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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2007   Nov 17   Comment Summary

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VE3XD   Single Op LP   83,6222007-11-18 17:21:44
By Saturday night I had only 80 Qs in the log due to very high noise levels on
40/80/160. It just wasn't worth the effort so I quit early. But Sunday morning
most of the noise was gone and conditions were considerably better. Still only
an average performance for me in this one also limited by the 12 hours total

Missed WV, ND and NT. Heard VY1JA on 20 many times but was never able to break
the pileup. Didn't even hear the other two sections.
KB7Q(@WA7U)   Single Op LP   175,5602007-11-18 17:22:54
My goodness 15 meters opened for two excellent hours Sunday and I was able to
run over 135 stations at one time. 20 meters is the money band from Montana
however, it was tight even at the very top of the band. This was my first flat
out SSB contest; thank God for .wav files! I struggled on 80 and 40 until about
midnight and suddenly I could run - surprise, surprise. Lots and lots of great,
courteous ops.
Thanks to Todd, WA7U for the loan of his Icom 756ProIII, a TH-7 and the trapped
inverted V.
Gene, KB7Q
WA3SES   Single Op LP   60,0002007-11-18 17:31:04
Working PAC on 80 was a big thrill for me

I'll be glad to get back to CW next weekend
N6WS   SO Unlimited LP   4,6362007-11-18 17:32:27
Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP MkV Field - 100W
Ant: Cushcraft X9 w/X940 @ 17m
1/4 wave sloper for 80m @ 12m
S/W: N1MM Logger

I got on just to give out a few points. I was amazed by the
number of times I heard, "Santa Barbara up two" or "Thanks for
the new section". I thought everyone would have already worked
my neighbor, W6TK.

73, Bill
KT7G   Single Op HP   25,5362007-11-18 17:34:53
Closest I have been to a sweep since 92. only missed KY,MS, SFL & BC.
K3TD   Single Op LP   27,8802007-11-18 17:54:09
Inverted L at 30'. Had fun playing part time.
73, Tad
KT4PD   SO Unlimited LP   11,5502007-11-18 18:13:11
Icom IC-756 Pro II with Force12 Flagpole (Vertical).
KBØFHP   Single Op LP   51,6362007-11-18 18:25:26
This was much better results than last year. Last year I used a Gap Titan
Vertical and my AL-80B - this year I used a simple 80M loop fed with 450 ohm
ladder line. MUCH better results. It was amazing to do A/B tests and hear the
signals come up on the loop by several S-Units and the noise go down - much
better signal to noise ratio. I was pleased with the results of the loop. Only
missed 2 sections - AK and NT. I heard the AK several times, but I just wasn't
strong enough to get through the pile ups.

80M was strange - it was extremely long for most of the evening and mornings -
at midnight I had not worked a single section in zones 1, 2 or 3. Very shortly
afterwards, the band switched, and the 1,2 and 3s came rolling in. A nice
contest - thank you to everyone for working me.

KE1FO   Single Op HP   88,3562007-11-18 18:26:54
Had a good time. Discouraged after the first night, but things turned around on
Sunday some. Nice runs on 40 Sunday afternoon. 40 and 80 were rough both
nights. 20 was OK, but very noisy on Sunday afternoon, and very few stations
moved down to 15, even though it was wide open and very quiet. First SS with
some decent antennas for running SO2R. New tribander at 30 feet played well
for stateside contacts. Missed WY, AK, QC, MB, SK and NT. Never heard any of
them. Hope to see everyone further down the log.
KAØCSW   Single Op LP   16,2002007-11-18 18:29:46
Another modest score, it was all "search and pounce." There were many big
signals that never heard me. As always had a bunch of fun.
VE3TA   Multi-Op HP   49,2482007-11-18 18:33:49
Very pleased to have my Son, VE3CWE helping with the operating.

Trying out our new Opti-Beam Tribander OB16-3 which was superb!
Please to receive many reports of "Big Signal" on 20 & 15.
Easily broke the pileup on VY1JA.

Only had a few hours to play in this one.

Missed QC, MB, ND & NNY.


Paul VE3TA & David VE3CWE
NØBUI   Single Op LP   36,0002007-11-18 18:35:57
Murphy struck big time at KI0F late Saturday night. That put an end to the multi
we were going to do. So came home about 9:30am and ran from home for a few
hours. Had a lot of fun. Used a Thinkpad that I resurrected. Being able to
look down at the screen prevented the ache between the shoulders I would get
looking straight ahead or slightly up at the big monitor for a few hours.

Thanks for all the Qso's, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

73, Mike N0BUI
N7AZ   SO Unlimited LP   24,1602007-11-18 18:39:50
Multi-band Inv V

TNX for all those that pulled out my signal
W7WHY   SO Unlimited HP   43,5402007-11-18 18:44:48
Man, my ears are still ringing. This SSB stuff drives me nuts :-)

I have come to realize what kind of special talent it takes to run stations on
SSB. I listen to some of these guys with Q counts over 2000 and am amazed! To
me it is a lot easier to do this on CW.

Saturday afternoon ar 3:30 local time I was working the east coast on 40.
Forty meters sounded like 20 meters and I though it was going to be a good
night. But the band went long and a lot of these stations just disappeared
later in the evening. Same on 80. It was good early, but kinda petered out
later on.

Thanks for the Q's and see you in the CQWW CW nxet weekend. Hope everyone pigs
out on turkey and pumpkin pie and has a great Thanksgiving. 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT + SB-200 ~ 500 watts
Radio 2 TS-450SAT

80 meter dipole, 40 meter vertical, 20 meter monobander, 15 meter dipole.

N1MM Logger 7.11.0
WF3C(@W4MLB)   Single Op HP   37,8162007-11-18 18:53:35
TS-850 + Harris RF103A @ 1kw
Moseley Pro67C @ 60'
Inverted Vee @ 58'

Most interesting contact of the contest was with IK4SPB at about 0100z on 75m.
He called to tell me I was 59+30 there. Must be something special about that
inverted vee or that kw amplifier; not sure which though.
KI9A   SO Unlimited HP   128,4802007-11-18 18:57:43
Got off to great start, but lingering head cold knocked me out at 0600. New PRO3
is a dream to use, and the addition of the GAP Voyager for 40/80 was a
tremendous gain over my 45' dipoles. Always seemed to have a real advantage
over the dipoles to east and west coasts..sometimes by as much as 10db!
Anything within 400 miles+/-, went to the dipoles. Only spent 16 hrs on, due to
bad sore throat, and a 2 year old Grandson wanting to play...

Happy T-day!

73-Chuck KI9A
K3MM   SO Unlimited HP   241,7602007-11-18 18:58:05
Boy was 75 painful! Short haul signals became very weak both evenings. I used
a new AY loop system which helped a bit, but NI1N on 3803 with beverages left
the rest of us in the dust! Just about missed on AK and NT, but AK called me
late Sunday after the peak of the opening and just managed to eek out a Q with
Jay shortly thereafter for the sweep. Went to 160 a few times in the last
couple of hours to have some fun and stir up the "top-band" crowd ;)

K6LL   SO Unlimited HP   296,1602007-11-18 19:01:34
A persistent jammer hurt my score on Sunday afternoon, but the contest was fun
NDØC   Single Op QRP   33,1802007-11-18 19:02:02
Very limited operating time - missed a lot of prime time due to family and other
prior (inescapable) commitments. Skip was very long on 40 and 80; in fact 40
was largely a lost cause. Missed several relatively common sections - some I
never heard and some that just couldn't hear me! Thanks to everybody for the
patience on the repeats and fills.

Rig = Yaesu FT-897D at 5 watts output
Antennas = Wilson SY-3 3 element tribander Yagi at 50 feet, dipole at 45 feet
Heil headset and N3FJP software

Randy, ND0C
N2PL(@KD2RD)   Multi-Op HP   201,6002007-11-18 19:02:11
Our second team effort. Had a blast! Hope to see you in the next one.
John KD2RD, Paul N2PL, Scott NQ2F
KD5J   Single Op LP   8502007-11-18 19:03:18
2007 ARRL November Sweepstakes KD5J


QSOs QSO pts. Mults.
80m 24 48 16
40m 1 2 1
TOTALS 25 50 17

Claimed score = 850
KM9M   SO Unlimited HP   92,0002007-11-18 19:08:15
1ST Sweep in Years... Didn't get to play the hrs originally planned,
but made the best of what I had.
K6JEB   SO Unlimited HP   46,2002007-11-18 19:09:34
Hard work even with 400 watts!
WA2BCK   Single Op HP   116,8442007-11-18 19:09:39
I'm using only a wire antenna but I got my amplifier back from Alpha so this
contest was a lot easier than last weekends LP effort. Thanks to all who gave
me points! Tom
W1UE   SO Unlimited HP   12,8002007-11-18 19:11:25
Thought I'd try something different- see how quickly I could get a clean sweep.
Took almost 4 hours of operating to work all the 80 sections. Last 3 sections
worked were WCF, AK, and MS.

I thought the low bands were terrible- both 80 and 40 seemed to have gone
"long" by 0300Z Sat night. 15 sounded pretty good today, with the West Coast
strong for several hours.

Thanks for the Qs. See you next week from K1TTT MM.

Dennis W1UE
K4BAI   Single Op HP   180,1202007-11-18 19:12:02
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1.5 KW, TH6DXX, zepp, dipole, inverted vee. Time was
limited by the need to prepare for leaving Monday afternoon for Bonaire for CQ
WW CW. Hope to work you all on many bands from PJ4/K4BAI and PJ4A in CQ WW CW.
Thanks for all the QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
W1AW   Multi-Op HP   190,0802007-11-18 19:12:06
Happy to put W1AW on the air. Look for more contest activity from W1AW in the
future. Hats off to Katie W1KRB and Mary K1MMH for slugging it out with the
best of them; contesting needs more YL ops!


Sean KX9X
AJ9C   Single Op LP   200,8002007-11-18 19:13:12
Lots of work in this one. We need some spots so guys can spread out.
WA2MNO   SO Unlimited HP   57,4242007-11-18 19:13:53
Another SS gone by the wayside. I found 40
and 80 to be very long Saturday night. I was
to run Sunday night much better and had rates
over 100+ at time. I worked the famous
K0DEX/Calvin who is 13 years old and loves
contesting and particularly CW contests. He is
an aspiring young ham who will do well in the

My goal for this contest was to make 400-500 Qs
and came close to 400 but no cigar. I worked all of Saturday
until 2am local. Then worked at the KT0R station
on Sunday from 10am to 6pm. That was a lot of
fun and a new experience for me to work a M/S
station during SS. It is alway great to work from
the KT0R station and would like to contine to work
another one from there.

73 and thanks to all the stations that returned
my call when I was running.

Bob - WA2MNO
KO7X   Multi-Op HP   160,0002007-11-18 19:14:00
22 dupes in the log. Last section was Utah (tnx NN7ZZ). This was Brian's
(KD7RQU) first SS. Worked 6 Wyoming stations.
NP3D/W2(EW1AR)   Single Op LP   37,5362007-11-18 19:15:49
Part time participation. Thanks to all who called me and answered my calls. Had
a good time, fun to see real scores in

73's Andrei EW1AR-NP3D
W8RJL   SO Unlimited HP   99,0402007-11-18 19:18:27
IC-736, Kenwood TL-922A, 80 dipole, 40 diploe, 3 element SteppIR at 33 feet,
N3FJP loging software. Murphy hit the Ten-Tec tuner used on 80 so repatched 80
to MFJ tuner used for 40 and kept going. Was able to "run" on 40 & 80 but could
not run on 20 as I did in the SS CW contest.
W6KC   SO Unlimited HP   48,0002007-11-18 19:22:17
It was good to get sweeps on both CW and SSB this year. I have a VY1 ritual
that I go though every year...I usually hear VY1JA late Saturday afternoon on
20M, but I can't work him. My beam does not have a rotator and I just leave it
heading east. So I go on the roof, hand turn the beam north, come back down and
I usually get through to VY1 right away. This year I got a big payoff from my
trip to the roof...while it was heading north, I worked all the north sections
that I needed, AK, AB, BC, SK and then both VY1JA and VY1MB in back-to-back
QSOs...Tks J and Bob for making my day!

On Sunday, W5UMS answered my CQ on 20M...I recognized the call, because two
years ago I just happened on the W5UMS Field Day station on the campus of
Ole'Miss while visiting during the student orientation weekend with my son. I
ended up guest operating the W5UMS Field Day station for about 30 QSOs. The
W5UMS op remembered my visit to their FD station...nice way to bring back some
good memories.

73, Jim, W6KC
K8GU   SO Unlimited LP   15,4022007-11-18 19:22:27
Went 'U' class...but, only really looked at the cluster once during the contest
before I started. Phone would be a lot more fun from a big station!

Thanks for the QSOs!


--Ethan, K8GU/9.
NX9T   Single Op QRP   81,4722007-11-18 19:22:49
Whewwwwwwwwwwwww....what IS the definition of "fun" anyway??? The main thing in
my comments will be simply...THANK YOU to all who work so hard to hear us QRP
signals out there in the noise. Your patience and skill is greatly
appreciated. Thanks for not giving up on us! I had a good time but was glad
when the time ran out. I missed 4 hours due to sleep and family but did get on
for plenty of the fun.

Thanks again. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

jeff nx9t
K7ABV   SO Unlimited HP   10,1002007-11-18 19:23:29
Just couldn't get interested in this one, after 50 years of contests, just
didn't feel like going for weekend..ww test ..
NI1N   SO Unlimited HP   276,8002007-11-18 19:23:32
Still just one radio, which really makes Sunday a grind. Through Sunday
afternoon I thought I was set up to beat last year's score by 200 QSOs. But,
the bands tanked and that was the end of that!

The rate working east coast stations on the low 40m dipole Sunday afternoon was
about double the rate of working west coast in the slugfest on 20. I just can't
seem to get respect on 20. On the other hand, I feel like an 800 pound gorilla
on 80. It was surprisingly easy to hold 3803 for 9 hours Saturday night. I
guess the extra bandwidth really helps spread things out.
W4RK   SO Unlimited HP   80,3202007-11-18 19:23:41
First sweep in 53 years of ham radio.
W4EE   SO Unlimited LP   28,4702007-11-18 19:27:27
TS-440S, G5RV es R7000
Can hardly wait for my C3S...
Tnx for the Qs,
73, Jim
K6TD   Multi-Op HP   89,9022007-11-18 19:27:36
sure enjoyed the 15m opening. Managed to get good runs started on 15m, 20m,
40m. Power line noise on 80m was "limiting".

Missed QC.

If the voice sounded unusual, that was N6TTO. He's getting back into

Thanks for all the QSOs!

73, K6TD
N2NL   SO Unlimited HP   65,4402007-11-18 19:28:02
Just messing around from home, to get on and hand out a few Q's. I continue to
be amazed at how well a couple simple vertical antennas work when placed over
salt water. Interesting conditions - 80m stayed long and my own section was
one of the last I needed!

As always, it was great to see everyone on the air again!
73, Dave N2NL4
K6YT(WØYK)   SO Unlimited HP   200,1602007-11-18 19:30:14
This QTH continues to be challenging until the solar cycle comes back up. I
consistenly got beat out by the all the locals in any pileup. 20 meter time
got squeezed between 15 and 40 openings, hence the discrepancy.

Dual K3s made this evebt markedly more bearable than previous years. The
1.8kHz filters are wonderful. The quality is so good they could be even
narrower. Intelligibility is exceptional. The reduced operator fatigue when
using this radio is impressive. I might even do it again next year, but only
with these radios.

The integrated 8-band TX equalizer is very handy for shaping any microphone to
whatever response works best with one's voice. I used a Heil HC4 element but
rolled off the low end even more and added a bit of boost in the high bands to
complement my voice. Really sweet.

Thanks for the QSOs and the courtesy I found throughout the weekend among

Ed - W0YK
W4WTB   Single Op HP   40,6062007-11-18 19:31:14
I usually never work Sweepstakes ... due to limited time in November.... But had
some free time this weekend for contesting .... and managed 9.7 hours of
S&P....and had a blast !!! .... My contest goal, was working all 80 sections
.... instead of making a bunch of Q's .... I missed the sweep by one section
...which was "NL" ( Newfoundland / Labrador ) .... I operated 6 hours on
Saturday and 3.7 hours on Sunday ..... Tnx for the contacts and God Bless.
N6RNO(@N6IJ)   SO Unlimited HP   22,4002007-11-18 19:34:40
K6RM and I both operated from N6IJ under our own calls.
He officially had the station and so got band preference on Saturday.

I used the N6IJ FT-990 with the FL-7000 amp. The FL-7000 has issues with
protection kicking in quickly. I lost a lot of calls when the FL-7000 went into
protection mode. It was especially hard on 40m and 80m. I eventually got some of
the QSO's back but I am sure I frustrated a few operators (Sorry fellas).

Saturday I was left with using only the wire antennae I had left setup from
SSCW. The G5RV (which tuned OK on the FL-7000) and the 10m-15m-20m dipole from

I got up at 4am local and was back on the air 45 minutes latter. These early
hours were a little slow.

My rate was never high. I could not establish any run frequency as often my
power was only 40w (according to the meter in-line with the radio and amp.).
This was frustrating as I was looking forward to running. I had to resort to
S&P and with limited power, I had to time it right to be on the right side of
pile ups.

I took several stabs at VY1JA and final got NWT. I really should not have spent
that much time. I should have left earlier than I did and just come back as I
eventually did.

On Sunday I chased VVA around the spots. I was there ahead of him several times
and he always got through before me. I worked VE6EX right after "The Locust" and
got the next QSO number. I had tried three times before Rick showed up. He pops
in once and gets the QSO.

Overall, it was fun. I need more practice to be a better operator and I really
need to get a decent amp and tuner so that I can run power in these phone
contests. Even a working SB-220 would be a major improvement.

As always, the story of this contest is on my site:

It will be updated with the latest from this contest over the next several
weeks as it takes me time to write down all my thoughts.

Rick "The Rhino" N6RNO
(This tag works as several non NCCCers seem to have seen it and commented on
the call during the contest)
K7BG   SO Unlimited HP   132,3202007-11-18 19:35:03
Operated way more than I thought I would, but once an addict, always an addict
without good intervention. Feel and sound like I've been smoking camel
straights the last few hours. The phone is HARD! When is the FCC going to do
away with the phone?
NØIJ   Single Op HP   226,8802007-11-18 19:35:07
40 was great as long as the sun was up, but soon after sunset it went so long
that a station in the central/north pretty much was limited to calling the loud
stations further south. 80 was great much of the contest period. My new 4
Square for 80 sure was helpful!
K6VVA   SO Unlimited HP   52,1602007-11-18 19:35:12
My apologies for some QLF posts. I really appreciated all the KL8C posts made in
the CW SS, so tried to - give back - in this event.

Unfortunately, the packet module in WL is still crapped, so each post

1. Switching to the DX Summit Page
2. Manually typing in my call, the call spotted, freq, sec ,etc.
3. Clicking the Submit button

For some anal reason, I decided to keep copies of all my posts (forgetting I
could get these via a database). So each time, I also had to click on the 25
recent spots, highlight the entry I posted, copy that into a Notepad file and
save it before returning to WriteLog. "DUH!" Not very productive;-(

Each time I worked an Alaska station, I wished I had gone back up there for the
Phone SS vs. operating from this RF Hole. But if I didn't contribute at least
50K to the infamous contest-within-a-contest at hand, I'd feel guilty.

Starting at 2100, I lasted about 50 minutes after 25 calls before working VY2ZM
and 15 calls to work another rare mult. I was getting beat up pretty bad.
Since this was not going to be an all-out effort, I turned everything off, ate
half of my Panda Express dinner, some chocolate, and took a two hour nap. That
was great!

Things improved awhen I got back on and I actually started having some fun
working some of the contest regulars, so put in more time (albeit still
yearning to be signing KL8C again).

My preference remains: CW - CW - CW, 'cuz it's like music vs. {end of

73 & Tnx for all the Q's and some mini-rag chews along the way...

Rick, K6VVA
W4TMN   Single Op LP   91,0202007-11-18 19:35:33
I almost pulled the plug on this contest because the bands were so terrible to
start out. Then, like someone turned on a light switch, things started taking
off. It was good to talk to many of my good friends like WX3B, W4MYA, N4PN
(always a treat). I did not break 100K like I would have liked, but I beat
last year's score and that is what counts.

Contest moment.....Me running stations on 80 meters and K1AR calling me instead
of the other way around!!

Thanks to everyone for the Q's and being patient with me when the band
conditions were so horrible.

Now if we could just get some sunspots.......
WØMU   SO Unlimited HP   184,9602007-11-18 19:37:54
I was not planning on a real serious effort. I had not done much to the shack
to get ready for the contest. I was hoping to be at the Montana station but we
are going on vacation the 20th to Mexico over Thanksgiving so I decided I needed
to get some things done here before we left.

I sat down a few minutes before the start and found a frequency. It took a
while to get a decent rate as I had not really established it.

Wow what a wild and FUN! start to the contest. 20 closed early and I was very
reluctant to move to 40 so early but there was no choice. 40 was good to me
but went long fairly early. Moved to 75 much early than I can ever imagine. I
was thinking that there was no way the rate was going to hold until my planned
off time. Finished the first night with 1104 qso's and 79 sections. I did not
do any SO2R the first day/night. No need!

I started back up fairly early hoping for a nice 40 or 80 meter opening.
Hoping that the rate would be better than late Sunday. I Spent about 1/2 hour
working SO2R on 40 and 80 and was starting to get things going. VY2 called me
on 40m for the sweep so it was going to be a push for rate and new stations all
day Sunday or so I hoped.

My XYL walked into the shack, which is located next to the main house. It was
around 5am local which was odd. She informed me that her mother had just passed
away in the hospital. She was 81 and this was very unexpected. Obviously this
ended my effort in the contest.

I finished with 1156 and the sweep. I knew I was rocking big time as everyone
was commenting on my big number. K5TR was about 80 ahead in B class and at the
time I was up about 100 on K6LL. A couple of the Multi-ops had slightly bigger
numbers so I was psyched!

Some positives:

This is the first real effort I have put in with this station.

FT-2000 x 2 Microham MK2R+ SO2R controller
Alpha 99/Acom 1000
Cushcraft XM240 @85ft
SteppIR 4ele @72ft
Inv V for 80 @ 65 ft

DX Eng 4 sq rcv array that was working in a couple of directions.

I was able to find and hold frequencies and never moved. I almost felt like I
was in Montana. Some of the pileups were large. Maybe there were not many HP
Colorado stations on this year? There were a number of times where the rate
slowed and I contemplated band changes but chose to wait a bit longer and was
always rewarded with some nice rate. Getting older does bring along some

Hourly rates:


126 20m
142 40m
87 40/80/40
92 40/80
115 80m
27-24 minutes off at 0724

40 and 80 were continually changing. There were lulls in the runs and then the
bands would just come back. The 4sq rcv array was great on the lower angle
signals on 80. Moderately effective on 40 and not good at all (to be expected)
on the high angle close in stations on 80.

I really needed a few more antennas that I could point west or other
directions. I am planning in stacking another 4 ele SteppIR on the tower but
that will not happen until spring time. I had to turn the beam to the NW once
and worked the station I was having trouble with and then Alaska called in for
the next contact.

I thought that the 2000's played very well. Only once did I have someone come
in close and I finally got him to move. I know some people have reported that
this radio craters in heavy qrm, big signal band conditions. I can't say that
I have experienced that. I tend to rely on my ears and not all the fancy
features. the Auto notch worked fine. I was constantly adjusting the pre amp
as I utilized the rcv antennas. I need to work on a better solution for that.
I have a K3 ordered and I will be curious to see how the two rigs compare.

The MK2R+ worked great. I still need to spend a bunch of time in the saddle
with SO2R working out the receive audio and the transmit focus. I need to
figure out how to quickly put radio 1 or two into both my ears when weak
stations call and how to move back to split. I worked maybe about 10 to 20
SO2R contacts. Having a 2nd rig to listen to other bands is very handy.

