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IOTA Contest   2010   Jul 24   Comment Summary

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K2ZR   SO24CW LP   221,4002010-07-25 09:17:38
Rig: IC-765 @ 100 Watts - Ants: CF Wire 210m & EF Wire 125m - Log: N1MM

Conditions were not the best & it took patience to get those exchange #'s at

Thanks to all who put me into their logs.
Dick, K2ZR
N4PN   SO12Mixed HP   368,6762010-07-25 09:21:57
Lots of activity...could only operate for twelve hours.
Thanks to RSGB and to all who found their way into my
log...single band 20m found condx good to better as day
went on...
Nice surprise or two...VU2BGS and A65CA...
73, Paul
AD4EB   SO12CW HP   122,4002010-07-25 09:26:30
Conditions to Europe were great, especially on 20m. Also worked some more
distant DX station, fathest being VU2BGS. This contest had a much greater
turnout than I expected. QRN on 40 and 80 became pretty brutal, so pulled the
plug at 0400z. 73 - Jim - AD4EB
VE3XD   SO12CW LP   8,8352010-07-25 09:26:45
Worked only islands S&P as time on was short.
SP3BJK   SO(A)24CW LP   556,6682010-07-25 09:31:35
IC-746 100W, ant: G5RV, INV V
KU8E/NA58   SO12CW LP   32,0162010-07-25 09:53:01
Operated portable on St. Simon’s Island , GA using my IC756PRO and Hustler
mobile antennas. We are on a family beach vacation so my operating time was

Did a couple operating stints -- A couple hours in the late morning and in the
late afternoon until about 2300Z. The afternoon period was truly amazing. I had
a pretty good run and pileups of EU stations. What they say about saltwater
enhancing your signal must be true. I even had a JA station call me !. I
also worked the local on the island – K8CQ , who John,K4BAI, and I have run
into on past trips. One of these years I need to find a place on the island
where I can put up a real antenna because NA-058 is still semi-rare.

73, Jeff
KE3X   SO12CW LP   2,9042010-07-25 09:55:50
Worked some IOTA stations as a 'shakedown cruise' for the 80-M dipole I put up
last week. As you can see from the '0' QSO total on 80-M, no dice as SWR on
80-M was a zillion-to-one. Must be a short in the 20-year old coax I was
using, left over from Mexico in 1993 from the XE1/NV1P days. Time to climb
the 50-foot tree again and try again.

In IOTA highlights included:

- working ZL1AIH on 20-Meter CW (new distance record using Transworld
- working PT5T, LZ9W and other Europeans on 40-M Saturday 5PM local time

Also ran into fellow NCCC Sprinters K0AD, NR1X and K4BAI - hope to work you
guys again on Thursday night.

73, Ken KE3X
AA8IA   SO(A)12Mixed LP   29,0822010-07-25 10:01:49
FT-950, 40-10 wire @ 20 feet, LP. Never worked this contest before and had no
idea there would be as many stations on the air. Had I known, I would have
planned much more operating time. No thunderstorms and low noise the whole
time made for an enjoyable contest, although band conditions on 15/10 were
nonexistent and I didn't have enough signal on 40 to get any SSB contacts.

I worked quite a few new places that I would never anticipated having the
opportunity to work. Thanks to all of the participants, especially those
providing an IOTA contact.

Great time. I'll be back again next year, hopefully bringing a little more to
the table.
DD1MAT   SO(A)12Mixed HP   464,0192010-07-25 10:07:27
Time was limited due to family obligations, but it was great fun having so many
islands on the air.

Thanks to all who went to an island for this event.

Niko, DD1MAT

TS850, 30ft Vertical
DL1A(@DJ6ZM)   Multi-Op HP   6,767,9042010-07-25 10:09:46
Limited effort, mostly S&P. Thanks for all the QSOs.

See you in the WAE CW!

73, Fabian DJ1YFK
AJ4FM   SO24CW HP   5,0402010-07-25 10:11:30
20M started out fairly flat but I managed to work JW 15 minutes prior to the
start, but couldn't work them again in the test. 20 picked up here later in the
morning. Was again surprised to find the band open when I got back on @ 0200Z.
Work 4 ZLs easily, which made my day. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks to all.
IW1QN   SO24SSB LP   1,055,5922010-07-25 10:16:06
I'm not satisfied becuase Big QRM, surely a Thunderstorm near Italy and also Big
Industrial QRM.
I make this contest ONLY to Search Multiplier.
Propagation wasn' t very good in Saturday but better in Sunday.
73 de IW1QN Federico.
AA4V   SO(A)12Mixed HP   856,9442010-07-25 10:18:56
The 12 hour mixed assisted category is perfect for me. Enough radio without the
fatigue of a 24 hour slog. Prior planning is a must in this category (and, of
course, the radio g-ds must cooperate). Band conditions here were poor on 10M
and 15M. There was only a short opening here on 15M CW and a few on phone.
Naturally 20M was the go-to workhorse during the day but even 20 was up and
down, especially in the morning. I operated 9 hours during the day taking a
break from 17Z until 1830Z and again from 2230Z until 0230Z. As planned, I
spent my last 3 hours from 0230 to 0530 on 40M. What a pleasure it is these
days to operate SSB on 40. Many stations called in with some extraordinary
signals from Europe and the middle east. The CW portion of 40M seemed less
crowded this year.

This was the first outing for my ACOM 2000A and it worked flawlessly. The K3
was, as usual, fully able to fight any type of QRM/QRN. Antennas were a 3-el
SteppIR at 60 feet and a 40 meter vertical mounted on the sea wall with the
bottom and 10 radials in the sea. I used two 160M Pennants for receiving on 40M
at times.

Many thanks to all the callers who make contesting what it is. CU you all from
VP9 in the CQ WW Phone in October.
M9X   Multi-Op HP   1,517,8002010-07-25 10:22:55
(M0YOM) on ssb and me on cw. Great contest and extra fun chasing the mults. Nice
conditons to JA and Pacific on 20m and 40m. Thanks for calling the UK Scout
Contesting Team.

S56A   SO24CW LP   1,125,0722010-07-25 10:24:12
WX cooled but QRN affected 80 m. Short skip on 10/15 m. Nice EU and USA
activity. I was also testing CW Robot reception. Smooth run after RA WRTC!

