry to be imprecise, but the breakdown between zone mults and HQ mults is
approximate. My logging program didn't keep up with anything but total mults
per band.

FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole, inverted vee, "t" vertical.

Good band conditions to North America and pretty bad band conditions to the
rest of the world. At least 20M didn't close completely at night and 15M was
open surprisingly early (11Z). Thanks for all the QSOs.

My score is considerably better than when I did this contest SO2R with the same
station and antennas in 2005. I can only attribute that to the good sporadic E
skip on the higher bands that allowed many more North American area QSOs.
Total DX QSOs had to have been way down from 2005. Maybe I'll get the SO2R
setup going again soon.


John, K4BAI.
W5KFT(K5PI)   SO CW HP   1,200,9142007-07-16 08:51:53
I had a good time this weekend – conditions were surprisingly good. Ten
meters was open all Saturday morning, and it was a good solid opening all over
the US. Fifteen was good for stateside all day, too. I felt like I did pretty
well, but staying awake in the chair for 24 hours was tough! You say there are
*48* hour contests, too!?

I never had any DX runs, really, except for 40M to JA. The JAs were mostly
weak, as always, but I worked over a hundred of them for 5 points each. Apart
from that, just about all the DX was the big stations.
N4CW/1   SO CW HP   210,2552007-07-16 09:27:13
Too much going on outside the contest to put in a full effort. However, what
time I did put in was most enjoyable. Thanks.
VE6SH   SO Mixed HP   39,8032007-07-16 09:31:21
Awful conditions on 20/15 with very few EUs worked. Happy to give out the "AC"
multiplier although quite a few ops still have trouble with the exchange (even
NU1AW!)! Yes, "AC" (or R1,R2 and R3) are valid exchanges and count as
multipliers. One operator refused to accept AC and logged me as 02-oh well.

A very fun summer contest.


N4KG   SO CW LP   250,0002007-07-16 10:03:53
Note: NA 10.53 does not calculate score correctly since ALL HQ stations are
listed as ONE POINT QSO's regardless of QTH! Zones and HQ mults are also
combined. AARGH !

Where did all the DX go?

Daytime propagation across the Oceans was DISMAL from Alabama!

Afternoon, Evening, and Nighttime Propagation was much more productive.

This contest ‘felt’ like an FOC Marathon with it’s Bonus Points for 5 and
6 Band QSO’s and with activity from NA, Europe, and the British Empire.
Saturday night I began filling in missing bands, mostly with other Zone 8
stations including 3 excursions to 10 and 15 Meters with N4OGW (MS), W9WI (TN),
and WA1FCN (AL) after Midnight local time to complete 6 Banders with each of

6 Band QSO’s = 11 - 5 Band QSO’s = 10 - 4 Band QSO’s = 16

I was pleased to contact CU2A, LU4A, and TI5N on 5 Bands.
CU2A and T90HQ were my only Europeans on 10 Meters.

To my mind, the 1 / 3 / 5 QSO point format is WAY TOO Discriminatory to
stations in densely populated Zones. Consider the following:

1 Point QSO’s = 266 = 40% of Q’s => 266 points = 15% of Score

3 Point QSO’s = 246 = 37% of Q’s => 738 points = 41.7% of Score

5 Point QSO’s = 153 = 23% of Q’s => 765 points = 43.2% of Score

Zone 6 = 74 QSO’s, Zone 7 = 87 QSO’s, Zone 8 = 266 QSO’s (1

Yes, working stations on different Continents is more difficult, BUT, how can
one justify giving 3 points to guys in the Central States for working the
nearby East and West Coasts while awarding only 1 point to East Coast Stations
for working other East Coast Stations? This is Especially Discriminatory for
those of us living in the SouthWest corner of Zone 8 with a HUGE handicap to
Europe compared to our fellow Zone 8 inhabitants in the upper NE USA.

Looking at my QSO Breakdown by Continent is especially revealing:
NA = 77%, EU = 14.7%, SA = 5.2%, OC = 1.2%, AF = 1%, AS = 0.8%

Interestingly, K4TD (AL) and N4OGW (MS) who put in more time and ran High
had similar distributions. I’m gald I didn’t take this contest too
seriously and took lots of OFF Time during the Day!

Tom N4KG / LP (= 100W) in North Alabama

LZ3FN   SO Mixed HP   1,429,0322007-07-16 10:28:06
Great contest as always,,,,
Second radio burned out after first 4 hours,,
see u next year :)
W6XR   SO Mixed HP   148,9982007-07-16 10:58:39
The IARU was the first run for my new "downsized" QTH. Gone are the three towers
and miles of radials on hilltop acres. All the antennas are done except 80 and
160 and I am happy with how the stationh is playing on 40 through 10 whare all
on one tower. The conditions were not that good here in Upstate NY but many
European stations worked their way into the log. Turned the antennas to the
west and quickly found the expected Pacific mults indicating the propogation
was not so bad for that path.

Couldn't do much more than 7 hours as I'm in a damn body cast due to a broken
back and sitting was an adventure and would have probably concerned my docs,
but they aren't contesters. The IARU is a good chance to see what additional
work needs to be done before fall arrives and it's apparent 80 and 160 need
work! Thanks to all who called as your QSO is apreciated.

W6XR is a single radio Ten Tec Orion II and a Kenwood TL922 running Writelog.
The tower is 89' tall and is home to Force 12's 240N and C31XR.

160 Nothing yet

W6GMU(@N6HC)   M/S LP   304,8752007-07-16 11:02:16
Paul-W6GMU was the CW operator, V.P.-K6LQP was the SSB operator, and Arnie-N6HC
operated both modes. This was the very first contest operation for V.P.. Paul
has used the "Hotel California" station on two occasions. It was a learning
experience for everyone. I plan on making the station available to guest
operators for future contests. It is far from a "super station" but better
than what many local hams have who are CC&R "challenged". Maybe we can mint
some new contesters.
Thanks for all the QSOs. See you in the next one!
Arnie N6HC
K6XX   SO Mixed HP   1,083,0822007-07-16 12:14:42
Solar disturbance certainly hit at an inauspicious time. Virtually no Eu heard.
K4WX   SO SSB HP   14,7192007-07-16 13:34:10
Just played around chasing DX for a few hours between thunderstorms.
Ten Tec Omni VI
G5RV up 75 ft
Ten Tec Centurion at 800watts
F4BKV   SO SSB LP   532,1202007-07-16 13:57:15
First time participating to this contest and it was a great fun in 20/15/10m
(thanks to KT34 Yagi). The 168m horizontal loop antenna was not the best for
80/40m and with only 100W it's really hard to make contacts on theses band.
Please remember also that in some countries (like France) the extension to
7100-7200 khz is not plan before the official deadline in 2008 (i listen plenty
of stations after 7100 but unable to answer as they are making QSO in simplex).
anyway a great fun and hope to be available the full time 24 hours next time
for a better score.
IO4T   M/S HP   1,614,9762007-07-16 14:37:42
9th IARU HF, it is one of our favourite contest.
We expected better 20m conditions where we logged just few JAs and very few
Es on 10+15m gone up and down... better in 2006.
On 40 good EU run and USA on CW but W6 did not hear us! We try at 04z W6YI W7ZR
N6AA W6EEN and some more spotted by AD6WL but we had answer from EU running near
that one!
On 80m no way to break pile up on PS2T, P40W and some more zone mults; if we
had a real multiplier station we probably have more ZONES on all bands.
Nice mult job on 160, it has been great to compare K9AY loop and BOG on
VY2/KW8Q signal.

