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CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB   2005   Feb 26   Comment Summary

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KØRI   Single Op HP   17,2502005-02-27 03:11:17
VP5B had a great sig hr the whole contest. S&P most of the time with line noise

IC-756proIII + IC PW-1 @ Inv L ant
AE9B   Single Op HP   78,9362005-02-27 03:16:02
Just in it for fun when some 4 accused me of whatever.
I was innocent but his attitude ticked me off so I stayed on the frequency.
He said "we'll just use the same frequency then" and so we did!
I proceeded to work a bunch and had my best run of the contest.
I guess good filters help. A 1/4 wave, 1.5 KW and good beverage antennas don't
hurt either. Sorry fella.. nothing personal.. I was ready to move until the wise
acre comment. Sometimes sugar is better than spice. Picked a nice round 500 to
end it but heard ME later for a complete US sweep minus KH6 and KL7. WAS in a
weekend SSB.. Not bad.. I'm leaving on a jetplane in 3 hours for PJ2. See you
all from there on 160M every chance I get.

Just trying to have fun...

See you all from PJ2T next week.
OK2AB(ROSTA)   Single Op LP   29,5682005-02-27 03:45:29
FT-1000MP Mark-V
LW - 40m 18m UP
Dipole 2x27m 12m UP

Good contest
KG7H   Multi-Op HP   110,3902005-02-27 05:37:17
Best DX this time was D4 and LU. EA8 heard but not worked. All states including
DC. All provinces except NB, VO1, VO2, VE8, and the VY's. Used packet for first
time on a 160 contest. 73 to all de KG7H
KØUK   Single Op HP   34,4302005-02-27 05:38:29
AE7DX   Single Op LP   13,9402005-02-27 06:02:26
Started the contest with an 80-meter inverted vee and had marginal results, as
usual. Spent a couple of hours Saturday afternoon putting up an inverted-L at
only 30 feet with gratifying results. Worked my first 160 DX ever including D4B.
Why did it take me 48 years to discover the Top-Band?
K6VVA   Single Op HP   16,6952005-02-27 07:00:17
RIG TS-870S/AL80-B @ 800W. ANT MAKESHIFT INV L @ 35FT TO 20FT ;-(

AD4EB   Single Op HP   56,3642005-02-27 08:09:46
This was my first 160m SSB contest. Was just about impossible to find an open
frequency to run on. The loudest stations got situated early and stayed put, so
S&P would always turn up the same stations.

Guess the key to this countest is start early each evening, and hold your
WØAIH(K9MU)   Single Op HP   75,3282005-02-27 08:13:55
DX worked: P40W, HH4/K4QD, D4B, PU2AR, VP9GE, YV5MBX, YV2IF, VP5B, and NP4A

I was on for about 5 hours and thought the bands were fantastic. It's sure fun
when the DX calls you!

A big thanks goes out to Paul, W0AIH, for letting me use his awesome station!

Justin, K9MU
K7RAT(N6TR)   Single Op HP   50,3272005-02-27 09:18:39
Very good conditions both evenings - maybe slightly better the first. Spent
most of my time up above 1950 kHz to get a clear channel to work the weak ones.
Great to see all the activity up on the "150 meter" band. Brings back memories
when we all used to be squeezed up in the top 25 kHz. I see I missed AA1K/3 up
on 1998 kHz. Delaware and Louisiana were the only states I missed.

The concept of a DX window in this contest is a joke. Either it needs to be
about 20 kHz wide - or just give up on it.

I heard a couple of 7's sharing a frequency - this is a really great concept
that I think makes a lot of sense as the rates die down or when getting a clear
frequency is difficult.

Rig - TS850S - 2 x 3-500z = 1500 watts to an 72 foot tower with a couple of
monobanders on it (5 element 15 at 80 feet, 4 element 20 at 72 feet) - feed with
a gamma match with about 20 quarter wave radials on the ground. It works
surprisingly well up the band - something that I think gets more complicated
when the antenna gets much taller. RX with a 750 foot reversible beverage
pointing around 60 degrees.

Just need one more QSO out of the beverage before it comes down for the summer -
the FT8X gang should be QRV in about 3 weeks. It runs through my wife's horse
pasture and only has approval as a "temporary" antenna. It will probably be
back up in September - hopefully she won't notice.

It feels like I have operated a contest every weekend so far this year. NAQP
CW, SSB, CQ 160 CW, CW and SSB Sprints, ARRL DX CW and a part time effort here.
Maybe after next weekend, I'll start cutting back a little!
NX9T   Single Op HP   104,2592005-02-27 09:54:38
Friday night was a blast...great rate...Saturday night..not so. :) Had a great
time and enjoyed the outing. Thanks to all. If I couldn't hear you calling,
please excuse my lack of acceptable receive antennas...still on the need to do
list. QRN was higher on Saturday and also compounded that issue.
73 and Good luck!
Jeff NX9T
Country total is an estimate..haven't figured out how to get that info from N1MM
yet..just looking at a combined mult. count (total was 69).
VE6JY   Multi-Op HP   135,2652005-02-27 10:13:00
Best conditions in many years here, especially the 2nd evening.Just a trace of
D4B and CN2R the first evening, but on the 2nd night managed to hear D4B (and
to be heard by him was nice!). Lots of strong solid east coast and Carrib
signals all night long. Really nice not to experience one way propagation like
we usually have to endure.

756PROIII, 1500w, inv Vee at 140 feet

73 Don
N1SV   Single Op HP   114,3452005-02-27 10:14:28
Thanks to all the YCCC members that worked me. This was a casual effort, I
operated both nights up through EU sunrise. I missed UT and LA in the
continental US and VO1, VO2, VE4, VE7, NWT, VY0, and Yukon.
K7RL   Single Op HP   79,6902005-02-27 10:36:50
Great fun, especially the second night when conditions seemed much better than
the first. After using an inverted V for the last couple of years, I decided to
try an inverted L. Actually, it was supposed to be a vertical, but my weather
balloons popped. Nevertheless, I can see why so many people like this antenna,
it seems to play well.

