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432 MHz Spring Sprint   2014   Apr 23   Comment Summary

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W8MRL   Single Op LP   22014-04-23 17:56:20

I only heard one station outside my local area of EM79RL
W1XM   Single Op LP   682014-04-23 19:59:49
Not a valid entry as we had 2 ops (switched after half an hour). So CHECKLOG?

Tried calling CQ on 144.260 for a while, no one came back.

Just local grids: FN30, FN31, FN42, FN43.

Best I guess was AF1T/FN41cd operating as W1AW/1 transmitting through a Dill
pickle? I think I missed the story exactly, but hey. How do you tune a dill
pickle on VHF? Also dunno how many watts and what SWR. All the things I should
have asked. With this level of activity it should've been easy to get.

Prepared to be blown away by K1WHS despite his dead preamp. Oh to have better
ears. Maybe we need an array down the side of the building.
KC2WUF   Single Op LP   12014-04-23 20:24:47
50W into satellite antenna
KV1J   Single Op LP   162014-04-23 21:10:44
73, Eric KV1J
K9JK/R   Rover LP   3232014-04-23 21:26:06
It was a cool evening in the Chicago area with temps in the 40s.

Due to a shoulder injury (torn rotator cuff), my ability to set up was
very limited, just an omni antenna and something going on with my
transceiver that required me to drop the output power to 10 Watts,
so stations that worked me from farther away had to do the bulk of the
heavy lifting (special THANKS to W9GA and W9ZIH).

Activity was light.

Mults total is based on 'classic' Rover scoring; count mults separately from
each Grid-4 visited and add them up. Five unique grids worked overall.

Breakdown by Grid-4s I visited:

Grid Qs Ms
EN51 3 3
EN52 5 5
EN61 5 4
EN62 6 5
Tot. 19 17 = 323

Total DX - 873 km

Best DX was to W9GA in EN53ve from EN61ax, 135 km (also worked W9GA from
EN52xd and EN62ad for 117 and 118 km, respectively); QSOs with W9ZIH (EN51nv)
from all 4 of the Grid-4s I visited totalled up to 298 km. All other QSOs
were less than 35 km.

5 different calls worked, add AB9QH, K0PG and WB8BZK/R to the two calls
mentioned above.

Thanks again to Kent, KA2KQM, for all of his leg work to take on the hosting
duties for this year's Spring Sprints and to Central States VHF Society for
their continued sponsorship.

Thanks also to Bruce Horn, WA7BNM, for setting up these score reporting forms
for the Spring Sprints.

Thanks finally to ALL who were on and participated in the 2014 432 MHz Spring

73, JK
N6ZE   Single Op LP   632014-04-23 22:27:55
I used a favorite spot in the Santa Monica Mountains for the 70 cm Spring
Sprint. Clear skies, visibility 50 miles, temp = 55 deg. F, very light
northerly winds. At least 80% of QSOs on FM. Worked several
RACES/ACS/RACES/CERT stations in San Fernando Valley; also worked 5 members of
Ventura Co. ARS & 6 members of Conejo Valley ARC. Best DX: N6NB (DM05eo at
194 km); longest distance heard, but no QSO,: W6PQL (CM97 via airplane
Hope to get on for 902 MHz(33cm) & up Sprint in 10 days.
AG6AY   Single Op LP   112014-04-23 22:31:40
Started a bit late because I was finishing up building an 11 element Cheap Yagi.
I installed on 24' telescopic mast attached to car hitch. SWR 1.2 at 446.000
and 1.0 at 445.500 which was great for a fresh build. Seemed to work well from
the end of Ridgecrest Rd in Moorpark but I'm going to look into OWA designs
K7ATN   Single Op LP   42014-04-23 22:57:50
Worked from mediocre locations with 20W and a small antenna for less than an
hour. Contest seemed pretty quiet - 222 MHz was busier last week.
KI7JA   Single Op LP   162014-04-23 23:21:10
Started late, but not much activity on 432.
WZ1V   Single Op HP   6842014-04-24 04:53:08
It was a fun night on 432.
No pickle contacts here, but I did have 500 Whiskies on tap.
36 Q's x 19 Grids for 684.
Spent the last hour looking for grid # 20 but no luck.
There was a weak CW station I just couldn't pull out.
Which reminds me I need to get my preamp working again.
I did get as far as KN4SM FM16, and VA3ELE FN03, a nice surprise.
Some other highlights were working N2SLN FN22, and WA2MJP in FN33, a grid not
normally heard from. It must have been a blue moon because I actually
worked 3 FN13's(!) and 2 W1AW's, both W1AW/1 and W1AW/2 !
Thanks to all the Sprinters and sponsors.
Look for me on 1296 in the Microwave Sprint next week,
I will be operating from home signing W1AW/1, as part of the CT RI Contest
Group operation beginning April 30.
-73, Ron WZ1V, FN31rh
N6VI   Single Op LP   882014-04-24 07:37:23
Having promoted the event with our local ARES and ACS groups. I was pleased to
hear several of them get on the air. One new Ham who had never made a contact
except through repeaters parked himself on the roof of the building where he
works and stayed for the full four hours with his FM rig. We don't get tropo
out here, so there are few distant contacts to work, but as an "activity
night" it was enjoyable.

