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50 MHz Spring Sprint   2016   May 14   Comment Summary

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W1XM(KB1CGZ)   Single Op LP   352016-05-14 19:08:51
Low activity, noisy (as 6m always is for us).

Best DX was N1JEZ/FN44.

Only station I heard but didn't work was W1DYJ (unless that was the other side
of the QSO...).
K3TUF   Single Op HP   5782016-05-14 19:43:37
Every QSO had to be worked on to make happen. Nothing was easy with conditions.
Even though there was some Es around NA, it wasn't in the NE.
Still good to get the gear on and working.
Ready for June VHF now (See you as W3CCX)
Phil K3TUF
KX7L   Single Op LP   1322016-05-14 20:00:21
No openings, but nice to work all the locals, and our intrepid rover, WW7D!
N6ZE   Single Op LP   82016-05-14 20:02:01
I managed to participate in all 5 Spring SPRINT events this year.
KO9A   Single Op LP   2902016-05-14 20:11:18
+5 QSOs and -1 Grid vs. last year's sprint. Nice to see the slight bump in
local activity.

Best Dx:

Tropo - K9LZJ ~198 miles
Meteors - N3RG ~706 miles
Es - MIA

73 & CU in ARRL June VHF,

Jim KO9A
WDØT   Single Op HP   422016-05-14 20:12:15
Nothing heard the first hour, second
Hour worked 6 qs in 5 grids to FM17,FM19, EM97
EM89, and DN94.

Nothing heard the third hour, but thank
to work AA5AM for my only Q the end
of hour four, on CW

All contacts very weak Es, hoping
It improves by the June VHF!

73 God Bless all! Todd WD0T
AA5AM   Single Op LP   62016-05-14 20:12:20
Sure glad that's over. Not sure I could have gone another hour at such a furious
pace..... .86 Qs/hr
KB7PSG   Single Op LP   1382016-05-14 20:16:05
First time with a beam! Fun!
AEØEE   Single Op LP   42016-05-14 20:17:50
100 W, Moxon at 10', still about 20' below roofline/treeline in the urban

I managed four more QSOs than I did in this contest last year! All of my
contacts were with stations in EN34, including a weak one. I had fun switching
between CW, SSB, and various digital modes (FSK441, ISCAT-B, and JT65), and
while I went so far as to transmit the latter two, heard no response.
Conditions up here seemed pretty poor tonight, but local activity was up.
K7CW   Single Op HP   7042016-05-14 20:17:51
Only two out-of-area Qs, to K0GU (DN70) and K7JA (DM03). Longest tropo Q was
with W7MEM in DN17 (285.9 miles). Fairly decent activity again in the PNW.
VE1SKY   Single Op LP   122016-05-14 20:21:54
Good time. All rox QSOs.

Roger, VE1SKY
WA6EJO   Single Op LP   82016-05-14 21:40:33
1/4-wave ground plane. 100W TS2000X. No 6M openings.
K7YDL   Single Op HP   2402016-05-14 22:37:30
1st QRO effort for the sprint
VA3ELE/R   Rover HP   5462016-05-14 22:44:54
Thanks all that I was able to work in this last minute effort. It was nice to
work N3RG and VE1SKY off the ROX while in the rover. K1TEO made a great effort
to work me CW on whatever propagation mode that was??? Airplane Scatter? some
ROX and some whatever hi. At times peaking 559!

73 de Peter VA3ELE/R

A special THANK YOU to Central States VHF Society and KA2KQM for putting on a
fun event/contest.
N2SLO   Single Op LP   752016-05-15 04:26:51
ugly.. Only E's was at beginning of contest, a few EL's from Florida but didn't
work them. Phil K3TUF was best contact thanks Phil. Tried to work KA2LIM FN12,
I heard his CW, but no contact. Also tried Mike N1JEZ FN44,but conditions were
N1JEZ   Single Op HP   2522016-05-15 06:11:30
Conditions were pretty poor. No openings up here in FN44ar. I did hear K2DRH pop
in and out on .140, but never got Bob's attention.
K1TEO   Single Op HP   1,3202016-05-15 06:19:05
On late, off early and not too much going on in between. Most signals were
really weak, perhaps because a cold front was moving through. Did not hear any
Es at all. I won't be on in June so plan for the great Es opening for sure,

VE3CRU   Single Op LP   2092016-05-15 08:43:57
Conditions were poor, with a few surprises. Got 17 unique calls, 6 American and
11 Canadian. Best odx in surprise bursts of E's was N5AFY EM15wx @ 1714 km and
K5LAD EM26 @ 1592 km followed later by KC0HFL EM72hm @ 1388 km. Last qso's of
the event were K8TQK EM89je @ 633 km then K8MM EN83 @ 389 km. Closest and only
rover was VA3ELE/R @ 130 km. in 3 grids, just missed the 4th as we ran out of
time at 10:59 start.

