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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2008   Nov 29   Comment Summary

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K6III   SOAB HP   97,1002008-11-29 20:06:07
Late Saturday afternoon the rotor craps out on due north! Folded my tent and
went home. Can't get any traction on 40/80m with low wire so why bust my gut
DO9ST   SOSB/160 LP   2,9162008-11-30 01:43:13
only some hours SOSB/160, portable with Dipole and 100 Watts ...
ON5KQ   SOSB/40 HP   211,4702008-11-30 02:57:32
This year the contest went really wrong from the beginning. Planning to take
enough sleep before the contest to start really fresh, instead I got a phone
call on early Friday morning, that the antenna's in my remote location (1hour
from my home) where gone - the SMS message only mentioned, that instead a
4square,there were no verticals anymore !!!
So - no time for shopping for the contest weekend food... no time to sleep. I
hurried to my contest place and found the verticals damaged on the ground...
As the week before, was very busy, I had no time to check the contest location
before the contest,but did not expect that scale of damage...
I had just time over the whole day before the contest to set-up the vertical
elements again, but no time to re-align anything - as a result the SWR in the
various antenna direction, was very different and my main important direction
had SWR over 2... almost dangerous for the amplifier...
It was already dark however and I could only do some quick and dirty tricks
with a LC-circuit in front of the current/phasing distribution unit, so I keep
the SWR down to acceptable levels... abosolutely no tuning of the elements was
To compensate any bad influence, I thought at least to keep working with more
radials, as I found most radials not connected anymore properly. I heard later,
that there has been a very local tornado in Zeebrugge just a few days ago, which
might have made the incredible damage. My verticals are secured with 130kg of
water weight plus additional steel, to prevent them blowing away..
I found the water cans empty somewhere and the verticals were blown down the
roof. I was very very lucky, that all elements could be re-used...

So, when the contest started, I was very very tired before the contest even

I changed my strategy to search and pounce the complete first night on 40m. The
band was very very busy and with not very good condx it would be impossible to
establish a qrg against the strong south Europeans...
Search & Pounce worked great - unfortunately I was too tired to keep operation
in the early morning, so went to sleep before even sunrise at 7h local and get
up for operation from 11:15h local again...
Surprising I could work W6/KH6 and other pacific that late at almost midday
from EU !!!
During the day not so much DX could be done... HL/BV/XW1B and other were
rediculous busy with Russian/Japan pile-ups. Also more eastern Europe seem to
have good propagation to Asia... no way to come through quickly from western
Belgium... so I didn't even try seriously.
Unfortunately condx even went down further the evening, so I missed these
normally rather easy multi's...

After 16hours of operation (mostly during the first day at daylight hours) I
closed the station at arround 22h UTC.

I am very pleased with the multi result - the station worked extremly well to
the west in the first night where I could break any pile-up I heard very very
quickly. Increadible, as I only use vertical... no large stacked Yagi's...
May be fresh radials (especially to western directions) helped...
I plan to quickly renew the radial system to eastern directions as well...

QSO numbers are low, but an effect of lots of S&P and my just avarage CW
practice... need to do more!

I feel my station can be a real winner on 40m to compete with almost any other
40m set-up in the area - if the operator is just good enough - this time I was
out of energy from the beginning !

Thanks for all stations who called me - please visit my website for foto's and
further details:

Ulli, ON5KQ

RIG: FT-1000MP
Ant: 4ele vertical, 10m spacing, 120degree crossfire phasing (as W8JI design)
Amp: homebrew, 1kW out
GØTMX   SOAB LP   20,8392008-11-30 07:59:04
Had to QRT early due to family QRM!
Surprised how well 7Mhz performed and the number of USA stations still on the
band at mid morning GMT..
SX5R(SV5DKL)   SOSB/15 HP   168,4122008-11-30 08:53:37
Objective this year was to surpass SV5/SV0CT's SOSB15/HP record
which stood up since 1983! Despite the loads of noise due to the high
humidity of Rhodes and the relatively poor propagation, the mission
has been accomplished.
Many thanks to Dennis , SV5FRD for giving me the opportunity to
drive his great station in this year's CQ WW CW contest.
Equipment used:
AMERITRON AL-1500 @ 1.6 kW
YM2W(OK1MU)   SOSB/15 HP   219,8522008-11-30 09:35:38
Pooor propagation..... "Old" equipment - TS940 + 600W + 2 el logperiodic ant,
manual rotator on the roof, hi.

Thanks for ALL QSOs, QSL via OK1TN.
7S7V(SM7VZX)   SOSB/20 LP   21,8882008-11-30 09:48:08
Elecraft K2/100
3L @9m wide spaced yagi
OK1CDJ   SOSB(A)/15 HP   30,4322008-11-30 10:22:57
Very poor propagation this year from central EU. Worked only 24 USA station!!
Rig: 700W + 5el. OWA@20m

Thanks for QSOs.

73! Ondra OK1CDJ
DL4AC   SOAB(A) LP   106,9202008-11-30 10:24:43
Station: Icom 746 Pro 100W; ZS6BKW (dipole); N1MM

Unfortunately I had some cw-key interferences, so I could use on 80m only 5W.
Bands higher than 15m were dead here. For 160m I don't have an antenna.

vy 73 de Uwe, DL4AC
W1CDX   SOAB(A) HP   108,5702008-11-30 11:39:22
guess you have to know CW really well to have FUN.
My brain is musch just after a few Hours. What I don't do for my beloved YCCC.
SN5J(SP5JXK)   SOSB/160 LP   25,0202008-11-30 11:57:58
TRX - FT-767-GX, Antenna - sloper
Thanks for QSOs!!!
Vy 73 de Jan sn5j/sp5jxk
DL4LBK   SOSB/15 HP   30,0462008-11-30 12:30:03
Propagation conditions were strange on 15m:
CQWW without sunspots:
On the first day wide open to the east in the early morning, already before
sunrise: Oceania and Asia with signals around S9. But no serious openings to
North- or South- America in the evening hours. QSO rate very high in the
morning and dropping down to zero long before sunset.
On the second day NO QSOs at all in the morning until 1hour after sunrise. Not
one russian station came through. But serious, however winter-like fruitless
opening to North- and south- america just before sunset, staying stable until
the dark night. Funny thing: the very last stations coming through were from LU
and suddenly peaking S9, just before everything closed down.
Significant worse propagation than in the SSB-Part in october.
And significand worse than in CW-Part last year.
But anyway it was really fun again.
Looking foreward to the next big radio party!
W4XO   SOAB(A) HP   155,6222008-11-30 12:39:07
Casual part-time S&P effort in between Thanksgiving holiday commitments. It was
fun working the big gun DX contest stations during their huge pileups. Many
thanks to the DX ops for the Q's.
EB3EPR   SOAB LP   180,3752008-11-30 12:45:56
Have been a very hard contest, been in a bussines trip Monday to Friday, and 800
Km car trip,to arrive few hours before the contest star.
Need to prepare the new computer the old one broke during RSGB 160m contest.
With the installation of software and that I need to sleep a littel bit,
started the contes Saturday moorning, propagation was not good 10 dead, 15
almost dead, so 20m was ok during daylight and 40m during night. No antennas
for 80 and 160m tired to install the antennas so only 40,20 and 15m in 10m only
one Qso.
FT-2000 with 100w and vertical MFJ-1976
Anyway lot of fun.
73 Esteve EB3EPR
AD5VJ   SOAB(A) LP   134,0282008-11-30 12:47:09
Contest cut early due to family issues.
But had a great time with my TitanDX Vertical newly installed and only 100W
output, no beam again this year perhaps next year, but the TitanDX performed
very well.
Experienced vy QSB here most of the time on 40 es early morning on 15 but heard
many stations never heard before thanks to the TitanDX Vertical being at the 30
foot level.
Thanks for all the great new countries and for a great time.
Thanks to N1MM for a great loging application that made things really simple
and easy to do.
SQ2GXO   SOSB/20 LP   10,5782008-11-30 13:14:20
Elecraft K3, 100W, 20m homemade GP in backyard.
99% QSOs after S&P. Calling CQ couple of times but unsuccessfull with one
Called CQ specially to get HS0AC for double multiplier - he was S&P stations
going up in the band.
73, Marek
SM7VZX   SOSB/40 LP   1,3052008-11-30 13:18:31
Elecraft K2/100
Ant: Vertical with one elevated radial
ZL1TM   SOAB(A) LP   173,5202008-11-30 13:34:48
I could make it on Saturday only and also started late. I spent most of the the
time on 15m and 80m giving away 3 points and ZL/32 mult.

Highlights were 15m opening to EU (not a good one, but still) and,
unexpectedly, high number of 80m QSO's. Interestingly enough it seems that I
was getting out on 80m OK, but it was very noisy in Auckland and I was having
problem hearing stations.

20m was a mess as usual and 10m produced 16 QSO's: 1 x ZL, 1 x KH6, 2 x RA0 and
the rest were JA's. I saw plenty of ZL's on 40m, so didn't even bother to go
there as my time was limited.

I haven't worked any W/VE on higher bands which was simply do to the time
window I worked in the contest.

Thanks to all for QSO's and for your patience with me on 80m.

N6WM   SOAB HP   8,7602008-11-30 13:36:27
Just playing a bit from the qth using the ol ground mouted vert and get my new
call out there... spend most of my time as support crew for K4VU's SOSB effort
at K6LRG. some good fun and good dx. thanks to all
EC7AKV   SOSB/15 QRP   13,4202008-11-30 13:52:49
Hi for all!!

I have little time because.. my family... but i enjoy much, hard work in the
end of sunday, good propagation the morning of sunday with Pacific, but ...
2.5w no is much hi hi

Tnx for all and 73's to yours friend

EC7AKV Alfonso
NG3Q   SOSB/15 LP   36,0362008-11-30 14:31:47
TenTec Triton IV
3 element Telrex @ 55'
All QSOs S&P, worked for every one of them!
Thanks to those that took the effort to work my signal.
NØKK   SOAB(A) LP   374,6072008-11-30 14:38:40
Lost one of my 756PROII's within the first few went to SO1R. I was
bound and determined to operate Low Power for the duration and did. With the
great conditions on 40 I would have had DXCC (But I stuck to Low Power)even
with my low sloper on that band...Oh how I wish I had a 40M yagi! And sticking
to Low Power cost me (possibly) my first BY on 80.I could hear him SO well.Oh
well, Other days ahead.

I had very few Q's to Asia on 20M.

What a blast to work TO3R for a NEW country..#335.

Cutting it short...teenagers are tearing up the house! HI.
W3CF   SOAB(A) HP   1,049,4852008-11-30 14:41:59
Threw up an Inv V for 80 and it worked! Only thing I did was move it away from
tower another 2'. Was worth the effort! Nice to see all the usual gang on for
the test.
W3TUA   SOAB(A) LP   60,0482008-11-30 15:00:44
WØPC   SOAB LP   27,7462008-11-30 15:05:08
Lousy band condx from Mid-America. Still had fun. Thanks for all the Qs.

See everyone next weekend on the 160 meter contest.

73 de W0PC (Rick)
YT1BX   SOSB/40 LP   85,2152008-11-30 15:09:36
Wish I had more time for contest. Anyway, it was fun as always ... CU next year
AA2DC(@K2QMF)   M/S HP   481,9442008-11-30 15:16:46
Part time effort. Poor conditions on 80 and 160...
Still had fun.
N6RO   SOSB(A)/160 HP   29,6012008-11-30 15:16:58
Did a casual effort in-between watching football and hockey games. Objective was
to check out DIVERSTIY receive on the K3 and practice Win-Test logging.

Had biggest mult total of any previous 160m contest. Propagation OK, got 70
JAs, 5 AF and 10 EU, but could not hear a trace of many EU that N7UA and N6TR
were working. Not much SA activity. CU in NS on Thursday 0230Z, and ARRL 160
next weekend.

K3, A76, Wire 4 Square, 3 beverages.
VE3GLO   SOAB LP   106,6222008-11-30 15:26:40
A good contest for me. Conditions were pretty good. Looks like I added to my
countries worked count, and worked three new countries.

Just wondering why some operators, when they struggle to get your call, and
almost have it, instead of sticking with it for another attempt or two they go
off and work someone else. I had a couple of folks do that to me during this

Working 100 watss with wire antennas, one needs all they help they can get.
YR6M(YO6MT)   SOSB/80 LP   37,8242008-11-30 15:28:18
GL, YO6MT Cornel
N8BJQ   SOAB(A) HP   1,564,6232008-11-30 15:30:14
The first 8 hr were like very slow. Lots of mults but very few Qs. Low bands
picked up around 0600. 20 was very good Saturday AM and late in the afternoon.
15 was a struggle. Worked 1 stn on 10. Sunday AM was much better on 20. Good
runs to EU. More JA's in this contest on 20 and 40 than I've worked in a
couple of years. Even got a couple on 80. Was hoping for a zone 26 on 80 for
5BWAZ but nothing heard here.
K7EG   SOAB(A) HP   204,5162008-11-30 15:39:46
A real blast despite poor prop. Excellent openings to Asia/Pacific. Good
openings on N/S path to Central/So America. EU openings were poor with
contacts mainly Western EU and Western Africa. Central EU (Zones 17,18,19, 21,
22) were MIA as was African 34,37,& 39. I think they took a holiday. It was
fun working the JT1.
N6AN(@W6AQ)   SOSB/40 QRP   22,0002008-11-30 15:44:03
In honor of Alan Kaul, W6RCL, I accepted Dave "W6AQ" Bell's challenge to
QRP, one of Alan's favorites. Life is very different when your output power is
300 times less than the "Full Gallon Gang." My hat is off to you guys in zones
15, 16, 17, 24, 27, 28, 35 who heard me; thank you! The other zones were
relatively easy to work, hi! I heard but could not work zones 18, 20, 21, 26,
36, ,38, 39. Never a sound was heard from zones 2, 12, 22, 23, 34, 37. I heard
someone complete a QSO with TF.
One nice thing about QRP is the lack of blower noise, RFI problems, general
And with a calibrated K3 just set the level to 5.0 watts and forget about it. I
confess to checking the power level now and again when I completed a tough QSO.
Had the power increased somehow? Amazing; still only 5 watts!
Operating from Dave's (thank you, Sam!) is very comfortable and the view out
the window as the sun slowly floods the hills with light is lovely. He makes a
very tasty hamburger, too.
Sunets and, especially, sunrises frequently evoke good memories of the many,
many CQWW experiences I have had since my first contest in the '70s. Thanks to
you all for being a part of them.
Kudos to the DXXE group who work hard to give you zone 6. More than 10 stations
were planning to be active, full and partial time, all band and single band.
Hopefully you got one or more of them in your log.
David, N6AN/XE2GG
VA3ATT   SOAB LP   238,9442008-11-30 15:51:37
GP on 7-28 mHz
LW on 1.8-3.5 mHz
N1MGO   SOAB(A) HP   83,8502008-11-30 15:58:41
Lots of fun! Just trying to get a few points and new ones.
W2UP   SOAB(A) HP   1,382,3762008-11-30 15:59:03
Part-time effort from downsized station. SO1R is very boring!

My last CQWW from the east coast. Moving to CO next summer.

Looking for a great contest QTH? It will be for sale in Spring 09. 6.5 acres,
60 miles from the Atlantic, upscale Phila suburb. Gentle downhill slope in all
directions. No HOA/CCR tower prohibitions. Currently one Rohn 45, but room for
several more. See pic at and info at,-74.92019,40.257774,-74.923339_rect/17_zm/
KI9A   SOAB(A) HP   476,5602008-11-30 16:05:09
Even at the bottom of the cycle, getting 20 meter DXCC from Illinois, with a 25'
trapped tribander, and 500 watts is still a kick in the pants...I guess that is
why we do this!

ICOM 756 pro 3
Heath SB1000 @ 500w
Cushcraft A3 tribander @ 25'
GAP Voyager Vertical 40-80-160

73- Chuck KI9A
HG4I   SOSB(A)/40 HP   512,8642008-11-30 16:06:29
I was a fine job, indeed!
W6IZT   SOSB(A)/80 HP   119,4082008-11-30 16:07:35
Conditions on 80 were excellent
CW7T(CX7TT)   SOAB(A) HP   1,648,0082008-11-30 16:10:07
Good fun on Fri/Sat; Sunday was very poor on propagaton...
Rig: K3/Acom 1000; Steppir 3 ele @17m and 40m vertical dipole.
Tnx for all the guys with 'good' ears...still a lot of fun.
W4PM   SOAB(A) HP   521,2802008-11-30 16:10:11
RIG: Ten Tec Omni VII, Ameritron ALS-600 500W
Antenna: 176' long center fed wire at 60'

Fairly decent band conditions except I heard nothing on 10 and 160 conditons
seemed weak. My antenna doesn't play well on 160 so I was lucky to get the very
few I got. We had other family events over the weekend so play time was limited.

Thanks for the Q's. CU on the bands.

Puck W4PM
K7ABV   SOAB(A) HP   221,8502008-11-30 16:10:46
good time as usual, missed Europe Sat. am, some showed up Sunday for a spell,
but not like usual...and many areas never heard a YO, SP and HA for CT program10.04.001 slowed my computer down when opening other
pages, never had that happen before. so will go back to earlier version
10.03...nice to heard some big signals on 40 short path sunday am from
Europe..thanks again for a fun time as usual..
NN4F   SOAB(A) HP   5,330,9972008-11-30 16:12:08
Equipment: FTDX-9000D + HF2500DX, FT1000MP-MKV + HF2500DX, SDR-14 + Skimmer

Assisted: Packet + Skimmer

10m - 7-el @ 70ft
15m - 7-el @ 100ft
20m - 6/6 @ 85/100ft
40m - 3el @ 145ft
80m - Rotatable Dipole @ 140ft / Two Phased Shunt-Fed 150ft Towers
160m - 1/2 wave Dipole @ 65ft / Two Phased Shunt-Fed 150ft Towers
3 x 900ft Beverages
20-10 - TA63M @ 55ft for Searching

The Story:
Have you ever had one of those weekends where things start bad, like missing
the first two hours due to work commitments, then you get home get settled for
a semi serious effort, and you turn on the radio and the low bands sound great,
no noise, you can hear pretty much everything, all over EU, well it just got
better from there.....Skimmer worked like a dream, and my M/2 station was set
up for SO2R, utilizing the FT9k and a FT1K, the both worked flawlessly under
the control of N1MM, the amps idled at 1500w all day, no problems there... The
antennas turned when they were supposed to, just a great experience. 40/80/160
were surprisingly good here, as shown by the Q's

I soon noticed that my score was climbing nicely, and was about to call it a
night at 4am, get a few hours sleep, and return in the morning, well I did some
math and thought at this rate I can challenge the K4 AA record set by N4RJ(KM9P)
in '91 of 4,481,038 so that kept me in the chair and kept me going. Well here we
are 46 hours later and apart from a couple of quick breaks and coffee and food
from the wife, we have a score of 5,330,997. Hopefully the UBN's and Nil's
won't hurt me too much so we will see...

I had a great time, but boy do my ears ache and my head is spinning, and I can
still hear code with the radio OFF..

This was the First serious (SO2R) operation of the new station and antenna farm
here at NN4F, so watch out boys, we'll be around big time next year...

Till the next big one... de Paul - NN4F 73
K4MM   SOAB(A) LP   192,7002008-11-30 16:12:39
Always a good contest. Who say's CW is dead? HI!
TS-2000 and a 60 meter sloper @ 25' with a MFJ tuner.
LN9Z(LA9HW)   SOSB/160 HP   293,1512008-11-30 16:13:08
Wow! Superb condx on Top Band!

Nice to work zone 29, 30 and 31 - Thanks guys!
NJ1F   SOAB(A) HP   450,8822008-11-30 16:13:57
Enjoyed the Low Band Conditions
DAØCA(DL1REM)   SOSB/80 LP   111,7802008-11-30 16:14:11
rig: 60ft wire-vertical + 100w

go KOTA!

VE3RZ   SOSB(A)/40 HP   208,3522008-11-30 16:14:13
Rig: Elecraft K2/100
Amp: Command 1250 1KW
Ant: 1/4wave vertical

Great fun, Friday night/Sat morning good but seemed to be less so on Saturday
night. Missed few good stations - they just couldn't hear the vertical -
missed TO3R, C98, OD5, AH2R, heard zone 19 but missed it.

