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WAE DX Contest, RTTY   2015   Nov 14   Comment Summary

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HB9EAR   Single Op LP   4,3162015-11-15 12:39:59
Thanks for the QSOs. Diffcult cndx since limited to balcony antennas and QRP
level power. Had fun. 73, HB9EAR
OT6M   M/S HP   197,1602015-11-15 12:53:27
For this contest we didn't plan anything serious, just some testing of the
setup. Recently we changed the interface of the ORION to MKII which needed to
be tested. Then we needed to check the RTTY setup (including 2nd RX on both the
Orion and 7800) as well as proper setup of RTTY macros.

Lesson learned: do regularly update N1MM+ ... in order to get a working QTC
window for instance.

Seems that the Acom2000A is well protected as this is the first time we notice
repeated ARC faults when using more than about 500W on the SteppIR and OB11-3.
Never noticed this on phone or CW so need to investigate if this is due to RTTY
only in combination with the 2 radio setup with the interlock and switching
times of the TRX and amp. With the interlock as is, there basically is not time
delay between TRX and PA switching ... perhaps need to rethink the setup as if
commanded by the MKII proper delay would be available.

Also need to tackle some more RFI as we seem to be losing the internet
connection a lot when TX-ing on 15m with the beam pointed towards the house.

The conditions were bad. Not a single JA heard, north-america signals were weak
although we managed to work KH6 on 20m. Although spotted, very short 'pile-ups'
... if you can call 3 stations calling after eachother a pile-up. Anyway, we
had a fun weekend (our main target) with several lessons learned and a good
conversation of future station development.

Thanks to all for the QSO's and see you next year in the WAE's.

DL3EBX   Single Op LP   87,0872015-11-15 13:07:23
The QTC-traffic is normaly an argument not to take part in such a (high-power)
contest. Especially for a Low-Power Station with bad antennas. That is why I
normally not take part in the WAE CW or SSB.........

But in RTTY this is not so bad and I had fun to make some contacts.

Vy 73, Frank
ZT6T   Single Op HP   473,7002015-11-15 14:00:01
TS-590SG, Expert 1.3K-FA, T8 LogP & 40M Dipole. First QTC RTTY contest
entered - awesome fun! 73, Roger ZT6T (ZS6RJ)
GUØSUP   Single Op LP   381,1702015-11-15 14:07:12
I really enjoy this contest, as it's a real challenge to get the most out of it.
However, I seemed to have numerous problems, some of my own doing, and some
caused by intentional QRM or stupidity.
Family matters also played a small part, but overall it was fun.
A few folk will be losing QSO's with me, as they thought they were working me,
when I was actually calling someone else.
Some highlights for me were getting ZM2B & CN8KD on 40m, getting called by
ZL3PAH, finding VE2FU and VA2AM on 40m, and best of all, I QSY'd to 17m to try
for 5Z4HW there, and only spent 4 minutes away from the contest. That was a new
bandslot for me, so worth the time.
Some very strange propagation at times too. I can't normally work G's on 15/20,
but did this time!
It was also good to see 10m open, and I made as much of it as I could, but it
was slow at times. I was very pleased to get Alain TR8CA there.
I missed quite a few "regulars" in this one - maybe they just don't
like QTC's!

Thanks to all for the fun and the points.

73 de Phil GU0SUP
VE3XD(@XE3XD)   Single Op LP   5,1602015-11-15 14:25:02
Probably the worst conditions I've ever experienced in this contest.

40 watts, attic dipoles 40, 15 and 20
NO7T   Single Op HP   69,1602015-11-15 14:37:52
My most favorite digital contest. A challenge and always interesting. Expect the
unexpected with QTC's. See you next year.
WA9IVH   Single Op HP   10,5302015-11-15 14:43:18
Just got rig back from Icom service late Friday. Installed it Friday night and
proceeded to work a few stations. Saturday AM, I couldn't find my Q"S
from Friday night! Oops...I had used N1MM Classic Friday night by mistake.
Imported those contacts into N1MM+, re-stored my .mc file, and started shaking
off the rust. Not much operating time, but glad everything is working again!