All in all it was probably one of the best starts I can remember. Looks like
K6LL did a great job again. I wish he and the other big guns in Unlimited
could have duked it out till the end.

I hope to see you all in the 160 contest.
KØTG   Single Op LP   56,3562007-11-18 19:43:22
I thought the I possibly had a sweep in the bag once I worked VJ1JA Sunday
afternoon. I did not get started in the contest until Sunday AM so late to the
party already. Well a sweep was not to happen. I was counting on 40 in the
afternoon for working some of the closer states I was still missing and for
some of the others as well. 40 was long and 80 seemed strange, so that plan
did not work out. Oh well. A guy can hope.

Missed WNY, UT, IA, ND, NL, MB, AK.

It was an all VOX operation for me as my foot switch died. At least there was
an alternative! Not my normal mode of operation for SSB.

73, John K0TG
K9CT   SO Unlimited HP   243,2002007-11-18 19:44:48
Good runs most of the time. I need to figure out what to do when everyone moves
up to 20 and 15. It is tough here midday Sunday. Lots of new ops and
contesters. 40m was crowded and 80 had room.
N9RV   Single Op HP   112,9702007-11-18 19:45:26
Missed VE5. Have done very little SSB operating, discovered that I had serious
RF in the audio. Almost quit, but discovered that on every band but 20 I could
make things work by throttling back the RF output. Wow, the opening on 15 on
Sunday was fun. Just using a 200 foot center fed here at about 50 feet.

- Pat
K6MM   SO Unlimited HP   98,0802007-11-18 19:46:40
Lost 1.5 hours due to a sticking amplifier relay in the AL-811H. Many VEs in CW
but not so many this weekend in SSB. You never know what you'll need for that
sweep. My last 2 (unexpected) mults were QC and WNY. Quite a slugfest.
Thanks for the QSOs. 73, John K6MM
K5QQ   Single Op LP   115,3602007-11-18 19:46:51
Wire Dipole @ 35ft for 80 and 40 and Mobile Whip dipole on 20 @ 35 ft.
80 Dipole was new for the CW two wks ago and was a life saver for this event!!
Great time and was able to run a freq for the first time in years!!

I was not able to do the whole contest as my wife, call B0SS ( B Zero SS) had
some other plans this AM!!

C U all later


PS We need some way to submit a vote for the 5 most over driven amplifier
during a contest and if someone 'wins' that award, they get 25% taken off their
scores. Signals have improved every year for years but there are a few
notorious guys who, I believe, purposely overdrive their amps in order to help
keep their freq clean. A listener's vote might go a long way to cleaning up
the last of these ding dong lids..
W6YI   Multi-Op HP   320,8002007-11-18 19:49:22
Thanks to everyone for a fun weekend. It was great to hear so many first timers
again this year.

Bands were in pretty good shape with good runs on 15 most of the day.

The station played fairly well and the noise level was low.

Thanks to Jim for hosting the gang again this year.

CU you all in CQWW CW from ZF1A.

73, John, K6AM
VE4EAR   Single Op HP   83,1082007-11-18 19:51:57
Just missed ND...again. Figured this year I would get them at least on 80 m.
Not a chance, heard others calling them, but way too weak for the 150mile path

As always a lot fun. Noisey conditions on 80/40 Saturday night but Sunday was

20m was worse than during the CQ WW contest. Impossible to run with a dipole
antenna. Huge signals from east and west coast and everywhere in between. S&P
was the only way for me to get any q's.

Last year had many more QSO on 20 and 15 but this year 40m was the money band.

Had to take time off to watch The Winnipeg Blue Bombers destroy the Toronto
Argonauts in the CFL's eastern final. Sorry to the VE3's aout there, I can
understand why there weren't on the air Sunday :)

Thanksfor the patience and the Q's.



THP HL-1.5Kfx at 600Watts
130' Doublet for 80m & 20m
Steppir Biggir vertical for 40m & 15m
N6RO   Single Op HP   141,8842007-11-18 19:53:29
First qso at 1230Z - music gigs Saturday. Great run on 15m Sunday AM with the
recently optimized 6/6/6 stack, while N6BV used the 20m 5/5/5/ stack. Operated
in Dean's shadow Sunday afternoon on 15 and 80m. 2705 QSOs from the two stations
this weekend at Radio Oakley. CU in CQWW.
W6MVW   Single Op HP   1,5502007-11-18 19:56:03
50 min. of S&P. Why do I do this SSB stuff? Painful.
AA9DY   SO Unlimited LP   8,5542007-11-18 19:58:49
Had a bad start in the contest. 80m was broken for me, unlike in SSCW it was
working fine. Didn't get much time to play.
N2WF   Single Op LP   13,1302007-11-18 19:59:44
First contest in 7 years. Although a half hearted effort, enjoyed every minute
of it. Need to find a computer logging program. What a pain to follow along on
paper. Thanks for a great time. 73's Scott N2WF
WY3P(N3CA)   Multi-Op HP   70,8002007-11-18 20:01:18
Michael, N3CA was home from College and decided he wanted to play radio. I
invited him to WX3B to do a Multi-Radio/Multi-Call sign event; he operated as
WY3P (Caroll County Contesters) at my station (WX3B) for about 5 hours!

Well I am pleased to say that Mike went from ICE COLD (no radio for over a
year) to back in the chair, using the software, running a frequency like he
never skipped a beat. Welcome back, Mike - GREAT JOB!

Imagine what he would have done in 24 hours...


Jim Nitzberg WX3B on behalf of N3CA
VE2DWA   Single Op LP   2,9142007-11-18 20:03:11
Equipment Description:
Yaesu FT-101EE (power btw 20 and 50 watts), G5RV @ 10 feet.

It was planned as full effort, as unlimited from VE3RM, but on Friday I got a
bad could.
Saturday morning I was feeling worse and my sore throat was very bad, I went to
a clinic and the doctor told me: you need to stay in bed, get this antibiotic
and please don't talk (I couldn't believe that..SS SSB weekend and I couldn't
speak), I operate less than 10 minutes every two or three hours, only when I
was leaving the bed to take my medicine or to go to the washroom.
My old FT-101EE is in very bad shape and my signal wasn't very readable. I was
very surpring because many people thanks me for a new mult and I was the clean
sweep for at least two stations.

See you in CQWWCW, I'm planning to be SO AB LP.

73, Claudio VE2DWA-VE3AP-LU7DW
N3KHK   Single Op LP   5,1682007-11-18 20:04:36
Log uploaded to LoTW and eQSL.

In my 5 hours of attempting to get runs started, I had no success. I guess low
power into a 40’ G5RV does not give good run results.

I did enjoy contacting the usual contesters.

Problems: My MFJ tuner would not tune 160m, 80m and 40M; I could not use my
Ameriton AL-811H liner for this contest. I also had a lot of RFI this weekend.
I must resolve this very quickly.

Antenna: 160m G5RV @ 40’
Interface: MicroKEYER
Logger: N1MM


KØOU   SO Unlimited HP   196,6402007-11-18 20:05:17
40 meters is normally the workhorse here, but it sounded like the attenuator was
on this weekend. 15 meters was only for the bigger west coast stations. That
left 20 and 80 for us popgun stations. The score ended up taking a dip from
last years effort. The sweep was pretty easy, when I jumped on a spot for VE2
Sunday after noon. I then went back to my run freq and the second station to
call was another VE2. I was also called by a number of KL7's, KH6's, VO1's,
VE4's, and VY1EI. I had already worked VY1JA early. Ended up with 3 VY1's in
the log. KP2's and WP3's were also abundant. Made it fun. Heading down to AR
for the multi-op this coming weekend in CQWW CW. That will be some real radio.
CU all then. TNX for the Q's and the fun this weekend. K0OU Steve in MO
W6CQP(K6CSL)   Single Op LP   6,6242007-11-18 20:06:55
A really difficult contest with only 100 watts and my "invisible" antennas! I
hope conditions improve by this time next year. I never even heard several of
the Canadian provinces or the Maritimes. 80 seemed to be especially difficult.
I heard SF once, but could't work it. Same with SB. I was surprized I found RI
and DE. The elusive RI completed my WAS from this mobile home QTH.
VE6EX(VE6EX+)   Multi-Op HP   205,4402007-11-18 20:06:57
Hi All:
Our second MULTI effort at VE6EX. At least as much fun as the SSCW event
that was first.
I don't think should complain about the prop HI. Considering the bottom of the
cycle; look at the scores. 20 was wall to wall HI.
How about those outstanding W1AW YL ops, and for that matter the whole group
of yl ops has grown. A definate change for the better.
Cheers and see you all in WWCW..

VE6EX was ts940s x2 into single 3-500 hb amp at ~400w.
2 el on 20 and slopers off the tower for 40 and 80 at 60'.
TRLOG did the multi op desk work as ever, the best...
KC5R   Single Op QRP   112,8002007-11-18 20:10:16
My ears are sore and my voice is pretty descent considering running QRP (thank
you, voice keyer). I bettered my score and Qs from last year, so I have no
complaints. I wonder if I could use a second rig running an amp that all it
does is transmit "the frequency is in use" so that stations don't just jump all
over me. Happened a bunch on 20.

Bands here were much like last week. Still not a lot of west coast pouncers on
15, but I was hearing WI/MI on 15. 20 was a mad house sometimes, but I think
every so often enough folks get fed up and leave the band, and then it becomes
workable for QRP. Knowing when to punt is important.

Mults came in funny this year. My last 5 mults were ME, AK, QC, MB, WCF. I got
VY1JA early on, so I was getting worried when I went to bed still missing 12
mults! QC was hard to find, and the VE2 running the freq was using the "pile-up
and call 5" method, so it made it kept me occupied for a bit. I managed to get
some runs in the late afternoon on 20, and for most of it I kept the beam
pointed North to try to scare up a VE4. Because of that, I worked 34 MN and 41
MI stations! Then VE4EAR called in (..and then I ran into him on 40 calling CQ
later). My last section was WCF! I had to go hunting for WCF on 80 on Sunday
and found W4LT at 0033 for the sweep. Just one of those places in the wrong
proximity that sometime gives a QRPer just never know.

Only managed one station for the following mults: WCF, LA, AK, NL, QC, MB, and
NT. I heard several other LA's on, but none on 80 or 40 when they were short. I
worked KN5O three miles north of me on 20 for the mult.

Interestingly, the XYL was on her cell phone with my mother this weekend and
she told me my mother could hear my voice on her end through the cell phone. I
found out my mom never realized I changed my call (it's been 8 years), until
she heard the voice and commented it wasn't the same call she heard on her
phone back when I grew up (yeh, but mom I wasn't running the amp into my beam
that was next to the phone line drop like I did back then)...ah the good old

They must put 14 Mhz IFs in these NEC cheapo GSM phones for my 5 watts to
bother it. Funny it never bothers our house wiring, TV, or home phones, but it
gets into a digital cell phone.

I worked 19 other Q stations in SSB (versus 63 in CW). Thanks guys for the
KB4KBS   Single Op LP   3,8762007-11-18 20:15:22
It was a contest that really appealed to my inner-masochist. To work as hard as
I did for 6.5 hours and to only have 57 contacts to show for it should be
down-right depressing. My redemption comes from the fact that I did work 34
sections - including some new ones. I used my 100W TS-450SAT and a slinky
antenna which was unfathomably better than the Mobile Hustler attached to a
magnetic base on a file cabinet next to the rig. I could heard stations from
all around the US and Canada finally, but being heard was still the tough nut.
Bottom line: I had fun but I need a better antenna set up. I can only imagine
what it would be like to operate at a "real" station. I'd probably be so
delerious that I'd get laryngitis.
Extra Point: Hiram Percy's Maxim struck again. Only during PH SS weekend would
someone be so inconsiderate and schedule a wedding on a Sunday night.

Thanks to all who worked me, especially those that took the extra effort to
pull my puny signal out of the mud. To those of you who said, "too bad, so
sad, try again later," just how much later? When I'm flush with mono-band
beams? I'm trying just as hard or harder to reach my goal of 60 as you are to
reach your goal of 1600. Next contest, lose the cavalier attitude or get
better hearing aids.

NB7V   Single Op HP   103,6602007-11-18 20:15:43
WOW its over! Lots of interuptions, company all weekend, my daughters birthday
party. And a phone that wouldn't stop. Lots of 07 license dates. 20 was great,
80 also worked for me, 40- I found out when i went to 40 that I had a very high
swr. I went out and checked my phased verticles and found out they were damaged
by the 80mph wind gusts last monday uuugh! No 40 for me!
thanks for the Qs
73 Dave NB7V
K5ER   Single Op HP   95,5202007-11-18 20:24:52
Amp quit abt 45 minutes into the test, wish I had forseen that before I entered
in HP.

After two dry years, finally got another sweep.

Overall, it was a good contest. Mark, KD4D seemed to be everywhere. It was
great to work him and all the friends I made at Dayton this year.

"Thanks" to everyone for all the Q's and fun.

Hope everyone has


"See you in Dayton"
VA7ST   Single Op HP   64,8342007-11-18 20:38:07
* FT-2000 + SB221
* N1MM Logger 7.10.12
* Tribander at 45'
* 40M half-squares
* 80M delta loop

This was like two different contests here -- day one and day two. Ended Day One
with just 60 Qs in the log and 40M and 80M not playing nicely at all from the
far PNW.

Have CW-band antennas on 80M-20M (yagi sufficiently covers 15M and 10M, but SWR
is high in the 20M SSB segment) so I'm a little SWR-handicapped for SSB on the
lower bands. Tuner helps, but still no hell. Working the high end of 20M just
doesn't play well for me, so my sandbox was 14.150-200 and finding a spot to
run was nigh on impossible at times.

Got off to a great start S&P on 20M working a bunch of the toughie mults from
here -- NWT, RI, VI, PR -- but had to go to 40M pretty early and that band was
tough work.

Decided on Sunday morning to give 15M a whirl. Called and lo! ended up running
110 stations. Propagation on 15M has been pretty tightly focused on W4/W5
lately, but last weekend and this weekend saw some good E-W propagation for a

Went to 20M and spent a long time looking for a spot to run. I'm pretty timid
about elbowing into a slot. Eventually found one and ran 127 stations at 96/hr
-- very neat-o. Spent 10 minutes trying to work a VE2 pileup to no avail, then
moved away and called CQ... another VE2 called in right away. Go figure. VY2ZM
was a beacon on 14.150 or so for hours on end (well done and thanks for MAR!).

Heard a VE6 on 80M but never caught up to him, so missed AB. Also missed CT and
NL. Still, I never expected to find 77 mults in this one without telnet cluster
and am quite happy with how things turned out. Was on for just 11 hours. If I
had spent more time on the air -- and more time on 20M -- I'm sure the sweep
would have been quite possible.

Wonder if I'm the only one in the Pacific Northwest who thought 80M was junk on
Sunday evening? Maybe the delta loop isn't working well. Had a fair amount of
QRN and signals from beyond the Rockies were weak. Even W6 stations were not
their usual loud selves. Figured N6RO would be slam-dunk, but Ken needed a few
fills from me to make it work. W7WHY was one of the big signals on 80M and was
the first of my OR mults -- I know others were begging for OR in the final

I think I have a lousy CK for SSB -- probably had CK fill requests from 30 per
cent of callers. "82" doesn't punch out very well, I guess.

DVK was set up but didn't use it even once for Qs, though I did throw out a
handful of CQs with it. Was having too much fun just working folks.

Will be back for more phone work next chance I get. Starting to get the hang of
it and likin' it a little more. Thank God for CW, though.

See many of you in CQWW CW. Look northwest for the VE7 mult, and be sure to
listen out for teammates: Paul K1XM at 6V7D (Senegal running QRP!), Ed N1UR at
9M6AAC, Vitor PY2NY, and Greg W1KM. Glad to be on a N6ZZ memorial team and will
give it all I have.
WW9R   SO Unlimited HP   107,2002007-11-18 20:38:18
That was one fun contest. It was a pleasure to work so many hams that have been
in the hobby for over 50 years. Only 50 weeks till the next one...

K7GK   Single Op HP   9,8882007-11-18 20:40:06
Has just about an hour to play on Sunday, mostly to get accustomed to Win-Test.
More than usual number of fills was needed for my check and section. At times
it was pretty easy to tell who’s using lookup.

73, Denis – K7GK
KV1J   Single Op QRP   8,1342007-11-18 20:44:42
Part time effort mostly mid day Sunday. Thanks to all that pulled my QRP signal
out of the QRM!

73, Eric KV1J operating portable in Maine
KØAD   SO Unlimited HP   73,2002007-11-18 20:46:15
My original goal was to try and get a sweep before going to bed Saturday night.
Worked VY1 early so I thought I had a shot. But conditions were so brutal on
40 meters that I finally gave up and went to bed at 10:30 PM. I spend most of
Sunday at KT0R. It was fun, as usual, but we certainly missed the big guy.

Nice to work so many MWWers.


Al, K0AD
WX3B   SO Unlimited HP   218,2442007-11-18 21:03:19
Believe it or not, I actually ENJOYED a lot about this contest. As usual,
highlights are the on-line rag chews with friends. I did sign "Bravo" as my
precidence, however I was definitely assisted. My personal goal was 1,500 QSOs
which I fell slightly short of - however I am pleased with my overall (best
ever) single-op Sweepstakes effort.

I borred a great idea from W3LPL, K3MIM and W3IDT this year and configured WX3B
as two by three radio single-ops for 20/40/80.

N3CA, Michael did a 5 hour blast as WY3P (The Carroll County Contesters Club
Call) and cranked out 480 QSOs by 73 sections - simply amazing!

I started the contest in my element - 20 meters.

This is definitely the "800 pound gorilla" band at WX3B. Unfortuately for me,
this band closes up shop awfully early these days.

When I moved to 80 (early), I was measurably ahead of just about everyone,
including my friends who would eventually whip me to a pulp! In hindsight, I
should have stayed on 20 for at least another hour or two.

Well I sat down on 75m getting ready to hit 1,000 QSOs by midnight; and
unfortunately I discovered that my station was ill-equipped to deal with the
GAP in propagation. Long skip was great, but all the bread/butter close-in
stuff was GONE. Twas the weekend where phased verticals and beverages were
needed. Congratulations to Tom, NI1N for a truly magical score on 75 meters
and a GREAT overall effort. Tom does this with ONE RADIO!

I ended up with about 800 Total QSOs Saturday night but I had to work like a
DOG for those 75m QSOs. Eventually 75m did open locally, but not until way
after midnight.

Got a couple hours sleep and fired up on 40 for an immediate excellent run.

N3CA joined me at about 8:45am Sunday and I gave up the 40m band to him and got
on 20, which was a great strategy for team PVRC, but a horrible one for myself

20m was a slug-fest of already worked guys, and while I enjoyed winning a bunch
of frequency fights, I lost the rate war.

Eventually Mike went to 20 and I took back 40 and my rate immediately improved,
and so did my enjoyment of the contest.

Went to 75 early again...great first..however the bottom once
again dropped out and all that was happening was long skip.

Stole the N3KS/NI1N idea to run a few on 160 and that was good for a few rapid

Tried to catch Kam, N3KS at the end of the contest in clamied QSOs but just
couldn't do it.

What a great contest - and to be anywhere near K3MM's something I'm
pretty darn happy about.

By the way, did anybody else besides me think it's interesting that the man in
charge of the "Top Gun" sweepstakes mugs happens to be the #1 Top Gun himself?

73 & bring on some DX contests with simple exchanges!

Jim WX3B
WE9V   Single Op HP   114,2342007-11-18 21:05:20
Wasn't to enthused about operating this one, so didn't turn on the radio until
late Sunday morning for only a few hours, then the last hour of the contest.
First time in a long time I didn't enter Unlimited and I didn't chase after any
mults. Just CQ'd and let them come to me. Missed only VY1 surprisingly. The
contest is pretty fun when you average 100 Qs/hr and don't have Sunday
doldrums. :-) The extra room on 80M sure is nice. Too bad there isn't 150kc
more room on 40M. Or 20M for that matter. 15M was a nice surprise, including
some short skip. My third last mult was ME. Then 3 called in a row! My
second last mult was MS and two called in a row!!

Always a fun contest!!

Chad WE9V
NØKE   Single Op QRP   16,9862007-11-18 21:14:42
Very part time effort. I never could work another CO station or WY.
K7RL   SO Unlimited HP   296,4802007-11-18 21:16:41
Nice to hear all the ops with '07 checks getting into the contest. It certainly
made it more fun.

K6LL and NI1N were way ahead Saturday night and I thought they were going to
leave me in the dust. Sounds like K6LL would have if it weren't for the
jammer. In hindsight, I should have planned to finish an hour early as my rate
dropped like a stone.

As I sat on 20m and battled the QRM all weekend, I kept thinking how fun this
contest will be when 10m and 15m really start to open up. I've almost
forgotten what it's like not to share the same 3 Khz of bandwidth with several
phone operators.

Thanks for the Qs. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

73 de Mitch, K7RL
VE6CNU   Single Op LP   102,0682007-11-18 21:22:21
Last year I did this contest QRP and vowed never again. This year I ran 100W
and it felt just as bad as last year. It was like there was an invisible
barrier which required high power to be heard. The contest started at 2PM
local time Saturday afternoon. My idea was to work the big guns on Sunday and
make some big runs early. So much for big ideas. With 20m being the only
choice to start with, it instantly filled up and there were 4 or 5 high power
stations on top of each other from one end of the band to the other. This
meant S&P the entire first day - and mainly working the big guns. At exactly
4:40PM local, 20m just died and I switched to 40m. It wasn't much better.
After an hour or so, I switched to 75m, where I got new mults in EMA, RI, NH,
NNJ and ENY. It wasn't until around 1AM that I began hearing close-by stations
in WWA and MT. Finally, I got my first OR at 2AM! This was my cue to quit for
the night.

I started back up around 8AM MST on Sunday and 20m was already hopping. In
fact, I tuned the dial from 14180 to 14220 and couldn't make out a single
station, as everything just sounded like mush. This made me want to quit all
over again. And then I decided to try 15m and behold, it was open! I ran over
200+ stations for the next 2-3 hours and started feeling better. I was still
missing ND, MB, QC and WVA. At 12:30PM I decided I better go back to 20m and
search for the missing sections, at least QC and WVA. After 5 minutes I heard
a pileup for a VE2 and managed to work him. I then went back to 15m a little
while later and it had already started to die. I went back and did more S&P on
20m and just before it died I managed to get a call from WVA. After a short
time on 40m, I managed to hear a VE4 working another guy - and he was loud. I
had him QSY up a bit and managed to get him. I never did hear ND, so that was
the one I missed. I ended up quitting an hour before the end, as 80m already
seemed like it was on its way out. All I could hear were the stations I'd
already worked.

I'd like to thank W7RN for trying so hard to pull me through, before giving up.
We worked later with ease. And I agree with K9GX when he commented that 80m
sounded like summer propagation. Things were sure strange propagation-wise on
all the bands, but I guess this is to be expected at the bottom of a cycle. I
guess I had fun, but I'm also glad its over! It would be interesting to try
this contest if everyone were limited to low power, but I know this will never
happen. And who said ham radio is dying? I can imagine Yogi Berra saying
something like, "I could talk to a bunch more people if there weren't so many
guys on!"

Again, thanks to all who pulled me through and see you in the next one.



Transmitter: FT-1000MP 100W
Antennas: TH6DXX @ 40' for 15m/20m, inverted vee for 40m, shunt-fed tower 80m.
KA1ARB   Multi-Op HP   230,8802007-11-18 21:33:41
Nice quiet bands - I wish there were some sunspots! But there were lots of new
hams with checks 05-07 that made up for the bottom of the cycle. 80m was the
money band here; it seemed bottomless using nothing more than our magical
dipole at 40 feet.

Thanks to three days of effort from Lee, WB1ADR, and the heroic last minute
arrival of Bruce, N1LN, we managed to get our first tower up and the tribander
on top. This allowed up to make the same number of contacts that we've made
for the last five years. What a great investment of my time and money!

