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North American QSO Party, RTTY   2014   February   Comment Summary

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N6EE/2(@W2RE)   Single Op LP   1,8602014-02-22 12:59:28
First time using N1MM. My apologies to all that I messed up the exchange or
took forever to reply. I'm sure N1MM is a fine program, but I'm not a fan :(
KI1U   Single Op LP   7,3202014-02-22 13:29:02
Only had a few hours to play in NAQP. Bands seemed in fair shape, but could have
been better.

Mike, KI1U
KN5O   Single Op LP   10,0482014-02-22 17:07:52
Just playing around for a couple of hours. 1st time doing NAQP.. Enjoyed it for
the time I spent. Thanks for the Qs.. HOpe I handed out a mult to those that
needed LA.

73 Ted KN5O
KU1T   Single Op LP   43,5962014-02-22 19:30:48
10/15 never worked here.
73, de KU1T
KC9MSH/AG(@K9XD)   Single Op LP   53,8162014-02-22 20:07:44
My fist RTTY contest by my self after my upgrade to Gen. QSL KC9MSH 73s
AI6YL/7(@AI6V)   Single Op LP   69,5402014-02-22 20:09:22
First time operating this one. Fast paced. Still no 40 or 80, so had some
quiet CQing time at the end on 20. Hi,hi. Thanks a bunch for the contacts. 88
W7ZR   Single Op LP   168,0902014-02-22 20:21:08
VA7AM   Single Op LP   73,5542014-02-22 20:24:43
Was going to go for 10 hours but lost power!!
NW3H   Single Op LP   11,3402014-02-22 20:34:00
My first NAQP RTTY effort. Another mode I am hooked on. Only my second RTTY
contest. Did not intend to enter but had a few hours to play around.
Conditions were excellent. Hope they hold up for ARRL DX next weekend. Thanks
for the QSOs. 73 de NW3H Bill

Rig: IC-7600
Antenna: Mosley 32-a mini tribander
Carolina Windom for 40 meters
80 meter dipole.
LoggerL N3FJP NAQP Contest Log V 3.4
K6TIG   Single Op LP   2422014-02-22 20:37:00
Couldn't work the number of hours I would have liked. Life issues.
AA5AU   Single Op LP   236,0962014-02-22 20:39:36
Smashed the world record. Sure didn't see that coming. Now only if it holds up.
Been in this position before so not getting my hopes up. Was nice to have my
all time best score in NAQP RTTY.

Really nice activity. Fast and efficient operators made for a really fun
contest. Thanks to all!

73, Don AA5AU

Icom IC-756 PRO III 100 watts
Kenwood TS-870 100 watts
3-element SteppIR @ 45'
2-element SteppIR @ 35'
40 inverted vee @ 40'
80 inverted vee @ 40'
W6SX   Single Op HP   75,0002014-02-22 20:54:31

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, MMTTY and 2-Tone,
W7WHY   Single Op LP   14,4422014-02-22 21:00:27
This is one of my favorite contests, but the weather was just too good to stay
inside in front of the radio all day.

Decided to go to the park for a walk, and up the coast for some seafood. Made
points with the XYL :-)

Still have a really bad powerline noise that just about takes out 40 meters.
Only 3 Q's there.

Thanks for the Q's and 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT
Radio 2 FT-840

80 meters - 180 foot center fed zepp
40 meters - delta loop = zepp
20 meters - HB 2 em monobander
15 meters - zepp
10 meters - HB 2-el monobnder

N1MM 14.2.1
K4GMH   Single Op LP   147,9182014-02-22 21:10:00
Fun Contest. Good participation. Even worked a guy who said he was mobile as
he was driving around his farm operating RTTY!
K6GHA   Single Op LP   83,3672014-02-22 21:20:16
Like sailing, there were a few points where there was little wind (or few
Q’s). Tried to navigate around them and maybe should have planned dinner at a
better time.
Ended early and maybe too early for 80m, however had a good time and gave it an
honest effort.
K9NR   Single Op LP   107,2262014-02-22 21:24:12
Thanks for all the Q's!
73, Don K9NR
NX8G/5   Single Op LP   85,7152014-02-22 21:28:35
Operated from my winter home in Franklinton, Louisiana.

What a great contest! This is my best average rate ever for a contest. The
conditions were great and there were lots of participants. I saw some new
calls and even worked a new general class operator (/AG). My only regret is
not spending more time on 10 meters before the band closed.

Thanks to everyone for all the contacts.
N3QE   Single Op LP   95,6912014-02-22 21:29:29
Excellent high band and low band conditions!
ND3N   Single Op LP   13,4852014-02-22 21:33:27
For once everything worked right out of the box. Unfortunately, hunny-dooz
interrupted contesting, but I still got a few good hours pressing the macro
function keys....

Rig: Kenwood TS-590
Antennas: GAP Challenger used for 10, 15, 20, and 40 & Wires used for 40
and 80.
Logging S/W: Writelog V11.18C
KV4QS   Single Op LP   33,5402014-02-22 21:36:50
K3 / N1MM / 2Tone / MMTTY / 40 and 80m Delta Loops in Palm Trees

Many thanks for all of the Qs.

I had some RF issues on 80m that caused my laptop to completely lock up and
made it impossible to complete at least two QSOs . . . many apologies.

