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IOTA Contest   2016   Jul 30   Comment Summary

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OP4K   SO(A)12Mixed HP   593,7122016-07-30 19:27:11
Propagation definitely declining. As usual a pleasant contest but Mr. Murphy
wanted absolutely to be present. Had a short circuit and lost several times my
keying. This did not discourage me to have fun during 12 hours.

Acom 2000A
Optibeam OB18-6
MicroHam Keyer II

Hope to work you in the next contest

73 Joe
PY5EG   SO12SSB HP   454,6482016-07-30 19:29:39
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   556,4502016-07-30 21:46:19
Condx being what they were, I decided early on this was only going to be a 12
hour effort. There was no hint that 20 would stay open late and I had no
desire to slog through the QRN on the low bands all night.

Thanks again to RSGB and all the IOTA DXpeditioners!

73, Mike K9NW
K9OM   SO(A)12Mixed HP   482,4902016-07-30 23:01:20
SSI = 71 and A = 13 and band conditions stinketh!

If we worked, thanks for the Q!

Dick- K9OM
K4AFE   SO(A)12Mixed HP   85,8082016-07-30 23:12:52
Band Mode QSOs Pts IOT
3.5 CW 7 79 4
7 CW 56 619 27
14 CW 62 566 24
14 USB 5 75 5
21 CW 3 45 2
Total Both 133 1384 62
Score: 85,808
1 Mult = 2.1 Q's
WB5EIN   SO(A)12CW LP   82,8902016-07-31 00:12:08
This was my first time playing in the IOTA contest. Thanks for all the Qs.

It was especially nice to hear so many of my CWOps friends.

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, WB5EIN #1327
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis)
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion 565AT ~100w into 400 foot horizontal loop up 40 feet
W6NS   SO(A)12CW HP   27,2222016-07-31 00:12:41
Rig: K3 Antennas: C3E; DP-40m; 6BTV.

OP from CA grid CM95 San Luis Obispo county.

Played as time permitted (in between naps). Had fun.
VU2CDP   SO(A)12CW HP   12,8182016-07-31 04:24:29
Too much rain, very little propagation. Operated intermittently in between other

73 de Deepak VU2CDP
N1RR/M   SO12CW LP   6,8252016-07-31 04:29:33
Toyota Corolla
IC746 PRO & Dentron MT-2000
MFJ-1118 DC Multi-outlet
Magnetic mount base (Three magnet) with extra wire radials
Hamstick - 20M
N1MM software
340 miles driven
13 hours sitting in the Toyota.

Thank you to my friend Doug Grant K1DG @ N1LI for giving me the NA-137
multiplier !!
Thank you to my friends Dave Robbins, K1TTT and Lou Harris, N1UEC for
their support in this effort. Thank you to my family for helping to
complete this mobile installation.

Thank you to these operators who spotted me: Mike-K9NW, Dan-W4DKS,
Tim-N3QE, Tom-KE4KY.

Poor conditions - Very disappointed with the HF CONDX after my week-long effort
to prepare this mobile operation.

20M: One hop skip (F-layer) QSOs: W2, W3, W4, W5, W8, W9, W0, VE3 (55 QSOs)
DX: K3EST/6, N9RV/7, CR2V, R1DX, WP3C, J49A. (6 QSOs)
Most EU signals from big stations was S0-S2.
Heard one DL5 or DK5 - Was that you Markus-DK5AX?
No chance to be heard in these CONDX in EU from my mobile station.

15M: Happy to find 15M to be useful !!
One hop skip (F-layer) QSOs: W2, W3, W4, W5, W8, W9 (9 QSOs)
DX: HH2AA, WP3C, XR1T.(3 QSOs)

QRT at 15:40Z
Arrived home @ 2015Z
Happy to work four new IOTA:
Jeff-KU8E (NA-058)
W2VT (NA-111)
K1W (NA-217) by Mark-K1RX and team,
XR1T (SA-069)
AA3B   SO(A)12CW HP   1,139,7752016-07-31 05:05:34
5845 QSO points.
NP3RE(RAFAEL)   SO12SSB QRP   2,8052016-07-31 05:31:14
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5785.0
VE3BR   SO12Mixed LP   38,3522016-07-31 05:34:22
Radio: Ten-Tec Jupiter
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5803.0
UA5C   SO12Mixed HP   291,1262016-07-31 05:34:50
OK8DD   SO(A)12CW HP   250,6002016-07-31 05:37:42
TS-590 + Elecraft KPA500(on 80&40)
20,15,10: ECO Asay Tribander
80,40: Linear loaded vertical (PA3HBB idea

Many thanks for the QSOs

73, Romas - OK8DD
OK1CZ   SO12CW LP   661,1222016-07-31 05:38:19
IC746PRO, 90W
3el> Yagi and 80 M Windom antennas
MDØCCE   SO(A)24Mixed HP   3,513,8602016-07-31 05:42:51
...Another contest when nothing at all was heard on 10m! A very nice contest
with many examples of gentlemanly behaviour and many friends pausing to say
hello in the QSO....good fun.
OZ4CG   SO(A)12CW LP   298,8002016-07-31 05:45:34
RIG: Kenwood TS590s (100W)
ANT: G5RV + 15m dipole
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5803.0
OHØV(OH6LI)   SO(A)12SSB HP   1,560,0002016-07-31 05:51:42
Thanks for QSOs !
80 was not good; I do not know if anyone did well there.
Some Southern stations were running on 10.
Here up North, only very few signals were really excellent, while most signals
were in the noise on 10.
Stack antennas on a mountaintop do not create propagation, not even to Europe.
See you all in 2017.
Jukka OH6LI @ OH0V
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SO12CW LP   50,0002016-07-31 05:58:45
Rig: Elecraft K3 100 Watt
Ant: 20mtr wire as Inverted-L up 12mtr
Meet me in the next CW Contest.
Vy 73 de OZ1BII Henning
K1GQ   SO24CW HP   163,8562016-07-31 05:59:26
SkookumLogger K3 2000A Tribander 2-el 40

Not a fan of cut numbers when trying to copy serial numbers in marginal

Amused to see numerous spots for T2N caused by VY2TT sending his IOTA as NA
PJ4DX   SO(A)12SSB HP   908,9202016-07-31 06:03:44
This is still very much a Euro-centric contest. My score was boosted by working
numerous US stations who clearly did not know about IOTA but who were kind
enough to give me a QSO with serial number 001 or 002. Many US stations gave
"North America 001" as the IOTA reference and some seemed to give
completely random NA- references in addition to the serial number. For example
a station in upstate New York gave me NA-016 (which is Cayman Is) with great
conviction. When asked to confirm, he confirmed NA-016. I have not counted this
as a mult! Most US stations gave me their State: if they said New York and gave
a low serial number I asked if they were on Long Island. Just one station was,
giving me 15 points instead of 5 for that QSO! WP4MEK gave me serial number 557
yet didn't know his IOTA reference. I asked him to confirm 59557, which he did.
I have no idea where these numbers come from! IQ9UI gave me serial numbers
1731, 1732 and 1733 all during the course of a single QSO. I have logged 1733
but I can only guess which number he logged.