Congratulations to D4B on a wonderful signal and INCREDIBLE ears! You're
amazing Al! Other great ears have to include VP5B and V31MD. Domestically,
N8II, WB9Z, and N4PN, among a few others, were heard about two hours before dark
here with excellent signals. You guys were the East coast beacons throughout
the contest.

Thanks for your q's!
K6GNX   Single Op HP   41,7642005-02-27 11:13:10
Been off the air for a year (except for VU4 that I got on 40 SSB 31 minutes
before the Tsunami) - it was great to be in my favorite contest again. My 10
minute rate got up to 174/hr around 0400-0430Z. Getting ready for the contest I
found the 160 wire antenna was GONE! Wind storm blew it away a year ago; only
found one insulator, never did find the wire. (125mph est) 5 or my 9 Beverages
were still working so I was good to go. Found a second set of 1/2 wave radials
put in 2 years ago had never been connected! Connected and had to rematch -
lower losses yea! What a great hobby, and I am not even the faintest bit
embarassed by it!
K7OX   Single Op LP   36,3442005-02-27 11:30:14
Casual operation due to no amplifier. Enjoyed working and chating with old
friends. Conditions seemed very good. Special thanks to Herb KV4FI for
sticking with me and pulling my low power out of the mess. DX window was full
of USA stations, this window pretty much goes away with SSB. As to the so
called "Band Plan" that was a joke. Solid signals from 1801 all the way to
1999. Had nice run to east coast very high at 1973, quiet and no QRM. There
should be some big scores this year. Thanks to everyone for the Q's and see you
next year.

73 Gary

NN3W   Single Op LP   4,3202005-02-27 11:36:54
Playing around for an hour or two during my time painting the new baby's

On another note, some folks need to stop relying upon SCP for every
callsign/QSO. There are folks out there with calls that ARE similar to existing
SCP calls, and you're gonna lose points by not listening the call of the station
being worked.

'nuff said.
NU4SC(K3IXD)   Multi-Op LP   19,6002005-02-27 12:57:56
W8RT(W8UVZ)   Single Op HP   61,5512005-02-27 13:26:59
Limited time and interest. Condx seemed poor for DX.
K1EP   Single Op LP   45,7622005-02-27 13:58:25
Didn't hear much Europe and probably they didn't hear much of me either. I was
surprised at the number of Q's I got considering LP and restricted antenna.
K3SWZ   Single Op LP   20,6002005-02-27 14:59:27
Nice to work HH4/K4QD for a new country on 160 M!
W3LL   Single Op LP   65,4362005-02-27 15:12:09
Lots of activity from top to bottom of the band. This helped to improve the
score over last year. Background noise was minimal with no static crashes.
K4WI   Single Op LP   87,6362005-02-27 15:13:07
Missed VT, VE4, VE8, KL7 and a few VE1's. Conditions seemed to be pretty good
with lots of activity except from VT! Thanks everyone!
KO1H   Single Op QRP   6,0482005-02-27 15:13:15
160m is tuff with qrp and compromise antennas. Wish I could have worked all the
dx I heard.
WA1Z   Multi-Op HP   165,0662005-02-27 15:17:58
Icom IC-756PROII, Ameritron AL-811 600 Watts
1/4-wave Inverted L vertical section up ~83 feet
90 radials totaling ~6,500 feet

Another fantastic Father-Son Contesting Weekend in the books! This one was the
most enjoyable yet! My Dad, Bob NE1I, and I have a tradition of doing 160 Meter
contests together over the years and we've settled in on this one now for the
past three years.

Since neither of us owned a linear, we've always operated barefoot in the M/S
High Power category. This year, Dad decided on Thursday night to purchase an
amplifier for his own station and figured we could give it a good shake down
cruise this weekend.

As we should have expected, we equaled our previous best in this contest (89k
points) by Saturday morning.

Great contest weekend consisting of high noise, a new tier of painfully weak
stations calling, steak dinner, Cabernet Sauvignon, too much beer, another HRO
"boondoggle" on Saturday, and Dad posting a 93/hour - which he's never done

Worked all the lower 48, missed VO1, VO2 and the Territories. Never heard any

Bob WA1Z
NJ7I(@K8IA)   Multi-Op HP   89,4962005-02-27 15:22:56
Main Position: IC-765, Alpha 91B, Inv Vee, Inv L, K9AY Rx Loops
Spotting Position: IC-765, K9AY Rx Loops
Both computers networked and running Writelog 10.52F
Contest goodies supplied by Silk and Donna
Five Pound Watchdog: Gabby

160 is a continual work in progress here, with a LONG way yet to go. Cndx down
from last yr, but 20% more qso's this yr due to better receiving situation. Not
a peep out of VK/ZL this yr and the usual loud African powerhouses, D4B and
CN2R, were at least 3 s units down from normal.

Onward with improvements for 2006!

73, Bob K8IA and Jon NJ7I
Arizona USA
W1CEK   Single Op QRP   15,3662005-02-27 15:24:09
Lots of fun!
VA3NR   Single Op LP   17,5892005-02-27 15:24:59
Just a few points for the club - Go go CCO!

