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NA Sprint SSB Contest   2009   September   Comment Summary

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WI9WI   Single Op HP   2,5922009-09-19 20:32:09

Weak sigs on 20. Horrible noise and weak signals on 40. Bad noise but stronger
signals on 80. Low activity.

Took time out to walk dog and watch the Brewers beat the Astros.


N7AZ   Single Op LP   4482009-09-19 20:44:07

73 Jon N7AZ
KO7X   Single Op HP   4,6742009-09-19 21:00:24
What a struggle. 20M was nearly non existent. Heard and missed DE IA MO MS.
Never heard LA MI ND NE NM OK RI SD WV WY.
W7WHY   Single Op HP   2,3402009-09-19 21:01:33
Boy, that was hard. Just got on for about 1.5 hours here and there.

SSB sure is different from CW when your hearing sucks. Fun to to work the NSL
CW guys on SSB.

I always wonder why the guy who says 'Whats you call' never calls you when you
give it :-) 73 and thanks for the Q's.
N6AN(@W6UE)   Single Op HP   5,2002009-09-19 21:05:06
Nice to work the gang on SSB. Thanks for the QSOs.

73, David, N6AN
KV7DX(KN5H)   Single Op HP   1,7082009-09-19 21:07:18
Jose had a mucho gusto time in context.
W5JNP   Single Op LP   4342009-09-19 21:07:36
Worked 1:17 minutes
NØEOP   Single Op LP   9032009-09-19 21:09:39
Started on 20 meters but it was dead. Moved to 40 which was pretty good. Took me
a while to get used to th format and QSY. 80 meter was its normal mess. My
antenna just doesn't do very well on 80. Thanks for all the contacts. Just had
cataric surgery Thursday so my vision is still blurred.
WW9R   Single Op LP   5,2062009-09-19 21:10:01
Thanks for the fills, everything was very long tonight. 20 was at the west
coast at the start and 40 wasn't much better. But even a contest with poor
propagation is better than no contest at all :)

FT-1000 Mark V 100W
Gap Titan on 20 mtr
Gap Voyager on 40 & 80 mtr

See you in the next one,
Pat WW9R
W4IX   Single Op LP   5,6332009-09-19 21:10:28
Well thanks to those who got on for this one..I just wanted to give out the SC
mult, and it sounded baaad on the bands..actually 80 meters was not too
NDØC   Single Op QRP   9542009-09-19 21:12:24
As usual, tough going with QRP from Minnesota. 20 was open for less than an
hour and only to the west coast. - Then to 40 and 80 with a really sad excuse
for a dipole - like I need more of a handicap! The bands were noisy and it was
really a painful experience.

Station: Yaesu FT-897D at 5 watts to a 3 el tribander at 50 feet and dipole
with tuned feeder.

Randy, ND0C
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   1,5412009-09-19 21:13:51
Wow, tough conditions for everyone, never mind QRP!

20m was a rough start, but I stayed for an hour,
because I knew 80m would be worse later...

The second hour on 40m was slower than 20m, that's
unusual. I stuck in there for the third hour on 40m,
because I knew 80m would be worse later...

Then it was the last hour, and time for 80m to be worse,
and it was. No answers at all for 30 minutes, then finally
the last half hour provided a run of Californias - THANKS!

Well, I survived and was only two QSOs short of my original
"low bar" score goal.

NN7SS Burt WA (op K6UFO)

80m: Half-sloper from 60ft
40m: Force 12 Delta 240 at 78ft
20m: Force 12 C-31XR at 71ft
Yaesu FT-1000MP turned down to 5 watts
Writelog software
N7RQ   Single Op LP   1,8172009-09-19 21:14:05
My first NA Sprint. It's a lot of work, but after getting the hang of it, lots
of fun too. Saw some old friends, and learned a few things to try next time.
N6WM(@K6LRG)   Single Op HP   5,8142009-09-19 21:15:45
Second ever phone sprint, first from K6LRG. Well that was interesting. 20 was
not panning out so good for me, went to 40 and that was the money band, and
stayed as long as I possibly could. Went to 80 and found that a challenge as
well, no problems to some east coast stations, trouble down in 4 land, did pick
up some 5's.