Thanks for all the Qs and see you in the next one.

K1GU   SOAB HP   1,045,0442008-11-30 16:14:33
I need more sleep.
W7WHY   SOAB(A) HP   65,8932008-11-30 16:14:49
Lots of holiday stuff going on this weekend. Got on for about 6 hours Friday
and Saturday evenings.

Highlight was working 3X5A on 80 meters. New one on that band.

Conditions just were marginal here in the PNW. Saturday morning just the Big
Guns were coming through from Europe and Africa. Nice opening to Asia Friday
and Saturday nights.

I'll sure be glad when the spots come back again!!

Log is already on LOTW. 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT + SB-200
Radio 2 FT-840

160 meter inverted L, 80 meter vertical and dipole, 40 meter vertical and
dipole, 20 meter 2 el monobander, 15 vertical dipole, 10 2 el monobander.

N1MM Logger
KD4HXT   SOAB LP   113,4482008-11-30 16:14:50
I'm happy with this 1/2 time effort. Best WW CW yet for me at this QTH with a
wire. What happened to the bands Saturday night? Yuk! Saturday morning was
amazing. Thanks for the Q's.
KN7T   SOAB HP   194,9102008-11-30 16:15:02
It never ceases to amaze me that in this day and age, the large number of
stations that apparently don't have a dummy load. Many DX station calling
frequencies become the national tune-up frequency by default. Inexcusable
really... Other than that, great contest. 73.
W4KAZ   SOAB(A) LP   30,7842008-11-30 16:15:15
Quiet conditions. Just a few S&P Q's.
K3WW   SOAB(A) HP   5,321,9702008-11-30 16:15:41
Better than last year with worse numbers on 10 and 15.
DK8EY   SOAB HP   320,3852008-11-30 16:17:03
Rig: ICOM IC-7400, AL-80B
Antennas: Fritzel FB-53 5-ele beam, 2x23m dipole
W2TB   SOAB HP   825,6302008-11-30 16:17:44
Murphy struck again. This time it was the XYL's car during Christmas shopping.

N1MM logger
Emtron DX2sp KW
CL-33 tribander at 48'
40m 1/4 wave vertical
80/40 trap dipole at 42'
160m inv L 45' up.
K7MM   SOAB HP   440,8602008-11-30 16:18:35
The rebuilt Alpha 76PA is working great; QRO QSK is fun!

I laid 20 1/4 wavelength radials under my 160-m inverted L (apex at 13 m) and I
worked 5 continents this weekend. Remarkable conditions Saturday morning UTC on
all the low bands.

Dan at K7MM
W7RN(K6KR)   SOSB/20 HP   365,4082008-11-30 16:19:34
Thanks to Tom and Midge for being such great hosts!
AA4NC   SOSB(A)/80 HP   26,2962008-11-30 16:19:42
Thanksgiving always seems to get in the way of this contest for me...

Best wishes for a happy holiday to all.


ZW5B(@PY5EG)   M/S HP   9,469,4922008-11-30 16:19:55
Many thanks to Mr. Oms PY5Eg for letting us use his super station ZW5B.
Lack of 10m openning was disapointing, but two new operators in ZW5B Team(PY3VK
and PY3DX).
First time transmitting live video and audio in Thanks to all in
the chat room
Frst time also in Great weekend!
WØYK   SOAB HP   519,4562008-11-30 16:20:58
Played in the Asia openings. Wish Europe was as good for me. And then, two
RA4s called in on 80, mid-afternoon their time, with the antenna on Asia. What
path is that?

Thanks for the contacts.

Ed - W0YK
OY3JE   SOAB(A) LP   124,3412008-11-30 16:21:57
My first CW contest!
And I am not a CW op, but with help from CW Skimmer I did manage to get some
QSO's in the log :-)

N1MM + CW Skimmer
Flex 5000
BiggIR with 80m

Jan, OY3JE
N1SZ   SOAB(A) LP   37,6722008-11-30 16:22:11
For the first time in many years it was nice to have a 80m dipole up. Thanks to
all who participated!

NG7Z   SOSB(A)/20 LP   46,0962008-11-30 16:23:03
Didn't put a whole lot of effort into this year's contest. Did a single band job
on 20M using the new Microkeyer and spotting assistance for the first time. I
was looking for some fillers for WAZ. Still missing Zone 34. Got all the others
though. EU seemed to be MIA on Sunday. Best contact was ZS1EL after a long pile
up. Almost 100% was S&P. I tried CQing a few times but stateside stations kept
calling so gave up on that. Kinda neat clicking on the bandmap and watching the
radio respond. Too easy actually. I can see how a guy could get real used to
using the mouse instead of the dial on the radio. Think I'll pass on the
bandmap gizmo and stick to true S&P.
Thanks for the q's
73 Paul NG7Z
VA2SG   SOAB LP   527,3872008-11-30 16:24:39
This was fun! Great condx on 80 es 40 helped improve my score. I'd take this
anytime in fact. Video on youtube on my contest shortly.

73 es Happy holidays!

Pete VA2SG
NN7SS(K6UFO)   SOAB QRP   125,1342008-11-30 16:25:22
Despite lack of solar flux, 15m was pretty good,
and I even worked another continent on 10m! (NA to SA)
I soared past my goal of 100K QRP points, thanks to
all the JAs and VEs. As usual when QRP, CQing was next
to useless, so lots of tune and call, tune and call.
The computer had to be reboot a couple times when it
got slug-ish. Lots of good ears out there - Thanks!

NN7SS (op K6UFO)

160m inverted L
80-meter half-sloper
40m shorty yagi at 50ft
20m 3-el SteppIR at 50ft
15M C3 Tribander at 55ft
10m 3-el SteppIR at 50ft
Two Yaesu FT-1000MPs turned down to 5 watts
Writelog software and W5XD Multi-keyer
N6RV   SOAB LP   338,7262008-11-30 16:26:49
160 80 & 40 were great! Had a ball working EU on 80 Saturday night. What an
opening! Caught LU1HF on 10 meters! Only station heard on 10m other than K6NA.
I got to get the SO2R going here. Tried to use dual watch on Icom ProII to tune
across band while calling CQ in full break in. I do not suggest this after no
sleep! Next year we will have sunspots!
K6MM   SOAB(A) LP   325,8162008-11-30 16:27:19
Had some time in-between grandkids babysitting. About 95% Search/Pounce.
Couple of short runs to JA. Good participation from Southeast Asia and Canada
this contest. Openings to Europe on 20M Saturday morning and then late Sunday
on 40M. 150 watts + 3-element SteppIR + N1MM = Fun Time. Thanks for the Qs.
73, John K6MM.
K6LRG(K4VU)   SOSB/20 LP   128,7602008-11-30 16:27:39
Great location, nice station, incredible views, but I only have one thing to
say: I NEED TO GET A FREAKING AMPLIFIER! I hate frequency battles, especially
with only 100 watts. But this station still owns JA with 100 watts.

On Saturday morning arrived at the station at 5:00 a.m., anticipating a good
roll into EU only to find that I couldn't get into the station. I had locked
the wrong lock the night before and broke the key to the correct lock, which
was sitting on the table next to the door. Duh. By 6:00, I had said 'screw
the lock' and pried the door open with a claw hammer.

Sunday morning, I missed the exit (another duh) and ended up five miles before
I could turn around.

Band condx weren't too bad. LOTS of JAs and missed common EU mults like OK and
OZ. Liked doing the single band thing, and will prolly do it again next time.
Just that next time I'm bringin' an amp. 100 watts is a suggestion -- a kw is
a demand.

Hope all had fun. CU in the next one. I'll miss ARRL 160 to go fly high
powered rockets.

Robin K4VU - V31RG
LZ1GL   SOAB HP   1,147,9762008-11-30 16:27:41
I am too tired to be able to say anything...
See you in the next contest !

73, LZ1GL Krasimir Latinov
W2CG   M/2 HP   3,791,9202008-11-30 16:28:43
Danny (W2NO) & Doug (W2EN) put in major seat time. Too bad condx were not so
good on 10 & 15 meters. Thanks to all for the Qso's. Log uploaded to LoTW.
73 de W2CG
TF4M   M/S HP   1,635,7672008-11-30 16:29:04
80m proved to be our best band. Top band good as well.
No 10m opening this year but a few Q's on 15.
TF4M station improving year by year.
The 11 new Beverage antennas performed well and reception overall exceptional.
All equipment performed flawlessly and we all had a good time.
W5VX   M/S HP   1,241,4722008-11-30 16:29:21
Lots of fun. We only operated about half time and were able to really enjoy the
contest. 10 was a complete washout. 15 was slow, and 160 was very noisy. 20 and
40 were bottomless pits of DX but QRM was bad cause everyone was packed into
two bands. Next year we will hopefully have sunspots again and we can work some
JAs on 15 and 10!
K1LT   SOSB/160 HP   45,6302008-11-30 16:29:49
I have one word for my performance this year: d'oh!

The first night went pretty fairly smoothly: conditions seemed very
good, the local noises sources stayed quiet, and I didn't make any
serious tactical errors.

I napped from 0700Z to 1000Z. Missed the V73 and VKs, and didn't hear
any ZLs. Sunrise saw a very nice opening towards Asia with 5 JAs and
an RW0 in the log. I worked JA7NI 3 times because I'm an idiot.
Also, the first time I wasn't sure.

The second evening started normally. However, around 0230Z, I
restarted my "phased array beam steering gigaplex" in order to make
some minor change. For whatever reason, I did not notice that I left
the beam steering component in "bypass" mode, which reduces the 8
element phased array to just 2. All evening I kept commenting to
myself how noisy it was, and that the Beverages seemed to be
performing better than the array. Around 0600Z I was "turning the
beam" so-to-speak, and noticed that the usual directivity was
completely absent. D'oh!!!

After turning off "bypass" mode, so that my antenna was running on all
8 cylinders, conditions got much better. Unfortunately, I got much
sleepier. I took at nap around 0800Z and got up again at 1030Z, but
went back to bed when I couldn't quickly find a compelling reason to
operate (like a plethora of new multipliers). I got up again at 1130Z
and made the same assessment.

Around 2200Z I started up again CQing. After working 11 Ks, 2 VEs,
and a G, the rate finally began to pick up. Too bad there was only 25
minutes left. Nevertheless, I managed to log 6 more EU and 5 more VE.

My plan was to have an 8 element circle phased array debut during this
contest, but the software was not quite ready. Hopefully, I can
finish it before the ARRL 160 test. I also hope to add some software
that makes the transmitter (the Icom) track where I'm receiving. Then
I can S&P twice as fast. See you in December.

Rig: IC765, homebrew 8 el. steerable phased array, ETO 91B, 65 foot
"T" antenna for transmitting, and some Beverages that I didn't use
very much.
KH6LC   M/2 HP   7,815,2552008-11-30 16:30:28
Great fun even without sunspots. What cycle 24? Not as good as last year.
15 was weak and 10 just never happened. On the plus side, 80 was just
on fire....great runs, great DX for the central Pacific. Thanks to all.
See you in the 160 Tests.
73 & Aloha,
AL1G   SOAB HP   40,7322008-11-30 16:30:35
Very limited time to contest this weekend due to playing in the Nutcracker
ballet orchestra. Thanks to all who called me!
VP5W   M/S HP   8,363,9862008-11-30 16:31:29
Wow! The Turks and Caicos Island geckos were cheering us on as we toiled through
the nights on 160, 80 and 40 meters. We all look forward to next year.
N1CC   SOAB(A) LP   86,3272008-11-30 16:32:16
FT-990 100W, Alpha-Delta DX-CC as Inverted Vee Apex at 30 feet. JA's on 40M
well after US sunrise worked on first call. Conditions down from SSB weekend.
D4C   M/2 HP   33,749,5172008-11-30 16:34:20
More comments: WWW.D4C.CC
G1A(MØDXR)   SOAB(A) HP   3,581,3542008-11-30 16:35:21
G1A - Single op, all band, assisted, high power.

This was great fun! I operated from the QTH of G3LAS which is just down the
road from my home town of Harlow.

Conditions were quite good at times. Shame that 10 and 15 didn't really get
going. Other bands very productive.

Happy contesting!


Mark M0DXR (G1A)
W2RE   SOAB HP   3,209,4802008-11-30 16:35:31
Really suffer at this qth without 10m and 15m. Cant wait for 10 and 15 to open.

Ray W2RE
K5JX   SOAB LP   68,7002008-11-30 16:36:15
Rig: Icom IC746
Ant: Hustler 6BTV ground-mounted

All of you with the "ears" and patience to hear my cap pistol signal have my
greatest respect.
W1MU   SOSB/20 LP   490,1412008-11-30 16:36:18
A low power, single band entry on 20M, at the low point of solar activity, may
seem like a bad idea. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Using experience from prior years as a baseline I set a goal to claim a raw
score of 493K, and I came close at 490K. I was unable to make my target for
European QSOs, as was evidenced by how hard it was to keep a run going on both
mornings. The longest run I completed was 72 QSOs, well down from previous
years. The band seemed quite crowded, so I don’t think activity levels were
down – it was just so crowded on 20M that it was hard to break away with a
long run when only running 100 watts.

For this little pistol the polar paths were shut all weekend, but there were
several occasions where long path and skewed path openings were available.
That’s hard to take advantage of when you’re only using 100w but with
patient operators on the far ends I managed to get through on a number of tough
contacts. Twenty meters can be a band full of surprises, and that was the case
this weekend

The radio was a K3, and the antenna was a 2-stack of M2 20M5’s at 15m & 30m.
The stack sits on a hill over salt water, which probably helps propagation to
the northeast, east and southeast.

Many thanks to contesters emeriti K1JX and N1CX, good friends who coach me so I
can do better at this stuff.

There’s always next year – CU then.
HI3T(HI3TEJ)   SOSB/160 LP   46,2522008-11-30 16:37:22
First ever CW test....

Sorry for the ones I did not work and tnxs to all patient waited
Only 1 night in the test due to health problem...

Is time to find a very better receiver antenna for my small lot
only 8 meter wide for 13 meter long...

KC7V   SOAB HP   763,9762008-11-30 16:38:23
Too many compromises in my station at present. No 40m beam, No 20m monobanders,
just too many things that need fixing, including the OM himself.

Despite it all it was really fun, but not as much had I made the trip to 3X5A
this year.
N6KI   SOAB(A) HP   222,5602008-11-30 16:38:50
Very nice opening on 80 Saturday Night and quiet band here
KO7AA   SOAB HP   1,998,1712008-11-30 16:41:51
Just some random comments/thoughts while I'm in my sleep deprived condition:

* Third year in a row with no EU and almost no JA on 15. This was the worst
10M has ever been. The 80M EU opening Saturday night was INCREDIBLE !!

* I worked the second radio hard this year. Last year's claimed score was
1.996M reduced to 1.839M in the results. Maybe I should have put in more
hours this year to get past the 2M mark, but I took my off times when I had
run out of stations to work....

* My Alpha died during the CW SS. No time to get it fixed for the WW, so I
bought a new Ameritron AL-82 with the 3-500ZG's. Right out of the box to
the JA run station. It got a GOOD HARD workout and ran perfectly...

* New TEN TEC OMNI-VII worked great. The second radio is an OMNI-VI/TITAN

* The neighbor called and said I was triggering his oven timer and alarm.
It seems that it is the 160M vertical. Another problem to look at...

* There were 751 Asian Q's, THANK YOU JA !!

What a great contest!!

73, Bill KO7AA in Tucson
K6CTA   SOAB HP   52,1972008-11-30 16:42:52
Our oldest duaghter came home from college for the first time this year, so that
took priority this weekend (plus other family visiting). I did manage a few
hours in front of the radio. The K3 performed perfectly; I find that I am
really enjoying this rig. What a great contest radio. Thanks for the Q's.

Elecraft K3
Alpha 89
8 elements @ 80'

Ed - K6CTA
VA3EC   SOAB HP   418,4722008-11-30 16:43:42
Lots of noise, I think I blew the 160 CAP on the Vertical. The match went south
and the cap had a blue look about it on the metal.
Lots of fun for a part time effort.
756Pro, AL-80A, Explorer 14 with 40 meter kit up 50 feet and Butternut vertical
with 160 meter kit.

Harry VA3EC
VO1HE   SOSB/40 HP   117,2482008-11-30 16:43:43
All S&P.

Decided to stick to one band again. Thought I'd get a bit of time off during
the day but 40 was open here both entire days to somewhere and a lot of the
signals were loud.

I reached my goal of DXCC on 40 and wanted at least half the zones so that
worked out but it was touch and go down to the wire. Managed to get the last
few countries within a few kcs toward the end.

The pileups are getting more and more unruly all the time. Some guys never stop
calling to hear if they've been answered. Just can't understand that. There were
a couple pileups that I still have no idea who they were calling because they
never stopped. I have to say that a lot of this is probably the fault of the
DX. Quite often I'd hear the DX come back to a 1ABC call and a bunch of
stations with no 1, A, B, or C in their calls would start up again. One of them
would be loud so the DX would abandon the 1ABC and work the loud guy. Some
people call that a "technique" but it just opens up the door to everyone to
keep calling. The way of the future I guess.

Still a few guys declining to send their calls every few Qs or so but I didn't
notice that as much. When the contest started, in the first few contacts, I
worked 3 stations and got 7 reports. There was one frequency where I heard a
station CQ, answered him and had 3 reports come back at me. Never heard the
other 2 call CQ at all. I started putting the station call in my exchange and
never had anyone balk at it so I might keep going with that in the future on
really crowded bands. I stopped doing that when the band thinned out a bit on

Anyway, I worked a few new ones for that band. Managed to get 2 JAs early
Sunday. They were weak but they heard me.

CU in the next one.

73 -- Paul VO1HE
K4AB   SOAB HP   1,586,0362008-11-30 16:44:14
Another year with no 10 or 15 meters here in the South. It makes 20 so crowded.
I kept moving up in the band trying to find clear spots, and thought I was
going to get a nose bleed from CQ'ing so high in frequency.

HC8N was the only 10m Q. Note to self: When conditions are like this, if a
local answers your CQ, move him to 10m for the mult!

Larry K4AB
(Yes, I'm in Zone 4)
K2QPN(K2PQN)   SOAB(A) HP   306,2722008-11-30 16:45:38
Despite an S9 noise level, the new 80M vertical worked well. Had a problem with
N1MM. Kept getting "EntryWindow(ScheduleTimer_Timer) - 5 - Invalid procedure
call or argument" errors. Had to kill and restart N1MM. Kept happening. A fresh
install of N1MM did not help. The N1MM group said it was related to my WinKeyer.
I disabled the WinKeyer and used an external keyboard - fixed. I had a good
K7ZS   SOSB/40 HP   148,5622008-11-30 16:45:56
Use this contest to exercise a recently finished 2nd Tower (Thanks Paul K7PN for
working me into your tight schedule), which gave me a 2nd beam, a W6NL designed
2 Element Moxon (Thanks David) custom built by K7ZSD (Thanks Brad!!)

It's sweet to have directional antennas pointed in 2 different directions,
selecting the best one at will! 40 meters had something going the entire
weekend, with only a few lulls, had a great time with the new toys.

