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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY   2004   Sep 25   Comment Summary

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ON4ADZ   SOSB/15 HP   158,0982004-09-26 12:04:11
Single band this time.
I choose 15 m , last year my 15 m score was better with low power and in an all
band effort.... .
No JA pile ups this time.
Peak rate 130 q/h , min. rate : 10 q/h
Since I was running SO2V, I could hear an African station working lots of
stations... while I was calling endless cq 1khz below. QTH is everything is
this contest.

Condx where better on sunday.

Eq : Mark V 200 watt output, TH6DXX at 24 m, writelog and mmtty combo
K4WW   SOSB/20 HP   189,7352004-09-26 15:05:54
Any one else not work KY?
WA1Z   SOAB LP   1,000,8132004-09-26 17:01:26
2004 WA1Z Arsenal of Wires
80: 1/4-wave vertical 89 radials ~ 6500ft total
40: Pair of Full-wave Loops NE/SW and NW/SE
20: 4 Element Delta Loop Beam Fixed to Europe
Center fed long wire
15: 2 1/2-wave Collinear Verticals
Center fed long wire
10: Might as well have been telepathic
AA5AU   SOAB HP   2,209,0402004-09-26 17:10:47
OK, I'm tired...
SM2M(SM2LIY)   SOAB LP   62,6292004-09-26 17:11:20
Quite good conditions, should have had more time to operate...
73 Per SM2LIY (SM2M contestcall)
K5ZD   SOAB HP   1,961,9012004-09-26 17:11:43
Wow. What a fun contest!

Was just going to play around and make sure the station was ready for contest
season. Had a goal of making 800 QSOs or so. Was having so much fun I couldn't
stop operating! Ended up with 20 hours, but lots of breaks.

Almost never break 100 QSOs/hour on RTTY and did it 3 hours in a row. All
thanks to the extra QSOs from the second radio. RTTY contests are ideal for
practicing and improving SO2R technique. You get to do all the practice of
operating and switching, while the computer does the job of copying.

The RTTY ops just keep getting better and better. Only a few guys would call by
sending their call 6 to 9 times. And if you are calling someone, why add "PSE"
at the end???

Great to see so many of the new European calls. The future of contesting looks
bright. We need more activity from the USA. Many easy multipliers were

WriteLog is unbelievable. I just used the stock product and it seemed to be
able to copy anything. And the SO2R support is superb.


Hour 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm Off

D1-0100Z - - 7/12 - - 7/12 7/12
D1-0200Z 38/32 - 3/2 - - 41/34 48/46
D1-0300Z 40/17 12/16 - - - 52/33 100/79
D1-0400Z 36/14 28/23 - - - 64/37 164/116
D1-0500Z 18/6 38/16 1/2 - - 57/24 221/140 1
D1-0600Z - - - - - 0/0 221/140 60
D1-0700Z - - - - - 0/0 221/140 60
D1-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 221/140 60
D1-0900Z - - - - - 0/0 221/140 60
D1-1000Z - - - - - 0/0 221/140 60
D1-1100Z - - - - - 0/0 221/140 60
D1-1200Z - - - - - 0/0 221/140 60
D1-1300Z - - - 1/2 - 1/2 222/142 60
D1-1400Z - - 26/27 91/28 - 117/55 339/197
D1-1500Z - - 30/18 89/31 - 119/49 458/246
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- 26/10 80/13 3/4 109/27 567/273
D1-1700Z - - 25/5 63/14 - 88/19 655/292 1
D1-1800Z - - - - - 0/0 655/292 60
D1-1900Z - - 24/1 7/8 - 31/9 686/301 43
D1-2000Z - - 71/4 22/8 1/0 94/12 780/313
D1-2100Z - - 33/9 2/0 - 35/9 815/322 34
D1-2200Z - 1/1 1/0 - - 2/1 817/323 59
D1-2300Z - 18/10 8/7 - - 26/17 843/340 40
D2-0000Z --+-- 15/3 25/6 --+-- --+-- 40/9 883/349 33
D2-0100Z 14/1 20/4 25/2 - - 59/7 942/356
D2-0200Z 9/1 46/12 11/4 - - 66/17 1008/373
D2-0300Z 18/6 47/8 - - - 65/14 1073/387
D2-0400Z 1/0 14/1 1/0 - - 16/1 1089/388 42
D2-0500Z - - - - - 0/0 1089/388 60
D2-0600Z - - - - - 0/0 1089/388 60
D2-0700Z - - - - - 0/0 1089/388 60
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 1089/388 60
D2-0900Z - - - - - 0/0 1089/388 60
D2-1000Z 7/2 17/9 1/0 - - 25/11 1114/399 36
D2-1100Z - 5/3 55/8 8/1 - 68/12 1182/411 14
D2-1200Z - - - - - 0/0 1182/411 60
D2-1300Z - - 19/0 53/3 - 72/3 1254/414 16
D2-1400Z - - 31/6 62/6 2/0 95/12 1349/426
D2-1500Z - - 62/3 37/4 - 99/7 1448/433
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- 36/2 17/4 1/3 54/9 1502/442 15
D2-1700Z - - - - - 0/0 1502/442 60
D2-1800Z - - - 9/1 - 9/1 1511/443 13
D2-1900Z - - - - - 0/0 1511/443 60
D2-2000Z - - - - - 0/0 1511/443 60
D2-2100Z - - 17/3 3/2 8/10 28/15 1539/458 1
D2-2200Z - - - - 1/0 1/0 1540/458 60
D2-2300Z - 34/5 40/10 1/0 5/4 80/19 1620/477

Total: 181/79 295/111 578/141 545/125 21/21
VE3HG   SOAB LP   320,2562004-09-26 17:18:41
Nice to work VU2 with 150 watts into an R-5 in the middle of the day. Heard
Malaysia but there's only so much luck in one contest.
VE3RZ   SOAB(A) LP   131,4002004-09-26 17:29:48
Rig: K2/100, KAT100 tuner
Ant: Cushcraft R7000
S/w: Writelog 10.49

Part time effort. Good fun until my antenna started showing high VSWR at the
end of a transmission. Found that the KAT100 tuner was playing up - now have to
find out what is wrong with it. Finished last hour with no tuner, rig played
fine into antenna direct on 15/20/40.

Thanks for all the qs and CU in the next one (CA QSO Party!) Go Go CCO!

Tony, VE3RZ
KØHW   SOSB/40 LP   29,5802004-09-26 17:44:10
Enjoyed working only 40 this year, a local hamfest was on Friday and Saturday
so I could work some of the contest but not all of it. I choose 40 and it
seemed to work out okay. I tried to get started early Sunday morning to get the
VKs, ZLs and JAs but was not heard by the JAs with my 100 watts. I will need to
use the amp next time I try this single band. See you in the next contest. 73
LA6FJA   SOAB(A) HP   1,350,9002004-09-26 17:46:15
Thank you for all QSO'es guys

To some stressed conntesters; you must accept that a station have a QSO.
A station started to run while I had QSO's pile from US in 40m
just 3 min after he had QSO with me.
Another station just tried to push me off the QRG

Else a nice contest, but low activity abroad.
Got 14 new DXCC in RTTY

Kenwood TS 2000
Kenwood TS 850
RASCAL Buxcommo Soundcard Interface + MMTTY rtty decode
Amp; LK500NTC + AL80
KLM KT34XA + TH6DXX for 10 15 20
40m LJ240BA 2el yagi
80m GP

Hope to see you again soon

Nice Shots:
KH7X 40 20 15 "" Xtremly good signal **
VK6HD heard in 80m no QSO.
E21EIC +++ mni nice asia's
ZL2AMI big signal

Go go WWYC ~World Wide Young Contesters

DC3HB   SOAB LP   417,7032004-09-26 17:47:51
Tks all!!!
W7TVF   SOAB HP   242,9282004-09-26 17:52:42
VE3NE   M/S HP   2,099,6542004-09-26 17:53:50

We just wanted to have a little fun and exactly that's what we've got.
Somewhat poor condx especially on 10m. We have double the points
than last year.
See you in the WW SSB.
Ops: Nick - VE3EY, George - VE3NZ and myself


Lali, VE3NE
N3JIX   SOAB LP   41,0972004-09-26 17:58:28
First contest at the new QTH, boy do I need to do some antenna upgrades...

I also went to a hamfest on saturday AM and picked up the 350 Hz narrow RTTY
filter for my radio, and that helped a lot when 15m and 20m were crowded...

73, de Bill, N3JIX
W8UL   SOAB LP   688,5122004-09-26 17:59:51
New RTTY countries for me with VU2WAP, 5U7B, and OH0I
VA3DX   SOSB/40 HP   190,9922004-09-26 18:01:07
Condx seemed fairly good, lots of European activity.
Worked VK6DXI on the morning short path and he duped
me on the evening long path !!!
Missed YS1RR, XQ1IDM and 5U7B as they seemed to be
moving around.
VE3XD   SOAB LP   953,8542004-09-26 18:07:43
Managed to beat last year's Q count but fell short on the mults which of course
is what really matters. 10 and 15m were not as lively as last year (what else is
new) and that is where I can often come up with more mults. Guess I'd better get
used to it for a few years. Worked VU2WAP on 15 (first VU on RTTY) and HC8N on 5
bands (the only one) so that was a pleasure. And after trying unsuccessfully to
work A61AR on 40m he called me when I was running on 40 about half an hour
later. Some things just work out.

