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WAE DX Contest, RTTY   2013   Nov 9   Comment Summary

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W8OHT   Single Op HP   3,8762013-11-09 16:53:51
No QTC's in or out as need to learn how (in this mode). Enjoyed using ten
meters again for DX. 73, John
PP5EG(PY5EG)   Single Op HP   605,2222013-11-10 03:38:22
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   Single Op LP   6082013-11-10 10:31:38
Busy weekend for multiple contest this weekend. Forgot to use my contest call
sign for this contest.

73! Kazu
NO7T   Single Op HP   115,9062013-11-10 11:34:49
Great contest. Somewhat of a challenge, but certainly engaging. I look forward
to this one each year. Conditions were somewhat up and down. Sunday morning was
super to Europe in the morning. Thanks everyone.
ACØE   Single Op LP   5,2502013-11-10 11:39:22
W7WW   Single Op HP   173,4422013-11-10 13:42:13
I think it was the first time to send QTC to GU0SUP. Thanks Phil

Log uploaded to LOTW

Thanks for the Q's
W5EW   Single Op LP   301,5522013-11-10 13:52:57
2-Tone a big help. Thanks for the QSOs.

Ray W5EW
W7RN(WK6I)   Single Op HP   1,298,7042013-11-10 13:59:19
Thanks again to Tom and Midge for the hospitality. Fun contest! jeff wk6i
W7WHY   Single Op HP   20,3002013-11-10 15:34:54
Just cruising the bands and playing with the new amp.

Conditions seemed really bad. Very few EU heard or worked.

Played with 2Tone for the first time. Amazing program!!

Thanks for the Q's and 73

Radios TS-450SAT x 2
AL-811H ~ 300 watts
80 meters: elevated vertical with 4 radials,
40 meters: delta loop and vertical dipole
20 meters: HB 2 el monobander
15 meters: Delta loop and vertical dipole
10 meters: HB 2 el monobander
M1MM logger with MMTTY and 2Tone
VE9AA   Single Op LP   405,6852013-11-10 15:36:04
RTTY contests frustrate me in so many ways. (hi) ;-D

Mike VE9AA IC7410 100W, HF9V + 10m yagi, N1MM
W7OLY   Single Op HP   22,2402013-11-10 15:42:47
3L SteppIR @ 50'
WriteLog V11
VA7AM   Single Op LP   37,7422013-11-10 16:00:49
Part time effort.
AA8R   Single Op LP   342,7702013-11-10 16:01:53
First RTTY contest with a K3.
Equip: K3/P3,MKII,Mosley PRO67B and N1MM.
Thanks for all the resends.

Randy, AA8R
VA7ST   Single Op LP   156,4752013-11-10 16:09:35
* FT-2000
* N1MM Logger + MMTTY
* 3-ele. Steppir at 27'
* 40M Steppir dipole at 27'
* 40M 2-element quad (N-S)
* 80M 3 x elevated verticals

Took this one as a casual outing. First night and day were demolished by the
worst conditions in ages -- signals were making it over the pole, but even
nearby stations were hard to decode and DX was virtually impossible.

Sunday was better, but the bands didn't open very much to Europe -- at least
not for low-power operators. Hope things shape up for CQWW CW in two weeks.

-- Bud VA7ST

Band Q/QTC QSOs Pts Mlt
3.5 QSO 14 14 28
7 QSO 80 80 51
14 QSO 98 98 60
14 RQTC 60 60 0
21 QSO 126 126 82
21 RQTC 20 20 0
21 SQTC 50 50 0
28 QSO 51 51 54
28 RQTC 40 40 0
28 SQTC 30 30 0
Total All 569 569 275

Year QSO QTC Mults Score
2013: 369 200 275 156,475 15 hrs
2012: 668 300 393 380,424 24 hrs
2011: 858 490 542 730,616 31 hrs
2010: 390 150 299 161,161 16 hrs
2009: 584 190 347 268,578 24 hrs
2008: 346 120 215 100,190 < HP 11 hrs
2007: 511 170 318 216,876 < HP 19 hrs
2006: 431 70 218 93,958
2005: 452 159 259 158,249
2004: 311 117 198 84,744
2003: 113 109 120 26,640
2002: 251 40 186 54,126
K2YG   Single Op QRP   114,9122013-11-10 16:11:14
K2 at 5 watts, dipole and tribander
AC2FA   Single Op LP   26,4602013-11-10 16:11:28
Elecraft K2 at 80 watts. I really enjoy the WAE contests. Good propagation on 15
Saturday. Beam for 10,15,20 - wires for 20, 40 & 80.

