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IOTA Contest   2011   Jul 30   Comment Summary

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OH1F(OH1NOA)   SO12CW HP   48,7682011-07-30 13:06:47
Few hours of fun at the club. 10m was dead. 15m was quite poor to Europe but
worked some JAs and hrd few Ks. 20m had nice condx to Asia/OC. Worked eg. 4 BYs
in 8 minutes.
F4ASK   SO24SSB LP   12,1682011-07-30 16:12:46
family meeting, etc. so not time enough. Anyway, next year...
N2MM   SO12CW HP   381,6002011-07-30 18:42:41
Just couldn't get into this one....
N4PN   SO12CW HP   408,2582011-07-30 19:07:41
Lots of fun...condx not too hot...lots of storms in the area
all day...
Like the choice of 12 or 24 hours....
Thanks to RSGB for another one...
73, Paul, N4PN
K6III   SO12CW HP   17,2262011-07-30 21:36:20
Made a lot of spots.
Added some new islands to my life-time totals.
VK3TDX   SO12Mixed HP   179,2082011-07-31 03:04:55
Only limited time available this weekend but nice to see the activity.
Thanks to many in NA/EU calling me on 20M.
See you next year.
73 Steve VK3TDX
9A/S54O   SO(A)12CW LP   309,1862011-07-31 03:41:55
QTH: Island Losinj - EU136 CI-058
RIG: FT897 dipole @3-10m
Nice holliday event again!
I planned to work 12h "per partes". But when saw a score I decided to run 12h
in one part and leave sunday for the familly :-)

VY 73s de Boris S54O
K3WW   SO(A)24CW HP   470,6522011-07-31 04:43:29
Game plan did not include maximizing my score. My first test of
the shack air conditioner.
W1EQ   SO24CW HP   13,3382011-07-31 04:58:29
K3 and KPA500, 3El Steppir
SV5DKL   SO(A)24CW HP   953,5682011-07-31 05:03:10
Yaesu FT-2K
Cushcraft A3S
SPE Expert 1K-FA @ 900W
LY5W   SO12CW HP   715,8242011-07-31 05:07:07
TNX for QSO's. See You in next one! EUHFC after week.
K5ZD   SO12Mixed HP   837,1352011-07-31 05:14:32
Good conditions.

CW+PH/ by hour and band

Hour 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m Total Cumm Off

1200Z - - 5/0 89/0 - 94/0 94/0
1300Z - - 22/0 - - 22/0 116/0 41
1400Z - - 19/0 5/0 - 24/0 140/0 31
1500Z - - - 59/0 - 59/0 199/0 21
1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 199/0 60
1700Z - - - - - 0/0 199/0 60
1800Z - - - - - 0/0 199/0 60
1900Z - - 5/0 35/0 - 40/0 239/0 27
2000Z - - 125/0 - - 125/0 364/0
2100Z - - 101/0 5/0 - 106/0 470/0
2200Z - - 37/0 - - 37/0 507/0 39
2300Z - - - - - 0/0 507/0 60
0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 507/0 60
0100Z - - - - - 0/0 507/0 60
0200Z - 64/0 - - - 64/0 571/0 17
0300Z 56/0 16/0 - - - 72/0 643/0
0400Z 10/0 39/0 3/0 - - 52/0 695/0 14
0500Z - - - - - 0/0 695/0 60
0600Z - - - - - 0/0 695/0 60
0700Z - - - - - 0/0 695/0 60
0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 695/0 60
0900Z - - - - - 0/0 695/0 60
1000Z - 8/0 - - - 8/0 703/0 46
1100Z - 2/0 48/0 10/0 - 60/0 763/0

Total: 66/0 129/0 365/0 203/0 0/0
CX9AU   SO12CW LP   28,6502011-07-31 05:18:39
Rig FT100d
Ant: wire dipoles 25 mh
73 s Dan CX9AU
W4BQF   SO12CW HP   198,9002011-07-31 05:22:05
Did not do well-too many copy errors! But it was fun and pretty decent
conditions. Heard some 10m Eu activity but even with an 8-el yagi, could not
get them to hear me.
Thanks for the Q's!

