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SP DX Contest   2012   Apr 7   Comment Summary

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N8UM   SOABCW HP   12,5462012-04-08 07:23:26
Conditions improved from poor to below average by the end of the test.
VE9AA   SOABCW HP   14,9462012-04-08 08:03:27
Condx terrible Saturday. A little better Sunday.

dit dit

Mike VE9AA
IC-746, 500W, wire ground planes, N1MM
N3QE   SOABCW LP   2,3522012-04-08 08:03:38
Strictly last-minute part-time effort. But fun anyway, hearing the good old SP
contest calls from other contests, as well as a few new guys!
VE1OP   SO3BMixed HP   37,8422012-04-08 08:05:17
Single-Op, 3 band (40,20,15)

Terriblw condx on Sat, but slightly better Sunday.


Scott VE1OP
SP3S   SOABSSB HP   145,0002012-04-08 08:10:27
As always, just good fun :-))
Thank you all for your participation and greet - Jery SP3S
W2GB   SOABCW HP   12,4322012-04-08 08:13:22
Limited time this year and tough condx

Wdzięczności znów do całych moich Polskich przyjaciół. mam nadzieję
widzieć was przyszły rok
N3RD   SOABCW HP   60,8402012-04-08 08:21:24
Luckily 15m opened on Sunday. It was a bust on Saturday.

73 - Dave N3RD
K1GQ   SOABCW HP   50,3042012-04-08 08:26:43
K3 KPA500 dipoles SkookumLogger

Many good receivers in SP. Missed S on 15; could not get even a ? from SP7PKI.
SP9ATE could not hear me on 160m.
KS4X   SOABMixed LP   2402012-04-08 08:30:49
conditions were poor
UR5FCM   SOSB/40CW LP   2,2562012-04-08 08:31:38
Antenna: W3DZZ, Rig: HomeMade, Pwr: 25 Watt(s).
Thanks for nice contest! I'm in this year work only 40m band middle power (25W)
and have abt 50qso with SP stations less them 2010 year. Condx is not better in
2012 Y THANKS and cu next year
OP4K   SO3BMixed HP   31,3022012-04-08 08:33:59
Propagation was lousy on Saturday but better Sunday.
Besides that my antenna's are still stuck at 140 degrees and was amazed to hear
fine signals from Poland.
As usual contesting is fun but it's time my rotor gets repaired hi. A little
more patience and I'll be able to turn my beams.

Thanks to all SP stations who picked up my signal.
73 Joe and a Happy Easter.

Yaesu FTDX-5000MP
Acom 2000A
Optibeam OB18-6 at 50m
Dipole for 80m
N1MM V12.3.2
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SOSB/20Mixed LP   2,9282012-04-08 08:41:55
Same equipment as last year, K3 + Buddipole on balcony facing west in central
London. Could not hear any SP station on 20m on Saturday.....Worse propagation
than last year. Thanks for all contacts.

73 Kazu JK3GAD, M0CFW
F6FYA   SOSB/20CW HP   3,7922012-04-08 09:10:14
Nice to be few hours in this good contest. 73'. Jean-Paul./.
N4PN   SOSB/20CW HP   3,6482012-04-08 09:18:26
Sorry bad condx rained on the SP Parade...Saturday was not a
good day.....Sunday morning slightly better...will see you
next year!!
73, Paul, N4PN
EC1KR(@ED1R)   SOSB/20SSB HP   5,8082012-04-08 10:13:31
Only 49 min. of Running waiting to start the EA RTTY Contest.

Really fantastic 121 qso with SP station in only 49min, was a nice pile up.

Tnx and see you next year.

73 de Jesus EC1KR (aka ED1R)
OK1JOC   SO3BMixed LP   26,4452012-04-08 10:14:03
SN5J(SP5JXK)   SO3BMixed LP   41,9902012-04-08 10:57:40
SO3B - 40, 20, 15 Meters
73 de Jan sn5j/sp5jxk
QTH Zegrze [R]
DL7BY   SOABCW LP   3,7442012-04-08 12:12:58
Thanks for the QSOs.
TRX: FT920
ANT: windom/A4S/R7