I was Assisted this year but found this frustrating as I could not break the
pile-up of European stations calling EU- multipliers. I saw numerous cases of
self-spotting on the Cluster.

Conditions were poor, I did not make a single QSO on 10m although I saw that EU
stations were working each other on 10m, presumably by Es which did not occur
here or, if it did, I missed the opening. 15m, 40m and 80m were also poor: once
again 20m was the only real 'run' band.

A few stations were operating outside the Contest-preferred segments, e.g.
above 14300kHz. I only called one, as it was a multiplier. Will this QSO count?
Will all the QSOs made by stations running outside the Contest-preferred
segments count?

Rig: Yaesu FT-2000, Acom 1500 amp at 1kW to Spiderbeam at 30ft for 10-15-20m, a
2-element phased vertical array for 40m and full-size quarter-wave vertical for

73 Steve PJ4DX.
K6AAB   SO(A)12CW LP   9,8702016-07-31 06:22:33
Conditions terrible , only 1 EU QSO , G5W
NS9I   SO(A)12CW HP   149,4062016-07-31 06:23:48
El-Stinko condx indeed - was almost like running one of the low-key QSO Parties
here in the states. Tnx to all for their efforts and qso's - 73
W6NF   SO12CW LP   9922016-07-31 06:38:28
Extraordinarily poor conditions into northwest Minnesota.
N5AW/Ø   SO12CW LP   30,8402016-07-31 07:28:29
Conditions here much better Saturday evening than Saturday morning.
K3s 100 watts to G5RV up 8 meters.
VE3UTT   SO(A)12CW HP   712,4242016-07-31 07:29:06
K3 / Optibeam / 80m Dipole

Always a fun contest with all the intrepid travelers activating exotic places.

Strange conditions here with Asia 3-4 S-units higher than EU for the first 2
hours Saturday.

Hope all had safe and fun travels.
K2ZR   SO12CW LP   71,2502016-07-31 07:30:18
RIG: K2 @ 90W - ANTS: Hexbeam & 660' CF Wire - LOG: N1MM

Mostly poor to & strange conditions. I was hearing good signals from Asia
& Oceania on 20m @ 1500z - 1600z. 15m was crummy. 10m was nadda. 40 was
kinda OK and 80m was full of noise and basically a wasteland. Didn't hear much
out of the Caribbean. Working EU was like: "Lights on one minute - Lights
off the next".

CU in the fray,
Dick, K2ZR
Niagara County, NY USA
KD2RD   SO12Mixed HP   153,1202016-07-31 07:30:19
Fun contest. Unfortunately I was tapped to work on Saturday and was wiped out
when I got home. Kudos to all the stations that activated some pretty rare
islands for the contest period.

See you in the next one!

John, KD2RD
VE7JH   SO12CW LP   24,9402016-07-31 07:33:40
Only had limited time to take part but it was fun. 20m opened up to Europe after
our sunset and had a couple of hours of fun (slowly) running the European big
guns and the casual US participants.
See you all in 2017!
NP3A   SO12CW LP   9,6002016-07-31 07:41:41
So many things going on this weekend for a serious effort. Operated one hour.

Thanks QSOs
DL9JON   SO12CW HP   16,2122016-07-31 07:56:37
Nice openings on 15 and 10m. But i had only 2.5 hrs time to take part in this
year. Thanks to FW5JJ for a new-one on 15m.
Rig: Optibeam OB16-5, PWR: 700w and my old FT-920

73 from Heiko
W9AV   SO(A)12Mixed LP   31,6052016-07-31 07:58:24
Not a serious effort.
VE7YU   SO12CW LP   17,8752016-07-31 08:08:05
Started off thinking I'd try for 50 Qs on 50 islands.
Gave that up early and was happy to take anything I
could get! Nothing heard on 80,15 and 10.
Lots of sigs on 20 but weak. Hi QRN on 40
and not much activity. Thanks for the Q's

K3, LPPan, NaP3, N1MM+, 80M OCF dipole
KM4HI   SO(A)12Mixed HP   260,1452016-07-31 08:12:38
First time in this contest since 2011. Saturday morning conditions were very
poor to EU on 20m but improved gradually. Had to shutdown and disconnect three
times in the afternoon due to passing thunderstorms in the area. Both 20 and
40m were good into EU Saturday evening. Sunday morning was much improved into
EU and Asia. Thanks to all for the Q's.
73 de Jim KM4HI
WT2P   SO(A)12Mixed HP   37,4552016-07-31 08:13:17
Dabbled in the contest for a bit, mostly CW. 40 was fun later in the evening.
NØKE   SO24CW HP   92,2082016-07-31 08:26:53
Fun contest even with poor conditions. I believe my first time to ever enter
DD5ZZ   SO12SSB HP   349,2302016-07-31 08:27:09
Welcome to solar minimum...
OL5Y   SO(A)12CW LP   1,626,1562016-07-31 08:34:37
Very interesting S&P contest (for non-island stations) with unique category
12H. I enjoyed SO2R searching and during off-times I learned and improved
little things in my setup. And relaxed. A lot of QRN, up to 15m - thanks to all
for patience when repeating exchanges.
ANT: 3el tribander ECO @ 19m, stack of SpiderBeams @ 17+25m, 2-el Quad for 40m
@ 25m, Inv. V for 40/80/160m @ 19m, SAL 30
RIG: 2x IC756 + microHAM MK2R+
NF8J   SO12Mixed LP   23,8262016-07-31 08:37:34
K3, TH11DX, N1MM+,
KØOO(@W3RFC)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   50,6002016-07-31 08:40:10



K3IE   SO(A)12CW HP   116,4242016-07-31 08:54:51
Thanks for the Q's - Hunter,K3IE
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   SO(A)24SSB HP   4,566,8902016-07-31 09:08:14
Poor prop on 10/15m but low bands made up for it.
Thanks to all those that called me and keep me busy all contest.
See you all next year
MIØSMK   SO(A)12SSB HP   674,1352016-07-31 09:08:29
Excellent activity despite poor band conditions - NA,SA,AS & OC stations
were few & far between!
DK8ZZ   SO(A)24Mixed HP   7,037,9432016-07-31 09:12:12
Once again IOTA from Mainland. :)
This time was high power Category.
RIG: Icom 746 PRO, AL80b (500-600W).
Antennas: FB 33 3 el Tribander 10m high, GP and dipole for 40m, L/4 GP for 80m
(Spiderbeam 18m).
Powered by DXLog.

Highlight: FW5JJ logged on 15m. Nice to hear JJ called CQ IOTA Contest :)
CONDX to Great briatain & Ireland was good, even on upper bands. Over 320
G&EI STNs are in the log. Thanks to all Island stations for their effort.
Hope, next year will back to the Island Category, after more than successful
9A0D M/S Activity.

