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JIDX CW Contest   2017   Apr 8   Comment Summary

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MMØLID   SOSB/20 LP   3122017-04-08 03:20:14
Only had few hours to play in this contest.
Some nice signal from JA on 20 so i do single band entry only.

Sorry to anyone i miss. i was running on a frequency for long time and J5
station come and make split to my run frequency. So noise was very high.

See you in SSB

Eqmpt - Yaesu FTDX5000 @100w
Steppir DB18W @ 100'
N1MM+ for logging

73 Scott
LY5W   SOSB/40 HP   2,1002017-04-08 14:13:16
Boring, time wasting .... better was to go fishing :)
Sam LY5W
W6RLL   SOSB/20 HP   7562017-04-08 16:37:11
QSOs 38 Points 36 Multipliers 21
36 X 21 =756
NA2U   SOSB/40 HP   252017-04-08 21:57:40
After local sunrise Saturday morning. 800w, VERY low dipole.
NA6O(@N6RO)   SOSB/20 HP   11,6962017-04-08 23:58:42
K3, Alpha 76, Yagi stack, N1MM+

My main objective was to beat the old record of 8938 points. No problem there!
Now to see if I came out on top this year...

Showed up at midnight hoping that 20 might be open at the starting gun. Nope.
Got up early hoping that it might be open for awhile at dawn. Nope. Noodled
around all morning waiting for an opening. Nope. Finally got my first Q at
1950z, then things ramped up quickly. The band seemed to stay open forever but
the JAs eventually pointed at EU and it was all fished out anyway by about
0600z. Another hour of CQing got me one dupe.

Conditions were not great, with K = 4 to 5 and an unsettled geomag field almost
all the time. Good thing we weren't working EU. I found that the VOACAP
prediction was dead-on with regards to MUF and band opening/closing to JA.
There was an abrupt blackout around 0500z Sunday that lasted about 15 min. Just
like throwing a switch for propagation. Above all, I am grateful that I did not
pick 15m!!

Thanks to K3EST for his always-enjoyable company while he ran 40m, and of
course to N6RO for use of the station and the contest chili.
VE3UTT   SOAB HP   8752017-04-09 05:39:33
Remote K3 / Optibeam

Most time spent trying to find stations. Sunday morning conditions on 40m were
very poor here.
WJ9B   SOSB/80 HP   20,5042017-04-09 06:03:22
73, wj9b
N5AW   SOAB HP   18,9572017-04-09 06:06:15
Poor conditions. Only three QSOs on 15 skew path. Signals on 20 very weak. 40
and 80 better but noisy. I'm sure lots of busted calls and exchanges. Still fun
WN6K   SOAB LP   58,7192017-04-09 06:10:14
Poor Band conditions prevailed throughout. Went a couple of times to 15m but
heard nothing. So I took breaks, took naps & took a look at a book. Never
found a JD1 so 32,39, 48,49 & 50 were missed.

Now another nap (to get the body in cycle) and watch the finish of the

WN6K, Paul
KC7V(@K8IA)   SOSB/40 HP   22,4192017-04-09 06:12:39
Good JA activity.
N9NA   SOAB HP   33,9842017-04-09 06:18:55
Ten Tec Omni 7, Ten Tec Centurion, Steppir DB-18e single element, 80 meter ocf
inv vee.
K7WP   SOAB LP   32,4002017-04-09 06:30:56
FT1000MP/ Force12 6BA @ 70'/ Inverted v/ Loaded tower/ N1MM+

Fun time...mni thanks to our JA friends...!

73, K7WP ..
Arizona Outlaws
N6RO   SOSB/80 HP   18,1462017-04-09 06:34:14
Last year, K3EST, NA6O and I did a M/S effort, setting a new record in that
category. We don't like M/S,there is no M/M, so we set out to try for record
scores on 20, 40 and 80m. We'll see how that comes out.

Friday night, I lucked out when light rain shut down the powerline noise
but didn't generate precip. noise. Atmospheric noise was about average for
springtime. Saturday night had less activity and powerline crap was back on.
Diversity RX helped pull the S5 signals thru.

Thanks to all the JAs who filled our logs. CU in All Asia CW.

N6RO 4 SQ, SAL-30, K3/P3, ACOM 2000A, N1MM+
4W/N1YC(9V1YC)   SOAB HP   197,4002017-04-09 07:28:30
Fun contest
K7XC   SOSB/40 HP   5202017-04-09 07:43:45
Showed up on 40M a bit before Sunrise Sat Morning and worked the band till no
longer any signals from Asia. Worked every JA I could hear or answer my CQ.
Missed Sunday AM. Watching the Reverse Beacon Network sure is an education as
your signal starts to peak in the taget region and then slowly fade till no
more spots appear. The station here is an old IC-746, AL-80B @ 750W, Inv Vee at
40ft. See you all in the next contest... KB!
K3EST(@N6RO)   SOSB/40 HP   28,0122017-04-09 09:08:58
Nice to work many JA stations. Condx good. No station problems.
Good activity from all JA call areas.