73, Chris VA3NR

[FT1000MP Mk-V Field, Inverted-L]
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   27,0922005-02-27 15:32:35
The ceremonial lowering of the 160 meter inverted L was executed at the end of
the contest. It will be resurrected once again in December for the next 160
meter contesting season!
KR1ST   Single Op QRP   2,7722005-02-27 15:34:31
Rig: FT-897
Power: 5 Watts
Antenna: 40m dipole at 32 feet fed as a T antenna against a lousy RF ground

The QRP challenge is a tough one without an antenna that's somewhat efficient on
this band (do I hear a "duh"? :) ). I bet the ERP was less than a single Watt. I
only dabbled a bit in this contest to get a feel for what it's like on topband
as I only frequent it as an afterthought in other contests. It was interesting,
but not really surprising, that very loud stations were not able to hear me,
while others with marginal signals picked me up at the first call. Considering
my marginal setup and power, it speaks well of the stations that were able to
hear me.

--Alex KR1ST
W2RE   Multi-Op HP   32,9562005-02-27 15:35:01
Warming up for ARRLDX SSB.

Had to work on Saturday I just cant give up easy O.T. and that killed any
serious effort in this one.
I was connected to telnet and this classifies me as a Multi-op

My first two hours were great with two hours of 100+.

0000Z-0100Z 133/34
0100Z-0200Z 101/4

Operated another hour off and on through the weekend.

Antenna is a poor mans 4SQ, made out of 4 inverted L's with 8 elevated radials
on each radiator.

Even my wife KB2HZI Lori got on for a bit and worked a dozen stations.


73, Ray Higgins
N4RV   Multi-Op HP   77,6262005-02-27 15:41:37
Very little time to operate in this contest..Condx to EU seemed very
suppressed...Quite a change from the very good condx to EU in the CW contest..
VE3YAA   Multi-Op HP   362,8502005-02-27 16:02:35
We were getting out well but lacked receiving antennas, missed a lot of
countries, sorry to the guys we could not hear.Thanks to all who persisted and
allowed us to pick them out of the noise.

Icom 761
Alpha 91b
100 ft top loaded verical tx
8 ft dia loop rx
73 Don VE3VZ
K3WW   Multi-Op HP   124,5752005-02-27 16:08:00
Guess the ears are now ready for ARRL DX next week.
WB9Z   Single Op HP   272,1572005-02-27 16:20:42
Conditions not nearly as good as last year from here. Worked only 3 EU...
very disappointing. Got called by XQ6ET and a LU so that's
probably the longest haul DX.

Amazing the MN stations that were on.... really good show guys.

Congrats to a super op. N4PN at W8JI who really did a wonderful job,
and most surely was Top USA single op.

Heading out soon to PJ2T to meet up with ARRL DX SSB "dream team"
and try to win the world for the third time in M/2. Hope to work a
lot of you next weekend on most of the bands.

Jerry WB9Z
KR4M   Single Op HP   79,5962005-02-27 16:22:58
What fun! S&P Fri. night and mostly running on Sat. If you weren't on a freq
before the start, then it was hard to find one later--The band was packed from
1803 to 1997. What DX window?! Many thanks to everyone that called in and nice
to talk to K4BAI. 73 Duren
756 Pro II, 1500w, inverted V at 100ft., Writelog
W7DX(N9ADG)   Single Op HP   103,9722005-02-27 16:31:38
Thanks to the WWDXC for allowing me to use the club call sign, was great to be a
"7" in the "7th" area. Thanks to all those who had the patience to stick by to
repeat (and repeat) their calls and states through the QRN, QSB, and QRM.
Apologies to those that I wasn't able to pull out -- sometimes the receiving
antennas were better, sometimes the vertical -- and multiple repeats allowed me
time to switch them around to find out the best. Will likely try a preamp for
the receive antenna side in the near future to bring up the levels a bit.

Murphy through a bad cold at me the day before the contest -- hold the chicken
soup, the best medicine was staying up all night for two nights in the contest!

First time I've run "the power" in a contest (800 to 1100w), and it's a heady
experience to be able to make it through pileups in less than a dozen calls
(most of the time anyway). I tried for a personal best, and pretty much
achieved it. Mostly calm weather allowed the blimp-supported-vertical to put in
it's best performance yet.

Again, thanks to all for the q's and generous repeats.
KTØR   Single Op HP   100,8152005-02-27 16:32:23
Had a good time a usual. Fun to hear everyone on. Band seemed in good shape. Did
have some bad local QRN that was on and off. But for the most part was ok.
Thanks to all that called in. And to W4IM for letting me work LA on his freq.
For my sweep of all the states besides Ak and Hi. Never heard Ak or Hi.

See U all next time.

Vry 73 Dave KT0R
N5PA   Single Op HP   79,0652005-02-27 16:37:08
Friday night was great. I had a couple of hours that I ran at 120 Q's
per hour. But the rest of the contest went downhill from there and
it appeared that conditions were not nearly as good. There was a lot
of noise Sunday morning and evening. It was still my best showing in a
160 meter contest. The new antenna performed very well.
4U1WB(AJ3M)   Single Op HP   1,4962005-02-27 17:02:13
Part time effort from the World Bank Club station in DC.
Masa Miura, AJ3M
N2BT   Single Op HP   30,6602005-02-27 17:24:04
Other weekend obligations including job commitments allowed only 4 hours of
operation. Maybe next year !
K5ZD   Single Op HP   85,1622005-02-27 17:35:07
Very limited operating time.

I enjoy trolling the bands in this contest looking for weak DX amongst the local
signals. Conditions to Europe were fair, but it was hard to find guys in the

This contest has two kinds of participants. Those with a frequency to call CQ
and everyone else! I enjoyed a couple of great runs. Never worked so many loud
West Coast stations.
K4ADR   Single Op HP   26,4602005-02-27 17:43:33
First 160 contest that I have done.300 watts and 540ft loop at 20ft
N3HBX   Single Op HP   165,9842005-02-27 18:03:40
The contest was blessed with little QRN - though the QRM was pretty bad as all
the 'big guns' competed for space in a small slice of frequency. Propagation
overseas was poor - I worked noone on the continent of Europe despite hearing
several. My biggest problem was my main amplifier, which decided to blow up 10
minutes into the contest!
NØFP   Single Op LP   10,5602005-02-27 18:12:01
No time for this contest. But had to get on and show some support.
KØHW   Single Op LP   32,2772005-02-27 18:13:07
This is my second time in this contest. I did a lot better than the first
There are so many contest conflicts, maybe this one does not take the time of
the others because of the daylight dead band but it was hard to get the second
evening in while working the NAQP RTTY at the same time. I started hearing
signals (unworkable) at 4 PM local on Sunday.

