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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY   2014   Sep 27   Comment Summary

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UW5Q(UR3QCW)   SOAB(A) HP   378,1202014-09-28 01:22:04
NF3C(W4VIC)   SOAB HP   130,4162014-09-28 06:06:20
RTTY events are great. Thanks for the Qs. 73, Vic, W4VIC/NF3C
KU1T   SOSB(A)/80 HP   42,0002014-09-28 06:30:44
THis time instead of fighting with my own limitations (lack of movement, etc
etc) I wanted to have some fun - so I entered in SOSB(a)80. In addition, on
Saturday I spent some times on other bands. Full activity was:
Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty SP
3.5 316 420 13 36 51
7 10 17 3 4 6
14 18 24 5 4 12
21 87 225 10 30 14
28 75 160 9 18 16
Total 506 846 40 92 99

Spending whole night on a single band to see how it changes was a educational
experience - for hours I could hear EU and not been able to work them. It was a
good workout for the corrected Double-L.

Double L with peak at 65' up suspended form the tower and trees; 3 x reversible
beverages of 570', at 30-90-150 (and 210-270-330 )deg.

Thanks for all the Q's.

vy 73, de KU1T
K4MM   SOSB(A)/20 HP   86,0852014-09-28 09:31:39
This contest is always fun. Even with only a 1/4 sloper @25'.
Rig: FT-950
Tuner: Dentron MT-2000A
Amp: Dentron 160-10L 500 watts

Thanks to all who worked me. I'll be looking for y'all in the SS/CW contests.

73 Tom Colyard K4MM SFL EL97tg
W6SX   SOAB HP   534,4002014-09-28 11:03:26
Left arm still in sling. I thought clicking would make one-handed RTTY OK, but
two-hand habits are thoroughly ingrained. Ninety-five percent Running. S&P
with one hand was a challenge. Met my 1000 QSO goal. Expect LCR will be a

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY and
2-Tone, N1MM.
OK2CMW   SOSB/15 LP   104,6252014-09-28 11:19:41
Great contest with nice opening especially to west coast NA second day.
TRX is TS930S with inrad and antenna is 3 element yagi manualy rotated, so many
km in the foot HI.
Good luck to all and see ya again.

N2WQ/VE3   SOSB/80 HP   91,5842014-09-28 11:38:40
A leisurely operation as there was no time for a full time, all bands effort.
Expected much higher rates but then again I've never spent too much time on
80m. It's amazing how well a simple Inv-V @ 70' works. No RX antennas.

Rudy N2WQ
KI7MT   SOSB/20 LP   105,9182014-09-28 12:12:31
Part time effort due to prior commitments.

N1MM+ is reporting 56 for both State/Prov and Cty's, so I'm not sure if that is
correct. Overall, the N1MM Development team has done a fantastic job with the
new release.

Working ZN 29, 38 and 39 was a real treat. 27 zones is nothing to write home
about, but I'm happy to get what I did with a 20m Vertical. I sure missed
hanging out on 15m and all the JA's that come with it.

Conditions were cool at best. Lots of nice DX showed up, worked a few new band
modes. RTTY contests are always good fun.

NJ-QP and CQP up next, maybe some TARA rumble action as well :-)

Greg, KI7MT
NA5NN(K2FF)   SOAB(A) QRP   167,6682014-09-28 12:15:47
Always nice to hand out "MS" to the deserving...especially running
VA3PC   SOAB HP   56,0172014-09-28 13:43:27
Just a few hours to play. Thanks to all for the qso's
VE3HG   SOAB LP   237,7502014-09-28 14:16:32
Very soft conditions Saturday morphed into amazing later in the day with China,
Guam and Indonesia easily worked which is not the norm from here. Flex 3000
worked flawlessly as ever.
W7WHY   SOAB(A) HP   150,8042014-09-28 15:33:17
Strange conditions. Lots of stations on but not much DX. Seemed more like a
RTTY SS than a DX contest. Not much heard here on any of the bands.

Confusion is working K0MP in AZ and K0MPH in MN back to back :-)

Thanks for the Q's and 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT + AL811H ~ 400 watts
Radio 2 FT-840
80 meter dipole
40 meter vertical dipole
20 meter HB 2-el monobander at 25 feet
15 meter delta loop
10 meter HB 2-el monobander at 15 feet.
ZW5B(PY5EG)   SOSB(A)/15 HP   302,5482014-09-28 15:36:30
Hi Folks

For quite some time we are promi9ssing to work digital contests at ZW5B, but
always lack of operators or know how from the usual CW and phone guys represent
excuses not to be on the air.

This time myself and Peter decided to learn a litle bit about RTTY contest, and
the only way to do it is to put the station on the air and see whta happend.

Sergio PP5JR came from Florianopolis to take a look because he has also the
commitment to participate from PX5E in the future.

So we made many mistakes but on the end I think we learned a lot!!!
Thanks for being in our log

OMS ZW5B SO (A) 15 meters
N6WM(@K6LRG)   SOAB(A) HP   57,1552014-09-28 15:42:24
Just playing around during other duties and checking things out during the big
RTTY test..

See you all in CQP next weekend! Lets get this contest season started!

73 and seeya next time

HL5YI   SOSB(A)/15 HP   21,4622014-09-28 15:43:34
Vy have funny time agn next contest...

G.L de HL5YI 73..
K1IMI(N4CW)   SOAB QRP   425,3912014-09-28 15:46:20
QRP operation is a very humbling experience! I probably made 5 contacts in
"run" mode...I just couldn't attract enough stations to make it
worthwhile. I also had to pass up some really great DX, including a whole bunch
of BY's that just couldn't hear me. I used the KX3 (with add-on heatsink)
barefoot with a SignaLink USB to generate my signal. The antennas used were an
Acom 8-element log-periodic at 60 feet, and a low 80M OCF (55 feet up at one
end, about 25 feet at the other).
Thanks to all the fine operators out there, and to the sponsors of this fun
(and grueling) event. 73
NY7N   SOAB(A) LP   20,0402014-09-28 16:05:24
Been QRT for a while thanks to pesky life stuff. Felt good to be back in the
saddle. Not a bad effort for a 40m doublet at ~9ft running 50w through my
ancient Omni-C.
W4DXX   SOAB(A) HP   547,6552014-09-28 16:35:51
Cndx were only so-so here. 10m was better than expected. Only op'd 3 bands,
40, 15, 10 for just a few hours with a lot of idle time. Used new N1MM Logger
+ which worked great. Sure like the new features.
Cndx on Saturday had more QSB than usual. 15m seemed to die down in mid
afternoon while working JA's and then came back an hour later with better sigs.
Only op'd 10m part-time while it was open but seemed to be open to EU, AF, and
South Pacific at same time in the afternoon. Called by ZL1BYZ on 10m at 1800z
off back of antenna, so 10m was probably better than most ops realized.
40m didnt have the signal levels as expected either morning or night. Lots of
USA qsos, so it seemed the DX was down this year.
I was glad to help give out a Georgia mult. Thanks to everyone for the RTTY
Eric / W4DXX
Georgia Contest Group
W5EW   SOAB LP   293,9282014-09-28 16:36:29
100 Watts and Dipoles.
Thanks for the contacts.

73 to All and to All Good DX,

Ray W5EW
N9DFD   SOAB LP   168,2662014-09-28 16:52:36
Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty SP
7 67 150 13 29 18
14 73 149 16 27 24
21 98 260 14 38 12
28 59 148 14 25 8
Total 297 707 57 119 62
Score: 168,266
N8HM   SOSB/10 LP   8,2082014-09-28 16:55:35
Busy weekend, so just made a few QSOs, mostly on Sunday. Concentrated on 10m as
there probably isn't much time left for good 10m propagation this solar cycle.

Radio - Yaesu FT-450D
Antenna - MFJ-1786 Magnetic Loop
Software - N1MM + Fldigi
WB8JUI   SOAB LP   171,7392014-09-28 16:57:00
73 - Rick WB8JUI
AA5AU   SOSB(A)/15 HP   557,6582014-09-28 17:01:45
Leading up the contest I couldn't decide if I wanted to go all band low power
or do single band 15 meters high power. I took Friday off from work to
"rest" but I didn't get any. I found out I had problems with my 2
element SteppIR yagi. I did a lot of troubleshooting and determined that
possibly I need more voltage out of the power supply (replace the 24 VAC supply
with a 33 VAC supply). It didn't appear that anything was broken and the
feedline tested good. So in lieu of that, I decided not to chance SO2R. The
antenna did work, it was just being finicky.

I'm glad I ended up going single band 15 assisted because even though the solar
flux was high, the A and K indices were also high so running the amp was a good
choice to achieve maximum fun.

I set goals of 1200 QSO's, 35 zones, 100 countries and all 48 states and to
beat my 2012 record of 438,480. I accomplished most my goals. Getting 112 DX
and 38 zones was really nice. I only missed zones 34 and 35.

I worked some really nice DX but the highlight of the contest was fishing for,
and getting C91C. He was being spotted from time to time but he must have been
S&P the whole time. (Why do people spot S&P stations???) At one point I
found him working a station, so turned the beam to him, went up a few hundred
hertz and called CQ. He came right back to me! Man, I love when that happens.

I believe there were only two multipliers that I saw spots for but didn't work
- 4W6LU and 3W3A. I heard 4W6LU before the contest but never during the

The contest was really enjoyable! What's nice about a single band effort is you
get more rest and you can do other things while conesting. Although I don't have
a TV in the shack anymore, I was able to complete the transition of my the new website. It's at if anyone wants to take a peep before
it gets moved to Thanks to everyone for working me.

Icom IC756 PRO III
Ameritron AL80B amplifier 500 watts
3 element SteppIR @ 45'
2 element SteppIR @ 35'

73, Don AA5AU
N3QE   SOAB(A) HP   1,004,5682014-09-28 17:05:39
Half the BIC time of last year, but still a heckuva lot of fun!

15M/20M/10M were all phenomenal!
VE9AA   SOAB(A) HP   46,5742014-09-28 17:06:11
No time to play - very busy w/e here !

73 de Mike VE9AA ~500w & HF9V vertical , N1MM
KB3LIX   SOAB LP   194,4462014-09-28 17:06:17
Not a great effort on my part this year.
Not feeling great and just NOT into the contest this year.
KL7SB   SOAB(A) HP   588,6932014-09-28 17:06:31
Propagation was all or nothing here in between. 15M was the hot band
..10M didn't open at all.
SV5DKL   SOSB(A)/20 HP   306,9502014-09-28 17:06:48
Somebody had to put SV5 on air !!

CU in SSB & CW parts!

K6ND   M/S LP   2,422,8002014-09-28 17:06:57
Thanks to Will K6ND for his efforts to prepare for his first 2-station
Mulit-single effort for this event and Pam, K6NDV for her hospitality during
the weekend. Mike WM1K lead the way here on RTTY.
Charlie - N1RR - No longer a 'RTTY virgin'.
W1ZD   SOSB/20 LP   32,3002014-09-28 17:07:46
This was a short contest for me. After the first storm came through with an
of rain and winds in excess of 70 mph, tried to resume operation, but had high
SWR on the antenna. Looks like water got in somewhere.Hope it dries out in the
coming days.
KN3A   SOAB(A) LP   54,4582014-09-28 17:08:23
Part time effort. Tested out a new 10 meter loop that worked very well for
working into the Caribbean and South America.

Kenwood TS 590S/100w
N1MM Logger+
Inverted L/10 Meter Loop
ZF2AV(AA7V)   SOAB LP   1,400,2082014-09-28 17:08:49
80 w to 5 band dipole up 10 mtrs in palm tree on beach.
Quite humbling not having amp and yagis.
Thanks for the QSOs.
73 de ZF2AV/AA7V
NS3L   SOAB LP   539,8352014-09-28 17:10:49
Only was available for half the contest duration, but it was fun to the core..
Thanks to all.. Steve NS3L..
AF4RK   SOAB HP   233,5192014-09-28 17:11:30
Everything worked for a change. No bangs, no sparks! Just a lot of fun!
KT8TD   SOAB(A) LP   199,8802014-09-28 17:11:44
Best effort to date in this contest. Used 20M inverted V and K3's tuner to
avoid having to do antenna changes. Had a blast associating familiar callsigns
with old friends. Especially F4DXW (Stephane) and K1SFA (Khrystyne).
N6RO   SOSB(A)/10 HP   140,7522014-09-28 17:12:56
Got in two hours Fri. eve, 3 hrs Sat. morning; spurts all day Sunday. Sri to
miss Sat. PM. while playing jazz.
Band was in great shape. Last QSO was 3W3B!
Hope condx. like this next weekend in CQP.
K3MJW   M/S HP   2,491,7342014-09-28 17:14:56
Had Fun!
AA3B   SOAB(A) HP   6,316,0322014-09-28 17:15:11
8224 QSO points
N1JM   SOAB HP   8,1222014-09-28 17:16:13
Storm here in AZ essentially wiped out my prime and about my only time I could
operate this weekend.

K3 P3 KPA500 14AVQ
ND3N   SOAB LP   192,4242014-09-28 17:16:23
As always, my goal is to beat last years score (142,800) - I'm please to say I
did and by a large margin.

Had a ball and really enjoyed my BIC time.

Got to work a lot of PVRC'ers and many others as well.

Rig: Kenwood TS-590
Antennas: GAP Challenger Vertical and Wires on 80, 40, and 15.

S/W: WriteLog V 11.21P

Next op for me will be Nov SS - hope to see everyone there...
NØBUI   SOAB HP   398,7322014-09-28 17:17:16
A really fun contest. Thanks for all the Qso's.
73. Mike N0BUI
W1BO   SOAB HP   156,9062014-09-28 17:17:19
FT-950/TH11DX/1000watts - Great fun this go around had a few station issues with
RTTY that had to be worked out that ate up a lot of my available time to operate
once they were resolved things started working out pretty well. 40meters was a
bust due to a bad correction on the antenna making it have high SWR's all over
the place decided to move back up to 15meters instead and work the Asia/Pacific
DX in the evening of the first night with pretty good results. Also need to work
on something suitable for 80 meters as well.

Have got to get myself in the mind set that I can actually run more and stop
doing S&P as much since I realize now that I loose a LOT of QSO's because
of the dwell time - when I finally decided to do it on 20 meters towards the
end I was steadily pulling stations in and in hindsight if I had done if from
the start I would have been way above where my Q's were for this one. Note to
self got to start thinking more like a big gun then the little pistol I was
used to. HI HI

South East Contest Club
KU7Y   SOSB(A)/10 QRP   20,2862014-09-28 17:17:19
I have no idea how to figure out the score!! Only had a little time to play so
the score isn't important. I'll be that last guy in the list!!! Thanks for
putting up with my poor RTTY operating.... I just now learning how to do this
mode. QRP makes it a challenge!! Thanks for the Qs. Ron, KU7Y
SP8K   SOSB(A)/80 HP   93,0722014-09-28 17:18:00
Thanks for all qso's. 73 Kornel
K3EST(@N6RO)   SOSB(A)/15 HP   271,2542014-09-28 17:18:40
Saturday only. Band good.
KD3TB   SOAB HP   466,8032014-09-28 17:20:25
Great contest and a lot of fun to operate.
VE3XD   SOAB LP   223,1842014-09-28 17:22:08
Well starting out I was antenna challenged with only 3 bands and attic mounted
end-fed dipoles. Early Saturday afternoon the 15m antenna developed high swr
which left me with only 20 and 40. Running between 50 and 70 watts I managed to
pull together the best results of any contest from this new (3 years now)
location. Normally I would run qrp but at the start conditions seemed poor
which prompted me to go low power. That brought out some interaction between
the attic antennas so some relocation seems in order.
3D2KM(W6ZL)   SOAB LP   323,7822014-09-28 17:22:15
Elecraft K3 @ 95W
Vertical dipoles on 40 ft. fiberglass mast

I'm in a "normal" residential neighborhood, with all the attendant
noise. Good that the bands were in good shape.

Bula vinaka vakalevu!

W6ZL / 3D2KM / A35KL
Martintar, Nadi
Fiji Islands
South Pacific
KX7L   SOAB LP   47,6562014-09-28 17:24:00
15m seemed to be the money band. 10 was open, but a bit slow for me, and I had
a hard time getting much rolling on 20 until Sunday afternoon. Nice to hear
both W1AW/5 and W1AW/7 on for the contest.
KB7V   SOAB HP   162,7202014-09-28 17:24:28
Had quite a bit of fun and had my personal best for 18 hour effort.
Bands were OK with 10 meters open somewhat, better on Sat than Sun, and 15
meters open pretty well both long and short skip. 40 meters was very good.

Lots of fun for the beginning of serious contest season - hopefully this will
be another good one before the sunspots dive.
NO2T   SOAB(A) HP   1,079,6702014-09-28 17:24:38
Beautiful 10 meter condx! Had fun. Only ran SO2R for about 10 hours. Antenna
switching relay failed. Must open the ACOM-1000 to fix it. Fortunately the
Heath SB-1000 kept running like a Swiss watch.
My wife ( no longer with us ) built the Heath. The inside wiring is beautiful.
Had my first contest QSO with China. Wow!
All in all the effort to recover from hurricane Sandy was worth it.
It felt good to see the action on 2 bands at the same time.
At my age(85) doing antenna work is slow. Still need a better second 20-10
meter antenna.Used Butterfly 2 el beam fixed mounted at 25 feet.
Thanks to all the operators for hearing and coming back to me. Without you the
event would be boring. 73 and GUD DX from NO2T 05 NJ
VK3TDX   SOAB HP   2,282,0822014-09-28 17:27:06
The best RTTY contest weekend ever in my experience.

Propagation was solid all weekend featuring excellent ten meters to NA and EU
from VK3. 15 Meters stayed open until after midnight here and 20 meters worked
around the clock. 40 wasn't in top form but good enough to provide some nice

Many excellent operators in this one so thanks to all who called.
I hope you all enjoyed this one like I did.

73 Steve VK3TDX
KR4F   SOAB(A) HP   345,1962014-09-28 17:27:42
Part time mult hunt.

Johnny, KR4F
AD5OW   M/S HP   833,5472014-09-28 17:28:35
Had fun again this year. CME kind of jacked up propagation on Sunday night, but
overall had fun.

