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NA Sprint SSB Contest   2017   April   Comment Summary

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VE9AA   Single Op HP   12017-04-01 17:14:30
Sorry guys - under the weather.


Antennas for Radio #1:
10m = A3S
15m = Wire 5el K1WA/K3LR SVDA (100% parasitic + homebrew)
20m = Wire + Aluminum 4-square (Comtek)
40m = Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)
80m = Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)
160m = Wire 2-el array of inverted L’s in the trees (Comtek w/ homebrew
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Antenna for Radio #2
ZS6BKW w/ 15m inv vee add-on (@avg height ~15ft due to recent ice storm)

No RX antennas

Rigs: 2 x IC-7410’s, YCCC SO2R+ box, N3ZN ZN-9 paddle, Yamaha CM500 headset,
N1MM+ logger
(Usually LP but have 2 small 600w amps when doing HP in select contests)

CU (all of sudden) in the next one!

dit dit

-Mike VE9AA in NB ( FN66 for you VHFers out there )
KC1CWF   Single Op LP   2762017-04-01 19:24:20
I came, I radio-ed, I slept. What more could a boy want?

402CD at 130' here
KL4SD(KL7TH)   Single Op LP   62017-04-01 20:00:54
to say the bands were dead is a understatement.
N3ZZ   Single Op HP   4,2002017-04-01 20:02:00
Good to hear the voices behind some familiar calls.
NA6O   Single Op HP   3152017-04-01 20:21:21
TS-590s, KPA500, dipoles at 15 ft, N1MM+

SSB from this station... not a joyful combination.
KP2RUM(K9VV)   Single Op HP   1,1002017-04-01 20:30:33
Slo like turtle 'mon...
K9NW   Single Op LP   42017-04-01 20:41:29
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
KG9Z   Single Op HP   1,6962017-04-01 21:00:10
Just on to help out the club. Go SMC! Rig: FTdx-3000D LP except on 20M.
N3QE   Single Op HP   7,7082017-04-01 21:00:30
Wow, enough action to keep my butt in the chair for 4 straight hours! Lotsa fun!
WW9R   Single Op HP   5,8632017-04-01 21:00:30
Got to love a good Sprint!

See you in the next one.
Pat WW9R
K3PP   Single Op HP   3,2762017-04-01 21:02:01
Got a late start, but had a blast! Thanks for all the QSOs! Great bunch of ops!
K7SV   Single Op LP   7,9202017-04-01 21:02:32
May I be the first to say UGH!
W1UJ   Single Op HP   4,4462017-04-01 21:04:58
Started slow, and had fun. Tried 1 radio and QRO for a change which was also


WA6KHK   Single Op HP   3,4342017-04-01 21:06:07
I haven't done a sprint for awhile. It keeps you on your game!
K6LL   Single Op HP   14,3522017-04-01 21:07:34
It was fun. Enough activity to keep it going, and conditions were fair.
Lightning static on 40.
N6RO   Single Op HP   11,8912017-04-01 21:08:42
20m prop. poor, 40 and 80 were OK, somewhat noisy. Only state heard but not
worked was CT, prop. very poor to NE. Got KP2 and HH2 on Cqs.
WH7W   Single Op HP   2,2412017-04-01 21:08:43
Enjoyable format. Contest ends a little too early for 75M to mainland from
Hawai'i this time of year and 40M is just going long ~0300Z.

Thanks for the Q's de WH7W
K3UA   Single Op HP   2,5162017-04-01 21:09:37
Always fun to say greetings to the gang!
WH6YH   Single Op HP   3,3482017-04-01 21:09:41
K3, Al811 and a dipole@ 40ft. I had lots of fun tonight even though noise was a
big problem here. It was fun to finally hear what my CWop friends sound like!!
Thank you for the QSO. 73, Mike WH6YH
W9RE   Single Op HP   6,4072017-04-01 21:10:15
Thanks to all who made time to get on for this event. The bands weren't that
good but that is all we have to work with right now.
K6GHA   Single Op LP   5,3432017-04-01 21:11:11
It went by in a flash. However conditions were challenging. Many years ago this
was the first type of contest I participated in. It is still fun. And
thankfully, I have improved just a bit. ;-)
K8MR   Single Op LP   2,1602017-04-01 21:13:51
Played a bit better than I expected for a phone contest. Hidden quarter wave
verticals with minimal ground system on 80 and 40, dipole in the condo attic on
20. But still challenging!

