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North American QSO Party, RTTY   2010   July   Comment Summary

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KE5OG   Single Op LP   41,0402010-07-17 19:01:04
Conditions were not the best and I just ran out of gas. But it was fun
I had some really good runs. Thanks for the Qs. Good to work all the regulars
and plenty of new folks.
K7ZD   Single Op LP   17,3522010-07-17 20:45:51
Gads, I miss 15/10M! 20 was hopping tho'.. enjoyed it Gary K7ZD
NA5Q   Single Op LP   53,4482010-07-17 21:02:42
Encountered computer trouble on two pc's. Took my time off when 15m was open to
solve problems. Not my best score in this contest.
W4RK   Single Op LP   34,0262010-07-17 21:18:35
This one is always fun. Good activity on most bands.
K9NR   Single Op LP   58,7642010-07-17 21:22:03
10 was dead, 15 was fair for a short while, 20 was great, 40 was good, 80 was
Thanks for all the Q's
73, Don K9NR
WY7KRA   Single Op LP   15,2002010-07-17 21:22:44
This was my first RTTY contest and I had a lot of fun, thanks everyone for the
contacts! 73, Katie
K6LRN   Single Op LP   14,3252010-07-17 22:12:38
First time on HF RTTY. It was a learning experience! Thanks to W6SX & W6NF for
help + W4UAT & WX6V for offers.
Temperature in shack went from 95 about noon to 90 when I quit.
All but one Q was S & P.
Heard a lot of familiar calls + lots of new ones.
K6TD   Single Op LP   43,9952010-07-17 22:34:58
That was a struggle! Thx for the QSOs. 73, K6TD
N6EE   Single Op LP   52,5212010-07-17 22:40:57
Things were going great until the neighbors started knocking on the door :(

Fun contest anyway - thanks for all the Q's.
Ron N6EE
KQ6ES   Single Op LP   18,0202010-07-17 22:43:00
This one is never easy for me, but this is a personal best. The RF stayed away
from the computer and allowed me to run more than 50 watts for a change. The
low bands were more of a struggle than usual.
Cushcraft A3 at 20ft
Butternut vertical

John kq6es
KS5A   Single Op LP   13,0002010-07-17 22:46:43
Thanks for the Q's. That was my first RTTY contest ... heck, that was the first
time I've been on RTTY. Sure is fun when one does not know what they are doing.
I have a lot to learn ... What simple item did I learn in this one? ... if it
is working, do not screw with it!

W1UJ   Single Op LP   61,9922010-07-17 22:49:22
Amazing SO2R Practice.

Used -HEAVILY- the YCCC/K1XM SO2R+ box.

Thanks for the QSOs.

Jay MA
K4WW   Single Op LP   66,2402010-07-17 22:58:35
Afternoon thunderstorms, in the area, caused severe hearing problems. Not sure
if I've ever had to ask for so many repeats? Thanks to all that contacted me,
and to those that I couldn't hear, I apologize.
N5UM   Single Op LP   15,6002010-07-17 23:07:59
Was on and off during the contest period. Lots of activity. Was working a
little of the CQ VHF contest on 6m while CQing on RTTY.

73 Al N5UM
AL9A   Single Op LP   19,1802010-07-17 23:08:15
Once again I'm reminded of why I don't really enjoy summer contests from AK with
a 100 watt power restriction. The frustration level goes up considerably.
Couldn't hold a run freq on 20M until late after most everyone had gone to 40M.
When 20M folded 40M wasn't open yet to anywhere but the west coast. Had a
tough time working much except CA until the last hour or so. Hope everyone
else had a good time.
K7MKL/AG   Single Op LP   8,0402010-07-17 23:09:31
Upgraded at 10AM today and on the air just after 3PM. Hubby, W6NF, put up
inverted vee for 20 so I could get on earlier than 40 or 80 would allow. Many
congrats from stations worked. Thanks, it was fun!
WØYK   Single Op LP   26,4482010-07-17 23:13:10
Got off work at 0230z, so worked the last 3 hours on 20 and 40. W0BR answered
my CQs on 20 and 40 simultaneously. First time that's happened, I think.
Thanks, Bob ... it felt weird though. Then, ZM4M called in on 40 at 0510z
which was unexpected. The Europeans were relentless on 20m right up until 06z.
Of course, most were working the other RTTY contest and didn't understand that
a name was needed in ours. I gave them a serial number though.

Ed - W0YK
K6XT   Single Op LP   50,7792010-07-17 23:26:49
That was fun! Didn't work very hard at it and didn't think conditions were all
that good. Didn't hear much DX. Tried to get comfy with the new SO2R rig but
N1MM and I agreed to disagree. More work needed there.
C y'all next time - 73 Art
N7AT(K8IA)   Single Op LP   71,3952010-07-17 23:28:16
Tnx for all the q's and patience with a relatively new RTTY contester. I still
have lots to learn.

Next time, better preparation and a better strategy.

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
W6KY   Single Op LP   17,3162010-07-17 23:34:10
1)Central Air Went Out
2)Temp in Shack Went to 102 degrees F
3)IC-756PROII started shutting down due to heat stroke
4)San Diego Gas & Electric Transformer blew taking down 70 homes.
5)Operator shut down due to heat stroke
6)Electricity up and down
7)4 fans aimed at 756 and operator
8)Computer and N1MM solid thru it all with battery back-up.

but, but, but managed to get 5-6 hours in
between disasters.

IC-756PROII @ 100 Watts
GAP Challenger Vertical @ zero ft.