Rig : Icom 746 W/ Ameritron AL-811HD at 400
Antennas : 3 Elements and Wires
K5ND   SOSB(A)/20 LP   57,5842014-09-28 17:28:46
Running K3/P3 with N1MM, MMTTY, and 2Tone. Vertical antennas.
WØRAA   SOAB LP   53,9012014-09-28 17:33:46
Band conditions were great. The propagation gods were smiling down on us.
About time. Didn't get on 40 & 80, and only in it for 7 hours. Back
problems forced me to get into a better chair. Still had fun. It was a good
test for my brand new Yaesu FTdx-3000 that I got on 9/25. Fortunately I had a
good friend who has had one for about 2 years and he helped me get up and
running on RTTY. Thanks, Jim.
W9IIX   SOAB HP   55,4402014-09-28 17:34:24
tough go contest, lots program errors, blew 10m trap and various rf problems,but
learned something about N1MM, great program....Doug
OG2P(OH2PM)   SOAB HP   1,848,2242014-09-28 17:34:41
My first ever CQWW contest on RTTY. My original plan was to go to OH0R but had
to cancel the trip because of other commitments.I missed my goal of 1500 QSOs
just by one.I spent the last ten hours mainly for hunting multipliers.
Great fun but I need more practice on this mode.

Thanks for the QSOs and see you all next time in SAC SSB contest.

73 de Pertti, OG2P/OH2PM
NF4A   SOAB(A) HP   612,3502014-09-28 17:37:52
15.5 hrs....part-time effort...bands were great...couldn't pull myself away from
10 meters !! Had to stop for over 2 hours Sunday afternoon to go to one of by
broadcast transmitter sites to reboot a piece of equipment ;( Log uploaded to
WX4G   SOAB HP   1,902,7432014-09-28 17:39:04
Great contest...except for 80 mtrs. Called and called Europeans...but only
worked a few. Why could they not all hear like UB7K!! Overslept both my 10 meter score was down...very disappointed in N1MM because the
clock will not sync. Keeps telling me I do not have proper approval level...and
I am the administrator!! Hope I can fix the times after the contest.

Thanks to all who called!!!
WB5TUF   SOAB LP   798,4982014-09-28 17:39:35
This year was better than last year. I had many interruptions on Saturday
morning and took the afternoon off to watch the Aggies beat Arkansas.
K7XC   SOSB(A)/15 QRP   12,8642014-09-28 17:40:32
WOW! I am Flabbergasted & Amazed what 5 watts on RTTY into simple antennas
will do! No longer own an acre with large antennas... Since the
bankruptcy/foreclosure in 2013 we have living very minimal in a small travel
trailer in an RV park. To keep the chance of any issues with the neighbors
decided to try QRP RTTY into a 10M dipole at 16 feet. Sat morning I remembered
a friend gave me an old screwdriver mobile antenna so I dug it out of storage
(Most of whats left in there) and built a mount for the back of the RV, grabbed
the control kit I made back then, adapted it to a SO-239 input, mounted it, ran
the wires, tested the 12V control... viola! it works! now a 4 or 5 band peek at

So were off... Starting 9AM Sat morning... and 10M is Hot on the dipole. Once
done mounting the screwdriver, I try 15 for a bit and then on to 20 well after
sunset... The band is cooking when low and behold, I find... AND WORK!! KC4AAA
on the SOUTH POLE with 5W on RTTY from a aging IC-746 that's feeding the
battered screwdriver on the rear bumper of the RV!!! This is the kind of stuff
that makes you feel young again!

Soon its obvious 15M is the place to be Sunday so I stay put and when the dust
settles I worked 174Qs with QRP... 105 on 15M alone! Not bad for a fat old man
just looking to have a bit of fun... Was so busy I never turned on the game...
Wonder how the Steelers did? LOL!

Just goes to show ya... you never know what life has in store for ya if you
just get off your butt!

73s from North Texas! de Tim - K7XC = EM12ur... sk

(PS: Looking forward to playing with the BIG Quad antennas at the home of Gary
- WA5FWC this coming contest season...)
K6ELE   SOAB HP   46,8162014-09-28 17:40:36
Both 10M and 15M had good openings. Operated about 11 hours over 3 days.
W7PP   SOAB HP   54,6042014-09-28 17:40:56
So little time, so little score....
VY2SS   SOAB HP   922,2712014-09-28 17:41:16
K3/P3 > KPA-500 > KAT-500 > 30.5 FOOT VERTICAL

Amazing what you can do with piece of pipe and 500W!

S&P most on Saturday. Run most on Sunday.

Thanks to all in my log.

YY5JAK(@YV5LMW)   SOAB LP   868,5752014-09-28 17:41:54
YY5JAK Op YL firts contest in digital mode frm Venezuela, my rig for contest:


N9OK   SOAB(A) HP   54,2372014-09-28 17:43:43
Only had 6 hours to operate due to this being a busy weekend. Still had a lot of
fun. Decent conditions on all bands.
AE7DW   SOAB LP   150,2282014-09-28 17:44:55
TX: FT897 @ 100W
ANT: JTV680 @ ~25' (ROOFTOP)
PY2EX   SOAB LP   369,1122014-09-28 17:46:25
W4EE   SOAB(A) LP   80,2562014-09-28 17:48:45
TS-440S es G5RV
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim
K7IA   SOAB HP   299,7962014-09-28 17:48:54
With other chores on the docket, I had to snatch some time here and there to get
on the air. Condx on all bands were super!
N7IR   SOAB LP   330,3322014-09-28 17:49:45
Too much time S&P and not enough running. Had to QRT Saturday at 2115Z due
to severe thunderstorms with more than 3 inches of rain. Pulled the plug until
Sunday morning. Life in the desert - hi ho!

Thanks for the contacts and your patience.
Gary, N7IR
IK2DZN   SOAB LP   1,496,7192014-09-28 17:49:59
Good conditions, wide participation. It's my best RTTY performance in CQ WW.
WA7LNW   SOAB HP   4,7792014-09-28 17:50:17
Excellent band conditions....outside 2 days of heavy rain and lightning which
pass through southwestern Utah on both Friday and Saturday. Spent all weekend
with antennas grounded at remote site to avoid damage. Lost my 10 meter CW
beacon antenna to lightning strike the weekend prior to CQWW RTTY Contest.

Beautiful day on Sunday. Got on air during last 1.5 hours of contest and made
a few contacts in order to contribute score to Arizona Outlaws Contest Club.

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
KB5JC   SOAB LP   343,4922014-09-28 17:50:45
Fun Contest.
N6HE   SOAB HP   318,9022014-09-28 17:51:00
Well, that was weird... very strange conditions (for me) here in SoCalif. Not
much on 80, not much EU/AF DX heard on any band. Frustrating to see the East
Coast working the EU's. Low wire ants only and take-off angle to my NE is
blocked for all below about 25-30 least I have an SB-220! The good
(and bad) news was there were signals were spaced every 200 hz or so at times. I
figure one man's Mark is another man's Space... Only 46 entities worked this
year. All in all, I had a blast - great to work a lot of the familiar calls.
Thanks for the Q's! Ray
K7ULS   SOSB/10 LP   86,2472014-09-28 17:51:38
Powder Mountain 9000'
Had to set up two days before due to weather coming in and it rained for the
whole contest plus winds of 50+. Right out of the gate I worked MW0ZZK which
seemed a bit odd because EU had since gone away so maybe it was long path but
none the confusing.
The contest got off to a good start with only 35 qso's the first night into
ZL,VK,JA,KH7 and 3D2KM for a treat ending at 01:45z. Saturday started at
to the usual Zone 33 bunch and very few EU stations due to the hoards of
stateside contesters taking up every inch of the band so just a handful of EU's
mainly S&P but a highlight working C37NL in tiny Andorra for a new DXCC. I
tried to run and got mostly the East coast needing UT and as the day ended a
few more from down under some JA's 5W1SA,YB2ECG and 9W6IVY for another treat.
Sunday was game day starting at 13:38z with a few Zone 14 guys then I broke a
pretty hefty pileup to get ZD8RH which was nice to know the elevation here
helps then a few more EU stations till 16:00z then it was on to the stateside
grind until the JA's arrived at 21:00z with a strange call from OH3SR in
Finland and another from LA7JO from Norway almost an hour later. I thought that
someone was pulling my leg but stranger things have happened here at 9000' with
the propagation. Nice little JA run with DU3LA as an added treat and ending
with a few frantic stations needing 03 UT and final DX from VP9I to make for a
nice but ear ringing contest.
de K7ULS
KM9R   SOAB LP   215,5372014-09-28 17:52:11
flex 6300 + n1mm + multiband dipole (via remote tuner ) @ 35 feet

First time for CQ WW RTTY and first contest for the flex 6300.
KCØDEB   SOAB(A) LP   510,2552014-09-28 17:56:34
For me, S&P was a more productive strategy than Calling CQ. ( My low power
signal got clobbered to many times ;-) The bands were packed, even 10m was
great! This is the start of the contest season, so let the games begin!

Icom IC-746PRO @ <100W, 3 El. Tribander at 26ft, and Inverted V at 35ft.

Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty SP
7 142 192 12 20 43
14 156 281 17 31 39
21 298 687 21 60 32
28 131 319 18 40 12
Total 727 1479 68 151 126
Score: 510,255
1 Mult = 2.1 Q's
WP3C   SOSB/15 LP   456,7602014-09-28 18:01:02
At first I was going to work the contest all bands, but for some other things I
had to do, just work it one band and I choose 15M. I enjoy it so much. I used
N1MM Plus, and is a great program, is better than the other version. See you in

Alfredo Vélez WP3C
Twitter: @wp3c
N7AT(K8IA)   SOSB(A)/15 HP   546,6782014-09-28 18:02:40
I was spoiled by last years conditions, which featured a super two days of Eu
openings for us on the west coast. Not this year. A good percentatge of time we
did have Eu openings this weekend were marred with multipath/fading conditions
that were very tough on RTTY decoders. Plus, a late season storm caused four
weather related outages here. Compared to last year, 177 less qso's, one more
zone, 10 more countries and 4 more states/provinces....for 120K less claimed
score this year.

Tnx for all the q's!

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
AEØEE   SOAB LP   66,4002014-09-28 18:04:35
I had quite a frustrating slog against the antennas. The dipoles are portable,
and I had new ones for 20 m and 10 m. Usually my 40/15 m antenna is a
workhorse and gives nice low SWR on both bands, and I don't need (or have) a
tuner. However, for whatever reason they were (pardon the pun) reacting poorly
to their deployment conditions. I had fairly high SWR on all bands but 15 m, so
power was usually 25 W, but 45 W on 15 m.

On the upside, the lower power and bad SWR made the DX all the sweeter. I
managed to work 33 DXCC entities and made good of progress toward my Worked All
States and Triple Play awards.
WA1FCN   SOAB LP   862,6352014-09-28 18:04:58
Oh well .....I put in more time and more effort than previous years, and what
I get... less score ! Ten meters surprised me, it was not great but not bad.
I think I need to go Single band, this body is not up to all day and most of
the night operations. ( age 66 ).

Antennas a4s @ 45 feet Th5 @ 75 ft 2 el 40 @ 70 ft 80 meter loop

One thing different about my setup is the A4S and Th5 are on different towers
yet are fed together or separate with matchbox. I only wanted this setup
to beam two directions at the same time.

KV1J   SOAB(A) HP   501,1642014-09-28 18:13:26
73, Eric KV1J
KC4HW   SOAB LP   898,6082014-09-28 18:13:36
Thanks for the QSOs!

I thought the conditions were pretty crummy mostly Friday and Saturday, but by
Sunday afternoon conditions got much better.

NY6DX   SOSB(A)/20 LP   79,4852014-09-28 18:14:43
Yaesu 1000mp mark V
inverted v at 40 ft.
Great first contest from my new QTH. On to bigger things.
KE8M   SOAB HP   906,9062014-09-28 18:14:52
CQWWRTTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2014-09-26

CallSign Used : KE8M
Operator(s) : KE8M

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : 04 OH
Gridsquare : EN81RG

ARRL Section : OH
Club/Team : None
Software : N1MM Logger V14.1.1

Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty
3.5 53 80 8 11 30
7 88 205 16 37 20
14 164 450 22 64 15
21 294 795 27 73 19
28 212 584 20 55 12
Total 811 2114 93 240 96

Score : 906,906
Rig : Rig : Kenwood TS 2000 + Ameritron ALS-600 @ 200-300 watts
N1MM + 2 tone
Antennas : 10M - Hy Gain LJ 105CA @ 45 ft
15M - Hy Gain LJ 155CA @ 42 ft
20M - Hy Gain LJ 204CA @ 50 ft
40M - inverted vee @ 50 ft
40M - full size ground plane @ 25 ft
40M - vertical quad loop fed horizontal 10 ft above ground NE-SW
80M - full size ground plane 120 radials

Soapbox :
NN4RB   SOAB LP   71,7252014-09-28 18:16:13
Rig : ICOM IC-756PRO
Interface: RIGBlaster Advantage FSK
Antennas: Mosely TA33JR at 42', Dipole at 44', and 35' Vertical
Soapbox :

First time I have worked CQWWRTTY. This is easy to say since I only started
operating this year.
This contest was the first time that I operated assisted and I used a
"special" connection to Mark's N2QT cluster.
I did not know what to expect and spent some time understanding the basics of
looking at spots. To quote some

comments on fighter pilots' cockpits, "Too Much Information." One
thing that I objected to was the number of spots for station searching and
pouncing. I think that is because the skimmers don't know who is calling CQ.
Stayed on 10 meters too long, however I was looking for zones.
A lot of signals on the air. Had fun!

N2MM   SOAB(A) HP   1,760,8292014-09-28 18:16:14
First time ever in cqww-RTTY contest.Naturally I made many mistakes...all
hardware. Stll recovering from a nasty fall in June limited my time. All qsos
qill be uploaded to LOTW
W3LL   SOAB HP   3,006,5992014-09-28 18:16:29
Beat last year's score but not my high score.

Quit when the 3 million number rolled up.

The P3 eliminated the need for S&P while looking for a run frequency. A
real timesaver in unassisted mode.


Bud W3LL
VE3CV   SOAB LP   332,1002014-09-28 18:16:53
Last contest with N1MM classic. Now to go plus! Excellent conditions on all
bands. Very few alligators. All my repaired antennas worked well. Thanks for
the Qs.
Jeff VE3CV

FT-1000MP 70W FSK
5 band Hexxbeam at 45ft
80m delta loop at 50ft
80m doublet at 50ft
PP1CZ   SOAB LP   412,8802014-09-28 18:18:16
Thank you all for the QSOs.
Hope to see you next month in the SSB part.
Best 73 from PP1CZ - Leo.
KA9MOM   SOAB LP   332,9202014-09-28 18:21:03
IC-718, G5RV

Worked more DX and less States/Prov last year then this year. Worked about the
same amount of time.
N6IE   SOAB(A) HP   426,8882014-09-28 18:21:36
I started out just 'plinking' around with the new N1MM Logger+ to see if I could
make it work in time for California QSO Party next weekend, but had so much fun,
I worked 657 Q's! It was great to hear 10 meters not only open, but being very
productive. 15 was a winner with the most Q's, points, countries and zones.
Everything works fine and I'll be looking for you all in the CQP next weekend!
AL9A   SOAB(A) HP   621,5742014-09-28 18:23:38
Not as good as last year by over 400 QSOs and 500,000 points! Bands were
marginal here especially on 15M and 20M early in the day. Things didn't get
going well until noon and then through the afternoon and early evening were
decent. Was very disappointed in conditions on 10M. With a SFI of 170 on Sat.
and 181 on Sun. I thought that band would be on fire. Alas, it didn't work out
that way. I suppose the A index of 18 served as a good fire extinguisher!
K3IE   SOAB(A) LP   378,7382014-09-28 18:26:17
RTTY is fun.

Tnx for the Q's - Hunter K3IE
CW4MAX(CX2DK)   SOSB/15 LP   318,0702014-09-28 18:26:19

First CQWW with CW4MAX license!
The conditions were not the best during the weekend. Working hard to
communicate with Europe during the mornings and afternoons.
In all these difficult hours, I was seeking countries and zones.

Happy with the performance and station.
Until the next contest !!!


Marcelo CX2DK / CW4MAX
ACØC   SOAB HP   2,713,1472014-09-28 18:27:40
First big contest of the season and it comes with great SFI numbers! Cycle 24
is still bringing on the treats.

Thanks to everyone who worked me.

This run can be reviewed in a context that Clint Eastwood would appreciate: the
good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good: Great band conditions - a complete surprise! Not much low band DX
here into KS but with the summer storm season winding down, the normal 80m QRN
is getting reasonable. Lot of DX up to the upper bands. Gear (excluding amps)
worked fine which is really amazing because most of the shack interconnect
wiring had been replaced this summer. First contest with the 4x4 stacks on 15m
and 20m.

The Bad: Both amps had problems costing a couple of hours lost op time. Less
Asian stations than I had recalled from prior contests.

The Ugly: Jet lag, allergies, recovering stomach flu, and a sick kid
conspiring to limit BIC op time.

W9PA   SOAB LP   918,0602014-09-28 18:33:38
K3, P3, Bencher Skyhawk, XM-240 with Moxon Mod Kit from DX Engineering,
Center-Fed Doublet, Software: DXLog by 9A5K with MMTTY & 2Tone
KS2G   SOAB LP   150,7512014-09-28 18:37:54
Conditions were better-than-anticipated.
Nice to see so much action on 10-Meters.
K7LY   SOAB(A) HP   23,9802014-09-28 18:38:36
Storms and personal business limited operations to just a few hours on Sunday.
Tnx for all the Q's.
KSØM   SOAB LP   105,2412014-09-28 18:39:46
10 and 15 meters were great. For some reason 20 meters was not very productive.
551 points X 191 = 105241 accordinmg to N1MM> Great fun.
PX2A   M/S HP   5,860,4942014-09-28 18:43:35
Dear All,

Thanks for being in our log.

Conditions was very good on 10m and 15m where we made a big part of our QSO's.

Hope to see all of you again at SSB next month.

Cheers and 73's

Fernando / PY2LED
Alto da Serra Contest Team
W4PK   SOAB(A) HP   956,5582014-09-28 18:44:22
Murphy paid me a visit big time this year, several times.

I had just renovated my "office" with a new floor, painted my walls,
and most importantly I had constructed new furniture for my equipment. This of
course involved removing all my cables and reconnecting them behind the new
furniture, and this took a lot more time than I had thought it would. I did
not get this completed until after a couple of hours after the contest had

The first instance was that I suddenly had no FSK and PTT on my primary radio.
They were fine for my secondary radio. To make a long story short; after much
trouble-shooting I finally determined that I had 3 out of 8 ports on my Edgeport
USB-to-RS232 converter that would not even pass a loop-back test with an analog
loopback plug. I finally found ports that would work, two for the FSK/PTT
functions for my radios and the other three for controlling my rotators. I
have no spare ports anymore.

