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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2003   Jan 25   Comment Summary

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KC7V   Single Op HP   114,5032003-01-26 09:51:27
Very good the first night. I had 3 DX stations in the log before sunset - ZF,
PJ2 and FM.
WA6BOB   Single Op HP   7,9862003-01-26 09:51:44
Ejoyed the contest this weekend over the BARTG Sprint rtty contest.

73 John....aka.....Bob...WA6BOB

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VO1MP   Single Op LP   21,5602003-01-26 09:54:43
low Power , Low Antenna effort
solar flux diminishing, low bands improving
time to do some 160 Meter Antenna work.
about 100 Watt from an FT 1000MP to a Low
40/80/160 Trapped dipole circa 30 Feet at apex !

73 Gus VO1MP
NX9T   Single Op HP   19,2482003-01-26 09:56:10
Had a great time..especially Friday night. Only put in a couple hours each
night due to being "home alone" with the boys(ages 3 and 5) for the weekend as
the xyl was out of town. That fact, combined with me having a headcold and
being a "walking zombie" after 8:00pm each night lately didn't bode well for
this test. Nonetheless, I did get on and played around. After putting the kids
to bed Saturday night...I went to bed. Woke up around 2am and got on the air for
about an hour. Hope things are better on this end during the SSB version!

73 and congrats to all.

Jeff NX9T
Visit it my homepage for shack and antenna info at:
ZF2NT   Single Op HP   628,5002003-01-26 09:56:57
Missing DC, NWT, YT, LB, MB, NB.
NY4T   Single Op LP   17,1202003-01-26 10:00:00
I just put in a few hours to practice calling CQ on CW, a new experience for
Thanks to those who were patient with my slow pace. Man, I thought the
frequency scrums were brutal in phone contests. I was squashed like a bug
numerous times by stations who just started calling on top of me or 1-200
away. What ever happened to QRL? or just ? or even listening to see if the
frequency is occupied?
I guess might makes right when you are running a kilowatt and the other guy is
low power. Anyway, next time, look for me in the nosebleed section. On the
positive side, at least CW stations don't use QRZ for their callsign. I am
they would if their call wasn't locked into their logging program macro.
(Stepping down from soapbox now.)
K9ES   Single Op LP   28,1962003-01-26 10:01:59
CLASS: Single Operator

220 QSOs. 532 QSO points
x 53 Multipliers
= 28196 Claimed score
Station Description: Icom 756 Pro-2 with Writelog / MFJ-492 Keyer
Antenna(s): Shunt Fed Titan 80 ft tower using Dentron AT-160-10 Tuner,
RX 20 ft Coax Loop with Preamp
Operators: Eric Smitt, K9ES
Remarks (Biggest thrill in Contest, funniest story, comments, etc.):
Finally working D4 and CT3. The matching of the tower had serious problems
with high winds blowing the wires around. The AT-160-10 tuner could not hold
SWR down with the wires moving around. The tuner was also getting warm
when SWR went too high. RX Loop could give me only a little RX advantage, but

still could not copy Europeans and most DX showing up on packet cluster.
Contest definitely requires lots of space put up long beverage antennas for
receive. But with 1/3 acre lot in residential area, have to be happy with
antennas I have. 160 Will not ever be a strong band here !!
Club competion: Florida Contest Group




W2VJN   Single Op HP   115,6592003-01-26 10:46:15
Missed NE, ME, DC, VE4, VE8, NB, NL and NF. The high point for me was working 2
European Russians LP on Sunday morning. No Euro was heard direct path.

N4ZR   Single Op HP   12,1692003-01-26 10:52:27
Only on Saturday night. Still no amp for 160, or any receiving antennas, so an
S9 noise level with 400 Hz filter made it tough, and all I had for HP was about
200 watts. Still, made it with PR0F, D4D and CT3KN before I folded. Odd that
no Eu heard, but I didn't make it to their sunrise.
NA4M   Single Op HP   17,1012003-01-26 11:15:28
Enjoyed 6 hrs of casual S & P 'ing in this event - most on Friday night, a bit
Sat AM, and even less Sat. night.

No Europeans or JA's heard whilst I was prowling. Too many non-DX stations
CQ'ing in the 1830-35 slot. I refuse to answer stateside CQ'ers in this slot.
N6ZZ   Single Op HP   68,0052003-01-26 11:36:43
Didn't operate Friday night.

No WAS this year, missed WY and KL7. Very pleased to work both VK6VZ and ZL6QH.
D4B was the lone African. A few South Americans and Caribbean stations made up
the rest of the DX. Couldn't make it to JA despite calling a few for quite
awhile, and never heard more than a trace of Europe.
XE2AC   Single Op LP   49,9682003-01-26 11:40:26
Dspite condx, and urban noise the outcome was better than expected.
N7WA   Single Op LP   21,9422003-01-26 11:48:03
120 watts into a coaxial inverted Vee

First night was a lot of fun. The second night was all reruns
and I went to bed early (?). Big suprise was a VK3 on the first night.
I learned a lot about using attenuation and less RF gain to increase
the radios dynamic range.

Built a short (350') beverage and it was helpful with
a W7IUV pre-amp. However due to lack of time, I connected
the short bev and preamp to the transmitting switch box
and was depending on my ability to remember to switch
out the antenna before tarnsmitting. Yeah.....
I went through 3 transistors before I ran out. :>) Doesn't take
but a microsecond. :>)

I heard a lot of North Americans who didn't hear me. Maybe HP next time.
DX heard but not worked: ZF2, FM5, JA

KG7H   Single Op HP   85,3122003-01-26 12:36:02
Good QSO count for far northern Idaho, but DX count was way off this year.
Not even JA worked and usually I can run them, and no KL7 either. Suspect
polar absorbtion. QSN not worked included ua9ma, ua0, du, vk and PY0F.
New wire vertical is 90 ft high T which is resonant at 1.5 Mhz so fed through
series capacitor. Next project is to improve the beveredge properties. (7 X 500
ft). 80% of volume was first night. I like the new 30 hr rule.
K4MM   Single Op LP   14,6962003-01-26 12:38:27
Part time operation. - Heavy FP&L line noise.
N3BB   Multi-Op HP   51,2202003-01-26 12:40:28
Quiet band conditions. Worked two Europeans. Tnx to YT6T and 9A1A for good
signals and ears. Europe from Central Texas is very difficult. D4B and EA8ZS
were quite loud. VK6VZ was pretty good Sunday morning. ZF2NT was louder than
70% of the USA stations-rock crusher! This band could become addictive.....
N7GP(@W7MCO)   Multi-Op HP   202,4292003-01-26 12:52:47
Thanks for all the Qs, guys and gals. The first night was great. Conditions
were super with the exception of long haul DX. We worked 49 of 50 US states in
the first seven hours. WY showed up about 1200 Z for the WAS in one session.
765 Qs went into the log for the best single night ever for us.

There were not enough stations on the air for the 2nd night. It was SLOW. The
elevated A index took it's toll as everything to the east pretty much shut down
after 0700. Before that we managed to pick up the African counter to complete
WAC. We were unable to work only three mults/DX that we heard; VO1, PR0, and
EA8. Overall, the conditons were such that very few Qs were not completed and
"many over" type Qs hardly existed. The absence of QRN and QSB contributed to
this great statistic.

Minor improvements have been made to the W7MCO station since last year. Photos
of the antennas, and the ops at last year's outing, can be seen at . We will be listening for everyone in the SSB 'test at
the end of February.

73 de Milt, N5IA
W8CAR   Single Op HP   148,0712003-01-26 13:08:55
Strange condx. Never did work a G or F but managed to wrk S5,DL,D4 and carib.
Only one Zl not VK or JA. Sometimes the band was solid and other times QSB took
stations into the noise after calling me with an S9 signal! Lots of fun and the
activity on Saturday seemed better judging by my rates or maybe I just have
becaome a better operator!!!!

P3F(5B4AGN)   Single Op HP   453,6182003-01-26 13:25:22
Just back from holiday, so too many things to do for a serious effort, hence
only 11 hours op time. Good fun and some fair propagation. Noise levels very
high here due to nearby thunder storms.
W4ZV   Single Op HP   401,9402003-01-26 13:29:27
QRT Saturday night (family funeral Sunday). Polar paths were affected by Aurora
and I never heard LA/OH/SM although I did work OZ7YY and RU1A. Mediterranean
countries definitely had an advantage! Missed DC, VO2, VE4, VE6, VY1, VY0 and
VE8. Never heard JA or KL7 Saturday morning. Had several pleasant surprises
call like NP4A, P3F, P40RH, PV8CW, S9SS, XQ6ET and 5B4AGC plus some of the rarer
Europeans. 4L2M was probably the best DX worked (after a great struggle)!
Heard OD5/OK1MU just before his sunrise Saturday but he never even gave me a

Thanks to all and bring on the Solar minima in 2006!

73, Bill W4ZV

P.S. Special thanks to CQ for listening to our inputs about the time limit!
W8JI(W4AN)   Single Op HP   649,8842003-01-26 13:30:53
Many thanks to Tom and Marsha and the dogs for having me. Great hospitality.
Still the most amazing experience for me in contesting is operating from W8JI on

Best conditions I've experienced since operating there the past 4 years, with
the possible exception being the 55 JAs worked in ARRL 160 2 years ago. Still
can't figure out why we never get a real [tm] opening to Japan for this contest.
JA5DQH was at his sunset directly from the west. JA7NI was the only direct JA
QSO. Seems like last year I made my few JA QSOs beaming SW.

Missed VO2, VE4, and VE8.

Worked: A92ZE, XQ6ET, JA7NI, JA5DQH, VK6VZ and others. No LP QSOs.

Clicks seemed better this year, but certainly still a big problem. I felt at a
competitive disadvantage many times when someone with a clicking radio would
show up near by. Noted for clicking were: W5TM (horrible), KT3Y (Phil says it
is a TS-950, so not sure whats up with that one), W4SO, WB9Z (consumed the
better part of 3KC in the JA window this morning.... many thanks), AA4V, N8II,
W5VX, KC1XX, and K4EWG had some kind of big problem as I was hearing him call
EA8ZS 20KC away. There were others of course, but these were the ones than I
ended up next to at one point or another and had made notes of during the
contest. For those of you with Icom 781s who assume your radio doesn't click,
check with K9DX for a fix to your not-broken radio. Thanks for taking the time

No, I'm not operating Sunday night. I rate Super Bowl commercials ahead of
10q/hr 160M contest finish. Thats it for me this season. Back to diapers and
work (when time allows).


Bill Fisher
PA3BAS   Multi-Op HP   173,6732003-01-26 14:24:00
Rig: 600W. full-size vertical with elevated radials, beverage direction USA.
VE3FU   Single Op LP   40,0002003-01-26 14:37:54
TX: 64ft shunt fed tower
RX: 4 Beverages, NE, SE, SW, NW
Rig: TS-950SD, TS-430S (RX only)

I had every intention of putting a full effort into this one, but my rig had
other plans. I started noticing problems with the RX just after the CQWW CW
contest. The RX would randomly go quiet and the S-meter would go full scale -
as if someone cranked the RF gain all the way back. This happened a few times
during the CQ160 contest, but I had a plan - I'd tune to my TX freq with my
TS-430 (RX only - won't TX) and listen on my 40m 4-sqr, which is the farthest
antenna from my 160m transmit antenna. About 2.5 hours into the contest, the
TS-950SD suddenly cut back to 50W. The fan kicked in and I figured it would be
back to 100W in no time. I operated like that for a half hour before deciding
to shut down the rig and doing more damage. It was another 2 full hours before
the 950 would transmit more than 50W. At that point I had about 138 QSOs and 29
States/Provinces. I got back on the air around 0300Z. Again, 2.5 hours later
the 950 cut back to 50W so I decided to pack it in.