73, Art W6KY
K4RO   Single Op LP   84,8162010-07-17 23:37:16
Only managed to get 9 of the 10 hours in. Had to spend a little time
on other projects with Susie after a full time effort in the IARU
last weekend. I took a several hour break in the afternoon, and likely
missed whatever might have been on 15 meters.

I tried to milk 80 and 40 right up until the very end of the contest.
It got a little bit lonely in the last half hour, but then I worked
N5KO and N5RZ in the last 5 minutes of the contest. I had to check
the mode switch, because I don't hear those two guys on RTTY often.

Thanks to W4BCG for fielding the TCG teams.

73 Kirk K4RO
WF7T   Single Op LP   22,3202010-07-17 23:42:16
Did NOT do a great job in this one. Between the headache, shivering and sweating
(been sick for a week) I could barely get anything going. 20M and 40M sounded
best, everything else was dismal (or maybe its just me.) NO EXCUSES...had my
butt kicked here as I fell short by at least 100 Qs!

I still had fun...calling CQ on 80M for 10 minutes without takers was still
better (barely) than moping around the house sick.

Thanks to NCJ for this contest. Thanks to all you ops who gave me a Q.

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN


IC-7600 @ 100W
AFSK using N1MM v10.7.0, MMTTY 1.66
(something still causing operational latency)
88' and 44' doublets, crusty old R5 vertical
W6OAT   Single Op LP   59,6642010-07-17 23:44:05
I can't believe anybody heard me on 80m. The antenna was lying on the roof.
N6AN(@W6UE)   Single Op LP   4,2272010-07-17 23:49:22
Thanks for the QSOs.

David N6AN
N6WM(@N6RO)   Single Op LP   99,7182010-07-18 00:03:33
100 k getting closer.. may be within reach... oh another mult.. even closer..
oooooh out of time sorry! :-)

Well this was a bit more of a challenge than the February running of this
contest. Interesting to get the BC mult on 10 on an Es whim.. but lots of
locals for the CA mult.

Low bands were rough for me.. 40 just did not pan out as expected, and both
the 80 Quad and 4sq do not play well in the RTTY sub-band area. Im down about
100 q's from Feb.. and my 40m numbers were quite a bit down from last test.
20m number up, finally cut off from 20 to 80 when the only folks that were
calling were DX. I even heard FO8RZ calling cq NAQP on 10. Nice sigs OM :-)

This contest was well represented by the NCCC, and I am sure a couple of the
other operators on team 1 did better, but I did have a fantastic time, and it
was like coming home when down on 80m with all the NCCC presence there.
Suprise call from W0YK was a treat, and AA5AU made it through on most bands
including 80m.. also a treat.

So I guess it is what it is.. not one of my most stellar performances, but I
think its NCCC team 1 worthy.. and I had a good time.

73 and Seeya next time

KY7K   Single Op LP   7002010-07-18 00:25:10
Started 3 hours late and then had to work between the thunderstorms passing
through for the rest of the day.
Had great fun anyways! Thanks for the Q's
VA7ST   Single Op LP   42,8402010-07-18 02:41:52
SFI = 79 A = 1 K = 0

Bands should have been better than they were, but these days there seems to be
no relief.

Made a few Qs on 10M, all W6. This is the fourth July for 10M to be a virtual

15M was weak with bad QSB and not a lot of activity. 20M didn't seem very good
at all.

Took my break in a 2-hour stint from 1 to 3 p.m. local, saving evening hours
for the lower bands. Lots of activity on 40M but one-way propagation until
nearly dark (9 p.m.) out here.

I think my 80M vertical array is dead. 36 Qs there, with only 12 mults. Most of
the stations heard were on the west coast. Had hoped to make some hay on 80M
this time, but ended up with 8 fewer mults that last July. Looks like a lot of
us found 80M less than productive.

Still, glad I got on for the whole 10 hours this time. Thanks for the contacts
and all the repeats through the debilitating local BC Hydro power line noise on
20M and up (now in year 6 without a fix).

-- Bud VA7ST

Year-over-year stats...

July 2006 July 2007 July 2008 July 2009 July 2010
---------- ---------- --------- --------- ---------
Band QSOs Sec QSOs Sec QSOs Sec QSOs Sec QSOs Sec
3.5 65 27 50 12 50 19 39 20 36 12
7 110 38 113 41 104 41 120 42 114 42
14 115 38 172 44 133 43 160 43 166 47
21 74 30 14 6 24 10 38 16 40 17
28 54 20 1 1 1 1 0 0 4 1
Total 418 153 350 104 312 114 357 121 360 119

Score : 63,954 36,400 35,568 43,197 42,840
N2WK   Single Op LP   84,0642010-07-18 04:11:06
Tnx for the Q's. Conditions seemed down and at times my rates were very slow.
W7MRC(NG7Z)   Single Op LP   3,2432010-07-18 04:21:46
Had our son and two grandkids this weekend. Not much time for radio but I did
get a taste of SO2R on RTTY for the first time. Ran 50W only as I still don't
have BPFs and don't want to blow the front ends of the radio. Still, it was fun
bouncing back and forth between bands doing S&P only. While waiting for a qso to
finish, I can set up the next contact on a different band. Very neat. One day
I'll get the confidence to CQ and S&P at the same time. Need to improve the
antennas for the second radio. Just using a Butternut vertical. 73 and thanks
for the Q's. Paul NG7Z
KC4HW   Single Op LP   51,8842010-07-18 04:33:52
Very noise!
ACØE   Single Op LP   6,3362010-07-18 04:37:18
Great fun band was long and short at the same time, BC followed by AR, on 15
meters and first 10 meter QSO in log at 2112z. Only 4 hours but very nice way
to spend time in the cool basement shack while 105 degrees outside. Thanks to
those kind enough to QSO with me. Jim AC0E
NV4B   Single Op LP   21,4242010-07-18 05:16:13
This was my first RTTY contest ever, and though I didn't do much in terms of
rate, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to another one.
VA1CHP   Single Op LP   80,0302010-07-18 05:34:59
My highest score for this one--40 was a struggle and 80 very noisy 15 was a nice
surprise--biggest kick was being called by an FO8RZ on 15 and 20 meters. Thanks
for the Q's. Time to pack and get ready to activate White Head Island IOTA
NA-014 for the IOTA contest next weekend. Hope to work you from there!!