The second instance was about noon on Saturday my PW-1 suddenly started pinning
my SWR meter and I had no power output. I have the PW-1 in the basement
underneath my office and I started smelling really strong "hot' orders of
the electrical type. I was using the PW-1 on 10M with its tuner enabled since
my SWR was about 1.7:1 on this band. I was running it with about 900W showing
on the meter, and I was sure that I had fried something in the PW-1. But
luckily it turned out to be my Elecraft directional coupler instead. This
coupler is rated for 2 KW up to 54 MHz but obviously it did not like a 1.7:1
VSWR load. The internal board and its components are charred beyond

The third instance is that that I had two of these ICE model 303 lightning
surge protectors fail on Saturday afternoon, with both having a definite burnt
smell. This was on 15 Meters at the time and they were both in line (one at
the house and the other at my tower base) with my 3-element SteppIR. These
suppressors supposingly are rated at 8 KW PEP up to 200 MHz, but I have had
others fail in the past. I have bypassed them for now but I will need to
replace them with something different (probably Polyphasor) before the next
lightning season.

The upshot of all this is that I was only able to operate for 14 hours this

I did a lot more S&Ping this year than I normally do, but I did have some
good runs with both radios. Once I was running on both 10 and 15 Meters when
an operator at NR4M (was it you, Steve?) was trying to communicate with me!
The problem I had was that I had three guys calling me at the same time on 15M
and I became totally confused! Sorry!

One final comment is that the skimmer spots worked better than ever this year.
I had my spot timeout set for 5 minutes but even at that I was overwhelmed by
the sheer number. But I did find some nice multipliers!

Until next year!

73, Sam W4PK
N4KG   SOAB(A) HP   534,2252014-09-28 18:59:42
Part-Time Effort, mostly point-and-click in the N1MM Band-Map and Available
Multiplier List.

15 Meters appears to have been the 'Hot-Band'.
Low Bands 'not so much'.

Tom N4KG in North Alabama
KM7N   SOSB(A)/80 LP   102014-09-28 19:02:53
An abysmal showing. Gave up after 3 hours. Only 4 signals on the band Friday
night, and I worked 2 of them. Seemed way too tough. Lots more signals
Saturday night--some REALLY strong--but nobody seemed to hear me. Odd, since I
spent plenty of time earlier in the week making lots of 80M digital contacts, so
I don't know if it was conditions or something with my station.

Next year I am either going to get a new antenna, or try single band on another
LX7I   M/2 HP   9,426,1202014-09-28 19:09:30
Thanks to Philippe LX2A for setting up that great station. Everything worked
flawless, zero downtime, very hi automation factor!

Thanks also to all the callers and sorry for those we were not able to pick

See you again @ CQ WPX RRTY and CQ WW RTTY 2015!


WB4OMM   SOSB/20 QRP   108,3362014-09-28 19:12:14
W1UJ   SOAB LP   13,1952014-09-28 19:12:27
Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty SP
7 25 64 7 19 6
14 6 13 4 4 3
21 25 46 11 13 9
28 9 22 7 6 2
Total 65 145 29 42 20
Score: 13,195
1 Mult = 1.0 Q's
KV4QS   SOAB(A) LP   615,0432014-09-28 19:16:26
K3 / N1MM / MMTTY / 2Tone / Hex Beam / Beverage / Delta Loops.
Bands were very good, particularly on Sunday. Many thanks for a great contest
weekend and for all of the Qs! 73 KV4QS
KP4RV(RAFAEL)   SOSB/15 LP   109,3502014-09-28 19:16:48
This is my First Rtty contest, after interface N1MM + with MMTTY and worked nice
and neat, just operated 10 hours.
VA2UP   SOAB(A) HP   5,419,1322014-09-28 19:17:06
This year I really felt the weight of the CQWW! Not good timing for me here.
Lots of doctor appointments this week and went into the contest tired in
Found myself just staring at the radios at times, doing nothing. Ready to call
it quits by the end of the first 24 hours. Don't know what kept me in the
contest but at least I can say to myself I didn't quit! ha ha
Conditions here suffered from high A and K index as expected and only the high
volume of participants helped with the numbers.
This one goes down as: no didn't have a blast but ... got the job done hi!!
Let's rest some now...
73, Fabi va2up
K9GY   SOAB(A) LP   40,9202014-09-28 19:17:38
Thought I'd have a contest free weekend but then at the W9DXCC convention I
noticed the IC-7100 was able to copy RTTY without anything else needed. So
after 37 years as a ham, I made my first RTTY QSO on Thursday before the

Friday night went to preseason game at United Center for Chicago Blackhawks
(NHL). Spent some time on the air on Sat/Sun... was fun. Seemed like the
"golden gate" graphic was better to use than the linear bar graph.

Of course RTTY contesting can be addictive like other contest modes. Used two
or three memories in the Icom IC-7100 to send out RTTY messages. Writelog
didn't break out states/DX so they're all listed under DX for the summary here.

Now to get ready for the 222 sprint on Tues ...then CQP this coming weekend!


Icom IC-7100
Cushcraft vertical
VA7ST   SOAB HP   779,4502014-09-28 19:21:08
Poor conditions. 27 hours on -- 8 fewer hours than last year's personal best.
Fell far short on all bands but 10M, and even there the country and zone totals
were not what they were last year. Disappointed in 80M performance. Actually,
make that all bands.

QSOs Pts Cty ZN Sec Score
2014 1003 2227 95 70 185 779,450 27.0 hrs HP
2013 1558 3925 185 85 201 1,848,675 35.0 hrs HP
2012 777 1759 119 67 168 622,686 21.5 hrs
2011 619 1345 110 67 171 468,060 18.0 hrs
2010 799 1846 128 63 155 638,716 29.0 hrs
2009 703 1643 107 55 126 473,184 26.5 hrs
2008 784 1750 111 55 135 526,750 29.0 hrs HP
2007 599 1295 74 46 119 309,505 23.0 hrs HP

Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty SP
3.5 59 111 5 4 24
7 170 346 13 13 41
14 246 534 20 27 44
21 382 931 18 36 43
28 146 305 14 15 33
Total 1003 2227 70 95 185
Score: 779,450
N4BCD   SOAB(A) HP   470,2082014-09-28 19:25:05
W4UK   SOAB HP   514,5242014-09-28 19:28:21
1618 total points.

Wire antennas only.
K7ZS   SOAB HP   362,4572014-09-28 19:38:54
Didn't do our usual Multi op this year - so put in some time as possible.

Nice way to start the contest season, great participation and good to see 10
meters alive and well this fall.

And, as in all RTTY contests, found a few weak links (can you say Melted
Dielectric! That ISN'T Teflon in those connectors???)

Be aware of low quality parts if you do HP RTTY!

73 Kevin K7ZS
CE4KCA   SOAB HP   109,5902014-09-28 19:39:03
Much fading .... this made my station was deaf for several hours, even so, for
the first time participate in this Contest, it was not bad. We heard in the
cqwwssb as an operator in 3G3W. 73's
K3PP   SOAB(A) HP   28,9712014-09-28 19:47:14
Very little time to play, but it felt good to blow the cobwebs out of the
P4ØHF   M/S LP   4,784,7752014-09-28 20:00:29
With the sunspot cycle likely headed downward again, I reached out to W6HGF to
see if he'd be interested in a trip to Aruba for the contest. I hadn't seen Al
since we went on a DXpedition to Marcus Is (KA1S) in '77 but he didn't hesitate.
And he's still an A1 op too! Murphy provided anxiety with flight
cancellations, power outages before the contest and solar activity that caused
a slow start to the second 48 hrs. Yet we managed a score we're happy with,
got caught up on life (getting old has advantages, you make new friends all the
time!) and enjoyed being serenaded by music Sat nite from a big neighborhood
birthday party. Thanks to everyone who participated, couldn't do it without
K7WP   SOAB HP   756,3242014-09-28 20:10:07
FT1000MP/ AL811H/ Force12 6BA @ 70'/ Mosley CL33 @ 30'/ Sloper/ N1MM

Busy weekend resulted in some missed critical hours, particularly Friday
evening and Sunday AM. So great hearing 10m hopping. Thanks for all the Q's,
and your patience with repeats. So good seeing so many old friends.

Best wishes for a great fall contest season!

73, John K7WP ..
Go AZ Outlaws...!
VE4EA   M/S HP   1,213,5202014-09-28 20:11:28
Thanks for all the QSO's.

73, Cary and Dan

K3, KPA500
TH7 and Wires for 80/40
N1MM Logger Plus and MMTTY
KØVG   SOAB(A) HP   263,8572014-09-28 20:17:05
Best Score Yet
KD9MS   SOAB LP   42,8762014-09-28 20:17:14
Had to work Friday and Saturday and my son played baseball on Sunday so limited
time. Still fun!

Craig KD9MS
8P2K(8P6SH)   SOAB(A) LP   1,041,8762014-09-28 20:20:21
This was supposed to be a casual effort as I was officially baby-sitting this
week-end. Main goal was to beat my previous modest assisted SOAB (H) effort
back in 2002 with low power. Great conditions and sitting in the chair every
available opportunity saw me overhaul that score just as day 2 was starting. I
kept re-setting my goals and in the end felt pretty good about making 1000

I do not have a resonant 80m antenna and that hurt the score as far as mults
was concerned. Also currently have an automatic bandpass filter set and a
number of mono-band units which limits my configuration to 40, 20 or 15 from
the right rig.

I finally started to fine-tune my messages and on day two I was very happy with
my ability to move stations from one rig to another using writelog's %k variable
which transmits the other radio's frequency. My buffers are still a bit too long
but everything worked fine. The fkeys utility tied it all together.

Thanks to the many stations who moved from one band to another - not just for
mults but towards the middle of day 2 I was moving any station I hadn't worked
on the other band. There were times when I should have moved stations for a
third band but the manual filters made that impractical.

Station includes (2x) FT 950, C3 with seperate feedlines and a full-size
DXEngineering 40m vertical. The innovantenna 10m antennas were not available
for this contest. All switching is done using using uHam MK2R+ and two Station
Masters along with WX0B Six-Pack. First contest with a new berverage but this
was just used for quick a/b checks - will really help with 80m from EU.

Great contest - wish I could have played competitively but duty called. Glad to
dish out the 8P mult especially on 10m. The table below shows where my QSO's
came from.

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 0 57 80 209 202 548 54.4
AS 0 2 2 16 5 25 2.5
NA 0 72 78 165 75 390 38.7
AF 0 1 4 3 3 11 1.1
SA 0 6 1 9 14 30 3.0
OC 0 0 0 2 1 3 0.3

Look forward to seeing you all in the next RTTY contest.

73's and GL

Dean - 8P2K / 8P6SH
WB6JJJ   SOAB HP   169,0482014-09-28 20:30:09
Another fine RTTY contest under the belt... and no Murphy problems other than a
slip of the finger or two.
Friday evening was a bit slow and S&P only after a morning asleep in the
operating room. Still a bit foggy through Saturday.
15 Meters was a lot of fun with Asia, Europe and South America booming in with
great signals.
Thank you everyone for the Qs - much appreciated.
BA4TB   SOSB(A)/20 HP   197,6822014-09-28 20:37:24
We had three single banders at one QTH.BD4TS as BI4SSB on 10M LP,BH4TXN on 15M
LP,and me on 20M HP.

Conditions seemed pretty lousy,60% of total QSO's were S&P,not many callers
when running :(.

Still had lots of fun,it was good to work my friends Rene HB0/DL2JRM and Pete

Thanks all for the Q!


Rig: IC-7600
1KW amplifier
Ant: 4element monobander @20m
Software: N1MM classic + FLdigi
N1EN   SOAB(A) LP   1,415,9252014-09-28 20:40:05
The XYL wants to know if I'm chafed after all this week's diddling.

Nice that the flux popped up in time for the contest, even if high absorption
ate signals at times. Hope this repeats for the phone and CW contests. For
the hours I played at least, if 20 wasn't productive, 15 and/or 10 were. Shame
about 40 and 80 at the end, however.

It's busy season at work, so I didn't get all my advance prep done, and as a
result Murphy intervened, and I didn't get the second radio active until I
broke for the Friday night rest, and then only in AFSK. Got some use out of
the two-radio setup, but not as much as I would have liked.

But this contest had its ups too. Was surprised to work to see KC4AAA make an
appearance in the contest, and I spent a little too much time trying to get
through the pileup...but I have been wanting to work that station since before
I got my ticket. Also, I was surprised to 9M2 on second call -- that never
happens with my little pipsqueak, terrain-challenged station.

One of rules of thumb for a good serious contest effort is whether I can get
DXCC in a weekend. Only got 99 countries in the log, but since several of the
usual entities activated for CQWWCW and ARRLDXCW weren't up, I'm reasonably
content. But, if only I could have gotten through to one of the 4 I heard but
missed/didn't stick around for.

Thanks to 9A1A, EC2DX, EI7M, IQ9UI, K9CT, NR5M, and S51A for being subjected to
my call on 5 bands.

Station: K3, IC7100, low hexbeam, delta loop, Carolina Windom. N1MM Logger+.
WS7L   SOAB(A) HP   129,0762014-09-28 20:42:33
Nice bit of part-time fun. Great band condx though tough to reach EU on 10
meters ... only got CT and EI there. Mostly S&P though I did have a run on
20 meters that had peaks over 100/hr but averaged more like 50.

73 and thanks for the QSO's
Carl WS7L

R-6000 vertical 10/15, homemade 3-el Yagi on 20, HF-2V on 40. Never made it
down to 80 ...
3G1B   M/2 HP   1,529,5682014-09-28 21:00:45
We started M/2..until mister Muprhy visited us to stay in Run 2 station.
We carry on all contest only with 1 station running.
Anyway it was a great contest.

Hope to see you during next CQ WW SSB Contest

Nick, XQ1KZ
UA9LAO   SOSB/15 HP   301,2102014-09-28 21:20:53
It is my début on RTTY.
NC7M   M/2 LP   246,6942014-09-28 21:29:31
Work Sunday so call it quits around 2000 PST
Worked out the bugs of the new station.
Thanks for the QSO
73 Marc NC7M
K1LT   SOAB(A) HP   360,8892014-09-28 21:45:47
Got on to try out my new full-sized 80 meter vertical made out of an
old HyTower and lots of excessively skinny aluminum tubing. The
overall vertical is 75 feet tall and the top is always bent over
somewhat, like an upside down "J", except that the "hook"
doesn't get
as far as parallel to the ground. The 2:1 or better SWR goes from 3.4
to 3.8 MHz. I put 42 65-foot radials under it. (The plan was for 40
radials, but I miscounted and wound up with 41. So I added one more
for good measure.) Some day I'll increase the count to 80 radials.

I didn't work all that much DX on 80 meters. Best DX was Europe to
the east and Hawaii to the west. My gut feeling is that this antenna
is probably better than the cage wires around the 160 meter vertical
but definitely much easier to use, since the SWR curve doesn't look
like a sawtooth.

The fact that there were ZA and HB0 operations encouraged me to
operate on the other bands where I don't have those countries

Sunday morning I somehow sprained by back which made me want to sit
more than I had planned, so I operated more than I had planned.

The surprise multiplier would have been YB Sunday morning on 15 meters
except that I worked YB Friday night.

Equipment: K3, P3, Alpha 8410, verticals and tribander.
ACØW   SOAB LP   72,6562014-09-28 21:56:55
Thanks for the Q's
KN7K   SOAB HP   90,0002014-09-28 22:16:51
Started to play with RTTY a week ago - 1st time in my life.
It was tested with LogHX log and installed n1mm+ one day before contest.
When Contest started,n1mm+ was sending too fast and nobody was able to copy
Compared MMTY in LogHX settings with MMTY in n1mm+, no difference found.
After about 2 hours of troubleshooting during contest, I gave up and started to
use LogHX without Contest Mode and Macros.
Painful, but it did work.

Thanks everybody for patience with my TX.
K5ER   SOAB HP   1,091,2742014-09-28 22:21:05
Had loads of fun. Bands cooperated. Lots of activity.

Been playing RTTY for 3 years now. Seen the score in this contest go from 351K
to 917K to nearly 1.1KK. What a fun mode!

I want to thank the staff and professors at Contest University for all the good
information they have passed along, helping us all get better.

Also want to recognize Don, AA5AU for the wonderful web sites ( and Many of us wouldn't do nearly as good on this mode without
his help.

Mark, K5ER
W6R(@N6GEO)   M/S HP   488,2952014-09-28 22:50:55
This W.W. RTTY was a challenge all around. WQ6X had work commitments much of
the weekend allowing for only 15 hours in the OP chair. N6GEO certainly picked
up the slack with an incredibly efficient 20 hours in the chair giving us 35+
total operating hours.

We ran a fully-loaded FLEX 3000 SDR radio & Elecraft KPA-500 amplifier into
a 7mh TH3-jr and a ground mounted 6-BTV vertical. Overall the operation ran
flawless, except for a couple of Windoze "blue screens" and of course
a K-Index
of 4 noising out 80 meters and 40 meters in particular (S9 noise levels). On
the other end of things, the 10-meter openings were quite nice this year, with
15-meters giving us our highest single-band total.

Overall this was a GREAT RTTY contest. I look forward to the next one.
SP4LVK   SOSB/15 QRP   67,5992014-09-28 22:55:30
RIG:FT-950 PWR:5 ANT:2el Delta Loop
K7DR   SOAB LP   3,4852014-09-28 22:56:22
FT-450 100w 60 ft end fed wire, 10M GP

My first ever attempt at RTTY contesting, and first use of N1NN+ Logger

Hope to put more time in for CQWW next month

Dave - K7DR
JA1BPA(@JG1ZUY)   SOSB(A)/10 HP   156,4652014-09-28 23:16:34
Patience and perseverance, which was what this contest was all about.

With SSN topping 200, I decided to try one last time for this solar
cycle on 10mb single (A). Besides, I knew that I would have to
finish early due to work commitments. Monday morning (local) is
money-period toward the U.S. on 15mb from JA, so I hoped to minimize
the loss from missing the final hours by choosing the band which
would probably have less favorable propagation. I had to pay the
price for the strategy: slow QSO rate.