73 de Mario, S56A

P.S. Thanks for quick IOTA 3830 form, Dink!
VA7ST   SO12CW HP   18,2882010-07-25 10:26:31
* FT-2000 and SB221
* N1MM Logger v10.7.2
* 3-ele. SteppIR at 27'
* 40M SteppIR dipole at 27'
* 80M 2-element full-size vertical array

SFI=85 A=4 K=2

Unlike last year, which was plagued by power outages and severe T-storms, I
have no excuses this year except punky bands. Ran the amp on 20M, but 100W on
40M and didn't feel much less effective there without the extra power.

20M was rather pear-shaped, with EU stations audible from early morning onward,
but only a select few able to copy this signal without multiple repeats. FO8RZ
and JT5DX had wonderful signals into B.C. when I worked them. Great to have
both on so loud, so often these days!

Never really got much going and the Q total on 20M is far too low, but up
slightly over last year's marginal effort. In 2007 (SFI=69 A=10 K=3) my 20M
totals were 200 for 28 vs. 78 for 13 this time (SFI=85 A=4 K=2). Ouch. And the
bands are supposed to be improving. Obviously, not quite yet. Never heard a
thing on 15M this time, though that band has shown signs of life lately.

Nice to get the ZLs and a VK on 40M. VK4AN was really strong here, though I had
the dipole at just 27'. One JA worked on 40M just before 1 a.m. (0800z) local --
JA7DLE is a band-opener here. Heard a couple of others about 30 minutes later,
but couldn't make a go of it with either.

WH6R in Hawaii and WH2D on Guam were both beaufifully strong here for my final
two Qs and mults on 40M in the wee hours Sunday morning.

80M should have been useful, but in several trips down there I didn't hear a
single station. Noise on the Beverage was virtually nil, so if folks were there
I should have heard 'em.

Thanks to RSGB for the contest, and to the islanders for being there (and
getting there).

Now to employ a sunny Sunday to get the 160M inverted-L back in action for fall
and winter with some elevated radials.

-- Bud VA7ST

Year Qs Mults Score

2010: 138 24 18,288 HP12CW
2008: 108 19 11,400 HP12CW
2008: 190 30 30,780 HP12CW
2007: 292 47 75,576 HP12CW
2006: 254 37 49,950 LP24CW
2004: 39 10 2,370 LP24CW
2002: 25 12 2,628
OK4RQ(OK1DRQ)   SO12CW LP   407,8622010-07-25 10:33:12
Rig TS480SAT + VERTICAL 8 M ... / QRV only in Saturday /,
In Sunday QRV cca 2 hours OL8M - 131 QSOs - sent checklog.
73 Pavel
OK1JOC   SO(A)12Mixed LP   277,9902010-07-25 10:40:32
VE1RGB   SO24CW LP   286,6052010-07-25 10:54:49
This is a very difficult contest to play in from NA with a small station with
wire antennas because of the huge EU wall beating the rare islands to death.
Furthermore, conditions were anything but outanding.

Nonetheless, I doubled my personal previous best this year and I kept good
notes to substantiate my belief that a lot of that achievement can be
attributed to the Field Test Elecraft P3 panadapter that I had bolted on to K3
#95, that being the only difference in this station since last year's IOTA.
Time and time again I found the waterfall pointing out signals that had escaped
my listening while tuning around. If, like me, you are regularly restricted to
S&P because running if out of the question, check the P3 out. And no, I'm not
on staff.

Antennas: 160M wire delta loop with the apex at 95 feet (buried in the woods
and largely ineffective during the summer leafy season), an 80M dipole in the
clear at 75 feet (used 90% of the time); and a 40M vertical with lots of
radials. And lots of ladder line for the wires.

Equipment: K3 + P3.

OH1F(OH1NOA)   SO12Mixed LP   923,9672010-07-25 11:02:43
564 is total qsos (worked mixed), I didn't take a note how many qsos CW vs SSB.
None worked on 10m: I operated first 11 hours and then in the morning one hour
on 15m before 10m opened.

TS-2000 & antennae
KX7L   SO12CW LP   11,4842010-07-25 11:15:04
Pretty rotten condx, even for these times. Felt like I was running QRP at times
when even stateside stations were asking for fills on 20 mid-day. Sill, a fun
K4EU   SO12CW LP   29,3762010-07-25 11:23:41
Thanks for the Q's.... 73....//Steve K4EU
RL3BM   SO24SSB HP   1,985,8622010-07-25 11:38:04
The condx was not as good as few days before the contest. Anyway lot of fun and
great activity from the islands. Many thanks to RSGB for the great contest!
RIG: IC7700+amp, IC756pro3, monobanders Yagi (10-40), dipole (80), Win-Test
VA7DXC   SO(A)12SSB LP   4,4102010-07-25 11:51:53
I'm vacationing on Bowen Island so decided to put in some time in this one and
hopefully hand out a few multipliers. Very simple setup running 100w from an
IC-7000 into a portable 1 element quad supported on a Spiderbeam fiberglass

20m was poor at this QTH, 40m much better in the evening. Always nice to work
KH2, JA and VK lands on simple wire antennas.

All in all more enjoyment was probably had in erecting the antenna than in
operating but thats why I like IOTA, a great excuse to go out and operate
somewhere unusual.
PT7ZZ   SO12SSB HP   5,3762010-07-25 11:53:19
I really enjoy my first IOTA contest ... using only a wire dipole to 20m and SSB
mode in my spare time ...
Thanks to all which i have contacted ...
73 de PT7ZZ, Andre
WB8JUI   SO12CW LP   80,8082010-07-25 11:58:27
73 - Rick WB8JUI
FO8RZ   SO(A)12Mixed HP   124,2542010-07-25 12:01:11
A very good run on 20 SSB.

Congrats to US stations in pilups ! When you ask them to QRX for searching DX,
they do it and all people are doing it. I really appreciate. Tnx guys.

See you soon.

Best 73 from Tahiti.

FO8RZ in OC046

LY5W   SO12Mixed LP   836,4002010-07-25 12:15:48
LY-Hamfest same weekend. Just arrive at 9 local, and come back at 21 local :)
370km not so long. Decided to take part in this event. TNX for 12h class.
TS-850S + Dipole 80m @ 26mH, 2el. MOXON YAGI 40m @ 3mH, KLM KT34XA @ 6mH.
Biggest mistake - calling CQ Test. Points 15 vs 3 is big diference :)
Congrats Timo (OH1NOA) for big score! Be my guest again !
73, Sam LY5W
p.s. EUHFC after 2 weeks, be ready!
DQ4W   Multi-Op HP   10,260,4322010-07-25 12:27:10
Unfortunately conDX didn't meet expectations. Hence, score is a little bit down
compared to last year. Good fun and great activity anyway.