All the focus on the tower meant negleting the other antennas. This led to the
80m dipole dying early saturday night (fixed on the roof, in the dark), and the
40m wires never working until Sunday afternoon. Murphy also brought a power
outage for an hour on Sunday morning.

We found good rates until 10:00Z Sunday before our first break, and saved time
off for Sunday afternoon. Took a couple of breaks Sunday afternoon, and we had
our best two hours at the end until we ran out of operating time before 03:00.

We've already started our plans for what improvements we can make to allow us
to make the same score for yet another year!
W4VIC   Single Op LP   13,2002007-11-18 21:52:17


Didn't do antenna homework and amp would not load in the 80 M. band. Turned
off amp and went SOLP for the contest. Ran first 20 Q's with rig putting out
about 10 watts on 80 M. Things went downhill from there. Never got the
rhythm, even with a blazing 100 watts full power. Thanks to those who had the
patience to work out the Q's with me.

N1MGO   Single Op HP   14,0402007-11-18 22:21:44
Great fun, first ever SS phone.
Where is the RTTY version of this contest?
AE6RR   SO Unlimited HP   3,8442007-11-18 22:51:36
I was only able to get a couple of hours in the chair, but I tried to pass out
Qs to as many as I could.
K7XC   SO Unlimited HP   76,0002007-11-18 23:20:13
Lost the ALPHA 78 on 3rd Q of the contest. Spent first 6 1/2 hours repairing the
amplifier, including driving 120 miles roundtrip to work for needed parts and
supplies. Once repaired, the 78 was like a rock. Had my TS930SAT (PIEXX) all
set to go with full computer control but could not find a mic in my junkbox
that would drive it. Switched to my trusty IC-746 with good results. Loaded
N1MM Logger 2 days before the contest. What an amazing evolution is contesting
software! Thank You N1MM!! All of this while fighting a awful case of Sinusitus
(Huge Headaches) which makes wearing headphones very painful and something I did
not do. My goal was 500 Q's of which I can very close to. Getting a sweep here
in SSB as well as CW earlier, was pure joy! Last section (SB) was found late
Sunday on 40M giving out very low serial numbers. As like CW, 80M was king! I
heard and worked the entire NA continent very well there. Anyways, time to get
to bed... 73s and KB!!
N6KI   Multi-Op HP   156,0002007-11-18 23:42:05
Had N6ERD a newbie contest Op put in most of the 16.5 hours to
get some more contest experience. I anchored the last 4 hours.
VE2 was last mult needed and Dan N6ERD actually nailed most of the hard ones!
W6RQ(N7MH)   SO Unlimited HP   225,2802007-11-19 00:50:54
This was a Sunday-only effort. I spent most of the day parked at 14221.7 on 20
meters. A separate W6YX multi-op effort shared the station so I never went to
15 meters and they didn't get onto 20 on Sunday until I moved down to 40.

The only mult that didn't call me was VY1 - I saw VY1JA in the bandmap and
quickly called J and returned to my run frequency. Utah was the final mult

-Mike, N7MH
KØRI   Single Op QRP   31,9502007-11-19 02:03:20
Started Sat night at 2230. All S&P.
160m horiz loop
Force 12 C-19XR
WP3R(KE3Q)   Single Op HP   401,9202007-11-19 03:21:48
Thanks to WA3FET, NP4A and WP3R for all the support for 10 years, here at my
home away from home.
KR2Q   Single Op QRP   24,0002007-11-19 03:23:02
I contest to have I didn't do much contesting this time cuz it just
wasn't any fun.

Started work (vocation) at 1:30am Friday morning local time cuz I had the next
week off and I still had lots that I wanted to get done. By the time 3pm local
Friday rolled around, I was really dragging...and still in Manhattan with a long
commute back home.

Got on at the start and cudn't work anybody (or almost nobody). Figured it was
no big deal and I could make it up later, if things improved, so went QRT for a
bit. Got on somewhat later, still terrible from here. Went to bed at 0030z
(really!) and woke up around 10z. So much for 6 hours off time.

Bands were still crummy from here (super loud guys were CQing in my face).
Decided to check email. Had a request from overseas to check out a "funny" log
in the RTTY contest. Now THAT was a lot more fun (I love log-checking) and took
another hour or so. Indeed, found some funny stuff in the log, but waiting for
more info to flow in.

Then, while on-line, I got a call from CT1BOH and we had a nice ~1 hour QSO
(VoIP) about, of all things, LOG CHECKING (not related to the RTTY request, but
I did mention it), plus some other stuff including, of course, CQWW CW next
weekend. Again, this was a lot more pleasant than trying to do SS ssb qrp (at
least from here).

As for the contest, I have never had such a hard time having guys hear me. I
still can't believe how many loud guys (like 40 over 9 loud) CQ'ed in my face;
really depressing. And then, some guys clearly doubted that I was qrp cuz "you
are so loud" or "wow, that is one big qrp signal." Go figure.

Worked 7 other QRPers. Some specs

NX9T sent me 85 at 2200z while I sent him #21 (ugh)

N8IE sent me 143 at 1057z

KC5R sent me 599 at 2128

N9KT sent me 568 at 0011

Nice scores guys!

I heard reports of "guys down south" being QRP and having HUGE numbers. Can't
wait to see who.

This one was not any fun for me, so I stayed out of it. Just as well...more
rest for CW next weekend. My goal in the last hour or two ended up being to
have a nice "even" score. I think I did that.

Of note, it is now snowing here in NNJ so it must be the perfect time to go
outside adjust the antennas!

de Doug KR2Q
K3WW   SO Unlimited HP   100,9602007-11-19 04:07:54
160 in SS???
VE3MGY   Single Op LP   71,0002007-11-19 04:21:44
I wasn't full time this year but still enjoyed it and had lots of fun as always.
It is still one of my favorite contests.

I never thought I would see the activity on 160 that I did but 80 went long
real early in the evening here on Saturday - just before 2400z - which may
explain it. I found propagation on 20 and 15 a bit disappointing but 40 and 80
made up for it. Working KH7X on 80 with the Delta Loop an hour after local
sunrise was the highlight of the contest and the loop certainly proved its
worth this weekend. It actually worked better than I had previuosly given it
credit for.

KDØS(WDØT)   Single Op HP   300,6402007-11-19 04:37:45
In all my years of doing SS I have not seen band results like this, with 80m
being such a dominant band from here in central SD, and 40m being very long by
the time I got there both days. Usually the big Q numbers are on 20 and 40m,
and 80 picks up 200 or so Q's. Anyhow, it was VERY interesting how things
worked on 80m, I actually used the vertical to make more Q's than the dipole.
Conditions were actually very good noise wise, and were very quiet Saturday,
with Sunday having some more noise. I had two hours on 20m, with rates in the
mid 140s, and just 1 hour on 40m above 100 Q's. 80m didn't break the 100 Q
mark, but was consistently in the 80-90 Q range per hour, so not bad.

The bands were very packed with signals as usual during the minimum, will be
great to get some spots back to perk up the other bands and spread things out

Congrats to George K5TR and WP3R and others for the big scores, thanks for the
fun and Q's again, great to work the regulars and also the new guys! 73 God

Todd WD0T
W4NF   SO Unlimited HP   189,4402007-11-19 04:50:34
This was the Shakedown Cruise for the station after being in storage for almost
a year while the basement was being finished (our contractor works real slow).
I was planning on doing SO2R with the new FT 2000 and the FT 1000MP with the
Microham MK2R+. I started out on 20 Meters and had a good run n the first
hour. I was going to start using the second radio when the rate started to
slow down. I was using the SO2R box for my CQ message and that seemed to work
fine. Sometime in the 5th hour of the contest the SO2R box went haywire. I
lost my DVK message and could not record another. It was too late to try and
figure out what went wrong (after about and hour or two of messing around with
it) so I grabbed my old MFJ DVK off the shelf and plugged it in. The damage
was done though. With rates of 26, 31 and 26 in the 6th - 8th hours there was
no way to recover.

So there is the excuse. - I did have fun though and the new Radio Shack with
carpet, nice lighting and a comfortable chair were very welcome and made the
contest very enjoyable.

VY1JA was my last section for the Sweep and I used every filter that the FT
2000 had to be able to hear J durng the early afternoon period on 20 Meters on
Sunday. There was someone operating real close in frequency and the associated
splatter was tough to hear through. Thanks J for the QSO and the Sweep. Thanks
to everyone for the Qs and I'll see you in the next one. 73, Jack W4NF
WC4J   Multi-Op LP   20,8682007-11-19 05:00:44
man what a contest worked Saturday night mainly and about 2 hours Sunday morning
missed WPA AK PAC QC BC NT Heard but couldn't work all but WPA 73 de Brian WC4J
N4PN   Single Op LP   232,4802007-11-19 05:06:22
This one was about as good as it could get for those of us who don't have a
"killer station." Thursday I put up a reflector (wire) for 40 and 80 meters
making a 2el something that seemed to work well.
40m was weird and had a hard time finding an open spot which really didn't
matter Saturday night as there was very few signals anyway. 80m was great and
sounded more like 40 should have. 20m worked well as long as I stayed up high
in the band, usually around 14.342.
Looking at the band summary during the contest, it looked really strange to see
more Q's on 80m than 40m and more Q's on 40m than 20m?? Looking at some of the
posted scores, like Jerry, WB9Z - see the same thing. 15m was great with
signals from 6,7 and 0's that about knocked me out of the chair.
VO1TA was everywhere for NL and got Jay, VY1JA fairly early on Saturday. Last
four mults were TN?? (77), PAC (78), SB (79) and sweep which took almost 15
minutes - W7DK (UT) on 15m as guess lots of others needed that one even tho he
was 10db over 9.
Good to hear so many CK's 06 and 07's on and never worked so many QRP stations
before. Many from the west coast with goods signals on all bands. Life is still
to short for QRP here but after getting beat up on 20m and moving a hundred
times was beginning to feel that LP was not a very good idea either.
But it was great fun even if someone did remind me that it was nothing more
than a WAS contest....always great to hear ole friends to share a quick word
other than the exchange. Good to hear Pat, N9RV from new QTH in MT.
Thanks for all for the Q's.
73, Paul, N4PN
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   Single Op LP   25,0902007-11-19 05:31:07
100% S&P. Not a big fan of phone contests but had some fun.
WT9U   Single Op HP   152,9602007-11-19 05:38:49
Sounded like PVRC was out in force this weekend.
VO1MP   SO Unlimited HP   12,8002007-11-19 05:47:55
Strictly S & P

c'y'all cqww cw
K4LY   Single Op LP   142,7202007-11-19 05:48:40
Surprised how well the Hygain Hytower worked on 80 and 40 (I felt loud!) and how
mediocre it was on 20 and 15. In Colorado, the Hytower was in the clear on a
hilltop and worked well on all bands. Here, it's on the east side of a hill
with a lot of trees nearby and the house 50' to the north, but works well on
the low bands now that I have 30 radials down for 80M. By next year, I should
have the TH7 up. Thanks for all the Q's. Low lights: My JRC JST-245
(normally 150 watts) dropped power to 50 watts for a couple of hours Sunday
afternoon. I read the manual thinking there must be a function + button I
mistakenly pushed, but no. Finally, I turned it off for a while, and it came
back on at 150 watts. I should have programmed my computer for the exchange
because my voice was giving out Sunday afternoon and evening. High lights:
working 3 YLs in a row, being the 80th section for one OM, getting to chat with
old friends.
CU in the 160M test.
Doug K4LY Inman SC ex-W0AH
W4ATL   Single Op HP   25,6802007-11-19 05:56:00
No better way to beat the Sunday blues than to start on Sunday afternoon. Where
were all of the hotshot SO2R guys? Most of my contacts were with NRs as low as
mine. If you tune, you may find some new contacts. I'm not S&Ping for you when
I just start on Sunday afternoon. I'm having fun running!
VO1HE   Single Op HP   111,6502007-11-19 06:02:57

Single Operator All Band High Power Unassisted

ARRL Section : NL
Club/Team : East Coast Canada Contest Club

Band QSOs Pts Sec
3.5 33 66 32
7 15 30 14
14 669 1338 31
21 8 16 0
Total 725 1450 77

Score : 111,650

Rig : FT-920
Amp: SB-220
Software: N1MM Logger V7.11.0
Antennas : 3 Element SteppIR 6M-40M and Coax Resonator 80M dipole

Soapbox :

This turned out pretty good.

My beam was damaged just before the SS CW contest and I had to replace the
driven element motor. I reinstalled the 6-20 motor so I could get on for the
contest but it's hard to do all band when you don't have antennae for them. I
received my replacement motor on Friday, which turned out to be a very nice
day. 10C and overcast. After 6 hours I had the replacement motor back up and
ready. I decided to crank the tower back up to be ready for the contest in case
I didn't get the time to do it the next day. That turned out to be a decision
that I may have lived to regret. I have an anemometer at the top of my tower
and it registered 97kph early Saturday morning as the warm front moved through.
Heavy rain came along for the ride. Luckily, by noon or so, the wind had died
down so I was ready to go.

I spent the first few hours poking around looking for multipliers. I managed to
get 40 or so by early Saturday so I thought this would be a good time to get on
20 and start running. I could hear Europe booming in but not a lot of NA
stations. I pointed west, found a fairly clear frequency and started running at
around 1230UTC. I took my first break, and finished my breakfast, at 1735.
According to the log, I had over an hour with more than 2 per minute. Not bad
with this exchange.

Missed VY1, KL7 and VE4. I heard a VE4 S&Ping on 20 but couldn't track him
down. I heard the pileup for VY1JA but I guess they were a bit rowdy as he
apparently just shut down or moved off somewhere. I found another frequency to
run in the hopes that these guys would find me but no luck. Heard a KL7 but I
think he was in Oregon. He faded out after I heard the callsign and I never
managed to get him anyway.

Anyway, I had fun. Thanks for the contacts and sorry to anyone who missed me.
There were a few other VO1s on so NL shouldn't have been too hard to find. Even
Rick K6VVA found me :)


73 -- Paul VO1HE
K6AK   Multi-Op HP   35,2422007-11-19 06:37:05
Propagation conditions were not great, particularly on Saturday.
N5DO   Multi-Op HP   270,7202007-11-19 06:40:19
We surpassed our previous West Texas Section record of 259,820 set in 2002 (now
to see if it survives the log checking!). Sunday afternoon on 20M was very
impressive with a large number of stations still available to be worked. It
was surprising that we did so poorly on 40M, but by the time we got there on
Saturday night conditions were not too good. Fortunately, despite our only
having a low inverted vee on 80M, conditions seemed great on that band.

As always, thanks for all the fun and QSOs.
W5CPT   SO Unlimited HP   50,8802007-11-19 06:50:13
My first real attempt with a directional antenna and an amp.
Also my first Sweep. I am going to have to get a better chair for the shack!
WB2ZAB   SO Unlimited HP   116,8002007-11-19 06:52:30
Thanks to WX3B for pushing me to put up an 80M dipole. Even though it was only
25 feet off the ground at the center, it played really well. It was the first
time I have ever operated on this band never having had the room to put antenna
prior to this.

40 was very strong and my 402-cd is great out to the west coast.

I was finally feeling comfortable running on 20 during prime time. The Steppir
played really well out to 6 and 7 land and I had a serious pile up going when
my neighbor called to tell me the RFI problem I and WX3B and N3KS thought we
had solved was still a problem and I had to QSY to 80.

I was hoping to break 1000 but if anything the contest made clear how much more
I need to practice running and logging. And I owe WX3B dinner!

W6OAT said he had never heard so many MDC stations. Good work all!
K1HTV   Single Op LP   169,7602007-11-19 06:52:44
It was a tough grind with 100 Watts. I continue to find 40M to be the toughest
band for me in the SS. Beaming NW on 20M produced WL7O and a number of other
Alaska stations for the 79th section. I also found and work VY1JA for #80 and
the Sweep. 80 Meters went long early Saturday, coming back after midnight
Sunday morning. 80M went long again early Sunday evening, so I switched to 160
Meters for the last few hours of the contest, making 97 Q's on the Topband.
I've never heard so much SS activity on 160M in a SS contest!

73 de Rich - K1HTV
NJ4M(@KI4LNU)   Multi-Op LP   65,7582007-11-19 06:55:33
A little multi-op session with beginning contesters KI4PJB and KI4PJC. Intended
to run an amp, but discovered while setting up the station, it wasn't working
... so Low Power it was! Lot's of S9 plus "alligators" who couldn't copy us -
yet, when we did find a spot to run, we got "good signal" comments or guys way
in the noise called ... go figure!

At times, 15, 20, and 40 sounded like the California QSO Party! 15 seemed to
be open, but not too many folks on to take advantage of it.

Sunday we started watching packet to chase down the remaining multipliers, but
the "packet pileups" were pretty bad. Worked 2 of the spotted stations back to
back later (OR and AK), calling CQ before they were spotted again!! Still
missed SB, ND, and QC (ND and QC had big piles).

Still ... had fun, and that's what it's all about!

Thanks to Mike, KI4KTP for use of the Red Cross station, KI4LNU.

NN3W(@N4RV)   Single Op HP   124,0202007-11-19 07:02:55
First, thanks to N4RV for doing a lot of work to get the station ready. The
place was a copper farm with wires everywhere. The station really played. Too
bad I had to leave early.

Got called by my wife (twice) around 0300z with contagious laringytis and if I
didn't the kids to get it and ruin out trip to the Outer Banks, I had better
get home. @%&@)(%&(*@!!! So, I had to pull the plug at my arranged nap time.

Condx were great at first on 20 and I was running like mad. Decided to join
the herd, skip 40 meters and go right to 80. Hello?!!? WTF! My first QSO was
with a guy in Louisiana. That was around 6:00 p.m. Not. Good. Things only got
worse when I found I was working KP4s, W0s in Colorado, 4 stations in North
Dakota, and lots of STX. Ugh. Tried 40 and I felt like 40 was about as
productive as 10 meters is. The skip finally shortened around 0300z and 80
became a zoo with activity.

Hopefully next year I can ensure 24 hours in the cahir. Either that or a nanny
is getting hired......
K4OD   Single Op LP   47,7002007-11-19 07:25:59
Breakdown as follows:


QSOs: 318
Pts: 636
Sec: 75
Time On: 21.75 Hours

Rig: Yaesu FT-897D 100 Watts output
Ant: All wire dipoles

Contesting-----I may not be very good at it but I DO SO LOVE IT!!!!
N4RV   SO Unlimited HP   114,7082007-11-19 07:26:22
Rich, NN3W op'ed from the start until 0230z when he had to QRT and return home
due to a family illness.
Sunday morning, after working on home chores, I decided to spend some time
using my call and started about 11 AM on Sunday.. Enjoyed working this test in
a " relaxed " mode.. No equipment or antenna problems, just feeling my age,

Jack N4RV
KØTO   Single Op HP   208,3202007-11-19 07:29:41
Fifty plus years of SS operating and I still find new things every year. [I
figure I am a slow learner].

Started 45 minutes late but made up for that by stopping 30 minutes early.
Extremely strong signal strengths on 20 meters on Saturday afternoon made it
seem like there was no space on 20 to add one more person. Finding ways to pull
out the weaker stations in the presence of the many very strong ones was the
secret to making Q's on 80-40-20. The few Q's on 15 meters made me think the
receiver had died -- there were almost no signals between the strong ones --
just white noise. Ten meters had only the white noise.

Tod, K0TO
N2NT   Single Op HP   38,1482007-11-19 07:35:46
Family commitments and SS officer in charge N2NC @ W6YI prevented our usual
multi this year.
Congrats to YI on the big score, with perennial leader K9NS right behind.
Hope to be back next year.

73, Andy N2NT
W1XX   Single Op HP   209,9822007-11-19 07:59:07
20 Meters shut down much earlier than last year here. From last year's log I
had a good run on 20 from 2330 - 0030Z. This year I went back to 20 at that
time to find the band essentially dead. So 80 and especially 40 had to try to
pick up the slack. Thus, went for 3 1/2 hours shut-eye at 3:30AM local about 30
Qs down from last year. End result was the same 30 Qs down, so I never made up
the difference. Got the usual "first RI" comments...which is always nice. Did
very little S & never heard NT, the only one I missed. Worked 10 to the
8th Idaho's...which I missed on CW!
KQ8RP   Single Op LP   60,1982007-11-19 08:11:52
Nice Contest as always. Where was Canada QC hiding? Never could find them to
complete the sweep. SDR 1000, Vertical and Loop
KD4D(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   209,9202007-11-19 08:12:37
Thanks as always to John Evans for letting me use his great new station! Ugh!!!
I had to remind myself this is supposed to be fun - early Saturday night it

I had a pretty good first hour on 20 and then decided to try 80. What a
disaster! The conditions were weird. I had a few hours where I just couldn't
get ANYTHING to work - 80 or 40. After that, it was hard to keep going! I
actually had to remind myself that this was supposed to be fun.

I ended up about 200 QSO's short of last year's effort. Congratulation to NI1N
for an amazing score and an unbelievable number of 80-meter QSO's. Clearly, the
band was good.

I think the only thing I did right was to finish the sweep. I hadn't heard a
VY1, so I came off a break on Sunday afternoon and said "I'm going to tune 20
meters and find VY1JA." It took only five minutes to find the pileup and work
him. :-) Then, I went back on break. That was actually a GOOD decision -
maybe the only good decision I made all weekend.

I didn't feel loud on 80 anywhere closer than STX or SJV. Boy, I felt loud on
the longer stuff. I think the inverted vees at 90 feet are too high and the
Lazy-H works only well when propogation is "right".

Team/Club : Potomac Valley Radio Club

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults

80SSB 574 570 1140 32
40SSB 436 427 854 10
20SSB 297 290 580 38
15SSB 25 25 50 0

Totals 1332 1312 2624 80

Final Score = 209920 points.

2007 SS SSB - KD4D

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
21 0 0 95 0 95 95
22 50 0 17 10 77 172
23 8 25 0 0 33 205

0 36 16 0 0 52 257
1 66 5 0 0 71 328
2 10 48 0 0 58 386
3 24 41 0 0 65 451
4 20 37 0 0 57 508
5 60 9 0 0 69 577
6 54 16 0 0 70 647
7 13 34 0 0 47 694
8 30 22 0 0 52 746
9 20 2 0 0 22 768
10 0 0 0 0 0 768
11 0 0 0 0 0 768
12 35 0 0 0 35 803
13 50 23 0 0 73 876
14 2 50 4 0 56 932
15 0 37 8 0 45 977
16 0 1 22 2 25 1002
17 0 0 45 6 51 1053
18 0 0 11 6 17 1070
19 0 0 16 1 17 1087
20 0 0 19 0 19 1106
21 0 3 49 0 52 1158
22 3 14 4 0 21 1179
23 15 5 0 0 20 1199

0 16 7 0 0 23 1222
1 12 28 0 0 40 1262
2 46 4 0 0 50 1312

TOTAL 570 427 290 25
W2DZO   Single Op LP   25,9602007-11-19 08:24:06
Only funny story was some guy on 3810 on sunday night asking when the "damn"
contest was over- when I told him 0300 he said...


"what the hell time is that?"

Nothing like 80 meter phone.
Henry W2DZO
W4MR(AA4NC)   Single Op HP   101,1002007-11-19 08:33:53
I had way too much fun for a phone contest! I operated in "last few hours / new
meat" mode on Sunday due to band gigs and travel. I highly recommend this type
of operation. It's good for your sanity, your voice and I'm pretty sure it
grows new hair and cures acne! Basically I fired up below some pig farmers on
~3827 so that they all congregated there to throw carriers, play music, and
cuss and scream at me. This allowed a flanking maneuver up to a very clear 3830
when they weren't listening. The rate meter was between 150-220 for the last 4
hours of the contest. I think the new 80 meter antenna is working, but I need
something for receive pretty badly. The QRN was high here. The band went long
as well. It was easier to work W6 than VA and MDC. W4MYA was even down from his
usual 50 over S9.