Thanks to all for the multiple band qso's and for getting on the air for this.

73 and seeya next time

K3TD   Single Op LP   1,2192009-09-19 21:17:33
Inverted L 35' H x 75' L

This was my very first Sprint - Wow, what a neat contest format! It took me a
while to get used to it, and I never felt 100% in the swing of things, but I
really like it. Part time operation due to UT/TT game. It was a humbling
experience to inherit the frequency and several times have no takers for my CQ
- guess that's what 100 watts and a low wire gets me!

Tad, K3TD
KØDXC   Single Op LP   4862009-09-19 21:18:08
Antenna: 6BTV, Dipole
Software: Win-Test



Before I talk about 75 meters, I'll give you my summary of the actual





20 meters = terrible. Only 2 QSOs with my vertical / dipole setup. Not many
stations to work and the ones that I could hear had a hard time hearing me.

40 meters = tons of carriers, broadcast stations, and crap. Very annoying. The
PRO3's band scope was just about useless because of all the random stuff on the
air. There didn't seem to be many stations on 40 either.

75 meters = LOUD signals, but too many rag chewers! I couldn't find many guys
who were actually IN the contest! Everyone was either on 3850 or 3855....

OKOKOKOKOKOK, now I shall speak of my glorious findings on 75!

So I'm tuning around on 75 meters, and I'm not going to say where I was to keep
the roundtable / net secret but I stumbled across a group of about 6 hams
talking back and forth while I was trying to find a new frequency to call CQ

Let’s be honest, for me, the SSB sprint is not a great contest. I like phone,
but I don't get out very well with my antennas. Because the contest wasn't going
to well, I decided to listen in to these guys talking.

It proved to be a very GOOD time investment!

Right off the bat they were talking about how to handle being QRM'd (they
referred to it as "quermed") by other stations. We were in the middle of a
SPRINT so guys - !dem idiot contesters! were jumping around all over the

The conversation went well and they all agreed that the best way to deal with
QRM is to simply ignore it. I second this. However, my method is a little
different because when someone calls me out on the air (surprisingly, it
happens a lot to me on 20 SSB) about being stupid or about being a NEWBIE LID
or about lieing about my age (yes, some people don't believe I'm 15) or about
not knowing anything about ham radio or about.... ANYWAYS, I will DEBATE the
QRMer! Seriously! I will argue with the lid. Then when I win the argument (I
always win) the lid will leave.

Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I could have a future as a
lawyer. I've considered it but I ruled it out because I would kill myself if I
had to attend 8 years of law school. One of these days I need to keep my
recording program running while I'm casually operating on 20 meters so I can
capture one of these lid debates. It's good stuff.

Anyways, after this the group started talking about someone who had been QRMing
them recently. Someone referred to this lid as a cuss word. This was the start
of a new debate - are people allowed to cuss on the air???!!!

Five minutes later they decided that it was against FCC rules to cuss on the
air, but their friend who actually did cuss was OK because he is in Canada so
"we don't have jurisdiction over him!" By the way, they must have forgotten
about this rule because everyone let a few words slip throughout the course of
the conversation. Heck, I don't even think they cared. When someone broke in
and said that he was recording the conversation they all replied, "NOW I HAVE


Right after this happened Karl, K9BGL (Karl, I hope you don't mind me
"publishing" your call) called CQ SPRINT near the frequency. I am sure that
Karl was simply trying to quickly find a new frequency and he was in no way
intending to cause QRM. The rest of the group, however, instantly assumed he
was intentionally "querming" their conversation. They followed their querm rule
and began calling Karl and asking him if he wanted to join in. This was very
nice, and friendly. Karl had tuned away right when he heard the frequency was
in use, so *I* decided I would jump in.

Yeah, I know. My 1st 75M round table! Was I nervous? Heck no!