Tom - W4BQF
NG7Z   SO12Mixed HP   16,8482011-07-31 05:34:56
Just a couple of hours looking for new IOTA counters.
SQ3RX   SO12CW LP   783,9122011-07-31 05:49:55
TRX: IC-746 100W
ATN: G5RV 3.5-7MHz, Inv Vee 14-28 Mhz
Thanks for all QSOs.
W2JU   SO12CW LP   22,5062011-07-31 06:07:44
Limited time (it was a beautiful day on my island, and I spent most of it with
my family). Thanks for all the Qs.

Alec W2JU
OG5A(OH5TS)   SO24CW HP   1,290,7022011-07-31 06:15:18
Luckily this was not a serious attempt at all since the old contest enemy aurora
just sowed his strength. Bands started to sound weird on Saturday evening and
soon 10, 15 and even 20 were almost closed. 40 and 80 had only European opening
so I thought rather to sleep than struggle there. Sunday was very poor to DX but
10 m was open to Central Europe and I spent much time there. My planned antenna
work this summer didn't get much accomplished due to the hot temperatures so I
had only one direction in use and had to turn the tower just back and forth.
I used the call of the local Radio Club, which celebrates the 50th anniversary
this year. All qsl's go via OH5AD. Details at It was some fun for
sure. Tnx to all who worked me though I struggled with my new K3 knobs a lot.
73 de Kari
N1SNB   SO12Mixed HP   118,0802011-07-31 06:18:29
Fun contest for sure. Thank you to RSGB for sponsoring.

A party at the house kept me off the air during primetime on 20m. 40m SSB was a
pleasant surprise with the band lightly populated, this band mode combination
was fun even if there weren't many folks to work.

As usual Murphy came. It seems like the preamp on my FT-2000 blew.
W6SX   SO(A)12CW HP   24,9602011-07-31 07:24:38
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, N1MM.
N1LN   SO12CW HP   192,0302011-07-31 07:34:17
The ability to select either 12 or 24 hours is an excellent format. I was
originally going to operate for the full 12 hours, but due a few conflicting
day time priorities, dinner plans, localized lightening, and horrible QRN on
both 40 and 80 after the storms it was time to pull the switch and go to bed.

Bruce N1LN
VE6TL   SO12Mixed HP   5,2022011-07-31 07:56:25

Very casual effort as was not expecting to hear much. Big solar wind came in,
right on cue. Also the wx in Calgary was nicest day of the year so was hard to
stay indoors.

Jerry VE6TL
WB8JUI   SO12CW LP   26,1122011-07-31 08:04:58
Nice to run into a lot of friends throughout the contest.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
VE1AL   SO24CW LP   257,1842011-07-31 08:34:10
A rotor indicator that didn't display, a keyer that was wonky from the start and
somewhat poor conditions contributed to a strange contest. My goal of 400 QSOs
wasn't met but my hope of at least 250,000 points was. All told, I feel I did
OK for a senior citizen! But I haven't got the ability to sit in the chair for
24 hours any more! Had fun, even with the frustrations.
K2QMF   SO(A)12CW HP   149,3762011-07-31 09:23:26
Band conditions were very good for a change..
W7WHY   SO12CW LP   6842011-07-31 09:44:11

Bands STILL suck. Weather too nice to stay inside. Went to the beach for
LZ5R(LZ4UU)   SO(A)24CW HP   4,409,9792011-07-31 09:45:54
Probably the best propagation during IOTA i ever had!
Many guys worked on 5 bands,ufb op-s on the islands,special thanks to DL0SY for
giving me EU042 on 4 bands in the end of the contest.
The only problem was my flu that made me take a break during the night:)
YO5OAG   SO24Mixed LP   235,2932011-07-31 09:54:58
Rig: IC-7600,
Ant: Diamond BB-7V, Kelemen dipole,

'73 Sanyi YO5OAG

" Contest . The object is maximum enjoyment, not maximum score "
VE7WO   SO12CW LP   1,6802011-07-31 10:20:57
Just taking the new call out for a spin. Usually using VE7WEB. Thanks to all who
called and hope CU in the NAQP CW next weekend. 73 de Brian VE7WO
IC8FBU   SO12CW LP   132,4622011-07-31 11:10:01
Set up :yaesu ft 920 100 w. ant dip
AA4V   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,212,8132011-07-31 11:22:34
Thanks to everyone for their participation. Conditions on 15M were greatly
improved from the past few years. Even 20M was open both east and west past 1
local time when I went QRT due to my 12 hour entry category. The Elecraft K3,
ACOM 2000A and 3 el. SteppIR/salt-water mounted vertical for 40 along with N1MM
worked flawlessly.
W1WBB   SO(A)12CW LP   106,3802011-07-31 11:31:25
Unable to participate until over 7 hours into contest...missed many prime
operating hours with propagation into Europe on upper bands, so this was a
low-key effort to make my IOTA available to participants.

