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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY   2007   Sep 29   Comment Summary

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DJ1YFK(@DLØTUD)   SOAB LP   115,9502007-09-30 03:51:59
TS850, tribander, dipoles @ 25m, N1MM + MMTTY

Operated from Saturday evening to Sunday noon, so missed lots of easy
multipliers and QSOs on the higher bands. Mostly S&P, some short runs on 80m.
Poor signals from the US, but some very nice surprises like D4C and HC8N on
80m. Great "ears"!

I am not a passionate RTTY OP, but compared to CW and SSB, I really liked the
low number of "anonymous" operators who never ID.
EY8MM   SOAB(A) HP   446,6602007-09-30 09:38:49
Limited time operation due to family activity. I had fun as usual.

CU in SSB and CW.

73, Nodir EY8MM
9A7P(9A3BIM)   SOAB LP   58,7942007-09-30 10:46:45
I was preparing for SO2R in RTTY fo first time. Few hours before contest my
computer crashed so i did normal SO for fun.
Many thanks tu 9A5CW , 9A6XX & 9A8MM for info about SO2R and PC/rig interface.
Sorry tu YO2NAA as we didn't made MS 20m WSJT sked after the contest.
Thanks tu 9A4DO for drinks we went to local gas station in off time.

PC: P-IV 3 GHz, 512 DDR, onboard sound, 2x17¨CRT
Interface: 9A5CW PTT/AFSK on RS-232 (i was doing FSK)
Rig: Kenwood TS-440S
Power: Most of time 100W, on 80m 60W due audio driving problems
Ant: 2el quad 15/20m, Inv. V singlefeed parallel dipole 80/40m

Thank you all for support and CU in ARRL RTTY roundup 2008
73 de 9a3bim

80m Summary
14 15 16 20 33



40m Summary
4 5 14 15 16 17 20 33



20m Summary
4 5 14 15 16 17 18 20 24 25 33 34 40



15m Summary

9A S5

S53M(S51FB)   SOAB(A) HP   83,0702007-09-30 12:37:13
Limited time for operations.
On saturday RTX was IC706MKIIG (100) and on Sunday TS850s with 1.5 kW PA.
Thanks to all who called.
VE3XD   SOAB LP   373,3242007-09-30 16:47:40
On the positive side this weekend had my lowest noise level for several weeks.
But propagation did not favour a high Q rate. Unlike many previous years in
this one I found it difficult to get and maintain runs for any length of time.
Usually my low power station does a pretty good job of running in RTTY but not
this time. At 500 Qs I almost packed it in but then came back after a break and
managed another 100. Thanks to all for the Qs and cu in the SSB and CW
G3TXF   SOSB/20 HP   509,3662007-09-30 17:03:05
My first effort in a major RTTY contest. Great fun. Used the ever wonderful
Win-Test contest program.

The CQWW RTTY contest is evidently growing in popularity. Hopefully "CQ" will
adopt the standard SSB+CW Results format for RTTY too. The current long lists
of callsigns in the published RTTY results make it nigh impossible to find
anyone. I know, because I spent much of the time while Win-Test was taking care
of sending and receiving my RTTY QSOs, looking for particular callsigns within
last year's CQWW RTTY Contest result listings!

Station was a 3el yagi for 20m at 80ft. Station MP Mk V with Acom 2000 amp.

It was great to meet so many familiar callsigns (from the world of dots and
dashes) on RTTY.

73 - Nigel G3TXF
PY2NY   SOSB/20 LP   347,1882007-09-30 17:07:38
A miracle! Never expected to do more than 500 QSOs under low power and no
propagation - but, wait!! I had propagation, at least!! Was really amazing!!
Thank you so much for being in my logbook. MK2R + N1MM/MMTTY done a great job
here, with old Yaesu Field, and older KT-34-XA 6el triband... I can´t remember
any other RTTY contest with 800 QSOs on one band only!! Even SSB or CW, doing
low power - i believe that I am dreaming hi hi hi hi... 73 to all and see you
next WW SSB Contest....
N6PC   SOAB LP   177,9752007-09-30 17:08:51
Given the predicted band conditions the contest was great.
W7OM   SOAB HP   160,0562007-09-30 17:11:12
Glad this is the bottom of the sun spot cycle.
N6XI   SOAB HP   8,8802007-09-30 17:12:00
All QSOs made by sending with a paddle connected to the K3 which translated
Morse into Baudot. Very cool.
K3SV   SOAB LP   19,6352007-09-30 17:13:25
Single vertical and 50 watts.
W6ZL   SOAB LP   47,7122007-09-30 17:16:23
FT-990, Writelog 10.63H w/MMTY
KT-34M2 @ 30', HF-2V, 140' Inverted L
W4ZE   SOAB(A) HP   1,042,4522007-09-30 17:17:07
Fun Contest. Thanks for everybody that worked and to the FRC - OJ.
AI4MT   SOAB(A) LP   132,5912007-09-30 17:20:03
First RTTY contest, limited time due to commitments and tower construction, but
had fun, 20m was bad here with local qrm. Highlight working HC8N on all bands
and amazingly 10 being open at the right time....

Paul - AI4MT
FT1000MP MkV 100w into a 160m Dipole at 60ft...
UT7L(@UR4LWC)   M/S HP   1,242,4842007-09-30 17:21:13
The propagation is VERY-VERY POOR!!!
TNX everybody for QSO's.
CU in SSB and CW parts.
73!de UT7L Contest Team
W7WHY   SOAB(A) HP   59,8212007-09-30 17:21:17
Great fun while I could get on. Only on for about 8 hours as I had to work
Saturday so missed any openings on 20 (if there were any). Got on and made a
few before church on Sunday. Did manage 2 Q's on 15 Sunday afternoon. Think
it was open but nobody was home. Nada on 10.

Conditions on 40 and 80 seemed really poor here Saturday night. The noise was
really bad on both bands. Good ears award has to go to D4C this time. He
heard me on 80 meters on the first call. Got a "?" from them, then they got my
call OK. Think that was probably the highlight of the contest here.

New England was 'missing in action here'. MIssed VT, RI, NH, ND and Wyo. They
are usually easy pickings here.

Went down the bandmap for the last half hour and took all the green and red
callsigns off except for P43A. Don't know where he disappeared to.

All in all, it was a really fun contest and I thank the sponsers for putting it
on. See you all in the next one. Log is already on LOTW. 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT +SB-200 ~ 300 watts
Radio 2 TS-450SAT
N1MM Logger 7.9.4

80 meter dipole, 40 meter vertical, homebrew 2 el yagi on 20, 15 meter dipole.
K4MM   M/S LP   209,3522007-09-30 17:25:46
I came down to visit my dad, K4MM, and we decided to play around in this one,
had a small laptop with WL RTTY, a makeshift inverted L antenna at about 25
feet up...and no we took turns all weekend in between fishing,
crabbing, eating, and just plain lounging around...well condx. seemed excellent
for the crappy antenna, was surprised to work Larry, VQ9LA, om 15 meters!! We
really enjoyed this one, and will be back for more!!! 73's and tnx fer all the
Q's..CU all in CQWW's this winter....John W4IX and Tom K4MM
W1MAT   M/2 HP   458,5752007-09-30 17:27:28
First serious CQWW RTTY...

N1MM was great for multi-op

Made a few mistakes in the beginning, but figured it out pretty quickly.

Had a fun JA run for the last hour on 20m.

Lots of fun, and thanks to my dad for making it Multi-2.

73, Matthew W1MAT
VE6CNU   SOSB/20 LP   4,9562007-09-30 17:29:00
I wasn't planning on doing this contest, as I had a lot of other projects to do
around the house. I managed to do about 2.5 hours at the very end, using my
FT-1000MP at about 50W, and my TH6DXX at 40'. Conditions seemed rather good,
so I'm assuming they were enhanced by all the activity. N1MM and MMTTY seemed
to work quite well, although I'm by no means an RTTY person. Hope to do more
in the coming year to become better at it. 73 and thanks to all who worked

AI4ME   SOSB/40 LP   2,4842007-09-30 17:29:09
CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0244 AI4ME 599 05 VA AK9D 599 04 KS
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0256 AI4ME 599 05 VA W7RZ 599 03 WA
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0437 AI4ME 599 05 VA J39BS 599 08
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0441 AI4ME 599 05 VA ZX2B 599 11
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0454 AI4ME 599 05 VA 4M5RY 599 09
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0455 AI4ME 599 05 VA KP2/NP3D 599 08
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0506 AI4ME 599 05 VA CT9M 599 33
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0509 AI4ME 599 05 VA 6J3RBA 599 6
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0514 AI4ME 599 05 VA HC8N 599 10
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0517 AI4ME 599 05 VA CO3CJ 599 08
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0522 AI4ME 599 05 VA Z360M 599 15
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 0528 AI4ME 599 05 VA YV6BTF 599 09
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 2226 AI4ME 599 05 VA WP3C 599 08 PR
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 2229 AI4ME 599 05 VA IN3QBR 599 15
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 2232 AI4ME 599 05 VA SQ9UM 599 15
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 2241 AI4ME 599 05 VA W9MU 599 04 IL
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-29 2248 AI4ME 599 05 VA UV5U 599 16
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 0102 AI4ME 599 05 VA KR7X 599 03 OR
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 0118 AI4ME 599 05 VA K0FX 599 04 CO
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 0128 AI4ME 599 05 VA 6W1SE 599 35
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2300 AI4ME 599 05 VA LX7I 599 14
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2301 AI4ME 599 05 VA VE3DZ 599 04 ON
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2302 AI4ME 599 05 VA W4UK 599 05 SC
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2304 AI4ME 599 05 VA G2F 599 14
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2310 AI4ME 599 05 VA K8AJS 599 04 OH
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2311 AI4ME 599 05 VA IK4MGP 599 15
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2312 AI4ME 599 05 VA K0TG 599 04 WI
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2313 AI4ME 599 05 VA 4O3A 599 15
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2314 AI4ME 599 05 VA K4TD 599 04 AL
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2315 AI4ME 599 05 VA VE3UTT 599 04 ON
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2318 AI4ME 599 05 VA KB1NYQ 599 05 MA
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2321 AI4ME 599 05 VA EF8M 599 33
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2322 AI4ME 599 05 VA W4GKM 599 04 TN
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2323 AI4ME 599 05 VA OM8A 599 15
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2324 AI4ME 599 05 VA OL3Z 599 15
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2326 AI4ME 599 05 VA I4IKW 599 15
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2335 AI4ME 599 05 VA W1TY 599 05 NY
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2336 AI4ME 599 05 VA W4RK 599 04 MO
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2340 AI4ME 599 05 VA N2BJ 599 04 IL
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2345 AI4ME 599 05 VA VA1CHP 599 05 NS
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2347 AI4ME 599 05 VA K8MM 599 04 MI
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2348 AI4ME 599 05 VA K0TI 599 04 MN
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2355 AI4ME 599 05 VA HG1S 599 15
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2357 AI4ME 599 05 VA WF3C 599 05 FL
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2358 AI4ME 599 05 VA W0GJ 599 04 MN
QSO: 7000 RY 2007-09-30 2359 AI4ME 599 05 VA KR4F 599 04 AL
VE3RCN   SOSB/40 LP   5,5202007-09-30 17:34:14
Dial on the radio was broken. Very hard to tune onto the transmitting station. A
few extra points for CCO.
VE3TPZ   SOAB LP   2,4082007-09-30 17:42:49
Only A few hours to play and do some more learning on rtty
N4PSE   SOAB HP   101,9062007-09-30 17:45:42
Need to learn to sit in the chair! Small amp helped but more time would be a
better way to improve my score. Thanks for Q's.
KQ6ES   SOAB LP   61,9922007-09-30 17:49:00
My first DX RTTY Contest. No logging interface and no filters made it hard work
but a great learning experience. I think one or two tiny sunspots showed up. It
can only get better.

John kq6es
W2TB   SOAB(A) HP   168,7402007-09-30 17:50:13
Had a great time despite the weak signals. Used a CL-33 tribander at 50' and a
80/40 trap dipole at 45'. Hope to put in more hours next year.
K5ZD   SOAB HP   507,1102007-09-30 17:51:20
Only limited time. Most of my operating was on the second day when conditions
were better. Missed most of the really good hours to Europe.

This contest just keeps getting busier and busier. Great to see so many new
calls from Europe - especially from Italy!

Where were all the USA ops? Missed lots of easy states. Of course, on most
bands the conditions were so poor we didn't even have backscatter.
K4GMH   SOAB(A) HP   1,761,9842007-09-30 17:56:31
Long Contest.

Lot of new calls showed up - great for RTTY contesting.

Thanks to all who were kind enough to work me and put up with my messed up
function keys operation from time to time.

One of these years conditions have to improve - don't they?

Had to operate the Contest using SO1R due to my poor planning due to having
elective surgery on Wed. before the Contest. My left ear has a bandage on it
making wearing headphones impossible. Never have figured out how to operate
SO2R without headphones!
WA1Z   SOAB LP   660,6002007-09-30 18:04:36
Bring on the sunspots.

This was my first RTTY contest doing SO2R and it didn't take long to realize
what I had been missing. I hate to think what this year's score would have
been if I didn't set up the two radios this time!

Almost finished the contest with a nice double mult, coming across BD7KLO in
the last half hour with a very nice signal into NH on 20 Meters.
Unfortunately, we couldn't make it.