73 Kevin K7ZS
K3PH   SOAB(A) HP   2,597,0562008-11-30 16:48:20
Qs are up, mults are down, score is slightly down. And Charlie doubled me. :-)
N4YDU   SOAB LP   1,056,1142008-11-30 16:50:42
Another challenging weekend, but it sure was a lot of fun (I think). The low
bands were sluggish for me on Friday night and they flat out stunk on Saturday
night. The sunrise openings were good. The highlight for me was working JA on
80 for the first time ever with 100 watts. I managed my first JA there earlier
in the week with some power, so nice to get it with 100 watts for a mult during
the contest. Twenty was good to me on Sunday with a nice three hour run to

Rigs: ICOM 765, Ten Tec OMNI D
160M: L
80: GP and L
40: Two half squares
20: Rectangle Loop at 60 feet and Dipole NW/SE at 70 feet
15: Dipole at 65 feet fixed NE/SW and a dipole NW/SE at 40 feet
10: Dipole at 45 feet fixed N/S and a dipole NW/SE at 40 feet

Software: Writelog version 10


K4XU   SOAB(A) HP   704,0002008-11-30 16:51:45
HF conditions were quiet but the RF noise pollution here made this less than
fun. It was so bad Sunday morning that I quit. Line noise was S-7 to NE, E and
SE. The new short Beverages helped deal with it on the low bands to a
surprising extent.
After the contest I discovered the internet computer on the other side of the
room was connected to the VE7CC cluster all weekend so the entry class is A.
Tomorrow I'm going to light a fire under the power company guys to find and fix
the line noise leaks!
I'd like to thank all the people who gave me a qso. I worked 28 new
band-countries thanks to 3X5A, OX5AA et al. See you in the next one.
KØIO   SOSB/80 HP   22,4642008-11-30 16:53:34
Inverted Vee at 60 ft, AL-1200 Main RX died so ended up using the Sub RX in the
Omni-I for most of the contest. Still lots of station building to do now that
work inside the house is almost finished.
K4PG   SOSB/40 LP   190,9622008-11-30 16:54:10
40 meters was really good! 80 meters was too noisy Saturday night, but much
quieter Sunday night in spite of storms. 20 meters was the only band that
worked for me during the day (when I got a chance to sit down). 15 meters was
partially open, in and out, most of the afternoon. 73 all and thanks to those
who have good ears!
W4ZW   SOSB/40 HP   304,5352008-11-30 16:54:48
: Had family here all weekend so played in odd short bursts of time. Decided
to enter 40M SB since the only block of time I had was at night. 40M was quite
good, just needed more stations. Missed the Central Asian zones, never even
heard them. First time I remember a few degrees of beam movement was the
difference between hearing some of those ESP stations on 40M and just noise. I
guess I need a beverage. 40 was so long I had to work the some of the Caribbean
mults on backscatter. Heard several FCGers on back scatter and ground wave. I
love my 40M beam and all this ocean outside; usually got even the whisper
stations on first call. My goal was to work DXCC on 40M. After achieving
that, did a Sunday afternoon S&P up and down 20M and 15M just to add some
mults for the club score.
WØETT   SOAB HP   414,4122008-11-30 16:57:13
Fun contest with great condx especially on 20 and 40m. On Saturday, I checked
40m at 3:30pm towards EU and sigs were S9+! So, on Sunday, I checked 40m at
2:45pm and it was good again. I'm sure all the contest participants were
thankful to the ops who put so many DXCC countries on during the contest. Your
efforts are appreciated!

73 Ken, W0ETT
Parker, CO

Rig: FT1000MP MkV w/200w to TH7DX at 70', 2 el 40m @ 90', and 80/160m
WX3B   SOAB(A) HP   45,9542008-11-30 16:58:28
Skiing...and contesting in the same weekend. It doesn't get much better than

My favorite radio hightlight was keeping NI1N company at W3LPL from 3:00am to
7:00am on 80 meters. It is a real pleasure watching Tom in action on his
favorite band. He has a mental master.dta of 80 meter operators that really
helps him pull call signs through the QRM and QSB.

Tom got a few letters of a Japanese station and wrote the entire call sign down
and worked him. I asked how he knew it was that guy, and he told me he
reconizes JAs by their tell-tale sound (I don't hear many JAs at WX3B) and
there are only a few 'regulars' to work, so he recognizes them.

I also marveled at the K9AY beverage management system in use on 80m. NI1N adn
N3KS have been telling me how great this device is.

Each operator gets their own control panel to select beverage directions by
pushing a neatly labled button. Want to hear in more than one direction? Push
multiple buttons! I'm going to have to get one of these gadgets. It's a lot
more efficient than twisting a knob, and it has a built in preamp.

On the family front, I took Alex skiing at Roundtop and we followed that by a
thanksgiving feast!

Looking forward to...more snow...and...more contesting!


Jim WX3B
N4GG   SOAB(A) HP   268,1192008-11-30 16:59:47
Got home from Thanksgiving Saturday PM in time to trade the car seat for the op
chair for a few hours. Rain here all weekend kept 80 noisy although 40 and 160
sounded fine?? Always nice to hear places like Reunion showing up. The new 15
and 10 antennas are under construction - no hurry on the 10M one! JAs were
loud at the end on 20 - condx overall were better than expected. Some year Ill
get to do the 48 (like the year it doesn't fall on the holiday). All S&P - lots
to work when you start late.....
2X FT-1000MP+INRAD, ACOM 2000A, Home brew SO2R, Writelog, Wires in the woods
AA5VU   SOAB HP   4,3462008-11-30 17:01:14
34 QSO = 99 QSO point X (23 +31)= 5,356
PW2D(PY2ZXU)   SOAB HP   4,301,8082008-11-30 17:02:00
Thanks to PY2DM, Mamiro for making use of his QTH.
73 to all, Thomas/ PY2ZXU, SM0CXU, HZ1EX
CE3AA(XQ4CW)   SOAB LP   1,957,5782008-11-30 17:02:23
Thanks to CE3AA Directory and CE4CT for all their help.
KØEU   SOAB(A) HP   119,9252008-11-30 17:02:46
Only had some brief time to operate, so chose to have fun and work on my DXCC
totals. Got two new ones on 80M. Low bands were pretty good and the Euros
didn't CQ in my face on 80M like they usually do. Managed to snag one more new
one on 80M (TO3R) right after the contest. It's not often I get three new band
countries in one weekend!
N4LF   SOAB LP   78,1442008-11-30 17:05:52
My usual low power/low wire, S&P, very part time effort. But, in between
football games, playing with my guests and eating turkey sandwiches, I had some
very, very serious fun.
VE1NB   SOAB LP   1,308,2522008-11-30 17:06:19
Rig: Yaesu FT1000MP
Antennas: 80-10 M: Butternut HF6V and MFJ 1793 verticals
160 M: 160 M 1/4 wavelength wire, horizontal L 15 feet above ground
VA3DF   SOAB QRP   302,8182008-11-30 17:06:23
Last time I did this contest as SOAB qrp was in 2006. Comparing scores it seems
that there was improvement in almost every area - except for 15 and 10. Very
pleased with working 45 countries on 40. Total country count for the contest
was 94, so it was a decent weekend's work.

Took way too much off time and now regret having done so......guess I will just
deal with it until next year!

Heard lots of CCO members and hope everyone had a great time.

As usual, it's a jungle out there when you run qrp!


NN3W   SOAB LP   129,8862008-11-30 17:06:24
Thanksgiving weekend is a "no fly" weekend for NN3W. So, I played at home in
bursts - 5 minutes here, 15 minutes there.

Working on a delta array on 20 which should make me audible for 4/5 of the
world. It wasn't ready for the WW. Sigh....
WQ2N(@W2VQ)   M/S HP   1,066,7172008-11-30 17:06:40
Operated all night Friday and into Saturday morning until we left to see family
the whole day. Left Saturday morning at 1500Z with 400Q. I took a nap in the
car because I did not sleep that night. I took a nap when we got down there and
enjoyed the visit after the nap. I still felt sleepy, but I could keep my eyes
open now. We ate dinner and played a game of canasta with my uncle, sister, and
grandma. We left at 9PM and got home around 1030PM and operated the whole night
and into the morning hours again. It was very slow, but thankfully for the TV
in the shack I watched a few shows and Nets encore! A TV in the shack
definitely helps during the sllllloooowwww hours.

I took a quick nap at 6AM till 9PM. Somehow I woke up on time...20M was wide
open. I tryed running for a few and it worked until a Z4 station thought he
could operate on a freq. .2 away. I got on 15M and got some EU and quite a few
AF stations. My goal after realizing I could not operate the whole weekend was
to do better than last year. This seemed tough considering I missed half the
day Saturday. Sunday morning provided many multipliers and finally got over the
1Meg mark late afternoon. My dad provided many multipliers and kept the station
on when I was off and Friday night also.

Have identical numbers from last years CQ WW. Hopefully it will stay above 1M
this time after log checking.
N5AU   SOAB HP   787,2272008-11-30 17:08:29
Called everyone I could hear through the local QRN. Most of them came back.
10 meters was almost a complete bust. I did work a few deep SA stations but
nothing further north. No sign of PJ2T, PJ4A, TO4X, etc. I did manage to
work HC8N and 3X5A on 10 to complete the 6 bands, but they were VERY weak. I
don't ever recall HC8N being so weak on any band.

Let's hope the sunspots start showing up during 2009 to bring 10 back to life.
N6TV   SOAB HP   2,165,7722008-11-30 17:08:35
I finished about 250 QSOs ahead of last year, despite the very poor 15m
conditions. Better off-time planning may have made the biggest difference,
plus the new Elecraft K3s really proved themselves. I sure am glad I ordered
the 250 Hz filters, as I had to use them quite a bit!

I used my Perseus SDR and factory software as a band scope only; I did not use
CW Skimmer due to the rule change. N6TJ should be proud of that. I just did
not want to enter as "Assisted" with Skimmer, due to the severe WRTC point
penalty (30%) when you enter in the Assisted category.

I *was* planning to experiment with CW Skimmer in the new "Blind" mode which is
legal for single-ops, but it is not fully supported by Win-Test yet, so I
couldn't make it work. Some day maybe we'll all have the point-to-tune feature
that CT1BOH has discussed, all nicely integrated with our legacy transceivers.

We'll see how my station on a city lot fared against the West Coast big guns on
the ridgetops. Thanks to N6MJ at W6YI, N6TJ(?) at W6RJ, K7RL, and K6NA for some
very tough competition that kept me motivated to stay awake and pushing.

Ants: 5 el 10, 5 el 15, 5 el 20, 3 el 40, rotary 80m dipole, all on one 89'
crank-up tower, shunt-fed on 160m. Rx Loop for 160m (no beverages).

Rig: Elecraft K3 (2), Alpha 87A, Alpha 86

Software: Win-Test + microHAM MK2R+ SO2R box

Highlight: Working 3X5A on five bands including 160m, plus the long path 40m
opening to some nice Eastern Europe multipliers Sunday morning.

Tip for the EUs: when signals are traveling via long path with lots of Auroral
flutter, please don't send at your usual 40 WPM! Leave lots of spaces between
characters to leave time for the echoes to cease.

Lowlight: all those other multipliers that just could not hear me nearly as
well as I was hearing them. Maybe they were dealing with a lot of local noise
and QRM.

Bob, N6TV
K2QO   SOAB QRP   18,2252008-11-30 17:08:57
I was able to put in some time here and there starting Saturday evening local
time and found that no one could find my QRP signal on 40 or 80. On Sunday, I
found some very good conditions and worked quite a few stations. I was surprise
to get some zones I rarely hear.

Rig: K2
Ant: F12 C4E at 55', dipole for 80, inv-v for 160
Pwr: 5W
Time: Not enough

Mark K2QO
K1HI   SOAB LP   298,9582008-11-30 17:10:30
40M beam kaput - used K1ZM's BC Trapper for 160/80/40. I won't do low power
again; too painful. Could only stand it for a day...
N6WG   SOAB QRP   52,8002008-11-30 17:11:46
SOAPBOX: I really enjoyed this DX contest. Just entered for fun, and
SOAPBOX: to hunt for any new countries that might show up. I went
SOAPBOX: through the listings for countries that would be on for the
SOAPBOX: contest, and even checked the propagation programs for the
SOAPBOX: best times to work these countries. Wouldn't you know, I
SOAPBOX: never heard even one of them. Mostly it was just the usual
SOAPBOX: suspects.
SOAPBOX: I was really disappointed in 10m. I had just put up a 5-element
SOAPBOX: yagi, and was hoping to see how it worked in battle. I only
SOAPBOX: heard/worked two locals and that was it for the weekend.
SOAPBOX: I set myself a goal of 200 QSOs and 50,000 points. I beat
SOAPBOX: the points, but just made 200 Qs exactly. Then I quit and
SOAPBOX: took my xyl out to Sunday lunch.
SOAPBOX: Thanks to the patient souls who stuck with me to complete QSOs
SOAPBOX: when the QSB set in.
SOAPBOX: See you in the next contest.
SOAPBOX: The Little Station with Attitude
W1KQ   SOAB(A) HP   246,7502008-11-30 17:13:22
Still S&P..but speed is increasing...can't wait to see the UBN's for this one.
Had local trash all over 80...probably a neighbor's heater, or the outside
lights for the new apartment complex a couple hundred yards away. Still this
is one the events I enjoy most.
G3LET   SOSB/160 HP   150,2882008-11-30 17:14:47
K3, with Acom Amp 400W
Antenna: 250 ft wire sloping down to NW from sky-hook at 150 ft.
Logger: Paper and pencil, with SD to produce the submitted log.

Most enjoyable, with good openings to the US and JA on both days. This was my
first sortie in CQWW since 1963, so it was interesting to feel the

Had a spot of bother with some comedian who tried to jam the channel for a
couple of hours on the first evening and then when that didn't work, pirated my
call up and down the band until he finally admitted defeat and slipped away at
2220. It takes all sorts . . .

Pragmatism not being my best trait, I stuck to the frequency when it would have
been better to check regularly for mults. The zone total was very disappointing
- the other 4 I called failed to respond.

Many thanks to all for the QSOs.

73, Peter G3LET
W7MD   SOAB(A) HP   335,5882008-11-30 17:19:15
Conditions on 40 and 20 over the North Pole were pretty good considering the
sunspot cycle low. The 15 meter band was a painful experience.
There was almost no propagation to central and southern Asia. I worked one
Kazakhstan station and one Turkey station on 20 and heard but was unable to
work a station in Maldives on 40 at the very end of the Contest.
I enjoyed the experience and indeed, it was much better than I expected. Many
thanks to all those who participated and to those who traveled and struggled to
make it all happen.

My Station:
Yaesu FT-1000MP
Henry 3K-Ultra Amplifier
Microham micro Keyer 2
N1MM Logger. I lost some contacts that didn't log on 40m at the end of the
contest. I think that I just neglected to click on the Log button.
IBM Thinkpad T42p
2 El 40m (N7CL-Cal-AV) at 72'
5 El 20m M2 at 80'
Multi El Force12 4BA at 95'
AD4ES   M/S HP   903,1442008-11-30 17:23:00
Antenna problems plaqued us on 80M and the 160M antenna never could be tuned.
Radio started as IC756 Pro-2 with Tentec Titan. Then Saturday, the IC756 Pro-2
keying relay hung, and we replaced the station with IC765 and AL572. Power line
noise at 11 AM Sunday killed a reasonably good 20M. The weather started getting
pretty nasty with tornado warnings nearby. 15M was fair at best, and 10M never
opened to us. Worked a local and NQ4I on 10M. AD4ES operated 90% as K9ES was
ill with sinus infection and fever all day Friday night, Saturday and most of
K6CSL/7   SOAB LP   29,8562008-11-30 17:23:43
Greetings to all from our Thanksgiving Holiday get away. We drove down to
Goodyear, AZ last Saturday and Sunday. I packed my 2 computers, the 2 FT-450's,
the Astron Power Supply, the 2 MFJ antenna tuners, and the Bencher Paddle. along
with all the neccessary cables, a couple of rolls of coax, a couple of spools of
insulated hook-up wire, the Butternut HF6V Vertical that I never get to use at
my home QTH and 2 collapsable 20ft masts. We were hosted by one of our niece
and nephews family here in Goodyear. Another niece and nephew and their teenage
sons came in from Bonita, down by San Diego, Patti's sister Kay and another
nephew came in from Sublette, KS, another niece and nephew live near by in
Tolleson, AZ They just had a new baby boy last September. Another niece and
nephew, have a little almost 3 year old son we haven't seen since he was an
infant, came in from Sacramento. So we had a major Thanksgiving family
gathering. Patti and I will be heading home on Tuesday Dec. 2nd. Operating CQ
WW CW from here was great. The contest was really tough until some of the "big
guns" began to thin out. The rate got a little better later on Saturday and on
Sunday. One of the highlights was working BU2AI the last hour of the contest on
20. 73's to all. Bert, K6CSL and Patti
K7ZA   SOAB HP   603,0002008-11-30 17:23:47
Really strange conditions here. 40m was open to Europe all most all day light
hours here! Wish I had a beam for that band. Heard my first JA on 40 Friday
night at 7:30 local time, around 11:30 AM in JA land.
CX9AU   SOAB HP   2,054,9612008-11-30 17:23:50
This HP claimed score is 1500 points upon my final 2002 's SCORE LP/AB (1 DX QSO
In 2002 AB/LP QSO 2108 ZONES 104 2,053,130 COUNTRIES 254
Similar scores,but diferent power and conditions
The rigs resurrected all bands on CQWW week ends!
73's Dan
Continent Statistics
CX9AU CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST Single Operator 30 Nov 2008 2359z

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America CW 0 13 366 388 501 53 1321 66.2
South America CW 0 15 30 36 43 32 156 7.8
Europe CW 0 5 186 64 116 0 371 18.6
Asia CW 0 2 61 25 7 0 95 4.8
Africa CW 0 0 8 16 17 2 43 2.2
Oceania CW 0 0 4 4 1 0 9 0.5

FT 840 and rig 400 w
Ants dipole 10/40/80 (wire)
20 mts 1/2 sloper North (wire)
15 mts 2 el North (wire)
K5ZD   SOAB HP   6,800,2552008-11-30 17:25:49
I am officially announcing my retirement as a serious 40+ hour single op (at
least from the USA and until the sunspots return).

Any contest other than CQ WW CW this weekend, and I would have quit. Tough
conditions, although when it gets bad, New England is a great place to be.
Nothing but salt water between here and Europe!

With only one band open at a time (or so it seemed), was mostly in rate mode
while trying to find anything new to work on the second radio. Felt I was
doing well for QSOs, but not mults. Will be interesting to see what others

Halfway score was 3.3Meg (2295 Q, 118z, 383c).

Was never able to run on 15m or 160m. Looking at my log, I was all search and
pounce for the first 2-1/2 hours. Wasn't able to run much the first night at
all. 20 was the exception. Some amazing rate there.

Hard for us non-packet guys to know who some people were. Was frustrating to
hear someone running multiple stations and just send "TU", but never a
callsign. V47NT, 8P5A, and P40W are guys who know how to run AND send their

Otherwise, I thought the level of operating was great. Very few bad (wide)
signals and I managed to avoid any bad frequency fights. I think this is why
CW is so much more enjoyable than phone!

Audio streaming was running all weekend and did record the whole thing. Will
post up to my web site in January.