Conditions seemed only so-so with QSB and QRN a problem here on signals to Eu.
Apologies to those callers I was unable to pull out of the noise.

- Icom 737 @ 100w; 88' all-band doublet up at about 45' (acts as 20m EDZ on Eu
& VK/ZL), low OCF 133' all-band dipole as back-up; N1MM logger.

Log to be uploaded to LoTW shortly. Many thanks for the QSOs.

73, Bill W1WBB
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SO(A)24SSB HP   3,730,7132011-07-31 11:38:43
The TS590 worked well.
Thanks to all those that made a contact with me.
Didn't do as many qsos as last year but got more mults.
73 Norman
S53M(S51FB)   SO(A)12CW HP   339,0992011-07-31 11:55:38
Tnx for calls.

Miha / S51FB
OK4PA   SO(A)12SSB LP   681,0662011-07-31 11:57:22
Climbing in the heavy rain on the tower before and after contest.
Just right fun for me :-)

PS: TNX to Radim OK1FDR for solving of technical problems by mobil phone :-)
OE2VEL   SO(A)12Mixed HP   3,069,0362011-07-31 12:22:11
first unchcecked score. Just tried 12hours to test our setup, which has to be
refurbished urgently, no SO2R but still could break old world record.
worked several new islands, so cu agn 2012
9A/S56A   SO12CW LP   443,6642011-07-31 13:34:35
My score is inflated with 41 SSB QSO I made during 1 hour pause on Sunday
morning giving EU-110 mult to some phone operators. I thought condx were poor
with a lot of Sun noise just to discover 2 hours before the end of IOTA that my
USB COM adapter is causing S5+ junk on 15 m and other bands. 41,2 m long Windom
fed at 12,73 m worked fine over my home poor ground but drifted away over sea
water. 1 m of attached wire permitted proper TS-480 tuner operation. 15 m of
RG-58 also smoothed SWR. Dull it isn't in contests!
Thanks to 9A2RD and Valamar Fortuna hotel for free access and electricity.

73 de Mario, S56A
W4O   Multi-Op LP   803,5202011-07-31 13:55:51
Back in April my parents brought up the idea of a family vacataion to AVON, NC
(Hatteras Island). I thought it would be great to do this the same week as the
IOTA contest. It was fun signing as W4O the week before the contest and during
the contest. The pile-ups were a lot of fun! The original plan was to operate
in the Multi-OP class and have my father (N4PY) man the mult station while I
grind it out from the run station. Problems with the mult station led to
basically bailing on that idea (five qsos made from the mult station). I stuck
it out on the run station as originally planned and had fun with an occassional
word of encouragement from pop and the help of the DX cluster. I didn't come out
of the radio room for the entire period and operated for 18 hours straight to
start the contest before taking a 4 hour nap to get up for the last two hours.
It was fun working the many other NA067 stations. I had hoped to get down to
Ocracoke and have an 807 with WB8YJF/4 but the wait to get on the ferry was too
long for my taste.

Conditions were slugish throughout the day, but livened up as usual in the
later afternoon. It was nice to work a handful of Europeans on 15 and a few
other good DX stations. In addition, 20 and 40 were super and this was the most
production I've ever got out of 80 in this contest. The 80M antenna worked
surprisingly well - I simply tuned half of the open wire feed line with the
external antenna tuner.

Congrats to the N4A Group, AA4XX Group N4I Group and WB8YJF/4 for keeping the
NA67 loud during the test.

We had hoped to reach 1K QSOs, but fell short with 864 total. NA activity
continues to grow in this contest. There were many NA Islands active.

Rig: IC 756 Pro, 56' inverted vee fed with ladder line at 45 feet, G%RV Jr at
37 feet, butternut vertical.


