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Worked All Germany Contest   2012   Oct 20   Comment Summary

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UA5C(@RD3A)   SO CW HP   71,1002012-10-21 03:39:35
Training of simultaneous work on SO2R.
N4AF   SO CW HP   233,8562012-10-21 06:49:29
Condx really good, slight problem with qrn on 80.
73, Howie

START DATE: 20-10-12

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Howard Hoyt N4AF
ADDRESS: 549 Bluebird Trail
ADDRESS-CITY: Blounts Creek

RUN/SEARCH: 258/447 Qs

SOFTWARE: TR4W v.4.246

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults
80CW 63 63 189 20
40CW 111 111 333 22
20CW 144 144 432 23
15CW 196 194 579 24
10CW 191 188 555 23

Totals 705 700 2088 112

Final Score = 233856 points.
VE9AA   SO CW LP   57,2402012-10-21 08:07:14
Thank Goodness for 10m ! ! ! (my only real antenna)
Just messing around a couple hours here and there with a huge SWR on broken
wires literally laying in the woods on 15,20 & 40...10m is a small 5el yagi up
Some good ears and ops in Germany.
Surprised by the # of non-Germans who called me repeatedly even though I was
CQing "CQ WAG" "CQ DL/DJ" "only German only German" etc. Had a rough go a few
times, hi hi !
Had a great time as always though. A real favorite contest of mine. Wish I
had more time and antennas this year.
ic-746 @ 60-70w, broken wires and 1 real yagi on TEN...N1MM, WinKeyerUSB
N8UM   SO CW HP   133,4882012-10-21 08:10:53
Hurray! Finally a full weekend of outstanding conditions. Quiet low bands and
consistent 10/15. Only part time due to beautiful wx outside, the fall sports
season here in the US and a silly back injury. Found a minor problem with K3
rx sensistivity on 10 meters, but better now then for the following contests.
All the work to get the 10 meter 4 square perfect seems to have paid off. My
30 yr old single 80 meter vertical still seems to perform well!

Thanks to the DARC crew for another sucessful contest.

K3, Alpha 9500, four squares, K9AY Loop, Win-Test, understanding XYL...
VA3ATT   SO CW LP   28,3622012-10-21 08:16:14
FT1000 with Vertical antenna
KB1H   Multi-Op HP   421,3982012-10-21 08:29:35
Thanks to KB1H for letting us beat on the station to warm up for CQWW. Thanks
to DARC for hoston this well timed, well attended event.

Does Mult J Exist?

Really had a chance to work out many bugs with the station setup and ended in
very good shape.

The Barnstormers..........

Band Mode QSOs Pts Dst
3.5 CW 96 288 20
3.5 LSB 9 27 2
7 CW 192 576 25
7 LSB 27 81 0
14 CW 227 681 24
14 USB 116 348 1
21 CW 181 543 21
21 USB 41 123 5
28 CW 146 438 21
28 USB 107 321 4
Total Both 1142 3426 123
Score: 421,398
DL1NX   SO Mixed LP   9,8542012-10-21 08:34:16
Well, very happy to be on the air from my home. I made a new dipole for 10m at
end of contest and was really good... Now 2 dipoles on my Balcony and one TAK
antenna for 40m... Not the best but enjoyable! :D

See you guy at next one...

DF2SD   SO Mixed LP   471,0722012-10-21 08:41:11
Many thanks to all who picked me up on the frequencies, Hope to meet you next
year again.
K5LH   SO CW LP   43,2902012-10-21 08:43:15
Lower bands noisy, but fine condx on 10, 15 and 20 meters. Good participation.
Had 18 more QSOs than last year. Lots of fun.

Chris, K5LH

Rig: Omni V (90 W), wire dipoles, Aetherlog for Mac.
N7TEW   SWL LP   1502012-10-21 09:28:06
Had more districts but N1MM did not score those for some reason.
VE1ZA   SO Mixed QRP   131,8052012-10-21 10:14:18
One of my favorite contests, and thanks for 10m!! Thanks to all who heard my 5W
OG6N(OH6NIO)   SO Mixed HP   279,6602012-10-21 10:34:21
It was great to work the German stations in this contest after a while. I even
managed to work some stations on 10m. Too bad the propagation never really
favored 10m. Good signals on all the other bands.
K7RL   SO Mixed HP   149,6882012-10-21 10:36:57
Aside from the M9.0 flare Saturday morning that caused a short radio blackout,
conditions were pretty good. Thanks to all the great German operators for
making this fun.

73 de Mitch, K7RL
OR2F   SO CW LP   45,3692012-10-21 10:40:35
very good condx on 10m band, both weekend days (ok)
this time 21 MHz was not that friendly :)
DL8MBS   SO Mixed QRP   233,8742012-10-21 10:41:51
Thanks for that big acitivity. Helped even in the last few minutes for a sprint
attempt to reach the 777-mark and then close a few minutes early ;-)

K2 and three mostly provisional wires not reaching higher than 12m. As this QTH
gives them no good direction other than UA9 the variety of multipliers is
somewhat limited... No complaint about condx. Some years ago we would have been
extremely happy to complain that 10 and 15 sounded better than they were.

