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Russian WW Digital Contest   2015   Oct 3   Comment Summary

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S56A   SO RTTY LP   266,4962015-10-04 04:12:46
Slow after CQ WW RTTY. No 10m signals. No 160m signals spoted on RBN?

73 de Mario, S56A
YU1BN   SOAB LP   122,4932015-10-04 13:34:49
Thanks for all the qso's 73'
F5RD   SOAB HP   91,3922015-10-05 09:53:51
Transceiver - FT-897D 60 Watts
Antenna - Center-fed 2x20m on 80 to 10m or Ground Plane on 20/15/10m
Software - MixW 3.1.1h demo
No QSO on 80m because I was not at home Saterday evening.
One QSO on 10m because no propagation.
Usual conditions on 40, 20, and 15m
with about the same number of stations in BPSK and RTTY.
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
W9ILY   SO RTTY HP   8262015-10-06 08:38:55
IC-756PRO2 with Optibeam OB9/5 beam
YU5RY   SO Digital LP   93,9752015-10-07 10:05:55