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WAE DX Contest, RTTY   2009   Nov 14   Comment Summary

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TF3AO   Single Op HP   83,1342009-11-15 12:29:16
Thanks to the sponsors, those who worked me, also to those who spotted me on
cluster, it really helps. Assume I am the TF winner, as I didn't see any other
from here. Hope condx will be better next year,
KB7Q   Single Op LP   36,7502009-11-15 13:54:26
Just knocking the RTTY rust off in anticipation of the ARRL Round-Up.
KJ6RA   Single Op HP   106,2602009-11-15 16:07:12
Not sure about the points, my WL just shows QSO,QTC & MULTS.
OP4A   Single Op LP   260,1992009-11-15 16:08:59
73 to all
WX4MM   Single Op HP   194,8322009-11-15 16:09:57
First RTTY contest but I had a good teacher (WX4TM). Hope to be able to
send/receive QTC better by next year. Tnx for all the contacts. 73, Mary
PY2NY   Single Op LP   623,0802009-11-15 16:19:22
Worst than years before. Arrived from NY Friday night, jetleg, tired... K3 is
not working fine, I am giving away because seems to be not the radio for me.
Probably, will back to 1000 Field next WW CW.
Anyway a great party! Hope to listen all of you next contest.
K4FX   Single Op HP   645,6242009-11-15 16:25:03
Icom IC-756 Pro II
Heathkit SB-220 @ 500w
Cushcraft A4S @ 23m
Homebrew OCF Dipole @ 18 m
PC Dual Core P4
Windows XP Pro /w N1MM logger & MMTTY

Lot's of activity this year, pretty good band conditions, worked some new ones!
5P9X(OZ9GA)   Single Op LP   643,8082009-11-15 16:25:29
Tnx fer all the Q's and the QTC's. Great fun with the QTC's.
Log on LOTW soon.

73 de 5P9X (OZ9GA)
K3MD   Single Op HP   453,3402009-11-15 16:29:20
Main linear went out Sat. AM, used backup (old 76CA).
N4RP   Single Op QRP   75,8942009-11-15 16:29:32
QRP 5W. Silly contest, no QRP category... Had significant problems with N1MM
doing QTCs, so will have to work on that...
KA2D   Single Op HP   489,4112009-11-15 16:30:41
Had a few power interruptions. Sorry for the incomplete QSOs and QTCs.
K7IA   Single Op HP   553,1102009-11-15 16:40:47
A nice RTTY outing with lots of worldwide participation. Band conditions were
fair, but not as good as in last weekend's Sweepstakes CW. An omen for next
weekend's Sweeps SSB, or, more importantly, post-Thanksgiving CQ WW CW? We'll
just have to operate them to find out!

I like the QTC exchanges, which I first experienced in this year's WAE CW a
couple of months ago. This time, however, stations outside of Europe can
receive QTCs and not simply send them. The Europeans are quite skilled at
receiving QTCs, but apparently, the rest of the world is not, witness the many
who refused to take them. Next year, I won't wait until Sunday morning to pass
my accumulated QTCs to experienced operators! Thanks to the many EU ops who
accepted them on Sunday! Thanks also to the other ops who gave the
send/receive process a shot. Even with automated logging software (mine:
N1MM), it's still a bit of a challenge to get everything set up and working
efficiently to minimize "AGN QTC:" replies. QTCs make for added interest in
what could be, compared to CW, a dull operating mode. I managed to leave only
84 unsent QTCs on the table.

Many thanks to the WAE sponsors and to those who will dissect the submitted

Dan k7ia
W9ILY   Single Op LP   240,8102009-11-15 16:43:15
As usual, a part-time effort, but fun. Condx on Sunday were disappointing. I was
pleased to work TR8CA on 15M. Really looking forward to better high and condx.
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   19,4542009-11-15 16:57:50
Was doing the contest with MMTTY in one window, N1MM in the other. Copy the
signal, close the window, enter it in N1MM then close that and open MMTTY and
send....very slow...the way I have always done it. Then, I started clicking
some buttons...and a digital window pops up. I modify the settings...and hey,
N1MM is working on my TS2000 (I always used at TS680 before). It worked fine. A
couple of times it lost the comm port...and I had to force it back to work
again. Last hour of the contest, I could not get it to diddle...the RASCAL just
stayed with the RED light on after a reset. Reset diddle....but could
copy fine. I must find someone who uses the 2000 and the N1MM programme to walk
me thru the settings...but maybe it is the RASCAL interface. Ohhh....and I must
learn how the QTC system works.
VE1ZA   Single Op LP   55,8222009-11-15 17:02:25
My first RTTY contest. Finally figured out the soundcard interface 12 hours
into the contest and then had to figure out what a QTC was. All figured out
now and will have to wait till next year to improve on the QTC's! It pays to
prepare before the contest. Good fun.
W7WHY   Single Op HP   18,2092009-11-15 17:17:42
Had to work Saturday so kinda shot this one down. Sunday after church the XYL
decided we needed to start getting the Christmas decorations out.

Seems like 80 and 40 were really noisy Saturday night and lots of QSB.