K4GMH   Single Op LP   75,7902010-07-18 05:38:06
Thanks for the QSOs and thanks NCJ for putting on the Contest.
Seemed more than usual new calls showed up in the Contest. Welcome to RTTY
K2DSL   Single Op LP   34,3742010-07-18 05:45:56
20m was fine. 15m was dead for me with no activity though I checked multiple
times. 40m was ok but last year was better. 80m was solid noise and hardly
workable other then the strongest stations. More Q's this year under worse
conditions for me but less mults and a lower score. Not sure what was going on
with all the noise on 80m but another ham 8 miles away said he had the same
noise so it doesn't appear to be specific to my station. Still fun to work all
the RTTY folks!
W6ONV   Single Op LP   13,9122010-07-18 06:50:50
First time participating in the July NAQP, after a good February NAQP I was
hoping for more of the same, but I got the complete opposite. 10M was unusable,
although I did get W6YX to answer, but could never make the Q. 15M bad, I rarely
heard signals. 20M was the main band, but even here I could not be heard many
stations. That only got worse moving to 40M, where the noise was unbearable.
W8BAR(W1TO)   Single Op LP   59,8002010-07-18 06:54:33
Thunderstorms in the area caused me to quit early. Also slowed the rate before I
quit. Sorry I couldn't go full bore for the 10 hours.
K7IA   Single Op LP   50,4302010-07-18 06:56:58
Bettered my previous best this year. Last year's notes recalled to memory the
loss of the K3's 100 watt amp module early into the event causing lost time for
workarounds. That was Elecraft's original amp, which has subsequently been
improved (and for me, replaced on warranty). Sometimes being first in line for
a new rig makes one a pioneer!

Always the money band, 20m had long and deep QSB during the first two hours and
then became stable. But I lost a number of Qs when the QSB took callers out,
forever, after only half an exchange. Even with lots of ops, there was never a
problem finding a running hole. 15m was a disappointment, at least when I
checked it. Propagation seemed to exceed the number of ops giving it a go.
Ten was empty each time I checked. 40m provided some good, but short, runs,
especialy when it quieted down in mid evening. 80 was a challenge, with steady
noise at S8 and peaking in bursts to 20 over. But that's where the final
increment of mults were late in the contest, so it couldn't be overlooked. I
worked everyone I heard in S&P and then began running. Happily, my CQs and
exchange appeared to be easily copied by all callers. Was I the only one with
20 over noise? I regret that my "ears" didn't make it easy for those callers,
though! Mucho thanks to them for their perserverance--otherwise the mult count
would have been considerably lower! Great ops all!

Many thanks to NCJ for sponsoring this fine event! See you in NAQP CW!

73, dan k7ia
W7WW   Single Op LP   61,8762010-07-18 07:06:10
Thanks for the Q,s I have to apologize to my team. I messed up my off time and
lost a half hour of operating tome. Sorry Guys.

73 David
VA3DF   Single Op QRP   15,2572010-07-18 07:08:57
Strictly a learning experience, as this is only the second time I have worked

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!


K3WA   Single Op LP   53,0462010-07-18 07:09:14
I was disappointed with my performance in this RTTY NAQP. I had expected at
least twice the Qs. Am still trying to sort out problems with Windows 7 N1MM,
and MMTTY so could not operate SO2R. That was a big loss since I had real
problems sustaining a long run on 20 meters. Conditions were perfect for SO2R
ops. Heavy duty noise from near by storms took some of the fun out of this
contest. 80 meters was simly painful. Still, I wouldnt have missed it for
KN4QD   Single Op LP   34,6912010-07-18 07:15:32
20 was great, 40 was pretty good, 15 was open but nobody was home, and 80 meters
was just a mess. I'm not sure what's up with 80 but signals were weak and I was
having a hard time being heard; seems as if others are having this problem as
well on 80.

I probably spent too long on 15 meters but I kept hoping guys would show up.
The band was nicely open from here to the mid-west and west.

Still had fun and look forward to the next one.
N8YYS   Single Op LP   19,9202010-07-18 07:26:40
Really nice to have the time to work a full contest for a change. It seemed that
my QTH had picked up some noise, then was hit with a thunderstorm 10 mins after
the contest - gotta open some window.. HI.
I had fun, good to run across the calls of friends.
N7WS   Single Op LP   27,4732010-07-18 07:30:02
As an "Outlaw" my choice of using "Gunslinger" for a name
clearly threw a lot of guys using call lookup. What the heck...
keeps them honest. I think I worked everyone possible on 20M,
where I have a decent antenna, but I'm really not competitive
on the other bands and the score shows it. (Need those multipliers)
Local lightning and QRN didn't help.
AA8IA   Single Op LP   3,2342010-07-18 07:52:24
Yaesu FT-950, 40m wire, 75w. It was fun but tedious. Was busy learning the
ropes of a new radio. There were a lot of stations on. I heard many more
than I was actually able to work. We had family in this weekend so I only
managed about four hours of operation sporadically. Thanks to all the
participants that I had an opportunity to work.
W6SX   Single Op HP   50,5922010-07-18 07:54:49
Check log.

