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NA Sprint RTTY Contest   2009   March   Comment Summary

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KL8DX   Single Op HP   2502009-03-14 18:51:47
My first Sprint and I experienced some software issues in the
beginning of the contest (operator error). I only had a very
short window to operate but wanted to give it a shot. Software
does play a bit different and it took me a few QSO's to get used
to it. Sorry to those I confused.

Some confusion by a few on the QSY rule. Auroral activity (7) made
the contest extremely rough. Also, since there is so much info to
"pick & click", I was having issues getting a few serial numbers
into the log at the beginning of the contest due to those few only
using single digit numbers.

Lesson learned...don't wait until just before the contest to
configure your software.

WB8JUI   Single Op LP   4752009-03-14 18:54:13
My first attempt at a Sprint of any kind. Thanks to my first few contacts for
hanging in there with me while I stumbled through the exchange and QSY process.
After about 15 contacts, I kind of got the into the groove a bit better.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
K9SEX(K5NZ)   Single Op LP   2,4652009-03-14 18:56:51
Mayhem sez it all... Not waiting for a QSL, Impossible to get a fill, Not
QSY'ing(I told a few they might re-read the rules, right over their head), SO2R
guys dumping CQ's right in middle of an exchange(if you can't control 2 radios
don't make a LID of yourself!).. Maybe the Sprint is a bit much for the average
RTTY op... I had my fill pretty quick.
ACØE   Single Op LP   2522009-03-14 19:36:59
constant interruptions. finally just gave up.
WR1Q   Single Op LP   2,1902009-03-14 21:01:27
Very challenging in several aspects. I decided to stray away from Digital Master
and try N1MM's interface with MMTTY. The first 15 minutes of the contest were
spent trying to make the silly thing decode rtty correctedly. After lots of
adjustments, I started to get the knack of it, and it soon became like the
other NA Sprints this spring: crazy :) Had a blast though, particularly on 80
meters. The 4 hours flew right on by as they have before. Glad to take part.
KE5OG   Single Op LP   6,4222009-03-14 21:03:41
Wow...that was fun. There seemed to be a lot of stations. Conditions were much
better than they have been especially on 20. Thanks for the Q's.
KD4HXT   Single Op LP   3,3282009-03-14 21:04:00
First RTTY Sprint. Interesting and challenging all at the same time. Feel I did
K6TD   Single Op HP   5,0052009-03-14 21:04:57
1st time in the sprint without the legal dup rule. Good move. Requires lots
more work.

40m went long way too early. 20m seemed to fold long before 40m was ready.

My 80m antenna isn't the best, but, I did well on that band. Better than

Kept working N7ESU in the ID QSO Party, on each band.

Sprint's are always a drain. Thx for the QSOs. CU in the fall.

73, K6TD
NO3M   Single Op LP   5,2062009-03-14 21:08:43
That was kind of wild.... first RTTY sprint. Should of had more on 20M, but
must have been too weak.

Eric (Ty) NO3M
WØMU   Single Op QRP   3,4832009-03-14 21:10:49
I was not planning to operate much but ended up doing the entire contest.
Managed to stay on 20 for over an hour. 40 was pretty good. QRP and 80 is a
real challenge. Most CQ's went unanswered, lots of S&P. Need more gain on

Bands seemed to be pretty good but where were the mults. Heard MA, VE7 and VE3
but never worked them.

I might have beat my cw score.
W7WHY   Single Op HP   5,7352009-03-14 21:12:20
Well, that was fun. Was hoping to do a little better, but conditions were kinda
strange here. Lots of mults on the east coast that I just couldn't hear out
here in Oregon. I could hear the midwest working them, but not many heard on
the left coast.

RTTY contests are always fun and thanks to the NCJ for putting these on.

Log is already on LOTW. 73


Radio 1 TS-450SAT
Radio 2 FT-840
20 meter 2 el monobander
40 meter vertical
80 meter dipole

N11MM Logger 9.3.1
N6CK   Single Op HP   5,1802009-03-14 21:15:56
RX overload (IC-756 PRO 2) from locals! Need roofing filters in this "old" rig!
Thanks for all the q's (and repeats...)