In all a good weekend. Thanks to everyone for the contacts.

73, Don (not Nick and not Ken) VE3XD
N9TK(@WB9Z)   M/S HP   2,087,5702004-09-26 18:18:05
Multi-op single transmitter is right with 2 ops. No second station
with network. N9TK and I were just feeling out this RTTY contesting
stuff from my place.... I think I like the mode . Hope to be back again.

Jerry WB9Z
KU4J   SOSB/15 HP   46,9302004-09-26 18:21:44
Nothing serious but managed a few runs. Highlight: Working 9U6PM, VU2WAP, KH2
and 5U7.
AB8NI   SOAB HP   974,7002004-09-26 18:30:29
This is my first reak try in a contest and don't know if I did well or not but I
sure had fun.

Dennis AB8NI
Soon to be KI8U
WM7A   SOAB HP   584,2152004-09-26 18:39:26
This was the first RTTY contest that I gave a pretty good effort. If it had not
been for painting my living room and cooking dinner, I could have exhausted
myself even more :-) Great fun and a few new RTTY countries to boot.

John DeRuiter, WM7A
TF3KX   SOAB LP   293,9862004-09-26 18:40:11
Condx started out strange and poor here, but improved some.

Ant for 10/15/20/40: Inv-V
Ant for 80m: 6m long aluminum pole

Rig: IC746
Software: N1MM Logger with MMTTY

Hope to have more time the next time. 73 de TF3KX!
NC2N(EW1AR)   SOAB LP   182,1602004-09-26 19:03:58
In process of moving all the stuff to a new house. Could only work 12 hours or
so, the rest of the weekend spend in the Garden.
...10 meters was dead but amazed on very good condition on 80 meters, my
favorite. See you soon in the Makrothen.
73's Andrei EW1AR
WA6BOB   SOAB HP   191,1422004-09-26 19:06:42
TS-870. Collins 30S-1, 599zx, Writelog 10.49, 5BTV, 160m dp.
KO1J(KO1H)   SOAB QRP   255,1362004-09-26 19:30:51
N1MM logger ROCKS wiht MTTY but doesnt get along wiht this form.
Had A great Time.
KO1H   SOAB QRP   255,1362004-09-26 19:33:52
N1MM/MTTY rocks but doesnt get along wiht this form. Had a great TIMe
LU1NDC   SOSB/40 HP   105,3402004-09-26 20:07:00
Qsl Via EA7FTR
N6WS   SOAB LP   280,9322004-09-26 20:45:13
Rig: FT-1000MP MkV Field, 50-75W AFSK
Ant 10-20: CC X-9 @ 54'
Ant 40: Dipole @ 54'
Ant 80: Sloper @ 40'
Logging Prog: N1MM Logger

This was my first dabble in the CQWW RTTY contest.
Great fun!
73, Bill
W6ZL   SOAB LP   126,3242004-09-26 22:01:45
Rig: FT-990 100W
KT-34M @ 30'


Decent prop for where we are in the cycle, thanks to EU and Africa for pulling
out my puny signal.
WW7OR(W7GG)   SOAB HP   784,6652004-09-26 22:08:56
Rough outing! Multiple equipment issues and failures.
Tried to fix many on the fly and keep going but unable
to do so in the end so had to give up serious effort mid
afternoon Sat. Shudda/cudda had double my score
or more if no Gremlins!!
Condition better than I expected except for 10M. Maintaing
a remote (off the grid) SO2R station with four towers no
small chore for this old man!
Lots of fun and lots of activity....sorry I had to wimp out!
VA7ST   SOAB LP   483,0622004-09-26 22:27:57
Well, I guess I was right -- going Single-Op 10M wouldn't have been much fun.
10M total this weekend: Goose Egg. Tried with K1TTT (thanks) but nothing to
hear. That dead band was (almost) the only negative part of the entire

After years of slogging along on 20/15/10 with low dipoles, G5RVs, homebrew hex
and spider beams on lashed-up fence poles, I finally made the jump to a more
permanent yagi setup: Mosley CL33 beam on a tilt/crank-up MA40. Took 22 years to
do that.

All week I was giddy about the upcoming contest, hoping my new gear at this new
QTH (April) would work when I finally got to use it in a big contest.

Got the tower bolted in last weekend, but only cranked the beam up all the way
for the very first time on Friday. I raced home from work, walking in the door
at 0003z. Cranked up the tower, then listened around for a minute on 15M to
confirm a JA opening -- worked my first Q at 0016z and never looked back.

Worked 20M till 0220z, and all too soon it was time to go to the wires for 40
and 80.

I spent the summer trying dipoles at various heights and orientations, but
nothing worked like gangbusters.

My high (80') 80m dipole points RF SW/NE, which isn't what I need. It was rough
going on 80 Friday and Saturday nights -- heard many dozens of stations, but
couldn't get their attention and settled for 65 Qs there.

Dipoles on 40m were all right (better as night dragged on), but not great. I
have been reading about good results loading the boom of a TH6 -- which is 24'
long. Anyone ever omega-feed an 18' boom for 40? Let me know if it's a lost
cause (I'm gonna try anyway, maybe with some light boom extensions).

As I waited between fruitless 80m CQs, I decided for 80 I will now put up an E-W
inverted-L. Heck, may as well do it for 160, too.

Managed sleep after 0800z and was up at 1400z to try the beam on the strong EU
opening. All I can say is, WOW! Our property drops off pretty sharply a few feet
from the tower base, so the valley beyond is 300' below the bottom of the tower
-- a great take off horizon to the north.

Years of sending info 2, 3 or 4 times didn't prepare me for actually running EU
stations. And not just the big gun signals, but calls I've never heard before
(like mine is over the pole). I hope playing in the mud for so long has built
skills. This is a whole new world to QSO possibilities to use them in.

I beat last year's Q count and score by early Saturday evening... at one point I
noted the score at 444Qs, 999 pts, for a score of 222,777. (And 222 Qs on 20M).
The stars were aligning, hi.

Nice to hear KH7X in there again. Haven't heard Mike for a while and he was BIG
everywhere but 10M. I had HC8N in the bag on all bands that weren't fiction
(i.e. 10M). I had to look twice when 9K2KC called me on 15m Saturday morning.
Took me a couple of minutes to get the grin off my face.

Then in the afternoon 5U7B called me on 20m (more big grins). Worked 9K2KC again
on Sunday high on 20m in a 2 khz split (even bigger "my, aren't you clever"
grins). Never even *heard* signals from these QTHs prior to this weekend.

Nice to work Andy VE9DX on the high bands without needing Kreskin to intervene.
Was always a tough shot with modest dipoles at this end. (We did complete
another of our amazing QSOs on 80m).

Finally found a ZL with a radio (ZL3TE) at 0520z (10:20 p.m. local time Sat.
night) on 20m -- only signal on the band. No VKs this time.

Slept from 0700z to 1300z Sunday morning, then another super EU opening to start
the day. Heard but couldn't work 9M2/G4ZFE or JW7XK, but did enjoy new-zone
calls from TF3RB and CN8KD. Both were pleasant surprises.

As Sunday wore on, I had great mostly-EU runs on 15m and 20m, bouncing back and
forth when things slowed. Closed out with a nice run of US/VEs (thanks all) on

I want to thank K4JAF in FL for calling with only 20 minutes to go -- I missed
hearing the Florida ops.

Also thanks to I2WIJ and W1TO for helping with the master.dta download for N1MM.
Once again, the software worked like a dream.

I brought the XYL in during the race to the finish on 20m to show her how hard
(almost impossible) it is to hear the target signal without narrow filters in
the FT920. It worked. She didn't really get it, but she agreed it was pretty bad
anyway and gave me permission to order "some filters" from InRad. That means
bye-bye AFSK, hello FSK, so I can use the CW-type filtering in DATA mode. The
world will be a safer place.

Year-over-year comparisons are:

QSOs Zones S/P/C Score
2002 397 62 218 268,520
2003 257 46 122 101,304
2004 760 54 220 483,062

Never managed more than 50 Qs/hr, but it was exciting when the 10-minute rate
hit 180, an hour and a half into the contest. Really had an amazing time for the
whole 30 hours I was on the air.

Wonder what things would be like with 10m in the mix?

Thanks for the contacts. See you in the next one.