K3, ACOM 2000A, single ladder-line feeder to 46 foot high parallel 80-meter
dipole and 40- and 20-meter inverted-V's, Matchbox, MMTTY, N1MM
AA5AU   Single Op LP   85,0082010-07-18 07:54:58
Great fun despite known antenna problems. The D40 has been bad for some time
but a torn medial meniscus in my right knee has kept me grounded the past 3
weeks so I haven't been able to climb the tower. My 40 meter total really
suffered. Despite being able to use the antenna with the tuner in the rig, it
was obvious that it wasn't working very well. I was pretty much limited to S&P
on 40.

Ten was actually open for the first couple of hours but not many takers. 15
meters was good but again, everyone must have been on 20! I'm not sure what
was wrong with 80. With no thunderstorms in the area so I thought it would be
good but the band was very short.

I had set a goal of 500 contacts and was glad I was able to get that. The knee
is on the mend so I hope to get the tower stripped and new antennas installed
before CQWW RTTY. Working a contest with bad antennas is frustrating to say
the least!

73, Don AA5AU
KH6GMP   Single Op HP   6,7502010-07-18 07:55:09
WB6BFG   Single Op LP   5,4942010-07-18 07:57:12
Had a chance to play in the afternoon/evening. Mostly S&P as calling cq didn't
keep the rate up. Thanks for the fun!

NS6T   Single Op LP   162010-07-18 07:59:33
Seldom have I worked so hard for so few contacts. Due to my rig limitations, I
was running 50W, and nobody could "hear" me. I spent most of my time on 20m
during S&P. None of the stations I tried to work on 15m came back to me. This
was my first RTTY experience, and I am surprised by how few contacts I got.
KE7YF   Single Op LP   10,6952010-07-18 08:12:55
IC-746 PRO 100 Watts
HOA Antenna Restrictions:
10M/15M/20M/40M - 14AVQ Vertical on ground, two 33 ft buried radials.
20M - Short center loaded dipole (Hustler sticks, balun, resonators) at 10 ft.

Tnx for the QSO's........73.......Paul
N2FF   Single Op LP   24,2882010-07-18 08:25:07
Not a full time effort. A few hours before the contest I was able to get my 40M
slooper back in place after a freak wind storm a few weeks ago took down a large
oak tree branch support. Twenty meters was the money band but with deep slow
QSB much of the time. Thanks to all the lads and lassies who worked me while I
was running.
W5KFT(K5PI)   Single Op LP   35,6252010-07-18 08:29:03
I don't do a lot of RTTY and I scrambled to get my computer set up. I ended up
starting 15 minutes late. Then my TS-850 would only send a carrier. Fixed the
FSK interface (bad transistor), but then the combination of MMTTY+N1MM+Win98
started crashing about every third QSO. It seems clear that I need more
computer horsepower (1.6 GHZ, 256 MB) and an officially supported OS (e.g.,
XP). :-) My K3 was running pretty hot, so I had to keep the power down to
about 65 watts, even with maximum fan. Apologies to my SWACC teammates but
after a few hours, I threw in the towel.

I made eight or ten trips to 10M and would work a couple of pretty loud guys,
but couldn't get a run going.

The best part was watching the Tampa Bay Rays beat up on the Yankees. :-)
K4FJ   Single Op LP   67,4522010-07-18 08:32:19
80M was awful. Lost my beverage to hungry deer.
KK5OQ   Single Op LP   83,5042010-07-18 08:36:33
I tried about an hour or so so2r when the run rate would slow down. I still need
a lot more practice running two rigs. 15 was open to most areas. I forgot to put
the full wavelength dipole up on 15 before the test so I had to go with the
50watter with tuner.
WL is not scoring all the q's, 659 total , correctly in the summary report. I
recall this problem with one other log in the past. Hopefully the robot will be
kind and give me a few more points.
fun as always
N9CK   Single Op LP   96,7202010-07-18 08:56:19
My recently installed K9AY rcv loop sure came in handy!
This was the first contest I have used it in, and I used
it on 80 and 40 with good success. Tnx for the nice contest
and apoligies to those who I could not pull thru the noise.

I see more and more new callsigns in each rtty contest!
It is good to see. CU in the CW NAQP.

Steve N9CK
W7WHY   Single Op LP   2402010-07-18 09:07:04
Only a very few minutes to play in this one. We had our local radio club
hamfest/swapmeet so spent a bunch of time there.

Then the temperature got all the way up to 70 here today so the wifey wanted to
take a ride up the river. Too nice for her (and me) to stay in the house all

KI6DY   Single Op LP   54,4892010-07-18 09:29:19
This was my first contest after completely tearing the station down and fixing
every big or little problem. The antennas required the most work as mother
nature had beaten them down over the years causing bad connections and such.

Inside, everything has been layed out on a nice new desk that has much more
room. Probably the biggest improvement next to working antennas is the addition
of two 24" monitors. What a pleasure it is to not have to squeeze all of
Writelogs windows onto one 17" monitor. Two instances of MMTTY, each with a
nice big bandscope is awesome.

That all being done and said, conditions for this contest were pretty brutal.
Noise level on 20M and below was high and constant. Rates were steady most of
the time but never spectacular. I've done better.

Best thing about the contest was that is was an excuse not to go outside where
the heat index was 110 degrees.

Thanks for all the QSOs.