I used my trusty old MFJ voice keyer. What are the cool kids using for voice
keying with N1MM these days? I guess I should join the 21st century and look
into some kind of computer generated stuff, but all the WAV file nightmares
posted here make me rethink it. Maybe I can use my new 24 track digital
recorder and make some cool CQ files with lots of reverb and effects!

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving. America has its problems these
days, but it's still the best deal going. We're fortunate that we have the
freedom to play around in these silly contests...


Will AA4NC / W4MR
N4JF   Single Op QRP   92,8002007-11-19 08:44:42

NN5K(AA5B)   Single Op LP   235,5782007-11-19 08:48:33
This was my first single-op phone SS in about 15 years. Wasn’t really planning
to operate the whole thing, but our club needed the points. Credit K5TA with the
pep talk eMail that pulled me into the fray. And thanks to Dave, NN5K, for
letting me use his station for the weekend.

This would be a lot more fun with the two high bands. Slugging it out on 80 and
40 with low power is not much fun, and 20 meters was just brutal with
wall-to-wall big signals from dawn till dusk. I had 130 Qs Sunday morning on 15
meters; signals were great from W1/2/3/4/8, but there just weren’t enough
people on the band.

Had a few 15-minute dead times while I tried to figure out why the radio
wasn’t working right (only about 70 Watts on 20 meters most of Sunday), fixed
the footswitch, or tried to tune the 80-meter vertical (SWR >5 above 3700), but
pretty much kept my nose to the grindstone the rest of the time. Glad my time
ran out about a half hour before the end of the contest, cuz it sure didn’t
seem like I was going to work much else. Forty had gone very long already, and
I was having no luck on 80.

The good runs (there were a few) reminded me of how much fun this contest can
be, but the bad times (many) made me wonder what I’d gotten myself into.
That’s the usual psychology of these things. It’s easier to stick it out,
though, when you’re operating away from home.

Thanks for the Qs! It was good to hear so many familiar callsigns and voices,
and encouraging to work so many checks of 06 and 07.

-Bruce AA5B @ NN5K
Tijeras, NM
K1RY   SO Unlimited LP   40,1282007-11-19 08:52:03
Have to work on antennas, this was a struggle. Got one run going on 80 and a
small one on 20 other than that it was all S&P. Boy do I miss those
monobanders and 70 foot towers I had in MASS.
Roy K1RY
WØLSD   SO Unlimited LP   14,0402007-11-19 08:58:54
Decided at 4PM on Sunday to get into contest and see how close I could come to a
Sweep. Increased space on 75 will help these stateside SSB contests.
K3MZ   Single Op LP   4,0602007-11-19 08:59:00
Got to play a few more hours than I expected. It was fun. Thanks to the other
stations for working this tiny one.
K1RX   Single Op HP   117,1562007-11-19 09:04:45
Short effort this time. I spent most of Saturday taking down a tower and
antenna, go home about 2 hours after the start, 20 was going away fast and 40 M
was tough. 80 M went long in a hurry. Caused some QRM when the band started
acting weird - this in combination of using my low dipole (which was
tremendous) and my 4 SQ to the west managed to upset a certain 8 lander who
launched a long speech about frequency useage to which I responded with the
turn of the main tuning knob and find a new spot - life is too short to get
wrapped around the axle over stuff like this. Just move on... Loved seeing
the full use of the 80 M phone band (for a change!).

Was not serious about this one, just helping out the boys! Missed KL7 and NT
although I heard J work a 7 and them move along. Lots of KL7 guys operating
portable which was, well okay I guess.

73, Mark, K1RX

See ya in the WW CW test next week!
KØPK   Single Op HP   6,2722007-11-19 09:07:08
No time for a serious effort this weekend. Just poked around a bit on Sunday
afternoon, working sections and listening to many fine ops. 20 was wall-to-wall
with lots of big sigs. 40 went long early.

73 - Paul, K0PK
VA3DF   Single Op QRP   38,6282007-11-19 09:23:11
Couldn't buy a contact Saturday night, so I went QRT and hit the bands on Sunday
morning, things got better!

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!


N6BV(@N6RO)   Single Op HP   289,1202007-11-19 09:35:15
As others have noted, 40 and 80 went "long" very early. That meant that East
Coast signals were strong on both bands in California, but locals weren't very
strong at all.

20 meters was total bedlam, again, with super-strong signals occupying every
1.5 kHz. Forget about 2.4 kHz spacing; 1.5 kHz was normal this weekend. The
wonderful thing about the Orion receiver is that selectivity can be cranked
down to 1.5 kHz and it's still possible to copy people without any problem.

The signals on 15 meters were strong, but very sparse. Unfortunately, I don't
think too many people realized 15 was wide open during the daylight hours.

Here's my rate sheet for the contest.

HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

21 ..... ..... ..... 124/39 14/9 ..... 138/48 138/48
22 . . . 152/9 . . 152/9 290/57
23 . . . 97/4 . . 97/4 387/61
0 . . 73/6 36/4 . . 109/10 496/71
1 . . 86/3 . . . 86/3 582/74
2 . . 105/0 . . . 105/0 687/74
3 . . 74/0 . . . 74/0 761/74
4 . 1/0 70/1 . . . 71/1 832/75
5 ..... ..... 31/0 ..... ..... ..... 31/0 863/75
6 . 25/0 37/0 . . . 62/0 925/75
7 . 79/1 3/0 . . . 82/1 1007/76
8 . 38/0 7/0 . . . 45/0 1052/76
9 . . . . . . . 1052/76
10 . . . . . . . 1052/76
11 . . . . . . . 1052/76
12 . . . . . . . 1052/76
13 ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 1052/76
14 . . . 66/1 . . 66/1 1118/77
15 . . . 28/0 44/1 . 72/1 1190/78
16 . . . 41/0 27/0 . 68/0 1258/78
17 . . . 81/1 . . 81/1 1339/79
18 . . . 70/0 . . 70/0 1409/79
19 . . . 27/0 40/1 . 67/1 1476/80
20 . . . 63/0 4/0 . 67/0 1543/80
21 ..... ..... ..... 41/0 17/0 ..... 58/0 1601/80
22 . . 10/0 33/0 . . 43/0 1644/80
23 . . 19/0 25/0 . . 44/0 1688/80
0 . . 60/0 . . . 60/0 1748/80
1 . . 40/0 . . . 40/0 1788/80
2 . 1/0 18/0 . . . 19/0 1807/80
DAY1 . 143/1 486/10 785/58 129/11 . . 1543/80
DAY2 . 1/0 147/0 99/0 17/0 . . 264/0
TOT ..... 144/1 633/10 884/58 146/11 ..... ..... 1807/80

Thanks again to my dear friend Ken, N6RO, for the hospitality and the use of
his superstation.
K4SSU(NA4BW)   Single Op HP   265,9202007-11-19 09:45:18
Great to see the large turn out of new hams getting on for this contest. Had a
chance to shepherd a number of them thru the process after hearing I was their

Lots of SECC members in the log.

Thanks again to Dave and Gayle for their incredible hospitality. 73's Brian
KY5R   Single Op HP   185,3342007-11-19 10:58:19
Well great activity this test. Having said that not such a gud time hr on
Sunday. Couldn't buy a run to the NE on 20mtrs but could get calls from EU in a
heartbeat. Got a little miffed at that and let it unravel me. 15mtrs was as good
as it had been during the week which was nice but no rate to speak of. No NWT
fer me this year. Waded thru 20mtrs mni times Sunday with no JOY! Even called
test looking north oh well another yr. Guess I need to reveiw this effort with
the op's planning committee that being "me,myself and I". Will be back for sure
in hopes of having a joyfull Sunday. Oh had 76 sections on 40mtrs (Never had
that happen before). Got all yr to figure out 20mtrs,so watch out next yr ya'll
if I do .
TNX to all for the q's, Tim KY5R Toonersville,AL in ACG country.
N6HC   Single Op HP   194,7202007-11-19 11:03:01
Another fun contest with minimal visits from Mr. Murphy. Unfortunately, at this
point in the sunspot cycle, and with my antenna configuration, this is
essentially a two band contest. I was able to muster a robust 21.5 hours in the
operator's chair on this go-round. I was lucky enough to get a sweep again, but
only one station in NL and NT was worked. The remainder of the multipliers
were very well represented. The last multiplier worked was QC. Interestingly,
I mentioned to a VE3 that I still needed VE2 and asked him (tongue in cheek) if
he might "cross the border" for me to satisfy my multiplier need. Apparently,
he posted my need on his local packet cluster and later in the contest a VE2
showed up asking if I still needed the VE2 section; I had already worked a VE2
by that point but I did log him as my second QC contact. If I hadn't made a
previous VE2 QSO would I need to change my classification from (B) to (U)?
(Question asked with tongue firmly implanted in cheek).
My good friend AA6PW was not on the air for this one because of antenna/tower
problems, K7JA was not participating seriously, and mercifully, Dan (N6MJ)
joined the W6YI multi group in San Diego. This left the ORG section open for
me to contend for the highest score in the ORG section. Thanks guys!!
I appreciated every one of the Qs and I hope to hear you all again next year.
Best regards, Arnie N6HC
WD5K   Single Op LP   147,0402007-11-19 11:17:16
FT1000mp 100w
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V
W5UMS(W5MPC)   School Club LP   86,5602007-11-19 11:24:15
This was the first time for Ole Miss W5UMS to enter Phone SS. 80 sure was
jumpin'! Lots of fun and looking forward to next year.
K5YAA   Single Op LP   53,3922007-11-19 11:38:06
Not a lot of time for this one but missed the CW running and don't like missing

Fired up on 40 meters late Saturday afternoon and found large signals at fairly
great distances! Running on 40 with LP doesn't come along often but was able to
enjoy a couple of good runs Saturday and Sunday. Looked at 15 Sunday and worked
3 PACs in a row. Many sixes sounded like they were talking through a water
bucket and I'm sure I sounded the same on their end.

20 - well what a crowd! Great signals but 40 was more fun.

Like others have mentioned - worked a number of 0x checks. Happy to report I
heard a handful of OTs wish the new ops well before resuming their CQs.

N4PN - you are an animal and so is that other OM from Columbus! You guys just
keep cranking 'em out. My hats off to your persistence and love of the hobby.

W5KFT(WM5R)   Single Op HP   282,5162007-11-19 11:52:15
Station W5KFT:

Beverages - none this weekend

80 - Sloping dipoles - NE, NW from 150', SE from 135'

40 - Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 150', rotatable
Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 70', fixed NE

20 - Hy-Gain 204BA @ 157', rotatable
Hy-Gain 204BA @ 105', fixed NE
Hy-Gain 204BA @ 53', fixed NE

15 - Hy-Gain 155CA @ 135', rotatable
Hy-Gain 155CA @ 90', fixed NE
Hy-Gain 155CA @ 45', fixed NE

Radio 1: Kenwood TS-850SAT, Ameritron AL-1500
Radio 2: Kenwood TS-850SAT, Ameritron AL-1200
Headset: Heil Proset
DVK: W9XT Contest Card
Software: TR Log 6.78
Other: Ameritron RCS-8V switches, ICE bandpass filters,
Top Ten Devices Band Decoders, Top Ten Devices
DXDoubler, CDE rotors

Thanks to Bryan W5KFT for letting me operate from his station
in the Sweepstakes again.

This is the first year I've gone to bed on Saturday night with over
1000 QSOs. I had a really slow first hour on 20 meters before things
began to pick up. I think I just got lucky on 40 meters and managed
to get good frequencies that held up through the broadcasters'

I had a fairly poor Sunday. Among other problems, something I ate
disagreed with me and I had a couple of hours where I was on the
verge of being suddenly sick. After about 1800 UTC, I was over it,
but I never had good rate on Sunday anywhere on 20 meters.

This is a personal best QSO total for me, but I never heard a
station from Nl or Nt sections all weekend.

-- ------ -------- -------- -------- ------ --------- -----
21 --- --- 115/42 1/0 116/42 116/42 0.01M
22 --- --- 158/12 ---- 158/12 274/54 0.03M
23 --- 24/4 84/3 ---- 108/7 382/61 0.05M
0 --- 33/3 62/3 ---- 95/6 477/67 0.06M
1 --- 115/5 --- ---- 115/5 592/72 0.09M
2 --- 109/3 --- ---- 109/3 701/75 0.11M
3 --- 97/0 --- ---- 97/0 798/75 0.12M
4 --- 97/1 --- --- 97/1 895/76 0.14M
5 11/0 56/0 --- --- 67/0 962/76 0.15M
6 8/0 57/0 --- --- 65/0 1027/76 0.16M
7 8/0 39/0 --- --- 47/0 1074/76 0.16M
8 --- --- --- --- --- 1074/76 0.16M
9 --- --- --- --- --- 1074/76 0.16M
10 --- --- --- --- --- 1074/76 0.16M
11 --- --- --- --- --- 1074/76 0.16M
12 5/0 40/0 --- --- 45/0 1119/76 0.17M
13 --- 19/1 30/1 --- 49/2 1168/78 0.18M
14 --- --- 62/0 --- 62/0 1230/78 0.19M
15 --- 2/0 61/0 --- 63/0 1293/78 0.20M
16 --- --- 57/0 3/0 60/0 1353/78 0.21M
17 --- --- 62/0 2/0 64/0 1417/78 0.22M
18 --- --- 18/0 3/0 21/0 1438/78 0.22M
19 --- --- 63/0 1/0 64/0 1502/78 0.23M
20 --- --- 68/0 --- 68/0 1570/78 0.24M
21 --- 2/0 59/0 1/0 62/0 1632/78 0.25M
22 --- 2/0 71/0 --- 73/0 1705/78 0.27M
23 --- 18/0 24/0 --- 42/0 1747/78 0.27M
0 6/0 43/0 --- --- 49/0 1796/78 0.28M
1 7/0 9/0 --- --- 16/0 1812/78 0.28M
TO 45/0 762/17 994/61 11/0 1812/78

Gross QSO's=1848 Dupes=36 Net QSO's=1812

Unique callsigns worked = 1812

The best 60 minute rate was 168/hour from 2214 to 2313
The best 30 minute rate was 182/hour from 2221 to 2250
The best 10 minute rate was 198/hour from 2231 to 2240

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSO's/minute 13 times.
3 QSO's/minute 141 times.
2 QSO's/minute 387 times.
1 QSO's/minute 563 times.

There were 95 bandchanges and 41 (2.3%) probable 2nd radio QSO's.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 1
4 791
5 677
6 336
7 4
8 3

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
Va 0 3 33 69 0 0 105 5.7
Il 0 4 43 53 0 0 100 5.4
Mi 0 0 38 49 0 0 87 4.7
Oh 0 1 43 37 0 0 81 4.4
Mn 0 1 36 39 0 0 76 4.1
Nc 0 2 16 47 0 0 65 3.5
Mdc 0 3 27 32 0 0 62 3.4
Wi 0 0 25 34 1 0 60 3.2
WWa 0 0 9 38 2 0 49 2.7
Scv 0 0 15 33 1 0 49 2.7
Sv 0 1 13 26 0 0 40 2.2
Ep 0 1 13 26 0 0 40 2.2
In 0 1 18 20 0 0 39 2.1
Or 0 0 5 33 0 0 38 2.1
On 0 0 14 20 0 0 34 1.8
Tn 0 1 18 14 0 0 33 1.8
Ga 0 1 14 15 0 0 30 1.6
Org 0 1 18 10 0 0 29 1.6
WNy 0 1 17 10 0 0 28 1.5
NNj 0 1 9 17 0 0 27 1.5
Em 0 2 15 8 0 0 25 1.4
ENy 0 0 12 12 1 0 25 1.4
Ky 0 2 10 11 0 0 23 1.2
Ct 0 0 9 14 0 0 23 1.2
SNj 0 1 8 13 0 0 22 1.2
Sjv 0 0 9 13 0 0 22 1.2
NLi 0 1 8 13 0 0 22 1.2
Mo 0 3 13 6 0 0 22 1.2
WcF 0 0 10 11 0 0 21 1.1
WPa 0 0 8 13 0 0 21 1.1
Sc 0 0 9 12 0 0 21 1.1
Ia 0 0 15 6 0 0 21 1.1
Eb 0 0 5 14 1 0 20 1.1
SFl 0 0 6 14 0 0 20 1.1
Az 0 0 12 8 0 0 20 1.1
NFl 0 0 8 10 1 0 19 1.0
Id 0 0 6 12 0 0 18 1.0
Lax 0 0 9 9 0 0 18 1.0
Wv 0 0 8 9 0 0 17 0.9
Nv 0 0 8 9 0 0 17 0.9
Nh 0 0 8 9 0 0 17 0.9
Al 0 0 11 6 0 0 17 0.9
Ew 0 0 2 14 0 0 16 0.9
Co 0 3 11 2 0 0 16 0.9
Ne 0 0 7 8 0 0 15 0.8
Ut 0 0 8 6 0 0 14 0.8
Sdg 0 0 8 6 0 0 14 0.8
WMa 0 1 5 8 0 0 14 0.8
De 0 0 4 8 0 0 12 0.6
Vt 0 0 8 4 0 0 12 0.6
Mt 0 0 3 8 0 0 11 0.6
Sf 0 0 4 7 0 0 11 0.6
STx 0 0 5 6 0 0 11 0.6
Nm 0 1 6 3 0 0 10 0.5
Ri 0 1 3 6 0 0 10 0.5
Ab 0 0 3 6 0 0 9 0.5
Sb 0 0 4 5 0 0 9 0.5
Wy 0 0 5 3 0 0 8 0.4
Sd 0 0 4 4 0 0 8 0.4
Ar 0 2 6 0 0 0 8 0.4
Me 0 0 3 5 0 0 8 0.4
Nd 0 0 4 4 0 0 8 0.4
Ak 0 0 0 7 0 0 7 0.4
Bc 0 1 1 4 1 0 7 0.4
Ok 0 2 5 0 0 0 7 0.4
NNy 0 0 4 2 0 0 6 0.3
La 0 0 4 0 1 0 5 0.3
Ks 0 0 3 1 0 0 4 0.2
Pac 0 0 1 1 2 0 4 0.2
Ms 0 1 3 0 0 0 4 0.2
Mb 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 0.2
Sk 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 0.2
Vi 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 0.2
NTx 0 1 2 0 0 0 3 0.2
Mar 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 0.2
WTx 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0.1
Qc 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.1
Pr 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.1
Total 0 45 762 994 11 0 1812

Sweepstakes Checks
Check QSOs Pct
00 26 1.4
01 24 1.3
02 31 1.7
03 29 1.6
04 20 1.1
05 38 2.1
06 46 2.5
07 36 2.0
08 0 0.0
09 1 0.1
10 0 0.0
11 0 0.0
12 2 0.1
13 1 0.1
14 0 0.0
15 0 0.0
16 2 0.1
17 0 0.0
18 0 0.0
19 2 0.1
20 1 0.1
21 1 0.1
22 1 0.1
23 0 0.0
24 1 0.1
25 0 0.0
26 0 0.0
27 1 0.1
28 0 0.0
29 1 0.1
30 1 0.1
31 1 0.1
32 2 0.1
33 1 0.1
34 2 0.1
35 1 0.1
36 1 0.1
37 0 0.0
38 3 0.2
39 1 0.1
40 2 0.1
41 2 0.1
42 0 0.0
43 0 0.0
44 1 0.1
45 0 0.0
46 1 0.1
47 4 0.2
48 6 0.3
49 3 0.2
50 4 0.2
51 12 0.7
52 20 1.1
53 25 1.4
54 37 2.0
55 30 1.7
56 27 1.5
57 41 2.3
58 51 2.8
59 51 2.8
60 26 1.4
61 43 2.4
62 47 2.6
63 49 2.7
64 38 2.1
65 37 2.0
66 26 1.4
67 27 1.5
68 41 2.3
69 38 2.1
70 35 1.9
71 28 1.5
72 25 1.4
73 21 1.2
74 27 1.5
75 35 1.9
76 61 3.4
77 59 3.3
78 50 2.8
79 37 2.0
80 18 1.0
81 16 0.9
82 25 1.4
83 19 1.0
84 9 0.5
85 7 0.4
86 19 1.0
87 20 1.1
88 20 1.1
89 25 1.4
90 22 1.2
91 54 3.0
92 36 2.0
93 30 1.7
94 35 1.9
95 30 1.7
96 24 1.3
97 22 1.2
98 22 1.2
99 15 0.8

Callareas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 179 9.9
1 141 7.8
2 164 9.1
3 187 10.3
4 275 15.2
5 56 3.1
6 221 12.2
7 191 10.5
8 193 10.7
9 205 11.3

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 935 51.6
B 412 22.7
Q 43 2.4
M 142 7.8
U 266 14.7
S 14 0.8
W7QN   Single Op LP   19,0402007-11-19 11:54:14
Antennas were Hustler mobile whips.
KG5VK   Multi-Op HP   182,2402007-11-19 12:24:02
Even though Murphy haunted us at the opening, we lost the first 45 minutes to a
open relay contact on a new antenna switching box
We had a blast !
AI4ME   Single Op LP   29,2602007-11-19 12:29:19
CREATED-BY: N3FJP's November Sweepstakes Log 4.5
CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Don Michalek
ADDRESS: 2437 Broomsedge Trail
ADDRESS: Virginia Beach, VA 23456
ADDRESS: (e-mail)
SOAPBOX: Missed the sweep this time by 10. Heard all sections except NT.
Couldn't work the other missing 9. I could hear them, but they couldn't hear
me. Maybe next year!
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-17 2217 AI4ME 1 A 04 VA WX6V 97 U 61 SV

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-17 2222 AI4ME 2 A 04 VA KN4KL 114 M 86 VA

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-17 2224 AI4ME 3 A 04 VA N7LOX 114 B 69
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-17 2229 AI4ME 4 A 04 VA N5EPU 147 B 63 AR

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-17 2234 AI4ME 5 A 04 VA W0CEM 76 B 50 KS

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-17 2235 AI4ME 6 A 04 VA KA0BMX 95 B 78 KS

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-17 2241 AI4ME 7 A 04 VA NU6T 93 U 02 SV

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-17 2245 AI4ME 8 A 04 VA K5TR 288 B 76
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-17 2250 AI4ME 9 A 04 VA WC6H 246 B 71
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0432 AI4ME 10 A 04 VA K9CT 646 U 67 IL

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0444 AI4ME 11 A 04 VA VY2LI 210 B 72
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0445 AI4ME 12 A 04 VA W8RJL 138 U 54 VA

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0453 AI4ME 13 A 04 VA WP3R 1024 B 65 PR

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0454 AI4ME 14 A 04 VA NN5K 599 A 68 NM

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0457 AI4ME 15 A 04 VA K7IR 663 M 65
QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0508 AI4ME 16 A 04 VA WJ6O 606 U 67 SV

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0509 AI4ME 17 A 04 VA KN5O 549 U 66 LA

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0511 AI4ME 18 A 04 VA WP2Z 609 B 58 VI

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0513 AI4ME 19 A 04 VA K0RH 592 A 59 KS

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0542 AI4ME 20 A 04 VA KB0HH 292 M 75 OK

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0543 AI4ME 21 A 04 VA K7ZSD 323 A 63 OR

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0546 AI4ME 22 A 04 VA N0QO 579 B 07 CO

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0549 AI4ME 23 A 04 VA W6YI 1084 M 56
QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0551 AI4ME 24 A 04 VA K6RIM 526 U 58 SF

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0553 AI4ME 25 A 04 VA N6NZ 571 U 72
QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0554 AI4ME 26 A 04 VA K6NA 906 B 89
QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0556 AI4ME 27 A 04 VA W6YX 589 M 24
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0600 AI4ME 28 A 04 VA WA3EKL 417 M 64
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0601 AI4ME 29 A 04 VA K3MM 702 U 73
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0604 AI4ME 30 A 04 VA WA2BCK 270 B 65 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0605 AI4ME 31 A 04 VA NI1N 890 U 84 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0610 AI4ME 32 A 04 VA N3KS 650 U 75
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0618 AI4ME 33 A 04 VA N4RZ 242 A 69 KY