73, Mark WA9IVH
KB3Z   Single Op LP   3,8002015-11-15 15:06:18
Fun Contest
VO1BQ   Single Op LP   12015-11-15 15:07:03
Nice Condx and a lot of fun.. put a couple hrs in on Sat and agn Sun... 184 or
so Q's, score not yet calculated and don't really care. Happy with the 180
Q's. LP and D3 Dipole for 10,15 & 20M and inverted Vee on 40 and 80M. 73
and see you next time Joe VO1BQ
IT9CLN   Single Op LP   626,5202015-11-15 15:26:21
IC718, Microkeyer II, N1MM+, homemade vertical antenna, no 80M antenna, first
time to me on waedc rtty. 73 de IT9CLN one of IB9O & IB9T
YV1KK   Single Op LP   2,058,3162015-11-15 15:47:02
Is my firts time on WAE RTTY.

N1MM + and MMTTY


Band Q/QTC QSOs Pts Mlt
3,5 QSO 71 71 80
3,5 RQTC 20 20 0
7 QSO 256 256 162
7 RQTC 70 70 0
7 SQTC 100 100 0
14 QSO 184 184 98
14 RQTC 80 80 0
14 SQTC 62 62 0
21 QSO 474 474 138
21 RQTC 340 340 0
21 SQTC 686 686 0
28 QSO 398 398 120
28 RQTC 180 180 0
28 SQTC 521 521 0
Total All 3442 3442 598
Score: 2.058.316
1 Mult = 5,8 Q's

WAERTTY - 2015-11-14 0000Z to 2015-11-16 0000Z - 3454 QSOs
YV1KK - Off Times >= 30 Minutes

2015-11-14 0000Z - 2015-11-14 0003Z 00:04 (4 mins) (Start late)
2015-11-14 0558Z - 2015-11-14 1033Z 04:36 (276 mins)
2015-11-14 1807Z - 2015-11-14 1851Z 00:45 (45 mins)
2015-11-15 0501Z - 2015-11-15 0951Z 04:51 (291 mins)
2015-11-15 1431Z - 2015-11-15 1500Z 00:30 (30 mins)
2015-11-15 2245Z - 2015-11-15 2344Z 00:59 (59 mins)

Total Time Off 11:45 (705 mins)
Total Time On 36:00 (2160 mins)

W6SX   Single Op HP   259,6662015-11-15 16:04:08
Very much a part-time effort. QTCs were hard. Not enough overseas stations
during times I was active.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY and
2Tone, N1MM+
WN6K   Single Op LP   182,3762015-11-15 16:06:14
100w used / 10,000w needed
When EU is not open to us, then QTCs are can't GIVE EM AWAY!!!

WriteLog does not show points in this contest so I had to put in a useless
number because the form would not let me submit without one....too tired for
this at end of contest.......

WN6K, Paul
W1ZD/7   Single Op LP   222,7682015-11-15 16:07:43
Nice to see activity on 10 meters. Wish I could have operated longer. Thanks
the Q's !
VA2SG   Single Op LP   4,3462015-11-15 16:11:34
Score is correct, dunno if mults count does. Tweaking, testing, building 40 M
antenna, tweaking testing, to resume, not competing and giving mult
KX7L   Single Op HP   37,6272015-11-15 16:13:00
Not too much time to play this year, but still a lot of fun. I'm getting more
and more confident with QTC' s. Now the challenge is finding stations to take
them! I waited too long to check 10m on Sunday afternoon, it sounded open
when I finally got there in the last half hour. I had a good run on 15 though.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   171,1742015-11-15 16:21:06
Blechhh! Conditions were horrible, so this one was a domestic contest for the
most part. Just 70 QTCs exchanged, almost all with South American stations,
which were scarce anyway. The JA opportunities were limited here, for some
reason -- a few brief runs but volume wasn't there, and just one QTC request
from across the Pacific.

Ran the second radio fairly hard in this one, using the 40M 2-element quad on
the second radio (worked best on 15M but was pressed into service on 20M and
10M a time or two while I had the yagi on 15M). Made 115 second-radio contacts,
or about one-fifth of the total.

N1MM clock says I put in 21 hours, but I was called upon to do a lot of work
this weekend in several installments, so my real operating time was more like
15 hours.

