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Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest   2007   Apr 7   Comment Summary

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W6/VK2IMM   SOSB/20 LP   1202007-04-08 20:24:44
Rig: TS-440S 100W
Ant: Vertical, elevated

I was planning to make some 20M contacts on Saturday morning in SPDXC but could
not hear any loud stations either due to poor propagation or because I missed
the opening later in the morning. Sunday morning instead had very good signals
from Russia and some East EU countries. Made contacts with almost all stations
I heard. The band was open all way to UA9 what I have not heard in the mornings
before. Missed some stations from southern Russia but made several more contacts
just after lunch time in W6 when they come up with much louder signals (was it
long path? I could not really check with a vertical). Not sure if there were
any stations to work from UA0 side as the contest ended well before sunset

Sergey W6/VK2IMM
F5IN   SOAB HP   33,7682007-04-09 01:58:27
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HA2MN   SOAB LP   10,4652007-04-09 13:11:32
This contest meant a special occasion for me. Just a few hours before starting
it the second Hungarian born astronaut, Mr. Charles Simonyi HA5SIK had been
launched for a short ISS mission. As to the contest concerned it was really
great and enjoyable with growing activity. Though we are in the solar minimum
the propagation was outstanding especially on 20 and 40 m within the limits. I
kept my eyes on 10 and 15 m counting on an opening over daylight period.
Finally 15 m resulted a few Qs and multi that helped much for I can not operate
on 80 and 160 m.
Rig TS-530SP 70-100W into a 20 m lw above flat roof.
K4BAI   SOAB HP   1,1002007-04-09 18:32:27
TH6DXX, Alpha 78, 1 KW output, TH6DXX, zepp, inverted vee. Thanks for the QSOs.
A lot of activity this year, especially in Europe and western Asia. Look
forward to next time. Please participate in the Georgia QSO Party next
weekend, April 14-15. See We hope to have most of
Georgia's 159 counties QRV this year, perhaps even all of them. Note new
awards for most GA counties worked during the contest. The South East Contest
Club memorial club call, W4AN, will be QRV from the Multi-Multi station of NQ4I
in Spalding County. Look at the NQ4I website for a live webcam and for posting
of still photos during the weekend. We expect at least 10 mobiles to be moving
around changing counties often. Please join in the fun. KU8E and I will be QRV
in many counties as K4BAI/M. 73, John, K4BAI.
YV7QP(VIC)   SOAB LP   1,7402007-05-09 05:42:39
PWR: 100W