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Hungarian DX Contest   2012   Jan 21   Comment Summary

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S52W   SOSB/80CW LP   12,7492012-01-21 23:08:10
100 W + ECO trap dipole.
Nice HA activity. Worked few hours just for fun.

73 Damjan S52W
DD9WG   SOSB/40SSB LP   4,2002012-01-22 02:40:27
first contest from new QTH
73 de
S56A   SOABCW LP   38,4562012-01-22 03:21:16
Just few hours of yet another local contest after hamfest. Poor condx on 10 m

73 de Mario, S56A
OR2F   SOSB/20CW LP   22,7402012-01-22 04:11:33
Nice contest ... very easy to get all the mults :-)
Could be better to implement some other multipliers too ...
73 !
LY5W   SOABMixed HP   214,5442012-01-22 04:15:41
Just wanted to make 1000 QSO's. I did it, without problem's. Had few greak's for
sleeping, eating,......No tired at all.
No power in amplifier 10, 15 @ 160m. My old P.A. is broken, so got this one
from LY2W Super station to try. I will buy it :)
Half an dipole on 160m.
Tnx everyone for QSO'S. DL6FBL You were great!
HA6NL, HA8IB @ HG6V the station's on all 6 band's CW.
Next weekend will again in a few contest's too much as possible from here.
73, Sam LY5W
LZ5R(K1LZ)   SOABCW HP   12,4802012-01-22 04:22:10
Only 3.15 hrs in Bulgarai from LZ5R.
The station is fantastic !
TNX for the qso's 73 !
Krassy K1LZ
N4AF   SOABCW HP   247,9812012-01-22 04:22:19
Condx seemed good but storms kept QRN high making low bands like summer.
73, Howie


START DATE: 21-01-12

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Howard Hoyt
ADDRESS: 549 Bluebird Trail
ADDRESS-CITY: Blounts Creek



SOFTWARE: TR4W v.4.244a

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults
160CW 2 2 9 1
80CW 57 57 215 13
40CW 238 237 762 13
20CW 258 258 879 15
15CW 237 234 818 17
10CW 212 209 714 14

Totals 1004 997 3397 73

Final Score = 247981 points.
C4Z(5B4AIZ)   SOSB/20CW LP   34,3652012-01-22 04:26:40
Had many interuptions due to elctrical storms and S9 rain static.

Band was in poor shape Sunday morning.

Missed SO mlt, never heard one.

Thanks to all for the qso's and the organisers for this popular event.

73 Brian 5B4AIZ/C4Z.
HA8BE   SOSB/160Mixed HP   34,3142012-01-22 04:57:49
Rig: FT-990, +KW
Ant: Vertical(28m)
Rx ant: EWE

Unfortunately, in a snowstorm at night was very difficult to participate.
Thank you for the QSO's!
Next contest, CQ-160m on you again!

73, Bela!
DFØSX   M/M HP   235,0602012-01-22 06:00:38
First Time ever attempt to run a tiny distributed M/M setup with 3 Ops. Fun and
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SOABCW LP   68,5712012-01-22 07:23:39
RIG: Ten Tec Eagle 599 100W
ANT: 20 meter Long Wire Inverted-L
Best 73
EU1AZ   SOSB/160CW LP   4,8322012-01-22 08:00:08
CU CQWW-160m
N3QE   SOABCW LP   25,4762012-01-22 08:01:18
Fun contest. Lots of noise on 80M locally (storms?) but still turned out OK.
YO5OAG   SOABMixed LP   42,4982012-01-22 08:04:37
DL7BY   SOABCW LP   32,8322012-01-22 08:34:42
RIG: FT920
ANT: A4S@10m and windom@12m

Tnx everyone for the QSOs.

73 es best DX

HG3R(HA3NU)   SOSB/20Mixed HP   301,4902012-01-22 08:45:47
Thanks for QSO's. Good propagation, good activity.
Se U next year.
73 Lacy HA3NU (HG3R)
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SOABSSB HP   230,7822012-01-22 08:52:41
Time lost due to local power cuts.
Thanks to all that worked me.
N2WN   SOABCW LP   14,9252012-01-22 09:22:39
73 de n2wn
PJ2/K8ND(@PJ2T)   SOABCW HP   43,4702012-01-22 10:13:34
SOAPBOX: I had just arrived at the Signal Point PJ2T station for the upcoming
CQWW 160 CW Contest, and I decided to put in some hours in this contest in
between other work around the house/shack.

I wasn't sure how much activity to expect: wow! I did quite a bit of S&P,
getting more familiar with one of our our FT-2000 radio before swapping in my
K3 for the the rest of my stay and for the CQWW 160 CW Contest. At the end, I
had operated for just short of 8 hours.

Writelog (v10.85A) had a couple of problems with this contest (which I'll
report to them): It would not accept 4-digit serial numbers from the station
worked (I will lose a few QSOs here, but made notes of the last several so I
can fix the Cabrillo log) and my fellow South American stations were not
assigned any points (but should have been worth one point each.

This was a fun contest to help me get re-acclimated to the Curacao heat and to
the operating environment at PJ2T!
9A2Ø3B(9A1AA)   SOSB/80Mixed HP   26,0602012-01-22 11:54:20
Special event callsign celebrating 20 years of 9A prefix.