ICOM 756PROII, 160 Meter Inverted V hanging from 48' HDBX48 & Writelog
XE1RCS   Multi-Op HP   482,6582005-02-27 18:29:07
KØGAS   Single Op HP   35,3782005-02-27 18:29:38
eNJOYED WORKING 12 COLORADANS. Good condx the first evening. Poor on DX all
VE9KAR   Single Op LP   77,9222005-02-27 18:35:51
This Log was sent under CW by Mistake, ( used the wrong form SRI)
This was my first contest other than FD, had lots of fun, Rig is TS 570Sg, ant
is Inverted V , apex at 40', sloping down to 15', I'll be back next year.
W3DQ   Single Op HP   73,4402005-02-27 19:01:23
First time in the SSB version of this contest. What fun! These 160 contests are
becoming my favorite.

Friday night was hot...I had the highest rates I've ever had. Amazing,
considering my receive antennas don't work. The combination of the Orion's great
receiver and WB5WPA's AM Brickwall Filter, my inverted-L vertical in this urban
environment worked. Thanks to all who persisted as I tried to hear them!

I missed LA, IA, and ND... heard the later two but not the former. Also missed
NF, LB, MB, NWT, YT and and NU. Didn't hear any Europeans.

Station: Orion, Herc II, Inv. L (65ft x 65ft, 21 radials)

See you next year!
K1GU   Single Op HP   104,0402005-02-27 20:01:56
Seems very few still live in their home call areas. Makes it harder to find the
right antenna.
W4MYA   Single Op HP   239,5962005-02-27 20:11:54
Started out with a 199 hour then 129,122,101 hours. Quit for the night at 741/77
at about 0800. Back on 2130, things were going fairly well until the sun went
down about 2300. Things just did not look right with the amp. Like
it was going to fail. Limped along until 0300 when I actually looked at the
antenna SWR. Mucho to 1.. Look at it with a TDR and everything looks OK. Took
two trips out to the tower to see that the delta loop was shorted to the NW/SE
quad loop for 80M. Managed to get them seperated and all was well again by 0400.
I will never know what or if I missed anything but quit at 0900. Back on 2030 to
the end. Very slow at the end, but as always enjoyed it!
Score down by 200 QSO's, 13 countries and almost 100,000 points from last year!

Only 32 10 pointers this time. 6 SA, 21 EU and 5 AF.
Thanks for all the QSO's that we did complete!
Congrats to N4PN who sounded like he was in heaven and to WB9Z for their great

Take care..
CU in ARRL SSB, the Virginia QSO Party and WPX SSB!
It will be a busy month!
N7GP(N5IA)   Single Op LP   71,9362005-02-27 20:32:56
The new location and TX antenna for N7GP worked well. I missed the field of
Beverages but the two temporary receive antennas performed better than expected.
I will make a full report on the Top Band reflector once all the individual
signal comparison reports to NA5NM are received and compiled.

Conditions were IMHO poor; worse than the CW 'test and much poorer than ARRL 160
in December. Propagation to east of the Mississippi the first night really
never developed and especially to the New England area. When you work only two
Michigan stations the entire 1st night you know it is bad. It was two long
nights of hard work to get this mediocre score.

2nd night the band finally opened decently to the east coast after midnight.
Missed Maine for WAS. No EU heard. D4B best DX and only one KH6 from the
Pacific. Thanks for all the Q's and CU all next season.

Milt, N5IA, op at N7GP
NA5NM   Multi-Op LP   69,4402005-02-27 20:40:41
A good time was had by both of us as we ran the NA5NM station without N5IA and
competed against him operating solo at N7GP. Looks like a neck to neck run.
Missed running the Alpha amp but wanted to be equal to N7GP for the comparison
of performance by the two TX antenna systems. Thanks for all the contacts.

Larry, W7MCO and Joe, K7JEM
DL2DBH   Single Op HP   90,1452005-02-27 22:27:48
CQ 160 METER CONTEST -- 2005

Call: DL2DBH Country: Fed. Rep. of Germany
Mode: SSB Category: Single Operator


Totals 384 1639 5 50 = 90,145
OK1FC   Single Op LP   58,9962005-02-27 23:18:02
TS830S, ant. Delta loop 168m, 15m up
D4B(4L5A)   Single Op HP   1,494,8162005-02-27 23:59:50
Target was to show even from such remote location like D4 is possible to win
160m contest and I think I do that
I like to win and thats big support QRN is not supporting me of course hi
Im starting to support my Brother PY5EG on his idea contest log in 24 hour
after finish the contest
Thank you very much to everyone who call
See you next contests (Im sorry Im leaving D4 today and will be not in ARRL
contest) and next contest will be WPX SSB
73 Al 4L5A/D4B
S57DX   Single Op HP   247,5042005-02-28 01:22:06


ES5TJO   Single Op LP   45,0002005-02-28 02:01:47
Rig:IC706 100w
Ant:120m vertical
Nice Contest!
73!Ago ES5TJO
VY2ZM(K1ZM)   Single Op HP   963,9602005-02-28 02:42:58
Thanks to all those who called in - it was fun to operate this contest as
always. My biggest thrill was working 9V1GO on longpath at Bob's sunrise peak
- his signal was quite good on two bursts.