W9PA   Single Op LP   54,7302014-02-22 21:40:02
K2, P3, Center-Fed Doublet, Software: DXLog by 9A5K (
KCØW   Single Op LP   12014-02-22 21:40:31
Early on I decided my total number of Q's were gonna be all about symmetry, thus
the even number of Q's on the bands.

Problems with the 80 meter antennas but everything else was firing on all 12

Not sure if any other ND stations were represented in this one. I certainly
didn't hear/work any.

See ya next time,

Tom KC0W

As always, the KC0W contesting disclaimer:

*** I contest for the FUN of it from here in North Dakota & not to collect
awards, plaques or "wallpaper". I use my general logging program to
the total number of QSO's made & leave it at that. This is why I have no
information regarding my total number of mults or a final score. ***
K6LL   Single Op LP   191,1872014-02-22 21:47:57
Mismanaged my off time, but it was fun.
N6RNO   Single Op LP   5,7002014-02-22 21:54:27
Worked longer than I planned. Did not try and run. All S&P. Trying to
improve how I do S&P. Also, still getting familiar with K3+P3...
KU5B(@NX5M)   M/2 LP   339,1842014-02-22 22:00:50
Thanks to N5XJ and KJ5T for doing a good chunk of the operating. They did a
stellar job keeping BIC and running. NX5M joined us around 2230z and ran 80 for
all it was worth.

This was the first year we didn't have to completely re-configure the shack as
I recently got another Signalink USB for the FT-990 on the 15m station
position. After some re-wiring and additional engineering help from NX5M, we
got the Signalink working through the Packet jack just as the rest of the
radios are. I think this will probably be as far as I go with RTTY at the

Great weather and quiet bands made this pretty fun on the low bands. 40m seemed
like it had lower activity for some reason this time around. The station played
great with no major problems. N5XJ came up with a new term which we all found
amusing: the "dupiplier" wherein each dupe we worked was met with a
shout of 'dupiplier'.

For the second time in an NAQP RTTY, Win-Test and N6TV's #CLEARRIT script
caused a crash on the 15m station computer early in the contest. Removing all
#CLEARRIT scripts from the messages solved that problem. I thought I'd had this
nailed, but I suppose it's back to the drawing board.

4 x Signalink USB
2 x FT-1000MP MkV Field (Stn 4: 10/80, Stn 3: 20)
1 x FT-1000D (Stn 2: 40)
1 x FT-990 (Stn 1: 15)

Thanks for the Q's and the moves.

Colin KU5B
Mike N5XJ
Bob NX5M
Steve KJ5T
KQ6ES   Single Op LP   43,6562014-02-22 22:01:51
Good first hours on 10/15. 20 was difficult. Perhaps the very high noise on
40/80 is a permanent thing for me. I work what I can hear and hope for the
best. It's been a while since my last RTTY contest. I made several dumb
mistakes but they didn't affect the score much.

John kq6es
FT-1000MP - 100W
3-el tribander at 20ft
Butternut vertical
NY7N   Single Op LP   45,2762014-02-22 22:06:19
NAQPs are some of my favorite contests, and this one was no exception. Went
about 75/25 run/S&P and had a blast.

Station specs:

1 - 34 year old operator
1 - ~30 year old radio
1 - hardware store special homebrew 10m Moxon @ 17ft
1 - 4BTV, ground mounted, with ~30 radials (depending on how many the dog has
eaten this week)
1 - 80m inverted V with the peak at an S-meter shattering 20ft

Catch you in the next one.

73, Andy NY7N
VA7ST   Single Op LP   89,2622014-02-22 22:07:07
Bands were terrible from here -- especially disappointed in 80M, which was
totally flat near and far. Will be interesting to see how others fared there.

Still, third best-ever score and second best-ever mult total thanks to a little
bit of action on 10M and some good runs on 15M.

Thanks NCJ!

-- Bud VA7ST

NAQP Qs Mults Score (claimed)
2014 Feb 551 162 89,262 9.9 hrs
2013 Feb 502 144 72,288 9.5 hrs
2012 Feb 567 195 110,565 9.5 hrs
2011 Feb 522 150 78,300 10 hrs
2010 Feb 574 161 92,414 10 hrs
2009 Feb 367 122 44,774 9 hrs
2008 Feb 421 131 55,151
2007 Feb 454 134 60,836
2006 Feb 401 141 56,541
2005 Feb 420 142 59,640
2004 Feb 219 100 21,800
2003 Feb 191 87 16,616
K2PO   Single Op LP   211,2962014-02-22 22:07:10
My best score in an NAQP contest. (I was operating beyond my SO2R comfort
range, as many stations I fumbled can attest. But lots of fun.)

Tnx to all,

/Bill, K2PO
Portland, OR
KX7L   Single Op LP   29,7542014-02-22 22:08:27
Decided to enter at the last minute. I think this may be my first NAQP. Had a
K6TU   Single Op LP   100,3402014-02-22 22:08:33
FlexRadio 6700
SteppIR DB18E at 50', 80m broadband dipole at 50'
FlexControl & K6TU Control iPad App

Solid effort with full BIC time.
W5RU(K1DW)   Single Op LP   72,1602014-02-22 22:09:11
Lots of fun. Put in more time than I thought I could.