Saturday beginning was poor with K9CT only workable station from
the northern states and no Zone 5, but it got even worse in the
afternoon (EU opening) as I only heard southern Europe. Even the
usually strong EU Russians were whispering while Greeks were
booming. There was almost no long path opening.

Sunday was better, and I managed to work Zones 5, 6, 7 and 9,
but still, there were no W1~3s. Northern and southern Europe
opened very well, but somehow, the propagation was lost
in-between, I worked many Scandinavians and Italians, but
could not even print anyone from Poland although I listened
on the spotted frequencies. After the local sunset, I could
manage to work LX7I via a skewed path from the Indian Ocean.
I also heard Gs and EI7M via the same path, but they did not
hear me.

In summary, the propagation was much worse than in 2012, when
I worked more than 700Qs on 10mb single. Thank you for all
stations who picked me up.

The next big effort from JG1ZUY will be in CQ WW SSB as Multi-
Single. We will be likely to sign JM1LPN.

Best 73,

Icko, JA1BPA
AF6GA   SOAB LP   154,4402014-09-28 23:19:13
Another fun RTTY test and a couple of ATNOs - Andorra and the Ascension island;
so that and running into 9m2cnc on Friday evening and getting through over the
string of JAs he was running made for a surprising and good weekend.

I just wonder how good 10m could have been if people realized it was open?
It's been quiet on 10 for a while, but this weekend there were some good
openings to EU. It's nice to S&P on 15 over 90khz which seemed almost
never ending. Up that high and with only about s2 of noise, a lot of ESP
contacts were to be had. Lots of good ears around in to hear a 100w and a low

Maybe next time I'll make a single bad effort and take it a bit more

Thanks for all the Qs,


K3/100, P3, AT2K, 68ft doublet
RG9A   SOAB(A) HP   6,139,3642014-09-28 23:44:43
State/Province multipliers are not for Urals...
GUØSUP   SOSB(A)/10 LP   9,5772014-09-29 00:14:00
I know, a very poor effort, but again this year, I had family visiting Guernsey,
so had to be elsewhere for the contest weekend.

On Sunday morning, I was just checking things in the shack when I saw a spot
for ZD8RH on 10m, and could actually hear him, so I made the QSO, then thought
I must work a few more to validate the contact. I made a few more over the next
5 minutes, but later in the day, I found a couple of hours spare, so decided to
work a few more. I managed a little under 2 hours this time, all S&P,
mainly to add to my CQ Marathon totals.
10m was fun, and it was great to work so many W's, as it has been a while since
we were able to do that.

Next year, I am going to suggest that any family wanting to come over for a
visit makes it earlier in the month!
We did have a great weekend, it was amazingly warm here - sitting in a
beach-side cafe on Sunday lunchtime in 24C, watching folk swim in the sea while
we were eating & drinking.

73 all

W3YY   SOAB(A) LP   140,5982014-09-29 00:16:14
First RTTY Contest with N1MM Logger Plus. As with N1MM Classic, I used the
MMTTY RTTY engine. Worked great with no problems.

10-Meters was amazing with the high flux.

73, Bob - W3YY
OL9R(OK6RA)   SOSB(A)/20 LP   74,4122014-09-29 00:20:26
10 Hours only for fun... But nice activity with simple vetical dipol on

FT1000MP MarkV Field,100W Win-test + MMTTY.

See you in the CQ WW SSB.

73 Vaclav OK6RA
ZA/S56A   SOAB LP   941,9272014-09-29 00:23:09
No internet at the operating room at 3rd floor underneath Finish C3S. Two sloped
dipoles droped from 7th floor. Sea was 50 m away toward West. East blocked by
bigger building and small hills. Unfortunately S9 impulse QRM existed from 4 -
9 MHz severely limiting 40m operation. I hoped to be sole ZA station but Z35T
friends provided me mults on 40/80 m :-) It was fun visiting friendly ZA for
10 days. Unspoiled people and nature.

73 de Mario, ZA/S56A, N1YU
WFØT   SOSB/15 QRP   26,7462014-09-29 00:29:18
Used an OCF vertical dipole elevated 12 feet in the front yard. Great band
condx! Just a ton of fun.
F4EGZ   SOSB(A)/20 HP   76,6022014-09-29 00:57:56
Dipole antenna at 10m, ic-756 pro, powered by Wintest.
VE7UF   M/M HP   5,721,1122014-09-29 01:00:12
All the station's operators are very experienced and the station has not changed
much since last year, so we are blaming the conditions for scoring 24% under
last years effort. All bands were effected except we made a few more Qs on 80
than we did last year. Still had fun though as always. I had to assist my
wife who dislocated her shoulder before the contest so I didn't do much
operating myself. I didn't here any very memorable event stories so I don't
have much to add. My thanks go to Keith and Neil for paying for the now
customary post contest dinner. Our thanks go to all that called us too.

73, Duane VE7UF
S5ØP   M/S HP   2,721,2902014-09-29 01:50:04
That was our first multi op RTTY contest frop S50P location.
It was realy nice company in shack and motivation was great. For some OPs that
was first serious RTTY contest, and i can say they all made a great job.

Tnx for QSOs, and for all team helpers and supporters!
Cu in next one...

Marko S50P
SV3FUO   SOSB/40 HP   109,3812014-09-29 02:01:36
member of J43TR Patras DX Group
DJ8OG(@DJ6QT)   SOAB(A) HP   2,733,1922014-09-29 02:03:08
Thanks to Walter DJ6QT that I could use his station another time. Wanted to give
up at the first day because of low QSO rate, but the rain kept me in the chair.
Rate and weather got better but stayed at the radio :-) I guess there are some
new DXCC's in RTTY in the log as I did lots of search and pounce / klick
Only 1 radio.
Thanks for all QSOs,
Matt - DJ8OG
N1MGO   M/S HP   1,540,2662014-09-29 02:57:46
Great contest! Lots of fun, best propagation we have had for a while.
The equipment worked great, Pauline (KB1JXJ) provided great food for all of us,
as normal!!
We missed about 8 hours of operation, not enough operators that can stay

Equipment: Elecraft K3,P3 with KPA500 amp for 500 watts to wire dipoles in the
trees. Multi radio: IC-7000 at 100 watts, need better antennas!

Thanks to the organizers and all the stations that worked us!

Gordon-N1MGO, Charlie-KT1I, Ray-KB1LRL, Pauline-KB1JXJ
G2F   M/2 HP   5,558,4242014-09-29 03:10:58
This is our first venture into a multi transmitter environment, previously we
have only ever operated as single op or single transmitter.
The station was set up on Friday by 23:00 local time, giving us a couple hours
to rest before the start of the contest.
Station 1 started on 80m and was brisk for the off, station 2 on 40m and was a
little slow but picked up pace during the night
Using N1MM Logger+ BETA for the contest we soon found a bug which we reported
on the forum to find other had the same problem, a change in a parameter of the
DI window soon had things working normally, All agreed the new Logger+ was a
huge improvement over the legacy version and worked very well throughout the
whole contest.
We were joined by Simon M0CLW for the first time and he had not used N1MM or
RTTY for a number of years but within a few minutes was fully at home.
Band conditions seemed to fluctuate during the 48hours with far east being
worked well into the dark hours and the swing to the west on HF bands seemed
10m didn't really open for us on Saturday but on sunday we soon picked up some
q's on 10m, all other bands seemed well balanced during the weekend.
The pair of Elecraft K3's work brilliant, connected to 5B4AGN band pass filters
to Acom 1000 and Hunter 1000 amplifiers, home made 6 x 2 antenna switch.
Antennas were 3ele SteppIR @ 60ft, Modified KT34A @ 60ft, 1/4 waver vertical
with 8 elevated radials for 40m, top loaded 45ft vertical for 80m with 4
elevated radials and a home brew K9AY with preamp and home brew splitter to
feed the 2 k3's
We set a target of 3m points before the start of the contest as the current G
record held by G3V is 2.687m set in 2011, we thought from the conditions it
would be achievable.
Having never done M/2 before, we all really enjoyed it with good banter and
lots of good food and beers and ending up with a good points haul for G made
the weekend a success.
Will we be back bigger and better next year ??? you bet !!!!

Regards from all the team at G2F and see you in CQWW SSB 2014
F5RD   SOAB LP   407,8552014-09-29 03:11:20
Transceiver: ICOM IC-751AF 80W in RTTY.
Antenna: Dipole 80/40m and GP 20/15/10m.
Software: N1MM Logger V14.9.0.
A wonderful contest with a nice propagation on all bands
I had a lot of fun this week end
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
M7W(@G3TBK)   M/S HP   2,379,2762014-09-29 03:26:47
K3OQ(@W3RFC)   M/S HP   36,3722014-09-29 03:40:09
Short time for us...but had fun.
PY4ZO   SOAB(A) LP   86,0582014-09-29 03:58:34
Rig: Yaesu FT-897D 100w
Ant: 20/15m Rotary Dipole - 10m Rotary Dipole / Vertical 5/8
DF1LX   SOAB(A) LP   520,2962014-09-29 04:09:02
NA2M   SOAB(A) LP   467,1892014-09-29 04:10:45
RIG: Elecraft K3 100W
ANTENNAS: R5 Vertical (20-15-10)
160M Inverted "L" (40)
Franklin (80)

Soapbox : Great condx
K1RO   SOAB HP   401,8952014-09-29 04:11:34
Spent a few hours here and there. Weather was much too nice this weekend to sit
KE1F   SOAB HP   109,2002014-09-29 04:12:10
Enjoyed using the new N1MM+ program.
EI4KI(M5RIC)   SOAB(A) HP   3,037,9482014-09-29 04:22:34
Second time of doing this contest from EI, had a ball. Conditions seemed ok,
some nice openings to the far east and some good runs to the USA. Each time I
do RTTY I forget how slow it is though, looking forward to some rate in WW

Big thanks to Rob for feeding and watering me all weekend whilst I used his

Acom 1000
Hexbeam for 10/15/20
Dipoles for 40/80m

Thanks to call who called.

See you in CQWW SSB as TC7V.


Rich M5RIC @ EI4KI
K3TN   SOAB LP   330,9342014-09-29 04:42:02
The wx was way too nice to spend much time indoors this weekend, I mainly got on
to test out using the latest version of N1MM+ on RTTY. That proved to be pretty
painless - point N1MM+ at my old MMTTY installed files and away I went. The
Grab window didn't seem to work quite right - that was about the only snag.

The band conditions were so good I actually ended up spending more time on than
I had planned - I was making RTTY contacts in areas of 15 and 10M that I hadn't
transmitted on since my novice days...
W7ZR   SOSB/10 HP   186,3402014-09-29 04:54:16
One hour into the test the rotator quit functioning. Thanks to the SteppIR was
at least able to work 2 directions.
K4WI   SOSB/10 LP   118,2042014-09-29 05:01:25
Lots of activity in this one, prop was pretty good; just nothing over the pole!
Had trouble staying in the chair so missed some good stuff! Thanks to all for
the Q's, 73's Cort
IZ5MOQ   SOSB(A)/40 HP   39,1682014-09-29 05:09:17
part-time operation, by day only, relaxed, for fun.
YT9A   SOAB(A) HP   2,864,9252014-09-29 05:12:18
This is my first WW RTTY!!!

- Kenwood TS590 + 500W
- 4 el. QQ 20/15/10m 20m UP
- GP 40m
- half dipol 80m

73 de Boban
VE3RCN   SOAB LP   76,6122014-09-29 05:15:39
My TS-2000 has not come back yet for having the bad filters replaced. I put the
TS-680s back into service and she worked fine. Just takes time to tune and
adjust power levels and reset the ALC with each band change. Amazing stations
out there that can receive a 40w signal in all that noise!
ZS6A   SOSB(A)/10 HP   125,2802014-09-29 05:23:22
It was great to see the bands open and crammed with activity.
Only used simple dipole antennas.
A good opportunity to get to use N1MM+ with RTTY
VE3UTT   SOSB/40 HP   307,2482014-09-29 05:35:23
K3 / Optibeam 40m was so-so Friday and Sunday but had to leave early at 2300
S5ØA   SOSB/40 HP   237,0062014-09-29 05:46:01
just first 17 hours of operation. Condx poor but still good participation
73, Tine Brajnik S50A
N2HR/3   SOSB(A)/40 HP   47,3002014-09-29 05:52:14
Part time effort.
GMØFGI   SOAB(A) HP   1,086,3822014-09-29 06:03:45
Good levels of activity on all bands with reasonable condition; 10m was poorest
band here. Struggle to work southern hemisphere apart from a few outstanding

Thanks for all the contacts and to organisers.

Equipment: ICOM 7600 ACOM 1010 (300watts max), Hexbeam at 25ft, 40m quarter
wave vertical wire, 80m full wave loop.
VE6WQ   SOSB(A)/20 LP   230,3192014-09-29 06:06:27
Planned to go 15m but local pulsing QRN was so bad at the outset that I tried
20m which was not as bad. Pulsing QRN was terrible during the day on Saturday
on 20m running S6+ most of the time. QRN stopped about 0100 Saturday and Sunday
and started up in the morning again so packed it in on Sunday morning.
Interesting that I had this QRN last Fall but then stopped in late October and
has just started up again. Wish I knew the source.
Ran low power to avoid RFI with the neighbors and was quite a struggle on such
a busy band. Worked all states except ID. Missed 18 DX mults that just didn't
hear me. Had some decent runs to the US but none to Eu or JA.

Equipment ICOM ProIII and 3 ele SteppIR
PJ7PL(WA1ZAM)   SOAB LP   116,3822014-09-29 06:34:45
I had some fun had trouble with radio Saturday won't decode sunday was better
just a buddstick and ic 7000 with 50 watts from timeshare tuff holding a freq
with that
ON3DI   SOAB LP   540,0002014-09-29 07:01:54
Hi all,

A WW contest, I like it so! Last year I had 1100 QSO's and the goal was
everything above 1000 QSO's. I analysed the log of last year so I knew which
rates I had to have and when I was on which band.

My start wasn't that good, my computer crashed two times, frustrating (Always)
during a 'pileup'. When I was back, my frequency was taken, damn!

It was hard on 80m and 40m for me, normally on 40m I could work some nice DX
but now I didn't hear them, strange really strange. My best moment on saturday
was K6ND on 80m, he called me and putted me on the cluster, tnx! I have only a
dipole for 80m, really nice to work DX then.
Last year I had some really nice runs on 80m, 100 QSO's in 1u30, that hugh for
me but not this year. Anyway worked again 5 continents but no VA, P49 and only
two K (K6ND and W1UE (what a signal they had on each band)! To less for a fine
result anyway on this band. Last ear I had 100 QSO's more...

KE8M spotted me on 40m and I hoped that some other DX stations would use this
spot to work me but the response was poor.
Caling cq had no sense so I did S&p, not a good sign. Worked the usual
stations like HK1T, YW5T, VA2UP, K1SFA, ... but I have mist some other guys I
normally work like AA5AU, W9ILY, NX5O, ...
Anyway lost my goal of 1000 QSO's on this band, had last year more then
200qso's more on this band.

20m is very small for me (14080-14085), so I'm happy with my 90qso's, had some
small runs, nice!

15m was busy, again I couldn't work a lot of DX. I saw on the cluster that a
lot of stations were transmitting above 21.100, damn I'm not allowed to
transmite there....
Also a little bit more qso's on this band then last year.

10m could better. My dad (ON2WVD) and I made a new dipole antenna for 10m,
could work E21EIC with this antenna. I could play with three! antennas on this
band (the new dipole and two verticals), on each antenna I heard stations that I
could'nt hear on the other one.
No USA on this band and also that is strange....

Normally I contest more then 40 hours, sometimes the whole contest but at
saturdaynight I went to bed and slept for 7 hours, to much for my goals.
When I was reading the rules I don't understand why you may only operate 24
hours as a single operator. It is god damn the WW!!!!

On some moments the band were really full and then you see some stupid
operators. For example on sundayevening on 40m; I was calling CQ for a long
time on a frequency and then some Italian stations started to call CQ on the
same frequency. I asked him nice to remove, no reaction (and yes he could hear
me) and called CQ again. I was really pissed and called 10 times no stop CQ, it
had his effect ;-)!

Another thing, some om had really bad macro's. It has to be shorter, watch and
learn om's!

Generally I could say that I am dissapointed, hoped for more, certainly more

I was operation with:
FT897 and 50W
Winwarbler, will try to install the N1MM+ now
vertical antenna for 40m, 20, 15m and 10m
Dipole for 80m and 10m
So no beams!!

Next sunday there is a small ON contest, that is my next goal and after that I
am looking forward to the CQ WW SSB, WAE RTTY, OM DX RTTY.

Last but not least:
Thanks to K6ND, KE8M, RO1B, R9IR and RM3DA for putting me on the cluster!
Thanks to my parents for everyting and thanks to my dog Kim for the company


Pieter ON3DI

P.S.: score is incorrect
WN6K   SOAB LP   596,4902014-09-29 07:09:45
SteppIR -DB18 @55ft. (40-6m)
OCD @50ft. (160/80m)

Conditions were fair and if it were not the ability to work 'states and
provinces,' I would have probably bailed out of this one early. There just did
not seem to be enough DX stations. This is not your father's CQWW what with it
being just on the outer cusp of contest season. No one is making expeditions
just for the contest in this one so if the 'locals in DX' are not RTTY then not
much happens.

Missed DE & VT in the state department - worked 27 of the 40 zones - 48 of
the 340 DXCC entities.
NN1SS   SOAB HP   5,224,1502014-09-29 07:12:00
As always, thanks to all for the QSOs and mults.

15 was a gift that kept on giving right up to the last hour. 10 was another
story here. Not sure if its me, the station, the antennas, conditions or what.
I couldn't get that band to work here so wound up gravitating to 15 and 20 for
runs and using 10 mostly for S&P.

Can't explain what I like about listening to high-pitched noise for 40+ hours.

VY2LI   SOAB LP   544,2082014-09-29 07:19:51
Shifted gears on this one a couple of times when it became apparent that my
planned entry (40M SOSB HP)wasn't going to happen (OK,I took my XYL out to
dinner on Friday night).Then Saturday became a washout to due to other
committments(better known as the 'Honey Do' list).So finally settled on a
half-committed effort in the CLASSIC category.At my age, it's probably the best
place to be in any 48hr test.Good idea CQ guys.

Overall, this was a lot of fun with solid conditions persisting on most of the
bands.I was able to run on several bands despite my 60W output on the FT-950.80
meters is probably my only severe shortcoming.The full size vertical works fine
with power, but not always able to work what I can hear running barefoot.

