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NA Sprint RTTY Contest   2010   March   Comment Summary

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KU5B   Single Op LP   3202010-03-13 19:26:00
20 already dead by 0240. Only had 40m antenna up.

Colin KU5B
KC4HW   Single Op LP   4,5502010-03-13 19:53:54
Used 204BA, 40-2CD and 160m dipole (for 80M).

Was surprised to work OE9II, and he gave me serial number 20. Guess he was
having some fun in the contest.

Did not think there were to many participants, but did see some nice numbers of
Qs for some of the station. Congratulations!

Thanks for the QSOs.

NØAC   Single Op LP   2,1562010-03-13 20:05:24
Exchange procedures were terrible. Information sent in the wrong order and long
winded TUs. There were lots of unanswered CQs on 80m.

Bill, N0AC
AB7R   Single Op HP   5,3902010-03-13 20:06:49
That was fun and my first Sprint effort.
N4JIK   Single Op LP   1,8722010-03-13 20:07:39
First contest from new QTH, had a few slight issues with the new antennas early
on - added an RF Isolator to the Windom and realized bad idea. Spent about 30
mins outside fixing that. Then initally had some difficulties with logger not
wanting to send AL instead of OK. Got the 80m antenna up today and it worked
beautifully - minus all the noise on it (dont know if its the band or the

Thanks again for a great test!
W6SX   Single Op HP   5,3722010-03-13 20:08:11
K3, ACOM 2000A, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, MMTTY, N1MM
KY4F   Single Op LP   2,5502010-03-13 20:08:39
Was just about ready to throw in the towel after the first hour. Somehow my
MMTTY settings were all fouled up. Couldn't decode hardly anything. Finally
had to stop, regroup and figure out what was going on. Finally got things
squared away, but lost a bunch of Q's. Finished the first hour with a whopping
11 Q's in the bag. Did I mention I thought about quitting?

Next two hours weren't much better, with 20 and 22 respectively. No jump balls
won. Tough sledding band condition wise, but at least I could read the print
from MMTTY! hi hi.

Last hour brought 32 Q's to the log. Finally felt like I was being heard out
there. Ah well. Great fun if very frustrating at times.

Thanks for all the Q's.

73, Doug
NI6T   Single Op HP   4,7942010-03-13 20:13:25
Remind me not to do this again!
WØBR   Single Op LP   6,4372010-03-13 20:13:54
That was fun. Thanks to Dave for organizing the team.
W4RK   Single Op HP   4,6402010-03-13 20:17:36
Good activity but slowed down at the end.
K6MM   Single Op HP   4,6242010-03-13 20:19:05
Where was everybody? 20M closed early. Not much joy on 40M or 80M either.
Folks still not getting the QSY rule figured out. No eqpt. problems -- a good
thing. Thanks for the Qs. 73, John K6MM
AD4EB   Single Op HP   7,6022010-03-13 20:20:16
Thanks Dave K6LL for pulling this team together. Enjoyed the contest, great to
work many new RTTY Sprinters learning the ropes.

73 - Jim - AD4EB
KØHW   Single Op LP   5,2652010-03-13 20:21:59
I tried to upload logs to NCJ and it said I missed the Contest!
K7ZO   Single Op HP   1,9712010-03-13 20:23:24
Winter returned today with several inches of snow - so instead of spending a few
hours on the golf course I figured I would spend a few hours playing radio. Only
have a low 40M dipole up here at the house so this was a single band affair. I
lost a few W1's in mid QSO -- with 300 W and a dipole at 20' getting to the
northeast from Idaho is not a reliable connection. Still, hopefully I gave a
mult to the deserving out there.

W7WHY   Single Op HP   4,3052010-03-13 20:28:34
boy, that was a struggle here. Conditions seemed pretty bad tonight.
Especially on 80. Mults on 80 are really down. Didn't work hardly anybody east
of Ohio. Was pretty much a CA-WA QSO party here on that band. Never
heard/worked an Oregon station.

Oh well, such is contesting. Thanks for the Q's. 73
K6LL   Single Op HP   8,2682010-03-13 20:44:34
I made about 10 second-radio qso's, but so2r is not my bag in any of the
Sprints. Participation was good enough to have a lot of fun. Thanks for the


Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

K3GP   Single Op HP   4,8842010-03-13 20:46:52
This was my first RTTY Sprint. It sure took a long time to get in a rhythm with
all the QSYing - It felt a bit like "controlled chaos". As with every RTTY
contest, I had plenty of fun.
W7MRC(NG7Z)   Single Op HP   4,3052010-03-13 21:11:39
Another case of barely controlled chaos. 20M closed early and 40M wasn't quite
ready but I plugged away between the grandkids interruptions. 80M sucked. Still
seeing goofy exchanges by the newbies. READ THE RULES! 73 Paul NG7Z
WØYK   Single Op HP   10,1912010-03-13 21:23:52
This is a really fun contest ... almost as much fun as the CW Sprint. We gotta
get more participants, though! I'm convinced 400+ QSOs are quite feasible if
there were more stations to work.