W1BO   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,2482011-07-31 13:55:52
VE1RGB   SO(A)24CW LP   219,0452011-07-31 14:57:32
I lost all opportunity to improve on last year's score when local electrical
noise started at 1840Z and removed 20M and up from play for me. I did very
well on 40M but not enough to compensate for the losses on 20M. Or maybe I was
subjected to something from the sun focused over my antennas. I dunno.

Best Q: VK9IR on 20M at 1215Z, 15 minutes into the contest, 9:15 AM on a rainy
Saturday morning here. HamCAP says that such a path is barely possible with my
antennas but there was no question in my mind. And I needed Lord Howe on 20M.
Gotta like it.

I regret that I did not check my total number of IOTAs before the contest
because it most certainly will have increased but I don't know by how much.
Worse, I have since over-written the back-up log and cannot reverse-engineer
the answer. One local IOTA collector with 400 Islands to his credit picked up
an incredible 13 new islands yesterday, so I likely did well.

Thanks for the Qs, and thumbs-up to the guys who will take the extra five
seconds and acknowledge the other operator by name. My favourite part of
contesting is that quick personal touch.

K3 #095 + P3 #007 + remotely-tuned 40M vertical + 80M dipole + 160M delta loop
(wires used multi-band with ladderline).

AL9A   SO12Mixed HP   4,4102011-07-31 15:00:01
Miserable, crappy band conditions. Worse I've heard in months. Everyone
sounded like they were sending from the radio room of the Titanic! So much for
all thoughts of a fun weekend.
OK1CZ   SO12CW LP   601,7492011-07-31 15:50:14
Good contest, good condx.
RIG TS480, 100W.
Used only wire antennas, on 40-10m bands 2x54m Vee at 12m
and Windom at 10m on 80m.
N1MM logging and hand paddle keying.

Thanks for QSOs, 73
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO24Mixed HP   1,510,5602011-07-31 16:37:30
I got spoiled by operating from an island last year (ZF2JT) so some
recalibration was in order. Straight out QSO rate was mostly sacrificed in
favor of finding island QSO opportunities - and their 15 pts/QSO.

Condx in NE Indiana were a bit challenging....sometimes pretty good, other
times not so much. I was hoping for 20m to be open over the pole all night but
that was not to be. So I took several long breaks in the middle of the night
when there just was nobody new to work.

Late in the afternoon I took a peek at 10m to see if there were any South
American stations to work and stumbled across a pileup, which turned out to be
for ST0R. So I took a few minutes out of the contest to work them.

One of the 12 hour categories probably makes more sense for operating this
contest from the US, but the DXer in me takes over and I enjoy trying to find
all the island expeditions. I'd miss too many if I had to leave half the
contest on the table.

Thanks to RSGB for sponsoring this fun event and thanks especially to all the
IOTA expeditioners who go out and activate all the neat places!

73, Mike K9NW
K4BAI   SO24Mixed HP   540,5402011-07-31 17:37:00
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Heard one station
sending a serial number on 10. Assume it was a South American station. 15 was
poor here with only the big signals getting through from Europe. 20M was poor
until about 19Z when the absorption began to drop and the band stayed open
until 07Z. Missed early 40M operation due to dinner with friends. 40M seemed
only fair after we got home. 80M had good signals, but local QRN made it a lot
of work and not much fun. Think conditions were generally much worse than last
year. Thanks for all QSOs. Hope to work many of you in NAQP CW next weekend.
73, John, K4BAI.
P29CW(VK2GR)   SO24Mixed HP   348,7052011-07-31 18:13:55
VK Contest Club (VKCC)
K6CSL   SO12CW LP   8642011-07-31 18:39:21
Very disappointing conditions. 15 & 10 never opened. I was surprised by EA8UL
and P29CW. Only other "real" DX was ZL1BYZ on 40. Real tough event for LP and
single element wire sntennas. Bert, K6CSL
NN3W   SO12Mixed HP   81,2582011-07-31 20:15:29
Playing around with newly acquired radio. Condx were sorta blah now that I think
about it. Will be nice one day to be a 15 point station!
NP3CW   SO(A)12Mixed LP   20,4932011-07-31 22:21:45
Not so active the bands this year from Puerto Rico.
GM4WZG   SO(A)24CW LP   906,5762011-07-31 22:44:11
TS590S, N1MM, Wire "stealth" antenna. Especial thanks to all the island
activators some of whom made a lot of effort in digging my puny signal out of
the noise. These activations make it the contest that it is, and you guys give
a lot of pleasure !