N1MM Logger sure makes sendiing/receiving QTC easy. Worked very well. Thanks
for the Q's and 73
KL8DX   Single Op HP   120,9302009-11-15 17:21:39
Did not get started until Saturday and the bands and path to
Europe was not too bad. Then came Sunday! Aurora levels peaked
and it was a struggle to hear much of anything let alone anyone
hear me. It was great to make several contacts on 15 meters
Saturday and I kept checking 10 meters but no luck! Wishful
thinking I suppose.

N1MM makes QTC'ing very easy! Should have started doing
that long ago. I will be asking to send / receive more in
future contests, great way to get some extra points.

Thanks for the QSO's and also the sponsors for a fun contest!
I wish I had more time to operate but it's less painful when the
bands don't cooperate.

Good DX'n!
Phil KL8DX
Denali National Park, Alaska

RIG: Icom 756PRO
INTERFACE: Rigblaster Plus
AMP: Ameritron AL-1500
ANTENNA(S): Mosley TA-34-XL & wires
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   108,9662009-11-15 17:30:50
73 - Rick WB8JUI
W3LL   Single Op LP   1,426,4372009-11-15 17:35:02
MonstIR, Beverages, 80M Vert, K3, Dell and N1MM with MTTY all continue to play
well together.

Left holding 300+ unsent QTC's.

Thanks for the Q's and QTC's.


Bud W3LL
K4GMH   Single Op HP   2,506,1542009-11-15 18:04:18
Thanks to the DARC for all the work before and after the Contest. Also, thanks
to all who were kind enough to work me. Special thanks for putting up with my
intermittent xmitting drop-outs. The drop-outs probably are caused by RF
getting into the computer. When the xmit drops-out it happens at the first
number in a string. Got to clear up the mess of wires in back of the op.
position as the next step to keep the RF out of the computer. Ferrite on the
leads going to the computer may have helped but didn't eliminate the RF entry.

Eighty and 40 meters were very noisy at the start due to a large storm going up
the East Coast of USA. Less band noise on the second night.

Fifteen was good to Europe both mornings from the USA East Coast. A lot of
QTCs were passed on fifteen.

Mike, K4GMH
W6SX   Single Op HP   113,9882009-11-15 18:28:04
K3, ACOM 2000A, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, MMTTY, N1MM
K2DSL   Single Op LP   56,7242009-11-15 19:07:30
Only 5.5 hours total possible (darn family events) to be on the radio with 1 hr
on Sat late at night and 4.5 on Sunday morning. I really enjoy QTCs. Sent them
or received them every time I was asked. Bands were in fine condition when I
was on without too much QRM between stations. I only took 1 peak at 15m and
made a couple of contacts but 20m was really only the active band when I was
on. Thanks for all the contacts!

73 - David - K2DSL
VE4EAR   Single Op HP   306,4322009-11-15 19:18:07
Not great conditions on 20m on Sunday, EU opening was very short and signals
were not strong at the peak. Saturday I just grabbed a few q's between chores
and helping the XYL paint the kitchen. Didn't get a good feel for the

My first contest using MMTTY for decoding. Previously I have used the PTC-IIusb
so it took a bit getting used to the new look and feel. My first reaction is the
PTC unit did a better job of decoding but I will reserve final judgment until I
can do dual decoding.

Great to see all the regulars and a few new calls as well. With 15m open it was
great to work a few new states for the WAS award. In the past several weeks, 15m
has only opened long to the extreme edges of North America but this weekend, a
few close in contacts with MN, WI, SK and ON were made.

I see that VA7ST made quite a few contacts on 10m on Saturday. Sorry I missed
the opening.

This is a great fun and challenging event. Thanks to DARC for sponsoring this

See all my NA friends next week in SS-SSB

KT6YL   Single Op HP   150,1442009-11-15 19:24:25
This was my first WAE RTTY, the QTC exchange makes it both fun and interesting.
N1MM does a great job doing most of the work for you anyway when receiving and
sending QTC's. I hope for better conditions next time, because I really didn't
work all that much of Europe, but still a fun weekend playing radio in my
favorite mode.
Thanks for all the QSO's and CU in the next one!
73 de Tiny
KB3LVH   Single Op LP   100,2332009-11-15 19:27:54
This was another fun contest with many friendly contesters. Thanks to DQ4W who
was nice to compliment my patience while he tried copying my QTC's through the
mud with a "You got a good spirit" when it comes to my beliefs in contesting.
73 de KB3LVH
VA7ST   Single Op LP   268,5782009-11-15 20:36:31
* FT-2000 + FT-920
* N1MM Logger + MMTTY
* 3-ele. Steppir at 40'
* 40M Steppir dipole at 40'
* 40M 2 x elevated verticals (N-S)
* 80M 2 x elevated verticals (E-W)
* Short beverage -- 270' (E-W)

2009: SFI=75 | A= 5 | K= 1 (opened with flus at 75, A=1, K=0)
2008: SFI=68 | A=14 | K= 3

Day 1: 330 90 239
Day 2: 254 100 108

Year QSO QTC Mults Score
2009: 584 190 347 268,578 < LP 24 hrs
2008: 346 120 215 100,190 < HP 11 hrs
2007: 511 170 318 216,876 < HP 19 hrs
2006: 431 70 218 93,958
2005: 452 159 259 158,249
2004: 311 117 198 84,744
2003: 113 109 120 26,640
2002: 251 40 186 54,126

I must remember the final TWO hours are crucial for optimal score. Recovering
from a pretty lousy cold, I power-napped from 2200z to 2300z instead of
swapping QTCs, only to find the JAs strong and QTC-enabled in that final hour.
Got away as many sets as I could (6).