Had fun despite the lack of access to Europe on the high bands. 40M late
Saturday evening into Europe was amazing -- 100W couldn't make the hop but
stations were remarkably loud here and had the amp been on it would have been a
feeding frenzy. Hope I get a night like that for CQWW CW in two weeks -- that
will really help the score.

Now on to SS Phone next weekend. Can't say I'm eagerly looking forward to that
one, but it is on the road to CQWW CW the following week so I'll put up with a
few hours of talking along the way.

Year QSO QTC Mults Score
2015: 564 70 282 171,174 21 hrs
2014: 619 360 432 435,888 25 hrs
2013: 369 200 275 156,475 15 hrs
2012: 668 300 393 380,424 24 hrs
2011: 858 490 542 730,616 31 hrs
2010: 390 150 299 161,161 16 hrs
2009: 584 190 347 268,578 24 hrs
2008: 346 120 215 100,190 < HP 11 hrs
2007: 511 170 318 216,876 < HP 19 hrs
2006: 431 70 218 93,958
2005: 452 159 259 158,249
2004: 311 117 198 84,744
2003: 113 109 120 26,640
2002: 251 40 186 54,126
KB3LIX   Single Op LP   261,0032015-11-15 16:22:09
I ended up getting "stuck" with 196 QTC's to send.
Powerline interference prohibited making intercontinental
Q's to pass the QTC's.

Better luck next year.
VE3NZ   Single Op HP   678,6082015-11-15 16:24:15
Fun Contest. Tnx fer QSOs and QTCs!
73, Ben
XE2B   Single Op HP   94,5752015-11-15 16:24:38
ASL-2010 Log Periodic @ 27 Mts height
Twin Slopper Alpha Delta DX-A
FT-1000MP +AL800H @ 400W

One of my favorite RTTY tests, very nice condx.
Tnx fer the Q's


AF4RK   Single Op HP   309,5042015-11-15 16:25:00
too much rain and not enough propagation.
VE2FU   Single Op HP   623,4802015-11-15 16:25:06
Part time operation only.

Thanks for QSO's, LOG upload to LOTW shortly.

73' Phil VE2FU
PP1CZ   Single Op LP   90,5842015-11-15 16:37:15
Hi guys.
I'm facing problems to upload my WAE RTTY Contest Log, onto DARC home page,
because the software doesn't recognize the call OM2015TITANIC.
As we do not have another way to send the Log, I'm in troubles.

I love WAE Contests and RTTY with the QTCs is simply wonderful.
Best 73 from PP1CZ - Leo.
VA2AM   Single Op HP   836,8362015-11-15 17:03:13
Very little qrm, good discipline to follow my call selection during a run, 10m
was good on Saturday but poor on Sunday.
N3QE   Single Op HP   1,118,9642015-11-15 17:05:51
35% increase in score from last year! 15M was a QTC smorgasboard. Not that 20
and 10 weren't nice too! Having 10M open a bit, super nice!
PU2KAY   Single Op LP   110,9402015-11-15 17:06:15

POWER - 100W


K9OM   Single Op HP   1,433,7452015-11-15 17:10:32
Great contest: good world-wide activity and I really enjoy the QTC's!

Dick- K9OM

Band Q/QTC QSOs Pts Mlt
3.5 QSO 131 131 168
7 QSO 342 342 231
7 RQTC 89 89 0
7 SQTC 150 150 0
14 QSO 195 195 144
14 RQTC 108 108 0
14 SQTC 40 40 0
21 QSO 233 233 142
21 RQTC 159 159 0
21 SQTC 200 200 0
28 QSO 86 86 70
28 RQTC 76 76 0
28 SQTC 90 90 0
Total All 1899 1899 755
Score: 1,433,745
1 Mult = 2.5 Q's
K2AL   Single Op LP   29,1402015-11-15 17:14:25
Icom 746, 100 watts, Moseley MINI-32-A, N1MM+, SignaLink.
First attempt at QTC's.
AL9A   Single Op HP   235,4402015-11-15 17:21:33
Solar disruptions finally improved for the weekend, but the effects still were
very noticeable on 40 and 80M. Still a lot of fun, just wish I could have had
better luck with passing off QTCs to EU stations. Very few were strong enough
to attempt the QTC exchange. On the other hand I had more success than in
previous years in getting JA stations to either receive or send QTCs.
VE3BR   Single Op LP   70,2242015-11-15 17:22:32
Radio: Ten-Tec Jupiter
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5295.0 + MMTTY 1.68A