I called; they invited me to join them. I quickly explained what Karl
*accidentally* did and they accepted this. Then they asked me what the "SPRINT"
was. I spent the next 10 minutes explaining the sprint and answering their
questions. Their first response was, "WOW! A contest where people jump around
and cause QRM?! I need to start contesting!"

I did not portray the sprint to be some sort of lid-fest, but I guess that's
what they take it to be. Oh well. I tried!

They asked me a few more questions about contesting and then I told them I
needed to sign off. Everyone was friendly toward me and I like those guys.

After this the conversation went into many different directions. I'm not going
to tell you everything because it would be a waste of my time to type it out
and I would never put explicit stuff on 3830.

What made things even more interesting was that every 5 minutes you could hear
somebody sending “DE W5ASS” in CW at about 15 – 20 WPM.

Honestly, I’m almost tempted to regularly tune into these guys. I just
don’t have the time.

Don’t mistake me; I’m not ranting on 75M groups. They are quite
entertaining! I have nothing against any one of them.

On another note, thanks to everyone for the QSO(s)! Hope to see you in SS CW!

If any of you are looking for MORE sprint action on a weekly basis see - they even have a NEWCOMER division when the ladder
competition starts!

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this! Comments are always welcome.

Very 73,

Cal, K0DXC

NOTE: Everything you read here is 100% true. Maybe I missed a word in a quote,
but all of this is too stupid to make up. I wasted 45 minutes of my life typing
everything out.
K2DSL   Single Op LP   1,6122009-09-19 21:21:25
Could only get on for the 2nd half and missed any action on 20m. These sprints
are a lot of fun - fast, but fun. Great signals from all those familiar
stations. Thanks for a couple hours of fun tonight. 73 David - K2DSL
W6OAT   Single Op HP   2,2622009-09-19 21:21:36
That was painful!
VE4EAR   Single Op HP   7352009-09-19 21:22:46
just managed to get on for the last 45 minutes with everyone on 80m

Was hoping to have put in a full time effort but other obligations prevented

Hope to see everyopne on RTTY next weekend!

N6ML(@N6RO)   Single Op HP   8,4962009-09-19 21:28:18
First phone sprint, and second overall, for me, and inexperience showed.
Probably wasn't quick enough to cover 20 before everyone abandoned the band
after the first half hour. Need to learn how to do this better, but it was fun
anyway :)
WØETT   Single Op LP   5,4802009-09-19 21:33:04
Think the condx was so poor that it chased a bunch of the usual sprint crowd
away. Poor old 20m accounted for 8 QSOs...but Fred KH6Y pounded in FB. Fred
was also great on 40m with his new 4-square! Worked all the mults that I heard
(40) except for VE4EAR in MB as couldn't get lined up to call him.

While we had only a small number turn out for our Rockies team, I wkd only
member KO7X on a couple of bands and never heard any Colorado station during
the test. 40m was good but I seemed to run out of stations about halfway thru.
The Salmon Run guys in WA were pretty accommodating to give me a QSO in sprint
if I wkd them in SR. 75m was noisy at first but quieted down towards the last
hour and the shunt-fed tower wkd well, better than the butternut vert.

73 Ken, W0ETT

Rig: IC756pro3 to hf yagis for 20/40m, and vert for 75m.
NO3M/M   Single Op LP   5132009-09-19 21:44:18
I was planning to be home for this one, but circumstances dictated otherwise;
ended up running 40/80 from the mobile as time permitted. Quite frustrating to
say the least... long live CW.

73 Eric (Ty) NO3M
KU5B   Single Op HP   5,1092009-09-19 21:46:56
That was good fun!

First, sincere apologies for missing the CW part. I caught a really bad stomach
bug last Friday and really felt quite worthless the whole weekend. I really
hated having to miss one of my favourite events.

I had 3 tests and 2 presentations this week so this was a really nice way to
blow off some anxiety. What a bunch of great ops. I op'd the first hour and
quit with 69Q and best start ever. I watched the Texas-Texas Tech game
until the start of the 4th quarter at 0300 and came back to the action. 80m
sounded pretty good here with some huge signals. I ran the AL80B at about 200w
since I can't get much more out of it on our terrible grid in the city.