Congrats to Al (4L5A) on a huge score from D4B and also to Jim at CN2R and LY4A
for posting some fine scores as well.

This contest just keeps on getting more competitive and that's a good thing.


KØTV   Multi-Op HP   19,4822005-02-28 03:03:35
Just got on to give out some points. Although I like SSB contests generally, I
prefer CW on 160.

Good luck to all and 73,

VE3RCN   Single Op LP   23,3642005-02-28 04:14:42
I was jumping between the RTTY test and this one for a while.
W2GB   Multi-Op HP   28,6722005-02-28 04:33:27
Clearly we were limited by our 160 antenna, an inverted V at 25' but
nevertheless, we had fun. After 38 years of hamming it always amazes me what
you can do with a piece of wire.
P4ØW(W2GD)   Single Op HP   661,3032005-02-28 04:54:43
Rig: IC756ProII, Tentec Titan 425 - 1 KW
Antenna: Vertical Dipole (50' vert), beverages NE and NW

Condx definitely not as good to EU this year as compared to last. But did
manage to increase totals in every catagory this time, pushing the score 20%
higher compared to 2004.

First night contended with elevated atmospheric QRN levels that are typical
here. Thank god for beverage antennas....on the TX antenna the S meter hovered
at S9+10db. Second night the noise was down but a power line QRN problem to the
NW was constantly cycling on and off which probably made me an alligator to many
US stations who called....very sorry. Missed DC WY and VE4 which where
apparently all active. I appreciate comparitive signal reports. Eamil me at

Biggest thrill of the weekend was working A61AJ (K2GM opr.) at his
sunrise.....honest S9+10 db signal. Only Asia worked all weekend. No PAC or JA

Interesting to observe band conditions here at local sunset. WB9Z, N2CW and
W4MYA open the band from the states consistently night after night.

Congrats to D4B, CN2R, LY4A, VY2ZM and others who have posted some great S/O
scores. This is not an easy contest! And thanks to all of the casual operators
who took the time to make some contacts.

Will be QRV next weekend in ARRL DX Phone. CU then.

John W2GD/P40W
WD5R   Multi-Op HP   144,4852005-02-28 05:18:08
Pro2 Vox and voice keyer started balking,
first wouldn't unkey without threating it,
then refused to key without kicking it.
Had to change rigs,
no voice keyer.
You guessed it,
OM n5ect started balking,
Once again the female stamina comes to rescue.
I had to carry the load most of the contest.

the real wd5r
K4BAI   Single Op HP   9,0652005-02-28 06:21:52
FT1000MP, Alpha 78/AL811H, 80 meter inverted vee fed through an antenna tuner as
if it were an end-fed wire. Seem to have burned up something in the Alpha 78
attempting to get it tuned up for the contest. Later discovered it still works
OK above 1900 khz. Had to use the smaller AL811H for QSOs below 1900 khz.

Nice to work a few Caribbean stations and hear a few others. XE1RCS had a
consistent good signal and good ears. KP4KE had an amazing signal for QRP, but
never could hear me well enough to copy even a part of my call. Heard a very
loud DJ4 calling CQ, but got no response from him even though no one else in USA
seemed to be calling. Think that was DJ4PT.

This can be a fun contest from a well-equipped station, but is a bit frustrating
and boring from one without good antennas for 160.


John, K4BAI.
W4NZ   Single Op HP   10,3632005-02-28 07:09:03
Not much playtime but conditions seemed pretty good.

73,Ted W4NZ
SP5TAT   Single Op QRP   11,8002005-02-28 08:26:32
Tough work on Top-Band QRP SSB operation, but also a lot of fun. I was using 5
watts and inverted V @ 10 meters. After a couple of hours I decided to turn my
PC into a voice keyer - it helped me a lot in calling. Many thanks to many
patient operators. There were a lot of them, but I was really amazed by G3UEG.
Thank you, folks.
KB7Q   Single Op LP   61,8032005-02-28 08:27:55
W4NTI   Single Op HP   14,8582005-02-28 10:24:30
Using my experimental "folded vertical" antenna. Seems to work great into the
Carribean and most of the USA. Only able to pump out 600 watts. Think I'll add
more radials and continue with it. Managed TEN DX stations. Best I ever have
done on 160.

AD8P   Single Op HP   54,0002005-02-28 10:28:30
I usually don't operate ssb contests but I made an exception for a 160 contest.
I had a ball for the short time I operated (7 hours). Never could find AA1K for
Delaware and Louisiana was also elusive. I look forward to next year and I will
be better prepared for sure.
K6TQ(WN6K)   Single Op HP   73,2552005-02-28 11:42:26
This was only a 'second night' operation -
Missed VT,HI & AK for WAS
Countires worked: D4,P4,YV,C6,KP4,V31,VP5, XE - & CU (that would be a new
country for K6TQ [#179] but at 83 he is still a purist and he says, "If I didn't
work it, it don't count yet..."

Other highlight was having my cousin (W7RAP) give me a call about four in the
morning ...and we had not touched base in over 1 -1/2 years.

WN6K, Paul
AAØRS   Single Op HP   60,9182005-02-28 15:15:48
Not a serious effort, we need a DX window to make that worthwhile, just a few
hours of fun, thanks to everyone who called. Congratulations to the boys on the
west coast for sticking at it...Dave AA0RS
VE3NZ   Single Op LP   46,7412005-02-28 15:26:25
Part time effort, with lots of fun. My location is not really competitive on
160, due to high noise level. However I still enjoyed the contest.
73, George, VE3NZ
N8IE   Single Op QRP   16,3802005-02-28 16:45:05
Nice contest. Band seemed okay but DX was a real pain to work.