Thanks for an excellent contest.

AA5AU   Single Op LP   1,526,0342013-11-10 16:11:52
Great contest!

Icom IC765 PRO III 100 watts
Kenwood TS870 100 watts
3-element SteppIR @ 45'
2-element SteppIR @ 35'
40M inverted vee @ 40'
80M inverted vee @ 40'
Pixel Loop receiving antenna @ 35'

Thanks for all the QSOs and QTCs.

73, Don AA5AU
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   80,9192013-11-10 16:34:02
Fun being occasionally on the receiving end of QTCs.

Thanks to all for the QSOs and QTCs.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
Icom IC746Pro
SignaLink USB
Hustler 5BTV Ground mounted
AL9A   Single Op HP   247,8002013-11-10 16:40:09
I really hated to see the big red notice in my spotting software that said
"Strong Radio Blackouts"! Bummer. Fri. and Sat. we pretty good,
especially an opening into EU on Sat. evening. But by Sun. AM the propagation
gods had lashed out and extracted their pound of flesh from the air waves.
Marginal conditions in all directions. Much lower score this year, but still
had a fun time.
KV4QS   Single Op LP   380,7872013-11-10 16:43:38
K3 / N1MM / 2Tone / MMTTY / delta loop in palm trees
Three fun facts I learned this weekend:
(1) N1MM in ESM mode is amazing.
(2) Using the K3's Dual PB filter + preamp on 40m works very well.
(3) Exchanging QTCs never gets old.

10m was a lot of fun. There was a huge 10m opening Sunday afternoon between
SFL and points west, but not much activity since propagation to EU was

Many thanks to the sponsors and great ops for another fun contest weekend.

ZV2K(@PX2B)   M/S HP   2,539,8002013-11-10 16:51:57
N3QE   Single Op HP   931,8602013-11-10 16:55:26
Heavy heavy emphasis on QTC'ing with every station with a decent signal. 15M had
the uniformly best signals, EU, JA, SA, you name it. 10M was decent to EU and SA
and KH6, but had less QTC attempts because of wild QSB swings and many of the
loud stations I'd already done QTC on 15M.

In between WAE RTTY and some DX'ing, I missed out on OK/OM test, one of my
favorites in past years. Oh, the slippery slope of RTTY contesting.
W4EE   Single Op LP   63,7562013-11-10 16:56:53
TS-440S es G5RV
N1MM logger
Tnx for the Q's,
73, Jim
N2FF   Single Op LP   439,6682013-11-10 16:57:56
Considering the WWV numbers conditions were quite good with nice openings on 10
meters. Sunday found the band noisy. St. Helena was a nice surprise and
probably a new one for many operators. Nice to see old friends on for this
I made a number of errors during the contest.

I managed to delete a QSO with a JA and his QTCs and then tried to dupe him
later convinced we had not worked as there was similar call in the log.
Fortunately i was able to find his QSO and the QTCs info in the RTTY log and
reconstruct both the contact and the QTC info the log with the correct time he
gave me. OOPS!!!! I guess it was the meds I was taking for an infected tooth
KØTI   Single Op LP   234,3002013-11-10 17:02:55
Shake down for some of the new S02R stuff this year
Didn't get on much for the morning EU paths
Should have done more QTC I guess, but was busy trying other things.

