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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2017   0300Z Jan 5   Comment Summary

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NA6O   Single Op HP   5292017-01-04 19:22:31
TS-590s, KPA500, low dipole, N1MM+
AE1T   Single Op HP   3802017-01-04 19:22:42
Lots of QRN here. CU next Wednesday. 73 & HNY de Peter, AE1T
AD8J   Single Op HP   5762017-01-04 19:24:51
Audio drop outs on the remote link were too bad to continue so early to bed.
Getting a new ISP next week to resolve the problem.
WN4AFP   Single Op LP   4002017-01-04 19:28:16
Happy New Year! 73s Dave
NØAC   Single Op LP   7842017-01-04 19:34:35
Just not hitting on all cylinders tonight. Stopped early and went to bed. Too
cold here this evening.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
K5GQ   Single Op LP   3522017-01-04 19:51:03
Six station not cwa members or have numbers.
KD4EE   Single Op LP   6762017-01-04 19:51:19
73 to all
W8JPF   Single Op LP   6252017-01-04 19:59:33
First CWT of 2017!

Lots of wind here and very cold outside - causing some kind of antenna
problems. Pretty drained today so was so mentally sharp.

Kenwood TS-590S, barefoot
GAP Titan, 16 feet AGL
N1EN   Single Op LP   3,0382017-01-04 20:00:24
80 and 160 were in excellent shape.
W9ILY   Single Op LP   4,0202017-01-04 20:00:51
Optibeam OB-9/5 at 18m and phased verticals.
N3QE   Single Op HP   16,0082017-01-04 20:01:04
What a great night! 80M totally rocked! HNY!
K3WW   Single Op HP   22,7502017-01-04 20:01:22
just when it felt bad it got good
K6RB   Single Op HP   12,8002017-01-04 20:01:25
Fun. Thanks for the Qs. CU next week.
N3RD   Single Op HP   17,7102017-01-04 20:01:37
SO1R. 40m was funky, with all kinds of noise. Let early for 80, and there was
lots of activity there. 73 - Dave N3RD
W6TN   Single Op LP   5042017-01-04 20:01:39
Thanks for the Qs. 73, Trung W6TN
KE4S   Single Op HP   1,3692017-01-04 20:01:47
Rig- K3/P3, Expert 1.3K-FA
Ant- 4el SteppIR @ 17m, 80m horizontal loop
AA3B   Single Op HP   25,9352017-01-04 20:02:02
Band QSOs Pts Mlt Pt/Q
1.8 41 41 7 1.0
3.5 94 94 72 1.0
7 60 60 54 1.0
Total 195 195 133 1.0
Score: 25,935
1 Mult = 1.5 Q's
K3WA   Single Op HP   10,2012017-01-04 20:02:19
Soapbox. Wasted the first five minutes on 40 for only two QSOs. The remainder
was on 80.

Rig: Flex 6700, SPE 1.3K-FA
Antennas: SteppIR DB-18E at 80 ft, SteppIR 3 El at 42 ft, Inverted L for 80
and 160M, Shared Apex Loop SAL-30 for low band receive
K1GU   Single Op HP   10,9612017-01-04 20:02:23
Thanks everybody. See you next week.
K1DW   Single Op LP   6,4972017-01-04 20:02:24
NEXT WEEK. 73 bcnu DE K1DW
WJ9B   Single Op HP   11,6852017-01-04 20:02:34
73, wj9b
N4ZZ   Single Op LP   10,1202017-01-04 20:03:02
Tks for the Qs. C U next wk 73, Don n4zz
KØVBU   Single Op LP   7,7192017-01-04 20:03:08
K3; TH6DXX @ 50\'; 80/40 Trapped Inverted V @ 30\'

40 just fair. Stayed there too long. 80 much better, but lots of static with
storm incoming. My apologies to those I couldn't pull out of the QRN!
See you next week...
73 Happy New Year
Bill K0VBU 844
N1LN   Single Op HP   15,6202017-01-04 20:03:23
Another fun time and a quick hour.

Thanks for the Qs - except for that W9 station that jumped on my 80 mtr CQ
frequency and claimed it was his after I called QRL with no response and then I
made 20 Qs there.

Bruce N1LN
NG7M   Single Op HP   5,9762017-01-04 20:03:40
80 much better again than 40 tonight. 73 de Max NG7M
N4YDU   Single Op HP   17,3162017-01-04 20:03:46
Another fun night - thanks for the Qs. The last five minutes were a bit flat for
me - great prop on 160.