Rig: FT1000MP + IC 761
PA : AL1200 + TL922
on the roof
KLM KT34A + 5L 15m + 5L 20m + sloping dipole on lower bands + 20m hight
vertical 80+160m
on the garden 200m away K9AY loop + BOG to nw

tnx to IK4ZGO for help.

W1UE/VE1   SO CW HP   1,180,1952007-07-16 14:50:38
Bands were no better than poor here. The JA opening on 20M Sun morning was over
by the time it normally happens; I was fortunate in checking early, and working
in working the 11 JAs that I did work. 20M to Europe Sunday never happened;
signals were weak and watery. Fortunately, 15 and 10 were already somewhat
open to the US, so there was stuff to work, although they were all 3 points
instead of the 5 points the Europeans would have given me. I think 10 and 15
were open much better than the QSO totals that I posted; both totals suffered
from not enough stations being there.

Before I left home for this trip, I didn't have time to take down the 160M
dipole at the home station, so I didn't have 160M here. I left probably 15
mults on the table by not spending that hour. Since it looks like I'm 2K
behind VY2/KV8Q, that omission may have made the difference.

Congrats to VY2/KV8Q for a nice score. Thanks to everyone for the QSOs.

Dennis W1UE/VE1
HK6P   SO SSB HP   576,5342007-07-16 15:21:52
ICOM 735
HEATKIT SB 220 (400W)
WB9Z   SO SSB HP   810,5402007-07-16 15:22:13
Same effort on my part as last year... about the same amount of Q's. But
300,000 points less... Why?
The 5 point DX was way down. No JA's worked this year on any band, only a few
Asians were worked on 20. The bottom of the sunspot cycle REALLY sucks. The
best thing I can say about the contest was the surprise Es opening on 10.

Congrats to W7WA for his great SO HP SSB score.

K4MIL   SO SSB LP   27,9392007-07-16 15:58:33
First time entering this contest. Just running 100 watts into about 40 feet of
wire up in the attic due to home owner restriction. Was sirprised to see a
small 10 meter opening. Best thing about this contest is the exchange.
CE4CT(@XQ4CW)   M/S HP   792,8322007-07-16 16:27:20
Nice Contest with my good friend XQ4CW Danilo,

W5ZL(@N5AW)   SO Mixed LP   587,2082007-07-16 16:29:14
This was my annual retreat to N5AW's fabulous hilltop station where for the
third year running Marv has graciously allowed me to play in IARU. The recent
severe storms in Central Texas have wreaked havoc with various parts of Marv's
antenna and rotor system, but it was still an awesome location to run this
contest from. As always, I hauled my Pro II and laptop and a few personal
peripherals up to Marv's. In the past two years I've split antennas with Bob
W5EK who has run a Single Op LP CW entry from the same room, but with the
reduced antenna footprint this year I decided to go it alone. Probably evened
things out in the long run.

This time around I was never able to get any sustained runs going (either that
or I would get impatient waiting for a run to materialize and would abandon it
too early), so the contest this year was largely - maybe 90% - S&P. The super
high rate phone runs that have occurred in previous IARUs never happened, so my
phone totals reflect that.

This is also the first time I've not taken any rest breaks during the contest.
Aside from a brief weather shutdown (which was NOT restful), I was in the chair
the whole 24 hours. I wasn't "present" mentally for periods during the last
couple of hours, but I was determined to slog it out to the end without wimping
out. What that proved to me, as if I didn't already know it, is that I do not
have the ironman constitution that a lot of my aging contesting peers appear to
still possess. How do you guys do a 48 hour contest??? That just ain't right -
on any level.

BTW, I use N1MM software and probably just don't know how to easily extract
zones and mults from the summaries properly, so those columns may be
inaccurately reported in this form. The Total Score is that which is computed
by the N1MM software and presumably takes into account all the key parameters
(QSO points, zones, HQ mults, etc.).
VE3XB   SO CW LP   790,6172007-07-16 17:50:52
Band conditions on 10, 15 and 20M were fair at the best so I've decided instead
of having long slow runs of 3 and 1 pointers go after multipliers and also
switched to low bands much earlier than I was planning. At the end this
decision has resulted in fewer contacts but better mults count which helped
somewhat with my modest 2.9 points per QSO ratio.

FT1000-MV, TA-33Jr, 40M Inverted L, 160/80M Sloper, all @ 35M.

I like this contest and looking forward to see you guys on the air again.
Thanks all for the QSOs.


Yuri VE3XB
N3BB   SO Mixed HP   1,140,7042007-07-16 18:18:15
No EU on 15 (other than a handful) or 10. No JAs on 15 (actually one). Few on
20. It was like a high rate W/VW contest with a good dose of JAs on 40 early
Sunday morning.

We had a nasty rain and lightning cell come over at about 1900Z. I shut down
and disconnected everything and took from 1909-1942 off, but operated with S-9
rain static before and after; it probably cost me an hour overall. That
occurred right in the middle of a pretty high rate run on 20 SSB. I tried hard,
and had pretty high rates.

Because wife had taken ill with a serious chest cold and serious cough, I was
pre-occupied the day before the contest, and started a couple of minutes late
getting on the radio. I took no sleep breaks (see an unplanned rain break below
that was very non-relaxing). As you can see, I had unusually low multiplier
numbers. That pretty well cost me 15-20% on the score. Why?

Look no further than between my ears! My biggest problem was a stupid cockpit
error with TR-all my fault. My TR Elmer, K5PI, had handed me two special
"config files," one called "standard" and one called "so2r." As I gained
experience, I had modified them, but still used both. Then in the last couple
of months, I got "smart" and consolidated evereything into one file called
"standard" but didn't notice that it lacked the critical instruction to make
"TWO RADIO MODE = TRUE." Since I have been honing my TR moves on the Sprint and
the wonderful NS on Thursday nights, I had not noticed the problem since these
automatically put the setup into SO2R mode when one selects the Sprint. But for
a "regular" contest like this, one has to tell TR to go into the SO2R mode.
Well, dumb ole' me had forgotten, and in the brief practice sessions before the
contest, I tried the set-up files, and it seemed to be OK, but I was not uusing
the SO2R capability. So you can imagine my surprise when I tried to CQ on the
active radio and S&P another band to pick off mults and other unworked
stations, and TR balked. it would not call the station I had lined up on the
second radio. I sort of freaked out. With all the other things going on, I
simply tried for "rate" and was SO1R. That went on during most of the daylight
hours, until at 2133Z I was looking at the manual and discovered the
instruction that must be used for SO2R. I then edited the config file and
VOILA!, all was well in TR-Land. That error cost me the mults (mostly the HQ
stations which do not come through CQing) on 20-15-10 meters and that was a
fatal problem, even though my QSO rates were pretty good.

Other than the N3BB mental problem, the station seeemed to work well.

Some observations, many of which have been mentioned by others.

1. The CW portion of the contest is disciplined and the operators are crisp and
savvy. Nary a person did not know his zone, etc. Operating on SSB is an entirely
different contest, with many 2x3 calls and many, many people having no clue what
was going on. I had to inquire where the operator was, as many people simply
gave me "599 One" as the report. That was fine, as things are fast on phone. I
actually really enjoy phone contesting and for some strange reason seem to do
better there than on CW.