73 Greg N6CK
AD6WL   Single Op HP   8,5682009-03-14 21:16:28
I haven't done a sprint in 3 years and this is the first for me with the
elimination of the legal dupe rule. There was plenty of activity so dropping
the dupe rule was a good idea. I had some decent rates but didn't really get a
good rhythm going until kind of late in the game. This can be a frustrating
contest with all the crazy stations Searching and Pouncing up and down the
bands. But, it's fun mayhem. I don't think I could handle more then four
hours of this kind of operating.

Thanks to all who gave me some points. Keep in mind with all the running
around the bands searching for contacts with new stations folks can make
mistakes like hitting the wrong key. Just take it in stride and keep on having

73, Jim
K6MM   Single Op HP   3,8402009-03-14 21:16:52
20M died before the contest began. Conditions were a bit ruff all night.
Noticed several guys suffering from QSY brain freeze. They stayed on the same
freq. and kept CQing. Good to see new stations in this one. Many CA stations
honoring Marc (W6ZZZ) who became a Silent Key last weekend. Thanks for the Qs.
73, John K6MM.
WØYK   Single Op HP   11,3082009-03-14 21:17:34
Well, that was a bit better than October 2008, huh?! Man, I hope I never try to
contest again in the conditions we had that weekend. But, hey, activity was
great tonight and conditions were pretty good too. I got two hours of 20 and
40 lasted the whole time. There was a bit of a lull around 02Z when 20 was
down and 80 hadn't come up for me.

Thanks for everyone who got on. RTTY Sprint is coming into its own ... without
dupes. However, some folks still haven't gotten the word about NO DUPES, hi.
Several stations continually came back to dupe me, which explains the inflated
serial numbers I was handing out.

I think we had a record number of teams overall and NCCC fielded two full teams
plus a partial. I was never able to snag the VE1, darn it. Don't think there
were other mults I heard and missed, though.

If you felt overwhelmed by MARCs tonight, good. NCCC lost a stellar member,
Marc Ziegler, W6ZZZ, last week and we're all still stunned. Marc was a
workhorse in the NCCC, mostly in the background. He contributed greatly to
running CQP and our club's Sweepstakes bid for the Club Competition gavel each
year. Marc and his support of NCCC are greatly missed. This Sprint is
dedicated to him by his NCCC buds.

Ed - W0YK
W7NNN   Single Op LP   2,3782009-03-14 21:20:03
Had fun but bad rf problem in shack and Op errors with N1MM macros..See you next
73-Eric W7NNN

TT Jupiter @ 100w
Mystery Ant. @ 70 ft
40 mtr Delta Loop at 65 feet
KØAD   Single Op LP   4,8002009-03-14 21:22:08
There seemed to be enough activity that I didn't miss the legal dupe rule.
Sprints are still a little bit of a challenge with low power but still a lot of
fun. Seemed to get stomped on mostly on 40. This is the first Sprint where I
really got the hang of SO2R and it made a big difference. I wish I had another


Al, K0AD
N6WM   Single Op HP   2,5522009-03-14 21:25:53
1st RTTY sprint and 2nd ever sprint. Had to cut my 20 meter time short to do
dinner with the xyl.. and that my friends is verrry important! Wasn't planning
on operating in this one at all...Thanks Ed hi hi. 40 and 80 seemed pretty ok
but I was on the verticals in between stucco monuments...

Didnt get to work a number of regulars, but got quite a few and a wonderful kb
tribute to Marc.

Seeya next time!
K6UFO   Single Op LP   4,9352009-03-14 21:27:43
Made a reasonable start on 20m, but it seemed like
everyone left after only one hour. 40m had good signals,
but so many "strange exchanges" with the other person's
call at the end, or people including their call in the
TU message, so it was hard to tell who was inheriting the
freq. My low wire could hardly keep up on 80m,
and it got harder and harder to find a loud signal
who could hear me. Thanks for the rtty fun!


20m: 2 el beam at 40ft
40m, 80m: low wire dipole and tuner.
Yaesu FT-1000MP 100w
Writelog and MMTTY software.
K6CTA   Single Op HP   3,7512009-03-14 21:29:44
I felt totally out of synch for a good part of the contest. However, at least
conditions were better than last time. Station performed well.....wish I could
say the same about the operator. Thanks for the Q's!