Dan K0TI
PP1CZ   Single Op LP   251,9902013-11-10 17:17:17
Very bad propagation, and no antenna to 40 and 80 Meters, took me a lot of
points, but my main goal to me was have fun, and I achieve that.
Thank you all guys, for the patience in sending me QTC's, that due to the bad
propagation and weak signals, was hard to copy.
Best 73 and see you in the next fantastic Contest WAE.
PP1CZ - Leo.
K9NR   Single Op LP   1,017,0162013-11-10 17:24:58
My Alpha 87A is on sick list so ran low power this year. 10 & 15 were
great...40 & 80 weren't!
K2DSL   Single Op LP   240,5342013-11-10 17:27:26
I really enjoy the WAE RTTY but was only able to operate during the day on Sat
and a little bit on Sunday. Still conditions were ok (but not great) and
exchanging QTCs with N1MM is a snap. Thanks for all the contacts!
W4PK   Single Op HP   1,951,5922013-11-10 17:34:24
There were super conditions on Saturday morning with stations from Europe
banging in on 20M and 15M at 20db over S9 or more! On 10M they were not quite
as strong but still many were running S9+ on the meter.

I made a tactical mistake by declining to either send or receive QTC's early in
the contest, thinking that I will have plenty of opportunity to use them up
later on. But conditions were significantly poorer on Sunday, and I had about
half of my available QTC's left by the end of the contest.

Both 40 and 80 were plagued with noise and poor copy, and as a result I went to
bed early both nights.

This year 15M was my best band, and on late on Saturday afternoon I had
contacts with JA, HL, YB, DU(!), BY, VK, ZL, and several other far-east
stations. I was even able to exchange QTC's with several JA stations! But
come Sunday it was a different story. I only heard one JA station and he was
calling someone else.

I had fun, thanks for all the Q's and especially thanks for putting up with my
occasional goof-ups!

73, Sam W4PK
PP5EJ   Single Op HP   70,9642013-11-10 17:37:30
VE3KAO   Single Op LP   260,9652013-11-10 17:43:58
Trx: Kenwood TS-590s + Autotuner AH-4
Ant: Inverted L (11 meters)
XE2B   Single Op HP   66,6332013-11-10 17:47:30
Great contest, enjoyed a lot the few hours of fun investment!!
N3RC   Single Op HP   65,2502013-11-10 18:41:05
Worked more than normal Cuban stations!!! One of my favorite countries!
WN6K   Single Op LP   141,3362013-11-10 19:16:30
Started out Friday night but took a break on Saturday morning to take my 11 yr.
grandson to his first of three Ham Radio Classes. He is going to do well I
think and we have a M/M LP operation here soon so I can get him into the
Contest Family.

Saturday evening however, I came down with a cold and after loading up with
'meds'I threw in the towel and slept in. Sunday morning bands did not sound as
well as they should and feeling half-hearted, I barely hung in for the rest of
the time.

WN6K, Paul
AF6GA   Single Op LP   8,7002013-11-10 20:01:06
After the great conditions for CQ WW SSB, this weekend was a lot quieter. More
time spent digging in the noise than listening to 59++ signals. The QTC
exchange added another level of difficulty/fun.

Thanks to all.

IC7000 (80w) - FSK/SignaLink USB - 68ft doublet sloper (40 - 18ft) - Palstar
W6SX   Single Op HP   254,5062013-11-10 20:27:43
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, MMTTY, 2Tone, N1MM.
KE8M   Single Op HP   961,2632013-11-10 21:40:21
WAERTTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2013-11-08

CallSign Used : KE8M
Operator(s) : KE8M

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : 001
Gridsquare : EN81RG

ARRL Section : OH
Club/Team : None
Software : N1MM Logger V13.7.4

Band Q/QTC QSOs Pts Mlt
3.5 QSO 65 65 68
7 QSO 93 93 111
7 RQTC 10 10 0
7 SQTC 10 10 0
14 QSO 164 164 112
14 RQTC 117 117 0
14 SQTC 60 60 0
21 QSO 207 207 122
21 RQTC 250 250 0
21 SQTC 210 210 0
28 QSO 246 246 90
28 RQTC 269 269 0
28 SQTC 210 210 0
Total All 1911 1911 503