I have to either get a better TX antenna or get an amp. I have no trouble
hearing DX - they just have trouble hearing me. Although I didn't spend much
time tuning around, in what time I did I heard KV4, FY, TI, YV, XE, CT3, S5, and
I5. The only DX worked was ZF2NT.

Now to ship my rig off to the repair shop and hopefully get it back before CW

Chris VE3FU / VO2AC
W4HJ   Single Op HP   16,8752003-01-26 14:38:35
Far to many U.S. stations residing in the DX window!!
Thanks to all for the Q's.
K3WW   Multi-Op HP   380,1922003-01-26 15:12:42
Time for the Super Bowl, GO BUCS!
EU seemed pretty good, cant believe I didnt work WY, VE4,VE5,VE6 etc
I think this may be my biggest score, cant wait to count the 10 pointers.

73 Chas K3WW
KI9A   Single Op HP   37,4402003-01-26 15:47:21
I like this contest, but really gets dull without any RX antennas on this city
lot! Did everyone remember that we could operate tonite until 2400z??

73-Chuck KI9A

Inverted L @ 50'
ICOM 746 & Heath SB1000 @ 500w
NO2R   Single Op HP   374,3932003-01-26 16:02:52
First time without packet here.Wish there was a catagory for single op
assisted,would make for some fun in the packet pileups.Big signals from
DF2PY,UA9AT,4L2M and 4X4DK to name a few that really came thru nicely.Had a
severe line noise problem right up to the start of the TEST but sounds like my
"Friends" at Jersey Central Power and Light came thru just in time or the severe
cold we were having played a part in eliminating it.Severe snow noise the last 3
hours so turned off the rig and called it a day.Tnx agn to all who called in,and
many tnx to Steve,W3BGN,the master noise "Sniffer". Pete,NO2R
OL5Q   Multi-Op HP   333,4872003-01-26 16:04:37
S55M   Single Op HP   327,3482003-01-26 16:07:52
FT1000MP+Volodja I.+Inverted V with top 18m over ground.
For the first time i enjoyed pile-up from states on in the morning.
Very happy with the score and thanks to all of you who called me back.
Special thanks to S59KW-Marko who helped me with equipment!!!
I will add some fotos on the web on .
K4WI   Single Op LP   70,0562003-01-26 16:11:16
Condx were really good with quite a few Euro's coming thru. I must get my
beverage back up.. would have made a big difference. So is the DX window dead
and gone or what? Just because the contest sponser says no window doesn't mean
that it isn't there! Thoughts on this?? Missed WY and a few VE's ! Thanks
OZ7YY   Single Op HP   568,9882003-01-26 16:22:04
N5TW   Multi-Op HP   226,0922003-01-26 16:24:27
Band was nice and quiet and we had fun with KE5C and W5TA doing most of the
operating. Antennas - 4 2-way 700 foot long Beverages and Inverted-L 4-square
operated in omni-directional mode 99% of the time. Lost the Alpha 87A during
the first night - first problem with it ever and was barefoot for a couple of
hours. Thanks to K5AB for the use of his AL-1200 which was used for the rest
of the contest. Nice to hear a good bit of DX for this part of the U.S.
Thanks to those who worked us!
KC1XX   Multi-Op HP   709,1502003-01-26 16:25:28
Reasonable condx. Great activity in this one. Great fun. About 325 Europeans
in the log, including a ~100 hour into Europe Friday night.

- Missed DC, VE4, VO2, VY1, VE8
- Worked all mults heard except XQ6ET
- Wireless Ethernet saved the weekend...something to do in the slow hours
- Best QSO was EY8MM
- Band crowded during peak times...all the way up to 1880

- Though the IC-781 may have minor clicks, when you get 100-250 Hz next to
someone and you're 50dB over S9 and the noise floor is S1, you're going to hear
something. :-)

73 es thanks for all the Qs,
The XX Team
K1EP   Single Op LP   12,7362003-01-26 16:28:26
Once again, using my stealth G5RV sloper. Since one end came down in the ice
storms last month, I just draped the end over a scrubby evergreen. Seemed like
there was more activity than in SPTBC. I didn't hear any DX, but that didn't
surprise me. I did hear at least 6 more states than I worked though. Maybe one
day I will be able to put up a real 160 antenna!
W4NTI   Single Op LP   34,5782003-01-26 16:33:45
Friday was way too cold to come out to shack and play. 6 degrees in Alabama
seriously cold. Played on Saturday with great conditions. Had one bad thing
tho. W4YOK played super lid and tried to run me off my freq. Really bad move.
VE3NE   Single Op LP   248,9522003-01-26 16:58:04
My goal was 700 Qs and 250,000 points.
I almost got it, however condx were pretty bad to EU so I am missing the mults
from there. The only EU I heard was I5JVA and I managed to get a few VE3??? from
him but that was it. Before the contest I heard and worked my first UA6 from
home twice in a week and he wasn't weak. Lots of EU too but not in the
To the south however candx were excellent. PR0F was 59+ time to time. Missed
P43P, heard him calling stations back but he never called me...hi
No RX antenna and I don't think I would need it anyway. I would waste my time
chasing all the DX I may hear and they not going to hear my 100w anyway. One of
the highlights was getting a call from FY5KE to my CQ and another to work
This is from the new contest rules:
...but some still complaining. DX window in the contest is good for argument and
confusion only. We should be able to use 160 meters up to 1900 KHz for CW in the
contest otherwise everybody going to be forced to use kilowatts.
Currently low power stations are left out of the whole band plan picture.
Other then that it's fun to work on 160m even from the big city.
See you in the ARRL contest.


Lali VE3NE
N8UM   Single Op LP   112,9052003-01-26 17:18:19
Slept both nights. I like the new 48 hour format. Finally good conditions to
the west. No noise, man made or otherwis...
VE3STT   Single Op LP   115,9382003-01-26 17:18:19
First evening a little noisy (and a little sleepy after a long day at work).
Second evening noise down to 56/57.
Inv-L (w/46ft vertical 3ft from tower, then to a tree) and 150w.
Seemed to be able to work everything I could hear on the L and had to strain
when running to catch some of the calls coming at me. Just need to hear a whole
lot more. Very frustrating hearing others working Europe and other choice DX
and not hearing a sniff!
I smell a summer receiving loop project!!!
KØUK   Single Op HP   76,3102003-01-26 17:26:02
Band was in great shape plus no electric fense or other line noise. QSB was
heavy and some low BC noise but nothing like it has been in the past. Hightlight
was working DX, PY0, FY, FM, KV4, KH6 but no JA's Worked all I could hear but
thanks to those GMCC'er K0FX, K0SX, KV0Q, KI0II and others who came on to work
the old baldheaded guy..PTL and Great going to the OFC members Hi..God Bless,
from bill K0UK
W3EF   Single Op LP   65,0382003-01-26 17:30:58
My first real attempt at this contest. 8 hours was enough for a reasonable
showing; I got on for a few hours each night. Most fun was the run rate of
nearly 200 on Friday about 0400z. Heard a lot of EU I couldn't work, but with a
basic inverted L and low power there was no shame in that! Managed a fair
amount of DX anyway. Missed DC (6 miles from here...will have to operate from
there at some point!), ME, ND, NE(!), NV, MT, LAB, NB, MAN, SK, AB, VY1, VE8. I
have only one beverage (EU) but given the noise levels I used it even for
western USA, with reasonable success.

Maury W3EF
KØOU   Single Op LP   35,8022003-01-26 17:37:45
K4TX   Single Op LP   45,7602003-01-26 17:39:39
100 w
Inv L - Vertical portion 60'w/~10 short radials
160 Mtr Flat top @ 50'- 130' across top. . .ends bent down.
K2AV   Single Op HP   26,2142003-01-26 17:41:18
Station: MP, AL1200, 80m Inv Vee + tuner.
WF3J   Single Op HP   79,8602003-01-26 17:44:14
TS940S, ALPHA 76A, DIPOLE @ 50', N6TR S/W
VE3OSZ   Single Op LP   172,4942003-01-26 17:48:00
The high K index adversely affected propagation on the higher latitude paths -
from Ottawa at least. Propagation was much better to the south.

More QSOs this year, but fewer multipliers: only 2 QSOs with Europe.

Equipment: Drake TR7 at 100 watts; inverted L for TX; one beverage and one
pennant for RX.

The new time limits are fine.
K3NM   Multi-Op HP   153,8602003-01-26 18:34:40
Fun contest worked 65 europeans,7 South America,2 Asia,3 africa,7 Oceania's
not so bad for a phone op. Went to bed at 2:30 Friday night and sleeped till 9
am Sat.But was on Sunday morning. Worke Sundat from 10 till 4 and it started
snowing the static noise was very high here. But like i said it sure was fun.
Thanks for all the Q's

VE3QAA   Single Op HP   264,0202003-01-26 19:10:18
My operating strategy needs improvement. Spent too much time in S&P mode, and
failed to make use of late afternoons when many signals were still coming in.
Conditions seemed good for Eu, altho signals were not strong.
AD8P   Single Op LP   104,3462003-01-26 19:48:06
This began as a part time effort but became a decent one for an old man. Antenna
is an open wire fed 80 meter antenna with the feed point shorted together and
fed against 7 new radials. Boy did those radials make a difference. I had a ball
even if I have old gear...Sherwood C-Line and no amp. If only I had radials for
the other 30+ years I have used this antenna. With no RX antenna I was limited
to what I could hear but did manage to hear KH6DX/m. I was impressed. I missed
from 04:30Z to about 09:30z the first day.
W3GH   Single Op HP   253,1642003-01-26 19:51:06
Couldn't make it past 1:30AM Sunday morning-too slow. Missed sunrise
opening Sunday morning and that was it! Goal was 250K.....
FT1000D-AL1500-Inverted vee at 170' and 80' linear loaded vertical.
half wave 160 dipole at 10' and rotary loop for rx.
NS3T   Single Op LP   31,6712003-01-26 19:52:34
Conditions were certainly much better than the ARRL 160 and Stew Perry - this
time I actually "heard" DX stations rather than just the pileups...

The big highlight was stumbling upon D4B, CQ'ing with no takers - my silly
little vertical in my suburban back yard somehow got him a signal for my first
ever 160 QSO from outside of the US, Canada and Carribean. (Funny how I could
work him, but stations in PA and MD have trouble copying me!) I couldn't raise
the few EU's that I heard (I, G, 9A.) Also couldn't get the attention of
TI and YV.

Instead of buying a new radio, I've been working to improve my antennas
in my cramped back yard - and it seems all the tuning and radial work of the
past few months really paid off. I reached my score from last year on the
first night - and made the same amount of Q's on night #2.

I worked 42 states, including 7 new ones (out west) - WA & ID just couldn't hear
me across the country. D4 and KP2 were my new DX.
Never did hear DC - and it's just five minutes down the street...

Funniest QSO was on Sunday afternoon with NS3X - I'm sure he thought
someone was screwing with him when they kept answering his CQ's
with NS3T!

Next stop, ARRL CW...