2. The 6F75A group (Mexico) really had a terrible time with an ill-advised
call. They sent it by paddle, not by computer, five or ten times to me and I
think they sent "6F75A" one time. mostly it was "6F7HA" and other assorted
variations. I found the document prepared by K0RC which listed the HQ stations
very valuable. If it was not for that, that one QSO could have taken five
minutes the way they were having trouble sending. Over all, the K0RC document
was terrific.

3. It was a thrill to wotk a Russian polar station on Zone 75. He was a super
operator, with just the right touch and speed.

4. The JA run on 40 meters was really good. I worked about 125 assorted JA-HL
stations plus a few others in BV-BY-9V-YB in the final three and a half hours.
The band was excellent to that part of the world.

5. I worked one weak JA on 15 meters. He was calling CQ.

6. 160 meters was pretty useless here due to QR-November.

Congrats to all the great scores.

Jim N3BB
NDØC   SO SSB QRP   4,8332007-07-16 19:21:32
I had only a few hours to operate to due to family visiting from out-of-town,
compounded by a busted rotator. Didn't hear any Europe when I was on - mostly
just NA and SA - but nice to see 10 open up!

Rig = Ten Tec Argonaut 509 (3 watts out)
Antenna = Wilson System 3 - three element tribander Yagi at 15 meters

See you next year!
Randy, ND0C
KTØR   SO Mixed HP   147,1402007-07-16 19:49:12
Well, fun to get on when I could. Had several things going on. Missed Europe and
JA. Still had good time. Mult total were down. Nice to have so on 10 meters.

Vry 73 Dave KT0R
VA2WDQ   SO CW HP   439,3602007-07-16 20:26:07
FT-1000, PA Ameritron AL-80B
Antenna: Butternut HF2V (single vertical)
W5JR   SO Mixed HP   1,7362007-07-16 21:09:44
756 ProII Al-80B Zep at 25 feet. Only had a short window to make a few Q's.
Several T'Storms around and using the back-up antenna.


Mike / W5JR
NN7SS   M/S HP   186,6762007-07-16 21:19:03
This year good friend W7SW came visiting, and we went Multi-single,
High power, CW-Only. We soon passed my last year score when
I was SO QRP CW.

The 5AM start time is a little tough here, but we worked some low band
contacts until the sun got higher. We took time off Saturday to visit
the local Strawberry Festival. We also went to sleep and then got up
again at o-dark-thrirty to operate the last two hours.

All the equipment and antennas seemed to be working,but we were unable to
work Europe on 40m, even though we managed it on 80m. Nice to work a dozen
US and SA guys on 10m, although even 160m out-scored 10m.

Thanks for the contacts!

Mark K6UFO

Yaesu FT-1000MP
Ameritron AL-1200
3-el SteppIR at 55'
Cushcraft 40-2CD yagi at 50'
Two 80-meter half-slopers
160m inverted L
Writelog software

QSO/ZN+HQ by hour and band

Hour 160M CW 80M CW 40M CW 20M CW 15M CW 10M CW Total Cumm

D1-1200Z 6/3 19/7 2/2 - - - 27/12 27/12
D1-1300Z - - 25/11 - - - 25/11 52/23
D1-1400Z - - 6/0 54/11 - - 60/11 112/34
D1-1500Z - - - 9/4 - - 9/4 121/38
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 6/3 17/4 --+-- 23/7 144/45
D1-1700Z - - - 2/1 - - 2/1 146/46
D1-1800Z - - - - - - 0/0 146/46
D1-1900Z - - - - - - 0/0 146/46
D1-2000Z - - - - - 2/2 2/2 148/48
D1-2100Z - - - 19/0 12/4 5/2 36/6 184/54
D1-2200Z - - - 16/3 21/3 9/3 46/9 230/63
D1-2300Z - - - 40/6 13/1 - 53/7 283/70
D2-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 36/3 2/0 --+-- 38/3 321/73
D2-0100Z - - - 25/0 - - 25/0 346/73
D2-0200Z - - 11/2 11/3 2/1 - 24/6 370/79
D2-0300Z - - 3/2 65/5 - - 68/7 438/86
D2-0400Z - - 13/2 14/4 - - 27/6 465/92
D2-0500Z 3/1 32/9 23/2 - - - 58/12 523/104
D2-0600Z 1/1 9/2 23/5 - - - 33/8 556/112
D2-0700Z - - - - - - 0/0 556/112
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 556/112
D2-0900Z - - - - - - 0/0 556/112
D2-1000Z 3/0 12/4 4/0 - - - 19/4 575/116
D2-1100Z 3/1 2/1 30/0 - - - 35/2 610/118

Total: 16/6 74/23 140/26 297/43 67/13 16/7
KU1CW   SO Mixed HP   1,311,8212007-07-16 21:43:35
Had nice rates-500Q after 3 first hours, but missed on critical mults during the
same time, I think.
Had thunderstorm hanging around for few hours on saturday night so did not
hear too good and had to shot down for almost an hour.
2400Q is my personal best in IARU, but had better scores before...
Thanks to everyone. 73. Alex KU1CW/EU1CW
W6KY   SO Mixed LP   41,6432007-07-16 21:54:28
Only able to put in a few hours of S&P, but condx were good. Openings to EU and
the JA's were there on time.. CU in the NAQP's and CQP... 73, Art W6KY
S57DX   SO SSB HP   1,492,1282007-07-16 22:21:14
W1AW/4   Headquarters HP   6,769,4802007-07-17 04:24:32
A big "Thanks" to A.R.R.L. for use of W1AW callsign by the N.C. members of
Potomac Valley Radio Club.
Also thanks to W1AW Station Manager NJ1Q for handling QSLs & LOTW !
CallSign Used : W1AW/4

Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : MIXED
Default Exchange : ARRL
Gridsquare : FM15

Name : Howie Hoyt N4AF
Address : 549 Bluebird Tr
City/State/Zip : Blounts Creek NC 27814
Country : USA

ARRL Section : NC
Club/Team : Potomac Valley Radio Club
Software: N1MM Logger V7.7.0

Band Mode QSOs Pts Sec
1.8 CW 90 148 9
3.5 CW 594 1700 53
3.5 LSB 337 337 1
7 CW 1070 2958 59
7 LSB 787 1499 11
14 CW 1539 5193 52
14 USB 1502 3786 35
21 CW 805 2177 47
21 USB 511 1149 19
28 CW 168 422 10
28 USB 465 1021 36
Total Both 7868 20390 332

Score : 6,769,480
N2QT   SO SSB LP   336,1752007-07-17 05:11:14
Ran LP to avoid RFI issues with a neighbor (after 20 years of no interference!).
Great contest with its work everyone format and 24 hour duration.
OH6KZP   SO CW HP   837,2372007-07-17 06:12:12
What was to be an exciting contest from my upgraded little pistol station
eventually turned into an exercise in torture due to heavy aurora.... Anyway,
it was still fun! :)
N4EK   SO SSB LP   12,0952007-07-17 10:18:41
Limited time allowed only 3 hours of operating plus getting run of the radio by
many thunder storms. nice to see some activity on 10 meters.

73, ed
K2QMF   SO Mixed HP   25,7042007-07-17 11:34:01
Was able to operate for only a short time but still had fun.
Condx very poor, at least when I was on...
OHØR(OH2PM)   SO CW HP   1,251,1082007-07-17 11:38:58
IARU contest is always a graet fun.
Unfortunately I met this year some unexpected obstacles and cound not run
Score and QSO# were only half of those in 2006.
It was a mighty moment when I, after maybe more than 10 trials, got N1BUG call
copied on 160m. Thanks paul for patience. It does not happen every summer that
we can get IARU zone 8 on top band.
See you all next year again, full time, I hope.
OL4HQ   Headquarters HP   15,179,3072007-07-17 12:25:47
You can find more info on
WI9WI   SO CW HP   99,1462007-07-17 13:21:16
Only worked 13 % Europeans, most on 20 meters, 80 % of QSOs were W/VE.
Had a hard time convincing some people I was in zone 7 (my cabin) not 8 (my
home). Another good reason to copy what you hear, not what's in your database.