Score : 961,233
Rig : kenwood ts 2000 + n1mm and mmvari
amp : ameritron als 600 @ 300 w
Antennas : 10m hy gain lj 105ca @ 45'
15m hy gain lj 155ca @ 42'
20m hy gain lj 204ba @ 50'
40m full size gp @ 25'
80m full size gp 120 radials
Soapbox : qtc's :)
DF1LX   Single Op LP   598,6502013-11-10 23:17:36
1 Crash during QTC traffic (Sorry 10 lost from N2FF)
1 Dupe serial number (LZ8E got one "dupe" from me)

Great but somehow not very good condx or low participants from East Region :)

Thanks all for reading my signal (100W, 5 Ele. tribander, vert. Delta Loop 40m,
Dipole 80m) all max. 30feet up.
IK2AUK   Single Op LP   109,1902013-11-10 23:32:44
Kenwood TS940S ANT. Vertical ECO 7+, Trap dipole CWA40/80 at 7m. GND
MixW 3.1.1 (R) Rigexpert ST (FSK) laptop Acer aspire 5750G + W7
Ciao everyone, good DX, at the next contest in 2014.
Giorgio, IK2AUK
LX7I(DF7ZS)   Single Op HP   3,163,8152013-11-10 23:34:30
Thanks to Philippe that i could use his wonderful station again!


VK3TDX   Single Op HP   293,8282013-11-11 00:06:47
"Nr? Nr? Nr?"

Howcum all you guys send your serial number twice only? Here in VK virtually
every QSO is true DX and it is rare that a number sent twice will agree. So
nr? nr? nr? must be sent endlessly wasting time. PLEASE send your serials at
least 3 times so if 2 of the 3 agree we can move on? I understand that a DL
working a YO will have a big signal and serials are easy but when you're
working the other side of the world it is different. I am sure many outside EU
will agree.

Thanks for letting me rant. Now for the contest. This is a great weekend event
and I always look forward to it. Conditions were very good with all bands open
for good periods. The QTC feature seems to be picked up now by more operators
and that is encouraging.

Thanks to all who called. I hope RTTY contesting will continue to grow. This
contest is the best.

73 Steve VK3TDX
VE7CC(@VE7SV)   Single Op HP   1,256,6722013-11-11 00:12:54
Conditions poor. Total of only 192 Qsos with Europe!
K4WW   Single Op HP   27,3242013-11-11 01:11:34
Little else to do, for a short time. Even though I believe its ill mannered to
ask a CQing station to receive QTC's, I only turned one station down. After
asking several times for the exchange, I saw absolutely no reason to waste each
others time trying to exchange QTC's?
EF8S(@EA8AH)   M/S HP   4,195,8682013-11-11 01:42:08
1st time effort in Multi-Single with much of difficulties caused mainly because
of the very heavy wind: Broken low-band antennas and after that much of RF in
the chack. We swapped computers and decoders many times. Only 2 operators in
the team. It was enough; one running and the other searching multipliers,
climbing the towers, configuring the computers etc. We enjoyed anyway and we
will be back next year with more experience. Thanks to all for contacts and
nice QTC-traffic.
KB3LIX   Single Op LP   580,2612013-11-11 02:53:03
Unusual condx this time.
40 started out to have large echos and what sounded like
polar flutter. Cleared up a bit on Saturday.

Decent contest, but I wish I could have
rid myself of 362 unsent QTC's.
Have to remember next time to send them earlier in
the contest.
ON3DI   Single Op LP   7152013-11-11 03:35:28
Hi, due to work I wasn't able to have a full effort (I was really tired). I
started a usuall on 80m, went to 40m, ...

Two things:
-It wasn't the propagation of the CQ WW RTTY or SSB
-There weren't so many stations on the band

The reason for that is maybee the JIDX SSB and OK CW contests. It's pitty, the
organisation does a lot of efforts to increase the level of radioamateurs. It
is a nice contest, so I really hope that participation will rise!