73 de Bob (KI6DY)
K6RM   Single Op LP   2,9672010-07-18 09:44:22
K3 TO low G5RV
K6TU   Single Op LP   32,7802010-07-18 09:45:22
The beginning of the contest was a tough slog.
Between the summer propagation, my "small"
valley QTH and the low yagi - rates were not

Low band operation was a different matter and
the rates were much more encouraging.

Full re-work of the antenna farm is underway so
the next RTTY NAQP will be interesting!
N2WN   Single Op LP   30,0482010-07-18 09:55:14
My 160 Tee was forced into service on 80 und sumtin started arcin' over in the
matching unit, so 80 was a major loss. Phil FO8RZ was my only Pacific QSO and
it was nice to work a few EU station too.

A great time was had by a number of TCGers at the McMinn County Hamfest in
Athens early Saturday
W7JDE   Single Op LP   7,8722010-07-18 10:05:21
Great fun. 20 meters was it's usual mosh pit with a lot of qrm and multiple
stations running on the same freq that could not hear each other. 10 meters
was a complete washout but I did manage a few contacts on 15, mostly from my
local area. 20 meters did improve in the evening but crapped out earlier than
it did last weekend. Not as much dx but then again why would you expect any?
40 was pretty good in the afternoon and 80 did come alive in the early evening
although was quite noisy. Hope to have better antennas up for the next
contest. Tried to use the fldigi engine with n1mm, had it working but
technical problems forced be back to the mmtty engine. Fldigi is not quite
ready for prime time. I do like it but for rtty mmtty seems to have the edge
for pulling out the weak ones. Hope to work you in the next test. Jim
K6VAR   Single Op LP   1,3022010-07-18 10:35:07
There was a suburban ham named Jim
who put up a low stealth wire on a whim,
but ground losses devoured his outgoing RTTY
and gave him a score he called positively ________.
With pistol so small he is hardly a gun,
Jim paid no mind, he still had fun. ;-)
K6NV   Single Op LP   9,1802010-07-18 10:43:13
Very part time effort. But I still wanted to break 10,000 points.

Mostly S&P during the day, not until after dinner did I get more serious and
start running, had several very good runs, sure slowed down during the last 30
minutes on 80m. 15m seemed to be open, but no one was on.

Maybe next time I will go for a full time effort.


Dipoles for 80 & 40
Wire Vertical for 80m
WE6Z   Single Op LP   31,0032010-07-18 10:47:02
NAQPRTTY Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2010-07-17

CallSign Used : WE6Z
Operator(s) : WE6Z

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : RTTY
Overlay Category : TB-WIRES
Default Exchange : AJ CA
Gridsquare : CM98JS

ARRL Section : SV
Club/Team : Northern California Contest Club
Software : N1MM Logger V10.7.0

Band QSOs Pts Sec NA
3.5 25 25 9 0
7 82 82 33 0
14 176 176 48 1
21 18 18 12 0
Total 301 301 102 1

Score : 31,003

Conditions were not too good. 20 meters had a high noise level, and 15 meters
was only open for a short time. My goal was 400 so I got pretty close. N1MM
crashed about 7 times during the contest...
VA7KO   Single Op LP   45,7842010-07-18 10:47:56
VY2SS   Single Op LP   23,3002010-07-18 11:08:54
Less than half my usual score. Sorry guys.
1. Electric storms
2. Loss of focus. Literally (eye trouble)
3. Very high temperatures in shack.

It never even dawned on me to start on 15M! When I finally woke up and checked
it there was nothing.

WB8JUI   Single Op LP   25,7502010-07-18 11:19:51
Thunderstorms rolled through the area Saturday night pretty much wiping out 80
meters. 40 was also a big disappointment with high QRN levels. 20 was decent
up until about 0430 when I decided to pack it in

NR5M was my only 5 bander this time around.

Thanks to all for the QSOs and apologizes to those I couldn't pull out of the
static crashes.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
WF4W   Single Op LP   2,1702010-07-18 11:26:56
Just got (almost) a couple of hours in between thunderstorms. Low-band antennas
are all down currently. New Tennadyne T-6 Log-Periodic still is playing very
73, Tad, WF4W
K6MM   Single Op LP   6,8122010-07-18 11:39:14
After the first 80 QSOs, my family kidnapped me for most of the day -- it was my
birthday. Got back on for another 50 Qs in the evening. Only had 2.5 hours
total for this one. Thanks for the QSOs and CU in the next one. 73, John K6MM
W4GKM   Single Op LP   88,2282010-07-18 11:44:28
This was the first contest for our newly formed "Crossville Contest Group" and
we all had fun. One of our members couldn't couldn't make it so Roy, N8YYS was
good to fill in and we thank you very much Roy. Although we won't win the title
we all had fun and it was a good introduction to RTTY contesting for our group.
I didn't do as well as the February NAQP but I don't think 80 was really open
that much as I had a very difficult time in copy and had to ask for repeats.
Thanks to the contest sponsors and all that worked me as well as our team.
W6TQG   Single Op LP   25,0982010-07-18 11:58:44
Thanks for all the Q's!
Best names in this contest: Gunslinger and Outlaw.
Phil, W6TQG
K1GU/4   Single Op LP   15,2802010-07-18 12:01:50
Holiday style from my mother's screen porch in Palm Harbor. 95 degrees, 100%
humidity, bugs, just like field day.
WØRAA   Single Op LP   1,8002010-07-18 12:02:32
Lousy score, but then I only operated for one (1) hour. It was still fun.
KA1KIX   Single Op LP   5,6712010-07-18 12:07:25
This was my first RTTY contest, enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks to Nick W4GKM and
Wayne K4MGE
W1ZD   Single Op LP   24,7642010-07-18 12:14:06
Lots of activity ! Poor antenna, heavy QRN limited score on 40 M.
Thanks for all the Q's !!