-- Bud, VA7ST
9V1UV   SOAB HP   189,0922004-09-26 23:20:24
It was fun. Benefited by using high power, 200 watts
OH2BP   SOSB/40 HP   220,9952004-09-27 00:02:30
SB40 operation for a while. Wrked A61AR, A45WD, VU2WAP, CN8KD, 8P2K, YS1RR,
HC8N, B1Z, FR1HZ, KP2D, YV6BTF DU9/N0NM, JW7XK, 9M2/G4ZFE and 9K2YM. A very few

TNX es 73 Kari OH2BP
P3F(5B4AGN)   SOAB HP   3,510,7502004-09-27 00:19:58
This was a lot of fun though at times on Sunday the bands were like a graveyard
here. M

My first serious RTTY effort with my two Orions SO2R and they worked very well.
One noticeable benefit over my two FT1kMPs was being able to hear better on the
second rig whilst TXing on the first. I use a single F12, C31XR here with three
feeders so with driven elements only inches apart the RF field in the second rig
is really nasty. With FT1kMPs I could always feel the presence of my run TX
when listening on the second radio. I don't hear anything from my run Orion.
Not only that but I was working within 1 kHz from my 40m second harmonic on 20m
for over an hour before I realised! The combination of bomb proof front end and
very low phase noise really scores for SO2R use when antennas are close

BTW I made my first attempt at a Website. If you're interested you can see my
shack and antennas etc at

I managed a slight advance on my QSO total over last year but mults are way
down. We certainly feel it when 10m dies. I did manage a few qsos there but no
US. Sadly, I didn't manage a single US contact on 80m either.

Thanks to all the great RTTY ops out there for making my weekend fun.

My weekend irritant was those folks who say "Worked before". It's time to
realise, with computer logging if a guy calls you it's usually because you're
not in his log! So just shut up and work him!

Towards the end of the contest I had one fella say. "We've worked already. How
many QSOs do you want?" I replied with, "You may think we've worked but you're
not in my log. Now......Do you want a QSO or not?" We then made a QSO. If
this had happened earlier in the contest I wouldn't have wasted time on this
chump but it was late on and I wass scratching around for Qs anyway.

Last word: I WILL stay awake longer next year.

73 Bob, 5B4AGN, P3F
ES6Q   M/S LP   1,527,8342004-09-27 00:25:53
Low power is so fun.Great weekend for us!
Thanks everybody,whos giveing points and see us weak
signal on screen.
See all on CQWW SSB
73 Tom ES5RY
HA5BSW   SOAB(A) LP   561,0802004-09-27 01:10:14
It was a great contest..
At a first evening good conds 80 meter.
Second one was a heavy noise..
40m good conds but 100w are not to much.

RIG:TS450SAT ANTS: 20m high vertical for 80, Mosley Pro 67B up 15 meter.

Was a firs contest after my serius stroke...

I hope to meeting a next contest.
GUØSUP   SOAB LP   342,1442004-09-27 01:16:44
73 to all
VK2IMM   SOAB LP   50,6612004-09-27 03:03:02
Rig: TS 440S at 100W AFSK
S/W: MixW 2.12
Ant: Reduced size dipoles for 10-20 M
7.8 M Vertical for 40 M
all balcony mounted

I worked this contest from home location in central Sydney what means using only
small size balcony mounted antennas to me. This created a few challenges
especially on 20 M. The band conditions were rather good with plenty of stations
to work at the time of peak propagation. Final score could have been much higher
if I had reply from most stations I called.

10M produced some surprisingly loud signals from Japan but there was not too
many stations to work.

Worked KH7X on all four bands, great signal! Some memorable QSO with OH2BP on 40
M, only one on few EU worked on that band.

There was some concerns with getting proper received call sign acknowledgement
from far end station. I discarded several contacts because of that. I think this
is good to send received callsign twice in some conditions.

Thank you everyone

Sergey VK2IMM
W1GZ(@N1UZ)   M/S LP   502,3362004-09-27 03:10:15
First time we have tried a Multi - Single effort in this contest. Had great fun,
worked lots of stations. Met our goals of 700 qso's and 500K points!! We will
try this again next year.
Very poor propagation, very few JA's or VK's were found. No 10meter at all.

Gordon - N1MGO
9A7P   M/S LP   1,089,7122004-09-27 03:18:47
20,15,10m - 2 ele. Quad
40, 80m - dipole

9A8MM's first RTTY contest.

Mult station would mean a lot in this conditions.

We dedicate this operation to the birth of 9A5AEI's first kid, daughter

There's always next year!

Hrle - 9A6XX, NY6W

QSL via KU5B
LV7H(LU7HF)   SOAB LP   423,1112004-09-27 03:24:53
9M2/G4ZFE(@9M2RPN)   SOAB HP   1,417,9722004-09-27 03:30:26
(DX column above includes states/provinces. N1MM didn't appear at first glance
to show me the states/provinces seperately).

Station: IC-756 Pro and IC-PW1 amplier. 400W output
Antenna: Force 12 C-3S at 12m, 40m Inverted 'V' at 12m

My first serious entry in this contest and it was enjoyable. HF conditions were
stable and 10m woke up nicely on Sunday to give a much appreciated opening to Eu
albeit with weak signals.

Great participation from S.E. Asia, including HS72B, HS0EHF, E21EIC, 9M2TO,
YB0ANA + many other YB's and 9V1UV. "SE Asia Big Gun" award goes to Khun Champ,
E21EIC who bashed my S-meter on every band. Time to bring my Alpha amplifier
from the UK :-)

Also good to work so many members of the VKCC (VK Contest Club) - RTTY
contesting is alive and well in VK. Nick, VK1AA/4 was the loudest VK station I
heard (599+20 dB off the back of my beam :-) closely followed by Mirek, VK6DXI
who was a beacon on 40m.

Sadly an illness just before the contest prevented me from being able to stay up
for the full 48 hours. This also prevented me from switching from AFSK to FSK. I
missed those IC-756 RTTY filters....

Best consistent NA signal was K5ZD. With low K numbers I was able to work more
East coast US stations than I was expecting.

Thank you for all the QSOS. As I am moving back to the UK in 2005 my next CQ WW
RTTY contest will be from the UK :-(

73 de Rich, 9M2/G4ZFE
F6IRF   SOAB HP   1,671,7062004-09-27 03:40:43
My usual "small domestic station":
IC756 proII + my homebrew undestructible 4CX250 PA - 400W (still uses the same
pair of second hand tubes for now 20 years !)
Optibeam OB6-3M (2el/bd) @40 feet // inv-V dipoles @60 feet
Software: N1MM Logger V4.0.119 - MMTTY (2xinstances)+built-in 756decoder
SO1R - No cluster or any kind of external assistance

1st serious attempt , but I'm getting too old for the full 48hours ;-)
The proof: I woke up one hour late at the start...
Anyway very low rate during the last hours, so guess it would have been
difficult (do not say impossible) to reach my initial 2Mpts objective even with
a full time work (however my feeling is that 48h is OK for 5 bands, but too long
for 4 - at least with a modest setup).
-The worst: Lost 2 hours starting to restart the PC after a power cut... at 1200
Q's after 30h of efforts, I thought the contest was over and the log lost for
ever... terrrrriiiible feeling...
-The bad: Several EU-stations having several signals on the band or generating
various sorts of wide spread interferences - especialy hard on 20m with ant to
NE... Several unbreakable pile-ups even at HP - For a part due to poor TTY
setup and/or operating skils from the DX stations (not everybody is HC8N...).
-The good: the rate-meter went several times above 100 for extended periods of
-The best: the unexpected 10m opening to AS with 9M2/G4ZF, DU1UGZ, VR2BG
logged in the same 10mn Sunday morning (thanks to the 756 spectrum !)
-The very best: I managed to restart the PC and recover the log!

See you in the next one and thanks for the QSO's / special thanks for those (not
that many) who moved away from their harm-chair for this contest.

PS: QSLL 100/100 but LOTW prefered (see for details).

Last station tip "The poor man rotary dipole": found that I could get my 40m
dipole NE/SW for 1st half of the night - NW/SE for second half, just moving 1
side (takes 5mn- a pocket lamp and some training... but definitely worth

stats "All bands"
DXCC: 91
WAS: 43
WAZ: 30
7S2E(SM2DMU)   SOAB HP   1,994,1002004-09-27 03:47:34
DJ3IW   SOAB HP   261,6152004-09-27 03:55:11
Only casual participation
PI4CC   M/2 HP   3,999,9882004-09-27 04:21:08
Thanks for all the nice contest qso's.
More info @
YC2ECG   SOSB/15 HP   118,4592004-09-27 04:21:13
It is nice to join the rtty great contest! See you next time.
W2YC   M/S HP   503,8402004-09-27 05:00:40
Operators: N2CQ; W2YC
9U6PM   SOAB LP   109,9262004-09-27 05:46:21

73 PM
WB2RHM   SOAB LP   338,9382004-09-27 05:48:49
First CQWW-RTTY contest. TS-440S/AT 100 watts, N1MM+MMTTY, B&W folded dipole and
a new TH3JRS tribander that I finished putting up at 6PM Friday.... What a rush!
NA4K   SOAB LP   424,5362004-09-27 05:59:24
My local power line noise stayed away this time,
which made this fun. Just walked in and out of the
shack while catching up on the yard work, the weather
was just too nice to put in a full effort.