73s Ben
HA5KQ   SOABCW LP   32,7812012-04-08 12:28:54
Happy Easter to all!
73, Joe
SN3B(SQ3JPV)   SOABMixed LP   163,7352012-04-08 13:28:52
FT-1000MP, 100W, only 1 antenna 82 meters horizontal wire also delta
VA3GKO   SOABSSB LP   1892012-04-08 14:50:52
Just the worst conditions ever from the qth.Thank's for the fine operators to
pull me out. See you next year.
73'S Greg va3gko.
VA7ST   SOSB/20CW HP   7202012-04-08 15:36:26
Just an hour before EA RTTY started. Band was just opening up to Europe at
NI1L(@K1TTT)   SOABCW HP   83,7272012-04-08 15:38:37
15 meters on Sunday morning saved what was becoming a truly frustrating
experience. Somehow I managed to best my result from two years ago.
Looking forward to better condx next year.
K4BAI   SOABMixed HP   4,0022012-04-08 18:27:52
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole. Missed the early part of the contest,
but conditions on Saturday seemed very bad. Sunday morning here was much
better. Thanks for all QSOs. Please look for the Georgia QSO Party next
weekend, April 14 and 15. All information at

73, John, K4BAI.
OK4RQ   SOABCW LP   36,1352012-04-09 02:08:27
Tnx for QSOs, I hrd many SP stn 20-10 m,but problem QSO with 100 W and
73 Pavel
DL8MBS   SOABMixed QRP   4,0802012-04-09 03:36:45
SP9GFI   SOABCW LP   1,5482012-04-09 03:44:19
also op. SN9V
MMØLID   SOABMixed HP   111,3002012-04-09 04:04:40
Conditions Poor,

Seen Lots Of Spots For 10M But Only 2 stations Heard And Worked

thanks For all the Q's

73 Cu In the Next One
De Scott MM0LID
PAØJED   SOSB/40CW LP   3,7922012-04-09 06:01:07
Part time effort only.

rig ic-756 80 watts.
antenna Butternut HF2-v (in the middle of Zevenaar) surrounded by houses.

73, Jan
HA5BSW   SO3BMixed LP   23,7662012-04-09 06:14:28
First SPDX was my competition.
I did not have much time unfortunately, I enjoyed the competition on the other

RIG IC 746 100W Ants Titanex V160s and Top loaded vertical for 80 m, Steppir 4
ele from 40m- 6 meter.
OR2F   SOABCW LP   12,1442012-04-09 08:27:29
W1FJ   SO3BCW HP   27,3242012-04-09 10:22:46
Conditions not great and time was limited. Still fun. Thaks all for the Q's
PY9MM   SOABCW HP   31,0442012-04-09 18:10:23
Thank you to all the contact.

I Will be on CQMM DX CONTEST, April, 21/22 (rules

I Will be PR9M (Contest Call).


Luiz Pedro PY9MM - PR9M.
NN4MM(K9MUG)   SOSB/40CW HP   1,7102012-04-09 20:03:33
Many great signals on 40 from SP. Not much time to work, but if my antenna is
tuned right, I usually can work Lots of SP stations. Lots of good ops , too.

Thanks for the qsos.
IZ2WFL(SAL)   SOABSSB LP   4322012-04-10 03:25:10
Thank's to all !!

Good Luck.


Yaesu FT-1000MP

Antenna: MP1-Fox
SM5MX   SOSB/40CW LP   6,6722012-04-10 03:51:36
Rig: TS-850SAT
Ant: 2 x 10 m dipole w open feeder
S/W: TR4W v4.233

9A3XV(@9A1CCJ)   SOABCW HP   20,2862012-04-10 12:16:15
PA 500W
160 INV L
80 40 DIPOL
20 15 KT36XA

Nice to play with you agn!

SP7PKI   M/S HP   234,5282012-04-11 05:55:25
Thanks for all the qso's and great fun during the Easter weekend!
SQ4O   SOSB/20SSB LP   10,5002012-04-15 08:23:57
RIG: TS-440S PWR: 100W ANT: DIP 20M BAND (40MH)

73 Rafal SQ4O
N2YO   SOSB/40CW HP   1,6802012-04-18 21:46:22
73s de Chip N2YO
OU2I   SOABCW LP   5,2562012-04-20 13:40:04
Not very much activity.
SV5DKL   SO3BMixed HP   50,1862012-04-24 11:20:07
10m was always closed to SP here.
All Bands score would have been 81606, but decided to submit my log as SO3B for
40,20 and 15m with total score 50186, which is more competitive.

Yaesu FT-2K
SPE Expert 1K-FA
Cushcraft A3S
40m vertical dipole
6 x Inverted-Ls base-coupled array for 160m/80m.

73s to all
Stathis, SV5DKL