73 BCNU DE Dallas K1DW @ W5RU
WT9U   Single Op LP   11,3462014-02-22 22:10:10
Got home in time to operate the last three hours of the contest, wish I'd had
more time.
KD9MS   Single Op LP   54,5022014-02-22 22:12:55
Glad I could make this one. Awesome run on 80m, rate meter hit 277 a couple of
times, of course that's the one for the last 10 minutes, but it was nice to

This was fun but now I gotta stand up! Radios got hot during the run,
fortunately I keep a fan in the shack for just those occasions!


Craig KD9MS
WDØT   Single Op LP   43,8182014-02-22 22:13:01
A very casual contest, part time. Started about 2 hours late, so missed some 10
and 15m, Really fun to hear decent signals on 10m, and 15/20 were great here. My
antenna gets progressively worse as I work from 10 up to 80m due to its very low
height. Still a lot of fun, and relaxing.

Super to work a lot of the Thursday NS guys, N6RO, N9CK, N3QE, KI7Y, W7OM,
KU5B, and the Sprint guys K6LL, NR5M, etc.. And to work so many regulars and
new calls, a very enjoyable time. I know I missed some, my apologies guys.

I planned to spend a few hours, but actually spent much more than I intended
due to the enjoyment level.

Congrats to all the FB scores out there, super job!

73 Glory to God!

Todd WD0T

Rig: TS940s, Writelog, 100wts with MFJ tuner to an open wire fed Vee beam fixed
E/W with feedpoint at 25ft and ends at 6ft agl.. From the home QTH.
K6LRN   Single Op LP   108,6792014-02-22 22:14:23
Thanks all for the Qs.
K1SD   Single Op LP   76,0002014-02-22 22:19:30
SkyHawk @ 70', Inverted Vs.

73 James K1SD
WL7BDO   Single Op LP   7,2932014-02-22 22:25:07
Enjoyable Saturday afternoon.
KB4KBS   Single Op LP   21,2032014-02-22 22:32:18
Started late in the event and was interrupted several times. I ran on 20 and
then ran on 40, then swept the band of 40 before moving to 80 and running that
band until the end of the contest. I have finally made the transition to where
I prefer to run over S&P... although this contest is the great equalizer
with all of the amplifiers in stand-by mode.

Thanks to all for the Qs,


NA QSO RTTY - 2014-02-22 1800Z to 2014-02-23 0600Z - 234 QSOs

KB4KBS Max Rates >10 Min:
2014-02-23 0028Z - 1.2 per minute (10 minute(s)), 72 per hour by KB4KBS
2014-02-23 0546Z - 0.9 per minute (60 minute(s)), 54 per hour by KB4KBS

KB4KBS Runs >10 QSOs:

2014-02-22 2338 - 0059Z, 14082 kHz, 50 Qs, 36.8/hr KB4KBS
2014-02-23 0109 - 0207Z, 7081 kHz, 36 Qs, 36.9/hr KB4KBS
2014-02-23 0230 - 0257Z, 7081 kHz, 15 Qs, 32.8/hr KB4KBS
2014-02-23 0439 - 0512Z, 3583 kHz, 26 Qs, 48.1/hr KB4KBS
2014-02-23 0518 - 0542Z, 3583 kHz, 24 Qs, 58.4/hr KB4KBS
2014-02-23 0546Z - 05:59, 3583 kHz, 12 Qs, 52.3/hr

Total Time On 06:22 (382 mins)

Yaesu FT450D - 100W
G5RV at 9M
SignaLink USB
N1MM w/ FLDigi I/F
W4WWQ   Single Op LP   51,6522014-02-22 22:37:34
K3, P3, StepIR, 40/80 dipole. StepIR 180 switch sure is nice to enhance LP
operation. Missed ME VT DE MT IA and Canadian provences above boarder
sections. Started on 20, then 15, 10, 15, 20, 40, 80, 40, 80. Interesting how
fresh blood keeps showing up on lower bands near end. Band maps don't do any
good as the stations are replaced on same frequency and there is a tendancy to
tune past thinking you have worked them already. BIC much better this time.
NU2F(@W2FU)   M/2 LP   375,6002014-02-22 22:38:19
Conditions on 10 were a bit better this year, and really helped improve our
score. New op to our group, WA2TMC had to learn N1MM on the fly, but he did

Jeff - W2FU
W6PK   Single Op LP   4,3862014-02-22 22:38:23
Tnx for the QSOs!
VA2UP   Single Op LP   163,2512014-02-22 22:40:31
This was a lot of fun. Conditions were not too bad but I found it difficult to
get the mults. I think this is my 3rd attempt at NAQP and glad to have done
better than last year, I think I'm learning bit by bit how to play in this
Oh I see someone with a nice score in there ha ha, hope you get it Don!
73, Fabi va2up
NSØD   Single Op LP   78,8212014-02-22 22:43:50
Bands were in pretty good shape! All wires here, tried out a new one for 20m.
Got a late start as usual, but only an hour late this time. Thanks for all the
Q's, had fun, see you all next time!
WB6JJJ   Single Op LP   51,5902014-02-22 22:54:37
Another fine contest is in the bag.
Thanks for the contacts.
I missed a few states but that's OK - still fun.
NN6NN(W6XK)   Single Op LP   3,7312014-02-22 23:03:14
Radio died an hour and a half into the contest. Bummer!
K9YC   Single Op LP   114,1452014-02-22 23:07:23
I didn't start out very well, banging away on 10M for 30-40 minutes using my 80M
dipole as a TX antenna. Wondered why I wasn't making much smoke.