An indication of how slow it was became clear when Fred, WW4LL, alerted me on
40 that he was CQing on 3586! We quickly worked there, but how often do you
get QSY requests in a Sprint?

I was mildly surprised with all the JAs calling, plus a few BYs. But what
really got my attention was that every one of them had the exchange down solid
and were very snappy about it. Some of us could take lessons from our Asian

I guess we had at least 115 stations on if my 40 meter QSO total is valid.
That is on a par with previous Sprint participation, but intuitively it felt
like there weren't many stations on. OTOH, there were a number of new call

What was with 80m? The band was open for me all over NA, but hardly any
stations there. 20m was open a lot longer than there was activity, but I think
the limited stations that were on had all worked each other and headed for 40m.

There seemed to be a lot more confusion than prior Sprints. Often, I'd get a
QSO started and find 1-2 other QSOs fire up on the same frequency with
sometimes two stations thinking they were working the same station. Several
times I just skidattled away and started over.

Then, there was the W7 who was very loud, answered my CQ, but never gave me a
report. After several attempts, I deleted the QSO and CQ'd again. THEN, he
comes on and lectures me about not QSYing after our "QSO". There wasn't a full
moon tonight, was there?

Remember the log deadline is 7 days. Log checking will be done 24 hours after
that in order to meet the May-Jun NCJ publication deadline. This is, after
all, a "Sprint".

Ed - W0YK
KI7MT   Single Op HP   3,3352010-03-14 03:54:31
Well, that was interesting :-) Had fun, but I could not get into any sort of
rythum. Ahh well, there's allways the next one :-)

Tnx Dave for asking me to Join the SWACC crowd.

See ya in the BARTG :-)

K7HC   Single Op LP   2,2412010-03-14 06:36:16
Just got N1MM, MMTTY, and RTTY going 24 hours before this test. This is almost
all my RTTY experience in one evening, and I have to admire the ops that scored
much better than I. I can't get my log to enter online, but will continue to
try. Should have read the rules a lot more before jumping in! Don't know how
to check my op time by band, so I'm enterring my mults in the "op time" blank.
I don't think that the SPRINT format does well for low power as I called a lot
of stations that I never made a contact with. A bigger signal got them and then
they were gone.
N4ZZ   Single Op HP   6,5492010-03-14 06:50:17
Thanks Dave K6LL for the invite. Enjoyed this one for a change.

73 Don-n4zz
K6TU   Single Op HP   1,6752010-03-14 07:34:39
Last moment decision to participate and first
time participating in a Sprint! Could have done
with the practice session first but it was fun!
K5DU   Single Op HP   3,4802010-03-14 07:34:49
This is my first RTTY Sprint, my practice run. I knew enough not to burden any
team with my score.

I drove home through heavy traffic from a knitting class, gulped down dinner,
and started the contest 1/2 hour late. Then I had to figure out the sequence of
what to send and what to copy.

I am impressed by you folks with high scores. Congratulations and thanks to
everyone who had the patience to work me.

73, Susan K5DU
KB7Q   Single Op QRP   1,2752010-03-14 07:59:14
From my RV while camped out in the desert on the CA/AZ border.
W8AEF   Single Op HP   5,1152010-03-14 08:44:02
My first sprint. Crazy. I think I enjoyed just about as much of this as I can
stand <grin>.
FT-1000D, Alpha 76A, C-3 at 52', 40m4sq, 80m4sq.
KT6YL   Single Op HP   4,8202010-03-14 10:37:01
Thanks for the QSO's
73 Tiny KT6YL
NØXR(@NØNI)   Single Op HP   7,9542010-03-14 11:22:16
Thanks to Toni and Colleen for the use of the station.

I was impacted by logging software quirks. One of which I have informed the
contest manager about.

Glad to see more activity. 20m was better than usual, but 80m was down...

Exchanges were inconsistent, but I don't remember any that were extremely bad
this time (and nobody answered my CQ wanting to ragchew). I was surprised at
the number of DX callers that were prepared with the contest exchange.

Thanks for all the Q's,

Dean - N0XR
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   4,9022010-03-14 11:39:56
This looks to be a new QRP record, topping my March 2005
QRP score of 4488 as W6YX (K6UFO). I think conditions are
improving, participation is up, and I installed a new tower
and antennas last summer! Thank you to all the good listeners
out there who give the weak callers a second chance!