W1UU   Single Op QRP   1,5542017-01-04 20:03:46
Flex-6500 5 watts to a 43 ft. auto-tuned vertical with 25 radials.
Peter W1UU
K3WJV   Single Op HP   14,7322017-01-04 20:03:51
WOW. Crushed my previous high score. Crossed things up a little and ditched 40
to try running 80 & wrkg 40 mults. 80 was hot. Tnx for all the answers.

stn 1 FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv v 40mtr sloper @55ft
Palstar HF-AUTO to add 15&20

stn 2 K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
2el K4KIO Hexbeam-6 bands @24ft Green Heron controller with G-450A rotor
3 band two legged fan inv vee broadside N/S @ 55ft 40&160 trapped/80

Rx ant - pair of 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs with DXE ncc-2

SO2R >> TopTen Dx Doubler Band Aides A/B relays

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
N4FP   Single Op HP   9,5042017-01-04 20:03:56
Flex 6300, AL-811H, 600 watts to 80/40 fan, 160 Inverted L. Good conditions,
lots of new calls. Thanks for the contacts.
AD5A   Single Op HP   11,3052017-01-04 20:04:03
Condx not a good as last week, especially on 40m.

Wires at 55 ft.
K5CM   Single Op HP   12,5842017-01-04 20:04:21
Sorry I could not copy some of the station calling.... seemed to have high noise
on 40 meters.
Connie, K5CM
K9MA   Single Op HP   12,2212017-01-04 20:04:22
One of my better 03Z results, after a slow start. 40 stank, but 80 and 160 were
quite good. Probably should have gone to 160 sooner, but calls kept coming on
80, and almost every one was a mult. Lots of new calls.

Thanks and CU next week!


Scott K9MA

K3, AL-82, SB-220
TH7 at 21 M
A3 at 15 M, fixed SE
40 M rotatable dipole at 23 M
Shunt fed tower on 80 and 160
RX Loops for 80 and 160
K3SEN   Single Op HP   2,7932017-01-04 20:04:24
No efficient antenna on 80M. Thanks for digging me out. Thanks for the Qs. 73
Dale K3SEN. Elecraft K-Line MyAntenna EFHW-4010.
K3SV   Single Op LP   1,5992017-01-04 20:04:25
First timer in CWops mini. Great hour of CW. Had to learn the swing of things,
now I need a member number. hi
73 HNY Bill K3SV
KJ9C   Single Op HP   1002017-01-04 20:04:48
not much time to play tonite
IN3FHE   Single Op LP   2552017-01-04 20:04:54
First cwt at early morning , noisy 40, noysy 80 but lot of sigs .
No EU, outside both friends from Sicily Isl. Giu & Alf.
Thanks and 73, Helga, in3fhe # 1548
N5AW   Single Op LP   17,3742017-01-04 20:05:11
Another good one. 80 not quite up to last week but still good and 40 was great.
Will be /0 from Pagosa Springs Colorado the next two weeks - no big scores from
there but always interesting from a different location.
WB9G   Single Op LP   3062017-01-04 20:05:11
Happy New Year! I finally put up an antenna at my quarters here on Fort Polk
and glad you all could hear me. Thanks for the QSOs.

TS-570S at 100W to an end-fed hanging from the gutters

K6NV   Single Op HP   6442017-01-04 20:05:34
Late start. Bands fairly quiet, even though we are getting pounded by winds and
snow. 80m antenna down (coax problem), loaded 160m ant on 80,does not seem very
effective at all. TNX for the Q's..........

K3 KPA amp
160m: Inverted L @ 70\'
80m: Sloping Dipole through trees
40m: Dipole at 70\\\', sloping dipole
20m: TH-3 @ 60\\\', sloper off tower
15M: TH-3
10m: TH-3
K9AY Loop System
W3WHK   Single Op LP   2,4912017-01-04 20:05:37
FT-840 <100w. G5RV antenna up 11m
CG3KI(VE3KI)   Single Op HP   4,5602017-01-04 20:05:46
My 80m dipole has hit the snow, so I'm using a G5RV-type at 35' - nevertheless,
80m was my best band; I even worked IT9VDQ on 80.
W8WTS   Single Op LP   8,6132017-01-04 20:05:52
Personal best score. My log is at
KØAD   Single Op HP   9,0302017-01-04 20:06:00
I ran the KPA500 at 500 watts and still found it tougher than 100 watts earlier
in the day. 40 was a struggle and I was surprised that everyone went to 160 so


Al, K0AD
NA8V   Single Op LP   9,6572017-01-04 20:06:36
Another great session. Condx decent, activity very good. Missed the 19z
session due to a 4hr power outage, high winds. Came back on right after 20z.