Curiously, the same 4-land station was my QSO nr 200 and 300 (good timing to
come along at the top of two century marks). Thanks to VK7AD for the 40M
contact on a patchy path in the wee hours, and to Andy VE9DX for the mults
(especially tough on 80M). Robby VY2SS: the antennas are working FB... you were
booming in here on the lower bands. Nice to see Phil GU0SUP, and loads of other
friends abroad and closer to home I don't get to work as often as I'd like.

I got into a sleepy game of N1MM "multiplier-window bingo" late Saturday
night... had the K0 to K9 squares all filled in (80M-15M) except for VE4 on
40M. Ed VE4EAR called in on 80M fairly late in the evening and we tried to move
to 40M but there was no path from VE7 to VE4. I figured I'd never get to call
Bingo! but on Sunday morning I found Ed running 40M at a high rate at his dawn
and all the squares got filled in at last. Alas, not on 10M.

Was surprised that my 100W to a yagi at 27' was 100% copy over the Pacific for
the six JAs I was lucky enough to send QTCs to. Apologies to JE1LFX, after I
brazenly approached him to receive my QTCs only to find that I couldn't get the
software to send any. Embarrassing moment on my end, and I'm sure frustrating on
his end. He was very gracious; I slinked away feeling like a dolt. I figured out
the operator error and got back to him with eight minutes to go, so in the end
he received the set he should have had from me.

Other flubs this weekend: spent the first 38 minutes getting the second radio
audio into the computer (RCA line plugged into radio's TX relay jack...
apparently Yaesu didn't put much audio there), then promptly didn't even use
the second radio for another hour or so; spent several minutes transmitting
with one tone (MMTTY's DI2 FSK was initially set to wrong COM port); sent a CQ
a bit below the 20M RTTY band (er, 14.003) after a wrong keystroke swapped VFOs
on one rig.

With all this A-1 operating, no wonder I don't have the Chesterfield lads on

Made a point of a few QRL?s (almost) every time I assumed a frequency, but
often still found weak CQ signals rise out of the noise once I thought the
place was empty. Amazing, too, how often a QRL seems to work in our favor by
drawing S&Pers eager to grab a contact from that first CQ.

Had to decline a few European QTC offers due to bad conditions on 20M. Europe
did not open properly here -- a few big guns blazed through the murk, but
mostly EU wasn't very good at all for me either morning. Just three QTC sets
from EU, and two of them needed several fills.

Of course, running 100w doesn't get much attention through the auroral zone so
CQing was directed mostly at the US, SA and JA.

I chose low-power because I wanted to see how the antennas would compare with
the previous two years' high-power outings (conclusion: they rock!), and I
wanted to run SO2R on 40M and 80M with the freshly repaired FT-920 as a second

With very special thanks to Irek VA7RY, the old rig is in fine fettle once more
and I didn't want to pop a circuit again running an amp until I understand what
happened back in September. Diagnosis was an RF hit, so I'm now happily
obsessing about antenna separation, feedline safety, and bandpass filters.

Running SO2R RTTY is easy; rates were very slow on 40M and 80M so there was no
pressure at all. Just long, long waits between Qs. Made 99 Qs on the second
radio, so it was worth doing.

The extra SO2R presence on the two lower bands, a bit more antenna agility
(Steppir bidirectional mode) plus better high bands rather nicely offset the
400w power difference this year.

QSOs Cty
2009 LP 80M 76 72 twin verticals
2008 HP 53 44 twin verticals
2007 HP 41 56 delta loop

QSOs Cty
2009 LP 40M 122 87 low dipole
2008 HP 135 81 half-squares
2007 HP 140 120 half-squares

QSOs Cty
2009 LP 20M 265 112 Steppir 3-element
2008 HP 156 86 Mosley CL33
2007 HP 300 116 Mosley CL33

QSOs Cty
2009 LP 15M 104 62 Steppir 3-element
2008 HP 2 4 Mosley CL33
2007 HP 30 26 Mosley CL33

Never had a 10M Q in this test in 2007 or 2008, but had 17 this year.

Now to think about SS Phone next weekend and CQWW CW after that.

-- Bud VA7ST
N8AGU   Single Op HP   56,0502009-11-15 21:12:39
Nice Japan opening . . . Solid openings to Europe too.
SM2JUR   Single Op LP   208,9722009-11-15 21:26:38
Fb test not so good for dx but ok.
see you 2010.

