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IOTA Contest   2012   Jul 28   Comment Summary

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KØVBU   SO24Mixed LP   73,3702012-07-29 00:57:14
Thanks for the Q's!
Bill, K0VBU
VK3TDX   SO24Mixed HP   853,9442012-07-29 04:08:19
Pretty good band conditions but never heard a signal on 80 and activity from NA
and OC was disappointing on 40 also. 20 and 15 were excellent. A bit of
action on 10 but never an opening to EU from VK3.

Thanks to all who called.
73 Steve
3Z8T(SQ8JX)   SO(A)12SSB HP   538,7202012-07-29 04:27:14
FT2000 + PA 500 W

4 el - 20/15/10m @ 15m
80 m slopper @ 10 m
GP7DX - 40 - 10 m @ 15m

Tnx for all qsos.

73 Kornel SQ8JX
OM3PA   SO12CW HP   763,5602012-07-29 04:50:24
Good condx , but a lot of thunderstorms around me. Thanks for CW training.
N4PN   SO12Mixed HP   750,0242012-07-29 05:04:20
Had planned to operate the full 24 hours, but storms kept running
thru the area, so decided 40 and for sure 80, would be a challenge.
Lots of activity, with 15m being really open all day. Decided to
have fun, regardless of the score, running on that band. Took a
listen several times during the day on 10m and never heard one
signal on phone or cw.
Surprise Q's include VU2PTT who called in just 27 minutes into
the contest. Also, FR/TU5KG, OJ0R, OH0I, and right over the top
of the Europeans, HS0ZJU!! Big signal..
Thanks to RSGB for sponsoring the IOTA was a lot of fun.
73, Paul, N4PN
N8HM   SO(A)12SSB LP   5,8402012-07-29 05:06:40
Huge pileups for most of the island stations. Noisy conditions.

Rig - Kenwood TS-440S/AT
Antenna - MFJ-1786 Magnetic Loop
K1IMI(N4CW)   SO24CW QRP   208,6922012-07-29 05:11:29
Wow! That was exhausting!!! I'm not accustomed to QRP and this was quite a
workout using my new KX3. I really appreciate ALL the ops who worked to dig out
my signal...some took quite a while and they persisted until it was done right!
Thank you. Now I have a greater appreciation of the QRP side of things!
The little KX3 is no slouch when it comes to contesting; firmware and hardware
worked flawlessly throughout the contest.
73, Bert N4CW at K1IMI
G6T(G4MKP)   SO12CW HP   615,9752012-07-29 05:14:21
Thanks for the Qs everyone.

RM2D(SM6LRR)   SO12Mixed HP   124,4312012-07-29 05:22:17
My first weekend and first contest with the new callsign. Finally I have a call
that is truly possible to use effectively in a contest... The difference
between the old call RA/SM6LRR and the new call RM2D was incredible. The amount
of requests to repeat the callsign just decreased tremendously, even if the new
call is not in any callsign database of course.

Enjoyed IOTA contest just working on 20 meters (Mixed).

AMP: ACOM 1010

73 and see you on the bands with my new call!

RM2D (ex RA/SM6LRR), Mats
WD5IYT   SO12CW LP   63,3952012-07-29 05:27:31
Operated "vacation style" from Mustang Island (NA-092). K3 with Buddipole
antenna at about 30 feet. I did OK on 15m, not so much on the other bands.
Operated 11 hours on Saturday, and got on 40 for the last hour Sunday morning.
Not many people on 40. Activity seemed low, especially on 20m.

OK1JOC   SO(A)24Mixed LP   1,156,0002012-07-29 05:34:04
KP2DX(KP2BH)   SO12SSB LP   82,4042012-07-29 05:34:10
KCØDEB   SO12Mixed LP   30,5202012-07-29 05:34:52
Conditions were not the best, but there was plenty of activity.
I'm sure I worked a couple of new IOTA's, thanks to all who went out of their
way to activate an Island ! See you next year.

Band Mode QSOs Pts IOT
14 CW 8 120 6
14 USB 15 199 13
21 CW 7 79 5
21 USB 33 365 16
Total Both 63 763 40
Score: 30,520
F5CQ   SO(A)12Mixed HP   103,6672012-07-29 05:50:50
Powered by Win-Test 4.10.0-dev
KS4X   SO12SSB LP   3,9682012-07-29 05:55:17
Glad to work CY9M St.Paul Island in contest .Had a very short time to play
N3QE   SO12CW LP   42,9642012-07-29 06:01:31
Lazy weekend operating at its best.

QRN was high on 40M and 80M, also surprised that I heard no SA/Carribean
activations on 10M. But 20 and 15 were really good to Europe, and in the middle
of the night I got some VK's and ZL's on 20M (not my usual hunting season!)
OG6N(OH6NIO)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,849,6142012-07-29 06:13:29
Squeezed a 12 hour slot in between other chores. The conditions seemed to be
very challenging especially on the lower bands where thunderstorm QRN made it
very difficult. Anyway it was nice to chase again the island stations. On
Sunday my 15m stack didn't work anymore (high SWR) so I worked mainly on 20m.
K2ZR   SO24CW LP   37,6382012-07-29 06:38:11
Rig: K2 @100 Watts
Ant: 1)CF Wire 210M long 2)EF Wire 125M
Log: N1MM
Thanks to all of the IOTA Stations and the many excellent ops
Dick, K2ZR
Niagara County, New York
VE1RGB   SO24CW LP   345,9842012-07-29 06:55:11
Far fewer Qs; far more IOTA mults than last year. Result: significantly larger
score for 2012.
ZL2HAM   SO(A)12SSB HP   31,0202012-07-29 07:06:23
20m mostly, just a few QSOs on 40m. FTdx-5000, AL-80B, 800W, 10m vertical.
AJ1F   SO(A)12SSB HP   24,5192012-07-29 07:31:58
FT-950/1WK/160M Windom - Casual Effort with this one from Jerry AJ1F (Formerly
W3LL   SO24SSB HP   726,9032012-07-29 07:54:55
Band conditions were good except for 80M which was noisy with no Q's.
Thanks for the Q's and to RSGB for a great contest.