73, Lock W1ZD
KI5XP(@W5WMU)   Single Op LP   119,4052010-07-18 12:14:58
Getting married changes contesting! Ran around the state all morning dropping
kids off leaving about 15 minutes before the start of the contest to get set

After about 3 hours of painful 20 meter operation and tons of repeat requests,
discovered that the 20 meter Stack Master was way down compared to a NW lone
yagi. Even for New England stations, they were 3 or 4 s-units higher with me
pointing NW then on the NE stacks, so finished 20 on that. Of course by that
time, the 6's and 7's were coming on strong so it all worked out ok.

Second radio on 10 and 15 suffered from the fact that I had the Yaesu IPO
turned on (IE: No preamp!) until I discovered it and turned it off. By that
time, 15 was on its way out. I cq'ed for a while on 10, picked up 4 stations
and NA5Q for Louisiana on all bands.

80 vertical arrays were down for this one, so I was left with a dipole at 80'
and a flatop at 160'. Seemed as though rx was better on the dipole, but tx was
better on the flatop. No one would answer my 80m cq's on the dipole but
apparently they heard me on the flatop. Thanks Dan, W5XZ.

I intended on my usual schedule of working the first 10 hours straight, but
remembered that I took breaks in February because of how slow it had gotten.
Partying until 3:00am and getting up for 8:00am weighed heavily when the q's
had dropped substantially around 5:00pm local, so i took an hour then and
actually fell asleep for an hour. It was really hard to get motivated to
continue, but 20 had apparently re-awakened and 40 was hopping.

Thanks to all for the q's, and sorry if I crashed anyone, have to check out
antennas a lot sooner then 15 minutes before the contest starts.

KA2KON   Single Op LP   6,8202010-07-18 12:27:35
Minimum effort to test new logging software version.
N2BJ   Single Op LP   33,0602010-07-18 12:32:32
RTTY is a challenge with normal conditions. Even with TH11 and 40M 2 el beam LP
on RTTY with poor band conditions and QRN is not much fun!
K9YC   Single Op LP   40,6982010-07-18 12:51:52
This was really tough -- I started on 15, made very little headway, and quickly
went to 20, where things didn't get much better. Tried running, but couldn't
get much going. Then SO2R with the beam on 20 and the dipole on 15, trying to
pick up mults. By 5:30pm local, I'd finished 90 minutes of my required break
time, and switched the second radio to 40M, where I continued to not make much
headway (and this is with a 2-el full size 40M Yagi at 100 ft, pointed at 70

By 7 pm, 40 was my main band and 20 was S&P picking up mults. I did do OK
running on 40, but it still wasn't great, and by 9 pm the second radio was on
80M, which was in even worse shape than 15. 80 and 40 are usually great bands
for me, but not last night -- best DX on 80M was CO, and only one of those! I
worked MT, but 45 seconds after the final bell. And I was still finding mults
on 40 until the final bell.

Note to the WRTC players - this is how it was on 80 and 40 LAST weekend too.

73, Jim K9YC
K6MI   Single Op QRP   3,7102010-07-18 13:38:42
Fun, but was surprized at low rate.
KSØM   Single Op LP   12,5802010-07-18 13:48:22
Another good contests because there were so many calls on the bands. Still some
propagation problems requiring the AGN macro several times. Log submittal was
easy and quick. I had some fun and my thanks to all who worked me.
NI6T   Single Op LP   1,3522010-07-18 14:01:21
A very short participation due to a wedding in Santa Cruz.
W6YX   M/2 LP   158,3602010-07-18 14:19:42
Our highest July QSO count, our third highest July Mult
count, and our second highest July score! Our operators
and equipment performed well, but mostly thanks to all
the new RTTY operators and the increasing activity. Lots
of new calls, and old familiar calls new to RTTY - thanks!

For radios we used two of our usual Yaesu MP/MkVs
on the two run positions, and tried Elecraft K3's for the
two spotting positions. Despite operator trouble finding
the right buttons and menus, they performed very well.

W6LD and N6CCH performed lots of antenna repair before the
contest to provide us multi-antennas per band, they also
provided the K3's, and ran the run stations for the first
4-plus hours - so they win "MVP" status!

No problems with Writelog or MMTTY, but copy was tough at
times, weak signals, QRM, and crazy flutter.

We didn't hear activity on 10m, so we started on 15m and
20m. We heard AA4LR on 10m in the first hour, but we
decided not to QSY due to the 10 minute rule, and never
heard him again. As usual, we heard 10 meter beacons in
our late afternoon and early evening, showing the band was
open, but nobody was there to work.

We heard several stations that were needed Mults, but they
were Search-and-pounce and never found us, so we missed
them. On 15m we heard NM and a Panama station that we never
connected with. Please consider doing a little CQ-ing as
well as S & P, as we are continually tuning the band. We
also missed getting KH6GMP when we first heard him on 20m,
hoping he would be easy later. We also missed several
chances to move mults, but overall we're happy with our
third highest July mult total, and we gave it a big effort.

Sunlight here until 03:30Z, so 40m and 80m suffered in
early darkness. 80m was rough. We could hear pretty well,
but the problem was being heard. We called and called
many stations who would just keep CQ'ing. As a result, we
missed many stations and mults on 80m.