Fun with occasional good rates.


N7BV   M/S HP   181,8182007-07-17 15:03:24
We had four new Generals joing Matt KQ7W and I for the contest. They did a
sterling job on the bands, learned a lot, and enjoyed it to the point they are
asking "when's the next one".
73, Chuck
KS8O   SO Mixed LP   45,4302007-07-17 15:28:29
First attempt at this contest. I know that I will do it again in the future.
Most contacts in the back yard, did manage a couple ZL's for the farthest
contacts. Bands were quite dismal for long distance. Use only 100 watts and
wire at this time, hope next year to have beam's up for the contest.
N1UR   SO Mixed LP   709,5942007-07-17 16:58:25
The last time that I did IARU was 2005. I always enjoy this contest for the
combination of high rates for a low power station as well as the different
summer propagation and “one shot at it” 24 hour cycle. Even though CW is
my favorite mode, I also enjoy SSB contesting and like the MIXED category in
this one because it adds an additional strategic component that is unique for
most contests.

The station here at N1UR was up to the task. Everything was a go and I was
rested for the solid 24 hours stint. Propagation during the week was not great
and indicated that the only chance for JA from here was 20M from 1130 – 13Z
and that EU wasn’t overly strong (but was plenty workable) at the 12Z
opening. Also 10M E Skip to the South East and Texas was a regular

I was listening about a half hour before the opening gun. Never heard a JA.
EU was there but the general signals were not loud. I opened running on 20M CW
with split antennas (top to US/JA and bottom to EU). It’s a tough decision to
“split” 150W into two 75W signals but it is successful. I had a 100 opening
hour with 80% being US stations, no JA. I picked off some HQ mults on 15M at
the same time.

I still don’t have “the formula” down for the IARU contest. Is it
domestic? Is it DX? The running of 1 and 3 point US Qs feels good but really
isn’t score productive like running EU (when its doable). And unlike WPX, no
mults call in when you are running the US. So I constantly waffled between
“rate” and better score.

After a couple of hours, I switched to 20M SSB run where I had a 90% US/VE run
of almost 180Qs in 90 mins. Felt great, but I eventually let it go in favor of
S & Ping at a good clip the 20M EU signals on both SSB and CW.

I know that there is supposed to be over 100 HQ stations. I basically worked
the same 30 or so on 80 – 15.

I had a great rate going on 40 CW from 23 – 02Z with over 50% of it being EU.
I decided to make one, and only one, pass at EU on 80 CW/SSB to grab all of the
mults and did so around 0245Z to catch the most “dark” sigs. With the
concentration required on the 100+ 40 CW running, it was going to be tough to
SO2R the 80 mults at the same time. I was quite surprised at the first call
grabs of just about every CQing EU station across the band from 0245 – 0330Z
using the 150W and 2 el wire array. Things were so good there that I even
tried a couple on 160 (without much success).

Rate was, again, quite easy on 80M CW. I should have tried a little 80M SSB
running as well but didn’t. But again it was exclusively W/VE at about 2
point average.

Took a 45 min nap at 0730Z since everything was slower and virtually all
running was 1 point W/VE. I hoped for the “last blast” from 11Z + but it
didn’t happen. Again, no JA. I did manage a few Asiatic Russians in the
last hour. Running on 20M was not producing EU and decided that constant mult
chasing was a better strategy for the last hour.

I actually feel good about the mult total (interesting note – very few mults
were not available on CW…the reverse was not the case…mults would have been
lower exclusively SSB). And the Qs total is a record high for me in IARU Low
Power. But the points per Q resulted in a lower score than expected.

I was very happy to hear the solid number of new US hams trying “this
contesting thing”. Sure, a number of them had to be coaxed through but many
stayed in the game after that. One of them duped me later. I was his first
contest Q about 30 mins prior. His second attempt was clean and crisp. I
didn’t tell him “You a dupe OM…worked you at blah blah blah zulu”.
Why, what’s the point? No, instead, he felt good and confident. Keep him
that way…he’ll figure it out.

See you in CQ WW SSB!



160 – T Vert and Inverted Vee
80 – 2 el phased array and ½ wave sloper south
40 – 2el at 80 ft
20 – 4/4 at 70 ft and 35 ft (NE) and 2el South at 55 ft
15 – 3 el at 80ft, 5 el at 50ft South, 8 el at 30 ft NE
10 – 5 el at 70 ft and 3 el South at 50 ft

Beverages 900 ft NE and 600 ft W (on 80M, I literally can’t hear 25% of the
callers from W/VE on the NE Beverage meanwhile EU is Q5).
K5NA   M/S HP   1,746,5522007-07-17 17:45:32
Larry, K5OT, agreed to team up with me to do a two-man M/S in the IARU this
year. Last year Rich, N5ZC, came down from Amarillo and did the 2006 contest
with me.

Larry did the SSB operating and I did the CW operating and we ended the contest
with a nice balance between CW and SSB contacts. That was one one of our
objectives because that strategy was effective last year when Rich and I won
the category.

Operating the contest with just two people is intense. The intent is for both
operators to stay in the chair (and awake) for 24 hours. Larry and I managed to
do that. While one of us was working stations the other operator was always
determining the next band/mode to switch to. It got a little tough to stay
awake for the last two or three hours, but we both made it.

There was a threat of thunderstorms for the entire 24 hours of the contest and
at times we could hear thunder in the distance. But we kept our eyes on the
weather maps and never had to stop operating.

I think conditions were down some from last year. But 10 meters surprised us
with some nice stateside openings. The conditions on 15 meters were very poor.
Of course, 20 meters was a key band on both modes.

The low bands were pretty good, but sounded unoccupied because of the
summertime noise. I worked more Europe on 80M than I expected and it seemed
easy to get through from Texas. But the static crashes were brutal and maybe
that's why 80 and 160 meters seemed unoccupied.

The IARU is a fun contest even though it is top-heavy with HQ stations.

73, Richard - K5NA
N7NT   SO CW LP   101,0942007-07-17 20:39:44
Rig : TenTec Orion II, 100 watts
Antennas : Dipole at 30 feet with tuner
5H3EE(@5I3A)   SO CW HP   696,9882007-07-17 22:34:06
KLM 10-30-7 LPA, 80/40m dipole
FT890, FL-2100Z

Due to local noise I did break off on sunday morning. There is nothing I
dislike more, then feeling deaf. Sorry to all, I was still awake...Hi. This
noise is a known problem in Dar es Salaam, during working also at
the weekend!?

The positive recognition was, that we have a usable 80/40m antenna now at the
clubstation - it is working somehow. Thanks Joseph/5H3WJ, to help bringing it
in a much better position. Still it was not a rescuer thrue the night...

The multi looks terrible, 2nd day is missed badly.

73, See you all next time
PA3ARM   SO CW LP   225,3422007-07-18 00:57:08
Nice short skip conditions on higher bands - in particular also 20m on Sunday.
Had 2 hours less sleep planned; missed therefore some HQ stns on 80 es zones on
40m . A very enjoyable event again.