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0619 AI4ME 34 A 04 VA WT9U 543 B 75 IN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0620 AI4ME 35 A 04 VA N2PL 445 M 73
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0621 AI4ME 36 A 04 VA N1LN 500 U 64 NC

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0622 AI4ME 37 A 04 VA KZ2I 481 A 64 NC

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0639 AI4ME 38 A 04 VA NY3A 191 B 73
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0640 AI4ME 39 A 04 VA KD4D 634 B 71
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0642 AI4ME 40 A 04 VA N2MM 533 B 60
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0643 AI4ME 41 A 04 VA N0IJ 750 B 57 WI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0645 AI4ME 42 A 04 VA K9BGL 774 B 55 IL

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0646 AI4ME 43 A 04 VA K1PY 245 A 59
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0655 AI4ME 44 A 04 VA K1LZ 522 B 69
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0655 AI4ME 45 A 04 VA W4AAA 663 A 78 NC

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0657 AI4ME 46 A 04 VA W3UL 250 U 54
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0658 AI4ME 47 A 04 VA N8HR 565 M 99 OH

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0659 AI4ME 48 A 04 VA WB1GQR 768 U 69 VT

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0701 AI4ME 49 A 04 VA NJ1F 639 U 77
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0716 AI4ME 50 A 04 VA K1BX 459 A 74 NH

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0720 AI4ME 51 A 04 VA W3SO 206 B 00
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0730 AI4ME 52 A 04 VA W3IDT 730 B 57
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0732 AI4ME 53 A 04 VA W3WPA 276 M 06
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0735 AI4ME 54 A 04 VA WC2W 391 B 71
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0738 AI4ME 55 A 04 VA W1XX 596 B 54 RI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0745 AI4ME 56 A 04 VA KY5R 761 B 63 AL

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0751 AI4ME 57 A 04 VA N1LI 826 M 03 ME

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0805 AI4ME 58 A 04 VA AD2P 198 M 91
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0813 AI4ME 59 A 04 VA AJ3G 319 U 89 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0815 AI4ME 60 A 04 VA WT1M 299 U 00 NH

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0818 AI4ME 61 A 04 VA WX9U 512 A 72 IL

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0820 AI4ME 62 A 04 VA KD0S 1087 B 86 SD

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0825 AI4ME 63 A 04 VA VY2ZM 1095 B 55
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0827 AI4ME 64 A 04 VA K3DNE 434 U 71
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0828 AI4ME 65 A 04 VA WB4FDT 218 B 67
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0830 AI4ME 66 A 04 VA KB0CIM 546 M 88 MN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0831 AI4ME 67 A 04 VA W8MJ 794 U 81 MI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0835 AI4ME 68 A 04 VA W0NO 837 M 99 KS

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0837 AI4ME 69 A 04 VA K2UF 284 A 55
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0838 AI4ME 70 A 04 VA K4AMC 145 B 54 TN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0841 AI4ME 71 A 04 VA KV2M 67 A 97
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0847 AI4ME 72 A 04 VA WN3R 595 B 58
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0850 AI4ME 73 A 04 VA KA1ARB 764 M 79 NC

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0853 AI4ME 74 A 04 VA K6ZM 546 U 75
QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0854 AI4ME 75 A 04 VA W6XU 656 U 72 SF

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0857 AI4ME 76 A 04 VA K0HC 794 S 97 KS

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0859 AI4ME 77 A 04 VA KQ6MU 50 B 94 NV

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 0935 AI4ME 78 A 04 VA NF5B 174 M 95 TN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0937 AI4ME 79 A 04 VA W2GDJ 179 U 66
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0939 AI4ME 80 A 04 VA K2NNY 517 M 95
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0941 AI4ME 81 A 04 VA VE2HIT 80 A 90 QC

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0943 AI4ME 82 A 04 VA K8MSF 308 M 55 OH

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0944 AI4ME 83 A 04 VA WB9Z 956 B 71 IL

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0947 AI4ME 84 A 04 VA K4OD 239 A 58 GA

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0949 AI4ME 85 A 04 VA VE1OP 16 U 76
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0950 AI4ME 86 A 04 VA W0EWD 494 B 77 IA

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0953 AI4ME 87 A 04 VA K1GIL 241 U 76 RI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 0954 AI4ME 88 A 04 VA K0PJ 424 A 77 WI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1011 AI4ME 89 A 04 VA NU2M 131 B 72
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1014 AI4ME 90 A 04 VA W8UM 308 S 13 MI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1016 AI4ME 91 A 04 VA W8BHA 277 B 76 OH

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1018 AI4ME 92 A 04 VA AB2DE 317 M 95
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1019 AI4ME 93 A 04 VA VE3MGY 225 A 91 ON

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1026 AI4ME 94 A 04 VA VO1TA 152 B 96 NL

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1029 AI4ME 95 A 04 VA K2ONP 63 U 55
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1032 AI4ME 96 A 04 VA WA1HFF 14 A 66
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1036 AI4ME 97 A 04 VA N9FC 242 B 79 IN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1039 AI4ME 98 A 04 VA AE1P 282 A 03 NH

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1041 AI4ME 99 A 04 VA NS1O 282 M 73 NH

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 1043 AI4ME 100 A 04 VA K9GX 691 B 80 IN

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 1053 AI4ME 101 A 04 VA W6RQ 56 U 02
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1534 AI4ME 102 A 04 VA N5JB 643 B 58
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1536 AI4ME 103 A 04 VA W5WW 1090 B 90
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1536 AI4ME 104 A 04 VA K5NA 1454 M 58
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1557 AI4ME 105 A 04 VA N4BP 788 B 55
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1558 AI4ME 106 A 04 VA K6LL 1277 U 59 AZ

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1603 AI4ME 107 A 04 VA N6HC 737 B 57
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1605 AI4ME 108 A 04 VA K0DEQ 682 B 55 MO

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1619 AI4ME 109 A 04 VA N5DO 988 M 60
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1620 AI4ME 110 A 04 VA W0NTA 214 M 64 CO

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1621 AI4ME 111 A 04 VA KP2TM 819 B 77 VI

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1622 AI4ME 112 A 04 VA NN7ZZ 788 B 79 UT

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1623 AI4ME 113 A 04 VA KE0UI 124 A 77 CO

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1641 AI4ME 114 A 04 VA VE6EX 705 M 58 AB

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1643 AI4ME 115 A 04 VA N0NI 1142 M 77 IA

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1646 AI4ME 116 A 04 VA N0IM 191 A 83 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1651 AI4ME 117 A 04 VA KX7M 60 U 84 EB

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1655 AI4ME 118 A 04 VA K6LA 1180 B 65
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1706 AI4ME 119 A 04 VA K7RL 1212 U 84
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1710 AI4ME 120 A 04 VA VO1HE 550 B 90 NL

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1718 AI4ME 121 A 04 VA W7RN 1101 U 59 NV

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1735 AI4ME 122 A 04 VA K0TO 870 B 52 ID

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1737 AI4ME 123 A 04 VA AA6G 428 U 70
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1738 AI4ME 124 A 04 VA VE5SF 532 A 90 SK

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1739 AI4ME 125 A 04 VA W7UT 388 U 54 UT

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1744 AI4ME 126 A 04 VA KK7VC 243 M 98 MT

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1747 AI4ME 127 A 04 VA K6SV 1060 B 69
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1748 AI4ME 128 A 04 VA N6RO 413 B 53 EB

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1752 AI4ME 129 A 04 VA W0ETT/M 38 A 58 WY

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1756 AI4ME 130 A 04 VA N3ZZ 299 U 53
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1757 AI4ME 131 A 04 VA VE5MX 112 B 90 SK

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1804 AI4ME 132 A 04 VA KO7X 675 M 56 WY

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1807 AI4ME 133 A 04 VA WW0AL 271 B 06 CO

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1808 AI4ME 134 A 04 VA N2NS 313 U 97
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1809 AI4ME 135 A 04 VA K6QK 71 U 78
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1812 AI4ME 136 A 04 VA W6TA 1331 B 58
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1817 AI4ME 137 A 04 VA K6NR 858 B 69
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1819 AI4ME 138 A 04 VA K4IX 686 M 36 VA

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1825 AI4ME 139 A 04 VA K9JF 715 U 59
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1830 AI4ME 140 A 04 VA W7WW 429 B 92 AZ

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1842 AI4ME 141 A 04 VA KB7Q 858 A 60 MT

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1844 AI4ME 142 A 04 VA VE5ZX 651 A 63 SK

QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1845 AI4ME 143 A 04 VA K7MM 796 B 68
QSO: 21000 PH 2007-11-18 1848 AI4ME 144 A 04 VA KB0JI 336 B 65 CO

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1856 AI4ME 145 A 04 VA W7WA 1434 B 70
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1857 AI4ME 146 A 04 VA K0GND 1189 M 56 NE

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1901 AI4ME 147 A 04 VA K0FVF 505 M 59 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1904 AI4ME 148 A 04 VA W0SD 1441 B 62 SD

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1905 AI4ME 149 A 04 VA W5JJ 894 M 97 AR

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1907 AI4ME 150 A 04 VA AE5T 1107 M 89 LA

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 1913 AI4ME 151 A 04 VA N0MA 751 M 95 IA

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 2022 AI4ME 152 A 04 VA KR0B 862 M 79 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 2023 AI4ME 153 A 04 VA K6GT 581 U 57
QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2030 AI4ME 154 A 04 VA N8TR 839 U 79 OH

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2032 AI4ME 155 A 04 VA K8BB 279 A 91 MI

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2034 AI4ME 156 A 04 VA KE1FO 475 B 93 VT

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2039 AI4ME 157 A 04 VA VA3NR 50 U 84 ON

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2039 AI4ME 158 A 04 VA K0FG 304 B 70 MO

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2040 AI4ME 159 A 04 VA K4SSU 1463 B 75 GA

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2041 AI4ME 160 A 04 VA N9UM 193 U 95 IL

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2046 AI4ME 161 A 04 VA K9NS 1720 M 53 IL

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2048 AI4ME 162 A 04 VA VE3XD 486 A 69 ON

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2049 AI4ME 163 A 04 VA W8AJF 292 M 76 OH

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2050 AI4ME 164 A 04 VA N9UC 738 S 53 IL

QSO: 7000 PH 2007-11-18 2053 AI4ME 165 A 04 VA W1NK 154 A 77 CT

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 2130 AI4ME 166 A 04 VA N0GF 572 M 99 ND

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 2146 AI4ME 167 A 04 VA W5KFT 1646 B 93
QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 2147 AI4ME 168 A 04 VA WB0HCH 1092 B 72 MN

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 2150 AI4ME 169 A 04 VA AB5GG 590 M 91 AR

QSO: 14000 PH 2007-11-18 2258 AI4ME 170 A 04 VA K0HS 350 M 95 SD

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 2305 AI4ME 171 A 04 VA KE2DX 588 U 93
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 2308 AI4ME 172 A 04 VA AA4V 269 A 63 SC

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 2311 AI4ME 173 A 04 VA W5MX 738 B 80 KY

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-18 2348 AI4ME 174 A 04 VA N4OX 1410 B 76
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0001 AI4ME 175 A 04 VA W4PV 284 B 65 TN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0002 AI4ME 176 A 04 VA N9AX 742 A 62 IN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0004 AI4ME 177 A 04 VA W4GHS 151 B 76 VA

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0008 AI4ME 178 A 04 VA NT8V 951 M 61 MI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0010 AI4ME 179 A 04 VA W8JI 1277 M 62 GA

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0011 AI4ME 180 A 04 VA VA3XH 429 B 99 ON

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0018 AI4ME 181 A 04 VA K8CC 455 U 69 MI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0020 AI4ME 182 A 04 VA N3HE 296 B 57 OH

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0022 AI4ME 183 A 04 VA AJ9C 1165 A 74 IN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0025 AI4ME 184 A 04 VA N4PN 1351 A 53 GA

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0028 AI4ME 185 A 04 VA K8AO 963 B 61 MI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0150 AI4ME 186 A 04 VA K1AR 83 B 69 NH

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0152 AI4ME 187 A 04 VA K1KP 851 M 67
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0156 AI4ME 188 A 04 VA K4PV 1305 B 65
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0158 AI4ME 189 A 04 VA W1VE 132 B 76
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0204 AI4ME 190 A 04 VA K8UP 940 U 66 MI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0208 AI4ME 191 A 04 VA W9IU 1182 U 55 IN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0209 AI4ME 192 A 04 VA W4MR 593 B 76 NC

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0214 AI4ME 193 A 04 VA N9KT 636 Q 92 IN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0215 AI4ME 194 A 04 VA N9QX 810 U 05 IN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0226 AI4ME 195 A 04 VA N9JF 322 A 65 IL

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0228 AI4ME 196 A 04 VA K9OR 430 U 62 IL

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0229 AI4ME 197 A 04 VA K1JB 345 U 54 ME

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0233 AI4ME 198 A 04 VA K4ZGB 1314 B 60 AL

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0235 AI4ME 199 A 04 VA KK9V 558 U 80 IN

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0241 AI4ME 200 A 04 VA N4MXP 74 A 81 SC

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0246 AI4ME 201 A 04 VA W4MY 468 M 76 NC

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0247 AI4ME 202 A 04 VA KU8E 703 B 76 GA

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0248 AI4ME 203 A 04 VA N8OH 343 U 70 OH

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0249 AI4ME 204 A 04 VA KA9FOX 58 U 79 WI

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0250 AI4ME 205 A 04 VA N9SJ 856 M 96 IL

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0252 AI4ME 206 A 04 VA W4KAZ 589 A 76 NC

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0255 AI4ME 207 A 04 VA AI4WB 253 A 05 SC

QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0259 AI4ME 208 A 04 VA K1IR 7 B 72
QSO: 3500 PH 2007-11-19 0259 AI4ME 209 A 04 VA K4RG 71 U 93 VA

NG1I   SO Unlimited HP   45,6002007-11-19 12:30:34
Only having a G5RV I knew that my scvore would never be competetive so this year
for CW and SSB, I decided to focus on sections. I had 76 of section in SSB and
couldn't find MS, CO, ORG (which I got in the CW SS) but had no problem with HI
or AK. NT is virtually never heard up this far north in N.E. I spent only Sunday
from 5AM to 6PM half searching the bands and half using the packet cluster. One
hyas to play the hand you're dealt and in this case the G5RV did pretty well.
maybe when band condx get better, NT will come through. best refatds to
all...73...Frank NG1I
K3AN   Single Op LP   87,1642007-11-19 12:36:18
Best effort to date in the Phone SS. Missed MB and the usual suspects (NT, AK).
It sure will be nice when sunspots come back, to spread the activity out.
W6ISO   Multi-Op HP   72,5222007-11-19 12:52:52
Missed NL
K4XD   SO Unlimited HP   134,2402007-11-19 12:56:52

It’s my second year of hamming and second SS, and this contest is growing on
me! It’s the right length to feel like you’ve really done something but not
so long that you start thinking about cleaning the garage. You can get a
decent run going without a ton of aluminum in the backyard. It stretches you
enough to feel that you’re a slightly better operator than when you started
And you can spend most of Saturday tinkering with your rig so it will break
unexpectedly during the test and keep you from getting bored.

And SS is not above throwing a sucker punch now and then to keep you on your
toes – like the band conditions Saturday night. I confess, prior to Saturday
night I wouldn’t have thought of 80M as the best band for a schedule with my
friends in CA, but it sure was on Saturday. Or did half the hams in CA get
together and build 4 element 80M yagi’s for October’s club construction
project? I worked one S9+ SV / SCV / SF station after another, but the guys
“up the street” in VA and MD sounded like they were calling from a rock in
the South China Sea.

My goal was to break 100K points. Seeing some of the scores rolling in now, in
retrospect that may have been too modest of a goal, but it seemed like the
logical “next target” after last year’s performance. My other goal was
to work the full 24 hours, which I almost did – I got confused toward the end
and took off 30 minutes more than I should have. Had a nice dinner though!

In my extensive experience of four SS’s ;-), MB and NT have been the
nail-biter sections to get, so I was quite pleased to work both in the first
hour. The two holdouts were ND and, of all things, SB. A ND guy called me
during my run on 20M (thanks!) and relieved that pressure, and then I saw a
spot for SB, called him, and thanked him for the sweep. Note to the endless
parade of SV/SCV/SF guys – if you want a bigger pileup next year, take one of
those 4 element yagis to SB.

On voice keying: earlier in the week I contemplated buying an MFJ DVK, but
being a computer geek I figured I would “really” work on getting
WriteLog’s DVK feature working this time. I have two sound cards plus the
motherboard sound chip to work with, which is a blessing and a curse. It’s
very versatile, which is computer lingo for “very confusing.” After
fiddling with the excellent sound configuration utility that comes with
WriteLog (really, it is), and then dropping into the .ini file and wondering
what the difference was between a “LineInIndexOverride,” a
“WaveInMicIndex,” and a “WaveInIndex,” I finally got it all working the
way I wanted. I even figured out the “record all QSO’s audio to disk”
feature which lets you re-live the glory of the contest one Q at a time at your
leisure. In case you finish cleaning your garage and fixing your “tinkered”

If you use any kind of DVK, I recommend plugging your transceiver into a dummy
load and listening on a second receiver. Nothing works as well to let you know
how you’ll sound on the air as you fiddle with audio levels, compression, and
filter settings. I heard a couple of guys who really needed to do this – the
initial contact by mike on their end was at least an S5 – but when they kicked
in the recorded part of their exchange, the level dropped to an S2 . Sounded
way under modulated.

I also used GoldWave (any WAV file editor would do) to trim my pre-recorded WAV
files to remove those long pauses as the other guy’s call sign is spelled out
letter by letter.
“Kilo……….Four……….XRay…..Delta…….<snore>.” All-in-all,
this system worked. I could type in a call, hit F2, and WriteLog would spell
out the exchange including the QSO number and other call. Type in the other
exchange, hit F3 and have it send “thanks, K4XD SS.” I even recorded
separate WAV files for W0 – W9, K0-K9, etc., so it would say “Kilo Three”
in one natural breath and then “Mike..Mike.”

But the DVK felt a bit sterile, and during the contest, I ended up using
“live audio” for most of the exchanges. It just kept me more involved.
And despite living in the South for almost 30 years, my native New Yorker
background lets me talk fast on demand. Somehow, the momentum of the run seems
broken when you hit a key and wait in silence for 10 seconds while the computer
does the work. (Why silence? When I push the “monitor” button on the
ICOM, it generates feedback. I’m sure it’s happening because, well, there
is a feedback loop between my PC and the radio. I could tinker with it, but
then I’m sure something more “versatile” would stop working).

I did use the DVK to give my voice a rest when it started getting a little
hoarse. I was glad it was there at those moments.

On to the event itself. By 2030Z the bands were starting to fill with SS
warm-up traffic and the excitement was palpable. Kind of like the buzz in the
stadium before the team takes the field. And then at 2100, pandemonium.
Even though CQ WW SSB was only a few weeks ago, I wasn’t quite prepared for
the signal density on 20M at 2100:01. I tried running but could barely hear
the people who answered me through the splatter. I hereby (hearby?) christen
those who run at 125/hour or better in the first four hours of Sweeps as having
“Ears of Steel.” My hat is off to you gents. Can I borrow your ears next
time? Or at least your receiving antennas?!

My pre-game mental image of finding a nice quiet 3 kHz wide spot, setting up
shop and confidently answering a 150/hr run quickly degenerated into a mad rush
to try to get through any pileups in a frenzy of increasingly erratic S&P.
Minutes ticked by and the Q’s did not mount up according to my well-conceived
plan. As Mike Tyson once said, “everyone has a strategy until they get
hit.” It was positively depressing to give my exchange “W6XYZ, please
copy number 33U K4XD 06 NC” after hearing “K4XD, please copy 225A W6XYZ 58
SV.” After a couple hours of increasingly desperate S&P I went to 40M,
remembering my semi-decent runs from SS CW only two weeks back. OK, this has
to get better. Not. I managed to follow up two 26 hours on 20M with a 22 Q
run on 40M that took 90 minutes. I literally kept checking my antenna switch
to make sure I wasn’t still plugged into the dummy load. Hello, hello, is
this thing turned on??

At this point I remembered all the talk on the reflector about 80M being the
“SS money band.” OK, I needed some cash, fast. I went down to 80M and the
Left Coast was booming in there too. Only problem was the East Coast was not.
So I S&P’d on 80M for a couple of hours, with my rate still hovering in the
mid-30’s. At this point I compared my rate to that of SS CW from a couple
weeks ago and it was actually lower. I almost bagged it in disgust, but just
like in the movies, I said to myself, “don’t stop now, you’re not a
quitter!” and soldiered on with images of glory in my mind. And things
started to improve – I found a spot in the Extra band that had almost 2 kHz
of splatter-free spectrum and parked there, enjoying, at last, a couple hours
of slowly improving rates. Still nothing to get excited about, but the needle
was starting to move in the right direction, with some bursts up to 100/hour.
At 3:30AM local time, things started to slow down, including my brain, so I
figured it was a good time for Break Number One. Although I read that I should
sleep in multiples of 90 minutes, when the alarm went off at 6:30AM local I
reasoned that 40 would be open to W1 and W2 land for at least a couple of hours
past sunrise so I hit the snooze button and got 30 more minutes of blissful

One of my best pre-contest moves on Saturday was setting up the coffee maker
for Sunday morning, so a nice fresh pot was waiting for me. I tossed the dog
out the door and did a couple of stretch moves to get the blood flowing and
quiet the little voice that kept saying “Hey! What are you doing getting up?
You’ve only had 3 1/2 hours of sleep!” Back to the dials. (Remember when
radios had dials?)

I spent a little time on 80M and finally, the East Coast was LOUD. Yay! Life
was normal again. Up to 40M at 1300 and things really started flowing.
Nothing like seeing the QSO-o-meter hitting 130/hr! I know, for many of you
that’s when you look to see if you accidentally switched in the dummy load.
But for me it is “big fun.” No 130 Q hours, just a nice peak rate there
and many minutes of rate above 60. My best hour was 80 Q’s on 40M at 1500.
Things started slowing down quite a bit after that and I spent the rest of the
afternoon alternating 30 minute breaks with 30 min S&P’s and piddly runs on
20M. At 2100Z I found a nice slot at 14.205 and spent the next two hours
generating 105 Q’s there. Still not a neck-snapping pace by any stretch, but
some good stretches with back-to-back Q’s and two or three callers at a time.
A nice “beginner’s pileup.” Thanks!

At 2126 I saw a spot for SB and hopped up to 14.269 to work W6TK for the sweep.
Thanks OM. I’m not sure what made me happier, getting the sweep or finding
my run frequency still available when I came back. I know I’m not supposed
to chase mults during SS, but hey, I’m compulsive and staring at the white
dots in WriteLog’s multiplier window just eats at me.

I think this was also the first time I noticed my call popping up on the
WriteLog Bandmap (in the “unworked” light blue color – I almost clicked
it out of sleep-deprived reflex!). Thanks to any and all who spotted me –
the pickup in rate was quite noticeable within minutes. I usually spotted
anything I worked that was not on the WriteLog bandmap already.

Where do you go after 20M slows down? 40M of course. Well, after 20 minutes
and 4 Q’s on 40M, I had second thoughts so back to 80 we go for the rest of
the night. I ran for 90 minutes on 3.824 and 3.864, and then things started
slowing down and the splatter from people with the same idea started getting in
the way of Q’s with the weaker stations. I recalled all that nice spectrum
below 3.8 and decided to play there for the last 30 minutes. Fifteen minutes
from the end stations started coming out of the woodwork and kept me busy until
the final buzzer sounded. I didn’t see myself spotted, and I really thought
the rate would be higher in the General end of the band, but maybe a lot of
others were avoiding the QRM too.