73 - Jim K8MR
HH2AA(K6UFO)   Single Op LP   1,7692017-04-01 21:15:54
Remote from Washington to Haiti HH2AA on

I lost the first hour to technical problems. By then 20m
was gone, and I had to work 40m and 80m with a low dipole,
100 watts, and no receive antenna. Lots of static, sorry
if I asked for repeats. It was slow going. I had a hum on
the audio that I couldn't fix. I finally made 50 Qs, and
then was willing to just grind to the end. People seemed
to appreciate the new Mult.

HH2AA (K6UFO) "Mike"

Off-center-fed dipole
Elecraft K3, 100W
K3/0-Mini control head, RemoteRig and
KU8E   Single Op HP   7,7282017-04-01 21:16:09
K3-100/KPA500 and wires

Not much into SSB contests anymore but got on to hand out some QSO's.

Heard only 2 multipliers that I missed - W0DB in NE and a N2 in ME. Went back
for a quick look at 40 meters with about 5 minutes left and worked two KH6's.
Then a quick QSY back to 80 and worked NB1U in RI right at the end. I also had
a VO1 call me and worked a VE9 on 40 earlier. Missed a bunch of easy
multipliers that just weren't on - NH, KY, LA, NM and QC.

Jeff KU8E
N4CF   Single Op LP   4,6742017-04-01 21:16:55
Late start, and slow getting going, but things picked up quickly.
K6MR   Single Op QRP   2,5502017-04-01 21:17:19
Thanks to everyone who managed to copy the peanut whistle!
AE7VA   Single Op HP   6,5102017-04-01 21:17:42
I was a rookie in this contest. Lots of fun. Learned new skills.
VE4VT   Single Op HP   7,7742017-04-01 21:19:42
20 was very long to start, only extreme south FL, TX and CA
Very high noise on 80.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   9,9962017-04-01 21:19:58
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. 20M seemed poor and
closed quickly. Some backscatter QSOs were possible. Skip was to CO and west
including WH7W. Could not hear XO1X although I heard a CA station working him.
40M was quite good and shortenend up a bit about 0230Z. 80M signals were
strong, but QRN was very bad and was unable to copy some stations through it.
Nice to work HH2AA on 40 and 80 and KP2RUM on 40. Heard, but missed, VE7AHA,
an old friend. Did work the special event station in BC who gave me his #4.
Thanks to the guys in MO and MS who gave out sprint QSOs in addition to their
QSO parties. 73, John, K4BAI.
NSØR   Single Op HP   4,1652017-04-01 21:23:24
First time phone sprint for me. I'm a CW op 95 percent of the time, and my
sideband contest skills are seriously lacking. I still had a great time. Now
that I understand the rules for the sprint better, I'll take another look at
the CW sprints. Thanks for all the Q's.

73, Morgan, NS0R
N5UM   Single Op LP   3,6962017-04-01 21:26:13
Rain and storms in area made rough QRN on 80M.
W9PA   Single Op HP   6,9002017-04-01 21:28:03
K3, P3, K-Pod, Acom 100, Skyhawk, Moxon Modified XM-240, 80M Dipole (Low Power
on 75M) Software DXLog by 9A5K V2.3.10
NX9T   Single Op HP   9,1682017-04-01 21:29:51
While things started pretty slow on wound up going better overall than
I had initially thought. Enough to keep me in the chair and playing along!
Good time....always a treat to cross paths with so many long term ham friends.

jeff NX9T
K5WA   Single Op HP   14,1962017-04-01 21:30:54
I believe that was my first SSB least in a REALLY long time. W9RE
sent me an email telling me to join the fun so since I was at the station
getting antennas ready for a "crane day" next week, I thought I'd
give it a shot. My high KLM 40 (which we are pulling down and replacing with
an M2 linear loaded 40) actually seemed to work today. I don't know why but
that was a pleasant surprise. It allowed me to have 2 directions on 40 which
seemed to help. 80 was very noisy and I missed several callers because I just
couldn't pull them out even with the 4SQR pointing at them.