CU in 2017.

EI2KM   M/S HP   2,099,2502016-07-31 09:16:46
This contest was entered using Alain's call licensed at this QTH. This
is a first IOTA for any in our group. A most agreeable surprise was to find
that ten meters was open in Europe for Saturday afternoon. From there we
migrated to 15M and finally to 20m. Twenty stayed with us till around 12:00
UTC or 1AM when the switch to 40M was made. The band was still alive but it
seemed a good thing to do.

There is a choice in this contest to run which we did quite
successfully but there is a cost to working non-island stations. Each new
island on any mode or band being worth a multiplier plus three world QSOs. So
working the IOTA is a bit like entering the REF contest from Ireland - the
contest is not made for you if you are on the main land.

On Sunday morning we switched exclusively to Search and Pounce thus
seeing the score start to climb. While working non-island stations it just
stayed put. We made an error in not doing more on the low bands but then we
are all novices to this contest. Before starting it was agreed that this was
to be a fun event without any drill sergeant issuing commands. Beer and wine
were consumed in moderation. For one of our operators Jarek, it was his first
contest since VHF field day which produced 50 QSOs - wow. At least none of us
were watching paint dry. Never did the activity let up and our modest score is
accepted with pride. Life is good and we are a band of brothers.

Our secret ingredient is Zywiec Polish beer supplied by newly licensed
Jarek, EI7HCB.

73 Alain Ei2KM (F8FUA) and Doug EI2CN
KU8E(@KU8E/NA58)   SO12CW LP   108,2902016-07-31 09:23:04
IC756PRO2, Hustler mobile whips - 40, 20, 15 meters

Our family was on vacation on Jekyll Island, GA - so brought the mobile setup
along on the trip to put in some time in the IOTA contest and hand out NA-58.

As many already mentioned conditions were pretty bad during the day. Although
it picked up Saturday evening on 40 meters. I limited my operating to Saturday
morning, late afternoon and a last stint during the evening until midnight. The
air conditioning went out in our minivan on Thursday and it was way too hot to
operate during the day in the 95 degree heat. It was even tough in the
morning/evening too but oriented the minivan with the windows open so I would
get some ocean breeze to cool down. I found a nice spot in my last stint on 40
meters right by the Atlantic Ocean. Stations in EU were booming in. I'm sure
the saltwater enhancement was helping but it's still amazing I could run EU
with a simple mobile antenna.

I wish I had thought about bringing some wire and coax and a power supply to
setup a station inside our condo. There was a nice courtyard outside our
balconies with some trees that I probably could have gotten away with putting
up a stealth antenna like K4BAI and I did about 8 years ago when we operated
IOTA at the same location. I was talking to one of the managers telling them
about the contest and they didn't have a problem with me putting up a simple
antenna for next year's IOTA contest.

The contest was fun the time I was on but I wish RSGB would do something to
encourage activity in this contest outside of EU. Doesn't seem to be much
interest in North America.

Jeff KU8E
KE4S   SO(A)12CW HP   3,4322016-07-31 09:34:17
K3/P3, Expert 1.3K-FA, 4L SteppIR, 80M horizontal loop
N9NA   SO12CW HP   23,4902016-07-31 09:43:01
Ten Tec Omni 7, Alpha 87a, Steppir DB-18e, 80 meter inverted vee, 160 meter
inverted L
WP3C   SO12CW LP   445,2302016-07-31 09:58:51
Alfredo Velez WP3C
WX4G   SO(A)24Mixed HP   744,8492016-07-31 10:28:59
Great contest even with the poor conditions. Asia was virtually non-existant
here in FL. Thank heaven for Europe...with so many IOTA's on all bands!!

Unfortunately, N1MM was my downfall. Got up at 6am to set up N1MM for the
contest...and I get a screen of CORRUPTED FILE...something I have never seen
before. I had been in N1MM the day before with zero how does it
get corrupted without any computer problems???

So...created a new database...but all of my CW interface was NO
AUTOMATED CW. Setting up CW in N1MM took me forever...and I have NO IDEA what
those settings who knows when I will get it working again.

So..I decided just to work IOTA stations...with NO CQ's...and that kept my Q
rate low, and multiplier high.

The good news is I worked 3-5 new IOTA's...including M/DL1DAW in EU-011...which
I have been looking for forever!!THANKS JIM!! Worked on both 40m CW and SSB.

K1W and XR1T were new as well...and still checking the rest.

Thanks to all that called!! 73/DX Bob WX4G
KE4KY   SO(A)12CW LP   4,6082016-07-31 10:44:58
Wish I would have had more time. Best I could offer given the new 10 week old
puppy introduced into the home just days prior.
GMØFGI   SO(A)12SSB HP   384,3002016-07-31 10:53:28
Poor conditions, particularly on 10 and 15m.
Thanks for all contacts and to organisers.
Equipment: Kenwood TS990S Hexbeam at 25ft, 40m quarter
wave vertical wire, 80m full wave loop
OK2BFN   SO(A)12CW LP   1,102,8582016-07-31 11:05:25
IC746, 7.5m Roof Vertical with AH-4 Tuner, Dipole.
Lucky, the storm hit us after the contest.
73, Tom
W7YAQ   SO12CW HP   52,2602016-07-31 12:03:34
Seemed like low activity and poor conditions. Guess I should start tracking
IOTA entities -- some might have been new ones.
VE3MV   SO24Mixed LP   71,1262016-07-31 12:06:51
K3,P3 with 3el SteppIR & Butternut for 40M

First time in this contest & lots of fun. A few more points for the Club
G4DRS   SO24CW HP   1,004,9902016-07-31 12:17:18
Sadly, due to a malfunction between my brain and my alarm clock, I missed the
morning grey-line altogether!
Conditions did not seem very good. Only a couple of JA stations and a handful
of US stations.
It was still great fun, however.
Thanks for all the QSOs. See you next year.
ON6NL   SO(A)12CW HP   1,636,4042016-07-31 12:41:03
After being many times on an island (in the IOTA) back a shore this time.
Great contest as strategy plays an important role. It is an island contest, so
did not make many "world" QSOs and had a lot of fun hunting
The 12 hour section is a great idea to level the playing field for grand
fathers who have to go celebrate their grandsons' birthday!
Condition not bad as even 10m gave some QSOs and 15 some DX. Thunderstorms were
a problem but probably everywhere in the Northern hemisphere this time of the
Thanks for all the DXpeditions so we could hunt the islands.