Wkg condx :

Ten Tec Orion II - 100w - inv. vee es dipoles

cu next year
XE2K   SO SSB HP   473,2652007-07-18 01:14:14
This year enjoy to made a lot of contacts with several good friends and have a
scape from the hard work of the season- specially my WX- the bad part of this
was the propagation, I enjoy the worst propagation in this contest in several
Years, I was in the idea to log a lot of HQ stations from EU , but only 2
stations from 3 Qsos with EU , my North West location here in Mexico was the
less lucky , for several minutes i get the doubt that my antennas has a
problem, but not- very badly- the propagacion from 20 and Up was only Short
skip, This is the kind of propagation needed in the CA QSO party, a lot of CA
stations - my neighborns- in 15 and 20m very strong, 40m was also bad, Asia
save me a little , many thanks to those JA's and others countrys that call me ,
save my score, the best 80m run i get in years, the DX's and Multipliers where
calling me!! , a few Qsos but Quality . 160m was dead , was a shame the lowest
noise ever and not Much contesters to log.

The Score was 200k lower that 2006 and the multipliers LIMITED is the word.

My pay was good at least have a little fun and Hoping to be a good multiplier
in the logs of the others Contesters.

LOG uploaded at LOTW , Support LOTW

Hector Garcia XE2K
DAØHQ   Headquarters HP   19,050,5102007-07-18 01:36:31
online QSL-request at available
ZL6A(@ZL1AIH)   Headquarters HP   1,092,9872007-07-18 02:18:24
Elecraft K2, IC-780 plus amps, quads, dipole and vertical. Very enjoyable
contest- first hour reached 220+ from US/VE - last hour reached 150+ from
JA/US. However, the NZART callsign ZL6A seemed to confuse many callers
expecting Zone 60 in the exchange. Next year we'll try to get an SSB HQ
station running.
UZ7U(UT3UA)   SO CW HP   2,247,0272007-07-18 03:44:06
Ant: 160m-Inv Vee, 80m-DL, 40m-2el, 20m,15,10m-Steppir 4el.
FT-1000MP, ACOM2000.

Thanks to Sergey,UT5UDX for use his station.
ZPØR(ZP5AZL)   SO SSB LP   586,8802007-07-18 07:57:35
A difficult week before the contest, with flue conspire to me to do a better
effort, my trhoat only resist the first 12 hours..then i past to the S&P
activity due to the pain.
Ten opening was very short saturday afternoon, but allowed to put some
mults..again 15 meter was the money band..the 15 meter setup.of thre stack
monoband pay again his fees !! was on 15 for about 10 hours..then move to
20..with stay for a couple of hours with nice conditions to Eu..then move to
40..and the odisey beguin..there is much a diference runing a kilowat than only
100 watts on never generate a decent pileups and some Europeans guys not
hear me..:-( try to come back to 20..but conditions to USA wasn´t good so move
again to 40..contiune S&P..This winter in Paraguay is extremely cold compare
with winter before..remember some times that i have to use the AC in Iaru
contest !! hihi..anyway..was a great contest with lot of friend meeting again o
the air..also want to Thanks all that come back to my cq call and said sorry
to those people i can´t hear .

Untill next contest
VE2DWA(VE2DWA/LU7DW/VE3AP)   SO SSB LP   22,5042007-07-18 08:01:32
All reports sent were 59 04, unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description: Yaesu FT-101EE, Hallicrafters S-38, G5RV @ 3 meter

Comments: Moved to a new QTH some weeks ago, not radios, not antennas installed
yet. I was trying to get some station to operate from (because of the
information about my buddies in Argentina will be active as LR4A in HQ
category), but as I couldn't find any one available around, I try to set up
something to be in the air from my home. During the last week, I was trying to
assembly some wires in the basement for get electricity at the station, getting
some coaxil cables, getting some aluminum, repairing my dead FT-101EE, etc.
Finally on Friday I got my radio working, but not 160 because the X-tal in the
LO for 160 in the 101 is dead (I couldn't find any spare Xtal, perhaps is too
old, but if you have some available let me know).

On Saturday I found that the place I've choose for installing a pipe, also
was chosen for a skunk to make his "home", by the way I need to convince him
slowly to move, finally I got the place free (without any stinky spill) for my
pipe, at that moment the rain was heavy but thanks to the help and support from
my wife Nelida LW8EXF, the pipe was raised and the G5RV was up. I made my first
50 QSOs smoothly and happy, I was having fun working split in 40 meter
using the S-38 as receiver (not external VFO on my FT101), but as the place
was free from the skunk, Mr. Murphy came for his first visit to my new QTH,
while I was trying to call CX1AA, the SWR on my antenna suddenly raise to 6:1,
I went outside, under a heavy rain and strong wind, to see what happen with my
antenna (maybe the skunk revenge I was guessing?), after some test I found my
RG-213 was short-circuited; got some minutes of disillusion, but I remember I
had a piece of RG-8X (a gift from F9IE) on my garage, btw I went outside again
to change the coaxil on my antenna, of course the rain was heavier than before
at this point (Nelida help me again taking caring of the very slippery
ladder).. Coaxil changed and I'm on the air again; around 2AM local time,
tired, dirty, wet and hungry I made my QSO 100th, time for a warm shower, hot
pizza and some sleep.

Woke up at 6AM, the propagation was bad, the bands very noises (more rain), but
I was in the air again, I made my last QSO at 1159UTC in 20 meter
with my friend Daniel LU1DK at LR4A (RCA), Great end of contest.... Contesting
is FUN, it isn't?

See you in next contest

73, Claudio VE2DWA/LU7DW/VE3AP
PJ2HQ(@PJ2T)   Headquarters HP   6,068,2782007-07-18 08:20:24
The PJ2HQ Qs for this contest are on LOTW already, if you need a card please QSL
via DL6LAU (ONLY for the IARU 2007).
HL1/VK6DXI   SO Mixed LP   15,5222007-07-18 09:43:39
For change I could operate during the contest from ITU zone 44. Equipment used
was an IC7000 and a fishing rod antenna (6m), out through the hotel window, on
a 15th floor.
I had some noise issues on 20m but otherwise it was fun.
I had a nice short opening, over a gray line, to South America. Worked CX1AA,
LR4A on a first call....
HA3LN   SO CW LP   632,3462007-07-18 14:20:31
- first time passed the 1k qso mark from home
- vertical is not a running antenna on high bands from HA
- almost 90% S&P
- SO2V is fun

Powered by Win-Test 3.11.0

Csaba HA3LN

8R1K(HP1WW)   SO CW HP   1,888,0482007-07-18 14:20:44
Great fun! Tnx fer QSO´s!
P4ØW(W2GD)   SO CW HP   2,800,0002007-07-18 17:43:25
First serious effort in IARU SOAB CW since 1997. Poor condx first 3 hours,
resorted to S&P, but afterward things gradually improved. Nice EU ten meter
opening at 1800 UTC but almost all HQ stations. 15M was very good both to EU
and NA, but very few AF stations on any bands. Best hours of contest were
02/03Z when I went to 40M for first time.....with a peak hour of 180. Good JA
sunrise opening on 40M. Overall, noted the increased activity from N.A. and
great runs of EU.

Many thanks to P49Y and P40L for the use of their station during this visit to
my tropical home away from home.

QSL via LOTW or N2MM.