Ten Tec Orion, IC-746PRO
RigBlaster Interfaces

80 Meter 1/4-wave Vertical
40 Meter Phased Verticals
20 Meter Delta Loop NE/SW
20 Meter Delta Loop NW/SE
15 Meter W8JK Lazy H
40-10 Meter Multiband Dipole
WØRAA   M/S LP   153,0002007-09-30 18:19:22
Band conditions were not good. Stations that were S-9
or better could not hear us, and we saw that happening to many
others. But, we managed to keep going and persevering and
think we did quite well. Thanks to all who gave us
contacts and especially those who were very patient
and had to ask for repeats.
W7MRC(NG7Z)   SOAB LP   44,7582007-09-30 18:19:35
Spent most of the time in the FISTS Coast to Coast contest because I'm the
manager. During the slow times (there were many) I switched to this contest.
RTTY wiped out the FISTS freqs especially on 40M. So it was hard to make CW
contacts on that band. Not a bad score for part time I guess.
73 Paul NG7Z
W1ZT   SOAB HP   255,2042007-09-30 18:25:44
Nice to hear all the activity and be able to spend time on the keyboard again.
My new 3 element SteppIR with the 40m dipole element worked OK but I miss the
"instant" band changing. Unfortunately, something is out of sync with my 180
degree element shift so it made some interesting moments in the heat of battle.
Thanks to all for the Qs and mults.
Icom 756 PRO II + Acom 2000A
RITTY (by K6STI) & WriteLog
3 element SteppIR + 40m rotary dipole @ 65 ft
80m inverted Vee @ 60 ft

73, George .. W1ZT
W4HJ   SOAB HP   153,4522007-09-30 18:30:04
MURPHY RULES!!! Had to switch to all dipoles Friday evening due to extremely
high SWR on Cushcraft A4S with 40M addon. Pulled it down Saturday morning
found a lose joint thought i had it back up and after 2 calls SWR thru the roof
again ... Antenna back down (tilt over tower) and finally found a bad trap.
Repaired and back up! By this time its 3pm local and this om worn out! Lots of
fun in the operating hours .. Thanks to all for the contacts and patience.
Ready for the next one.
WP2/AH8DX   SOSB/20 HP   511,0922007-09-30 18:37:22
I always have traveled for the CQWW SSB and CW tests but this was my first RTTY
TEST and I think I will do this one again. Now I can schedule to fly someplace
the last full weekend for Sept., Oct. and Nov.

I have a lot to learn about RTTY.

I took a flight from the west coast the day before the contest and arrived the
night before the test. My Icom IC-7000 really got the workout. The small
outboard fan from Ten-Tec kept the rig running cool all weekend. It was nice
traveling so light and not lugging around tons of luggage through airports.

Thanks for all of the q's and good luck to WP2/K4FO on the other side of the

Craig, WP2/AH8DX
W7ZR   SOAB(A) HP   397,0892007-09-30 18:45:09
Fun considerting conditions were POOR.
N4CBK   SOAB LP   219,9922007-09-30 18:59:27
My goal was to double the number of contacts I made in the 2006 contest (239).
Very difficult operating from an apartment. And the temporary 20/15 meter Moxon
combo I put up caused some TVI, so I didn't use it. All contacts were made on an
80 meter doublet thrown over some pine trees out in back of the building. As
always, it was great to see so many ACG and SECC members out in-force. Thanks
for the Qs and for digging me out of the mud. 1O1R.
K4TD   SOAB HP   924,5322007-09-30 19:03:18
First, a big thank you to everyone for all the QSO's. It was nice to see so
many familiar calls in this event.

Conditions this weekend were not all that great. Early in the contest, I
checked IonoProbe and it showed a Kp of 5 and an effective SSN of -4 (yes,
minus 4). At the end of the first 4 hours of the contest I had around 100
QSO's. When I shut down for the night at 0800Z on Saturday, I had just over
160 QSO's. After such a depressing start, I came very close to pulling the
plug for the weekend, but decided to keep on going.

At my QTH 80M had a very high QRN level both nights, 40M pretty much shut down
about an hour after sunset on Friday and Saturday evenings, and 20M didn't
really open until late-morning on Saturday. Sunday was much better with: (1)
20M opening fairly early and producing some good runs from Europe, (2)15M and
10M producing some suprise offerings throughout the day, and (3) 40M opened
early to Europe with EU signals being heard 3 full hours prior to sunset (I
worked my first EU about 2.5 hours prior to sunset). All-in-all a very sharp
contrast between the conditions at the beginning and end of the contest.

I use Win-Test logging software, which can produce some interesting data. Here
are some examples (all powered by Win-Test 3.14.0

QSOs By band - RTTY
! Hr ! 80 ! 40 ! 20 ! 15 ! 10 ! Total !
! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 00 ! ! 14 ! 18 ! ! ! 32 !
! 01 ! ! 14 ! 17 ! ! ! 31 !
! 02 ! 15 ! 6 ! ! ! ! 21 !
! 03 ! ! 17 ! ! ! ! 17 !
! 04 ! ! 18 ! 1 ! ! ! 19 !
! 05 ! ! 14 ! ! ! ! 14 !
! 06 ! ! 28 ! ! ! ! 28 !
! 07 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 08 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 09 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 10 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 11 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 12 ! ! 47 ! ! ! ! 47 !
! 13 ! ! 2 ! 30 ! ! ! 32 !
! 14 ! ! ! 30 ! 11 ! ! 41 !
! 15 ! ! ! ! 16 ! ! 16 !
! 16 ! ! ! ! 4 ! 12 ! 16 !
! 17 ! ! ! 38 ! 9 ! ! 47 !
! 18 ! ! ! 54 ! ! ! 54 !
! 19 ! ! ! 13 ! 5 ! 5 ! 23 !
! 20 ! ! ! 31 ! ! ! 31 !
! 21 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 22 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 23 ! ! 53 ! ! ! ! 53 !
! 00 ! 4 ! 18 ! ! ! ! 22 !
! 01 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 02 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 03 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 04 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 05 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 06 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 07 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 08 ! ! 13 ! ! ! ! 13 !
! 09 ! ! 3 ! ! ! ! 3 !
! 10 ! 32 ! 7 ! ! ! ! 39 !
! 11 ! 9 ! 31 ! ! ! ! 40 !
! 12 ! 1 ! 14 ! 11 ! ! ! 26 !
! 13 ! ! ! 87 ! ! ! 87 !
! 14 ! ! ! 41 ! ! ! 41 !
! 15 ! ! ! ! 19 ! 2 ! 21 !
! 16 ! ! ! 49 ! 3 ! ! 52 !
! 17 ! ! ! 59 ! ! ! 59 !
! 18 ! ! ! 18 ! ! 12 ! 30 !
! 19 ! ! ! 33 ! 5 ! ! 38 !
! 20 ! ! 1 ! 49 ! 1 ! 1 ! 52 !
! 21 ! ! 25 ! ! ! 1 ! 26 !
! 22 ! ! 59 ! ! ! ! 59 !
! 23 ! ! 57 ! ! ! ! 57 !
! ! 61 ! 441 ! 579 ! 73 ! 33 ! 1187 !

K4TD - Continents
QSOs All bands - RTTY
! EU ! NA ! SA ! AF ! AS ! OC !
! 39.0% ! 50.4% ! 5.4% ! 1.7% ! 1.3% ! 2.2% !

K4TD - Continents
QSOs By band - RTTY
! Band ! EU ! NA ! SA ! AF ! AS ! OC !
! 80 ! 8.2% ! 88.5% ! ! ! ! 3.3% !
! 40 ! 16.7% ! 73.2% ! 2.4% ! 2.0% ! 1.3% ! 4.4% !
! 20 ! 66.0% ! 30.1% ! 0.5% ! 0.8% ! 1.7% ! 0.8% !
! 15 ! 1.4% ! 46.6% ! 42.5% ! 9.6% ! ! !
! 10 ! ! 39.4% ! 60.6% ! ! ! !

K4TD Worked Zones
! 80 ! 40 ! 20 ! 15 ! 10 ! TOTAL
01 ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! 1
02 ! ! ! ! ! !
03 ! 1 ! 60 ! 55 ! 2 ! ! 118
04 ! 25 ! 104 ! 44 ! 10 ! 5 ! 188
05 ! 26 ! 146 ! 57 ! 11 ! 4 ! 244
06 ! 1 ! 4 ! 6 ! ! ! 11
07 ! ! 3 ! 3 ! 2 ! 1 ! 9
08 ! 1 ! 7 ! 6 ! 7 ! 3 ! 24
09 ! ! 3 ! 1 ! 2 ! 2 ! 8
10 ! ! 2 ! 1 ! 1 ! 1 ! 5
11 ! ! 3 ! ! 14 ! 3 ! 20
12 ! ! ! ! ! !
13 ! ! 3 ! 1 ! 14 ! 14 ! 32
14 ! 2 ! 24 ! 194 ! ! ! 220
15 ! 3 ! 38 ! 153 ! 1 ! ! 195
16 ! ! 5 ! 21 ! ! ! 26
17 ! ! ! 3 ! ! ! 3
18 ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! 1
19 ! ! ! ! ! !
20 ! ! 2 ! 17 ! ! ! 19
21 ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! 1
22 ! ! ! ! ! !
23 ! ! ! ! ! !
24 ! ! ! ! ! !
25 ! ! 6 ! 1 ! ! ! 7
26 ! ! ! ! ! !
27 ! ! 1 ! ! ! ! 1
28 ! ! 1 ! ! ! ! 1
29 ! ! ! ! ! !
30 ! ! 9 ! 2 ! ! ! 11
31 ! 2 ! 4 ! 2 ! ! ! 8
32 ! ! 5 ! 1 ! ! ! 6
33 ! ! 7 ! 4 ! 4 ! ! 15
34 ! ! ! ! ! !
35 ! ! 2 ! 1 ! 2 ! ! 5
36 ! ! ! ! ! !
37 ! ! ! ! ! !
38 ! ! ! ! 1 ! ! 1
39 ! ! ! ! ! !
40 ! ! 1 ! 2 ! ! ! 3

K4TD Worked DXCC
DXCC | CT | 80 | 40 | 20 | 15 | 10 | TOTAL
4O | EU | 1 | 3 | 1 | | | 5
4X | AS | | | 2 | | | 2
6W | AF | | 1 | | | | 1
7X | AF | | 1 | | | | 1
8P | NA | | | | 1 | 1 | 2
9A | EU | | 3 | 3 | 1 | | 7
CM | NA | | 2 | 3 | | | 5
CN | AF | | 1 | 1 | | | 2
CT | EU | | | 2 | | | 2
CT3 | AF | | 2 | 2 | 2 | | 6
CX | SA | | | | 2 | 2 | 4
D4 | AF | | 1 | 1 | 1 | | 3
DL | EU | | 6 | 76 | | | 82
EA | EU | 2 | 11 | 38 | | | 51
EA8 | AF | | 3 | 1 | 2 | | 6
EI | EU | | | 1 | | | 1
F | EU | | 5 | 23 | | | 28
G | EU | | 1 | 18 | | | 19
GM | EU | | | 4 | | | 4
GU | EU | | | 1 | | | 1
GW | EU | | | 1 | | | 1
HA | EU | | 6 | 7 | | | 13
HB | EU | | | 11 | | | 11
HB0 | EU | | 1 | 1 | | | 2
HC | SA | | 1 | | | | 1
HC8 | SA | | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 4
HI | NA | | 1 | 1 | 1 | | 3
HR | NA | | 1 | 1 | 1 | | 3
HZ | AS | | | 1 | | | 1
I | EU | | 13 | 59 | | | 72
IS | EU | | | 3 | | | 3
IT9 | EU | | | 3 | | | 3
J3 | NA | | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 4
JA | AS | | 6 | 1 | | | 7
K | NA | 45 | 272 | 125 | 21 | 9 | 472
KH2 | OC | | 1 | | | | 1
KH6 | OC | 2 | 4 | 2 | | | 8
KL | NA | | | 1 | | | 1
KP2 | NA | 1 | 1 | | 1 | | 3
KP4 | NA | | 1 | | 2 | | 3
LA | EU | | | 1 | | | 1
LU | SA | | 3 | 1 | 12 | 12 | 28
LX | EU | | | 1 | | | 1
LZ | EU | | | 2 | | | 2
OE | EU | | 1 | 5 | | | 6
OH | EU | | 1 | 3 | | | 4
OK | EU | | 4 | 17 | | | 21
OM | EU | | 1 | 7 | | | 8
ON | EU | | | 8 | | | 8
PA | EU | | | 10 | | | 10
PJ2 | SA | | | | 1 | | 1
PY | SA | | 3 | | 14 | 3 | 20
S5 | EU | 1 | 2 | 14 | | | 17
SM | EU | | | 1 | | | 1
SP | EU | | 2 | 20 | | | 22
SV | EU | | | 3 | | | 3
SV9 | EU | | 1 | 1 | | | 2
T7 | EU | 1 | 1 | 1 | | | 3
T9 | EU | | 1 | 2 | | | 3
TF | EU | | 1 | 2 | | | 3
TG | NA | | 1 | 2 | | | 3
TI | NA | | 1 | | 1 | 1 | 3
TK | EU | | | 1 | | | 1
TU | AF | | | | 1 | | 1
UA | EU | | 1 | 6 | | | 7
UA9 | AS | | | 5 | | | 5
UR | EU | | 5 | 14 | | | 19
VE | NA | 7 | 41 | 33 | 2 | | 83
VK | OC | | 9 | 2 | | | 11
XE | NA | 1 | 4 | 7 | | | 12
YB | OC | | 1 | | | | 1
YL | EU | | | 3 | | | 3
YO | EU | | 1 | 8 | | | 9
YU | EU | | 4 | 9 | | | 13
YV | SA | | 3 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 7
Z3 | EU | | 1 | | | | 1
ZC4 | AS | | | 1 | | | 1
ZF | NA | | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 4
ZL | OC | | 5 | 1 | | | 6
ZS | AF | | | | 1 | | 1

Powered by Win-Test 3.14.0
VY2LI   SOAB HP   754,3642007-09-30 19:09:27
First full effort in several years, if you call 8hrs of sack time Sat.nite, a
full effort.Not as young as I used to be!!These 48 tests are brutal.Seemed a
lot easier at the multi sites.Wow, some interesting stuff out there for an RTTY
newbie,however, I sure didn't do much in Asia; not one JA.No Zone #1 or #2,but
all in all not bad considering the conditions.Hope we got into your log.73,Bill
W4RK   SOAB HP   261,8882007-09-30 19:10:50
Good participation. 20M propagation not the best from the midwest. 40M seemed
good with some nice openings to VK & ZL. 15M limited to HC8N and a few PY and
AB4GG   SOAB LP   224,1752007-09-30 19:11:19
It was great to see all the new calls. We really need more bandwidth on 80m!
Thanks to everyone.