IC756Pro2, ACOM1000
KT34a and inverted Vees at 20m up
Thanks again to my assistants N1MM, VE7CC and other skimmers, W1HKJ (fldigi)

73, Anton
VA2NDX(VA2SG)   SO12CW LP   15,5202016-07-31 13:10:11
Gee where was everybody?
NorDX club, just for the fun of it
OK1JOC   SO24CW LP   752,4082016-07-31 13:39:48
FT950,windom 42m
W7WHY   SO12CW HP   12016-07-31 13:44:57
Had to make the score 1 because I couldn't submit the real score of zero. Weird
scoring for this one. Why bother working stations that are not n an island
somewhere. Stupid. You could work 1000 stations and still have a score of
zero :-)

Bands really sucked her so figured I could sit here and listen to noise or go
to the lake with the wife and have a picnic in the sun. Lake won out by a big
margin. 73
K1IMI   M/S LP   41,3602016-07-31 15:29:58
Originally planned to operate from Great Spruce Head, but
transportation there fell through! Decided to do Little Deer Isle
instead; same IOTA designation of NA-055.
This was our first attempt at operating the IOTA contest from an island.
Several things were learned in the process that we'll apply next year to be
more competitive.
From our perspective, conditions were horrible!
IT9MUO   SO12CW HP   773,2402016-07-31 15:39:25
73, Alf. IT9MUO
SP/MMØLID(@3Z9DX)   SO24SSB LP   1,453,6772016-07-31 16:01:15
Total qsos 1300, 1281 with dupes not included.

Thanks to Dom 3Z9DX for Hosting me at his amazing station for this one.
No antenna for 80 was available, so lost out on plenty mults there.

Propogation was excellent and very high activity.

Thanks for all the Q, really appreciated.
73 and See you in the next one.

Scott MM0LID
N2GC   SO(A)24CW HP   1,259,6852016-07-31 17:52:18
IC756pro3, AL-1200
3el tribander @30'fixed on EU
40-10 fan dipole @35'NE/SW
20-10 fan dipole @35'N/S
80 dipole @35' E/W

Another year of lousy conditions. In hindsight I should have entered the 12
hour category but I kept hoping that conditions would improve. 80 was very
noisy here but seemed like it may have better in EU judging by the number of
serial number repeats I needed compared to the number I sent. At 07:00Z it got
so slow that I threw the towel in. I set my alarm to get back on for the last 2
hours but ended up rolling over instead. See you next year.
KN4Y   SO12CW LP   52,6322016-07-31 20:08:04
I remembered the rule: If everyone calls no points are obtained. I want points
to be exchanged so I did S&P. Conditions were good on 20 and 40 meters,
some on 15 meters and heard no calls on 10 or 80 meters. I even stayed up past
midnight. I cannot understand why a serial number is exchanged and also the
IOTA number. Guess that is called the numbers game. O, O, Been up too long, nap
VU2DED   SO(A)12Mixed LP   5,4082016-07-31 21:39:37
Working conditions: Icom IC-707, barefoot with trap Dipole antenna, 40M through
10M and Yaesu antenna Tuner FC-700.
Conditions for DX contacts were not that favorable in this part of the world
but still enjoyed the contest.

See you next year.
Mumbai - India
IN3FHE   SO(A)12Mixed LP   462,4662016-07-31 21:50:38
Bad conditions , from saturday evening till sunday at end of contest.
Thunderstorm, lightening, heavy rain, strong wind and awful noise .
Only S & P , tired but satisfied.
in3fhe, Helga
vertical ant. and 90w
LZ1DMF(@LZ1KAA)   SO24Mixed LP   813,4502016-08-01 01:27:19
TS140 - "barefood"
3el/3band 14/21/28 - "EcoAntenne"
2 X InVee 3,5/7

IV3KKW   SO(A)24SSB LP   135,0502016-08-01 04:15:41
Worked mainly on S&P, many problems with my antenna with SWR 2,3:1 on 20m
and even worst on the other bands, I have to check all on the roof :-(

See you agn in 2017 in better condx.

73 Alex IV3KKW
DL2SAX(@DL2CC/DL2SAX)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   1,122,9842016-08-01 05:28:35
Nice E-Sporadic on 10m. Good Propagation without Sunspots.
K1W   M/2 LP   462,7202016-08-01 05:45:56
At the local radio club meeting (Port City Amateur Radio Club, Greenland, NH a group was organized to make our first trip to the nearby Isle of
Shoals, NH off the coast of Portsmouth, NH. One of the members was a past
board member of the White Island Tern (bird)management program and was able to
secure permission to setup a radio for the RSGB IOTA contest. We chartered a
boat to carry us to the island (only 4 members were on the team)and were
blessed with nice calm weather on the arrival. The departure, not so smooth
(more later). We brought an Icom 756P2, K3 and FT-857 and 40 and 80 M dipoles
and a Cycle 24 WRTC 2014 tribander. We were able to suspend the tribander from
the lighthouse (tram from the top railing to the ground) and hang the inverted
vees off different parts of the top railing as well. Coax was run down the
inside of the lighthouse into the two radio setups. One of stations was at the
bottom of the lighthouse, the other was in an adjoining room. No one could
escape the blast of the fog horn that fired off the entire time (my ears are
stilling ringing). The tone of the fog horn surprisingly matched the CW side
tone of the radios and when it sounded, it sounded like a packet pileup and
could not copy anything. So we had to work hard to get fills and create the
right listening periods in between CQ's.

Our overall goal was to put Isle of Shoals, NA-217 on the air in a bigger way
than ever before. Although conditions did limit our success, we were able to
make the IOTA world a bit happier. Especially those from JA that considered
NA-217 as rare. Our tribander pointed north seemed to play very well to Asia
and EU. We worked most of Friday (before the contest) to pass out the NA-217
QSO to all that needed it and made about 700 Q's in that effort.

Our departure was only slightly hampered by light showers (after a beautiful
weekend with temps in the 80's F and light breezes. It was low tide when we
left the island and it took some work to get all the gear back into the boat.
The small skiff boat used for transporting the gear from shore to the larger
boat nearly sank on the second and last trip back to the boat. After stuggling
to push the boat off the rocks, Igor, N1YX had to jump on to the boat as we left
shore. He made it and then with the full load, started taking on water as we
motored to the larger boat. Got there in time and then quickly unloaded. That
was the most work of the entire operation!

The Bird Management group was pleased with our operation and have invited us
back again. What an adventure!

Thanks for all the QSO's and note that QSL's will be forth coming with
reference to the Lighthouse number and IOTA reference. QRX.

73, Mark, K1RX; Igor, N1YX, Dave, N1SRD and Tom, KB1YVR
LU5DX   SO(A)12CW LP   1832016-08-01 06:03:04
Rig: Yaesu FT-450D
Antenna: Delta Loop. Apex @30 ft.
Software: N1MM+
Winkey USB SMT

Martin LU5DX
LA/G3TXF   SO12CW HP   516,8402016-08-01 07:11:30
Operated in the 12-hour CW Unassisted Single-Op category from EU-76 (Vaeroy
Island) in the Norwegian Arctic.

The station was shared with Ian G3WVG who operated as LA/G0AAA ... also in a
12-hour Single-Op category.

