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RAEM Contest   2012   Dec 23   Comment Summary

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YU7U   SOSB/80 HP   33,2002012-12-22 23:50:28
Nice contest with lot of good cw operators.

73, Brane
LY5W   SOSB/80 HP   21,6222012-12-23 02:02:30
Last time in this contest was in XX century :-) Good CW op's (not all).
Called PY1SX with no luck, same N4AF - L.I.D as RU3ALR destroyed our QSO.
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Must to go to my car in forest, 600m from shack, in snow,....

OK4RQ   SOSB/20 LP   25,1542012-12-23 04:07:41
Tnx for last contest QSOs in 2012,
Merry Christmas and HNY 2013

YU/S56A   SOAB LP   16,1202012-12-23 04:15:06
No 80 m antena, no 10 m condx! Noisy bands at my urban location. Interesting
exchane and scoring but I miss mults. N1MM Logger doesn't show any.

MX & HNY & 73 DE MARIO, S56A, N1YU
S54O   SOAB HP   70,4142012-12-23 04:21:32
TS590 IC2KL 3el@15m wires@12-15m

73s de Boris S54O
N8UM   SOAB HP   9,9772012-12-23 04:31:47
20 just started to open at end of test. Thanks to the sponsors for an
interesting contest.

K3/Alpha 9500
80 meter quarter wave vertical
4 Squares on 40 & 20
N3QE   SOSB/80 HP   7,8982012-12-23 05:36:39
Interesting choice of entry class... I have a "new" amp and since conditions
seemed pretty decent on 80M with many loud signals, I gave it a go. Some RU
stations and even a few Asiatic RU were easily over S9. Did a little bit of
running and had to work hard to pull several weaker western EU stations out of
the noise. But Eastern Europe seemed pretty easy. I think I have some kind of
pipeline to at least the northern parts of zone 20.
LZ2RS/QRP   SOAB QRP   26,9042012-12-23 06:37:14
Even,there was no QRP category,I have worked for my pleasure.
RIG: K3 5 watts Ant Dipole and 4 el 3 band Yagi
Very good Russian activity!
73/72 ! Rumi LZ2RS
W1UJ   SOSB/80 HP   3,6232012-12-23 07:13:15
Was fun DXing on 80m. All QSOs >140 points.

K3 - Titan ~1300w - 2el 80m GroundPlane

Merry Christmas!

F5IN   SOAB HP   63,4052012-12-23 07:32:24
Powered by Win-Test

IC -7410 + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (

beverages 160m (ASIA & USA)
& K9AY loop system
S52W   SOAB LP   47,0002012-12-23 07:55:08
FT950 + multiband dipole with high SWR on 40m. TNX all for QSOs and nice

73 Damjan S52W
IT9VDQ(@IR9Y)   SOSB/15 HP   32,5252012-12-23 08:08:46
very cold day, but RAEM very funny contest!
KK4CIS   SOSB/40 LP   1,1582012-12-23 08:42:55
K3/N1MM/40m dipole

There were a lot of stations on 40m, but was able to work only half of what I
heard. Heard a lot of stations running at > 30wpm calling CQ over and over
with no takers. Also, my longitude must make for difficult copy as I was
consistently asked to confirm my QTH multiple times per contact.

Many thanks to the stations that were able to copy my signal.

OK8DD   SOAB HP   37,5822012-12-23 09:43:22
FT-950 + Elecraft KPA500
20,15,10: ECO Asay Tribander
80,40: Linear loaded vertical (PA3HBB idea

Many thanks for the QSOs

73, Romas - OK8DD
RT3F(R2DA)   SOSB/40 HP   34,2452012-12-23 09:48:56
Thanks for the contest!
Full report on our website at the
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SOAB LP   22,3402012-12-23 10:29:32
Equipment used: K3 100W, 5 meter wire on flag pole with ATU

This contest use distance based scoring but easier calculation. It was a bit
challenging to copy exchange.
It seems some station did SO2R without listening side tone so no idea what
message was sent for this unusual contest.....
Anyway, nice activities from start.

73 Kazu M0CFW, JK3GAD
K4BAI   SOAB HP   8,2002012-12-23 17:02:58
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Challenging exchange
makes this contest stand out. Had to miss almost the first three hours. 40
and 80M were quite good to Europe and 40 to Asiatic Russia. 20M was dead at
0300Z and I had doubt that would change until just before the end at 1200Z due
to winter band shut down conditions. However, when European signals were
fading on 40 and 80, 20M opened to Europe and Russian Asia. Rates weren't
great, but they were enough to keep me awake. Thanks for all QSOs. Happy
Holidays to all.

Scores shown does not include any geographic coordinates' points. I worked no
Polar stations.

73, John, K4BAI.
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SOAB LP   25,2082012-12-24 02:00:44
CREATED-BY: UcxLog 7.17
NAME: Henning Andresen
SOAPBOX: Elecraft K3 at 80W
SOAPBOX: 20 mtr LW as Inverted-L
SOAPBOX: Haderslev - JO45RF
YT8A(YU1EA)   SOSB/40 HP   37,9002012-12-24 10:29:08
Great Contest!
CU next week at Stew Perry Contest.
Dusan-Dule YU1EA/YT8A
YTØZ(YU1ZZ)   SOSB/15 HP   24,3882012-12-24 12:10:03
Milan YU1ZZ - YT0Z
YUØT(YU1WS)   SOSB/80 HP   24,7192012-12-24 12:21:30
HA8BE   SOSB/80 HP   23,2322012-12-24 14:34:36
Next year agn!
73, Bela
YU1AN   SOSB/20 HP   42,1582012-12-24 14:45:30
S57DX   SOSB/40 HP   44,2582012-12-26 00:13:24
Nice and interesting short contest! Very enjoyable.
Slavko S57DX