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EU PSK DX Contest   2012   May 19   Comment Summary

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N6AR   Single Op HP   534,7372012-05-20 06:54:40
My N1MM logger did not like any of the Greek station exchanges and a bunch
other, making logging a real pain at times. My apologies to the dozen or so
sattions who didn't send an exchange that the logger would accept. I had to
drop them and move on! Seems like the Europeans are bent on working themselves
and not the 5 pointers, probably because of the multiplier effect. Still 360 PSK
63 contacts in 12 hours from the USA isd a lot!
N6ERD/1(@W1AN)   Single Op HP   80,2302012-05-20 09:16:04
Thanks to John, W1AN for use of his station - forgot to bring my digi setup to

Had a meeting this day, then took some time to get up to speed with the K3 and
PSK - it has specially defined data modes for different types of digi modes
which I wasn't used to and had to find the buttons/menus. All this added up to
a VERY late start.

Other than missing the all important first 12 hours, it went OK - a lot of
issues with people coming back slightly off frequency which kept me on my toes,
and a few people stealing my frequency once they worked me, but all in all it
was an education.

F5RD   Single Op HP   157,6312012-05-21 13:54:47
I began at 16:00 TU and I certainly missed a lot of stations on 20m and 15m.
Moreover the weather was stormy Saturday evening and of course there was a very
strong QRN on 40m and 80m
Nevertheless, it was a good contest with many European stations on all bands.
Transceiver is IC-751AF about 60 Watts in BPSK
Antenna are 2x20m dipole for 80 and 40m, GP for 20, 15 and 10m
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
W5EW   Single Op HP   8,8502012-05-23 02:05:20
Strange conditions with a lot of QSB with bands dropping out entirely at times.