Bud W3LL
GM3F(GM4AFF)   SO12Mixed HP   846,4952012-07-29 07:58:28
Win-test hasn't scored correctly, so Total Score gives 3 points for same-island
This contest gets harder every year. This year, not only were conditions awful,
but a lot of the operating was too. I listened to some stations work 12 - 14
QSOs and NEVER give their call. Now yes, that speeds up the pile up, but I find
it hard to believe that all those who called knew the callsign without some sort
of assistance. And for those who were searching and pouncing this just destroys
enjoyment. I was able to achieve and hold a 300 QSO/hour rate for about 20
minutes on 20m and repeated my call almost every QSO, so what's the point?
Then there are the ones who repeat everything back at you. WHY!
Sorry to be negative, but it was difficult to enjoy this contest. Anyway,
thanks for all the points. Maybe I'll see you next year, provided I forget
about this one!
VE1AL   SO24Mixed LP   522,0602012-07-29 08:03:28
It is always fun to be a relatively rare island station. I even managed a few
pileups with my itsy bitsy LP station. Phone was a washout because the bands
were pretty noisy. My plan was to break 500K in this first revised scoring
event and after 18 hours in the chair I could offer no more so went to bed at
0620 on Sunday. Missed a YB and 9V1 but little else that I heard. Not bad for
a pip squeak, I think.
YT2AAA   SO(A)24CW LP   1,724,4602012-07-29 08:11:09
Whole contest was worked in the open meadow, under clear skies, field-day style.
Weather co-operated, as it showed no signs of clouds whatsoever.

Personally, did not liked new rules reducing points for WORLD - WORLD contacts

RIG: IC-745, 100 W max.
ANT: Wires in the trees
N1LI   Multi-Op HP   5,025,1602012-07-29 08:11:29
A fun weekend. It was an old-fashioned radio, one op at a
time. 40 was very noisy, 80M antenna seems to be broken - should have checked
it before the contest I guess. 15 and 20 played and played and played. 10 kept
almost opening, but not quite. MUF to Europe seemed to be 27.999 MHz.

We also claim the highest lobster score...10 total. One of the ops ate 3. The
rate sheet clearly shows that we ate dinner in the 2200 hour.

Thanks to everyone for all the Qs!


Doug K1DG
President, Long Island DX Society

4/4 SteppIRs
Low monobanders, 15/10
2-el 40
Broken 80M 4-square

By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | 80 | 40 | 20 | 15 | 10 | Total |
| | | | | | | |
| 12 | | | | 194 | | 194 |
| 13 | | | | 137 | | 137 |
| 14 | | | | 129 | | 129 |
| 15 | | | | 134 | | 134 |
| 16 | | | | 110 | 4 | 114 |
| 17 | | | 13 | 76 | 13 | 102 |
| 18 | | | 60 | 62 | | 122 |
| 19 | | | | 124 | 9 | 133 |
| 20 | | | 25 | | 51 | 76 |
| 21 | | | 1 | 121 | | 122 |
| 22 | | | 62 | | | 62 |
| 23 | | | 139 | | | 139 |
| 00 | | | 149 | | | 149 |
| 01 | | | 122 | | | 122 |
| 02 | | 56 | 51 | | | 107 |
| 03 | 1 | 70 | 2 | | | 73 |
| 04 | | | 111 | | | 111 |
| 05 | | | 116 | | | 116 |
| 06 | | | 90 | | | 90 |
| 07 | | | 74 | | | 74 |
| 08 | | | 79 | | | 79 |
| 09 | | | 71 | | | 71 |
| 10 | | | 59 | 22 | | 81 |
| 11 | | | 33 | 20 | | 53 |
| | 1 | 126 | 1257 | 1129 | 77 | 2590 |
K4EU   SO12CW HP   181,3562012-07-29 08:35:56
Thanks for the Q's.... 73.....//Steve K4EU
K2QMF   SO12CW HP   42,7802012-07-29 08:38:18
Some great runs on 20 and 15 meters...

It's good to be an IOTA !!
L33M(LU3MAM)   SO24CW LP   9182012-07-29 08:49:31
My first IOTA Contest. I was almost couple of hours enjoyed the contest! I hope
to be on the air next year!
OZ1IKY   SO(A)12Mixed HP   425,7602012-07-29 09:15:23
First hour was lost due to unstable log program (WIN-TEST 4.10.0 DEV)
So missing a lot on 10 meters...

Again a nice an easy contest, were you can do some pileup training!
I am living on EU-29, so I had a lot of popularity some times.
SOmetimes it felt like shoppingcenter 5 minutes before closingtime at the only
open cashregister ...

See you next year in IOTA.

KCØW   SO12Mixed HP   12012-07-29 09:38:17
Nice contest, a real part time effort while waiting for 6 meters to
open........Didn't realize the number of islands in Germany & Italy.

