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CQMM DX Contest   2013   Apr 20   Comment Summary

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N4DU   SOAB HP   27,0682013-04-20 18:23:43
A3S tri-bander at 45 ft and 500w

thanks for the qso's.
KCØW   SOAB HP   12013-04-21 09:33:11

Fun contest with an unbelievably simple exchange, hihi...........Good signals
from Europe, not so much so from SA.

As always, the KC0W contesting disclaimer:

*** I contest for the FUN of it from here in North Dakota & not to collect
awards, plaques or "wallpaper". I use my general logging program to
the total number of QSO's made & leave it at that. This is why I have no
information regarding my total number of mults or a final score. ***

Tom KC0W

Z39A   SOSB/20 LP   17,7002013-04-21 11:19:11
First time ever in this one. 73 and CU in the next contest.
Chris, Z39A
OK8DD   SOAB LP   104,0602013-04-21 14:06:40
20,15,10: ECO Asay Tribander
80,40: Linear loaded vertical (PA3HBB idea

Many thanks for the QSOs

73, Romas - OK8DD
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SOAB LP   23,4912013-04-21 14:38:41
The easiest band to work SA station from here is 10m but there was deep QSB as
usual so it took longer to complete QSO even exchange is simple and static.
Some participants did not indicate which contest he/she is in while calling CQ,
so I wait to hear which exchange was sent. Then I change logging program
setting, call him/her then he/she sent different type of exchange.....seems
this station send 001 to YU station, state/province to QSO party station,
continent to all other station, on the fly. Other station gave out all possible
exchange in one QSO. I would like to see some coordination between contest
organizers to harmonize exchange in same weekend.

Anyway, thanks for copying my weak signal!

73 Kazu
PY2KC   SOSB/15 LP   94,1602013-04-21 15:18:11
Kenwood TS 870
Spider beam 18 meters hight

Very nice meet old freinds in contest!

CQ MM is great contest .

Araucaria DX Group

Join us in facebook:
K3MD   SOAB HP   405,7902013-04-21 16:01:59
QRM from YU DX contest being concurrent was a real problem. Heard AA3B giving
out continent and YU DX number with each QSO. New FTDX-5000D out-played my old
K4AMA   SOAB LP   6,1742013-04-21 16:53:57
Enjoyed this very much. Had limited time enjoyed running through searching for
pfx's... Looking forward to giving this a big effort next year.
Thanks for the Q's!
73, Tony K4AMA
VE9AA   SOAB HP   141,2502013-04-21 17:06:06
IC-7410 or IC-746
WinKeyer USB, Bencher Paddles
Heil BM-10
HF Help: MLA-2500 (sometimes, depends on contest)
6m Help: SB-226 (King conversions Heathkit)
2m Help: VE1RG(sk) homebrew ~ 500w
2m: 17B2 or M2-15el
4m: (yes, 4m), RX only 6el from
6m: A50-6S @ 24\'
10m: Wire ground plane, base @ 25\' or LJ-105CA @ 25\'
15m: Wire Ground plane for 40m band, base @ 15\'
20m: Wire Ground plane for 80m band (5/16th wave on 80m), base @ 4\'
40m: Wire Ground plane, base @ 15\'
80m: Wire Ground plane, base @ 4\'
160m: Wire Inverted L (more like inverted U) base @ 1\' (50x1/4wl
73 de Mike VE9AA
PP1CZ   SOAB HP   707,2552013-04-21 17:08:45
Hello guys.
Nice Contest.
CQMM is becoming to be one of the major Contest.
Thank you for the QSOs and if you didn't join this party, be ready to next
year, when I hope to copy you on the Bands.
Best 73 from PP1CZ - Leo.
PW2D(PY2ZXU)   SOSB/10 HP   387,7502013-04-21 17:14:36
Mamiro, PY2DM, thanks again for the use of your fine station. Raw score above
record but I will lose a lot as stations probably mixed up the different
contests during this weekend. Thanks for all that gave me a call and answered
my S&P.
LU1FAM   SOAB LP   446,8202013-04-21 17:23:01
Thank you for the qsos!

50% of the qsos were made with EU, 24% with SA and 22% with NA

QSL via: AC7DX or LoTW
Soft: N1MM
Rig: TS440s 100W Inrad CW Filters
Antenna: TA-33 (10-15-20) - Cyclomatic Inverted V (40m)

CU in WPX CW from LT1F

Lucas LU1FAM
PY2RX   SOAB LP   31,4232013-04-21 17:31:22
Final de semana complicado, muitos compromissos, soh no domingo deu para brincar
um pouco e para variar o mister murphy apareceu la na antena de 40 e 15 metros.
De qualquer maneira deu para brincar um pouco e dar nossa contribuicao.