73s Jamie NS3T

HF9V vertical w/5 "long" radials (hi)
N9RV   Multi-Op HP   258,4272003-01-26 20:06:18
Quarter wave wire vert, three 880' two-wire beverages,

Thought I might have another op show up, so I turned the packet
box on for this one. It certainly made for a different, and
probably more interesting, contest. Especially since I don't
have the technology for listening with a second RX on the same
band. So I picked up a lot of mults and Q's by picking off the

Conditions on both nights were extremely quiet here, and I think
I did about as well as I could. My 160 xmit antenna here is in a
little bit of a hole. But the tower that supports it keeps growing,
so now it is almost a full sized vertical, which has helped a bit.

Most EU was worked in the pileups -- which were pretty fierce at
times. Had very few come back to CQ's. On the other hand, I
managed some nice answers from SA and KH6. I could hear the EU
coming back to N2NT and others, but not to me!

I didn't have the willpower to take on Saturday night. There were
W/VE's calling CQ about every 400 hz, and many of them had DX underneath
them. So whenever I called the DX, I'd get cussed out by the W/VE
protecting his turf. I've got a pretty thick skin, but after two or
three hours of that I had about had it. I don't think the abandonment
of the window made this a better contest, sorry. If you're loud enough
to get DX answers to your CQ's, I am sure you didn't miss it, but it
was sorely missed here.
WA1Z   Multi-Op HP   119,6862003-01-26 20:07:40
Multi-op-High-Power-Not-Really -- ran 100W. I guess we like to be a small fish
in a large ocean!

Used a 1/4-wave Inverted L and tried a low-to-the-ground horizontal full-wave
loop for receiving which worked out surprisingly well! It was no 1100-foot
beverage, but it had noticeable S:N improvement over the L. It certainly helped
pull out some Europeans we couldn't hear that well on the L.

Dad, Bob NE1I, and I have had a tradition of doing this contest together since I
was a kid as NE1I/KA1BAM. Now keeping the tradition going at my station!

So how do you have fun in CQ 160 as a Multi-op with no linear in the same state
as such world-class stations & ops like Team KC1XX?

1. We beat our own numbers from previous years (we crushed them this year)
2. Dine on steak and wine on Saturday afternoon before sundown
3. Plenty of cold beer in the fridge
4. XYL moves to in-laws for the weekend (really, she did!). Ah, the peace and
serenity....albeit temporary.... ;)

Bob, WA1Z

c-ya on SSB, such that it is...
N6WG   Single Op QRP   18,9002003-01-26 20:09:35
Condx were much better this year. My improved TX vertical let me work more
stations, but I think I'm nearing the limit on TX antenna development, though.
My noise level was lower this year so I heard more stations, and I worked almost
everything I heard.
Actually worked some DX this year--KH6, FM, PJ and ZF. I know these
are sort of beginner DX contacts, but a big deal to me. Also picked
up three new states toward QRP WAS--PA, MD and SC. I'm now at 44/40.
My best outing to date, and my 4th since "discovering" top band after
47 years of hamming. A really big improvement in QSOs, mults and
score. Had to pull two all-nighters to do it, though. I'm looking
forward to next year, plus any other contests with 160m cw activity.
73, Bob N6WG
K1GU   Single Op HP   140,7202003-01-26 20:39:17
Lots of fun, and this time DX! Thanks to all. Inv L, TS-850, Centurion KW,
K1TO   Single Op HP   210,0362003-01-26 20:58:06
Discovered too late on Friday that one half of my inverted vee was lying in a
tangled mess on the ground, due to high winds and cold wx that morning. So,
with an antenna that "resonated" at 2150 KHz, alsmot packed it in, but decided
to run low power the first night - operated for 6 hours and made 247 QSOs. Even
had D4B pull me out of the mud once nobody else was calling.

Fixed the vee on Saturday, and re-erected short Beverages to the N and NW to
supplement the existing European Beverage. With rx signals 20-30 dB louder,
operated 9 hours Sat night, this time with an amp on, producing 532 more QSOs,
including a fair number of Europeans.

Brought the portable TV into the shack and operated the last 45 minutes while
watching the Super Bowl, adding 31 more Qs, including GU4YOX, to the log. Heard
an LA station, the only Scandinavian heard here all weekend.

Although I thought the Beverages allowed me to hear quite well, several DX
packet spots indicate otherwise. Can't claim any local thunderstorm noise this
time around. Hope I wasn't too much of an alligator.

Mult-wise: Never heard WY, DC or KL7. Heard VA5DX only the first night when my
tx signal was impotent. Never heard VE4, although I see that others missed it,
too. Highlight was having RN6BN and 4X3A answer within a 3-minute span. YO2LDC
was surprisingly loud, too. Also heard on the 1st night - 5B4AGC, P3F, Z36W,
EA6IB, a CT1, ZL6QH (and dozens of unworked Europeans).

Most who encroached on my run freq were cordial about moving and apologized -
with one notable exception.

Some terrific scores out there - congrats. With sunspots going down, down,
down, I suppose that the scores will keep going up, up, up.

Now that Tampa Bay just won the Super Bowl, we won't be able to get any real
news on the local channels here for a while!

73, Dan
WT9U   Single Op LP   43,3652003-01-26 21:04:33
Still having troubles with the sloper, cold wx related.
N6RO   Single Op HP   179,6642003-01-26 21:11:45
This was a 'limited SO2R' operation (listen on two RX in-between CQs)
with FT1000MP, Alpha 76, Wire 4 Square, Beverages

Worked all states but missed DC LB NB NF NT. Tnx to VY1JA for YT.

Heard traces of CT3 EA8 YV CE, not a whisper from EU in northern CA

Continent List 160 CQWW CW N6RO 2003
USA calls = 696
VE calls = 42
N.A. calls = 12
S.A. calls = 3
Euro calls = 0
Afrc calls = 1
Asia calls = 2
JA calls = 54
Ocen calls = 11

Total calls = 821

Soap: An interesting weekend. Had my best all-time QSO & MULT totals, and top
rate (93/hr @04Z Fri), but not best score due to QSO points lacking from low JA
total (47 JAs Saturday morning, 7 on Sunday. However after 12Z the JA opening
went away.) In contrast, I had 108 total JAs in 1998 when I topped 200K points.
Despite missing two hours of prime time on Friday night, I had 100 more Qs than
previous (~600) by Saturday sunrise, due to good Friday condx. I thought this
one might be a personal best until Saturday night. The band returned to its
current normal condx, with rapid, deep fades and no consistent long skip.

The new rules may have escaped some of the long time participants in this test.
I somehow caught the new hours rule in an NCCC reflector posting. I got on in
the last ten minutes at 2350Z (1.5 hours before sunset) and heard the east
coast, but had worked all heard. CQd and got two more QSOs in CO and CA. I
think this change might be a bonus for the East coast as the band has not yet
opened in the west. Also good for EU, but that doesn't affect us. They have
their own separate contest, with only a few big guns in the northeast US able to
penetrate the 'curtain'

For me, this was the first topband contest of the season without serious rain
static or power line noise. There was an intermittent S7 noise to the SE. I
guess that's why I missed some active South Americans. However, FM5GU and ZF2NT
were louder than most Texans for much of the test. I feel that the trend will
be up for the next few years. By 2006, we might have TWO nights of good
propagation, and an EU opening in northern CA during a 160 contest! Thanks for
the Qs, N6RO
KU1CW   Single Op HP   132,4952003-01-26 21:38:33
RX antenna is coming next season,so sorry for the ones I did not hear..
VK3IO is a best signal from down under... No EU or JA's.(?)
Thanks everyone for the Q's.
73! Alex KU1CW.
K2UOP   Single Op HP   173,6642003-01-26 21:41:32
NO I did not have a special call for the contest as per my first
entry.(K21UOP)OOPS! My mind and body are just not working yet. hi hi Motor
skills have shut down for a while.
LY2OX   Single Op HP   101,0202003-01-26 22:15:52
Just checked in for few hours.US signalas were not too strong:just W8JI peaked
s7 at sunrize.W2GD was most stable sig for long time.K4JA and KC1XX were also
readable for a while.Strange that regular correspondents ,like K3WW were not
Alpha Delta halfsloper appex 16 m.
2 unterminated beverages 150 m.
WQ5L   Single Op HP   56,0482003-01-26 22:38:21
300 watts (approx) to inverted vee.

Seemed like a completely different band than we had for ARRL 160, Stew Perry,
and NAQP. Friday night was really fun, with several Europeans audible, and West
Coasters loud loud. 9A1P and EA2LU/p stood out among the EU signals.

DX worked: XE FM PJ2 D4 KP2 EA SP ZF2 9A I YV V3 KH6
Stateside never heard: DC MT ND WY

73, Ray WQ5L
9A6C   Single Op LP   96,9922003-01-26 22:52:15
Rig: Ts930s barefoot
Ante: Half-sloper fed at 9 m agl

Highlites: being called by K3ZO, W4SO and A61AR
Lowlites: being too old and having no decent antenna for serious competition.

First, I wanted to compete all the way. No matter the relatively low antenna for
top band, I did OK enough on the first nite (285 q, 51 mpl). But instead of
getting a decent sleep before the Night 2, I slept for 2 hours only, and crashed
after three hours of operating (I believe two of them were totally
unproductive). I felt bad because conditions were fine and I managed to work
some DX with my humble setup. W1FJ was the strongest USA on my S meter, but the

"Best Ears Award" goes to all who heard my tiny signal and responded with
report. It doesn't matter much now, but I tried to break CT3FN pile-up on
several band tours, but it just wouldn't crack.

I hope these lines will encourage someone with lowsy antenna like mine to
participate next year, have fun and share it with us all.

73 Gogo 9A6C
LY1YK   Multi-Op HP   296,7752003-01-26 23:03:52
ZL6QH   Multi-Op HP   98,4302003-01-27 01:32:18
We got off to a great start with excellent USA and JA runs on Saturday
evening. It looked like we would easily beat our record of 99,450
points in 2000. Unfortunately the favourable conditions did not last
- the Sunday morning short path opening to Europe was poor and Sunday
night/Monday morning was really hard work in all directions. Around
75% of our QSOs were in logged the initial 3 hours on Saturday night.

Equipment: FT1000MP + TL922 + CT logging

Antennas: 200m inverted vee long wire (40m AGL at highest point),
160m semi-horizontal long wire (sloping from 20m to 40m AGL), half delta
loop (40m AGL at top corner). We also used vee beams (300m legs) and a
terminated rhombic for receiving.

Here is our QSO breakdown by continent

QSOs Percent
North America 139 66.5
South America 0 0.0
Europe 10 4.8
Asia 39 18.7
Africa 0 0.0
Oceania 21 10.0

The lucky Europeans were ES5Q, RK4UWR, LY3UM, RW4PL, RN6BN, RN6AX, HA8DU,
UA4LCH, RU1A, and UA6LV. The UA4LCH and RU1A stations had the strongest
signals on Monday morning. We could hear plenty of other weak Europeans
but they could not hear us!

In addition to the Europeans we were also pleased to catch JT1CO, VU2HD,
N4BQW/KH9, ZF2NT, WH0V and DU9/N0NM.

The extension of the contest to 48 hours is appreciated - we now have
the opportunity to work two sunrise windows like everyone else!

We also support the move to reduce the operating period for multi-op
stations. Furthermore, we would like to see another category with say a
maximum of 10 hours. This category would encourage entry from operators
who do not have the time to operate the full contest or just want to
have some fun with the enhanced propagation around sunset/sunrise times.