Mults heard but not worked were NE, OK and I think I heard VE9AA but I only got
the AA so that may be wishful thinking. Lucked into HH2 calling as my last

Conditions were really bad on 20. I was only hearing one side of most QSOs.
West coast was loud but East coast was non-existent.

This sure is very different from CW Sprint. I had 150 band changes on CW but
only 6 on SSB. Interesting. Glad to see so many folks jumping into contesting
and giving it a shot.

Thanks for the Qs.

Bob K5WA
KW8N   Single Op HP   14,1612017-04-01 21:32:20
Worked all of the mults that I heard, but have a feeling that my mult count is
going to be low by comparison. Missed too many easy ones. Thanks for all that
participated this time. Sorry we couldn't come up with better band conditions.
K6LRN   Single Op HP   7,6122017-04-01 21:34:54
Bodacious static/QRN on 75. Seems 20 & 40 petered out
relatively early. Went to 40 with lots of daylight here
but managed to make a few Qs.
Time to do some serious repair/upgrade...especially on
80/75. Maybe put up a 160 antenna again.
Thanks for the Qs...73,
ACØW   Single Op LP   8,8202017-04-01 21:35:38
Tough to make much headway on the mult count at the start when 20 was only open
to CA from here. Glad people stuck it out this time, made the last few hours
more fun.

AE6Y   Single Op HP   10,9942017-04-01 21:38:08
Strange propagation on 20, with some signals very weak, and then it closed early
to boot. Never thought I'd make more Qs on 80 than 20. Only mult heard but not
worked was ND, though looking at the results, I now think that the weak signal I
couldn't pull out of the mud on 40 must have been HH2AA (sorry, Mork).
Very little VE participation heard apart from VE7, VE3, and VE4VT.
73, andy ae6y
KØUK   Single Op LP   8,4182017-04-01 21:41:45
All things considering. Had a good time. GMCC'ers and Friends worked. KT0A Gary
SD, WA4HND Al NM, N7MZW Chuck Wyo. WB9KPT Bill CO W0GJT Mike CO Could not copy
W0ETT not even a whisper...
See you next year. PTL bill UK
VE3VSM   Single Op LP   3,5282017-04-01 21:50:00
A little slow at the start, but 80m was really cooking towards the end. Good
WQ5L   Single Op HP   5,5002017-04-01 21:53:01
Time-sharing with MS QSO Party. 20 nosedived fast but at least some life there
unlike 15 which was dead as a doornail all day. 73 de WQ5L
W4NZ   Single Op HP   1,4042017-04-01 21:55:29
Managed to squeeze in an hour op time between taking/picking up #1 granddaughter
from her prom. Thanks to W9RE for reminding me about the SSB sprint. It was
good to work many of my cw friends on ssb.

73, Ted W4NZ
WØETT   Single Op LP   6,7202017-04-01 22:00:42
Condx were a bit rough for my 100w on 75m but did make 37 contacts and several
new mults through the QRN. HH2 was my only DX and worked him on 2 bands -
thanks for being active in the test.

73 Ken, W0ETT
Parker, CO
Rig: IC756pro3 with 100w to TH7 at 72' and 2 el 40m at 90' fed with hardline
N7MZW   Single Op LP   5,2082017-04-01 22:03:22
Kenwood TS-940S, Heil BM-10, and a new WA2NAN 102 foot long G5RV up 40 feet
running N-S at an elevation of 6,053 feet in Laramie Co. Wyoming. My latest
G5RV is insulated 12 Ga. wire, and is easily 2-3 S-units quieter than the bare
wire of my last (MFJ) G5RV during high QRN periods. This contest always gets my
blood pumping and my heart racing. When you are used to being heard on the first
call and somebody else beats you to the punch, it can get frustrating, but
that's just part of the fun factor,...I guess? Nice to work fellow club member
K0UK, Bill after missing him on numerous prior attempts. The only intentional
QRM that I heard, occurred on 75 phone. Otherwise very few haters. I wasted
valuable time looking for action on 160, 15, and 10 meters, only to remember
later that those are NOT viable bands for SSB Sprint! ALWAYS REVIEW THE RULES
BEFORE EVERY EVENT! (This will be my first tattoo if I ever get one.)Another
Boy and his Wire Adventure from my Cheyenne, Wyoming Apartment QTH is in the
books. Thanks to all who worked me. November Seven Many Zebras Walking
WA6URY   Single Op HP   2,3702017-04-01 22:07:52
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
N6ZFO   Single Op HP   9,8552017-04-01 22:14:22
Tks for the Q's. Pleased to work XO1X in YT, the new contest station call, and