73 a todos e parabens.
K1QO   SOAB LP   66,5342013-04-21 17:34:55
CQMMDX Score Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2013-04-20

CallSign Used : K1QO
Operator(s) : K1QO

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : NAY
Gridsquare : FN42LU

Name : Ann Byers
Address : 8 Bartlett Street
City/State/Zip : Newton NH 03858
Country : USA

ARRL Section : NH
Software : N1MM Logger V12.12.2

Band QSOs Pts Pfx
3.5 1 10 0 0
7 46 260 6 6
14 108 381 11 25
21 34 141 11 10
28 12 61 7 2
Total 201 853 35 43

Score : 66,534
Rig : K3 @ 100 Watts

Antennas : OCF Dipole @ 35'

Soapbox :
This is such a great contest and a great group!!! One of
the few big contests I feel comfortable calling cq...lots of op's are
patient. And it's nice YL's are worth extra point along with groups and
it adds interest to the contest. I'm a tiny station with a OCF Dipole at 35'
and 100 watts and I took this up late in life so my cw is a work in progress
it's great to be in a contest with such a nice group and be able
to call cq for short periods of time. I sent my exchange (5nn NAY NAY)
twice hoping everyone would catch the extra points...hope everyone logged it!!!
Thanks CWJF 73/88!!!!
CE1CRG   SOSB/10 LP   20,0222013-04-21 17:57:45
Gracias al cerco elèctrico de mi vecino, el ruido hizo imposible trabajar el
KCØDEB   SOAB LP   2,3802013-04-21 18:02:13
Part-Time effort, enjoyed 10m !

Band QSOs Pts Pfx
21 8 21 0 8
28 19 64 16 4
Total 27 85 16 12
Score: 2,380
PY2EX   SOAB HP   728,4122013-04-21 18:02:54
VA7ST   SOAB LP   10,2602013-04-21 18:52:12
Very casual, part-time effort while getting the new shack computer up and
running. Everything works FB under Win8, but only after two days and nights of
installing and configuring the build from scratch. Now set for another 10 years
of contesting :)

After living without a working serial port PCI card, I again have two real
serial ports for FSK (important for BARTG75), leaving just rig control on
USB-to-Serial cables. Worky worky. And fast as all get out (i7 3770K aboard...
overkill today means just about right in a year or so). The old machine
(Pentium D) was getting a bit too old to seamlessly run SO2R RTTY and all the
other work-stuff I need active during a contest weekend.

SP DX RTTY and Florida QSO Party next weekend. Will get on after dark, as
spring has arrived and the lawns, lawn tractor, and winter tires need

Thanks for the Qs. See you out there again next time.

-- Bud VA7ST
XV4Y   SOAB LP   5,2482013-04-21 19:15:47
Average condx but several good DXs to work. Nice contest.
NG7Z   SOAB HP   56,6372013-04-21 21:33:51
Thanks for the contacts during difficult propagation conditions. I was surprised
by the apparent lack of diversity in SA countries who participated. Mostly
Brazil and Argentina stations worked at this end. Perhaps it was better in
other parts of the US. I was pleased to work Walt LW3EX who was QRP on 3 bands.
On two occasions with the antenna pointed at SA, I heard faint signals calling
me. Once I could make out the prefix, it turned out they were EU stations so I
turned the antenna north and picked up a couple of mults. Despite the
challenges, it was another fun contest and I look forward to next year.
73 Paul NG7Z
K6CSL   SOAB LP   3912013-04-22 03:40:16
Band conditions seemed to be poor compared to last year when I made 33 Q's in
about the same time. I was certainly hoping to do better. Bert, K6CSL
W1END   SOAB LP   10,6082013-04-22 04:39:27
What a busy weekend. Contests galore. Hadn't planned to operate in this one
but after returning from a 5-mile road race Sunday afternoon I had to do
something to unwind. Amazing how much good DX I was able to find. Sorry I
couldn't put in more time. Thanks to all.

Eldon - W1END
C4Z(5B4AIZ)   SOAB HP   254,7002013-04-22 05:00:46
Several enjoyable operating spells over the weekend.
Band cndx not great, short sporadic openings to different eu areas on both 10
& 15 both days. Almost nil NA on 10 both days.

20 mtrs was noisey with atmospheric disturbance so i spent little time there,
there were many times too when 10mtrs suffered solar noise and yet, at the same
time, 15 was quiet - figure that out.

15 was the money band. At all times propagation to SA was great, just wish
there were more stns active from there. NA was pretty much only east coast
first day but few in numbers, not so strong but N4BP and N2MM were there all
the time which makes me think most guys were busy in the Stateside qso parties.
Sunday there was a good couple of hours opening to all NA areas, again weak but
copiable and it was great to make it with qrp ops from mid west and west coast
- well done fellers.