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs, CQ Magazine for the BEST 160m contest
and the Wellington Amateur Radio Club for the ZL6QH Quartz Hill station


Brian ZL1AZE, Wilbert ZL2BSJ
N4PSE   Single Op LP   30,4152003-01-27 03:58:42
Major S&P! Not one answer to CQ- gotta do some antenna work!
KØTV   Multi-Op HP   267,7442003-01-27 04:44:52
Great conditions! Blew away last year's score.

The transmit antennas were not working as well as I think they should. We'll
work on them. The Steerable Wave Antennas heard lots more stuff than we could
work. When the transmit antennas are up to snuff again, we'll kick butt. Very
nice to be called by a VK. We could be heard to the west, but the Europeans
seemed to have some trouble. Some of them could hear us OK, but we are thinking
of sending some Beverage kits off to Europe!
N6MU(@N6NB)   Single Op HP   64,3842003-01-27 07:09:27
Couldn't get away Friday so only operated Saturday night. 73...

John, N6MU
W1CEK   Single Op QRP   18,9902003-01-27 08:05:35
Thanks to all who took the time to dig my QRP signal out of the noise.
PJ2X   Multi-Op HP   1,128,8162003-01-27 08:58:09
Three ops had a great time from PJ2. Contesting with a great stn (PJ2T) with
all its goodies and rx antennas we constructed. And warm wx, too!

Condx good to USA with an usually high QSO total from here. But EU wasn't so
good for us with weak QSB signals both nites.

Brite spots were having EY8MM call us, along with two VKs and 7 JAs the second

We couldn't seem to be heard by EA8, 4X, OH0 and DU9. We called....

Tks for the many who took the trouble to call us.
K4JA(K4MA)   Single Op HP   491,0642003-01-27 09:03:18
Thanks for Paul, K4JA, for the chance to operate this contest from his fine

Best DX worked: 4L & VK6.
Juicy DX that called in: 5B, 4X, & A9.

Congrats to W4AN at W8JI for another awesome effort.

73, Jim K4MA
KX7L   Single Op QRP   2,6402003-01-27 09:04:42
Condx seemed much better than Stew Perry. Thanks to all the
good ears! I needed to send surprisingly few repeats.
K9DX   Single Op HP   341,8482003-01-27 09:56:58
The contest started out great ...500 qso's in the first 5 hours. Then when it
came time to run Europe, it wasn't there. Only hunt and peck through the CQs.
Only one JA was heard and worked. Thanks to the Europeans that pulled me
John K9DX
VE3SS   Single Op LP   27,4742003-01-27 10:21:10
Used an Icom 765 running 100w into an 80m sloper using a tuner.
Had alot of fun with this partial effort. Thanks to all who heard
and worked me! 73 Ted VE3SS
KØFX   Single Op LP   31,7622003-01-27 10:24:34
Equip: TS-930S and ramdom wire sloper.
K8MR   Single Op HP   26,4202003-01-27 10:29:52
I'll leave it to the serious guys to decide if the 48 hour format is an
improvement, but I as a hack around part timer I did find it fun to combine the
Super Bowl with a radio contest. I had 39 of my qsos after the kickoff.
K7RE   Single Op LP   68,7882003-01-27 10:33:17
Worked for 10 hours and 45 minutes. I find
that I am at the wrong age for 160M. I
am too old to have the energy to stay up
at night, and too young to suffer from
insomnia. Seriously, it was great fun.
I worked all states but RI and AK,
and almost missed WY, 7 miles away
from this QTH! I only worked 3
countries, all in the Caribbean.
I am very happy with my 45 foot high
top loaded vertical. Looks like
next time I need to seriously
consider a DXpedition to WY.
I will QSL 100% with your SASE.
W2XL   Multi-Op HP   232,3152003-01-27 10:38:17
Best ever for me in this contest, Was worried about loss of DX window, but it
seemed to work out OK without it.
N4PN   Single Op HP   276,4202003-01-27 10:43:24
Personal best ever in this contest....Got out more radials under the short
(70') linear-loaded vertical and seemed to make a difference...Condx first
night were about as they get here in Florida but second night way down.
Worked one new country for DXCC - Z36W.
Caribbean - 6
Central America - 9
South America - 9
Africa - 3
Asia - 2
Oceania - 4
Australia - 3
New Zealand - 1
Europe - 50

W4AN @ W8JI - More than I can comprehend!! Unbelievable!! Congrats!!

73, Paul
W4MYA   Multi-Op HP   311,2482003-01-27 10:45:03
Had class Saturday and Sunday 8:30 AM till 5PM so just part time effort.
Still have a good time in this one!!
Thanks for the Q's..
Take care
ZC4DW(GØDEZ)   Single Op LP   40,7752003-01-27 11:05:25
First night better; almost all QSOs coming in first 2 hours, second night hard
work with low power, poor antenna, and local thunder storms.

Good fun to give out a few ZC4 mults to the deserving, who battled to hear this
weak top band signal. Phil, your callsign G4OBK locked up my Writelog and I
to reboot! Sorry for delay in my exchange!

Inverted-L (30 feet up, 60 feet horizontal)

Didn't have transport over the weekend, (car in garage), so missed out
on using my vastly better V-Beam.
N4RV   Multi-Op HP   315,1802003-01-27 11:10:18
Very enjoyable contest, especially since Hal, N4GG did 90% of the operating...
Band condx quite good and band noise very low this year.
Jack, N4RV
K1NK   Single Op LP   104,3702003-01-27 11:42:10
Conditions are getting better. I worked more stations in Fl and TX than in any
other 160 test in the last 10 years. Signal levels were up on all stations on
the west coast. Getting response to my cqs from w6s and w7s really energizes the
late nights. The Carib stations were very strong, but EU was very light and hard
to work without beverages and high power.

Missed DC, WY, LAB, MB, SK, AB, YT, NWT.

Key clicks were not as bad this year. I think the word about the FT1000 mods is
getting out. The few stations that are still clicky really stand out.

The new time format worked out great, and the DX window was fine.

I wish I didn't have to work on Friday. I just run out of gas in the wee

Thanks for digging me out of the noise.

Jim - K1NK
WD5R   Multi-Op HP   200,5722003-01-27 12:38:33
Since I don't do cw contests I had to go looking for a couple hired hands to put
my station into the CQ160. Found two old guys, KV5D and N5ECT, that were willing
to work for food.
If they don't learn to S/P and use the spotter I'm going to be looking for
younger guys next cw contest.
In meantime, I'll CU in the ssb's.

Marlene, WD5R
FM5GU   Single Op HP   825,5072003-01-27 12:41:28
It had not rained for 6 weeks and the soil was like blocks of concrete with
enormous cracks, not the best for the efficiency of vertical antennas. So, as a
joke, I asked my wife Christne to pray for the rain. It did not only rain, it
poured water, and now I am terrified: she is REALLY a witch !
Not really good propagation, but good reception conditions. Had a lot of fun. I
thank all those who gave me a report, they have participated to my effort! And
sorry for all those who called me unsuccessfully, we will do better next time
See you next year !

Audios extracts and technical details on my web site
WB6BWZ   Single Op QRP   14,2922003-01-27 12:51:55

Second CQ-160-CW for this contest newbie.

2003: 14,292 pts (184 Q, 33 St/Pr, 3 DX)
2002: 1,184 pts ( 37 Q, 16 St/Pr, 0 DX)*

*QRP with 73-ft top endfed Inv-L up 40 ft in trees

Best DX: FM5GU (2000 mi, 400 mi/watt)

Nominal 160M coverage for my setup (QRP with "NVIS" stealth antenna) has been
1000 miles; 2000 miles in this contest.

DX: ZF2NT (1000 mi), PJ2X (1800 mi) and FM5GU (2000 mi). Thanks for being my
first thru third CQWW-160 DX (CW or SSB).

State/Province outer limits: NH, ON, MN, NE, TX & FL.

Could not get Arizona and New Mexico to answer me. They were the only western
states I could hear.

Yaesu FT-817 QRP xcvr, 5 watts to 5-MHz OCF 28-ga insulated wire stealth antenna
up 40 feet in trees next to I-75 in downtown Atlanta industrial area. SGC SG-237
autotuner. WriteLog 10.38d for logging; no CAT interface.

--Matt, WB6BWZ
K7SV   Single Op LP   146,9522003-01-27 13:48:46
Well, with l/p and an inverted L, it seems that my ability to hear is pretty
much on par with my ability to be heard so building some pennants or K9AY
specials for receive might not be productive. The band was certainly better than
it has been for the past few contests. Just as in the NAQP cw contest, signals
from the west coast including WA and VE7 were LOUD! Heard a few Eur that I
couldn't work. Heard signs of a VE4 and VE6 but never got the full call. Didn't
hear anything from MT or AK. Heard someone working WG7Y in WY but couldn't hear
WG7Y. I seem to be heard pretty well from the west, so maybe a loop in that
direction would be productive next year! A blast as always. Thanks for all the
WØUO   Single Op LP   128,1552003-01-27 14:08:26
I like the new hours. Wish conditions had been better to Europe and JA, but
otherwise no complaints.
W1ECT   Single Op HP   256,4682003-01-27 14:33:28
During the contest I didn't get the feeling that there was a lot of DX coming
through but now that I've done the paperwork I find that this was my highest
country count for a 160m contest. I picked up 5 new ones and if I can get cards
from each of these (plus the others I have outstanding) this will bring me to
DXCC for 160 meters.

Did pretty well on the states as well - missed ID, MT, and NE. Got all the
VE1's except Labrador (my first QSO was with PEI) but didn't hear anything from
VE4, 5, or 6.

I initially set a goal of 750 QSOs but as Saturday evening was turning to Sunday
morning I decided that maybe 800 would be a nice round number. Should have
stopped at 750 since it took two hours to get those next 50 QSOs - lots of
dupes, no one on I hadn't worked, and the conditions to the mountain/pacific
time zones seemed to drop out.
K4RO   Single Op HP   127,3002003-01-27 14:53:01
Limited amount of operation during a busy weekend.
European stations were answering my CQ's on Friday night.
Never had that happen on 160 meters before! Fun while
it lasted. No JA worked, though JA1HQT was easy copy
this morning (Monday.)

-Kirk K4RO
K5GO(N5OE)   Single Op QRP   61,3762003-01-27 15:08:00
Thought the band was in really good shape and there were a lot of very good
operators during this contest. Had a great time and will certainly work this one
again next year. I was using a Ten Tec Omni6+ with a shunt fed tower. Thanks for
all the contacts, and good luck to all!!
K9AY   Single Op HP   65,6752003-01-27 15:44:08
Too bad I couldn't operate the entire contest -- too many other things going on
this weekend.
VE9WH   Single Op LP   8,1122003-01-27 15:57:32
Just trying to get my cw warmed up.
N2NT   Single Op HP   453,4922003-01-27 16:57:22
Very interesting contest. The band was very quiet here but signals were not all
that strong from EU. Only for a few brief periods there was a burst of runs,
with some strong signals.
After 3 years of putting it off, I finally put the last part of my 4 square
together. 4 inverted L's in the trees work MUCH better than any other antenna I
have ever had at home. If I put some more radials down, it should really play!
Thanks to Peter WW2Y for the inspiration to put it up. Using his array for years
at his QTH really shows what a properly designed antenna can do. However I
really have so much F/B on that thing that nobody hears me off the back. I think
the QSO total would have been a bit higher if I had a more omni antenna.
I see why N5TW had the Omni mode added to his 4 square!

The first time in a long time where I felt loud enough to work what I could
hear. Last year 25% would CQ in my face, this year only a few.
Still not as loud as the big boys, but that won't ever happen at my home QTH.