Frustrating to hear 5 multipliers that could not be worked: SC, NE, CT, RI and
ME. Never heard ID, AK, LA or AR.

First time to run HP in a sprint.

73 Bill n6zfo
W7CAR   Single Op HP   1,3752017-04-01 22:22:27
Started much later than I should have.
WA4HND   Single Op HP   1,9602017-04-01 22:39:58
Lots of problems but it was fun... good practice
K7XC   Single Op HP   2,0772017-04-01 22:50:02
My First SSB Sprint... Ever. 20M was very disappointing, noisy and full of QSB,
where as 40M was loud and easy to make Qs. Still recovering from a recent
Surgery & 6 day Hospital stay. My energy levels are slowly coming back but
for today I felt it best to end early.
KH6CJJ   Single Op LP   1,2962017-04-02 00:51:19
Very difficult to be low power from Hawaii on these bands under these
conditions. The time of the event completely eliminates 80 meters and is very
early for 40.
WS9V   Single Op QRP   1,0532017-04-02 04:59:04
Bands seemed well 5 Watts Got late start See you next time
K9SEX(K5NZ)   Single Op HP   7,2482017-04-02 06:09:25
TH6 Fixed N, low dipoles, 500w

Thought this would really sux, but to my amazement got off to one of the best
starts for me ever, so thought well crap now I have to keep at it and try for a
first ever top ten.. was ahead of some of the usual pros by 10+.. I was amazed!
But when 20 was over, the reality set in when I got to 40 and couldn't be heard.
My 10+ advantage soon had a 20+ Q swing and I knew it was over. So as soon as
the Supercross mains came on FS1, I QSY'ed to watch.. Tried a sweep of 80
when they were over but terrible QRN from the storms loading up here....

But I have to say it was fun for the time I spent... If I had continued to have
to CQ over and over, it wouldn't... so it worked out perfect!

Thanks to those keeping the SSB Sprint alive, and K5MXG, K5GA for being drug
into this mess on a team! They actually did amazing MXG with a OCF dipole at
25ft and K5GA with a 4BTV in the backyard!
KG3V   Single Op LP   4932017-04-02 06:16:18
Got on to make a few contacts, but had limited time. I like the format, but some
have trouble with it. I had two stations that lost track of which part of the
"pair" they wore working. They got my exchange and disappeared
without giving me their exchange.

73, Tom KG3V
K5MXG   Single Op HP   4,5102017-04-02 06:21:10
hate ssb.. but enjoyed playing in between watching supercross. go team three

wires in the trees, radio and a microphone and a few hundred watts
WU5E   Single Op HP   6202017-04-02 06:42:57
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6154.0
KØAD   Single Op HP   2,0132017-04-02 07:39:30
Got on late for a little over an hour. Nice to say HI to some old friends.


W1RH   Single Op HP   1,2752017-04-02 07:47:01
First Sprint EVER, of any kind. Won't be the last. Limited time to operate but
Fun! Thanks to K7SS for spreading the word.
AG6AY   Single Op HP   3,4652017-04-02 09:20:12
Fun contest. I managed to figure out the patterns and cadence better this time.
Joined up with AG6AG for my first team effort. That was fun too.
N8FYL   Single Op LP   2,1782017-04-02 09:21:29
Disapointing conditions on 20 at my QTH.
K9PG   Single Op LP   10,1502017-04-02 09:27:57
Couldn't work W9s on 40 at all, except for a guy a few miles away. Other than
that, 40 and 80 were normal. 20 was pretty crappy as K7SS pointed out right
away. Good amount of activity, lots of new calls! Thanks for getting on.
KE8FT   Single Op LP   1,5602017-04-02 09:40:12
Poor conditions particularly challenging for low power and just a wire antenna.
Strange propagation and very high noise/QRN on 80 with no chance except for
stronger stations. Thanks for the Qs...73
K7SS   Single Op HP   8,0042017-04-02 09:44:12
Even with a solar storm going on, the Zags finish in the Final Four, and 20m
basically shut down up here by the storm, it was still SUPER FUN ! Lots of
great old friends to run into, and fresh calls never heard before..