And to think it's been a whole year since I did this QRP/battery power due to
Hurricane Ike.

Mosley TA-33-jr @ 35ft
HF2V 40/80 in front yard
Writelog 10.73D

Texas QSO Party is next weekend! Chuck, NO5W, has been doing a great job of
rounding up the troops, as it were. I'll be part of the NX5M Multi-op and
mobile on Saturday night in WASH, BURL, and BZOS counties.

Colin (Bob) KU5B

Colin is way too hard on the radio; what were my parents thinking?
K7ZSD   Single Op HP   9,8982009-09-19 22:09:25
I’m just starting to like this contest after two previous encounters. The
frustration level was lower this time, maybe 170 over 105. If I operate this
test another 5 times maybe it will be in the 115 over 61 range.

Congrats to the high scores, they make it seem so effortless. I’ll be back.

Thanks to all…..Brad K7ZSD
N5DO   Single Op LP   7,3102009-09-19 22:17:45
That was a real struggle -- there were some long gaps on 40M with no QSOs. I
was pleased with the number of mults. I wish there was a way to get more
activity in this contest.
KH7Y   Single Op HP   1,8752009-09-19 23:41:17
Not much time today but got my feet wet with first sprint test. About the time
20 meters was getting hot everyone went to 40 meters, which was dead here as it
was 3PM in Hawaii. The last hour was good on 40 meters with big signals from
just about everyone. This was a chance to play with my new 40 meter four
square and I am happy with the results.

Aloha, Fred KH7Y
KC4HW   Single Op LP   3,0022009-09-20 04:05:29
WX had been pretty bad all day. WX cleared out but left the noise on 40 and 80.
Conditions seemed to be pretty good otherwise.

Used a 40-2CD and delta loop on 40m. It was interesting to see the difference
between the loop and beam. Use 160m dipole for 80m, it was not to good. Will
have the 80 dipole up soon.

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs!

K3TN   Single Op LP   5,8962009-09-20 04:29:57
Well, that wasn't any fun at all. The good news: since I had just gotten back
from a 19 hour flight from VK-land, I was only on for a little over 2 hours. I
mostly missed the torture that would have been 20 meters.

The bad news: the last hour felt like Sunday during Sweepstakes. I went back
down to 40 and begged for anyone/anywhere QSOs. The good news: snagged AL7R and
a guy in LA at the very end on 40. Almost worked WH6R, too - but the bands were
devouring all 6 calls last night and he faded.
N1LN   Single Op HP   8,2722009-09-20 04:57:06
To say that conditions were challenging would be a total understatement. When
the poor conditions are added to low participation, from my viewpoint, that
makes for a 4 hour struggle. The struggle part was to keep going or shut
everything down. I kept telling myself either that it was going to get better
or that there was only X hours or minutes left. Well, it didn't get any
better, but the minutes did seem to click away and I made it. Congratulations
to those that did.

I was pleased with the mult total. I was pleasantly surprised to work PEI, ON,
MB and BC. Also put multiple Alaska and Hawaii Qs in the log. That was not
surprising as the bands were all LONG.

One thing that I have to say for myself. I am indeed consistent. I missed my
300 Q goal for CW and my 250 goal for SSB. What goals can I miss next? Stay
tuned - TQP, CAQP and CQWW are coming up.

Thanks to all for the fills. Come join us on Thursday nights for the NC CW

Bruce - N1LN
W6YX(N7MH)   Single Op HP   10,7182009-09-20 06:31:39
Used one radio without voice keying. I tried using beverages on 40 and 80 but
they had bad static except for a short time when I was on 40. Only DX worked
was HQ1L on 20 who gave me #2. I worked all mults that I heard.