SS humor: My usual end of QSO comment was “thanks for XX” where XX was the
other guy’s section. Me: “Thanks for Nebraska” Him: “Thank you.”
Two seconds silence, then he comes back with “I wish I could get it!” I
guess 80M was long in NE too.

Even more random thoughts:

* An amplifier is a good thing
* I’m really glad I hooked up my AL-80B as a switchable alternate amp to my
THP solid state amp. The AL-80B laughs at SWR that shuts the THP down. It
runs like a tank for hours. The THP gets tired (OK, hot) and starts cranking
back power after CQ’ing every 3 seconds for a while. But the THP rocks for
* My score would probably double if I could get points for all the cheap PC
speakers in the neighborhood I “contacted.”
* I wish I had the antennas of the Q precedence stations with the S9 signals
* Even though for much of the contest my rate was mediocre, thanks to BIC I’m
happy with the result
* I’m too new at this to feel bad about a score under 250K ;-)
* I’m in awe of people with Ears of Steel
* I’m in awe of the people who racked up my score or better in 5 hours
* I tried my new K9AY loop a couple of times but it was easier to just shout
“your number, AGAIN AGAIN!” until I was hearing it in my sleep
* Hams are by and large very patient people. When I shouted, “your number,
AGAIN AGAIN,” they all calmly repeated their numbers. Thanks!
* S&P is OK but Running IS

For next year: Figure out how to run more. Improve my receiving antennas.
Record even shorter DVK messages.

I know it’s popular to say “ham radio is dying” but SS proves to me there
are a lot of operators and a lot of good stations out there, still waiting for
the right stimulus to come along and activate them. Contesting, and SS in
particular, is clearly a powerful stimulus. So are big DXpeditions. It
wouldn’t hurt for us to dream up some more.

And now, speaking of dreams, I need some sleep. CQWW CW is less than a week

Rowland K4XD

Fun of watching points mount up when you get past 60 mults.
Value of spots
Ears of Steel
Pre-fills – off by one?
AA4V   SO Unlimited HP   42,7682007-11-19 13:05:22
This contest is always a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new
I just tried to hand out a few SC contacts and was amazed at how many told me
it was a new mult for them. Well done to Doug, K4LY (ex-W0AH), in the upstate
for his nice score.
K6IDX(K2RD)   SO Unlimited HP   200,6402007-11-19 13:13:02
Thanks to Brad, K6IDX, for the use of his station and his useal generous
NA4K   Single Op LP   129,4402007-11-19 13:16:10
The additional room on 75 meters was nice.
No local line noise was even better.

Steve NA4K
K9IUA   Single Op QRP   3,7402007-11-19 13:39:38
"Puttered" is the operative word for my QRP operation, spread out over about 3
hours on Saturday (for only 9 Qs) and 4 hours on Sunday (46 Qs). Thank you to
all the ops that pulled me out!! Worked one other QRP station (KC5R, who I
caught calling CQ on 20 meters). Was pleased to work Maritime (thanks VY2ZM)
and Puerto Rico (thanks WP3R), both on Sunday afternoon 20 meters.

I continue to challenge myself each year as QRP with mediocre equipment:
Ten-Tec 556 Scout, hand mike, NA logging, but no voice keyer, and essentially a
stealth antenna, a 66-ft inverted vee fed with ladder line and only up 25 ft at
the peak.
K2DBK   Single Op LP   35,3762007-11-19 13:41:00
Running low power into a G5RV is an exercise in masochism in any big contest.

Oddly, the few contacts I had on 15m were surprisingly easy, because at the
time I was working there, the band had so much deep QSB that it seemed like
everyone had gone elsewhere. (To 20m, I'm sure.) The good news is that if the
QSB fades were slow enough, I had no trouble working anyone I could hear (since
apparently there wasn't much competition.)

As others have noted, 20m was really busy. Most of my contacts there were
relatively late Sunday, when folks started to run out of their 24 hours or took
a break for Sunday dinner.

80m was a big surprise for me. I worked a few stations relatively early
Saturday evening, then went out for dinner. I got back and thought I'd try to
work a handful more, and between about 0530Z and 0730Z I worked about 80
stations. While working 40/hour can only barely be called a rate compared to
the big guys, for me doing S&P it was terrific and was definitely the most fun
part of the contest.
K3STX   SO Unlimited HP   33,6702007-11-19 13:45:27
Had hoped for alot more operating time, but family life got in the way (yet
again). Oh well... At least I was not the only MDC station on the air!

K5TR   Single Op HP   334,8802007-11-19 14:02:32
Another fun Sweepstakes.

I have been trying for a long time to get a full hour above 200/hr and
once again I did not make it although I did get closer - next year!

I got off to a good start this year but after I made the band change
to 40 meters my rate just was not very good. At some point in the
evening someone told me I had what sounded like RF on my audio - and
indeed it was there - I messed with things and made is mostly sound
ok. Maybe my poor audio was one of the reasons for the poor rate on
40 meters - maybe not. Near the end on Sunday I finally found the
cause of the trouble - it was a loose power connection on the back of
the 12v power supply. After I fixed it things on that radio were
working much better. My start was good but the sag in rate I had on
40 meters was not and most good start vanished. The rates on Sunday
were quite good with a number of hours at or near 90/hr.

Over the last few years I have tried to record all my contests but
this time it did not work so I have 30 files with the right names that
contain 2 seconds of nothing. I thought I had it working when I was
trying it before the contest - I have a nice recording of the 45
minutes before the contest.

As to be expected the bands are kind of crowded during the low solar
conditions. At one point I even tuned through 160 quickly but did not
hear anyone calling CQ - I must have picked the wrong time to listen
as I see others made contacts on that band. I don't think I have ever
made an SS contact on 160 - next year! Well, really I hope not -
come on sunspots.

I worked every section twice. The last section I needed was Maine.

Thanks for the contacts, noise and fun.

Lots of numbers and stuff:

Callsign Used : K5TR
Operator : K5TR

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults

80SSB 151 150 300 3
40SSB 621 610 1220 6
20SSB 1361 1330 2660 71
15SSB 3 3 6 0

Totals 2136 2093 4186 80

Final Score = 334880 points.


June 2007 wind damage:

November 2007 CW SS photos - rebuilt station:

160 - 1/4 wave sloping verticals sloped east and west
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

80 - Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE, NW from 120'.
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

40 - Force 12 240N at 120' fixed NE
- Cushcraft 40-2CD at 87'
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

20 - 6 element yagi at 80' fixed NE
- 6 element yagi at 80'(rotates)
- 6 element yagi 40' fixed NW
- 4 element yagi 60' fixed SE

15 - 6 element yagi at 70' (rotates)
- 6 element yagi at 35' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 50' fixed SE

10 - 6 element yagi at 60' (rotates)
- 6 element yagi at 30' fixed NE
- 4 element yagi at 40' fixed SE

HR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOTAL SCORE
-- ----- ------ -------- -------- -------- -------- ------ --------- -----
21 --- --- --- 145/46 --- --- 145/46 145/46 0.01M
22 --- --- --- 189/15 --- --- 189/15 334/61 0.04M
23 --- --- 4/0 140/7 --- --- 144/7 478/68 0.07M
NN7SS   Multi-Op HP   211,5202007-11-19 14:03:40
My best SS-SSB QSO numbers ever! Everything was tested in
the Thursday night NCCC practices, and ready to go. I got
a great start with the rate over 100 in the first hour.
After that, it was long, hard SSB work. 20m was packed
and everyone had QRM on both sides, and on top as well.
15m was a bit better than CW weekend thanks to some sunspots.
We did better on 80m thanks to some more time spent there,
and the moved and re-installed beverages helped me hear
better. All the band decoders, filters and stubs worked
great, letting us listen with the second radio on a second
band to find sections, and later, find some unworked stations.
I had great help from "the Hawaiians" KH6XT and
KO7P (ex-AH6B), and local KG7CM who usually operates 10m.
Last section was NL, and it seems traditional to
wait until Sunday morning for it out here on the left coast.

K6UFO Mark, for NN7SS.

Two Yaesu FT-1000MPs
Ameritron AL-1200 amplifier
3-el SteppIR at 55'
C3 Tribander at 55'
Cushcraft 40-2CD yagi at 50'
80-meter half-sloper
NE and SE beverage receiving antennas
Two TopTen Band decoders, two ICE-419 filters
Coax stub filters for 80, 40, 20
Microham 2x6 antenna switch
Writelog software

QSO/Sec by hour and band

Hour 80 40 20 15 Total Cumm OffTime

D1-2100Z - - 107/48 - 107/48 107/48
D1-2200Z - - 87/6 - 87/6 194/54
D1-2300Z - - 80/5 - 80/5 274/59
D2-0000Z --+-- 82/13 --+-- --+-- 82/13 356/72
D2-0100Z - 52/3 - - 52/3 408/75
D2-0200Z 3/0 26/1 - - 29/1 437/76
D2-0300Z 10/0 24/0 - - 34/0 471/76
D2-0400Z 23/0 5/0 - - 28/0 499/76
D2-0500Z 17/1 5/0 - - 22/1 521/77
D2-0600Z 9/1 11/0 - - 20/1 541/78
D2-0700Z 26/0 9/0 - - 35/0 576/78
D2-0800Z 12/1 5/0 --+-- --+-- 17/1 593/79 35
D2-0900Z - - - - 0/0 593/79 60
D2-1000Z - - - - 0/0 593/79 60
D2-1100Z - - - - 0/0 593/79 60
D2-1200Z - - - - 0/0 593/79 60
D2-1300Z - - - - 0/0 593/79 60
D2-1400Z - 8/0 17/1 - 25/1 618/80 19
D2-1500Z - 4/0 46/0 - 50/0 668/80
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- 72/0 --+-- 72/0 740/80
D2-1700Z - - 66/0 8/0 74/0 814/80
D2-1800Z - - - 73/0 73/0 887/80
D2-1900Z - - 24/0 42/0 66/0 953/80
D2-2000Z - - 55/0 10/0 65/0 1018/80
D2-2100Z - - 82/0 - 82/0 1100/80
D2-2200Z - - 64/0 - 64/0 1164/80
D2-2300Z - - 55/0 - 55/0 1219/80
D3-0000Z --+-- 44/0 3/0 --+-- 47/0 1266/80
D3-0100Z 21/0 8/0 1/0 - 30/0 1296/80
D3-0200Z 22/0 4/0 - - 26/0 1322/80

Total: 143/3 287/17 759/60 133/0
W7ZRC   Single Op LP   91,3242007-11-19 14:19:40
Missed VE2 for a sweep ... and Murphy hit twice, had a feedline problem to fix
in the middle of the night (dark and raining) grumble and RF in the DVK Audio
line that I couldn't choke out. But had a great time and worked lots of
familiar calls.
KTØR   Multi-Op HP   215,3602007-11-19 14:21:18
As most of you read last week in my posting to CQ-Contest we lost Dave, KT0R, a
great contester and a good friend to cancer in September. A group of us wanted
to protect Dave's call sign in hopes one day one of his young sons would want
it and we also wanted to make the call active in some of Dave's favorite
contests. At the urging of Dave's wonderful wife we once again invaded the
basement shack of KT0R. We wanted to do our best to honor Dave.

We ran into a computer problem at 23:45 on Saturday, which knocked us off of
prime run time while we fixed it for 40 minutes. Half the crew was new to SS at
KT0R so they had a bit of a learning curve but, in the end we made a good
showing for our first effort without the big guy. 40 meters went long very
early Saturday and Sunday evening and 15 was a wasteland. Minnesota is truly in
the black hole when the 160 meter Q count is better then the 15 Q count.

The best part of the weekend was spending it with a great group of guys while
we remembered Dave. We did our best to bring the contest mayhem to the house
that Dave's family is so used to. Jim, KE0L, brought lots of pizza Saturday
night to share with the whole house and Dave's wife Adrienne made us home made
banana bread Sunday afternoon. How's that for a contest snack!

One of things that impressed me the most was all the nice comments we got from
many of you. Words of encouragement and condolences for the family were
continuous. The contest community is one special group!


Greg K0OB
W6YX   Multi-Op HP   183,4382007-11-19 15:21:29
We missed NL. :-(
The W6YX station supported a couple of guest ops for Single OP HP efforts, we
deferred antenna and band selection to those Highly Motivated Operators during
the contest, hence a lack of 20m QSOs.
Many thanks to K6IF for opening the contest with stellar rates on 15m and 40m,
he also snagged 69 of the 79 mults we gathered in the first four hours. Also
not to go without mention the loan of his AL-12 Legal Limit Amplifier.

The Beverages worked well on 80m, thanks to those that helped get them sorted
out in time for the contest.

QSO/Sec by hour and band

Hour 80 40 20 15 Total Cumm OffTime

D1-2100Z - - - 140/35 140/35 140/35
D1-2200Z - 3/2 - 79/5 82/7 222/42
D1-2300Z - 107/21 - - 107/21 329/63
D2-0000Z --+-- 96/6 5/0 --+-- 101/6 430/69
D2-0100Z 26/3 - 7/0 - 33/3 463/72
D2-0200Z 31/0 - - - 31/0 494/72
D2-0300Z 45/0 - - - 45/0 539/72
D2-0400Z 28/0 - - - 28/0 567/72
D2-0500Z - 22/0 - - 22/0 589/72 46
D2-0600Z - 71/1 - - 71/1 660/73
D2-0700Z - 44/1 - - 44/1 704/74
D2-0800Z 35/0 7/0 --+-- --+-- 42/0 746/74
D2-0900Z 20/2 - - - 20/2 766/76 31
D2-1000Z - - - - 0/0 766/76 60
D2-1100Z - - - - 0/0 766/76 60
D2-1200Z - - - - 0/0 766/76 60
D2-1300Z - - - - 0/0 766/76 60
D2-1400Z - 2/0 - - 2/0 768/76 50
D2-1500Z - 5/0 - 29/1 34/1 802/77
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 52/1 52/1 854/78
D2-1700Z - - - 51/0 51/0 905/78
D2-1800Z - - - 27/0 27/0 932/78
D2-1900Z - - - 38/0 38/0 970/78
D2-2000Z - - - 34/0 34/0 1004/78
D2-2100Z - - - 20/0 20/0 1024/78
D2-2200Z - 13/0 - 1/0 14/0 1038/78
D2-2300Z - 12/0 30/1 - 42/1 1080/79
D3-0000Z 4/0 --+-- 15/0 --+-- 19/0 1099/79
D3-0100Z 23/0 - - - 23/0 1122/79
D3-0200Z 1/0 38/0 - - 39/0 1161/79

Total: 213/5 420/31 57/1 471/42

73 de N6CCH aka Rebar
WØSD(WØDB)   Single Op HP   292,9602007-11-19 15:39:02
Thanks again to Ed and Edith for the use of the station, and for letting me
break in the brand new radio room! And thanks to all of you for the contacts.

Interesting conditions this time, had to rely on 80m for the bulk of the after
dark qsos.

73, Joe W0DB
KF7CG   Single Op LP   30,3402007-11-19 15:52:11
Minimal station: FT847 with MFJ1798 @ 25 feet.
K6LA   Single Op HP   263,2002007-11-19 16:06:37
Murphy visited again, but not as severe as in SS CW. When I was S&Ping low in
the new 80m Phone portion of the band, my 80m band pass filter blew as it
didn't like the high SWR. No problem, I hit the Exchange L/R radios button in
Writelog. Immediately, my 80m antenna port for the other radio on my SixPak
blew. Of course, it took about 15 minutes of running back and forth into the
equipment closet in the next room to figure this out. Later I found the 40m
antenna port was taken out also.

Then there was the Pig Farmer on 80m. He told me, "You can't use this
frequency." I did. I worked lots of guys right through him, although I needed a
few fills. When I asked for fills, I prefaced it by saying, "Sorry there is a
Pig Farmer on frequency, I need your number again." So the Pig Farmer starts
yelling "Number Three, Number Three." His timing was really bad, so it didn't
take too long to get the fills. After five minutes he left, and paid me a few
more visits with the same results.

I thought I would start the contest low on 20m and avoid the QRM. I was on
14167 and was going great for the 1st 15 minutes, and then the QRM closed in
and the rates went to the low 100's. Sunday morning I got on at 1350Z and found
14268 clear. I stayed there until 2317Z. I've never held a frequency that long.
In fact, my best hour of the contest was the 1600Z hour. That's never happened
before. There were times when I could hear a pin drop on that revered
frequency, and then 5 minutes later it was QRM hell. And then a few minutes
later it was quiet again. Very strange.

With 90 minutes of on time left, after having a 12 minute hole in the log
despite constant CQing on one radio and S&Ping on the other, and a rate in the
low 20's for the last 60 minutes, I threw in the towel. I should have gotten
back on earlier in the morning.

I also should have used the voice keyer more on Saturday, because I'm very
congested today.

73, Ken, K6LA
W4KAZ   Single Op LP   80,7302007-11-19 16:12:48
This is my best score in Phone SS. Its also my best QSO total from my home
station in any contest until this date. Given the conditions, this is about as
good as it will get with my limited station. Very interesting conditions.

Thanks to anybody that spotted me. (Do people still use the TUNING KNOB?)
N8HR(@WZ8P)   Multi-Op HP   251,5202007-11-19 16:14:03
It was nice to have some new operators this year.
W5IF   Single Op HP   202,0802007-11-19 16:24:22
First time to ever work SS, what a blast! Tried to make it the whole time but
ran out of CQ's. Signals on 20, 40 and 80 were great, with some decent runs.
With all the "Big" signals on 20 I don't see how a LP station ever kept a

Last few hours kept asking for an NT station and finally snagged one for the
SWEEP ! Back next year after their is a voice keyer under the xmas tree !
Glen W5IF
K4RO   Single Op HP   47,6642007-11-19 16:38:50
Great fun to say hi to all of my CW and RTTY die hard friends,
and to welcome the folks just discovering the joy of contesting.
Just snuck in a few runs on Sunday in between chores. I enjoyed
the rates. According to the logging program, these were my runs:

2007-11-18 1633 - 1705Z, 14171 kHz, 74 Qs, 142.2/hr
2007-11-18 1705 - 1719Z, 14170 kHz, 23 Qs, 96.5/hr
2007-11-18 1740 - 1816Z, 7297 kHz, 74 Qs, 123.9/hr
2007-11-18 2238 - 2334Z, 3783 kHz, 137 Qs, 146.2/hr

Congratulations to the Top Dogs. It takes a lot of determination,
skill, and fortitude to do well in Sweepstakes. That is true
regardless of your QTH, station prowess, or operator category.
Long live this great contest. See you in the CQWW CW pileups
next weekend!


-Kirk K4RO
NF4A   SO Unlimited HP   74,7962007-11-19 16:47:59
First contest from new home. Didn't have enough time to get the beam up in time
for the contest plus Murphy made me work on a broadcast transmitter most of
Sunday. My new 80 and 40 meter wires work really well, but couldn't get a run
started on 20. Hope to have the beam up in a couple of weeks if deer season
doesn't get in the way ;)
N1LN   SO Unlimited HP   160,0002007-11-19 16:57:44
My SS-CW soapbox started with a list of why I didn't do as good as I should
have. After reading many of the postings and the impact of Murphy on many
failed or, at a minimum, IMPACTED operations I am pleased to report I have
nothing to report in the Murphy department......well, at least during the

I was ready for SS-SSB on Sunday, November 11. I just got my new 20 meter
tower on the air with a 204BA @ 104' and another 204BA @ 68' on a Tic Ring
rotor. My 40 meter tower was also getting started with one 40 mtr yagi
on-line at 68' on another Tic Ring. The SixPak was back on-line so SO2R was
back. Both amps were tested, WriteLog was configured and tested, including WAV
files. I WAS READY !!!

Well, by Monday afternoon the low 20 mtr beam was no longer rotating. The
rotor control indicated it was turning but the beam was 90
degrees. There are not many stations to work at a heading of 90 degrees from
my QTH in North Carolina except for NY4A. How many times could I work Jim
(K4QPL) and Brad (AL4T)? That needed to be fixed. Not bad enough yet? On
Wednesday morning all three of our computers locked up. Reboots generated the
blue screen of death. At that point I figured my participation would be a bit
impacted... well - OK, eliminated. I could simply climb the tower and move the
beam to a more acceptable heading, but no computers?? No way was I even
considering paper logging. The computer issue was a show stopper. What a
difference a few days makes. By Friday morning all three computers were up
and running. Seems our virus software (company not mentioned) was causing the
problem. After removing it from all three systems and installing a different
brand - FIXED ! ! ! Saturday morning my ground crew and I went to the
antenna field, tools in hand. By the way, my ground crew is my wife - Laurie,

[SIDE NOTE: Without her assistance the towers and antennas would not be up.
Yes, we had help from PVRC and OCRA club members for which we are very
grateful, but with just her help the two of us put up 285' of the 345' of

By 10:30 the lower yagi was turning and I was off the tower. I was ready

My goal was simple. See how quickly I could reach the same score as I did in
the CW contest. CW took me 20.5 hours to work 1000 Qs and a sweep. When I
went to bed Sunday morning I was 1 mult away from a sweep and had about 610 Qs.
I thought that was pretty good considering I had to take 2.5 hrs off between
7:00pm and 11:00pm for some mandatory phone call interruptions!

About 1/2 hr after getting back at it on Sunday morning the sweep was in the
log. I simple did a quick S/P on 40 and worked VO1TA while running on 75.
Have I mentioned how great it is to have SO2R back?? Well, SSB took me 15.5
hours to reach the 1000 Q mark.

Why set such a goal and not try to get as many Qs as possible? Well, the
weather in NC on Sunday was supposed to be very nice. IT WAS! As all of my
antennas are not built and/or up, weekends are still project time for me. I
started building the third 204BA and also made the cables for the 15 mtr
StackMatch and cable for the rotors for the 15 mtr tower. Priority items? I
think so.

How did everything work? Well, even with the new 40 mtr yagi and running 1500
watts I still felt like I was running QRP. As many others have already stated
- 75 mtrs was the money band. Was I a 800 pound gorilla? Well, perhaps 600

Anyway, no matter what - it was fun while it lasted (for an SSB contest) and I
hope my combined scores for the CW and SSB weekends help the overall PVRC club

73 for now,
Bruce - N1LN
(aka: NC4KW)

abrillo Statistics (Version 06g) by K5KA

Callsign: N1LN
Contest: ARRL-SS-SSB
Operators: N1LN

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
2100 0 0 0 48 29 0 77 77 7.7
2200 0 0 0 65 6 0 71 148 7.1
2300 0 32 16 0 0 0 48 196 4.8
0000 0 21 6 0 0 0 27 223 2.7
0100 0 60 0 0 0 0 60 283 6.0
0200 0 13 9 0 0 0 22 305 2.2
0300 0 1 20 0 0 0 21 326 2.1
0400 0 30 1 0 0 0 31 357 3.1
0500 0 114 0 0 0 0 114 471 11.4
0600 0 75 0 0 0 0 75 546 7.5
0700 0 13 46 0 0 0 59 605 5.9
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 605 0.0
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 605 0.0
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 605 0.0
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 605 0.0
1200 0 74 3 0 0 0 77 682 7.7
1300 0 30 12 0 0 0 42 724 4.2
1400 0 0 6 32 0 0 38 762 3.8
1500 0 0 12 7 0 0 19 781 1.9
1600 0 0 0 15 4 0 19 800 1.9
1700 0 0 0 39 13 0 52 852 5.2
1800 0 0 0 9 0 0 9 861 0.9
1900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 861 0.0
2000 0 0 5 40 3 0 48 909 4.8
2100 0 20 0 5 0 0 25 934 2.5
2200 0 58 8 0 0 0 66 1000 6.6
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1000 0.0
0000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1000 0.0
0100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1000 0.0
0200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1000 0.0
Total 0 541 144 260 55 0 1000

Gross QSO's=1000 Dupes=0 Net QSO's=1000

Unique callsigns worked = 1000

The best 60 minute rate was 120/hour from 0448 to 0547
The best 30 minute rate was 132/hour from 0453 to 0522
The best 10 minute rate was 138/hour from 0453 to 0502

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSO's/minute 2 times.
3 QSO's/minute 53 times.
2 QSO's/minute 204 times.
1 QSO's/minute 425 times.