Equipment: FT-1000D + Alpha 76CA, FT-1000D + AL-1200

Antennas: 10m - 6-el @ 90', 15m - 5/5 @ 66'/33', 20m - 5/5 @ 100'/50'
40m - 2-el @ 110', 80m - wire 4 square, 160m - GP, shunt fed tower, TH7DXX @

Some numbers:

By Continent

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 67 604 1037 1558 53 0 3319 83.4
AF 3 12 21 28 11 0 75 1.9
AS 0 14 32 28 3 0 77 1.9
NA 47 73 89 102 40 2 353 8.9
SA 7 9 26 32 35 12 121 3.0
OC 2 5 12 7 7 0 33 0.8

QSO/ZN+DX by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm Off

00Z --+-- 1/2 116/66 --+-- --+-- --+-- 117/68 117/68
01Z - 59/46 12/2 - - - 71/48 188/116
02Z - 24/10 64/14 - - - 88/24 276/140
03Z - 60/8 39/12 - - - 99/20 375/160
04Z 38/32 3/0 8/5 - - - 49/37 424/197
05Z 8/6 76/8 - - - - 84/14 508/211
06Z 11/9 36/6 - - - - 47/15 555/226
07Z 3/2 17/6 77/3 - - - 97/11 652/237
08Z --+-- 3/3 112/7 --+-- --+-- --+-- 115/10 767/247
09Z 3/1 7/5 82/2 - - - 92/8 859/255
10Z - 3/2 42/11 - - - 45/13 904/268
11Z 5/1 6/5 - 102/34 - - 113/40 1017/308
12Z - - 3/0 175/7 - - 178/7 1195/315
13Z - - - 165/5 19/17 - 184/22 1379/337
14Z - - - 163/6 8/9 - 171/15 1550/352
15Z - - - 138/6 11/14 - 149/20 1699/372
16Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 96/4 21/14 3/2 120/20 1819/392
17Z - - - 84/10 14/8 4/4 102/22 1921/414
18Z - - - 38/27 13/8 - 51/35 1972/449
19Z - - 26/3 13/10 8/2 - 47/15 2019/464
20Z - - 75/3 2/2 8/2 1/2 86/9 2105/473
21Z - - 103/2 18/13 - - 121/15 2226/488
22Z - 14/0 14/0 9/3 - - 37/3 2263/491
23Z 10/2 20/6 1/1 - - - 31/9 2294/500
00Z --+-- --+-- 11/2 --+-- --+-- --+-- 11/2 2305/502 39
01Z - 40/3 10/3 - - - 50/6 2355/508
02Z - 77/4 5/2 - - - 82/6 2437/514
03Z 29/11 2/0 - - - - 31/11 2468/525
04Z - 61/1 - - - - 61/1 2529/526
05Z 13/3 17/2 - - - - 30/5 2559/531
06Z 4/3 69/1 - - - - 73/4 2632/535
07Z - 52/1 18/0 - - - 70/1 2702/536
08Z 1/1 --+-- 59/0 --+-- --+-- --+-- 60/1 2762/537 22
09Z - - - - - - 0/0 2762/537 60
10Z - - - - - - 0/0 2762/537 60
11Z - 5/0 12/1 28/3 - - 45/4 2807/541 21
12Z - - - 128/2 10/5 - 138/7 2945/548
13Z - - - 150/2 18/9 - 168/11 3113/559
14Z - - - 121/2 4/2 - 125/4 3238/563
15Z - - - 113/3 4/0 - 117/3 3355/566
16Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 95/5 4/0 --+-- 99/5 3454/571
17Z - - - 45/5 - - 45/5 3499/576
18Z - - - 49/2 2/0 4/1 55/3 3554/579
19Z - - 44/2 11/0 5/3 2/1 62/6 3616/585
20Z - - 122/0 5/2 - - 127/2 3743/587
21Z - - 102/2 5/2 - - 107/4 3850/591
22Z - 8/0 57/0 2/1 - - 67/1 3917/592
23Z 1/0 57/2 3/1 - - - 61/3 3978/595

126/71 717/121 1217/144 1755/156 149/93 14/10

Most worked countries:

DL 5 100 183 283 8 579
UA 5 65 54 137 261 << Wow!
OK 6 43 72 95 5 221
G 5 30 85 111 1 232
UR 3 40 64 92 1 200
I 16 53 89 6 164
SP 4 33 54 63 154
VE 25 31 34 36 10 136
PA 3 16 42 68 129
F 17 45 63 3 128
EA 2 12 42 44 6 106

Only one 6 bander: HC8N
N7AP(@K8IA/N7RQ)   M/2 HP   2,431,6982008-11-30 17:27:38
Fun time, our first effort with a single tower Multi-Two.

Op Position #1:
Orion II, Alpha 81B

Op Position #2:
TS-870S, Acom 1000

N1MM Logger

Dunestar BP Filters
A.S. Six-Pak

160 - Shunt fed 78' tower with 60 radials
80 - Inverted Veew/apex at 66', Inverted L 47'X25'(100' from tower)
40 - M Squared 40M3L 3 el yagi at 71'
20 thru 10 - 3 el SteppIR at 78'; Bencher Skyhawk at 45t' (fixed east)

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona USA
NS3T   SOAB LP   499,2802008-11-30 17:28:53
CQ WW CW sure is fun, even for little guys like me with no towers.

I did as much as I could, even though eight hours of Saturday were wiped out by
family activities. I went all night on the first night. 40 meters worked very
well for me, but I was having issues on 80 meters. Last year, I had 234-19-78
on 80 meters...this year, I could barely make 50 QSO's. The antennas are all
the same, but obviously, something isn't working right. I felt weak during the
ARRL Sweepstakes, but I haven't been able to figure out what's wrong.

40 meters is working better thanks to a new dipole in the trees, so that made
up for 80. One of my contest highlights was on 80 meters, as I worked a JA for
a double mult well after sunrise. I also worked my first Zone 40 station ever
(OX5AA) on both 20 and 40. I worked 28 of the 40 zones, which is a personal

If I could only work one contest a year, this would be it. Thanks to everyone
for all the contacts and for pulling out my LP signal.

73 Jamie NS3T
Your home for ham radio contest news
W1CSM   SOAB(A) HP   1,882,0282008-11-30 17:31:21
Icom 756ProIII, PW-1
160M Inv "J"
80/40M dipoles, GPs
20-10 3 element quad
K3PP   SOAB(A) HP   642,9782008-11-30 17:32:53
Not a great score, but I'm happy with the results. Available time and broken
station parts prevented a full-scale effort.

Station neglect has taken its toll. My Acom amp has been dead for over a year.
I'm finally digging in ,but it's still not fixed. K3II came through again and
loaned me his AL-1200 so I could have some juice! A fallen tree this summer
took out my 40m dipole and other fallen limbs damaged my 80m vertical (I live
in the woods). I managed to build and install a new 40m dipole, but I had no
time to fix my 80m antenna. Work demands have been horrendous.

I fired up assuming I'd be off 80m, but I later found my 160m Inv-V was arcing
to the trees. I was banned from 160 HP lest I set the hilltop on fire!

I was limited to low power on 160m, so I only worked the US mult and a few
Canadians. I could only drum up W3LPL for the US mult on 80m using the 160m
antenna with low power. 40m worked well despite a simple dipole. 20m was good.
I was very strong on 15m and 10m, for what it's worth at this point in the
cycle! HI!

Thanks everyone! It was great fun despite the obstacles!
NA2U(@K2TTT)   M/S HP   2,917,2002008-11-30 17:33:54
Just two old guys and a single Pro III. Nothing broke.

This contest is the best, the highlight of the year, and fun with, or without,
sunspots. It's CW.

My thanks to Jay and Judy for making their home and shack available and for
'taking me in' for the weekend. Great hosts!

WM3O   SOSB(A)/40 HP   25,3592008-11-30 17:35:03
3.5 hours on Friday night and 30 minutes Saturday morning. Wish I had more
time... tough weekend for family and radio.
KØUK   SOAB(A) HP   214,5242008-11-30 17:37:14
Limited time..Let us worship the Lord Jesus Christ. PTL bill K0UK
K1ZZ   SOAB HP   1,274,3522008-11-30 17:37:34
I had hoped to give my new K3 a workout and erase the memory of last year's
miserable experience of copying through severe line noise, but Friday night
found me in Kentucky for the funeral of ARRL past president George Wilson,
W4OYI. There will be other contests.

I got home late Saturday night and managed 13 hours. The K3 did not disappoint.
WB8JUI   SOAB LP   600,9382008-11-30 17:49:09
All QSOs S&P.

I spent most of Sunday waiting for 10 meters to open... As you can see by my
summary, it never happened. I did hear some very weak bursts, but no opening.
Sure could have used some 10 meter mults.

Thanks to all for the QSOs and hope to work you all on 160 next weekend.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
K5KA   SOAB HP   159,7402008-11-30 17:49:10
Nice to work 3X5A on 5 bands. HC8N was my only 6 bander.
LN5O(LA6FJA)   SOAB LP   471,0292008-11-30 17:54:54
Great conds on lower band,and it was fun to play with 2el array on both 160 and
80m, but low power was though true crowded bands.
lot of nice DX, but I had planned to work HP and Assisted. but no PA and no

TS930 + TS2000 100 Watts
PRO 67B 7 el 40-10m
40m 2EL GP to NE
80m 2EL GP 1/3w spaced EAST/WEST
160m 2EL GP 1/4w spaced EAST/WEST

no RX antennas, coz I heard more than I could work :)

no relax before contest made a hectial start as usual, had to figure whats
wrong with coaxes and amplifier didnt play. Worst of all was to operate in LP
class, but my good score impressed the conds :)
our wireless internet didnt worked, so I couldnt work assisted as a lazy
contester :P

73s Rag LA6FJA

we had heavy snow fall during saturday morning, we got about 30-40 cm of snow!
and at end of contest I had - 17 c outside the shack.
ACØDS   SOAB(A) LP   54,7782008-11-30 18:00:18
A part-time 14 hour effort here for the purposes of checking out the DX ability
of some new portable antennas w/o offending the local HOA too much, trying to
snag some new DXCC entities, and getting some additional seat time with the
N1MM logger. Set up a 40 meter ground plane with elevated radials and used an
end-fed sloper on 20 tied to a Jackite pole on top. They played reasonably
well except for the unexpected snow storm on Friday night, when I had to go out
3 times to remove snow and reconnect some of the radials. Main 40 ft.
Spiderbeam mast bent severely under snow load but righted itself on Saturday.
Rig was single K3 at 100W. 40 was great, and open well after daylight. Heard
stronger signals from Europe on that band than on 20. Most of stations worked
to the east on 20 were Mediteranian and African rather than northern Europe.
Overall, the weekend was a sucess, with some good OJT on N1MM and a few new
countries added to the log. 73 Craig
K9CT   SOAB(A) HP   2,008,9462008-11-30 18:00:51
This was a fun part time effort. 40 was broken at first but was better the next
day. Mostly S&P with some running on last day on 20 and 40. Lots of surprise
contacts and great operators. My personal best so far in CQ WW.

Thanks for the q's.

Craig K9CT
N7RK   SOAB(A) HP   313,9202008-11-30 18:01:23
Rig: FT-1000MP and Kenwood TL-922A Amplifier

Antennas: 72 Ft elevated Vertical for 160, 80 and 40 and a 4 element
tri-bander at 28 feet for 20, 15 and 10

Great opening on 80 late Saturday night into central and eastern Europe.
It's very tough working 80 and 160 with an S9 noise level. Big thrill for me
was working 3X5A on 160 Friday night.
W2FU   M/S HP   6,886,1802008-11-30 18:05:24
Lots of fun doing M/S in these tough conditions. Polar paths just not there on
most bands. Lots of new stuff we were trying out, including running with SDR
on 160 and 40 meters. Turns out we NEVER called a CQ on 15, 10 or 160. We all
helped on most bands, but the primary ops were:

160 Meters - Vertical + Beverages - WB2ABD
80 Meters - 4 Sq + Beverages - K2TJ
40 Meters - 3x3 - K0SM + K2DB
20 Meters - 5x5x5 - N2ZN
15 Meters - 4x4x4 - N2PP
10 Meters - 6x4 - W2FU

CU in the ARRL 160 next weekend and again in Feb for ARRL DX CW

K5AF   SOAB(A) LP   111,2102008-11-30 18:06:34
Very casual effort, but managed to catch the first 30 minutes of the contest --a
very tough start on 20 and 40M. The K3s are working fine, but still haven't
learned to love them yet. AGC needs improvement, IMHO. Will talk to Elecraft
about it Monday.

160M and 80M were very noisy here in South Texas, combination of weather condx
and local RFI. I'm in the process of building some receive antennas, and hope
that will help.

Saturday AM was great to Europe on 20M, hit over 100 on the rate meter just
doing S&P. Hopefully we're at the bottom of the cycle and next year will see
some better activity on 10 and 15M.

Thanks for the Qs, see you next year!

Paul, K5AF
KT1V   SOSB/80 HP   440,5532008-11-30 18:10:04
First time I've turned on the radio since ARRL CW!
KØOU   SOAB HP   1,087,3372008-11-30 18:14:18
Big radio weekend for me. Since we didn't do the big multi-op this year, I
decided to put in an effort from home and see what glory I could achieve.
Rather pleased with the results from my peanut-whistle station. 1000 Q's and 1
million points. Also dxcc on 20 meters is a first from my station. Made some
neat contacts. Actually had a JA run Saturday afternoon, and a couple of hours
Sunday morning over 100 per hour. TNX to CQ for the contest and TNX to all for
the Q's.
KE1FO   SOAB(A) HP   579,8002008-11-30 18:14:53
Great time. Had a short run on 80 on Saturday evening. Nice run on Sunday AM
on 20 - got there too late on Saturday AM, but still ran for a short while.
Lots of fun, and glad to see my CW is really improving. Not much I has to
really listen hard to copy, and most guys calling me while I was running I
could copy on the 1st try. The few times I had multiple callers I was fairly
easily able to copy enough to get only one guy to come back. All the equipment
worked flawlessly. Most of my SO2R was watching the mults build on a 2nd band,
seeing which ones I could hear and deciding when to leave my run freq to go
catch some new ones. Nice to work lots of the African mults - some through big
piles. I've learned that getting through a pileup is less about being loud or
sending your call lots, and more about listening and deciding on a strategy of
how to call successfully. Never spent more than a few minutes in a pileup, and
I only left a couple unsatisfied. Highlights were being able to run on 80,
having a great run on Sunday AM on 20, and working 80 countries on 40 and 90 on
20. Lookign forward to the next one!

Till then,

73 de Al, KE1FO


Visit for a more detailed writeup in a few days as well as
other stories of contesting and station building from the beautiful West Coast
of New England.
KD2MX   SOAB LP   234,3702008-11-30 18:17:55
I beat my '07 score so I'm satisfied. More QSOs but a few less countries and
zones. 100% S&P. 15M was spotty and off from last year and this hurt. Nada on
10M, only heard a LU Sunday afternoon for about 2 minutes. My 80M totals are
pitiful. My long loop just doesn't cut it for transmitting. If I could've
worked a decent percentage of everything that I heard on 80 & 160, I'd easily
would have added another 100K to my score. I can only work EU on these bands
when there's no competition. Despite this mild frustration, I had a great time
and added a few countries to my totals. I'll have to think about devising a
better antenna for 80M, although I think I had the same plan last year at this
K1BV   SOAB LP   435,2442008-11-30 18:18:02
Fun at the bottom of the sunspot cycle.
NØAX   SOAB LP   278,9432008-11-30 18:18:07
First DX contest from the Midwest since 1982 and with a very simple station as
described in the Contest Update newsletter
( One radio, one wire, one operator, two
ears, and two pieces of hacksaw blade comprising a paddle - just like the
Goodle Days. Every QSO came with a big helping of that "Wow!" sauce! To help
the numerous visitors understand what was going on, I even put up a ham radio
world map and stuck pins in for each new country - since I was S&P all weekend,
this was easy to do and a lot of fun as they asked, "Are you going to work
Greenland?" (maybe, found one on Sunday morning) and "How come there aren't any
pins in the US?" and then having them cheer when they saw a new pin added in
their favorite country, such as VK or KL7 or G. (This is fun - if you're doing
a casual effort, quilting pins are cheap and visible to let everybody see your
progress without disturbing your concentration.)

Best contest moment - discovering a 5H3 calling relatively unmolested on 20 CW
just before I was going to pull the plug for a break on Sunday about local
noon. That "599 37" sure catches one's ear! So if could bag Zone 37, what
else was on? I kept going and wound up discovering a very weak 9J2 for Zone
36. Way up at the top end of the band, a ZS and a TO from Reunion were handing
out zones 38 and 39 - why not give them a try through the big pileups? Double
bingo! So within about 20 minutes, four majorly exciting zones were logged
after I almost shut the station down. Moral of the story, of course, is to
keep that VFO knob turning.

Strangest contest moment - realizing that I did not hear one single OH station
all weekend. Whatever happened in the ionosphere made northern Zone 15 quite
rare from Missouri. I did find SM, ES and LY on 80 meters of all bands, but
not a peep from the dominant signals I'd grown accustomed to hearing from
Scandinavia. Nary an LA or OZ, either. Weird, but that's life at the solar

FT100D transceiver
105' doublet, 10 m high, fed with open-wire and MFJ-974HB balanced-line tuner.
N1MM software
Microham CW Keyer and "The Band Saw" homemade paddle

Thanks for all the QSOs - I'm letting the doublet have the night off :-)

73, Ward N0AX
VE7UF   SOAB(A) HP   1,670,1102008-11-30 18:18:51
We didn't manage to get 4 ops for a multi op effort so I did this one by myself
for a change. I was hoping to best all the pervious multi op scores from this
station but I see I'm little short. If I printed all the exceses you would use
a full box of facial tissues to dry your eyes so I will be kind and spare you.
Very poor conditions on 20M and 40M to EU kept the mults low. Both 80M and
160M were so-so. I stayed in the chair full time except for 9 hours off from
0400Z to 1300Z Sunday, so only had one full night on the low bands. Managed
some very good over 250 Qs/hour runs on 15M and 20M. The N1MM program created
a time delay going from TX to RX so I had to continuosly keep one finger ready
to push the escape key while running. That added a lots of spice to this
contest. The second 150 FT tower won't go up now until the property dries out
next year. My thanks to all that called. Save the NA economy-buy a new big 3

73, Duane VE7UF
KG7H   SOAB LP   338,8862008-11-30 18:28:07
2 days before contest, I found my amplifier was inoperative. I decided to have a
go anyway, low power category. I found I was greatly handicapped on 160, where I
heard many stations I could not work. My new 80 meter 4 square
worked like a charm, and the gain made up for the power loss on 80.

Condx okay for this one. Only 30 hrs operating this time.

73 de Craig KG7H
VY1EI   SOAB(A) HP   131,7602008-11-30 18:34:37
Very quiet solar conditions, with no problems with the aurora. Propagation to
Europe was weird. I got 10 contacts on 20 meters with Europe at midnight local
time. Normally Europe can be heard in the mornings in my QTH in Yukon but not
this weekend.

There were some monster pileups to the really rare locations, like Guinea. The
guys at HC8N got a really good turnover rate going, with no waiting to get

I have to work on my antennas on the lower bands. Not doing so well there, as
is obvious with my score.

See you all next year.

WA4DOU   SOAB LP   741,4722008-11-30 18:36:14
As usual, I forgot to download the latest country file and NA didn't give me
credit for the TO2, 3, and 4 q's, so I had to extract them manually.

Thanks to all for the q's and hope to see you all next time! 73 de Roy
K6VVA   SOAB(A) HP   51,3392008-11-30 18:39:13
Mostly played around off and on to support the traveling guys and also work a
few new band countries. Several unexpected Murphy strikes were not fun.

Apologies to N6TV who kept getting K6VVA in his face when an F key on the
Confuzer would not come unstuck. I finally thought to push the VOX Off button.
It seemed things were fixed, but then it was like the movie Groundhog Day all
over again. Sorry, Bob.

73 & Tnx for the Q's...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
N6WS   SOAB(A) HP   246,1742008-11-30 18:41:49
Software : N1MM Logger V8.11.2
Rig : Yaesu FT-1000MP Field
Ameritron AL-1200
Antennas : Cushcraft X-9 @ 17m
Shortened 40m Dipole (X-940) at 17m
80m 1/4 wave sloper at 12m
Soapbox : I spent 13.6 hours searching and pouncing. Most of the QSOs on 20m,
15m, & 10m were at low power to avoid some local interference issues. The
highlights of the contest were working 3 Qs on 10m, working HC8N on 5 out of
six bands, and having good openings on 80m and 40m to Europe. The openings on
40m to Europe started 3.5 hours before our sunset.

Operator(s) at 3X and D4 were amazing. They surprisingly copied my signal
after just a few calls.

I sure hope the propagation on the higher bands starts improving soon!!!

My thanks to the organizers for another fun contest, and to all the DX
operators for pulling my signal out of the noise.

73, Bill
WD5K   SOAB LP   650,3602008-11-30 18:45:24
FT1000mp 100w
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V
VE2TZT   SOAB HP   422,0822008-11-30 18:45:42
Just few hours for the training, only run, no S&P.
K3MQ   SOAB(A) HP   185,8142008-11-30 18:48:39
The average cw speed Friday night had to ba about Mach 3.
WG5J   SOSB/40 QRP   15,8102008-11-30 18:54:11
First contest in 15 years or so. I am hooked once again. D.
WE9V   SOAB(A) HP   1,731,5202008-11-30 19:03:37
Wow, 80M on the first night was the best I've ever seen it from this QTH. I
nearly doubled my 'normal' multiplier and tripled my QSO total on 80M. 40M was
nearly a complete bust on the first night, and essentially died right at sunset
on Saturday. The auroral absorption zone dipped very low in latitude, causing
some major attenuation for this QTH. I saw lots of East Coast spots continue
on 40M, but nothing heard here. Loudest 40M signal the first two nights were
about S5. But before sunset, signals were quite good, and prop was fine Sunday
well past darkness...the auroral zone stayed in higher latitudes.