The conditions were going up and down. It wasn't normal that I could easily
call CQ on 20m (I may send between 14.080-14.085), I had some reaction Always
I've been spot one by AA8R (thanks!). I said it before, it is really important
for small stations like me to be spotted, you Always feel the effect of a spot,
definitly when the spot is made by a dx-stations. So guys don't spot Always the
big stations who everyone can work, spot also the little one!

10m was also fun, but not in the same condition like during the JARTS contest.
I could call CQ en most of the time a russian or Ukranian station came back.
On 10m the most nice moment was working ZL2FC, new DXCC for me, thanks! I
worked two other DXCC's on 40m, St-Vincent and Dominica!

At the beginning of 2013, I had some goals:
-became first On-stations at the UBA prefix hunt
this is going fine!
-work new DXCC, am I doing.
-work Alaska, thanks to KL7RA!
-logging my 20.000st QSO, and since last weekend this is also OK! I was calling
CQ on 10m and RA0WHE had the honour, thank you! I have it on tape!

Now I am thinking about 2014, goals:
-writing QSL!!!
-learning my HAREC so I can send on the whole band.

WOrking operation:
-Winwarbler (so no QTC's), FT897 (only 50w!!!), home verticall antenne for
40m-20m-15m, dipole for 80m, small verticall for 10m.

Thanks to work me, good luck during next contests!
Thanks to my parents for the support!
And thanks to ON4BHQ for the chats on fb during the contest, it keeped me awake

You may Always become friend on facebook: pieter onthreedi.



P.S.: score and muls aren't correct
VY2LI   Single Op HP   207,9042013-11-11 04:30:55
A casual effort in a contest that I really enjoy.Good show DARC! Thanks for the
KD9MS   Single Op LP   321,3452013-11-11 04:51:49
Solar flares, CME's and static, OH MY!

The bands were horrible!!! Forget trying to pass any QTC's on the low bands.
Just too noisy. At least the higher bands were quiet enough to do that.

Thanks to Larry K8UT for putting up the video on N1MM and the QTC process.
Without that, I would have been lost. Now if I can just figure out how to get
my old DI window macros BACK I will be super happy!

Good contest, I like the fact that it is different with the exchange of QTC's
and I love to watch my score jump when I get them. LOTS of MULTIPLIERS too!

Craig KD9MS
CE1RPW(@3G1B)   Single Op HP   46,0902013-11-11 06:40:18
Nice Contest !
Hope next year to be full time.

Vy 73 !

Richard, CE1RPW
K3OQ   Single Op LP   9002013-11-11 07:16:01
Don't really care much for QTCs. Seems like a waste of time for logging real
QSOs, but it is what it is. Maybe next year...maybe not.
NA2M   Single Op HP   265,3002013-11-11 07:21:17
RIG: Elecraft K3/KPA500 400W
Ant: Cushcraft R5 Vertical 20-15-10
Franklin 80-40

Condx poor here on Saturday but better Sunday
I lost 2 sets of QTC's due to computer problem.
IW1AYD(@IQ1RY)   Single Op HP   2,223,8642013-11-11 07:43:51
Well, TU all for the Q's, QSO+QTC.
I didn't recalled witch call already wrote me: NO QTC. So I keep asking each
time, don't say it's a waste of time as looking for those calls elsewhere could
also a waste of time ... Someone was telling so far:
IW1AYD 599 ### ### NO QTC
Great and neat! There where several unusual episodes when asking RX or TX of
QTC, also by me when nothing was working. It's the WAE game, a great one. For

But also TU to have had the patience on the 9th, the whole night and day, to
support me frantically trying to send QTC's and never been able to do. The K3,
both, went dead several times, when TXing, with an internal communication
error. Even at LP, even "at you name it - try this". Until the late
evening of 9th I was almost asking to RX. Nothing helped me to troubleshoot on
the fly this fault ... also the problem seemed to be erratic about bands and
other amenities. So, just before bed, I realized that there was a parameter
inside the radio sub windows of the microham " Poll .." disabling it
cured that gizmo.
The 10th was much better but me feel is that I loose too much time,
nevertheless it was a pure pleasure to be there with all of you. But not with
those that have signals widest more than 1 KHz, there are a lot. With my poor
and tight FSK I suffered a lot and almost all are from my near East. Have a
look to the RBN's to see how many times i moved up and down on the bands.
Looking at the P3, after not funny rattles earing, was a picture of the hell.

