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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2002   Nov 16   Comment Summary

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W3SE   Single Op LP   36,0002002-11-17 13:23:35
THANKS for the SWEEP. Was nice to hear and work ALL THREE YU/NWT stations. Did
notice several more stations from the lesser populated sections such as SF, UT,

Thanks for being there and for the Q's


Wes, W3SE
W2DZO   Single Op LP   56,1602002-11-17 13:26:24
Time to sweep: 8 hours
q's to sweep- 333
last section: DE

Rain, rain, rain-
Henry, W2DZO
W6UFT(W1HIJ)   Single Op QRP   6,0482002-11-17 15:23:19
Only had a couple of hours to play on Sunday. FT897 with Heil "Traveler" headset
and Butternut vertical. Good condx. Wasn't going to send in a log, but several
stations with multi-hundred numbers said first ORG, so gotta do it. Tnx for the
fun. 73 de Bill
NX9T   Single Op HP   170,0802002-11-17 15:42:45
Had a great time...but could only operate for about 14 hours.

Had plenty of other things taking some attention and time but
was able to hide out in the shack for several small stints of
time(3 hours or so). Last 2 mults. were NV adn QC...lots of good
operators on as usual. Thanks go all for the Q's and fun!
73...Jeff NX9T

Single 3-500z
2 el. quad(10-20) @ 73'
40/80 meter wires at 70'
K3SWZ   Single Op QRP   37,4882002-11-17 15:57:15
First real attempt at Sweepstakes. Couldn't devote a lot of time.
Maybe next year.
VA3PC   SO Unlimited LP   56,0002002-11-17 16:02:50
Many thanks to VE2AWR who gave me the clean sweep on 40m.
Heard a lot of stations calling Quebec, but couldn't hear them on 15 and 20,
too close!..
Thanks to all for the Q's
K4MA   SO Unlimited HP   235,0402002-11-17 16:23:56
Actually had CY0MM call me on 20M and give me a SS exchange.

73, Jim K4MA
KW8W   Single Op LP   92,3202002-11-17 16:42:09
VE1OP   SO Unlimited HP   226,7202002-11-17 16:45:13
Wish I could have spent the entire allowed time, but had to quit early Sat night
due to other committments...Lost 4 good hours...Oh well.....Bettered last time
by a long shot...The beam also iced up Sun afternoon which didn't help at
all...Forced me to give the amp a rest.

15 metres was my best band, with almost half of my total QSO's...The sweep was
not too hard either...VY1JA and I worked each other Sunday afternoon to give
each other the sweep after chasing each other all over the spectrum...Was nice
to see NL well represented too after slim pickin's during CW...

First SSB contest with the ability to use .wav files...A real throat saver!!
Used N1MM Logger and it performed flawlessly...If you haven't tried it, do
yourself a favour...

Now time to QRT for a day or so to see how much the kids grew in the last 3
weeks, and then back to getting ready for CQ WW CW...Gotta love this time of

Thanks for all the Q's...

73, Scott VE1OP
K9ES   Single Op HP   195,2002002-11-17 17:05:34
Weather prevented working on 75 Meter dipole, but tornados struck 5 miles away
and left us untouched. Blew out low pass filter in middle of contest, but that
was only failure. My first clean sweep since moving to Florida. Go FCG !
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   3,8762002-11-17 17:33:35
22 qsos into the contest and my tuning dial gets hard to turn...then breaks! The
only way I could tune around was with the memory/vfo knob. Could not run a freq
with only 4 dipoles. Now I have to try and find my manaul for the Kenwood
TS680s, I have misplaced it since moving here. Anyone know of a place on the www
where I could download it? Thanks, Kevin.
NI5L   Single Op HP   142,4002002-11-17 17:56:14
Far exceded my goal and got the sweep to boot! Thanks to VY1JA for being

73 de NI5L
K1JE   SO Unlimited HP   12,8002002-11-17 18:16:23
4th clean sweep in a row. Yippiee!
NMØX   Multi-Op HP   156,1602002-11-17 18:35:50
First time to use a second S&P radio while still maintaining single tx signal.
It's tough to coordinate, but possible. Also tried the WriteLog DVK features -
but ended up not using it much - mainly because it slowed down our precious
rate. During the slow periods however - it was fast enough and a nice chance to
catch our breath/save our voices.

The ability of Writelog to network logging with multiple bandmap views, combined
with packet spots, was invaluable to "seeing" propagation happen.

Our setup began on Friday afternoon to put up a borrowed Cushcraft vertical
about 7' off the ground for the second radio (FT920 - NM0X). Plus adding the
table space for the second radio so that it could be S02R - or true multi.

Second "full-effort" test for my TS-2000. I still am very pleased with this
rig! The key is to have everything set before contest time - and don't second
guess. Hope the recipients were just as pleased.

Contest-wise we felt we had learned from last year not to wait 1.5 hours for the
"big dogs" to get going and got started right away at 2100UTC. Was able to work
NL (thanks V02WL) as #3 in the log - within an hour we had 25 of the sections
worked. The rest "trickled" in as normal. Had all 80 by 1500UTC (thanks VE2AWR
for hearing us on the vertical!) which gave us time to then work hard at getting
the rate up. Also thanks to VY1JA et al from NWT for taking the time to be on
the air! Finally - thanks to all those who were patient while we worked hard to
hear all of you or get the info right. We also noticed that MANY of the QRP
stations had the better overall signals - IMPRESSIVE!

Eric (NM0X) at one point had me going crazy with both radio audio in the
headphones, one foot on each PTT switch, and a mic-audio switch. I felt like a
rock and roll drummer. You S02R guys surely have a better method than that (I

Got some good time to run for quite awhile. Thanks to those who provided us
with a "spot" - as it's often to draw attention in 0-land unless you're MT, SD,
etc. Our goal was 1400Qs/80sections. We ended up short, but was still a very
fun test.

I did notice that folks seemed better behaved this year over past. Did still run
into a pirate or two sending something like the old CB licenses on 40m.
Strange. Anyone else hear that?

No major problems. XYL keep the sugar levels pretty high. Again thanks to all
for a fun SS.
W7TTT(K5RC)   SO Unlimited HP   198,4002002-11-17 18:37:44
What a hoot. The new call played well and NV caused massive pileups everywhere
but 40M. Wish I had more time. Could have been a record year.
K2Z(KD2RD)   Single Op LP   150,0802002-11-17 18:38:50
A perfect weekend except for the Noreaster !
N9NE   Single Op QRP   69,1202002-11-17 18:42:39
KI9A   SO Unlimited HP   185,7602002-11-17 18:47:12
Personal best for small G5RV station....

Really nice to see the clubs like NCCC, PVRC, MWA, Mad river & SMC get thier
folks on the air! Made for more interesting contest, for sure, not just the same
old calls!

73-Chuck KI9A

W6TK   SO Unlimited HP   145,9202002-11-17 18:48:07
Had a lot of of the more rare Sections...made it nice to get sweep. Thanks to
W6RJ for SJV and last section...usually struggling for Eastern Canada. Lots of
fun as always. C U next time.
AA6PW   Single Op LP   136,6402002-11-17 18:49:59
Saturday obligations kept it to a part time effort. Goal was to get the sweep
and it happened. Thanks for the Q's.

W1DAD   Single Op LP   118,5602002-11-17 18:51:23
Lost our power during an Ice Storm but still managed a Clean Sweep with my ice
loaded wires once power was restored!

Got the tough sections early this year and finally found SC, OK & NV late in the

Don't forget Kid's Day on January 4'th 2003. Encourage children!

73, Peter Schipelliti W1DAD
Atkinson, NH
K3PP   Single Op HP   77,0642002-11-17 18:55:03
I didn't get much time to play in this one, but it was good to do a half-decent
effort in SS for the first time in a few years. No sweep (missed NL, MAR, SK,
and MB) but it was good to work all the US mults, including several SF (last one
needed in my last big SS run) and a few in each of some other difficult sections
like NNY, DE, WY, EWA, NV, ND, SD, and WTX. I guess the best way to get a
sweeps mug with a limited effort is to use packet. I chose to go without packet
since I always do SOA in the big DX contests and figured I'd try it the
old-fashioned method for a change. Maybe I'll go unlimited next year.

Congrats to everyone who played, especially those with the really amazing

CU all in CQWW CW next week!

VY 73 de Glenn K3PP
N4GG   Single Op HP   150,4002002-11-17 19:05:58
About all I can do in 17 hours on wires in the woods.
K6RIM   SO Unlimited HP   77,1202002-11-17 19:06:36
Murphy (i.e., storm) struck right before phone SS, causing tower and antenna
damage to log periodic. Although the log still works, it is stuck pointing
south - not ideal for SS from West Coast. So this year it was an abbreviated
effort in phone SS. (Missed SS CW entirely due to trip to ZL & FO). Hope to
have all antenna problems resolved in about a week. Thanks for the Q's!
K9GY   SO Unlimited LP   59,1242002-11-17 19:09:21
Missed LA & PQ...should have waited more for W5WMU!
Never heard a PQ though. Had set my goal somewhere between
100-400 Qs so glad to make that. Took some breaks, etc.

K9PG wore off on me and I put up a 40m dipole just above
my roof line. Worked pretty good and the XYL QRM from putting
it up was minimal although she thought I was going to take it
down on Sun morning, hah! We had some SNOW so the roof is going
to be slippery tomorrow morning...Uh Oh! Put the antenna together
from 21-23z on Sat, nothing like pre-planning to limit the rushing
around at the start!

A lot of fun for a CW guy. The CW "Superbowl" is next ---> CQ WW CW :-)

73, Eric
VE3SRE   Single Op LP   94,8802002-11-17 19:12:37
Mostly "search and pounce" with the odd run battling the QRM.

Bagged Rhode Island Sunday afternoon for my clean sweep! First contest ever
where I've managed to work three Yukon stations!

CU in the pile-ups!

73 de Bob VE3SRE
K4BAI   Single Op HP   144,1602002-11-17 19:23:24
Tribander was stuck south for the whole contest. Ended up using my 80 meter
wire fed through a MFJ tuner for the last half of the contest on 20 meters and
the 40 meter dipole on 15. 10 M was only on the tribander in the worst possible
WBØTRA   Multi-Op LP   79,2482002-11-17 19:24:59
I again opened my station as a training ground for introducing some new
operators to contesting. It was painful to watch the rate meter hover in the
mid-single digits for Saturday evening, but a real joy to watch as the operators
had to be pushed into the chair to give it a try at first, then pulled from the
chair later to give someone else a chance. I'm certain most of them will return
in the future so we can work them for points!

I just couldn't seem to find Manitoba and Quebec, so no sweep this year. 10
meters was the money band last time, but I was able to get runs going on both
15m and 20m this year.
WØZA   Single Op LP   170,3242002-11-17 19:28:27
The low bands antennas need major improvement for future contests!
W7WW(@K7WM)   Single Op HP   263,0402002-11-17 19:37:06
I want to thank Wayne, K7WM, and Wilma, KX7LDS, for the hospitality and use of
their station for the sweepstakes..Had great time in a great contest. Many
thanks to all for the qso's...David, W7WW..
W7VMI(@NØAX)   Multi-Op LP   76,3202002-11-17 19:38:09
When VO2WL is your second contact, you get a good feeling about the potential
for a sweep, hihi. Another Boy-Power (tm) effort with Webster KD7FYX, Joe
KD7FWQ, Lowell KD7DQO leading the charge. 16-year-old Cosmo Harrigan, brother
of Sparky KC7IXZ, put in several hours in his first-ever contest effort - he'll
be back. Webster got lucky and found VA7RR on 75 for our last close-in section
- the last BC we heard, too. Thanks to Serge, VE2AWR for tuning around and
giving us our last tough section for the Sweep. The boys are looking forward to
getting another coffee mug for this year's effort.

73, Ward N0AX
NS3T   Single Op LP   20,7322002-11-17 19:42:55
Seven hours of S&P'ing brought me within range of a sweep, but
I couldn't find the last few sections on Sunday. Working VY1MB
was very nice, especially when the pileup seemed huge just
down 10m at VY1JA's frequency! I never could squeeze out
SB, NH or NNJ or the eastern 3 in VE land. See everyone
this weekend in the CQWWCW.
K4XS   Single Op HP   336,4802002-11-17 19:46:52
Massive runs on 20 Saturday evening. I felt like I lived in ND or VO1 when I
was told countless times thanks for the WCF. Last mult worked was no
surprise...SC. It's always one of the last.

Developed problems with first radio set-up and it cost me about 25 miutes of on-
time Sunday night. I had to limp to the finish line with one radio. It's
amazing how used you get to having the second radio...spoiled!

SS SSB is always fun!
WBØO   Single Op HP   333,2802002-11-17 19:47:18
1)I must apologize for my bad audio! This was going to be my first SO2R SSB
contest. Since I don't usually operate SSB ever (except 2 sprints and SS),
I cut apart the mic cords and relatively hardwired the mic, W2IHY keyer,
and WX0B SO2R box together. I didn't do much on-air testing, and I had RF
in the voice keyer. I tore it all apart after the first few bad reports, but
the problem wouldn't go away. Never did make any 2nd radio Q's. I've got
some work to do!
2)I started on 15M and had 330 Q's in the first 2 hours. 15M was open long
and short, literally the WHOLE US open at once! Never had a reason to go to
3)I went to 75M at 0630Z, worked my ND mult, then VO1MP. Then lo and behold,
VY1JA answered a 75M CQ for the sweep! He was 59+20, louder than I have ever
heard him on any band. If I didn't know what Jay sounded like, I would have
thought someone was pulling my leg.
4)I don't like SSB contests, but every time I have a guest op here for the
SSB SS (NA0N, VE4XT, VE5MX), they seem to be having so much fun that I want
to do the test the following year. It wasn't that much fun. I have given up
DX contests, so with no CQWWCW it's good I did both SS's so I will have
contesting out of my system until NAQPCW in January. Rumors of a N DAKOTA
team abound.

