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BARTG Sprint 75   2016   April   Comment Summary

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WT2P   Single Op HP   2,4512016-04-24 14:04:46
First time in a 75 baud RTTY contest, so was a learning experience. Heard A71 on
20 but even with 1KW could not get him. Nice to hear many of the usual NS RTTY
N6OIL   Single Op LP   2,7002016-04-24 14:07:10
Wow, that was fun, nice and fast, I like it. CONDX were not the greatest here in
the high desert lots of QRN and IC-718 doesn't have the best filters for RTTY
even though I was running FSK and in the RTTY mode. See you next year.
W6SX   Single Op HP   2,4852016-04-24 14:13:00
75 baud is fun. Sure keeps you on your toes. Wish there were more activity.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY,
KØVG   Single Op HP   1,5962016-04-24 14:15:39
No 10M, No 15M, Strong QSB on 20.
WN6K   Single Op LP   2,7202016-04-24 14:28:38
A four hour cruise... and I got shipwrecked on a deserted isle.....

K4GMH   SO Expert LP   1082016-04-24 14:41:52
Just happened to have the radio turned on while watching a baseball game on TV
(go Wash. Nats.) when heard WB2RHM/4's 75 Baud RTTY signal on 40 m. Remembered
the BARTG 75 Sprint was being run this afternoon (LT). Entered the last half
hour and made 12 QSOs. Fun!

Mike, K4GMH
VA7ST   Single Op HP   1,4442016-04-24 15:41:45
Just one hour in the chair during the four-hour contest window. The first 30
minutes of on-time was low power, because my SB-221 amp has been dead for the
past week.

Seeing how poor conditions were, and how slow rate was with low power, I
decided to take some time off to repair the amp (actually, I made the repairs
Saturday night but still needed to install a pair of 1978-production Eimac
3-500Z tubes that haven't been in use since 2009. I had planned to do this
before BARTG started, but ran out of time before the local 10 a.m. start.

Powering on after making repairs, and with unknown tube status, is always a
harrowing experience for me and it took me a good 10 minutes of anxious
hand-wringing before I could summon up the courage to flip the power switch.
When I opened my eyes, the meters and tubes were lit up. There were no sparky
events, just the gentle hum of the fan. Triumph over technology!

Quickly got back on the air -- called a few stations, but the amp wasn't making
any power. Just about 50 watts -- which was curiously the same as my tranceiver
was putting into the amplifier. Hmmm.

Oh, and the plate current meter showed no plate current. I figured I must have
missed a failed component in the repairs. And then the penny dropped (takes me
a while)... the T/R relay wasn't making the nice little thump when I
transmitted. In my haste to get back to 75 RTTY, I had inserted the antenna
relay plug into the ALC jack.

Made the switch on the back of the amp, turned it on again, and saw that a pair
of 1978 Eimac tubes were at least as strong as the pair of 1995 tubes I had
taken out earlier in the week (to be checked and installed in a refurbished
SB221 I'm working on as a summer project).

Turned the yagi to Europe (had made no Qs outside NA with low power) and worked
several new EU mults in the few minutes before the contest ended.

Hope the amp still works by the time WPX CW rolls around on May 28. I'll be
trying it out on DX and an occasional contest between now and then.

Thanks for the Qs and to BARTG for such a snappy RTTY contest.

-- Bud VA7ST
K5AM   SO Expert HP   12,9282016-04-24 16:22:21
Rig details:
KE8M   SO Expert HP   13,4402016-04-24 17:31:06
BAR75RTTYS Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2016-04-30

CallSign Used : KE8M
Operator(s) : KE8M

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-EXPERT
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : RTTY
Default Exchange : #
Gridsquare : EN81RG

ARRL Section : OH
Club/Team : None
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5613.0

Band QSOs Pts DXC Are Con
14 87 87 26 9 4
21 9 9 0 0 0
Total 96 96 26 9 4

Score : 13,440
Rig : Elecraft K3s + Ameritron ALS 1300 @ 400-500 W

Antennas :
15M - Hy Gain LJ 155CA @ 42 ft
20M - Hy Gain LJ 204CA @ 50 ft
N1IXF   Single Op HP   23,2002016-04-24 19:03:56
First time at 75 baud... thanks for Q's.

Too bad the only meters was 20 Meters!

GMØFGI   SO Expert HP   21,4322016-04-25 00:55:50
Conditions challenging nothing heard on 15m. Best moment being called by E21YDP
on 40m, only contact outside of EU on this band.

Thanks for all contacts and to organisers.