Also, lots of ops finished their 10hrs and were gone just
as we got to 80m. Please consider taking a mid-day break
and coming back for the last two hours. We'll give you
another Q and Mult on 40m and 80m!

Thanks for the fun!
W6YX Stanford University Amateur Radio Club

Tribanders: Force 12 C-31XR tribander at 60ft, Mosely Pro-67 at 50 ft
10m: 6 el yagi at 70 ft
15m: 6 el yagi at 70 ft
20m: 6 el yagi at 60 ft
40m: 4 el at 60 ft
80m: inverted vee at 50 ft
Beverage receiving antennas
Yaesu FT-1000MP, Yaesu FT-1000MkV
Elecraft K3, Elecraft K3
Writelog and MMTTY software

QSO by hour and band.
80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm
1800Z - - 66 54 - 120 120
1900Z - - 59 39 4 102 222
2000Z - - 58 33 - 91 313
2100Z - - 36 15 - 51 364
2200Z - - 31 10 3 44 408
2300Z - 11 49 4 3 67 475
0000Z ---+- 12 29 ---+- 1 42 517
0100Z - 28 20 - - 48 565
0200Z - 40 21 - - 61 626
0300Z - 53 19 - 2 74 700
0400Z 37 48 - - - 85 785
0500Z 35 36 - - - 71 856

Total: 72 228 388 155 13
NR5M(K5GA)   Single Op LP   127,9682010-07-18 14:55:39
Thanks first to K5NZ and NR5M for helping this "novice" RTTY operator. Mike
helped me with basic MMTTY, and George had the station equipment and logging
software ready for me.

I still made mistakes with MMTTY which caused problems, but a learning curve is
necessary to get proficient. I apologize to all that were at the other end of my

I started on 10 meters realizing that the band was open, but very few were
there. I then went to 15 and started moving stations to 10. Except for a couple
of instances, all moves were successful ! Come on everyone, don't assume 10 is
always dead because it isn't, especially in the summer.

As always, 20 meters was the money band, but it apperas that I missed several
multipliers that were active. If only I could SO2R....maybe next time. But this
station is not easily set up for single-op contesting, much less for

I don't think I've ever struggled on 40 and 80 as much as I did. The noise and
QSB really made it tough, and I never felt comfortable or loud. I had to use
beverages on both 40 and 80 to manage to work what I did. Obviously noise / QSB
and RTTY do not mix well. I'm told MMTTY is the best weak signal program, but it
still had problems at times reading correctly. Or, maybe I still did not
properly use it...back to NZ for more tutoring.

Thanks to all who made the effort to QSY for me, much appreciated.

Finally, thanks to Kenny, W5AAC, and Eddie for the fine evening meal and
W9IU   Single Op LP   40,9922010-07-18 15:10:27
First attempt at this contest, could have had better conditions. Thunder storms
made it a little slow at times.

Some very good scores by the SCM#1 Team.

73, Don - W9IU
K9OM   Single Op LP   68,8702010-07-18 15:11:00
Though licensed for 47 years, this was my one-year anniversary on RTTY! Had alot
of fun on 20-m. but my noise level was high on 40 & 80 from typical summer
thunderstorms... thought I was back in Florida!

If you've never tried Meclizine 25mg. before, like I hadn't, don't take it
before or during a contest and expect to stay awake. I listed "10 hours" but I
should get a deduction for all the times I fell asleep, and those who were
trying to work me during those times deserve a bonus!

Dick- K9OM

P.S. The Meclizine was prescribed on Friday before the contest for "dizziness"
and doesn't seem to help. I believe the only remedy may be more contesting.
N3FAW(@K6EU)   Single Op LP   7,6852010-07-18 15:37:05
First contest with a real non-cc&r limited antenna system. I expected a lot more
of myself, but learned that persistence in running is crucial, regardless of the
competition and limited free band space. Many thanks to Tom K6EU for use of his
antenna system and QTH. (:>) Next time: work harder and exert more force in the

I used my new Yaesu FT-950 which seems fine for contesting.
AE5AA(N5ZM)   Single Op LP   93,7602010-07-18 16:39:51
Spent first 90 mins on 15M turned out to be a good choice. Band was open in all
directions from here. This made a difference in the final score with the extra
mults. Although the predicted T'storms died out, 80 and 40 meters were still
very noisy making many repeats necessary. This was my best effort yet in NAQP
so not all was lost.

AA4LR   Single Op LP   18,8792010-07-18 17:39:53
Cushcraft A3S/A743 at 15m (10-40m)
80/40m trap dipole at 10m (40m, 80m)

Elecraft K2/100 w/ KAT100


Tried to set up my little netbook for this contest, but MMTTY doesn't appear to
like Windows 7. MMTTY kept restarting over and over again due to accessing
illegal memory locations. Went back to the ancient Windows 98 laptop, and it
worked fine, despite only having 800x600 screen.

Started right at 1800z, but conditions weren't great. Spotlight propagation in
effect on 10m, and signals were generally weak on 15m. Purposely stayed up on
10 and 15m for the first two hours, which probably hurt my score a bit.

Rate was much better on 20m. Band went long shortly after I got there. 40m
wasn't as crowded as I would expect. I had to QRT at 0130z, so I didn't get
much time on 80m.
KØTG   Single Op LP   15,3522010-07-18 19:58:05
Got on as I was able to during the day. I was home in time to get a good long
session in the evening, but the lightning kept things quiet radio wise for a
few hours.