210 ten pointers, 185 european...
Best DX: A61AR, A92ZE,4X4DK, S9SS, VK6VZ, PY2FUS all called in.
Found 4L2M, OH0R,ZL6QH (very loud).
Other loud were D4B, YT6T, S55C, ON6AA, DF2PY stand out in my memory. Seemed
like S5 QSO party for a while, the band was full of Slovenia :)
Hardest to work: EA6IB, UA2FZ (Igor I called you for a long time!), LY1YK.

Congrats to JI/Bill Fisher for an amazing score. Also K4JA and AA1K.
The multi op battles were interesting too, nice job by XX, FJ and GD.
Always a big competition here for the multi top spot.

73, Andy N2NT
LY7Z(LY2TA)   Single Op HP   554,0922003-01-27 17:02:52
Continent List

160 ALL
--- ---
USA calls = 54 54
VE calls = 5 5
N.A. calls = 3 3
S.A. calls = 7 7
Euro calls = 895 895
Afrc calls = 3 3
Asia calls = 52 52
JA calls = 2 2
Ocen calls = 0 0

73! Andy LY2TA
K4OAQ   Single Op HP   235,1382003-01-27 17:50:15
Many tks to Tom, K2UOP, for loaning me an UNUN to match my inv L, without which,
I wud have been low powering it agn. I vote to re-institute the window. My
apologies to the few guys I suggested to QSY from the non-existent window. Also,
is it too late to change my vote on the contest period?
N3UM   Single Op HP   140,4542003-01-27 18:09:44
Goal is always to beat my last year's score, and I did that - by 40%!
Conditions good to EU early AM UTC Sat., to SA Sun. AM, and to USA
west both nights. Last year I was glad to work 24 countries, but this
year worked 31, including 8 new ones - unexpected, since I had 51 on
160 before the contest. Missed only UT, WY, and ND out of the 48, but
never heard MB, SK, AB, or BC - surprising. Looking forward to '04.
K4SAC   Single Op LP   17,8362003-01-27 18:19:38
Rig : TS-940S
Antennas : Top loaded Inverted L 45' up on 160

Soapbox : Since I moved in my new house, I have been fighting with power company
to fix leaky insulators on power lines near my house, fighting s9 +20db line
noise. Just missed making a clean sweep, missing WY and SD. Didn't hear either
one on.
K5NZ   Single Op HP   63,9602003-01-27 19:09:42
Only had time for a few hours Friday night. Condx sounded very good even had a
few EU's call in!

WA7LNW   Single Op HP   135,7232003-01-27 19:55:32
Best ever CQWW 160 CW score for me. Big thank you to everyone who stumbled
across my signal and gave me a contact.

It's getting harder and harder for me to stay awake all night during these 160
meter contests! Anyone else sharing this challenge?!

Have enjoyed operating 160 meters from New Mexico this winter. Pleased with the
performance of my simple helium balloon supported elevated 1/4 ground plane and
600 ft. beverage antenna systems during contest weekends.

Station: FT-1000MP, AL-80B amplifier, NA 10.53 logging software

73's de Jack, WA7LNW/5
Edgewood, New Mexico (30 miles east of ABQ)
YU1ZZ   Single Op LP   215,6002003-01-27 22:06:37
73`s Milan,YU1ZZ
S5ØA   Single Op HP   551,9222003-01-27 22:44:01
Condx generally poor, except Saturday morning when band opened up for half an
hour and brought 50 US qsos. All the rest was struggling with high noise and
endless pushing of F1

73 Tine Brajnik S50A
OM7M   Multi-Op HP   678,4002003-01-28 00:07:03
Equipments:FT1KMP 1500W
Antennas: HALF SLOPER,Dipole,Vertical + 5 Beverages 240m(40,100,180,260,330

New contest rules are much better for stations from Central&Eastern EU.
No VK,ZL stations. Missed UK7AW,A61AJ,ZC4DW,ZS6UT,S9SS,AA0RS,N7JW.
OD5/OK1MU   Multi-Op HP   264,3302003-01-28 00:42:09
Ufff, creazy weakend in radio for me - BIG QRN from Beirut city, BIG noises,
poor CONDX - only first 3 hours is solid - and total deaf RX, because my ANT
for TOP is only 34 m short oblique wire - realy this is the worst contest per
year for me - and SURE last CQWW TOP from Lebanon....

Many thanks for ALL QSO, special for new 180 call on TOP band - nw on my log abt
3100 QSO on TOP band - miracle whit my ANT... Last 8 hours in contest only 25
QSOs....TRX is TS940 + PA abt 400W. Not any JA, 6xK and 2xVE. Best signal from
NA is W8LRL, VE1ZZ and VY2ZM of course hi...

Special thanks for some new DXCC for me on 160m - D4,EY,EI and best DX

ALL QSL via OK1TN /OKDX Foundation/. After abt 1 weak more info abt this CQWW
TOP 2003 on my WEB :

Thanks again for ALL QSO and very sorry for my poooooooooor RX...

GL de Pavel, OD5/OK1MU
OK5DX   Multi-Op HP   537,7952003-01-28 01:35:28
OL5Y(OK1FUA)   Single Op HP   58,4642003-01-28 02:04:58
IC-756 + PA 300W, LW 50m @ 15->3m.
Long wire from the window of my flat in Prague city worked nice...
I had problems with listening because of city-noice. About 50 QSOs
only worked byl calling CQ.
RN6BN   Multi-Op HP   622,8962003-01-28 02:40:47
Best DX - W2VJN OR - Long Path

160 Total %

AS 148 148 16.9
EU 609 609 69.4
AF 7 7 0.8
NA 99 99 11.3
SA 6 6 0.7
OC 8 8 0.9

160 Total

4J 1 1
4L 2 2
4X 4 4
5B 2 2
9A 7 7
9H 1 1
9K 1 1
9M2 1 1
A6 1 1
A9 1 1
BV 1 1
CT 1 1
CT3 1 1
D4 1 1
DL 70 70
DU 1 1
EA 9 9
EA6 1 1
EA8 1 1
EA9 3 3
EI 3 3
ER 1 1
ES 4 4
EU 5 5
EX 1 1
EY 2 2
F 2 2
FM 1 1
FY 1 1
G 21 21
GI 1 1
GM 5 5
GU 1 1
GW 1 1
HA 24 24
HB 4 4
HL 3 3
I 14 14
IS 1 1
IT9 2 2
JA 78 78
JT 1 1
JY 1 1
K 86 86
KH0 1 1
KP2 1 1
LA 4 4
LX 3 3
LY 18 18
LZ 8 8
OD 1 1
OE 5 5
OH 16 16
OH0 3 3
OK 73 73
OM 18 18
ON 7 7
OZ 3 3
PA 13 13
PJ2 1 1
PY 2 2
PY0F 1 1
S5 31 31
S9 1 1
SM 14 14
SP 33 33
SV 2 2
SV5 1 1
T9 3 3
TA 1 1
UA 87 87
UA2 4 4
UA9 36 36
UK 1 1
UN 3 3
UR 58 58
V3 1 1
VE 9 9
VK 3 3
VR 1 1
VU 2 2
YI 1 1
YK 1 1
YL 6 6
YO 5 5
YU 14 14
YV 1 1
Z3 2 2
ZC4 1 1
ZF 1 1
ZL 3 3


Ant: 1) 2 x 2el Delta Loop - dir USA-VK6
2) 1el Delta Loop - dir JA-SA
VA3DX   Single Op LP   48,7852003-01-28 03:32:47
OHØZ(OH5DX)   Single Op HP   117,0002003-01-28 04:27:24
A short visit to the Aland Islands mainly to check that everything's OK at the
antenna farm. Operated the first five hours only, then had to catch a ferry to
the mainland.
See you in the ARRL CW.

Ari, OH5DX (ex OH1EH)
I2WIJ   Single Op QRP   20,9052003-01-28 05:22:29
I did it again, after my last year first try on 160, and
I used for the first time the N1MM Logger.
It was always quite surprising each time the other station came back to me.
Despite my very poor aerial, a long (or short, abt. 35 mt) piece of wire,
up at about 25 m AGL, and a tuner, I had fun, and my best satisfaction
has been to almost having the qso with VY2ZM !!! at the end of the contest,
when he got almost my callsign I2RIJ (sigh!!) and, in the QSB,
I never heard his report, even if I'm 100% sure he never sent it to me.
No, you are not in my Log my friend, even if it would have been a very
sweet cherry on my cake!
Great, anyway.
Thanks to all those who spent a lot of time and ??? to pull me out.
I surely had to be very weak out there!.

Bob, I2WIJ.
OH1MM   Single Op HP   320,8102003-01-28 05:24:03
Station Description:


Multiplier List:


4J 4L 4X 5B 9A 9H 9K CT CT3 D4 DL EA EA6
GU4YOX   Single Op LP   305,5962003-01-28 05:30:42
A long weekend with endless noise here. Congratulations to those that made it
across the pond with GU4YOX it wasn't easy ! I didn't think I was going to make
that many contacts, but GU must be wanted still by many on 160M. Only too
pleased to provide ....

An enjoyable weekend overall.


W8BAR   Multi-Op HP   202,1402003-01-28 06:39:05
More QSOs than last year, but fewer multipliers than our best year. Only W1TO
portion of score is for YCCC.
LZ8T(LZ2CJ)   Single Op QRP   9,5002003-01-28 06:53:13
After a planned "top band" barbeque has to be postponed for CQWW 160m SSB due to

all ops ( LZ1ZD,LZ1UQ,LZ2FV,LZ2JE) having other important commitments for this
weekend I decided to have some fun alone :-((((.
Tuned my 80m Delta Loop ant with my IC 706MKII and realized I can get abt 3-5
watts out in the air on 160m. City noise added to the torture I have chosen
myself :-))). Anyway it was a great satisfaction when I have got few guys
getting my call after sending it just one time - OH0Z, S50A,M2D.
Heard A61AR,P3F,ZC4DW, EA6IB,4X3A plus countless EUs who never realized I was
calling them :-)))).
Most of the QSOs were a great strugle here. So, never QRP again on 160 in CQ
160m contest :-(((.

See you all in SSB part of CQ 160m contest next month if we can get the crew

73's de Wally LZ2CJ ( LZ8T)
S57UN(@S52ZW)   Single Op HP   280,1502003-01-28 07:08:29
RIG:TS-850S + 700 W


YZ7A(@YU7JDE)   Multi-Op HP   431,6132003-01-28 07:40:44
Drake TR7, 800 W amp, full size vertical, beverage for USA and JA
WØOR   Single Op HP   100,4062003-01-28 07:43:02
First time in this contest. Lots of fun, lots of noise, ears ringing! While
I've been contesting off and on for many years, this season is the first time
I've tried 160 in anything approaching a serious effort. The noise was
deafaning in my location; next year a beverage has to be added, for sure. Glad
thear KV4FZ and the other Caribbean stations. Only heard one European, a CT,
but couldn't work him. I think you guys in the East and SE have a big advantage
over those of us in the upper midwest "black hole."
NF4A   Single Op LP   9,1762003-01-28 07:51:09
Vy part-time effort (deer hunting)...surprised how well the 80 meter dipole and
feed line worked as a long wire on 160.
KIØII   Single Op QRP   1,0222003-01-28 08:33:14
Enjoyed just over an hour of the contest on Saturday morning. Good conditions
and good Ops makes it a pleasure. Thanks!