Dan, N8IE
N3GJ   Single Op LP   16,3382005-02-28 17:04:22
A few hours of mostly S&P to warm up the vocal chords for ARRL DX Phone this
weekend. Best DX North was VE9KAR, East was D4B, South was P40W and West was
South Dakota.
AB9H   Single Op HP   93,3662005-02-28 19:09:35
Big disadvantage by being into 160 m contest without a separate receiving
antenna! But, this is as is! Living in the city, makes some things pleasurable
and some less pleasurable! This time I have used what I had on hand - shunt feed
top loaded tower, with TS-2000 and AL-800! I promise to all of you out there,
whom I wasn't able to pick up out of a noise, will work to upgrade my receiving
antennas! Anyway, great contest!Lot's of fun!
73 Joe AB9H
WDØT   Single Op LP   6,1202005-02-28 20:17:11
Fun contest, the little time I could spend on. Was all S/P. Boy, there were
some HUGE signals, AA0RS pinned the meter here, with WB9Z, KU1CW, W0UO a close
Was fun to run into old friend, WV0H, and QSO with him a bit during the contest,
its actually kinda fun to operate in the non-serious mode.

Congrats to all the great scores, and Lord willing will see you in the next
contests. God Bless, Todd, WD0T
N6RO   Single Op HP   34,7422005-02-28 21:24:47
Limited operation due to music gigs. Condx sounded good while I was on. Fun
run on Saturday night - 75 Qs in 30 min, mostly east coast. Some year I'll try
this full time.
OZ1ADL   Multi-Op HP   114,7852005-03-01 00:07:17
OZ1ADL + Cluster
K4AQ   Single Op QRP   3202005-03-01 02:00:29

My second CQ WW 160 SSB contest:

Score QSO S/P DX Time
2005 320 16 10 -- 1.3
2002* 1,292 38 17 -- 15.6

Multiplier List

Two other priorities minimized my participation in this contest:

1. Evening at "Hairspray," a live Broadway musical comedy, in Atlanta's Fabulous
Fox Theatre.


Yaesu FT-897D transceiver operated at 5 watts into an OCF 28-gauge insulated
wire stealth antenna up 45 feet in trees next to I-75 in downtown Atlanta
industrial area. SGC SG-237 Smartuner. Heil Pro-Set Plus! MicroHAM USB rig
interface. WriteLog 10.52f.

--Matt, K4AQ (ex-WB6BWZ)
SP9BQJ   Single Op HP   70,8482005-03-01 03:31:07
In contest I was used Icom 737 + SB221 mods for 160m. Antennas;inverted V -top
on 20m above ground - for transmiting. For receiver; vertical delta for
40m,20mts mast with gamma matching for 80m. Vy 73 Marek
VE9DX   Single Op LP   2,5652005-03-01 03:41:15
Amazed to be in any log let alone D4B, NP4A, P40W, VP5B and UT1FG/MM
my poor setup. Just sat back and listened to Jeff (ZM) working away as I was
working in the shack. Floored me to hear him work 9V1. Could actually hear the
9V1 in there. Sorry my heart was just not in this one. Hope I gave a new mutl
to someone... 73 Andy (VE9DX)

80 mtr dipole just not the answer...!
OR5N(ON7TQ-ON4ACA-ON6UQ-ON6LY-ON4DSQ)   Multi-Op HP   108,8552005-03-01 04:09:26
TX=FT1000MP, Inv L, rx beverage, pwr 400watts
Also special thanks to the contributers ON2CYV and ON2IDX
W2CG   Multi-Op HP   23,1122005-03-01 04:49:10
Just a part time effort to hand out Qs. Entered as Multi category only because
used spotting network. Condx didn't seem to be as good as the CW weekend, very
few EU's heard, even fewer worked. D4B was loud and workable. UU7J was loud
but couldn't hear me. Many US stations CQing in the DX window.
Equipment: Icom 756 ProII, Alpha DX77, Inverted L, NE/SW 540 ft Beverage, N1MM
AA4LR   Single Op LP   9622005-03-01 05:30:43
Kenwood TS-430S, AT-250 tuner
125 foot doublet at 10m

With my back still giving me fits, was only able to get on for less than 2
hours, each time just before sunset on Saturday and Sunday, to had out a few

I was amazed at the number of signals on the air -- many of which were quite
strong. Also surprised at the large number of stations who were S9+20dB or more
who couldn't hear me call. So much for reciprocity. While I definitely need to
do something about my antenna situation for 160m, I also got the sense that many
stations are deaf.

VP5B was S9+20 dB at 2335z Saturday on 1883 kHz. I called him for 15 minutes. At
one point, he came back to N4LR (and no, Gordon wasn't on frequency), but when I
tried to correct the call, he couldn't pick it up. Honestly, I've had this
callsign for 20 years now -- you'd think people would be used to "AA" calls by
9A3RE   Single Op LP   70,2622005-03-01 06:05:47
73, Rudy
AA1K   Single Op HP   52,7362005-03-01 08:20:56
Our usual very casual participation in this contest as we take a break and spend
some time with the xyl between the two major ARRL DX contest weekends.

Did some S&P from 1843 kHz and above in keeping with the 160-meter band plan
(all QSOs were 1843 or above). As usual I tried to be the highest station in the
band. Got some good runs going on 1998 kHz, far from the madding crowd in the
low end. Low QRM up there.

Missed my own state, LA and WY plus a bunch of the VE mults.

Station details at
AA1K/M   Single Op LP   3062005-03-01 08:26:15
Spent an hour of S&P on my way to work starting two hours before sundown. N4PN
and WB9Z not bad "DX" for daylight hours with 100 watts and an 11-foot
Screwdriver antenna.

Details at (the mobile whip now has four top-hat wires at 8 ft
WO1N   Multi-Op HP   9,8262005-03-01 08:35:23
Station: FT1000D, N1MM, AlphaDelta DX-LB at 45'

I haven't set up the Inv L for a couple of years and have been doing the
CW portion from K0TV, so just a few Q's to help out the serious ops.
Packet and 200W.