Steve NA4K
WA6NOL   SOAB QRP   8062004-09-27 06:27:44
I was fun.
SM5D(SM5DJZ)   SOAB HP   676,9972004-09-27 06:37:12
First time ever copmeted in SO2C (Single op / 2 Contests)
Both CQWW-RTTY and SAC-SSB at the same time!!
Rather frustrating to chase between the modes.
Lets hope that SAC will change dates until next.
WØAH   SOAB LP   582,1322004-09-27 06:45:02
First attempt at RTTY contest. On Wednesday afternoon, I decided to try and
figure out how to use Writelog (I've owned it for years) on RTTY. By Thursday
night, I made my first RTTY contacts using AFSK. Thanks to AA5AU's excellent
"RTTY Tutorial" my learning curve was pretty good for an oldtimer. Writelog's
WinRtty seemed to hear everything, and I found the 34 hours of contesting less
tiring than phone or CW. My TS-850S seemed to hold up well at 85 watts output.
Missed ME and ND for WAS and need to figure out how close I got to DXCC.
See you in the CQWW, SS, 160M, and 10M tests coming up.
Doug W0AH
VK6DXI   SOSB/40 HP   42,6602004-09-27 07:10:15
40 meters, a difficult band to be on, in RTTY test, from this (and probably any)
part of the world....
Some great signals heard and worked Monday morning (local time- 22-24 utc
Sunday) after my sunrise.
Till next time.
KØBX   SOAB(A) HP   278,9362004-09-27 07:19:46
Friday night was a bust, conditions were very poor forcing me to go to 40 meters
which I normally never operate. Found to my pleasure that it was open and
worked several Europeans.
Saturday and Sunday were very good. I only did a part-time effort but loads of
Europeans stations. I did noticed that there was a lot of new rtty'ers. You
could tell because of some of the LONG exchange, my call three time, their call
three time, zone, name, names of their kids. But at least they were on and
making contacts.
Rig Kenwood TS-850S/AT 400HZ filter
Drake L-7 Amp (sometimes)
4 element on 20, 3 on 15 and 4 on 10 meter beams.
BTW, I counted 10 stations in the contest from STL MO that I knew about! MO
should have been easy to work.

Joe K0BX
WA2ETU   SOAB HP   1,821,6642004-09-27 07:52:01
Nice to see 15 so open. I think 10 was open at times but no activity. Single
OL1RY(OK1DF)   SOSB/40 HP   385,7002004-09-27 08:28:13
ICOM775PRO, 800W, 2 el. QUAD, without DX Cluster, but with TVI troubles
KE4UW   SOAB(A) HP   158,5562004-09-27 08:36:14
My first RTTY contest using Writelog and I'm really impressed with the software!
SM6WET   SOAB LP   89,6002004-09-27 08:37:15
This was to be my first RTTY contest as a singel operator. I had a few years
back joined with team SK6NP to a MM operation were we won in Sweden.

Yaesu FT-920 (No SSB filter)
3el Tribander from ECO (up only 7m from ground)

Software: Writelog for Windows and MMTTY plug-in running AFSK.

Start time here in Sweden is 2AM in the morning. Me and YL went to bed at 2300
and after 3 hours sleep it was time to get up and in for the fight.
10-15-20 was beat dead. There was NOTHING. I checked 40 and quite many signals
came in. I worked a few on my coax using my tribander as a top-hat but it was
just a few to get up the multis. 2 hours later and not much in the log I went to
Saturday was really alot better, conditions picked up and let me work some new
all-time countries for me (Got HF in april this year). Actually, I think 15 was
better then 20 on Saturday.

I did take a break on Saturday to operate in the SAC SSB Contest but activity
was not as big there. I heard mostly Swedish and Finnish stations. I think those
contest should be coordinated with eachother because the always crash and that
is a pity.

On Saturday evening I riged up a temp Inv-V dipol for 40m and I could work a few
stations but I recieved problems. When transmitting on the 40m dipol I recieved
RF coming down my basement shcak with the coax for the tribander and Vice Versa.
I had to completely take down the dipol but I still had problems. People would

A few questions to mailing lists solved it for me but not untill Sunday
It seems AFC was in and had turned my Mark all the way down to 900.
Thank you to George Skoubis KF9YR for solving my problem.

Overall I had a great fun weekend apart from the following aggrevating things:
1.Some stations running CB-style with all buttons fully clockwise and
One station was almost 7KHz wide in both directions. OK - I have a lousy radio
with no filter but still.
2.My AFC problem.

Below some data on how I did. Rookie style I guess but I am just learning.
73 Magnus SM6WET

PS. Will certainly be active in the CQ WPX RTTY next time. Be sure to put my
contest call 8S6T in your super check partials lists.

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 0 30 67 20 0 117 51.8
AS 0 1 9 17 0 27 11.9
OC 0 0 2 3 0 5 2.2
SA 0 0 4 7 0 11 4.9
AF 0 0 2 4 0 6 2.7
NA 0 0 35 25 0 60 26.5

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total

4L 1 1
4X 2 2
5B 1 1 2 4
9A 2 2
9J 1 1
9M2 1 1
9U 1 1
CN 1 1 2
CT 1 2 3
CT3 1 1
DL 3 1 4
EA 2 7 9
EA9 1 1
EI 1 1
ER 1 1
EU 1 1
F 2 2
G 1 1
GI 1 1
GW 1 1
HA 2 2
HB 1 1
HC8 1 1 2
HI 2 2
I 2 11 13
IT9 2 2 4
K 30 20 50
KL 1 1
KP2 1 1
LA 1 1
LU 3 3
LZ 1 1 2
OE 1 1
OK 2 2
ON 1 1
PA 1 1
PJ2 1 1
PY 2 2 4
S5 3 1 4
SM 1 1
SP 1 1
SV 3 3 6
SV9 1 1 2
T9 1 1
TF 1 1
UA 7 15 1 23
UA9 6 8 14
UN 1 2 3
UR 5 12 17
VE 4 2 6
VK 1 1 2
VU 1 1
YB 1 2 3
YO 1 1
YU 1 3 4
YV 1 1
Z3 1 1 2
ZC4 1 1
AA5NT   M/2 HP   966,4202004-09-27 08:39:02
The team head a great time. Our first CQWW RTTY Contest.. what a blast.
PC1A   SOSB/20 HP   327,0802004-09-27 08:39:24
1st ever Single Operator RTTY contest for me and sure it was fun. Learned a lot
about me and my station........ Recovered from flue just before contest. Glad I
decided to go for it anyway. Cu next contest
F5PHW   SOAB(A) LP   229,4322004-09-27 08:52:16
What a pleasure to work KH7X with 100w and GP only and to be called by bx4an in
Had fun but not easy to keep own frequency with my poor rig.
First time with using n1mm/mmtty soft. ( sorry but n1mm don't give how many
states i worked.
See you next year. 73's Phil
K7RE   SOAB LP   316,4962004-09-27 09:11:46
Conditions on Friday and Saturday were only fair, but on Sunday lots of good
strong signals were evident. Some really rare stations were on also, which I
Fun to give out SD to many folks. QSL via BURO or direct, but PLEASE SASE.
KJ7NO   SOAB LP   119,0822004-09-27 09:21:01
Still consider myself a rookie. Trying to find the proper balance between radio
and family but with 48 hours to contest, it all seems to work out.

Lower bands were great, seeing a lot of EU stations never saw before. Highlight
was working 9J2KC on 15 and 20.

It's good to see the RTTY family of calls show up this weekend. Thanks to
everyone, and hope to meet more of you.

Equipment hr could be a lot better (Antennas), but I make due with what I have,
and keep working towards better things.

Yaseu Mk V FT-1000MP 150W
Hustler 6-BTV
KØJJ   SOAB HP   475,9602004-09-27 09:46:06
Fun time, conditions not the best . 10 meters was very quite. High noise from
power lines made copy on 80 and 40 ruff. Need to try different antenna other
than noise generating slopers. Rig Kenwood TS-870 with Ameritron Al-80B running
350 watts out to Force 12 C-3 at 55 feet on high bands and slopers on 80 and 40.

73's CUL Jerry K0JJ
SQ2AF   SOAB(A) LP   361,3912004-09-27 10:21:58
It was my first time in this contest.

Yaesu FT-847
MFJ-948 antenna tuner
Diamond CP-6
MixW 2.12
K6OWL   SOAB LP   112,5202004-09-27 10:24:43
Seemed like lots of activity this year in low but reasonably settled solar
conditions. Woo Hoo.
DH5HV   SOSB/15 LP   97,0082004-09-27 12:31:39
First CQWW RTTY for me with TH7DX and FT1000D from home. Due to family buisness
and no antennas for the low bands I decided to go 15m SB/LP. This is a hard work
to do. N1MM Logger performed great like always. CNDX to Japan and runs to
stateside on Sunday better than on Saturday. RTTYing is a great fun and no
problems with voice after several hours contesting. TNX to everybody in the log.
WT8C   SOAB(A) HP   793,1882004-09-27 13:06:28
HC8N   M/2 HP   9,130,5642004-09-27 13:24:13
Great to see all this activity as conditions decline. Thanks for all the Q's.