Rig - Icom 756 ProII with 100W

Antenna - Reflector and Driven Element only of Tonna F9FT 5 elmt beam @ 38'

Lots of fun, looking forward to next Sprints.

Many thanks to sponsors Central States VHF and to Mike and Kent for their
dedication and support of the event. Thanks also to all who participated and
to all who worked me.


K8MR   Single Op LP   322016-05-15 09:30:38
No propagation, plus periods of precipitation static. At least it got me moving
to get the six meter stuff hooked up and tested out.

73 - Jim K8MR
W1DYJ   Single Op LP   42016-05-15 09:33:38
First time in this sprint. Very quiet from the coast of Maine. Heard a few
weak sigs, but not enough to have a Q. Thanks to K1GUP and WA1T for hearing

Rig: TS590S
Antenna: InnovAntenna 3 el at 10M

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ
WW7D/R   Rover LP   1,8862016-05-15 09:58:50
Good turnout in the Pacific Northwest! Once again, I roved the
CN86/CN87/CN96/CN97 grid intersection. Three grids (CN87, CN86 and CN96) fall
along one stretch of a gravel road (Mowich Lake Road that leads to one entrance
to Mt. Rainier National Park), and CN97 takes a bit more work to activate.

I started out in CN97 on Mud Mountain and was pleased to work both VE7DAY in
CO70 and VE7AFZ in CO80 to the north. K7YDL was booming in from the south
(CN85) along with a few other Portland-area stations.

The trip up Mowich Lake Road produced good yields, although I was never able to
work VE7AFZ or VE7DAY again. KF7PCL in CN76 showed up in the middle of the
Sprint to treat us to that rare grid. There were some E. Washington stations
heard in the Puget Sound area west of the Cascades, but Mount Rainier was
directly in my way and I couldn't work 'em.

No Es noted. In the end, I worked 36 unique calls in these grids:

Grid QSOs
CN76 2
CN85 7
CN86 4
CN87 55
CN88 8
CN89 1
CN97 3
CO70 1
CO80 1

Following the Sprint, I drove eight miles east to Mt. Rainier National Park,
put up a screwdriver antenna, and did an NPOTA activation (including a couple
of QSOs on 6m).

The Spring VHF+ were a blast.
N3RG   Single Op LP   7802016-05-15 11:30:28
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Mt Airy VHF Radio Club
NAME: Ray Golley, N3RG
ADDRESS: 552 Newport Rd
ADDRESS: Millville, NJ 08332-7821

2016 50 MHz Spring Sprint N3RG Grids worked

50 MHz Grid

K2PLF FM19 . . . . . . . 1
K3TUF FN10 . . . . . . . 2
W2KV FN20 . . . . . . . 3
N2DEQ FM29 . . . . . . . 4
WB2JAY FN30 . . . . . . . 5
K1JC FN42 . . . . . . . 6
K1VUV FM28 . . . . . . . 7
N2DLI FN21 . . . . . . . 8
KA2LIM FN12 . . . . . . . 9
W3BFC FM18 . . . . . . . 10
K1TEO FN31 . . . . . . . 11
KD4AA FM17 . . . . . . . 12
N4ASF FM27 . . . . . . . 13
KN4SM FM16 . . . . . . . 14
W4IMD EM84 . . . . . . . 15
VE1SKY FN74 . . . . . . . 16
N1JEZ FN44 . . . . . . . 17
VA3ELE/R FN02 . . . . . . . 18
KO9A EN52 . . . . . . . 19
W0XG EN34 . . . . . . . 20

Total QSOs = 39 Grids = 20
W7QN   Single Op LP   62016-05-15 11:56:16
With SFI at 76 50 wasn't working.
K1SX   Single Op LP   282016-05-15 12:36:42
7w, 3 el LFA --tnx all for the patience!
N2NT(WW2Y)   Single Op HP   1,0202016-05-15 17:44:26
I had fun participating in the sprint despite of relatively flat band
conditions. A QSO with UT1FG/mm in FL96 was the only one via sporadic E.
K2EZ/R activated several grids for many of us. Thanks Andrea.