Awesome performance by K5GO(N5OE).
AA1K   Single Op HP   547,0462003-01-28 09:48:24
Congrats to W4AN and W8JI!

Some fantastic conditions to Europe both nights. They seemed to come in waves.
The first night we could hear weak European signals on and around our frequency
almost from the opening bell -- they all were working each other, while we had a
good run of North American stations (129 first hour, 119 second hour). At 0225z
I heard 4X3WN, louder than any Europeans, call someone just off my frequency,
but I couldn't get his attention. DJ2YA was the first Eu in the log, at 0234z,
followed quickly by P3F -- who was very loud. Then a lull until OM7M, S57M and
DJ4AX called in in quick succession at 0307z. LZ2DF, who had been CQing just
below my frequency for quite a while, finally pulled me out at 0354z. The band
took another dip til 0K2WM popped in at 0425z followed by DJ0MDR, RN6BN, Z32AU,
F5LQ, CT1FJK, F5NV, OM3IAG, G4OBK, G0CKP, YT0A and OK1RF spread out over the
next 35 minutes.

The band took another dive, with no DX in the log from 0500z till HG3DX at
0541z, then a 10-minute gap until S59ABC at 0551z, which was when the floodgates
opened. We had a 100+ hour at 0600z, mostly Europeans. A dozen or so others
called in after 0700z, and EI6BT closed the band at 0810z. PR0F had called in at

A YV, PJ2, KP4 and a couple of KH6 stations broke up the doldrums of the next
few hours. We heard stations next to us working KL7J and ZL6QH but never heard
either all weekend. Wyoming gave us our last of the 48 states, but no sign of DC
all weekend.

The fireworks started earlier the second night, with many small waves, with
PA3KT, CT3 and D4 in the 22z hour, four Europeans in the 23z hour, 14 in the 00z
hour, 11 at 01z, 7 at 02z (when I heard EY8MM for half an hour but couldn't
raise him!), 34 at 03z (with 4L2M and 4X3A calling in back to back at 0351z,
with both much louder than any of the Europeans), 12 at 04z, 21 at 05z, and 24
from 0600-0630z, when the band seemed to fold. Only three other Europeans
squeaked through from 0630-0746z. A YV and a PY also made it in the log in this
period. More doldrums for the next few hours, a few Western US/Canada stations
but no Pacific DX until two VKs worked at 1200z, 15 minutes before sunrise

Only one European worked in the last 2.5 hours of the contest Sunday night,
ON6AA. Heard many others but almost all were dupes.

Missed VO2, VE4, VE5, VY1, VY0, VE8 -- and D.C. Maybe I'll take the mobile rig
down to the capital next year!

Noise first night was nonexistent, and only very low-level QRN the second night
for a few short periods.

2 point QSOs: 963
5 point QSOs: 60
10 point QSOs: 249

Breakdown (NA stopped counting at 1600z Sunday!)
UTC 160 rate total
22Z 0 0 0
23Z 0 0 0
00Z 129 129 129
01Z 119 119 248
02Z 96 96 344
03Z 64 64 408
04Z 88 88 496
05Z 58 58 554
06Z 101 101 655
07Z 64 64 719
08Z 43 43 762
09Z 25 25 787
10Z 25 25 812
11Z 16 16 828
12Z 14 14 842
13Z 0 0 842
14Z 0 0 842
15Z 0 0 842
16Z 0 0 842
17Z 0 0 842
18Z 0 0 842
19Z 0 0 842
20Z 0 0 842
21Z 1 1 843
22Z 16 16 859
23Z 15 15 874
00Z 31 31 905
01Z 32 32 937
02Z 24 24 961
03Z 56 56 1017
04Z 34 34 1051
05Z 33 33 1084
06Z 45 45 1129
07Z 15 15 1144
08Z 14 14 1158
09Z 11 11 1169
10Z 15 15 1184
11Z 16 16 1200
12Z 19 19 1219
13Z 0 0 1219
14Z 0 0 1219
15Z 0 0 1219

N America: 970 970 (79%)

S America: 7 7 (0%)

Europe: 231 231 (18%)

Africa: 3 3 (0%)

Asia: 3 3 (0%)

Oceania: 5 5 (0%)

Mult QSOs

CT 22
MA 32
ME 5
NH 18
RI 6
VT 9
NJ 45
NY 50
DC --
DE 4
MD 27
PA 60
AL 16
FL 39
GA 22
KY 11
NC 38
SC 13
TN 38
VA 45
AR 8
LA 8
MS 9
NM 11
OK 10
TX 47
CA 53
AZ 13
ID 4
MT 2
NV 3
OR 7
UT 8
WA 24
WY 2
MI 37
OH 59
WV 15
IL 52
IN 27
WI 28
CO 15
IA 7
KS 4
MN 25
MO 14
NE 2
ND 2
SD 2
NS 3
QC 7
ON 30
MB --
SK --
AB 1
BC 3
NWT --
NB 3
YT --
NF 2
LB --
4L 1
4X 1
5B 1
9A 8
CM 1
CT 1
CT3 1
D4 1
DL 38
EA 8
EA6 1
EA8 1
EI 2
ES 3
F 5
FM 2
FY 1
G 24
GI 1
GM 1
GU 1
GW 1
HA 8
HB 5
I 9
IT9 1
KH6 2
KP2 1
KP4 1
LA 1
LX 2
LY 6
LZ 2
OE 2
OH 3
OK 32
OM 6
ON 5
OZ 1
PA 8
PJ2 1
PY 2
PY0F 1
S5 18
SM 1
SP 8
SV 1
TI 1
TZ 1
UA 5
UA2 3
UR 3
V3 2
VK 2
XE 3
YL 3
YO 1
YU 11
YV 2
Z3 1
ZF 1

The gear:

FT1000MP with Inrad 250 hz pair and 400hz pair filters, TS940S spotting RX,
4-1000 amp 1.5 KW, MFJ 1025 phasing box.

RX antennas: 14 Beverage antennas, lengths from 450 to 935 feet, some are phased

TX antennas: 100-ft Rohn 25 tower with a 6-meter beam for top loading; series
fed; wire t-shaped parasitic elements to NE/SW make this a 3-el array. Hundreds
of radials on the ground.
OMØWR   Single Op HP   400,9732003-01-28 10:32:47
Rig:TS-850SAT+PA 700W out
Ant:2.el.Delta Loop 76m up
K6LRN   Single Op HP   31,8002003-01-28 12:23:54
Time for better antenna. Been using a 'jury-rig' dipole at about 50'.

FT-1000 MP + TenTec Centurion amp, about 1 kw out.

Single-op, one radio.
EA2LU/P   Single Op HP   321,3822003-01-28 13:28:25
Excellent activity, but poor cndx on Sunday reduced me the possiblity to
make more QSO or new mults.
IT9GSF   Single Op HP   276,6682003-01-28 13:47:19
Good propagation, but worse than days be4, in the first hours of the contest,
with a good pile up of state side stns. Then... QRN with approacing
A problem remains to copy barefoot stations from EU.
I think I need more Beverage's antennas.
The idea was to be QRV from IG9... but the ship to the island was stopped 3 days
because of bad sea. Hope next year to leave the TX antenna (a 9 mts diameter
TXing loop) in the island after the november CQWW.

A very nice surprise was to receive a spot from K1ZM that was copying my signal
at 1923Z from the VY2ZM's QTH with the sun high in the sky (in a post contest
e-mail Jeff reports 579 for my signal!).
Also... a spot by EY8MM that wrote "LOUD" in the evening.... It was very nice
for 500 W... The antenna really works as a full size vertical... and there are
not radials !
The second day I was busy with family affairs, not many QSOs, not possible any
pile-up... and not worked the contest the last 8 hours.

Many thanks to all friends worked... reports about my operation are very well
accepted (I am a neophite on Top Band and need experience).

73 de Fabio, IT9GSF.

IC765 + Motorola commercial transistor amplifier + 9 meters diameter 1 5/8"
copper pipe antenna for 1838KHz and near QRGs + sloper and tower for other

Software: Writelog for windows (tm).

DX de K1ZM: 1826.3 K1TTT 1920Z
DX de K1ZM: 1838.8 IT9GSF 1923Z
DX de RA3AJ: 1829.7 S59ABC 1922Z
KTØR   Multi-Op HP   81,4082003-01-28 13:48:20
Another great contest, Thanks for all the Q's.
WA4PGM   Single Op QRP   70,9772003-01-28 13:55:56
Didn't operate this one? Well you missed some really good conditions Friday
night with slightly degraded on Saturday. I worked CT3, G, FM, FY, KH6, KP2,
PJ2, V3, and ZF with 5 watts! EA2LU/p got my callsign but gave up before we
made contact. Many Europeans was strong, YT6, PR0, HA0, 9A1, LY1,S5, IT9,
IN2, DL0, ON7, YV7, LX5, D4, just to mention some of the DX. Tried to work
V31JP but couldn't bust the pileup only to find V31YN 30 kcs up and worked
him with one call. VA5DX S8 but no QSO. NO VE4, where was VV or GV?

Missed, WY, NE, ND, and AK for 160m WAS, Not a single DC heard, did hear ND
and NE. Worked a few locals like W4MYA, W4DR, K4JA, WK4Y, W4HJ, W4HZ, THANKS!!
Heard activity all the way up to 1890khz.

Equipment used:
Yaesu FT1000MP Field
135' Inverted L @60' through tuner.
CT 9.84.002

Good Luck to all!
W1FJ(@W1KM)   Multi-Op HP   644,0562003-01-28 14:36:34
For the most part, conditions seemed to be better than the SP, but the slow,
deep QSB was also evident. What was clear to us, was that we need to find
another 3-6 dB of receive gain to hear that next level of European stations. We
could hear many calling but just couldn't pull them out of the noise. Many
stations kept trying, and eventually they would peak and we could snag them, but
many seemed to give up before they got the "peak".

Missed States/Provinces: DC, WY, VO2, VE4, VE6, VE8, and VY0.
Best DX: 4L, EY, JY, OD, VK, ZL, S9, A9.

Continent breakdown:
North America CW 859 70.4 CM, FM, HI, KP2, TI, V3, XE ZF
South America CW 9 0.7 FY, P4, PJ2, PY, PY0F, YV
Europe CW 332 27.2 41 countries
Asia CW 8 0.7 4L, 4X, 5B, A9, EY, JY, OD
Africa CW 5 0.4 CT3, D4, EA8, S9
Oceania CW 7 0.6 KH6, VK, ZL

Our best score ever in this test. We basically ended the contest Sunday morning
about 1330; I made another 20 QSOs from home Sunday afternoon before the Super
Bowl. I'm not sure which is more difficult: reschedule this contest for another
weekend, or get the NFL to schedule the Super Bowl on another weekend!