73, Steve K6AW/HC2
WØAW   SOSB/20 LP   284,7902004-09-27 13:25:45
First time in a RTTY contest. Still learning WriteLog in the heat of battle and
dealing with an antenna that was fixed on EU (rotor at M2 being repaired). Lost
Friday evenings operating time due to a wine tasting benefit, which kept the XYL
somewhat tolerant (and eliminated any chance of my operating a keyboard).
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   SOAB LP   1,070,8292004-09-27 13:29:53
TS850SAT, A3s,Half Slopers,trusty WF1B

Target was 1000Q or 1M pts.Happy to do both.
Had more QSO than last year when we with 1ZM were M/S LP.
Plans for good rest and sleep before contest are gone,due
to work commitments.12 hrs before start all was ready and
I was in the bed when phone rings for emergency calling from
office.Was lucky to go back at home just 5 hrs before start,
and take a quick nap.

10 meters really missed me with my low and simple low band antennas.
Happy to work VA7ST for first time - new antenna work well Bud.

Thanks for all QSOs. CU in CW part.

73 Nasko LZ9R
N6KJ   SOAB(A) LP   20,5442004-09-27 13:38:53
I never operated RTTY before this contest. I got MMTTY working and integrated
into WriteLog several hours after the contest started. I played around doing
S&P off-and-on over the weekend. It was nice to hear some strong EU's.
Unfortunately, my signal isn't strong enough to work them all. Maybe someday.
WØETC   SOSB/20 HP   364,4802004-09-27 14:02:06
From here 20 Mtr conditions on Saturday were lousy, however on Sunday 20 rocked!
But, even with better coditions on Sunday there was a lot of QSB with signals
going from ESP to 55 and back to ESP in 5 or 10 seconnds.

This was my first time doing a SB 20 in this contest so I have no clue about how
well or poor I did. I decided to do a SB 20 for two reasons. (1). Based on
recent health problems I thought I needed to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep
each night. (2). Being SO1R there is no way I could seriously compete with the
SO2R all band crowd.

73 Larry L

KO4NX   SOAB LP   434,7972004-09-27 14:46:13
K1TTT   M/S LP   2,510,4752004-09-27 15:26:31
Thanks to everyone who moved for us... and especially to those who TRIED to move
to 10m and didn't make it.
NB1B   SOSB/80 HP   129,9602004-09-27 15:48:20
Condx on 80M from here seemed to be quite good.
First Day: 355Qs x 105 mults
Second Day: 188Qs x 15 mults

Europe- 241
No Amer- 290
Asia- 5 (4 JAs, A45WD)
So Amer- 2 (YV6BTF, HC8N)
Oceania- 3 (KH7X, ZL2AMI, VK6HD)
Africa- 2- (CT9R, CN8KD)

Somehow, States missed VT, WV, Mt, Wy, ND and a bunch of VEs
Took over 500 QSOs before I finally got a Mn!

VK6HD is almost at the antipode for this station; I have 4 fairly short windows
with which to work him. I worked him in the JA window at 1020Z Sat; I heard him
LP both afternoons about 2200Z, and he spotted me around 1000Z Sun (from the
OH2W spot search this morning).

The major hardware change between this year and last was keying the radio in FSK
instead of AFSK. Much easier to have the full array of filters available to use
in Rx. Even though I made 543 QSOs, there were a number of times that I
couldn't get MMTTY to decode signals that I thought it should. If I can easily
discern the mark and space by ear, I think the program should be able to decode
it; there were too many signals that I could hear that wouldn't decode. I keep
thinking there must be something I need to change- some of the settings,
filters, level inputs, better sound card- to get all the signals.

I'm always searching for that extra dB....

When I arrived at the station about noon local on Friday, the 4-square showed a
high SWR on the NE/SW directions. As the 4-square is really located in a salt
water marsh, I walked out there- without boots- to see if I could fix it. The
ground was damp, but no standing water. I found one of the connections between
the feedline and the NW vertical had broken, so I walked back to the shack, got
the stuff to fix it, and again walked to the vertical. The ground was now a
little wet, but I said, heck, I'll only be here a few minutes. In fixing the
connection, the coax center conductor broke, so now I had to strip the hardline
and prepare another piece of center conductor. Needless to say, in the 40
minutes it took to do the job, I was standing ankle-deep in salt water!
Thankfully, the SWR was now 1:1 and the antenna did a great job.

Dennis NB1B
VE3RCN   SOSB/40 LP   2,7592004-09-27 16:33:26
I cant decode anything with all this Hydro Line noise!
VK4UC   SOAB(A) HP   847,2292004-09-27 17:25:36
20M was poorin VK4 except the last few hours with 15
being by far the best band of the contest here.
I lost valuable hours with computer crashes and
40M antenna problems and could only log 30 hours.
I still beat the old Oceania SOA record by nearly
100K points.
KI1G   SOAB(A) HP   3,824,1822004-09-27 17:42:36
And this is with the SFI below 100 ! Wow has RTTY technology come a long way
fast. MMTTY was printing things that I could barely tell were there.

Lots of good DX to be had as usual in this contest.

10 Meters only opened in small bursts, but at least it opened.

Thanks to everyone for all the QSO's and QSY's.

See you all again next time around.

K6YUI   SOAB HP   327,5702004-09-27 17:54:34
First RTTY Contest since the mid 1970's, when we used model 15's and model 14's
had to use paper logs. I will be back for more RTTY contests.

de Larry - K6YUI -
N4GI   SOSB/20 HP   29,3282004-09-27 18:29:16
20 yagi is the only antenna I left on the tower to weather hurricane Jeanne.
Specially homebrewed with monster 1-1/4" to 5/8" tapered elements, it did just
fine :-)

I knew a serious effort wouldn't be in the cards, but I had to try out new
Microham Microkeyer (no affiliation). One USB port plugged into writelog/mmty
on a 1.8ghz machine for rig control, FSK, and PTT. ZERO com ports, ZERO
stuttering, ZERO lockups.... and even at full bore 1.5kw CQing. The little box
is the bees knees, Jozef hit it on the mark. Can't wait to give it a go on

S&Ping up to .130 is a rush! Lots of DX, lots of fun (for a short period of

cul, 73
Blake N4GI
NØOBM   SOAB LP   57,1552004-09-27 18:49:29
While this was a decidedly part time effort, it was fun, and I gained quite a
bit of experience. Nice to work some DX for a change from out here in the outer
rim of the Black Hole.

WA4PGM   SOAB LP   123,9002004-09-27 18:57:31
Was unable to get on until Sunday but had a fun with the short time I spent.
N1MM and MMTTY worked flawless, thanks for the contacts and gud luck!
73 Kyle
AD4EB   SOAB(A) HP   958,7822004-09-27 19:03:44
Very enjoyable contest, long but never a dull moment. Ran HP the the first day,
then amplifier failure bumped me down to low power for second day. Wish I had
spent more time on 10 meters, was surprised to find it open during the last few
hours of the contest.

This was my second run at this contest. Can't wait to try again next year.

80 & 40m - GAP Challanger DX GP and Ten Tec Omni Six Plus
20,15,& 10 - SteppIr 3 ele Yagi and Kenwood TS-2000
N6PC   SOAB LP   260,4252004-09-27 19:37:39
73, PAUL
GØDEZ   SOSB/40 LP   86,7302004-09-27 19:38:18
OL9R(OK1WMV)   SOSB/40 HP   236,2322004-09-27 19:39:11
Fine contest..... called me KH7X with fine signal and I worked with 3 ZL station
via long pass sunday morning.

Used 2 element Moxon beam only 15m up with Alpha 91 PA and dipol 4m up with
4xGU50.From OL7R QTH.

73 de Vedny OK1WMV @ OL9R @ OL7R
W6YX   M/S LP   863,4402004-09-27 20:43:31
Due to lower than usual staffing, we entered as a Multi-Single. We missed the
first half hour working a computer problem, had only a single
operator for Friday and most of Saturday, and missed
seven hours of operating in the middle of Saturday. We made up for
it by having all five of us there on Sunday!

Since both no-tune amps were being repaired, we operated
low power, which made it generally harder to work Europeans. Our
new 80m four-square array is fun to use, but just couldn't get
us into Europe on 80m at low power, though we could hear some Europeans.

10 meters was definitely open Sunday afternoon, we were hearing
stations from South America, North America, Australia and Japan,
but hardly anyone showed up.

Thanks for the contacts!

K9JS(@AI9U)   SOSB/20 HP   141,1022004-09-27 21:04:58
Just wasn't going to happen for me this weekend, RF problems Friday night, up
early Saturday mornimg to a broke sump pump and a half flooded basement - left
me just Sunday to play, life goes on

Submitted as SOSB/20M others Q's submitted for log checking


Saw a station calling CQ ARRL RU? Hmmm

A east coast M/M stopped by my run freq late Sunday afternoon wanting me to go
try 10, told them I'd try at the top of the hour, (I heard nothing on 10,
stopped by 15 and worked a couple guys) At LEAST you could have done is Worked
me on 20 before you left...

Only 1 station called me Jim (former call holder's name).

Thanks for the Q's, going to play CQWW SSB from NQ4I M/M, looking forward to it
and hoping Rick's station continues to be spared damage from the storm remnants
from the hurricanes

LY7Z(LY2TA)   SOSB/15 HP   2,7952004-09-27 22:45:47
S&P'ing a bit with Writelog and MMTY...
Just for fun.
Activity was high enough...


73! Andy LY2TA
A45WD(YO9HP)   SOAB LP   1,572,2222004-09-27 22:52:45
In spite of poor conditions to North America and even to Japan, it was a nice
contest. European stations were very loud on all bands, excepting 10 m.
I missed a lot of good multipliers (no packet cluster here), but also worked a
bunch of rare countries.
As expected, I did not hear any Florida station, but I don't know why I missed
AA5AU and K4GMH.. Or they were not interested by A4 multiplier ..hi.
Happy to work so many friends whom I met in person at Friedericshafen, this
year: GU0SUP (Phil, you still need an amplifier outhere..), DJ3IW (big sigs,
Goetz), 4X6UU (Pual, thank you for calling me on 80 m), SM5FUG, DL4RCK, DL6JZ,
Thanks everybody for calling me or responding to my call.
See you next RTTY contest!
Alex, A45WD - YO9HP

Rig: IC-746PRO
Ant: Mosley MP33W, Inv-V
Soft: MixW 2.12 Demo
M5AEX   SOAB LP   136,5002004-09-27 23:46:52
Great fun contest. Condx quite poor during staurday / much better on the
DH8WR   SOSB/20 LP   82,7192004-09-28 02:33:23
TX/RX IC756 Antenna ZX 20-2 Modem PTC 2 Software RCKRTTY V3.07
WX4TM   SOAB HP   18,0092004-09-28 03:04:21
Missed several contests this summer. Was off the air from early August for a QTH
move (just 6 miles up the road). Hurricane Ivan delayed getting tower back up
until Saturday. Was so wore out from doing that (still don't have the wires up
yet) that I only managed to get a few QSO's. 73 to all, Tom WX4TM
OK1VWK   SOSB/20 HP   340,0282004-09-28 05:15:32
For change, first contest in SO category under my private callsign and from our
multi station OL7R. My choice was 20m because its my favorite band and normaly i
am operating on this band and 160m as OL7R in multi categories. We made some
changes in setup our station before CQ WW date. For 20m we prepared Inv. V ant.
for better signal in EU and cabling with dividiers for beverages use in same
time 80 and 160m. Also we prepared coax stub filters from K2TR/K1TTT to 20 and

So WW RTTY contest was in my view very fine. Good JA propagation. In first hour
after start i loost maybe 15 QSOs from my log also SU8BHI zone 34. I repaired my
comuter and did continue in contest. Specialy thanks to XE1XOE Z6, YS1CRA Z7 and
ZS6BBK Z38. They come up to my CQ TEST and gave me important zone multipliers.
Now i didnt make zone 23. Was in contest any JT ???

Station setup:

TS870 with PA Tesla KVZ1AP(2x3-500Z)
power dividier/ant switch(1+1,1+0,0+1)
5el.(OK1XUV design) in 20m, Inv. V in 5m a.g.l.
Notebook Siemens/Nixdorf PCD-4N(CPU 80486SX at 25MHz)
Kantronics KAM v2.85
WF1B software v5.02 under MSDOS 6.22

Thanks to my multi contest friends for access to my self propagation and for
support. Congrats also to Vendy,OL9R which was operating SOSB40m near me on
second table. Thanks ofcourse to all who called me/us and next to see you in SSB
part of CQWW as OL7R. We will be ready again to multi category.

73 de Milan,OK1VWK
YBØAJR(OK1JR)   SOSB/15 HP   233,5202004-09-28 05:39:16
Full time contest after few month of ham fasting.

Station setup: Yaesu FT-897 + Alpha 91B
MonoBand Rotary Diopole
Notebook with N1MM+MMTTY Loggger Software

Very poor condx this year. I did my best to made best score from our Equatorial
area but very quick closing and weak EU signals.
Thanks everybody to calling me.

Congrats to KI1G and KP2D - great signals on Java Island, score too...
K4AQ   SOAB QRP   36,4482004-09-28 06:15:37

My third CQ WW DX RTTY contest:

2004 2003* 2002*
Score 36,448 58,464 108,335
Op Time 20.7 19.9 25.3

QSOs 196 196 250
QSO Pts 272 336 461
St/Prov 70 78 103
DX 35 54 83
CQZones 29 42 49

WAC: 5 of 6 (Africa not heard)
DXCC: 23 (incl KH6 & KL)
WAS: 36 of 50
VE Provinces: 5 of 14

Best DX (and my one and only Asian QSO!):

260723z JE1ZWT, Japan, 40m, 6828 mi (1366 mi/watt)

I heard and called ZL2AMI/New Zealand several times but he did not come back to

Thanks to NL7G/Alaska (251827z, 20m) for pulling my QRP sig out of a big pile

Every European QSO was a treat. Strange that the weaker EU stns heard my QRP
sigs just fine, usually answering me on my first call, while the stronger sigs
did not recognize me at all (QRZ? or AGN?).

Had a pipeline into Italy whenever I heard them. They also answered on my first

AFRICA was the only continent not heard. I did hear/print US stns working
African stns. I just could not hear them with my wire antenna.

I was surprised having quite a few 80m and 15m QSOs. 10m and 15m were open but
not many stns were heard.

Worked HC8N/Galapagos Island 40-10 meters. Tried them on 80m but 2500 mi is
stretching it a bit for my NVIS antenna even though I worked them on 5 bands
last year. They were a beacon on all bands!

KH7X/Hawaii, whom I worked on 15-40m, moved me to 10m (from 15m) but I could not
hear him there at all, at any time.

80m Summary
4 5



40m Summary
3 4 5 8 10 25 31



20m Summary
1 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 13 14 15 31



15m Summary
3 4 8 10 13 31



10m Summary
10 13



Yaesu FT-897 transceiver operated at 5 watts into an OCF 28-gauge insulated
stranded wire stealth antenna up 40 feet in heavy foliage trees next to I-75 in
downtown Atlanta industrial area. SGC SG-237 Smartuner. Tigertronics SignaLink
SL-1 sound card radio interface. MicroHAM USB rig interface. WriteLog 10.48f
with Rttyrite.

--Matt, K4AQ (ex-WB6BWZ)
E21EIC(@E21YDP)   SOAB(A) LP   258,8042004-09-28 09:01:45
Rig: Kenwood TS-850S Power: 100 Watts
Ant: 80M Simple Dipole up 10 Meters.
40/20/15/10M Int-V Dipole up 6 Meters.
Software: MMTTY

Congrats to Khun Rich,9M2/G4ZFE for high scores from S.E. Asia station.

After Saturday night I had many request QSY to 80M, but I not have Antenna, then
on Sunday morning Khun Dej,E21YDP and Khun Nopporn,HS0EHF help me to made 80M
simple dipole. It's working vy well, but the propagation not so good than
Saturday. hi hi

I made only 8 QSOs are KH7X, VR2BG, VK6HD, JA9AVA, JA1KQX, UA6LO, JR5XPG and

I only worked Brett,VR2BG all band in RTTY Contest.

Thanks to Dej, E21YDP and Nopporn,HS0EHF for support and Thanks to all QSOs.

CU in the next Contest.

73, Champ E21EIC
SP6GCU   SOAB LP   458,4322004-09-28 09:52:52
TS440SAT - 50W
40M - DIPOL FROM 80M /hi/
20/15/10M - GP
GM5A(GM4FDM)   SOAB HP   1,574,9762004-09-28 11:31:28
Conditions seemed very flat at 56 north. Saturday was better than Sunday
was a drag at times. Whilst S & P i kept getting the "already worked"
signal. RCKrtty worked flawlessly as usual, but I had either a dicky
sound card or interface which meant that the input audio level to the rig kept
fluctuating and tripping the amplifier. I changed both linear and sound
card during the Contest to no avail. There were some snippets of DX on 40m,
but local European signals made a lot of them onworkable Long Path in the late
afternoons. As usual due toi the levels of activity on 40m, both SSB and CW
operators were complaining that we were taking up more than our share of the
Overall I enjoyed the Contest, but feel I could have done better. I had
no antenna for 10m and don't know if the band was open or not, but I did
loose the chance of the odd mult. Next year - I will be back!
J42T   M/S HP   1,790,7252004-09-28 11:36:39
IV3SKB   SOSB/15 HP   345,1802004-09-28 12:25:36
First day qrt at 17.50z, second day gd open to west coast.
US State Not worked VT!! ND,WY,MT,NE

Condition: IC-781, 6EL OWA(home made) Notepad IBM133mhz,WF1B software Tnc HAL

See on next CQWW CW 73 Andrea IV3SKB IQ3X IU3X
G3UHU   SOAB(A) HP   355,5522004-09-28 13:11:25
DX numbers above are countries+states/provs.Very nice to find some DX (75
countries including 7 new DXCC for me!). Condx better than I expected, except on
10m, I must have chosen the wrong times to listen, but I heard nothing there!
400W to R7000 vertical and Inv-L for 80m. Thanks for the QSOs!
73 de Dave G3UHU
KA4RRU   M/M HP   3,125,3582004-09-28 14:22:20
80 meters
IC 756 pro
dipole at 80 feet
400 watts

40 meters
IC 756 pro
2 el Cushcraft at 100 feet
KLM rot dipole at 50 feet
500 watts

20 meters
Th6 at 90 feet and th6 at 30 feets (th6 at 70 failed during the first night
900 watts

15 meters
IC 746 pro
4 el cushcraft at 40 feet
900 watts

10 meters
IC 756
th6 at 50 feet
400 watts

Hard to get people here at the "Right" times ... the last two hours of the
contest we had only 2 ops on 4 bands hi hi ( we have stuff set up nice and close
on purpose.... why do you think ops have two hands .... to hit two F2 keys hi

See you in the Rtty roundup

73 de MIke
YT6A   M/S HP   2,348,3042004-09-28 15:00:01
Second WWYC operation from YT6A big station in Boka bay mountain top.
Bad WX with static noise and frequent power cuts but we had generator.
MixW2 and N1MM Logger were used with TS-940 and IC-775 radios.
RTTY seems to be atractive mode for young people familiar with PC.

73 de Mario, S56A
AI9T   SOAB HP   1,587,9202004-09-28 16:16:09
Thanks to all that worked me. It was a long but fun contest!!!!


Steve AI9T
VK1AA/4   SOSB/20 HP   349,0002004-09-28 17:59:35
This year I have deicided to operate single 20m. Unfortuantely could not operate
for the first 8 hours missing prime long path opening to Europe but managed to
partially recover on second day. Worked 340 Eu, 130 Ja and 170 North American
for average QRB of 14000 km per QSO!

For the first time ever equipment performed flawlessly. Oldish FT1000D replaced
FT920- something that should' been done long time ago!

I felt I was loud however looks like most people do not listen for signal but
prefer to see it spotted. Good run was produced sitting high up in band avoiding
big guns from EU.

Highlights: being called by 9JKC, YS1CJA, NP4BM, 8P2K and TF3YH for double
Also being able to break US pileup for VE3EXY/2 in zone 2 and Eu's pile for

Congratulation to AA5AU for fine score and praises to his unselfish educational
work in field
of rtty contesting.

Nick VK1AA/4
VE3DZ   SOAB LP   699,4802004-09-28 18:26:15
My first RTTY Contest...

PC: PII 266 MHz + MixW2.12 + RigExpert2.1 USB Interface.

FT1000MP + TH6DXX + Inv. Vees.
VA7XX   SOSB/20 HP   458,2052004-09-28 19:49:22
Was not sure I was going to be able to participate in this one. Glad I got the
chance. Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble with the tri-bander from Saturday
evening through Sunday. Thanks to the sponsors, and those I had the chance to
KFØOH   SOAB HP   50,8092004-09-28 20:12:11
As usual, had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I couldn't spend much time on this
contest due to other committments. Picked up a couple of new ones and found
that the Butternut Butterfly with LDG AT-1000 Autotuner work just great
together. Easy switching between my Vertical and the mini-beam.
KI5XP(@W5WMU)   SOAB HP   2,222,4282004-09-28 22:56:50
Poof, what a weekend.

I've never been so sleep deprived in my life! Barely made it to work on Monday
and just now getting to where Im able to sit in front of the radio and take the
time to fill this stuff out and email the logs.

Lots of highlights, Antartica on 80M, Reunion, Isle of Man, S. Shetland, Zambia,
what a great DX weekend. At times I was like a hunting dog in training. I knew
that I was working the contest, but the lure of the DX was too great (like the
lure of that rabbit or whatever crosses his path) to the point where I had to
back away and work others instead of fighting the pileups. Sure its a Mult, but
it'll be there for a while, gotta get some more and not waste time.

Speaking of time, I have horrible management of it. My 4 hours of sleep couldnt
have come at a worse time, Sat morn from 7:00am to 11:00am, big no no, but I was
seriously burnt. Woke up at 11:00 and hit the street running never looking back
till Sunday night.. and lemme tell ya, its lonely on Saturday Night/Sunday
morning. I think its the first time I've ever heard 80 go from closed to open
back to closed, nothing, nada, nil.

Great contest, thanks for the Q's, see yall in the next one.

VE9DX   SOAB LP   900,5102004-09-29 00:00:55
TX: 30 watts, Butternut Vertical (80 - 10), Dipole (80) up 8 mtrs.

With the addition of the new dipole on 80, I can now be heard on that band.

Good fun... Thanks to all for the Q's

73 Andy (VE9DX)
OK2ZC   SOAB LP   1,138,6382004-09-29 02:29:28
2EL. QUAD 20,15,10M
GP 40M



F6IFY   SOAB(A) HP   60,1402004-09-29 02:54:32
Omni 6 + IC2KL
FB 23 + dipoles (no way to Ouest because Jura mountain just over me)
Writelog 10.49D
Happy to found my friends Pierre Marie 9U6PM on 15m (Hard to break his Pile up)
and also to give 2 multis to Pat F6IRF on 10m in a 30kms QSO (His score is
Condx too bad for me, only six US stations in the log (great ears)
9 hours in the contest: too long from my place...
Anyway a great contest.

73 de Philippe - F6IFY
OH5VG   SOSB/40 LP   50,2812004-09-29 08:43:00
Thanks to all for QSO's. Got my first contacts to NA on 40mb..

73 de Juha
M3DXL   SOAB QRP   20,4702004-09-29 11:09:48
13 years old, 10 watts out from an IC756PRO to a multiband dipole
NO2T   SOAB(A) HP   1,332,2082004-09-29 12:18:42
Wow! Terrific propagation. Wish I could have spent more time in the chair.
Age plus other chores limited me to 30 hours. They were a very nice 30 hours.
Thanks to all for the QSOs. In general this contest showed a level of skill
much better than the rest of the year. The newcomers into RTTY are learning.
They are on frequency and use short transmissions. I like to hear my name,
especially from the low power stations. It verifies that it is "jerry" or
"gerald" being called. Saves lots of requests for repeats.
73 de JERRY NO2T
LTØH(LU3HY)   SOAB(A) HP   1,787,1642004-09-29 12:19:33
DL6JZ   SOAB(A) HP   1,003,7942004-09-29 12:32:18


it was a nice weekend again. My goal was to reach my 1.080 QSOs and 1.25 million
points from 2002 again. In 2003 I was active as SOSB 80M.
Because of the lower sunspot number this year I had to improve my station for
this goal. So I equipped my FT-1000MP with narrow INRAD-filters on both IFs (400
Hz and 300 Hz bandwith). The result was exciting. The bands were full of RTTY
stations but I had not so much problems with QRM as in the contests before.
After the first 7 hour I realized that it would not be possible to work so much
mults as in 2002. So I reduced my goal down to 1,000 QSOs und 1,000,000

Highlights were 9U6PM, VU2WAP, SU8BHI, B1Z, EM1HO (10M!), 9J2KC and HC8N from
80 m to 15 m. I could not break through the pile up when ZL2AMI was very strong
here in the sunday morning hours. But Bob called me in the evening and gave me
two more mults. Thank you.
The lowlight is that I could work in 2002 19 states/provinces and this year only
12 on 40 m. Where were you boys from IA, KS, MN, ...?

I appreciate the friendly atmosphere in this contest and was glad to meet so
much well known calls and so much of the guys who were at the HAM-Radio in
Friedrichshafen this year!
NP4BM   SOAB LP   323,7652004-09-29 15:14:46
Nice contest,a lot of stations.
EY8MM   SOAB LP   292,4582004-09-29 16:56:48
Has no enough time to set up station on new qth.So was running 30 w most of the
contest except run of NA when I used 100W. Was chasing DX most of the time and
rarely called CQ.

Hope next year my new station will be ready.

A great fun as usual!

CU in the next SSB and CW CQ WW's!

73! Nodir EY8MM
KC5YKX   SOAB(A) LP   27,2192004-09-29 17:43:23
Worked this one during the off time of the TQP. Well at least did a little S&P
effort. Mostly out looking for new DX. Found some nice stuff like EM1HO on 40M,
HC8N on all but 40M, 9J2KC on 15M and HB0/DJ5BX on 20 and 40M. There where some
others but 9J2 is the only overall new one. Did not do any rumming though I a
sure I could have. Conditions seemed fairly good for this time of year. 20 phone
during the TQP sucked. Enjoyed it and thanks to all for the Qs.

FT-1000MP MKV @ 150watts
HyGain TH3MK3 @ 13M
40/80 trapped dipole at 10M
WriteLog w/ MMTTY and Rigbaster Pro FSK

VK6HD   SOSB/80 HP   7,8542004-09-29 23:55:08
No Zone 29 or 30 in the log!!!!!
XE2AUB   SOAB LP   69,6082004-09-30 06:03:05
Had very few time for contest but enjyed it very much.
DJ6JH   SOAB LP   30,3482004-09-30 10:21:24
Not bad for limited power(50wtts) and a Vertical
LN8W(@LA8W)   M/S HP   2,803,9442004-09-30 13:17:04
This was our first try in a RTTY contest.
We had a great time and are already looking forward to the WPX in February.