As usual, I almost entirely chase packet spots and S&P. I think I CQ'd for one
hour on 20M and a half hour on 40M. Turns out it was my best showing for the
last 5 years, and my 3rd best score, although my best scores were done in a
fraction of this time, due to much better 10/15 back then.

Was excited to hear B1Z on 40M, but he couldn't hear me. Worked VK on 80M for
the first time in 8 years and the first ZL ever on 80M from this QTH. Worked a
few new band-countries on 40 and 80.

Chad WE9V
NN1N   SOSB/20 HP   500,8682008-11-30 19:04:00
Interesting conditions. Enjoyed working the long paths, especially the one in
the last 20 minutes of the contest over the south pole. The band had gone stone
dead at 2300Z. Got the dinner call and was turning the yagis to their parking
positions at 2330Z and while I was waiting for one of them to finish rotating,
YE1ZAT popped out of the noise. Called him short path with no chance, and then
realized that the northern path had never opened, so turned the top yagi to 160
degrees and he was now S9 and in the log. Also worked 9M6/N2BB and 9M2CNC. B4B
couldn't hear anything, but was S5.

Saturday night's long path was fun too. I enjoyed sitting there calling guys
and seeing what could be worked. Got on at 0400Z and KG6DX heard me
immediately. Also logged T88CJ with a few calls, and of course VK6HD who knows
all the openings. JA3YBK needs to figure out how to hear to match the
alligator transmitter.

Got on late, after 1430Z each morning. Took an hour and a half to tune the band
bottom to top. Love hearing CW up to 14.140. So, a lot of DXing, and enough
running for this weekend.

Congrats to W1MU! Great score low power Mike. I wouldn't have had the drive
to do that.

IC-7700 AL-1200 to 5/5
WF7T   SOAB LP   7802008-11-30 19:04:03
Broken radio and tuner due to big blue spark at hour zero! Decided to through
in the towel, then decided at the 42nd hour that I would jump in with backup
radio/tuner. Never say die.
N7ZG   SOAB LP   301,3402008-11-30 19:06:27
The K index was 0 for most of the contest period with periods of 1.

The EU openings in the morning on 20 were even shorter than recent years and
strictly limited to the EU western seaboard. The funny thing is the the
countries missing that would normally be worked were worked on 40 insead. The
law of conservation of energy must apply,,,, oh wait, there is no explanation
for the behavior of 10 and 15. That won't work. Oh well...

40 has become a daylight band with predictable (and short) openings to EU in
the latter part of the afternoon.

This has been the trend of the past few years so nothing new really. The big
change has been 80. The extreeme western part of EU is now workable from the
PAC NW. Some surprises are pleasant in the face of very limited EU openings
and non-existant JA runs. Just like last year I could only run 20 on Sat
(very briefly).

New for this year, K3's replace the K2 and ICOM-751A. Also, a new 80M verical
dipole in the big tree out back.

The score is down by amost 100K compared against 2007 (did that one HP from
N7BV's QTH). Held the line pretty well on mults and feel good about that.
Q's are down by almost 100 due to limited openings. Most of that was 15 while
40 and 80 made up for some of the slack.

I'm learning to really appreciate and enjoy the low bands.

73 - Guy, N7ZG
WA1FCN   SOSB/20 LP   252,7002008-11-30 19:07:31
Another one is history, glad I was there. Sure nice to CQ. This was
more enjoyable than the ssb version. Thanks to all the JA's who
came back to my CQ's and thank you KG6DX, you got great ears.
DQ4W   M/2 HP   7,494,6512008-11-30 19:09:59
Enjoyed the very good propagation on the low bands! 40 m was the best band this
time in QSOs and Mults while 10 and 15 suffered from short and sporadic
K7DD   SOAB HP   49,7822008-11-30 19:10:19
Limited effort but I was only looking for new countries to add to the totals. I
elected to start over from square one after my electronic logs were lost to a
computer thief and I didn't have a back up copy of all of them. That will
change. It was fun. I thought the bands were less than stellar but it was fun
to work DX on 80 meters this time. My antenna was a 6BTV, ground mounted with
two runs, north and east of 2" X 24" chicken wire laid on the ground. Rig was
the TS2000 and my old Dentron 160-10L. Used N1NN logger again and I still like
it for simplicity and all of its capability, which I hardly use. Maybe next
year the tower will be up and conditions will improve. Best 73, Mike.
KR2Q   SOAB QRP   695,6242008-11-30 19:11:53
I had a GREAT time!

While "the bands" were not what we expect at the sunspot peak, there was lots
of excitement in store.

Like what? How about:
1. Working 107 DX countries on just 20m...with QRP!
2. Working a total 116 separate DX countries (all bands combined) with QRP.
3. Working Reunion Island QRP...on three bands!
4. Working Maldives QRP...on two bands!
5. Calling over 200 CQs and getting ONE reply - on the last one - from an EL2
(new mult)

Unlike K5ZD's comments, I actually tried to break back into the 40+ hour club.
I almost made it at 39.5 hours. Guess I took one too many lunch & shower
breaks. And after the contest, I feel just GREAT! Hey - I'm even still awake
at 0300z typing this up (I arranged to take Monday off).

The last hour of the contest was pretty tough. Can't run, have worked almost
everybody that I can, so what to do? Just a mad scramble trying to find QSOs.

At one point, after sucking wind for almost 30 minutes (no qsos), I went to 80
and ended up working VE3JM. That gave me an idea...I went to 160 to find some
more VE's...but only found two who could hear me.

Went back to 15m and had a blast on a nearly empty band. Worked a CE (double
mult), but he got my call wrong. So I attempted to correct it....but then he
got it even more wrong (argh!). After a couple QSOs, I contacted him again
(finally!) and he got it right. Snagged ZPØ for another new one. And (of
course) my last QSO on 15 was...another CE with 100% exchange the first time.

And almost exactly at the end (on 20m), I heard a JA...another double mult, so
I swung the beam at him....and his signal dropped. I turned it back at S.A.
and he came back up. He was coming in over the South! Sadly, no QSO.

CU in 160, 10 (?), and Stew to wrap up the year.

And yes, that Elecraft K3 is a very nice radio.

de Doug KR2Q
PS...I know that I did my job correctly, because I'm still hearing CW...with
the rig off. :-)
W6SX   SOAB HP   61,1912008-11-30 19:13:43
K3, AL-1200, 80-meter dipole at 46 feet with Matchbox, TRLog
KE3D   SOAB HP   112,3182008-11-30 19:20:20
Condx not too durn good! Still had fun. Problems with 80M antenna not getting
out since the last contest. I'll be out in the cold (for Texas) fixing it.

Regards Ed KE3D
KR4F   SOAB(A) HP   679,3152008-11-30 19:23:12
Titan 425 amp failed at hour 2. Backup SB 220 failed at hour 5. Sat monrning
spent fixing amplifiers with 50 % success. SB-220 had blown rectifier.
Nothing obvious with Titan, so it (and 160m) was out for the duration. If it
weren't for bad luck ... So spent entire time doing S&P for mults. That was
fun! (Amp repair wasn't.)
KØTG   SOAB(A) HP   41,8202008-11-30 19:23:34
Got on Friday night and Saturday AM before heading out to W0AIH. I thought I
would have some good runs to EU on 40 Friday night. Wrong! 80 was the band.
Confirmed that wen I got to AIH the next day. 40 sure was good thru both days
at AIH though and stinky at night.

I spent a little to much time on the high bands Saturday. Before I knew it it
was 12:30 and I wanted to be at The Farm at that time. Oh well, to much fun.

73, John K0TG
K8CN   SOAB QRP   36,1602008-11-30 19:25:47
Radio: Elecraft K2 @ 5W
Antennas: 135 foot doublet (height unmentionable), 20 M attic dipole.

I was fired up for CQWW after an unexpectedly good time in ARRL SS (also QRP
entry), but knew things were going to be tough due to (1) Thanksgiving weekend
family obligations, and (2)sad state of disrepair into which my all-band
doublet had fallen. Oh yes, (3) burst water heater with mild basement flooding
on Thanksgiving day. With the doublet center below the level of the operating
position, I anticipated tough going on 80 and 40, but not the frustrating
head-banging of Friday night. I gave up any semblance of objectives, much less
quantitative goals, and was happy just to duck into the shack for an hour at a
time between other family activities and see what I could work for fun. Could
it be that last year's CQWW and this year's ARRL DX tests were merely the
siren's call for a QRP newbie? Now what can I sling together for the ARRL 10
meter test?.......there's no end to the self-inflicted punishment of QRP with
simple (hmmm, too simple, I think) wire antennas!

73, and thanks to all the keen listeners who amaze me with their skills -- I
never hear other QRP stations except AA1CA (local friend) and KR2Q!

-- Mike, K8CN
NØIJ   M/2 HP   2,443,3922008-11-30 19:27:57
Lots of fun from our cabin/contest station in far northwest Wisconsin.
Omni 6+ (2), Alpha Amps, Stack F12 c4/c3 @ 82'/55', 40 Meter 4 Square, 80 Meter
4 Square, 160 meter 1/4 wave top loaded vertical.
FJ/WJ2O   SOAB LP   1,847,9372008-11-30 19:27:57
The last time I had this much fun I was CW contesting.
K3LR   M/M HP   15,032,3742008-11-30 19:36:52
Congratulations to all of the multi multi operations on their fantastic scores
this past weekend.
The teams at KC1XX and W3LPL put in amazing efforts and we are thrilled to be
in the “chase”.
Both XX and LPL are great competition with us here in the USA. Good job!

With a super low K index, it sure was lots of fun for 48 hours! Having a SUPER
time on the radios with your best friends around the world is what contesting
is all about! Nothing else that I know of even comes close.

My sincere thanks to all of the excellent CW contest men that traveled to the
K3LR station to be a part of the K3LR team for CQWW CW 2008. K8CX, K3UA, N2NC,
KL9A, W3TX, VE3NE, K4RO,K9MMS, N3GJ, N3SD, N5UM and K0DXC did an awesome job.
40 and 20 meters were manned for 48 hours straight – no breaks!

Special thanks to Dave, W9ZRX who keeps things humming along before, during and
after every contest here at K3LR! I'd be lost without you!

K3LR Station Description is on the K3LR website HARDWARE tab. (Thanks Tom, K8CX)

We'll see you for the ARRL DX contest in February (CW) and in March for

On behalf of the K3LR team,
Seasons Greetings and Very 73!
Tim K3LR

K3LR at


160 381 919 2.41 24 90 K3LR
80 1451 3955 2.73 35 133 K3UA K8CX
40 1968 5506 2.80 38 153 N2NC KL9A W3TX
20 2145 6018 2.81 36 150 VE3NE K4RO K9MMS
15 693 1721 2.48 32 112 N3GJ N3SD
10 68 80 1.18 10 13 N5UM K0DXC

Totals 6706 18199 2.71 175 651 => 15,032,374

Continent Statistics

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent

North America 137 221 231 238 192 49 1068 15.4
South America 11 22 70 89 90 15 297 4.3
Europe 209 1138 1534 1621 363 1 4866 70.2
Asia 15 92 117 179 7 0 410 5.9
Africa 12 25 38 48 29 4 156 2.3
Oceania 8 21 44 38 25 0 136 2.0


HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

0 34/30 65/48 112/80 26/18 4/4 1/2 242/182 242/182
1 17/10 69/25 70/33 6/3 . 1/2 163/73 405/255
2 22/10 76/26 40/11 14/9 . . 152/56 557/311
3 20/12 26/8 45/6 10/4 . . 101/30 658/341
4 19/12 85/6 72/5 5/0 . . 181/23 839/364
5 16/12 99/8 83/5 4/4 . . 202/29 1041/393
6 14/4 85/4 105/3 . . . 204/11 1245/404
7 17/2 80/1 116/2 . . . 213/5 1458/409
8 8/2 39/6 105/3 ..... ..... ..... 152/11 1610/420
9 4/0 19/1 87/5 3/2 . . 113/8 1723/428
10 7/3 10/6 43/8 10/8 . . 70/25 1793/453
11 8/1 6/1 9/1 56/13 1/2 . 80/18 1873/471
12 7/2 17/2 28/8 151/10 25/25 1/2 229/49 2102/520
13 . 2/0 23/3 184/13 82/32 3/2 294/50 2396/570
14 . . 7/1 187/16 60/19 3/1 257/37 2653/607
15 . . 2/0 177/10 28/8 6/5 213/23 2866/630
16 ..... ..... 5/0 129/10 26/8 7/2 167/20 3033/650
17 . . 8/0 79/15 24/7 11/2 122/24 3155/674
18 . . 10/0 56/10 36/2 1/0 103/12 3258/686
19 . . 16/1 28/7 19/2 2/0 65/10 3323/696
20 . . 51/0 37/6 10/2 1/0 99/8 3422/704
21 . 20/0 69/0 57/4 17/4 1/0 164/8 3586/712
22 4/1 38/3 74/1 61/4 3/0 . 180/9 3766/721
23 7/2 74/3 18/1 6/0 . . 105/6 3871/727
0 21/0 51/2 37/1 3/1 ..... ..... 112/4 3983/731
1 12/0 53/4 17/1 4/0 . . 86/5 4069/736
2 24/0 40/1 15/1 1/0 . . 80/2 4149/738
3 9/2 64/2 15/2 2/0 . . 90/6 4239/744
4 25/2 72/2 23/1 1/0 . . 121/5 4360/749
5 21/0 54/3 28/0 2/1 . . 105/4 4465/753
6 9/1 63/0 47/0 1/0 . . 120/1 4585/754
7 20/2 58/1 41/0 . . . 119/3 4704/757
8 3/0 39/0 83/0 ..... ..... ..... 125/0 4829/757
9 2/1 15/0 74/0 1/1 . . 92/2 4921/759
10 7/0 7/0 52/0 . . . 66/0 4987/759
11 6/2 13/0 31/4 8/0 . . 58/6 5045/765
12 2/0 36/1 40/1 134/3 29/7 . 241/12 5286/777
13 . 3/0 23/0 174/5 109/10 . 309/15 5595/792
14 . . 6/0 124/4 79/8 5/0 214/12 5809/804
15 . . 6/0 101/1 46/1 7/2 160/4 5969/808
16 ..... ..... 2/0 70/1 19/1 5/1 96/3 6065/811
17 . . 3/0 62/0 22/1 7/2 94/3 6159/814
18 . . 10/0 43/2 15/0 1/0 69/2 6228/816
19 . . 10/0 35/1 15/0 4/0 64/1 6292/817
20 . 3/0 74/2 25/0 11/0 1/0 114/2 6406/819
21 1/0 19/2 57/1 35/0 8/0 . 120/3 6526/822
22 6/0 20/2 54/0 32/0 5/1 . 117/3 6643/825
23 9/1 31/0 22/0 1/0 . . 63/1 6706/826
DAY1 204/103 810/148 1198/177 1286/166 335/115 38/18 ..... 3871/727
DAY2 177/11 641/20 770/14 859/20 358/29 30/5 . 2835/99
TOT 381/114 1451/168 1968/191 2145/186 693/144 68/23 . 6706/826

QSO Counts By Band-Country


PRFX 160 80 40 20 15 10
3B8 1 1
3V 1 1 1 1
3X 2 1 1 2 1 1
4J 1 1 1
4L 1 1 2 1
4O 1 1 1 1
4X 1 8 2 1
5B 2 7 5 5 2
5H 1 1 1 1
5X 1 1 2
5Z 1
6W 1 1 1 1 2
6Y 1 1 1 1 1
7Q 1
7X 1 1
8P 1 1 1 1 1
8Q 1 1 1
9A 2 15 20 18 10
9G 1
9J 2 1 2 1
9K 1
9M2 1
9M6 1
9Q 1 1
A4 1 1
A7 1 1 1 1
BY 1
C6 1 1 1 1
C9 1 1 1
CE 1 4 2 3
CE0Y 2 1
CE9 1
CM 1 2 6 1
CN 1 1 3 4 1
CP 1
CT 2 2 1 5 3
CT3 3 5 3 6 3
CU 1 1 3 1 1 1
CX 1 5 4 6 1
D4 1 1 1 1 1 1
DL 24 180 272 299 85
DU 1
E5/n 1
E7 2 6 14 9 2
EA 4 26 64 65 38
EA6 1 4 4 1
EA8 2 5 9 15 6
EA9 2 1
EI 4 8 11 12 1
EK 1
EL 1 1 1
ER 1 10 3 7 1
ES 2 8 5 5
EU 1 14 8 18
EX 1
EY 1
F 8 44 82 82 27
FG 2 2 1 2
FJ 1 1 1 1
FK 1
FM 1 3 3 3 2
FO 1 1
FR 1 1 1 1
FS 1 1 1 1 1
FY 1
G 15 79 106 111 14
GD 1 3
GI 1 2 2 3 1
GJ 1
GM 2 11 17 17 2
GM/s 1 1 1
GU 1 2 1
GW 4 6 7 11 4
H4 1
HA 6 32 40 40 9
HB 1 21 25 37 9
HB0 1 1
HC 1 2 2 3 2
HC8 1 1 1 1 1 1
HI 2 1 2 3 1
HK 1 6 5 3
HK0/a 1 1 1 1 1
HL 2
HP 1 2 2 2
HR 1 1
HS 2
HZ 1
I 5 42 85 111 26
IG9 2 1
IS 1 5 6 4
IT9 3 7 5 6
J2 1 1 1
J3 2 2 2 3 2
J6 2 1 3 2 2
J8 1 1 1 1
JA 10 57 40 142 2
JW 1 1
K 45 93 93 98 84 39
KH0 1 1 1
KH2 1 2 3 2
KH6 6 4 7 10 7
KL 2 4 3 11 6
KP2 2 1 2 2 2
KP4 1 2 3 1 2
LA 3 16 13 12 1
LU 2 15 23 21 9
LX 2 2 2 3 3
LY 5 28 20 20 4
LZ 2 17 20 27 5
OA 1 2 2 3 2
OD 1 1
OE 1 7 16 18 4
OH 13 32 31 33 2
OH0 2 3 1 1
OK 21 84 104 82 21
OM 2 21 28 18 5
ON 4 14 23 27 7
OX 1 2 2 2 1
OY 2 2 2
OZ 5 10 8 16 5
P4 2 2 4 4 3
PA 4 34 58 63 11
PJ2 2 2 3 3 3
PY 2 4 14 33 37 4
PZ 1 1 1 1 1
S5 4 27 43 40 18
SM 20 44 24 35 12
SP 10 48 65 62 5
SU 1
SV 2 11 14
SV5 1
SV9 1 2 2 3 1
T7 1
T8 1 1
TA 1 4 3 2
TA1 1 1
TF 1 4 4 3 1
TG 1 2 1
TI 1 1 2 1 2
TK 1 1 1 1
UA 11 101 92 96
UA2 1 2 4 4 1
UA9 1 14 36 16
UK 2
UN 2 6 2
UR 6 70 98 86 1
V2 1 1 1 1 1
V3 1 1 1 2
V4 1 1 1 1 1
V5 1 2 2
V7 1 1
VE 63 85 74 78 56 8
VK 5 17 16 6
VP2M 1 1 1 1 1
VP5 1 1 1 1 1
VP9 1 1 1 2 1 1
VU 3
XE 2 3 12 11 11
XW 1
YB 2 2
YJ 1
YL 3 15 12 11
YN 1 1 2 2 2
YO 1 16 30 31 5
YS 1 1 1 1 1
YU 2 19 30 28 4
YU8 1
YV 1 2 8 4 6
Z2 1 1
Z3 1 4 5
ZA 2
ZC4 1 1 1
ZF 1 1 1 1 1
ZL 7 10 4 10
ZP 1 2 1 1
ZS 1 1 6 3 3 1
VA3DX   SOAB(A) HP   776,6912008-11-30 19:37:12
Points for CCO
No rig failures, just operator fatigue, busy weekend here
Catching A45XR OD5NJ C91LW TO3R was much fun .. many good
DX catches on 80 / 40 meters, 5 different TF's .....

