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BARTG Sprint 75   2010   June   Comment Summary

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AA5VU   Single Op HP   13,3002010-06-13 10:32:45
70 x 38 x 5 CT = 13,300
G1RNZ   Single Op HP   9242010-06-13 12:25:00
QSO: 14092 RY 2010-06-12 2202 g1rnz 022 DF7XH 025
QSO: 14092 RY 2010-06-12 2201 g1rnz 021 K1IB 040
QSO: 14092 RY 2010-06-12 2159 g1rnz 020 OH2LU 085
QSO: 21084 RY 2010-06-12 2150 g1rnz 019 YT5W 107
QSO: 14096 RY 2010-06-12 2136 g1rnz 018 YU8NU 063
QSO: 14094 RY 2010-06-12 2135 g1rnz 017 YL2KF 046
QSO: 14093 RY 2010-06-12 2131 g1rnz 016 JM1XCW 055
QSO: 14093 RY 2010-06-12 2127 g1rnz 015 SP9NWN 035
QSO: 14092 RY 2010-06-12 2121 g1rnz 014 F5RD 050
QSO: 14087 RY 2010-06-12 2116 g1rnz 013 YT5W 083
QSO: 14091 RY 2010-06-12 2104 g1rnz 012 OM3NI 005
QSO: 14091 RY 2010-06-12 2102 g1rnz 011 OE6MDF 041
QSO: 14091 RY 2010-06-12 2101 g1rnz 009 DG8SBT 016
QSO: 14091 RY 2010-06-12 2101 g1rnz 010 OM7OM 025
QSO: 14091 RY 2010-06-12 2100 g1rnz 008 DL3BBY 016
QSO: 14091 RY 2010-06-12 2057 g1rnz 007 YO5OHY 039
QSO: 14091 RY 2010-06-12 2055 g1rnz 006 F1BJD 016
QSO: 14091 RY 2010-06-12 2053 g1rnz 005 DJ4WM 016
QSO: 14094 RY 2010-06-12 2047 g1rnz 004 N2WK 044
QSO: 14091 RY 2010-06-12 2040 g1rnz 003 UT1IA 039
QSO: 14090 RY 2010-06-12 2038 g1rnz 002 HA3OU 023
QSO: 14093 RY 2010-06-12 2035 g1rnz 001 EA3FHP 016
KØRC   Single Op HP   16,5602010-06-13 14:12:58
During the contest I made 116 contacts running SO1R and 300 Watts. I started on
20m running for the first 20 minutes with about a 65 Q/Rate. I then S&P to pick
up new calls before checking on 15m. There were only two station I heard and
worked at that time, AA5AU and K4GMH. I came back to 20m for some more S&P and
eventually settled down for another 20 minute run. During later S&P sessions I
received a couple of QSO B4 messages (when is that concept going to finally
die?) and I replied with NOT IN LOG - GOOD LUCK. In both cases the station came
back with a serial number. As everyone knows, this took longer than if they
would have simply sent a new serial number in the first place. Yes I know, I'm
preaching to the choir here. Apparently there was one other station that didn't
realize 40m was not part of the contest band plan, so that's where the sole 40m
contact came from! The last 45 minutes were spent running on 15 meters and a
final drop down to 20m for the last 4 contacts. By the end of the contest I had
fully acclimated to the higher speed and was feeling it was "normal". I can only
imagine how some operators felt when they returned to the last section of the
DRCG contest.

Overall I think this trial run of the SPRINT 75 was a success. I think the
4-hour format is "just right" although maybe a more favorable date(s) and times
might be selected. It felt like I ran out of stations to work at times, causing
the rate to suffer. That said, I think the turn out was excellent for a
first-time event. I would like to see two events like this each year.
G3WW   Single Op LP   10,4282010-06-13 14:43:04
Great fun using 75 baud RTTY for a change and of course MMTTY worked flawlessly
within N1MM.

Quite selective propagation, with transatlantic sporadic-E on the higher

KK5OQ made it through on 10m and was the only station worked on all 3 bands.
WA5ZUP   SO Expert HP   12,9282010-06-13 16:28:36
Propagation was not too good here. Did not have much time to operate. But it
was fun.
K4GMH   SO Expert HP   14,8202010-06-13 17:15:27
Very interesting.
Thanks to BARTG for sponsoring
the 75 baud contest.
The fifteen meter band was good to us on the East
Coast of USA with propagation to Europe just
about the full Contest. Unfortunately, didn't get to
operate the full Contest due to family obligation,
which kept me from the first 20 minutes, and then
having a storm come through with lightning
stopping operation for approx. an hour.
Twenty meters was good as usual.
Found I had to ask and provide more repeats than
with 45 baud or at least persevered. Could have
been the QRN causing the request for my having
to ask for the repeats. Look forward to the same
Contest next year.

Mike, K4GMH
K1IB   Single Op LP   5,4522010-06-13 17:26:51
75 baud is great fun! Let's do it again, and let's do it more often!
VA7ST   Single Op HP   7,2802010-06-13 17:43:14
What a hoot! I'd opt for 75 as the new standard (or at least an option) for RTTY
contests -- the speed works FB. Didn't notice any reduction in decoding quality.
Had a grin on my face for a long time after seeing how well it worked and how
snappy the Qs were. Made for exciting rate until the band was worked out after
a few minutes.