73, Marty N6VI
W9KXI   Single Op LP   62014-04-24 07:47:23
Terrible conditions here. In addition to hearing very limited activity, there
were Wild QSB swings.
AB1MI   Single Op QRP   282014-04-24 09:00:27
Station local time Freq Grid Rcvd Distance Km

K1WHS 7:35 432.105 FN43 85.74
KV1J 7:40 432.09 FN42 39.5
N1GLT 7:44 432.114 FN42 24.14
W1OUN 8:12 432.113 FN42 27.8
W1XM 8:15 432.125 FN42 30.97
W1ZC 8:18 432.120 FN42 27.63
W1FKF 8:25 432.120 FN42 30.97
W1AW/1 8:37 432.120 FN43 61.23
N1JHJ 8:40 432.120 FN43 61.74
WA1DMV 8:41 432.120 FN42 24.14
AC1J 9:15 432.120 FN42 38.31
K1KA 9:18 432.120 FN42 26.86
K1NKR 9:40 432.120 FN42 8.24
KB1VUU 10:15 432.120 FN42 8.24

14 QSOs 2 Grids 495.51 Km
K1WHS   Single Op HP   8332014-04-24 13:45:22
I started the 432 Sprint using the AF1T patented Di-pickle antenna mounted 14 ft
above ground. I managed to worked Dale, AF1T/W1AW/1 to extend the pickle
antenna distance record. Signals were about S6 each way. After that exercise, I
switched to the big 432 array at 100 ft. The preamp up on the tower was dead, so
that limited my hearing by a significant amount. I started looking for contacts
anyway. there was never any great amount of activity that I could hear. Signals
were weak with all the loss in the receive line. Still I worked a few stations
in the Philadelphia area which surprised me. I think my receiver was acting
like a Japanese multi mode single band radio from the 1980's. (deaf). I spent a
lot of time looking west and northwest, but did not work much. VE2XX and VE3FN
were my only Canadians. I actually worked Bill, K1DY in FN54 for my only qso to
the northeast. Yay!! Out west, I did work K8ZES N2YB, and K2ERG. Nothing else
worked. Down SW, I worked into FN10, FN11, and FM29. It seems that, I could
only work stations out to about 380 miles and no farther. Guys like K3TUF and
K8ZES were at the 380 mile distance. Band condx must have been pretty bad, but
with no preamp it was hard for me to gauge things. By 9:30 PM local time I ran
out of signals and energy. I took my pickles and went home.
VA7FC   Single Op LP   12014-04-24 14:14:43
didnt hear anyone ...except my old friend John
WA6EJO   Single Op LP   42014-04-24 21:19:24
[log removed from comments]

NAME: Steve J. Noll
ADDRESS: 192 Nob Hill Lane
ADDRESS: Ventura CA 93003
N9TZL   Single Op LP   562014-04-25 09:05:07
Heard K3TUF a couple of times but could not get a response.
KA2KQM   Single Op LP   42014-04-25 13:47:01
I did not get on until 0930 PM local. So many stations may have quit for the
night. Band seemed very quiet! Only worked 2 station in 2 grids. I heard one
other station but did not work him. Missed many of the regular big signals on
the band. I was running 45 watts from a Yaesu FT-847 to a single 23 element
yagi at 3300 feet ASL. 1.5 inch heliax. No preamp. Hope to improve my 432 MHz
station soon. Thanks to all who submitted your activity via the 3830 web site.
Also, thank you to Bruce Horn, WA7BNM for hosting our Spring Sprints!
KEØCO   Single Op LP   162014-04-25 16:00:54
[log removed from comments]
WW7D/R   Rover LP   1442014-04-26 11:29:51
Activated four grids: CN97/CN87/CN86/CN96.

I discovered right from the start of the sprint that the FT-857 front end was
damaged, so I could only work very strong stations on 432 MHz SSB/CW. I wasn't
able to raise anyone on 446 MHz FM.
K7YDL   Single Op LP   332014-04-26 15:56:31
N2SLN   Single Op LP   1762014-04-26 19:26:22
N4SVC(KD4AMP)   Single Op LP   42014-04-27 17:41:41
We are getting the station ready for the June Contest!
AA5UK   Single Op LP   92014-04-28 15:03:24
Conditions were not as good as the 2M Sprint a few weeks earlier. Still I had
fun giving out a few contacts with indoor Elk Antenna on tripod with IC-7000.
Maybe next year I will try a Rover from Chicago.

73, Adrian AA5UK
W1AW/1(AF1T)   Single Op LP   962014-04-28 18:03:21
Data entered by KA2KQM. TS-820s to MMT-432-28 to Mirage D1010 to 25 element yagi
at 40 feet.