Ed - K6CTA
W6OAT   Single Op HP   8,2002009-03-14 21:30:45
I used the name Marc in memory of my friend W6ZZZ who passed away last week.
AD4EB   Single Op HP   8,4422009-03-14 21:32:48
Was concerned that there was not going to be much activity with the no dupe
rule, but that was not the case. Many new operators, some who did not follow
the format and qsy rules. But what the heck, was glad to work em' all and a
couple gave me needed multipliers, thanks.

Ended up with 44 CA contacts, at times it seemed like a CA RTTY QSO party. They
really turn out for this one, way to go (most all were named Marc, need to find
out who they were honoring).

I kinda miss the fast and furious rates when dupes were allowed, but not
allowing dupes makes it much more interesting, and also helps level the playing

73 - Jim - AD4EB
W5KI   Single Op HP   4,0802009-03-14 21:33:17
Missed too many close-in, easy multipliers that I heard but couldn't catch.
K8UT   Single Op HP   4,4222009-03-14 21:42:07
Another great RTTY contest, with many new calls. Either the bands were getting
better, or I was getting better, as time went by: 20 meters was ok, 40 was
better, and 80 meters was great.
N7NM   Single Op HP   3,4802009-03-14 21:56:01
First try at a sprint and I'm tired! Couldn't figure out
who was QSY'ing so lost lots of new ones as others
moved in. Had to use narrowest filters the whole
time and really didn't help on 80 - lots of very
strong signals especially from CA. Heard a lot of
east coasters I couldn't work due to antenna limitations.
But, once I got the hang of things it was a Blast!!
I'll be back!
73, Doug - N7NM

FT1000MP @ 500w
Tribander and Low Wire
W8DQ   Single Op HP   1,7712009-03-14 22:13:57
Nice contest
N6ML(@N6RO)   Single Op HP   8,6002009-03-14 22:42:18
First sprint on any mode ... burned off a few years' worth of brain-cells! Felt
a bit lost for a while, but kept at it. Need to get better at quickly figuring
out who's who and what's what when I tune across a QSO in progress. OK for a
first effort, I suppose - just barely made the 200 Qs (I'm sure it won't
survive log-checking).

Condx seemed OK but not great - 80 seemed short (lots of very loud W6's). 20
held up for most of the two hours, which was good. 40 was OK throughout.

Seemed like many didn't have their messages right - especially not including
both callsigns in the exchange, which the rules specifically mandate (IIRC),
which made things more confusing at times.

Even though I didn't know him personally, it felt good to join the club in
honouring W6ZZZ (SK) by using the name "MARC" - clearly a hugely-respected club
member and great loss.

Thanks, as always, to N6RO for hosting.
K6LL   Single Op HP   9,5342009-03-14 23:31:24
I just used one radio. I like the Sprints that way.

This contest has really come of age. Four hours of good rate without working
dupes. I think the chatter on the RTTY reflector today helped turnout.

Hope everybody had fun. I sure did!

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ
W1UJ   Single Op LP   2,4802009-03-15 05:15:27
Another of my early attempts at SO2R, and LP.
I didn't even check 20m, unfortunately.

Jay W1UJ
N4ZZ   Single Op HP   6,9422009-03-15 05:46:59
Thanks for the qso's 73 Don-n4zz
W7MRC(NG7Z)   Single Op LP   4,0002009-03-15 06:23:24
What a slog that was! Working low power is frustrating with all the LOUD guys
beating me out so many times. 20M and 40M seemed weaker than normal. 20M
especially weak and it wasn't worth spending much time there. I usually feel
loud on 40M with the yagi but not this time. Some newbies trying out the sprint
but didn't understand the QSY rule. So wound up CQing on top of them. Others
would send the exchange right away or send it out of order. But still glad to
see so many trying this confusing contest. Thanks for the q's and see you in
the fall
73 Paul NG7Z (W7MRC in the sprint)
W6NF   Single Op LP   122009-03-15 06:43:39
Rig issues of some sort--called dozens of stations on all bands but mostly no
joy. Still don't know where the problem lies. At least gave out a few Q's as
MARC to honor W6ZZZ (SK)--RIP Mark.
W7OM   Single Op HP   3,2002009-03-15 07:53:02
What a time for a software glitch. Couldn't tell dupes. My apology to those I
tried to dupe. Low power on 40 and 80.
N9XX   Single Op LP   1652009-03-15 08:29:43
Just a little diddling around to practice RTTY contesting. Haven't done a
Sprint on any mode for a few years, so getting back into it on RTTY, a
relatively new mode for me, was added challenge.
KT6YL   Single Op HP   3,0162009-03-15 09:17:36
My very first Sprint contest ever...very challenging, but fun.
A bit stressful, but it keeps the adrenaline flowing.
The equipment got a few hick ups, found the problem AFTER the contest but that
was to late. A few times could not complete a QSO's because of the problem and
Amp/tuner went in protection mode.
N1MM had a few problems too...could have been RF in the computer, but had to
reboot a few times, that cost valuable time of course.
It is a fun contest, although I think it is a contest for big guns/antenna's
because I got mowed over, stepped on, and pushed out of the way many times.
But I had a good time, 4 hours flew by, and I was sorry it was over....
Can we do another one today? ;-) .
I used Marc in honor of W6ZZZ like most of the members from the NCCC family.
RIP Marc, hope you were watching from up there!