Many thanks to all operators who travelled and activated islands!

CU in the next one.
73 DQ4W.
F8CRS   SO(A)12CW LP   102,0272010-07-25 12:28:32
just a few hours to give points and try to find new IOTA.

73 david f8crs
YT2AAA   SO(A)24CW LP   1,254,5282010-07-25 12:45:37
IC-746 PRO, 90 W

All-wire vertical for 40 and 15m
All-wire vertical for 20m
INV-V dipole for 80 and 10m

Did not use cluster, only reverse beacon
N2MM   SO(A)24CW HP   1,100,0002010-07-25 12:55:10
Started one hour after the contest began. I wasn't thinking about spending the
weekend in front of the radio, but 100+ temperatures outdoors and a very cool
shack convinced me that this was a better way to go. I really should learn to
read the rules before hand. I forgot that there was a choice between 12 hour
and 24 hour entries.

Short, but decent opening on 15m Saturday morning. 20m stayed open for most of
the contest and 40m was rather quiet Saturday night into Sunday morning. Not
much of an Asian opening. Too bad it was not the usual DX contest...I had some
great mults call me, but they only counted for regular qsos. The noise level on
80m was terrible, so not much time spent there.

To echo a previous post, this was a contest that favored EU. Very difficult to
break the EU pile-ups on many IOTA's.

Thanks for the qsos
OK1CZ   SO12CW LP   383,5712010-07-25 13:06:43
Late and slow start, as usual I had no time for preparation before the contest
so I was solving RIG problems on Saturday evening.
Finally I was keying by hand without the keyboard throughout the contest.
Condx not too great.

RIG K2/100, FT102 and TS480.
ANT OCF/80m, dipoles/40m, 3el. Yagi 20-10m
K3FIV   SO(A)12Mixed LP   14,5802010-07-25 13:08:24
Not much time to play so I went hunting for a while and picked up a few new

20 was pretty busy although propagation wasn't very good. 15 was open to the
Pacific, with some lonely but strong ZLs and VKs but few takers. Didn't hear
any contest activity on 10 but there were quite a few stations ragchewing with
1000+ km. skip.

Rig is a Flex-3000 with a Carolina Windom wire antenna at 13 meters, about a
kilometer from the Pacific Ocean - but sadly most islands are still 1000s of
kilometers away!

Tnx & 73, /Jack de K3FIV
SV1BDO/3   SO(A)12Mixed LP   153,0902010-07-25 13:11:04
Many thanks for the great time, 17 new ones for me, CU next year !!!
OK2BFN   SO24CW LP   819,5252010-07-25 13:16:15
IC746, 7.5m vert., AH4 tuner
HI3K   SO24SSB LP   170,4482010-07-25 13:25:04
see you on the CQWW DX in Oct. 73 Edwin
G8D(G3SJJ)   SO12CW HP   227,0522010-07-25 13:38:32
Part of the greater plan to get back into mainstream single op all band
contesting. Spent a lot of time S&Ping over the last 18 months or so but no
serious run entries. I targeted this one initially for 24 hr SOAB CW but in the
end realised that recent emergency eye surgery for acute retinal detachment (NHS
was fantastic)) was going to be the deciding factor.

Our GU8D entries 1996 to 2005 helped me understand the contest although I had
forgotten how important it is to be aware of the various specific operations
and probably more important, the common IOTA references. I guess a vague
similarity would be recognising lesser known Commonwealth prefixes in BERU. I
do like this event as there are a number of variables to keep you alert. Some
prefixes you know aren't IOTA - HB9, S5, LZ etc. Some you know are IOTA, G*,
EA8, TK, JA etc. Others could be ie DL, PA, OZ etc. You have to listen!!

So, started off thinking I was doing 24 hours with a target of averaging 75Q/Hr
over 20 hours but soon realised that was not practicable and so planned for 12
hours, but without a suitable band plan strategy! Consequently whilst my QSO
total of 813 was in the ballpark, mults were sadly lacking. I suspect this was
due to not factoring in a good S&P session on 80/40 overnight.

Highlights - A sprinkling of JAs on 20m though nothing like the15m runs we used
to get at GU8D. A nice W6/7/0 run on 20m on late Saturday afternoon. Also
eventually on Sunday morning an opening on 15m plus some Qs on 10m! The station
and N1MM logger worked very well.

Lowlights - The Eastern European disease - Stupid speeding up of parts of
messages! Bad clix and notes - RZ3AXX, LZ9W, RG3K, HG8N, UU7JC. Lots of dits in
6! Wasn't it nice to turn the beam west! (On the other hand, those countries are
keeping contesting alive!) Too many stations sending too fast. Punk band condx
on Saturday.

Station - K3, Acom 1000, A4S, 40m 2 el phased gp array, Delta loop and dipole
for 80m.

This contest certainly has grown since I was IOTA Contest Adjudicator 12 years
ago! Congratulations to the current team. Chris G3SJJ
W3LL   SO12SSB LP   107,5082010-07-25 13:39:03
Lots of activity with good band conditions on 20M and 40M.
VE7XF   SO12CW HP   33,9122010-07-25 13:43:05
Part time, looking for rare-ish IOTAS. Terrible condx.

IK1QBT   SO(A)12CW HP   484,2242010-07-25 14:12:29
73' Tony
W7WHY   SO(A)12CW HP   1,0982010-07-25 14:12:56
Man, did condtions suck in the PNW. Signals were ESP here.

We are going to get good conditions again, someday--aren't we??? 73
N4ZZ   SO12CW HP   21,6092010-07-25 14:14:26
Lot's of fun and great turn out. Wish had got started earlier.
ZV2C(PY2CX)   SO12SSB LP   20,0072010-07-25 14:14:27




GI4FUE   SO(A)12CW HP   17,1722010-07-25 14:24:30
Work commitments reduced operating time to a short burst saturday evening on 20m
PY2HL   SO(A)12Mixed LP   99,7502010-07-25 14:26:00
antena: 5elem monobanda
antena tuner:fc902
total time on:09:42 minutos.
TM1W(F5HRY)   SO12SSB HP   711,5612010-07-25 14:56:23
First try in this category. I had fun, despite 15m and 10m totally dead on
saturday. Hard to find mults (still SO1R here, SO2R would help a lot in this
contest). Bedides, my QTH is too close to G's for the high bands, and the
average QSO.points is thus definitly too low (5.81 overall).