I remembered this contest as a bit low on participation, so didn't set up for
SO2R. That was a mistake, and SO2R would probably have netted 15-20% better
score. Oh well. Other than that, everything worked pretty well, and time my
breaks pretty well.

I sure wish all operators would put a space on each side of their call and
every element of the exchange. It really helps to separate them from random

73, Jim K9YC
K5ER   Single Op LP   68,1602014-02-22 23:14:35
Another fun contest. Been sitting on 49 states worked on rtty for well over a
year. As luck would have it, worked not one, but two Nebraska stations, and
they are both LOTW. Enough to make my day.
Station worked well, other than me fat-fingering the F-12 key a couple of
times and sending on the wrong radio. Nobody chastised me for it, so guess I
didn't sound too much like a lid.
Managed to stay in the chair long enough to have a decent score - just
hope it is enough to help the team.
See you in the next one.

Mark, K5ER
N6RO   M/2 LP   293,0762014-02-22 23:15:22
This was the first time in RTTY M2 at Radio Oakley, a learning/coaching
experience for all of us. We may be serious competition someday from what we
learned this time.

Used two K3 SO1V stations, N1MM/MMTTY, one decoder on each station, no spotting
RXs......Operated in shifts on the two stations. N6RO mostly watched the
Olympics on TV.

Very happy with the mults. We probably stayed on 10m too long at the expense
of 20m Qs. Low bands tough, but the last hour brought many Qs/mults on 80m;
the Sochi broadcast had ended in most of the country!

We would like to see this contest modernize by dropping the 10 minute rule for
M2, and allow/add assisted class for single ops. More fun for all!

Pls don't call us in ARRL SSB, unless you're DX!
NR5M   M/2 LP   356,5242014-02-22 23:38:12
What a blast! Thanks to Dale, KG5U, and Roy, AD5Q, for responding to a last
minute call for help. Dale had almost no rtty experience and Roy had none.
Both were great after the first few minutes of "I'm supposed to do what

Our exchanges weren't perfect--this was a learning experience. But everyone is
signed up for the next assault on the learning curve.

George, NR5M
K4VV(WØYR)   Single Op LP   4,9982014-02-23 01:25:49
Had but little time for this. Operated one of the K4VV positions remotely, from
the Purcellville, VA library. My web link at home is intermittent. Thanks to
Jack-K4VV for the use of his great station. Mike W0YR
AG2AA   Single Op LP   12,0082014-02-23 01:39:08
Spent a lot of prime radio time at a fund raiser for a cancer charity. It's a
small price to pay for a great cause and a low score.
W1EQ   Single Op QRP   21,5132014-02-23 02:00:28
K3, 3 Element Steppir and wires. I decided to give QRP a try. Stuggled a bit to
be heard on 80 and 40.
NA2M   Single Op LP   44,5252014-02-23 03:54:55
RIG: Elecraft K3 100W
Ant: R5 Vertical (20-15-10)
Inverted "L" (40)
Franklin (80)
WW4LL   Single Op LP   150,0352014-02-23 04:51:30
NAQPs are alway my favorite contest and participation was good. Thanks to
everyone for their participation.

73'...Fred, WW4LL
KD8MQ   Single Op LP   23,7542014-02-23 04:57:46
Last contest for me for a few months. Spring should arrive soon, so time to get
to work outside. N1MM gave me mult credit for Guadeloupe. I need to check the
rules, but I don't think that's correct.
But, I had a great time. Managed to work the last three for the digital side of
my Triple Play.
Cant wait till the next NAQP-RTTY. For trhe next one this summer, I'm going to
invite some of our local guys who have expressed interest to the shack to
operate. Maybe we'll get a few new contesters out of it. 73 all!
K4GM   Single Op LP   41,0642014-02-23 04:59:25
At the moment have only an off center fed dipole but managed a fair number of
Qs. Lots of fun as always.
N2NF   Single Op LP   73,7282014-02-23 05:49:07
Finally fixed my 40M & 80M antenna to get back on these bands. 40 working
very nice. 80 the jury is still out. Some tweaking needed. Overall band
conditions not bad. Did not spend much time on 10M.
73, Bob
WB2RHM   Single Op LP   49,2662014-02-23 05:50:19
K1RO   Single Op LP   131,4722014-02-23 05:53:28
First time I've operated NAQP RTTY more than a couple hours...that was fun.
Missed quite a few band multipliers that are normally pretty easy, especially
from W1/2/3.

TS-590S, FT-1000D, low dipoles
VA3PC   Single Op LP   1,7002014-02-23 05:54:04
Just a couple hours to play before attending a retirement function for VE3PUP.
W4BQF   Single Op LP   13,7252014-02-23 06:05:40
80M was VERY noisy! Most other bands were good, especially 40.
Thanks for the Q's and 73,

Tom - W4BQF
W6SFK   Single Op LP   100,0502014-02-23 06:34:38
FTdx5000 DB42
K4FJ   Single Op LP   73,1542014-02-23 06:34:46
10/15 seemed poor. Activity on 80 was much less than before.
WØETT   Single Op LP   48,8402014-02-23 06:47:11
Made some QSOs in the recent WPX RTTy for practice so thought I'd give the NAQP
RTTY a try for first real effort on this mode. Nice to hear most of GMCC team
members making a lot of contacts. After a mis-start at the beginning, finally
got the system to work and soon was in a rhythm with S&P only. Will try to
figure out how to call CQ for next time.