OK2BFN   SO(A)12CW LP   518,3312011-07-31 23:42:28
IC746, 7.5m vert., AH-4 tuner.
OK1FKD   SO12CW QRP   165,8342011-08-01 01:09:59
RIG: Elecraft K2-5W,ant LW 42m
OK1SKJ   SO(A)12Mixed LP   112,3202011-08-01 02:05:31
FT-950 100W wire dipoles
73 Jirka
GMØFGI   SO24SSB HP   660,1322011-08-01 02:13:16
Strange conditions, better for DX on Saturday than Sunday. Best moment being
called on 20m by BV100ROC with a stronger signal than EU callers and by EF8M on
80m after a number of failed attempts to work him on 15m.!

Thanks to organisers and for all contacts.
EQUIPMENT: ICOM 7600, ACOM 1010 400 watts
ANTENNAS : 20-10m VK2ABQ at 25ft; 1/4 wave vertical for 40m, Full wave loop
for 80m at 30ft
IW1QN   SO(A)24SSB LP   1,658,1122011-08-01 02:29:15
I'm verifiy the Log Completely.
I'm satisfied of my results.
Little problem with WinTest and Check Partial don' t work correctly.
Propagation good in Saturday and Sunday Morning about the Sunset in LowBands
(good signal and Low Noise).
Propagation not so good in Sunday with High bands noot good like saturday,
especially in 15m.
A65CA(RV6AJJ)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   535,2212011-08-01 02:47:23
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mlt
3.5 CW 43 321 14
7 CW 174 990 28
7 LSB 1 15 1
14 CW 267 1557 47
14 USB 4 60 4
21 CW 229 1191 34
28 CW 1 15 1
Total Both 719 4149 129
Score: 535,221
ZD8D   Multi-Op HP   110,0542011-08-01 03:14:57
No cluster, no 80, second station on WARC, clearly on the way to become country
winner. Many #0001 received. 73 from Ascension Island. Arno - DL1CW
USØHZ   SO12SSB LP   98,4002011-08-01 03:38:21
RIG: FT 2000
ANT: 1/2 Vertical romb 162m long 40m hign

73 Stan US0HZ
IT9VDQ   SO12CW HP   781,7702011-08-01 04:23:20
Just to have some nice & speed pile-up!!!!!!!!!
I wish to thank Joe, IT9BLB!
VA2WA(VA2WDQ)   SO12CW HP   145,1072011-08-01 07:16:39
Thanks for the QSO's)))


PP5XX(@ZW5B)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   398,5202011-08-01 08:07:28
First time operating IOTA Contest.

Very dificult to hear anything on saturday night and sunday morning because a
terribel QRN. To much static rain in our area.

Many tnx to Mr Luciano PT7WA, IOTA Checker for inviting me to take part in this
nice party.

Thank you to PY5IP & PY5KD for the help on ZW5B settings.

Thank you to all island expedition for the hard effort on ativating the IOTAS.

Thank you to Atilano PY5EG for let me use his SUPER ZW5B station.

See you all in WAE Contest.

GG53qw - Itapoá - Santa Catarina - Brazil.
Araucária DX Group Member.
ZW5B Team.
PWØT Team.
ZXØF Team.
CR6R   Multi-Op LP   7,382,3882011-08-01 08:08:44
Pessegueiro Island EU167

We have been doing the RSGB IOTA contest since 1995 now and every year we try
to improve our score.

Unfortunately the propagation didn't help us at all, 10m was always very quiet
with only a few Es openings.

Our Antennas Setup has been designed and built specifically for the IOTA
contest and is playing flawlessly.

See you next year, from somewhere.

