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NA Sprint RTTY Contest   2016   September   Comment Summary

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N3QE   Single Op HP   5,1342016-09-17 21:01:23
By far the best turnout in a fall NA RTTY Sprint that I can remember. Thanks for
all the activity, things were hopping for all 4 hours and I never got my butt
out of the chair even once!
NR5M(KU5B)   Single Op HP   6,8252016-09-17 21:05:42
Thanks to George for reminding me to defend my title and to K4BAI for putting
the team together.

80m was a slog. The station worked great otherwise.

Colin KU5B
NO3M   Single Op HP   5,4362016-09-17 21:07:14
Software / hardware issue a couple times, modem would get stuck diddling. Not
sure if it was the logger or MK2R. Lost about 30-40 minutes getting things to
work again.

Slow, but still interesting.

Still learning to ropes with Win-Test... I think SO2R was an afterthought.

2x K3
TT Centurion
MK2R + Win-Test
Antennas: wire arrays, dipoles, etc.
K2AL   Single Op LP   2,0132016-09-17 21:08:14
IC-746, 75 WATTS, N1MM+, W10.
R7, 40M Dipole, 2-El Mini Beam at 33'
ABØS   Single Op HP   3,6272016-09-17 21:09:08
K3 & KPA500 into a 21' ground mounted multiband vertical.
W8WTS   Single Op LP   1,4752016-09-17 21:10:05
That was great! I had lost touch with the fun of RTTY contesting. I will be on
full time for the next NAS RTTY. Thanks to John, K4BAI for organizing our team.
My log is at
VE3YT   Single Op HP   2,6402016-09-17 21:11:41
73 Vic
K4WDR   Single Op LP   1,6822016-09-17 21:12:13
The first hour really messed me up badly. I was having trouble getting N1MM+
working correctly although I had days before set it all up. For some reason it
was not interfacing with flidigi correctly. My first contact was 53 minutes
into the contest. Not a great showing but it was fun.
WH6YH   Single Op LP   2,2402016-09-17 21:14:18
First NA RTTY Sprint. Lots of fun but couldn't get the knack of the hand off QSO
as it seemed every time I answered a CQ, someone jumped in there and beat me to
the punch; clearly lots to learn here. I liked the CW Sprint much better and
N1MM cooperated much better than on the CW Sprint, however, N1MM is like an
onion. I am probably using 1/10th of the capabilities of it. Still no band
scope, panadapter, and overall poor integration. We'll get there. Thank You for
the QSO. 73, Mike
NN2NN   Single Op HP   3,6002016-09-17 21:15:35
First Sprint... lotsa fun even with poor conditions.
WQ5L   Single Op LP   3,3922016-09-17 21:17:00
My first RTTY NA Sprint, but NS RTTY practice made it feel like old hat. I think
I worked all mults heard. The four hours went by pretty fast considering my rate
went into the toilet for about the last 90 minutes! 73 -- Ray WQ5L
K5ZM(@W7VO)   Single Op HP   642016-09-17 21:23:51
Ho Li Kao. What on God's green earth happened during this contest?? Lost the
first hour to what I initially thought were software problems -this was the
first use of the Signalink USB and RTTY on the W10 machine. But we looked,
read, and tested until we ran out of things to look at, read, and test and
could find nothing wrong. So I kept banging my head against the wall..., er, I
mean I kept hammering away and over the remaining 3 hours managed to work 8
guys. I just was not being heard, save for those 9 Qs. We've got a lot work to
do before next weekend!!

73, and sincere apologies to my fellow SWACCers.

Ian, K5ZM
K5AM   Single Op HP   4,4202016-09-17 21:26:11
Location: Horse Mountain, elevation 7900 ft.
Off-grid, generator powered.
N9GQA   Single Op LP   1,9112016-09-17 21:45:50
SECC and Friends Team
I had a lot of fun once I figured out the QSY process and realize I need a lot
more work with my keyboarding skills.
W9DCA   Single Op LP   9462016-09-17 21:56:14
First attempt using N1MM Plus. I blew some repeats because of keyboard
Need to study up.
WØYK   Single Op HP   4,1822016-09-17 23:01:11
SO1R, 500 watts, non-resonant wires. Thanks to all participants. We could use
a lot more, though!

VE3KI   Single Op HP   4,2352016-09-18 04:17:32
There were a lot of people using the same exchange message for both Run and
S&P, and also quite a few sending their own call sign as part of the final
acknowledgement message at the end of the run QSO. The net effect was repeated
confusion over who was holding the frequency at the end of the QSO. The Sprint
convention about exchange formats does not seem to be as widely understood by
RTTY sprinters as it should be.
VE2EBK   Single Op HP   3,1002016-09-18 05:59:44
A while ago that I had not participated in a NA Sprint. I thought it would be
appreciated to give the multi those who seriously participate. I don't know if
the fact of not give the exchange message in the right order is a penalty case
but I have received all kinds. By chance, I use a good Call History. Anyway, I
had a lot of fun.

73 Dany VE2EBK
WØBH   Single Op HP   7592016-09-18 08:19:22
Haven't done RTTY in awhile, so reconfigured the station and it worked! Thanks
for the Qs ...

73, Bob, w0bh
KØYQ   Single Op LP   1,8092016-09-18 11:08:44
Great to see some new calls.
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   2,3492016-09-18 11:50:08
I love RTTY Sprinting, that's why I practice every Thursday night.
I got a somewhat kludgy-SO2R configuration going, even though
a Win 10 update earlier this week changed all my COM port
numbers and lost half the device drivers, etc... Its amazing when
I can actually make a QSO!

Windy and a rainstorm here, so bands noisy with lots of crashes.
AGC-Slow was far better at ignoring the crashes.

20m was good, but too many people packed into just 080 - 084.
If we spread out it would be easier for everybody. Most people
left after the first hour, but prop was still good for several hours.

40m: I went after 90 minutes, but it was still 1 hour before sunset
and nobody can hear me... Keep trolling on 20m and look for the
really BIG sigs on 40m who maybe can hear me.

80m: At 2:30 I finally left an empty 20m and tried 80m. Yes, 80m
QRP at 15 minutes past sunset! Only a few stations even paused
their CQing... I could hear 50 signals to every 1 who could hear
me. I revised my hopes for 100 QSOs, down to hope for 80!
Whew, made it.

NN7SS Burt WA (K6UFO op)

20m: C-3 at 48 ft, C-31xr at 72ft
40m: Force 12 2 element at 78ft
80m: 4-square pointed East
Elecraft K3 at 5 watts
Kenwood TS-590s at 5 watts
Writelog and microham micro2r keyer
MMTTY and 2Tone decoders
Panadapter by SDR-IQ and Spectravue software

QSO by hour and band.
80M 40M 20M Total Cumm
00Z - - 30 30 30
01Z - 6 12 18 48
02Z 4 18 - 22 70
03Z 5 6 - 11 81
Total: 9 30 42
WB9KPT   Single Op HP   2,1282016-09-18 17:19:07
Also operated the WA state QSO Party - as if a Sprint wasn't hard enough!
W4OC   Single Op LP   3,9552016-09-19 09:00:45
This contest is in desperate need of more participation.
Thanks to everyone who did get on and made some Q's.
The sprints are great contests - particularly when there
are enough stations to keep everyone making QSO's.