First time in WAE RTTY. Just getting a few Qs now and then whenever a busy
weekend allowed...
K9PY   Single Op LP   35,7002015-11-15 17:32:00
First time participating in this contest. It was a challange learning how to do
the QTC's but I think I finally got the hang of it. Fun addition to the
contest. Conditions not that great.
N6AR   Single Op HP   403,8362015-11-15 17:53:04
Too many family activities for a serious effort, only 12+ hours available. Had
many problems with N1MM QTC software. The program kept putting random calls in
the qso log box and using that for the call of the station getting the QTCs
rather than the call in the QTC header. Took lots of time to correct as we
went along. N1MM hung up multiple times as well.
NN4RB   Single Op LP   81,1982015-11-15 18:23:03
Felt like I operated 20 hours and not 10. I'm going to shop for a new chair
tomorrow before next weekend's SS contest.

My usual S&P was good, but I felt like there were more K's on the air than
EU. I did not let the QCTs beat me this year, and managed to receive and send
some. Sending is so much easier that receiving.

It looked like more stations were spotted as S&P than the ones calling CQ.
Is that the RTTY skimmers doing that? If so, some work needs to be done!

Last year's score was 36 QSOs and 2700 points. So, I did good by that
comparison, and I had fun.

Rick - NN4RB
(20, 15 and 10) Mosely TA-33jr, Ham IV @ about 40'
80/10 OCF dipole at about 44'
35' vertical on top of metal storage shed - Remote tuned (The vertical worked
better for DX)
TMC_ATS-2_Antenna Tuner at antenna
450' Beverage
N4CW   M/S HP   284,3822015-11-15 18:26:22
A real pleasure operating with Jim, W4TMO. This was a casual effort and we did
our best to have a good time. Too bad Mother Nature didn't cooperate; one
minute I was working Europeans Sunday afternoon on 20, the next minute they
disappeared! North American stations picked up the slack after that calamity.
Loads of good ops out there, making the contest most enjoyable!
Bert, N4CW
W3LL   Single Op HP   2,606,0582015-11-15 18:28:42
Slightly ahead of last year's score.

Thanks to the sponsor and for all your Q's!


Bud W3LL
KE8M   Single Op HP   523,2882015-11-15 18:29:01
WAERTTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2015-11-14

CallSign Used : KE8M
Operator(s) : KE8M

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : #
Gridsquare : EN81RG

ARRL Section : OH
Club/Team : None
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5295.0

Band Q/QTC QSOs Pts Mlt
3.5 QSO 63 63 80
7 QSO 48 48 93
7 RQTC 20 20 0
14 QSO 86 86 88
14 RQTC 124 124 0
14 SQTC 50 45 0
21 QSO 200 200 120
21 RQTC 310 310 0
21 SQTC 133 93 0
28 QSO 83 83 58
28 RQTC 100 100 0
28 SQTC 20 20 0
Total All 1237 1192 439

Score : 523,288

Rigs : (2) Kenwood TS 2000's

Amps : Ameritron ALS 600 @ 200 W
Ameritron ALS 1300 @ 200-500 W

Antennas : 10M - Hy Gain LJ 105CA @ 45 ft
15M - Hy Gain LJ 155CA @ 42 ft
20M - Hy Gain LJ 204CA @ 50 ft
40M - full size ground mounted vertical 77 radials
40M - full size ground plane @ 25 ft
40M - vertical quad loop fed horizontal 10 ft above ground NE-SW
80M - full size ground plane 175 radials

Soapbox :)qtc's

NJ4F   Single Op HP   151,6402015-11-15 18:29:03
IC-7800, Alpha 9500, Palstar AT1500DT
SteppIR beam, Shared Apex Loop Array (1650/80)
N1MM Plus
S&P only
K4GM   Single Op LP   75,6002015-11-15 18:56:58
Limited time, wire antenna only, and low power but still had lots of fun. Really
enjoy the QTC aspect.
8P2K(8P6SH)   Single Op LP   158,6752015-11-15 19:00:30
Had lots of domestic duties that kept me away from operating. Finally got my 80m
antenna operational - nut not many stations were on 80 so the HF2V didn't get
much of a work out.