'da usual KC0W contesting disclaimer:

************ I contest for the FUN of it from here in North Dakota & not
collect any awards, plaques or "wallpaper". I use my general logging program
track the total number of QSO's made & leave it at that. This is why I have no
information regarding my total number of mults or a final score. ************

Tom KC0W

F5IN   SO(A)24CW HP   1,178,3422012-07-29 09:44:58
Powered by Win-Test 4.9.1

IC -7400 + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (
T6MO(K9GY)   SO12CW LP   1,4462012-07-29 10:13:55
Landlocked T6 only counted for two points in this contest but handed out points.
Conditions at the start were better than near the end. Was going to spend the
last 4.5 hours of the contest but conditions were terrible then...come on
Mother Nature help us out here.
S52ZW   SO(A)12CW HP   606,0812012-07-29 10:16:02

73 Fredi
SP7UWL   SO(A)24Mixed LP   1,582,6202012-07-29 10:45:08
Thanks for all the qso's! See you in WAE :)
K7IA   SO24Mixed HP   96,0782012-07-29 11:03:49
I should have worked Single Op(12).
K7ABV   SO24Mixed HP   4,1042012-07-29 11:06:26
good time, however no time in day to play radio in the summer...logging program
gave me fits til I figured out it was, as usual operator errors again..haw..
KK4CIS   SO12SSB LP   17,2552012-07-29 11:10:19
This was my first RSGB-IOTA contest.

I really enjoyed this one, particularly the wide variety of participants in
terms of location and equipment, and I really like adding the IOTA exchange to
the mix.

15 meters was very good during US East Coast daylight; 40m, 20m and 10m were
just dead. Once the sun went down, though, 20 meters was fantastic, with
consistently good propagation: highlights were working Turkey and Dubai.
Incredibly, only a small pileup on the Dubai station and he commented "big
signal" which totally blew me away since I was running only 95 watts through a
dipole strung in a palm tree.

100% S&P. Elecraft K3/Heil Pro Set Elite (HC6), N1MM and Aether log

OK1CZ   SO12CW LP   770,5952012-07-29 11:13:12
Saturday PM was slow going due to poor propagation. Lot of QRN from local
thunderstorms throughout the HF spectrum.
In the evening a heavy storm hit my QTH and caused power outage for about an
hour forcing me to take the break.
Things got quiet during the night and 80 through 20m were very good so I could
work some DX.

Eqpt used TS480 at 100W out, 3el. fixed Yagi at 8m and a wire Vee 2x54m.

PS. Score taken from the N1MM log but not sure if that is correct.
N1MM log calculates 3 points per world stn while I noticed two different
versions of IOTA contest rules, one of which says 2 points per world QSO.
WB8JUI   SO12CW LP   42,6722012-07-29 11:19:18
73 - Rick WB8JUI
XE2B   SO12CW HP   26,7512012-07-29 11:28:09
I Spent most of the time S&P. I think it might been my longest participation on
this event ever, and despite the overall mediocre conditions, I enjoyed finding
the islands.

10M- I just heard one Caribbean station but it was gone when called him.
15M- by far the best band.
20M - Noisy at times
40M- Too much atmosferic noise here, although some nice QSO's
80M- Not even try it

Kudos to all the particpants, particullary to those who travelled to operate
from the islands.

Software: N1MM V12.7.2
Rig: FT-1000MP+ AL800H
10M: 3 ele yagi 2 75ft heigh
20M&15M Vertical Force12 VR-3,
40M: Sloper Alpha Delta DX
PY2KC   SO12Mixed LP   5,8242012-07-29 11:32:49
100 watts
SP2LNW   SO(A)24CW HP   2,528,7672012-07-29 11:43:37
Heavy QRN most of the time.
Tnx, 73 Slaw SP2LNW
NW3H   SO(A)12SSB HP   10,1862012-07-29 11:50:34
Just played for a few hours total. Made it through the zoo to pick up CY9M on
40 SSB in 35 minutes of calling. Conditions were lousy with a lot of noise due
to the solar disturbance.
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SO24CW LP   252,0702012-07-29 11:53:49
EXpedition to the ARO island (EU-172) with my Ten-Tec Eagle 100W and Diamond
BB7V antenna.
Arrived on the island just 2 hours before start. Found the "Bed and Breakfast"
location where I mounted the antenna on a dike near the water on the westcoast
of ARO.
Antenna rised about 5 meter above waterline on a 1½ meter wooden pole.
Pictures will soon come on - contest.

My signal was not very strong so the QSO-rate was low :o(
But now I have tried to go on a simple expedition and sure that is fun. So I
look forward to meet you again from another place.

Thanks for the QSO's and best 73.
de OU2I/Henning
VE8EV/P   SO24CW LP   7,4902012-07-29 12:06:43
Island Expedition, NA-129 Banks Island

As predicted, the active geomagnetic conditions and solar flares made for
dismal conditions from the polar region. Too much D-layer absorbtion for the
low bands and too much aurora for the high bands. I started at 1600z and only
made 6 qso's in the first four hours! 20m opened up for Eu sunrise, not strong
but steady for a couple of hours and then closed up tight. Only worked a single
JA station!

John VE8EV
K1LT   SO(A)12CW HP   129,2042012-07-29 12:38:12
The goal this weekend was to chase the 2 "as close as one can get"
DXpeditions (St. Paul's Island and St. Pierre and Miquelon) and to
finish the software for my Ethernet antenna switch controller project.
The switch software came together very quickly so I also repaired the
3 phased array verticals damaged by June's derecho.

Also, there was a contest that I had always ignored before. Since the
St. Pierre and Miquelon operation was largely dedicated to putting an
island on the air for the contest, I thought I might catch some other
new band-countries while participating in the IOTA contest.

This operating strategy had some payoff - VQ9JC on 15 and RI1ANF on 20
as well as CY9M and TO2U each on numerous bands. I even managed to
work CY9M on 6 meters. One is not going to work a DXpedition on 6
meters from here very often (not very many "new ones" in 1-hop E skip

I didn't hear much activity outside of Europe so the IOTA test must be
mostly a European thing, although I did work all continents (even
Australia which counts as Oceania for IOTA).

So I had fun and I'll probably be back next year.