Thanks goes to N2NC and N2NT for the use of the station.

K8MM   Single Op HP   1262016-05-15 19:18:18
Flat condx in MI. I never did make any Eskip qso's.
K2EZ/R   Rover LP   9662016-05-15 20:00:23
Conditions didn't seem bad to me. No openings, but signals seemed to be
carrying much better than during the January contest.

Ran into a major traffic problem on my route and had to do some navigating to
bypass most of the 30+ minute backup. It still left me behind.

Friday afternoon part of the exhaust system on the rover failed and the pipes
were dragging, had to get it repaired Saturday morning with a great deal of
uncertainty if it would be fixed in time. It was possible to tie it up but did
not look forward to idling for extended periods with exhaust open under the
N2SLN(@N2SLN/P)   Single Op LP   882016-05-15 21:30:55
K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   9202016-05-16 05:01:48
Op time includes two breaks of 40 minutes plus.

It was a cold Saturday evening in Chicago, more reminiscent of mid-March, than
mid-May and I operated, again, from near a grid corner in the 'flatlands' in
the area. Activity was a bit lighter than in the past with only 13 unique calls
in my log (vs. 18 in 2015). Conditions were definitely 'flat'; no signs of any
tropo enhancement or sporadic E (at least not during the time of the Sprint).

Mults total is based on 'classic' Rover scoring; count mults separately
fromeach grid-4 visited and add them up. Five unique grids worked.

Breakdown by Grid-4s I visited:

Grid Qs Ms
EN51 12 5
EN52 11 5
EN61 13 5
EN62 10 5
Tot. 46 20 = 920

Total DX - 2298 km

Of the 13 different calls, QSOs completed with 7 of those from all four of the
grids I visited.

Bob2, K2DRH, was the target for my 4 longest QSO paths and of the evening,
ranging from 181 to 189 km, 740 km total, almost 1/3 of my DX total. Lloyd,
N9LB, was another good target, with 4 contacts ranging from 149 to 154 km, 603
km total. The remaining 38 Qs were all less than 100 km, with 4 of those longer
than 50 km, 23 between 10 and 49 km and 11 at 9km or less

Thanks also to ALL who were on, active and participated in the 2016 50 MHz
Spring Sprint. Continued thanks to Kent, KA2KQM, and Mike, WB8BZK, for their
work as the Spring Sprint hosting team and to the Central States VHF Society
for their sponsorship of the Spring Sprint series. Thanks also to Bruce,
WA7BNM, for providing the 3830scores web page and for supporting both the
Spring AND Fall VHF & Up Sprint events.

73, JK
K3CCR(N3UM)   Single Op LP   842016-05-17 08:54:58
[log removed from comments]
KA2KQM   Single Op LP   402016-05-17 14:44:54
Installed new 6 element, 18 foot boom 50 MHz yagi half way through contest. Put
up antenna on temp mast at 15 feet AGL. Rig: Yeasu FT-847 at 100 watts. Thanks
for all those who got on for the Sprint and made some noise! 73 and good luck
to all. Kent / KA2KQM
KE7MSU   Single Op LP   1022016-05-18 08:54:42
Operated from Bald Peak State Park, Oregon CN85.
100W, homebrew Moxon up about 24 feet.
K3EO   Single Op LP   92016-05-20 04:29:34
call grid time mode S-meter Location
WD0T DN94 2020 SSB S6 Pierre, South Dakota
K3CCR FM18 2025 CW S8 Mitchellville, MD
W3DF FM19 2034 CW S8 Westminster, MD
KO6KL   Single Op LP   62016-05-22 12:22:22
wa6osx , k6eu, w6edy ? many more over this weekend , logs on

lets do faster modes next time , fsq or fsk jt9-g all more fun

<iframe align="top" frameborder="0"
height="500" scrolling="yes"

discone at 50ft ts-590 modesto ca