Thanks to all who called,new and old,and to the organizers for a great

FT-950@60W,Rigblaster Plus,NIMM Classic
Wilson SY-1,Rotatable 40M DP @ 70',80M Vertical
W1UE(@K1LZ)   M/S HP   7,136,5002014-09-29 07:24:36
Another Great CQWW RTTY Contest! Bands turned out to be pretty good,
particularly 10M. European opening on 10M was better Sat than Sun, but it was
pretty good both days.

We made maximum use of the Multiplier radio most of the contest, but it was
pretty lonely come Sunday afternoon when there were very few new mults to
I was on the mult station for 4 hours Sunday afternoon, and worked all 6 mults
that were either spotted or I could find. There were plenty of stations to
work, they just weren't mults.

Thanks to SP4Z, Wes, and K3JO, Velamir, for pulling the overnight shifts. I
had to go home both nights, and they held down the fort.

A big thanks also to Krassy K1LZ for the use of his kick-butt station.

Dennis W1UE
VU2NKS   SOAB HP   1,024,0752014-09-29 07:24:37
K3/KPA500/P3/3el steppir
W7RTX   SOAB HP   222,6422014-09-29 07:25:56
Rig : IC7600 to a ALS-600S

Antennas : Hex beam (10,15,20m) and OCF Windom (40,80m)

Soapbox : Time on- 28 hours. Had to shut down due to lightning 3 times Saturday

for a total of 5 hours. Band conditions were good, with EU openings off and on.
Spent a lot of time on 10 and 15m. Worked N7AT (K8IA Bob from AOCC) on 15m and
got the "GO OUTLAWS" thumbs up! That put a smile on my face!
CT1AOZ   SOSB(A)/10 LP   289,1592014-09-29 07:34:35
Hi guys I removed my log from desklog.
Was a nice contest until I see some operators using HP instead LP to get a fist
multipliers... As I dont like this proceders I sent my log to CQWWRTTY desk for
It is not possible to have a confirmation of this...
I know it is very easy and very confortable in a few seconds call some one with
300W or even more, made qso pass over the low power operators and back to LOW
power as nothing happen...
Beleave me this happen...with me.
best 73 from Jose CT1AOZ.
EA9LZ   SOSB(A)/15 HP   1,053,0522014-09-29 07:44:12
As Always nice contest with lot fun, saturday conditions really very nice,
totally different sunday,specially during morning, afternoon much better, but
unfortunately some big problems with antennas, let me to finish very soon,when
much nice was conditions,specially with USA.

73 to all who called me.
cu next year
3V8BCC(@3V8SS)   M/S LP   3,620,1202014-09-29 07:47:22
Thanks to ARAT and Ash, KF5EYY, in particular, we were able to put this rare one
on for the CQWW RTTY. Initially we had planned a larger effort but due to
specific circumstances could only get on with a single station running 50-80

Anyway, we did the best we could and enjoyed nice runs and good pile-ups all
over weekend.

73 from the team in Sousse/Tunisia!
9AØZ(@9A5K)   M/S HP   3,572,3822014-09-29 07:52:49
First time ever for us in CQ WW RTTY M/S.
Claimed score is 1M+ over 9A record for M/S HP.
Again, we had 5 operators between 12 and 14 years old.
Braco - OE1EMS/E77DX and his son Deni visited as during Sunday afternoon.

Overall, it was great fun here.

CU next one.

Chris - 9A5K
K2ZC   SOAB LP   196,3522014-09-29 07:53:14
I could only operate a limited amount of time. It was interesting using my new
hex beam on 10M. Pointing NE, Europe came booming in and pointing South I heard
all the S,A, countries. It certainly seems to work as advertised. I only wish I
had more time to spend on the contest because I had a few great runs.
Thanks everyone for the qso's.
vy 73,
Dave k2zc
KV4FZ   SOAB HP   1,638,9782014-09-29 07:55:52
Started the contest to test N1MM Logger Plus but wished I would have had more
time available. The software worked well but took some time to get used to the
new features. If I had known that 10 meters was open so well to Europe and Asia
I would have done a SOSB 10 meter attempt.
K9CT   M/M HP   9,740,4932014-09-29 08:10:31
Thanks to the members of the team...they each contributed to our effort in
significant ways. Our goal was to best the W9 M/M record set by K9NS team in
2003...thinking this might be the last opportunity for 10m conditions for a few
years. We met our goal and then some.

Propagation was challenging on 20 and 80 as the A index made the ionosphere a
giant sponge. We found skew and backscatter paths on all bands necessary to
work mults. We were ready for high rates but they never really materialized but
still a good overall effort despite propagation.

We used N1MMPlus and two profiles of 2Tone with good success. A couple of bugs
were caught and worked around. This was a great test of this new software. The
features are very rich and quite helpful to the team.

We used K3 and 87A plus numerous antennas. Sometimes we were on all five bands
in the late afternoon and early evening. The team did a lot of run and mult
chasing and worked well in those tandems on the same band. RTTY is a quiet
shack contest and it is easy to talk while working together and passing mults.

Thanks to the team members for the great one was left hungary.
Baptized the new grill on some tasty brats!

73, Craig K9CT
F5VKT   SOAB HP   2,842,4002014-09-29 08:13:54
Condx poor at start. LF bands were unstable for fist few hours. Then on Sunday
HF condx really picked up and got some good US runs on 10m.
W4PFM   SOAB LP   293,0002014-09-29 08:32:21
10 meters was my most productive band! 80 was way down from normal for me
VA3RKM   SOAB QRP   35,5602014-09-29 08:38:58
KX3, 5w, verticals and dipole. My first major RTTY contest. Used the KX3 alone
with the exchange stored in 2 of the memories. The rig worked well. I'm amazed
to be able to work Japan with a vertical and such low power. Thanks for the
W4HM   SOAB LP   36,0962014-09-29 08:40:00
From here in central Florida 10 meters had excellent radio wave propagation
conditions. Unfortunately I had allot of operating interruptions due to
numerous lightning storms during the contest, pretty normal in Florida in
PR2O(PY2YP)   SOSB(A)/10 HP   284,3332014-09-29 09:06:06
Good openings on Saturday and Sunday morning. Poor conditions after 14:00z of
the Sunday. Great contest.
Antenna: 5 el Yagi 18mH;
TRCVR: FT2K with AC0C filter;
Amplifier: SPE 2K-FA;
Interface: Rigexpert TI-5.
KØTI   SOAB QRP   8,6802014-09-29 09:06:30
Very Limited time, portable at the lake
KX3 - PX3 - Writelog - 3 band trap dipole
KG4IGC   SOAB LP   265,5062014-09-29 09:26:27
Did a little S&P and running in this contest. Band conditions were not
optimal, but managed to plug through and make a lot of contacts. Best DX was
United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia. Worked some JA'a on 15, saw
others working China. What was really nice was to see that all bands were open
at one time or another throughout the contest. Overall, I had a pretty good
time, nice to work a big RTTY test again, looking forward to the upcoming
winter contest season.

Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000
Pwr: 100
Antennas 272 ft horizontal loop and 6 band homebrew hex
IT9BLB(@IB9T)   SOSB(A)/15 HP   856,0652014-09-29 09:28:06
Because of many different problems, we hadn't the needed time to have the full
antenna setup ready for the targetted M/S effort @ IB9T. So, we just joined the
contest with the only available hardware for 10m (IT9VDQ), 15m (IT9BLB) and 40m
I found conditions on my band good enough, but not as I supposed to be.
I wasn't able to catch the targetted 1700 Qs' goal, finishing with about 200
I hoped to have better runs to US and something better to EU short skip, but it
went a bit different. Mults' number was really better than in my hopes, mostly
countries, and I can feel satisfied anyway.

See you in next SSB leg from IB9T!

K1SD   SOAB(A) HP   2,201,6752014-09-29 09:35:28
Elecraft K3, Ten-Tec Titan
Sky Hawk @ 70', A4S @ 42', Inverted Vs on 40 and 80.

73 James K1SD
GM7R(GMØNAI)   SOAB(A) HP   1,115,0402014-09-29 09:42:03
Part time entry during Ryder Cup weekend.
Station worked OK with no issues to report.
Hopefully this continues for SSB and CW legs.
Conditions seemed poor on LF the first night but HF seemed OK.
Thanks for all the QSOs.
EC1KR   SOSB/40 HP   26,0012014-09-29 10:00:15
Antennas works at ED1R contest club this time, no contest this year.

CU during SSB and CW Part.

Jesus EC1KR / ED1R
N7NM   SOAB(A) HP   854,2182014-09-29 10:16:01
Station and computer issues were a constant headache in
this one. Prop very good on 10/15 but 20 was horrible
and 40/80 had little to offer.
Still my favorite contest and participation seems to be
growing every year. JA activity was terrific fun making
up for the lack of solid Prop to EU which is normal for the PNW.
Thanks to all who worked me and apologies to those I fumbled
through with - still learning N1MM+ but it seems a winner.
73, Doug - N7NM

43ft Vertical
2 el Steppir @ 25ft
9A5M   SOSB(A)/20 HP   729,8722014-09-29 10:46:43
IC-756 proII
4el QQ
IZ3SQW   SOAB(A) HP   1,127,6622014-09-29 10:47:56
Thanks for the QSO , we feel next year.
73 de Iz3sqw Mirko
VA2AM   SOAB(A) HP   2,891,9722014-09-29 10:52:39
Problem with my HV for HF amplifier lost and 20m impedance shifting stopped me
for +2.5 hours during peak Saturday at 19:00 utc for the repair. Seen 80m got
strong D layer adsorption I did not stay up very late. I missed my +2000 qso
target and I still enjoyed the pile-up during my RUN 40-10m. I will be back for
sure next time.
73, Rejean
IW1CBG   SOAB LP   79,9682014-09-29 11:02:43
as always great fun !!
DF9ZP   SOSB(A)/40 HP   136,4842014-09-29 11:16:02
Thanks for the QSOs,
Vy 73 Jo
IZ3XNJ   SOAB LP   216,2342014-09-29 11:36:19
RTX: Yaesu FT897D
ANT: 16 meters end-feed longwire
NJ4F   SOAB HP   308,4652014-09-29 11:37:54
7800, Alpha 9500, SteppIR beam, N1MM
IC8TEM   SOSB/80 LP   50,1022014-09-29 11:46:58
P/q = 1.99 (less than 2 points per qso)
q/M = 3.73 (1 mult every 3.7 qsos)

What to say: first night people won't believe that SFI could run up quickly:
when they have seen it, they stayed a lot on higher bands.
I didn't believe that many stations were on 80m in first night: I've got 50
DXCC in 3 hours and 12 US/VE.
I was thinking to make a SOSB/15 LP, but when on 2350z N2WQ/VE3 came up very
strong, I thought that I could run SOSB/80 again, for a comparison from 2013's
Second night quite good: decided to rest from 23z to 04z, because of job duties
on Saturday morning; signals at 04z were not loud, so I thought that I couldn't
do much more..
AC0C popped out from S7 noise: I needed to shout a lot, but he had a bit of
luck or maybe good ears and some skill or experience did the rest part...hi!
Hrd also K7IA/5 from NM, but no luck.
I'm wondering where was N0NI: last year was very easy to make qso with him (I
have also hrd him during ARRL 160m).
I was hoping to listen again AZ, CO, MN, but too much noise made me unlucky.
More words are useless...

Usual QSL route via (better LoTW and

GL de Costy IC8TEM
W4GKM   SOAB HP   185,4402014-09-29 11:58:54
Only worked between obligations and got in just under 5 hours.
N4MM   SOAB HP   98,9582014-09-29 12:08:07
Paper Logs sent in US Mail Tuesday, Oct 1, 2014
IK2AUK   SOAB LP   160,7582014-09-29 12:13:32
CQ WW RTTY DX Contest 27.09-28.09.2014
Contestant: IK2AUK
Band QSOs Points DXCC Zone State/Prov
80m 50 98 28 5 0
40m 42 85 22 5 2
20m 84 195 38 13 12
15m 91 230 38 18 15
10m 33 94 16 12 5
Total 300 702 142 53 34

Score: 702*(142+53+34) = 160758
SV3EXU   SOAB LP   258,5292014-09-29 12:15:36
S5ØXX   SOAB LP   2,637,7402014-09-29 12:19:54
Almost same score as last year.
More DX mults, less DX QSOs.
N2QT   SOAB(A) QRP   876,6002014-09-29 12:49:43
I had spent most of the previous week sick, so just wasn't up to a full out
contest, so I entered QRP assisted. I tried to hit the high rate times and
mainly tried to work multipliers. I expect some hit from log checking as I had
several one time only mults, and sometimes you just aren't sure if the guy
logged you or just gave up and went to cqing. We'll see.

I really enjoyed the expanded number of rtty skimmer spots this time. I could
get respectable rates s/p (and darn near a zero rate cqing). I set up for
again, but that wasn't worth much (well I did get nr5m cqing alone, late on a
dead 10M band, but that was about it).

Except for not being able to run AT ALL, it seemed like most folks were able to
hear me when I called. Spent time dxing, which probably hurt the overall score,
but was more fun.

Radios Two Elecraft K3 and a KX3
KT34A at 60 ft,
3 el Steppir at 48 ft
40M rotary dipole at 54 ft
shunt fed tower on 80 M

All qso's uploaded to LOTW, and hope yours are too!
LI5LJA(LA5LJA)   SOAB LP   1,069,9432014-09-29 12:59:35
Aurora killed the most saturday,aurora on 40 mtr signal also.
Sunday was better , ten mtr was open to Japan/Asia in the morning.
K9MMS   SOAB(A) HP   150,9172014-09-29 13:01:37
IC-756PRO3 and AL-80B at 500 watts. TH6, 40-2CD, and inverted V dipole (80m).

Just part time, mostly S&P, and mostly chasing DX.

LA3S   M/S LP   574,5482014-09-29 13:03:27
I invited some unexperienced contest operators to join in a multi-op effort. My
hope was to show how fun contest operation is, and RTTY is a mode which don't
require the most of operators skills.

The test started up worst possible with severe RFI issues in PCs, and in
addition a heavy aurora the first night. We could barely work into US and JA,
and the qso count was terrible after the first 24 hours.

The conditions improved a lot the second day, and sunday afternoon was good
both on 15 and 10. Great fun with good opening both to NA and SA till after
local sunset.

Modest set-up with K3 as RUN and TS940 as MULT. Antennas were 3 el SteppIR for
20, 15 and 10, with a Windom for 80 and 40 and MULT. A HF9V vertical was
useless due to RFI.

The technical problems made it impossible to operate full time. But I hope my
main goal was met; to show how easy it is to run RTTY contests when the
equipment works as expected.

Thanks for all Qs.

Svein, LA3BO
WØPV   SOAB LP   519,1402014-09-29 13:07:31
As usual, thanks to all who struggled to copy my low power weak signal; no
tower, no beam, just low wire dipoles and a vertical. With such a modest
station every contest QSO is a little extra challenging and still a thrill for

Wasn't really expecting to do this much, but propagation was excellent, as
often is the case in FL, and good across the whole spectrum, allowing for a
relatively balanced band strategy, which leads to more multipliers. I was happy
to meet my own goals of 100 QSO's 40-10 meters and a half million points.

73 de John
IT9VCE   SOAB LP   74,4002014-09-29 13:23:16
Operation part time, and a few hours activity.
Only a dipole for 10-15-20 meters available.
KØBX   SOAB HP   421,1702014-09-29 13:32:40
I did not operate full-time, getting old.
I was able to run 10 and 15 meters on Sunday morning. Conditions were very
good, but the best on 15 meters. Other times were just S&P.

Joe K0BX
VE2FU   SOAB HP   560,1742014-09-29 13:35:08
Thursday morning my planned trip to Zone 2 (VE2CSI) was spoiled with a back
injury. Actualy Murphy had already Hit 3 times on the everything
was clear for them to have fun !
Had to give a few points or at least work my friends VE2SG-VE2TKH.
So my son had to put back the station from all the boxes.
And here it went...
Mostly S/P the first 350 Qs ... as I was thinking of ending this after 50 Qs.
Actual operating time was made from operating and walking away.
With a Back Problem last 2 hrs was a RUN standing up ...

Thanks for all QSO.

RIG IC-756PROIII + 200W Output.
ANT HY-GAIN AV-18HT - 5x 36ft radials and Ground !

73' cu later Phil VE2FU
PP5XX(@ZW5B)   SOAB(A) HP   1,200,3682014-09-29 13:42:54
Nice to work for the first time one RTTY Contest. Some problems on software on
saturdat morning. Use WINTEST + MMTTY and when i send the exchange, the screen
was ok (UR 599 11 11) but the computer send PP5XX on any macros. Lost 5 hours
looking for the bug and nothing. Just restart the computer then was ok. Sorry
for any trouble.

Thanks to Oms, PY5EG to let me use his super ZW5B Contest stations.

73s Peter 3D2XX / PP5XX / PQ8XX / PY5XX / PYØFM / PT9ZZ / PY5CC
GG53qw Itapoá - SC - Brazil
DXARC Club Colombia Member
ZW5B Team.
PT5T Team.
PWØT Team.
PTØS Team.
XZ1J Team
3D2C Team
HKØNA Malpelo 2012 Team Member.
CW5R 2010 Team.
OG6N(OH6NIO)   SOAB(A) HP   376,5942014-09-29 13:44:56
Part time operation. I gave out a few points and did a few short runs. Although
the conditions seemed very disturbed I logged some nice DX.
W2GR   SOAB HP   1,621,4482014-09-29 13:56:07
Bands were in good shape and this was my highest score in any contest to date.
Some day I am going to try SO2R,run assisted and see what happens and get a
better antenna for 80m than my very low inverted v.
5P9X(OZ9GA)   SOSB/40 LP   19,4402014-09-29 13:57:22
This time only on 40 meter because les time to play.
ON6NL   SOAB(A) HP   1,768,2722014-09-29 14:13:20
RTTY is my favorite mode. Since around 1965 I am QRV in it.
CQWWDX was more DX (S&P) as CQ(run). Somehow I did not get the runs going.
It was a shock waking up and see the K was 4 but before 20 opened things got
settled and we had a great weekend with nice propagations on 10 on Sunday.
Maybe some station should check their ALC reading!