My version of Writelog appears to be out-of-date as it does not score
non-island contacts correctly. Writelog 10.69D also does not offer a
multiplier breakdown by band. I counted multipliers and I counted 111
island contacts so I manually compute my score as 129204.

Equipment: K3, ETO 91B (eternal thanks to Jeff, K8ND). X7 up 60 feet,
3 el 6m Yagi at 66 feet, 40 meter vertical on the ground and 80 meter
"cage" around the 160 meter vertical.
M3W(G4FAL)   SO24CW HP   1,519,8302012-07-29 12:44:48
Conditions mixed. Enjoyed CW only this time out. Some time lost when searching
for mulitpliers with stations who don't give their callsign regularly. Although
I used the nightly build of Wintest, the scoring is not correct to the latest

Aerials: 80m vertical and inverted V, 40m dipole at 70ft and A3S at 75ft.

Radio: FTdx5000 with amplifier.
IV3CTS/P   Multi-Op LP   2,514,3602012-07-29 12:53:10
3 mainly CW ops, single TS-480 with windom antenna on 10 m pole, no internet, 1
hour late start but we had fun again after similar 2001 9A IOTA operation.

73 de Mario, S56A
G4PIQ   SO12Mixed LP   1,166,8302012-07-29 12:54:54
Work doesn't permit enough time for a serious entry right now, but I expected to
have a few hours available this weekend so I planned an experiment from home to
see what could be done in 12 hours with some sub-optimal wire dipoles and 100W.
Work did intervene so I didn't get to operate the hours which I planned and so
my mult coult by band is a bit odd, but it was great fun.

K3 + K2
80/40/20 Dipole nest @ 18m
40/20/10 Dipole nest @ 12m
OZ1ADL   SO(A)12SSB HP   599,1572012-07-29 13:10:52
W7WHY   SO(A)12CW HP   1,5362012-07-29 13:31:06
Contitions just really terrible here. All stations worked were just ESP

73 and theanks for the Q's.

IC8FBU   SO12CW LP   222,8902012-07-29 13:50:19
According to available during the night I think I managed to make good use of
the bands improved the result of 2011 I had fun and happy time, to the next
set up 100 w. yaesu ft920 ant dip,IC8FBU Tony.
OL5Y(OK1FUA)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,389,5442012-07-29 13:53:15
The second contest from my new QTH (still with one mast, one TRX only). I
started it as 24-hour participant. But after 4 hours of strong QRN the
thunderstorm moved very close to me... 8 hours from the start of the contest
the blackout comes to my village - for more than 1,5 hours... Therefore I
decided to change my plans and switched to 12-hours category. So most of the
contest I unfortunately worked with not so smart strategy - but I enjoyed it!
Thanks to all for QSO!
K6III   SO(A)12CW HP   13,6802012-07-29 14:24:29
Writelog - not sure it is scoring correctly.
Band condx on 20cw were poor at best.
300w, 2el at 57ft, ve7cc cluster.
Made spots as is my usual custom.
N6HE   SO(A)12CW LP   3,2762012-07-29 15:14:29
No time, lousy condx here, 100W, low wire ants. Wait 'til next year!
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SO(A)24CW LP   341,4202012-07-29 15:40:39
After very nice Olympic opening ceremony on Friday evening/Saturday morning,
Costa coffee failed to wake me up completely. I was struggling to set up wires
and ATU on the balcony and spent several hours to find out why these did not
work. I eventually found power feeder to ATU was connected other way around so
12V was fed to K3 antenna port through coax! That was when I saw some white
smoke(?) from K3. However, after fix wiring, I did not see any damage in K3. As
I was quite sure K3 was broken, that's good, anyway. So I started contest few
hours late.

I still had some step to optimise antenna performance, however, quite happy
with results, particularly QSO counts. Propagation was not good but thanks to
good activities (notably DLs and OK/OMs ) and good ops who can copy my weak
signal around the world, I made nearly 500 QSOs from 5 meter wire and ATU set

I used RBN. I know I cannot beat pile up to pick up multipliers so mainly to
increase QSOs and know who is where, how the band is, etc. I noticed some RB
station does not calibrate frequency on his/her SDR well so off 1KHz! Also
noticed on Sunday late morning I was spotted on 40m but I was actually on 20m.
Strange. Do I need to check my K3 TX signal for potential spurious?

Used Win-Test Dev version. I tried to upload online realtime score,, but software failed to fetch data from Win-Test. I am sorry if
someone expected statistics.

Next contest activities will be EU HF Championship from Jersey club station.
See you everyone in the contest!

73 Kazu M0CFW, JK3GAD
NE3K   SO12Mixed LP   3,0812012-07-29 16:01:24
Didn't have great conditions here. Lots of EU coming in strong, one AS.

Still fun, nonetheless.

Geoff, NE3K
VY2TT(K6LA)   SO24Mixed HP   6,905,2502012-07-29 16:03:00
New rule extra points for World Stations bumped up the score quite a bit. High
activity and "uneven" length exchange made using the 2nd radio difficult. It
always seemed at out sync with the run radio.

20m was open all 24. There was always something to do, except for about 30
minutes with 4 hours to go when it seemed 20m was the only band open and I had
worked everyone I heard.

Not even a peep from South America/Carribean on 10m.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
K3TN   SO(A)12CW LP   46,1072012-07-29 16:15:19
I like this contest it is one of the few with a variable length exchange, and I
had a chance to put a little more time into this one but conditions were not
great. Clear, but not loud, signals on 15 and a brief EU opening on 10 were the
only excitement. There always seems to be a lot more IOTA stations on the day
before this contest than during the contest.
W1WBB   SO(A)12Mixed LP   72,5002012-07-29 17:32:39
A very minimal effort this year unfortunately for many younger
son's all-day youth baseball tourney had me away from the radio during all
prime daylight hours; then upon return, bad thunderstorms (2nd yr in a row here
during IOTA 'test!) kept me off-air for additional time. Night-time propagation
(and activity) seemed below average from here as well...perhaps the start of the
2012 London Olympic games coinciding with contest?