It still is a bit of a mystery why D4B can hear me first call, yet stations
West of the Mississippi can't hear me worth squat on the dipole ;-(

VA3KA(@VE3QAA)   Single Op HP   248,5342005-03-01 10:10:28
Special thanks to Bert VE3QAA for letting me borrow his antenna farm for the
contest again. Having 4 bi-directional beverages and a multi element vertical
array (3 el to EU and SW and 2 el N-S and E-W) sure helps!

Found the conditions down, other than for NA QSO's. Only managed 17 DX QSO's.
Did hear a few more EU's in the DX window at times but not able to work them due
to LOUD NA stations calling CQ.

Did manage 49 states (missed AK) and most of southern Canada (except NL+LB). No
VY0, VY1 or VE8.

Thought I was going to miss DE. None worked on first day. Ended up with 4 by the
end of the contest.

Hung in until after EU sunrise. The rates really slowed down and was having a
hard time staying awake, so packed it in around 0230 EST.

Congratulations to VY2ZM - he is unbeatable for us in Canada! I like to listen
to him running Europe when I can not even hear them!!
TA2RC   Single Op LP   70,3372005-03-01 12:04:30
My first CQ 160 SSB.Worked on my home QTH,together with my family!Antenna was a
simple half dipole at 15 m high.Not only contest,also fish and drink,during bad
band conditions.Made some 196 Qs Hi!
73 Ozer
K3BU   Single Op QRP   59,5402005-03-01 12:08:00
Thanks to all those who heard me and all those who tried and couldn't. Sorry for
occasional "dead air", Orion just keeps quitting even with little RF going out.
WK4Y   Multi-Op HP   102,8302005-03-01 13:02:54
Equip: FT 1000 Mark V Field - Alpha 76A
Xmit Ant: Inverted V, apex at 80 feet
Rcv Ant: 2 Steerable K9AY Loops
KP2BH   Single Op LP   3,4442005-03-01 16:32:01
First time in 160 contest,good experience.antenna was an inverted L with about
15 radials running 100 watts.need to improve the reception on this band.
W1CTN   Single Op LP   58,0452005-03-01 16:57:09
Station Description:

FT1000mp Mk5 @ 100 watts
1/4 wave inverted L - 45' vertical section x 30 ~100' radials
No receive antennas.

I could not put a longer effort in this year. We have a large remodeling project
underway that eats up not only my time, but my stamina. Friday night was an
early night, off the air at 0400 zulu. Saturday night into Sunday morning was my
longest "time in the chair".

I didn't find great openings to Europe and my best DX was D4B. But I did have
the time of my 160 meter life with small pileups from the West Coast and W7. To
be a low power op, with a wet noodle inverted L and have those stations call me
was just wonderful. I was parked up in the "nose bleed" section of the band,
1965 kHz when that happened. I even had an EI station call me there and he was
in full daylight !!

I had planned to erect a 160 meter cage inverted L to improve my bandwidth but
just could not find the time. I used an external Collins surplus tuner I picked
up on Ebay to keep the antenna tuned. The Collins tuner is just a switchable L,
but it did the job. Maybe next year I will have the cage erected and be able to
go from the bottom to the top of the band without retuning.

I don't use the FT1000mp Mk 5 internal tuner as it seems to act up from time to

The CQ 160 contest, both SSB and CW are great to operate. I really enjoy the
challenges top band provides. It still is a gentleman's band, 90% of the
stations I worked ended the exchange with 73 and good luck.

Maybe next year I can double my airtime and hopefully my score. Still need KL7
for 160 WAS.

Thanks for all the QSO's
CUAGN on Top Band...

W1CTN Dave
Radio Ansonia Connecticut
KP4KE/QRP   Single Op QRP   116,9632005-03-01 18:16:58
Hello from KP4 land!
This contest was almost look like last ARRL in the top band I Work hard the
saturday make over 220 QSO'S and the band was quiet en big signals from
Caribbean, signals over 30&40db. From US 10 nad 20 db stations in low power Alot
of European stations with 20 and 30 db. I only work strong stations because
they can heard me at noise level.
Was great My 5 Watts and my 3 inverter L's was big deal on friday.(Good things
aren't no for ever) Saturday Band was quiet no noise but the same caribbean
stations now with 10 and 15 db over s9 VP5B friday nite was 40 db saturday and
sunday was only 10 at max 20 db. My 5 watts only works 60 station on sat and
sunday that was my history in CQ WW 160 m Contest.

Thanks for all station that pick me up.

73 & dx see you on ARRL DX phone march 2005
N1IK   Single Op HP   115,1282005-03-02 05:52:45
First 160M contest. Dipole/K9AY played well, I think, but very little DX was
heard or called in. I ran, mostly, and that was fun.

How the hell do you get N1MM to show you counts for State/Prov and Countries?
Well, very few countries (< 10 or so), mostly State/Prov. I'm not counting them
up manually.

On to next weekend. Release the QRM!