a FUN Saturday nite party on the air .. and everyone seemed to be having a good

see you in the next one

73 DanWA K7SS
Team Street Corner
N9RV   Single Op HP   6,7242017-04-02 10:16:05
Hope everyone got the MT mult that wanted it - I know I did not. :-)

Operated in between NCAA games a bit. 40 seemed good, other bands less so. I
think about a third of the stations I worked did not give the full exchange --
e.g., with both calls.
WB9KPT   Single Op HP   5,5872017-04-02 10:18:55
Worked several other GMC members: W0ETT, WA4HND, K0UK, KT0A. Worked K4BAI and
N3QE on all three bands.
N8XX   Single Op QRP   162017-04-02 11:15:46
Very tough conditions for QRP. Propagation just wasn't there. Heard a few west
coast stations on 20, managed to snag 2 of them. Tried 40 and 80 several times
for a while, with luck only in the last hour, and then only with KW8N in Ohio,
and K7SB in Virginia. Sorry I missed my usual goal of at least 10 contacts.

Better luck next time.

72/73 de n8xx Hg
QRP >99.44% of the time
KØEJ   Single Op LP   1,9222017-04-02 13:38:03
part time from home. FT1000MP->OCF.

73, Mark K0EJ
N9NA   Single Op HP   2992017-04-02 14:23:11
Ten Tec Omni 7, Ten Tec Centurion, 80 m ocf.
AF8A   Single Op LP   1,1502017-04-02 17:51:46
Very odd conditions, to say the least. I heard no signals on 20m at 0000z, and
40m wasn't much better to start. In fact, I'd say the whole first 70 minutes
was a 'bust' on 40m.
W4CMG   Single Op LP   8052017-04-02 17:53:40
A lot of noise on the bands. I had a couple contacts that could not be completed
because we just couldn't get all the required info. Thanks to those who were
patient with our QSOs.
KA9FOX   Single Op HP   13,7702017-04-02 17:54:44
Was really worried about propagation as I fought for contacts on 20m at the
start of the contest, but as I got to 40m, things were a lot better and there
was a LOT of fun to be had. There were plenty of stations to work on 80m as
well, but the QRN was terrible, and there was a lot of quick QSB, where
perfectly readable stations would disappear before you'd hear the whole
exchange. So, QSOs sometimes took a lot longer than one would like.

Overall, participation levels seemed very high, and the exchanges were very
friendly. Lots of new callsigns heard, and I made it a point to thank them for
participating, and coached them as needed.

NEVER once heard any frequency fights or "pig farmer" issues.

Great fun and looking forward to the next one!

- Scott KA9FOX
K5GA   Single Op HP   3,9522017-04-02 19:03:27
Got dragged into this by K5NZ....come to think of it, got dragged into WPX SSB
last week by K5NZ.....two weekends in a row on SSB ? I must be nuts

TS-570S --- SB200 --- 4BTV with elevated radials
4U1WB(AJ3M)   Single Op HP   4,6802017-04-03 15:14:49
Thank you for the QSOs.


KDØCVZ   Single Op LP   5402017-04-04 19:40:40
First time doing a sprint! Received an email from Bob (KW8N) explaining it and
inviting me to participate. So, gave it a try... thanks, Bob. Will plan on
doing the next one, when I have more time and get setup properly.
WØFW   Single Op LP   1802017-04-04 20:19:39
First time doing this sprint...had a blast. Look forward to the next one.
WØBH   Single Op HP   5,8522017-04-05 20:18:46
Lots of fun mixed up with NCAA final four action. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh