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North Carolina QSO Party   2013   Feb 24   Comment Summary

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N2CU   SO Mixed LP   12,0922013-02-24 16:08:36
Had a little time to operate here and there. Conditions were atrocious earlier
but got much better in the late afternoon.

40m dipole
80m wire vertical

Tom N2CU <><
N4YDU   SO Mixed LP   191,5842013-02-24 17:09:49
Great participation this year. Fun to work a bunch of friends. Score includes
bonus points for NI4BK, W4DW, CHEROKEE County and Dare County.


VE9AA   SO Mixed HP   20,6552013-02-24 17:14:56
Yeeha! Anytime someone can break 100 Q's in a State QSO party, you can be
guaranteed they had a good time. This was no exception.
I wasn't able to put in a full time effort, but I was around long enough at
times to catch a few of the mobiles going from county to county.
N4CW was a machine ! As were NY4N, AD8J , K5CM, W1AJT, and others.

Thanks for the invite to your party !

Mike, IC-7410, 750w, wires slung in trees
K4AMA   SO Mixed LP   2,0422013-02-24 17:18:04
Sounded like NC had good participation... enjoyed listening to the mobile
stations... found it difficult to get a signal in, but alway enjoy the hunt.
Thanks for the Q's! 73, Tony K4AMA
K8MR   SO Mixed LP   7,8002013-02-24 17:43:42
Not a bad party, too bad I didn't notice it was happening until five hours in
when I noticed a question relating to it on the N1MM reflector. You Tarheels
need to get out some publicity on CQ-Contest and the like.

Decent mobile activity. Hope to be doing that from Michigan on Saturday, April

73 - Jim K8MR
AA4NC   SO Mixed LP   277,5462013-02-24 17:49:19
Always a good contest...Missed it last year doing the NAQP RTTY and CQ160 from
V31RR. 10 hours is a good length. Doesn't kill your weekend and the pace never
slows down.

Nice to work lots of friends and familiar calls. Also good to hear some new
voices and calls to keep things fresh.

Kudos to W4MY and RARS for sponsoring a great event.
KCØDEB   SO Mixed LP   8,6052013-02-24 18:05:32
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul
7 CW 18 54 4
7 LSB 15 30 5
14 CW 29 87 20
14 USB 17 34 12
Total Both 79 205 41
Score: 8,605

Bonus points: CHE & DAR + NI4BK & W4DW = 300
Total Score: 8905
AA4FU   SO CW LP   117,8292013-02-24 18:09:39
Thanks to all the mobiles and sorry for my awkward pauses. For some reason I
had an occasional 1 - 2 second pause between hitting Enter and the start of CW.

I think it's time for a new PC in the shack. I occasionally lose connection to
the radio and if I don't do a reset quickly, N1MM will exit with a BSoD. It's
not and RF problem because it always happens during a break. I don't see the
same problem with TR4W, but didn't see NC QSO party in the list of contests.
N4CW/M   Cnty Exped LP   131,9512013-02-24 18:37:59
WOW! That was fun!!! Jim, W4TMO, and I left his house at 8 AM to arrive in
Greenville (Pitt County) to begin the QSO party at 10 AM. Jim had carefully
planned the route. Our only constraint was that we had to be home for dinner
between 5:30 and 6:00 PM -- we were five minutes late! Of all the counties we
had planned to activate, we had to miss two (Pender and Wayne) to make it home
on time. We did take time out for lunch, approximately one hour. "Pit stops"
along the way were quick!
Early on, Jim operated then decided to do all the driving; the CW pileups were
too hard for him to handle (we'll work on that!!!). He really did a great job
alerting me to county changes along our route and we never got lost!!! We used
the official NC DOT Highway Map and our trusty GPS along with Jim's plan for
the route.
40 meters was our primary band, but we did try 20 and I was disappointed in
number of contacts we were making...e.g. our rate wasn't as good as I had
expected, but in all fairness, it was a big surprise to work such a bunch of
Great fun!!! So we went back to 40 and stayed.
Rates were very slow the first hour and a half then started to pick up just
before lunch. After lunch, it was great fun handling the massive pileups and
the calling stations were on their best behavior...they would QRX for county
changes, wouldn't call out of turn, and respected the can't ask
for more good clean fun! Max rate after analysis was 240, max 10-minute rate was
180, and best 1-hour rate was 135...a contester's dream! That's roughly an
82 per hour average for seven hours' operating. Not bad for 25 to 50 watts (I
ran 25 Watts for the first 3 hours to prolong (the external sealed AGM) battery
life. When I started the contest, the K3 indicated a voltage of 12.5 VDC (key
up). Key down it showed around 11.5 VDC. When we were finishing up,
supply voltage was down to 11.9 and 11.o respectively. I had a spare battery,
just in case I depleted the original. I never needed to replace it.
Antennas used: Outbacker "Outreach" for 40M and a "Hamstick" helical mobile
antenna on a bumper-type mount on the back of my 2001 Explorer (SUV).
We put on a lot of miles and "gassed-up" only once. What a day!
Many thanks to all the fine CW ops out there who worked me over and over
73, Bert, N4CW
W1AJT/4   SO CW LP   71,1002013-02-24 19:19:51
K3 to 43' Vertical
N4UC   SO CW LP   7222013-02-24 20:14:23
Band QSOs Pts Mul
7 16 48 14
Total 16 48 14
Score: 722
N4C(WØUCE)   SO CW LP   129,6712013-02-24 20:29:40
A fun time today, thanks for the Qs.