73, Bill WB0O in North Dakota
KØUK   Single Op LP   175,3602002-11-17 19:49:19
The start fir me was the pits..never did recoup from the first two hours. The
bands just seemed to be over my head for some reason. Had some computer problems
interlaced which didnt help matters. Maybe next year. Had fun working all and
the GMCC'er that got on..Go GMCC PTL bill K0UK
W4IDX   Single Op LP   101,9202002-11-17 19:49:21
First Sweep in over 20 years of SS. I wish I had a better QSO total to go with
NA9D   SO Unlimited HP   222,8802002-11-17 19:52:14
This was a fun one! Got most of the sweep out of the way pretty early and just
concentrated on the Qs. Had one of my best hours ever at around 116 to 120 Qs.
Sunday was not quite as good. High rates never were sustained. Highlights were
being VY1JA's first Q on Sunday, having a VO1 call me on 80 and giving a new, 84
year old Ham his first ever QSO on HF!
N6TV   SO Unlimited HP   280,3202002-11-17 19:55:24
Next time I'll use a voice keyer!
W6KC   SO Unlimited HP   72,0002002-11-17 19:58:59
For the third year in a row I got a got a sweep in both the CW and SSB weekends
with a part time operation around other weekend activities. I remember when my
sweeps were rare. I had all my sections but WMA by Saturday evening. Still took
a couple of hours to find my one and only WMA on Sunday morning. I probably
would get the sweep anyway with good S&P effort, but the spots seem to make a
limited number of hours more productive. So now I can get a sweep and still take
time out to watch the USC football game. What a great weekend! Go Trojans!
NQ7X   Single Op QRP   22,8362002-11-17 20:06:26
Started late, quit early and inspite of interruptions had fun as usual.
Struggled for contacts Sat but did better Sun and even held a freq cq'g for a
short time.
K7ABV   Single Op HP   40,2602002-11-17 20:17:20
Had fun for the few hours I spent s and p,ing most of the time..
K4XU   Single Op LP   209,7602002-11-17 20:19:00
Started out so2r. I built a so2r switch box and borrowed a DVK from a local. The
primary radio went south about 02Z saturday evening.
My son came home from college sat afternoon with new "special" girlfriend, so we
spent three hours out for dinner.
Started back on at 11pm local. Worked until 0930z chasing the close in mults on
80m. Went to bed with 600 q's needing PQ and AB. overslept Sunday morning, it's
going to be a long day. Found a frequency on 10m at 16Z and stayed there almost
until it closed. It was a bottomless pit, for the first time there was no WWA
station sneaking under me and stealing the frequency. The last two mults called
in. with a Sweep, the pressure was off. I went to 15 at 2230 and quickly after
to 20m and finished the contest there. Who needs 40m? The bands were great, the
local QRN was absent, I could hear anything that called. A personal best for me
on phone.
N6RO   Single Op HP   117,9522002-11-17 20:20:21
Limited time due to jazz band gigs on Sat night and most of Sunday. N6BV was
the main operation at Radio Oakley (1862 x 80). Used whatever antennas Dean did
not need, when I was not on the road.
KU6J   Single Op LP   80,1602002-11-17 20:28:44
Equipment: FT-1000D
Antenna: 135' Stealth Doublet up 25' (all bands)

Weird contest. I worked all my arch nemeses (Mar, Yt, RI, SC, VI, etc.) during
my first 100 Q's. I never hit a pileup on any of them, maybe I was lucking out
and finding them before the packet hordes descended? But then I couldn't find a
Montana station to save my life. I finally found AA7YA CQ-ing on 15m with just
over 2 hours to go. By the end of the contest, I had 3 Montanas in the log, 2
Yts, and LOTS of MARs. Weird...
N5IA   Single Op QRP   9,5222002-11-17 20:38:35
Saturday was filled with mountain top repeater maintenance and a radio club
meeting, so only fired the K-2 up for a couple of hours on 40 M late that

Sunday morn I played a couple of hours on 10 M before going to church
In the PM after lunch I worked a bit on 15 M and 20 M. Six hours total with 5

This was the first SSB test for the Elecraft K-2 and I chose to do the single
contact per section and see how it worked. I was pleasantly surprised.

Of the 11 sections I did not work, I only heard two of them; RI and NH. I never
did hear ME, WMA, QC, DE, WPA, NE, SDG, ORG, or OK.

Milt, N5IA
K6OWL   Single Op LP   11,6482002-11-17 20:41:32
Returned from out of town travel on Sunday PM and turned on the radio to see
what I had missed. Stayed for the duration. Bands very busy.
W7UQ   Multi-Op LP   118,2482002-11-17 20:44:15
We had some strange problems with the radio and/or antenna, so we decided to
pack it up on Sunday morning. I think the fan is gone on the radio (possibly
frying some other part) and the coax or a trap is bad on the TH7.

Nice to have Arnie, N6HC, come down and do most of the operating. I hope he had
some fun, even if the station isn't the greatest. :)

Either way, we set a new Idaho Multi-op record! (HA!)

I even got to watch the VP8SSI, 3Y0PI, and AH1A videos while at the shack...
very cool for a youngster who wasn't around for those.

Very sad to not hear WA2GO @ KL7Y in Sweepstakes.

Chris KL9A <-- webpage back up with pix...
VE6JY(VE5MX)   Single Op HP   308,1602002-11-17 20:53:55
(Operated by Todd VE5MX)

Well, it was interesting to hear about the RF into the voice keyers problems at
WB0O... Bill, you weren't the only one! And since Todd VE5MX was at your QTH
last year, perhaps he hand carried some RF issues up here as we sure had some at
the start. Modified things during the off time and and no problems after that.
I don't think Todd's voice would have survived much longer! Lots of 2nd radio
Q's - having the new mult yagis didn't hurt.

73 Don VE6JY
WA7LNW   Single Op QRP   63,3842002-11-17 20:58:17
Station...K-2 running 5 watts 450 ohm to 4:1 balun to 102 ft. inverted v
elevated 30 ft. by portable fiberglass mast. Logging software...NA 10.2

CU next year!

de Jack, WA7LNW
Edgewood, NM
New Harmony, UT
K7GT   Single Op LP   4,5362002-11-17 21:02:50
An afterthought after playing at K6SEA/KA6BIM. First ever SSB SS.
Next year I will use the amp.
K6LRN   Single Op HP   107,6802002-11-17 21:19:51
First time for a sweep on both modes. Rotator failed before the CW SS, so I
climbed the tower and pointed antennas more or less NE. Tomorrow, we get a Genie
lift to change rotators and clean up coax and control leads. May be able to
crank tower up a little higher.
Thanks to all for the Qs. 73
K7BG   Single Op HP   23,6842002-11-17 21:39:48
One of these years I'm gonna have to try a 24 hour phone effort. That'll be the
year I get a voice keyer!

Had a VE8 call me and I politely invited him to the CW dance next year!

Wish I could have played more. There are some great ops out there. Wish more
would get on CW. It's just as much fun!

KTØR   Multi-Op HP   296,4802002-11-17 21:41:44
Thanks for all the Q's, Just fell short of 300K . New MN record and Possable
Division record. Great FUN !!

Vry 73 Dave KT0R
NØAH   SO Unlimited HP   166,7202002-11-17 22:13:59
I knew it was over for a serious effort when my fever hit 103F at 1 a.m Saturday
morning and the last thing I remember was seeing three 756Pro's on my shack desk
when I only own one....I was happy to have worked a clean sweep in the shortest
time ever, just under eight hours. But I was so out of it being ill that I ran
the first 5 hours between 10, 15 and 20 meters on the 80M 4SQR instead of the
log periodic array, whoops! but I still had a great time and thx to the rugged
Comtek coupler, my system survived the blunder!! !! This score won't win
anything, but the mug will mean more to me than most of what I have hanging on
the wall. I did try a bit of convincing myself I could still pull off a top ten
U catagory showing Saturday morning after I found myself druelling in bed at 9
am but my voice gave out at lunch time so that was that- Hopefully, when in
France next week for CQWW, I won't be the zombie I was for this one- Look for
me as F/N0AH from the inlaws or I'll be hanging at the F6KRV club station- I was
very pleased with the 765Pro's memory voice keying and the new Alpha 99's
performance- They rocked- And to those EU's calling me on Saturday morning,
sorry I was lizard about not working you but there has got to be someone here in
Wyoming to work besides me- Dispite hacking my way through this rout- I'm sure
I got clobbered by the competition after I promised a win......starting to feel
like the Cincinati Bengals- -Cheers! There is always next season! Thx to those
of you in the log- 73 Paul N0AH
W6RCL   Single Op QRP   34,8482002-11-17 22:48:50
STATION: FT-817 running 5W to a Force 12 C4SXL at 45 feet. TR-log software.

The common sections that I did not work: AZ, GA, NV, UT, NM plus all of the
California Sections except for LAX and SF!!!!! I didn't have a chance to retune
my 80M vertical from the SS CW contest to the phone bands so I didn't work 80,
and Murphy caused some kind of a problem to the 40M Yagi tuning so it no longer
resonates in the 40M-phone band. Without the lower bands I was left with
20-15-10. I heard all of the nearby states and CA sections on 10M scatter, but
signal strength was down --- they were B-precedent stations running S6-S7, so
the path loss was significant and my 5W signal wasn't enough for them to hear

It was a frustratingly, fun time --- but then what QRP contest effort isn't?

72/73 de alan
W7BX   SO Unlimited HP   38,5602002-11-17 23:00:03
A Sweep ... oh what a feelin'. That was my target. My last three sections were
all relatively close - MT, ID, and lastly ... UTAH. Maybe I'll spend more time
on these domestic contests in the future. :-)
W6YX   Multi-Op HP   305,4402002-11-18 00:49:38
A great effort by John, W6LD, and Dean, N6DE, whom I joined for the last 5 hours
of the contest. We finished with about 100 Q's more than our previous best.

-Mike, N7MH
NY4T   Single Op LP   158,8802002-11-18 01:14:43
Sick as a dog with a terrible cold, first time with new boom mic setup and vox
and first time with rig interfaced. Nevertheless, a new personal best by far.
170 Q's over best previous effort. It was fun but I probably won't be able to
talk for a few days. (And I am scheduled to give a program for a local club
tomorrow night, hi hi) The exchange itself keeps the lid factor down in this
one as stations are FORCED to identify, likely against their will. The new
bizarre habit I am seeing now is when I am calling CQ at a rapid clip and
someone jumps in with "again". Did they think I was going to just stop and go
away all of a sudden? This just supports my contention that logic should be
taught in secondary schools.
Okay, enough is the mega-micro station setup. Kenwood TS450SAT,
260' wire loop at 40' fed with ladderline, MFJ432 DVK, W2IHY 8-band EQ,
RS33-3018 mic with boom. E-mail me if you want to know the mic story. There is
a viable inexpensive alternative to Heil. Thanks again to J for that
indispensible mult of his and W7TTT in NV for the sweep.
W4MYA   SO Unlimited HP   245,2802002-11-18 01:34:42
Thanks for the QSO's!
Take care
AE9B   SO Unlimited HP   83,2002002-11-18 02:22:22
Got another sweep and turned it in due to Illness. Wrapped up in a blanket I
came back down to listen and spot some folks. Nice to see so many people get a
sweep. Good batch of QRPers this year too.
KØRI   Single Op LP   28,0002002-11-18 02:56:29
Goal was to work a sweep.
WN3VAW   Single Op LP   15,2502002-11-18 04:12:55
A token effort, I know, but I hadn't originally planned to be on at all
due to family commitments for most of Saturday and Sunday. But I was on 30
CW late Saturday night looking for DX when I saw quite a few cluster spots
begging for WPA, so I decided to help some guys out, and once I got started
I decided to stay up and make a few contacts, and then a few more, and so

(Note to nitpickers: Once I decided to operate, the cluster went off and
stayed off.)

Biggest surprise of my brief operation: Someone on 15 heard me and started
begging me to meet him "up 3." Took a few minutes to hook up, and to my
surprise, it was VO1HP. Still find it hard to believe that he'd need WPA
as late as Sunday afternoon, but stranger things have happened!

Also found 10 Meters slow going; band was too open, I heard little but
European DX coming through. Did the best I could with the little bit of
time I had for it, by the time I got back on in the evening, the band
was shut down.

73, ron wn3vaw
K3PN   Single Op HP   204,9602002-11-18 04:30:57
First time out with the new call. I had 20% more QSOs this year than last. I
think more people answer a CQ from K3PN than from N3HXQ. :-)
K6CTA   Single Op HP   122,8802002-11-18 05:36:17
Even though SSB is **not** my favorite mode, it is always nice to actually hear
the voices of the stations I've worked over all these years, and be able to say
hello (sometimes!). Conditions were not the best on the lower bands; in fact,
my last 2 sections were LAX and OR!! Thanks to all for the Q's!

KO7X(@KI7WX)   SO Unlimited HP   86,2402002-11-18 05:38:01
Last section; VE2.
W2RDS   Single Op LP   97,4402002-11-18 05:38:46
Fantastic Conditions! Could not put in a full effort but a still a personal
best, and a 2nd consecutive sweep. Antennas were KT34A @ 50' and HF6V vertical
for 40 and 80.
WR9A   Multi-Op LP   65,4502002-11-18 05:52:49
My first SS and only my second contest ever. I'm definitely hooked! I sure wish
I had gotten a sweep, but there's always next year!
WN6K   Single Op LP   147,6802002-11-18 06:18:05
Happy to get a sweep - Had some family in on Sunday afternoon and that took the
priority but was a fun effort all round.
K3ZO   Single Op HP   243,3602002-11-18 06:21:36
Steady rain all weekend kept the line noises off
which made receiving a pleasure all through the
contest. I had thought that it would be
worthwhile to get on 10 meters Sunday since
there would be Tech Class hams there that
could not work other bands but 10 proved to be
a waste of time for me. In fact had I limited
myself just to 40 and 20 meters more I might have
done better.

Rig: FT-1000-MP + Titan 425 amp; D-104 sideband element through
W2IHY audio processor box

Antennas: 75: quarter-wave sloper off 75' tower
40: 3-el Telrex 40M346 Yagi at 94'
20: 4-el W6PU dual-driven Quad at 78'
15: 8-el Telrex 15M845 Yagi at 155'
10: 4-el W6PU dual-driven Quad at 78'
N5FPW   Single Op QRP   48,5162002-11-18 07:22:41
Interesting contest weekend. I got a very late start Saturday night so totals
this year down from my personal best (52K+) from last year. Many thanks to all
the stations who were so very patient in working a Q station. Got closer this
year to a sweep. Up 3 from 2001 to 78. Only MS and PQ missed. At least I have
broke my SFL jinx. Agn tnx all for the FB contacts.
W3GH   Single Op LP   116,1602002-11-18 07:27:26
sections Ve4 and Ve1 were last two needed
Mostly searching for sections and some cqing.

Radio: FT1000D

Antennas: 80- 3/8 vertical
40- dipole 85'
20- TH7 72'
15- TH7 72'
10- TH7 72'
W9RE   Single Op HP   192,0002002-11-18 07:43:33
Operated first 11 hours and about an hour Sunday evening. The net guys on 3860
(I was on 3862.3 or so) were polite (one even worked me) but they kept asking me
to keep moving up so I would give them a completely frequency! On that same
frequency later on I had a heckler at about (0700z) that almost made me laugh.
After I would work a station that had a number in the hundreds (say 75), this
guy would come on after my cq and say something to the effect of "O boy that guy
must have been raking leaves all afternoon, how can he ever catch up". Then
soon after that he recorded and played back my cq's. I was about done then

Best hour was a 123, got the sweep at 0415z and had 100 second radio q's.
W4MR(AA4NC)   Single Op HP   286,0802002-11-18 07:49:27
Had plans to operate a few hours to contribute to the club score, but 20 meters
just kept on producing, and I stayed in the chair for a personal best score for
this contest.

Most persistent award goes to ND8E who managed to find me no matter where I was
on 20 meters, so he could jam me!!
WB6BWZ   Single Op QRP   35,3322002-11-18 07:51:31
It was a lot more challenging to operate SS-SSB-QRP vs SS-CW-QRP with a stealth
wire antenna in trees than I had anticipated. Especially during the first 10
hours of the contest which was sheer bedlam.

My "long time-off" was scheduled for 0830z Sunday when I had to leave for the
office. I rejoined the contest at 1300z and found operating conditions on all
bands to be "normal." (Hooray!) It remained that way until the end of the SS.

Sections missed: DE SC SFL WCF AR PQ YT. I heard all the missing sections but
PQ. Just could not break through the pile ups.

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to work NV in this contest. I
copied W7TTT working pileups early in the contest when, "Poof! No more NV! The
next time I heard W7TTT I decided I would have to join the pileup if I wanted
NV. It took 10 minutes (max time I had allocated) of calling before W7TTT picked
my QRP sigs out of the pileup. (Thanks!)

KY was another challenge. N4RZ was always in the midst of a big pileup on 75M
(near the end of the contest). I called several times with no success.

Fortunately I found KY4AA higher up the band with about 20 minutes remaining
in the contest for my KY (and last) section.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to work my QRP sigs.

Setup: Yaesu FT-817 QRP xcvr, 5 watts to 5-MHz OCF 28-ga insulated wire stealth
antenna up 40 feet in trees (leaves are falling...hooray!) next to I-75 in
downtown Atlanta industrial area.
N3XT   Single Op LP   58,6502002-11-18 08:13:26
I knew it might be tough when on Friday the cold went from my head to my chest.
On Saturday there was a lot of green coming out of my lungs, and on Sunday I
could hardly talk. I wasn't sure if I would operate at all on Sunday, but
finally crawled out of bed, cleared my lungs and gave it a go. I hung in there
all right, but got tired of S&Ping the same 30 stations. The drugs must have
kicked in as I found an open spot on 15 and started running (note to self: make
sure you have plenty of liquids BEFORE you start the run) I got up once only to
be beckoned back by a crystal clear call to me from the doorway. Anyway, I
survived, though I'm home today trying to recover, and scored a personal record
in less time for this event. Hopefully next year I'll have the tri-bander up and
better health so I can put in a full effort. For all the pain today, it was
still a good weekend. Thanks to all who put up with my coughing on the air.
K5ZO   Single Op HP   247,5202002-11-18 08:15:57
Great fun Started out on 15, seemed to be the best. After the first hour of
only 111 moved to 20 but realized quickly that it wasn't going to be any good.
Went to 10 then back to 20,15, before settling on 20 where I had a 134, 142 /h
run then things started to slow I was pleased with 40. I picked up my last 5
mults on 80 NM, OK, LA, STX, WTX, all with in 20 min, and all close in with the
new 80 inverted V @ 70'.

KD4D(@N3HBX)   SO Unlimited HP   251,6802002-11-18 08:16:17
Thanks again to John Evans, N3HBX, for the use of his
fine station. The SO2R master and bandpass filtering
really improved the score from last year! I didn't try
to run Saturday night on 40 until late...spent
that time on 75. Went to 40 Sunday morning for a few
hours. That seemed to work this year. 111 stations
in Illinois?! Amazing.

KD4D 2002 ARRL Sweepstakes SSB

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
21 0 0 0 83 8 91 91
22 0 0 0 79 10 89 180
23 0 0 10 82 3 95 275

0 0 0 17 66 0 83 358
1 37 5 20 2 0 64 422
2 51 18 0 0 0 69 491
3 44 29 0 0 0 73 564
4 86 7 0 0 0 93 657
5 58 9 0 0 0 67 724
6 31 23 0 0 0 54 778
7 6 71 0 0 0 77 855
8 6 18 0 0 0 24 879
9 0 0 0 0 0 0 879
10 0 0 0 0 0 0 879
11 0 0 0 0 0 0 879
12 0 0 0 0 0 0 879
13 1 56 5 0 0 62 941
14 0 10 40 0 0 50 991
15 0 57 10 6 0 73 1064
16 0 0 3 45 7 55 1119
17 0 0 48 7 8 63 1182
18 0 0 33 0 4 37 1219
19 0 0 0 6 38 44 1263
20 0 0 43 4 14 61 1324
21 0 0 56 0 6 62 1386
22 0 0 38 4 2 44 1430
23 0 0 32 6 0 38 1468

0 0 1 15 4 0 20 1488
1 21 2 2 0 0 25 1513
2 60 0 0 0 0 60 1573

TOTAL 401 306 372 394 100

KD4D 2002 ARRL Sweepstakes SSB

1. Il 111
2. Mi 61
3. Mn 60
4. Mdc 56
5. WWa 54
6. Va 52
7. Oh 49
8. In 46
9. Co 45
10. Wi 43
11. Scv 39
12. STx 37
13. WNy 30
14. Ep 29
15. Nc 29
16. NTx 28
17. Ct 27
18. Or 27
19. Ks 25
20. Sv 25
21. ENy 25
22. Tn 25
23. Eb 24
24. Mo 24
25. On 24
26. Ga 23
27. SFl 21
28. Lax 19
29. Em 19
30. NNj 19
31. Az 18
32. Ne 18
33. WPa 16
34. Ky 16
35. Nh 16
36. Ia 15
37. Org 15
38. SNj 15
39. Ok 14
40. Ar 14
41. Sjv 14
42. Nm 13
43. Sb 13
44. Nd 13
45. Wv 13
46. Sd 12
47. Bc 12
48. NLi 12
49. Ms 11
50. Ew 11
51. Sc 11
52. Wy 10
53. NFl 10
54. Id 10
55. Sf 9
56. La 9
57. Ut 9
58. Ak 9
59. WTx 9
60. Ri 9
61. Vt 9
62. WcF 8
63. Mt 8
64. WMa 8
65. NNy 7
66. Sdg 6
67. Pac 6
68. Me 6
69. Ab 5
70. Mb 5
71. De 5
72. Al 5
73. Nl 4
74. Nv 4
75. Mar 4
76. Qc 3
77. Pr 2
78. Nwt 2
79. Sk 2
80. Vi 2
WF4DD(KG4CZU)   School Club HP   67,9402002-11-18 08:40:50
Missed RI this year (after a clean sweep last year, kind of disappointing).
However, I only put in a few hours this year, so it's all good. I had to get up
early on Sunday (6:30AM) so quit at midnight local time. After a quick lunch on
Sunday, started the contest again at 1:00 local time and ran until 5:30, when I
had to leave for another meeting. One year I'll learn how to set aside enough
time to operate the whole weekend in a single-op contest.

Equipment: TenTec OMNI VI+ driving TenTec Titan 425 amp @ 1300W
Antennas: F12C4XL @ 70', 80m sloper (never heard enough stations on 80m to
warrant changing from 40m)
Software: CT 9.x

Thanks to Henry Heidtmann W2DZO for helping me install the W9XT card in the
computer before the contest. I never thought it would be that difficult to get
keying on the line. However, other than operating the whole contest in VOX, it
worked perfectly. Sometime soon we'll post the solution that we found to
interfacing the card with the TenTec to CQ-Contest so everyone can learn from
our wisdom (such as it is).

K7IM   Single Op LP   70,2002002-11-18 08:41:11
First contest in over 25 years. Hand logged with only one dupe. Think I might
look at a computer logging program. Had fun.
NØKK(@NØAT)   Single Op LP   225,9202002-11-18 08:41:41
Thanks to Ron N0AT, for the use of his station and home again this year.
Only 363 days to go till next years SS SSB 2003!
N6BV   Single Op HP   297,9202002-11-18 08:42:13
Conditions on 10 meters seemed down on Sunday -- bye, bye Cycle 23. It
was sweet while it lasted!

Thanks again to Ken, N6RO, for the use of his great station.

HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT
21 ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 170/45 170/45 170/45
22 . . . . 82/9 53/2 135/11 305/56
23 . . . . 152/9 . 152/9 457/65
0 . . . 5/1 115/5 . 120/6 577/71
1 . . . 79/2 24/0 . 103/2 680/73
2 . . . 96/0 . . 96/0 776/73
3 . 5/0 31/2 17/2 . . 53/4 829/77
4 . 55/2 23/0 . . . 78/2 907/79
5 ..... 2/0 76/1 ..... ..... ..... 78/1 985/80
6 . 11/0 45/0 . . . 56/0 1041/80
7 . 16/0 35/0 . . . 51/0 1092/80
8 . . . . . . . 1092/80
9 . . . . . . . 1092/80
10 . . . . . . . 1092/80
11 . . . . . . . 1092/80
12 . . . . . . . 1092/80
13 ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 1092/80
14 . . . 30/0 47/0 . 77/0 1169/80
15 . . . . 71/0 3/0 74/0 1243/80
16 . . . . 75/0 1/0 76/0 1319/80
17 . . . . 39/0 29/0 68/0 1387/80
18 . . . . 27/0 36/0 63/0 1450/80
19 . . . . 5/0 77/0 82/0 1532/80
20 . . . . 44/0 26/0 70/0 1602/80
21 ..... ..... ..... 4/0 32/0 9/0 45/0 1647/80
22 . . . 2/0 16/0 27/0 45/0 1692/80
23 . . . 30/0 3/0 . 33/0 1725/80
0 . . 1/0 31/0 18/0 . 50/0 1775/80
1 . . 1/0 39/0 3/0 . 43/0 1818/80
2 . . . 44/0 . . 44/0 1862/80
DAY1 . 89/2 210/3 227/5 681/23 395/47 . 1602/80
DAY2 . . 2/0 150/0 72/0 36/0 . 260/0
TOT ..... 89/2 212/3 377/5 753/23 431/47 ..... 1862/80
K1OU   Single Op HP   176,1602002-11-18 08:52:48
This turned ugly early. The 40 meter issue will be corrected next year. After
about 9:00 Saturday night, I decided that it just wasn't meant to be this year.

Equipment: FT1000MP, SB220, Force 12 C3's at 71' and 35', 80 meter vee at 67',
and a decrepit 40 meter delta at 58' with some feedline issues.
W2RQ   Single Op HP   128,4802002-11-18 08:55:24
Eqpt: FT100D, Alpa 87A, Titan, 80m dipole, 2-el 40m, 204BA, 8/8 on 15,
6-el 10m.

Had a good time in the short amount of time operated, even though
I prefer CW. VY1JA was very loud down here this weekend.
W5NN(@K5NZ)   Multi-Op HP   86,4002002-11-18 09:24:14
Had a chance to win the S.Tex Moto-X series in a race Sat so had to cancel the
MS plans we had. Sorry N5RP, K5GA, and W5PR for pulling the plug, maybe next
year. Was worth it, won the race and series and will get about $1k in prizes,
etc. Beats a plaque and ink on the ARRL website! : )

Got on for a few hours Sunday to test the station for CQWW next weekend.

We would have been lucky to make the top five this year, super scores

73 K5NZ
K8BL   Single Op LP   164,0002002-11-18 09:27:30
Condx very good & lots of stations participating. Strange how the difficult
Sections differ versus the CW Contest. VY1's and VO's were readily available,
but NV, SC and VE2 were hard to find (for me). My last Section was NV. Found
it odd that a couple stations (one, a VE4) thanked me for being their first Ohio
on mid-Sunday afternoon! Heard a couple stations begging for WPA!! Glad to
hear quite a few YL's and a number of teens & younger.

This year's excuse for my not doing the full 24 hours: My XYL went out late
Sunday afternoon to run some errands and left her lights on while parked and it
ran down her battery. Had to go get her re-started & it cost me a couple hours
of prime time near the end of the Contest. She didn't want to hear anything
about waiting for AAA!!! :-(
WØETT   Single Op QRP   60,9842002-11-18 09:40:37
Heard all sections but couldn't work MT, UT, or SD on high bands as my QRP
signal was too weak to get their attention.

Got some good reports on my QRP signal but I couldn't translate that into any
running of stations except for a few on 10m.

Worked GMCCers W0ZA and W1XE in the contest. Didn't hear any others.

Rig: IC756 cranked back to 5 wts
Ants: TH7DX at 72', A3 at 50', and 2el40m at 88'.

73 Ken, W0ETT
N7LOX   Single Op HP   230,7202002-11-18 09:40:58
Had a wind storm saturday night. The old th6 did fine.But the jumper between the
hard-line and the antenna was acting poorly. Thought it was 10 mtrs just acting
wierd. Looks like its antenna work season, The wind is blowin, rains coming down
sideways, Time to clime the tower.. Personal best for me. Sure had a hard time
staying up on saturday night. Only made it to 11pm, Just getting started at 11
back in the music days.
Brian N7LOX
KIØII   Single Op QRP   4,3562002-11-18 09:44:22
Could not resist attempting a few SS contacts while driving through Nebraska.
Making contacts at 5 watts was not the biggest challenge as the screwdriver
antenna worked well. Logging can be a real test of your abilities. Dupe sheet,
forget it, this part needs work!

Some very strong signals from the west coast and even managed PAC, AK, NLI, NV,
WV and NL (VO1MP and VO2WL!!) sections. WWA = 6, SV = 7, SCV = 9 and SF = 4

Not a good idea for high traffic areas and don't try this at home.

73 Ron KI0II
W3LL   Single Op LP   88,0002002-11-18 09:45:00
Thanks for the clean sweep. Quebec and South Carolina were the last holdouts.

73, Bud W3LL
K5TR   Single Op HP   344,1602002-11-18 09:46:09

80 - Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE & NW from 120'.
- NE, NW, E/W beverages

40 Cushcraft 40-2CD at 97'
- NE, NW, E/W beverages

20 NE - 6 element 44' boom yagis at 90' and 40'
NW - 6 element 44' boom yagis at 90' and 40'

15 NW - Cushcraft 4 element yagi at 70'
NE - Telrex 3 element yagi at 35'

10 NW - Cushcraft 4 element yagi at 60'
NE - 3 element yagi at 30'

HR 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOTAL SCORE
-- ------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ------ --------- -----
21 --- --- --- 142/45 --- 142/45 142/45 0.01M
22 --- --- --- 122/11 --- 122/11 264/56 0.03M
23 --- --- 55/3 67/3 --- 122/6 386/62 0.05M
0 --- --- 153/2 --- --- 153/2 539/64 0.07M
1 --- --- 146/5 --- --- 146/5 685/69 0.09M
2 --- --- 129/2 --- --- 129/2 814/71 0.12M
3 --- 26/0 55/2 --- --- 81/2 895/73 0.13M
4 --- 102/1 2/2 --- --- 104/3 999/76 0.15M
5 3/0 34/1 1/1 --- --- 38/2 1037/78 0.16M
6 19/0 51/1 --- --- --- 70/1 1107/79 0.17M
7 4/0 77/0 --- --- --- 81/0 1188/79 0.19M
8 4/0 23/0 --- --- --- 27/0 1215/79 0.19M
9 --- --- --- --- --- --- 1215/79 0.19M
10 --- --- --- --- --- --- 1215/79 0.19M
11 --- --- --- --- --- --- 1215/79 0.19M
12 --- --- 7/0 --- --- 7/0 1222/79 0.19M
13 --- 5/0 74/0 --- --- 79/0 1301/79 0.21M
14 --- --- 76/1 1/0 --- 77/1 1378/80 0.22M
15 --- --- 27/0 39/0 --- 66/0 1444/80 0.23M
16 --- --- 36/0 34/0 1/0 71/0 1515/80 0.24M
17 --- --- 16/0 --- 58/0 74/0 1589/80 0.25M
18 --- --- 7/0 4/0 50/0 61/0 1650/80 0.26M
19 --- --- --- 30/0 6/0 36/0 1686/80 0.27M
20 --- --- --- 57/0 12/0 69/0 1755/80 0.28M
21 --- --- --- 22/0 38/0 60/0 1815/80 0.29M
22 --- --- 1/0 39/0 --- 40/0 1855/80 0.30M
23 --- --- 81/0 3/0 --- 84/0 1939/80 0.31M
0 --- --- 64/0 1/0 --- 65/0 2004/80 0.32M
1 --- --- 78/0 --- --- 78/0 2082/80 0.33M
2 3/0 --- 66/0 --- --- 69/0 2151/80 0.34M

D1 0/0 0/0 55/3 331/59 0/0 386/62
D2 33/0 318/3 1019/15 230/0 165/0 1765/18
TO 33/0 318/3 1074/18 561/59 165/0 2151/80

The best 60 minute rate was 157/hour from 2338 to 0037
The best 30 minute rate was 166/hour from 0000 to 0029
The best 10 minute rate was 180/hour from 0055 to 0104

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSO's/minute 1 times.
4 QSO's/minute 32 times.
3 QSO's/minute 180 times.
2 QSO's/minute 468 times.
1 QSO's/minute 542 times.

There were 146 bandchanges and 67 probable 2nd radio QSO's.

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
Il 0 4 28 70 46 0 148 6.8
Mi 0 0 11 49 34 6 100 4.6
Va 0 1 12 54 24 7 98 4.5
Oh 0 1 10 50 20 4 85 3.9
Mdc 0 0 8 35 19 10 72 3.3
Mn 0 0 9 36 23 2 70 3.2
WWa 0 2 11 22 23 6 64 2.9
Scv 0 3 8 30 13 7 61 2.8
Nc 0 2 7 25 18 2 54 2.5
Em 0 0 3 34 9 8 54 2.5
In 0 1 12 22 17 1 53 2.4
Wi 0 1 7 26 14 0 48 2.2
Ct 0 0 3 24 12 9 48 2.2
WNy 0 0 4 29 10 3 46 2.1
Ep 0 1 4 20 9 12 46 2.1
Co 0 1 7 23 9 2 42 1.9
NNj 0 0 5 24 10 2 41 1.9
Tn 0 1 9 21 9 0 40 1.8
Or 0 0 8 18 11 1 38 1.7
ENy 0 0 5 19 12 1 37 1.7
Az 0 1 3 23 9 0 36 1.7
SFl 0 0 3 14 12 3 32 1.5
On 0 0 8 14 6 3 31 1.4
Sv 0 1 7 10 10 3 31 1.4
Ga 0 0 2 11 17 0 30 1.4
WPa 0 0 4 13 4 9 30 1.4
Eb 0 1 5 15 4 5 30 1.4
Lax 0 1 5 8 12 3 29 1.3
SNj 0 0 3 16 5 4 28 1.3
Ky 0 1 3 14 8 0 26 1.2
Mo 0 0 11 12 2 1 26 1.2
Org 0 1 1 13 6 4 25 1.2
Nh 0 0 3 12 7 2 24 1.1
STx 0 0 1 14 5 3 23 1.1
Ks 0 1 7 10 2 2 22 1.0
Ia 0 1 2 12 6 0 21 1.0
WcF 0 0 2 11 7 0 20 0.9
Sjv 0 0 6 8 3 3 20 0.9
NLi 0 0 3 14 0 3 20 0.9
NFl 0 0 4 9 6 0 19 0.9
Bc 0 0 3 10 2 3 18 0.8
NTx 0 1 2 8 6 1 18 0.8
Sb 0 1 4 5 6 1 17 0.8
WMa 0 0 2 9 4 1 16 0.7
Ne 0 0 2 11 3 0 16 0.7
Ew 0 1 3 6 2 2 14 0.6
Ut 0 0 1 7 6 0 14 0.6
Sf 0 1 4 7 2 0 14 0.6
Id 0 0 6 6 2 0 14 0.6
Sdg 0 0 5 5 3 1 14 0.6
Wv 0 0 4 3 6 0 13 0.6
Sc 0 0 1 9 2 0 12 0.6
Sd 0 0 3 2 7 0 12 0.6
Vt 0 0 2 7 3 0 12 0.6
Nd 0 0 2 3 4 2 11 0.5
Ri 0 0 1 5 1 4 11 0.5
Mb 0 0 2 5 0 4 11 0.5
Al 0 0 1 10 0 0 11 0.5
Wy 0 0 2 5 3 0 10 0.5
Me 0 0 0 5 3 2 10 0.5
Ak 0 0 2 3 4 1 10 0.5
Ar 0 1 2 7 0 0 10 0.5
NNy 0 0 0 3 3 3 9 0.4
Mt 0 0 1 3 4 1 9 0.4
Nm 0 1 2 6 0 0 9 0.4
De 0 0 1 5 2 0 8 0.4
Ok 0 1 1 5 0 0 7 0.3
Nv 0 0 1 3 0 2 6 0.3
Ms 0 0 0 5 0 1 6 0.3
Ab 0 0 1 1 2 1 5 0.2
Qc 0 0 0 4 1 0 5 0.2
Sk 0 0 0 3 0 2 5 0.2
Pac 0 0 1 2 2 0 5 0.2
Nl 0 0 0 3 1 0 4 0.2
Mar 0 0 0 2 2 0 4 0.2
La 0 0 2 2 0 0 4 0.2
WTx 0 0 0 1 1 1 3 0.1
Vi 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.1
Nwt 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 0.1
Pr 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.1
Total 0 33 318 1074 561 165 2151

Callareas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 218 10.1
1 201 9.3
2 222 10.3
3 207 9.6
4 286 13.3
5 93 4.3
6 243 11.3
7 220 10.2
8 208 9.7
9 253 11.8

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 1304 60.6
B 380 17.7
Q 110 5.1
M 167 7.8
U 179 8.3
S 11 0.5
N7GYD(MITCH)   Single Op LP   212,3202002-11-18 10:27:57
Good conditions overall. Didn't find Nevada for the sweep until the last few
hours of the contest; thank you W7TTT!! Didn't work much on 20m because of the
+30db signals every few kc -- tough to find a clear frequency and hold it with
low power. 10m was in great shape here and really made the contest hours pass

Special thanks to K7RI, KH6DV and K7SS for their great contest advice.

K6LA   Single Op HP   300,0002002-11-18 10:30:44
I got off to a great start as the 1st 4 hours generated 142, 134, 172!!!, and
142 QSOs. I don't know what the most QSOs in an hour is in phone SS, (and I'd
like to know) but I don't see how I could do any better than that 172. It was
all on 15 meters, which was my money band. The next 2 hours were still over 100,
but then I hit my wall. 40 meters was just TERRIBLE from here.

What I'd really like to know is who was at N6PEQ giving me # 2024 A from ORG
with 6 hours to go.

73, Ken, K6LA
NK6A   Single Op QRP   25,0582002-11-18 10:37:36
Slugging it out on 20M with all those unlimited stations while running 5W was a
challenge. I was always retreating to 10M where I was heard!

Must try for a sweep next year and stay up all night!
VE7XB   Single Op LP   104,3202002-11-18 10:44:20
Finally -- a sweep !! First one in Sweepstakes - I usually end up missing by
one !!
W8RU   Single Op HP   12,7202002-11-18 11:37:13
Could only manage a few hours but had lots of fun.


Ron (W8RU).
KY5R   Single Op HP   252,8002002-11-18 11:46:44
First full time effort since the "KP4BZ" days of 83' and 84'. I have got a lot
to learn about strategy between now and next year. All hardware played well
haven't got the mental preparedness down well enough. The AL section is very
different than being in KP4 land!@#%^&. Had the section record in sight just
could not execute. No excuses HI Hi.Had a ton-o-fun however. BCN Yal' next year
from the "Heart of Dixie". Tim KY5Radio
W4NF   SO Unlimited HP   241,4402002-11-18 12:03:10
W7WK   Single Op HP   71,3602002-11-18 13:04:07
Ran a few, s & p a bit and looked hi and low for NV, thanks to W7TTT for the
sweep, great fun.
N9CO   Single Op LP   110,1362002-11-18 13:08:49
Missed NM (!) and NWT for the sweep. Operated again from temporary setup at
friends' vacation home near Rye, CO., nestled in the foothills of the Greenhorn
Mountains. Only antenna was a 135' dipole fed with 450-ohm ladder (window)
line, up about 30' between two pine trees. Amazed that anyone could hear me.

Great way to spend the weekend if you have to be away from your wife and

73 es cul,
Charlie N9CO
N2RM(N2NC)   Single Op HP   63,7582002-11-18 13:41:50
Worked the first few hours. Was doing some work in the RM shack to get ready
for WW CW next weekend.
K1EP(@K1VR)   Single Op LP   140,6402002-11-18 14:04:31
As I was getting set up in the last couple of hours, I discovered a problem with
the SO2R setup and resigned to do SO1R. I started off on 10M, after all, "there
is no meters like 10 meters". Unfortunately, I couldn't get something going.
But I did manage find VY1JA in that first hour on 10M, which has never happened
to me before. I didn't work him til much later, but left one of the VFO's on
the pileup, going back there every once in a while. I spent more time looking
for WTX, NV, SC or SK than I did for J! I stayed on 10 too long, just so I
could hop back to the pileup easily and work J. Speaking of pileups, I only
heard one KL7 station on, and of course there was a pileup there too. It was my
last mult, so I decided to stick around. Unlike J, they had a difficult time
handling the pileup at first.

I couldn't get a run going until I found 15M. In retrospect, it seems like it
was easy to get one going there and I should have stayed there longer. As far
as the lack of Q's on Sunday, I found a number of stations Sunday afternoon and
evening that had relatively low numbers, meaning that they had just got on.
There was plenty of fresh stations to work if you went out to find them. I was
also amazed at the number of QRP stations out there that were calling CQ and
holding their frequencies.
K7RE   Single Op LP   172,3782002-11-18 14:55:48
Murphy hit first thing in the contest with
RFI audio problems during the first few QSO's
on 10M only. Fortunately I was able to
make up the difference on 15M. Missed Clean
Sweep by only 1 section, SK. Next year
better antennas than my 2 element trapped
tribander, and low 80M horizontal loop
AJ6V(@K6GX)   Single Op HP   192,0002002-11-18 15:01:01
Declining sunspots are starting to take their toll. 10 meters was not as good
as in last year's phone SS or in this year's CW SS.

The low number of Q's on 40 reflects antenna problems. Amplifier failed at Q
#730, so ran barefoot on Sunday. Still made a personal best for the phone SS.

Thanks to my great host Bob K6GX for the use of his fine station.

73 and thanks for the Q's. Ed, AJ6V
WD5R   Multi-Op HP   53,3762002-11-18 15:33:26
Just a few pushups and a little weight lifting, getting ready for serious 160
VE7IN   Single Op LP   172,6402002-11-18 15:49:26
Hats off to the many QRP guys,(CW is one thing ,but phone, Whoa!) sorry to those
that I may not have been able to pull out.

I did better than I thought I was going to. Sunday morning I was looking for
De,Nl and Wtx(of all things) for a sweep. Ran into N5DO first QSO Sunday morning
only two more to go. Then after lunch while attempting to run on 10 VO2WL calls
for Nl, Farout! Now just one more mult to go Delaware. I had heard one on but
he was moving around, I had heard him on 75 Saturday night but couldn't make.
I went to 15 as 10 seem to be dropping down and while attempting to run on 15
W3MAX calls around 23:29Z for the Sweep.Neat! I was close to 1000 Q's by then so
that was my next goal.

Conditions I thought were pretty good on the high bands from here on the West
Coast. I echo what one of the other guys said that It seemed hard at times to
get things happening on 40. I have had higher Q count in past years.
As always SS is a lot of fun and nice to work a lot of the guys through the

Thanks all for the Q's.

73 Earl VE7IN

PS: Please check out for info on the 2003 Pacific North West DX
Convention on July 17,18 and 19 2003.
K1JN   SO Unlimited HP   87,5202002-11-18 16:08:18
Plenty of VEs this year. Odd sweep, the last ones worked were WPA, SC and WTX.
WE9V   SO Unlimited HP   231,6802002-11-18 16:17:15
I didn't plan on doing a full 24 hours, and sleep felt so
good Sunday morning, that I overslept my alarm by 3.5 hours
and then made myself a crepe the tune of
a 10 hour off-time break. Operated the rest of the contest

Running unlimited and doing AOL IM's certainly keep this
(or any) contest more interesting.

Biggest bummer of contest was watching the Packers lose
to the MN Vikings, and listening to all my neighboring
MN fans gloat. Doh.

Why, after running for 3 hours on the same freq, not changing
a thing, does someone come by and say that I'm 20kHz wide?
I would have thought that my neighboring CQers would have
had something to say sooner. And that's what I told my
friendly informer. Ahhhh....the fun of fone. And that
wasn't even 75M.

I've finally gotten the attention of the electric company
and hope to get closer to reducing my S9+5dB line noise on
80M (and other bands).

Chad WE9V

IL 116
VA 58
MDC 48
MN 46
WWA 44
SCV 43
WI 40
MI 39
OH 39
EMA 34
IN 34

2302: 4 per minute (240/hr)
2333: 27 per 10 minutes (162/hr)
0450: 110 per hour (80M)

QSO/Sec by hour and band

Hour 80 40 20 15 10 Total Cumm OffTime

D1-2100Z - - - 61/27 20/15 81/42 81/42
D1-2200Z - - 39/11 28/7 2/1 69/19 150/61
D1-2300Z - - 96/7 - 8/3 104/10 254/71
D2-0000Z --+-- 1/1 93/5 --+-- 4/0 98/6 352/77
D2-0100Z - 68/2 5/0 - - 73/2 425/79
D2-0200Z - 43/0 8/0 - - 51/0 476/79
D2-0300Z 52/1 7/0 1/0 - - 60/1 536/80
D2-0400Z 105/0 - - - - 105/0 641/80
D2-0500Z 54/0 11/0 - - - 65/0 706/80
D2-0600Z 11/0 1/0 - - - 12/0 718/80 45
D2-0700Z - - - - - 0/0 718/80 60
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 718/80 60
D2-0900Z - - - - - 0/0 718/80 60
D2-1000Z - - - - - 0/0 718/80 60
D2-1100Z - - - - - 0/0 718/80 60
D2-1200Z - - - - - 0/0 718/80 60
D2-1300Z - - - - - 0/0 718/80 60
D2-1400Z - - - - - 0/0 718/80 60
D2-1500Z - - - - - 0/0 718/80 60
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 40/0 7/0 47/0 765/80 16
D2-1700Z - - - 58/0 10/0 68/0 833/80
D2-1800Z - - - 49/0 7/0 56/0 889/80
D2-1900Z - - 2/0 20/0 23/0 45/0 934/80
D2-2000Z - - 51/0 - 15/0 66/0 1000/80
D2-2100Z - 8/0 90/0 - 2/0 100/0 1100/80
D2-2200Z - - 70/0 4/0 2/0 76/0 1176/80
D2-2300Z - - 70/0 3/0 - 73/0 1249/80
D3-0000Z 1/0 70/0 9/0 --+-- --+-- 80/0 1329/80
D3-0100Z 2/0 67/0 - - - 69/0 1398/80
D3-0200Z 29/0 14/0 7/0 - - 50/0 1448/80

Total: 254/1 290/3 541/23 263/34 100/19
KØGQ(@KØOU)   Multi-Op HP   223,0402002-11-18 16:27:44
WE2F   SO Unlimited HP   170,7202002-11-18 17:56:33
First three Q's were a little difficult.....they were on the dummy load!!
WB1GQR(W1SJ)   SO Unlimited HP   286,7202002-11-18 18:03:30
W2YC   Multi-Op HP   55,8402002-11-18 18:12:19
From deep within the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey.
Used common dipole for 10, 20 and 40.
Operators: AA2WN (big gun), WA2NPD, N2CQ, WA2LET and W2YC.
K6LL   SO Unlimited HP   304,4802002-11-18 18:18:13
Quite a few people asked me why I decided to enter the Unlimited Category. The
logic goes kind of like this.