There were 95 bandchanges and 34 (3.4%) probable 2nd radio QSO's.
K4WX   Single Op LP   53,2802007-11-19 17:12:21
Rig - Ten Tec Omni VI at 90 watts
Ant - G5RV up 75 fet in trees
VY2LI   Single Op HP   109,2002007-11-19 17:15:43
Never intended to operate in this one, but found myself home alone and what the
heck.Got a late start and took many long breaks but for the most part, condx
were not bad.Knew VY2ZM was a beacon at the other end of the Island so maybe I
should have gone LP.Just kidding!! At my age life is too short for QRP, to
steal a phrase.Missed AK,NT,AB,QC and ME for heavens sake.One of these years
would like to put in a full effort.Thought a sweep might be conceivable by mid
Sunday, but,alas,it was not to be.

Have to comment on signal from KH7X.20 over on my 40m wires.Wow! I thought he
must have been operating portable on the lower 39th.Thanks for all the
calls,had a couple of good runs but as others have commented,it was a jungle on
20.Pretty well had to shoehorn your way onto a frequency.Hope we got into your
KN4KL   Multi-Op HP   71,6802007-11-19 17:34:17
Great time , except Murphy was playing with the antenna balum and amp causing
problems. 73, de KN4KL ed
WB1GQR(W1SJ)   SO Unlimited HP   248,6402007-11-19 17:34:53
Conditions don’t get any worse that this! I thought I had a rough time of it,
but I have heard bellyaching about SS propagation from one of end of the land
to the other.

Going into this, I knew 20 meters would be a short timer, as it has been
deteriorating quickly after 2300. Things started out OK on 20 meters with a
reasonable hour. However, when I arrived on 80 meters, I found that my bread &
butter, those hundred of stations in 1,2, and 3-land were wiped out by a 300
mile skip zone. Fortunately, the skip zone subsided later that evening and I
was able to get some big hours going. West coast stations were quite strong on
80 meters, but noticed that their numbers were down considerably. After a
mediocre first half, I was optimistic that Sunday would bring some big hours
and big scores. It didn’t.

The first hour on 20 meters on Sunday morning was pretty good. But it totally
tanked after that. I had a clear frequency, people said I was strong, but all I
could get were a few stations in bunches and then nothing for 5-7 minutes. I was
positive that there was something wrong with the yagi, but I tried the backup
and found the same results. I tried everything, but the rate continued to stay
in the dumper. The situation was best summed up by someone on the cluster who
commented, “trade beer for QSO’s!”

By mid-afternoon, I gave up and retreated to 40 meters, a band I rarely do well
on. Fortunately, I was able to put up some good numbers and undo the 20 meter
By Sunday night, things were so bad that I tried 160 meters for a while, along
with several others.

I used to have no trouble breaking 1600 Q’s on phone and 1000 Q’s on CW in
an off year. I haven’t reached those milestones in several years. I used to
think that the keen competition we have had up here in the last few years has
made Vermont an easy state to log and has cut down some of the pileups. Well,
this year, some of the big scores were missing and Vermont was again semi-rare.
And I still couldn’t break 1600!

Time for a bigger antenna!
K5NA   Multi-Op HP   329,4402007-11-19 17:44:25
People who know me know I am not a phone person and I dreaded the thought of
doing the SS Phone as a single-op. But I didn't want the station to go idle
this year so Susan and I decided to do a multi-op. Then we heard that Colin,
KU5B, was looking for a place to do SS Phone, and we decided to invite him over
to join us.

This turned out to be one of the better decisions that I have ever made.

When Colin said that he was willing to be the runner, I was overjoyed. That
meant that my role was simply to sit in the second chair, chase multipliers,
and try to find people that we hadn't already worked.

Colin settled in doing 99 percent of the running for the weekend and I filled
in occasionally only when needed. He did a terrific job of fighting the QRM,
digging out the weak callers, maintaining a run frequency, while keeping up
impressive QSO rates. In short, Colin was terrific.

Our results tell the story because this station has never had as a 300K+ score
in SS before.

73, Richard - K5NA
KN5O   SO Unlimited HP   220,0002007-11-19 17:48:18
Ran with a 45 year-old Collins S-Line (32S3 with 30S1 amp) and Mosley PRO67C3 @
72 feet; a sloper at 90 feet for 80m. Last time I worked SS was 1975 and blew
up 3 amplifiers in the process! It hasn't gotten any easier. The QRM was
incredible. It was tough to hold a frequency. I wanted to get a clean sweep
and I did, thanks to VY1JA. Exhausting, but I had fun.. Thanks to all who
worked me for their patience.

See you down the log..

W7VJ   Single Op HP   91,0002007-11-19 18:04:30
Great to hear 15 open up to the midwest and east coast. Sure lightened the 20M
load. Appreciate the contacts from those whom I worked. Happy Holidays and
K4EU   Single Op LP   80,1602007-11-19 18:13:16
Thanks for the Q's.... It was good to see that some of us brave souls ventured
below the "traditional" 3750-3850 madhouse on 80m. I found the low end of the
band, 3605-3625, productive and appealing. 15 was surprisingly good during the
day. I guess I tend to go against the grain while 20/40/75 are wall-to-wall
with CQ'ers.... Needed SB for a sweep mid-afternoon on Sunday. Found a place
to run on 20m and K7AME/M called in with #80. Five minutes later W6TK called
in from SB as well. Only heard one AK station - KL7AA.... Happy Thanksgiving!
73....//Steve K4EU
N3OC   Multi-Op HP   216,1602007-11-19 18:15:43
Killed our rate early on by sitting on VY1JA's frequency 15 minutes before the
contest start, only to have the W7/W0 iron curtain come up right away.
Fortunate to work J not too much later.

Like others, experienced strange conditions on 80m Saturday evening.
Propagation was very long where we could barely copy W1s/W2s. As an alternate
to the shortwave mess on 40m, moved over to 160m and felt good with the number
of qsos on the top band. Seemed others had the same idea. Worked most of the
W1/W2 sections Sunday morning on 40m.

Last two needed were UT and SK which were obtained Sunday morning.

Barry WR3Z
NØRU   Single Op QRP   32,0922007-11-19 18:21:48
First try from new station in Co. Need to improve on high-angle antennas for 80
to help with those close-in stations. Just a casual effort due to prior plans,
but the results look promising for the future. The 15/10 meter tower lost a
rotor, so had to go with it stuck at 60 degs, not a peep on 10 this year.
40/20 sounded very good to both coasts, missed several "easy" mults due to S/P.
Rig--TT Orion@5W, ANTS: 80-Hytower, 40-2ele at 50ft, 20-3ele at 100ft,
15-5ele at 55ft. Thanks for all the reports and for the guys who had patience
to hear me on 80M. 73, Robb N0RU
W2LHL   Single Op LP   12,3202007-11-19 19:24:08
Too many interruptions. Glad could get to KH7 on 40.
20 was a mess, 10 was MIA.
No time to tune up vertical for phone section.
Enjoyed every minute.
Let's see what happens this coming weekend, CQWW. Have to lubricate the
old Vibroplex.
100W, 4BTV, 40ft vert. for 40/80/160
WA4JM   Single Op QRP   3,0802007-11-19 19:34:36

Call: WA4JM
Category: Single Operator
Power: QRP
Band: Mono 40
Mode: SSB
Section: WCF


160 0 0 -
80 0 0 -
40 21 42 -
20 14 28 -
15 9 18 -
10 0 0 -

Totals 44 88 35

Score: 3,080

Power Output: 5 watts Hours of operation: <24
Equipment Description:

Ten-Tec Argo V, MFJ-941B Tuner and a 135 foot flat-top at 30 feet.

Club Affiliation:

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

Signature _________________________________


N6WG   Single Op QRP   30,0562007-11-19 19:41:51
This turned out to be a pretty good weekend, with better results
than I expected. I worked nearly every station I could hear,
with very few getting away.

After chasing a Virgin Islands station for six hours, I finally
worked him. Then two minutes later, I worked another one with
no effort at all.

I had a rate plan, but it was too optimistic. Each hour
I slid a little farther behind. I had planned on 270 QSOs, but
wound up with 221. When I was getting ready to pull the plug at
0100Z to go to my own birthday party, I had 220 Qs and 29,980
points. I thought, bummer, to come so close to 30K and miss it.
Quickly found one new station I hadn't worked, and got him in the
log. Finished with 30,056 points, just over the edge.

The audio compression mod I put in my K2 seems to have worked
well, as I had several compliments on the audio from a QRP

I have two headsets, and this contest gave me a chance to try out
both of them both under battle conditions. The newer one is made
by Logitech for PC gamers, with over-the-ear pads and a noise-
cancelling boom mic. My original headset is a Radio Shack dual
earpiece unit, but with ear pads that are much too small for
comfort. I hang it around my neck with the mic up by my lips and
use my regular good headphones with the big pads. Both seem
to have worked ok, but the Logitech got a little uncomfortable
on the ears over time, so I traded off between them. For $19.95,
I figured it was a cheap experiment.

I added an external homebrew mic preamp to drive the compression
circuit adequately, and the results seem worthwhile so far.
My next step will be to add a footswitch, since I have been
pressing a button on a small desktop box that houses the preamp.

My usual WimpyWire antenna system did the job this time with no
funny stuff. I'm glad the weather was dry, as the 450 ohm
feeders change impedance when they are wet, and I have to rematch

It sure is handy having dipoles facing different directions. Throw
a switch and Alaska is up by an S unit and a half, and the rest of
the US is down by an S unit and a half. Well worth doing.

With the noise problems I've been having, my rotating loop
paid its way. Really made a big difference on 80 and 40m, so I
could work SSB on those bands, even through the noise. Fortunately
the noise comes from either North or South of me, so the loop was
aimed right at the stations I wanted to hear.

The two things I noticed most in this contest were so many ops
saying, Please Copy xxx, and a lot of stations with very badly
adjusted audio processing and lots of distortion. There were also
some extremely clean signals that were a joy to listen to.

All in all, I had a fun time.
Hope to see you all in the next contest.
73, Bob N6WG
The Little Station with Attitude
N1LI   Multi-Op HP   242,8802007-11-19 19:44:14
First full-time SS Phone entry in many years. 40 was awful. 80 was awfully good.
Never made a QSO on 160 in SS before this, and surprised to have more QSOs on
160 than 15.
K7NV   SO Unlimited HP   219,0402007-11-19 20:29:12
Sigh, I'm sure glad that one is over!

Admitting that I "don't give very good fone", and don't care for it too
I have to admit that I had several hours of fun with the packet pileups and
getting to talk to so many friends!

Luckily, I didn't have so much equipment drama as the CW weekend ;-)
There is still one nagging problem with the 75/80m inv vee that caused it to go
numb on receive lots of times. Must be a sketchy connection somewhere in the
feed line, or at the antenna feedpoint. Gotta go figure that one out.
The inv "L" is useless on fone, can't match it with the tuner.

The big problem for the weekend was a new power line noise source that showed
up last week toward JA from here. It didn't cause much grief on the 15/20/40m
beams because it was off the back/side quadrant. I could hear it with the
beams, but on 20 & 40m, who cares! The band qrm was so much worse, it didn't
really matter. On 75m it was a killer! Solid S9, cutting in and out most of Sat
night. It finally went away around the time everyone disappeared for their ~8z
On Sunday I had problems with the noise when I tried running on 15m. It was
only S3. I could hear all the loud guys fine, but the weak guys were getting
chewed up by it, so I didn't spend much time there, and just hung with a freq
on 20m and battled the freq fights (including the slow scan tv guys that
decended on me late Sunday).

Now, Monday night....."what noise?" it's all gone, quiet as a graveyard, I must
have just imagined it ;-)

I overslept my big break and got back on Sunday morning with no more time left
to take off, but it is a fone contest, so when I needed a pit stop I just took
it (and enjoyed eating something and not having to listen to all the crap for a
few minutes, several times). So, didn't get a full time effort in.

This the best score I've ever made here from this station in an ~ full time
effort in SS SSB, so no complaints. I knew it wouldn't be a big one, trying to
hookup and hold a freq on 20 & 40 is only in my imagination with this stuff

If it wasn't for the Club competition between my pals in the NCCC and others, I
would never chose to do this ;-)

It ended up being pretty much spite of the "oh @#$%'s".

Thanks for all the enjoyable Q's with friends! You guys might convert me to a
Fone Op one of these days ;-)

N6DE(@N6TV)   SO Unlimited HP   222,5602007-11-19 20:56:27
Many thanks to my station host Bob, N6TV.

-Dean - N6DE
K5TA   Single Op HP   287,5202007-11-19 21:02:29
Thank y'all for the Qs. **FOUR** "NT" stations (2 VY1s and 2 VE8s) called me
during the weekend. That's never happened. I half expected to see a unicorn in
the back yard.

Our little local club has won the SS gavel for the past 2 years. The members
were a little hesitant to participate this year, but I really wanted to extend
the streak to 3. After a relatively slow start on CW, Bruce (AA5B) and I, who
have done multis in recent years, decided to split up to try to maximize the
club score. I'm not sure we've done it, but we're in the running.

Bruce, whose own station consists of 50' push-up masts, operated LP at NN5K,
our only member with real antennas. I chose HP at home. I have 2.3 towers,
but currently no functional yagis except a 3L Hy-gain DB1015A 10/15 trap
duo-bander (a relic from perhaps 2 sunspot minima ago) @ 30'.

I realized this weekend that I need to investigate low-noise RX antennas for
domestic 80m -- I was, unfortunately, a bit of an alligator. I finally tried
listening on the 20m dipole, many times for the better.

I hope the ARRL doesn't remove the dozens of "NR 1" QSOs that I tutored in the
complexities of the exchange -- I'm not sure those guys went on to work anyone

I enjoyed the friendly banter that you really don't get in CW SS. One exchange
was particularly poignant:

HIM: "What's your check?"
ME: "Sixty-Six, Six-Six"
HIM: "Wow -- that's the year I was born."

Maybe there's hope for the hobby after all!

73, Scott K5TA

SO1R: TS850 + TT Titan I
N1MM/Soundcard DVK
80: 1/4-wave wire vertical
40: dipole @ 75'
20: dipole @ 60'
15: Hy-gain DB1015 trap duobander @ 30'
W7WA   Single Op HP   307,1522007-11-19 21:05:04
Missed NL section for the second time in the past three years. Could not
maintain a high rate at the start of the contest due to my 20 meter cq’s
going unanswered and heavy QRM requiring seemingly endless fills. By contrast
Sunday conditions on 20 seemed much improved, especially propagation to the
Northeastern US and VE. The phone band expansions on 40 and 75 seemed to have
provide more elbow room and reduced QRM.

73 de Dan
W6EB   SO Unlimited HP   37,2402007-11-19 21:52:08
Low wires for antennas.
K6NV   SO Unlimited HP   85,0502007-11-19 21:56:05
Missed CT, VT, NT, NL, QC. No excuse for CT and VT, I heard stations but was
going for rate when I should have stopped and gone for them. With NL and QC I
didn't want to spend time trying to break the pileups. Both were on 20m, I had
to keep the power to 500w on 20m to avoid a neighbor problem (she just
complains, but won't let me into her house to see if the problem can be fixed,
I suspect it is the wiring for her surround sound, 15m appears to be no
problem) and keep the beam pointed east.

Those who spotted me, thanks, I can always tell when I get spotted when the
rate starts to climb.

Like we all noticed 20m was a challenge, and from this station almost
impossible to get any type of run established, had a few moments on 20m where
the rate meter went up, but they were rare. Had a couple of good short runs on
15m, but lack of sations there hurt all of us. The best news for me was 40m, 2
weeks ago W6EU and K6ST helped me get the 40m dipole up higher, it is 80'+ on
the ends, it really plays great and was "golden". Lack of a better term, 80m
really sucked here, I did not even feel loud, amazing on Thur night NS I get
great reports of being loud with the low vee, going to re do it into an "L" or
high dipole. Also with the 80m vee I have RF getting into my voice keyer and
shutting it down 1/2 way through the exchange, thought I had that problem
fixed, but it suddenly reoccured late Sat night.

The NCCC rallies paid good dividends for me, especially on Sun- good job guys,
tnx for those Q's. Fell short of my personal challenge to get at least 600Q's,
but just could not get anything going on 80m when 40m went too long.

Equipment worked almost flawlessly:
AL-80b @ 1kw out all bands except 20m
3 el yagi up 65'
80m vee
40m high dipole
Writelog v10.54
K9GX   Single Op HP   242,7202007-11-20 00:27:44
My best effort ever in this one.

Probably my wisest pre-contest "fix up" was replacing the feedline to the 75m
inverted vee which hangs on the tower with the apex at 90 ft. It was rather
hastily installed as a "temporary" two years ago (I know). The "original"
feedline consisted of two pieces of coax with a PL258 coupler in the middle. I
replaced the feedline. I reset the support lines and tightened everything up
and the wire played really well.

I had the shack "peaked and tweaked" early Saturday morning, new TR log
directory and DVP files were set up and ready so I took a shower at about 1pm
local and a quick nap. Returned to the shack at about 20:30 UT ready to settle
in and find a spot on 20. When I tapped the foot switch an obnoxious hum spewed
forth in my TX monitor...and the mic transmit audio was non-existent. A quick
check of connectors...NADA! DVP files were playing FB. At abt 20:57 I was about
to come to the conclusion that the weekend could be much better spent watching
football or attending to household chores. However, insanity prevailed and I
decided to reboot the PC thinking that one of the relays on the DVP was
sticking. Anybody ever seen this? That did the trick!

The next big "Murphy moment" came when I went to 75m at about 00:30. RF was
locking up the keyboard and it was very difficult to input anything while
transmitting. I ran with it like that for about a half hour and decided
something needed to be done. Took my first break at 01:00 to investigate.
Found the 75m feedline was formed into a loop below the Six-Pack antenna ports
about six inches away from the PC. I moved the coax several feet away and that
solved the problem.

Operating I couldn't seem to get a run going on 20m (not unusual from here).
Enjoyed a nice 15m opening on Sunday afternoon. Probably should have spent a
little time on 160, but 75 was so noisy on Saturday night (I remember
commenting to someone that the noise level on 75 sounded like summertime) I
just didn't think 160 would be worth a darn. Probably a mistake on my part this

Best comments: During the above noted 75m computer problem one contact said
"time to get out the pencil".

Best smart-aleck comment: I was trying to pull a west coaster out of the noise,
I think it was on 75. His section was Oregon. This was one of those "repeat it
several times" deals. If he wasn't QRP he sounded like it. Finally I asked him
"ORegon like the state?" Came a comment from the peanut gallery "no, Oregon
county". Jeez, all this comedic talent shouldn't be lurking in the shadows on
the ham bands, there's a writer's strike going on in Hollywood for heaven's

Highlights: Working a lot of checks of 05, 06 and 07. Finishing the sweep with
VY1JA on 20m at around 1700 Sunday afternoon. I was making a feeble attempt at
running on 20 and begging for NWT when someone QSYed through and told me J was
operating up the band. I cruised up, found him and working him on the first the middle of an unruly pileup. Thanks J! Late on Sunday, during
doldrum time it was great to work lots of guys who were giving me serial
numbers in the 10s and 20s, thanks guys! Was also great to work quite a few YLs
and kids.

Lowlight: I was running on 40m Sunday morning when a well known, usually high
scoring, station in the southwest tuned up and started calling CQ about 700hz
above me. I'm running 2 elements on 40 at 105ft with 1.2kw and the antenna
pointed west. You should be ashamed of yourself OM.

One other highlight: Really enjoy the new "wide open spaces" on 75m. I sat at
about 3675 for more than 3 hours Saturday night and it was great. What was even
more surprising was that on Sunday night I found a spot at about 3859 and ran
for the last two hours of test without any "bubba factor" at all. Amazing!

Was also great to hear the guys at KT0R. Thanks to everyone for a very
enjoyable (?) weekend!

73, Mark, K9GX
WA8SDF   Single Op LP   22,6802007-11-20 02:02:11
Time was limited because I work weekends, so I operated mainly late evenings, or
early mornings.
20 was pretty dead by the time I got on. And 40 eventually got tapped out Also
a limited lot size prevents a decent 80m antenna. A G5RVjr@ 60' just fits, but
doesn't tune too well on 75. It's better than a dummy load. Just barely!
K7ZSD   Single Op LP   178,5602007-11-20 02:27:30
I started the contest with one of the most gratifying QSOs in my 44 years of
hamming. I was on the upper end of 20m ten minutes before the gun and found a
clear frequency to start. I asked if the frequency was in use, and heard a very
light station give his call, VY1EI. Of course I called him, I had to swing the
beam due north for the QSO. He called me by name which was a surprise, and then
the story. He told me that hearing my station was the reason he got his ham
ticket. I astonishingly thanked him for the honor. Eric then related he had
been an SWL, heard my station on 2 years ago during the CQWW SSB working
Europeans, and was fascinated. He found out later it was ham radio and got his
ham license last year. We chatted until the start, he was my first Q in the
test and I moved on as he started working his pile up.

I never heard Eric or Jay the rest of the contest. I decided to operate LP this
year to have instant band switching without any amp tuning. I almost threw in
the towel after the first two hours. I had spent a lot of time the day before
configuring the Wintest DVK and thought I had it working just right. From the
start I had problems with sound card hum and artifacts. Yes, I put in an
isolation transformer but I guess it takes more than that. I think my audio
suffered so I took time off and put the MFJ DVK inline and it worked like a
champ. I really had wanted to use function keys to operate the DVK and record
on the fly, but sound card issues will need to be ironed out. At the start I
was unable to do anything on 20m but search and pounce, which is like watching
paint dry. You listen to the long exchange, throw in your call, get beat out,
and try again. Then listen to the other stations long report, then the fill,
then beat out again. I really enjoy running but Low Power makes it really
really hard to do. Finally as the East coast started to move to 40m, I could
hold a frequency and run.

Moving to 40m, with a pair of beams, I felt fairly loud and ran for a couple of
hours. Then 80m, which was crowded and difficult from the far Northwest. The 80m
stats from the East Coast and the South to Texas and New Mexico tell the story.
Huge Q numbers for them both nights. I have two bobtail curtains at right
angles on 80m and could work everything I heard, but with 100 watts running on
a packed band was like sailing upwind in a gale.

Sunday morning I had breakfast with my wife and got on about 7 am local and 20m
was alive. I should have been there an hour earlier. I was able to hold 14.215
for two hours and had the best runs there and on 15m for many hours. I finished
the sweep with QC that morning while running. That late afternoon it was back to
40m, and it was the old Sunday evening story, most stations had been worked or
done for the weekend. I quit a couple of hours before the end, had a glass of
wine, and got on for the last 20 minutes. Yes I had fun, but 20 hours of fun
was all I could take.

One good thing about no amp, there were no complaints about being too wide or
splattering. It was a pleasure to work so many YLs, several youngsters, and new
hams. I congratulated every 07 check and there were many. Again, we have the
best operators in the world, they are polite, helpful, and humorous. Thanks to
all for operating, see you all next year. Brad
KV8Q   SO Unlimited QRP   6,7282007-11-20 04:23:41
Tried to get a sweep, 80 X 80, but got a headache instead. Now I
remember why I like CW so much. Thanks for the Q's.
K6DBG   SO Unlimited QRP   2,4002007-11-20 06:10:18
Very tough conditions, operating QRP from Gualala with mostly battery power and
a Buddipole. Not the best way to play in my first SSB contest, but those are
the cards I was dealt for the weekend...
K6OWL   SO Unlimited LP   14,5602007-11-20 07:02:49
Some operating from home when not part of the W6YX multi-op.
K9YC   SO Unlimited HP   102,1802007-11-20 08:19:11
Saturday at home. 15 wasn't very strong, and died early. 20 wasn't a lot better,
and was tough to crack with my high dipole, so went to 40 pretty early, where my
high dipole played great. More of the same on 80 until bedtime. VY1JA was a nice
treat on 40M with my morning coffee, then off to set up W6BX.