SRY for whom I didn't read the late evening of the 10th on 40m band. I had a
severe prop distortion for each incoming signal. Northern signals where
absolutely awful. Signal coming from North-East land signal where merely
affected, like W/VE land. No effect at all for signal coming from South-East,
like PY.

So I have a lot to do, troubleshooting my setup just started. The direction
seem clear: any/some interrupt/s from the serial port to the K3 kill it.
BTW this isn't happening when false TXing, 1 W or 500 W it's the same.
Something it's worse and each of the K3 die alone when TXing long messages.
SW & HW used was "almost", AFAIK, the same setup as for the
JARTS, even the chair, and there wasn't any single glitch ...
Yes, now what? I will discover, I hope. My dummy load would became hot!

TU all, ciao!

73 de iw1ayd Salvo
VE4EAR   Single Op HP   189,1082013-11-11 08:15:11
Horrible conditions friday and Saturday kept me out of the chair.
Even single hop signals were auroral distorted. Conditions improved on
Sunday but could not get the enthusiasm back when there were so many
other distractions.

See everyone in NA next weekend for the SS-SSB.

WB2RHM/4   Single Op LP   674,9462013-11-11 08:36:21
SO1R! WAE RTTY is always a fun contest. Really like the QTCs. OD5PY on 10m was
the hit of the day! Lost a little prime op time at the end when I zoned-out and
fell asleep while looking straight at the display for the last 1/2 hour.........
The wife came down to tell me the contest had been over for 30 minutes.....duh!
Z6/S56A   Single Op LP   500,7422013-11-11 08:47:33
WAE DX-ped at Kosovo with renewed Z6/S56A license. Good condx but I couldn't
get run on 10 m despite perfect SWR at 21 m OCF. Lot of DL organisers in the
log. Missed JA on better Saturday opening. Lot of late USA on Synday. Not
much SA this time? Computers properly decoded my callsign but
"smart" operators preffered Z3 or T6 prefix. Others just like S56A
barefoot. Only KH6ZM is excused with my TS-480 low power! It was fun for 3
days at motel Europa, Gracanica.

VE6SQ   Single Op LP   37,8872013-11-11 09:08:59
Started out good - but the condx seemed to get worse and worse
GUØSUP   Single Op LP   593,8922013-11-11 09:09:12
Just 3 weeks post-surgery, and although there have been no problems with the op
itself, the anaesthetic has left me very tired and listless.
It was very hard to stay in the chair and keep going, and there were a few
times when I was nearly asleep. This made it difficult to concentrate on the

Saturday provided the best propagation, with all 10 US call areas worked on 15
and 10m. Also bagged a few nice ones towards the CQ Marathon award, which was

Only a couple of gripes....
Big-guns working me, then sitting so close I am rendered deaf and have to QSY.
Stations calling me whilst receiving QTC's.
As per Steve VK3TDX, I echo his request for the serial number 3 times. I had
too many sending it just once, as well as twice, where both were different.
If I ask for a repeat of the number, PLEASE send just the number, not the full
exchange again!
Why do stations call me with my call TWICE, then theirs fades into QSB?

Some highlights:
Working Gary AL9A, exchanging QTC's with W7WW and W7RN on 10m, finding KH6ZM on
20m just calling CQ, and working AA5AU on 4 bands, even though he has just
undergone major surgery (unlike my minor op!).

Made far fewer QTC's this year, which affected the score. But, I did have one
European station trying to get me to receive his QTC's!

Great fun, and good to see you all!