First, reviewing the 2001 CW results, I noticed that K6LA won the Unlimited
Class, whereas I didn't even make the High Power Top Ten Box. Our scores were
pretty close. Then I remembered that next year's QST results will be _only_ the
Top Ten Boxes. Maybe it would be better to be a big fish in a small pond...

Then I thought of how boring Sunday afternoon in the CW contest is. (Attn: Randy
and Gator, I think the cw contest _is_ broken. It should be 18 hours out of 24.)
I thought that maybe all the "fresh meat" packet spots on Sunday would add some
entertainment. I could use TR's "nextbandmap" command to step through the spots
(no dupes are shown) and just totally work _everybody_!

Then, it looks like I won the Unlimited CW category this year, so I figured I
might as well give Unlimited a go on SSB to try to win a #1 in both modes. It's
nice to be #1 at something, even if it is a goofy category. I won the
Tribander/Wires category in WPX once or twice. Now _there's_ a goofy category!

So that's how I ended up in Unlimited. In actuality, packet was pretty much a
bust on both modes. On CW, the San Diego Cluster melted down on Sunday morning,
so my nextbandmap plan failed. On SSB, I lashed together a Telnet-to-TRlog
connection at the last minute, but the Internet computer turned out to be
susceptible to RF, and went bonkers as soon as I went to 15 meters. Whenever I
transmittd on 15, the internet connection was lost, and the computer sat there
with Windows sounds (bells, warning buzzers, chimes, etc) blasting out the
speakers. I wonder how that sounded over the air? I turned it off about three
hours into the contest. During those first three hours, I did use packet to pick
up a few mults, but all of those mults called me anyway later in the contest.

A few other observations in this years SSB contest:

Forty was the _pits_ from out here! How wonderful it will be if they can find a
way at the 2003 WARC to separate the Broadcasters and Hams. I'm glad I made my
contribution to the Frequency Defense Fund for that effort. Everybody ought to
chip in for that.

On the other hand, 75m was pretty good. I made 115 QSO's on 75 this year, and
_zero_ on 75 last year. I always remember Gator's adage "If I'm on 75, I'm
losin'." This year was an exception from out here. 40 Was losin' even worse.

During the contest, I noticed that I seemed to be working an inordinate number
of New England stations. It turns out that I worked 171 New England this year,
compared to 78 last year. I wonder if there were just more of them on because of
the bad weather, or whether propagation this year favored that distance?

I got a pretty good scare when I turned on the computer on Sunday morning. It
looked like I had taken a seven hour overnight break, rather than the planned
six hours! After I had a cup of coffee, I realized that it was only that the
computer clock had been off by exactly one hour right from the gitgo. I guess
when I set the clock before the contest, I mistyped the hour. I was so intent on
getting the minutes and seconds set correctly that I hadn't noticed the hour
being off. I'll have to go back and edit the times on all those QSO's.

Well, that's about it for the year 2002 for me. The next event on the calendar
is January's RTTY Roundup! I enjoy seeing all that computer stuff operating by
itself. As the years go by, I find myself entering fewer and fewer contests. I
wonder if it's declining testosterone levels, or wisdom gathered through age.

Thanks for all the QSO's, and Happy Holidays to all.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ
AA7YA   Single Op LP   184,3202002-11-18 18:38:25
After last year I myself a personal goal of working 1,000 Q's. For me
personally, the bar has been set for next year. HI!

Everything fell into place for me this year. Good band conditions, with more
than one operator in each section worked. There weren't that many downsides
this year for me. The only visible downside, reflected by the totals, was not
having a good working 40 meter antenna. Worked all 80 sections in no time, and
spent Sunday giving out "last one" and Montana to those looking for it, and
running up a pretty respectable score for a Low Power Single Op Effort.

Will see you all in the Sweeps next year!
KØTG   Single Op LP   87,5162002-11-18 19:20:37
Drats!! Missed NNY and RI of all things!
KD5TMF   Single Op HP   9,0002002-11-18 19:41:15
First SS contest and had a BLAST!!!!!!! This was my first contest as a Single-Op
at the QTH. Thanks to everyone who made contact with me and hope to hear y'all
next year (hopefully getting a SWEEP). Did pretty well considering I have a G5RV
Jr. (40-10m) about 15 ft up. The only thing that gave me trouble was that it
would not tune on 40m all the way. I have a IC-746 and I tuned it but didn't
seem to work well. I suspect it is from all he metal in the attic...hi hi!

Colin KD5TMF
K7SS   Single Op LP   123,3602002-11-18 20:01:28
10 15 20 only this time. No 40 antenna, and from the sounds of reports, didnt
miss much but noise on that band. Great run out of the chute on 10 that lasted a
couple hours. New Steppir is really performing...AND cavorting in big windstorm
Saturday night. Special fun was chasing close in sections on 10 backscatter to
grab the sweep. Never a moment that Tom at W7TTT in NV never had a stack of
callers pile on him. Cheers to all the CHECK late 90s-00-01-02s. and a special
howdy to all the CHECK 58-59-60 gang that still sounds great after all these SS
gatherings. Great fun having old familiar calls show up in the runs. Like a
reunion. 73 de K7SS 59 WWA.
WI7F   Single Op LP   37,0002002-11-18 20:16:46
icom 756 barefoot
antenna was a Gap Challenger
and 40 meter dipole at 25 feet between two fishing poles mounted on pipes, with
lots of sag.. only big problem was a fire on the stove, forgot to take coffee
pot off when band conditions were good on 10.
W7YAQ   Single Op LP   162,7202002-11-18 20:18:05
10 meters was great out here. Lots of activity and an easy sweep. Finally
broke 100 QSOs/hour. It's always fun to hear the voices behind the paddles.
Favorite calls worked: WO8HIO, NE1RD, KO5OK.

73, Bob
VA3XRZ   Single Op LP   55,7742002-11-18 20:37:34
My goal was a clean sweep, I just can't believe I missed ME, I spent the last
hour and a half looking for the ME multiplier, maybe next year.

Rig: TS-830S running 80W
Antennas: Cuschcraft R5 and 40m dipole
Logging Software: N1MM Logger V2.0.53

Julio VA3XRZ
W6ZZZ   SO Unlimited LP   37,0002002-11-18 20:45:43
Lots of fun from my peanut-whistle QTH.

Least worked sections: 6 none, 25 only once

Top sections worked:
Sec W Qs
SCV 6 24
SV 6 15
BC C 10
MDC 3 9
EB 6 9
CO 0 8
MN 0 8
STX 5 7
WWA 7 7
ORG 6 6
SB 6 6
AZ 7 6

- Marc
NØFP   Single Op LP   124,4882002-11-18 21:28:30
Missed Alaska and Nevada of all places. Where were you guys?

Great fun. Lots of BIG SIGS from CA and the East Coast. I would have loved to
work them all but alas, time did not permit.
K5IID   Single Op LP   128,1602002-11-18 21:44:48
I guess I'm getting too old for these kinds of things.
I just got totally burned out with 1 1/2 hours
I just hung it up.
Dissapointed in the final result, but that was of my own making.
80 was a blast this year!
I'll be back!
N6XI   Single Op HP   165,4402002-11-18 21:59:28
Phone contest - Bah, humbug!
KØSR(@WØZT)   Single Op HP   57,6002002-11-19 03:30:33
Hung in there for 4 hours and then I had enough. Deliberate QRM, frequency
stealing, yelling, swearing, etc. Some of the worst behavior I've ever
experienced on the bands. Looking at the thread on CQ-Contest, it looks like I
wasn't the only one to experience this nonsense.

CW Forever !

Steve K0SR
W7GG   Multi-Op HP   353,6992002-11-19 03:45:18
Fun, fun! 10m pretty good from OR. Many new and recent CK's rcvd.
K5FO   Single Op LP   70,0802002-11-19 05:22:19
I'd only planned to operate long enough to get a PIN, but once started, it was
hard to stay away. Managed time very badly but got my first ever sweep. Hope
to be back next year with better antennas.
NA4M   Single Op LP   38,8802002-11-19 05:22:53
Casual part time effort mostly Search & Pounce.

Got on mostly to see if I could work a section sweep. Most of the usual
difficult sections came early and fairly easy - MR, YT, NL, MS, VI, WTX, etc.
The holdouts strangely enough were OK and NM but found them late Sunday

Everyone seemed to be having a good time save for an occasional battle with a
20m net type or 75m swine farmer.
K8MR   Single Op HP   136,6402002-11-19 06:09:29
With a great turnout from many normally rare sections, I find it interesting to
see which sections completed the clean sweep for different people. For me: WCF.
Hey FCG guys, what was going on down there this weekend, a major shuffleboard
tournament or something? <g>

I had only 4 sections with single qsos: MAR, MT, WCF, and PR.

I got a late start after a day of tower work at K8AZ, so I did a bit of
experimenting. Rather than trying to force my way into an overcrowded 20 or 40
meters, I went to 75 very early and waited for the activity to arrive. Lots of
slow time until the activity picked up about 02Z. I operated until about 05Z,
then went to bed until the cat summoned me for doorman duty at 1030Z. Being up,
I got on for half an hour with fair results; at least there was no trouble
finding a frequency! Then back to sleep until about 1430Z, by which time there
were no frequencies to be had on 40 or 20. I never did get much going on
Sunday, but kept plugging away from most of the rest of the contest.

Hearing the fresh meat guys on Sunday night, I may have to find an extra station
or two next year in SSB.
K4EU   Single Op LP   49,1042002-11-19 06:38:35
FT-1000MP Mark V Field - 100 watts
Windom @ 35' - 80m
2 ele Quad @ 60' - 20/15/10m

Only operated last five hours of the SS -- Great fun running stations for a
change, averaging nearly 70/hour, and not being concerned with finding
mults. Funny how things happen -- Had two VO1's call me -- NL was only
section missed on CW.
WA3SES   Single Op LP   75,9242002-11-19 06:41:02

Huh?? You serious??? WPA Is your final section?

I was told that 6 or 7 times Sunday. The only time I've ever given anyone a
sweep in anything was from Cambria county in the Pa QSO Party, and then rarely.
Never have I given the sweep to anyone in SS, Phone or CW. Really added some
spice to what was going to be a VERY casual SS Phone operating experience.

Going in, the plan was to get on for a few hours Sunday evening after the
Steelers beat up on the Titans. (Ok, so my plans AND the Steelers plans went
awry). I found myself with a little spare time around 1500z, so decided to "take
a listen". Made a few S&P Q's on 40 and settled down at 7.172Mhz. 56 minutes and
122 Q's later, I was quite excited to have heard the "thanks for the sweep" and
"I've been looking for you" comments several times.

Got back on later on in the evening and heard it again several times. Spent
total of 8 hours on the air, which was about 4 hours more than I planned on, but
the time was well spent.

I knew N3FR wasn't going to be on, and I guess some of the other WPA "usual
suspects" didn't make it either, though I did "find" 12 other WPA's myself.

Anyhow, to those how got the sweep from me, (in the words of Bob Hope) "Thanks
for the memories". And thanks to the other 500 or so who didn't need me for the
sweep also.

N2CU   Single Op LP   8,6862002-11-19 07:20:54
Don't really like long SSB contests, so only planned on making 100 QSO's.
Couldn't resist making #101 with K9CU (nice call!). Nice to work J. with one
call and get two Yukon's within minutes.

Strangest moment was when I found a clear frequency on 15m, listened for a half
a minute and then asked "Is the frequency in use?" Some 5-land station came back
and said "This frequency is always in ABUSE". I then asked who was he talking to
and he replied "Well I'm talking to YOU, and some other guys. You don't want me
to go through the list". I added that I don't hear him or anyone else in QSO to
which he again replied "This frequency is always in abuse". Figured it was
futile to try CQ'ing there since I would probably have to put up with this nut.
After a few minutes of broadcasting his message, he gave up when someone else
began working stations there.
KY5V(KC5YKX)   Single Op LP   70,0702002-11-19 07:54:50
Rig : Yaesu FT-1000MP MKV (half power)

Antennas : 10M vertical (used for 10 and 15 meters)@ 25 feet
40/80 Trap inverted V (used for 20,40 and 80 meters)@ 35 feet

Soapbox : Conditions where great for my first SS phone. Antennas where
not as good. 10 meter vertical for 10 and 15 at 25 feet and
a 40/80 trap inverted V for 20, 40 and 80 meters at 35 feet.
Missed a sweep by 3 mults. All I lacked was MAR, QC and NNY.
Not to bad for a contest newbie. Put in 15.5 hours of in and
out contesting. Made a good run on 10 meters for the first couple
hours with the rate averaging about 120/h and a peak rate of 180/h.
The rest of the contest was S&P. Hope for better antennas next year

and a sweep.
K3DNE   Single Op LP   106,8602002-11-19 10:38:24
Missed VE1 and VE2!
Decided at the last minute to run A (vs. U/HP to get a higher score for the
club) as an added challenge to get a sweep - it was a challenge as I missed the
sweep! Had fun with my HF challenged station - A3 and wires. Writelog worked
well as did my old reliable IC765.
73, Ed K3DNE
K7OX   SO Unlimited HP   270,8802002-11-19 10:55:00
I decided to enter the Unlimited Category in both modes this year from my new
retirement QTH. I wanted to try for a sweep in both modes. I have never been
able to "Sweep" both modes. I also wanted to get a better feel on conditions
from my new section "EWA". I also have switched over to Writelog after using NA
or CT for the last 10 years or so. This is my second serious effort using
Writelog and amazed at how powerful this software is. I am still in the
learning mode with this software. Sunday is usually so boring I figured I could
keep my interest up by going around and picking up the spots as well as posting
spots while S&P. The use of packet was not all it is cracked up to be. Infact
packet was a bust on both modes. For CW I used the local 2 meter Packet
Cluster. After about 3 hours of use it "Crashed" due to a link problem between
the mountain top and the local WS7I telnet link and was off until Sunday and
then it was off and on and not reliable and finally just turned it off. For SSB
I thought I would get "Smart" and be in "Tall Cotton" and use the WS7I Telnet
link. Everything seemed to be working just fine until I went to 40 and 75, RF
was getting into something and keep knocking me off the phone line. I turned
the Alpha off and the link was fine and stayed connected. However, running low
power on 40 and 75 was not to my liking and was not getting anywhere. I turned
the amplifier back on, lost the link until the next day when I stayed on the
high bands. It didn't matter then because already had my "Sweep". 40 meters
was horrible for phone and made very few contacts. 75 was a real surprise and
had over a 100 Q and ran into a buch of NCCC guys around 3850 and picked up all
the in close CA sections. It was nice to visit as I had been a NCCC for years
when I lived in NV. The hardest section for me believe it or not this year was
OR, I was getting panicky when I had 79 sections and no OR. I finally worked a
OR station and then quickly worked several other OR and took my break having a
sweep and feeling good. Again 40 phone is horrible for SS here in my new QTH
(Spokane)and I made very few contacts, whereas on CW it was great and made over
200 Q's on 40. I am still learning propagation is very different from my old AZ
QTH of 33 N to now being at 48 N, the Aurora is unreal. Thanks for all the Q's
and see everyone next year and hope to have it figured out by then. Special
thanks to the VE's who put all the sections on in great numbers and there should
be lots of "Sweeps" Dan better order up extra coffee mugs but last years mugs
looked terrible and hope ARRL goes back to the older style with the gold leaf.