Vy 73
Herve F5HRY
W1WBB   SO12CW LP   159,9842010-07-25 14:57:48
Missed prime op time mid-day here due to family event, and later due to multiple
thunderstorms... and then software lockup in evening. Severe storm QRN made for
additional difficult copy while handling HUGE (for me) EU pile-ups for my rare
IOTA mult.

I ran alot (vice S & P) while active to get my IOTA mult out there so my total
# of IOTA mults worked (esp on 20m) may have suffered. Looks like about 25% of
my Q's were 15 pointers so IOTA activity seemed quite good. GREAT EU activity
(both IOTA and non-IOTA stns) in this one. 64% of distinct IOTA sections
worked here were EU; 25% NA; 5% OC; 4% AS; and 2% SA.

Signals were very good on 20m as well as 40m...but low bands suffered greatly
here due to storm noise. Old txcvr with limited 500 Hz filtering compounded by
operator QLF made things especially challenging. The pile-ups certainly showed
my present equipment/op limitations. Many thanks to all who called and waited
patiently at times. The good news: 100w to an 88 ft Doublet up at 50 ft
pointed at EU/VK (works as EDZ on 20m) works great with decent propagation!

Will QSL as time permits...follow SPECIFIC directions at if return QSL

Thanks to RSGB for an enjoyable event and to all who activated the many was fun being the hunted!

73, Bill W1WBB
NH2T(N2NL)   SO12CW HP   459,0362010-07-25 15:18:29
Fun contest!

Contesting from the Western Pacific is unique, especially with the current
solar conditions. For most of the day, the bands are [always] open to JA, with
a few weak EU and NA callers. For a short period, perhaps a couple hours here
and there, a band will open to EU or NA and it's off to the races while the
opening lasts. A few hours of shoveling pileups with the rest trying to grind
out 60 QSOs an hour.

Unlike the recent IARU contest, 20m stayed open all night. In fact, If it's
possible, I think the band was too open. After midnight local time, 20 was
wide open into Europe. As long as I wasn't spotted on packet, the rate was
excellent with only 3 or 4 callers at a time. Once I was spotted - all hell
broke loose. The pileup quickly grew unmanageable, and the rate plummeted. I
still don't understand why, if I'm repeatedly trying to call a G0XY?, that some
UR7 or OK2 will keep calling. 20 was packed, so I didn't want to go split, and
with the rate dropping like a rock, my only option was to spin the dial and
start over again. The rate would then be good - then the packet spot - and
resulting chaos. This happened a couple times - and I always felt bad leaving
the pileup - so I eventually packed it in with a realization that a 30/hr of JA
was worth the same number of points as a 150/hr of EU.

Sunday was the expected grind of Pacific rim stuff. Not too much JA activity,
but I was suprised at the amount of activity from China. Many were QRV,
including several BY IOTA expeditions. This is most excellent!

I saved some off time for late Sunday, expecting to add to the few QSOs I had
on 40 and 80. 80 was a bust - and the Dragon made a mess of 40. The radar was
between S8 and 10-over-9 here, and absolutely killed all but the strongest
callers. I felt bad pushing the F1 key when I knew there were guys calling me,
but it was hopeless. I will be adding a couple beverage RX antennas shortly
that I hope will have some benefit on 40 - and perhaps null the Dragon somewhat
when listening toward NA.

I hopefully will soon have my station SO2R capable, at least to some extent,
which should help make things even a little more fun with a score boost as

Thanks again for all the QSOs, and to W2YC for managing the QSL duties for me.
73, Dave KH2/N2NL
PY2LSM   SO(A)24Mixed HP   10,9202010-07-25 16:26:22
Hello all, bad ears at home...line noise s9+++, sry!
All qso´s with my 2 elements for 40 meters hihihi.
Thanks for patience, 73 see you next time.

WH2D(K3UOC)   SO24CW HP   143,2442010-07-25 16:49:34
Apologies to those I could not hear. Between the high noise level and two
antennas with little RX gain, I know I missed an awful lot of calls. But the
upside is that the contest was fun like always, and this is my best IOTA score
from KH2. QSL K3UOC or LoTW.
N4A   Multi-Op LP   1,416,0962010-07-25 17:35:05
Yet another fun IOTA experience! Heading into the event, the group was concerned
about the excessive heat in NC. Well, we certainly dodged it at the Core Banks
(NA067). We had a nice ocean breeze of 15 to 20 MPH both days. We even shut the
AC units off on Saturday afternoon and simply opened the doors and windows. It
was perfect, but it wasn’t too bad for comfort in July.
We set out with a goal of breaking the 1000 qso wall. In the past we got close,
but this time we pushed through and finished with 1195 QSOs and a new high total
for mults with 201 and a final score of 1,412,226.

We had hoped to have five operators this time out, but team member W0UCE
regretfully had to cancel at the last moment. He wished us well and offered
some encouraging words and it must have stuck.

K2AV came along for the first time. He recommended using a pair 56’ inverted
vees for the run station for use on 40, 20, 15 and 10. We fed them with open
wire line and ran that to the shack. W4KAZ led the way to get a 40 foot mast
up. Normally we stop at 30, but we got to 40 feet this time. The antennas
looked great and worked really well at that height. The multiplier station
antenna was an inverted vee for 80 meters used on all bands. It worked well
also. We had little difficulty breaking pileups.

N3ND commented that the biggest factors were improved propagation, antenna
improvements as well as using a pair of K3s. I think he hit on the head. The
improved propagation kept the mult station busy.

We had some spectacular runs on both CW and SSB. At times, the pile-ups were
down right nasty! I think everyone got a decent thrill operating. K2AV did an
awesome job on 40 CW, N3ND did a great job of running and picking out mults,
while W4KAZ should get a medal for toughing it out during the middle of the
night between 7-10Z! The q-rates were low, but KAZ picked up some sweet mults
during that time.

In the end, we topped the 1K qso goal and topped 1 million points. This is by
far our best score for the IOTA contest. We had a wonderful time.