Kenny, AB4GG
K4HAL   SOAB LP   162,4502007-09-30 19:28:00
CallSign Used : K4HAL
Operator(s) : K4HAL

Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : 4 AL
Gridsquare : EM64XD

Name : Henry Wingate
Address : 979 Leeth Gap Cutoff Rd
City/State/Zip : Boaz AL 35956
Country : USA

ARRL Section : AL
Club/Team : Alabama Contest Group
Software: N1MM Logger V7.9.4

Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
3.5 106 121 6 7 32
7 78 131 21 14 31
14 188 391 43 17 29
21 10 25 7 7 1
28 18 54 6 4 0
Total 400 722 83 49 93

Score : 162,450
Rig :

Antennas :

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2007-09-30 Signature :
WK6I(@WC6H)   SOAB HP   909,5422007-09-30 19:28:11
Thanks to WC6H for using his great station, and for all the help!
K6TD   SOAB HP   68,1502007-09-30 19:31:55
For awhile, it felt like this contest was NAQP. Thanks for all
the QSOs.

73, K6TD -KR-
N6CK   SOAB HP   174,2462007-09-30 19:31:55
Handful of 10M q's, LU and HC8 (tnx Ed-W0YK!) Good distribution of Q's on
80/40/20 this year. Friday evening and Saturday operations. Thanks to everyone
for the contacts.

KR7X(@K7ZSD)   M/2 HP   1,103,2352007-09-30 19:34:30
Another enjoyable multi experience at Smoke Ranch with Brad (K7ZSD) and the
always lovely Ruth. This was the first Multi Rtty operation, as I usually op
the WW RTTY as SO2R, from K7ZSD. The Cinco Nueve Content Group asked if I would
consider doing a multi-op and,with Brad and Ruth's endorsement, it was agreed
upon. Conditions were not so good, the companionship was excellent. We ate well
and had great fun as always from Smoke Ranch. I speak for all the operators when
I give a big thank you to Brad and Ruth and to all the ops all over the world
who stopped by to give us a contact. We will see you all again in a month in
the SSB leg.

Ciao and 73 from the KR7X Multi operation from K7ZSD.
WØLM   SOSB/40 HP   4,0892007-09-30 19:37:27
Tough conditions as usual in the black hole. Didn't hear any EU until after 4
pm Sunday.
VA7ST   SOAB HP   309,5052007-09-30 19:45:02
* FT-2000, SB221
* N1MM Logger + MMTTY
* 3-ele CL33 at 45'
* Two 40M half-squares (E-W, N-S)
* 80M full-size delta loop
* No cluster


I've said it before, but this time I mean it: the flux can't get ANY

lower! This weekend's solar values: SFI=65, A=26>13, K=4>1 (and A was

26, K was 4 through most of the weekend). Have seen worse -- in a total


Really, really lousy bands. Did not hear any EU (not one!) until about 5

a.m. Sunday, then there was a slow trickle of weak EUs through till 8

a.m. or so when 20M finally opened up reasonably well.

Nothing on 10M (looked around for HC8N). 15M was dead except to FL and a

couple of deep SA stations. Down from last year.

Last year, worked 55 countries on 20M LP; this year just 48 HP. Sections

were down from 43 to 39, too.

The big gains this year were in sections and Qs on 40M and 80M. Antennas

were playing well(ish... no EU at all). Had some very nice surprises

from SA on 40M. ZM2A and JS3 on 80M were nice finds, too.

Heavy rain Saturday night and Sunday knocked down the power line noise

(thankfully). What noise remained was easily handed by the FT-2000 noise

blanker (long pulse) without nearby signals letting the noise through

the blanker, as I often found with the FT-920 when the noise blanker is

on. Sure like the 2000's filtering. Must be half a dozen ways to clean

up a frequency.

Sunday afternoon saw 20M packed from .060 to .115, with barely a space

to slip into. New callers were pretty sparse by that time, too. Tried to

go to 40M for the final hour, but only a few stations could hear me that

early, even with high power, so I went back to 20M and sought any fresh

stations that were around. Missed 600 Qs by one (with dupes: 607).

Time on task for this one: 23 hours. (25.5 last year -- it's easier to

stick with it when the bands are alive).

Next time out, I'll try SO2V -- would have this time, but couldn't find

an audio splitter to feed the two sound cards.

Full N1MM score report:
Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec
3.5 106 209 7 8 37
7 145 296 13 11 36
14 320 726 48 20 39
21 28 64 6 7 7
Total 599 1295 74 46 119
Score: 309,505

Year-over-year Qs Mult Score
2007 CQWW RTTY SOABHP 599 239 309,505 (1st HP entry)
2006 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 561 242 300,322 (Note: 102,480 as SOSB/20)
2005 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 365 221 189,840
2004 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 760 220 482,062 1st contest w/tower
2003 CQWW RTTY SOABLP 257 168 101,304

Looking forward to the SSB and CW versions.
KB1CJ   SOAB LP   30,5502007-09-30 20:16:18
Tough conditions for the few hours I operated.
W1BYH   SOAB(A) HP   309,3302007-09-30 20:26:03
Enjoyed the contest, but it sure was work. Had hoped to get a tribander mounted
this week, but didn't make it, so had to use an R5 ground-mounted vertical and
dipoles for 40 and 80 at about 30 feet. 300 watts helped, but noticed many
strong stations still didn't hear me. Limited available time over the weekend,
and overall poor conditions kept the numbers lower than I had hoped. There's
always next time ! Thanks to all for the contacts -

Station: IC756 PRO 3, AL80-A amp
R5 vertical, 80/40 dipoles @ 30 ft.
VE2FU   SOAB HP   350,2082007-09-30 20:34:29
With A index of 26, bad propagation, parts of the world where complete close to
this location...(INCLUDING LOCAL STATE PROV) ...S/P was the way to cumultate
qso's ... from 00z to 07z I had a grand total of 100Qs half on 40 and 80m ...
When I though to play 20M at had already shut down DEAD nothing...
WENT to bed at 3AM thinking of moving to an other HOBBY !
Second Night I went to bed at 10h30 just to put the body back in shape before
the head goes crazy !

It seems everybody moved to ALA ...making multiplier sweep almost impossible !
I still dont understand why so many missing states...

Thanks for all qso's still many new comers makes it more interesting...
73' cu next time Phil VE2FU
ALL QSO uploaded EQSL.CC
W6KY   SOAB LP   42,7462007-09-30 20:44:39
Only had time for a few hours of S&P..CU next weekend in the Calif QSO Party. ... 73, Art W6KY
WØMU   M/2 HP   37,9612007-09-30 20:48:34
Poor conditions to say the least. Spend much of the contest putting the shack
back in shape, setting up the logging programs etc.

Some sunspots would sure be nice.
KY7M   SOAB(A) HP   441,7842007-09-30 21:29:42
Hearing any Europeans was a treat from the West Coast -- only a few on 40m and
very limited on 20 meters both mornings. This contest will be so much more fun
when the sunspots return.
OK2SFP   SOAB HP   226,4642007-09-30 22:07:08
73 de Jarda OK2SFP
K7HBN   SOAB LP   47,6102007-09-30 22:09:09
Got a new radio (IC746PRO)on Wednesday, took a long unused rigblaster out of the
bottom drawer, got everything hooked up and working Thursday, and had at it
Friday. Ran about 75 watts and was pleased with the results considering the
generally poor conditions. I guess all coronal holes are scheduled to become
geo-effective on contest week-ends. de HBN
S55OO   SOAB(A) LP   53,3122007-09-30 22:24:12
My first internet remote RTTY contest with station just 10km away.

RIG: TS2000B, 100w, 3xPC
ANT: 3el. tribander, 40m 1/4vertical and 80m invV
SW: MMTTY, Writelog, Ham radio deluxe, EA4TX roto SW, IPsound, etc.

More info available on request.

OM7RC   M/S LP   280,8002007-09-30 22:51:10
My daughter's first 'big' RTTY contest ( after exam, but still without call ).

IC-751A 100W, vertical Cushcraft R7, LW + N1MM with MMTTY

Thanks to all for the QSOs and and cu in next one.

73 - Laci OM7RC, YL Katka OM3-0206
8P2K(8P6SH)   SOSB/20 HP   247,3242007-09-30 22:53:31
This was not a good week-end for contesting.

Had it all planned, then an issue developed at work which required my attention
from about 1400z on Saturday until around 2200z. That put doing well out of the

As it turned out conditions were just bad to marginal here so never got any
really good runs going and just when things were looking good, a freaky thunder
storm started up which put me off the air for nearly three hours around 2000z on
Sunday. This had to be the strongest lightning and thunder display I've seen
here in Barbados for years and it felt like it was right overhead.

So in the end it was rather a disappointing effort.

All the equipment worked well, but I detected a slightly sticky rotor on one
beam which will require some attention before CQ WW phone.

It was good to hear the usual gang of suspects with strong signals and also
good to hear signals from 6W, AH8, and SV9. HEard quite a few good dx contacts
but didn't have propagation.

Thanks to all the stations that worked me, especially the rare and semi-rare
mults who called in. See you in the rumble next year.

73's, Dean - 8P2K
N1MGO   M/S HP   596,0682007-10-01 00:03:49
Great fun! Saw lots of new calls, hope they continue the RTTY contesting!
Conditions were b-a-d, High noise level and weak stations make for lots of
repeats. Had several instances of a station call me, then start CQing right
on top of me, very rude.
Operators were assisted by KB1JXJ, KB1OZQ, W1UD and AB1GF, who did not operate
but assisted and observed.
Many thanks to KB1JXJ who kept the coffee and food coming!!!
The station worked flawless, better than the operators, who made some
Equipment: IC-756 Pro2, Ameritron AL-80 amp at 500 watts, WriteLog, and wire
dipoles in the trees on a city lot.
Looking forward to the sunspots returning!!

Gordon - N1MGO and Charlie - KT1I (also known as Bambi when in VT)
YB2ECG   SOSB/20 LP   52,6112007-10-01 00:10:43
It's always nice joining the CQ WW Series contest.
Sorry can not join the whole periode due to fasting days activity.
OH2BP   M/2 HP   1,166,6622007-10-01 00:44:23
First ever attempt of Multi-Two @ OH2BP. In spite of lousy conditions
everything went well, the team work was great. With famous Finnish 'sisu'
we did quite well the entire 48 h. Thanks for all Qsos.
S56A   SOAB HP   981,9892007-10-01 00:51:34
Fixed FT1K colling and kept calling CQ in SO2V mode. Some N1MM Logger problems
with two soundcards forced me using this IBM T30 notebook with 5 additional
devices. 22" LCD monitor with 1440x900 pixels was reduced to 1024x768 size.
Slept Sat night as 40m sounded poor. Not much DX and even USA on 10/15m.

It was fun after 5 days preparation on suny Adriatic island of Vis :-)

GUØSUP   SOAB LP   291,8162007-10-01 01:45:36
Thanks to all for the contact in difficult conditions.
My log is now on LoTW, but paper cards are welcome via the bureau or direct.

Very best 73

DL4SDW   SOAB LP   423,5762007-10-01 02:07:15
Got no runs when calling CQ. So most of the time i did S&P.
Some good signals from the southern hemisphere on 15m
but no propagation to North America on 15m and also nothing on 10m.

Highlights: HC8N and ZM2A on 40m with my little dipole

Thanks all for the Qs

73 de Juergen, DL4SDW
I2WIJ   SOAB LP   134,4292007-10-01 02:11:00
This has been my second RTTY Contest and the first CQWW ever on this mode.
Not a serious effort, since I was in and out during my spare weekend time,
and among other commitments I made the FSK interface (at last). Started the
contest in AFSK and switched to FSK late-saturday night.
I experienced varius RFI problems that still have to be definitely solved.
My flying/floating temporary interface need to be reworked
(just before next contest, maybe...??)
Poor condition on the higher bands, and this is no news, even if I made some
good ones: 9U0A, D4C, VQ9LA, CX3CCC (moreover I was not there when there
should have been possible propagation).
Clearly copied JT1F and HC8N on 40m, but I still was on AFSK then,
and without proper filtering it was almost impossible (for me) to make qso,
with their signal buried under strong adiacent signals.
CU next one, with the right interface!
Bob, I2WIJ
ON6OM   SOAB LP   71,8242007-10-01 02:13:23
Nice contest,have a few newone on this mode ! thanks to all.
See you in the next rtty contest.
73 Rene ON6OM
DO9ST   SOAB LP   13,1042007-10-01 02:45:26
Nice Test. I was always portable.
AI9T   SOAB(A) HP   55,6162007-10-01 03:13:57
No time for contesting this weekend "To many other things going on"
DK8EY   SOAB LP   43,0362007-10-01 03:18:16
ICOM IC-746pro, 2x20m dipole, 5-ele beam, N1MM,
W4MYA   M/M HP   920,0242007-10-01 03:35:45
Part time M/M but fun and nothing broke.
Thanks for the contacts.
Take care
AA5AU   SOAB LP   867,6322007-10-01 04:10:02
Those were the worst conditions I've ever seen for a CQWW RTTY Contest.
K8AJS   SOAB HP   496,5242007-10-01 04:26:58
There's been other comments about the propagation; basically, it was terrible.
The big indicator for me, besides the numbers from WWV, was the contact points.
It took me approximately 80 more QSOs this year to get to the same number of
contact points I had last year. Last year my points-per-QSO average was 2.29,
this year it was 2.02. Multipliers? This year I had 2 less zone multipliers and
15 fewer country multipliers, but my states and provinces were up by 41. Some
pretty good indicators that I wasn't getting out very far.