K7SV   Single Op LP   15,6202017-01-04 20:06:54
80 and top band were great tonight. new non-members tonight - Brian K7ON, Glenn
K3PP, Bill K3SV (good call!) and John W2ID. Tks for da Qs and cu nxt wk.
WH6YH   Single Op LP   4,0962017-01-04 20:07:04
FT450 and a dipole. Wow condx were touch and go. Decided against 40m and stuck
with 80m as single band. Gald I did. Had lots of fun for this first CWT of 2017
and worked several new Ops. Thank you for the QSO, 73 Mike
K7AJM   Single Op LP   6762017-01-04 20:07:19
Good practice
G4NVR   Single Op HP   492017-01-04 20:07:45
Thanks for the Q's - 73 HNY de Phil - G4NVR
NN5O   Single Op LP   4,0802017-01-04 20:07:55
Again, a good time with the new call sign. Thanks for all the nice comments.

Non-members worked tonight: W9ZV, Bob in IL; KF7DUR, Ken in AZ; W7IDM, Roy
ID; W1PH, Kurt in NH; and solid standby KM6Z, Vlad in CA.
Glad to work CWA member AE7US, Rocky. High fives, Rocky!

Thanks to DX calls on 40m from Giu, IT9VDQ and Alf, IT9MUO.

As always, i'st terrific to twist the VFO and find my usual gang of good
Thanks for taking my calls tonight and giving me the Q.

My apologies to the few stations who called me, but whom I could not pull out
due to QSB on 40m or QRN on 80m. I had the desire, just not the ears. Wish I
had a bevy of great receive antennas that would really reach out there. Alas,
us 'little pistols' just have to use what kinked wire we have.

My challenge to you: find some non-members in your log, then reach out to them
as a CWOps recruit. Let's push toward #1800.

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, NN5O #1327
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis)
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion 565AT ~100w into 400 foot horizontal loop up 40 feet
NSØR   Single Op HP   10,0702017-01-04 20:08:04
Great show tonight. Many new calls for me. Thanks for the Q's.

73, Morgan, NS0R
IT9MUO   Single Op HP   2,4442017-01-04 20:08:10
Good CWT!
Nice QSO with my friend Larry NN5O, good signal in Sicily Isl.!
many tks all for Q's. and agn HNY
CU next week
73 Alf, IT9MUO #1569
NN4K   Single Op HP   4,0962017-01-04 20:08:19
Thanks for the Qs. 80M was the place tonight. Lots of activity and many new call
signs. See you next week.
73 Mac NN4K
K4ORD   Single Op LP   2,8422017-01-04 20:08:35
When I did the 1900Z run I put down as 1300Z which was in error, and was unable
to get it corrected, so I only did the 1900z and 0300z runs this time, will
check closer next time before I submit my score!

HNY & 73 to all Riley
K4AFE   Single Op HP   2,2792017-01-04 20:08:49
Thanks for the QSOs.

Kenwood TS-590SG
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft Horizontal Loop
VE3GFN   Single Op LP   4,3562017-01-04 20:09:17
Wow - 80M was sure flying!
W1HIS   Single Op HP   3,9602017-01-04 20:16:25
I copied the number of mults and the total score from N1MM+'s Score Summary
window. I don't know whether these values are correct.

This was my first CWT at 0300Z. It was fun. I was pleasantly surprised to
find activity on 160 m, and to work DL on both bands.

73 de Chuck 306
F6JOE   Single Op LP   1,0852017-01-04 20:17:01

73 Jean - F6JOE
N7WY   Single Op LP   2,9072017-01-04 20:19:21
both bands open from here to IT9 - worked all but one IT9 I heard on both bands
using Flex 6500, 100w into 2 el Yagi on 40m and inverted Vee on 80.
W6SX   Single Op HP   7,1782017-01-04 20:20:26
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
WDØT   Single Op LP   5,3952017-01-04 20:20:49
Good conditions on 80/160, 40 was OK but long.