73 - Nigel G3TXF
K4C   M/S LP   642,0002016-08-01 07:51:58
Soapbox de W4KAZ:
Operating from Cape Lookout is always fun, this year with N4YDU as K4C. N4YDU
again racked up most of the QSOs while I rode shotgun with crude jokes and
irrelevant commentary. We operated the single station using only vertical
antennas this year, with aluminum tube and wire hybrid/mishmash vertical
antennas built by N4YDU.

The 40m/20m/15m vertical went up first - it was our main antenna. The second
antenna was subject to a bit of guessing, as we had a couple of options
available but limited space.

After some discussion, we both decided we wanted to see how a vertical might
play on 80m at the island. N4YDU had constructed a 26 foot aluminum vertical
loaded on 80m with a coil, which we set up with two simple radials laid on the

Cape Lookout also qualified as SS05 for the ARRL national parks event, so
Friday afternoon/evening was a good test for the antennas. The 80m vertical
seemed to produce better results than any of our previous 80m antennas used at
that location in years past.

IOTA contest conditions were poor, with 20m open to Europe for only a short
time. We did have more luck with 15m than in years past, but years past have
been VERY poor on 15m.

As always the IOTA Experiment Lab with N4YDU was a lot of fun, even with poor
summertime RF conditions.

N4YDU Comments:

Another awesome time with W4KAZ. As always, Keith's logistics expertise came
in very handy. While conditions werent the greatest, there were several
interesting moments on the air. The vertical antenna experiment seemed to be a
winner. Great Island Camp, part of the NPS Cape Lookout National Seashore, is a
fantastic radio location.



G4BUO   SO12CW HP   521,7002016-08-01 07:52:19
Just using wire antennas, and RF problems meant I could not run more than 100w
on 20m. Missed the short-skip 10m conditions at the start, had to work hard for
eight mults on the Sunday.

Dave G4BUO
XL2I   M/2 HP   3,884,1502016-08-01 08:01:37

G6M(G4BYG)   SO(A)12CW LP   741,5102016-08-01 08:45:50
Due to planned activity as a Multi at G6MC not happening I decided on a
SOA CW LP 12hr entry from home.
Missed the 10m E's opening at the start Due to pre planned strategy :-((
Had poor 15/10m conditions throughout the contest.
Made up for that by better 20m and LF band propagation.
Good to hear plenty of UK/EI activity and hope all the travellers returned home

Band QSOs Pts IOT
3.5 42 520 28
7 122 1020 40
14 385 2620 59
21 66 590 23
28 7 65 4
Total 622 4815 154
Score: 741,510
1 Mult = 4.0 Q's

Elecraft K3/100 tranceiver
Cobwebb style nest of dipoles for 20/15/10m @ 40ft.
80/40m nested inv Vee dipoles @ 60ft
LZ1AQ amplified dual 1m diam loop used for diversity rx.
N1MM+ logging software which worked very well as usual.

Thanks to the IOTA organisers for the very smart new Submission Process which
was easy to use and informative.
See you next time.
GU3HFN   M/S LP   1,009,2602016-08-01 08:58:47
A club effort, but not serious, as we were short of operators/ The station
closed overnight, as we all had other things to do.
The goal was to make 1000 QSO's, which we did, despite taking a 7 hour break
during the night.

Thanks to all for the points and mults.

73 de GU3HFN Guernsey Amateur Radio Society
GW6W   M/S LP   1,996,4002016-08-01 09:23:44
Multi-1 low power field day style with 2 K3s in the club caravan at the
to Holyhead breakwater. For once the preparations in the week paid off and
everything worked out of the box once on site, including the station
and internet access off the 3g from my mobile phone which was faultless the
whole contest; a pity that multi requires this if you want to be anything near
competitive even if you're stuck on a desert island.

It was supposed to be a club 'training/mentoring' exercise but was in the end
poorly supported. As a by-product we were short of antennas with just a big
doublet and a club so-called multiband vertical which is rubbish and virtually
unusable. Fortunately I took along a 20m dipole which I hung down a 12m
Spiderpole positioned by the sea and that gave us solid running on 20m (if
you're a partially retired rock climber you'll find taking a few runners with
'chocks' are an excellent solution to the problem of guying verticals on rocks
by the ocean). We used the delapidated club caravan which involves a 2 station
setup being sat alongside each other and way less than ideal especially when
you're running cw and the person next to you is loudly working mults on the
mike, and caused no end of partially missed exchanges and repeats despite my
wrap around CM-500 headphones.

A really well supported contest and reasonably busy even through the night
despite just the doublet for the low bands, and I finished the contest running
manically on 15m. Not a criticism but towards the end when I was tired and
our serials were in 4 figures sending and/or repeating our exchange with it's
EU124 got to sound very tedious! Packing up when you're tired and short of
is the worst time and personally I hate the coiling of hundreds of feet of
the most. Far better would be to use rg58 for this sort of low power hf set
I'm sure you wouldn't notice any difference and if you had say a Moxon for 10m
that could be sited close to the operating position quite easily.

Thanks to the few that did get involved, and to all those who kept us busy in
the contest....

Stew, GW0ETF

**Thanks to Stenaline ferries for allowing us access to their site**
ED1M   M/2 LP   10,152,2602016-08-01 09:32:54
One year again, ED1M was active from Mouro Island - EU142
This time we tried in the new category (M/2) after several tries as M/1 LP.

Equipments and antennas:
K3 + Kenwood TS590
10-15-20m: 2 x EAxBeam
40m: Vertical + Delta
80m: Dipole + Inv "L"

Thanks to all for the QSOs and Mults and specially for their support to:
Chuchi (Marine transport to Island), EA1RC (local support), EA4ZK, EC4TA, N6TV
(Win-test support), EA1HVY (EAxBeam antennas)

73's EA4TX @ ED1M team
G4L(G4LDL)   SO12Mixed HP   195,8002016-08-01 12:14:29
Only had one antenna, Cushcraft R7 vertical. Others all down so only had a play
rather than a serious contest. conditions only fair with lots of QSB.
W9ILY   SO(A)12CW HP   374,0162016-08-01 12:41:52
Optibeam OB-9/5 at 18m and phased verticals.
M2W   M/S HP   3,434,0152016-08-01 16:54:45
Ran HP on Run Station and LP on Mult station having blown up an Amp and a Rig
before the start of the contest.
Heavy QSB - may have some numbers incorrect as a result.
Annoyed with stations who can clearly hear you and still come onto your freq.
and call CQ test, and then work you when you complain !!
Not enough IOTA identifiers when calling CQ.
IOTA file does not reflect the IOTA stations on the clusters.
Overall, great contest.
73, Garo G0PZA
N8II   SO(A)12Mixed HP   671,6922016-08-01 17:41:22
I seriously overslept, have not woken up so late in as long as I remember! Start
time after set up issues was 1411Z. Then just about at the peak of activity on
20, a thunderstorm rolled slowly in costing an hour off the air in addition to
quite high static crash noise on either side. So, I was quite surprised to
score so well relative to the NA competition.