Wonder just how much time I used listening for fellas to give their call ?
HL5YI   SOAB LP   73,8402008-11-30 19:46:04
Condition is vy good. cu agn next contest. gl de hl5yi chae 73..
VE7GL   M/S HP   3,517,1642008-11-30 19:50:26
Great conditions on 160-80-40M to Europe in particular. 20M was not bad with
some good openings all over. 15M was poor and 10M was non-existent from here.

40M early afternoon openings to EU were impressive.

And great to see the JA's back in force on all the bands. We had some great JA

Dale VE7GL
KØAV   SOSB/40 HP   226,1542008-11-30 20:02:34
Runs to Asia but none to Europe. I had power line QRN from direction of EU.

When band not open to Asia it was all S&P.

The station played very well - now just have to get power lines silenced, and
I'll be in business.

Noticed some stations that had choppy and cut off keying all weekend. With
computer control, I'm sure they weren't aware of it and never listened to
themselves. Some kind of "QSK gone wild." (I'm checking mine this coming week)

Most stations had good keying. But there were some that had the most beautiful
wave forms and keying. Whatever they are doing - - is what I want to do!

Rig: K2/100 --> ACOM 1000
Ant: 2 el yagi @ 70 ft

73, Alan
W7WA   SOSB/40 HP   521,4782008-11-30 20:02:53
This was my first time operating the CQ WW CW in the single band 40 meter
category. Not sure I would recommend this category to others. I prefer to
sleep at night.

73 de Dan
W4MJA   SOAB(A) LP   6,0142008-11-30 20:20:47
Very little operating time this year due to family commitments and other things.
I only operated this year with a Carolina Windom and LP, but next year you can
expect to hear stronger signals from me. I had decided upon LP ahed of time
thinking I would have at least a full 24 hour go, and this would improve my
chances on the top 10. I was wrong on both! LP cost me ZS8T, which would have
been a new one, and my thought process on at LEAST 24 hours was way off!!
I did miss Reunion and a few others that would have been "new ones" for me.
All operating was S&P, by the end I was just filling in new band countries, due
to the lack of operating time. Next year I think I'll plan this out better.
I did have fun what is the most you can ask for.
K6TA   SOAB(A) HP   618,4922008-11-30 20:39:31
K7BG   SOSB/160 HP   51,6602008-11-30 20:51:15
This contest was a gift from above. Condx the first night were quite good and I
was pleased to have EL2DX answer one of my few CQs during the first several
hours. I mostly S&P’d through the night until I started hearing JAs coming
through. I then called CQ and 92 made it into the log along with an HL and a BY
and some UA0/9s. Great condx! The second night seemed noisier and condx not so
great in comparison. Right after making it through the 5K0T mondo pileup, out
of the blue I began to experience RF getting into the keying line. I isolated
the problem, but still don’t have it fixed. That problem along with other
responsibilites made me decide to go to bed. My circadian rhythms don’t like
this all night stuff. I slept for 6 hours through the Asia opening. Not good
operating procedure for a 160 single band effort if I do say so myself. I heard
3 zones that never made it into the log and about a half dozen countries. I
heard lots of stations that couldn’t hear me and there are probably some who
could hear me and I couldn’t hear them. I don’t have any receiving
antennas, also not good operating procedure, but what the heck, it’s pretty
quiet out here in the middle of this wheat field. I never heard or worked
common mults such as G, PA, VK, ZL. Maybe I WILL put up some receiving
antennas, by the end of the next sunspot cycle!

Station: IC765, KWatt, 95 foot tower with ¼ wave sloper and loaded with
various yagis (6), (used for xmt and rcv)

Thanks for the good time,

N America: 127 (44%)

S America: 9 (3%)

Europe: 44 (15%)

Africa: 6 (2%)

Asia: 98 (34%)

Oceania: 4 (1%)

288 (100%)
N5IA(@N5BG)   SOSB/160 HP   38,0642008-11-30 20:53:29
This was a shakedown cruise prparing for the ARRL 160 next week. A new PC, new
logging software (to me setting it up), and a new interface to the new K3.

The first 5 hours were spent mostly finding what problem was causing
intermittent keying (and then no keying) on the WinKey USB interface. So there
was a lot of good EU opening that was lost. On top of that I had worked all day
Friday so I gave in at 0900 Z.

The 2nd night was a full one; 14 hours. Lots of stations heard that I could
not contact. Probably another 15 more, and three zones, above the reported
total in my score. These stations wre the Eastern EU and Western Russian
stations plus the Far East this morning; VR, BA, BU etc. No VK heard.

Both nights a lot of time was spent learning the MO for the K3 2nd RX and the
diversity receiving. It was good time used.

Thanks for all the contacts. 73 de Milt, N5IA
W2LC   SOSB/160 LP   16,9622008-11-30 20:54:59
I heard about 20 countries that I could not work due to the low power. Heard 3
zones that I could not work. 73 Scott W2LC
KØSR(@WØZT)   SOAB HP   1,670,1302008-11-30 20:56:40
Last year I had 56 Q's in 24 countries on 10 meters, and that seemed pretty bad.
This year it was LU1HF and W0AIH....2 QSO points for the whole weekend. Is it
ever going to get better? Right now both the CQWW and the ARRL are low band
contests and that's no fun if you're surrounded by noise and can't hear
anything. It's pretty discouraging to find out about all the DX that was on
that I couldn't even hear :(

73 Steve K0SR
W5JR   SOAB(A) HP   209,7122008-11-30 20:59:29
Great contest but hard to put in the whole 48 with the Holiday. Radio, amp,
antennas, keyer and computer worked flawlessly. Rain halted completion of
additional wire antennas for upper bands.

Equip - 756ProII, IC-4KL (500w), Winkey, N1MM logger
Ants - "Wires in the woods" 160m Inv L, 80/40 vert
KL8DX   SOSB/20 HP   219,1562008-11-30 21:06:49
Wow, that was stressfully fun!

At the start of the contest;

I only worked a handful of US stations and we had some very nice
propagation toward Asia. So about 45 minutes into the contest, I
turned the antenna that way. My path to Japan, China, and points
that way is not the best due to the mountains that tower above me
in that direction. I worked many JA's up through about 0300z. The
band fell out and did not show signs of life until around 0630z.
I worked 20 meters until 1000z with a handful of European stations
heard and worked. Band was tough over the pole.

I was not hopeful for Saturday but even though the DX pickings
were slim here, the path to the lower 48 opened up at about 1730z.
Lots of strong stations and many were the same signal strength so
that added to the hardship of separating those calling. Since I
am a DX'er getting my feet wet in contesting, this was a challenge.
Not to mention, my code speed ain't the fastest. Anyhow...

Saturday night and early Sunday morning the band was very quiet and
hardly a peep out of Europe. Turns out that Sunday was going to be
a good day, too. I had tried like heck to get 3X5A and D4C on
Saturday but I could not break through the East Coast and EU wall.
Sunday my luck changed and even though I could not hear very much
at all out of EU, both 3X5A and D4C had great signals. I was able
to snag them both one right after the other. From there, the bands
only got better and Sunday was even better than Saturday as far as
propagation to the lower 48. The band was crowded and lots of strong
signals to contend with again. I know there were several Alaskan
stations on and we all kept busy. There was also a nice echo effect
on the bands up here on Sunday which made the bands sound like I
was listening to them in a large room.


Even though I have operated CW contests for several years, they have
normally been S&P and looking for new DXCC/ZONES/WAS/WAC, etc. My
code comprehension sure gets pushed to the upper limits during these
contests but I enjoy the challenge as I'm a lower speed CW guy. I
appreciate the patience of those calling in as I attempt to perfect
my contesting skills. I have also had some great advice from the
contesting group up here in Alaska. With that, I have turned out my
best score in any contest for over the last 20 years. I have been
really motivated by the group here and I thank them greatly for their
help and patience in answering my questions and giving advice; KL7RA,
AL1G, N1TX, KL1JP, NL7Y, N5XZ, KL7FH(SK),and AL7IF to name just a few.

I was not running QSK and therefore, when stations came back to my W?,
often times their first letter(s) of their callsign were cut off.
Sorry for the repeats and I see QSK would be a big benefit. Also, had
several people calling at once so that added to some mixed up callsigns
but hopefully I got them right in the end.


Having lots of DX call in for some good double mults on Sunday. HC8N
about blew the snow off the roof of my house.

Working several old friends (want to chat but just ain't the time in
a contest) and I know I worked many new callsigns. CW seems to be
getting more popular IMHO!

Working several fellow SKCC members who fired up their bugs and SK's
to work me and many others. (

No equipment problems as everything continues to work great as maybe
it is too cold for Murphy now?


Using N3FJP's software and my computer generated CW was having some
issues. I had two speeds, 25 wpm or 15. Everything in between sounded
like crap and I have not had any RF problems in the past. Believe it
is more of a computer to software issue. Need to track that down
before next year. I have used Scott's software for several years
with great success so, it's probably time for a new computer.

No good EU opening on 20 meters.

In looking after the contest (no Skimmer or cluster used) I see a
few worked me due to me being spotted as KL7DX which led to dupes.
I had more dupes calling in this contest than any previous.

Hitting the wrong Fkey on a handful of occasions so instead of
sending my report, I started out with another CQ. Just can't hit
that darn "Escape" key fast enough sometimes.

Missing the pre and post contest conversations with Frank, KL7FH (SK)
via e-mail. I totally enjoyed Frank's perspective on the contests. Even
though Frank and I never personally met (almost did on one of his trips
from Anchorage to Fairbanks) it just did not happen. Even though, he
always treated me as a long time friend. Frank will be missed by many.


Thanks again for the contacts and sorry to those I may have missed. I
will be looking forward to next year. From the heart of Denali, wishing
everyone the best of holidays! I am listening to some Hinder, Three Days
Grace, and Daughtry, in an attempt to get the CW out of my head.


RIG: Icom 756PRO 1
ANTENNA: Mosley TA-34-XL @ 43 feet
AMP: Ameritron AL-1500
NE7D   SOAB LP   163,4852008-11-30 21:23:34
Motorola FT-1000MP Mark-V Field
Rigblaster Plus & N1MM
80M OCF Dipole + Spiderbeam on 10M mast
Armstrong rotator

Practically all S&P. Finally have radio, Rigblaster, PC and software all
working together and CW skills are improving -- typing speed is new
Special thanks to Con DF4SA and Rick NJ0IP for rushing new parts for Spiderbeam
repair at the last minute -- incredible customer service!
Tnx to all for the Q's..... Great contest!
73, Rock
AL9A   SOAB HP   86,1512008-11-30 21:25:20
Bummer weekend! Started working Pacific on 20M Friday afternoon only to have
serious RFI problems in the house. Disconnected several smoke detectors before
unplugging power to the whole system. RFI still there!!!? Finally found the
source - a plug-in carbon monoxide detector sounding a flase alarm when I
transmitted. Disconnected that and worked S&P on 20M before it died. Went to
40M - very weak, couldn't hear most EU. 80M worse!

Saturday had tickets to take the grandkids to Anchorage for the Nutcracker
Suite. Dinner out after and then slip and slide home in a driving snow storm.
Found 5" of snow in the access road and driveway. Spent an hour and a half
plowing snow before turning the radio on again. 40M very weak, 80M virtually
nothing. I'm brain dead and numb. Off to bed.

Up at 5:30 am to scrape ice off the truck and head to the church parking lot
for another 2.5 hrs of snowplowing fun. The other two non-ham guys with snow
plows are out of town for Thanksgiving so it's a solo effort. Back home have
late breakfast, an hour of honey do's, and finally get the radio back on!
Still punchy after little sleep and lots of plowing, but get in about another 4
hrs of S&P. With 30 mins. to go I finally start to hear EU on 40M and manage a
few qso's.

Tell me again why we think this if fun?
K7RL   SOAB HP   2,305,0002008-11-30 21:42:12
Excellent activity and quiet solar conditions made for a fun contest. Going in,
my goals were fairly simple:

- Have fun.
- Keep my butt in the chair as long as possible.
- Make the best of propagation and band openings.
- Try to keep my score close to the west coast competition like N6MJ@W6YI,
K6XX, K6NA, N6TV, KO7AA, K7GK@K7ZSD, and any others I may have missed.
That’s certainly no easy task with this group of great operators.

If I don’t achieve the last goal on my list, I can’t necessarily blame
propagation. The low bands were terrific. 160m was full of EU signals both
nights, and my total represents the most countries ever worked on top band in
any contest. It was only a few short years ago that 1.8 MHz was a contest
wasteland. Work the typical ten or twelve mults and Qs, and move on. It’s
amazing how the band has come to life this year.

40m was as good as I have ever heard it; there was always action somewhere. It
is strange to see 7 MHz totals that rival 14 MHz in DX contest. All things
being equal, I didn’t think that was possible from the west coast.

Thank you to all for the Qs, and Happy Holidays!

73 de Mitch, K7RL
KT4PD   SOAB LP   30,7382008-11-30 21:49:44
Icom 756 Pro2, Force12 (flagpole) Vertical
E77BA   SOSB/40 QRP   67,0452008-11-30 21:51:54
Nice contest!
Setup: 4W - 2 el wire beam 30m up.
73 Alem
WN6K   SOAB(A) LP   105,9802008-11-30 21:54:55
Since I figured that my time was going to be limited, I thought that I would
experiment with using 'assisted' to see if I would find more countries and
zones than my normal limited searching and pouncing. Well that did not prove
all so much as the conditions were very limiting... maybe were there super
conditions then Assisted would have been much more productive.

Good run on Sunday morning of lots of Euros... but it did seem to peter out
here fast.

I made a couple of trips over to my buddy Wild Bill's (WB6BFG) to see how he
was doing and assisted mid-contest with putting up a TH7 antenna on the roof of
his shed which quadrupled his effort and produced loads of fun for him. With an
improvement on the high bands for him, I had to dash back and forth to my house
just to keep 'catching up to Wild Bill'... sometimes its a 'good thing' to help
new contesters...

15m was very disappointing ... we may be in the new cycle but only just dipping
our collective toes in as far as I can tell...

Highlight: Getting called by JW1CCA amidst the mini JA run I had on Sunday
afternoon...first thinking that I had miscopied the call but pleased when he
sent zone 40, new zone new country Priceless

WN6K. Paul
NØHF   SOAB(A) HP   215,4892008-11-30 22:08:31
Fair condx on all bands except 10m - didn't hear a peep all weekend. Super
opening around 3:30 MDT to EU on 40m, several new mults in the log, most on the
first call. My Alpha 86 amp somehow blew the PIN diode fuse, that took me off
the air for an hour, got it back on line and celebrated with Thanksgiving
leftovers! CUL. '73 Dan
KH7B(K4XS)   SOSB/40 HP   1,311,3552008-11-30 22:14:19
Set out to break the Oceanic record for 40. If the claimed score holds after the
log check I may have done it. We'll see. The score reflects mental adjustments
for the TO prefixes, which the computer program gagged on.

The first hour of the contest gave me almost a 100 hour, which is really
surprising since the contest starts at 2 PM and the closest land mass is 2500
miles away. Conditions were like that most of the contest, very good.

Lots of good mults called in including like the Reunion and the C98 guys who
gave double mults.

The contest ended around 8 AM local after I made my last two QSOs which were
two new mults back to back. The last being VU2. I did call a few CQs after
that and a loud 9K2 came back but didn't reply after I called him...nuts!

Some thoughts:

After doing this contest seriously on 40 for years from Florida, I can say it
is a very diferent contest from KH6. The real plus is the W/K stations can be
worked for points, which can give some real nice runs of pretty well behaved
contesters. Except for the occasional clueless newbie, most of the W/K guys
are well beahved and when you ask for W9, a K3 won't come back.

Pileups out here can be a challenge. The JA boys are good, but the European
ones are zoos. I echo other postings about the behavior getting worse in
these. I would ask for a DJ2 and a HB9 or whatever would come back...not just
once, but over and over. Copy is always difficult since most the EU guys
aren't that strong and there is ALWAYS flutter on the sigs. It may have slowed
my rate down but I'll be damned if some nitwitted lid was going to run my pileup
his way. The more you let those guys do that you totally lose control of it and
your run disappears. I would repeatedly call the DJ2 until we completed a QSO,
even if it took a minute or two. Eventually the lid stopped, and the example
was set for the pileup.

Behavior in the fight for frequency has gotten worse. QRL has pretty well
disappeared. Some "?" may be sent...sometimes. Mostly a CQ announces
someone's presence. If directly on freq they will usually leave, but if 100 or
200 Hz away, many thought that was acceptable and kept me company.

A station mentioned I had a unique chirp to my signal. If anyone noticed that
let me know and the K-3 may be going to the hospital.

It's been a fun fall contest season. Thanks to all for the contest QSOs.
K1TN   SOAB LP   293,1032008-11-30 22:22:50
One antenna: 66-foot end-fed wire, 15 feet above ground.
Ten-Tec Jupiter, 75 watts output.

Near Atlantic City
OMØWR   SOSB/40 HP   258,9442008-11-30 22:29:13
Hello friends.
Thanks for all QSOs.

Rig: TS850S+ PA 750W (2xGK71)
Ant: Inverted Vee 15m high

No chat, no DX cluster.

73. CU in other contests.

N6YEU   SOAB LP   145,1402008-11-30 22:34:09
Great fun for a "Little Pistol" station. Biggest thrill was working 3X5A on 80
mtrs. with about 50 watts into a low inverted vee. Great ears on their end!
Thanks to W6YX for only 10 meter qso.
WH2D(K3UOC)   SOAB HP   387,6882008-11-30 22:49:56
Thanks for pointing your beams out our way. Happy Holidays from Guam -- where
America's day begins and Santa always stops first.
N6NC   SOAB(A) HP   137,5922008-11-30 23:13:53
Did S&P only. 82 of my Qs (30%) were JAs, so they are starting to come back.
PRC operators (B prefix stations) were really good. Always got my call first
time with weak signal and QRM conditions- great ears.

Worked John (K6AM) ZF2AM on 4 bands (80m-15m).

Woked about 63 separate countries, 32 of 40 zones. Some great exotic places
were on the air from AF. Have to check my DXCC to see how many new ones.

73, Larry N6NC

73, Larry N6NC
S58M   SOSB(A)/80 HP   263,6762008-11-30 23:26:59
Tnx for all QSO,s & GL.

73, Dare S58M
VA7ST   SOAB HP   670,6002008-11-30 23:35:03

* 2 x 80M elevated verticals (JA or US/VE)
* 1 x 270' bi-directoinal Beverage for 160M and 80M
* 2 x 40M half-squares (JA or US/VE)
* 2 x 40M elevated verticals (endfire EU or W6)
* 3 ele. CL-33 tribander at ~45'
* FT-2000 + SB221 + N1MM Logger (outstanding)


Year-over-year comparison:

QSOs Ctry Zones Score
2002 675 147 63 313,740
2003 865 115 73 351,936
2004 1,421 146 79 697,500
2005 1,014 126 61 411,587
2006 1,476 163 78 775,297 35 hrs
2007 1,470 129 69 615,582 < HP 32 hrs
2008: 1,580 129 71 670,600 < HP 25 hrs

Band 2008 2007 2006
160M 17 2 2 - - - 141 6 6
80M 377 27 17 352 24 13 240 24 15
40M 331 35 19 312 33 18 230 33 17
20M 688 40 21 761 52 25 620 63 24
15M 167 25 12 72 20 13 244 36 15
10M - - - - - - 1 1 1
1580 129 71 1470 129 69 1476 163 78


Total Qs with 14 dupes: 1,594.

SFI=68 A=2 K=0 -- pretty quiet conditions with no sunspots. Flux still deep in
the trough. Rain and sleet all weekend knocked down the B.C. Hydro powerline
noise -- gotta love it when the weather office checks the contest calendar!
(Wish the sunspot organizing committee did, too).

A tale of extremes this year. While 80M played like a symphony, 40M tooted like
a kazoo.