Operators were:
CT1BQH João Carlos
CT1CJJ José Lopes
CT1DSC Alfredo Vieira
CT1ILT Filipe Lopes
CR7ACO Valter Vieira
CR7ACS Vasil

QSL Via direct to CT1CJJ the name of the CR6R Team:

Filipe Lopes CT1ILT
DM6V   Multi-Op HP   10,370,0072011-08-01 10:37:28
heavy rain made the setup no so easy...
thanks for the QSO's

N5AW   SO12CW LP   138,8312011-08-01 12:14:08
YT8A(YU1EA)   SO24SSB HP   3,088,1882011-08-01 13:07:03
Nice contest! I got some stomack problems just before the contest,vomiting and
tootache and after some time I was thinking to give up.
After some hours of sleeping and thanks to 1/2 litar of "sljivovica" I stick to
the end of the contest not completely satisfied but no matter of problems, I
CU in the next Contest!
Dusan YU1EA/YT8A
S57L   Multi-Op HP   5,252,4182011-08-01 14:20:09
After 2 years of contest as IOTA dxpedition we returned this year to a land
entry. The goal was to outscore our 2008 result. Conditions were good, many
stations active and even weather cooperated for a change. Improvised multiplier
station gave us RFI problems but also many multipliers, and just 2 operators
managed to set the new best score. We have some serious work for next year...
Work you again soon.

ASL 1048m
FT950, TS850S, PA 1KW
80m dipole
40m dipole + vertical
3el eco beam + 20m dual zepp

73 de Jane s57l
4O3A(4O4A)   SO24Mixed HP   4,648,4642011-08-01 14:44:08
Great fun, nice conditions, still trying to find the magic balance between run
and S&P. Set two goals before contest: 2500 Qs and 4.5M points, and achieved
both of them. I was hoping for 350 multipliers, but...

4O3A SO2R setup was a bit different than earlier, with some improvements. I
like it :)
Not a single technical problem during contest.
I had two 5-minute breaks on the fresh air early in the morning.

Thanks all for QSOs, special greetings to 10% IOTAs that agreed to make QSY to
another band, as well as all 001 numbers. I appreciate that a lot.

CU in next IOTA, maybe from "forgotten" Montenegrin EU-163.

Dragan, 4O4A
PJ4LS   SO24CW HP   1,057,9502011-08-01 15:19:29
My first contest with HP (TL-922), from home QTH.
Conditions on low bands very poor, nothing heard on 80 mtrs during the
nighthours. Had to solve some RF problems in the shack during this contest.
Not able to work with the keyboard, so switched to my favorite Vibro Deluxe
paddle. I have to solve this problem for the next contest.
Have to get more familiar with Wintest as wel, hi.
Thanks to all the stations who called me and give me a mult.
See you in next contest. 73, Hans
N4DTF   SO24SSB LP   3,1202011-08-01 19:10:29
Very limited operating time, but very enjoyable, a good group of Ops.
N2GC   SO12CW HP   514,3232011-08-01 20:49:00
This was the most enjoyable IOTA contest in years! Conditions this year were
much better than the last few years. The weather also cooperated with no
lightning storms around. Already looking foward to next year!

73 Mike N2GC
OK1JOC   SO24Mixed LP   656,8802011-08-02 01:49:22
VE3UTT   SO12CW HP   201,9542011-08-02 04:35:08
Antenna frozen pointing just South of ZD8.
9A1JSB(9A7ZZ)   SO12SSB LP   364,8752011-08-02 05:53:31
Icom 718 ,ant: vert. oblong 80 (for 80) & vert. quad 40 ( for 40,20,15 & 10
m).Nothing more.
LZ9W(LZ3FM)   SO(A)24CW HP   3,395,1152011-08-02 10:44:04
Wonderful result Iliya (LZ4UU). Congratulations!
73 LZ3FM
YU1JW   SO12SSB LP   367,3802011-08-02 11:43:52
Laki, YU1JW - YT0W
G4BYG   SO(A)12CW LP   376,2722011-08-02 12:11:09
Enjoyed my first serious contest after 2 years ill health.
Found the operating standard on cw was excellent. With so much activity the
DQRMers heads must have been spinning. So I guess they had a weekend off .
10m was again not very productive.
Low atmospheric noise made 40m summer operation a treat for a change.
Didnt venture on 80m as such a clatter from local domestic noise sources
rule out all but the strongest signals.
K3 100w into a Doublet inv Vee with apex at 55 ft. N1MMLogger software was
See you all next year.
GM4FAM   SO12Mixed HP   31,7522011-08-02 15:06:58
Just not enough spare time to enter IOTA this year so gave out a few points and
searched for a few new ones. Condx seemed pretty poor on HF and was surprised
to hear so few signals on 20m late Saturday evening when normally it is quite
W1FJ   SO12CW HP   38,3762011-08-02 19:17:45
Just a couple hours of S&P
XM2I   Multi-Op HP   1,179,8072011-08-02 21:08:44
Club: NA-128 Contest Group

We doubled the score of last year. No opening on 10m. No 80m, pile-up too big
on 40m.