W7MRC   Single Op HP   91,4762009-11-15 21:43:12
Wish I'd had more time to play in the contest. Just too much going on. Thanks
for the Q's
73 Paul NG7Z (W7MRC)
DJ8OG   Single Op LP   307,4302009-11-15 22:41:39
Thanks to all for the QSOs and QTC.

tu DJ8OG
RG9A(UA9AM)   Single Op HP   2,898,7922009-11-15 23:41:01
Nice contest!
It seems to me I,ve beat my previous (2007) World Record :-))
S56A   Single Op HP   528,8082009-11-16 01:34:57
Took me a log time to fix G3SEK bias circuit for GS35B in Challenger-III amp.
Started around 19 UTC on Sat evening resulting mainly in poor 15/20 m score.
It is fun to send WAE QTC in RTTY instead of always receiving them from EU.

73 de Mario, S56A
ZC4LI(STEVE)   Single Op HP   1,714,5792009-11-16 01:52:42

Antennas:- C/craft A3S + 40M addon @ 50ft Titanex 160HD
Rig:- Icom-756 Pro3
Amp:- Acom-1000
Software:- Win-Test V3.27

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's
My score is a bit down on last years effort due in the
main to the poor condx on 20m on Saturday.
15M was quite active but I am afraid that the prop on
10 which was good a few weeks ago has disappeared.
80M was as usual - noisy, although I did manage to work
N2WK at the death.

Some ops were still not sending or receiving Qtc's,
the fun of this contest is the Qtc's why enter if
you are going to ignore them.
And the usual one of causing QRM by parking too close,
some stats did move when requested for which I am truly

Log is on LoTW, for paper cards please see QRZ.COM.

73 and hope to cu in the CQWWCW on the 28th.

ZM2B(ZL2BR)   Single Op HP   433,0862009-11-16 02:09:38
Did not spend a lot of time during daylight hours on this one, the bands are
just about dead until around 1800 local (0500utc), then things started to
happen. Firstly long path to Europe on 40m and then short path to Asia and
Europe on 15m. Had a few nice little runs on 15m, working mostly high power
stations and a few low power stations. 15m was probably better on Saturday
evening than on Sunday.

A big surprise was my first contact on 10m for quite a while, working YO9HP at
2200 local (0900utc). Saw a few other Eu stations spotted on the cluster, but
couldn't hear them. Another surprise was working SP3MGM on 40m at 1300 his
local time.

73, Frank
N2CU   Single Op LP   259,5502009-11-16 03:52:51
RTTY shakedown for the new K3. Worked great and had fun.

K3, TH6DXX 48', 2x40m slopers, 80m 1/2 sloper, N1MM, MMTTY.

Tom N2CU <><
K3/100 #3582
K8UT   Single Op HP   493,3442009-11-16 04:42:05
Great contest, lots of new callsigns. Bands were ok - but not great - from
Michigan, with good activity from 15 through 80. After several WAE years using
my "Sri, no QTC" macro, I managed to conquer my Fear of QTCs via great software
routines within N1MM/MMTTY. Thanks to all who worked me!
N2WN   Single Op LP   131,0542009-11-16 05:54:43
I had only intended to make a quick hundred QSOs, no QTCs, just play... Boy did
I get sucked in ;o) This was my very first WAE RTTY contest.

Keeping this in mind, how hard could it be to just hand out a few QSOs? All
went well until the QTC queries started, which was not good as I had not read
the rules, nor the N1MM WAE RTTY info, and didn't have it in the shack. S53M
was the first person I attempted to send QTCs to, and he was very patient, but
couldn't figure out how to get from receive QTC to transmit QTC. It was
amazingly simple, but took me a little time to figure it out, when I did I
tuned back down to S53M's run frequency and made a successful QTC exchange.
Many thanks S53M!

I also didn't realize I could also receive QTCs. This was actually pretty fun,
most of the time. When stuff dropped out, and you lost your place, getting it
all straightened out was a chore. I managed to freeze one exchange and had to
terminate the QTC until I figured out what I goofed on. Sorry 'bout that...

Conditions were fun overall, 15 was really good Saturday morning, even 40 was
nice with a JA QSO (can be a struggle here due to antenna orientation). Tried
to stay away from the QSO party frequencies as there were several CW contests
going too.

Some of the signals were absolutely monstrous and narrowed my filters down as
low as possible most of the time. Think there were a lot of folks just jumping
in and out for a few contacts, or maybe even their first RTTY contest. Some
exchanges were a bit long with the wrong stuff repeated and/or mixed sequence.

Really need to build a script library for RTTY contests. I don't type fast
enough and sometimes I get frustrated at myself when I can't make timely
revisions or friendly replies.

I had fun and think I'll give it more time next year. It's probably one of the
most interesting RTTY contests I've worked.

Thanks all for the patience and QSOs/QTCs.


Elecraft K3/100
N1MM HB interface
Usual assortment of antennas
W4PK   Single Op HP   895,7302009-11-16 05:59:38
A fun contest, even though I struggled a bit with learning how to enter/receive
QTC's with N1MM which was the first time I had used this program for this

I did not do as well as I did regarding last year's score (a bit over the
million-mark and about 50 more Q's). Early Friday evening my 80M 4-square
started exhibiting a varying VSWR more of more than 2:1! So 80M was out for
the rest of the evening.