VE5KS   SO Mixed LP   12,5322013-02-24 21:32:31
Conditions were very good to NC, had lots of fun catching the mobiles.
Big thanks to all the mobiles out there giving us all a helping hand.
See you in the 2014 Qso Party.

EA5DFV   SO Mixed LP   8,9782013-02-25 00:45:55
A lot of fun!!

I can work the W4DW, NI4BK and DAR bonus and it's add in the score.

It was nice to work some of the mobiles. I find good conditions on the lower
bands, and I'm very happy with the 80m QSO only with the inverted V, and only I
was sorry for lose Wes K4WES: I see the spot but I can't hear the signal.

Thanks to everyone for paying attention to my tx and to my poor CW.

73 de Jose
W1END   SO CW LP   16,8922013-02-25 03:35:40
Great conditions - at least for me. I think this is my best total in many of
the NC parties. Got all the bonus points except for CHE county. Usualy I miss
DAR but not this year. Took a lot of short breaks to watch the snow fall -
again. Antenna was coated with wet snow. Helped?

Thanks to all.

Eldon - W1END
KV8Q   SO CW LP   36,4102013-02-25 05:28:48
My first time at this event and I had a ton of fun. Twenty was a bit long from
OH but I did manage 26 QSO's up there. Heard many more than I worked. The
band to be on from here was 40 meters. Lots of activity from fixed stations to
compliment the mobiles and expeditions. It was nice to get the fixed guys in
the log once again on 80 in the last 90 minutes. My hat is off to the guys
running around. It was fun chasing you all. Here is my breakdown
NY4N (22/18)
K5CM (19/14)
N4CW (13/13)
AD8J (8/5)
K4QPL (7/7)
K5EK (6/5)
KS4S (5/4)
AA4XX (4/3)
KB4QQJ (3/2)
W4TZM (2/2
Found both NI4BK and W4DW for 150 bonus points. Also found DARe County for 50
bonus points. Picked up lots of new NC Counties. Look for the QSL's soon.
Thanks for all of the QSO's and fun. Hope to do it again next year. 73 tom
KV8Q ar
K4BAI   SO Mixed HP   36,9962013-02-25 05:34:50
FT1000MP, 100W, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Very good QSO party. Special
thanks to the mobiles, including my college roommate, K4QPL. Limitation on
power meant that it was nearly impossible to work NC stations on bands above
40M due to the long skip. Power limitations result in fewer QSOs and less fun
for all. Thanks for all QSOs. Please remember the GA QSO Party the second
full weekend in April. 73, John, K4BAI.
KN4Y   SO Mixed LP   13,4922013-02-25 07:55:21
Great to work the many CW fixed and mobile stations, a ball. Mostly a 40-meter
party until 80-meters opened. Glad to see CW is still alive in NC.Did not hear
NI4BK or Cherokee county on CW.
N4CD   SO CW LP   9,9102013-02-25 07:58:34
Score includes bonus points for working NI4BK on the Battleship North Carolina
plus Dare County. Never found CHE to where I could work it.

The mobiles were out and running. Good length of contest. 20M died in the
evening and 40m was good for last hour or two...before all the mobiles
disappeared to 80m which is not great from TX.