John W2GD/P40W
KØRH   SO SSB HP   411,3452007-07-18 18:52:53
OL3A(@OK1KQJ)   M/S HP   1,611,1482007-07-19 07:43:43
cca 20 h CW and 4 h SSB / all OPs prefer CW, hi
In night /19 Z to 6 Z / only CW - then ZERO SBB QSOs 80 nad 160 m...
- good training for CW contests.
Thanks for contacts and cu in WAEDC CW 73 de Pavel OK1DRQ /OL8M
KF3B   SO CW HP   271,0802007-07-19 08:31:49
Would be nicer if N1MM summary identified HQ Mults separately.

Enjoyable contest with some nice runs and happy surprises on 3.5 MHz.

All in all, good fun and perhaps next year will be able to make a bigger

Congratulations and thanks to all the superb ops ... you make these contests
HG6N   M/S HP   2,547,6752007-07-19 10:32:20
It was a nice summer contest again! Too bad the great condx missed it by a day !
:( The great NA condx from Friday and Satuday night was gone by Sunday !
IR2Y(IK2QEI)   SO Mixed HP   1,228,2662007-07-19 12:50:10
Thank you for the qso`s, cu next one! Stefano IK2QEI
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO Mixed HP   972,0002007-07-19 16:16:12
(QSO totals are for mixed mode - forgot to jot down CW/SSB breakdowns.....)

One radio: IC-765
One amp: Alpha 87A
Various antennas

The IARU NAQP! At least that's what it seemed like at times. I knew it was
going to be tough going when all the big EU HQ stations were 30dB below their
usual signal levels on 20M. Worked whatever DX I could and W/VE for rate.
Sporadic E was present throughout the event and that kept the W/VE stations
going into the log on several bands, albeit many of them fellow zone 8 one
pointers - in fact a fair number of "6-Banders" this time. Low bands were ok
but noisy. Huge signals from South America on 80/160!

I always enjoy the IARU....thanks for the QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW

V31UB(KU5B)   SO Mixed LP   430,2872007-07-19 18:19:42
Well, this was fun for the most part! The QSO total for the first 4 hours was
90. After that things got a whole lot better. Nothing broke but I did have a
HUGE storm on Saturday night that took me off the air for 10 minutes or so.
Stayed on 15 until VERY late Saturday evening; thanks to the US guys for
staying there! As many have said, this one sure felt like a NAQP. I think I
counted on 73 EU for the entire contest mostly on 40m. VK/ZL's were booming on
20m on Saturday night. Meant to sleep 30 minutes 4 hours before the end but I
ended up sleeping throughout the rest of the contest, sorry y'all! Thanks for
the Q's and the fun! I'll be back in Belize quite soon I'm sure! Nice to hear
Dennis (K7BV / V36M / V31BV) on 6m and coincidentally, see him at the airport!
What a superb guy!

Colin KU5B / V31UB
PY2NA   SO CW LP   400,8002007-07-19 19:23:01
3el Triband @ 13Meters
Inverted V for 40M 80M
AA4LR   SO Mixed LP   21,4602007-07-19 21:01:21
A3S/A743 at 15m (40-10m)

Elecraft K2/100 w/ KAT100 running 100 watts


Just managed to get on a bit Saturday afternoon and evening. Pleased to find
signals on 10m again. All S & P this time -- just scanned down the whole band.
Don't believe I made it to the bottom of 40m before I got distracted with
something else.

Lots of HQ stations, although I don't have them separated in the score above.
They seem to have taken over this contest entirely.
ZL1V(@ZL6QH)   M/S HP   1,696,4502007-07-19 22:51:25
The first outing for the ZL1V callsign in the last 2 years. Conditions poor at
the start, then improved as the contest progressed. 160m and 15m were poor and
10m was non-existent – TI5N was the only station heard on 10m all weekend.

High points of the contest : the ratemeter over 400 briefly on 20m SSB, lots of
new HQ stations active this year (we worked 34 different ones), working QRP stns
like NS3T.
Low points : poor 15/10m, some QRM on 40m from the OTHR in BY, Eu HQ stns
leaving 10ns pauses between CQs.

Please QSL ZL1V via Steve N3SL, 22 N Hidden Acres Dr, Sioux City, Iowa 51108,
USA (via the bureau to N3SL is OK)

Thanks for the use of the ZL6QH station and thanks to ZL1AZE, ZL2AMI, ZL2BSJ
and ZL2AOV for logistical support.

73 from Chris ZL1CT, Tony ZL2AGY and John W2ID
TI5N(N5ZO)   SO CW HP   959,9522007-07-20 02:47:35
Weird condx here, got run going only after 8 hrs and by then was
touristing the contest. What's up with Canadians ? Worked more them
than perhaps in any other contest before... Also worked only 300 5
points QSOs. Thanks for host Keko TI5KD for using his fine station
during our vacation here in TI. Tnx for QSOs, Marko N5ZO
K8GL   SO CW HP   378,7532007-07-20 04:38:51
Nice suprises....LR4A and CX1AA on 160 plus Europe. Need more activity from
Zone 3...VE4YU was only station heard. Great contest....poor 15 and 10 meter
N8FE   M/S HP   66,0752007-07-20 07:37:16
Radio: Icom 756 Pro Heathkit amp
Used Gap Vertical Antenna for 40 & 80 and Quad for 10/15/20.

Good contest. Lots of NA stations. Picked up some good HQ stations to QSL and
many fills for my 5 band WAS. Thanks everyone who participated in the contest.
73, Marsha N8FE
CU2A(OH2UA)   SO CW HP   3,097,0262007-07-20 13:33:32
It was great to be back at Azores again. We had such a beautiful weather during
our stay and it was nice to see friends on the island again. Boy I love that
place ;)

Before the contest I set my goal more than 3000Q´s, but during the contest
what a poor propagation it was! On the other hand because of low rates I had a
lot of time to play with 2nd radio and multiplier hunting was quite efficient
with it.

I felt that I was doing well with multipliers because I managed to work all but
two multipliers heard during the contest and was running ahead of my multiplier
target. Well, after the contest saw some single ops having about 50 mults more
than I have. That’s something I wouldn’t be able reach no matter what I
would have been trying. Still a lot to learn…

14 stations were worked on all six bands and 12 of them were HQ stations. Only
non HQ stations on all bands were K3CR and EA3KU.

Many thanks to all of you for Q´s. 1843 different stations were logged during
the weekend and every contact was much appreciated!

Huge thanks to José, CU2CE, and Paula, CU2YL, for great hospitality and
congratulations to Francisco, CU2DX, for getting married during the contest ;)

73 de Toni, OH2UA
K3MD   SO Mixed HP   161,3552007-07-20 18:32:39
Classic DX Mult = 4
IC-751 to SB-200
CDX score USA SOHP = 645,420
K5ER   SO SSB HP   292,9322007-07-20 20:54:15
20 was down by almost half, but 15 and 10 provided some nice runs. Tried SO2R
for second time ever. Easier this time, but still not natural with separate
audio streams in each ear. Hopped to pick up lots of the mults on second rig,
but then lost primary so had to settle for single radio. Had 29 more Q's than
last year, but 26 fewer mults. Glad high bands did open, as local thunderstorms
within about 30 miles almost killed the low bands overnight.

Overall, it was a great contest. Many thanks to all those who stopped by.
Look for us as a M/2 in NAQP.


"Putting NORTH Louisiana on the contest map"
See you in Dayton
9A/S51DX   SO CW LP   67,8282007-07-21 14:01:40
Worked with 100W and coupled 40m dipole at flowers hight,
so the result is not so bad at all. Congratulate
to all of you who pull me out, specialy ST2A who
receive my tiny sig with high speed CW in the middle
of the pile up on two bands - what an operator!
The call is really an killer - become tired to give the
call so many times and repeated it over and over again.
I was on EU-170, CI-082 - Pag island. Thanks, Janez S51DX
UU7J   M/S HP   3,496,9552007-07-22 00:07:21
This is our raw score.