I note that conditions Friday night on 40M were strange in that I was getting
much better copy using the "fluttered signals FIR" than "Standard RTTY" on my
MMTTY decoder.

Saturday morning I investigated my 4-square, which consists of 4 KLM
full-length verticals. The KLM consists of a tripod arrangement 36-feet high
on which is mounted a 34-foot whip consisting of decreasing diameter aluminum
tubes. It was one of these whips that had broken off at the top of the tripod,
apparently from metal fatigue.

So I spent all Saturday afternoon laying the tripod down and repairing the whip
rather than operating the contest. But if conditions were as bad Saturday
afternoon as they were on Sunday afternoon I did not miss too much.

I did manage to put in 24 hours for this contest, the same amount of time I had
operated during last year's contest. Conditions were not that great with many
Europeans being barely readable.

I had hoped to beat my last year's score, but the combination of losing my 80M
capability Friday night and appparently poorer propagation conditions prevented
me from achieving this personal goal.
K9MUG/4   Single Op HP   539,2362009-11-16 07:04:19
Thanks to all who worked me.Thanks to the organizers. This is a fun contest,
what with the QTC's and all.

I was pleased to hear and log GU0SUP and KH6GMP neither of whom I have qso'd in
a while--thanks.

The DL stations were very active and ready to give/receive QTC's.

Then there are the radio "family". All of those who I meet regularly in these
contests. I have only one really good antenna, a four element wire beam on 40
meters pointed to the Northeast. I meet most of you there. Thanks to all of

Darrell K9MUG/4 (K9MUG)
W4ZE   M/S HP   1,111,3462009-11-16 07:07:11
It was good to have my buddy N3ZK Randy visit from Western PA and operate with
me again. The is by far our most favorite RTTY contest.
ON4BHQ   Single Op HP   712,5992009-11-16 07:47:30
No fantastic propagation. First time I used high power in this contest, and that
really helped me.
An early Santa brought me a new FT2000 one day before CQWWSSB, after having a
dramatical accident with my FT1000 MkV. After making + 1000 QSO's in SSB, now I
could do a second burn in test in RTTY. IF-DSP is working great in this mode!
I broke my personal record in WAE RTTY, and that makes me a happy HAM!
Each year, I also see more and more stations playing the QTC game... GREAT!

One more thing. I was very near some BPSK QRG on 40m, and was immediately and
friendly named "IDIOT". Nice operators, these days, I must say.
I strictly try to follow the bandplan, and the bandsegment where I was on 40m
is assigned for digimodes. I thought BPSK and RTTY are both digimodes, or am I
Anyhow, I enjoyed the contest.
CU in CQWWCW, I will be there as OQ4B op. ON4BHQ (third burn in test for my

Yaesu FT2000 + HA1YA ME1200H amp @ 500W
N1MM logger + MMTTY and microKEYER II interface
Optibeam OBW 10-5, Cushcraft MA8040V, dipole for 40 and 80m
WB2RHM/4   Single Op LP   622,2002009-11-16 08:08:04
SO1R Found out that N1MM cannot handle VP2V/DL7VOG, so it turned up in lots of
QTCs hi hi....
GAØFGI(GMØFGI)   Single Op HP   731,8172009-11-16 08:26:02
Conditions generally poor; 20m and 40m main bands but both poor compared to
recent weeks for DX; 15m a struggle and 80m noisy.Nothing heard on 10m.Getting
to terms with QTC's, but due to conditions, limited number of strong signals
restricted opportunity to pass QTC traffic.

Thanks for all contacts and to organisers.

Last opportunity to use GA0FGI in RTTY contest back to GM0FGI at end of month.

EQUIPMENT: ICOM 7600, ACOM 1010 300 watts
ANTENNAS : 20-10m VK2ABQ at 25ft; 40m Vertical, 80m Loop at 30ft
USØHZ   Single Op LP   601,8022009-11-16 08:52:10
RIG(s): FT 2000; ANTENNA(s): 1/2 Vertical Romb.

Now lets hope for some good condx.
Enjoy the contest, have fun!

Stan US0HZ
GUØSUP   Single Op LP   319,0882009-11-16 09:49:54
Thanks to all for the fun!
73 de Phil GU0SUP
DF2CK(@DKØKC)   Single Op LP   1,273,6232009-11-16 11:08:44
My first WAE RTTY. Screwed some QTC till I learned how to edit fast enough.
Could not send QTCs with Radio2 because it gave wrong numbers (Software bug?)
Still need to improve the lowband antennas. Overall it was much fun and no
technical problems. Thanks for all QSO/QTC!