Dennis NB1B
PA5MW   Multi-Op HP   480,8842003-01-28 15:27:34
This is a great contest which requires a lot of effort both from the builders
and operators.
We expected to get it all up and running in just two days, based on the
experience of last years first participation. That's were Murphy caught us :))
First, due to family circumstances we lacked 3 builders and effectively could
only build the station in one day. Secondly the 30ft fiberglass teleskopic rod
on top of the mast bended much more than expected, bringing down the radiation
resistance as the vertical part of the inverted L was compromised. Lunch and
dinner were skipped. Finally we found ourselves still adjusting the TX antenna
out in total darkness and the cold, just 3 hrs before 00.00 UTC. Being out in
the field for some 12 hrs, fatigue also started to set in. Somehow I did not
plug the PL259 correctly to the PA, so while tuning it for the first time the
keyer blew up at T minus 1 hour.
Conditions accros the Atlantic seemed marginal as only a handfull of u.s.
stations were worked during the first night.
The old large double garage building required all of the gas for the hired
heating system in just 7 hours. No new gas was available since the store was
closed during the weekend. We sized down the shack area using carpet, blankets,
laundry, carton boards and just everything we could find. Two quickly aquired
electrical heaters were installed around the operator position to make it
through the rest of the contest. The rest of the weekend went FB.
The second night and final evening showed some moments where there was very
little bandnoise.
The QTH has tremendous good RF ground conditions and this was confirmed when
cracking pile-ups on both close-in and intercontinental distances. On RX we
noticed that after 4 years of experimenting we finally got control of the
beverage. We got to the point where we actually could hear more u.s. stations
than we could work. Many thanks to ON4UN, W8JI and the likes for all the
necessary literature on this subject. All in all we gained some on every
discipline of the complete station setup, but still there are things left to
This years competition was both larger and stronger, which makes it even more
attracting. We will look forward for 2004!
KN4Y   Single Op LP   25,8002003-01-28 16:32:36
Used a 160 meter Bazooka antenna lying across top of pine trees. The trees grew
a half inch taller, I guess that is why I got out better than last year.
S56A   Single Op LP   5,0002003-01-28 17:20:05
9A6XX story of our 9A1P lighthouse operation is at

I returned home on Sunday and gave few points to the dedicated ones.

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU
N8IA   Single Op LP   17,6302003-01-28 17:41:27
Icom 735 100 watts
160M Dipole at 25 feet squeezed into a horizontal "U" configuration on a city

Noise levels were very low, I guess due to the very cold weather. I was able to
work several stations on the West Coast, and have had trouble in the past
working TX & FL on 160, but had 14 QSO's with them this year.

Worked FM5GU the first night at 05Z with a very impressive signal, peaked 20
over 9.


Dave - N8IA
AD6WL   Single Op LP   2,4962003-01-28 17:49:34
260ft dipole up 33ft. Still new to 160 es CW. Limited time.
W4AA   Single Op LP   96,3272003-01-28 19:38:14
Sure wish I had been able to crack 100K. It was very frustrating to
hear/call an additional 2 W/VE mults & 12 DX and several other 5 & 10
point Q's w/o success.
NX5M   Multi-Op HP   20,0342003-01-28 20:10:38
No desire to do a contest. But at least I was able to pass out a few q's.
WØAIH(KØTG)   Single Op HP   159,2532003-01-28 20:12:21
Never heard EU at all.

Missed DC, WY, NB, LAB, NWT, YT, NU

Had a great 7-1/2 hour run at the start of the contest. Just could not break
away from the great rates. Just over 700 Q's the first night.

The band seemed to be in beter condition to the west than it has for a contests.

Could not squeeze out 1000 Q's from the band though.
DL7BY   Single Op LP   50,8132003-01-28 23:10:46
I had only limited time and my goal was a result with 50 mults or 50k points.
Thats done with my tuned windom @10 meters agl and 100 watts in a s5 to
s9-noiselevel. Thanks to OD5/OK1MU, CT3FN, ZC4DW and 9H1ZA, were new ones for me
on 160 m. Only NA-station was VY2ZM, who had a big signal.

73's es best dx Ben
VE9DX   Single Op LP   3,2342003-01-29 02:58:30
I bow my head in shame... Such a poor showing. I heard quite well but just
could not be heard. Maybe it was the 50 watts or maybe it was the fact that I
was using a vertical that was never ment to tune on 160...!
73 Andy
DL6LAU   Multi-Op HP   237,3002003-01-29 03:32:23
Rig: FT1000MP-V with ACOM 2000A and Titanex 160HD vertical (freestanding 26m
tall) - 2 K9AY loops for receive

Next time I definately will have beverages for receiving. The K9AY loops are too
close to the house and pick up too much noise, I could hear not really better on
them compared to the vertical.
Was nice to have Wilf (DJ6TK) operating 50% of the time because I also had to
celebrate my sons 7th birthday over the weekend ...

It was 'bad' to hear a lot of EU's working FY5KE out of their frequency
allocation at 1.807kHz ...


Carsten, DL6LAU
7S7V(SM7VZX)   Single Op LP   95,9642003-01-29 03:48:09
Missed first night.

Very frustrating hearing others working USA and other choice DX
and not hearing a sniff!
YU1WC   Single Op LP   61,3842003-01-29 05:15:08
Rig: FT757GX
Ant: end-fed halfwave, 20->4m

My first CQWW 160. Operated from my apartment in a suburb of Belgrade, with poor
conditions for erecting decent antennas. However, I got much more than I
expected, including a qso with D4B!! Thanks to all for sharing the fun, and see
you again with better antenna, hopefully.

73 Fric YU1WC
Z36W(@Z37M)   Multi-Op HP   462,8082003-01-29 05:38:06
Rig: FT 1000 mp, PA - 500 wats
Ant: Inv Vee dipol and Inv. L

Few hours before the contest we worked more
than 40 JA's, but in the contest 0, HI. First
night condx not to bad but next two, to much
qrn. Thanks for all who call us and see you
in the next one.
VO1HP   Single Op HP   152,6842003-01-29 06:10:44
Conditions on both nights were very good and many very strong signals.
The big negative for me was the number of megawatt east coast USA station
calling endless CQ's in the So called DX window. I thought CQ160 was supposed
to be a DX contest....its starting to sound like another worked all states and
provinces! There were stations like P3F and RW2F being obilterated by the big
guns in the window. Why can't the run stations just stay outside the window so
that DX can run their pileups in the window.??
I had hoped to break 500 Q's in this effort but missed it by a mile because I
gave up in disgust early Saturday night and went to a concert. There was no way
to get away from the endless CQ'ers. This contest years ago used to be
enjoyable and a chance to work a few new ones. The gentlemans band has gone the
way of the Great Auk and its too bad that this last corner of ham radio has been
usurped by the instant gratification drive for a higher than last years score
posted on a web site or in a magazine. I think that CQ Magazine and the plaque
sponsors should reconsider the elimination of the DX window . What is the point
of having a contest on this band that sounds like NAQP or SS....!!! They need
to look at what has happened to this contest and decide that it should be fixed
by rule changes that will open it up again as a DX contest ...not just another
NA 48 hour power-fest !! Or maybe I am missing the point of this contest
??....maybe its not about working DX 10 point Q's at all....maybe its about
selling magazines ?? ...which is the only place that you can see the official
HB9CZF   Single Op LP   26,8802003-01-29 09:28:59
my 2nd 160m Contest.

73 de Dominik, HB9CZF
NR3X(N4YDU)   Single Op LP   75,4582003-01-29 12:59:23
Had a lot of fun. Wasn't in the mood to do a serious effort. Conditions seemed
great and it nice to work my buddies at 9A1P

Rig: TS 850
Ant: Inverted L (95 foot vertical section)


NU4Y(@K4EL)   Multi-Op HP   270,0602003-01-29 14:51:26
condx were great, I messed up and should of had another beverage between N and
the 60 degree one. I was told many other stations calling we couldn't hear.
Will fix that next time. This was a field day type set up. Setting up the day
of the contest in below freezing temps (yes we are in Florida). Thanks to all
that worked us and sorry for those we could not hear. 73 NU4Y
SO2R(SP2FAX)   Single Op HP   613,3732003-01-29 14:52:22
First ten contacts were 10 points each. Seemed promising,but it was just first
10 qso,later every DX contact was a struggle with poor propagation, many
competitors and local qrm/qrn. Murphies syster called Aurora is a good friend of
mine every contest I start last half year :-)
N7JW   Multi-Op HP   292,2482003-01-29 15:16:17
We had good conditions the first evening of the contest with over 800 QSO's
logged, but conditions were down significantly the second evening. We worked
no new countries the second evening, although we did add two sections to our
total. Some of the DX worked were: JA, 9M, WH0, D4, S5, I, CT3, DU, HL, VK, ZL
and most of the Caribbean and South American countries mentioned by previous
posters. I say most, because we did miss XQ6ET and a P4 that were heard calling
other stations. JT1CO was just perceptible here, but was not strong enough to
be called. BA4ED and VR2BG were not heard. We did work 116 JA's which really
helped our final score. EA8ZS was very strong, but we were unable to bust the
unruly pile-up that was calling him.

This year's QSO total was the best ever for us. Our final score, however, was
just our second best due to a lack of country multipliers.

We are very much in favor of keeping the DX is not easy trying to
work weak Europeans through a cacophony of U.S. stations calling CQ every 500 Hz
from 1.801 to 1.850, even with a top notch receive system. We also feel the
east coast has been given yet another advantage over the west coast with the new
hours of the contest in that they have a third evening (Sunday) to participate
in the contest. Our sunset here in southwestern Utah is 45 minutes AFTER the
contest ends on Sunday. Compare that to Boston, MA, for example, where the sun
sets 2 hours and 15 minutes PRIOR to the end of the contest. It is our opinion
that limiting the hours of operation to 30 hours for ALL stations in the contest
would level the playing field a bit.

We're already looking forward to next year's contest and, hopefully, a better
European opening for us out here in the western reaches of the U.S.
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   21,1802003-01-29 15:29:22
Lots of fun, but another duty weekend in the Navy. Using a full wave loop, up
about 15 feet. HA! Might get it up to 20 feet in the spring. Thanks for copying
my straight key.
K5PTC(@N1LN)   Multi-Op HP   147,7302003-01-29 19:03:46
K4BAI(@NQ4I)   Single Op HP   318,6552003-01-30 05:06:43
I am posting this for John, so we can get his score out...he will follow
Rick NQ4I
M2D   Multi-Op HP   418,9052003-01-30 07:48:31
We need to improve our receive capabilities and for this we put up a flag.Now
need a 15-20dB pre-amp and things will look up. Impressive noise rejection of
the back. Our local AM BC on 1485Khz shares with similar stn 100 miles away. We
are dead in line with both. Our local stn can be nulled out off the back and
allows us to listen to the distant BC Stn in daylight. Both run 5Kw to
Contest condx well down after 0300z Sunday am until things began to recover from
2100z so final 3-hrs worth the wait, by then lots had given up.
Disapointing so many NA stns used it as an local test as indeed did many
Europeans. We hrd countless NA stns calling CQ under s9+++ Europeans.That is the
nature of 160m contesting I guess.
At the start we felt great after 1st three QSO's SP7,VE1ZZ,A61AR things must be
good oh dear how things changed by Sunday morning.
K8LV   Single Op LP   31,1362003-01-30 19:36:39
First contest entry from my own station. Just wanted to try out my new antenna
for 160 and it seemed to play very well, especially with no amp.
ES5Q(@ES5TV)   Multi-Op HP   352,8802003-01-31 01:50:55
Used 2 sloping dipoles from 40m high tower to US and JA. Also 2 beverages to US
and JA. TX/RX: FT1000MP + ACOM2000A.

We should have had some better antenna for EU. We were not very loud to South
obviously as it was difficult to keep the frequency and we could not hear some
of the Southern mults at all - no IS0, EA8, SV5 not talking abt ZS. Were lucky
being called by SY8A.