Best 73,

Brian, N1IK
W1TO   Single Op HP   10,1972005-03-02 05:54:27
Just got on to pass out some points.
4L2M   Single Op LP   141,9502005-03-02 07:25:40
It was very low activity in the contest;
VP5B   Multi-Op HP   800,2852005-03-02 11:57:15
Europe Rx antenna was broken the second night, wish we had it working as it was
a real struggle without it.
KV4FZ   Single Op HP   416,1842005-03-03 07:06:24
A thriller especially being beaten by another station lestt than 400 miles away
P40W also in the Lesser Antilles and closer to most of the US past the
Mississppi. I could gripe about the point structure where my competition wins
after I get more Q'sand multipliers. I could gripe on about an "African"
Station half wayacross the Atlantic where every contact is a ten pointer who is
less then 2000 miles from the UK and can work west coast US stations I can't
even hear. I could complain about the never ending tropic static and probably
would but after seeing VY2ZM's (K1ZM Jeff) awesome production with so many 2
pointers and ability to maintain Eu runs for hours, all I can say is that it
blows away any reason for me to complain and get back to the drawing board.
It seems that it will take more than a volcanic eruption on D4 and the return of
the Ice Agebut I will be in there pressing on regardless. Actually it was very
exciting even if there is no cigar.
N4PN(W8JI)   Single Op HP   404,4812005-03-03 07:47:12
Well here!
I don't usually do a big soapbox but this contest was different. Dan, K1TO was
coming back thru Macon on Friday from Atlanta to Florida. We had agreed to
dinner here in town as he came thru. I met him along with Tom, W8JI and his
Marsha around 5:45pm with the understanding that I would have to leave them
around 6:30. As I was preparing to leave and head home, Tom and Marsha asked
"why not come up and operate from our place?." They sounded pretty serious and
I quickly accepted. Away I went to change clothers, throw a change of clothes
in a bag, grab some snacks, etc and head up to Johnstonville, GA.
Tom had everything tuned up and after a quick run thru the antennas, etc, my
first contact was with W4NTI at 0055z - missing most of the first hour. First
full hour was 147 Q's - the second hour as a bit better with 170 Q's with
most other hours over 100 Q's. First 23 hours - 45 VE's/31 other DX. Second
half was 21 VE's/64 other DX, including around 0300z on Sunday morning a
of RK4FD, UY4IYZ, DK5PR, DK0PM, UW2M and others all calling and right over the
pile came - 4L2M!! I woke everybody in the house and probably a few neighbors.
Final numbers are 1507 Q's - 103 mults which includes 85-10 point Q's. Last
QSO at 2359z was with Bernie, N8BJQ.
Without saying, this was a blast and thanks to Tom and Marsha for their in-
vitation and great hospitality and support. This was a weekend I'll never
Paul, N4PN
G3UEG   Multi-Op HP   147,0002005-03-04 03:49:01
A relaxed entry this year.
Single op plus cluster.
Just did 20hours between start and 07.00 sunday.
73, Dave G3UEG
N2CW   Multi-Op HP   306,6312005-03-04 05:31:11
Primary: IC746/AL82 Supplementary RX:FT1000MP-MKV Field
Alternate: IC756PROII/AL811H
Antenas: NE and SW Slopers hung at 200 feet with delta loop reflector
Inverted L, six beverages and K9AY loop
LX7I(LX2AJ)   Single Op HP   180,4802005-03-05 08:40:52
Only active for a few hours as I had no time to be on the air saturday evening.

cu next year with better antennas for 160M,
73`s and GOOD DX from op
OZ1DD   Single Op HP   421,3082005-03-05 23:54:58
Fair condx and not so many stations on compared to last year. Congrats to LY4A -
guess I must have been sleeping quite a lot missing 500+ qso's :-)

...Jens / OZ1DD
W1FJ   Single Op HP   22,8152005-03-07 09:19:16
Just a token effort this year
N8II   Single Op HP   100,5672005-03-09 23:20:52

Contest Dates : 26-Feb-05, 27-Feb-05

What a start! I made 60 Q's by 0013, 111 by 003Z, and finished up first
hour working Bud, W3LL for 196. Could have probably broken the coveted
200 if I hadn't slowed down to pull out a few weak ones and there were
some "lulls" the 2nd 1/2 hour. No excuse for not doing better; I just
wasn't motivated; it might have something to do with ARRL CW DX before
and phone the week after, Hi! The only Eu worked was TM7Y who
had good signal but barely pulled me out. Missed LA on both modes; I
guess we need a PVRC expedition to there. They must have started a new
program of "paid contesting" in SC, worked at least a dozen! The only
other easy one I missed was BC. Missed VO1/2, VE4 and the usual ones
up north. Many thanks for the rate "high" the first hour. The half
sloper works pretty well with many "you're loud" compliments and did
get called by K7RL in WA and some other Rocky mtn. station well before
their sunset (23Z hour). This was a best effort for me in this one, but
only 2nd time running HP, I think.
MWØXMG   Single Op HP   13,6202005-03-15 01:52:07
First time in the contest, enjoyed it very much hope to enter next year and do
even better. Tx Yaesu ft920, Ant 1/4 wave inverted L also FL 2100Z, Receive
Ant KC2TX LOOP and Small beverage.
YZ7UN   Single Op LP   11,9882005-03-18 13:51:43
This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.
DL2AA   Single Op LP   5,9762005-03-20 04:36:37
Nice contest but I had not much time to operate! Again ist was obvious that some
stations can't hear a thing on 160! Even some strong local DL's did not hear
me... How can someone participate in a contest and enjoy it without a decent RX
antenna??? That alwas amazes me... ;o)
However, will be back next year...!

IZ8DFO   Single Op HP   117,4252005-03-20 09:33:28
First experience,
I feel very satisfied with my 500 W. amp
and my inverted L. No conditions to work
NA, have to try a receiving antenna next year.
Thanks to the J49Z gang (IK8UND and IK8HCG) for
their antenna setup support and their suggestions.
All in all a very exciting contest.
CU next year, 73
Aldo, IZ8DFO
LZ9W(LZ4UU)   Single Op HP   2,8282005-03-22 05:46:10
Just for fun after UBA CW:-)
UU7J   Multi-Op HP   617,3102005-03-29 22:37:19
See you next contests!
HG3M(HA3MY)   Single Op HP   426,8702005-03-31 11:57:41
Vertical, 5x Beverage 330m

73's DX HA3MY