This Sprint needed more active participants. I made 71 Q's that were not part
of a couplet, most of which were just throwing out a CQ on a clear frequency
after tuning up the band more than 5 KHz and not finding anyone to call. In
the recent CW Sprint I didn't make any Q's from CQing that weren't part of a

-Mike, N7MH
K6LRN   Single Op HP   2,7282009-09-20 06:58:18
No 40 M antenna. Not many CA Qs on 80...skip long. Was called by N4CW/1, for
instance. Thanks, Bert!!
W6SX   Single Op HP   6972009-09-20 07:22:31
K3, ACOM 2000A, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, TR4W
KA9FOX   Single Op HP   11,5202009-09-20 08:48:42
I'm a little depressed. This is my favorite contest, and I see it dying. It's
turned into a CQ-and-beg-for-QSOs contest. Do we need the "OK to work dupes
after 3 QSOs" rule brought back for a while? That would make it fun, but I
suppose invalidate records (or maybe records would not be allowed to be broken
during this revitalization effort)? Dunno. SSB Sprint is still enjoyable, but
it's not as much fun as years past. Am I just getting old and cranky? Email me
direct with your thoughts.

Congrats to big scores from KW8N, NR5M, W9RE, W6YX and others. I need more
hardware! At times I had no idea where to point my antenna, because I need to
be loud in at least 3 locations.

A tip of the hat to N4OX who was forced to use an old rig with a HAND MIC the
whole contest and still turned in a good score! Also a big thanks to members
of our local club that got into the fray and helped pass out some QSOs.
Wisconsin shouldn't have been hard to work in this one.

Mults missed: MI, MO, ND, NM, OK, RI, VT, WV, VE2/5/6/8
No NA DX worked (although E51USA called in -- not a mult, but cool anyway!)

See you in Feb (I think)

73 - Scott KA9FOX

Photo Gallery:
KE7YF   Single Op LP   7742009-09-20 09:46:36
IC=746 PRO 100W
20M Antenna: Rotatable Dipole made from Hustler mobile antennas at 3 meters
40M / 80M Antenna: Ground mounted 9ft Hustler mobile antenna, no radials.

Poor propagation on 20M at contest start - 9's were strong, 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's
6's very weak.
WW2Y   Single Op HP   9452009-09-20 09:47:35
Got on to hand out some points and say hello.
W9RE   Single Op HP   10,9042009-09-20 10:30:28
Well I thought that last year's conditions couldn't get any worse but I was
wrong these were bad. The low activity didn't help matters either. After 1/2
hour I looked at the clock and wondered if I could last 4 hours. I kept
thinking when will this be over. At least on CW there were some good football
games going on but last night none that interested me.

An hour before the contest I was at 150' hooking up my 80 meter antenna and
finally had my SE 40 meter antenna for this contest. I want to thank John,
N9FC for his weeks of helping me get the antennas back up. He was here almost
every day for the last month or so.

Worked a few newcomers and thanks to all for all the repeats.
NA4K   Single Op LP   4,5242009-09-20 11:10:36
Poor conditions this time around.