Worked 13 JAs, 12 of them on Sunday. Only 11 Ks and 3 VEs - 12 of them on Sunday
also. (AA1K, K1TTT, KC1XX, W1ECT, W2GD, WE3C, K1KI, K3WW, KT1V, W1FJ, W3BGN,
VE1ZJ, VE1ZZ, VY2ZM). Called W8JI without any reaction for 20 minutes:)

Other good DX:A61AR, A92ZE, CT3FN, D4B, FM5GU, FY5KE, JT1CO, JY9QJ, KV4FZ,
OD5/OK1MU (took some 1-2 hours in total after finally getting an answer:), PJ2X,

Will try to improve antennas for SSB. CU and 73
VY2ZM   Multi-Op HP   1,204,7102003-01-31 05:15:25
Thanks to all who called in; we surely had fun in this contest despite poor
condx to Europe and the Pacific NW after 0300z on Friday night. Saturday night
was quite a bit better and we actually worked MORE Europeans the second night
than the first.

This year our crew consisted of Peter WW2Y, Jim K1PX (who usually enters this
contest in the LP category from Conn), and Jeff K1ZM. Jim and I went up early
to run out some temporary Rx antennas and braved some -25F temperatures and deep
snow in the process. This year, while we did bury the snowmobile a couple of
times, Jim and I always managed to dig it out and get it going again. On
several days it was so COLD outside that if you breathed in, you could feel your
nostrils freeze up on the intake of air. Looking out the rear window you could
see pack ice on most days out on the ocean as far as the eye could see and, on
some days, there were some small icebergs floating by. It was definitely not a
time to be climbing a tower as the windchill was intense at times.

In the SCENES WE'D LIKE TO SEE AGAIN DEPARTMENT we are pleased to report:

1) Jim "Big Jake" Monahan crashing through the knee-deep snowdrifts on the way
in like a trooper - this on the mile-plus walk down to the house from where we
had parked our car out by the road.

2) Peter "QLF" Hutter struggling with his paddle to send our call - did pretty
well after a few hours too.

3) Jeff "Zee Man" K1ZM - living up to his reputation as being able to fall
asleep almost anytime, in any position, anywhere. The old guy was sound asleep
in his chair in front of the R4c by 0930z each night - right on schedule!

Congrats to W4AN and PJ2X for fine scores. Hope to see you again next year.
S57M   Multi-Op HP   544,7822003-01-31 08:43:16
To much static noise most of the time, good JA score (27)and to low States. We
did not break 1000 QSOs as we could wish. Thanks for all calls from small
stations! See you guys in SSB !
N2BA   Single Op HP   176,5282003-01-31 16:56:12
Operated first 4 hours high power, then switched to barefoot!
UA6LV(UA6LV+CLUSTER)   Multi-Op HP   418,7602003-02-02 01:39:29
Why is absent SO As in CQWW160?
IK4AUY   Single Op HP   55,1002003-02-02 12:23:12
Equipment Description: Kenwood TS570DG with MY FRONT-END FILTERS,
Happy to work 9 US States and 41 countries multipl. See you next time.
Best 73, Sergio IK4AUY
My website
K5KG   Single Op HP   61,7102003-02-02 23:03:25
Transmit antenna was an inverted L. Receiving antennas were 80m full wave loop
and a new pennant antenna that I put up on Saturday. Signals on the 80m loop
were about 10 db stronger than the pennant. Condx seemed much better on Friday
evening than Saturday. Did not work the contest seriously and, of course, I was
QRT during the Super Bowl.

EY8MM(EY8MM+Cluster)   Multi-Op HP   353,0252003-02-02 23:06:49
Most memorable qso`s:
D4B (Easy. Second call. Best signal from Africa I have ever heard. Reached
599+30db about 2230Z. So I am proud to say that we did right job on
D4B/D44TT last October), JT1CO, WH0V, JA-83 qso, HL-2 qso, YI1BGD, VU2HF and
VU2BGS (70W +dipole on 16 m. Kumar said he made 16 qsos), OH0R, VR2BG,

7 new ones!

Most memorable situaton working Carribean after sunrise with huge!!! signal
(YV1DIG, FY5KE) and first call (PJ2X, FM5GU).

Gave up 3 hrs before contest end. Second day only 70 qso's. No run at all on
second day.

Main problem static noise. Night before test S3 noise. During contest 90% of
time S7-9.
Secondary problems- about 5 degrees C in the contest shack.

Great fun!

Few photos will be placed on my web
W2GD   Multi-Op HP   683,8022003-02-02 23:08:55
9A1P   Multi-Op HP   722,4962003-02-02 23:12:09
Quarterwave vertical sloped toward USA from 36 m lighthouse surrounded by sea
water for 270 deg. 500 QSO first night on 1.836 kHz only. Lot of fun...

73 de Mario, S56A
K8XXX(@N8CC)   Multi-Op HP   285,9562003-02-02 23:15:08
Missed NWT, YT, LB and DC
KØEJ   Single Op HP   186,5012003-02-03 10:40:26
part time effort but enjoyed the game. Pleased to report that I had the same
first hour rate as W4AN/W8JI (161). Unfortunately there probably is little else
our efforts had in common (what a score Bill!!).

73, Mark K0EJ
KL2A/W7   Single Op LP   1002003-02-04 00:03:10
QTH: Puget Sound, WA.

Heard: PV8DX, YV4GLD, XQ6ET.

Incredible contest... threw line over a tree! at the beach 40' up, 90' out,
75w out 3:1 swr and still worked the western world.

Thanks for a great evening.

73 de KL2A Jon
OT3A(ON5UM)   Multi-Op HP   413,9522003-02-04 11:38:43
OZ8AE   Single Op LP   68,3382003-02-05 07:25:22
The highlight of this contest was calling D4B and after "the Gentleman Band" QRM
hearing: OZ8AE 5NN CV. - First time ever working D4 on top band.
Condx not very good. Only heard 4 diff US stations (NJ and GA) and no VE
stations at all. Rig: IC-746 and W9INN sloper mounted as an inverted L-antenna
with elevated feedpoint and 3 tuned radials.
AAØRS   Multi-Op HP   190,0002003-02-05 10:29:31
Run station = 4 square plus shared beverages and dipole receiving antennas, Icom
781 + homebrew PA
Mult station= full sized GP plus shared beverages and dipole receiving antennas,
Icom 781 + Alpha 91

Topband provided another tough challenge to all competitors this year.
Congratulations to an excellent effort by the N7JW team, like us they had to
contend with a wall of noise from the east. We heard several Europeans but could
not afford to spend the time in the pileups, if we still had a DX window there
would have been many more US to DX contacts, without the window the results
speak for themselves.
Signals from JA were weak and we only managed 4 QSOs' although KL7J was audible
for several hours at Q5 copy. Many thanks to all the stations who called us and
apologies to the few we didn't manage to pull through.

Having a run station and a search and pounce station that is effective is
difficult on 160M, we were seeing high RF voltages on all the receive antennas
in addition to the usual receiving "challenges". High RF fields caused the
demise of an 87A and we lost the front end of a IC781 . With hindsight I should
have installed a high dipole for the search station instead of the ground

Our enjoyment and competitiveness was sadly reduced this year by an apparent
increase in the number of "frequency stealers", they know who they are and they
should be ashamed of their behaviour, no excuses.

Inequalities exist in every major contest and everyone should consider the
perspective that given the facilities available to them and taking into account
local conditions, they did their best, they ran and finished the race and for
their little spot on the map THEY were the winner!

For me the contest provided a wonderful opportunity to operate alonside my old
friends Chuck K0RF and Darrell N6DX who flew out from CA for the event.
Enjoyment is relative, I have had better years with better conditions but I
think we all enjoyed the challenge.

The loss of the DX window, in my opinion, has significantly reduced the scores
of stations west of Ohio, split frequency operation was the only effective way
to work around the east coast "wall of noise".....but its' just another

Hope to work you all again in the next one!

Dave AA0RS / G3SZA
YT6T(YU7DR)   Single Op HP   675,0002003-02-05 11:48:16
First night, after strong wind,I have had a problem with electricity abt 3 h.
Inv L + KW + ft 1000D is nice work with out beverage...

73 Djurica YT6T,YU7DR,AJ3AA
KV8Q   Single Op LP   73,0202003-02-06 14:29:22
Thanks to everyone who copied my peanut whistle. See you all next year.
WA7LT   Single Op HP   106,1222003-02-07 22:11:25
Wow! Having XQ6ET (CE) call with big signal. Neighbors arcing electric fence
kept getting worse, and finally covered everything at the end.
DJ2MX   Single Op HP   123,2812003-02-08 13:35:01
Equipment Description: Kenwood TS450, FL2100z
Inverted-V only 8m high
Nice contest. I was QRV only second night. Heard VY2ZM even at 09:00z on Sunday
! Heard FM5GU but no chance with my poor antenna :-(
CU next year !
73 Mario DJ2MX
WØETT   Single Op LP   22,4642003-02-09 11:21:41
Could only get on for a short time the second night. Pleased to work ZF2NT and
FM5GU for new dx countries on top band for me.

Rig: IC756 with 100w to 160m Inv. vee at 65'.

73 Ken, W0ETT
K6SE   Single Op HP   158,9252003-02-09 19:13:12
The balloon-supported vertical did well, but score was down from last year due
to three things I can think of:

1) Condx to JA poor. Those 10-pointers make a big difference.

2) Dozing off in the wee hours. It gets worse every year.

3) Many USA stations were CQing in the DX window causing QRM to the DX there.
The cancellation of the window by CQ was an obvious big mistake.

73, de Earl, K6SE
D4B(4L5A)   Single Op HP   1,600,2202003-02-11 03:43:17
First time I use TR log in this contest
D4 propably is not a best location for 160m lot of QRN
I find after contest my new full size vertical erected after contest winning in
EU more then 20 db but IV dipole is winning in NA more then 20m
Inverted Vee is about 500m over the ground
Best signal from Asia EY8MM from Japan JA2JW
From Pacific VK6HD and VK6VZ
Caribean ZF2NT
JT1CO,EL2DX really surprise me because call me when I dont have caller last
day JT1CO have great signal
Hear 9M2TO but he dont hear me
Sorry I miss ZC4DW,A61AR and also miss UK,UN,4K,EK,EZ,ER from former USSR
See you in ARRL and CQ 160m SSB contest
Today will try to erase 2 el fixed to US
Thank you very much to everyone who give me call and support me
Special thanks to FG5FR he call me just before end of the contest
73 Al 4L5A,D4B,D44TT,R3/4L5A
KK9A   Single Op HP   12,0802003-02-11 15:18:18
Just playing around with a temporary wire vertical and no receive antenna.
Sorry if I couldn't hear you. After the contest I put up a K9AY loop which
seems to help. See you in SSB.

OK1RF   Single Op HP   409,5912003-02-12 01:22:41
Just part time operation to test the 2 el.Delta loop with result it is not
working fine - it needs to be retuned.
Quit in sunday morning.
S57DX   Single Op HP   339,4052003-02-19 12:40:32
Yaesu FT1000MP Mark V, Commander HF-2500
Inverted Vee at 30 m, no RX antennas
N8SM   Multi-Op HP   41,2022003-02-20 20:26:18
Only a few hours in the chair. Glad to work PR0F & ZL6QH for new ones.
S57IIO   Single Op QRP   88,8302003-02-23 03:01:03
VE3PN   Single Op HP   260,5252003-02-27 23:04:55
condtions very straaaaaange could hear (i.e. LOUD) many Eu that we just not
hearing either east coast or South east i.e. Florida/Georgia etc
Several EU worked through NA or under NA CQ's
LX5A nearly blew my head off! on first call then dropped 20dB!!!!