Thanks to Ken, N6RO for hospitality.

Band actually opened to JA at about 05z (2pm JA time)and could get them to hear
me about 06...for an occasional QSO.
It was nice to work many JA friends. Tnx to all that called me.
Bob, K3EST
HG7T   M/S HP   36,2702017-04-09 10:39:32
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
VE7CC(@VE7SV)   SOAB HP   131,3202017-04-09 12:47:19
Fun contest. MUF dropped too low for 40 meters for long periods of time. Lots
of QRN on 80 and 160.
N7NT   SOAB LP   6,4352017-04-09 13:29:54
Wrestled with constant S5-7 noise level on 40 meters. Thanks to all the stations
who responded to my repeat requests.

Elecraft K3, 100 watts
Force12 Delta 4 at 44 feet
NX6T   M/S HP   91,1432017-04-09 14:01:20
No signals from Japan heard on 10 AND 15 Meter bands !! Friday night our remote
operator WQ6X could not remote into station for several hours so we figure we
lost almost 100 QSOs on 40/80/160. 73 de Dennis N6KI
KH6CJJ   SOAB LP   40,0402017-04-09 14:03:55
Lots of fun with good JA ops. Disappointed in not being able to make a single
contact on 10. Heard two Hawaiian stations working JAs on 10 that I could not
hear. My hexxbeam at 25 feet just could not quite do the job. Results on 80
were very good, but I could not make much headway on 40.

Thanks for the Qs. Kent
WH7W   SOAB HP   68,0962017-04-09 15:12:32
Band QSOs Pts Pfx Pt/Q
3.5 53 106 29 2.0
7 32 32 20 1.0
14 12 12 10 1.0
21 136 136 38 1.0
28 113 226 36 2.0
Total 346 512 133 1.5
Score: 68,096
1 Mult = 2.6 Q's

Significant work obligations got in the way of even more fun in JIDX. Thanks
for the q's.
W6VMW(KM6I)   SOAB LP   2,1082017-04-09 16:17:50
Elecraft K3S, JK Antennas JK401 40m dipole, Navassa-5 Yagi. Remote operation of
the VMware amateur radio club station. See, page 18.
VK3JA   SOAB LP   30,3942017-04-09 17:40:03
Ten meters was wide open trans-equitorial to JA with SFI 74 and K 4! Nice
strong S7 sigs on ten made it enjoyable for an hour or two. I rarely run LP
but no QRO needed to work JA from VK3.

Local power failure meant early QRT on Sunday evening.
73 Steve VK3JA
AF6SA   SOSB/20 HP   8362017-04-09 18:11:37
Bad conditions and Saturday afternoon. Signals were weak like in a VHF contest.
JA1BPA   SOSB/15 HP   6,7502017-04-09 19:37:19
*** Winds, rain, geo-magnetic storm, what could you hope for worse? ***

I decided to choose 15mb, which I knew would not be very good, but
it turned out worse. I only worked 1 U.S. station, N5AW,
and 2 beyond-Russia EUs, LZ1GU via long path on Saturday,
and HG7T (proud to be his only JA on 15mb) via short path.
I heard NX6T and N6WM via skewed path, but they never heard me.

15mb was just like 10mb last year. So what's next?

Best 73,

Icko, JA1BPA
ZM2B(ZL2BR)   SOAB HP   74,1062017-04-09 23:14:36
Always a good contest to operate in regardless of propagation conditions.

10m and 15m were both in super shape to Japan, despite the SFI only being
around 72. However 20m was a different story with very poor prop. 40m was
pretty much as is usual for the ZL-JA path, but atmospheric noise on 80m was a

IC-7600, AL-80B, C3SS yagi,40m GP

73, Frank
SP5WA   SOAB HP   66,0442017-04-10 00:53:22
The worst propagation ever. SRI
W7TR(KH2TJ)   SOSB/80 LP   3522017-04-10 11:55:29
Heavy winds with rain, sleet, and then snow, reeked havoc on the puny little
station here ;-) Worked a few before heading off to Elkotraz for the
weekend. Conditions sounded not too bad on 80M considering the low dipole up
about 25'. 40M dipole decided to not cooperate due to high SWR, but worked
everyone I heard...

Thanks for the contacts.

73, Todd KH2TJ
KA6BIM   SOAB HP   105,9662017-04-10 11:57:51
I expected to miss 10 meters but not 15 meters as well. That was 1/3rd of last
years mults and qso's missing. Made up for some of it with improved numbers on
40 & 80.
Yoi Qso's Oh Domo Arigatoh

73's Dave ka6bim
N1RR(@K1TTT)   SOSB/20 HP   722017-04-11 17:48:21
Thanks to Dave Robbins - K1TTT for the use of his station.
I appreciate it.
7J1ABD   SOSB/40 LP   1702017-04-19 07:11:17
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan
HG8W(HA8ZO)   SOSB/20 HP   2,6732017-04-19 08:06:22





HL5JZ   SOAB LP   64,1692017-05-09 16:42:42
{log removed]