Big thanks to Don AA5AU for his tutorials on RTTY.

73 de
SY3Y   M/2 HP   1,680,9092004-09-30 14:15:31
AA5VU   SOAB LP   86,8642004-09-30 14:47:17
The summary from the CQ WW RTTY Logger (MacOS X) software for AA5VU says:

Band QSOs Points Multi Score
3.5 15 19 16 271
7 25 44 34 1496
14 95 187 120 22440
21 40 88 61 5368
28 6 18 13 234

Total 181 356 244 86864

As noted above I tried to input the totals to the web page but it will not
accept incomplete data. As noted in soapbox this was my first RTTY contest
and it was fun. You may want to manually add my totals to the list so the
others can move up by at least one. Who knows..... I may come in second to
AB5K in our neighborhood or zip code. HiHi
S53S(S57LWE)   SOSB/15 HP   271,1362004-09-30 15:20:41
YV6BTF   SOAB LP   1,188,5682004-09-30 21:16:34
Tnk to all for nice contest and qso's.
73's Jose YV6BTF
HSØEHF   SOSB/20 LP   31,4632004-09-30 21:59:34
Thanks to ALL QSOs

73, Nopporn HS0EHF
OK2PMS   SOAB LP   1,021,8782004-09-30 23:05:55
SW WF1B 5.02
SQ9UM   SOSB/80 LP   50,3582004-10-01 02:43:34
Tnx for all qso's!
I lost some multipliers - they didn't hear my call :-(

Ant: Inv.V @10m

73! Alex SQ9UM
IKØXBX   SOAB HP   117,0182004-10-01 04:47:29
Very nice to make many qso in few hors (just 8 hours of operation) with a simple
setup (Butternut HF9 IC756 with filters and home made little amplifier).
For tha major part of the time i used just 100 watt.
73 and cu in next contest.
Francesco IK0XBX
W3FV   SOAB(A) HP   1,600,5502004-10-01 21:08:05
Too many interruptions - Too much sleep!
Thanks to all for the contacts
VA3XRZ   SOAB LP   141,6622004-10-01 21:50:53
R5 and DP
AD1C   SOAB(A) LP   40,1852004-10-03 05:15:55
Did not get back from vacation in Montana until late Saturday, just played
around Sunday for a few hours. Nice European activity on 15m but nothing on 10m
except 5U7B (loud) and South America.
DL1EFD   SOAB LP   44,5502004-10-03 14:55:13
first contest QSOs at new QTH, started on Sunday afternoon.

TS850S 100W out, Zepp 2x21m up 8m on all bands,
Soundblaster MP3+ USB, AFSK
Writelog 10.49D + MMTTY 1.65
RW4WZ   SOAB(A) HP   808,1642004-10-03 20:30:49
FT1000 MP MARK V + QUADRA VL1000 + 5B GP
N5UWY/9   SOAB LP   55,4192004-10-03 20:33:05
Hard to translate what N1MM Logger spits out to what the 3830 form wants!

Couldn't tune trap dipole on 40 m.
K9MUG/4   SOAB LP   860,3002004-10-03 20:34:06
Great contest, surprisingly good condx especially on 15m.
I wish I had a younger body, I was trying to go 36 hrs, but couldn't make it.
However,The antennas, which have been this years big project, performed well.

In the early going, I quickly learned that no matter how strong a station was in
a rare zone, I shouldn't spend any time trying because, with low
chance.Buttttttttttttt.When I came across VQ9LA on 15m late in the contest,he
was very strong and I decided to try three calls. I almost fainted when he
picked me out of the pile.

I owe an apology to JM1XCW. Early Sunday morning, on 40m, he got my call without
the "/4" in the process of trying to straighten that out, I messed up
everything. Sumimasen tomodachi mata mata.

Tnx to all es 73,
OZ2MO(@OZ9GA)   M/S LP   797,3002004-10-04 03:17:05
Tnx for all QSO's.

de OZ9GA, Torben
and OZ4SK, Stig
W4UK   SOAB HP   707,2082004-10-04 08:50:06
Wire dipoles only.
EA4WC   SOSB/40 LP   27,0562004-10-04 15:09:22
For un smallproblem of helth I can not participate in Saturday night. Bu I am
glad with my result.

LY2IJ(@LY1PM)   SOAB HP   3,112,8272004-10-05 01:32:08

- Didn't manage to wake up at time - missed first 25 minutes
- Burned up front end of Mark V with signal from close antenna - so lost 2nd
radio on Saturday morning.
- Had to replace balun on tribander on Sunday - 1 kW RTTY differs from CW/SSB
- WL with two RTTY receiving windows makes a difference!
- 9J2KC called in on 40m 3 minutes before contest end - nice finish!

IC-746 (with 350 HZ filter), FT-1000 Mark V field, 2 x 1 KW PA,
two networked computers with WriteLog and MTTY,
3 x KL34XA stack on 40m tower, 4 ele 40 m beam @30m, KL34XA @ 20m, 80m
2 beverages (JA and US).

73 and CU in WAE RTTY
L44DX(LW1DTZ)   SOAB LP   789,9282004-10-05 03:55:05
G3LDI   SOSB/80 HP   52,5752004-10-06 23:17:50
1 Wasted lots of time with the misinterpretation of my call, mixing it up with
. G3TDI and G3WDI. PSE take more care with the copying and the check partial!

3. Not much time to devote, so decided on the 80m single band
entry and was surprised at the final score!
J49XB(DJ9XB)   SOAB(A) HP   352,9802004-10-08 13:32:45
Main supply don't work for 15 hours !
VA7IRL   SOAB LP   9,3622004-10-09 17:30:48
Once again, W7AY's excellent cocoaModem application made operating in an RTTY
contest an absolute pleasure.

I feel I did OK, given the hours I had to operate (2200 - 0200 local on the
Friday night and 2100 - 0030 on the Saturday). With the exception of VE7FO who
walked the bands with me (thanks, Jim!), all my operation was on a vertical on
40 and a low wire on 80 (20 was closed by the time I got to my radio).
Highlights being ZX7A, YV6BTF, DK3GI (a real treat!), ZL3TE (another beauty!)
and HC8N (when it was hard - not an hour later when my 3 week old daugher could
have worked him - there's a lesson for me there!) all on 40. Also got some JAs -
expected way more, but suspect that I didn't stay up late enough to get them on

Figured how to use the SSB slope tune on my TS940S/AT to cut down at least some
of the QRM, but I'd love either an FSK keyer for cocoaModem (hint, hint, Chen!)
or a narrow SSB filter for the rig. No pressure, Chen, but there are no narrow
SSB filters for the 940..... :-)

Just bought a Drake low-pass filter for my rig, so the XYL will be able to watch
TV in peace next time!

Loving RTTY more and more each time I try it - when's the next one?
WA1FCN   SOSB/20 LP   86,2502004-10-10 13:04:46
Well I tried..........shows what being away from rtty for over a year does...
of course not getting ready ahead of time didn't help.......ah but next year
will be different?
DAØBCC(@DJ1OJ)   M/2 HP   3,177,5402004-10-11 10:51:16
Most operators unknown with RTTY-software, a first try...
and a successful finish of one years operation with special
Callsign 20 years of Bavarian Contest Club.
DL1JB   SOAB QRP   13,9682004-10-14 05:23:57
TRX: Elecraft K2, abt. 10 Watts
ANT: G5RV halfsize

73 es cuagn next year,

Juergen, DL1JB
RY9C(@RK9CWA)   M/S HP   3,229,0092004-10-14 23:58:10
Poor propagation on HF, specially on 10 meters, leads
to less scores. Hope better next year!
RY9C is a new contest call of RK9CWA instead of RW9C
since Sept'2004 (more funny for RTTY :))
SP6EIY(STANISLAW)   SOAB LP   206,2382004-10-20 10:48:28
PJ4/W9ILY   SOSB/15 LP   346,0142004-10-23 08:09:50
Thanks to all for working me. Even though conditions were good, high QRN was a
problem, plus major power outages. Thanks, again.
MØGTO/P   SOAB LP   522,7122004-10-23 13:32:24
Rig: TS870S 80 - 90W out
Software: Writelog 10.48 + MMTTY
Antennas: 10/15/20m A3S @ 15m agl
40m HFV1 Vertical + dipole 9m agl
80m HFV1 Vertical

My home location near central London precludes any sort of viable contest
operation, either in terms of power or more particularly antenna(s). My contest
activity is entirely /P at an address around 90 miles from home, which makes for
a long, tiring, lonely weekend. This time I had originally intended to try a
basic form of SO2R, with a separate rig/antenna on 10m only. However a lack of
time to rig in the dark late on Friday evening, together with a computer which
wouldn't boot past the WIN98 screen dictated otherwise.

Thoroughly enjoyed the contest, and will next time improve antenna on 40m, which
was a total let-down! In order to get more than 1 QSO on 40, I lashed up a
dipole at 30ft agl for an hour on sunday evening - what an improvement on the
apparent dummy load I had used previously.

Next time???

Jeff Bateman
OK1KDO   M/S LP   21,9882004-10-27 16:26:39