Also, my CW interface cable from rig to computer was damaged during a recent
nearby lightning strike current cable yet to arrive -- all CW
keying done manually!

Hopefully better circumstances here in 2013. Thanks for the Q's. Had fun
adding new IOTAs for the 2012-13 IOTA Marathon! QSOs will go to LoTW.

-- Icom-737 @ 100w; 5-band Hexbeam up 35'; wire doublet @ 45' for 40m & some
20m EU; Vibroplex paddle for all CW keying; N1MM logger (w/ latest IOTA call
history lookup file)...nice!

73, Bill W1WBB
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO24Mixed HP   2,304,8572012-07-29 18:29:29
I always enjoy this event as, from a World Station perspective, it offers an
opportunity to play mostly DXer, searching out all the island stations active
from many interesting locations.

Condx were quite a bit better than recent years with something always happening
on at least one band. 15M was my best band with decent openings to EU for much
of the day (a good thing for a Euro-centric contest!) and then to the Pacific
long into the night. Heard lots of pretty loud EU types calling CY9M on 10M
but it seems that not many were interested in the contest as I only worked a
handful. North American IOTA activity seemed to be noticeably down this year.

Once again, thanks to RSGB for sponsoring this fun summertime event.

73, Mike K9NW
WX3B   SO12Mixed HP   54,9452012-07-29 18:29:42
Note to self for FUTURE IOTA contests: This contest is FUN! This particular
contest was more fun because NY3A and I decided to have skimmer wars on 15, 20,
40 & 80 meters. We did one hour on 15, 30 minutes on 20, 40 & 80.

I tip my hat to Steve, his skims were consistently better than mine especially
as we got lower in frequency. Steve has built a great station using the AB/577
and AB/621 towers we are both fond of. He has also done a lot of work at WX3B
over the years.

On last reminder: I really need to go to an Island next year, listening to Doug
K1DG and his friends at N1LI, and the non-stop HUGE pileups they were running,
was fun!


Jim Nitzberg WX3B
K4BAI   SO24Mixed HP   1,311,4832012-07-29 18:39:22
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Very little on 10M, but
a few EU and AF scattered through day plus SA. 15 was pretty good. 20 was poor
until late afternoon here and then good until it closed to Eu about 0715Z.
After that, good signals from OC and SA, but only a few of them. Last hour was
fair on 20 and 15 was open to Europe weakly. 40 and 80M were very noisy early.
But later on, the noise dropped and signals came up and the results were much
better than I had thought they would be. Thanks for all QSOs and thanks
especially to those who went on island DXpeditions for this contest. Lot of
fun and nice to work a lot of old friends too. 73, John, K4BAI.
K6CSL   SO12CW LP   1,8302012-07-29 18:46:43
Improvement over last years score. Band conditions better, but still no opening
found on 10m. I did find fewer Island stations hiding out in the Extra Class
Band. I do hope to have that problem solved by next year. Hunting those Islands
is always fun. Bert, K6CSL
N8BJQ   SO12CW HP   321,3282012-07-29 21:21:19
15 was pretty good to EU. Low bands were noisy. Had lots of other stuff to do
so not much time on the air.
SV5DKL   SO12CW LP   826,7002012-07-30 00:11:53
Decided to participate in the 12hr. category mainly during the night hours, due
to several daytime family obligations. Operation was exactly 12 hours, with no
breaks at all. Started off from 10m to quickly work as many mults as I could,
but the band soon died here. Moved on to 15m where I had a fabulous 2-hour run
with 250 Qs. Continued on 20m at 2000z where I stayed for quite some time, both
running and S&P at periods. After 0000z 40m & 80m were my main bands of
interest, not having any good runs, basically due to low power. At my sunrise
on Sunday morning I managed a few OC mults plus many west coasters on 20m,
which entirely woke me up. Last 2 hours produced a mere 110 Qs, while my eyes
kept closing automatically :-) I ended up the contest exactly at the 12-hour
mark, at 0538z Sunday morning, and immediately set off to my bed...
Overall, I am happy with the result, though I could have made it at least up to
1 Mio. if SA and OC openings were better to my location. Still, compared to my
last year's Assisted 24hr. High Power score of 918k points, I almost got double
the performance this time !!

Setup used:
Yaesu FT-2000 @ 100W
Cushcraft A3S
40m vertical dipole
80m 6x Inverted-L arrays base-coupled (also used on 40m)
Scheunemann Einhebel Paddle
Writelog for Windows

Enjoyed it last year ... enjoyed it this year ... may we all be well to enjoy
it next year again.


Stathis, SV5DKL
A65BD   SO24CW HP   330,9022012-07-30 00:59:16
CU in WAE!
USØHZ   SO12SSB LP   187,3082012-07-30 02:51:17
RIG: FT 2000
ANT: 1/2 Vertical romb 162m long 40m hign

73 Stan US0HZ
4O3A(4O4A)   SO24Mixed HP   6,241,0322012-07-30 03:38:46
IOTA Contest easily became one of my favorite contests.
It's not only about crazed run, there must be some "tactics", too, more
emphasized than in other contests, I should say. And that is what I like the

Because of some small problems on 4O3A station, I couldn't take full advantage
of SO2R setup, I had some problems on 2nd radio with SSB, often running only
30W from it -- for some reason I was not able to key PA on SSB.

Nice conditions on all bands and a couple of openings to EU on 10m.