I can't stay up the hours that I could when I was younger, and with rates
primarily in the 20s, I wasn't interested in staying up those hours. I made
interim objectives to keep me interested, just to keep me in the chair. First
there was making more QSOs than last year, then there was getting to last
year's total of QSO points (as I said, that came about 80 QSOs later). Then
came trying to reach last year's multiplier total. Finally came the one that I
didn't reach: I was shooting for half a million points. I didn't get there, but
maybe next year there will be a little propagation and I'll be able to reach

Rig: FT1000MP + ALS-600 amp, 500 watts
Antennas: Sloper, 204-foot G5RV, 3/4 element quad (3 el 20/15, 4 el 10)
Software: WriteLog 10.58d
WP3C   SOAB LP   1,465,7802007-10-01 04:31:36
Hi everyone

As i supossed, very bad propagation specially (10M & 15M) but vwey fun! CU
in SSB & CW. 73'

Att Alfredo Velez WP3C
SV8CS   SOSB/15 HP   77,1642007-10-01 04:39:22
Conditions very poor.73
4O3A   M/M HP   6,267,0272007-10-01 04:40:00
Same team as last year, with reinforcement from Italy and Slovenia did Multi
Multi from Montenegro again.

This year we have some hardware improvements as new 2L80 yagi on 50m high tower
and high power band pass filters, which dispel interfering between bands.

Conditions were much better on low bands. We started on 80M with very good
runs, as expected, but 40M was very poor for us first night. Only 5 elements
wire beam was available. Saturday afternoon was painful with antenna on west,
but we worked some JAs, even on our CQ.

Sunday morning was amazing. Sunny and hot, without any wind at all. It was
perfect weekend for antenna and tower work. Some of us used it to lift up 3L40
full-size yagi. S55O and S57MM assembled antenna and prepared monster for take
of. First try we had at Sunday evening, under the reflectors lights, but around
22 local time I decided to left it for morning.
We started early, around 7 and day was wonderful. After 4 hours we finalized
action. Antenna finished on height of 32m on western tower and was ready for
use around 17 GMT. We all were very excited to watch first SWR checking and to
have confirmation that all we did very hard was correct. Yeeesss – SWR was as
it has to be and we are in battle with new big antenna! It gives us many new
MULTs from east and good feeling at the end of contest.

We will be RTTY again in WPX, with same team. Many are very thankful to all who
called us.

Log will be on LoTW soon.

Ranko – 4O3A
OK3C(OK2ZC)   SOAB LP   902,7572007-10-01 04:47:51
SO2R with N1MM and MK2R+ ....super
FT1000MP and IC746PRO

worst condx on high bands

see you on OK OM DX contest

73 Ludek
K4EA   SOSB/15 HP   31,9412007-10-01 04:48:58
Doing any 10 or 15 single band at the bottom of the cycle is challenging. Doing
it with the 'K' index at 5 was MADNESS! So call me "Nuts".

The highlight was working VQ9LA. I first heard him (S3) running EU but I could
not get through. 20 minutes later I found him (S1) calling with no takers and
with some effort, did get a QSO. 20 minutes after that I heard him CQing NA
with no takers. Now he was S7!

Thanks to all that braved the upper reaches of the MUF. It can only go higher
from here!
N2FF   SOAB(A) LP   223,0802007-10-01 04:51:23
Conditions seemed to be best on Sunday morning. I never heard EU on 21 MHz save
for CT3 and CT9 and managed only 12 QSOs on 10M. Everyone was pretty much
confined to 20 and 40 meters to the disgust of CW ops I am certain. At peak
times there were RTTY signals from about 7020 to 7065 and 14055 to 14140. That
is a pretty big spread and one guaranteed to send many hard core CW ops into
psychotherapy session all the follwoing week or month. It was so crowded on 20
and 40 that I was never able to get a run going there with only 100 watts. I
did manager a new one on 20 - Montenegro - to put me over 300 on RTTY
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   SOAB(A) HP   1,042,4052007-10-01 05:21:41
No 80m antenna really hurt but quitting early let me sleep :-) Loaded up my 20m
quad with 500 watts and at least got some multipliers. Hope all had fun.

Worse operator prize by far in recent memory - AI4XX
M5AEX   SOAB LP   69,5522007-10-01 05:33:05
Just a fun entry to give away some points. Propagation was awful, particularly
on Saturday towards the USA; better Sunday afternoon. Thanks to HI, ZF and KP2
for new band slots. Great fun. See you in the next rtty contest.
K1RY   SOAB LP   85,7462007-10-01 05:34:51
Hope I gave DE to a few who needed it. ONly 100 Watts and Dipoles here.
Being in Delaware (DE) had a lot of repeats for my state as many thought I was
sending from (DE) Had fun good see many old friends.
JR1BAS   SOAB HP   119,1962007-10-01 05:44:39
Rig: FT-1000 200W
ANT: 4el Tribander 12mH and Inv.Vee
KB1JZU   SOAB(A) HP   466,2902007-10-01 05:45:34
Enjoyed the contest as always.

I limited my operating time to a normal schedule and spent a good chunk of time
playing with getting SO2R functionality. At one point I spent a couple of hours
reconfiguring my station and filters. I didn't run SO2R for 99% of the contest
but enough to learn it is very problematic from my small lot.

Had a couple of great runs. N1MM tells me that I had a max rate of 180/hr for
several minutes......oh if I only couple continue that.

Best to all
K3MQ   SOAB(A) HP   717,6682007-10-01 05:48:15
This was a great learning experience using SO2R really for the first time with
no major problems. I need to learn to use both radios consistently, and I still
have some inter-band interference.

Conditions seemed better Sunday than Saturday. It sure is aggravating to hear a
S9 station but he doesn't begin to hear you - even with HP. Only worked one JA,
no VK/ZL, and for 20 meters ... can you say "QRM Hell" ??? But it was fun!

My goal was 1000 q's and a 1M score - got the q's with 15 minutes to go but
missed the score.

I had one op who argued Delaware (DE) was not a real state - he thought it was
only a county in Pennsylvania. TU ... QRZ?

Thanks to CQ and the sponsors for a nice fun contest, and to all the ops kind
enough to put me in their log. LotW and eQSL uploads coming.

Bob - K3MQ
OF8X   M/2 HP   1,837,6162007-10-01 05:56:41
This was our first time on cqww rtty from the arkala station. Propagation was
really bad and we missed a lot of 15+10m qsos. Also technical problems on
antenna relays and SWR on some antennas near end of the contest was eating
operating time. Big thanks goes again to our hosts for great station!
GM5A(GM4FDM)   SOAB(A) HP   1,802,1422007-10-01 06:29:36
This is the first time for a long while I have done Single Op - 48 hours. In
the end I managed almost 38 hours, by the end I think I was brain dead.
Conditions were terrible from the start and the K index went up to 5 on the

I only managed a handful of QSOs on 10m and didnt even hear the Sates on 15m.
Surprisingly enough 80m was almost as productful as 40m whilst as usual 20m was
the bread and butter band. Thanks to GM0GAV for the use of the shack and
to Gavin's wife Margaret (who was just out of hospital) for sustaining me for
the weekend. Just a few more numbers on the Solar Flux, A and K indices would
have made for a great weekend.

I hope next year conditions will be a little better. Its incredibly difficult
from 57 degrees north.
VA1CHP   SOSB/40 HP   177,9302007-10-01 06:43:18
Tried single band operation for a variety of reasons. For pure entertainment you
can't miss with 40 meters. You had a choice of
1. A CW Op who felt any FQ below 7030 was for CW operation only and would jam
any RTTY signal with a string of RYRYs. Funny it was OK for him to use RTTY to
jam you!!
2. Someone decided that HC8N was not a legitimate operation on the Galapagos
and would jam him whenever he transmitted. On Sunday HC8N moved below 7030 and
I wondered how he fared with the CW cop!
3. Various CW ops transmitting a string of CQ's on top of your signal, no call
given, no calls answered just QRM.
Makes me think the loony asylum was dumped onto 40 meters. Other than that it
was fun. Thanks for all the Q's and see you in the next one.

VE2RYY   SOSB/20 HP   388,1882007-10-01 07:35:37
Horrible Condnx...Never saw that before.Noisy bands...
Thanks to all
LN3Z(@LA3Z)   M/S HP   729,9162007-10-01 07:37:04
We will do this again in a more serious effort, but fun to work digimode contest
in spite of the bad condx. Need to improve our 40m antennas now before the
winter sets in. 26 hour active periode.

Congrats LB8IB for another super preformance in RTTY. Will have to take serious
steps to keep up with you....:)
KE1F   SOAB(A) LP   100,9802007-10-01 07:52:22
Fun contest
W1UE(@W1KM)   SOAB HP   2,320,5232007-10-01 07:55:04
Condx, to say the least, were lousy. On top of that, I had a high noise level
at the contest start. Still, it was a fun time.

Breakdown by continent:
Band Eur NA SA As Af Oc
80 126 245 3 7 3 3
40 273 216 14 16 8 17
20 753 284 18 62 8 3
15 1 38 20 0 6 0
10 0 4 9 0 0 0
Tot 1153 787 64 85 25 23

Only European worked or heard on 15M was F6HRP. Worked 17 JAs on 20M, all
Sunday afternoon- never heard any at any other time. This was a great contest
for SO2R- about 25% of the QSOs were done on the second radio. Even with the
contribution of the 2nd radio, the best rate hour of the contest was an 89.

Thanks for everyone for the Q's, thanks to those that QSYed for me or tried to.
and thanks to Greg W1KM for the use of his great station.

Dennis W1UE
K4HMB   SOAB HP   355,0722007-10-01 08:16:52
Well this sure was a mixed bag....a fun contest but sometimes frustrating
because of band conditions. It was good to see all who hung in there and
battled the noise. What a surpise to see 10 open some!

Thanks to CQ, the sponsors and everyone who participated.

Next year will be better!

AK9D   M/S HP   295,7782007-10-01 08:32:08
Didn't hear any VK's and very few JA's.
VE4EAR   SOAB LP   92,9042007-10-01 08:52:34
Well That was different! I had planned to put in a dedicated effort, but that
was not to be.

Friday was my XYL's birthday so that meant dinner, movie and managed only a
couple Q's on 40 after 0500. I thought Saturday would be the big day so head
for bed.
Woke up around 0800 with severe back pain and tied to put a couple hours in but
the pain in the back was worse than the poor conditions )High A, & K values).
Ended up in the emergency ward with what turns out are kidney stones. 12 hours,
some morphine and a bunch of oher pain medication and I am back at home.

40m was open to the lower 48 and out SA for awhile. Finally ventured to 80 but
couldn't keep my focus so headed for bed. Started back at about 10:00 on 80 and
40. Listened to the west coast and few eastern station working Thailand, Japan
and other Asian stations on 80 and 40. All I heard was Aurora and static. Did
managae to work a couple KH6 stations on both 80 and 40 but that was all I
could hear. My 100w and a dipole probably didn't help either.

20m finally started to open and actually could work a few EU stations. They
weren't strong but most were very patient and didn't seem to mind a few

A few PC lockups caused me to lose a few multipliers as I am sure the contacts
weren't completed. First time that has happened on RTTY so don't know what to
attribute that to.

Sunday afternoon I even ventured to 15m. Heard a few deep SA stations but
nothing else. Started to work them on my BiggIR vertical until suddenly the SWR
shot through the roof. Switching to the doublet I was back on the air but
signals were way down and couldn't make any more contacts. Headed uipstairs for
some pain medication and noticed the wind was really blowing. Turns out we were
having40km winds with gusts as high as 80km. Went outside to look at the
vertical and discovered that one of the telescoping sections had collapsed
effectively shortening the antenna. Way too windy to get up on the roof and try
to make a repair, so I headed back to the shack and see what I could do with
just the wire antenna. Hopefully the post mortem will show that the tape inside
the telesoping tubes was not damaged as it was fully extended at the time of the
collapse (3/4 wavelength mode on 15 m)
20m was tough as the path to EU had closed and SA was not quite there yet.
Snagged a few North African stations but that was about it for DX. Conditions
to the lower 48 were marginal as only east, deep south and west coast were

Nearing the end of the contest, I know the asian stations were starting to roll
in but nothing strong enough to work.

So kidney stones, pain medication, high winds, damaged antenna, intermittent
computer lock ups and the usual poor propagation conditions made for another
fun contest!

Thanks for everyone's patience and hope to hear you all again in a few weeks
during the SSB event.

OF4MFA/QRP(OH4MFA)   SOAB LP   10,8462007-10-01 08:52:56
Rig : Elecraft K2 5 watts, Ten-Tec M238 antenna tuner

Antennas : 40 m quarter wave wire.

Soapbox :
My first ever RTTY contest. Had to run QRP with TVI problems in my apartmet.
Managed to have more contacts than I expected.
Thanks to patient operators on the other end. It was fun, but I had other
activities too during weekend. Hopefully one day I can try with better antennas
and higher power.

73 Jukka OH4MFA
K9MUG   SOSB/80 HP   20,9102007-10-01 08:59:20
2-3 weeks ago I had scaled back my plans to a SOSB/80 due to health problems.
I started and ran into the terrible band condx so I went to 40M for a while and
decided there was no use.

Thanks to all, and to the ACG'ers, I'm sorry we had good participation and some
good scores as well.

Thanks to all who Q'd in my short outing.

WB9Z   SOAB(A) HP   1,495,9102007-10-01 09:11:17
SO1R operation again... one of these days I have to find the time to
build things up for SO2R on RTTY, I can do it on SSB and CW. All of
my free time this summer was used repairing and improving the antenna
system here.

As others mentioned... I thought conditions were pretty lousy... at least
for the first 2/3rds of the contests... with conditions improving
I thought on Sunday afternoon. It was nice to pick up many stateside
and DX multipliers on 15 meters then. Thanks to ZP5CGL for his suggested
QSY to 10 meters and the double multipliers.

I was really concerned with the fluttery signals on 40 and 80 the first
night. But, after checking the WWV numbers it confirmed there was some
type of solar disturbance happening.

Early on, I was really starting to wonder if my new 4 element full sized
40 was working right as many CQ's went un-answered. That was to change
as I spent the last 50 minutes of the contest on 40 with a endless
pile-up of EU and Asians worked including UK9, HZ, 4X, 5B & several UA9's.
I wish the contest would have lasted a few more hours... hi.

I'm looking forward now to CQWW SSB and CW.