Used MMTTY and N1MM Logger. After figuring out where to turn off the "Send
HamDefault on run change" so I'd stay at 75 baud when going to S&P, it worked a

If 75 baud takes off as I hope it does, would be good to accommodate a 75-baud
Ham Default setting in MMTTY so it doesn't revert to 45.45 each time the
defaults are applied (such as when resetting the wandering AFC).

As has been noted by many, going back to the DLDC contest at 45 baud felt like
down-shifting to low gear. There was no noticeable change in signal readability
with the slower speed, just slower exchanges.

Perhaps a few hours isn't enough time to properly evaluate the higher speed,
but I knew after the first hour that I now very much prefer 75.

Next time there'll be more to work, I'm sure. Do we have to wait a whole year
to do it again?

Missed out on OC and AF.

Thanks to John GW4SKA and everyone at BARTG for trying this on for size. It
definitely fits!

-- Bud VA7ST
VA2UP   SO Expert HP   22,3522010-06-13 19:02:02
Squeezed around family commitments to be part of the fun in this contest. I was
curious to see how 75 bauds would behave in a real contest. I must say I was
favorably impressed. Conditions here were marginal at best and stations that I
usually copy very easily required several repeats. The speedy exchange would
fall very often in fading and it was difficult to hit the right timing in
asking for repeats. Never heard EU on 15. No AF or OC to the point were I asked
myself if any stations from there were actually in the test.
My positives: the long exchanges are easier to swallow :) - In good conditions
rates could actually be astronomical - Excellent for S&P on the fly -
My negatives: the sound...fatiguing in the long run at least for my ears -
Accurate decoding in poor conditions?? -
So thanks John and the Bartg for giving us the opportunity of trying this. It
sure gets my vote.
73, Fabi va2up
WB2RHM/2   Single Op LP   6,3842010-06-13 19:11:09
Fun contest, liked the action. Used my 'vacation station' a TS-440S A/T feeding
40 watts to a homebrew vertical mounted at ground level. 4 to 8 hour contests
would be fun, longer would feel exponentially 'longer'......
AI9T   Single Op HP   842010-06-14 05:44:30
Many storm in area. Was lucky to get in 7 QSO's
KK5OQ   Single Op HP   15,6962010-06-14 06:23:42
Hope it goes to 8 hours in the next one.
KI7MT   Single Op HP   11,3922010-06-14 08:29:48
Was fun while it lasted. Only spent a couple hours on, as I had other activites
outside the shack.

Would like to see this this one as a full day+ type contest, preferably, not
alongside a Major Contest.

Helena, MT.
F5QE   Single Op HP   29,9202010-06-14 09:24:07
4 hours, good mode...
FM5CD   Single Op HP   29,9282010-06-14 09:45:46
Not enough competitors ....
AD1C   Single Op LP   1,1562010-06-14 10:53:37
I just got on for 40 minutes (2213-2253) when 6 meters hit a lull. It was fun
to hear all the fast RTTY. I was very surprised to hear an F5 (F5QE?) on 15
meters, sorry we could not complete a QSO.

Only DX: DJ3IW, F5CQ, F5QE, G3WW, FM5CD (all on 20)
GM4KLN   Single Op LP   6,7202010-06-14 12:04:27
TS570 - 50w to vertical dipole; N1MM + MMTTY

Poor conditions: 15/10 dead throughout.

Despite that, great fun and prefer the quicker pace of 75.

Thanks to all for pulling my tiny signal out of the noise!

73, Ian GM4KLN
BARTG Webmaster / Membership Sec.
F5RD   Single Op LP   6,5102010-06-14 13:29:18
This new contest is a good idea. 75 baud RTTY is a good quick mode for contest.
But, in France, 20:00 to 23:59 is not the better time for high HF bands.
Only 20 m was open - 69 QSO's. 15 and 10 m was closed - 1 QSO on 15 m.
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
K3RWN   Single Op HP   10,5932010-06-14 13:52:56
This was a fun experiment. I enjoyed the change from the norm.
AA5AU   SO Expert HP   18,2882010-06-14 20:15:31
Great exercise in 75 baud RTTY showing it can be used for RTTY contesting. I'm
just not sure how it would fare using low power or on the low bands. Hope
BARTG continues with the BARTG 75 contest. It was great fun!
K6GEP   Single Op LP   362010-06-14 23:34:36
Tnx to BARTG for a fun, experimental contest. I really liked the zippy
speed of the exchanges. It was a big adjustment to go back to 45.45 baud for
the 3rd period of the DRCG Long Distance Contest.

As would be expected, there is a trade-off for the higher speed, and that is
that some East Coast stations could not hear my 100W signal. I normally work
these same stations all the time in contests at 45 baud.
W4UK   Single Op HP   13,8242010-06-15 07:30:20
Wire dipoles only