73 Ken, W0ETT
Parker CO
N2FF   Single Op LP   12,3582014-02-23 06:53:57
Ten and 15 were a disappointment. Not enough stations there.
Or did folks just get into the contest late? 20 and 40 seemed to
be where the action was. I wound up throwing in the towel
and heading for bed early. I guess I ran out of steam. The polar
vortexs have worn me down. I am loosing patience waiting for the
driveway glacier to melt on the sunless side of my house.
KØYQ   Single Op LP   42,6002014-02-23 07:01:50
Mile Hi #2. Missed all afternoon but nice conditions and lots of activity when I
was able to participate.
WR3T   Single Op LP   10,5002014-02-23 07:02:37
I didn't realize that I had 40 and 20 split so evenly. Time was limited because
of guests coming and going, but the results are respectable. Had some decent
runs and just about all the 40m contacts were from a single run.
VE4EAR   Single Op LP   113,6002014-02-23 07:03:20
Only managed 7 hours, missed the prime 40 and 80m times due to other

Amazing what you can work with a vertical and some wire with 100W. The 20/15/10
beam is out of operation until I can get up to the top to repair a damaged balun
and/or rotator loop. It has been too cold or windy to climb the last 2 months.

The lower 4 feet of the Steppir vertical are buried in snow. Used the 80m
sloper and a tuner to work the second radio.

Wish I could have put in the other 3 hours!

WS7L   Single Op LP   4,8482014-02-23 07:03:44
Short and sweet.

K3 + N1MM
HB 20 m monobander 3 el on 16 ft boom up 35 ft.
K5ND   Single Op QRP   27,3702014-02-23 07:09:09
Thanks for working my QRP signal. Elecraft K3/P3 into vertical antennas. Running
VE9AA   Single Op LP   8,7842014-02-23 07:09:56
Time, propagation, honey-do's and an earache all conspired against me.
Still, was able to put in nearly 3 hours in this one to give the deserving 'NB'

Playing around only, ~75% running.

My ever present complaint about the NAQP's (regardless of mode) is that it is
blantantly obvious some are running obtuse amounts of power. When a station
from the Midwest or zero land is 20/dB over S9 here and I am beamed right at
him running 100w and don't even get a QRZ, then you do the math.

Other than that, it was fun saying hello to old and new friends, swapping mults
with folks and keeping 1 eye on the TV (Olympics).....


Mike VE9AA IC7410 (50w-100w depending on how many CQ's I had issued in a row!)
5el on 10m, HF9V on the other CM500 headphones, but laying on the
desk due to an earache.
W9RE   Single Op LP   22,1452014-02-23 07:11:04
Used a K3 manually and TRlog to log Q's and it was good paddle practice. Seemed
to go a lot better then last time for me as far as tuning in stations by ear and
I was able run more. I ran into 3 stations that did not give my call ever in
their exchange until I kept asking for them to include my call. I was 99% sure
we were working each other but, was I correct in asking for it? I just don't
quite like it enough to make any advancement/changes and only get on to help
the SMC with the challenge cup.

I admire the high scoring stations because I spent a lot of time for my 200
K3AJ   Single Op LP   67,3482014-02-23 07:17:21
First time in NAQP RTTY. Just like the other NAQP's, lots of activity. Very
K3WA   Single Op LP   11,5502014-02-23 07:21:45
A couple of hours of fun.
NR4M   Single Op LP   58,2252014-02-23 07:22:48

Need L-O-W-E-R antennas on the high bands.

Thanks for the Q's.

73 de Steve, NR4M
W2GR   Single Op LP   66,3522014-02-23 07:24:24
Got a late start and wished I could have spent more time on 10m...Had fun at a
relaxed pace..Thanks for all the contacts!
WA1ZAM   Single Op LP   16,3242014-02-23 07:29:12
had fun handing out the VT mult to a few guys single-op single-radio
K7LY   Single Op LP   37,5572014-02-23 07:36:26
Only my second RTTY contest. Learned a lot about my software and general
operating. Score was low as I went to 20M to late...but I had fun. Using
tribander and wires.
Tnx for the Q's.
K3GP   Single Op LP   48,3002014-02-23 07:51:57
Got a late start - had to reconfigure from SO2R to single radio due to a
(hardware? / software?) glitch that refused to key my second SignaLink (a
configuration that worked fine two weeks ago for CQ WPX). C'Est La Vie! Still
put in the full 10 hours.
W7LD   Single Op LP   55,2162014-02-23 08:01:52
KØRFD   Single Op LP   102,9602014-02-23 08:09:28
Great fun! I took my dinner break at the wrong time and didn't spend enough
time on 40. Thanks everyone for the QSOs (and the fills late at night).
WN6K   Single Op LP   89,4002014-02-23 08:22:22
Conditions were fairly good. I think I shortened the exchange as much as I could
to maximize the listening to transmit ratio but boy some of these folks call you
back with almost a minute and half's a contest gang.