KY5R   SOAB LP   70,4482007-10-01 09:17:04
My 1st time on RTTY and my 1st RTTY Contest. Very,very interesting. Oh also 1st
time to use N1MM married to MMTTY which configured without my input and
appeared to work flawlesly from a novice op's point of veiw. Spent Saturday
afternoon marrying radio to PC which I will not discuss here! Late Sat night I
got on and sorted out what to do. Condx, well everybody has weighed in on that
issue but seemed to be a lot of activity all in all. I suspect you will hear
more of KY5R on the RTTY mode in the future contest as the time I spent in
educating myself and monitorig other op's has peaked my interest. TNX fer the
Q's es GL to all. Tim,KY5R ACG
W3WKR   SOAB(A) HP   297,0652007-10-01 09:35:30
Thanks to CQ for having a very active contest even with Sunspot numbers at 0!
Saturday was difficult with conditions as they were. Band to EU opened late
and closed early on Saturday, but things were much better on Sunday. Found 6
new ones for DXCC on 80! Also was pleasantly surprised to find SU8BHI WAY up
the band on 20 for an all time new one. Nice to see Larry, VQ9LA, instructing
the unruly pile how to behave and wait your turn.

Blew a fuse in the T/R circuit in the amp late Sat., ranbaqrefoot Sunday.

Thanks to all for calls.

Byron, W3WKR
F8CRS   SOAB(A) LP   78,2752007-10-01 09:46:05
First RTTY contest, using 50w on G5RV and Vert 7Mhz. Almost absent on saturday
because of sickness..... bad propagation on 10m and 15m but good dx on my side,
heard 9M2,9M6 but no qso and a lot of JA(1 qso). good openning on 15m to south

73's david F8CRS
KØFX   SOAB HP   463,3902007-10-01 09:56:16
Thanks to the sponsers for another great contest.
Condx terrible as most folks have mentioned.
No EU on 80/40/15/10 and few on 20. Did manage
one JA on 80. Terrible local line noise all bands
didn't help. Thanks for all the Q's. Congrats to
K4GMH for another great score.

Equipment: IC-765 + SB-220 @ 400w
KT-34XA, 40 - 2 el yagi, 80 - 1/4 wave sloper.
Writelog Ver 10.41b and MMTTY

73 - Don K0FX
PY2EQ   SOSB/15 LP   3,6722007-10-01 10:03:03
Ic-706 50W Antenna G5RV
F5JKK   SOAB LP   135,6252007-10-01 10:04:01
TS-850 100 watts
halp sloper for 40/80m
8el LPA for other band
Something wrong on my 8el LPA wasn't time to make this antenna to work...
worked some new one on low bands
thank's to all -- log on LoTW soon
K7RE   SOSB/20 HP   81,5542007-10-01 10:29:33
Friday and Saturday saw abysmal propagation here, but Sunday
was much better. Never thought that I would be able to work
60+ DXCC countries on 20M at the bottom of the solar cycle
in one easy weekend, and from the frozen north where the propagation gods
have forsaken us. Still, I saw many times when east coast stations

were easily working EU
and not a peep or squeal seen or heard here from EU. I only put in about 20
hours as my single
band effort ran into early 20M band closings. I was relegated to mostly S&P
as calling CQ almost always gave me very low rates. I ran 300-400

watts, as there is no power catagory for SB. I missed MI and OK as well as
all of the close in 7 land states. I didn't
even work WA for the first and only time until late Sunday! Lousy propagation
for stateside here.Thanks to
all of the rare ones that showed up to make this a very fun
event, and of course to the contests sponsors as well..
KØBX   SOAB(A) HP   111,4122007-10-01 10:34:21
It has been a long time since conditions were this bad for the CQWWRTTY. I sure
hope the solar cycle starts to move up. Many Europeans had good signals but
just must have had their antennas pointed else where as they did not hear the
Although not a new one, the SU8 Egypt was sure nice to get. Not very much
activity from that country on any mode. I did work a few 4X4's.

JA, ZL and 5W at the end of the contest on 15 was very welcome.

Joe K0BX
DL9YAJ   SOAB LP   757,4882007-10-01 10:36:25
Nil condx on 10m. Only OG0Z and UU7J worked on all bands. 80% S&P, Running with
Low Power is a mess! DX that will not be logged in pile-up, will come into the
log at second day to my CQ-Call!
See you in 4 weeks!
AA5VU   SOAB HP   61,9362007-10-01 10:40:55
TNX for the QSO's. This was fun contest that was scored by hand using Excel.
My log
will not be uploaded to the CQWW robot due to format issues; however, the AA5VU
of 205 QSO's was uploaded and accepted by LoTW on 30-Sep-07. 73 Dick AA5VU

Ps: Most Q's were low power but 400 watts used for some DX Q;s
K6YUI(LARRY)   SOAB HP   81,9392007-10-01 11:48:24
N2TTA(@KB1H)   SOSB/20 HP   384,6402007-10-01 11:55:21
First time with RTTY for N2TTA and the KB1H station
YU1RP   SOAB LP   41,4122007-10-01 12:01:48
F6IRF   SOAB(A) HP   908,7042007-10-01 12:03:41
Small "single-radio" domestic setup: 2elts steppIR at 12m, 40/80 homemade
bibander vertical, 756Pro2, small amp and N1MM (just perfect as usual !).
All together, 3 fiberglass elements for the 5 bands !

Was planning to do a bit more, especially on low bands, but when I
woke up around midnight local time the second night, it was heavily
raining, which means, with my 380kV local power line, abt S7 white
noise on 40, and S9+ on 80... So no alternative than going back to
bed. I came back just before sunrise, when the rain had finaly
stopped, but must say, with limited motivation.
Condx have been very bad, this stat says it all: Only 15% of NA-stations
in the log (while the usual percentage in this contest fm my place used to be
around 35%).
Did not hear much from NW-states/prov (with the exception of Jim
W7EJ from OR) and wkd only 2 Californians on 20m. Nada from NA on 15m and not
even JA6GCE from what is usualy my best direction...
Fortunately a good EU activity allowed a few good runs at >100-rate
with a good 30mn peak at 110 on 40m saturday morning. My home-made 40/80
vertical(*) did a good job on 40m, where I worked more countries
than I did in 2005 in 40h of traffic, a dipole at 20m and a SO2R setup...
Just a bit of E's on 10m, but only to a few limited areas. Congrats
to DL0TTY for being my only 5-bander !

See you soon from CN !


(*) A description of my bibander vertical should be available soon in english
from my blog: (already available in french)
KE4KWE   SOAB LP   10,2482007-10-01 12:11:10
Only 2hrs most early in the morning. YL had other priorities. Yes I know which
side of the bread to butter!
LZ8A(LZ2BE)   SOAB HP   13,0202007-10-01 12:16:31
I was busy on my work during the weekend.
CUAGN next time!
73, Boyan
TM7XX(F5MUX)   SOSB/20 HP   744,4712007-10-01 12:52:28
First and unique RTTY participation was in 1997 with the famous WF1B & KAM+. Ten
year later, we enjoy the couple WinTest & MMTTY. Special Thanks to F6KHM Contest
Gang for lending me, once again, this SUPER STATION and thanks for your calls !
The Radio Club will be active during the SSB party with TM6M callsign in M/S or
M/2 categorie.
73 de F5MUX , Lee
VE3SS   SOAB(A) HP   312,8842007-10-01 13:35:40
I managed to get more time in for this contest and I had a blast.
Nice to see alot of the local contest group members cross my screen.
I also noticed the lack of activity from some of the usually prominent
states/provinces. Conditions were not at their best this time around.
Best moments for me were being called by HZ1 and VQ9,and working VK4
on 40m at 9:00am local Sunday morning.
Thank you to all who worked me.
73 Ted VE3SS
VE1OP   SOAB LP   447,8102007-10-01 13:41:36
Noisy low bands and terrible SFI/A/K numbers = big job staying interested for
this one, ended up also doing normal weekend chores...A few points for MCC...

73, Scott VE1OP
WW4LL   SOSB/40 HP   318,5282007-10-01 13:50:55
The is the first 48 test that I've done in a while and it reminded me why I went
to multi-oping. However, it was a lot of fun with plenty of activity, even
though as many have already said, the bands were el stinko. Thanks to everyone
for the fills.

This was also one of the few contest efforts that I ran Unassisted. I thought
I would be a little lost without the spots but it all turned out alright.

A couple of comments though, as dupes were greater in this contest than I've
ever seen them. Believe it or not, I had the same guy call me three times in
less than 5 minutes. This was very frustrating at times as occasionally the
duping station was louder and masked the point/mult station that I needed.

There was virtually no QRM on Sat. but by Sun., I guess the frustration was too
great for some to hold back any longer.

A very special thanks to Tom Rauch, W8JI for his assistance in setting up the
station as it performed flawlessly.

Thanks to everyone for making this a very enjoyable contest.

73'...Fred WW4LL
N2CU   SOSB/20 LP   19,2002007-10-01 14:11:29
My first ever RTTY contest, and first real attempt at using RTTY. Thanks to all
who stuck with me as I fumbled around. Two important things learned: set up
your macros before jumping in, and run high power. RTTY doesn't get through as
well as CW! I'll be back for more...

FT1000MP, TH6DXX @ 50', N1MM, MMTTY.

Tom N2CU <><
AA4V   SOAB(A) HP   144,3722007-10-01 14:14:30
Only a limited time to operate this week-end due to outside commitments. Band
conditions seemed OK for this time of the sunspot cycle. Several very strong
signals were heard including SV9CVY and 7X0RY on 40M.

Hope to hear you all from 4X0V in CQ WW Phone at the end of the month.
G3RSD   SOAB LP   120,8522007-10-01 14:52:12
KR1ST   SOAB LP   268,3022007-10-01 15:19:34
Rig: IC-756ProIII
PWR: 100 Watts
Ant: 20/15/10: three all homebrew remotely switched 20m doublets in
triangle configuration @ 30ft
40: 40m doublet @ 30 ft
80: 80m inverted V, apex @ 55ft
160: I-wish-I-could-use-it inverted L

First, why no 160m? Especially now that we are the bottom of the sunspot cycle
it would make sense to have 160m available since 15 and 10 meters are of
limited use. It probably has to do with tradition and will take another two
generations of hams before this mistake will be corrected.

Second, why no QRP category? There is a QRP category in the SSB and CW CQ-WW
contests, but not in the RTTY contest. Makes no sense at all, especially since
this an excellent mode for QRP operations.

Third, the ProIII makes a mean RTTY machine. The twin peak filter is an
incredible tool to use. When this Ukranian station decided to park one of his
tones in between mine, it didn't bother my reception one bit. But it did bother
the folks calling me, so I moved. (I did confirm that the Ukranian station could
hear me.)

Forth, I got a SWL (email) report from wa2033swl during the contest, which I
though was pretty neat.

Fifth, I'm surprised I lasted this long in the contest. Usually I get bored
with RTTY after just a few hours hitting the same three or four buttons over
and over again, but this time it was different. Maybe it was because I made it
more interesting by hooking up a webcam on a second machine and talked to my
dad (non-ham) across the pond during the contest in a video conference. This
way he could see what it is all about. A fellow contester across town did the
same so I had a nice video conference going on with him, too, and passed
the time more enjoyably. :)

Lastly, maybe I need to become more serious about RTTY contesting. I do like
the fact that all contacts count, as opposed to the other DX contests.

Thanks to all of you who answered my call and CQ Magazine for sponsoring this

--Alex KR1ST
VA2UP(VE2FBD)   SOAB LP   746,7902007-10-01 15:26:49
Many reasons to give it all up but glad I stayed, after all CQWW rtty only comes
once a year and I was looking forward to this one. We all know about poor
conditions so I will spare you. Not much of an 80M guy due to my limited space
for putting up some decent antenna but happy to say that it has been the most
enjoyable band in this contest. Got some new ones there and noise level vy
acceptable. On top of it I got answered by almost every station I called, not
so for the other bands where I struggled at times to be heard. Had to S&P most
of saturday and just a couple of acceptable runs on sunday when I have finally
seen my rate go over 100 qs (for vy short time), mostly I woulld see rates in
the 20s. Easier to park your car in downtown Montreal at lunchtime than to find
a spot to call cq in this one, I guess the crowd is getting bigger, welcome to
all new stations. Hope I'm in your log, glad you're in mine.
Looking forward to the next battle.
73, Fabi
OM8A   M/2 HP   4,999,2692007-10-01 15:34:15
Thanks all for QSO's . See you in the CQ WW SSB contest .
73 Tibi OM8A team
K4MIL   SOAB LP   32,5122007-10-01 15:56:19
First time in the contest. Learned real quick that low power (60 watts) and a
indoor antenna (due to property restriction) is not be to best way to go.
However, it was a good learing experience and most of all, I enjoyed it.
K1TTT   M/M HP   3,042,2502007-10-01 16:02:03
Bad conditions, limited number of operators, and being able to use separate
decoders on each vfo of the ft-1000mp's led to a couple interesting operating
catagories... single-op-3-radio was a fun one... cqing on 80, 10, and 15m all
at once. Also single-radio-2-operator where a new operator was handling the
main vfo cqing while i tuned the sub vfo checking the multiplier situation.
W7LD   SOAB LP   74,9482007-10-01 16:09:36
Was out of town all day Saturday. Put in 12 hrs total w/ 100 watts. Two hours
Sunday morning was really fun working EU DX on 20 meters.
de Jack / W7LD / "Lucky Dog"
EA2RY   SOSB/20 LP   124,6142007-10-01 16:17:03
TX/RX: FT-2000D
MODEM: RIGblaster pro
Soft: RCKLog 3.1
WA2ETU   SOAB HP   773,1452007-10-01 16:48:49
Unassisted. Missed WY. Not a good effort as there were other things of
interest to do and the wx was very nice.
HI3T(HI3TEJ)   SOAB LP   2,483,5092007-10-01 16:51:49
Thanks Guys to been logged this time:

As everyones knows 20 meter been the money band, 20 minutes before contest
a big pile up from japan and after start everyones disapeared.
Spent a lot of time on 15 meter till a decent opening worked everyones in
Bi directional mode in the Steppir.
My goals earlier in the contest reach 1800 and thanks to God I did it...

I felt very confortable with the FT2000 . Amazing and Great Rig
also good receiver into the crowd bands...