Unfortunately, the conditions to US was very bad but it was a nice try for us
in M/S (we operated HQ last years) anyway.

Congrats to P33W with a winning score!

See you next contests!
K6NR   SO Mixed HP   462,1052007-07-22 15:45:08
Good stateside openings on 15 and 10 were nice consolation
to very limited propogation to Europe. 87% of my
contacts were to North America with only 19 Eu Qs.

I had some fun early in the contest when my main antenna switch
failed and I had to replace it. My thanks to everyone for the QSOs,
It was great to work many new Ops on 10 and 20 SSB.

YL4HQ   Headquarters HP   8,022,9842007-07-23 00:24:35 YL2FZ, YL3GAO
Log merging : YL2GD

73! Gunar - YL2GD
SP2LNW   SO CW HP   345,7092007-07-23 04:20:40
Fine contest. Short skip on higher bands.
S5ØHQ   Headquarters HP   15,125,0242007-07-23 15:17:42
Contest : IARU HF World Championships
Callsign : S50HQ
Mode : MIXED
Category : Multi Operator - Multi Transmitter (MM)
Overlay : Headquarters
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... : ZRS
Operating time : 24h00

160 340 444 13 54 1427 1.82
80 571 751 20 37 2604 1.97
40 1582 1772 41 48 8604 2.57
20 1684 1451 52 61 9275 2.96
15 1255 957 37 79 5539 2.50
10 597 745 21 33 3045 2.27
TOTAL 6029 6120 184 312 30494 2.51
TOTAL SCORE : 15 125 024

Operators :
S50K, S50U, S50X, S50XX, S51BX, S51IV, S51NM, S51QN, S51ZO,
S52AW, S52CW, S52EZ, S52OP, S52X, S53F, S53O, S53XX, S54W,
S54X, S55HH, S56M, S56P, S56ZZZ, S57AW, S57M, S57PKT, S57S,
S57Z, S58M, S58V, S59NA

S50HQ - Continents All bands - All modes QSOs (with dupes)

! EU ! NA ! SA ! AF ! AS ! OC !
! 79.8% ! 11.4% ! 1.9% ! 0.6% ! 5.7% ! 0.6% !

All bands - All modes QSOs (with dupes) - By time

! Hr ! !
! 12 ! 800 !
! 13 ! 807 !
! 14 ! 725 !
! 15 ! 737 !
! 16 ! 841 !
! 17 ! 703 !
! 18 ! 764 !
! 19 ! 612 !
! 20 ! 624 !
! 21 ! 546 !
! 22 ! 518 !
! 23 ! 417 !
! 00 ! 307 !
! 01 ! 270 !
! 02 ! 273 !
! 03 ! 248 !
! 04 ! 293 !
! 05 ! 307 !
! 06 ! 325 !
! 07 ! 327 !
! 08 ! 423 !
! 09 ! 477 !
! 10 ! 454 !
! 11 ! 351 !
! ! 12149 !

All S50HQ QSL's via bureau and LoTW.

S50HQ log merging by Dan, S50U
Powered by Win-Test 3.7.0
GM7V(GM4YXI)   SO SSB HP   897,5752007-07-25 03:58:27
Last minute opportunity to do this one as SO for the first time. Fun contest,
but conditions seemed pretty awful. Without the sporadic E on 10 and 15 this
would have been a dreadful slog. Sleeping right through the night did not help
score either.
Thanks for all the calls. The support for contesting from DL and SP in
particular is phenomenal.

Keith GM4YXI (GM7V)
YZ1ZX   SO SSB LP   122,0672007-07-25 04:18:37
This was testing contest location of my friend YU1DO, Tualri JN94WM west
All done with two antena GP vertical for 10m and GP vertical for 40m.
Tranciever Yaesu FT847 and 100W.

Thanks to all who contact me, see you next year.

Nikola YZ1ZX
W6YX(KI6CCH)   SO SSB HP   237,7182007-07-25 07:51:47
First time out of the gtate for a 24-hour contest, lots of fun.
EU was difficult to raise, as conditions were not very favorable for QSOs in
that direction.
Did not work all bands available, next time will try harder to work lower and
higher bands as conditions permit.
Highlight of the event, receiving call from V8FEO while calling CQ, forgot to
exchange operator call for DX QSO on personal log. Oh well, lesson learned.
T9ØHQ   Headquarters HP   14,338,8062007-07-25 10:24:49
160m CW Crijetez, Gorazde - Merso, T93C; Mito, T94GZ; Elvir, T97G
160m SSB Lipici, Srebrenik - Kreso, 9A5K; Mark, 9A8A; Meho, T93O, Mico, T99Q

80m CW Cavljak, Sarajevo - Nino, T95MNP; Emil, T99W
80m SSB Prijedor - Richard, F5VCO; Ranko, T90R; Vlado, T90T; Braco, T93J;
Jasko, T94JU; Zoka, T96C; Robi, T98U; Dado

40m CW D. Srnice, Gradacac - Semso, T94S; Ivek, T96Q; Boban, YT9A (ex. YZ1AU)
40m SSB Prijedor - Richard, F5VCO; Ranko, T90R; Vlado, T90T; Braco, T93J;
Jasko, T94JU; Zoka, T96C; Robi, T98U; Dado

20m CW Konjuh, Kladanj - Tomo, T92T; Seki, T92W; Zico, T94D; Terza, T94VT;
Mujo, T94W; Max, T99Y
20m SSB Nisici, NR Sarajevo - Danny, T93M; Boris, T93Y; Senad, T94CT; Ado,

15m CW Crijetez, Gorazde - Merso, T93C; Mito, T94GZ; Elvir, T97G
15m SSB Nisici, NR Sarajevo - Danny, T93M; Boris, T93Y; Senad, T94CT; Ado,

10m CW Lipici, Srebrenik - Kreso, 9A5K; Mark, 9A8A; Meho, T93O, Mico, T99Q
10m SSB Smetovi, Zenica - Suad, T94XZ; Edin, T97M; Dado, T99D; Mujo, T99T

73's Boris T93Y
IZ5CML   SO SSB LP   331,4442007-07-27 07:55:28
RTX FT-1000MP + TS930S


10-20m 3el Steppir
40m fullsize GP
80m half-sloper
K4USN   SO SSB LP   27,3282007-07-28 09:39:37
This was my first time to enter this contest from the new QTH in Chesapeake, VA.
Due to my Home Owner's Assocation antenna restrictions I was only able to use a
dipole antenna located in the attic.

I stayed on the radio as long as I kept hearing new stations. Then a took a
couple of breaks to watch a couple of movies with the XYL.

I enjoyed the contest! See you on the bands.

SP4JCQ   SO CW LP   615,3402007-07-29 12:01:55
Rig: FT920 100W
Ant: X7, dipoles
OH6LI(@OH4A)   SO CW HP   1,953,4402007-07-30 14:41:50
I planned to go mixed mode but my second radio did not function on SSB.
However, I could not find the failure after the contest.
Preparation was not perfect.

However, the contest was BIG FUN.

See you all in 2008!