Best 73 es 88s de Tiny
N2EIK   Single Op HP   3,6402009-03-15 09:33:07
Almost the contest from hell.

I was prepared and ready to rock at 0000 Zulu. Called cq and only worked 4
stations and thought I was going to be bored the rest of the night. Called cq
for ten minutes, no takes and someone came back and told me they thought they
missed the start of the test. We "both" figured out my Radio interface program
was not using the correct time offset and I was calling AN HOUR EARLY!
I messed around trying to figure out why HRD was not correcting for DST and the
contest started. I switched bands to 80 meter at every other or every 3rd
transmission I would hear an arc, my Kenwood TSB2K would lock up and my
software would freeze. I was not happy.
Ok, I was actually cursing and ranting. I found a loose PL259 going from the
amp to the Antenna tuner. Problem solved. Then I couldn't figure out why people
were getting p/o at me and some nice guy (really, he was nice, not rude and
thats always a "plus" in my book.) reminded me of the QSY

Hell.....I wasnt even drinking! I swear someone in the house flipped my
"instant lid" switch on.

Anyway, I did figure out the DST/zulu issue this morning. Had to run a MS patch
and RE install SP3.

John N2EIK
KB1NRB   Single Op LP   1,5362009-03-15 10:12:50
KB4KBS/5   Single Op LP   3082009-03-15 10:19:11
100W to indoor "slinky" antenna; TNX to all good ears who pulled me out.
I like the brevity of the event. I also like the format of the sprint, but too
often I would take a freq. call CQ for 3-4 minutes and not get any returns.
W6YX(N6DE)   Single Op HP   10,7802009-03-15 11:23:25
What a great tribute by NCCC members to Marc W6ZZZ. Marc will be missed very

Activity in this contest was much better than last October's running.

-Dean - N6DE
NØEOP   Single Op LP   1,1782009-03-15 12:02:05
Not all staions were QSY'ing when they should. Lots of QSB on signals. Enjoyed
the Sprint and thanks to everyone that took the time to work me.
KØHW   Single Op LP   5,8522009-03-15 12:14:09
Fun time, lots better than last Fall. Used HyGain HyTower most of the time
and switched to 80 meter dipole when on 80.

ICOM 756 PROII, WriteLog (not updated to no dupe rule) and AEA PK-232
W4NZ   Single Op HP   5,1002009-03-15 12:32:18
SO1R. Just learning this diddle stuff. Good to see a lot of the Thursday night
NS gang on for this. Nice tribute by the NCCC gang to Marc W6ZZZ.

