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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2011   1300Z Oct 26   Comment Summary

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KØRF   Single Op HP   2,7002011-10-26 07:03:56
Should have done better. Lots of regulars not around.

GWØETF   Single Op LP   9002011-10-26 07:05:05
Good to have 15m and 10m available but thought 10m would be better...

K3 to a 100ft doublet
W1UU   Single Op QRP   6162011-10-26 07:14:46
OK1DIG on 3 bnads was nice! JA1NUT on 20 answerd my CQ (one of about 10 CQs
since I search and pounce). K6RB on 40 was the only left coaster, even though
N6DGW was calling CQs on 20. You guys have to get up early! Ten was open to
Europe but only made 2 QSOs. Also had to dodge some of the DXpeditions. Yes,
Anders, 5 watts to Ground Plane. Again I heard your delayed long path echo on
USØMF   Single Op LP   1,0402011-10-26 07:17:14
Good conest! nice condx 21mhz....4el yagi & 100wtts FT1000MP markV field
OH2BN   Single Op HP   2892011-10-26 07:22:20
73 Jarmo OH2BN
CWops #135
OK1DIG   Single Op HP   1,9612011-10-27 02:40:55
Nice to take part in CWT after a longer break.
Good to see that the CWops community is increasing,
however the activity could be higher in recent high
Sun activity.

73's Dan #870