On behalf of the N4A team,
KN4Y/M   SO12CW LP   3782010-07-25 18:41:48
Spent a couple of hours at Saint George Island, Florida NA-085, just to get it
on the air in the contest. Parked in the public beach parking lot where the
bikini QRN was manageable. Then squalls from tropical storm Bonnie started and
it got nasty in a hurry.Went home.
K6CSL   SO12CW LP   6452010-07-25 18:42:50
This the first time I have ever submitted a log for IOTA-Conditions were
certainly not the best. QSB and QRN were very severe at times. However this was
a fun and interesting event. I was also very surprized after hearing about the
problem up at KL7RRC/P. Hopefully conditions will be better for IOTA next year.
Bert, K6CSL
K4BAI   SO24Mixed HP   658,4522010-07-25 18:44:51
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX (south), zepp, dipole, inverted vee. 10M
seemed dead. 80M was too noisy with QRN. 40M was pretty good for summer. 20M
was good in the late afternoon and early evening, but was very weak to Europe
during the day and closed early to Europe and west Asia. Worked some very good
DX with the wire antennas. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, JOhn, K4BAI.
VA7RN   SO12CW HP   55,0802010-07-25 20:55:21
Bands were not good. However, pitiful though it is, this was my highest score to
date. So I am quite pleased with that.
Thanks for the Q's. Will upload my logs to LOTW soonest.
73, Les, VA7RN
RN7F(@RG6G)   SO24SSB HP   1,605,8072010-07-25 23:25:21
RIG: IC756pro3, Yagi 2 ele (20-15-10), vertical (80-40), N1MM Logger V10.7.1
G3TXF   SO(A)24CW HP   237,6362010-07-26 01:34:26
This year's IOTA operations were limited to a few hours on 80m during the night,
and some activity on 20m and 15m during the last three hours of the contest on
Sunday morning.

Despite working a couple of JAs on 20m, HF conditions sounded pretty ropey.

73 - Nigel G3TXF
OH4XX   SO(A)12Mixed HP   378,1022010-07-26 02:13:29
I had no operation on 80/40 due antenna failures and its damn too hot in OH-land
for antenna work :) Had lots of fun for having pile ups every now and then, did
not optimise score at all as you can see not too many multipliers or 15

2* KT34XA (@25 and @35 meters)
Yaesu FT1000MP
KW amp


Mikko OH4XX
9A4D(9A7DX)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,223,4602010-07-26 02:47:29
Nice contest, good activity from UKs.

73's de Ved
YL7X   Multi-Op HP   4,775,4602010-07-26 02:54:26
Worked together with best young Latvian contesters..
Tnx to all for QSOs !

73 !
GMØFGI   SO24Mixed HP   665,5562010-07-26 03:20:12
Good level of activity but conditions remain poor here; slightly better on
Saturday than Sunday.Real struggle to work any stations on 15 and 10m, probably
spent too long trying.

Thanks for all the contacts and to RSGB for organising.

EQUIPMENT: ICOM 7600, ACOM 1010 300 watts [100watts on 80 and 10m)
ANTENNAS : 20-10m VK2ABQ at 25ft; 40m Vertical, 80m Loop at 30ft
SOFTWARE : Writelog
SY9M   Multi-Op HP   10,078,6112010-07-26 03:28:00
Holiday operation from SV9CVY's QTH. We used all Friday to assemble the Optibeam
OB804020, which was damaged in winter. The antenna was finally going up on
Saturday, and was connected 15 minutes before the contest. Yet the rotator was
not connected and the Antenna stayed due North all weekend. And the 80m portion
did not work. High SWR all over the band. Late in the night a piece of wire was
brought up, and was the only antenna for that band.

Propagation on 15m and 10m sucked especially Saturday afternoon. There was not
one signal on 10m, and the multiplier station found stations on 15m maybe only
every 5 or 10 minutes...
Normally you would also think that propagation into JA is very easy from down
here, but last weekend it was not - and we worked only a few JAs on 15/CW. The
only JA on 15/SSB was worked a few minutes before the end of the contest.

TNX for all QSOs!

73 Ben
M3W(G4FAL)   SO24Mixed HP   2,111,7692010-07-26 04:02:42
I operated for virtually the whole 24 hour period and enjoyed mixed conditions
this year. On Saturday, 10m and 15m were very poor but 20m was good. On Sunday,
15m was better and I was also able to find a very few multipliers on 10m.
Overall my multiplier count on 10m and 15m was much lower than in 2009. It is
hard to know whether to run or S&P from England because the EU005 multiplier is
very common and so when running you are not necessarily picked up by other
island stations for the multiplier. So I adopted a policy of working 200
stations and then going on an S&P multiplier-only trawl through the open bands.
I struggled to work as many multipliers as last year but made up for this by
working more stations. I tried to combine SSB and CW but found that I could run
more successfully on CW and so only worked SSB for new multipliers. The station
was on the edge of the Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes nature reserve and
qualifies as GFF-149 for the WFF program.
VE3FRX   SO(A)12SSB LP   6,8852010-07-26 05:27:20
First time entry. Just had a few hours, so just did some S&P on 20m and 15m (1
QSO!)to try out the new hexbeam and 100W. Went Assisted so I could spot some
stations for the rest of the serious Assisted entries. Seems the EU, AS and AF
islands were calling EU mostly as few had their beams pointed to NA, at least
when I was on 1400 and 1700-1900Z. I guess that's their best strategy to get
most points and islands. Fun time and thanks for Qs.
NØKE   SO(A)24Mixed HP   624,2642010-07-26 05:43:48
First time in this contest and not the last. CU next year!
GW6W   Multi-Op LP   766,7522010-07-26 06:27:34
For the second year running the Dragon ARC ran GW6W from near the breakwater at
Holyhead on the island of Anglesey, North Wales (Holy Island EU124). This was
low power multi-op from the club's caravan using an inverted Vee doublet and a
cheap multiband vertical as antennas and again turned into a contest
training/taster event due to the welcome interest from the wider club

The caravan (aka trailer..!) and several members reside on the mainland side of
Anglesey so there was much to prepare, starting at 8.30 on Saturday morning
(0730 utc). I seriously considered setting up on the previous day and then
sleeping overnight on site but in the end decided this would be too anti-social
after donating a complete weekend to GR2HQ in the IARU contest just 2 weeks
earlier...lack of commitment? - maybe! At 1145 utc on Saturday morning and the
2 stations still not talking to each other, I was beginning to regret my 'lack
of commitment'...