73 Gary K7OX
AI6V(KI7WX)   Single Op HP   280,6402002-11-19 11:08:25
Comments and Excuses:

Got behind early with poor performance in the first 2-3 hours. On Sunday things
were going quite well but a huge local noise came up which wiped out 10 and 15
meters for about 2.5 hours. Sounded like someone arc welding neurons together in
my head... Inspection of the hourly chart below shows where this happened - the
rate goes from a nice 70-80 per hour to 58-39-39. Thankfully it finally went
away with 3 hours left and 10/15 were still open.

Personal best by several hundred Qs and my first serious SO effort in a contest
longer than 4 hours since I left Utah in 1996. Remembered about 6 hours in that
SO contesting is bad for the kidneys and makes your butt sore.

Many thanks to Carl and Sue for hosting. Hopefully they'll have me back again
for another try.


HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT
21 ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 142/43 142/43 142/43
22 . . . . . 112/14 112/14 254/57
23 . . . . 119/10 . 119/10 373/67
0 . . . . 102/6 . 102/6 475/73
1 . . . 38/2 59/0 . 97/2 572/75
2 . . . 93/0 . . 93/0 665/75
3 . . 19/0 51/0 . . 70/0 735/75
4 . 3/0 60/0 . . . 63/0 798/75
5 ..... 69/3 ..... ..... ..... ..... 69/3 867/78
6 . 18/1 27/0 . . . 45/1 912/79
7 . . 80/0 . . . 80/0 992/79
8 . 2/0 8/0 . . . 10/0 1002/79
9 . . . . . . . 1002/79
10 . . . . . . . 1002/79
11 . . . . . . . 1002/79
12 . . . . . . . 1002/79
13 ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 1002/79
14 . . . 9/0 9/0 . 18/0 1020/79
15 . . . . 82/0 . 82/0 1102/79
16 . . . . 23/0 39/1 62/1 1164/80
17 . . . . . 87/0 87/0 1251/80
18 . . . . . 72/0 72/0 1323/80
19 . . . . . 73/0 73/0 1396/80
20 . . . . . 72/0 72/0 1468/80
21 ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 58/0 58/0 1526/80
22 . . . . 37/0 2/0 39/0 1565/80
23 . . . 22/0 17/0 . 39/0 1604/80
0 . . . . 5/0 44/0 49/0 1653/80
1 . . . . 11/0 33/0 44/0 1697/80
2 . . . 57/0 . . 57/0 1754/80
DAY1 . 92/4 194/0 191/2 394/16 597/58 . 1468/80
DAY2 . . . 79/0 70/0 137/0 . 286/0
TOT ..... 92/4 194/0 270/2 464/16 734/58 ..... 1754/80
WP3R(KE3Q)   Single Op HP   436,3202002-11-19 12:35:38
K9PG reported my call was being bootlegged. If you worked WP3R giving a lower
QSO number and M as the precedence, I hope you logged a second KP4! W7OM was
another one who had me in the log but hadn't worked the real me. Those are the
only two I know of for sure and they both did get me eventually.

209 first hour was my personal best so far. Previous best was 202.

Highlights: Working my XYL, W3AMY, for QSO #1 to start things off, working VO
on Saturday for my earliest sweep ever (I think), working the many young ops
(judging by voice, etc.) giving late nineties, 00, 01 and 02 checks. I was
impressed by some of the excellent operating by some of these new hams; I would
never have guessed they were new at it. And, working many YLs, many of them
giving M as the precedence with the OM audibly coaching in the background.
Seemed like they were having a lot of fun. And, working my longtime buddy,
WY3A, with less than two minutes to go -- he had been running his best rate ever
as fresh meat on 80 and decided to come looking for me right at the end and
found me right away.

As usual, thanks to WA3FET, WP3R, NP4A, KP4TG, WP3N and others for keeping the
station going. 73 - Rich, KE3Q
NA5S   SO Unlimited HP   215,2002002-11-19 14:45:25
I was off to a great start in the first 5 hours with 500 Q's, when Murphy
decided to visit. The Titan II decided not to work on 40M, after working
flawlessly on 10/15/20M. After S&Ping on 40M barefoot for awhile, I decided
to call it an early night, since it was not very beneficial. Sunday dawned
a much better day, and I had good runs on 10/15/20M. Improved drastically
over last year's score, and guarantee to be a threat to the TOP TEN next year!
Ten meters was in great shape, and proved to be my best band, despite the
comments of others. I see K6LL also agrees with that one!! Congrats- way to
go Dave!!
KB1FWN   Multi-Op LP   9,8822002-11-19 18:02:35
Log program hasn't been working accurately, so the score may not be correct.
Aside from that, the contest went great. We had an on-going nore easter, some
of our members up WAY-WMA had some problems with that. Our only happening was
the beam getting turned by the wind. I turned it back as soon as I realized it.
I hope that everyone else did well, and I hope the score that the log told me
isn't too far off!
N2BT   Single Op HP   53,1202002-11-19 18:31:27
SS is always a fun contest, expecially for a casual contester. You don't need a
big gun station to have fun. Thanks to W7TTT (NV) for the sweep !
N8MR   Multi-Op LP   28,1602002-11-19 18:50:54
Had limited hours due to school work. It seemed as though there were fewer
people participating in SS SSB this year than in other years, but maybe this was
on account of my abbreviated schedule this year.

How come could S&P stations all day, contact them with relative ease, have them
give us great audio reports, then when we call CQ on a relatively clear
frequency, we get one or two responses in 10 minutes and absolutely nothing
afterward? This doesn't happen on SS CW weekend.

I stopped at 0622 UTC Sunday morning because I couldn't speak another syllable.
We didn't start again till 0130 UTC Monday. My wife - KC8NAH - is the reason we
got as many Sections as we did. Hopefully I can get Writelog's soundcard-based
voice keyer to take some of the burden off my throat. Of course, it would have
helped if I had plugged it into the correct port in the back of my radio this
N7ON   Single Op LP   90,4002002-11-19 20:13:18
I endorse K6LL's comments regarding contest narratives. They make good reading,
and there are things to learn and/or critique in them. Maybe next year I'll
just submit my score, but this year I'm going to give a full report. In that
spirit, here goes.

Rig: TS-930
Category: Single-op unassisted, 100w.
Antennas: itty-bitty wires, 12' max height; also good for snaring pigeons.
Software: miLog Ver. 5.06. Delightful Windows-based general- and
contest-logging program. It performed flawlessly, and I used its .wav
file-based voice keyer for the first time. I'll always use the voice keyer from
now on. Using it was comparable to going from a straight key to an electronic
keyer on CW. However, a few stations caught me munching and drinking a few
times while the computer did my CQing for me.

SSB Sweepstakes was absolutely delightful. No repeat of last year's double-mode
sweep (heard but missed NL on CW), but made my earliest sweep ever on SSB this

With a small stealth station, my goal each year is a sweep. It's also nice to
help pass out Nevada.

I could tell early on by the number of active usually-rare sections that there
would be a high number of sweeps this year. I was confident I'd make an early
sweep when I shut down Saturday night just needing GA, KY, MAR, ME, NNJ, PQ, and
WPA. Worked all of them except GA (!?) early Sunday, and finally ran across
W4AQL at 2100z for #80. Was everyone at the Auburn-Georgia game? Later worked
K4BAI on 40m for a grand total of two GA QSO's.

I realize I only have 27 years' experience with Sweepstakes, but for those
worried about the current state of the contest, allow me to offer the following

--First of all, it was heartening and encouraging to hear operator courtesy,
respect, and cooperation throughout the contest. We're not such a hard-bitten
group after all.

--SS is more than a contest. It's a social event. It's a delight both to work
familiar calls and to welcome newcomers.

--SS is about more than achieving a high QSO count and score. For stations like
mine, a Clean Sweep can be a very challenging and rewarding goal, as can helping
others reach their own sweep.

--SS provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with new antennas, radios,
programs, etc. I took advantage of SS/CW to experiment with a balloon-supported
vertical. In SS/SSB (too windy for a balloon), I discovered I was doing a good
job of heating earthworms on 40m. I tinkered with my antennas, started
transmitting up rather than down on 40m, and ended up with an improved signal on
40m using an antenna configuration I'll try from now on.

Now, regarding Nevada.....

I wouldn't have known NV was so rare if stations hadn't told me. Thanks for the
heads-up. If so many stations hadn't needed NV, I would have shut down after
completing my sweep.

Thanks to Tom, W7TTT (K5RC) for all he did to pass out NV. I constantly ran
across him running a huge pile. When he found me on 80m, I was so excited to
work NV I developed fat fingers and stumbled over my keyboard. I also heard
Rich, N7TR, running stations on at least two bands, and Bill, K6GNX, cruised the
bands and passed out NV toward the end. I worked the following NV stations:

I know W7TTT and I were on the air for long periods both days. I wanted
everyone to work NV, and here's what I did to make NV available:

--whenever I heard W7TTT, I tried to move to a different, open band, thereby
having two NV stations CQing on two useful bands.

--I CQ'd far more than normal, usually on the highest open band, and for long
periods of time.

--Thorough search and pouncing: I did my best to scan the bands between runs,
and ran across several "CQ Nevada" stations. My favorite was the op at W5NN,
who said he was waiting for me to call him for #80. After we worked he said he
was finished, was going to go enjoy a steak, and gave me his frequency. In
fact, several CQing ops gave their frequencies to me in an effort to help others
get NV -- thanks!

--6- and 7-land: I always worry about missing close-in sections, so I began
CQing early on 80m (0336z this year). Very nice 80m runs before the band

--East of the Rockies: made the bulk of my QSO's on 15/10m. I'm louder and
"stand out" better on 15/10m than 20m. No complaints, only praise for 10m; it
was very productive this year.

--Saturday afternoon: 15m is quiet and productive for coast-to-coast QSO's late
Saturday afternoon from here. While many stations are scouring 20/40m, rare
transcontinental sections abound on 15m.

--Final run: since W7TTT had his hands full on 20m, I decided to run on 40m for
the last hour to spread the load and give the West Coast a final opportunity to
work NV. Best decision I made in the contest: maintained a fairly solid run
for the final hour, received many "Thanks for the sweep" comments, and even
worked a number of stations east of the Rockies. The 40m antenna adjustment
paid off.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

--Don't spend too long trying to work a rare section. Move on, and you'll
probably find another station from that section or have one call you.

--If you only have one rig, use your second VFO to search for needed sections.
Don't sit on one frequency trying to work a rare section. If there's a pile,
use the second VFO to find, monitor, and work a second needed section (sort of a
SO2R with one radio).

--Reasonably alternate S & P'ing and CQing. Even if you're a small station,
CQing will pay off.

Asking "Nevada up five" after hearing me work someone while S & P'ing works. The
best example was K3MD. We could barely hear each other, but we completed the

--PQ is consistently my most difficult section, but I've gotten it both modes
the last two years -- "Merci!"

--When S & P'ing, don't ignore weak stations. They might be the section you

--Take the time to thank ops who are providing rare sections, both during the
contest and in e-mails afterward. Let people know how much their activity is
appreciated, and chances are they'll be back. VY1JA (great signal in NV) is one
of the best examples -- thanks Jay, and thanks also to VY1MB.

Other SSB "It's great to hear ops active" sections this year include:
Newfoundland/Labrador (VO1MP, VO2ML), MAR (VE1AOE, VE1OP), VE2 (VE2AWR-even
though we didn't work, VE2DO), VT (superb activity), NNY (K2NNY), DE (N3DXX,
W3PP), WV (WA8WV, N8RAT), SC (N2XD, KB4GYT), ID-MT-UT-WY (far more activity than
usual), EWA (you're no longer a struggle-FB!), ND (WB0O-you're
Mr. Reliable, N7IV, WD0DAI), SF (W6BIP would be proud), AK (thanks for the
activity, and we all miss you, KL7Y), PAC-PR-VI (KH6VV, KH7X, WP3R, WP2Z, and
the other VI station I heard). I know there are omissions in this list, but
it's a start. To everyone I worked, a sincere, "Thank you!)

In closing, let me honor my dear departed Lhasa apso, Rusty, who became a Silent
Key at age 21 in August. He was impervious to the noise generated by
contesting, faithfully and peacefully sleeping beside my operating position for
hours during countless contests. He was the best second op I'll ever have.