Getting just a hair under 60 Qs per hour for the entire contest was satisfying
and I NEVER left the chair during the ENTIRE 10 straight hours. I decided to
sit it out in a single run (&quot;Let's Get This Over With!&quot;) and as a
general plan, it worked fairly well.

Still missed too many states for even one mult but holding the rate up was more
important in the scoring effort.

About once every 2-3 years, I work a friend of mine, who was an engineer for
the State Division of Dams, on 10m SSB from his car in some contest but during
the tail of the contest out he pops from the mud on 40m with his 50w/no-antenna
at-home signal - that was priceless Jim.
WN6K, Paul
N5AW   Single Op LP   46,9912014-02-23 08:26:10
Mostly just looking for states to complete RTTY single band WAS awards with
LOTW. Getting closer (20 meters complete). Please put your logs on LOTW!
W1AW/8(AA8R)   Single Op LP   79,0002014-02-23 08:29:06
This is a CHECKLOG. Had fun with the pileups. Thanks for the Q's.

Randy, AA8R
N2MM   Single Op LP   48,8402014-02-23 08:36:49
Semi-serious effort, numerous distractions. Now fostering an 11 month,
smart,pure-bred Boston Terrier. Copies CW at 28wpm. Not so good at RTTY or SSB.
Anyone want to adopt? She doesn't chew cables!
W4EE   M/2 LP   35,0002014-02-23 08:40:04
TS-440S es G5RV
N1MM logger
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim
KB7V   Single Op LP   15,4802014-02-23 08:53:51
Rig: FT-2000
Ant: Half-square (10m), Vertical (15m, 20m), Inverted-L (40m, 80m)

I had a really nice time working this with RTTY. I ran casually but did
operate in both S&amp;P and Run modes. I started using WinTest this year and am
really getting the hang of it. The MMTTY integration works very well.
Band conditions were very good and I was able to easily work the east coast
(New England to Florida)from southern California using low power and modest
antennas on all bands 10 down to 80.
Thanks to all who worked me and hope to cuagn in the next one!

73 de Paul KB7V
KS4L   Single Op LP   20,1002014-02-23 09:10:30
Elecraft K3/100; 80m Inverted Vee at 45&quot;; 44' vertical dipole. Fun and
mesmerizing activity! Thanks for the Qs.
AE7DW   M/2 LP   25,8942014-02-23 09:13:38
TX: FT897 @100W
ANT: JTV680 @~25'(rooftop)
W4ML(@W4MYA)   M/2 LP   155,2442014-02-23 09:27:28
Run em
Erick and Bob
AF9J   Single Op QRP   3,9222014-02-23 09:35:25
RTTY done QRP is tough going. Results were OK om all bands except 40, where my
stealth antenna setup doesn't perform too well.

Ellen - AF9J
N2BJ   Single Op LP   55,9862014-02-23 09:35:51
P/T Wife recuperating from surgery 2 weeks ago and fell yesterday so very P/T
broke her foot and ankle last night had to do time in Emergency room!
AC2FA   Single Op LP   1082014-02-23 09:41:42
K2 @ 80 watts. Not any time for this one sadly. Thanks for the Q's.

WØLSD   Single Op LP   197,6862014-02-23 10:21:44
I was going to do a Multi with 2 new hams but they never showed. The station is
now configured for Multi and not SO2R @ 1800 utc. (One rig not in arms length)
Instead of just bagging the contest, I used the remote keyboard, mouse and
monitor to operate the 2nd radio. I decided to just RUN and not S&amp;P since
conditions seemed pretty good and the rate was steady. In the end, I should
have not spent so much time on 10, but gone to 20 earlier and moved to 40/80
earlier too. With about 30 minutes left of the 10 hours, I needed 45 Qs to make
1000, my all time best. The runs on 40 and 80 were great and actually surpassed
the 1000 mark. However, you can see the multiplier section is really poor, so
no S&amp;P looking for mults killed me on the final score. Thanks for all the
Qs. Exchanges seem to really be tightening up. Many good ops showing up.

Two 756pro3
Tribander at 90' and 3 ele STEPPIR at 50 feet
40 meter beam at 90' and sloping dipoles for 80
KB2HSH   Single Op QRP   2,9112014-02-23 10:26:03
Nice little QSO party. Worked W1AW on 3 bands. I felt the &quot;radio
magic&quot; when I saw the exchange as &quot;Hiram FL&quot;. Nice to see the
&quot;Old Man's&quot; callsign out on my screen.

73 de Springbrook, NY!
WI9WI   Single Op LP   6,5282014-02-23 10:35:55
After operating nearly 70 hours in the past two weeks in PJ2, including 24 in
the WPX RTTY contest, I didn't have the mojo to put more than a token effort
into this one.