Worked a few new to me stations:


Welcome to CWT and join us as much as possible!!

Great to work Scotty W7SW as Newbie!

Fun nite, thanks 73 Todd WD0T

TS940S, SO1R, wires, 100w.
N5PHT   Single Op HP   5,1202017-01-04 20:21:32
Thanks for the Qs and good way to start the new year with 3 CWT sessions. Hope
to cu next week. 80 mtrs: sloper and 500 w. 40 mtrs: dipole and 500 watts
160 mtrs: 80 mtr sloper and tuner and 100 watts.
W1QK   Single Op LP   4,9502017-01-04 20:23:15
Another fun hour on the radio. Thanks for the contacts and Happy New Year
everyone. See you next week. 73-Dan-W1QK #1506.
N5EE   Single Op LP   5,0372017-01-04 20:26:29
TNX 73


Elecraft K3
40M Antenna: Moseley PRO67 @ 50'
80M Antenna: 160M Full wave loop (apex at 140')
micro Keyer II interface and N1MM+ logger
N3ZN Paddle (ZN-SL)
K4BAI   Single Op HP   11,3682017-01-04 20:28:19
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Tried to tune up
on 160M about 15 minutes before 0300Z and something is wrong with the antenna,
tuner, or hook up to them and it won't work at all. Hope I can get that
repaired soon. 20M was dead at the start. 40M wasn't very good, but was
better than last week. 80M was better than 40. A few Europeans on both bands.
Thanks for all QSOs. Happy New Year. 73, John, K4BAI.
N5ZO   Single Op HP   9002017-01-04 20:36:43
Got home bit earlier than I thought so fired up KPA500 and one radio for last 11
mins on 80.
K3PP   Single Op HP   8642017-01-04 20:45:41
Can you believe it? This crummy CW op entered a CwT! And I had a LOAD of fun!
Apparently, I'm a bit less crummy than I was! I copied everything more easily
than I once would have. Maybe by the time I grow up, I'll actually be a decent
CW op! I *WILL* be back! Thank you and HNY! VY 73 de Glenn K3PP
K3UA   Single Op HP   16,9002017-01-04 20:48:05
Fun time as always!

All Qs sent by hand - thanks for putting up with some of my run away paddles.

See everyone next week. HNY!

Phil K3UA
KEØEBK   Single Op LP   2892017-01-05 03:52:35
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Kaw Valley Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
NAME: David Coultis
ADDRESS: 3214 SW Westwood Drive
ADDRESS: Topeka, KS 66614
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6024.0
K4HQK   Single Op HP   2,7142017-01-05 04:25:28
While 40m was long and mushy, as usual, 80m was red-hot and packed with big
signals on every kHz. My best score yet.
VE5SDH   Single Op LP   6502017-01-05 06:50:18
noisy bands and a bit tough getting a signal out
thanks, 73 Summer
VA3SB   Single Op QRP   7832017-01-05 08:23:09
Very bad QRN on 40/80. Had fun. See you next week. Thanks for the Q's. 73 Serge
VE3MV   Single Op LP   4412017-01-05 10:39:56
K3,P3 @100W to 3el SteppIR @ 70ft, and Butternut vertical for 160, 80 & 40M
AH6KO   Single Op LP   7842017-01-05 10:46:23
Thanks and happy new year!
Stan AH6KO

100W + dipoles
W9ZV   Single Op HP   6,7242017-01-05 13:41:17
running great, objective was to do entire hour in run mode.

started at exactly 0300 banging away cqing since the start - totally clear freq
never changed frequency/moved or called even one station S&P.

all was well until N1LN came up just on top of me about 180 hz, called
"QRL?" one time (which was a nice gesture), but waited only 500ms
and started banging away CQ. he couldn't have possibly really made any real
effort to ACTUALLY listen... it was just a faux QRL call for appearances only.

Obviously, he had his RX filters in their narrowest mode, and never bothered to
tune around even a tiny bit after the QRL call and his xmtr dropped. that is
just ignorant.

no reason for that when there is another 50khz open to use. He just wanted the
3835 spot in the band I guess. I'm a little pistol, with wires only, so I
normally just move aside. But this arrogance really burned me, so the war was
on until one of us gave up, and I wasn't going to.

apologies to others who may have heard this fiasco. I probably lost nearly 10m
in this crapola.
K5XU   Single Op LP   1,8452017-01-08 13:09:23
A bit slow for me this time.