Saturday morning was thick wind blown drizzle and the hooters from the Irish
ferries echoing out of the mist added to the general 'atmosphere'. Antennas
went up without a hitch and it was my job to set up the 2 stations, one at each
end of the small caravan. I'd done a dry run in the week before using my K3 and
netbook, plus the club FT990 and laptop and everything was working fine
including N1MM, networking and cluster access in case we might be able to
'borrow' some Wi-Fi from a nearby Stena mast on site! Danny GW7BZR then
reminded me of the days of club special events using the FT990 and AN Other rig
with antennas in close proximity and the horrible breakthrough that resulted,
and that we used 2 K3s last year. The disruption caused by reconfiguring to
include my K3 in a K3 only setup was almost certainly well worth it as
inter-band interference was absolutely not an issue at any time; in fact it was
usually possible to operate cw and ssb on the same band though this was not in
the house rules!

Trying to set up N1MM on 2 stations in a caravan full of noisy tea drinking
club members sheltering from the rain is not ideal but at 1145 utc I finally
realised I had forgotten to change N1MM's 'Station Names' on the newly
introduced laptop; with 10 minutes to go everything started working and
continued without a hitch for the whole time. Most impressive especially with
an IOTA improved version of N1MM released just the afternoon before. We didn't
manage to find any WiFi so we were devoid of any on-line N1MM support if
anything had gone wrong and ofcourse the whole contest was run without cluster

Saturday's conditions seemed reasonable but hardly anything on 10m and little
on 15m (ok - so 40m and 20m were alright!). Ex marine op GW3VVC is our best cw
operator (and one day I'll persuade him to try the F-keys/ESM..!) so we sat him
down at the Run radio for the first few hours to bulk up the log while some of
the others had a go at mult hunting on the second station. For many hours the
only signal on 10m at the mult radio was GW3VVC's 2nd harmonic from 14MHz
sounding like weak Es way down near the noise floor....! In the end much of the
Running was cw and mult-hunting was on ssb but we did persuade some newer/non
contesters to run (ssb) occasionally. Being a multi-mode/multi-op contest with
interesting rules and the potential to make use of sophisticated logging
software makes this an ideal contest for introducing new contesters if you're
willing to sacrifice some points both in potential contacts and busted Qs.
Despite the training element I was hopeful of breaking the 1000 Q barrier but a
real drop in conditions on Sunday put paid to that; even 40m was yielding little
for long periods though 15m did come alive for about an hour in the morning. We
had doublet problems with fairly high swr on 80m which was only discovered
after dark, making feeder adjustment difficult. That reduced our activity on
that band somewhat; and ofcourse no-one had brought an external ATU.
Disappointing as far as DX goes for a contest with the potential to unearth
those exotic locations; a smattering of JA and called on 40m by a couple of VKs
on Sunday morning for 2 OC multipliers were the extent of the dx highlights.
Amazingly missed EU005 on 40m 15m and 10m ssb and 10m cw and wonder if this
would happen if the amateur population of the UK and Germany were magically
transposed - DJs were everywhere as usual. Nevertheless an enjoyable weekend
and a good exercise in team bonding. Four tired people dismantling everything
and clearing the site in just under an hour after the end of the contest was
evidence of that; I wonder sometimes whether station setup and dismantling
against the clock could form the basis of a new style amateur radio contest..?

N2WN   SO12Mixed LP   38,9342010-07-26 07:02:53
Considering the heat index in Tn this past weekend, would have really enjoyed
being on say AN-010... or any cool IOTA for that matter!

Conditions were so-so. 15 was pretty dead, 20 was OK, 40 was noisy, was looking
for VK on 160, but it was REALLY noisy.
VO1HP   SO24CW LP   6,7952010-07-26 07:38:07
Had planned to participate full time from ocean side summer location but
disaster struck!...My 33ft 40/20M vertical snapped into two pieces in a gale on
Friday. Decided to use my center fed 80M with OWL and an AT120 autotuner.
Unfortunately the tuner would only tune the dipole on 14mhz and above!....and
not only that the power from the rig was reduced to approx 60% on 14mhz. Heard
no sigs on 15M or 10M. Discouraged - I plodded on but was easily distracted by
other activities ongoing outside in the bright sunshine!....

Rig....IC7200 + K1EL Keyer
Ant....Center fed 80M dipole OWL apex at 14m (approx 50M from ocean
Autotuner....AT120 - Back to basics next year with only self resonant antennas!
W6ONV   SO12Mixed LP   19,2962010-07-26 07:39:02
Great fun, first time playing in this contest with really no goals in mind. I
did want to log some new IOTA and possibly new DXCC. The real challenge ended
up being the conditions. Not a big surprise most of my IOTA logged are from NA,
but had a nice showing from OC, into ZL and VK on both 40M and 20M. What
happened to Japan? I figured we would hear from JAs, when in fact I hear more
from EU.
KT4ZB   SO(A)12SSB LP   30,1302010-07-26 08:20:35
Passed out some points; about 5 hours scattered during the day. Poor conditions
into Europe, Saturday morning. Nice Oceania opening to Cook Islands, Fr Poly,
Australia; never heard New Zealand. Thanks for QSOs, may go to NA058 nest year
for fun.

Best - Jere
MP1000 field, TH6DXX, 40m dipole, N1MM
OE3K(@OE3DIA)   Multi-Op HP   13,547,9882010-07-26 09:19:18
Thank you for calling us and big THANKS to all stations they did QSY to another
band and/or mode for a new multiplier.
DKØMM   Multi-Op LP   2,035,3562010-07-26 09:39:34
Our first experience with a team of contest newcomers!
K1SE   SO(A)12CW HP   45,9362010-07-26 10:33:06
Thanks for all the contacts.
F5VKT   SO12Mixed HP   620,1542010-07-26 11:02:33
Condx and QSO totals worse than last year. Didn't get the long runs to UK 15
pointers on 15m I got last year. 10m dead. 15m poor both days. 40m good
opneings Sunday morning.
EI5DI   SO24Mixed HP   1,623,9962010-07-26 11:54:33
SD, WinKey, K3
SN1A   Multi-Op HP   5,191,1822010-07-26 14:08:16
missed 2 hours due to power failure...
anyway, we had fun

thanks for your calls
G4ERW   SO12Mixed LP   291,8402010-07-26 15:13:31
Transceiver: TS850


80/40m - Stub trap dipole @ 15m
20/15/10m - TH3 @ 10m
K3TN   SO12Mixed LP   87,4742010-07-26 18:34:07
I like just about any contest with a quirky exchange. This one is always fun
because you never know who is going to give you an IOTA mult. With the recent
jump on in the solar index, thought 15 and maybe even 10 would be more fun, but
not to be.
LA3BO   SO24CW LP   740,3702010-07-27 02:33:36
My first attempt to run this contest from an island, Hitra (EU-036)
Modest setup with only TS940SAT and low-hanging windom antenna, but good

Log uploaded to lotw, with IOTA ref.