Used a single FT950 as I figure out what to do for my second rig for the SO2R
setup. Looking like I am leaning towards moving from single computer SO2R to
using two computers and maybe an SDR as the second rig.

Thanks for all the contacts. I think AB4SF was the only station to get into the
log on all five bands.

Hope to CUAGN next year.

Cheers - 8P6SH
K2DSL   Single Op LP   151,8402015-11-15 19:07:14
Part time effort on Sat early part of the day and Sunday early part of the day.
VE3UTT   Single Op HP   1,062,3152015-11-15 19:45:05
The N1MM gods were not smiling. Had a few issues.

K3 / Optibeam / 80m dipole

Fun contest with both RX & TX QTCs. Hope all had fun.

Thanks for patience with my random SW challenges.
AA5AU   Single Op LP   582,4282015-11-15 20:30:12
Wow, what a great weekend. Friday night I rested. Saturday morning I worked some
of the contest then spent the afternoon refurbishing an EHU (element housing
unit) for my 3-element SteppIR yagi that failed two weeks ago. I took the parts
from an older unit that was damaged in Hurricane Isaac in 2012 and was able to
make a working EHU. By the time I finished the refurb, the wind had died down
and it turned out to be a beautiful day. I climbed the tower and re-installed
the EHU and reflector tubes back on the antenna. I was also able to climb my
smaller tower and move my 2-element SteppIR back to the correct azimuth after a
recent windstorm. When I finished, I had about an hour of sunlight left to work
Japan on 15 meters. The antenna worked perfectly!

Sunday I also got to work part of the contest but had to leave during the peak
European opening in the morning to take the XYL grocery shopping. I was then
able to spend the most of the rest of Sunday afternoon in the contest where I
exceeded my expectations by scoring over a half million points!

Highlight of the contest was working SM5S who asked that I send him QTCs. I did
and afterward he said it was the first time he had received QTCs and thanked me
for the tutorial I wrote on operating WAE RTTY with WriteLog. Glad I was able
to help!

Band conditions were decent and it was nice to see both 10 and 15 meters open
to both Europe and Japan.

See you in the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest in December.

73, Don AA5AU
N9NA   Single Op HP   216,2322015-11-15 20:41:45
Missed a lot of QTC's.
KDØFW   Single Op HP   62,9282015-11-15 21:00:32
Again I waited to the start of the test to repair antennas as there was storms a
few days before and windy. Again the RF in the shack put Murphy in the seat next
to me. Again waited till the last hour of the test to figure out the QTC thing.
Again had problems with the amp. Well it still was a fun test and with any luck
I will be ready for it next year. It seemed like activity was light and the sfi
was around 110 and I just wasn't hearing EU very well. Just way to much stuff
going on to get my mind into the test.
GMØFGI   Single Op HP   756,8402015-11-16 01:45:02
Conditions poor, signals generally low here, which made QTCs a challenge. Good
to see some signals on 10m.

Thanks for all contacts and to organisers.

Equipment- Icom 7600, Acom 1010 (300watts max)
20/15/10m Hexbeam at 25ft; 40m Vertical quarter wave wire; 80m full wave loop
at 30ft.
KG4IGC   Single Op LP   167,9002015-11-16 01:59:25
Had a rough start, my Hex antenna developed high SWR problems after a couple of
hours on Saturday. Wound up using a combination of my Gap Challenger and my
loop which is laying on the roof of the house due to having tree service done.
Bands were in rough shape but managed to work some EU and two stations in AF.
Worked a ton of VE's and all bands were open at some point which offset the
lousy band conditions. Did fairly well with QTC's this year, only two busted
ones that I am aware of. Worked fellow SFCG member NJ4F twice and saw K7OM
several times but was unable to work him. Over all, had a fun time and look
forward to next years WAE.

Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000
PWR:50-100 watts
Ant: Gap Challenger, Loop, homebrew 6 band Hex
EA8OM(DJ1OJ)   Single Op LP   856,4522015-11-16 02:39:32
IC-756PROIII - 100W - Fritzel GPA-50 + dipole for 40m
microKEYER II - RCKLog
IN3ISV   Single Op HP   21,1682015-11-16 03:24:44
S56A   Single Op LP   521,5002015-11-16 03:34:09
Lot of QRM from friends! Nice condx with 10m open. Only K5ZD on 80 m.

73 de Mario, S56A
LX7I(DF7ZS)   Single Op HP   3,563,2802015-11-16 03:39:07
Thanks to Philippe LX2A who let me use his Superstation LX7I in Eschdorf again!

36 hours SO2R in RTTY is not easy, or maybe I am just getting old!


IC-7850 LE
IC-756 PROIII (Backup - not used)

2x Legal Limit PA

80m: Dipole, 4SQ, 2 Element Ultra Beam*
40m: 3 Element full size Beam (US/rotatable), 2 El. YT3M Beam (JA), Dipole
20m: 5 over 5 Elements Stack (US), 5 Element (JA), 4 Element Rotatable
15m: 6 over 6 Elements Stack (US), 6 Element (JA), 4 Element Rotatable
10m: 6 over 6 over 6 Elements (US), 5 over 5 over 5 (JA), 6 Element (SA)
Mult: Triplexer fed 5 Band 16 Element Beam
All switched beautifully with Station Master Deluxe!!!

Thanks for all the callers and sorry for the one that did not really print on
my screens. :(

Comercial break:

Hey folks ... this is THE WAEDC!!!!! I heard: "SORRY NO QTC AT THIS
TIME" way to often! It is not complicated but it is the bread and butter
of this very special contest! I appreciate you call in for a QSO = 1 Point! You
bring on 10 aditional QTCs ..... I love 10 times as much. :) Thanks to all the
QTC senders and receivers! KM4JA rebooted his PC 8 minutes before the end and
did sent his 10 QTCs! That was really cool!!!

End of comercial break!

73 and see you agan in CQ WPX RTTY!

Helmut DF7ZS
ON6NL   Single Op HP   1,521,3692015-11-16 03:39:36
Great contest again. I am into RTTY since 1965 as SWL, in the army and on the
ham bands!
More and more operator are willing to exchange QTCs. I just did not ask for it
often enough.
Conditions OK on the high bands and good on the low bands to collect the
I did better than last years. More points in less time as I spend Sunday
evening with my 3 month old granddaughter!
ICOM736Pro2, ACOM1000
dipoles on 80/40, KT4s on 20/15/10
N1MM+, FlDigi, 2Tone (made really a difference!)
YO9HP   Single Op HP   1,556,5162015-11-16 04:29:40
A lot of fun on last QTC event of the year, despite poor/moderate propagation. I
used N1MM+ for the first time in WAE-RTTY and the QTC-s management was really
easy. It seems I was not aggressive enough on asking for QTC-s. Congrats to
LX7I, UW3U and UR7GO for their big scores, monitored via
livescore site. 73, Alex YO9HP
VY2LI   Single Op HP   69,1122015-11-16 05:26:08
This is one of my favorite contests. Wish I had been able to spend more time in
the chair.73,Bill
DO4DXA   Single Op LP   321,9802015-11-16 05:55:26
was just playing around for some hours with RCKskimmer, RBN & the new
station setup.
In total 2388 RTTY Spots where submitted from the second radio to the RBN.

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and QTCs.