I had a scary start as the radio and/or computer locked up
in TX ending the first QSO. I tried turning the radio off and
on - but still TX locked, so had to reboot the computer, a
great way to waste 6 minutes at the start - and rattle the
operator. It was all working in the practice the previous
night. I hate computers!

After that I frantically sprinted on 20m until I was up to
a first hour of 40 QSOs.

Second hour I alternated 20m and 40m. Conditions were fair.

By the third hour there was nothing left on 20m, so all 40m.

Finally in the last hour I scraped up anything on 40m and
tried to find people LOUD enough who might hear me on 80m.
Lots of people there, but they couldn't hear me, and I only
worked East to Arkansas.

I was SO2R, and often had the other entry line checking a call,
so my "sent" serial numbers increased faster than my actual QSO
count - due to losing in the pileup and having to erase the call
and search again. I hope my high numbers kept you on your toes!

Except for the inital lockup, which I blame on the computer,
the 'ole MP performed well, and the new Kenwood TS-2000 worked
fine, except for some transmit hash I could occasionally hear
on the other radio. Not too bad, considering no filters (not
needed at QRP). The pair of MPs used to be worse because they
had matching IF frequencies, and often "heard" each other.

There were a few people who didn't QSY, but at QRP I don't
argue or try to instruct them :-)

Thanks for the contacts, RTTY is always fun!

NN7SS Burt WA (op K6UFO)

80m: Half-sloper from 60ft, half-sloper from 46ft.
40m: Force 12 Delta 240 at 78ft, 40-2CD at 48ft.
20m: C-31XR at 71ft, C-3 at 52 ft.
Yaesu FT-1000MP turned down to 5 watts.
Kenwood TS-2000 turned down to 5 watts.
Writelog amd MMTTY software, single computer.

QSO by hour and band.
80M 40M 20M Total Cumm
0000Z - - 41 41 41
0100Z - 23 8 31 72
0200Z - 25 - 25 97
0300Z 14 18 - 32 129
Total: 14 66 49
AL9A   Single Op HP   3,2282010-03-14 12:55:11
My first ever RTTY Sprint. Lots of fun at the start on 20M, but everyone went
to 40M too soon for me! Had more trouble on 40M getting replies to my CQ's
than on 20M. Really didn't like the stations who don't acknowledge they got
the QSO info before QSYing off the frequency. Leaves me trying to get a QSL or
TU or something to indicate we're done and I can take on another caller. Just
too much daylight already in AK for 80M to really be useful so it turned into a
two band contest.
WØEM   Single Op LP   3,3602010-03-14 14:03:11
My first full sprint. Not as many contesters as I had thought there might be.
But, had lots of fun. Thanks to everyone that worked me. Bands were so-so at
best. Looking forward to more sprints. 73, Jim, W0EM
K2DSL   Single Op LP   642010-03-14 17:28:03
Started 10 mins late, made 8 contacts, and then the power went out from the
storm. 14 hours later we had power again but when I got on, everyone was gone
KØAD   Single Op LP   5,0042010-03-14 20:00:25
It's nice to see the increased activity making the legal dupe rule a thing of
the past. My best band was 40 by far. Got beat on 80 a lot. With all the
increased activity, perhaps an RTTY Sprint primer of sorts is warranted. I
heard a lot of guys releasing the frequency and then signing their call making
it confusing as to whose frequency it was. The one I found the most strange
were the guys who QSLed by saying "QSL QSY DE W0ABC" (not a real call).

I think it won't be long before the activity of the RTTY Sprint rivals that of
the CQ and Phone version.


Al, K0AD
VA6APB   Single Op LP   5,1062010-03-15 10:18:00
Good fun, thanks to all those I worked. I only had 2 out of 3 elements on the
20m beam as Winter tree trouble damaged the reflector and it had to be taken
down after the contest. All other operation was with low slung dipoles.

Even so, I managed to increase the number of contacts and multipliers from last
year, even being on the edge of activity (apart from Alaska that is, poor

Its a pity this is my last entry to this type of contest, I'll be returning to
my home in the UK after Easter, but rest assured I will be on in the
International contests from over there just look out for G8APB instead.

73 de Chris
VE3JI   Single Op LP   3,5962010-03-15 15:18:51
Great fun as always
W9IP   Single Op QRP   4052010-03-15 20:26:25
First NA Sprint! Not as much fun as the NAQP, but a good contest for QRP.
KB2HSH   Single Op QRP   992010-03-16 16:06:29
Conditions were pretty lousy for the Sprint. I hope to score better in the QRP
category once the loop goes up in a few weeks. Also, this was the first
contest using a digital suite other than MultiPSK. Next contest, N1MM for