73 from Nevada, and here's to a double Clean Sweep for all next year,

John, N7ON
K6KM(AE6Y)   Single Op HP   270,2402002-11-19 21:17:40
Thanks to Bill (K6KM) and Ginny (N6RER) for being superb hosts, and for letting
me use their fb station in the California foothills. Ginny even baked an apple
pie for the post-contest dinner. I don't feel I did it justice (the station
that is, not the pie), but did do about 15% better than I have ever done from my
home QTH.
Probably the most fun was actually getting respectable rate on 40m, which I
have never, ever done from home on phone. In fact, I seem to have missed my
internal goal of 1700 Qs due mainly to inability to get a good rate on 20 in the
afternoons, particularly in the last two hours of the contest, when everything
just seemed to fall apart. Not sure why, but overall rate on 40 was actually
slightly better than on 20. 80 was no fun at all, but 10 was delightful.
Lost some time in the first hour (arghh!) due to a programming glitch -- I had
added a minor feature to my software, but I discovered on the 20th Q that it had
the unintended consequence of erasing the entry boxes if the callsign being
logged contained an "X". I had foolishly forgotten W6NL's maxim that you never
change the spark plugs after final testing before the race! Once I figured out
what was wrong, I used a former version of the program that was on the laptop,
but it was a hectic 10 minutes or so till I got it squared away.
2 FT1000MP's, 2 87A's
10: 4/4/4/4
15: 3/3/3 and 15/17 longboom
20: 5/5
40: 3
80: wire dipole
Software: CQPWIN ver. 9.2

73, Andy, AE6Y
VE4GV   Single Op LP   271,5202002-11-19 21:21:36
Equipment Description:
FT1000D, IC 735, DX Doubler SO2R Box
KT34XA@ 66 ft , 40-2CD@72 ft, Inv. Vee for 80 m
DVK, CT, Preparation H

With dreams of the elusive 2K QSO LP effort also comes the cold reality of
decreasing sunspot cycle and its effects on VE4 propagation. This year I
thought I was ready. My first (semi) serious effort at SO2R LP. I meticulously
studied my 2000 effort (1900 + q's)for a hint. What did I learn? I needed a
solid first 8-9 hours of 100+ qs/hr if I hoped to come close. Hit the hay with
1100 q's and then try again sunday. Last year was a shambles because of me
attending the local pro football playoffs. (They played again this weekend in
the semi final (away) and lost, so I'm glad I was in SS instead of watching on

First hour was typical 10 M - 152 hour. Unreal- best EVER rate. BUT This year I
would NOT be burned by trying to go to 15 m right away. (It killed my 2nd hour
last year. Interesting that Bill WB0O did so well on 15, being so close to me.)
I chose to boot 15 and go directly to 20 where stations are plentiful and less
spread out. Looks like 10 m just never took off the way I hoped and I never
found a good spot on 20 at hours 2 and 3. A few 2nd radio qs. This is what


HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

21 ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 152/35 152/35 152/35
22 . . . 93/19 . 14/2 107/21 259/56
23 . . . 68/3 33/2 . 101/5 360/61
0 . . . 142/6 3/0 . 145/6 505/67
1 . . . 105/2 5/1 . 110/3 615/70
2 . . 14/1 34/0 2/1 . 50/2 665/72
3 . . 110/2 . . . 110/2 775/74
4 . 3/1 70/0 . . . 73/1 848/75
5 ..... 2/0 69/0 ..... ..... ..... 71/0 919/75
6 . 1/1 25/1 . . . 26/2 945/77
7 . . . . . . . 945/77
8 . . . . . . . 945/77
9 . . . . . . . 945/77
10 . . . . . . . 945/77
11 . . . . . . . 945/77
12 . . 25/0 . . . 25/0 970/77
13 ..... ..... 62/0 10/0 ..... ..... 72/0 1042/77
14 . . . 62/0 7/1 . 69/1 1111/78
15 . . 2/0 7/0 13/0 30/0 52/0 1163/78
16 . . . 2/0 1/0 79/0 82/0 1245/78
17 . . . 3/0 1/0 76/1 80/1 1325/79
18 . . . 62/0 10/0 1/0 73/0 1398/79
19 . . . 36/0 2/0 19/0 57/0 1455/79
20 . . . 25/0 6/0 15/0 46/0 1501/79
21 ..... ..... ..... ..... 32/0 7/1 39/1 1540/80
22 . . 1/0 1/0 7/0 23/0 32/0 1572/80
23 . . 2/0 27/0 4/0 . 33/0 1605/80
0 . . 7/0 24/0 2/0 . 33/0 1638/80
1 . . 2/0 21/0 1/0 . 24/0 1662/80
2 . . 34/0 1/0 . . 35/0 1697/80
DAY1 . 6/2 377/4 649/30 83/5 386/38 . 1501/79
DAY2 . . 46/0 74/0 46/0 30/1 . 196/1
TOT ..... 6/2 423/4 723/30 129/5 416/39 ..... 1697/80

I went to 20 early hoping for the amazing 9 hr 10m/20m 135,117,150,137 118
101,103 115 102 run I had in 2000. As you can see, hrs 3 (101), 6(50), 8(73)
and 9 (71) effectively killed off any hopes of coming close. By the end of the
evening I was just hoping to hit 1700 qs total at the end of SS. In 2000 I
finished with a 40 M flourish ( final 2 hrs 69, 63). This year it was like
doing root canal (which as a specialist I do for a living, so I should know)on
40 and 20M other words...hard work. 24q hr! (ugh) At 46, I feel like I
aged a couple of years after this year's SS. Can't imagine what it's like doing
the LP SS thing at 60 years of age!

If that wasn't enough, I caught VA7RR at the 1600 q mark and he was about a half
a dozen ahead of me. Well, that immediately banished thoughts of quitting early.
He probably will win LP with that score (unless he ran out of time and finished
early). My closing numbers just didn't cut it. If so, congrats, he deserved

One more thing:
Did any one else notice participation waaay down? I've been doing SS from this
QTH for almost 15 years and I can't remember when it felt like there was
literally NO ONE to work after 2100 UTC sunday. (and that was with 2 radios!!) I
mean, we have the Sunday afternoon blahs too, but this Sunday was brutal.
Maybe we're just spoiled up here with the VE4 prefix but that sh*t is NOT fun.

I was thinking of something new for SS. - Limiting the number of CQs you can
send!! Hook up the CQ counter to the DVK and give all of us just a limited
number of CQ's that we can send in the ENTIRE contest. (I think mine said
2700-and that doesn't count the ones I did live !) Once you use em up... NO
MORE! You MUST S&P. That would solve the Sunday afternoon "lunch/bathroom
break/NFL update/SS interruption problem. To keep a freq., it seems like we set
the DVK on rpt for 10 mins and then come back once we're done. That kind of
frequency squatting doesn't help rates or congestion on Sunday. I know...not

Look for me in the ARRL 10 M test.

Rob Kaufmann VE4GV
W7ZR   Single Op LP   236,9602002-11-20 06:35:24
WØRK   Single Op LP   80,8002002-11-20 07:52:50
My first SS, great fun!
KØHB   Single Op HP   212,3202002-11-20 07:54:27
I hope 40M skip is this long for CQWW next week!
W5KFT(WM5R)   Single Op HP   260,4802002-11-20 09:38:05
This was my first single-operator effort in the Phone Sweepstakes
after many years of operating in the Multi-Single category.

We had some problems getting the WX0B SO2R Master to work for us
on phone. It had been used at the station for two-radio CW
contesting several times, but nothing Robert and I tried could get
the box to switch either mic audio or PTT. About an hour before
the contest, we gave up and re-cabled everything for one radio,
which may have been just as well, as I've never used two radios
in the Sweepstakes before and the full-blown single-operator
experience in this contest was enough to handle as it was.

The only subsequent major equipment problem I had was when the
Ameritron AL-1500 amplifier I was using began to reduce power, trip
off, and soon thereafter stops amplifying altogether on Sunday
morning. I took a half hour of off-time to see if I could figure
it out, but ended up moving the cables over to the other AL-1500.
At least it didn't happen Saturday afternoon.

I got off to a pretty good start, I think, ending up with 590
QSOs after five hours. Changing bands with one radio in this
contest was sometimes painful, and I had trouble with both of my
band changes to 20 and then 40. I think I waited too long in
both cases, especially on the move to 40. I couldn't really
find a good frequency on 40, and when I'd find something acceptable,
a few minutes later some change in EU broadcast programming would
start to wipe me out or something. Plus, right around 0330 - 0400,
I started getting really tired. I don't think I'd fully recovered
my sleep schedule from my trip to New Zealand a couple of weeks
before, followed by long days and evenings moving into a new house.
I actually had to take an off-time from 0353-0424 I was feeling so
terrible. Eating some food and walking around a bit helped me
quite a bit. Staying awake until 0700 was still a real struggle,
though. From about 0230 onward, I felt like I was having my butt
kicked. I didn't have any one serious failure or problem - but I
was out of sync, couldn't get into a rhythm, felt terrible, and
generally under-performed.

I woke up after a little under four hours of sleep, and a quick
breakfast, not feeling really great, but I had what I think was
a pretty decent run on 40 for that time of day. Things started
to slow down considerably, though, probably as I ran out of
contesters to work who were awake, and nothing was really happening
on 20 yet, so I took another off time to lay in bed and be catatonic,
but I never really fell asleep. I got up, started making some
QSOs, felt like it was something of a struggle, and then noticed
the problems with the amp. So, I took another off-time, but in
this one I got to move around a bit, ate a tortilla, and stretched,
which helped wake me up.

Starting around 1400, things started to pick up for the day, and
I kept going along at a steady pace for the rest of the morning.
I even had an 82 hour from 1600-1700 UTC. I have a few hours
significantly below 60 QSOs midday that should not have happened. In
a couple of cases, I made band changes that were less productive
than staying where I was would have been. In retrospect, I should
have taken my last off-time around noon instead of near the
end of the contest - I had a nice rate bump in the 0100 hour that
I might have been able to carry through to the end. I have
lots to learn still about how to maximize my QSO total on Sunday
in this contest.

Every section called me at least once except for VI. I came across
two KP2 multi-single stations within a few kHz or each other
while hunting for a run frequency on 20 on Sunday morning, and worked
both. I never heard another KP2 station for the rest of the contest.
My last section was the only one for which I had one QSO: A VY1
station found me with under four hours to go.

I was surprised by some of the sections in my worked-mults
distribution. For instance, I worked more stations in Montana
than 28 other sections. I worked more stations in Montana than
Western Massachusetts, San Diego, Alberta, or South Carolina.
The last section in the lower 48 that I worked was Alabama. And I
only worked three stations in Alabama! I worked 70 stations in
Maryland, but only 4 in Delaware! From my location in EM00,
Washington, D.C. is clearly the big metro area with a ham population
that figures importantly in a big score. Chicago and New York
are the next closest, with about 80% as many QSOs as the Washington
D.C. area. A section that seems to be much rarer than it should
be is Alberta. I worked only five stations in VE6. There are really
big cities in VE6! Alberta was my last section worked last year,
too. I worked more stations in Alaska, Wyoming, and Eastern
Washington than I did in VE6. I worked almost _ten times_ as many
stations in Western Washington as I did in Alberta. Are the hams
in Western Washington really that much more active than those in

I have operated some contests where everything just clicked and
I could feel like I was operating on all cylinders for the entire
contest. This was not one of those weekends. Sweepstakes is a
much harder contest as a single operator than I thought it would be
I am very grateful for W5KFT and K5PI for getting me out to the Ranch
for the contest this weekend.

Radio: Kenwood TS-850SAT
Amp: Ameritron AL-1500
Headset: Heil Proset Plus
Software: TR LOG 6.69
DVK: W9XT Contest Card

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
21 0 0 0 147 0 147 147
22 0 0 0 53 61 114 261
23 0 0 0 89 23 112 373
0 0 8 3 84 0 95 468
1 0 0 122 0 0 122 590
2 0 20 52 2 0 74 664
3 14 22 7 0 0 43 707
4 0 31 0 0 0 31 738
5 24 26 0 0 0 50 788
6 0 49 0 0 0 49 837
7 0 0 0 0 0 0 837
8 0 0 0 0 0 0 837
9 0 0 0 0 0 0 837
10 0 0 0 0 0 0 837
11 0 63 0 0 0 63 900
12 0 1 16 0 0 17 917
13 0 0 15 1 0 16 933
14 0 0 69 0 0 69 1002
15 0 0 15 48 0 63 1065
16 0 0 0 82 0 82 1147
17 0 0 0 33 10 43 1190
18 0 0 0 51 0 51 1241
19 0 0 3 38 0 41 1282
20 0 0 0 38 19 57 1339
21 0 0 1 8 28 37 1376
22 0 0 3 54 0 57 1433
23 0 0 53 0 0 53 1486
0 0 0 51 0 0 51 1537
1 0 0 69 0 0 69 1606
2 0 0 22 0 0 22 1628
TOTAL 38 220 501 728 141

1. Il 119
2. Va 74
3. Mdc 70
4. Oh 69
5. Mi 64
6. Mn 59
7. Scv 51
8. WWa 47
9. Em 45
10. Nc 43
11. In 40
12. Ep 39
13. WNy 37
14. Ct 37
15. Wi 37
16. NNj 31
17. ENy 30
18. On 30
19. Sv 28
20. Eb 26
21. Co 26
22. Tn 25
23. Or 24
24. WPa 23
25. SFl 23
26. Ky 21
27. Az 21
28. Nh 20
29. Ga 19
30. Mo 19
31. Ia 18
32. SNj 18
33. Lax 18
34. NLi 16
35. Sjv 16
36. NTx 16
37. Wv 15
38. Ks 15
39. NFl 14
40. Org 14
41. Vt 14
42. Bc 12
43. Sf 12
44. Ri 11
45. WcF 11
46. STx 11
47. Ew 11
48. Mt 10
49. Nd 10
50. Sb 10
51. Ut 10
52. Id 10
53. Sd 9
54. Me 9
55. Ak 8
56. WMa 8
57. Sdg 8
58. Sc 7
59. Wy 7
60. Ne 7
61. Mb 7
62. Ok 6
63. NNy 6
64. Ab 5
65. Nl 5
66. Pac 5
67. Mar 4
68. Sk 4
69. Nv 4
70. De 4
71. Ms 4
72. Ar 4
73. Nm 4
74. Al 3
75. Qc 2
76. WTx 2
77. La 2
78. Pr 2
79. Vi 2
80. Nwt 1
VO1MX   Single Op LP   4,2002002-11-20 09:47:09
Wrked a couple of hours late Sunday. I guess most people already had wrked NL
as I couldn't scare up much action with my wire at abt 20 ft!

K6NA(N6ED)   Single Op HP   322,8802002-11-20 14:11:53
My effort was almost a carbon copy of last year's score but with a big
reversal in 10 and 15m. One might think it had to do with declining
sunspots or wierd propagation. On the contrary, prop was good from W6 on
10m and there was no shortage of stations on the band except that we were
enduring what is called a "Santa Ana condition" which is a strong wind out
of the east that blows from the dry desert towards the west and causes
constant and loud static on all HF bands. While enjoying 85 degree weather
and sunshine all week, I knew what was in store for the weekend and sure
enough, I was hit smack in the face with S9 static all weekend. This
was most apparent on 10m which for all practical purposes made the band
useless for me. Even so, I worked 310 stns who were over S9!!
I noticed many northern CA guys with big 10m numbers which kind of proves
to me that I lost the contest on 10m :(
All in all, the contest this year was exciting for me, hearing old friends
and working lots of "new blood" all over the bands. I hope this is a new
trend and we will see even more folks getting on for contests. Makes things
more enjoyable when sitting in front of a radio for 24 hours!!!
Also a special shot out to K5TR, K4XS, WB0O, W0SD, and W7WA for keeping me
interested on Sunday. I was within striking distance of these guys at the
end of Saturday and somehow when I woke up on Sunday, I was 100 Q's behind
them!!! Guess more strategizing for next year is necessary ;-)

As usual, a special thanks to Glenn K6NA and his wife Jane for putting up
with an obnoxious phone op all weekend an being kind enough to feed him
at the same time :)

See you all in the next one!

73 de Craig N6ED
N8IE   Single Op QRP   70,8802002-11-20 14:13:06
What a blast! Great to hear and work the "rare" ones.
This contest just keeps getting better each year.
KØPJ   Single Op LP   168,3202002-11-20 14:14:55
Tough conditions on 40m with the broadcasters. 15m had some weird propagation
-- didn't really have any good openings to the East coast.

80m was great except for the higher than normal noise level. Hy-gain Hy-tower
worked exceptionally well.
KH6VV(KH6DV)   Single Op LP   225,7602002-11-20 15:17:53
This was a disaster. Fifteen meters closed 2-2.5 hours early both days and there
was a 20 over s-9 noise on 40/80 meters that prevented any operation on that
band except a short period very late at night. Ten and fifteen meters were
staying open till normal band closing times all week, not during SS. Twenty
meters was closing early all week so no shocker there. The lost contacts on
40/80 really hurt. I was glad to see the "Class of 59" out in force. There were
a number of school stations, thats really great.