Nice experience to be an attractive mult!


Svein - LA3BO
OL6P(OK2PP)   SO24CW LP   1,971,0002010-07-27 04:15:29
Very nice contest.
Poor condx on 15 and 10m. Big QRN on 80m.
Thanks all for QSO!

73, Petr OK2PP
CS2K   Multi-Op LP   6,275,1722010-07-27 06:01:37
Pessegueiro Island EU-167

pictures will be posted today on the webpage:

M/S LP Expedition - 100w & 1 element antennas

We didnt expect so bad conditions on high bands...
9A3B(9A1AA)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,047,6752010-07-27 06:29:39
All 305 qso's are with IOTA stations using only S&P technique......
Unfortunately I was limited in free time so I managed to work only 10 hours.
W6FA   SO12Mixed LP   5,4242010-07-27 12:03:27
Another operation from "W6FA - South" on the South slope of Mt. Wilson, with 100
W and a 40 meter dipole. QSO's mostly VK/ZL. Only two JA's.
PY2RDZ   SO12Mixed LP   5402010-07-27 12:16:07
Agradeço ao PY2CX pela ajuda.
9A/AC6DD   SO24CW HP   1,224,8162010-07-27 12:29:51
The last time I spent some time in Porec was over 25 years ago, living on bread,
pasteta (liverworst), beer and wine while playing guitar for tips. With Tito's
picture everywhere drinks were cheap and girls were very very friendly.

Times change. With the help of Sergio - IZ4BBF who visited the Sv.Nikola
Island several times I secured a location in one of the hotel Bungalows. Quite
run down, these are being used as temporary staff housing during the turist
season. I was given a choice of two different vacant units, and luckily one of
them was close to the water for my Vertical antenna. I started setting up on
Thursday evening. When I was able to get on the air a few hours later I started
finding a multitude of problems with my setup. The TS-50 has been sitting at my
parents place, unused for 4 years, the SB200 amplifier was sitting in my garage
gathering dust for at least 10 years (a last minute decision to bring it with
me and leave here), and the Butternut vertical which I never made a QSO with
since I bought it used some 3 years ago. I entered the contest unable to get a
decent match on 80m, every slight move of the antenna would de-tune it.
A few hours after the contest started we had a massive storm with heavy winds
and lightning strikes hitting nearby. Conditions got bad, than an hour later
better and than got worse again. Things did not look too good. I did not think
the antenna would make it through the storm, and at times I thought about
disconnecting the coax from the rig.
I took a dinner break, and after I returned from dinner the static crashes died
down. I mostly concentrated on 20 and 40 meters. The antenna ended up with an
8:1 SWR on the low end of 80m, but the amp still tuned into it and delivered
some 200-300W. I was able to make 65 QSO's on 80. 20m was clearly the band of
choice. Later in the night 40 meters was doing great, and the next morning the
storm was gone and the bands quiet. I ended the contest with 1330 QSO, most
were made CQ-ing.
The operator and the setup were lacking a bit on this one. After a recent
Automobile accident I had trouble sitting for a prolonged period of time and
the TS-50 just isn't the radio for this kind of work - After a long residence
in Europe it is going back to the US to be used as a mobile rig again to be
replaced next time with one of my K2's. I had a great time, just wish the
bands sounded like this in W6.

I will post a short video later on youtube.

Niko - AC6DD

5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SO(A)24SSB HP   3,915,9842010-07-27 13:31:24
I enjoyed the contest but have never encountered so many jammers & qrmers on
many stations as well as myself
Thanks to those who made it into the log
NA4K   SO12Mixed LP   207,8492010-07-27 16:58:07
Even with a little solar activity 20 meters is still the main band.

Steve NA4K
N2GC   SO12CW HP   195,4652010-07-27 18:33:17
IC756PROIII, AL-1200, fan dipoles @35'

Limited time this year due to work and a family birthday party. Apologies to
all the stations that called me on 80 meters that I could not pull out of the
static crashes. Finally had to pull the plug at 0540Z when a thunder storm
rolled in. There's always next year:)
VA3RKM   SO12CW QRP   10,8872010-07-27 20:20:30
K2, 5w, verticals. Great conditions to Europe for QRP late Saturday afternoon.
Thanks for the Qs!
B4R/5   Multi-Op HP   609,1202010-07-28 04:23:19
Fun contest!Due to high temprature,we did not install the low band
antennas,thanks all for calling us!

Linear: 500watts
antenna: A4S
ESØU   Multi-Op LP   3,255,5702010-07-28 07:31:01
Another fantastic time on the island Saaremaa, EU-034. Great Contest but bad
weather conditions during the whole contest.
80 100 24 161 36 1947 7.46
Equipment: two -K3's , filterbox, antenna switchboxeses. One spiderbeam for
20-15-10m bands and second spiderbeam for 20m. Monoband 4el yagi on 15m, 5el
yagi on 10m, 2el vertical array on 40m. We used 2 glassfibre 12m high masts
with 4 sloping 10,5m radials. Switchbox for 2 directions - to Europe and
America. 2el vertical array on 80m - two glassfibre 18m high (company
Spiderbeam) masts each with 4 sloping radials without any switching box.
Antennas were phased so that cardioid pattern covers whole Europe . Reliable
logger Win-Test v.4 and 2 laptops connected in network.
Blackout and thunderstorm caused us delays and we lost abt 2 hours.
CU next time!
ES0U team
YT8A(YU1EA)   SO24Mixed LP   198,1802010-07-28 08:42:55
Just to give the points to guys from IOTA's.
OE2VEL(@OE2S)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   6,533,8082010-07-28 12:00:29
Tired operator and not so good condx led to a score less than last years. Still
was fun, look forward to next year. 73 Wolf, OE2VEL
DK6XZ(E77XZ)   SO(A)12Mixed LP   263,3042010-07-28 13:58:01
It was for me to greet all of you who enjoyed the weekend on the islands, and to
give you few points. CS2K pictures show the best way, how I actually imagine
this contest should happen to one. So, congratulations to all of you who did it

Need to say, I was jealous too, since now it is the second year in a row, I am
not suceeding to join a planned 9A IOTApedition.

I noticed great activity from islands on the northern hemisphere of Europe. The
night effected over 100 QSO´s on each low band. However, on 20m and higher it
was hard to me to get through, working from my appartment and using only a
tuned vertical Windom. Anyway, thanks everybody for the fun.