Kenwood TS590 - TS480 & Softrock SDR
Microham MKII - Signalink
Win-Test with MMTTY, 2Tone & Gritty
2x Intel NUC running WIN7
8el. 10/15M Dual-Band Yagi
Kelemen DP-8040201510H Dipol
& inverted L for 160/80M
WM5DX   Single Op HP   564,8762015-11-16 07:07:19
Great contest. Radio K3, Amp KPA500, tower 1 Mosley Pro67 at 55 feet, tower 2
Force 12 C19XR at 45 feet. MMTTY and Writelog faultless. Operator not so much!
Thanks to all,great bunch of operators, 73, WM5DX.
LY2SA   Single Op HP   1,016,5052015-11-16 07:43:00
Rig: TS-590SG, PA 500W, antennas: 80m dipole, 40-10m vertical.
Software: N1MM+

73, de Vidas LY2Sa
OK2CMW   Single Op LP   170,4042015-11-16 07:50:09
Hi All,
first contest with new setup. New HexBeam seems to be good.
Must improve 40m antenna - InvVee is very poor.

Only limited time for contest due to saturday celebration of my son - 10y.
Sunday was also only few hours with radio - goes with family to swimming pool.

All in all very nice strong signals from NA and SA.
Also very pleased with very strong JAs on 10m.
First call to ZM2IO and ZM2B via LP on 20m - nice :-).

TRX: Kenwood TS-930S with Inrads - 100W
ANT: HexBeam at 13m, INV V for 40/80m

See all again.
DL5L   M/S HP   2,878,8482015-11-16 08:37:47
It was a hard Work. Tanks for all Callers.

2x K3 + 2x PA

80m Vertical + Loop
40m Vertical + Loop
20m JP2000 Tribander
15m same JP2000 like 20m + Dipol
10m 5ele + 4ele

In the night from Saturday to Sunday runs a small storm on our hill (55km/h).
One side of the 80m Loop came down to 5m, holding only by the cabel.
On Sunday we fix this, the show must go on.

73 de Matt DG0OKW
W4UK   Single Op HP   69,3002015-11-16 08:50:30
Wire dipoles in pine trees.
WØLSD   M/S HP   1,410,0752015-11-16 11:32:46
10 meters was kind of the bonus band again, not expecting much, but some small
openings to EU and JA. A few JAs and SAs would exchange QTCs but mostly eager
EU stations. We were down from last years' QTC total as you need strong signals
to make it work without endless repeats. Friday night 40 was terrible for us in
CO. As usual heard midwest and east coast working EU and we could only stand by
on sidelines. Sat. somewhat better on 40 but not great. Equipment was flawless,
IC -7600s, Alpha and Acom and a couple of tribanders with Writelog networked on
computers. Fun contest and thanks to all for the QS and QTCs. Not our best
totals, but we were happy, considering conditions.
K7RI   M/S HP   686,3872015-11-16 12:17:04
SO1R station: one transceiver and no multiplier radio.
Thanks to everyone who came to operate - and everyone who worked or tried to
work us. First time RTTY for some of us and first time ever in any contest for
many others. For the most part, it was a last minute assembly of an operating
team. Thanks to Curt, WR5J, for putting the team together and taking on the
challenging nightime hours himself and to Don, W7VXS, for setting up N1MM and
his many hours of operating as well.
LY5W   Single Op LP   651,5102015-11-16 12:54:56
First time in WAEDC RTTY. Never before have I had to do it (Sent QTC).
I really enjoyed this contest!
I had planned for my girlfriend to finish Sunday evening, not be waiting for
the end, so it was. Certainly the result could have been much better. As always
- next year :)
I was all time on-line in like usual.
Next - LZ DX Contest, last one before CQWW DX CW ( at II9P)
73, Sam LY5W
DH8BQA   Single Op HP   535,5422015-11-16 13:22:28
Elecraft K3, KPA500 + high bands beams & low bands wires

Part time participation, whenever I had a bit time ...

73, Olli - DH8BQA
W2GR   Single Op LP   118,1402015-11-16 14:42:08
Wish I had more time and energy!..Thanks for the Q's!
N6SS   Single Op HP   21,0332015-11-16 14:59:37
Enjoyed a casual entry in the first RTTY contest ever for this op. Using a K3 in
FSK, Alpha 99, N1MM & MMTTY.
N6HE   Single Op HP   108,0702015-11-16 15:57:48
TenTec Omni VII, 500W amp, MicroKeyer II interface, WriteLog. OCF dipole up 25'
for 40-20-10M, rotatable dipole for 15M up 30', open-wire-fed 40M Cobra used
on 80M (burned up tha balun, though).