80: two (phased) dipoles, l/4 vertical
40: rotary dipole, R7000
20-10: OB16-3, R7000
WinTest V3.27.1
LZ8E(LZ2BE)   Single Op HP   2,740,6962009-11-16 11:57:16
High wind on Thursday night broke one of the rotators, turning 40m yagi and
KT36XA. Tried to fix it on Friday without success. Fortunately there were no
damages on second tribander and phased verticals for 40m and 80m.
Knowing there will be poor condx on 15/10m and 10-15dB difference between 40m
beam and verticals I was ready to give up.
Looking from the ground to the top of the tower how beams are moving slowly
left-right I found a solution! I attached two ropes to boom ends of KT36XA and
I was able to fix the antennas to desired direction:)

It was very good activity during the contest! 10m was even worse than expected,
20m closed to USA too early. 40m and 80m were excellent.
Thanks to all friends who worked with me and exchanged QTC's!

73 and CUAGN next weekend in LZ DX Contest!
W4UK   Single Op HP   115,5082009-11-16 13:05:26
Wire dipoles only.
KE1HA   Single Op HP   220,5802009-11-16 13:54:13
First WAE Contest, RTTY or otherwise.

I really enjoyed this one. I was not going all out, but did put in a fair
number of hours. Allot of hours, but many breaks and Honey-Do's; "Honey Do
This, Honey Do That", gotta Love XYL's, they just don't understand :-)

I was very impressed with the DX stations operating skills, patients and
overall participation. Tnx for all the contacts.

Conditions here in Montana were pretty good on Friday evening / Saturday
Morning. However, Sunday was nothing to braggy about. I wasn't' paying close
attention to 15M on Saturday (I should Have). Sunday, 20M's was slow going in
the early afternoon, I saw a couple spots on 15M and jumped on the band. I made
57 contacts in 45 minutes or so, but the band went away in that same time frame.
I kept an eye on it, but it didn't seem to recover here for the remainder of the

QTC's: I hate to love them, but, after figuring out how to SND / RCV properly,
I would have to say they are allot of fun and definately add value to the
contest. I had problems on the first 3 RCV sets, just couldn't' get N1MM to
accept the headers properly. Once that was solved, it was smooth sailing,
Unfortunately, by the time I got the hang of things, I had missed Saturdays
bunker crop of DX stations. JA's were plentiful in the late afternoon on both
days, so I managed to SND / RDV a few there. I left 68% of my QTC's on the
table :-( which would have added another 112K or so. That will not happen in
the next WAE for sure. Start sending when you have the first set !! :-)

I had several equipment issues, mainly my primary amp TX/RX relay was sticking.
N1MM was giving me trouble and I had a low band antenna failure.
Even though I'm in the HP Class, I spent 80% of the contest at LP levels on
20m/40m bands, kind of a bummer really. I couldn't do much on 80M's as the
balun on my 600ft loop failed Friday night thus the low score (The Balun is now
in the scrap heap, never to return for HP applications). Early Sunday morning I
put a simple match on the antenna, but it was too little too late. The lesson
larned here, HP-RTTY weeds out the weak links in your station setup so, test,
test and test some more weeks before the event. It's the old 5-P's (Prior
Planning Prevents @iss Poor Performance) !!!

In any case, thanks to the sponcers & coordinators of the event, it was allot
of fun. Again, tnx to all the DX stations for their participation. I
definitely enjoyed this one and will be back for future WAE contests.

Station Summary:
Rig: FT-2000D in FSK
Interface: Navigator, by US Interface
SW: N1MM (Now Using WriteLog)
Ant-1: 20M Half-Square 15ft off the ground
Ant-2: 600ft Loop @ 70ft (Failed balun)

QSL Info: All contacts will be uploaded to eQSL & LoTW. Paper cards via Direct,
no SASE needed.

Greg, KE1HA
Helena, MT
W4GKM   Single Op HP   1,390,0472009-11-16 14:24:47
Conditions here in Tennessee was not the best by any means but I gave it my best
effort, well I did take a little time off to watch a little of the Tennessee vs.
Mississippi game which was not so good if you are a Tennessee fan. I did work a
lot of new stations and am truly sorry for asking for so many repeats. It would
be nice if the stations that don't have a message with just their serial number
would do so. But I had a great time and congrats to Mike(K4GMH) for a really
good score.
G3RSD   Single Op LP   208,3102009-11-16 15:03:59
Have now got good control of sending and receiving QTC,s......that is what makes
this contest so interesting
VA2UP   Single Op HP   1,684,6082009-11-16 15:37:06
Very nice contest. I have done much better than last year and very pleased with
that. As for many others, this is my favorite contest, there should be 12 WAE
contests a year one every month :)
Goofed the nice opening for 15 on saturday and left the antenna switch on the
40M dipole instead of selecting the 15M yagi gosh!! When I realized the mistake
it was already late and unfortunately sunday here the band opened just for USA
and SA no more EU for qtc exchange, oh well it happens, we learn as we go along
(I have to change my glasses). Amplifier let go sunday morning, I guess the
usual pin diodes that fail in Alphas...took it apart but couldn't do anything
about it, will let the pros handle this one. After stripping the station, been
doing a lot of work on the antennas last month and it's almost done for the
winter season. In spring I'll complete the new installation but I'm very
pleased already with what I have seen this weekend. Great to see so many
friends and to be able to participate in this lovely contest. Thanks to the
organizers for all the work that goes into such an event.
73, Fabi va2up
WE4M(N2QT)   Single Op LP   1,458,7862009-11-16 17:05:33
With the added strategy of qtcs, this is really a fun contest. (I was left with
543 unset QTCs although I sure tried to send them!). 80/40 were really noisy
the first night hurting my results there compared to last year. I also managed
to oversleep on Sunday morning, and lost other key time for a meeting. Still
overall I improved by 50% over last year (operating as n2qt/4). With the time
for QTCs, the second radio did not get as much use as in other contests, but it
was still handy (especially during slow periods where it gave me something to