There is always next year
K6IF   Single Op HP   294,4002002-11-20 15:52:24
First successful and serious effort from my 'new' QTH in Boonville, CA.

K6IF is:

2 x TS 850S/AT, AL 1200, Alpha 76PA
EF-180S @ 90', H/B 2 ele. 40 @ 85', C-31XR @ 73', C-3E @ 45' and vertical
dipoles for 10, 15 and 20 second radio.

Thanks to all for a great time! Sunday was much better than I had expected.
S-5 noise on 10 and 15 made those bands less fun than they might have been, but
lots of folks looking for SF section kept things hoppping.

K1AM   Single Op QRP   91,3602002-11-20 16:16:14
Sweepstakes has always been one of my favorite contests. Operating QRP was a lot
of fun on CW but not as much fun on SSB. There sure seemed to be a lot more QRP
stations on CW. I don't think I'll be operating SS QRP in the future. It will
get very difficult as band conditions get worse. Without 10M open this contest
would have been very difficult from here. Wow, worked 3 VY1's in this contest! I
think there were more VY1's active than VE2's. Nice to see all the old SS
friends on and working some of the SS newbies. Thanks for all the Q's. It was a
a lot of fun.

73, Jeff K1AM
K8UP   Multi-Op HP   110,4002002-11-20 16:35:12
First time sweep. Our goal was 1,000 Q's and a sweep. So we met 1/2 of our goal.
Last Mult for sweep was Oklahoma. Seems there were only 2 stations on from
there. Did work NY1S in ME early on. Had a great Time. Antennas were 2el 5 band
Quad at 30Ft. and Fold B&W Dipole for 40 and 80M. High Power using the SB 220.
One trouble we had was one of antenna sitches went bad for our quad in the
middle of a nice run on 20M on Sunday.

See You all in the 10M contest.

-Sean K8KHZ
K6UFO   SO Unlimited LP   53,1202002-11-20 17:54:54
First time in SS Phone. Had a great time with good conditions and
friendly operators.
K9MWM   Single Op LP   25,8402002-11-20 18:14:51
Not bad for 3 dipoles all less than 8 feet high and 100 watts.
Hate those covenants in the suburbs... K9MWM
N6MW   SO Unlimited HP   12,8002002-11-20 18:23:04
I got off to my usual slow start on 10 with nearly 3 min/QSO due to accidently
running on the dummy load for the first 3 hours. Finally discovered problem and
by 0500 I was up to 60 min/QSO over an hour, a personal best. Although I had a
rather nasty hangnail that limited my ability to tune the second radio, things
went well until my neighbor fell against my door claiming I was getting RF into
his pacemaker. I switched to the 17 element beverage array pointed to the east,
which I had just put up by pulling an all-nighter during the ice storm. This
solved the problem by going exclusively long path for the rest of the contest.
It also had the benefit of blasting one of those 75m complainers, with his lame
story about some orphan rescue net traffic. Luckily, I overslept and completely
missed the Sunday doldrums. The highlight of the contest was when Jay called me
in desperation on 160 with only a minute to go begging for VA for his sweep.
Unfortunately, he faded into an aurora just as he gave his section over and over
again, which sounded something like Futon or You Can but I just couldn't make
it out. Sorry Jay, maybe we can work next year for that sweep, I usually try to
make VA available.

QSO/Sec by hour and band

Hour 80 40 20 15 10 Total Cumm

D1-2100Z - - - - 18/18 18/18 18/18
D1-2200Z - - - 8/8 8/8 16/16 34/34
D1-2300Z - - 9/9 3/3 - 12/12 46/46
D2-0000Z --+-- 8/8 --+-- 1/1 --+-- 9/9 55/55
D2-0100Z - 4/4 2/2 - - 6/6 61/61
D2-0200Z 3/3 - 3/3 - - 6/6 67/67
D2-0300Z 5/5 - 1/1 - - 6/6 73/73
D2-0400Z 1/1 1/1 - - - 2/2 75/75
D2-0500Z 1/1 - - - - 1/1 76/76
D2-0600Z - - - - - 0/0 76/76
D2-0700Z - - - - - 0/0 76/76
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 76/76
D2-0900Z - - - - - 0/0 76/76
D2-1000Z - - - - - 0/0 76/76
D2-1100Z - - - - - 0/0 76/76
D2-1200Z - - - - - 0/0 76/76
D2-1300Z - - 1/1 - - 1/1 77/77
D2-1400Z - - - 1/1 - 1/1 78/78
D2-1500Z - - - - - 0/0 78/78
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 1/1 1/1 79/79
D2-1700Z - - 1/1 - - 1/1 80/80

Total: 10/10 13/13 17/17 13/13 27/27
KS2G   Single Op LP   90,9482002-11-20 18:40:41
Missed Clean Sweep for first time in four years. Where were you, Maritimes and
K2DBK   Single Op LP   41,8842002-11-20 19:43:03
I'm definitely a "casual" contester, though I find once I get going I wind up
spending a lot more time than I'd anticipated. This contest was no exception,
and even though I had a number of other plans to do things over the weekend I
found myself drifting back to the shack to make "just a few more". I find this
contest to be a bit friendlier than many others, perhaps because folks have slow
down a bit to get the exchange, and it give them time to say "thanks" or "73"
just a little more often.
W1TO   Single Op LP   35,8662002-11-21 08:04:12
Started out just to pass out some QSOs. Got most of the hard ones early so
decided to try for the Sweep, but missed Quebec.
WØOR   Single Op HP   168,3202002-11-21 09:38:24
Well, it's over for another year--the two most hectic weekends in ham
radio. I was too darn tired to run the post contest software last
night, gettin' too old, I guess. Anyhow, surprised myself by hanging
in there much longer than I planned. Being primarily a cw guy, I have
never done that much with phone contests. And this year I was only
going to put in a few hours to help the maroon team a bit. But one
hour led to another, and another, and another. With my XYL gone for
most of the weekend it was easier to just keep going. When it was
over I had done just about the same as in the CW gig. By far the
best phone SS score I've ever done. Now I wonder what could have
been had I put in the full 24 hours. Still wouldn't have won HP, but
might have been able to hit 200K. Operating time was about 18 hrs.
The sweep was the easiest I remember. My last two sections were ND
and NE. Once I got them early Sunday afternoon, I worked several
more of each. Twenty meters was fantastic, with the rate meter at 125-
130 a number of times. Forty was lousy the first night, so I quit
around 10 and went to bed and got a full 8 hours. I am convinced
that for an SS the single Vee antenna I use really works well. I'm
lucky to have lots of space out behind my lot, and it points east and
west. Still, managed to work two of the Yukon stations without any
trouble. Thanks to all the MWAers who called. Congratulations to
all on a great showing.
KGØUT   Multi-Op LP   217,2802002-11-21 15:22:47


2 Dunestar 600 bandpass filters
40 foot Universal Tower with KLM KT34A tri-band beam.
Alpha Delta DX-A twin sloper mounted on the tower at around 35 feet.
Cushcraft R7 Vertical.

Barbara KG0UT, Rebecca KB0VVT, and I KG0US worked really hard to keep up with
and possibly beat our friend Steve K0OU who was running Multi-Operator High
Power just 2 blocks away. Steve was running the contest using the club call
K0GQ and had help from some of our fellow club members. We ended up just 36
QSOs away from their posted score.

Thanks for all the QSOs,

Dave KG0US
W5SB   Multi-Op HP   14,4002002-11-21 15:41:11
My multi crew didn't show so S&P for awhile and realized that I had worked the
hard ones. I concentrated in just working the mults. Since I had not put much
effort in it Saturday night, I had not worked the close in sections like WTX,
La, AR, OK, Ga, Ms and the like. That meant that I had to do it on 10-15 and 20
on Sunday. Fortnuately every one was there but they were tuff to work so close
in. Luckly N5RZ and WA5MU had good ears. They were not very strong to me they
were abel to pull me out of the muck and pile up.
First time trying to do all 80 section with minimal contacts. Had fun doing it
K7ZO   Single Op HP   52,8522002-11-21 18:58:09
Sure was a lot of fun. Operating only a few hours means the rate stays high.
Manged 4 hours or so around yard work and other chores. Had nice stretches over
200/hr, which is pretty good with the SS exchange.

The new 15M beam continues to prove its worth. A 4 ele OWA design on a 15' boom.
A Home Depot special that works great. Will be trying it out in CQWW this

Favorite story was late on Sunday. I found K3ZO, K5ZO, and K9ZO all CQing on 40M
within 30-40 kHz of each other. I had to join the fray and stopped by to call CQ
for a while. No one ever did come back though so I moved back to 20M.

I echo other comments about 40M being really weird. I can usually very easily
work the nearby section on 40M in early evening before the band goes long. This
year the band seemed go long very early with stations from the midwest booming
in. I could not work them with my low antenna and 300W. I ended up missing near
in sections OR, NV, UT, and MT along with VY and the VE1's. Probably spent 5-7
minutes calling CQ at several times and never had a station come back.

Thanks for the Q's.
VE5SF   Single Op LP   248,3202002-11-21 20:08:18
Pleasure to hand out a few "sweeps". Last one was for a ND station with about 10
minutes to go.

See you in next one.

KO9A(@K9RS)   Single Op QRP   118,2402002-11-21 22:03:07
Thanks to Ray, K9RS for use of his great station.

SS is definitely more fun from the midwest!


Jim KO9A
W2CXM   School Club HP   133,2802002-11-22 04:44:34
Only ran 19 hours due to concert shutting down our building! Ran our usual
multi-single configuration. The usual problems -- antenna pointing gauge died
(interesting in the dark!), packet disconnected after 5 hours never to work
again, distractions from satellite development group, occasional operator brain
fade... See you all agn next year!
K7TD   Multi-Op LP   244,3202002-11-23 18:40:07
My son Brooks and I had a great time and improved on our score of 2 years ago.
Unfortunately I live in a neighborhood with covennant restrictions so most of
the antennas are various wires hidden in the trees. We did manage to put up a
TH6 on a military mast but could only raise it after the sun went down. So far
no summons have shown up, so next year we'll try to push the limit a bit

73 Terry
K4TMC   Single Op LP   31,1302002-11-23 19:29:32
VE3MIS   Multi-Op HP   126,2042002-11-26 18:05:09
The intensity of this contest is great to keep warm in the winter.
WØSD(WDØT)   Single Op HP   318,0802002-11-29 21:44:08
Some mighty BIG scores on single bands by the top guns! I could never get into
a good groove except on 40m. Still, as always an enjoyable time was had.
Thanks, see you later, Lord willing. Blessings!
W1ECH   Single Op LP   49,7602002-11-30 04:14:17
I basically only wanted to get the 80 sections.

I prefer c.w., but, when you look at the "CHECK" years received, you have to
wonder if there will even BE a c.w. SS in a few years! We OT's will be gone and
there seem to be few youngsters to replace us!


Gary - W1ECH
N8II   Single Op LP   188,0202002-12-01 16:09:01
I screwed up big time by not taking this one seriously from the start. A 40 M
antenna change did not work and I was pretty tired Saturday. I found a good spot
on 75M Sat. for a 127 hr/run during the 02Z hr. Then Sunday, came the biggest
surprise, a 91 hr on 20M for 19Z, and a 89 hr on 75M at 01Z! A much better score
would have been possible with a full time effort. I never heard Maritime sect.
and even tried to eek one out on 20M. Thanks for the Q's !
W8DD   Single Op LP   180,1602002-12-01 16:43:19

Call: W8DD
Category: Single Operator
Power: Low Power
Band: All Band
Mode: SSB
Section: OH


160 0 0 -
80 407 814 -
40 456 912 -
20 146 292 -
15 24 48 -
10 93 186 -

Totals 1126 2252 80

Score: 180,160
K6AM(@W6KP)   Single Op HP   295,6802002-12-02 09:23:30
So how does one prepare for a grueling week of travel to a distant island, sleep
deprivation, three intense days of antenna repair, station contruction, followed
by 48 hours, pushing the envelope to the limit? ... Why you spend a grueling
weekend of station construction followed by 24 hours of sleep deprived
contesting in the SS.

Had a great time but not quite the score as last year.

Thanks as always to Tom for hosting the effort.

John, K6AM
W6AQ   Single Op LP   169,6002002-12-06 15:20:06
Sorry for the lack of summary. I decided to operate until my computer crashed,
which it had been doing regularly just prior to the contest, but lo and behold,
it kept crankin' and so did I. All bands except 160.
K4WI   SO Unlimited HP   195,0402002-12-07 18:36:30
Every year these contest are different! This year my last sections were Ga, Al,
Ms, and La with Al being my last one.. never would have believed it. High light
was Jay VY1JA calling me on 80 at 0700. Ten meters never did much of anything
much to my disgust. Had to climb the low band loop tower Saturday morning in 45
degree temp and 45 mph winds to sort out the 160 loop. Just got out of the
hospital this past week so the XYL is rather out of sorts with me right now.
Things will get better. Thanks everyone for the qso's 73's Cort
VA7RR   Single Op LP   280,8002002-12-09 19:06:19
Sorry to be so late in posting.
It's been a really interesting kick off to the fall contest season. I
joined the K1KI multi-two team for Worldwide Phone, did SS Phone from here at my
home station, and finished off with a 15M single band effort from VE6JY for CW
Decided to try low power for SS Phone. I didn't have any idea what to
expect in terms of a score, but I knew that my best shot at a competitive number
was to spend as little time as possible on 40 and 80, and "hang my hat" on the
high bands.
My normal strategy when doing HP in SS is to try and stay in the middle of
the band--kind of in the middle of the activity. I found out very quickly that
this kind of thinking doesn't cut it when running LP on SSB. The KW stations
just take you out. So I went either high in the band or low in the band, looking
for clear spots where I could attract some attention.
The first hour on 10 was a 152, but it tailed off after that (hours from
120 down to 90 or so), and when I got to 40 at about 04Z, the rate really
dropped off.
Rates on Sunday were surprisingly good, however,with about 800 QSOs in the
log. I don't know if I was just lucky, or whether I benefitted from a lack of
activity out of British Columbia this time out.
Thanks to all for the Q's.


Gary VA7RR
VE7FO   Single Op LP   126,0802002-12-17 16:30:33
Been too busy lately to do much in the way of contest stories.

On one of my run frequencies I noticed a background signal exactly on "my"
frequency getting steadily louder, growing from inaudible to annoying. Turned
out to be, If I recall correctly, VE4XT. Must have posed a dilemma to some,
"Should I call the VE7 or the VE4?"

While running someone opened up 1.5 kHz above me. I gave him a call, explained
that he was stepping on me and suggested that he QSY up a little. To my
astonishment, he did.

0132Z Mon While running at 14.315 or so, someone said, "They'll let anyone
operate up here." No idea who it was.

Funniest thing heard was W7WW yelling, "Get off my frequency, you bum." I
hasten to add that he wasn't yelling at me.

S9 noise level on 20 at the end. Didn't think to check if it was still there
once the braying had stopped at 0300.

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