I was getting a lot of good sig reports on the RBN from all over the country,
but couldn't get a run started; what's up with that? Generally, where was
everybody? Only a few EU stations heard; for a while I thought it was going to
be a Worked No Europe contest.

Tnx, AA5AU, for the tip that people were a LOT more inclined to send QTC's
rather than receive them!

15M was my money band, with other bands blah (10M didn't even suit up until
right near the end on Sunday). Even the usual big-time JA openngs were the

Heard a lot on new calls to my RTTY experience - a warm welcome to you guys!

Still looking for how to get WriteLog to 1) send "PLS RPT QTC:10"
(1-9 macros all OK) and 2) wot to have WL in the "PLS RPT..." macro
send the QTC number needed 2 or 3 times instead of just once.

Bottom line, while I would have liked more activity, this is still my favorite
contest of all of them! Thanks DARC and to everybody who made it into my meager
log! See you all in the next one!!!
73, Ray N6HE
IZ4AFW(@IO4W)   Single Op HP   1,307,1422015-11-16 16:16:35
First time in WAE RTTY contest, so not used to QTC traffic.
Started sending/receiving QTCs about half of the contest, so the number is not
so high. After a while I got used to them and things went smoother.
Software has created some problems when receiving QTCs and can probably be
Propagation not so good on high bands on Saturday, much better on Sunday.
Some problems with 80m antenna,so had to go low power on that band.
Thanks for QSOs and QTCs, see you soon, guys!
Ciao, 73 de Fabio IZ4AFW / IO4W / NZ1W
W9ILY   Single Op HP   691,7552015-11-16 16:42:05
IC-756PRO2 with Optibeam OB9/5 beam and phased verticals with ACOM 2000A amp.
K7OM   Single Op HP   128,6432015-11-16 16:45:24
Operation was all S&P, and tried the QTC's for more points. Power was 1 KW,
all antennas are wire hanging from trees in the back yard. Rig is IC-7800 with
Acom 2000 Amp. Program was N1MM+
NT1K   Single Op LP   67,5212015-11-17 05:57:26
First RTTY Contest. 9 hours on air.
Had fun.
DF2SD(DIETER)   Single Op LP   1,031,4422015-11-17 09:19:54
no Murphy around the time :-)))
W8WOM   Single Op LP   41,2602015-11-17 11:24:50
Second year doing this contest 115 more than last year . had fun cant quite
figure out qtcs yet running n1mm here any suggestions would be helpful e-mail
F5RD   Single Op LP   177,9442015-11-17 12:59:47
Transceiver - FT-897D 60 Watts
Antenna - Center-fed 2x20m on 80 to 10m, Ground Plane on 20/15m, HB9CV on 10m
Software - N1MM Logger+ V1.0.5295.0
I started Saturday at 1400 TU and I participated during 17 hours.
There were a lot of stations on all bands, even on 10m open during the two
But, it seemed that there were less DX stations than other years.
Here, no JA, no ZL, no VK, no ZS, and only two or three South American
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
ZM2B(ZL2BR)   Single Op HP   302,4122015-11-17 21:47:16
Propagation was dismal in this secluded part of the world. QSO total was about
35% down on last year. The big difference was last year the SFI was about 150,
but this year it was about 105.

As usual there seemed to be 3-in-1 contests going on. Eu working Eu, NA working
NA, and thirdly the rest-of-world working anyone who could hear them. Oh well
that how it is sometimes I guess.

Thanks for the qso and especially the qtc's.

73, Frank ZM2B
L77D(LU6DC)   Single Op LP   276,2972015-11-18 05:46:48
Thanks to LW5DW for their help in the tuning of my station.
This is the first time that I participate with my FSK - Serial Interface
DP9A   M/S HP   3,286,3282015-11-18 10:44:03
Great Event.
XE1DES   Single Op LP   3,9962015-11-20 19:35:36
Primera ves que participo, antena dipolo a una altura de 1 metro sobre el techo,
equipo FT-707
KD2DVW   Single Op LP   16,8742015-12-05 09:16:11
Rig = Yaesu FT-897
Software = N1MM Logger+ ver.:1.0.5295.0