Best QSO South Korea and thanks all rare prefix came into the freq for a
contest exchange...

STEPPIR 4 ELE 20-15-10
2 ELE FOR 40


AO8X(EA8AUW)   SOAB HP   3,721,7282007-10-01 17:38:38
Hello guys !

Fantastic CQ contest again !! I have happened an enterteining weekend with all
you again.

Very nice to work HC8N & my friends from D4C in 5 bands !! and very others
more... Thanks you to all for your points and QSOs with my station, I hope see
you again. Vy 73 ! I very happy for wonderfull competition !!

73 de Edu EA8AUW - AO8X
KA2KON   SOAB(A) HP   88,6772007-10-01 17:51:29
Propagation from my qth was not the best. Beat my last years score by more than
5 times. Makes me pretty happy. Maybe next year I will have the confidence to
do some serious running. This was allmost all S&P. Thanks to those who had
patience with me.
K4RO   SOAB HP   379,2002007-10-01 18:16:24
Dedicated to our old grey cat Bela, who died
Friday morning at from kidney failure at age 14.
Very busy week here. We hosted a family reunion
and took care of our and dying cat. The contest
was a nice distraction from it all. Thanks to my
wonderful fiancee Susie for handling it all with
style and grace. Band conditions were tough.
See you all next year, and in SSB and CW 2007.


-Kirk K4RO
VE3GSI   SOAB LP   364,7362007-10-01 18:23:33
Many thanks to all those great Ops who took the time to listen for my low power
signals. Also nice to see a number of new stations. Looking forward to seeing
all logs in LoTW.
KA4RRU   M/M HP   1,904,1122007-10-01 18:40:16
Greeting from Catlett, VA

We used N1MM for the first time. - great software

all Icom Radios 756 Pro - II and III's

80 meter inverted Vee
40 meter 2 el at 100 feet - and - klm rot.dipole at 60 feet
20 meter 4 el at 70 feet - and - 4 el beam at 35 feet (south)
15 meter 5 el at 50 feet - and - 4 el beam at 30 feet (south)
10 meter 5 el at 60 feet

Plenty of Food!

Sometimes not enough ops.

Never enough QSO's! or Mults!

Plenty of hours when we had two guys running 2 radios each.

Some times when one guy was running 3 radios.

Very few times with 5 guys on 1 radio each - what a concept!- we should try
that more often :)

Next time I will get my ft-1000 out and go for the 1 radio 2 ops - like K1TTT
did this contest.

We all had a great time! CU in the ARRL RTTY Round up - SOLP

73 de Mike - ka4rru
6H1YYD(XE1YYD)   SOAB HP   238,3202007-10-01 18:55:24
Average rate: 10.4 QSOs/hour

80m 3 0 2 1 7 2 2 2
40m 142 1 123 18 301 18 14 33
20m 183 2 140 41 405 42 17 42
15m 128 1 105 22 277 18 13 35
10m 1 0 0 1 3 1 1 0
Total 457 4 370 83 993 81 47 112

Score: 993*240 = 238320 points
W1TY   SOSB/40 HP   70,7252007-10-01 18:56:50
Planned on a weekend of high rate RTTY. The propagation did not cooperate and so
it was just a few hours of play. Hard to remember 40m sounding so poor.

Thanks to all that hung in despite the difficult conditions.

Rick W1TY
HL5YI   SOAB LP   7,5002007-10-01 19:34:21
Cu agn another contest, But AM ONLY BAREFOOT.. G.L DE hl5yi chae. ..
SK3W   M/S HP   1,349,4502007-10-01 20:11:26
As SAC SSB and CQWW RTTY were on different weekends this year we got a chance to
enter this contest for a change. Heavy aurora made it very difficult working DX
on Saturday, things improved during Sunday.

K8MM   SOAB(A) LP   77,6792007-10-01 20:52:42
Condx were pretty bad! I did hear several more EU stations on 80M than I usually
do, which was nice. See you in the RTTY roundup.
WA2MNO   SOAB HP   18,3182007-10-01 21:25:48
Since I'm only running wires and a vertical and looking at my score it shows
that I probably should have run SOSB (20M) but condx weren't so great there
either. Either way, I didn''t spend a lot of dedicated of time to this contest,
not that it wasn't fun, it's just that I couldn't put in a full time effort for
one reason or another (cop out). But in the long run I like RTTY contests now
more than CW (can that be possible)? Well, for one reason it doesn't take as
much brain drain as CW but CW is still pretty darn good and it's easier to
multitask like talking to the XYL.

Now, for RTTY contests it can be interesting at times to know who exactly you
are having a QSO with but that's part of the fun!

73 - Bob
KØTG(@WØAIH)   SOAB HP   399,7012007-10-01 21:47:56
First of all, thanks to Paul, W0AIH for the use of his station. Due to other
things going on I did not get started until early afternoon Saturday.

I was really hoping that the low bands would be in better shape than they were.
With the thunderstorms in the area it was tough to hear. I had to shut down
for almost an hour on Saturday afternoon due to a lot of sparks flying. So
lost some valuable time on 20 and 15.

I managed to work LU1HF on 10. He was running EU but he was the only signal I
could hear. I tried CQing a bit, but no takers. It was nice to hear signals
on 15. I thought there would be some, but it was much more active than I
expected from the Black Hole.

In the last two hours I had set my sights on breaking the 800 QSO level. I had
about 75 to go to get there. I also wanted to break the 400K level for the
score. Well, I got to 807 for Q's but only to 399,701 for the score. DRATS!!!
Well it was not for lack of trying. An HB0 called me when I was on 40 and that
would have clinched it but we could not finish the QSO for some reason. He was
gone. I should have gone to at least a half hour earlier than I did. I tried
40 at about 2200Z and heard some DX, but it was tough to get thru the East
Coast wall. So I thought it might be better an hour later. I probably should
have toughed it out and gotten my run going earlier. 40 is a great band to end
this one on.

It was great to see the 10 minute rate above 100 many times! To bad conditions
were so poor. It could have stayed up there longer!

73, John K0TG @ W0AIH
9A5W   SOSB/20 HP   879,6202007-10-01 22:08:41
Saturday was terrible expecting final score less then 700K, but on Sunday CONDX
became much better.Finaly, score achieved is better then in 2006.
Thanks to all who called me.
YL7A(YL2GM)   SOSB/40 HP   229,1082007-10-01 22:48:58
Bad propagation to USA, only 1 QSO first night and 10 second.Wheather was very
fine and I have ant works on Sundy.
73, Yuris
K8ZZ   SOAB HP   237,1152007-10-02 01:06:20
Conditions not good but RTTY contesting is always fun. Use wire antenna's and it
took some work to dig out some of the DX signals. 73 and hope to work you all
again in the next RTTY contest. Ed K8ZZ
T93M   M/S HP   3,433,0402007-10-02 01:15:34
Danny, T93M; Boris, T93Y; Senad, T94CT and Akif, T94KC

CQ Station:
Alpha 8100 (abt 1kW)
Dell P-III 1GHz desktop + Win-Test v3.16.0 + MMTTY v1.65D
EZ Master + homebrew interface

Multiplier station:
YAESU FL-2100 (abt 300W)
Dell Inspiron 640m laptop + Win-Test v3.16.0 + MMTTY v1.65D
homebrew interface

80m - dipole at 24mh
40m - 2 el. Cushcraft XM240 fixed to USA at 18m
20m - 4/4 el. YAGI at 25/13m
15m - 5/5 el. YAGI at 18/9m
10m - 5/5 el. YAGI at 21/12m

We are very happy with the score which could have been better if we had
rotateable antenna on 40m and a few more watts at our multiplier station. Also
score would be much better if 15m and 10m were in the better shape but that is
another story...

Equipment worked great and without a single issue during the whole 48 hours.
This was the first time we used Win-Test for RTTY Contest and it proved as
reliable as on CW and SSB. Thanks Olivier and Laurent !

Danny, T93M whose last RTTY contest was back in 1996 was really impressed with
116 different countries worked and overall level of activity. Look for him in
SOABHP category of CQ WW SSB and for another MS activity in CQ WW CW.

Thanks to everybody who called. Please send your QSL cards to Mario, DJ2MX or
Ralph, K2PF

73's Boris T93Y (aka TOEY)
N2WK   M/2 HP   2,012,7502007-10-02 02:06:22
Very poor conditions. Seemed like everyone was on 20m. Very crowded band. Bruce
and I enjoyed it and thanks for all the Q's. Thanks to those who hung in there
with us when the going was tough. We had trouble with 80m on Saturday night so
that slowed things down when we had to trouble shoot. We could use a couple
more operators. :(

73, Wayne(N2WK)and Bruce(WA2TMC)
IT9RBW   SOSB/20 HP   206,3492007-10-02 02:21:55
I would like to blow up the mountain that close me USA direction. Just 27 state
worked...First time for me in this contest, to use the sounblaster whitout
modem it was very hard whitout modem.
Thanks de

DJ2YE   SOAB HP   183,3092007-10-02 03:43:45
TS-940, WF1B, TB-Wires
OM1AVK   SOAB LP   141,8102007-10-02 04:16:47
Details on
IT9STX   SOSB/20 HP   383,2132007-10-02 04:48:27
this year poor propagation, only a few hours with good propagation for USA.
A lot of troubles with my equipment in this edition. After a couple of hours, I
must turn down my power, and finally, was only 90 W, (only the radio power) I
hope best situation for the next contest. Anyway, I'm happy for my result.

cul, Bob
VK4UC   SOAB(A) HP   217,4882007-10-02 06:41:51
Signals weak all the time. Except on 40, NA stations were hard to come by.
IZ1LBG   SOAB HP   1,560,0002007-10-02 07:25:16
At last goood contest...
Good opening on 80 40 and 20 m to Asia and America. 10 and 15 closed in all
direction...Tnx at the guys on D4C it's the only station that I work in all
I had to stop 5 hour for problem at the power ampifier....
Tnx to all and see u on the next contest...
EM5U(UT5UDX)   SOAB(A) HP   2,146,4642007-10-02 07:46:15
Bad conditions,but anyway very nice activity from eu and usa(unfortunatly,only
on 20).Nice to hear a lot of my friends.
CU in ssb from ER4DX,Serge UT5UDX
IV3JCC(GIANNI)   SOAB LP   635,6202007-10-02 08:36:20
At the bottom of the propagation i could not expect more from my position and
my set up. Not last the usual daily problems....the phone,the friends and
especially my wife that she called me for every thing in every moment hi.
I think that the next WW i will make in a desert hi.
I am sure that i could make very better.
A surprise a vertical antenna for 40 m. home made, it has given big
satisfactions to me, above all for the place where i have been able to put
it,not having much space on hand.
I am also thinkyng for the next one to try so2r set up...may be.
While i have all the time in order to document to me as i can do whit SW and
If someone can help me he can send to me info by e-mail, they will be
TNX to all and i hope to read you on my screen.

73 de iv3jcc Gianni
set up:
ICOM 756 pro3
USB microkeyer interface
Optibeam 11-3 10-15-20
W3DZZ 40-80
Vertical half size 40
Acom 1000 at 150 w
K6MBY   SOAB HP   57,2392007-10-02 09:32:59
Missed the morning hours both Saturday and Sunday. Numerous EU stations but had
to dig to get many of them. Good opening to JA and the Pacific in the
afternoon. Amazing what can be worked even with zero sunspots!!
D4C(@D44AC)   M/S HP   4,998,0842007-10-02 09:33:29

Highlight: to work all of famous Finnish 'sisu' team members on 20 m
(3 dupes):-)

QSL info at


Girts YL2KL
YO9BXC   SOSB/15 LP   10,6202007-10-02 09:43:38
See you on screen in 2008 edition!
73's Florentin YO9BXC
HC8N   M/2 HP   9,090,1982007-10-02 10:10:18
Thanks for all the Q's.
W4UK   SOAB HP   251,7812007-10-02 10:15:03
LB8IB(@LA8W)   SOAB HP   1,506,2602007-10-02 10:30:11
Terrible propagation most of the weekend but I had a great time anyway
My SO2R skills are still improving and I pushed the second radio very hard this

Thanks to Peter, LA7SL we just managed to finish the 4-square for 40 in time
for the contest and it sure did help. It nearly equalled the 20 meter score!!!

Everything worked flawlessy except for some ghosts showing up in the shack the
last couple of hours. Maybe I should have slept more.........

73 de Olaf
F5RD   SOAB LP   102,7202007-10-02 13:07:51
Good contest, a lot of stations on 80 m to 15 m.
Some stations on 10 m sunday morning
I have contacted a new country (SU)
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again in 2008.
F5RD Bernard
KSØM   SOAB LP   49,2102007-10-02 13:56:59
WP2/K4FO   SOSB/20 HP   474,7202007-10-02 13:58:54
First CQWW RTTY contest - much nicer to contest with good antennas instead of
the copperweld up 15' at my QTH!

Thanks to all that called...

-Palmer (former WP2/K4FO, now just plain K4FO)
HA8BE   SOSB/80 HP   133,9202007-10-02 14:05:16
Rig: IC-765, home made linear KW
Ant: Vertical 28m
Rx ant: Low dipole, 2x50m lw

Nice contest! Thanks all for QSO's.
See you in the CQ-WW-SSB and CW contest!
73 from Bela!
W6YX   M/S HP   983,4242007-10-02 14:17:15
Station: W6YX
Location: CA (Stanford University)
Multi-single, All-Band, High Power
Operators: K6UFO, K6OWL, W6LD, AA6XV, N6DE, ND2T, N7MH

QSOs Points Zones DX: States Multipliers
80m: 153 183 9 8 43
40m: 392 786 23 34 42
20m: 740 1398 29 73 53
15m: 88 163 15 24 21
10m: 11 31 4 5 1
Total: 1384 2561 80 144 160

Total Mults: 384
Score: 983,424

Considering the poor solar numbers of SFI=68, A=26, K=4, We're
pleased we made 1,300 QSOs and had a fair amount of DX.
Compared to last year, it's eerie that we made almost the same
number of QSOs both years with SA, AF, OC, and AS - but were down
over 100 QSOs with Europe and 50 QSOs with NA.