I apologize for any QRM I made. I'm not sure who was station I QRMed, but it
was unintentional. I simply asked if frequency is in use and when got no reply,
I hit F1. And I changed frequency after warning. Two times.
Dear sir, it is embers of struggle. It is contesting.

Thanks for all QSOs, special thanks to all guys with "small numbers" during
last couple of hours of contest. You added spice to it.

Dragan, 4O4A
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SO(A)24SSB HP   4,481,5682012-07-30 04:21:15
Interesting contest with lots of new IOTA to work.
Thanks to all those that worked me again this year.
73 Norman til next year.
IW9HIK   SO24SSB LP   293,7802012-07-30 05:35:15
My TS850 with homemade FD3 antenna

Anyway I took very good night sleep ;)

See you next IOTA in 2013 ! 73' de IW9HIK
IV3KKW   SO(A)12SSB LP   284,6252012-07-30 05:37:58
Vertical Butternut HF6V
Ic-756PROII (100 Watt)

My first time in IOTA Contest !
W4O(N4YDU)   SO(A)24Mixed LP   1,119,7352012-07-30 06:07:42
This was a man trip with two of my non-ham friends with a contest sprinkled in.

We camped from Beachcomber Campground in the heart of Ocracoke Village and
amazingly the weather was not too bad. The mosquitoes were a bit testy at
times. Temperatures were in the high 80s but there was a good breeze throughout
the day and night.

I operated under a small pop-up shelter using a Kenwood 850 and an old
Butternut Vertical that was resonant on 80,40,20,15 and 10 meters. I had
provisions for another antenna but I didn't want to push my luck inside of the
campground - although the manager (Sean) would have let me do just about
anything. I was more worried about someone running into a guy line for a mast.
The owners of the place were exceptionally nice. In the end, I was quite
pleased with the Butternut. I was thinking about setting up in a marshy area
but the vegetation was too thick to bother. I set it up out of the way and
placed 8 14 foot radials on the ground - worked well enough. I had some decent
pileups at time.

The contest started out very slow - painful to be more descriptive. The first
hour yielded just 13 qsos! I kept telling myself things would get better as the
day progressed. The second hour was better thanks to a good burst of QSOs on 20
ssb. Conditions were up and down after that until around 4 p.m. when it got
really good. I was still able to run Europe on 20M at 2 a.m. but the
mosquitoes, low energy and poor operation position were just too much for me. I
took a 4.5 hour nap and got up for the last 90 minutes of the contest.

It was nice to work a few Europeans on 10 meters. 15 meters was very productive
at times and 20 meters was the typical money band. 40 meters was OK and 80 was
typical for the summer. If I could change anything I would have picked off a
few more mults on SSB.


IW1QN   SO(A)24SSB LP   2,104,8302012-07-30 07:04:33
I still verify the Log.

What a propagation!!!!
Good Signal during Contest.
Italian IOTA Island always arrive with Strong signal also in the night in 15m
and 20m.
Signal strong for different areas.
I work the Contest only to search the multiplier find in Cluster and using the
2° VFO of my Ft-2000.
NO Reason and NO Oppurtunity to make run, but only S&P.

I'm satisifed for the results, I increase my results of last year.
CU in Next Test.
Federico IW1QN - IB1B.
IT9VDQ(@IR9Y)   Multi-Op HP   13,300,9902012-07-30 08:46:35
Great fun!
73 de Gius, IT9VDQ
NØKE   SO(A)24Mixed HP   475,0202012-07-30 09:01:39
HG7T(HA7TM)   SO(A)24CW HP   2,421,9362012-07-30 09:16:27
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
UTØU(UT5UDX)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   6,845,6402012-07-30 10:55:36
Many thanks to Sasha,UT7UV for let me use his big station.just before move on
40 I found that Monstir is not working and was to late to do anything.worked
only with dipole and lost lots of mults.even slept two hours.
Anyway,enjoy very much.see you in the other ones
GMØFGI   SO24SSB LP   624,9102012-07-30 11:52:50
Domestic arrangements required operation from shed at bottom of garden, LP no
internet access which made an interesting challenge. Conditions reasonable
except for 10m on which very few stations heard and fewer worked.

Thanks for all contacts and to organizers.

Equipment: IC7600 90 watts
Antennas: VK2ABQ 10 15 and 20m, 80m full wave loop
Software N1MM
G3VMW   SO(A)24Mixed HP   2,403,9602012-07-30 12:52:29
Always lots to work in the IOTA Contest, which is rapidly becoming a favourite
here. 10m never really opened up, but there were some big EU signals on the
band. My only minor complaint is the annoying habit of some stations who do not
identify often enough. IMHO it is a selfish and unecessary method of operating.
Keeping people waiting around for long periods to get a callsign during a
contest is intensely irritating. On the plus side, the WinTest software that I
used worked flawlessly and conditions really weren't too bad.

Rig: Yaesu FTdx5000D + Acom 2000A.
Ant: 130ft doublet 80/40m + Hexbeam on HF, both at 15m agl.
Software: Win-Test 4.10.0-dev.

Thanks everyone for all the QSOs.

73 de Steve G3VMW
F5RD   SO24SSB LP   61,1522012-07-30 13:45:51
IC-751AF 80 Watts - Dipole 2x20m on 40/80 and GP on 20/15/10
As usual, this contest was very pleasant. I had a lot of fun.
Good conditions on 40 to 10m
Nobody here on 80m, very very noisy
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
IQ1RY(IK1QBT)   SO(A)12CW HP   1,407,1522012-07-30 14:15:12
RTX: IC756proIII
Ampli + Microham Microkeyer II
Contest Logger: QARtest
Antennas : 16-3 Optibeam @ 24m 10/15/20 m
2el Yagi @ 27m 40m
delta loop 80m
3 el cubical quad 10/15/20 m

It's always a pleasure to participate IOTA Contest, great fun !