3 bands 3 elem. beam fix on EU

3 bands 3 elem. rotable

2 x 40m verticals phased on EU

1 x 80m vertical

Note: Not easy in NA to work EU multi...
DL6MHW   SO12Mixed LP   609,9842011-08-02 22:16:12
80 36 13 127 20 1101 6.75
40 44 17 208 31 1704 6.76
20 20 18 154 20 1098 6.31
15 6 6 9 8 189 12.60
10 5 5 7 6 144 12.00
TOTAL 111 59 505 85 4236 6.88
TOTAL SCORE : 609 984

73 de Michael, DL6MHW
F5IN   SO24CW HP   516,4262011-08-02 23:47:56
Powered by Win-Test 4.8.

IC -7400 + SB220

160m >> shunt-fed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (
ED1M   Multi-Op LP   6,066,3602011-08-03 05:25:03
N4A   Multi-Op LP   552,6722011-08-03 07:02:21
DXpedition class
OZ/DF2SD   SO24SSB LP   558,3602011-08-03 08:13:13
Fano Island
PB2M/P   Multi-Op HP   1,063,9862011-08-03 10:59:11
We were there just for fun, and to test out Theo's new elecraft K3 radio! It ran
perfectly! Did CW most of the time. We had a terrible local noice level. It was
impossible to run on 10 and 15 meters. The 80m vertical(CW) was a killer. Even
the lower dipole for 80m (SSB) did a great job!
S51CK   SO24SSB HP   2,175,2552011-08-03 13:14:37
73 de s51ck -Ivo
XE2B   SO(A)12Mixed LP   2,8082011-08-03 13:21:25
Good cndx! too little time to operate, perhaps next year

Tnx for the Q's
G4ERW   SO12Mixed LP   214,5692011-08-03 14:13:30
Transceiver: TS850
Antennas: Hygain TH3 at 17m / 80 & 40m dipole at 20m

Planned to start at beginning of contest but had mechanical problems with the
telescopic tower and then with the antennas which delayed my start by 6 hours
!! I should have been better prepared.
EF5Y(EA5GTQ)   SO(A)24CW HP   1,780,1882011-08-04 01:27:55
See you at the next event.
73! Yuri
9A1CKL   Multi-Op LP   6,572,0162011-08-05 01:15:48
This was our second time on Zirje island. Last year we had too much Murphy's
help and our score was quite low. This tme Murphy was too busy somewhere else
and it paid off in our score. Conditions were very good and we managed lot of
QSOs and multis. Our main problem was that we were too weak on 20m SSB and we
couldn't sustain any longer pileups. We needed at least 100 more QSOs on 20
SSB. 80 meters was very noisy and our multi totals on 80 were too low. We'll be
back next year!
CU in the contests!
Zlatko, 9A2EU
9A/S57UN   SO(A)12Mixed LP   152,6402011-08-05 16:22:02
Nice experience,just for fun....
VK4NM   Multi-Op HP   431,8442011-08-07 09:16:05
3-el Tribander, homebrew 40m & 80m verticals, IC-756 Pro II, Drake L4B
J45K   Multi-Op HP   5,438,2082011-08-07 14:45:37
DXpedition subcategory.

FT2000, Icom 756Pro2; two Acom 1010

- 2 ele Ultrabeam for 10m-20m;
- InvL + coupler - for RUN on 80m on 40m bands and multipliers on all bands;
- 17m vertical + coupler - for 80m and 40m bands (RUN and multipliers).