73 de Phil GU0SUP
DK3CW   Single Op LP   62,1002013-11-11 09:20:01
FT-817ND (PWR: 5W) into 40m end-fed longwire, 10m about the Ground; 141m ASL
W9PA   Single Op LP   73,0602013-11-11 11:19:25
K3, P3, Center-Fed 135-ft Doublet, Win-Test V4.11
KSØM   Single Op LP   78,1162013-11-11 11:56:36
One of my two favorite contests. But this year it was a frustrating experience.
I had some problems with N1MM and receiving QTC's was difficult due to the poor
propagation here in the "black hole" of the USA. Some of my problems
were "operator error." All in all it was not my best contest
experience. I will be back next year.
OK8DD   Single Op LP   36,7652013-11-11 13:18:33
20,15,10: ECO Asay Tribander
80,40: Linear loaded vertical (PA3HBB idea
Win-Test + DigiKeyer II

Many thanks for the QSOs

73, Romas - OK8DD
TF3PPN   Single Op LP   287,8762013-11-11 13:27:01
Band Q/QTC QSOs Pts Mlt
7 QSO 8 8 18
14 QSO 369 369 124
21 QSO 318 318 106
28 QSO 216 216 68
Total All 911 911 316
Score: 287.876
ON6AT   Single Op LP   160,6802013-11-11 14:03:54
TRX: FT-950 (80w 10-15-20m) 65w (40-80m)
Ant: Cushcraft R8 - Daimond W8010 (for 40-80m)
A nice cosy contest.
For a small station (LP) I like to working with QTC's,
these give a boost to continue working in the contest.
Until next year
73 de ON6AT Patrick
VA2UP   Single Op HP   2,592,0292013-11-11 14:16:02
I have to agree with other fellow VE friends, conditions were pretty bad. As
soon as the A index rises we badly suffer here. I stopped after the first 3
hours friday evening and waited for things to improve just hopping around from
band to band to check things out, they never did and went to bed.
Best signals coming in from EU were the ones that refused QTCs ha ha!!
Ok we do what we can with what we are given I guess.
Still my favorite contest but conditions made this edition 2013 uhm how could I
say this...boring at times, yeah that sounds just about right!
Now for those that still don't exchange QTCs, well you need 3 things to make a
good spaghetti meal: pasta, tomato sauce and parmigiano cheese if one is
missing you're not eating spaghetti...for WAE that would be Qs, Mults and QTCs
one missing and you're not in the game! Think of joining the fun next time, you
don't know what you're missing...
73, Fabi va2up
W9ILY   Single Op HP   990,1432013-11-11 16:19:16
Great fun!Thanks to all.
WE4M(N2QT)   Single Op LP   1,906,0802013-11-11 16:37:44
Score down quite a bit from last year, about the same number of Q's but down on

Mults (on 80M) and down on qtcs (more on that later). Conditions Friday night
were challenging. It was hard to get a good decode on loud signals, and my
friend 2Tone seemed to struggle more than MMTTY. So quite early and came back
to a much improved Saturday morning. I felt like I needed to make q's and
off on doing QTCs which wasn't a good ides. I also had issues with both K3s
when sending QTCs, the rig would freeze with a DSE error code. I'd power the
rig off and try to save the contact but didn't always work that way. Hard to
this was worth the 300 qtcs I was short, but it didn't help. Also receiving
traffic is harder than just pressing the button to send so that helped wear
op down.

Radios Two Elecraft K3(external fans)
KT34A at 60 ft,
3 el Steppir at 48 ft
40M rotary dipole at 54 ft
shunt fed tower on 80 M, dipole at 55 ft
N6HE   Single Op HP   104,6562013-11-11 20:22:37
Lotsa fun, but the pile of dirt to my NE (about 30 degrees elevation
of dirt!) really limits me. Many sigs only needed an S-Unit or two
more to be workable by me. Low wires, too. Given the dirt, maybe that's
a good thing? TenTec Omni VII, SB220 at 500W, Writelog. Love the QTC
thing on RTTY!