Jukka OH6LI
N8II   SO Mixed QRP   35,4052007-08-01 12:39:15
Between a painful tooth and getting ready to go to Chattanooga Sunday, my
time was pretty limited. I tried QRP and I'm glad I didn't work the IARU
nearly fully time, because 20M was definitely suffering from a lack of
solar activity. When the band should have peaked from 20-22Z, only the
Southern Europeans were workable and there weren't many. Conversly,
AM4HQ and OH2HQ were worked around 22Z on 15M and were loud. Es into
the southeast and midwest USA was quite good from 1720-1845Z with many
loud signals on 10M including one CA station. 40 was in great shape
into Eu at 24Z; it was easy to pick off the loud ones even with 5W.
K1TTT   M/S HP   892,2402007-08-01 20:56:35
(Sorry N1MM scoring summary didn't break out HQ mults. We had more than
listed above, but I couldn't figure out how to get at them with existing
tools and limited time)....


Another great mid-summer weekend spent at K1TTT's enjoying his fine
hospitality and great station.

We *tried* to put our CW preference aside and run both modes. This worked for
the first 18 hours of the contest and at 0600Z we were 200Q's ahead of last
year. Alas those damn overnight operators, OK, it was me, fell into CW DXing
mode (hell 20 was wide open to the whole world, who wouldn't?) and we gave up
the entire Q advantage finishing only 20Q's ahead of last years effort
and way down on mults. Post contest analysis clearly identified the guilty
party and suitable beatings were applied.

CU in the next one,

KB1H(N2TTA)   SO Mixed HP   897,7502007-08-02 07:09:49
N1MM did not break out HQ Mults and I wonder if the scoring is correct.

Thank to all for the QSOs.
OK6Y(OK2PTZ)   SO SSB LP   101,5202007-08-02 07:21:03
Tks for all contacts.
I contested just for a fun in SSB mode only.


F4FLQ/P   SO SSB QRP   8412007-08-03 07:21:59
Sorry only 1:30 contest activity tnx for all qso best 73's cu in next contest
IU1HQ   Headquarters HP   13,386,9962007-08-06 18:00:34
Another interesting effort, joining together some of the Italian most active
contest stations. The overal IUxHQ's score was built operating from IU1HQ,

See you on 2008!
A.R.I. HF Contest Manager
LR4A(@LU4AA)   Headquarters HP   12007-08-07 06:05:36
LU1DZ   M/S HP   12007-08-07 14:46:45
No hacemo contes, jodemos a los que hacen eso.

Grupo Argentino de Garcas Weirdos
CT1ENQ   SO SSB LP   53,4602007-08-08 04:12:26
First IARU HF Contest. Not so good antennas and lack of time made this a
"part-time" contest. Many years away from HF and now back again. For my suprise
my best results were on 80m. Not so good cndx on higher frequencies. Only worked
a few hours and saturday afternoon i went for a walk with my XYL.
AM1HQ   Headquarters HP   14,632,8002007-08-08 05:59:27
Over the last few years there has been a change in the way the URE has put the
national society team on the air for this contest, and this year we managed to
organise a fully fledged multi-site operation on all bands.

Our team was as follows

80M CW: AM1HQ: ops EA1WX, EA1CS
20M CW: AM5HQ, op EA5FV
15M CW: AM4HQ, op EA4TX and EA4DRV
10M CW: AM7HQ, ops EA7RM and EA7TL

160M SSB: AM3HQ, ops EA3QP, EA3IN
40M SSB: AM4HQ: op EA4KD
15M SSB: AM4HQ, op EA5DY/4
10M SSB: AM5HQ, ops EA5DF, EA5ET

The team coordinator is veteran contester and URE contest manager EA4KA,
assisted by myself (EA5ON) and EA5KY

Putting this event on the air was in principle a daunting task, but I have to
say that working with such a great team of committed station owners, operators,
and expeditioners meant that my job was really quite easy. What would I have
done without EA4TX and the wintest team? Without him and his tunnel, we would
have been working in the dark. All the backup came from EA5DFV, who was
convinced by the operators that used this system in last year’s event that
this was the way to go. Certainly it was great to be able to see in real time
the evolution of 10 of the 12 stations and have an idea of which tactics we
should be employing at any given time and have realtime contact to keep things
on an even keel.

There are so many stories to tell and perhaps it’s an injustice to pick one
over the rest, but perhaps the email I received from the 80m SSB team indicates
best of all the spirit which reigned throughout the proceedings. Here’s my
rough translation:

"There’s a lot to say about this weekend’s operation, and not all of it
nice. As you say, I suppose having a fixed station for exclusive contest use is
the most reliable way to go, but take into consideration that we’ve been doing
this since 1998, participating in the big HF contests and all the V-UHF
championships, so the setup routine is well polished. The advantage is that we
are able to use an impressive site right on the atlantic coast and 650m high,
but the thing is that sometimes you can be caught in the middle of a low
pressure system, like this weekend. The setup on Saturday was done in very
adverse conditions: there’s a 30m high tower without a ladder or security
system, and two of us climbed the tower in wind, rain, and fog, so much fog
that we couldn’t see the top of the tower. I can assure you that had this
been a personal operation, and we didn’t have a commitment with anyone else,
we wouldn’t have participated because there was a big lack of security for
the work we had to do. The tower in itself is not in the best of shape but with
that weather its best not to think about what we did.

From the top of the tower we let down two ropes, one to pull up the dipole, and
the other, 120m long, to hold up the full size quarter wave vertical separated
from the tower. We also put up two RX antennas, a low sloping wire and a flag
type with preamp. We had never put up anything as ambitious as this for this
band, in spite of having been doing this for a long time, and the results were
really good. I personally felt quite comfortable although I’m not a polished
80m op, since I usually operate 10 or 15, although of course having Nacho is
always a guarantee.

The rigs were our veteran “souped up” TS850 with RX antenna input added and
a TS940 as backup. The amp was a 2 x 4-400 made by EA1DAX, shame he’s a CW man
and didn’t join the team.

As for the rest of it, indeed it was great to see everyone pushing in the same
direction. As a negative point, the lack of awareness among EAs regarding the
national society station. It’s a notable point that on a usually domestic
band, we worked more Americans than Spaniards! I had to laugh when I realised
that a mini pile up of Spanish stations on Sunday morning was because somebody
had spotted on the cluster that I was in a rare town for the DME (Spanish
towns) award!

The four operators were EA7TN, EA1CNV, EB1IVY, and myself, EA1FDI. I am quite
clear that without all of us on the team, this wouldn’t have worked out the
way it did. Thanks for giving us this opportunity."

This is as I say just one of the many stories.

We have a learned a lot from this, and it is my personal hope that the team is
able to put the lessons to good use and obtain an even better score in 2008.

Thanks to the URE for allowing all of us to participate this year, we hope we
lived up to your expectations.

Some photos are available at:

73 de Duncan EA5ON
LU4AA(@LR4A)   Headquarters HP   12007-08-10 12:05:41
We are the best ones of the world

Taken Contest Group LR4A
WØETT   SO CW LP   20,7482007-08-12 11:06:17
Wasn't able to spend much time on this one due to family plans. Condx on 20
sounded pretty good the few hours I was able to make some qsos. - W0ETT
TMØHQ   Headquarters HP   18,802,4252007-08-15 08:43:38
Bad conditions on 20m and upper.
Better conditions than last year on 40m and lower.
But a lot a fun, as usual.

Sorry for all the stupid cluster spots and announcements about TM0HQ this year.
Of course we deny that kind of behaviour, probably coming from a very limited
number of what we can't qualify OM's !

CU next year.

For the TM0HQ 2007 team,

Vy 73
Herve F5HRY