Software: N1MM

QSL via SV9DJO and LotW

MMØTAI   SO(A)12SSB LP   359,6582011-08-08 11:31:46
Great contest as usuall, plenty of dx to be had and some great propogation.
See you all again next year!!
AA4MD   SO(A)12CW HP   78,5972011-08-08 13:49:13
Complete operation on remote station via internet nearby using Omni7/Alpha87A
and N1MM and N4PY software. Thanks for your patience!
VA7ST   SO12CW HP   32,8442011-08-10 13:38:46
Not a lot to report in this one. Started out at 1400z on 20M with some Europe
workable, but copy was difficult. A few Asian stations were very strong,
including BD2, and DU1 in Oceania.

Not a lot on 15M, but did land a few NA and SA islands, and EF8M for the only
AF on 15M (and 40M during the 0400z hour). GM0B was the only 40M European
station worked.

Happiness is working VK4DX and AH6RE on 20M at 11 p.m. for a new one.

Thanks for the contacts, and for being on the islands.

-- Bud VA7ST

IT9HUV/2   SO12SSB LP   5,7152011-08-12 23:58:38
Good Luck and thank's to all!!!

See You Next Year!
'73s !
Sal. IT9HUV/2
LZØI   Multi-Op HP   8,130,4832011-08-14 15:12:47
This was a DX pedition to Sveti Ivan Island EU-181.
Thanks for calling!
RUN: K3+Acom 1000
MULT: K2 100W only due to generator power limit.
ANT: Full size 80M. Vertical on Spiderbeam pole, 4 Band Vertical 40-10 on
spiderbeam pole, Spiderbeam 3-3-4el. for 20-10
Generator: Honda 2KW
We missed a lot of multis due to low power on Mult. station.
Sveti Ivan is a wonderfull island ,specially for HAM radio.
We survive a short heavy storm at saturday night,which caused a 15min. stop of
operation to strenght the tents and antenna ropes.Everything worked
We hope to be there for next IOTA contest with much better setup.
73 es GL de Nasko,LZ3YY for the team LZ0I
R7AT   SO12CW HP   24,4302011-08-20 00:25:33
Log is on LoTW and EQsl. For a paper card please see QRZ.COM
73's & GL, Victor R7AT
W6UX/P   Multi-Op LP   149,3102011-08-20 23:12:58
Anacapa Island NA-144
Despite its ease of access by boat and short proximity to the mainland, NA-144
is rarely heard on the ham bands, and therefore is an excellent location for an
entry-level DX-pedition! The 1 hour trip to the island is $75, and the campsites
are only $20 per person. A DX-pedition for under $100!
Jeff W6UX, Tim K6GEP, and Rich AE6RS camped on Anacapa for the weekend of July
29-31, which coincided with the Islands on the Air (IOTA) contest. The IOTA
Contest weekend was chosen because IOTA Island stations can generate large
pileups. The NA-144 Channel Island entity is needed by about 75% of the
participants in the RSGB IOTA Program, and most of those are in
Europe. NA-144 had not been on the air in the contest for several years.
The major objectives for the trip were:
o Generate and work large pileups
o Learn the logistics of DX-peditioning
o Compete in the IOTA Contest (a distant 3rd)
The task once we got to Anacapa was daunting. We had to haul about 400 lbs of
equipment and water up 158 stairs (200 feet) and over to the other side of the
island, which was about 1/2 mile. The heaviest items were our AGM batteries,
totaling almost 200 Ah in capacity. Thankfully, Rich had the good idea to bring
along awheelchair to haul the stuff. It was pure genius because it was also used
as a chair at the operating position. Being the only ones there Friday, we had
our choice of camp sites. First up went our tents and then our two Spiderbeam
12m fiberglass masts with Par Endfedz vertical dipole antennas for 20
and 40 meters.
LA8OM   SO24CW HP   1,463,7002011-08-31 14:29:43
After failing to find a suitable island location for the IOTA contest in 2010,
the scouting started earlier this year and was rewarded with a beautiful place
on the island of Finnoy. Enjoyed having antennas overlooking the sea!

Set-up was all temporary - expedition style - with K3 and Expert 1K-FA amp
running at 600W. Antennas were dipoles for 80m and 40m, 2el UltraBeam and
verticals for 20m, 15m and 10m. Logging was done with The IOTA-logger: SD from

Tnx for all the QSOs and cu in SAC CW in September.

Chris / LA8OM