Some issues with relearning N1MM's handling of QTCs (gotta remember that CTRL
will force save QTCs that have questionable callsigns). I did end up with a
page of notes on corrections to enter manualy.

Radio FT1000 MKV Field
Elecraft K3 (external fans on both)
KT34A at 60 ft,
3 el Steppir at 48 ft
40M rotary dipole at 54 ft
shunt fed tower on 80 M
AD6WL   Single Op HP   518,3082009-11-16 17:19:29
Very interesting contest. Conditions were mixed. 15 was open for a lot of the
contest. The few stations that were on 10meters varied between barely readable
to extremely strong. I even exchanged QTCs on 10 meters with SA.

I got up early on Sunday to work some 40/80 meters to Asia. Well I was about
to go down to the JA portion of 80M which is 3.525, but what did I hear...JAs
around 3.580. There must have been a change that I wasn't aware of but I was
happy about it.

Another funny thing happened. I sent the exchange 599 599 599. Well the other
station asked for the serial number so I sent 599 599 599. He went on
explaining to me that he needed a sequential serial number starting with 1. I
replied back that "The serial number is 599 599 is the serial nr hihi." He
came back with an apology and a hihi. It had to laugh at that one.

The only 5 band contact was with NP3D/W1 and he had a great signal on every

73 to all and thanks for the contacts.
Jim, AD6WL
KSØM   Single Op LP   130,5202009-11-16 17:35:21
A good fun contest. Only my 2nd year to TX/RX QTC's. I made a few mistakes, but
I am learning. One thing I learned is that I must rearrange my station set up
to be able to work more efficiently.
NP3D/W1(@K1TTT)   Single Op HP   2,111,0112009-11-16 19:46:22
I consider WAEDC RTTY as a Top Five RTTY Contest, (actually, I would say it
stands on the 3rd place-after CW WW RTTY and WPX RTTY).

This year I took Friday off and came to Dave-K1TTT two hours before the
(200 miles drive - one way).

Thanks to Dave and his hospitality - to use his Station is a pleasure. Before
the Contest I analyzed my last two years results and also Top Ten scores.
(BTW - two last years the same leaders (outside Europe) like RG9A, , UA9CLB,
ZC4LI and of course K4GMH are on the top.) And their results are growing. This
tells me that despite on bad propagation on last these years, the popularity of
RTTY and amount of participants are growing which a good sign.

Personally, I beat my own last year record and made 1400 Q's for 36 hours-I
never did so many contacts in the Contest.

The best band, I think was 40 meters with 20 meters just behind. 15 meters was
not bad, 80 meters disappointed at this time. I managed to work 7 stations on
10 meters, including AI6O and AD6WL from California, (I worked AD6WL on all 5
bands), LT0H and few others. Too bad that most of the operators did not try 10
meters, I think. Being in Massachusetts and print AI6O or Mexico or Argentina
on 10 meters - come on guys, 10 meters was open in the afternoon. Too bad, that
160 meters was in play as of yet, when Top Band will be added - then we will be
in good mood if 80 meters fails.

All in all-I had a real fun as usual, operating from K1TTT location. Could not
beat K4GMH however was close to Mike's last year result, hihi. It is always
next time...

My thanks to the management of WAEDC RTTY Contest for the hard work and to all
fellows who worked me and answered my calls. QTC is a good stuff. This is a
unique Contest with such an addition like QTC's. I calculated my score without
QTC's and found that I would show 945,000 points without QTC's. You can double
your result if you transmit/receive QTC's, guys - think about this.

See you in the next one.

73's Andrei NP3D
FP/KV1J   Single Op HP   186,0202009-11-16 19:46:37
Had to shut down early Sunday to start taking down station and leave the island.
Had a blast. Alternated S&P and running with the goal of giving out the mult
to as many as possible. Did not do QTCs since new to this contest in RTTY.
Did get one set sent to be anyway and managed to log it ok.

Running IC-7000 into a SB200 amp. About 2-300 watts on RTTY to keep the amp
happy. Ant - SteppIR vert for 40 through 10, Off-Centered dipole up 6 meters
for 80, 40, 20, Inverted-L for 80. Winds were good and no problems with the

Thanks for all the Qs, 73, Eric FP/KV1J
YO9HP   Single Op HP   1,037,1572009-11-17 02:38:02
I enjoy WAE RTTY contest and I planned to make it to Top Ten. But Friday night I
felt so tired after 4 days of antenna work (installed tower # 3), so I gave up
and I operated day and evening time only, relaxed and with many breaks. Thanks
everybody for QSO-s and to DX stations for QTC exchange. See you all in
CQ-WW-CW! 73, Alex YO9HP
DJ6QT   Single Op HP   730,5482009-11-17 02:52:45
Thanks for the calls and sorry for those I couldn't hear.
N1MGO   Single Op HP   237,8882009-11-17 03:06:02
Lots of fun, as usual! Not much time, first contest with my new wire antennas,
the ice storm last winter and down trees caused me to put up all new wires.