IC756P2, ACOM1k
KT34a, dipoles
Software: N1MM,FLDigi, 2Tone, VE7CC
IZ4AFW   SOSB(A)/15 HP   553,7172014-09-29 14:39:56
Despite not being totally set-up as I would have liked, tried this CQWW to
prepare for the SSB leg next month. As a new experience, cranked the tower up
in the dark (it's in the woods) for the first time :)
Propagation disappointed me on Sunday morning, as I had neither DX stations nor
local EU, so probably sleeping some hours more would have been the best idea.
Got better propagation with a nice run in the late local afternoon.
Thanks to all who called me, see you in the CQWW SSB next month as IO4W.

Ciao 73
W4SDJ   SOAB HP   168,6962014-09-29 14:48:59
Great time on the radio!
IC8SQS   SOAB HP   553,3542014-09-29 15:04:54
Just fun and love for contest!!!

QSL via

73s and GL de Sal IC8SQS
DH8BQA   SOAB(A) HP   599,7472014-09-29 15:26:11
Just a few QSOs every now and then. It was DL3BQA's turn who was going 15 m
single OP from our station. Thus only one QSO on 15 m with him in the other
shack into a dummy load. ;-) Used the chance to further test station
interference ...

73, Olli - DH8BQA -
KT7E   SOAB HP   68,2222014-09-29 15:53:03
To short of time.

73 all

Joe KT7E
WI7N   SOAB(A) HP   378,5602014-09-29 16:21:14
Operated for a while, watched several college football games on TV, and went to
bed at a decent hour each night. I should have operated more instead of
watching football games because every team I was cheering for lost.

A fun contest, though. Thanks, everyone, for working me.


Gene, WI7N
VE3BR   SOAB LP   282,2722014-09-29 16:49:48
Radio: Ten-Tec Jupiter
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM 14.06 + MMTTY 1.68A

Very part time: I was working this weekend, barely managing to squeeze in some
contesting. Very frustrating: my AFSK kept developing a bad hum on the signal;
tried every trick in the book to cure this, but the only thing that worked was
to shut down and hard reboot everything and start afresh. Very slow: without my
trusty hex-beam, having to rely on the 80/40 vertical as an all-band antenna
proved to be like suicide with toenail clippers... slow and painful.
W1AN   M/2 HP   1,311,7372014-09-29 17:00:41
Part time operation. Only about 14 hours. Nice to see 10M open into evenings.
Surprised to work 9M2CNC, DU1IVT, BH4TXN near the end. Great to work KC4AAA,
FR5GS ZA/Z35T, C91C.

73, John, W1AN
NA1DX   SOSB/80 QRP   282014-09-29 17:03:07
I was testing N1MM+ while trying to setup RTTY.
WØLSD   M/S HP   2,754,7522014-09-29 17:09:13
It was not the banner year that we were hoping for. Looking at the solar
numbers things should have been much better. Band conditions were funky and a
lot of signals on the higher bands sounded like they were coming over the pole.

It was hard to get a good long run going. We had runs, but they did not seem
to be as deep as in the past, I think the numbers show that.

We had 688 mults this year. Last year with 3.7 million points we had 656
mults. The year before with 3.4 million points, 683 mults. Just a lack of
QSO's this year.

Band conditions did seem to get better later Sunday. We had a great run on 20
in the early afternoon. Then went to 15 to close things off with a great Japan
run and a good sprinkling of South America as well.

A quick run of SH5 on the log shows that our top countries overall are:

USA 49.1%
Japan 13.0
Canada 6.9
Germany 2.7

By band:

10M (289 QSO's)
USA 45.2
Spain 6.2
Canada 5.9
Chile 3.1

15M (579 QSO's)
USA 45.2
Japan 19.9
Canada 5.8
Germany 3.4

20M (455 QSO's)
USA 51.7
Canada 8.7
Japan 4.8
Germany 4.1

40M (636 QSO's)
USA 51.1
Japan 21.1
Canada 5.6
Germany 2.3

80M (140 QSO's)
USA 78.0
Canada 13.5

While operating I would have never thought that we had worked Japan more on 40
than on 20 or 15. Those three pointers are pretty important to us to be
competitive out here.

We were hoping for good QSO counts on 10 and got it. We had 129 QSO's there
last year and 289 there this year. That part came true.

Speaking of 10 meters. Signals werw sounding pretty good on Sunday morning on
10. 15 and 20 though at that time were watery sounding and not a lot of
activity. Early afternoon things kind of turned around and 15 was sounding
better, but hard to get a run going. 20 was sounding better and we were able
to get a run going. Also 20 stayed open to EU for much of the afternoon well
into their evening. A few EU stations heard and worked us, but I'd say most of
the 20 Meter QSO's were NA.

Still good fun. See ya next year and we will find out what comes our way

73, John K0TG
AG4W   SOAB(A) HP   1,813,4032014-09-29 17:28:45
80 meter delta loop. 3 element 40 meter parasitic vertical array, 3 element quad
20-10 meters, FTDX5000, AL-1200, SB220

Very interesting and frustrating contest. Frustrating because the AL-1200
amplifier died 1.5 hours into the contest. Old green(SB-220) was pulled off the
floor and run for the rest of the contest. I was only running 850 watts when
the AL-1200 quit. I noticed that all the winning stations last year were SO2R
so I made an attempt at SO2V this year. I had a good time learning to keep the
2 VFOs straight bouncing between them doing search and pounce.

I was also frustrated by the decoder because it was missing a lot of the first
part of transmissions. I had MMTTY set up for PLL decoding which works great
for weak DX but does mess up the first part of transmissions. I ended the last
12 hours using 2 decoders when I ran stations. Pretty neat. Going to do that
again. Got the best of both worlds.

I also started the contest unassisted but turned into assisted later because I
left my 2 meter radio on to listen to the local DX repeater spots. I normally
leave it off so I don’t get the spots but was enjoying listening to the local
activity. One of the local guys spotted some good activity on 15 meters that
made me want to change bands. I made the change to assisted about half way thru
the contest and opened up Dxscape which turned into more of a distraction
because very few of the spots were multipliers. I have not figured out how to
get Writelog to see the subreceiver frequency so did not want to confuse things
with having one working and one not working for the log. I was not set up to
click on a spot so was not very competitive for assisted operation. I probably
only got a half dozen multipliers from the assisted spots. I learned that my
new search and pounce approach worked pretty good, but must of liked it to much
since my QSO count is well below last year and did not run stations near as
often. It seemed like I had more trouble getting traction running stations this

All that said I had a great time and appreciate everyone that called. This is
the one contest I try to put maximum time in the seat. Propagation seemed very
different this year than the last 2 years. It seemed like it should have been
better with the SFI up. My score was off about 10-15 percent over the previous
2 years and I don’t think it was the amplifier.
W6QU(W8QZA)   SOAB QRP   328,4942014-09-29 17:43:00

Xcvr: Yaesu FT-817 - 5 Watts

10-15-20: 3 ele SteppIR up 10 Meters.
40: DX-LB Trap dipole up 10 Meters
40-80: Butternut HF-2V Vertical with 3 radials

I am a recent participant in RTTY contests since they added the QRP category to
the CQ World Wide DX RTTY and the CQ WPX RTTY contests about three years ago.

The remarkable thing about RTTY contesting over CW or SSB is that it seems to
be much less fatiguing to me because there is almost no typing. It is all point
and click which is very nice. Dupes and potential mults show up immediately in
the color coding of the print out. That is fantastic and I makes the contest
much more fun for me.

At age 74 I slept 4 hours the first night and 6 hours the second night. Other
than that I pretty much stayed at the rig and N1MM showed an op time of 34.3

The flux was around 180, but that did not seem to show up in the propagation on
15 and 10 Meters from out here in San Diego. How I do in Europe is my best
indicator of conditions, and I had trouble getting past the far western
countries. There were a large number of eastern Euro countries I never worked
like OK, OL, YO, LZ, UA, UB, and others.

However, the high flux did show up in over night propagation on 20 Meters and
around midnight I was able to work many of those Eastern European countries
fairly easily. But in the end, only 17% of my Qs were into Europe which did not
help my score very much.

On 10 M I managed to work 3D2, ZR9C, 5W, and VK6IR. On 15 M I got ZD8, a couple
Zone 18 Qs, EA9, and C37NL. On 20 M I got KC4AAA at the South Pole who was
giving out Zone 39 (of his many choices!),TF for a rare contest Zone 40, and
ZS. On 40 M I worked mostly states, and on 80 M got KH7XX.

I tried CQing in the afternoons when east coasters were more likely to have
their beams pointed toward me. I made about 10-12 Qs this was. But the biggest
thrill was when FG5LA came back to me on 20 M!

I had a total DXCC of 67 (after removing IT9) and WAZ of 29.

So my RTTY score was a bit lower than last year (about 5%). After three years
experience with RTTY, I am surprised that my RTTY scores are almost as good as
my SSB or CW scores.

See you in the SSB weekend! Bill Parker W8QZA - W6QU
K7VIT   SOAB(A) HP   230,0792014-09-29 19:09:02
Got started late as I needed a remote coax-switch on the tower. I believe there
is an old adage about planning ahead. There were some great hi-band conditions.

One interesting QSO was an N4 who sent me Zone 8 from an eastern state. I
pointed out the exchange was a CQ Zone number and Zone 8 was far to the south
of him. He sent me Zn 8 four times, so I logged it that way. He probably
wanted to operate in the Caribbean area. I hope he reports what he was
actually sending. Hi.

Thanks to all who answered my calls. Jerry
K6GHA   SOAB LP   50,6942014-09-29 20:14:12
With only a little time to play (S&P) at the beginning, it was fun to find
so many generally difficult contacts. I am sure you all had fun, only wish I
could have played longer.
KT4LST   SOAB LP   31,0002014-09-29 20:31:41
I didn't really have the chance to do much contesting this week end had a lot
going on but put in just about 2 hours total air time in and did 100 q's
i did how ever downloaded the new N1MM + Pluse and man oh man what a BIG!
for the first time ever on my end it was very enjoyable with out n1mm freezing
up losing com ports and the list goes on hihi
all n all enjoyed my little time contesting this weekend
Levon Tomon KT4LST
EL98fv Eustis Florida U.S.A.
WD5K   SOAB HP   1,073,1452014-09-29 21:03:58
Elecraft K3 -> Alpha 99
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V
AI6YL(@W6SZN)   SOSB/20 HP   316,3052014-09-29 22:19:50
First time operating CQWW RTTY, and first time being a guest op, with much
thanks to Kip, W6SZN, whose station played perfectly. Most of the contest was
slow going except late Saturday. It was great to see everyone again. Thanks
for all the QSOs! 88 Sue
VE7SV   M/S HP   3,686,0242014-09-29 22:42:14
Despite the generally poor condx we had a fun weekend. Thanks to everyone for
all the qso's and to the sponsors for a great contest.

2x Elecraft K3
2x Alpha 86
Assorted yagi's and wires
N1MM classic and MMTTY
EF8S(OH4KA)   SOAB HP   8,101,3822014-09-30 02:20:36
Conditions were great, especially 10m pileup was good, rate peaks 220q/h

Im happy to claim my new personal record in cq ww rtty.

Second hour I had some electrical problems, which took 45 min to resolve.
Sunday evening 20m USA antenna got swr problems.

Special Thanks for to Canary Team Pekka, Juan, Manolo.
Thanks also for offshore support team Mauri, Jyrki, Kari, Fingin and the

Thanks for contacts, RTTY contesting is so fun.

73 Kari OH4KA
WN1G   M/S LP   100,3602014-09-30 04:05:19
Linda and I had fun with this small effort. This was mainly a shake down cruise
for N1MM+, a new antenna, and a new rig. All in all things ran pretty well.

Friday evening and Saturday were pretty much a bust. But a nice run Sunday
afternoon made things interesting. Original goal was just 200 Q's and/or 50K
points. But things went so well Sunday afternoon that we pushed through that
for a bit more.

Thanks to all for the Q's.

Doug and Linda
AD4TJ   SOAB LP   116,0002014-09-30 05:11:35
Good conditiions, better antennas equals better scores! No beams, just a
vertical and an inverted L. One of my better RTTY efforts to date.
MJ5Z(JK3GAD)   SOAB LP   2,867,1802014-09-30 06:02:24
K3, Dipole for 80/40m, C3 and Optibeam for 20/15/10m, Win-Test 4.12

First time club has both optibeam and C3 high up and low band dipoles are well
tuned. These setup increased my score a lot from last year, despite this time I
did not bring any SO2R gadgets.
No opening to JA on 10m and no rate from Far East was generated on 15m either.
In the afternoon, opening to W/VE on 10m was better than last year and I
enjoyed nice rate, particularly on Sunday.
Normally, towards end of the contest, in other words, late Sunday afternoon to
the end, you cannot expect good rate even propagation is better than Saturday.
However I experienced unusually high rate in these hours. I felt it was very

Thanks to JARS club members for antenna work during summer months.
Thanks for QSOs and see you all in next year's edition!

73 Kazu
N8BJQ   SOAB HP   1,216,6322014-09-30 06:23:04
Between S8 power line noise to west and babysitting the greatgrandson, 24 hrs
was about all I could do. About 90% S&P with a few short runs. 10 was a
nice surprise. Did work one new country. Nothing broke. N1MM+ worked great.
S51A   M/2 HP   5,375,8932014-09-30 07:40:34
This year our S51A team had a lot of fun in the RTTY CQWW contest.

The start on 40m and 80m was great and we hoped for good score, but ... on
Saturday we had some technical problems on our main 35 years old TH6DXX and we
lost 3 hours of good runs. We were forced to use only the WRTC ECO tribander in
the mean time, but we still had fun. The Balun on the TH6DXX was removed and we
continued with full power ...

We had some visitors on our location to keep as awake and to encourage us.

On Saturday evening one of our friends made as very very goooooood supper ...
It was very hard to continue after that :D

Night from Saturday on Sunday was ... just something else than night before ...
no good runs ... like somebody pulled a hand brake on conditions and the whole
day was also like that ... in the evening it got a bit better ...

But still ... we are very pleased with the score since 4 of members out of 9
were complete contest novices and this was their first real contest ever

On Sunday morning a mistake happened by one of novice contesters and we are
very sorry and apologize for that ... In the heat of battle by mistake he sent
out a selfspot ...

Log will be on LOTW soon.
ON6AT   SOAB(A) LP   59,5002014-09-30 08:32:25
Yaesu FT950 80Watt
Ant: Cushcfraft R8 + Diamond W8010 (40 - 80M)

On the low band (40 m) was certainly not pleasant to work. Many stations above
each other and even with filters on it was difficult.
The stations with HP were good to hear.
Until next year!
OHØZ(OH8WW)   SOAB HP   4,163,1612014-09-30 09:07:37
Many TNX OH0Z team!!
YT2AAA   SOAB(A) LP   1,000,6152014-09-30 10:02:11
IC-746 PRO
80m INV-V
40m INV-V
20M wire GP

My home QTH very bad take-off to Americas, and my antennas very inefficient on
21 MHz and 28 MHz. A personal best for operating time.
S5ØB   SOSB/40 LP   27,8242014-09-30 10:50:30
Just for fun!

73 de Borut S50B
IW5EIJ   SOSB/15 LP   17,5502014-09-30 10:52:13
HA8JV   SOAB HP   2,906,9262014-09-30 10:54:16
This was the first race cqww-rtty for me.
Not so bad, but there is more to learn!
Thanks for all calers and see you in SSB part.
73 DX!
TF2R   M/S HP   2,335,8162014-09-30 10:55:05
Aurora hit us very badly this year, first night only about 200 Q's made the
difference, and we were 900 Q's down from last year in total. But most of all
we had fun and enjoyed the company of good friends.
KK8MM   SOAB LP   378,3292014-09-30 11:05:39
Lost some QSO's on Sunday afternoon due to computer issues. My apologies to
anyone affected. Thanks to those who worked me. 73
K7BTW   M/S HP   2,639,5202014-09-30 11:19:47
It was a fun contest again this year, but our score was down about 15k from last
year. Interesting because we added a mult station this year. We will be
analyzing why that happened! Maybe conditions. We did have more than our
share of computer problems which cost us about an hour.
W1TEF(@W4DFG)   SOAB QRP   11,8402014-09-30 11:36:00
Conditions not great for QRP, worked seven hours until computer glitched,
gremlins showed up and everything circled the bowl. Now that I have a better
handle on the digital modes, I'll do much better next year.
IK7NXU   SOAB HP   581,8352014-09-30 12:21:35
First time as HP. Improuved personal score. 73 Jim ik7nxu
P49X(WØYK)   SOAB HP   10,570,4002014-09-30 13:08:35
Propagation roller-coaster. That’s what the weekend felt like in Aruba. The
sun asserted its influence quite differently here than what I’m reading in
other 3830 reports around the world.

I arrived on Tuesday, expecting marginal conditions and wondering if 10 meters
would even play a role in the contest. The solar forecast was not encouraging.
Wednesday, when I first got on the air, my interest was piqued when there had
solid propagation into Europe on 10 meters. Moreover, Europe was still coming
in solid well after their sunset. At nearly the same time, JAs were rolling in
as well as other Asia and Oceania. Hmmmm, I wondered, maybe it would be an
exciting weekend despite the forecast.

Tuning around shortly before 0000z Saturday and deciding what two bands to
start on, there was no activity on 10 or 15. Even the lackluster forecast
showed both bands open. What was going on? I was about to start on 20 and 40
and at the last minute took a flyer and started on 15 and 20. I figured I
could always move to 40 quickly and Europe would be occupied working each other
at the start anyway, not beaming down my way. Surprise! In the last 30 seconds
before the start, signals started appearing on the bandscope. Launching my
first CQ on 15 and 20 resulted in instant pile-ups on both bands. The first
four hours were the best P49X has ever experienced in this contest, either as
SOAB or M2. There was a 229 hour and several 7-QSO minutes.

As usual, I had detailed statistics from prior years posted in front of me. I
had a table of hourly data (Qs, points, mults and score) from the four best
earlier events, one SO and three M2. I watched in amazement as the real-time
data was pulling more and more ahead of the best score ever posted before, our
2011 4-person M2. Of course, there were 44 more hours to get through, but the
prospects sure looked good.

15 meters didn’t start tapering off until the third hour. Normally, I’d
expect that in the first hour. Moving to 40, rate was OK, but the overall
score differential began to slow down. I fought hard to at least maintain the
margin achieved in the first 4 hours. 20 dropped out in the fifth hour and the
resultant rates on 40 and 80 were dismal. Well, that made sense if the high
bands were so good. Disappointed, I still held hope for high rate the next
morning on 20/15/10. Meanwhile, slogging through the night on 80/40/20 took
its toll on my stamina. In parallel, the current data fell discouragingly
behind our 2011 effort. The initial euphoria was sacked.