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

NA 146 214 443 57 1 861 62.2
AS 2 133 184 1 0 320 23.1
OC 2 23 23 13 0 61 4.4
EU 0 1 60 0 0 61 4.4
AF 2 6 8 0 0 16 1.2
SA 1 15 22 17 10 65 4.7

20m was great to JA. V73RY was a nice mult on 15m in the
early evening. We tried moving him to 10m but we didn't hear
each other.

10m was strongly open to LU for a number of hours. Thanks to
the ops at HC8N for a 5-band sweep. We worked one local on
10m (K2RD) for a triple mult.

Some other good DX and mults were VQ9LA and P43A (both with
large pileups not well behaved), the ZS2DL and EZ, and we
heard and called two different JT stations on 20m, but
neither could fully copy us.

Thanks for the contacts!

K6UFO for W6YX Stanford University.

Equipment: Yaesu FT-1000MP & MkV, One Alpha 78 amplifier.
Writelog and MMTTY software.
Tribander: Force12 C31XR at 60 ft
10m: 5-el at 31 ft
15m: 6-el at 75 ft, 5-el at 25 ft
20m: 6-el at 65 ft, 5-el at 36 ft.
40m: 4-el yagi at 65 ft, and inverted vee at 55 ft.
80m: inverted vee at 55 ft (4-square not working)

QSO by hour and band.

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-0000Z ---+- 4 89 12 ---+- 105 105
D1-0100Z - 21 65 - - 86 191
D1-0200Z - 12 37 2 - 51 242
D1-0300Z 6 52 3 - - 61 303
D1-0400Z 15 37 - - - 52 355
D1-0500Z 55 - - - - 55 410
D1-0600Z 2 - - - - 2 412
D1-0700Z - - - - - 0 412
D1-0800Z ---+- ---+- ---+- ---+- ---+- 0 412
D1-0900Z - - - - - 0 412
D1-1000Z - - - - - 0 412
D1-1100Z 17 2 - - - 19 431
D1-1200Z 3 45 - - - 48 479
D1-1300Z 1 16 11 - - 28 507
D1-1400Z - 18 10 3 - 31 538
D1-1500Z - - 36 3 - 39 577
D1-1600Z ---+- ---+- 18 ---+- ---+- 18 595
D1-1700Z - - 39 - - 39 634
D1-1800Z - - 12 4 - 16 650
D1-1900Z - - - 14 5 19 669
D1-2000Z - - 36 4 1 41 710
D1-2100Z - - 40 2 - 42 752
D1-2200Z - - 42 - 1 43 795
D1-2300Z - - 24 7 - 31 826
D2-0000Z ---+- ---+- 42 ---+- ---+- 42 868
D2-0100Z - - 18 3 - 21 889
D2-0200Z - 3 29 - - 32 921
D2-0300Z 2 11 1 - - 14 935
D2-0400Z 22 8 - - - 30 965
D2-0500Z 27 4 - - - 31 996
D2-0600Z - 25 - - - 25 1021
D2-0700Z - 36 - - - 36 1057
D2-0800Z ---+- 25 ---+- ---+- ---+- 25 1082
D2-0900Z 2 26 - - - 28 1110
D2-1000Z 1 24 - - - 25 1135
D2-1100Z - - - - - 0 1135
D2-1200Z - - - - - 0 1135
D2-1300Z - - - - - 0 1135
D2-1400Z - 20 - - - 20 1155
D2-1500Z - 3 22 - - 25 1180
D2-1600Z ---+- ---+- 22 ---+- ---+- 22 1202
D2-1700Z - - 17 - 2 19 1221
D2-1800Z - - 9 12 2 23 1244
D2-1900Z - - 32 7 - 39 1283
D2-2000Z - - 14 12 - 26 1309
D2-2100Z - - 18 3 - 21 1330
D2-2200Z - - 22 - - 22 1352
D2-2300Z - - 32 - - 32 1384

Total: 153 392 740 88 11
NP4BM   SOAB LP   61,0642007-10-02 15:12:21
A fun few hours of operation, worked ND during this one and a few european
stations also worked a few south american stations on 10M.
JQ1BVI   SOAB HP   358,2582007-10-02 16:00:15
Good condisition and good contest.
Hpe next CQ Contest!
K3MM(@N3HBX)   SOAB HP   2,835,7382007-10-02 16:16:24
Thanks a bunch to John, N3HBX, for the use of his excellent station. No
beverages due to soybeans in the field, but bands were fairly quiet after some
light crashing Friday night.

I dont imagine anyone broke any records this year! 10 was just dead and 15
wasnt much better. I managed to work one I and one EA on Sunday there for
double mults! Woo hoo! My score was down about 10 percent from last year but I
was amazed it wasnt a lot worse. Q total was impressive considering...

I got caught napping Sunday morning when 20 opened at least 45 minutes earlier
than on Saturday and I struggled to come up with a run frequency. 20 actually
came to life late on Sunday with some very loud JA's and a couple zone 19's,
but no depth - perhaps cause it was Monday morning over there! Also snagged a
couple of VK's and ZL's long path late Sunday.

As would be expected 20 and 40 were packed with stations. 20 was
amazing...just a bottomless pit of stations even with depressed conditions for
most of the weekend. "I got nowhere else to go!" kept playing over and over in
my head! 40 was a slug-fest, but ended up with some halfway decent runs way up
around 7050-7060. Also picked up a JA calling CQ well out of the window at
around 7040 Saturday AM.

73, Ty K3MM
WA1FCN   SOSB/40 LP   63,2882007-10-02 16:37:41
I believe after about 5 years in a row operating 40 single band in
most any contest where there was a choice it's time to changed....
20 15 if in better shape next year for sure. 73 BoB WA1FCN
N2KI   SOAB LP   114,2572007-10-02 16:51:07
Given the band conditions, this was not one of my better score reports. I had a
blast non the less.
WØLSD   SOAB HP   597,6402007-10-02 17:03:39
My first attempt at SO2R. Sure great for multiplier chasing at this beginning
point. I can see when the sunspots come back and 20-15-10 are rockin and
rollin, SO2R will be the only way to go. There is a learning curve and the
attention you need for both radios/screens doesn't leave any time for watching
NFL on Sunday! Pretty poor condx to EU on 20 and worked only a handful on 40.
At this latittude it was a real struggle on 15. Apologies to guys if I was a
bit slow coming back. Too many buffers to consider.
73 Ken W0LSD
VE7UF   M/S HP   361,3422007-10-02 17:14:35
In order to enhance operator activity 4 operators operated 2 stations here at
VE7UF independently, VE7UF and VA7RN, both at my VE7UF location. The score
listed above is for the VE7UF entry. Stormy wx caused a rotator to fail on
Sunday which caused the VA7RN station to miss the 20M EU opening. The VE7UF
station also missed all of the Sunday EU opening except the last hour. There
was no Saturday EU opening. With the A index at 26 for most of the contest
conditions were very poor. The N1MM program worked 100%. All things
considered we had a good time. Our thanks to all that called.

73, Duane VE7UF
N2ZN   SOAB LP   41,9042007-10-02 18:13:12
Condx bad overall. 80M seemed to work OK, though.
AA4LR   SOAB HP   46,9502007-10-02 18:13:31
Cushcraft A3S/A743 at 15m (40m-10m)
Shunt-fed 15m tower (80m)

Elecraft K2/100 w/KAT100
Ameritron AL-80A running about 400 watts
Ancient Toshiba laptop
N1MM software with MMTTY


A very busy weekend, but I managed to put a few hours in Saturday evening and
Sunday afternoon. Very easy to work stations at this time, since they've worked
just about everyone else.

Funny story Saturday night. Everyone else had gone to bed, so I cranked up the
station. I noticed a weird hum coming from the amplifier that I couldn't
explain. About 15 minutes later, I heard my kids stomping around and screaming
in the kitchen. I ran upstairs to find the cause. Turns out, my rig was getting
into a set of powered computer speakers in the kitchen and tha was the source of
the weird hum. I turned the speakers off and sent the kids to bed.
WO1N   SOAB(A) HP   12,9202007-10-02 19:22:49
Equipment: FT1000D, C3-SS@38', R7, N1MM/MMTTY

Many cockpit errors resulting from a recent complete wipe and system software
re-install on the shack computer. It took a long time to get everything sorted
out in a non-serious effort just to get on and play. All S&P, just handing out

N5ZM   SOSB/15 HP   21,0972007-10-02 19:47:28
One really had to be nuts to try a Single Band 15 Mtrs with an A Index of 26. I
knew my time would be limited so I picked 15 just cause. I was only able to put
in about 4 hrs Sunday when the numbers got a little better. The rest of time was
spotty on Saturday.

Thanks to all who hung in there to finish the QSO with the many many requests
for repeats.

'Till the next one 73, Earl N5ZM..
N2QT(N@QT)   SOAB LP   618,6812007-10-02 19:57:07
hoped to try SO2R this time, but had a problem with the 2nd rig. Still managed
to double my score from last year....
K6GEP   SOAB(A) LP   124,9822007-10-02 21:47:43
Last year's CQWW RTTY was my first big RTTY contest, and I only logged 155 Qs.
My goal was to at least double that score, then I set a big goal of 400, which
I made by 2200z Sunday. Conditions started out bad, but got better. I got very
frustrated late Saturday night when I just couldn't find anyone new to work.

I'd say 75% of my Qs were US and Canada. For the first time in memory, I
did not work a P4 during a contest. Their pileup was HUGE when they hit the

Tnx as always to the super stations for putting their countries on the
air. Your sigs were BIG. Tnx HC8N, CT9L, CT9M, D4C and EF8M.

New DX: HC8N on 80, D4, CX, and CP
Ones that I tried but didn't get: HL, 6W, P4

Packet spot eye test: WP3C and WF3C (difference between Puerto Rico and FL)

I think for this one, assisted mode was a waste for me.

I hope to CU all in the Calif QSO Party next weekend!

Rig: FT-990
Antennas: 80 meter sloping dipole from 50 ft
40 meter sloping dipole from 50 ft
40 meter inverted vee at 50 ft
20 meter VE7CA dipole beam pointed east up 25 feet

Not much difference switching between the 40m inv vee and sloper

Software: N1MM + MMTTY Really enjoyed it except a couple of spurious
band switches! I swear not user error.
LY2IJ(@LY1PM)   SOSB/20 HP   641,1722007-10-03 01:05:57
Very nice JA run and very poor NA opening both days - K = 4 kils not only
polar path to NA here at 55 North but EU openning too. 184 JAs and 171 USA.
A lot of time for mult hunting.

Antennas - 5/5/5 monobander on 47m tower + 3 x KT34XA on 42 m tower.
IC746 + PA.
73 and CU on TB and in WAE RTTY!
Arunas / LY2ij
W4NTI   SOAB HP   71,4842007-10-03 03:05:04
This score is very likely subject to change. This is the first time I have
entered a RTTY contest, and my first attempt at using the internal MMTTY log.
I was told I would be sorry, and they were right.. hi. I'll do something about
that I assure you.

Poor conditions, but I had a ball anyway.
N4KG   SOAB(A) HP   327,4082007-10-03 08:23:46
This was a combination of Low Power and High Power (as needed).
Can you tell that I didn't spend enough time on 20M? DUH !
Best hour was 2300 to 2400Z Sunday, CQing 40M for 62 Q's
using my laptop to log and main computer to run MMTTY and Packet.
Yep, it's time to get serious and marry MMTTY to a compatible
and modern Logging Program. What's an old geezer to do?

Tom N4KG in North Alabama
DLØTTY   M/M HP   2,266,8182007-10-03 08:28:25
Very poor conditions. As reported by many stations we too became victims of the
"not heard" symptom. Thanks to all for your calls.
PI4COM   M/2 HP   1,318,1222007-10-03 09:08:09
We had fun as always.
Some operators were in this contest for the first time and they enjoyed it. See
you next year, maybe in the M/M class.
OL6X(OK1DIG)   SOSB/80 HP   246,0922007-10-03 09:54:30
Started in very stormy WX with lots of static and poor conds the 1st night.
The 2nd day and night was better nice NA run ( 115 contacts )despite the high K
values. Almost nothing from SA. But still very good activity on 80m even during
the daytime. Thanks to all for contacts and see you in the next one.
73 ! Daniel OL6X ( OK1DIG )
DR1A   M/M HP   2,435,8562007-10-03 12:00:17
Our first time in this contest, but we only managed a part time entry. DJ6ET and
DJ7EG had completed the work on the FSK interfaces only a few hours before the
contest. Now at least we can be active in RTTY on all bands, hi. Time
limitation of the operators allowed us only to be on 3 bands simulatanously for
5.75 hours, on 2 bands simultanously for 10.25 hours. One band was manned for
19.5 hours, while nobody was operating for 12.5 hours... DL3BPC came by for a
short visit on Sunday afternoon, got hooked, and stayed operating until the
end. Thanks Ron!

73 Ben
HR2/K2BB(@HR2J)   SOAB LP   806,8202007-10-03 12:31:37
Not bad at all, I think, for my first contest from DX location.
I had only three RTTY 3 contacts before going to Honduras and two of them were
cross-town contacts with my 'Elmer' - Andy NP3D.

Radio: IC-7000
Antennas: 80m Inv V @ 40', R7000 @ 20' and TH7DX at 40' tower
IQ4AX(@IO4T)   M/S HP   484,0962007-10-03 13:16:46
Great Contest!

We had a lot of fun as first experience on ratty.

We operated just a few hours from the running seat at IO4T. No multiplier
station has been driven.

Due to our spare time, we worked mostly 20 and 40m, 90% of the time during the
During the second night, we also used the contest as a benchmark for our RX
antennas: a K9AY and a Beverage toward US were switched over every call,
comparing signal srenght and noise level on the spectrum. RTTY can be pretty
useful for such a test.

A list of interesting DX follows:

JA 48
9M 3
ZL 2
VK 3
E21 1
JT 1
BY 3
VR 3
HL 6
DU 2
YB 1

plus KL7 and KH6.