I figured that if Europe opened well on 20M both mornings, and I could get 36
hours in the chair, I'd be able to hit 2,000 Qs and 1M points. And if
conditions were poor, all I could hope for was to beat last year's score.

Well, I managed 25 hours in the chair, EU didn't open well on Saturday and only
so-so on Sunday, but I still beat last year's score. Up by 100 Qs and 55,000
points, in 7 fewer hours. Alas, 670K won't get me far in a very competitive
SOHP unassisted field.

My 80M and 40M antenna setup is better than it's ever been, but they're not
4-square arrays or high yagis and eventually things get pretty slow. With that
in mind, conditions just didn't warrant going all out so I allowed myself naps
whenever rate went low for too long or I felt like it, whichever came first.

Last year, conditions were so bad that I had just 129 contacts before pulling
the plug for the first night at 0515z. This year, I stayed up till 1000z (2
a.m.) and had 389 Qs -- a total that took me until 1900z to reach in 2007 -- so
rate was better for me out of the gate this year.

I worked more 100+ clock-hours than ever before, including Sunday's 150 at
1800z (20M) and 157 at 2300z (40M) when the fun-factor 1-minute rate hit 360.
Best 60-minutes was 167 on 20M in the 1800z hour Saturday morning, part of my
longest run of 205 Qs.

160M -- Only 100W here and not much for an antenna, just a 70' vertical and 65'
horizontal inverted-L (sloping down to 50'). Goal was to work the easy stuff and
get out. Mission accomplished. US, VE, zones 3 and 4. Couldn't work a 5 but
didn't expect to. Have a secret plan to improve that in time for ARRL 160 CW
next weekend.

80M -- Hola! The two elevated verticals I put up this spring work like
gangbusters. Pure fun -- I never, ever thought I'd look forward to evenings on
80M, but I sure do now. I have NO European countries confirmed for DXCC on 80M.
That's because I don't recall ever working EU on 80M. Friday night, I worked a G
who was loud enough to be on this side of the Arctic circle, despite the fact
that none of my antennas have patterns pointing that way. Also found 3X, D4,
EA8 and other juicy DX. Very cool. These are now my good old days on 80M :) I
had nearly as many 80M Qs on the first night as I had all weekend last year
(switchable vertical array vs. full-size delta loop). Whatever did I do without
a Beverage on 80M? Now need one for 40M.

40M -- Couldn't buy a QSO on 40M all weekend until Sunday afternoon, and then
it opened up wide. I figured I was sunk trying to even tie last year's score
because 40M was flat-out dead for me. I made plenty of hay on 40 last year with
315 Qs, but this time by bedtime (1000z) Saturday morning I had only 51 contacts
and just 3 countries and 5 zones.

I'm having wisdom teeth yanked out on Monday (really), and I was actually
looking forward to that every time I turned the bandswitch to 40M. Dental
surgery is preferable to a band loaded with stations that just can't hear you,
even running max power. It was likely yet another example of 40M one-way
propagation, but I blamed the half-square antennas. Then I blamed the twin
verticals. Then, realizing how unlikely it was that BOTH antenna systems had
blown their TX gaskets, I instead blamed some dark leaden cloud hovering over
this QTH like a 7 mhz attenuator.

But, as the narrator often says, that was all about to change [insert sound of
birds chirping and harp music].

On Sunday afternoon when I had worked all the JAs I could hear in the final 20M
opening of the contest, I moved to 40M at 2230z (2:30 p.m. Pacific) to discover
Europe very workable for the first time in ages, and NA could actually hear me.
Up to that point, I had only 3 countries. Worked DL, OM, 9A, EA, ER, S5 and HA
as the first 7 Qs. Then it was F, YO, EA, and OX. Hmmm. Those twin verticals
are finally working. The antennas were not the problem with EU mults on
Saturday; the problem was me going to 40M way, way too late in the afternoon.
Europe is open at 2 p.m., not 4 or 5 p.m. here. Guess having a day job keeps me
out of sync with conditions.

Both nights I called CQ on 40M to US/VE and got virtually nothing. (Great. 40M
isn't an evening band like it once was). I figured the 2-element half-square
array (driver-reflector) pointed just south of East was broken -- great SWR,
great incoming signals, just nobody hearing me even with a KW into the wire.
When Sunday afternoon's EU opening faded, at 2309z I flipped over to the 40M
half-square array and dumped my call into an empty slot at 7.032. Bam! Instant
pileup at a sustained rate of 179/hour that didn't stop until the closing bell.
In less than an hour I managed 157 Qs. That would have been a great band total
for an entire contest for me a few years ago :)

So, although it took me a day of bad timing to learn when to be on 40M, I ended
up with 16 more Qs on 40M than last year, with 2 more countries and 1 extra
zone, thanks to the twinned half-squares vs. single-wides last year. Next time,
I'm going to 40M by 2200z, even if 20M is still cranking.

20M -- Mostly closed down by 0030Z each day. EU opening was very poor Saturday
morning, but stronger on Sunday though very brief, from about 1700 to 1730z.
After that, it was rough going over the pole. Had some great 2-point runs
beaming stateside. Without EU to work, I had to do as much running as I could
to make good use of time. That killed my multiplier count, of course, but there
wasn't much alternative. Had a blast working so many very familiar calls. New
solenoid-wound choke (7.5 turns on 4.5" form) seems to have resolved the
problems with the Mosley Classic-33. Worked like a charm all weekend on 20M and
15M with no power-handling issues.

15M -- Opened a bit on Saturday though not much rate. Excellent on Sunday from
1900z to 2010z, when I worked 127 Qs. Truly spectacular fun, guys. Thanks! 167
total beat the tar out of last year's 70 Qs on 15M. Even worked D4C for the
first non-NA/SA contact in a couple of years.

So, that's a wrap on another CQWW CW contest. A few days of scheduled recovery
time this week should allow some 160M antenna work in advance of ARRL 160 CW --
watch for the VE7s and remember to turn your 160M yagi to the Pacific Northwest!
Thanks for all the contacts and see you in the next one!

-- Bud VA7ST
YR5O(YO5BRZ)   SOSB(A)/80 LP   82,8402008-11-30 23:35:07
Worked just the firs and very last 7 hours of the contest, all together only 14
hours from 48… 34 hours I was in hospital with diabetic problems, sorry to
lost a very important section of the contest but it was nice that I can
participated; thanks all the callers nice to work you guys!
See you next year,
YU7U(YU7BH)   SOSB/40 HP   530,0002008-11-30 23:48:06
This was my first contest with the YU7U callsign. I've spent over 100 hours in
preparation of my antenna system.
( Thank you 4o3a for the excellent idea). It is a triangle phased verticals,
with switching 9 positions system. Location is 10 km away from urban part of
the city. It is a free space where I will not cause any interference, TVI, qrm,
and angry faced neighbors:-)

Due to family/work events I could only work 28 hours.

This contest was the best contest in my life ( age 43, with 30 years of
contesting practice).

Highlights: the answer of my CQ from : h44my, vp8ne, fk8 ( forgot sufix),
oh/vp9, tf3... More than 50 stations from west coast and 100 Ja's. Wow!! And
answer to my first call of AH0BT.
Downsides: arrogant behavior of UU0A guy. who made a terrible QRM after two
hours of work on my frequency. ( but contesting is only for tough guys:-))

I am sad that a couldn't work for the whole 48 hours, but I am happy for the
chance to improve my setup performance.

Setup: ft2000 + OM power amplifier, phased verticals arrays by 4o3a ( in
reserve there was a Comtek).
N1mm loger, and no cluster.

Just made QSL cards with yu7u ( thanks Gennady), and will send for all qso's.


OH2BBT   SOAB HP   187,2002008-11-30 23:52:02
Rig:IC-756PROIII Amp:LK-500ZC 500W out (old and tired tubes)
Software: OH2GI Ham system
Antennas: multiband dipole for 20/15/10, vertical for 40M and sloper for 80M
FM5CD   SOSB/80 HP   295,1202008-12-01 00:00:10
I called Nodir EY8MM the first night without succes, the second night he broke
the pile ... it was a new one. Tks.
JF1NHD   SOAB LP   1,163,6662008-12-01 00:04:31
Linear amplifier problem forced me to change the class to SOAB-LP.
Thanks you all for copying my weak signals especially in the low bands.
Dupes included in the QSO total above.

EE7X(EA7JX)   SOSB/40 HP   200,6872008-12-01 00:35:01
Good propagation so many difficult to make the contest in serius mode with
compromise with family :)
We wait next year to have free the 48 hours.
W6YX(N7MH)   SOAB HP   1,773,2522008-12-01 00:35:51
We were hosting family for Thanksgiving so I decided not to go the DXpedition
route this year and instead try a SOAB effort from near home for CQWW CW.
Thanks to the other W6YX contesters for letting me do a single-op from the
station. I remember doing a SOSB-15 effort in the late 70's in CQWW, but this
was my first attempt at full-time SOAB.

I arrived at the station a few hours before 0000Z to set things up. After
turning on the radios it became clear that none of the big monoband Yagis for
10, 15, and 20 were working. After trying to resolve the problem in the shack
I concluded that it was probably a feedline issue and I wouldn't be able to fix
it before the contest started. That left me with a rotatable C31XR and smaller
monobanders fixed in the direction of the Caribbean and South America for 20,
15 and 10.

The rotator on the C31XR got a workout over the weekend as I had to rotate it
to work anyone outside of the limited beamwidth of the fixed monobanders.
Fortunately the M2 4-element 40 was working and I realized near the middle of
the contest that I could use it on 15 meters to give me a second rotatable
high-band antenna.

I intended to operate between 42 and 44 hours and to sleep for a couple hours
each night. Unfortunately I couldn't fall asleep the night before the contest
and woke up on Friday morning after sleeping for only 4 hours. Instead of 2 to
3 hours of sleep each night I needed 4 to 5 hours, sleeping through my alarm. I
missed some high rate hours on 40 and 80 both nights and also missed the peak of
the 20-meter opening to Europe on the first day. Having to drive home and back
to the shack when I took my breaks also added to my off-time.

I decided that when I was intensively S&P'ing on a worked-out band that it was
useful to CQ on the second radio, even though I might get few callers. I
hadn't worked anyone on 10 meters with 6 hours to go in the contest so I
started CQing there while I S&P'ed on 20 and 15. Apparently no one else in
zone 3 had worked anyone on 10 meters either so 32 of my 36 Q's there are

I had no 160M transmit antenna available so I thought I'd just run low power on
160 into the 80M inverted vee, using the built-in tuner in the FT1000MP. I
called and worked N7UA by doing this, but couldn't get a response from any DX
stations so I tried routing through an external tuner so I could run high
power. I couldn't get an acceptable SWR and ended up only working the single
QSO on 160.

I only worked 3 Europeans (EA/CT/CU) on 15. I worked mostly western Europeans
on 20 and eastern Europeans on 40. Several countries were only worked on one
of these two bands.

I spent the last couple of hours trying to run on 15, then 20, with little
success. I checked out 40 with less than 10 minutes to go and it was wide open
to Europe. I should have gone to 40 much earlier since I was missing a bunch of
easy mults (like England) and I quickly worked a couple mults that hadn't been
able to hear me the previous evening.

Congrats to everyone on the great scores.

-Mike, N7MH
DFØHQ   M/M HP   14,312,9802008-12-01 01:24:52
73 Lothar, DL3TD
DL4ME   SOAB HP   748,6382008-12-01 01:28:04
Multibanddipole, Spiderbeam
TS850 - ZZ750
CAT with microHAM USB Interface
Team "Strausberg re-united"
OK1MAC   SOSB(A)/80 HP   252,5042008-12-01 01:28:51
Rig: IC-7400 + 2x L4b PA (700W) + 37,5m Vertical with 120 radials + double
inverted V RX: 3x beverige + K9AY
G4FKA   SOSB/80 LP   80,9012008-12-01 01:45:02
Decided to do 80m single band to boost the DXCC count. Ran on and off from 0000
- 0645, 1630 - 0345 and 1630 to the end. Mainly S&P but a few runs as well. Not
a bad total on 80 given my low and short inverted V.

Interesting to explore 80 in the wee small hours; it sounds completely
different. It also opened up on Sunday evening with VK, YE and JA all heard but
I was never going to break the pile-ups! Other zones that got away over the
weekend include 6, 37 and 38. I need a vertical antenna!!!

Initial checks suggest 14 new band slots so good news there. IC756ProIII, 100w,
30m inverted V at 10m.

Thanks for all the QSOs.

Geoff G4FKA
OK1HRA   SOAB LP   379,7712008-12-01 01:46:58
Fine test for my internet remote TRX in run mode :)
F5PHW   SOAB LP   812,3942008-12-01 01:58:42
A pure pleasure !

Great as usefull !
Very impresses by the very nice signal of D4C, 8Q7DV on 40/80, and HC8N.

I tested spiderbeam 10-15-20 up 6 meters (pictures on
Very good antenna. It would no be so great without this antenna.
I used also HF6V for 40 and 160 and a dipole for 40/80.

Very hard to keep my QRG with only 100 watts but a good run with us west coast
on 20.

15 was poor and 10 only V51AS QSO.

Tnx to all.

Best 73 ans see you next year but ... not from France ! (surprise !)

F5PHW Phil
LZ8A(LZ2BE)   SOAB(A) HP   3,730,3522008-12-01 02:07:31
Poor condx on 10/15 and excellent activity.
Thanks to all friends who worked with me!
73' Boyan
OK4RQ(OK1DRQ)   SOSB/15 HP   80,1372008-12-01 02:08:18
Very poor propagation - 304 QSOs -631 points

North America CW 0 0 0 0 40 0 40 13.1
South America CW 0 0 0 0 29 0 29 9.5
Europe CW 0 0 0 0 139 0 139 45.4
Asia CW 0 0 0 0 54 0 54 17.6
Africa CW 0 0 0 0 31 0 31 10.1
Oceania CW 0 0 0 0 13 0 13 4.2

Thank for QSOs 73 Pavel
OZ7TTT(OZ5WQ)   SOAB LP   153,8002008-12-01 02:08:20
Condx fair ex 10m which was closed here.
15m opened a few hours on Saturday, but no signals on Sunday.
20m opened late and closed early, so you had to be on the spot in right time,
and that missed for me.
The 3 low bands became the main bands.
Rig: IC735, 100W output
Antennas: Butternut HF-6 vertical and a 42m quarterwave for 160m, the first 10m
going vertical in 60 degrees and the rest dropping to 3m over ground at the
Using TR4-W logprogram gave the opportunity to send results to "getscores"
, and this way have more competition, live.
cu next year.
73 Peter OZ5WQ/ OZ7TTT
OL8M(OK1DRQ)   SOSB/160 HP   3,0102008-12-01 02:12:19
QRV only last 30 min, hi - 73 Pavel
OL3X(OK1FC)   SOSB/80 LP   64,0922008-12-01 02:17:56
TS2000, ant. delta loop vert., inv. V
9G5ZZ(DL1CW)   SOSB/20 LP   391,9802008-12-01 02:23:18
Never thought that it could be worse then last year. YES IT COULD! Relatively
good start in the first hours, but then silence. Morning slot to EU was not
really working, and over the day I could not produce a recognized signal in EU.
First evening brought less contacts to US/Canada and the Caribbean then
expected. Getting KH7LC in first call, was the right moment to go for sleep.
Beeing ready for the sunrise slot in the morning, turns soon into frustration.
Even the big guns from EU were almost "under the carpet", complete desaster for
a little pistol like me... Later the day it became a bit more normal and the run
to W/VE in the evening, compensated a bit finally.

Almost 400 QSOs less then last year, 2 more zones (33) reached then 2007 (Zone
01, 40 and 26 heard, but not managed to get into the log.)
Almost 1000 QSOs less, and only half of the points, then back in 2003!!! (Same
Rig, same QTH, same operator...)

Blowing signals here: OK5R and CT1JLZ at any time.

Special Thanks to: NQ4I, DL9SEV and DF1LON who obviously spotted me on Sunday
around 12:00 z. It turned out as gaining me almost 70 QSOs, just by making
other aware that the waek signal is probably a multi. (I saw it after the

Could get only 2 of my team mates: 5H3EE and DL5YM... and congrats to CT9L and

See you back from Germany. 73, Arno - DL1CW/9G5ZZ

R7000 Vertical, IC-706MkII
CAT with microHAM USB Interface
SD-Logger by EI5DI
Team "Strausberg re-united"
ZM1A(@ZL1AIH)   M/2 HP   5,824,7352008-12-01 02:32:16
Both Murphy and poor conditions visited from time to time but we enjoyed every
minute of the 48 hours.
Equipment two K3s plus amps
Antennas two tri-band hb quads, C4 40m dipole, 2-el 40m vertical, two 80m
verticals, 160m linear loaded vertical.
Many thanks to those whose good ears could hear us from "Down Under"
73, Ken ZL1AIH
OL7R   M/S HP   6,085,8332008-12-01 02:42:47
The worst CQWW since 2000 when we started contest activity from OL7R. We lost 2
PAs, 2 rotor controls on 20 and 40m due to frozen water inside outdoor units.
Where is oil for gear-box ? Poor conditions on higher bands due to real sunspot
numbers. 15 was the same as 10m mainly in second period. Only several local EU
stations trough short-skip propagation. Real opening to NA maybe 15min second
day. Anyway good experience with slopers on 160 and shared 4sq K9AY on 80/160
trough W8JI magic-T RX splitter/combiner. First time JA on 160/80 without
problem read their signal seems to me.


3x remote controled sloper system 0.25wl
shared 4sq K9AY

dipole at 24m + vertical 0.25wl (47 radials)
shared 4sq K9AY

4el KLM at 23m + vertical 0.25wl (40 radials)
AL91 + 4xGU50

5el OWA at 20m + 2el HB9CV at 15 + double V
HMPA 2xSRS457 + 2xRE400

6el OWA at 25m (other antennas not used due to propagation conditions)
PA from 80

6el OWA at 24m + 5el W2PV at 15m
PA from 160

Congrats to OK5W to their famous multiplier score, as usual, and to OL3Z also
for superb result.

Thanks to all and CU in next time ... de Milan OK1VWK on behalf of OL7R team
EA8OM   SOAB LP   1,549,6442008-12-01 02:49:17
dipole for 40m and GP for the other bands
K7LAZ   SOAB(A) HP   385,1442008-12-01 02:53:15
Nice to work the WWDXC guys at VP5,,,Sounds like all the runs were good.

My first scheduled attempt from home on CQ WW CW and I had fun but need a
better plan next time re hours and bands to work (Simple eh? a band Plan and
some sleep ahead of time)

Turned the amp off at noon on Sunday and I think I did as well at S&P.
K7EG Jim stated it best about the big RF hole re Zones and EU.. AF nnd Asia are
fun but the little guys need the common EU countries to show..
Lotsa busted calls on the clusters and I can hear why...Really need to copy
what you hear not what you read... Pretty simple for those that copy cw, but
the high speed slang and computer enhanced CW makes it harder at times.

Lotsa fun and will enjoy what the OT guys talk about when 10 and 15 return...

K7LAZ Harry

Band QSOs Pts Cty ZN
3.5 66 172 30 18
7 127 347 44 21
14 320 912 63 27
21 45 122 25 20
Total 558 1553 162 86
Score: 385,144
EA6IB(EA3AIR)   SOSB/40 HP   747,3842008-12-01 02:57:10
RIG: ICOM 775DSP + TL922
ANTS: 2 el at 33 m.
Horizontal V sloped to USA (70 m every leg)
DR4A   M/S HP   4,213,6302008-12-01 03:03:43
thanks to everyone who called and supported us;
it made fun and we hope to cuagn next year?