Mercifully, daylight came and I began to feel a bit better with some rate on
the high bands. Loads of fun to run Europe and North America with occasional
sizzle from other parts of the world. The thought always enters my mind:
“Where do all these RTTY contest participants come from?” Many of them
weren’t in Super Check Partial and then there were those transmitting FSK
from their K3 by sending CW to the radio. However, now the current data showed
lower rates than some of our prior Saturday daytimes. Discouragement increased
as the Qs and score fell further and further back. 10 and 15 closed down
earlier than normal and I was on 40/20 way too soon for the long night ahead.

Integrating 80 in the mix didn’t helped keep the overall rate low. I was
physically and mentally spent. The early signs of sleep deprivation became
apparent early in the evening. I took a 5-minute bio break and was determined
to power through to around 0800 (4am local) when I’d treat myself to 2-3 hour
nap. Couldn’t last that long. Low-level hallucination set in. My exhausted
brain created a wholly different “story” for what I was doing. I knew the
story wasn’t right, but I could not figure out what I was really supposed to
be doing. That’s scary, but the repetitive motions of contesting are so
ingrained that I was actually working and logging correctly, even if for the
wrong reason. Then, I started nodding off, falling asleep in the chair. It
became clear, even in my foggy state, that getting more than 2-3 hours sleep
was a better trade-off than painfully logging 30-40 QSOs per hour. Worse,
I’d not be in any shape to handle the high bands on Sunday … assuming there
would be much high band action.

I crashed at 0400 and set the alarm for six hours later. (I discovered on
Monday that this was an excellent decision due to the solar event during that
time and virtually nothing happening on the low bands.) Less than fully
refreshed early Sunday morning, I fixed a quick breakfast to eat while getting
started on 20 and 15 meters. At least the hallucination was gone and I fully
understood what I was doing at the radios and computers. 20 didn’t last long
before 10 overtook it and I switched bands on that radio. This happened faster
than usual because 20 was rapidly blacking out and by 1400 there were zero
signals to be seen or heard on 20 meters. Checking 20 frequently all day
showed it continued to be totally blacked out. (Truly … zero signals!) On
Monday, I read reports that 20 was playing well elsewhere in the world, though
10 and 15 were generally better by comparison.

Fortunately 10 and 15 played well all day Sunday, though 15 was staggering with
signals fading in and out. Ten meters was clearly the better, in fact, nearly
the ONLY, band that was working well. Europe stayed in late and Asia/Oceania
came in well. As the evening approached, 15 was all but gone and 20 was still
AWOL, so what do I use for my second band? I’d been also checking 40 and at
least there were RTTY signals there. The bigger European stations were weak
but copiable. For the last 1.5 hours of the contest, I was running on 10 and
40, the “best” bands from Aruba. How weird is that? On Monday I found out
from the P40HF guys that 20 did open a bit during this time. But I had quit
checking it after it had betrayed me all day long. I suspect it wasn’t much
better than 40.

At least there was a steady stream of callers on 40, but it was like working 10
or 6 meters when signals are right at the noise level, workable but as weak as
they could possibly be. It was really fun running 10 and 40 simultaneously.
It was also thrilling when new mults come in near the end of the contest. Like
double mult 3V8BCC calling in on 40 at 2326 and final mult CR3L getting in the
log at 2355. The Germans supplied the mult that exactly equaled my 2010 SOAB
HP mult total, though with a slighter higher Q count and score.

With 3-4 hours to go at the end, it was certain that the score would end up in
5th place of all the P49X efforts, 126 Qs lower than 2010. Sure, I was
disappointed, but only because Friday night temporality raised the prospects
for blockbuster conditions. But this didn’t detract one bit from the
exhilaration of CQ WW and working so many familiar and completely new stations
around the world. It seemed like the entire German and Italian populations
were participating.

CQ WW is a grueling contest in several regards, especially for the SOAB
entrant. This weekend confirmed even stronger the value of multiple decoders.
Just like the saying, “You can never have too many antennas”, the same can
be said for decoders. I smile when reading reflector threads about which
particular decoder is “best”. In my experience, all the ones I use are
best at one time or another. And, each is best often enough that it
appreciably saves time asking for repeats. The Hal DXP38 saved the day on
numerous occasions when neither MMTTY nor 2-3 instances of 2Tone got any part
of the call or exchange. The same can be said of the other two. And, 2Tone
has the unique property of perfectly decoding inaudible signals. That sounds
like an impossibility, but I sometimes get perfect copy when I hear no trace of
a signal in the headphones. Numerous times I’d glance at the 2Tone windows
and see a new mults, or station, that was not in the headphone audio. Other
times, MMTTY or the DXP38 will copy perfect and 2Tone gets nothing. I
typically run two instances of 2Tone for Flutter and Selective. Those, along
with the standard MMTTY and DXP38 decoders, have been doing a stellar job in
recent contests.

I love the multiple aspects of radio sport: antennas, station design, hardware
and software, operating strategy and tactic and, of course, the uncertain
vagaries of propagation. The successful contester has to balance all these
disciplines to prevail. For example, when I awoke Sunday morning the 91B
amplifier was powered off. I quickly swapped in an 86 and later determined
that one of the start-stop fuses was blown. It appears to be a power supply
problem, but I haven’t had time to fully troubleshoot it.

And then, at 2200z Sunday, the a few keys on the left keyboard stopped working
reliably, most notably the Enter key which I use for CQing and QSLing. Even
the trackball stopped working so the cursor couldn’t be moved. I left a
number of stations hanging in mid air. Before I could get the keyboard and
trackball swapped out, while still running on the other radio, it started
working again. In retrospect, I don’t think it was hardware, but a USB
problem, perhaps RFI, don’t know. For me, this all just illustrates the
richness of our hobby with its multi-faceted aspects we need to conquer.

In terms of operating, there were an abnormally high number of dupes. I hope I
wasn’t working someone else’s pile-up. I don’t think so because almost
everyone sends my call sign with their exchange. The other thing that struck
me was the abnormally high number of call signs that are not in SCP. That is
surely a great sign for RTTY and contesting in general. More of my mult moves
were successful and I really appreciate everyone who tried. Some of you moved
so fast to my other radio, it felt like you were already there with a second
radio of your own.

As I’ve noted before, RTTY transmit bandwidth, aka “key clicks”, is still
a huge issue. Unfortunately, those who narrow their own transmit bandwidth are
penalized with greatly increased QRM from others with signals who can move in
closer to the narrower signals. I fear that this is going to take a long time
to fix. FSK users can’t do much without switching to a radio that has this
problem fixed. Unhappily, today very few radios have narrow FSK bandwidth.
AFSK users have more individual flexibility to keep their signal sufficiently

I like to compare my multiplier numbers to assisted Single-Ops and Multi-Ops as
the target to shoot for. I have a long way to go and that challenge is
motivating. I do work the second receiver in each radio while running on the
main receiver, but the intensity needs to be continually increased. This is a
good example of a tough skill development that is easier to learn in the RTTY
mode and then carried over to CW and SSB. I’m really pleased with how well
WriteLog and the K3 work together on very efficient and effective SO2V.

If this diatribe isn’t long enough, the statistics below can be perused.
Thanks to Andy P49Y/AE6Y and John P40L/W6LD for sharing their cottage station
with me. And, thanks to all the participants who were key to my having a
fantastic weekend on the radio. I hope they all had as much fun as I did.

Ed P49X


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 0 102 114 0 216 216 4.4
0100 0 0 0 118 94 0 212 428 8.7
0200 0 0 42 102 47 0 191 619 12.6
0300 0 0 94 92 0 0 186 805 16.4
0400 0 9 102 45 0 0 156 961 19.6
0500 0 55 73 0 0 0 128 1089 22.2
0600 0 22 60 0 0 0 82 1171 23.9
0700 0 13 37 28 0 0 78 1249 25.5
0800 0 6 25 13 0 0 44 1293 26.4
0900 0 27 18 0 0 0 45 1338 27.3
1000 0 21 38 14 15 0 88 1426 29.1
1100 0 0 0 46 101 0 147 1573 32.1
1200 0 0 0 29 89 33 151 1724 35.2
1300 0 0 0 0 39 94 133 1857 37.9
1400 0 0 0 0 69 119 188 2045 41.7
1500 0 0 0 0 56 107 163 2208 45.1
1600 0 0 0 0 50 107 157 2365 48.3
1700 0 0 0 0 59 89 148 2513 51.3
1800 0 0 0 0 61 100 161 2674 54.6
1900 0 0 0 0 66 85 151 2825 57.7
2000 0 0 0 0 57 74 131 2956 60.3
2100 0 0 0 0 35 71 106 3062 62.5
2200 0 0 0 0 41 60 101 3163 64.6
2300 0 0 18 30 17 8 73 3236 66.1
0000 0 0 60 67 0 0 127 3363 68.6
0100 0 0 40 55 0 0 95 3458 70.6
0200 0 0 53 31 0 0 84 3542 72.3
0300 0 0 8 22 0 0 30 3572 72.9
0400 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3573 72.9
0500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3573 72.9
0600 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3573 72.9
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3573 72.9
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3573 72.9
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3573 72.9
1000 0 0 0 14 14 0 28 3601 73.5
1100 0 0 0 42 41 0 83 3684 75.2
1200 0 0 0 0 40 78 118 3802 77.6
1300 0 0 0 0 53 88 141 3943 80.5
1400 0 0 0 0 18 67 85 4028 82.2
1500 0 0 0 0 28 90 118 4146 84.6
1600 0 0 0 0 49 96 145 4291 87.6
1700 0 0 0 0 39 73 112 4403 89.9
1800 0 0 0 0 60 72 132 4535 92.6
1900 0 0 0 0 49 50 99 4634 94.6
2000 0 0 0 0 33 43 76 4710 96.1
2100 0 0 0 0 28 28 56 4766 97.3
2200 0 0 18 0 16 24 58 4824 98.5
2300 0 0 58 0 0 15 73 4897 100.0
Total 0 153 747 850 1478 1671 4899

Gross QSOs=4997 Dupes=98 Net QSOs=4899

Unique callsigns worked = 3018

The best 60 minute rate was 229/hour from 0031 to 0130
The best 30 minute rate was 236/hour from 0029 to 0058
The best 10 minute rate was 252/hour from 0026 to 0035

The best 1 minute rates were:
6 QSOs/minute 7 times.
5 QSOs/minute 54 times.
4 QSOs/minute 269 times.
3 QSOs/minute 526 times.
2 QSOs/minute 652 times.
1 QSOs/minute 627 times.

There were 2781 bandchanges and 1750 (35.7%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

----------------- C o n t i n e n t S u m m a r y -----------------
160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
North America 0 131 407 633 471 865 2507 51.2
South America 0 2 8 10 19 54 93 1.9
Europe 0 20 309 144 861 700 2034 41.5
Asia 0 0 17 54 109 31 211 4.3
Africa 0 0 2 5 8 12 27 0.6
Oceania 0 0 4 4 10 9 27 0.6
Total 0 153 747 850 1478 1671 4899

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
2 1
3 17
4 1504
5 1963
6 1361
7 20
8 16
9 9
10 7

------------------ C o u n t r y S u m m a r y ------------------
Country 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
3A 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
3D2 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0.0
3V 0 0 1 0 1 1 3 0.1
4L 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
4X 0 0 1 0 1 1 3 0.1
5B 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0.0
9A 0 0 3 2 9 5 19 0.4
9M2 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
9M6 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
9X 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
A6 0 0 1 1 1 2 5 0.1
A7 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
BY 0 0 0 3 2 0 5 0.1
C3 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.0
CE 0 1 0 1 1 8 11 0.2
CE9 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
CM 0 1 3 7 3 3 17 0.3
CN 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
CT 0 0 2 2 3 10 17 0.3
CT3 0 0 1 2 1 2 6 0.1
CX 0 0 0 0 1 4 5 0.1
DL 0 2 58 20 174 166 420 8.6
DU 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
E7 0 0 0 0 3 3 6 0.1
EA 0 1 7 13 34 33 88 1.8
EA6 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 0.0
EA8 0 0 0 1 2 5 8 0.2
EA9 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 0.0
EI 0 1 2 1 7 4 15 0.3
ER 0 0 0 0 3 0 3 0.1
ES 0 0 1 1 2 0 4 0.1
EU 0 0 2 0 4 3 9 0.2
EY 0 0 0 1 1 1 3 0.1
F 0 4 13 8 32 35 92 1.9
FG 0 1 1 1 1 0 4 0.1
FM 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 0.0
G 0 1 12 5 50 34 102 2.1
GI 0 0 1 2 3 2 8 0.2
GJ 0 0 1 1 1 1 4 0.1
GM 0 1 4 0 10 3 18 0.4
GU 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0.0
GW 0 1 1 1 3 4 10 0.2
HA 0 1 4 4 12 13 34 0.7
HB 0 0 5 1 10 2 18 0.4
HB0 0 0 2 0 3 0 5 0.1
HC 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
HI 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
HK 0 0 2 1 1 0 4 0.1
HL 0 0 0 1 2 0 3 0.1
HP 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
HZ 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 0.1
I 0 1 28 17 118 105 269 5.5
IS 0 0 0 0 2 1 3 0.1
*IT9 0 1 5 2 7 8 23 0.5
J3 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
JA 0 0 9 22 88 21 140 2.9
K 0 108 361 559 415 790 2233 45.6
KG4 0 0 0 4 2 3 9 0.2
KH2 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
KH6 0 0 3 1 2 3 9 0.2
KL 0 0 1 1 1 1 4 0.1
KP2 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
KP4 0 0 2 3 0 1 6 0.1
LA 0 0 4 2 10 3 19 0.4
LU 0 0 3 0 4 17 24 0.5
LX 0 1 3 0 4 2 10 0.2
LY 0 0 5 1 6 2 14 0.3
LZ 0 0 4 3 4 4 15 0.3
OA 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 0.0
OE 0 0 3 1 11 9 24 0.5
OH 0 1 10 2 15 0 28 0.6
OH0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
OJ0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
OK 0 0 8 3 28 22 61 1.2
OM 0 0 3 1 5 5 14 0.3
ON 0 1 9 2 19 19 50 1.0
OZ 0 1 5 1 9 6 22 0.4
P4 0 1 1 1 0 1 4 0.1
PA 0 0 15 1 34 29 79 1.6
PJ5 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.0
PY 0 0 1 5 7 20 33 0.7
PZ 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
S5 0 1 8 4 14 19 46 0.9
SM 0 0 8 3 13 4 28 0.6
SP 0 1 17 3 56 29 106 2.2
SV 0 0 3 2 8 9 22 0.4
SV5 0 0 0 1 2 2 5 0.1
SV9 0 0 1 0 2 1 4 0.1
*TA1 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0.0
TF 0 0 1 2 1 0 4 0.1
TG 0 0 0 0 2 1 3 0.1
TK 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0.0
UA 0 0 24 14 51 35 124 2.5
UA2 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
UA9 0 0 5 20 6 2 33 0.7
UN 0 0 0 3 3 1 7 0.1
UR 0 0 15 9 40 43 107 2.2
VE 0 17 33 53 38 59 200 4.1
VK 0 0 1 0 3 2 6 0.1
VP8 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 0.0
VP9 0 1 1 1 1 1 5 0.1
VU 0 0 1 2 2 0 5 0.1
XE 0 1 2 2 4 3 12 0.2
YB 0 0 0 1 2 1 4 0.1
YL 0 0 3 5 7 4 19 0.4
YO 0 0 3 2 19 10 34 0.7
YS 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0.0
YU 0 0 5 1 6 4 16 0.3
YV 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 0.0
Z3 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
ZA 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 0.1
ZD8 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
ZF 0 1 1 1 1 1 5 0.1
ZL 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 0.1
ZP 0 0 0 1 1 1 3 0.1
ZS 0 0 0 0 2 3 5 0.1
Total 0 153 747 850 1478 1671 4899

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
05 0 51 180 260 214 339 1044 21.3
14 0 14 152 64 420 360 1010 20.6
04 0 53 134 242 167 296 892 18.2
15 0 6 102 47 306 232 693 14.1
03 0 21 80 112 71 214 498 10.2
16 0 0 41 24 100 81 246 5.0
25 0 0 9 23 90 21 143 2.9
20 0 0 12 8 36 30 86 1.8
08 0 4 9 12 7 6 38 0.8
11 0 0 1 6 8 21 36 0.7
13 0 0 3 0 6 21 30 0.6
17 0 0 5 13 6 4 28 0.6
33 0 0 2 4 5 9 20 0.4
06 0 1 2 2 4 3 12 0.2
18 0 0 0 9 2 0 11 0.2
09 0 1 4 2 2 2 11 0.2
12 0 1 0 1 1 8 11 0.2
21 0 0 1 2 3 4 10 0.2
31 0 0 3 1 2 2 8 0.2
28 0 0 0 2 4 1 7 0.1
38 0 0 0 0 3 4 7 0.1
07 0 0 0 1 3 2 6 0.1
02 0 0 1 1 2 2 6 0.1
30 0 0 1 0 3 2 6 0.1
22 0 0 1 2 2 0 5 0.1
40 0 0 1 2 1 0 4 0.1
24 0 0 0 2 2 0 4 0.1
01 0 0 1 1 1 1 4 0.1
32 0 0 0 0 1 3 4 0.1
10 0 0 0 0 2 1 3 0.1
19 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
27 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
36 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
29 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
23 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
Total 0 153 747 850 1478 1671 4899

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 1875
2 bands 659
3 bands 285
4 bands 144
5 bands 55
6 bands 0

------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 26 199 289 649 712
AB1J   SOSB(A)/15 LP   148,6062014-09-30 13:14:34
I got my RTTY start halfway through this contest in 2008. I came home from work
Saturday evening and finished connecting my RigBlaster Plus. My rig diddled and
sounded right. I copied OK and set up a few simple MMTTY macros. I tuned around
and found NX5O CQing, so I called him. He came right back and I hit a macro.
Apparently he was happy, so I was too. I had no idea how to log, so I logged
the rest of the contest in my paper log which I converted later to a Cabrillo
log to submit. As a reward, I won a certificate. I was hooked.

Fast forward to 2014: After a slow and melancholy start Friday evening and
Saturday morning, I finally got my mojo back Saturday afternoon. On Sunday
conditions got even better and all the Sunday afternoon ops gave me a serious
boost. Thanks! In the end this was the my best WW-RTTY single band effort
from my home station.