All informations on
LA6FJA   SOABCW HP   45,2482012-01-22 16:13:33
Rig : TS2000 x TS850
Antennas : 160m:2 el array ,80m: 2 el + 4 el array,40m: 2el yagi+ dipole, 20m:
5 el yagi
Soapbox : First time with HA DX contest, great pileups and very nice to be
called up by PJ2/K8ND and FM/F6AUS on 80m at their sunset! :)
DL6FBL(@DR1A)   SOABMixed HP   546,8042012-01-22 16:30:19
After some station work Friday night and Saturday morning I tried this contest.
And I got stuck to it... :-) After a somewhat late start I had a constant rate
of +/- 100 QSOs/hour until after midnight. The night slowed it down, and around
0500z the rate dropped to only about 30 QSOs/hour. I fell tired and had to go
pour me coffee and get some cold fresh air outside.

The RBN made it very comfortable to find HA stations in CW, while there were
not so many regular SSB cluster spots. Out of the 12 possible band spots (6
bands x 2 modes) I worked HG1R, HG1S and HG5C on 8 slots. HG5A, HG7T and HG8C
on 7 slots. HG1G, HG1X, HG6V, HA6NL, HA8IB and HA0ML on 6 slots. HG7SNOW,
HA5OO, HA8KW, HA8VK, HA0LC and HA0LP on 5 slots.
From the other parts of the world I worked R7MM and RN3F on 7 slots. DF0SX,
LY5W and RU3U on 6 slots. EW8DD, N4AF, R3CM, R6YY, R9DA, RG9A, RM3Q and RT3T on
5 slots.
These 31 callsigns account for 183 out of my total 2021 QSOs (=9.1%). On the
other side of the scale I worked 270 stations, who gave me 001 as the serial
number (=13.4%), mainly from the USA and other DX parts of the world. I hope
they got attracted, and worked a few more contacts, too, so that they don't
remain "Uniques"... :-)

Missed multipliers:
BO(160,80,40) <-- !!!
VE(160,10) BA(20,10)
KO(160) TO(10) FE(10) SZ(160) SA(10)

In the daylight hours of next weekend's CQ 160m CW contest we will do the
welding works for the new tower, which shall host the new "South Antennas" for
10/15/20m. And build the next 12m section to help Tower 6 growing up to host a
3-ele 80m Yagi at +/- 50m AGL later this year.

73 Ben
OK1FKD   SOABMixed QRP   45,9002012-01-22 23:50:21
Elecraft K2-5W, ant LW 42m
USØHZ   SOABSSB LP   24,1562012-01-23 01:08:02
RIG: FT 2000
ANT: 1/2 Vertical romb 162m long 40m hign

73 Stan US0HZ
SN9V(@SP9YGD)   M/S LP   120,4202012-01-23 01:10:09
FT-950, 7 el Yagi, square 164 m, W3DZZ
MMØLID   SOABMixed HP   410,0382012-01-23 01:19:11
Great Conditions On The Bands.
Again Kept Missing The Openings On 10M, Only caught The Tail End.

Need To Work On My 160m Antenna, So Much More Heard But Couldnt Break Through
The Noise.

Onwards And Upwards.

Thanks For All The Qso's.

73 de MM0LID Scott
OK4RQ   SOABCW LP   115,8572012-01-23 03:12:33
I heard 20 to 10 m away more HA stations, but the problem was
QSOs ..... Vertical + 100 W was little. But good contest.
73 Pavel OK4RQ
UW5M(UT7MA)   SOABCW HP   331,0922012-01-23 04:15:12
CQ/S&P Statistic:

160 41 13(31,71%) 28(68,29%)
80 207 82(39,61%) 125(60,39%)
40 407 212(52,09%) 195(47,91%)
20 466 282(60,52%) 184(39,48%)
15 288 190(65,97%) 98(34,03%)
10 117 81(69,23%) 36(30,77%)
Total 1526 860(56,36%) 666(43,64%)
F5IN   SOABCW HP   174,3002012-01-23 09:44:48
Powered by Win-Test 4.9.1

IC -7400 + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (

beverages 160m (ASIA & USA)
& K9AY loop system
DL8ZAW   SOABMixed HP   83,8532012-01-23 10:26:32
Thanks for all contacts.

73, Frank, DL8ZAW
GØORH   SOABCW HP   179,2422012-01-23 13:47:00
Great Condx and activity. 10m was the fly in the ointment, lots of qso's but
hardly and HA stations finding their way, my way, well not in the deep black
hole here in West Berkshire, no signals what-so-ever and it was a miracle I
worked 3.
Win-test logger, K3, KPA500, SteppIR.
9A3BIM(@9A1P)   SOABSSB HP   73,8762012-01-24 03:32:24
10m dead at my place (only few stations), poor NA activity in contest.

5/5/5el 20/15/10m, Inv.V 160/80m ... FT-1000 @1,5kW

73 es cu on the air

9a3bim mirko
HG1R   M/S HP   1,536,9422012-01-24 05:26:28
RUNNING STATION: KENWOOD TS-870s 1000 watt+500 watt 2x3 el. 10-15-20m
INV V and VERTICAL 160-80-40

2.workstation (only new multi): KENWOOD TS-440s 100 w to 3 el trybander
10-15-20m, and dipole to 160-80-40m.
Contest software: UCX log (network)
Many thanks for fb activity!
HG7T   M/S HP   2,687,3892012-01-25 10:19:04
Tnx 73! Tibi HA7TM
SN5J(SP5JXK)   SOABCW LP   83,8842012-01-29 21:48:14
TRX - 100 W, ant.: home made half sloper multiband
73 de Jan sn5j/sp5jxk
RT3F(RV3FW)   SOSB/80CW HP   12,8632012-02-04 05:06:43