East Asia was still coming thru to some degree until past 15Z on 20, but I
missed the best in the first hour and despite reasonable conditions the last
hour Asian activity was quite low. 15 was nearly a total loss, I heard no EU,
worked only T4 Cuba in the Caribbean and could not get EF8U to hear me, so it
was SA otherwise. The K index remained at 1 the whole time I operated which
helped a lot with northern EU and Asia. Before the contest for several days,
none of the Chinese IOTA operations were above the noise; I found none during
the test except a home station BV1. I guess as usual all areas of EU islands
were covered very well. The British isles were on in very full force with
multiple stations on EU120 for example. I focused just on working IOTA's until
after the storm when I quickly realized that EU was nice and loud on phone and
so were stations as close as Long Island NY, OH, and NC. There was good
sporadic E in all directions! It was so good that I am sure I missed a few EU
callers in the melee of loud USA callers; even stations off the back corner of
the beam in 8 and 9 land were very loud. Quite a few booming W1's were logged
with a few on IOTA like Martha's Vineyard and Mt. Deseret I. I was called by
some nice EU IOTA's and a TC0 on AS99 as well. 20M activity from EU and
propagation quickly died off around 2230Z and only very western EU and a few
Med area were left after 23Z thanks to the SFI of a very low 71. 40 was very
noisy from the still multitude of nearby storms around sunset, but quieted down
considerably as the storms subsided and skip zone lengthened. Unfortunately by
then EU activity had dropped off to pretty low. There was never enough EU
activity to run them on 40 for me. I finished up the evening on 20 which was
pretty much dead to AS and EU except for a few weak big guns, but the Pacific
and west coast of NA were coming thru pretty well allowing for QSO's with
OC1,6,13(S. Cook),36 & 134 (ZL4), 32 (FK), 49(A31), and 19(HI). I worked a
big gun 9M6 on both modes poaching him at end of his Q on phone in last hour,
and hearing my quite weak signal in the 16Z hour on thru EU callers, good ears
Ron! Overall it was a fun event suffering from the Euro centric activity during
the day and not enough activity during the EU late night/early AM. There were
some 20M pile ups even on 20 CW, I could not break during the 14-19Z hours. I
need more sophistication to take full advantage of spots, but they did help the
score except when routed to big EU pile ups. I still enjoy searching for
mults/Q's more than jumping on spots, much more satisfying!

Thanks for the Q's and USA casual ops please note that the log has been
uploaded to LOTW, although I welcome QSL's with SASE.

73, Jeff
G2F   M/S HP   10,893,0352016-08-02 00:42:55
Thanks for the Qs everyone.
G5W(G3BJ)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   5,577,9552016-08-02 01:44:46
Shorter than planned activity due to need for sleep! But a good fun contest.
LZ5EE   SO12CW QRP   209,0342016-08-02 04:53:18
ic-7000, LDG Z-100, WINDOM, SUCCI
GØCER   SO24SSB LP   322,0952016-08-02 08:09:28
Band QSOs Pts IOTA
3.5 20 250 9
7 52 580 23
14 134 1260 50
21 57 595 20
28 32 270 7
Total 295 2955 109
Score: 322,095
1 Mult = 2.7 Q's
IZ3NVR   SO12Mixed LP   526,4362016-08-02 08:57:43
Nice contest as usual. First "serious" attempt at Low Power SO2R so
forgive me if, especially in the early hours of sunday, I have been much of a
LID on 40CW while running, I was for sure busy with the second radio.

It is nice to leave the QRP category and compete among the "big guns"
and set in such a score. I know it is nothing special but still it's half a
million reached in a bit less than 12 hours.

The initial idea was to park a radio on 40m to work as many G/EI as possible
but that definitely didn't work and 40m netted way less QSOs than expected.

10m showed some life no matter the number of sunspots and the A and K indexes.
Lots of flutter and QSB everywhere none the less. I need to improve timing as
well as the technical part of the station. Won't be easy as lots of things are

Found EI2KM on 10m SSB with a pretty good signal on saturday late afternoon
calling CQ with no breaks at all. A pity he went that way till the signal
faded. Could have been mult number 3 on 10m SSB.

Hard to hold a frequency on 20m CW, completely useless on SSB. Three times I
got zero beated by an Ukrainian station that came to my frequency and started
CQing (no matter I was there since the last 30 mins or so). Tried to battle a
bit but was useless, he was probably not even listening to me (hope so).

Total Qs (with dupes): 331
Radio 1 QSOs: 297 (89,5%)
Radio 2 QSOs: 35 (10,5%)

See you next year under hopefully better conditions.

FT-450 / FT-857
Vertical 10-15-20 / Fritzel FB33 rotative dipole
40-80m dipole
OH5TS   SO24CW HP   2,131,5002016-08-02 09:58:44
Once again a very nice contest! Thanks to all and see you next year. 73 de Kari
K4VBM   SO12SSB LP   2,3982016-08-02 10:33:05
Enjoyed my 1ST RSGB IOTA Contest - great fun!
N3AM   SO(A)12CW HP   23,3282016-08-02 16:21:39
I have no way to break out the mults for each band. Just using the totals
listed by N1MM score summary box.
GM5TO(@G5TO)   M/S HP   1,259,0552016-08-02 17:03:42
A joint expedition of members from the Sheffield & District Wireless
Society, the Worksop Amateur Radio Society and the 93 Contest group, this was
our second attempt at IOTA from this location and saw an improved contacts
score but a reduced multiplier total. This was perhaps due to the poor
conditions and/or the lack of cluster assistance or perhaps we spent too much
time running a frequency! Well over 94% of our contacts were with Eu stations
but we managed at least one Q with every continent except Antarctica. The best
band was 20m but we were pleasantly surprised to make QSOs on 10m this year!

We had eight operators, myself with a lot of HF contest experience while all
the others were well-seasoned VHF contesters ... not used to the QRM and pile
ups :-) Most of the operating was on SSB with CW being left to the only CW op
in the team (me again!) who chose to do the long, overnight "red eye"
shift from 0000 to 0500utc on the key. However this paid off with hundreds of Qs
and valuable multipliers in the log that we would not otherwise have had.

We were blessed with excellent WX for the 4 day expedition. An added pleasure
was a visit from Ed, G3SQX, who was running his own EU-123 IOTA contest
station, GM7O, just north of Brodick, some 14 miles north of us (we were
located at Seal Shore campsite at Kildonan on the southern coast of Arran). Ed
came down to see us erecting the Spiderpole verticlas and then joined us at the
Lamlash Bay Hotel on Sunday evening for our customary celebration dinner. Great
to see you Ed!

The trip would not have been the success it was without the invaluable on site
support from our four good ladies, Judy, Jane, Pat and Sue (M6XAK) who kept us
fed and watered for the four day period we were on Arran. We are lucky to have
such supportive wives or partners.

We all enjoyed it so much that we have already booked the campsite for next
year's contest!