K3 50 watts
low dipole for 40 and 80


KB5JC   Single Op LP   43,1882014-02-23 10:47:12
Great Contest - Great fun!
WB6CZG   Single Op LP   3,8282014-02-23 10:54:06
My first RTTY contest. At first I had a difficult time figuring out how to setup
the messages in Write-log and using MTTY. It was extremely frustrating. Then the
light bulb came on. However my TS2000 does not provide adequate filtering for
RTTY or I just don't understand how to set it up (which is probably the case.).
K7SV   Single Op LP   89,2622014-02-23 10:57:32
First time using SO2R on RTTY. I can see why folks say RTTY is the natural (and
easy) mode for SO2R. My only SO2R antenna is a 20M dipole at 45 feet, 200 feet
away from the prime antennas. Most of my 20M Qs were from CQing with it. It's
quite effective, but I need to get a gain antenna for the three high bands in
place for SO2R. Mid-day activity seemed to drop but picked up in the evening.
I'm noticing a trend of increasing contesting by the Quebec folks as has
happened with the Ontario group. Now that I think about it Manitoba has been
quite well represented in recent events as well. KC0W's ND presence is also
noticed in a loud way! I really appreciate all participation! Now to see how
the SMC/NCCC/PVRC rivalry turns out!
N6GEO   M/2 LP   56,1542014-02-23 11:09:35
This was a last minute setup, which in the end turned out quite well despite a
number of minor amplifier overheats &amp; antenna glitches.

We ran a pair of FLEX 1500's each through a pair of amps into a TH-3jr @ 20'
and a 6-BTV Vertical w/blown 40-m trap - thankfully we were able to press an
MFJ Loop antenna into service on 40-m.

The N1MM + PowerSDR software integrated flawlessly this time around - the trip
to St. Croix as WQ6X/WP2 last month allowed N6GEO to perfect the integration of
the two.

20-meters started off as a disappointment only to come back and then become a
disappointment again. The 6-BTV did surprisingly well on 80-m and 15-meters in
the afternoon, considering the iffy A &amp; K indexes.
KE8M   Single Op LP   46,4102014-02-23 11:14:22
NAQPRTTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2014-02-22

CallSign Used : KE8M
Operator(s) : KE8M

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : dave OH
Gridsquare : EN81RQ

ARRL Section : OH
Club/Team : None
Software : N1MM Logger V14.1.1

Band QSOs Pts Sec Mt2
3.5 80 80 33 0
7 121 121 45 0
14 56 56 23 1
21 56 56 21 1
28 44 44 8 1
Total 357 357 130 3

Score : 47,481
Rig : Kenwood TS 2000 @ 35-50W + N1MM + MMVARI
Antennas : 10M - Hy Gain LJ 105CA @ 45 ft
15M - Hy Gain LJ 155CA @ 42 ft
20M - Dipole @ 40 ft
40M - full size ground plane @ 25 ft
40M - vertical quad loop fed horizontal 10 ft abv ground NE-SW
80M - full size ground plane 120 radials

Soapbox :
W4GV   Single Op LP   84,2032014-02-23 11:19:28
Thanks everyone for the Qs.
Ran out of steam towards the end of the contest and had to take an unscheduled
break. 10M was okay but the other bands were better, especially 20 and 40.
Wish the propagation gods had decided to work well this weekend.
Station: FTDX-9000D, Mosley Pro-67B, crossed 80M dipoles, microHam DigiKeyer
II, PalStar HF-Auto antenna tuner, Writelog Ver 11.15A
WB4YDL   Single Op LP   101,3862014-02-23 11:42:51
As usual, this was a lot of fun and conditions were quite favorable. 40M and 80M
were in good shape.

73, Jamie
N3BUO   Single Op LP   20,3352014-02-23 11:59:10
Due to a unexpected family commitment, I could operate for 3.75 Hours. Here's
the results:
AL9A   Single Op LP   3,2642014-02-23 12:11:55
Sorry to let SMC #4 down, but this just wasn't the day to do a contest from AK!
Propagation stunk big time due to multiple recent CME's that drove the A index
through the roof. It has since decreased, but the propagation is still slow to

Bigger problem was my over achiever granddaughter who was participating in the
local school district Speech Contest on Sat. That ate up most of the day. She
was entered in 4 separate speaking categories and placed 1st in three of them
and 2nd in the last one! Hey, another contester in the family! Now to get her
interested in radio.

By the time we got home I had only an hour or so for a few QSOs before we had
to head out for a celebration dinner. After returning home I cleaned up the
dregs of what was left on 40M before the band died out. We'll be gone on
vacation for the July NAQP RTTY so this was my only shot this year. Bummer.
W6YX   M/2 LP   313,9682014-02-23 12:20:19
We finished with 99.8% of the old (last Feb) M/2 record, and our
highest Multiplier count ever, but not enough to beat the rapidly
increasing (and well-deserved) scores of the tough competitors.

We had a great equipment lineup, with two Elecraft K3s and two
Yaesu FT-1000MPs. Each station had both MMTTY and 2Tone decoders
running, and our Writelog setup has been incrementally improved
for years. In 12 hrs, only one software problem with the program
closing and having to be restarted and reconnected, during which
I lost one person who had been calling - Sorry! I hope you got us

The antenna setup gave us a few problems, with too much power line
noise being picked up on the C-31xr, and feedlines disconnected or
moved on a couple other antennas.

The operator lineup was fantastic, with at least three people all
day, so we could have 2 ops running, and 1 searching for Multipliers.
Thank you to the people who moved to other bands when requested - it
really makes the operators happy when a QSYer shows up! K6UFO and
ND2T started the running, and both stayed all day! N6DB, K6SF, NF1R
all put in good sessions during the daytime. AA6XV worked a couple
QSOs to get the participation points for the NCCC. KZ2V arrived late
afternoon and stayed with us to the end.