Steve NA4K
N4OX   Single Op HP   9,3532009-09-20 11:57:18
Operated with the old trusty, somewhat rusty TS-830S and an MC-50 desk mic that
I balanced on the arm of the operating chair and held in my left hand and typed
with my right hand. My Orion is packed up for a repair trip to Ten Tec. This was
also an all wire effort as the tribander is bundled up in the front yard for a
move to my property that I bought several years ago. The N4OX show is about to
go on the road as we will be moving to 35 gorgeous acres where permanent towers
and antennas will be planted as the building of the N4OX, "dream station"
begins. Plan is to install low band antennas first and then work on the 20
meter stack. It won't rival NR5M's super station, but it should be big enough
to make some noise on the bands. This contest season will probably be done with
semi permanent antennas as I am still recovering from back surgery. I bought
some 65 foot telephone poles last week for $50.00 a piece and will most likely
plant several poles for "instant towers" to try to get a signal on the air for
the fall contest season. I am looking forward to stringing out some beverages
and the hopefully relative quiet of the new location. A 65 foot telephone pole
is a rare item in this area of the country and I was pleased to find some on
Craigslist for $50.00 a piece.
NA4BW   Single Op LP   5,1042009-09-20 12:19:41
Talk about a shallow pool. 20m from here for me - worthless. 40m would have been
worthless if I hadn't had to switch there 10 minutes in as it went really long
quick. 80m - why do we insist on the additional headache of using only
3800-3850 as the playing field? How about some activity below the window?
Wouldn't have mattered this time anyway I guess. Thx for those that stayed the
full 4. At least it's worth a grin to hear a new station come on 80 and have 5
or 6 guys pounce acting like they are the guys best new friend...:>
73 Brian NA4BW
K4BAI   Single Op HP   6,1492009-09-20 12:39:46
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. A thunderstorm hit the
area just as the Sprint was starting. I was QRT for the first 49 minutes
waiting for it to pass safely from the area. Fortunately, very little wind in
that storm. By the time I got on the air, the only signals on 20 were from the
west coast, Alaska, and backscatter from W9RE, K9BGL and N1LN (no QSO). Didn't
hear KH7Y unfortunately. 40M was OK when I went there and I was able to work
as close as VA. But, it soon went long and no other southeast states were
worked on that band. For the first 90 minutes or so, the QRN was very bad, but
it diminished toward the end. West coast signals were pretty good on 80.
Thanks for all the QSOs. More activity would make the phone Sprint more fun.
Let's try to get up more teams for the February run. 73, John, K4BAI.
K5WA   Single Op HP   9,9442009-09-20 13:27:24
Since I didn't make Sprint CW, I had to get a radio fix and thought I'd try SSB
Sprint. I think this may have been my first try at a Sprint SSB. Single radio
effort and no voice keyer. It seemed like there was not enough participation to
get the rate up, but I accomplished my goal of testing out my new 80M 4-square.
It seems to work. I finally got VY2, VE6 and a couple more on 80M. Missed some
easy mults though. N4OX and W9RE were always the strongest down here although
WW9R beat Mike to the punch one time on 40M. Sorry Mike but he was first.

Now, to get up the new 40M antennas. I hope that double tram idea works for
me. ;-)

Bob K5WA
VY2LI   Single Op HP   3,6482009-09-20 13:36:33
Wasn't planning to participate in this one but kind of fell into it after moving
back from summer cottage(getting cool!).First Sprint in some time and it was fun
despite not having 20M nor conditions.Wanted to fly the flag for VY2-land,and
did the best I could.I agree with many of the other comments that participation
seemed light.Maybe conditions scared some off.Hope we got into your log.73,Bill
K8MR   Single Op LP   1,3782009-09-21 07:06:21
Pretty unexciting, but I always like to get on to pass out some qsos and help
out those who are more serious in a contest than I am. I hope they will do
likewise for me in some other contest.

Kudos to the several people who I worked on 75 using the tribander before I
figured out that at home my 80 meter antenna is connected to the Antenna2
output on my IC-746.

CW in Vermont was more fun!

73 - Jim K8MR
WØBH   Single Op HP   7,2542009-09-21 15:00:18
After working the Washington State Salmon Run all day, conditions on 20m were
still terrific into WA at 0000Z which meant conditions were bad to everywhere
but California and Oregon for Sprint. Quickly ran out of stations to work on
20m and couldn't get anyone to answer me on 40m, so turned off the amp and made
a new county Salmon Run contact while waiting for 40m to improve. Conditions
were really long on 80m, so didn't work the close-in stations until very late
and then still missed a number of them that I would normally expect.

Overall, missed NM ND KS OK IA MO LA MS MI(!) WV VT RI. Only worked ON and MAR
in VE-land.

Thanks to all for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
KW8N   Single Op HP   11,8582009-09-22 06:02:31
QSOs were tough to obtain, but got a couple of fortunate mults that answered my
W6FA   Single Op HP   3,5362009-09-23 21:53:05
First ever NA Sprint. Have to do it again sometime.