W6BX(K9YC)   SO Unlimited HP   63,4922007-11-20 08:29:12
Started on 15, with pretty good results. 20 was tough to crack, even with this
pretty nice beam and QTH, and didn't get much traction until dark and many had
abandoned it for 40. 40 was mediocre, thanks to a low inverted V, and 80 was
even worse, thanks to another low inverted V and an S8 noise level.

As a refugee from 9-land, it's clear to me that one of the biggest mistakes
west coast contesters make is not taking 80M antennas seriously, and putting
too much faith in aluminum for 40M.


Jim K9YC
KØRC   Single Op LP   81,8442007-11-20 08:55:10
Rig : Kenwood TS-950SDX + SM230

Antennas : HyGain TH-11DX at 22m, Telrex 40m dipole at 20m, wire
slopping dipoles for 40m & 75m, inverted vee for 160m.

Soapbox : I operated the Phone Sweepstates from my normal QTH in
Minnesota. I missed MB for a sweep, although I called VE4EAR on 40m but
couldn't get through the pileup before he QSYed up the band, never to be heard
from again (at my qth). There was another 4 hours to go so the clean sweep
successfully eluded my grasp again this year!
WØZQ   Single Op LP   40,9642007-11-20 09:20:39
Missed VE2, VE5, and ND. Interesting condx's at the bottom of the cycle.
W3TZ   SO Unlimited HP   100,1602007-11-20 09:41:23
Auto replies gota go
N4OX   Single Op HP   249,7982007-11-20 09:46:40
Two years ago, I made 1827 Qs and would have placed in the top ten for the first
time ever, but I didn't send in my log. The last two years I haven't been able
to duplicate that effort. I have a great deal of respect for the guys who make
the top ten year after year. I had problems setting up this year and didn't get
everything going until 20 minutes before the contest started. I could only rent
a 45 foot lift and decided to put up two sections of tower to get the new 20
meter yagi up higher with the Cushcraft 40 meter yagi 10 feet above it. This
setup was a lot more difficult to install than the typical set up of one
antenna and a single section of tower in the basket of the lift. I also stayed
on 20 meters too long trying to make it play like it usually does from here. It
looks like I should have gone to 80 meters much earlier.

The high point of the contest was working the guys at KT0R and paying tribute
to Dave, KT0R.

See ya'll next year.

73, Jay N4OX
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   32,1202007-11-20 10:14:00
Saturday only effort.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
VA7RN   SO Unlimited HP   10,6562007-11-20 12:53:27
As a CW operator I rarely work SSB, however I needed to fill in my WAS phone
stations, so I decided to just work the packet cluster for all new
sections(states). What did surprise me was I had fewer sections than if I had
just worked normally, i.e. CQ'ing and S&P'ing. Lesson to be learned here.
Can't say that 40m and 80m were very productive. Altogether a more relaxing and
fun time than usual. Must work on my wave files though.
KØRH   Single Op LP   162,7402007-11-20 13:54:08
I punish myself by running LP..try doing a run and holding a freq with
100w...good to see 80m come alive after dark....10m and 15m were a bust from
the Midwest....thanks to everybody for the Qs.....Jim
W4MYA(W4MTA)   SO Unlimited HP   187,5202007-11-20 15:21:15
Take care
K2WK   SO Unlimited HP   197,1202007-11-20 15:39:37
Take care
NØGF   Multi-Op HP   114,3922007-11-20 16:18:20
Very nice contest from the north country. Operated from the University of North
Dakota Club Station. Had a few new hams visit the operations and were very
interested. Nancy, KC0YXB, is an up-and-coming contester and Iditarod racer!

20m was the powerhouse band for us. About 0000z Saturday morning 20m shut off
for us like a light switch. We had very decent rates (>120/hour) for the first
3 hours of the contest. 40m and 80m did not hold well for us the first night
with very meager results. Our 40/80 antenna is only a trap dipole placed over
a metal roof (on top of the University Student Union) so I am sure the roof
interferes a little. The low bands on Sunday did manage a little better.

Sunday worked a little run of W6's on 15m - otherwise 20m was king. Seemed
like 20m was packed as usual with the sunspots being so low -- the splatter and
QRM was terrible for a good portion of our time on 20m. The sunspots are on the
rise thankfully!!! We operated 3 blocks down the street from another ND station
(W0GJ) but received no complaints from them about QRM from us.

Still missed the elusive VE4 though. We were just too close to him on 20m and
we never heard them on 40 or 80m. I will just have to wait for my "clean
sweep" mug until next year!

73/DX - Ryan, N0OJ
KR4F   SO Unlimited HP   35,0762007-11-20 17:40:16
Spent a lot more time than intended. Got sucked in to trying to do a sweep.
Missed that pesky EPa of all things!
N6XG   SO Unlimited HP   85,2002007-11-20 18:19:26
This was my first big experience with K3 on SSB. It performed very well.
NN4F   Single Op HP   184,3922007-11-20 20:25:38
FT1000MP MkV, HF2500, 1.5 KW, TA-63M, 160M Dipole, First contest in the HP
category and with one of the new beams

Had a blast, didn’t catch too many of my locals but managed 78
sections…could have perhaps got a few more if I had used packet, but no
internet connection during contest, seems my wildblue dish got moved and was
out of alignment…
N6GK(GREG)   Single Op HP   3,7622007-11-21 09:38:59
I only had 2 short hours to operate, but was great fun, as always!
KØGAS   Single Op HP   72,6802007-11-21 10:27:55
N6CY(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   101,8242007-11-21 12:22:06
Sunday afternoon drive at N3HBX (Thanks, again John!). Met my goal of 100K
points for PVRC. Missed the close in mults in NJ, PA, and NY plus few
Canadians. Thanks to the Q stations for having the ultimate patience to slug it
out in the 20m QRM.
KØHC   School Club HP   225,7602007-11-21 15:34:03
After several training sessions in the Hesston College computer lab and Friday
night on-the-air practice, four students and three faculty/staff operators were
READY! It was great to chat with the other school stations including some we've
never worked before. It was also fun to see the confidence in our students
build as the hours went by and they took their turns helping at the run

Although rates the first three or four hours were lower than previous years due
to the incredibly crowded band conditions on 20m, the often "difficult" sections
came easily. Our "countdown" was 5 NV 4 SJV 3 MT 2 LAX 1 BC SWEEP at 0759Z
(thanks VE7CC). Big cheer in Kansas! We eventually recovered from 130 Qs down
and ended up with 3 more contacts than last year.

Thanks to all of you who worked us, offered encouragement to us along the way,
and showed great patience when needed. We hope we work you all again next

73, Bob, w0bh
Hesston College ARC, k0hc
NJ1F(@K1TTT)   SO Unlimited HP   221,6002007-11-22 04:39:48
Thank You to Dave K1TTT for letting me use his super station again this year.
NM2L   Single Op LP   40,1762007-11-22 04:52:41
Great fun for a part-time, mike-s hy, CW guy! Was 80 HOTor what?!!!! 73 de
Greg NM2L
W3PP   SO Unlimited HP   208,9602007-11-22 04:59:53
Really strange condx on 80 as I was first spotted by RL3A but couldn't work
SNJ. Station seemed to be working pretty well, and activity seemed way up.
Had I been able to put the last 4 hours in, would have had a pretty decent
score. I can remember the days when I had to be careful that I only
operated 24 hours, Now after about 15, I am ready to throw the cans under a
N4VA   SO Unlimited LP   28,5122007-11-22 05:41:43
NX7TT   Single Op HP   19,9362007-11-22 07:07:19
Did not get to run very long as 0330 the next morning to go off to work is very
early. But did have funn all in all.. Heard many stations but was very light.
Did work a few backscatter which made it fun..
Next year hope to do better..

N8IE   Single Op QRP   65,6002007-11-22 09:41:59
I don’t know where to start with this event. It was fun at times but mostly

The Good:
I got a sweep! Came down to Alaska Sunday afternoon. Found two of them on 20M
with a huge pileup. Spent way to much time trying but finally caught KL7AA.

The Bad:
Every other moment. Hi hi
Finished 85 Q’s down from last year.

Last year I could drop somewhere on 40M call CQ and work 40-50 Q’s. This year
I could not get a run going anywhere. Very frustrating when someone in MDC says
I’m 40 over yet no one will answer my CQ.

I’ve enjoyed a great run winning the GLD division in SSB Sweeps for the past
four years, I doubt I’ll win it this year.

72, 73
Dan, N8IE
AI4WB   Single Op LP   28,7102007-11-22 19:01:07
KT4Q   Single Op LP   6,5362007-11-22 19:57:44
Unfortunatly limited time on my favorite contest Had 3 hours to play. Stayed
on 40 Mtr from a vertical.

Rig: Yaesu Ft-100MP MV
Antenna: Cushcraft R7 @ 30 ft
Power 150W
Software: Writelog V10.58
W3IDT(@W3LPL)   Single Op HP   216,7602007-11-23 11:50:52
Below are summaries and a few comments re the now (in)famous
"Father (w3idt) / Daughter (k3mim) " ss ssb operation at W3LPL.

80 419 838 -
40 678 1356 -
20 254 508 -
Totals 1351 2702 80 Score: 216,160

80 493 986 -
40 629 1258 -
20 189 378 -
Totals 1311 2622 80 Score: 209,760

Both Single Operator, High Power, Unassisted.

Comments or HighLights and LowLights:
1. Once again, we thank Frank (w3lpl) for providing his station and creating
the rather special environment (2 separate networks of four radios / computers
each - though we never did use 15m), and his xyl Phyllis for letting us invade
her home on what should be an "off weekend".

2. Slightly (30/40 Qs) below last year. However this year I (IDT) will inspect
the Cabrillo files carefully (and not send in logs which were corrupted in
conversion and processing as last year) so the final scores will be higher than
last year.

3. We found what appears to be a bug in CT v10 (to which w3lpl recent switched
from v9): The first time we switched bands the serial number fields went
bonkers on both networks. While I (IDT) went to get Frank so we could find the
cause and/or work-around, K3MIM calmly kept track of the next real serial number
on her clipboard and just kept going. Work-around: SETSERIAL command in call
field permits resetting the serial number field. So we used that each time we
switched bands. Reminder to self: fix the bad serial numbers in both logs!

4. Both of us got to 79 sections pretty quickly. IDT missing BC (really!), MIM
missing NL. In the middle of Sunday afternoon, a VE7 called IDT on 20 for the
sweep, the next caller was a VE7, and the next caller was a VE7! In the last
hour or two, we were going to finish up with MIM on 40 and IDT on 80 when IDT
got called by a loud, casual VE1 on 80. So we switched bands, and lo and behold
a VO1 calls MIM in the last hour for her sweep.

5. By 1800z or so we were both ahead of our last year's qso totals
(IDT:1379 / MIM:1361). Expecting typically good results in the last couple of
hours we took our respective naps Sunday afternoon. My (IDT) bad time
calculations cost MIM about 40 minutes of operating time, and then the bottom
seems to have dropped out of both 80 and 40 - our qso totals during the last
three hours are well below last year's (the VO1 calling MIM was the only good
thing about those last three hours).

6. Was nice to talk briefly with old and new friends, including recent visitors
to this area (K9YC and K9LA/AE9YL). MIM had virtually none of the "
K...3...M...I...M" stuttering (with the emphasis on the "I") as she had last
year with her brand new call as this year she surely was in the database.

7. One real downer: Sunday afternoon some jerk starting hurling obscenities at
MIM for being a contester and preventing him from having his regular bullshit
session... so she moved a few Kcs and this idiot followed her and the
profanities got worse. Someone stepped in and told him to "shut his mouth"
and, being a good southern gentleman - by accent - reminded him that there is
"a lady present". (Thank you good samaritan!). She then moved 100kc or so. (I
don't usually use language as found in the preceding paragraph, but this guy
seems to deserve it.)

Bob, w3idt, and Miriam, k3mim
K3MIM(@W3LPL)   Single Op HP   209,7602007-11-23 11:52:27
Below are summaries and a few comments re the now (in)famous
"Father (w3idt) / Daughter (k3mim) " ss ssb operation at W3LPL.

80 419 838 -
40 678 1356 -
20 254 508 -
Totals 1351 2702 80 Score: 216,160

80 493 986 -
40 629 1258 -
20 189 378 -
Totals 1311 2622 80 Score: 209,760

Both Single Operator, High Power, Unassisted.

Comments or HighLights and LowLights:
1. Once again, we thank Frank (w3lpl) for providing his station and creating
the rather special environment (2 separate networks of four radios / computers
each - though we never did use 15m), and his xyl Phyllis for letting us invade
her home on what should be an "off weekend".

2. Slightly (30/40 Qs) below last year. However this year I (IDT) will inspect
the Cabrillo files carefully (and not send in logs which were corrupted in
conversion and processing as last year) so the final scores will be higher than
last year.

3. We found what appears to be a bug in CT v10 (to which w3lpl recent switched
from v9): The first time we switched bands the serial number fields went
bonkers on both networks. While I (IDT) went to get Frank so we could find the
cause and/or work-around, K3MIM calmly kept track of the next real serial number
on her clipboard and just kept going. Work-around: SETSERIAL command in call
field permits resetting the serial number field. So we used that each time we
switched bands. Reminder to self: fix the bad serial numbers in both logs!

4. Both of us got to 79 sections pretty quickly. IDT missing BC (really!), MIM
missing NL. In the middle of Sunday afternoon, a VE7 called IDT on 20 for the
sweep, the next caller was a VE7, and the next caller was a VE7! In the last
hour or two, we were going to finish up with MIM on 40 and IDT on 80 when IDT
got called by a loud, casual VE1 on 80. So we switched bands, and lo and behold
a VO1 calls MIM in the last hour for her sweep.

5. By 1800z or so we were both ahead of our last year's qso totals
(IDT:1379 / MIM:1361). Expecting typically good results in the last couple of
hours we took our respective naps Sunday afternoon. My (IDT) bad time
calculations cost MIM about 40 minutes of operating time, and then the bottom
seems to have dropped out of both 80 and 40 - our qso totals during the last
three hours are well below last year's (the VO1 calling MIM was the only good
thing about those last three hours).

6. Was nice to talk briefly with old and new friends, including recent visitors
to this area (K9YC and K9LA/AE9YL). MIM had virtually none of the "
K...3...M...I...M" stuttering (with the emphasis on the "I") as she had last
year with her brand new call as this year she surely was in the database.

7. One real downer: Sunday afternoon some jerk starting hurling obscenities at
MIM for being a contester and preventing him from having his regular bullshit
session... so she moved a few Kcs and this idiot followed her and the
profanities got worse. Someone stepped in and told him to "shut his mouth"
and, being a good southern gentleman - by accent - reminded him that there is
"a lady present". (Thank you good samaritan!). She then moved 100kc or so. (I
don't usually use language as found in the preceding paragraph, but this guy
seems to deserve it.)

Bob, w3idt, and Miriam, k3mim
VE3GLO   Single Op LP   35,1002007-11-23 14:31:06
Had a lot of fun and had some good chats.


ICOM 746, Fan Dipole (20, 40, 80), Titan Vertical.
100 Watts
K4TMC   Single Op LP   34,5842007-11-24 07:15:37
Rig: Elecraft K2/100 with Heil Proset-HC4
Antennas: low Inverted-V's
K1PY(@W2TZ)   Single Op LP   86,4882007-11-24 12:28:42
Wow! I was in WNY, and Northeast was blanked out! Didn't have first 1 in log
until past midnight local. Never in my life, and likely never again, will I
hear so many "Thanks for WNY, a new one!" At least a full third of my contacts
mentioned it. Fact is, I never got WNY myself! Whew. This was a true test of
staying in the chair, but boy, it was a trial. We need those sunspots! Maybe
next year.
AA4LR   Single Op HP   32,6202007-11-25 17:39:28
Cushcraft A3S/A743 at 15m (40m-10m)
Shunt-fed 15m (80m)

Elecraft K2/100 w/ KAT100
Ameritron AL-80A running 600 watts (200 watts on 80m)


Only had a limited time to operate on Sunday afternoon, so I decided to go High
Power for once. I figured I'd be able to run stations and maximize my score.
Starting at about 1815z, I found 20m very long already so the rate wasn't very
good. I jumped to 15m and then 20m scanning the band for mults & Qs. around
2045z, I moved down to 40m. Managed a good run there for about half an hour.
Amazing that the band went long by 2300z. Hunted for mults for another hour and
then finished up on 80m.

Managed to work all but 10 mults. Biggest surprise was working VY1JA easily on

Although I wasn't on for Saturday at all, based on conditions Sunday, this as
got to be some of the worst conditions for a Phone SS in a long, long time. I
can't wait for the sunspots to return.
K4FAU   School Club HP   45,3602007-11-26 08:29:38
KI4WFJ, and I, W4RIS operated K4FAU from the FAU Boca campus.
This year we operated in the S category because I was just hired by FAU ;)

We only made 2 contacts more then last year but last year the participation of
FAU ARC members was better.
KI4WFJ made a total of 11 contacts but this was his first contest.
I think I can coach him to participate more in upcoming contests ;)

The fact that the internet was not working caused us dearly. Last year we
managed 79 sections but this year we only did 70.
We missed ND, AK, MT, OR, AB, BC, MB, NWT, QC and SK Depending how well KU5B
does this year we might win the Southeastern School Club Plaque! At least we
will be second ;) Listening to K0HC I know that they will take home the overall
win for School Club and The Collegiate Championship again this year.

This was the first contest we could operate on 80M after putting up a B&W BWD.
We managed to make 94 contacts on 80M Despite all the local noise and the
broadcast stations on 40M I had 2 nice runs on 40M and our total on 40M came
out to 139 Qs
K4BK   Single Op LP   30,3842007-11-26 09:30:41
Yaesu FT-897D

Hustler 5 Band Vertical

Inverted Vee on 80 Meters
K8BL   Single Op LP   43,8002007-11-26 09:45:54
Condx were long on 40 & 80 and close-in Sections were
hard to find. Never wked WPA which is only 60 miles away!
20 closed early on Saturday. Family trip only gave me
a short time to operate.
VE5CPU   Single Op HP   140,0002007-11-26 12:33:07
Sweep! First time since 1999. Should have hit 1,000 Q's but didn't get the
seat time I had hoped.
KØHW   SO Unlimited HP   130,8802007-11-26 16:35:58
I am a little late at submitting this. It was one of my most fun SweepStakes
ever. I really enjoy all the QSOs with old and new contest friends. This year
was the second time I have had a clean sweep in the phone contest and the first
time ever I have had a clean sweep in both CW and Phone. It seems that both on
CW and Phone this contest produced the best results on 40 and 80 meters from
this location. I am using a HyGain HyTower this year for the first time as my
only antenna on 40 and it really played well. I also used it on 75 meters as
the dipole seemed to knock out my internet lan connection. The packet spotting
networks are the best for getting those multiplier spots.

I just can not get used to the sit on a frequency and call CQ method so I did a
lot of S&P but looking back at my rates I think next year I will just have to
stay on one frequency and call from it 90% of the time.

It is great to see the two high scoring South Dakota stations W0SD (W0DB) and
KD0S (WD0T) on making sure this great state is in everyone's logs as a
multiplier. If you missed SD this year you were not trying very hard.

ICOM 756PROII, Ameritron AL-1200, Writelog, Dipoles, HyGain HyTower and HyGain
N3YIM   SO Unlimited HP   36,7782007-11-27 18:34:58
Had fun!
N4FR   Multi-Op HP   56,6402007-11-28 15:02:33
My first Clean Sweep. Thanks to everyone for being there.
VE7FO   SO Unlimited HP   52,0002007-11-29 11:59:43
As in CW test, put more effort into making the sweep than maximizing Qs.

In CW test was very happy to have SD as #1 in the log. Imagine how I felt in
this one to have VY1JA as #1. Tnx Jay.

Thanks to all who make this so much fun.

73, Jim VE7FO
K8MR   Single Op HP   83,7762007-11-30 08:41:39
Not much time between packing for the trip to PJ2T, raking leaves that finally
started to fall, a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter, and some work
issues that finally resulted in a Sunday evening trip in to work.

Bands were very long, so I tried 160 several times and had some decent results
each time. By far the highest 160 SSB total in an SS. Missed KH6, KL7, and
NØQO   Single Op HP   215,3602007-12-02 11:20:49
This was my first contest and I had fantastic time. Many thank to all the
stations I worked. And a very special thinks to Jim W0UR who allowed me to use
his incredible station for the contest.

Ken, N0QO
K6GEP   SO Unlimited LP   5,2002007-12-05 15:56:34
My operating time was limited with my wife in the hospital. I never
really got in the hunt for a sweep. I intentionally concentrated on
15m during the day, and 80m at night in order to bag some new WAS states.
I totally neglected 20m.

Rig: FT-990

80 meter dipole sloped from 50 feet
40 meter inverted vee at 50 feet
15 meter dipole at 25 feet

N3FJP SS Logger
W4AAA(KK9A)   Single Op LP   222,4002007-12-05 17:56:27
Just prior to the contest, I attached various temporary antennas to the 110 foot
tower that I installed in September. I took my transceiver out of the box,
where it was stored for the last two and a half years, and placed it on a table
in my bonus room. Luckily, it still worked. I ran the hardline, rotator cable
and antenna relay wire through the window and on the ground to the tower, about
250 feet away. It had been three years since I operated this contest and well
over two years since I was on the air from the United States, so I was very
excited about participating in this event. As the contest grew nearer, I
tested the station and discovered that the rotator didn’t turn. I then
noticed that many of my cables lying on the ground were chewed by some critter
and that the rotator wire was completely severed. I had used new wires, which
I intended to use later in a more permanent installation, so I was definitely
unhappy about this damage. Fortunately it was easy to temporarily splice them
together. I finished my antenna work on Saturday morning, just before the
contest. I had many rare western US and Canadian sections call me early in the
contest on 20m. Before leaving 20m I turned the antenna toward the south and
quickly found and worked Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Afterwards I
switched to 40m and 80m and worked most of the closer sections. I also tuned
for multipliers when I could and after 8 1/2 hours I had worked 79 of the 80
sections. I was only missing Quebec and I thought that would easily come later
so I just concentrated on making a lot of contacts for the remainder of the
evening. 80m was in fantastic shape and the new expanded phone segment made
operating on this band pleasurable. My west Beverage antenna was working very
well and I was now wishing that I had also set up one aiming north. On Sunday,
15m was open with many strong signals from the west coast, however I was never
able to run on this band. I ran stations in the late morning on 20m with my
beam pointing toward Quebec, but no one from that province called me. Around
1700z I switch to 40m and while looking for a clear frequency, I found
VE2/K2HVN. He must have just turned on his radio and I was able to quickly
work Quebec for the sweep. Of course, shortly later two more VE2 stations
called me. I wish I had taken more off time during Sunday afternoon as 80m
was again very hot at the end of the contest and I ran out of op time. Shortly
after the contest I removed the temporary set up before the critters were able
to do more cable chewing damage. Thanks for the QSOs.

John KK9A
WØETT/M   Single Op LP   27,1202007-12-06 20:07:40
Enjoyed using my mobile in this Phone Sweepstakes. Operated from the Visitor
Center located at the south end of Cheyenne, WY. The mobile got out okay on 15
and 20m but it didn't make much of a dent on 40m; definitely need a better 40m
whip for the FT100D. - For those who want a change in SS, try operating
mobile from a relatively rare section. Enjoyed a few pileups from those who
didn't get a chance to work fellow GMCCer Alan KO7X!

73 Ken
KCØNOX   Single Op LP   26,4962007-12-09 18:44:27
First serious contest effort; with a very modest station. Thanks to my good
friend, Steve, K0OU, the RARC Field Day "Supreme Commander" (#1 Class 2A), for
his constant encouragement in all things amateur - but especially contesting!