Unfortunately N4CW/m stayed on 40M which is 'out of range' most of day from
station TX. Otherwise it was good with about 80% of the counties on the air
- either SSB or CW and 20 or 40m. No way to work mobiles on 40M SSB from TX.
Got a bunch of new ones, missed a few - just couldn't hear the mobiles. I
could use a beam. The R5 vertical just doesn't hack it all the time - hi hi

I'm not sure why NC would try their own spotting site when does an
excellent job of getting spots out. checked it but only saw a few spots on 40M
SSB.....and no hope for those. Maybe with a 100 foot tower and a 3 el 40M at
800-1000 miles in the day time.

Thanks to all the mobiles who were out.

Rig: Yaseu FT-1000 at 150w and R5 vertical on 20M and inverted vee up 28 feet
in the middle on 40M.

73 de N4CD, editor County Hunter News Online
K5CM   Mobile Mixed LP   145,4402013-02-25 07:58:40
Thanks to all the stations that followed us around the state.
My Daughter (N5KK) did the driving this year.
Great fun and some great runs. I saw the meter hit 240 a couple of times.
Rig: K3 and hamsticks.

Connie, K5CM
AD8J   Cnty Exped LP   186,7602013-02-25 09:01:31
This was probably one of my most fun contests ever. The weather was perfect and
there were no visits from Murphy. I operated from 5 counties using inverted Vee
antennas with the top usually about 20' above the ground. There was no helper
as I was by myself. I use a fishing pole to get a line over a branch, pull up
a pull rope and follow with a combination 20/40 meter antenna. My total off
time was 2:32 as I changed locations four times. The plan was to spend about 90
minutes operating from each county. This worked out well. I was able to stay on
schedule and the rates were good until the scheduled time to move on. I really
liked the 8PM EST end time as there was only one hour of darkness which makes
antenna work a lot easier. Thanks to all that kept working me in each new
W9QL   SO SSB LP   10,9082013-02-25 09:06:11
Finished better than I thought I would with a part-time effort. 40 and 80 were
best for me although 40 became pretty poor toward later afternoon. I had some
good runs on 80 that helped my multiplier score. But thanks really has to go
to the mobiles who covered a lot of ground and gave me many new counties. Hope
to see you again next year.
K4WES   SO SSB LP   37,6862013-02-25 09:09:17
This was my first time working the NC QSO Party and it was a lot of fun. I wish
I tried it sooner. :-) I first tried 15m before 2 PM and it sounded really
dead, so I went to 20m to 14.260 and W4DW was calling CQ! :-)

My best runs were on 40m between 4 and 6 PM. I made 113 Qs in 82 minutes.

I did work W4DW and Cherokee County for the bonus points.

Many thanks for all the Qs and for organizing such a great contest!

73 de k4Wes
KZ1X   SO Mixed HP   41,9102013-02-25 10:56:29
Score includes bonus station and remote-county QSO (300 total).
Some running on phone, occasionally good rates, but not consistent.
EU open on 15 early.
1st time using N1MM and some new antennas (broadband slopers on 80, halfwave
inverted L vertical on 40).
WK4P   SO Mixed QRP   43,2522013-02-25 18:26:41
Thanks to everyone for copying my little signal from the NW corner of NC.

Spent Friday and Saturday sick as a dog and had decided not to work the NCQP
this year and try to recover. Didn't get up until 9:59 on Sunday morning and
after talking to my wife decided to make a few contacts while she fixed
breakfast. That turned into an hour. After quickly eating b'fast I got back
into the frey and just couldn't tear myself away.

Ran 5 watts into a bent Mosley TA34 with 40 meter kit and a 360 ft long dipole
which I found out today had one side of the ladder line broken. So let's see;
a sick, blind hillbilly, who admittedly is not a good CW op, running 5 watts
into 2 damaged antennas, it's a wonder anyone heard me. But I had fun and made
a few contacts.

I think I'll turn up the drive and flip on the amp next weekend!
NT2A   SO Mixed LP   37,2042013-02-25 20:35:38
Total Score Includes 300 bonus points. Nice QP from start to finish. Thank you
VA3RKM   SO Mixed QRP   3252013-02-28 18:32:03
K2, 5w, verticals. Thanks for the contacts.
VE9HF   SO Mixed HP   10,4992013-02-28 18:35:08