73, John K0TG
KJ6RA   Single Op LP   8,9602010-07-18 22:50:06
Very part time effort. However, we did put up a new 40 ft. tower and antenna for
the local 2M group that took till the middle of the afternoon. The tower fell
down over the winter during a heavy storm on the hilltop. Then we had a few
chores to do, so we did get a little radio time in after that. Still have not
got the 40M yagi fixed, that's on the schedule for next weekend. Then we should
be ready to go with minimal excuses.
N1ZJ   Single Op LP   15,7922010-07-19 02:44:39
My first RTTY contest. This was 100% S&P; I will correct that next time. It
was a steep learning curve, but I actually got quite slick by the end. Lots of
fun. Done entirely with MacOS software.
KA2D   Single Op LP   6082010-07-19 05:24:39
Company! Surprise..
VE4EAR   Single Op LP   13,6082010-07-19 08:06:25
Time on severely limited by thunderstorms throughout the day coupled with a 4
hour power outage.
KI4EEY   Single Op LP   1,6962010-07-19 12:16:23
Causal effort and enjoyable!!!
KE4UNA   Single Op LP   3,4562010-07-19 16:20:43
Things were going GREAT and then it happened all the smoke got out of my power
supply. GHEEZE What a good time i WAS having. I WILL BE BACK.

KK9N   Single Op LP   34,8042010-07-19 18:57:02
Started contest SO2R. Lost connection to "Run" station(K3) right off(MS Gremlins
again). Then lost balanced tuner to low band horizontal loop at sunset (Ft-1000D
100W too much for MFJ 300W tuner). Everything worked the weekend before in IARU
Contest. Still not a bad score for highest antenna 25 ft off the ground. Can't
wait to move to country and plant some aluminum.
K2DBK   Single Op LP   16,4432010-07-20 15:25:26
The conditions weren't the best, but I still had fun with this. 15m was pretty
dead, and when I initially moved to 80, the noise was impenetrable. I started
late, so I was able to go until the very end, and about an hour before the
contest ended, 80 quieted down just a little bit but it was pretty tough going
N3CHX   Single Op LP   11,6962010-07-20 19:28:57
ICOM IC-746 @ 100W to Kenwood AT-200 Tuner feeding all band Flattop @ 50Ft
K7VIT   Single Op LP   13,2002010-07-20 19:33:32
Limited time on again but there were FB condx. I had some fun runs. One
memorable QSO was with KD5GYG who said I was his 1st RTTY QSO. I helped him
with his exchange info and sent him on his way. It seems like each contest
yields a bunch of new RTTY Ops. Thanks to JE1HHT, AA6YQ, the contest logging
software teams/authors, and the manufacturers for the great software and
equipment respectively. We won't talk about boat anchors and the
punched-paper-tape I used while in the US Army ?? years ago. :-))
N1MGO   M/2 LP   87,1152010-07-21 13:28:48
Bambi from VT! We again setup field day style at a hunting camp in Hubbardton
VT. Powered from a generator with Dipoles for 80, 40 and 20 in the trees.

Charlie and I had a lot of fun, but did not do as well as last year from my
house. Still our best effort from VT!
Most fun was being called by FO8RZ for an all time new one for me, and have it
confirmed on LOTW already!!
Worst moment was finding RF getting into the keyboard on 20mtr and having to
move the antenna.

"Bambi" (KT1I & N1MGO) 73 - fm VT
K3GP   Single Op LP   34,9802010-07-22 15:52:19
Seems like more people are coming back "on frequency" - Hooray!
Please please please folks, put a blank after your call at the end of your

Good contest, as always!
NN6NN(W6XK)   Single Op LP   66,1202010-07-23 21:56:05
A totally enjoyable experience by adopting a simplified, streamlined format--low
power, no internet, and SO1R all the way!
W4VIC   Single Op LP   20,6702010-07-24 09:50:47
Great fun. Thanks for the Q's.
FO8RZ   Single Op HP   4,3352010-07-25 12:27:47
The goal was to make QSO with Delaware on rtty in order to finish my triple play
on lotw.
I have 50 states on CW, on SSB but I need DE on RTTY, the last one.

I made a QSO with DE but this station doesn't work with LOTW !!

So, if you are in DE and if you uses lotw and RTTY, please send me a mail to

A good moment for me this little contest. Had fun.

73 from Tahiti

FO8RZ Phil
K6GEP   Single Op LP   12,5802010-07-25 18:38:46
I just couldn't get anything going on 20 before 0000z. 15 just didn't open,
which was a big disappointment. 10 meters opened sporadic E in the evening,
but no one was on. Thanks to AB7R for the move to 10 meters.

I don't think I spent quite enough time on 40 meters, which was in pretty good
shape. So, my personal best for summer RTTY from 2007 still stands.

Nice to have some DX on: CN8KD and FO8RZ

Rig: FT-990 , 100W

80 meter dipole sloping from 40 feet
80 meter OCF Windom sloping from 40 feet
40 meter inv vee at 45 feet (for 40 & 15)
Wilson SY-2 Tribander at 18 feet

N1MM + MMTTY Software
WI9WI   Single Op LP   4142010-07-29 12:40:23
Basically my first foray into RTTY contesting. I had made a few QSOs last summer
using the internal CW -> RTTY converter in my K-3. At Dayton I bought a
RigBlaster Nomic from Dan, N1ZZ. I spent several hours getting it working with
a lot of putzing around, and reading manuals, help files, and stuff on the web.
I finally got the right settings and levels and MMTTY working. I was amazed when
I called AC0C on 20 and he came back to me. I then did S&P for about another
hour plus. A few stations couldn't copy me, but most did. I'll be back.


ACØC   Single Op HP   43,3352010-08-04 21:59:59
Score for reference.