A problem for me is in the evening when the folks out west turn their beams on
Japan and the Far East. They can't hear me off the back and side and I'm not
very valuable to work anyway so there's no incentive. I get very lonely.

I heard and worked only one JA. And likewise only one KH6 for OC.

I tried running more this time, later in the contest and when things were slow
and had some success but mostly it was Assisted S&P. After initial
resistance, I've come to like Assistance. I think the best place for me to
run is at the top end of the active frequency range, which moves up and down
during the day. It got as high as 21160 kHz. I tend to get lost in the
downband crowds.

The station performed flawlessly. It's a good SO1R contest station until you
follow the coax.

Thanks for the Qs.

Ken, AB1J

FT2000 TS940S(skimmer) WinRadio SDR(panadapter)
15m attic dipole
Win8 and XP computers
K4FJ   SOSB/15 HP   607,4362014-09-30 14:03:16
Nice conditions. It seems that many do not know their correct zone for this
KK4EIR   SOAB HP   197,3762014-09-30 15:23:06
HK1T(@HK1R)   SOSB/40 HP   558,4502014-09-30 18:06:56
A Lot of fun, great condition and very active (the 40 Metters band), although
murpphy joined me for 9 hours, the generator had it disassembled for
maintenance, i was thinking about ww ssb and can not quite be ready.For a bog
lightning storm the electricity failure for Nine vital hours (Was on the early
hours of Sunday), I broke my own record but it was not good to spend Actual
number 1
Good TX and RX and big effort to become a better operator that we need, but....
BUT always will need luck, good luck!

Thanks to all and hope to hear from HK1NA late next month on the SSB Contest.
N1IXF   SOAB LP   1,609,4262014-09-30 19:16:10
What a blast! New to this game and found that there's lots to learn but that's
also what makes this hobby so great.

This was my first significant RTTY effort after only casually playing in the
BARTG HF and NAQP RTTY contests. Station, interfaces and N1MM Logger worked
without a hitch. I was SO1R but after this weekend, I am newly motivated to
get SO2R ready for RTTY. Special thanks to Dennis, W1UE, for his recent YCCC
RTTY seminar and the presentation he gave at ARRL Convention... both of these
provided great info on setting things up for RTTY contesting and improved my
use of function keys.

Station Notes... The bi-directional mode on my SteppIR was very helpful when EU
slowed down 15/10M and gave me the ability to work stateside and EU at the same
time. My 40m inverted vee is just not good enough for any serious contesting
so I must work to improve that situation. Learned that there is no way I am
cut out to work a whole contest or anything more than 26 hours straight... new
respect for ops who can put in anything close to 48 hrs. The week before the
contest I was able to operate RTTY as W1AW/1 CT and experienced unbelievable JA
pile ups on 15M in the late afternoon local time. Coming off that I was very
disappointed that I couldn't get a run going to JA on either Saturday or Sunday
and had to settle for only a few S&P contacts. Using both MMTTY and 2Tone,
I found that there were times when one decoded better than the other. I
definitely need to spend some time working out the multiple RX windows to be
sure that I'm getting the most from them. I'm also thinking that my mother
board "soundcard" may not be a good choice for RRTY decoding as I had
lots of spurious characters displaying in the 2Tone window when noise was low
and the frequency was clear of any signals.

Thanks to all who worked me and apologies for the many times I screwed up the
exchange or call sign and had to be corrected... like I said, lots to learn.
IQ1RY   M/M HP   8,287,1582014-10-01 01:08:03
Fantastic weekend spent in company of good friends not only focused on the radio
and to the result but also soothing us during times of operational pause.
The choice of tackle for the first time the category multi multi was primarily
a curiosity to test several situations, so as to work to improve some things of
a technical nature of our station and then the way to let all your friends, who
once again joined with enthusiasm, operate and having fun.
However, everything went ok, no fault; reduced interference to a minimum.
Unfortunately lacks support for a third tower to work independently on the
three high bands on the day in separate directions, but the chance to work on
the quad separately in 10, 15 and 20 at the same time, has allowed us to meet
our needs.
A bit of a disappointment for the 20 meters at night closed in our zone, and
along the way we noticed that at other latitudes the propagation was very
I'm sorry for lack of IW1AYD Salvo , for family commitments, otherwise the team
would have been really sold out: it' s for surely next time.
A big thank you to all the friends they have made, as usual, hundreds of miles
to be with us, but by the satisfaction of their faces at the end of the
contest, I would say and that 'really worth it.
Until next time, stay tuned!
Flavio, one of IQ1RY
UW5Y(@UR4YWW)   M/M HP   4,382,4642014-10-01 07:02:23
Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty States
3,5 359 717 10 52 3
7 518 1109 21 72 19
14 843 1917 28 95 38
21 809 2094 32 94 44
28 370 980 32 74 32
Total 2899 6817 123 387 136
NR4M   M/M HP   8,854,6882014-10-01 07:19:17
The Goat Farm station has been down for several months while major
infrastructure changes have been made. Although it was our goal to be ready
for this contest, we missed the mark badly, as the station was lacking in
almost every respect.
No rotators on most bands; no second radio on any band; only one antenna per
band; no receive antennas. 80 meter computer constantly locked up the first

Sure wish we had an extra week.

I guess we still had fun. High bands were in good shape. Low bands were noisy
(sure missed the receive antennas.)

Thanks for all those who gave us contacts
IT9GNG(@II9K)   M/2 HP   6,949,1522014-10-01 07:25:35
New antenna's, new setup, new operators, nice experience !
A good contest training for the improved station setup and the new Momobeam
yagi stacks on 15m and 20m. Some minor failures at the beginning solved let us
enjoy the good propagation on high bands. Adi, my dog, was very interested in
what we were doing !
Thanks to all for qso.

73 de II9K Contest Team
HK6P   SOAB LP   1,315,6002014-10-01 09:19:24
IC 765
TH3JR at 20 feet
G5RV at 50 feet
Beverages USA and EUROPE
Nice contest
OL9A(OK2ZAW)   SOSB/40 HP   567,5492014-10-01 10:20:43
Nice contest, please visit: for more info and
HG7T   M/S HP   4,662,5102014-10-01 11:36:45
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
CR5D(CT1FJO)   SOSB(A)/10 LP   323,3402014-10-01 15:57:14
Hi all
very good opening on both days to state side
wintest , with 2tone , it's a very good partnership....
see u on CQWW SSB!

ct1fjo / cr5d
WN6W   SOAB LP   32,0922014-10-01 15:57:16
Cotact your House Representative regarding HR 4969 !!
W4AAA(KK9A)   SOSB/15 HP   996,4002014-10-01 18:49:24
I wish this contest was in the winter instead of when the weather outside is so
nice however I had not been on the air from my station since March and at the
last moment I got the urge to operate. I decided to stick with my old MTTY
software instead of upgrading to 2tone, since it was familiar and somewhat
reliable. I am not a RTTY guru and I rarely operate this mode. 2Tone has great
reviews for weak signal decoding and it is on my list of future upgrades. I had
never done single band 15m from this station and I thought it would be fun to
try while we are still near the sunspot peak. The A index was pretty high and I
did not hear much activity when setting up the station on Friday afternoon so I
had some concerns about choosing this category. Somehow 30 seconds before the
contest started the band came alive. I called CQ and was running Japan well
into the night. In the morning, I swung the beams northeast and I had huge
European pileups with a peak 60 minute rate of over 100 contacts. The European
pileups lasted well past their sunset and they made up 57% of my total QSOs.
The station played well until 16:00z on Saturday when stations were calling me
but not responding when I sent them a report. This happen about 6 times in a
row and I suspected something was wrong on my end. I tuned my second radio to
my transmit frequency and listened to my transmissions. Apparently no matter
what macros I pressed or what letters I typed on the keyboard, I was sending my
CQ message. My run computer screen displayed what I typed and I had no
indication that it did not match what the transceiver was sending. Luckily a
reboot solved the problem and it never occurred again but I lost 15 minutes of
a prime band opening. There was a lot of activity from many different countries
which made this contest a lot of fun. While I did find some multipliers using a
second radio, a surprising number of countries called me. I never expected to
work over 100 countries, thank you very much! Only 19% of my QSOs were with
U.S. stations. With the long skip and high antennas pointing toward DX it was
difficult to work the closer local stations. I am pleased with the score and it
should be a new U.S. record. Thanks for the QSOs. Please QSL via WD9DZV.

John KK9A - W4AAA
NW3H   SOAB LP   67,5252014-10-01 19:15:35
Still pretty new to RTTY. Did not have a lot of time to play due to family
obligations but was an all S&P effort to find new countries for Digital
DXCC. I have 82 worked now which was a 25 entity increase for this contest.
Hope to continue to improve in RTTY as I really enjoy it. Thanks to the
stateside and the DX for the QSOs.

73 de Bill NW3H
NR5M   M/M HP   9,452,0252014-10-01 19:55:53
This was the first time we've done a full-out M/M from NR5M in almost 2.5 years.
George and I spent almost the entirety of the weekend prior to the contest
re-configuring the station from SO2R to 10-station M/M.

We all had a really good time and I think we all enjoyed being able to
socialize while running pileups. We had originally targeted the US M/M record
but it was pretty clear that with all the set-backs and band conditions that we
wouldn't get there. However, we did demolish the W5 M/M record set back in

We lost about 2 hours on 80 after a Stackmaster bit the dust and a couple of
hours on 15 when we lost an amp and had a hard time troubleshooting whether the
problem was with the back-up amp, lock-out boxes, or antennas. K5GA remembered
Sunday afternoon that we have had problems in the past with the back-up amps
(Alpha 76A) not being compatible with the lock-out boxes. This turned out to be
the case.

Thanks to the ops for coming out and giving this one a try. I think we'll
definitely be back next year.

Colin KU5B
For the NR5M CQWW RTTY Team
7L4IOU   SOAB(A) QRP   162,1842014-10-02 02:02:53
Thank you all who picked up my QRP signal.
73, Hisami 7L4IOU
DJ1OJ   SOAB(A) LP   152,1642014-10-02 03:59:14
FT-1000MP did not work on 15m
not the real fun with 100W and vertical
W1ZT   SOAB(A) HP   686,4122014-10-02 04:39:51
Great to be back on RTTY in the contest after a long period away. Tried to set
up the new N1MM+, 2Tone, and K3 which all seemed to work but not as well as my
old configuration using WriteLog and RITTY (remember that great decoder?). So
I fell back to the old configuration for the contest and was not disappointed.
Lots of new callsigns to print and lots of old friends to greet again.
Thanks for all the QSOs and to those friends who welcomed me back. I will see
you all on the bands again.
73, George .. W1ZT
OK3C(OK2ZC)   SOSB(A)/15 LP   211,7582014-10-02 13:06:40

tnx for QSOs

73 Ludek OK2ZC
EC2DX   M/M HP   11,765,7542014-10-02 14:46:50

First time that we tried a RTTY contest from EC2DX station. So the Tifariti
Gang group organized this contest in MULTI MULTI, which allow us, hosts of the
station, to try interferences and antennas performance for the nexts CQWW.

Antennas, filters and stacks were working OK. Maybe need to work on the high
take off 40 M antenna.

All the radios were FT 2000 from Yaesu and Acom 1000 amplifiers, running not
too much power in carrier mode. Microham interfaces and WT soft.

Better propagation on Saturday than Sunday, especially on the 10 M band. A
problem on the BV array not allow us to work with all BV on all bands, only the
80 M band was able to use it, second day was OK.

So we spent a funny weekend with good friends.

Maybe we will do some RY contest on the future! ;-)

73 de EC2DX group!
CT1BXT   SOAB(A) LP   1,549,6342014-10-02 17:10:51

Nice propagation on the first day on 10 meters and on 20 second day.
I missed more than 4 hours of operation on Saturday as I had to delivery a 40
meter beam, in order to assemble it for CQWW ssb, about 150 km from my QTH!
Working conditions:
Elecraft K-3 (about 90 watts or less for keeping PA temperature less then 50º
Antenna: TH11dx, rotary dipole for 40/30 by optibeam. No antenna antenna for 80
meters at this moment. Hope to have a dipole for the SSB contest
Software, N1MM+ (no big issues, very stable) using MMTTY and 2TONE (decoding

Good luck for the SBB to all!!

VE3DZ   SOAB HP   239,0082014-10-02 19:24:20
Just few hours at the start.
VE6JY(VE5MX)   SOAB(A) HP   4,267,1842014-10-02 20:58:17
Really suffered on the low bands with the high absorption, especially Friday
night. Some amazing openings and great runs over the course of the weekend.

Thanks to Don for the wonderful hospitality and use of his very fine station.

73 Todd
OT6M(ON9CC)   SOSB(A)/15 HP   122,2482014-10-03 01:36:26
Although I had a lot of chores to do this weekend, i found the time in between
for some RTTY contacts. It hasn't been that long since I got into RTTY but I
really like it. Still trying to find my way around with N1MM and the digital

Although I enrolled in the HP class, I only used about 400 Watts. I noticed
that RBN didn't pick-up my CQ's to often, so CQ-ing was quite difficult and
normally didn't get the rate up to about 100 for more than a couple of minutes.
Highest rate was 180(1'), 66(10') and 37(60'). I noticed that using RBN for
S&P is more difficult than on CW. I guess it's due to the AFC function
being used, making signals drift quite a lot hence difficult to quickly tune-in
for S&P-ers.

But it was fun to work friends around the world again.
Thanks to everyone who worked me!
Log will be uploaded to LoTW.

73 from OT6M, the White Horse Contesters
Frank, ON9CC
IK2SBB   SOAB LP   509,4432014-10-03 03:50:32
Good Contes!
VE3IAE   SOSB(A)/10 LP   35,1922014-10-03 06:31:17
Just DXing this time, mostly on 10 m. Some 200 QSOs on other bands were also
reported, of course.
W8WEJ   SOAB HP   152,2082014-10-03 08:05:52
had to quit early due to computer problems
IZ8IFL   SOAB LP   627,7442014-10-03 08:51:51
nice performance and much station on air
OE2GEN   SOAB LP   943,6002014-10-03 09:07:41
Categorie Classic - 24 hours
IK5RUN   SOSB(A)/15 QRP   177,0182014-10-03 09:16:50
K2 15mt monoband. yagi
K6JEB   SOAB(A) LP   20,6082014-10-03 23:05:43
Sadly, rarther than having my 'Butt in Chair' I had to spend Sunday with 'Butt
In Car' with the XYL headed down the Coast. Conditions seemed really good even
running low power I was able to have some fun.
VE7FO   SOAB(A) LP   227,6642014-10-04 00:37:38
I thought I'd already posted this to 3830, including story, but don't see it

A fairly relaxed effort.

Was pleased to see 10 open. Was VERY pleased to work C37NL, an all time new

Had a great run on 15 starting in hour 46. Made 24% of my Qs in one hour. Was
pretty happy about that.

Thanks for the Qs everyone. I've been pretty quiet on the contesting scene for
the last couple of years but I'm back.

73, Jim VE7FO
IZ1PLH   SOAB HP   114,6662014-10-04 00:41:55
Ottimo Contest divertito molto,ho inviato in CHECKLOG al quanto nelle ore libere
ho trasmesso dal Mio QTH perchè ho fatto parte del team di IQ1RY sezione di BRA
a 73
IW4ECF   SOAB(A) LP   77,3502014-10-04 01:41:06
è stato divertente e per la prossima cercherò di fare meglio
IK1TWC   SOAB QRP   42,7572014-10-04 05:01:03
Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty
3,5 18 34 2 14 0
7 49 110 12 29 3
14 13 34 9 9 5
21 35 88 12 19 6
28 13 33 10 12 1
Total 128 299 45 83 15
Score: 42.757
I2BZN   SOAB(A) LP   192,2802014-10-04 05:46:19
K2DSL   SOAB LP   416,7452014-10-04 05:55:09
Couldn't operate on Sunday because of a business trip. 10m was such a blast.
IK2XDE   SOSB/10 LP   80,2802014-10-04 05:58:36
Great contest, good opportunity to test my new antenna home-made.
K4TOJ   SOAB LP   23,8002014-10-04 06:32:00
I love RTTY contests and this is one of my favorites. Used a TS-590S, Carolina
Windom Compact 80, RumPed 3.2.2 (since 3.2.8 kept changing my mode to SSB).
I4DZ(@IR4M)   M/S HP   7,225,5482014-10-05 10:42:41
That was a nice, fun week-end in good company!
Due to a number of young newcomers, we decided to "use" this contest
train them. IZ4XAI, IU4DBR, IU4DBX, that used the callsign of the
veteran old-timer Giancarlo I4DZ!
They all showed great motivation and willing to do well, and the final
result is well above our expectations.

Other than contesting, we also had a great support with a parallel
"kitchen team" lead by I4EWH, IK4HVR and "Cianuro".

Nice challenge with W1UE on cqcontest, but it would have been nice to
see on-line also other M/S competitors who probably decided just to stay

Thanks to I4DZ to let us use his nice short call. (In Italy for some
reasons we can use our special 2x1 callsigns: IR4M just for a handful of
contests, and the CQWW RTTY is not one of these).

See you in the SSB leg as IR4M, our usual call.
YS1/NP3J(JA6WFM)   SOSB/10 LP   331,7932014-10-06 04:48:46
de JA6WFM Hiro
see you on next CQ WW PH
LY8O   SOAB LP   2,686,7502014-10-08 11:54:31
First time full 48 hours event! I was very surprised about that :)
Auroral conditions on Saturday... Much better on Sunday. It was nice to be back
to multi-band operation as well as SO2R after few years of a single band events.
Succeed to complete the rebuilding works of 40/20 meters antennas on the 49m
rotary tower one week before the contest.
Thanks to everyone for the fantastic weekend. My special thanks to Oleg - an
Engineer who has done an outstanding work on the tower and antennas.
73, Remi LY8O
ABØLR   SOAB HP   940,0302014-10-11 13:04:25
My first time trying out SO2R.
OH5CY(@OH5CW)   M/M LP   2,378,0502014-10-16 11:31:56
NN6XX(JACK)   SOAB HP   621,0542014-10-17 22:55:32
IK4AUY   SOAB(A) LP   105,0202014-10-18 01:25:37
First time ever in a RTTY contest. It was amazing. See you again.
KD7PCE   SOAB HP   101,6502014-11-01 14:56:42
[log removed from comments]

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NAME: Stephen Davis
ADDRESS: 18 Almond Way
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V14.6.0