Working condition:

FT1000MP - AL1200

80m: 1/4 wavelenght vertical
40m: Sloping dipoles
20m: 5L HY-GAIN beaming US / KT34A
15m: 5L HY-GAIN / KT34A
10m: KT34A

Software: Win-Test running MMTTY keying through FSK.

We are planning a serious effort for next year, and some minor & serious
activity all over the season.

Thanks you guys for such a fun, work you soon on ratty as IO4T - IQ4AX!

IZ4JMA Max (iz4jma AT
IZ4EFN Alessio (iz4efn AT
KR4F   SOAB(A) HP   201,3082007-10-03 14:48:20
Returned from France late Friday night and was punchy/jet-lagged Saturday
morning with first QSO at 1448 UTC on Saturday. But, it was a heck of a lot of
fun. I may get to like this mode!
WX4TM   SOAB(A) HP   775,2602007-10-03 14:53:09
Thanks to all for the Q's. Great to see so many other AL stations in there. Way
to go guys! 48 hrs is a killer for this old man. Had 900 q's at 2400Z Sat.. but
cudn't hang it there very well Sat nite or Sun.. Still had lots of fun and
always learn something new. Tried to make maximum use of the Cluster but was
not impressed with amount, accuracy or location of spots especially with the
poor props. Am sure I did better when S&P'ing. I dabbled a bit with SO2R but
don't have the stubs, filters or needed ant separation yet. 73 all. Tom WX4TM
VE3DZ(@VE3SY)   SOAB HP   1,596,1602007-10-03 16:12:13
Worst conditions I've ever experienced... Was in "going to quit" mood all
Saturday afternoon, finally pushed myself to carry on... Took long 7 hours nap
on Saturday night instead...
I was so bored that even worked VK9WWI on 160 CW and 9U0A on 80 CW with the 2nd
Also tried Dual mode of MixW 2.18 at the end of the contest... Allows you to
"see" both RX channels on the dual waterfall at the same time. Neat,if you have
dual-RX radio...
Also forgot to bring a cable for RigExpert/2nd radio, so ended up using
internal PC's sound card on one of the radios... Hands up, it loses to
RigExpert big time in terms of noise floor...
Anyway, another big one is over. Thanks to all for QSOs and big Thank You to
Paul, VE3SY for hosting me again.
See you all on SSB (VE2IM?).

73, Yuri
VE3JAQ   SOSB/20 LP   16,4452007-10-03 18:22:19
Was only able to spend a couple of hours at most due to family commitments and
First contest using the MTTY plug in. It works very well if its setup properly.
I discovered after the first hour that no one code decode my transmissions
because I was using the wrong settings &^%*&%#$ When I finally figured it out
the QSO's ame but it was too late.
PY2MTV   SOAB LP   42,5702007-10-03 19:16:36
Dipol Wire 7MHz @ 15', LOG N1MM VS 7.10.0 + MMTTY.


Guarujá SP Brazil
DV1JM   SOAB LP   344,9732007-10-03 21:23:22
Thanks to all for the Q's. See you next year.

73 and Mabuhay,

DV1JM - Jun
HZ1IK   SOAB HP   316,2002007-10-04 00:59:46
Partly very nice runs but during the other times it was very slow. But I enjoyed
the contest I only wished I had had more time.
73, Manfred HZ1IK
YL2GD   SOAB LP   409,6402007-10-04 04:37:14

K3NC   SOAB HP   1,754,2782007-10-04 07:05:30
Flex Radio Flex-5000a, Acom 2000a, Steppir 4 ele, 80m dipole.

A lot of fun and great to see some new and familiar callsigns!
KØD(KØRC)   SOAB LP   270,5482007-10-04 07:35:08
KØD was a special event callsign operated by KØRC from my home QTH in
Minnesota. See for the special event details. The KØD logs have
been uploaded to both eQSL and LoTW.

I had a great time with this year's CQWW DX RTTY contest. I had anticipated a
strong showing but propagation, weather, and adrenaline failure [read: getting
old] dictated otherwise! Friday night I quit at 11:00 PM and went directly to
bed. Saturday night the aurora was closing in and shut down the bands so I had
a perfect excuse for another good nights sleep. Sunday afternoon thunderstorms,
lightning, and precipitation static were additional excuses for restrained
operating time. I switched to my 40m sloper for some 20m contacts when signals
were drowned out in the roar on the TH-11DX. The SH5 utility shows I was active
about 20 of the 48 hours.

It was "interesting" to operate a world-wide contest using a Special Event
callsign [KØD]. After the contest I checked the DX Summit and I saw the call
was spotted 4 times over the weekend. I thought there would have been more
spots. There’s a lot to be said about the significance of "call recognition"
to help boost your rate. The first day, there were many many repeat requests,
to the point where I created a macro that included "special event callsign". I
don't believe the 1x1 format is very well recognized yet, at least in the
contesting environment. On RTTY, to the unexpecting, it looks like there's a
character missing. A number of stations took it upon themselves to insert the
missing character. For others, it was obvious KØD wasn’t a legitimate
callsign so they weren’t about to put it in their log! Oh well... The second
day this was less of a problem, although several stations gave up a QSO when
they didn't receive all 4 characters for a callsign. I wonder if D4C or G2F
experienced these behaviors?

I worked LU1HF, K1TTT, and HC8N on ten meters. I also heard VE3RM but he
didn’t hear me. Mostly the band was dead, but there were a few times when I
could hear RTTY signals popping in and out of the noise, in very short bursts
like a meteor shower event. It was never enough time for the decoder to lock on
and decode even a single character.

I started the contest Friday evening with a couple dozen contacts on 15m with
South America and Oceania, then dropping down to 20m, 40m, and finally 80m.
After 4 hours I only had 89 contacts in the log… quite disappointing. I
restarted about 6:00 am Saturday morning and my first contact was with Bob,
ZM2A and shortly after Wesley, ZL3TE. I bounced between 40m and 80m while
waiting for 20m to show some life.

I didn’t work any European or African stations on 80 meters but I did print
4o3a, ct9m, i4avg, i4ufh, iq1ry, s54e, and so4m. On 40 meters in the afternoon
I had to wait several hours before the reciprocal path opened up to Europe.
It’s the old phenomenon of receiving incredibly strong signals from the east
before dusk. I see others wrote about this in their soapbox comments.

I was running SOLP Unassisted and never got my rate above 100 until the last 45
minutes of the contest. I enjoyed this contest, even at the forced slow pace,
but like everyone else I’m looking forward to starting a DX contest on 10m
working Asia for the first two hours!

Thanks for the Q’s, thanks for participating in my “100th Anniversary
Special Event”, and thanks for the sponsors for supporting this event.

73 de Bob – KØRC in MN
K4FJ   M/S HP   1,319,7942007-10-04 09:34:07
A true M/S with no mult station. Amp failed on Sunday. K3KG made his first
ever rtty qso in this contest.
F4DXW   SOSB/80 HP   181,0412007-10-04 10:27:28
First participztion on the cqww rtty. It's a very good contest and a good
I hope to listen you on the cqww ssb ( callsign will TM6M ).

73 from F4DXW Stéphane ( TM6M team member )
KG4IGC   SOAB(A) LP   25,4612007-10-04 13:09:09
Did not put much time into this contest, had some computer problems that I had
to resolve. Had lots of fun the short time that I was in contest, perhaps next
year I will have everything working right before the contest begins!
KK5OQ   SOAB(A) HP   845,0642007-10-04 16:01:37
Surprised to see the DX total higher than the St/Province total.
J49XB(DJ9XB)   SOSB/15 LP   21,7502007-10-05 08:16:48
Bad Condx !
N3ME   SOAB LP   21,1752007-10-05 18:41:25
First RTTY contest as have only used RTTY for a few days.
9A7T   M/S LP   856,8842007-10-05 22:52:22
Very poor propagation. Mr. Murphy was very active, our 2 element quad came down
in the high winds on Friday before contest. We were forced to operate with
vertical on high bands until Sunday afternoon, when we put up new Spiderbeam.
Also one of our computer broke down (CPU), So we had no multiplier station from
Saturday afternoon onwards. But considering whole situation we are very
sattisfied with our score., especially on 40 & 20 meters.
YTØA(YT2WW)   SOSB/20 HP   450,8942007-10-06 05:59:57
Thanks to all, specialy to YT1WW Pera and YU1XX Bora for their greate support
during the contest.

OE2VEL   SOAB(A) HP   187,6292007-10-06 09:39:06
After 32 years licensed I finally made my first RTTY-QSO. How could I start, if
not in CQWW ...
OE9R(@OE9XRV)   M/S HP   1,722,5722007-10-06 10:18:48
First time in CQ WW RTTY DX Contest. A lot of fun with a lot of
friends. We will be back next year.
WF3C(@W4MLB)   M/S HP   894,4652007-10-06 18:58:08
TS-850 + Harris RF103A @ 1kw
TS-940 @ 100w
Moseley Pro67C @ 60'
Cushcraft A4S @ 40'
30m/80m inverted vee @ 58'
Writelog + AF4Z MultiModems (I must try this soundcard RTTY sometime)

A little disappointed not to break 1M in this one, but conditions on the money
bands (20m and 40m) seemed a bit down. 15m was a nice surprise, but not nearly
enough to make up for the (perceived) deficit on the lower bands.

Oh well, maybe next year. I'll (tentatively) be on again part-time for the WAE
RTTY contest in November.

Chris WF3C/4
LU7HEO   SOAB LP   226,1322007-10-07 01:13:20
I want to thank to all the ham who contacted. In my forty years as ham, I had
never taken part in any contest. Since I began with digit mode, seven years
ago, I had only worked 16 stations in RTTY mode. So I know that many of your
have to keep patient with me, just at the end of the contest I can say that I
could be a little faster. 73's for everybody.
DL6JZ   SOAB LP   500,5502007-10-07 09:19:24
The conds were worse than last year. But sunday was a little bit better than
saturday. With 100 watts it was impossible to keep a running frequency for more
than 3 minutes on 20 m. Since 15 and 10 failed, almost all contesters were on 20
m. So tha band was full of RTTY stations from 14050 to 14150. I missed the
JA-QSOs very much. No VK is in my log again. But could work D4C on 80 m to 15

Thanks to all for the QSOs and multis.

Rig: FT-1000MP (100 watts)
Antenna: 3 ele tribander, dipole
Software: WriteLog + MMTTY
N8IE   SOAB LP   12,8512007-10-08 09:56:26
Not much time spent, but a lot of fun had!

Dan, N8IE
LU4DX   SOAB HP   2,132,7502007-10-08 17:30:27
This is my first serious effort in a RTTY contest and I am very satisfied with
the score.
Good conditions, specially in 40 meters that it very entertained on Saturday
Europe was difficult enough in all the bands.
A contest more funny of what I was waiting.

Rig: Icom IC-775DSP
Amp: Ameritron AL-1200 @ 500W
Ant: 6 el. triband yagi (20/15/10)
2 el. yagi (40)
Double Bazooka dipole (80)

Paul LU4DX
KI1G   M/2 HP   2,651,4002007-10-09 13:58:33
Our old Pal Murphy stopped in to say hi this weekend. Good thing it is the
bottom of the cycle, but I am ready for some sunspots already !!

Thanks for all the Q's

Hope to print you soon

Rick KI1G
CT9L   M/S HP   4,137,9872007-10-10 01:27:50
4 operators together 250+ years and a lot of fun!
4X2Z   M/S HP   2,751,5522007-10-10 03:57:21
4X6UU Pauland 4Z4TL Isaak operated from Mikve Israel Agricultural School Club.
Thank to 4X6ZK Mony for help.
4M5RY(YV5KAJ)   SOSB/40 HP   322,6442007-10-10 05:01:12
Good participatin in 40M
K4AQ   SOAB LP   33,9762007-10-14 04:56:57

* Operated Sunday only after 1030 ET.

* WAC: 5 of 6 (missed OC)

* DXCC: 40 unique

Station equipment

* Rig: Yaesu FT-897D xcvr, 75 watts
(except first QSO was QRP with K1TTT on 40m)

* Antennas: 40-10m (Hustler mobile antenna mounted on 15-psgr club wagon)
80m (50-ft sloping bottom-fed No Counterpoise Antenna)

* Tuner: Ten-Tec 238 L-Network Tuner
(used on 80m; 10m to tune 15m resonator)

* Miscellaneous: microKEYER; WriteLog 10.63h

80m Summary
4 5



40m Summary
4 5 8 14 15 33



20m Summary
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 20 33



15m Summary
7 8 9 10 13


10m Summary
8 10 13


Matt Lee, K4AQ
Atlanta, Georgia
KC4HW   SOSB/40 LP   6902007-10-14 05:49:04
Check Log.
SV1DPI   SOAB(A) HP   486,6002007-10-14 11:21:10
I hadn't run many contests this year. I hadn't the time for a full time effort
agn on this. But i did as much as i could. And i am very happy for this. Tnx to
all who called me. Among others were some difficult stations, especially on 40m.
It seems that no other station from sv was active on 40m (hi hi). Unfortunately
the propagation wasn't so good. Best 73 to all and tnx for the nice time.

rig:Yaesu ft1000mp markv
pa :zz-1600 (500w output)
ant: 2el quad (20-10m)
inv-L (40,80m)
software: writelog 10.63 with mmtty
DK2AB   SOAB LP   353,2802007-10-16 09:44:15
I worked again with the wonderful antennas of DL2BWH. Thanks a lot Horst.
Quiet successfull first 48h-contest attemp. :)
LTØH(LU3HY)   SOAB(A) HP   2,529,8642007-10-21 18:16:38

I´m very happy good contest, good conditions.-

Tnx all QSO´s .-

CU next weekend from LU5HM like LP1H

Pse qsl card via EA7FTR

73 Juan LT0H (op LU3HY)
TMØRWC(F5NBU)   SOAB HP   1,094,8232007-10-22 08:47:30
station :
beam 3el steppir 14/21/28Mhz
beam 2el DXBeam for 7Mhz
dipole 2x20m for 3.5Mhz

ICOM IC 7400
TL 922 --> 500 max
wintest + mmtty
F5KSE   M/S HP   546,0152007-10-23 15:56:04
First participation for us, but good experience, very different of SSB contest.
Better for our voices. See you next year !