Good activity: 3 good hours on 10m, 5 good hrs on 15m, 20m, and 40m.
Even 80m was acceptable at the end. We'll have to figure out how to
operate faster, with fewer fills to increase our score. Thanks for
all the contacts!

W6YX Stanford University Amateur Radio Club

Tribanders: Force 12 C-31XR at 60ft, Mosley Pro-57
10m: 6 el yagi at 70 ft, 5 el yagi at 30 ft
15m: 6 el yagi at 70 ft, 5 el yagi at 25 ft
20m: 6 el yagi at 60 ft, 5 el yagi at 36 ft
40m: 4 el yagi at 60 ft, inverted vee at 50 ft
80m: inverted vees at 50 ft
Beverage receiving antennas

Elecraft K3s
Yaesu FT-1000MP and MarkV
Writelog networked
MMTTY and 2Tone decoders.

QSO by hour and band.
80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm
18Z - - - 85 88 173 173
19Z - - - 70 55 125 298
20Z - - 20 67 25 112 410
21Z - - 6 54 45 105 515
22Z - - 61 38 - 99 614
23Z - - 61 26 - 87 701
00Z ---+- 20 64 12 ---+- 96 797
01Z - 41 59 - - 100 897
02Z - 60 30 - - 90 987
03Z 14 71 14 - - 99 1086
04Z 47 59 - - - 106 1192
05Z 44 30 - - - 74 1266

Total: 105 281 315 352 213
WA8RPK   Single Op LP   1,5392014-02-23 12:21:10
I do the best I can, its getting hard, but love it until I go to the big sky.

K4FTO   Single Op LP   6,2002014-02-23 12:25:48
Shared time with the CQWW160SSB contest.
KC9QQ   Single Op LP   10,2002014-02-23 13:44:57
This was only the second time I have operated RTTY. It was great fun.

N6ZFO   Single Op LP   20,2652014-02-23 14:53:01
With only a short time available I swept through the bands quickly, just
catching the end of 10m. The bonus of following the crowd down-band is some
very good rates . . a couple times the rate meter hit 140. Had to quit too
early for 80m. Got a few 599's, and one or two who responded &quot;TU BILL . .
.&quot; but in general ops were proficient and fun to work. Glad to catch Hiram
on a couple bands from FL.

73 Bill n6zfo
KØWA   Single Op LP   69,5132014-02-23 15:18:39
Had a rocky start. Station did not want to cooperate. After troubleshooting, I
was on the air. Always a nice contest and you can do what you want and as long
as you want. Love the NAQP format
W3DQ   Single Op LP   7592014-02-23 15:24:57
First time using N1MM for RTTY. A bit of a learning curve, especially in the
middle of another contest (CQ160)! Not sure if I want to put myself through
this again!

Eric W3DQ

Location: Washington, DC
Multiplier: Maryland

Orion 565
Force 12 C3-SS
KC2WUF   Single Op LP   31,0882014-02-23 15:32:53
50W FT-950 w/ SignaLink USB 40/10-meter dipole
W3FIZ   Single Op LP   72,0482014-02-23 16:00:09
Had a good time and good luck to all the top scores.
N5RN   Single Op LP   51,5002014-02-23 16:25:11
Had a blast. Wish I had more time to participate. Didn't get to spend as much
time on 20 as I had wanted. Thanks for the all the Qs! See you in July!
WA9IVH   Single Op LP   38,1602014-02-23 18:28:05
Forgot how fast you can go with a short exchange and (mostly)strong signals.

Still looking for Kansas and Missouri on 10.

73, Mark WA9IVH
WØBH   Single Op LP   6,1042014-02-23 19:46:25
Limited time but great fun! Thanks for the Qs ...

73, Bob, w0bh
ACØC   Single Op LP   24,1562014-02-23 21:40:35
NAQP RTTY - Always a blast!

Thanks for the QSOs.

N9IO   Single Op LP   9,3812014-02-23 21:51:26
Although the was the NAQP, I managed to work some new DXCC band modes.
JA, CE, CM, PY, KP4, VE and UA9.
That was a lot of fun!
W4JAM   Single Op LP   51,9232014-02-24 05:30:35
Was fun, did some running on 40, all others S&amp;P.
NN4RB   Single Op LP   14,0282014-02-24 06:57:35
Total time was 8:26 hours. I started late because of the nice day and working
in the yard. Ran only a little bit, but I had fun playing with the radio. I
added a 500 Hz filter in the upper IF. It may not have affected the decoding,
however it did help me because I was not overwhelmed with all the tones from
multiple stations nearby.
KO7X   Single Op LP   13,9232014-02-24 07:01:07
I have to get reacquainted with N1MM/MMTTY. Next time....
KJ4LTA   Single Op LP   6902014-02-24 08:33:28
Had new computer problems, and a late start, but still had fun!
WA7LNW   Single Op LP   171,7372014-02-25 09:59:20
Last minute opening in my Saturday schedule allowed me to put in a full effort.
Normally I enjoy participating as Arizona Outlaws Contest Club team member.
Appears SO2R is required to be competitive.

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
K4RO   Single Op LP   16,1072014-03-04 10:46:00
Confirmation #: 1476766.naqp-rtty