Antennas: 40m quarter wave groundplane with 2 elevated radials, 20/15/10m
vertical closed spaced (3") fan dipole, inverted V fan dipole for 80 to
10m. The verticals were located within a few feet of high tide mark at the
excellent Seal Shore campsite on the southern tip of Arran.

Radio Equipment: FT5000MP. 200w output. We were impressed with how the
verticals performed.
VK2CZ   SO12SSB HP   4502016-08-02 17:21:50
Weird and patchy conditions on 20m, with long path EU open early morning and one
otherwise impossible QSO somehow at 13:00z Big signals from USA short path
(just 30 degrees from EU long path for me), but very few players.
SP/OLØM   M/S LP   979,2452016-08-02 22:18:32
Holiday style operation from Wolin Island, IOTA EU-132. Condx was really bad,
especially on 15m. We have no antenna for 80m.

RIG: triple leg vertical and TS-480 100W

Tnx for all QSOs and see you next time.

73 Alex OK1RS and Ondra OK1CDJ
VYØERC(VE3KTB)   SO12SSB LP   116,5002016-08-03 00:02:01
Had to re-assemble the station after the trip to NA-043. Propagation was
surprisingly good, and for once better than the day before instead of the usual
great the day before a contest and then not so good during. However, that is
contesting from inside the auroral oval. Always fun to put NA-008 on the map.
OZ7BQ/P   SO24CW QRP   199,2962016-08-03 05:28:55
Operating Expedition mode fro Fano Isl EU 125.
QRP with a KX3 and a 17.5 meters longwire sloping from the balcony to the
Located around 500 yards from the seafront. This really helps to get out and to
be heard.
Good fun and a good way to spend a holiday weekend, when th XYL enjoys the
73 cu de
OZ7BQ Hans Jørgen (Joe).
SP1JQJ   SO12SSB LP   125,1302016-08-03 08:52:26
Band QSOs Pts IOT
14 97 1455 86
Total 97 1455 86
Score: 125 130
1 Mult = 1,1 Q's
SV8/OM6NM   SO(A)24CW LP   1,512,0252016-08-03 08:53:17
Nice beach operation from old beach bar in ruins on North of Corfu, near Roda.
Not very good condx but better I expected. Nice short opening on 10 m band (abt
100 qso per hour) on Sunday morning. The equipment: TS 590S, 100W; multiband
Kelemen GP, multiband Kelemen dipole, solo 20 metres dipole and deltaloop for
40 m.

Thanks to RSGB for great holiday HF event, thanks to my family and friends for
help with antenna setup. Special thanks to Corfu Sea Palm Residence for
electricity supply and general approval to do what all of us, so love to do.

See you next year!

Norbert, OM6NM
IQ3ME/P   M/S HP   8,242,3352016-08-03 11:03:50
Building from scratch a multi-op station on the island took one and a half day
of hard work, but it definitely paid-off.
Having a better location and better antennas than last year our target was 1800
QSOs (500 more than last year), so target reached by far!

Poor conditions on 10m, better on 15. As we could expect, money bands have been
20 and 40m, with lots of juicy multipliers.

All in all we all greatly enjoyed the contest, the company and the food (tnx

10-15-20: Spiderbeam + 3 El Yagi
40: Dipole
80: Dipole

K3 + TS590

Powered by QARTest.

Thanks to all who worked us,
See u next!

73, IQ3ME/P
ARI Mestre Team
OG5A   M/S HP   2,114,8502016-08-03 12:34:38
Nice IOTA-contest again, my favorite contest. I would only change exchange
shorter, like in the CQ WW where you don't have to say serial number but only
the CQ zone (in this IOTA-number).

We were located in EU-140 Nuokot island. Team of 4 hams and one XYL helping.

Antennas and equipment:
Main station:
K3 + ACOM 1010 ~600W
Cushcraft A4S 12m AGL
Spiderbeam 18m fiberglass pole with 80, 40 vertical GP at sea level

Multiplier station:
Kenwood TS-480SAT 100W
OCF-dipole 80-10m

Both stations were behind 2,5kW generator. No electricity on the island.

Contest went better than in any year before with this team, we used the
multiplier station much more efficient and also 40m band. 10 and 15 were quite
poor this year. We also undestood more of propagation. But still much to
improve in the future... :) Thanks for all, se you next time! 73 de Simo OH5GIO
KØVBU   SO12CW LP   44,1762016-08-03 23:03:35
K3/100 TH6DXX@50\' Trap Dipole apex 30\' N1MM+
Limited time available.
Thanks to all
Bill K0VBU
GM2T   M/2 HP   10,495,8002016-08-04 11:42:26
Club is Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC
A93JA(KE5JA)   SO12CW HP   32,6402016-08-04 23:00:34
I was only able to operate a few hours Saturday afternoon, so I just called CQ
on 20 CW and worked the stations that called. Hope I gave you a multiplier.
15m & 10M were totally dead here.
MI5JYK   SO24SSB QRP   178,7602016-08-04 23:07:55
Homebrew wire antennas. Verticals on 10 & 20m 40/80m linked wire NVIS
dipole. 40m dipole used on 15m
TK5UX(F5MUX)   SO24SSB HP   5,346,5602016-08-05 00:14:05
Hi, Back at home after 7 days in Corsica. Big thanks to my friends Pat TK5EP
& François TK5AE. Thanks to everybody who called me during this IOTA
Contest. This modest setup working perfectly (A3s & inverted V 40/80 m) It
was a great pleasure to stay 24 hours. Just a few QSO on S&P but major
activity with great pileup. Optimization with 15 points QSO and good skip with
UK stations on all bands.
See you next year maybe in Mixed category. Regards, Lee F5MUX / TK5UX

80 120 0 36 1230 10.25
40 387 2 62 3325 8.59
20 1344 6 94 11000 8.18
15 575 6 52 4975 8.65
10 43 0 12 355 8.26
TOTAL 2469 14 256 20885 8.46
TOTAL SCORE : 5 346 560
RI1C   M/S HP   11,753,5702016-08-05 04:39:42
It was a lot of fun!
Weather conditions could be better though some heavy rain storms did't
interfere much.
Due to very poor conditions on 10/15m, missed a lot of mults.
Thanks to all who answered us!
See you next year!
ISØ/OM8A(OM3RM)   SO24Mixed HP   5,740,0202016-08-05 12:04:42
Big thanks to my friend Walter IS0SWW that I can use his beautiful QTH in
My thanks go also to IS0KEB , IS0FKA and IS0EBO for help in antenna preparing

few hours before contest.
Thanks to everybody who called me during this IOTA contest

73 Tibi OM3RM
F4FLQ/P   SO(A)12SSB LP   162,2402016-08-05 14:25:04
tnx to all for QSO in iota dxpedition mono band for this first contest...
see you next year....
DL1KZA   M/S HP   16,996,6902016-08-06 04:48:41
Overall, great contest.
Thanks for the QSOs and Mults.
CR2M(W6NV)   SO(A)24Mixed HP   4,318,3852016-08-06 10:35:57
Thanks to CU2CE for all the fun.
HG6N(HA8RT)   SO(A)12Mixed HP   3,394,1282016-08-07 01:34:44
Contest : IOTA Contest
Callsign : HG6N
Mode : MIXED
Category : Single Operator - Assisted (SOA)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... : DX
Locator :
Operating time : 12h00

80 15 15 49 35 856 13.38
40 72 39 100 74 2255 13.11
20 209 70 236 87 4608 10.36
15 21 15 60 29 1150 14.20
10 3 3 14 5 255 15.00
TOTAL 320 142 459 230 9124 11.71
TOTAL SCORE : 3 394 128

Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations

Operators : HA8RT
Soapbox : Thx the HG6N team.