OE3K, Braco and Ivan, made a fantastic job from mainland, as DL3TD and DK9IP
did. GL with record-breaking scores!

See the most of you again in EU HF Contest.

73 Suad, DK6XZ ( E77XZ )

PS: The upper figures are not quite exact, due to failure of the logging
VE3UTT   SO12CW HP   39,0152010-07-29 06:36:44
K3 to Optibeam fixed at 90 degrees (rotor broken)
ZF2JT(K9NW)   SO12Mixed LP   868,4282010-07-29 07:09:27
Various antennas - tnx ZF1EJ!

First time in this contest from an island! I was quite fortunate to have a
business trip to Grand Cayman the week prior to the contest, and with the most
gracious help from Mr. Andrew Eden, ZF1EJ, I had licensing and station arranged
in very short order. I just had to schlep my radio and accessories.

It's tough to accumulate all those EU multipliers from this side of the
Atlantic, especially when only one band was really useful during the daytime,
so I tried to make up some of the deficit with QSO volume. 15M was sort of
open to EU at the start but couldn't get any rate going, so I dropped down to
20M where condx to NA were good and were quite good to Asia as well - several
JA stations were louder than the much closer Ws! It was a 20M event during the
day - mostly working NA until mid-afternoon when condx picked up nicely to EU.
I took an hour off mid-day to grab a bite and to save a little evening
operating time for 40M before I had to pack up. My travel logistics dictated
that I shut down around 0100z.

Have to do this island thing again.....great fun!

Thanks for the QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW / ZF2JT
GM4FAM   SO12Mixed HP   1,516,0682010-07-29 13:50:34
Another very hectic and fun event. Big decision to be made early sunday morning
was whether 15 + maybe 10 might open during the morning; in the end the superb
condx early morning to EU on 40m meant a QRT time of 0625z. 15m opened a little
during Sunday morning but not enough to sacrifice those 40m QSOs. Condx overall
disappointing but some fierce pileups on some EU IOTAs always made it
challenging. 12 hours or 720 minutes is not nearly long enough to work
potentially 500+ mults.
Thanks to all for the QSOs, and especially to those who made trips to the
Islands - CUAGN in 2011!
J49A   Multi-Op HP   3,633,2972010-07-29 14:04:43
DXPedition station!
Thank you for calling in!
2 ele Ultrabeam for 20m-10m; single InvL for 80 & 40m and multipliers on upper
FT-920, IC-756PRO2, 2 PAs, N1MM.
Support team also included SV9BMJ, SV9KIL, SV9FBY, SV9BKZ.
See you next year!
See some pictures at
VE3WDM   SO(A)12CW QRP   1,6082010-07-30 14:50:41
Only able to spend a short time on but as always it was a great contest and lots
to keep you busy during the low sunspot cycle.
MMØEAX   SO12SSB HP   827,6672010-07-30 15:30:47
Shame about 15/10 conditions were hopeless! No Antenna for 80m didn't help but
great fun c u all next year.

W5GAI   SO(A)24Mixed LP   347,5982010-07-30 17:01:59
Fun contest. Somewhat irritating that most new EU IOTAs that I needed did not
operate on bands and times when we had propagation. I tracked them down
eventually but it was tough to get through the EU wall.
S51CK   SO(A)24SSB HP   1,203,9482010-08-02 00:52:31
73 de s51ck -Ivo
F5RD   SO12SSB LP   272010-08-02 12:40:32
No time to participate this year. Only 5 QSO's on 20 m
Thanks to all who worked me
See you in 2011 for more QSO's !!!
CR6W   Multi-Op LP   3,264,2402010-08-03 13:20:09
80 94 30 5 5 969 9.79
40 321 66 135 30 3648 8.00
20 903 68 394 36 7083 5.46
15 14 14 21 18 477 13.63
10 1 1 0 0 3 3.00
TOTAL 1333 179 555 89 12180 6.45
TOTAL SCORE : 3 264 240

INSUA Island, EU-150. Fantastic place , the team operated and camped inside of
the existing fortress dating from XVII century. A real expedition has we
carried almost one ton (!) of material to the island, as CU8AS wanted to test
some of his vertical antennas, and succeed it! So between tests, sun-bathes,
proper hot meals(!)...IOTA Contest, and regreting having only one CW operator
(HB9CRV), who made his very best!(thanks Hermann!),we had a lot of fun (as
usual...) and enjoyed the supreme sunny weather and breathtaking landscape! See
you next year!
OK1Q(OK1XQ)   SO(A)24SSB HP   378,6752010-08-06 14:20:58
I did mistake and I overreached 12 hours.
So next time I will check more often clocks :-)
IZ4JMA(@IO4T)   SO(A)12SSB HP   851,4992010-08-12 03:55:57
Enjoyable as ever, one of my favourite contest !
Hope next time for a full effort.
Thanks for the guys @IO4T once again..
9A1CKL   Multi-Op LP   2,729,9162010-08-12 06:20:17
IOTA Contest is always a lot of fun, especially if you are active from some IOTA
Island. :) This was our first time M/S activity from Zirje Island (EU-170,
CI-151). Location is very good, open to all directions.
Despite Murphy was one of our best OPs during the contest (first 4 hours only
71 qsos, problem with Writelog, wrong click on merge and we had double log; one
of laptop has a problem with 12V Switcher; no one from MTPL stations can hear
us; our first generator was dead, second generator on contest location 6
minutes before start; some QRM from Laptop's Power supply switcher, extremely
bad on 15m; 8h after beginning 280 QSOs in log; sunday morning was very windy
with a wind named "bura", over 80 km/h in peak; etc etc.
Anyway, we did 1000+ QSOs, and we should be satisfied with score.
More important is, we found a very good location for IOTA Contest and i am
pretty sure we'll be active next year again.
Thanks to all who support us, of course special thanks to our family members
who allowed us to go for 3 days for fun & contest.
See you next year from Žirje island, EU-170!

73s, Zrinko (Zik) VE3ZIK, DO7ZZ, YT3ZZ
ISØB(ISØSSY-IN3QBR-IK2SND-IK5EKB-IK8UND-IZ3GOM)   Multi-Op HP   8,522,7242010-08-15 10:52:07
Nice second experience from Sergio (IS0SSY) qth, from the Northest point of
Sardinia.Breakdown will follow. Thanks for working us.