73' Tony IK1QBT
GI5K(MIØLLL)   SO(A)12SSB HP   2,262,0002012-07-30 15:01:12
Was unavailable for some of the better scoring hours so i decided to go with a
12h casual effort, spent too much time chasing cluster spots than running when
there was good rates to be had on 15/20, no one appeared on 80m

Thanks to all who have called.


Chris MI0LLL / GI5K
ESØU   Multi-Op LP   8,155,4402012-07-30 22:55:13
OK/LZ3SF   SO12CW LP   37,6652012-07-31 01:31:17
IOTA - 2012-07-28 1200Z to 2012-07-29 1200Z - 143 QSOs
OK/LZ3SF - Off Times >= 30 Minutes

2012-07-28 12:00Z - 2012-07-28 15:12Z 03:13 (193 mins) (Start late)
2012-07-28 15:56Z - 2012-07-28 18:35Z 02:40 (160 mins)
2012-07-28 21:21Z - 2012-07-29 04:18Z 06:58 (418 mins)
2012-07-29 07:54Z - 2012-07-29 11:59Z 04:05 (245 mins) End early

Total Time Off 16:56 (1016 mins)
Total Time On 07:04 (424 mins)
9A8M   Multi-Op HP   1,242,3002012-07-31 01:51:38

JN74ix, 44.998811,14.711402 (Draga Bašćanska, Croatia)



Thanks for calling as!

ISØBGL   SO24SSB LP   299,9252012-07-31 04:30:13
First SO24 contest partecipation after last year experience in the IM0P team,
this year less power and less antenna:
only a windom antenna selfmaded, a little error with lenght make it a little
unefficent on 20 and 15 mt bands but very nice on 80 and 10mt bands.
On the lower band a dream broken due to local high qrm but on 10meters very fun
my Radio is FT950 abt 100W
GM5X(GM4YXI)   SO24SSB HP   3,605,7002012-07-31 04:54:37
Last minute decision to do this contest and got rather sucked in to the 'fun'.
What started as a few hours dabbling quickly became a proper effort.
Good activity, lots of multipliers. Usual hassle from DQRM, failure to ID and
some very poor operating from some casual ops - although I guess the upside
here is they did actually get on and call in.
Lost some time on Saturday and a lot more on Sunday am when wiped out by static
My first effort as a single op in IOTA and I think I have not quite figured out
the best tactics. 15 pointers were very hard to find in any volume from northern

DKØMM(DJ7IK)   SO12CW LP   902,1322012-07-31 13:11:17
A rainy weekend with 55mm of precipitation in good condx on the high bands.
W5GAI   SO24Mixed LP   438,2672012-07-31 20:44:51
Fun Contest. No new IOTAs worked. 10 meters not open. 20M dead at start of
contest. 15M was the money band most of the time. 20M eventually opened up a
bit as did 40M, but not as good as prior contests. Managed to beat my 2010 QSO

total and score.
N2GC   SO24CW HP   1,557,8202012-07-31 21:29:05

Conditions were much better this year than in the past few years. Although
there were thunderstorms around me during most of the contest causing severe
static crashes on all bands especially 40 and 80. My rate suffered from having
so many repeats. Thanks to everyone who hung in there till we got it right and
sorry to those I just could not pull out.

I also sounded like a lid at times as this was my first time using N1MM logger
and I only had about two days to learn the basics of this program. The last of
my DOS computers died about two weeks ago and I had to finally say goodbye to
old reliable CT. I was able to build a win keyer, get a cheap used Dell for
the shack, hook it all up and get the software configured by the Thursday
before the contest.

Overall it was a most enjoyable 24 hours with some great runs. I look foward
to this contest every year as it is the only time that a station from Long
Island, NY with low dipoles can generate pileups that make it feel like your on
a DXpedition to some rare entity.

Thanks to all that called and to the RSGB for sponsoring this fun contest.
See you next year.

73, Mike
CX2DK   SO12SSB HP   260,8202012-07-31 21:33:07
Hi!! Big difference with my 2011 score...
Very happy with my performance
Congratulations to the organization for their work and all island stations for
their sacrifice and commitment to the contest ..
See you at the next contest ..

Marcelo CX2DK
5Q2T(OZØJ)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   840,2942012-07-31 23:58:37
9AØD   Multi-Op LP   10,590,8802012-08-01 08:28:40
Our third attempt to Zirje island (EU-170) with a new contest rules. Despite our
thoughts, DXPN should stay single element antennas due to transportation etc
etc. we found the way to put some monobander on the air. at the end of the
contest, with good antennas less QSO than last year with dipoles / GP :).
Our hardware:
IC 7400, IC 746Pro, GPs for 80/40m, 3 el 20m, 4 el 15m, 5 el 10m.
time to time was really frustrating to trying CQ CQ...CQ... and almost no runs,
at the end of the contest we had some RUNs on 20/10m. anyway, at the end we are
satisfied with result. :)
WX was good, no contest wind during the contest (bura= NE wind).
Thanks to all for supporting: Radio club "Kastilac" 9A1CIG, 9A4KL, 9A5K, 9A7YY
and all others who helped us.
all QSL will be automaticaly confirmed via the bureau.

see you in 2013. :)

73s, Zik DK8ZZ(VE3ZIK, YT3ZZ)

one of 9A0D (9A1CKL) IOTA Contest Team
IS/OM8A   Multi-Op HP   20,289,4402012-08-02 02:50:46
equipment: 2 x Elecraft K3, PAs
antennas: 80m - Vertical, 40m - Delta Loop, 20,15,10m - 3x AD223 V2 by UA2FZ
9A8ZRS   Multi-Op HP   6,879,2102012-08-02 11:19:52
ANT: 3el beam 20,15,10m
2xvertical 40m
dipol 80m
Rig: 2x FT 2000 + PA