73, Ted W4NZ
N6WG   Single Op QRP   9542009-03-15 14:19:59
SOAPBOX: This was my first RTTY Sprint, and it went reasonably well. No great
SOAPBOX: score, but I hadn't expected any either. Just wanted to see what all
SOAPBOX: the shouting was about :-) Also wanted one more station on the air to
SOAPBOX: pay tribute to a recently deceased NCCC member, Marc, W6ZZZ.
SOAPBOX: I managed to squeeze in 3 hrs and 10 minutes, more than I expected,
SOAPBOX: between visitors and caregiver chores. That produced 53 QSOs with a
SOAPBOX: mix of S&P and CQing. Overall, the CQing was not terribly
SOAPBOX: productive. Perhaps I was doing it too early in the contest, when I
SOAPBOX: should have stayed with S&P. This gave me a rate of about 1 QSO
SOAPBOX: every 3.5 minutes.
SOAPBOX: I noticed the usual mix of loud signals that couldn't hear me, and the
SOAPBOX: whisper-faint stations that came back to my first call. Looks like
SOAPBOX: business as usual :-)
SOAPBOX: Mults were surprisingly hard to come by. Must have been some kind of
SOAPBOX: searchlight propagation, as most of my Qs came from just a small
SOAPBOX: number of states. I only had 10 mults on 20m and 8 on 40m.
SOAPBOX: I noticed 20m started to thin out pretty fast after the first half
SOAPBOX: hour. I stuck with 20m, though, as I was getting enough QSOs to keep
SOAPBOX: up my interest. But by 0120Z, I had to drop down to 40m as 20m was
SOAPBOX: just too thin. Signals were still good, though, and I was getting
SOAPBOX: replies when I found a new station to call.
SOAPBOX: I need to add a few more message keys to my keyboard for RTTY. Maybe
SOAPBOX: Hotkeys will do that for me. I'll have to read up on it and see.
SOAPBOX: Using a K3 and N1MM/MMTTY here.
SOAPBOX: Thanks to all for the Qs in my first RTTY Sprint. Hope to do better
SOAPBOX: next time.
SOAPBOX: The Little Station with Attitude
W6TQG   Single Op HP   3,4502009-03-15 17:50:37
Fun contest - thank you for all of the Q's! Used the name Marc to pay tribute to
W6ZZZ (SK), a friend (who introduced me to RTTY) and member of the Northern
California Contest Club.
73, Phil/W6TQG
W6SX   Single Op HP   5,1842009-03-15 18:49:47
Best contact. W7ETR answered my CQ with six minutes left. I sent my exchange.
He came back with 599 and said he was new to RTTY. I manually typed him through
the exchange for his Number 1 and my only Wyoming. Yee Haw! Welcome to RTTY

K3, AL-1200, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, MMTTY, and N1MM
K2DSL   Single Op LP   3,2342009-03-16 08:13:37
My first sprint and it was a lot of fun. 4 hours goes very quickly. Watched a
few mins at the start to see the exchanges and then jumped in. Seemed like many
ops were on top of each other and it would have been good for a bit more spread
between the stations, especially those without tight filters, but you deal with
it. Look forward to the next one. 73 K2DSL - David
W3YY   Single Op HP   3,4982009-03-16 11:11:45
Having just completed building my new FSK opto-coupled interface I thought it
would be fun to try it out in a contest. It was!

I made the usual mistake of waiting an hour before the contest to try eveything
out. The FSK interface which had worked perfectly with MMTTY alone, failed to
initially work with N1MM. In fact the settings I tried caused the computer to
crash a cause numerous reboots. Nothing was wrong with the interface, but my
N1MM settings needed to be changed after going from AFSK to FSK. Reading the
manual and changing some settings solved the problem and about 5 minutes before
the contest I was go to go with pure FSK.

I've operated numerous CW and Phone Sprints, but RTTY was still a learning
experience. I made about 15 QSO's in the first hour, spending lots of time
repeatedly fine tuning the keyboard macros and getting used to finding guys
ready to answer a call.

I wound up with about the same number of Q's I made in my first ever CW Sprint
many years ago, but now I'm ready for the next RTTY Sprint.

Thanks to all for the QSO's. RYRYRYRY.

73, Bob - W3YY
WØBH   Single Op HP   4,0022009-03-16 14:40:39
My first try at a RTTY Sprint. I had a single radio setup and can see how a
second radio is really needed to be competitive given the relatively small
number of participants. I'll work on it. Thanks to Tom, W7WHY, for helping me
set up the N1MM Logger macros .. we also connected on several bands so it paid

I will say I enjoyed the experience and will try to keep the KS mult on in the
future. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
OL6X(OK1DIG)   Single Op HP   6882009-03-17 05:38:29
K = 4, A = 19 Is there more to say ?
Despite the terrible conds I had fun.
73's and thanks to all for contact.
73's Daniel