All bands - All modes
QSO Points - By time

| Hr | |
| 12 | 1140 |
| 13 | 779 |
| 14 | 991 |
| 15 | 655 |
| 16 | 616 |
| 17 | 879 |
| 18 | 777 |
| 19 | 753 |
| 20 | 648 |
| 21 | 666 |
| 22 | 537 |
| 23 | 683 |
| | 9124 |

All bands - All modes
Islands - By time

| Hr | |
| 12 | 41 |
| 13 | 38 |
| 14 | 37 |
| 15 | 34 |
| 16 | 28 |
| 17 | 24 |
| 18 | 17 |
| 19 | 28 |
| 20 | 22 |
| 21 | 39 |
| 22 | 33 |
| 23 | 31 |
| | 372 |

Powered by Win-Test 4.21.0
GM1J(MMØBQI)   SO24Mixed LP   1,527,2002016-08-07 08:36:13
Another great IOTA contest from the Summer Isles. As usual not plain sailing or
to plan!

Combination of work/tide times/boat change meant we had to be on the pier ready
to leave at 0800 Friday morning. Left Edinburgh at 0200 arriving Old Dornie
harbour just before 0800 where the good ship Patricia was waiting to transport
us to Tanera Mor. After a rowing boat transfer to the beach everything was in
place to start building the station. (The spirit was willing but the flesh was

I have not used this site before however it is on the shore close to the
highest part of the island due west sloping down to the south so a lot of rock
in that direction! Aerials were set up above the shore line all home brew wire
antennas on 12m Spiderbeam poles (Fantastic durable masts). 10/15/20 muliband
wire GP feed point at 7m. 40m quarter wave vertical with 4 elevated radials.
80m inverted L on 12m SpiderPole with 4 elevated radials. K3, MicroHam keyer
and N1MM+ software. Issues with mic and feedback for a time but it seemed to
clear so further investigation required to see what went wrong.

Found a clear spot on 20m and had a few Qs just before the contest started. At
1200 what was a quiet frequency was obliterated, I made my first Q at 1208……
10m and 15m never opened for me, all very watery and weak signals. Some great
cluster fueled runs on 20m, it’s amazing how no one encroaches on your feeble
signal if you are being called by loads of stations. Once the pile dies they
move in like vultures!

Thought I could stay awake for the 24 hours with maybe a short sleep between
0200-0500, managed until 0500 then fell asleep at the rig, missed all the early
morning good stuff! Shut down before 1100 due to generator issues but by that
time I was a complete zombie.

Not sure if the new multi op rules are making a difference? I noticed no
increase in availability of these stations and no increase in being called by
them. The rule changes are a good move and it would be interesting to hear
other experiences.

As far as world HP stations sitting in the middle of the band and working
strings of other world stations, I am not sure of the value of this. Makes it
hard for LP DXpedition stations to be heard on a crowded band and after all it
is the ISLANDS ON THE AIR contest.

What a fantastic contest and time on the island. I can only manage a few
contests each year due to other commitments but IOTA is so good it drives me
and many others to do mad things and get out and about to activate the islands.
Thanks for all the contacts and to the RSGB for developing and improving the


Jim, MM0BQI.

GM1J on the Summer Isles, EU92.
AA4V   M/S HP   1,595,1602016-08-07 14:35:38
A great time was had by all. Steve, AA4V, invited us over as a multi-single
operation at his house on the Isle of Palms, SC (NA-110). Using an Elecraft K3
and an Acom 2000 to a Steppir IR beam at 60 ft, 43 ft and 66 ft verticals
connected to seawater ground planes, we managed to last through the 24 hours.
Band conditions were not great, but were adequate until the wee hours of the
morning -- then they basically turned off. But sunrise had us hopping once
again. Our thanks go to Steve's wife Lynn, for putting up with our motley
crew. Next time, who knows? Thanks to all who worked us!
W1WBB   SO(A)12CW LP   100,2052016-08-08 06:49:37
Part-time operation from home QTH: Aquidneck Island NA-031

A little more than 33% of all QSOs were with Island stations (15-point QSOs),
mixing running with S&P in limited time : 84 total Island contacts

Nice to hear decent sigs from Zones 25 (JA) and 24 (BV/BY) on 20m, but only a
few in the log, with me running LP ;^(.

Icom 706 MKIIG @ 100w to Hexbeam up 32' on 20m; 88' doublet up >40' on 40m;
N1MM Logger+ and WinKeyer USB CW interface.

QSOs uploaded to Clublog; QSLs via LoTW
3V8SM   M/S LP   1,330,7602016-08-09 09:19:48
Hello,beautiful experience despite many surprises,
initially we planned to CW & SSB but our friend Ash had to work this
weekend, so no contest for him. Big thanks to Ash KF5EYY for helping us make
this contest.
Setup Ant: Hexbeam 10-20m & Vertical 80-40m.
Everybody tnx for calling during the IOTA Contest.
thank you very much to our driver J-Louis. And for Ali Djerba + friends
to help us in our work which is really not easy because of Murphy !!!!


Best regards, Ludo HB9EOU / 3V8SM
MM2N   M/S HP   8,417,7002016-08-09 14:02:43
Great fun had by all. We really needed better LF antennas as only low dipoles
and a windom for 40/80. A C3S and a Hexbeam at approx 50 feet provided a great
platform to be heard.
We went to Benbecula for a bit of fun and ended up being quite competitive. The
QTH is very good and you can hear a pin drop which is in complete contrast to
operating from home.
Looking forward to next years contest.
IC8WIC   SO12SSB LP   701,1402016-08-16 03:43:08
Bad conditions, 80mtrs not usable, 10 and 15 short openings.... 20 meters with
saturday afternoon opening to JA and sunday morning to KL7/KH6
WX4SKY   SO24SSB HP   19,0082016-08-20 07:10:23
BAND QSOs Points Multipliers QSOs Points Multipliers
80 0 0 0 0 0 0
40 0 0 0 12 102 6
20 0 0 0 176 690 18
15 0 0 0 0 0 0
10 0 0 0 0 0 0

792 X 24 = 19008
points multipliers score