IC-756 P2 , AL-80 amp (500 watts), Dipoles on each band.
Writelog with MMTTY software.
All home brew interfacing.
AA2NA/P   Single Op LP   15,0652009-11-17 03:35:49
Thanks to all, from deer hunting camp.
VY2SS   Single Op HP   1,403,9482009-11-17 05:06:24
One radio

TH6DX and verticals.

Finally all my antennas are up and working.

I had some problems with N1MM or it did with me concerning QTCs. I hope to see
you all next year.


VY2LI   Single Op LP   28,3712009-11-17 05:57:45
Never got the station running right.Threatened to swear off contesting at one
point!Finally got some semblance of operation going around 18:30 on Sunday, so
played around S & P on low power but was never confident enough in my decoding
to attempt many QTCs.Hope to correct things before the next RTTY test.Apologies
to those that had broken QSOs with me.73,Bill
N2FF   Single Op LP   28,3292009-11-17 06:38:03
I sure wish I had been able to devote more time to the contest.
LY2IJ(@LY1PM)   Single Op HP   3,055,4402009-11-17 06:58:42
Thanks to LY1PM for letting use his big station!

IC746 and IC756pro3 plus 2 PAs
10 - 4/4/4/4/4/4 (or 2.67 elements per QSO)
15 - 5/5/5/5
20 - 5/5/5
40 - 2/2 and 4 ele KLM
80 - dipole @ 40 m

+ SixPak from Array Solutions arrived 2 days b4 contest,
not after - simplified antenna switching alot
- blew up K3 front (again!!) on Friday/13 while setting SO2R - had to replace
with old trusty IC746
+ TX3A called in on 20 with nice sigs and #001 - and I am in online LOG!
- spent too little time on 40 - expected some opening
on 10, but it didn't happen, 15 was barely open both days
+ 20 produced nice runs, but closed early
- RFI from 20/15 started to lock IC746 in TX position on Sunday morning - had
to limit 2nd radio to mostly RX only
- one computer started to freeze in TX position while sending QTC in last hour
+ 5Z4 called in last minute of operation on 40 - Hans - thanks for patience

73, TU and CU in CQWW on 160!
S51D   Single Op HP   23,7122009-11-17 10:51:20
Thanks Qs!Just for fun from home QTH,...

73 Simon
AI6O   Single Op HP   35,5252009-11-17 19:37:11
Managed to get about 5 hours in between work and honey-do's. Got 4 new DXCC
OK2SFP   Single Op HP   486,9402009-11-18 03:03:52
Best 73s to all and see you next contest!
Jarda OK2SFP
ON6NL   Single Op HP   145,9142009-11-18 05:25:29

Just testing. Hope to find more time next RTTY contest!
73, Anton

IK1DFH   Single Op LP   378,4792009-11-18 14:00:12
73" de Roby IK1DFH
LTØH(LU3HY)   Single Op HP   737,8562009-11-19 10:37:23

I like WAE contest, no good condition in general, 40 m was a disaster, but
always is very amusing this contest.-
CU in the next
73 Juan LT0H (op LU3HY)
ZP9EH   Single Op LP   5,8482009-11-19 12:36:41
Every QSO was a struggle with 40 watts to a 34 foot center fed zepp only 25 feet
high, and no filtering in the receiver! Thanks to all of you, especially those
who sent me QTCs. High wind took down my antenna during the prime time for
Europe on Saturday. I'm already looking forward to 2010. Steve, ZP9EH

(I'm not sure how to calculate the score, but the QSOs and multipliers and
final score are from N1MM Logger.)
N2EIK   Single Op HP   91,1252009-11-21 10:20:04
next year....QTC's!!!!!!!
VE3WIB   Single Op HP   182,0512009-11-23 09:46:05
VE7AX   Single Op LP   16,4642009-11-24 17:33:49
As I try to re-activate my station and myself in radiosport contesting my
current mantra is - "never too old to make rooky mistakes". Never having been
in a WAE contest, I neglected to read the fine print in the rules which
explains what QTCs are all about. My aploogy to those stations who were faced
with my long puzzled pause when they asked for a QTC exchange. Now I know! Too
late. I wasn't able to take the time to get organized. Ah well - next year.
Otherwise all systems working perfectly. I am still in awe of what
N1MM/microKeyer II/MMTTY can do in FSK/RTTY mode. A long way from my Heathkit
AR-3 and homebrew 6L6 in the old days. Cheers to all.
ZX2B(PY2MNL)   Single Op HP   2,149,6142009-11-29 13:23:44
Thanks to everyone for the contacts. See all you on the bands.