1. What are those guys doing such that it takes them 5 seconds to
start transmitting when it's their turn?
2. Managed 140 QTC's out of 282 QSO's. Where were the JA's when
you needed them? (JIDX?) Only heard the JA big guns...
3. Computer locked up right in the middle of QTC's from a CE1 - after
quite a few fills, too. Just as I got them all, FREEZE! Arrggghhhh!
4. "5NN"? Har! Repeating 599 3 times with the serial number? Har!
5. Not sending 599 at all? Should we break the news to them?
6. I was recieving QTC's from a JA when I had major QRM - constant -
must have been unanswered CQ's... told him sorry, was not going to
work. So he sends, "QRV QRV Please send now!" So I sent the QTC's
Very cool on his part, yes?
7. Needed 5 hands to do the WAE RTTY as well as work 5J0R, T33A, and K9W
on all their band-modes, too. Jeez.... Amazing I didn't blow something up!
WØLSD   M/S HP   1,479,1102013-11-11 20:30:30
Really strange up and down conditions, aurora on stateside signals on most
bands. Last year had over 2 million points, so no where near that score. High
hopes with good solar numbers, but just didn't happen. Thanks to all for the Qs
and those that persisted through QRM and QSB for QTC exchange. A problem we
encountered was the band map was populated with many stations that were not on
the spotted frequency. A station that would CALL someone was spotted, and the
confusion began. Skimmer gone wild? Hope it gets fixed before the next RTTY
YT2AAA   Single Op LP   32,7542013-11-12 07:53:07
ICOM-745 + 5m wire on balcony
ON4BHQ   Single Op LP   877,9322013-11-12 12:13:14
Love the QTC game, however N1MM acted very strange when QTCing. Calls jumped up
and down the screen, so I had to catch them with the mouse. Dunno what went
wrong, but managed to play the game as good as possible.
Very strange propagation, on sunday barely heard American stations, and then
suudenly 2 times KH6 en AL with huge signals on 20m.
First time I spent 23 hours in my shack-chair for this contest. Broke my
personal record. I should have to go for the full 36 hours, but social and
family engagements always keeps me away from the shack for such full time.
Perhaps next year? Anyway, vy pleased with my result.
Also nice Facebook chat with ON3DI, so we could fill up the gaps in the contest and I kept him away from falling asleep :)
Tnx toall who worked me and did efforts to TX or RX QTC's.


as I blew up the finals of my IC-7800 I could trust on my good "old"
backup radio: Yaesu FT2000
Optibeam OBW 5-10 for 20, 15 and 10 m
Dipole and MA8040Vertical for 40 and 80m
microKEYER + N1MM as always a reliable couple.

73 - Wim - ON4BHQ
ZW8T(PS8HF/PS8BR/PS8NF)   M/S HP   600,0412013-11-12 15:16:44

W7LD   Single Op LP   25,1812013-11-12 18:53:15
SP2MKI   Single Op LP   114,3362013-11-13 11:30:23
IC756Pro , 80/40 dipole, 20/15/10 GP5. N1MM and Fldigi
K4RO   Single Op HP   5,0002013-11-13 20:28:18
Score is approximate. Several QTC were accidentally not logged due to operator
error. Not enough time to gets things setup properly, so just ran with it.
OM7KW   Single Op LP   1,170,4002013-11-15 06:45:51
I think my best contest result in 2013...
Thanks to all and see you in 2014.

Steve OM7KW
OM5M   M/S HP   1,624,7882013-11-18 05:08:08
Part time operation.
K1SD   Single Op LP   313,6302013-11-19 04:53:45
Great contest; lots of fun. I busted a LOT of received QTCs.

K1SD station:
10/15/20: Bencher SkyHawk @ 70 ft; Cushcraft A4S @ 42 ft; SM03
40/80: Inverted Vs
K3, N1MM, MMTTY, 2Tone
K4VOZ   Single Op LP   5,9522013-11-20 15:29:32
Used RTTY for the first time in September and this is my second RTTY contest.
I'm having a lot of fun with RTTY so far.
W1TO   Single Op HP   286,7002013-11-26 04:53:30
Multipliers are as N1MM reports them. The score should be right.
N8HM   Single Op LP   1762013-11-26 15:44:32
Rig - Yaesu FT-450D
Antenna - MFJ-1786 Magnetic Loop