It's great to have a contest with a different twist and the addition of bonus
points for QRP and YL plus organising group members makes it more tricky to get
all of the exchange in the qsb cndx which prevailed throughout the event,
especially so when you get impatient tailenders! I logged YL ops from all
continents, even YB! Congrats to N2MM for her great submitted score.

First time doing this and I enjoyed it, shame so many contests on at the same
time which must be to the detriment of all, but I will hope to give it a
serious bash next time around.

I didn't set up the logger scoring for the bonus /M, /Q, /Y so the final score
will look a bit different but I will let the contest logging robot sort that
out from my cabrillo.

TS570 + Acom 1010. 3Ele Yagi up 15mtrs. Logging with 'SD'

73 Brian 5B4AIZ.
S56A   SOAB LP   170,9562013-04-22 05:29:52
Enjoyed working many SA CW stations and DXCC mults. Claimed score mixed up in
N1MM Logger headlines but it was fun despite Sunday evening QRN.

Obrigado & 73 de Mario, S56A
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SOAB LP   180,3042013-04-22 06:43:39
Rig: K3 Elecraft running 90 Watt
Ant 20mtr Longwire as Inverted-L up 12mtr

A little mess with all the different contests running the same time but that
was just another challenge :o)
Many rare prefixes from SA.
Thanks everybody for a nice contest.
Best 73 de OU2I/Henning
PW2F(PY2NA)   SOAB HP   1,283,9372013-04-22 12:45:18
3el triband (3DX3)@ 13M
40 and 80 dipole "V" @ 11M
Alpha 91 500~700W
PY6TS   SOAB HP   141,0102013-04-22 15:51:20
Parabéns ao CWFJ por mais este vitorioso Conteste. Até 2014.
73 e boa sorte a todos.
PR7AR   SOSB/20 HP   178,7882013-04-22 16:25:10
JG1VGX/M   SOAB LP   2072013-04-23 01:27:41
S&P'd only at odd times while participating WAPC when BY stations dried out
for me.

TRX: IC-706mkII @50W
Ant: 1.7m long baseloading mobile whip
QTH: Koto-ku, Tokyo
Logging: 1.1.13
PR7AB   SOSB/40 LP   63,3082013-04-23 06:48:16
Dipole antenna wire
N5AW   SOAB LP   49,8962013-04-23 09:30:31
Came down with some sort of bug early Sunday morning cutting my contest
operation short. Too bad as conditions were pretty good, especially on the low
K4BAI   SOAB HP   118,4492013-04-23 12:54:10
FT1000MP, Alpha 91b, 500-1200W, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Good activity
from all over the world. Very enjoyable contest. Thanks for all QSOs. Will
be QRV this coming weekend in the FLA QSO Party with K5YAA as K5YAA/M. 73,
John, K4BAI.
PR2W(PT2AW)   SOAB LP   230,6762013-04-23 16:08:56
Such a great contest to join! I had a very nice weekend. Thank you all and I
hope we'll find the same fun next year.

PR2W (PT2AW) - Paulo.
T6MO(K9GY)   SOAB LP   21,9122013-04-24 09:39:36
Score manually computed... No WriteLog module for MM. Nice to see YL + QRP
stations getting higher points. MM has an easy exchange. Conditions didn't seem
as good as the days prior to the contest. Sometimes I felt it was death by
CQing...(with no answers!).

Biggest issue was there were TOO many contests happening this weekend. Had to
figure out what the different exchanges were in order for them to count for the
contest you are actually in! What a mess....come on people work this out will

Had to separate the "MM" in the CQ from the "MO" in my
call... could cause some confusion, hah! CQ MM T6MO T6MO MM... uh ended
it with "TEST MM"

QSX report 02z OA1F 20m...

Highlight of the weekend was working 3B8MM at 1430z 4/21 on 6m TEP...COOL!


All the best,
N3RS   SOAB HP   229,9502013-04-24 09:55:51
First time in this one. Very nice contest with many good operators. I had fun
with the limited time available.
AA3B   SOAB HP   822,3962013-04-25 20:16:08
3607 QSO Points.
SK2T(SM2LIY)   SOAB HP   687,3102013-04-29 10:11:36
Good conditions except for 10m and 80m was affected by radar QRM so did not use
73 Per SM2LIY
CX5CBA   SOAB LP   112,0002013-04-30 05:26:41
Happy for my first CW contest, I have fun!

Power 50 W
4 el. yagi for 10m
Inverted V for 40/15m

73 to all and see the next year!

Carlos CX5CBA