OP: S52P, S52UG, S53F, S55Z, S56UGB, S50X

QSL via S57L

73 de 9A8ZRS team
S57L   SO24Mixed HP   806,0552012-08-02 11:54:23
Ant: 3el beam + dipole
Rig: TS 850 + PA

73 de Jane S57L
9A5D/P   Multi-Op LP   6,823,5482012-08-02 11:57:51
We used only FT1000MP+TS950 and A3+ four band vertical (40 to 10m) and dipole
for 80m band. No big space diversity betwwen antennas, selection was done by
excellent band filters.
Enjoyed in big pile-ups, that is why we lost some mults.
J49A   Multi-Op HP   11,396,6082012-08-02 23:34:26
Yaesu FT-2k ,K3
2 x 2ele Ultrabeam, 2xAcom 1010
Verticals & inv L for 80/40m
LA/DL1CW/M   SO24CW LP   935,0522012-08-03 05:10:16
First time Island entry. Convinced my wife for holidays in cold Norway (~14°C).
We both found out a lot about the country. Thanks to the comfort of a motor
home, I could manage to work all 24 hours. Unfortunately there were threes to
put the 80m dipole high enough for reasonable operation.

IC706MkII, R7000 Vertical, Dipole for 80m

73, Arno
AA4V   SO(A)12Mixed HP   342,3802012-08-03 07:24:47
I originally wanted to enter a 24 hour assisted log but.... Starting time here
was 8:00AM. It was a beautiful sunny day and 15 meters was open early <joy>.
Around noon, the noise level from atmospherics rose substantially and after
removing the headset and looking out the window, I found very black clouds
combined with lightning and thunder. I scrambled to retract the tower and
disconnect the gear in the shack. Unfortunately, the lightning and rain
all day and well into the evening. I returned at about 8:00PM local time
and found the noise level from the still active storm system was over
S9 on 20, 40 and 80. So...CU next year. Thanks to all for the contacts.
F5BSB   SO(A)24SSB LP   2,166,2442012-08-04 16:18:00
I like so much this contest, I hope to do better than last year.
Thanks to everyone for each contact can give me so more points.
See you in 2013, for a so good and a so fun contest. It was excellent
LZØI   Multi-Op HP   10,676,7952012-08-06 01:06:46
This was a DX expedition to Sveti Ivan island EU-181.

Equipment: Run: Elecraft K3 + Acom 1000 at 800 Watts
Mult: Elecraft K2 + Acom 2000 at 400 Watts
Antennas: Two spiderbeams 12m up , one with G450 rotator , other rotated by
Bisquare for 40M ,Fullsize quarter wave vertical for 80M - all on
spiderbeam poles
Power from two Honda EU20i inverter generators in parallel work - thanks to
LZ2JR for cables.

Some fotos are on

Story: Our trip to the island was very questionable,as weather was very bad
with high north winds
up to 100km/h and high waves the days before contest.Thanks God, weather calm
down enough to make
trip possible.
We arrived at island at Thursday late evening , about 1830 p.m. local
It was obvious that our crew will be cut down to four people -
me,LZ1GC,LZ1QV and LZ2JR.
LZ1CNN and LZ1QN come only for unload the boat and had to leave due to
other commitments.
First evening before dark we erected the 80m vertical and were able to organize
one working place
with K2 and Acom 2000.Vertical worked amazing with several South American and
North American station
logged.80 meters seem empty with very little activity that night.First
annoyance appeared that night -
it seems that Acom 2000 did not like Honda's power, so amplifier continuously
switched off.We try several
configurations, both hardware and software, only to end with decision, that
Acom2000 will be for
multiplier place, giving out less than 500w, but working rock solid without
In the Friday morning we put spiderbeam with G450 rotator up on the portable
12m mast.Than,in the
36 deg. celsius midday we finish Bi-square for 40 meters.
Here I have to apologise for our very light activity before contest, but we
feel very tired due to
extra work on antennas, very hot weather and high humidity.
Stretching guy ropes , control cables and coaxials in such conditions isn't a
easy job.Walking through
Big thorns around didn't help either :).At saturday early morning we finish
second spiderbeam for mult
station.There was some problems with N1MM network config for two stations,which
were resolved by LZ2JR.
Some intruders were observed in sleeping beds - huge spiders, one of them was
so cheeky to bite me.
We had to fight with spiders,flys and mosquitos as well - some time quite
LZ1QV carry a rich bag with mussels,crabs and fish,a extra delicious food for
We have visit from many tourists,looking in surprise our setup on the
island.Emo,LZ1EAK- a newly licenced
HAM come by for couple hours to see a real HF station and antennas.
We have a great time during our expedition,despite all the problems.

Contest went smoothly,except low multipliers total.We missed many on 80/10
SSB.It is truly our mistake,
just we love CW :).

Our big thanks to: LZ1QN - Boyko for all the organisation and logistics.LZ2JR
for antenna preparations
before contest,LZ1QV for excellent cooking,LZ1GC for countless hours of antenna
Captain George "The Fox" from m/v St.Helena for quick and easy transportation
in such complicated weather

Thanks for all the contacts before and during IOTA contest.

See you next time! 73 de Nasko,LZ3YY for LZ0I crew.
IZ4JMA(MAX)   SO(A)12SSB HP   1,024,5962012-08-06 05:48:55
Thanking my good friend Nic, IZ4NIC, I had the chance to operate my favourite
contest also this year.
Mostly S&P, partially (A) due to cluster failure, I only operated from 12/18 on
Sat. and from 8/12 on Sun., no low bands activity at all.
Look forward to next year round (maybe from IOTA side....),