Hope to work you all again next year.
73, Chris
VE1RGB   SO CW LP   100,1042012-10-21 10:45:21
Not my best performnce.
XE2B   SO Mixed HP   8,9282012-10-21 10:50:42
Great condx on 10M ! particulary on Saturday.
Tnx for the Q's
W8DA(@N8CC)   Multi-Op HP   260,7602012-10-21 13:32:34
TT ORION II, Alpha 76, N1MM, stacked yagis on 10,15,20,40, 5 element vert array
on 80. Had 122 SSB on 10 first hour Sat, no sigs in Midwest from DL on Sunday
Sporatic E covering DL. 15 most consistant band. Fun contest, DL ops very
cordial, even as we asked for repeats on weak signals. A couple of NM reports,
a couple special calls but NO J'S. Looking forward to next year.
OK7T(OK1FHI)   SO Mixed LP   224,7002012-10-21 13:54:57
FT2000 100W, 3ele.Yagi tribander by NOVA Eco, dipole Inv.V.
ZL3IO   SO CW HP   30,8072012-10-21 15:07:00
WAG was one of my favourites back as DL7IO. Here in ZL it falls into a long
weekend (Fr-Mo) with most people travelling. So I bet participation from ZL was

Our house building project and 2 sick kids forced us to stay home for the first
time since we are in ZL now and allowed me to give out a multiplier to lots of
old & new friends.

The god of the winds got his tribute as well. Since about 2-3 weeks we have our
"normal" spring winds with gales up to 170 km/h. Last night and this morning was
worse and lots of trees broke. My little hf beam got damaged as well. The 20m
vertical for the low bands is 90° shaped in the top but holds up. Actually the
verticals are the only antennas that could withstand the winds at our place so
far. The 80m 4square was only taken down to make room for the construction

Low bands were extremely noisy here and I did not even try 80m due to S7 static
crashes all the time. Most likely wind static which I also had the first night
during Oceania CW. Except from an hour on 10m all QSO's were S&P.

Anyhow it was a pleasure to meet so many of my old mates and I hope to see you
in the CQ WW's as ZM4T!

73 Holger, ZL3IO
KCØDEB   SO Mixed LP   10,2122012-10-21 18:06:47
Band Mode QSOs Pts Dst
21 CW 5 15 0
21 USB 25 75 14
28 CW 12 36 2
28 USB 50 150 21
Total Both 92 276 37
Score: 10,212
Total Time On 05:11 (311 mins)
SP2LNW   SO CW HP   255,0842012-10-21 23:51:15
Good activity, condx not bad for me.
Tnx for the contest.
73 Slaw SP2LNW
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SO Mixed LP   27,3062012-10-22 03:18:37
Equipment used: K3, 5 meter wire on flag pole with ATU

15/10m was open world wide but not short distance like G -DL.
Many DL station got decent pile up so I have to wait......

Anyway, thanks for working with my weak signal!

73 de Kazu M0CFW, JK3GAD
HG7T(HA7TM)   SO CW HP   435,6002012-10-22 03:54:03
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
W1FJ   SO CW HP   3,0002012-10-22 05:44:49
Just a bit of fun on 10m nice activity from the DL gang!
DF1LX   SO CW LP   170,5612012-10-22 09:59:59
Fun to be the needed one - see u agn in CQ WW CW (but hopefully with better
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SO CW LP   100,4402012-10-22 10:51:11
Rig: Ten Tec Eagle 599 - 100 Watt
Ant: 20 meter Long Wire as Inverted-L up 12 meter
All bands open - hard to work DL on 10/15 meter with my vertical antenna
receiving both short and long path with loud echo :o)
K4BAI   SO Mixed HP   63,7502012-10-22 10:52:20
FT1000MP, Alpha 91b, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Good conditions on
high bands. 80M not very good here. A lot of activity from Germany and the
rest of the world. Nice to have a good 10-meter opening. Thanks for all QSOs.
73, John, K4BAI.
RT3F   Multi-Op HP   642,0722012-10-23 00:50:32
The full report, photos and video on our website.
Go to the link
DF9ZP(DK8ZB)   SO Mixed HP   1,735,9222012-10-23 13:59:01
Thanks to Hans DF9ZP for letting me use his great Station again.
Thanks for all the calls.
The station is still under construction, but getting better.
Ten meter stack doing fantastic job.

73 de barney dk8zb
VE9ML   SO Mixed LP   135,7562012-10-23 14:44:19
Great contest ,good propagations,lots of german stations on the air.
DL5L(DGØOKW)   SO Mixed HP   671,5362012-10-23 17:10:13
It was a Test for my 10m Equipment.

73 de Matthias DG0OKW
DL7BY   SO CW LP   618,5182012-11-05 08:02:08
TRX: FT920
ANT: Windom@12mtrs & Cushcraft A4S@10mtrs