73 de
Wolfgang DK9VZ
S52W   SOSB/160 LP   64,0422008-12-01 03:09:14
Rig : TS 850SAT
Antennas : inv »L« 11 mAGL

I was pretty deaf on my only ant. inv "L", due a lot of statics (raining,
snowing, tunderstorms…). But maybe it was not so bad, because I spent a lot
of time calling DX-s without replay. For this antena, 100W were enough.
Sometimes is better that you not hear everything and wasteing time by hopeless
low PWR calling - HI
W2LHL   SOSB/40 LP   35,6702008-12-01 03:13:23
100w, 40 ft. vertical
PR1T   M/S HP   8,246,6512008-12-01 03:13:48
Great job! this first contest with a new PR1T setup , nice game in
C4M(5B4AGM)   SOSB/80 HP   399,7962008-12-01 03:14:11
Good condx. Like usualy european QRM and haos when open pacific. AH2R give me
more ten time that QSO OK, because impossible receive his answer. Thanks all
guys team! Use ICOM-706(tnx UA9CLB for parcel gift) + home brew linear and 30
meters Vertical. Thanks all!
G5W(@G3BJ)   M/S HP   6,331,9722008-12-01 03:22:01
A story of mice and ice

This year's CQWW CW (M/S) at G5W did not work out well !

We had a team of five (G4TSH, G3SJJ, G4FNL, M0BBB and myself) – all of whom
had operated from here before, and knew the station and its idiosyncrasies.

First, I should say that it was extremely cold here in the Shropshire hills for
the start of the contest. Now read on.

We knew that HF conditions were likely to be mediocre, and were ready for
80/40/20 to be the "banker" bands. All went well for about 30 minutes, until we
tried to bring the 160m vertical into operation, and found a 2.7:1 vswr. It had
been perfect an hour earlier. In that time, some of our little furry friends in
the garden had decided that, in the sub-zero temperatures up here, it was
preferable to eat control cable than to go foraging. They had made a good job
of it, too, as both the 160 and 40m keying lines to the Titanex control box
were dead. No option but to replace the control cable (as the affected section
was in trunking underground). So one station shut down, whilst I ran out a new
length of cable (fortunately there was a spare reel) the 130 metres to the base
of the Titanex and wired it in. It was cold and totally dark, so finding that
the rechargeable torch was only half charged was not good news !

An hour or so later we were back with a fully functional Titanex. Things then
went well through the rest of the night, although we had lost about 90 minutes
of multing. Tracking the score, we were ahead of out 2006 rates (8.2m claimed)
until about 5pm on Saturday, when something happened to the bands here. LF went
very "mushy" and rates plummeted. In the next three hours we dropped a fair way
behind the 2006 position, and LF was inexplicably slow on mults.

Then at about 01.00 on Sunday, the next problem arose. We switched to the 160m
dipole for some close-in Eu work, and the VSWR was about 2.5. We could just
about cope, but there was clearly something seriously wrong. A party of three
donned boots and thick clothing (another very cold night, with freezing fog)
and trudged up the garden (this time with fully charged torches). The 160 metre
dipole was an amazing sight. The 14g wire had grown to about ½ inch diameter,
and was encrusted with ice. It looked more like one of the main guys on the
tower. We dropped it to the ground (getting showered with ice on the way) and
cleared as much as we could. The balun at the feedpoint was covered with thick
ice, and we cleared that, and hauled it all back up. The VSWR was now about
1.7, which was better. (By the middle of Sunday it was back to 1:1)

However, this episode seemed to have fried the main computer (we're still not
sure whether the incidents were connected or whether we had a cooling problem
on the computer) and that had failed. So it was then a case of major
reconfiguration, swapping out the failed unit, and putting in a spare. Overall
we lot nearly two hours from the second night's set of disasters.

After that. It was a clear run to the end, but we had lost significant numbers
of QSOs and mults. The good start had turned into a 600 QSO adverse variance
compared to 2006, and the mults were similarly down.

Then, towards the end of the contest, LF signals improved significantly, and we
found some good mults on 160/80/40, but by then it was too late.

HF was mixed. We found 20m good, of course, and 15 mediocre, but 10m was very
disappointing. 160 through 40 were excellent for part of the time.

So overall, not a good weekend. Yes we had fun, but the score is poor compared
to our expectations. The combination of equipment failures and what I think was
a sudden rise in absorption on LF for 24 hours hit us badly.
N1LN   SOAB(A) HP   161,0762008-12-01 03:22:43
When the planning started this was to be a M2 entry. Then dropped to a M/S due
to CW Operator shortages...then finally to a single op.

FUTURES: Needed - CW ops !!

In the end, due to the holiday weekend family related activities, I was only
able to get on the air for 2 hrs on Saturday morning and 3 hrs on Sunday

What could have been?

Bruce - N1LN
N1IX   SOAB LP   854,2802008-12-01 03:24:44
Due to a recent pacemaker implant this was my first contest in quite a while at
Moving the SteppIR from 50 to 70 feet made a huge difference. I really felt
like I was running HP on 20. The Delta 240 performed great. My 80 antenna
clearly needs some work. I felt like I was running QRP on 80.
The pacemaker didn't ship a beat. Maybe I can find some way to use it to my
advantage during these 48 hr. contests.
JN4MMO   SOSB(A)/80 HP   119,1372008-12-01 03:27:36
Many thanks to all contest loveres. I heard OX & TF last night. But so difficult
to work them.
I'll hope to see you next contest!
IZ3KKE   SOAB LP   399,5422008-12-01 03:28:11
Well, what can I say? The King of the Contests!
I was very satisfied 'cause in low power the two trap-slopers (40-80m) worked
good and you contest qrm low bands are not easy...
Thanks to all stations and see you next time! '73s!
Mauro IZ3KKE

Rig: 756 proII 100w
Ant: 3-bands DeltaLoop (10-15-20), 2 Half Slopers (trap 40-80)
OH4A(OH6KZP)   SOAB HP   3,654,7382008-12-01 03:32:28
While helping to maintain the OH6LI/OH4A station the weekend before the contest,
I wondered aloud where my traditional autumn cold has been this year. Sure
enough it turned up just in time for the contest. Anyway, this was my first
SOAB operation in CQWW from a big station, so I guess my adrenaline level was
running so high on Friday evening that the cold just decided to disappear

Didn't want to submit myself to the full-fledged 48-hour torture (yet!), so I
opted for sleeping about 3.5 hours the second night. While at the radios,
though, I must say that the level of activity this contest generates is nothing
less than amazing. Bands were absolutely packed with stations, well at least the
ones that were open.

Low bands were great: Nice with some 160m and 80m W/JA action, 40m at times
questionable but especially during daylight on Sunday it was a fabulous DX
band. High bands were a disappointment: 20m closed very early both days,
conditions on 15m marginal but still good for some multiplier work. Even
managed to squeeze two qsos to W for the double mult.... 10m was just about

Again nice to see the increasing activity of Chinese hams also on CW and all
the contest peditions. Missed some "easy" country multipliers, so that's one
thing to improve on. Thanks to all who QSYed to give a mult.

And thanks again to Jukka OH6LI for letting me work from his station; this time
he was firing up the 160m gear at OH0V.
W5FO   SOSB/80 HP   36,8102008-12-01 03:37:17
Had a little snow static.

CU next year.----------Lynn W5FO
EY8MM   SOSB/80 HP   818,8652008-12-01 03:56:58
ACOM 2000A
Bi-Square North-South @ 55 m Tower
Bi-Square East-West @ 55 m Tower
Vertical Quad with reflector Screen NW
320 m Beverage NW-SE (rever.)
160 m Beverage AF-JA (rever.)
160 m Beverage North

My main goal was to beat my 2003 score. My setup was improved since than and I
was really ready to fight with myself. EY is too far from populated areas so it
is almost impossible to be competitive World Wide. Polar pass to NA, 5000 km to
most ham-populated EU countries, 6000 km to JA (one-pointers), mountains around
make contesting is very challenging. May be that is why I like it so much!

Weather was really good for working with antennas. It was +21 Celsius outside
when I installed Beverages and make station ready for contest.

No unexpected technical problems occur during my stay on contest position.
Electrical power was not cut off and only problem was fluctuation of mains
180-250 V depends of load of nearby villages. Because weather was so warm
people around did not used it too much for heating.

Condition was average first night and excellent second. First night I had eight
S-units noise on all my Beverages and it was thrill to hear one or two layers of
stations calling me. I apologize for not being able to hear most of the stations
weaker than 589. Even so I had to ask calls again and again. Really hard job.

Second night noise dropped to normal S Zero point and I enjoyed good
propagation and strong signals from all over the world.

My result is higher than planned by 300 qso. As last year on 160 I decided to
spent less time for S@P and spent more time calling CQ.

This approach pays off again and I was very happy to be called by many
extraordinary DX countries and Zones. I made few qso on other bands (mostly
160) and specially to mention that I couldn't resist HC8N request to
QSY on 160 as it was New One for me.

Weak opening to USA last hour of the contest brought me few new stations in
log. I wish I can make at least
10% of USA qsos in my log from EY.

I would like to thank Nick UN4L for competition and raising the bar of Zone 17
record on high level and make
us work hard to compete. Actually this competition leaded some changes in
continent records too.

GL and tomorrow it is time to start preparations for CQ WW 2009 season.

73! Nodir EY8MM

Some statistics:
ISØ/IT9VDQ   SOAB(A) QRP   48,2042008-12-01 04:01:41
Very hard job with QRP, dipoles and..... a VERY BAD & LONG Callsign! Very often
I must repeat several times IS0/IT9VDQ..... All contest in Search & Pounce, no
pile-up, very different like WRTC96, IH9P, IR9Y setup!!!!! Aniway, had a lot of
Gius, IS0/IT9VDQ
S57S   SOSB/10 HP   13,1202008-12-01 04:03:33
Another Bad-condition-10m contest is over. I'm looking at QSO numbers and
couldn't beleve what is see. Two days, both without any decent openings.
The strongest signals if we're talking DX language was from ZS4TX. Africa was
again strong over here. First South American was PW2D, about 30 minutes before
any other. Second day, the stongest signals went to ZW5B and PS2T. LU1HF was
way down this time. From the East I worked one and only one real DX - VK2BJ.
European signals was there only because OM-POWER linears and the beasts like
that. I couldn't get in with DF0HQ, next day he come back to me, when I was
poited South. LZ9W was there ALLLLL morning first day, but he could,t copy my
4. el monoband yagi and 1100W. Grounded-Grid L7 was happy driving with 180W
of IC775-DSP. Well, I hope my friend Niko,S53A, operated under 9J3A call sign
went better. I work him on 28, 21 and 14 MHz. After 10m was closed, the second
day, I jumped to 7 MHz and put some CQ'S. The pile-up never stop. I worked 108
QSO's on 40m, at testing speed 33 WPM, woundering if they can copy my dots at
such speed. They understand. Well, that's what I missed on 10m for a long

73 to all. QSL Cards for 9J3A goes via S57S,

de Aleksander, S57S
NA4K   SOAB LP   686,0192008-12-01 04:03:36
Steve NA4K
PF5X   SOAB(A) HP   423,1102008-12-01 04:05:19
Mostly "browsing" style in between family commitments. Condx were really lousy
as I could not raise a decent run on 20m on Saturday. The band was too crowded
due to lack of conditions on 15/10m.
40m was great during sunset/sunrise peaks from either end of the path. Loud
US/Carib signals till a few hours after local sunrise.

Sunday late afternoon was a bit better on 20m and I could raise a short run.

All in all a fun event with lots of nice DX. Let's hope we can add a few
sunspots to that next year ...

-- Enno, PF5X
IO3N(IV3RLB)   SOSB(A)/80 HP   242,2922008-12-01 04:14:04
NDØC   SOAB QRP   96,3202008-12-01 04:15:57
Because of other commitments I only intended to play around in this one, trying
to pick up some band countries on 80 and 40 and trying to work whatever rare DX
I happened to find. But I ended up spending more time due to the apparently
good conditions, making QRP a little more fun! Thanks for all the patience and
good ears pulling me out on 40 and 80!

Station: Yaesu FT-897D at 5 watts, N3FJP software, 3 el tribander at 15m. and
tuned dipole at 12m.

Randy, ND0C
NQ4I   M/M HP   10,079,0282008-12-01 04:22:35
160m. Op W4SVO
80m Ops W4IX and N3ZL
40m Ops K0EJ and K1XX
20m Ops VE7ZO, W1MD and W8ZF
15m Ops K4TD and KY4F
10m Op K2UFT

First Timers W4IX, N3ZL and W8ZF...had fun and will be coming back again...they
really did a great job. I have never in 48 years of contesting seen poorer
conditions on 10m than what we had...40m team made a new station record...Great
Job Mark and Charlie! New antennas on 160m, 20m and 15m are doing nicely...just
need some sun spots now......a new 10 element 10 m yagi has been designed and 4
copies are being planed for a four high stack totaling 40 elements! It will be
ready in the Fall of 2009....we can work the mults on all bands...just need
qso's.....Seasons Greetings to all...see you in ARRL CW in Rick NQ4I
KP2B(WP3A)   SOAB LP   143,3092008-12-01 04:27:55
Thank you so much for my friend (JIMMY-KP2BH) his help me in my setup.I used one
Rig kenwood 450sat and my antenna is MFJ apartment antenna, this antenna working
perfect in only two month I working 56 country, GOOD JOB.
G4FAL   SOSB/20 HP   224,9392008-12-01 04:39:14
John G3LZQ very kindly invited me to operate from his QTH. Used FT2K and Quadra
to one of John's yagis at 40 feet.
SN2K(SP2JKC)   SOSB(A)/20 HP   462,4442008-12-01 04:43:08
Great fun but not great propagation.
Band closed for me at 18.00 utc first day and at 17.00 utc on the second day.
Great opening to Far East on both days, but not a really great propagation to
North America. Only few QSOs with zone 3.
Maybe the next year will be better.
Thanks everyone for QSO.

73 Kitt SP2JKC
N1UR   SOAB LP   2,552,2042008-12-01 04:45:26
Last year I was at 9M6AAC for this contest...affectionately called "Mars" by one
contester who
stated that I might as well have been there for all of what he heard of me from
W1 land. Well
this year I was back at home but the conditions didn't seem a whole lot
different, because I
did not hear anything from the 9M6 part of the world. In fact, this is the
first contest
that I did not work one single JA. I heard one on 80M, Sunday morning (and can
verify that Randy,
K5ZD worked it) but he could not hear my 100W to any of my slopers. I also
heard a couple on
40M LP on Saturday afternoon but could not break through. And I heard a few on
20M Sunday around
22Z but they were very weak and I could not get through. If there was a last
30 min LP 20M
opening here, I missed it. I was working 80M at the time to EU.

I had the best 20M run ever on Saturday morning. 4 solid hours on 14013.7. I
successfully defended the
frequency about a dozen times. The rate was 120 - 150 on the "last 60 mins"
meter and peaked at 210 for
one point but was heavily in the 160 - 180 range frequently. I made the
decision to milk it and skip 15
EU on Saturday and do everything on Sunday as I knew that the rate would be
lucky to be half
that on 20M Sunday morning for me. So Sunday morning, I spent 1230 - 1400Z
exclusively on
15M sucking evry EU mult there was. I am probably a little low on 15M mults,
but in the end,
I feel the decision paid off with the best 20M Band score I have ever posted on
(960Qs 24Zones 108Countries).

In fact my 80, 40, and 20 band scores were all time bests for me. 160 was not
too great here
which was surprising considering that the K and A dropped off nicely just
before the start.
I was disappointed with how few EU could hear me all weekend on 160M but
especially Friday night. I
would have questioned the antenna except I was breaking Carib and SA piles
surprisingly easy
a number of times (always amazing running 100W on 160 and breaking a contest

40 worked very well although I expected better afternoon rate. The signals
were strong but I think
there was A LOT of EU QRM to contend with. But I kept plugging it out both
running and
methodical, 3 layer S & P passes. In the end, I equalled my best Q total and
had the best
zone and countries mult total ever for me.

This contest really is a blast. Thanks for all the fun.


9M6NA(JE1JKL)   SOSB/80 HP   320,6822008-12-01 04:48:34
Great pity that Q did not reach 1000, but great fun to work many precious
multipliers. IC-756PRO + IC-PW1(400W) + full-sized 1/4 wave vertical @ 10m
with 2 elevated radials. No receiving antenna.
A45XR(SP5EXA)   SOAB HP   6,397,2302008-12-01 04:55:26
Worst result since 12 years with same effort.
Where is the mistake?
Built 2-ele DELTA for 40 meters - it helped, but not enough...
Finished antenna works 2 hours before the contest,
had one hour rest, but it is same story as in previous years.
Did not borrow ALPHA Amp from the Club and used my own TL-922
- it also happened before and was fine.
Anyway, NO COMPLAINTS it was GREAT event as usually!!!

Thanks All for calling

LY7Z(LY2TA)   SOAB HP   3,255,6122008-12-01 04:57:20
Low bands cndx was great.
Firs time with WinTest program.
73! Andy LY2TA
TI5N(NOKE)   SOAB QRP   1,273,2662008-12-01 05:08:41
Thanks to TI5KD for the station and of course Sofia for the excellent meals and
snacks. FT1000MP at 5w
S56A   SOAB(A) HP   1,532,0402008-12-01 05:29:08
I intended to operate 15m LP but started on 40m HP Assisted and stayed in that
category even after QRO minor problems. Antena relay failed for 80/160m traped
dipole. Snow and cold WX prevented timely repair. Strange condx - PY were
ringing at the begginig, lot of VK/ZL, poor 10/15 m. TVI complaints on Sunday
limited my CQ time. It was HP fun after 3 years of S&P. I hope my 2007 15m
QRP #2 WW overlooked score is published by now as K3EST and K1EA promised.

73 de Mario, S56A
S55M   SOSB(A)/40 HP   524,7062008-12-01 05:31:16
Used equipment:
Antena: 49 meters of 1,5mm isolated wire in GP style (No ALU used-no animals
harmed, just fishing poles and a surf boom)
FT1000MP (one and only)
OM POWER (mtp kicker)
N1MM logger

After 28 years of my HAM activity, this was the first ever ctest from my home
location (Yes 28 years of portable mounting and dismounting).
It's nice to be in warm and dry place, to have regular meals, but on the other
hand, the score is not so high, as it could be from somwhere else (let's say
9A1P, where i operate regulary for CQWW's, but this year we forced Dave 9A1UN
to do it SOAB and congrats for his score).
The contest like other contest, noise,qrg stealings, zoo (why the hell rare MTP
op's won't or don't use SPLIT mode???????????
It's realy so hard to wrk UP (or DWN)?
And gentelmans pse do not bother with QSOB4. It's much faster to work dupes in
contest. They have computer log checking so it's not a big deal.

The other minus was "no smoking" environment of my house(i did not think about
that when prepairing) so i was forced to search new run frequency vy often HI
HI HI (Yes i know that smoking is dangerous for my health and that it will kill
me, if some other E417 or E991 won't do it b4).
At the end 144 DXCC and 38Z is not so bad, but I was never realy able to build
a good pile on run....(yes, the cigarettes probably.....)
Congrats also to 4O3A and YT3M for their efforts, and to D4C for points from
other DX planet :))

S55M-Adi (also 9A8WW)
YL2VW   SOSB(A)/160 HP   161,7842008-12-01 05:33:31
Great contest!
It would be even better with larger top-band JA segment and multiplier pile-up
EU crowd members not being so egoistic.

PA3ARM   SOAB LP   382,4162008-12-01 05:36:36
Station :

Ten Tec Orion II 100W
2x8m inv. vee 10m up fer 80 > 10m
2x10m dipole 10m up NW > SE for 20m

Attended wedding party on Saturday evening which screwed up mi sleep planning
and thus operating planning later on Sunday.
Cu next year.
KØPK   SOSB/40 HP   86,6322008-12-01 05:36:50
Started out slow on Friday night. Propagation was terrible! Could hear OK but
500w and a dipole just wasn't enough to get out very well. Missed a lot of
"easy" carrib. & SA. Saturday and Sunday afternoons were good when the EU crowd
showed up. Had to pass on a number of stations from some areas because LP & SP
were open and the echo made copy impossible. A beam with some f/b would have
helped. Missed several juicy double mults because my little station didn't have
the necessary horsepower! S&P was the game...CQing drew mostly zero-pointers.

Setup: FT-2000/AL-811H/CC D40 dipole @ 28m

Thanks for the Q's! 73 - Paul, K0PK
OK8WW(OM2TW)   SOSB(A)/40 HP   113,4582008-12-01 05:41:58
The best CQWW CW ever, but QRV 7 hours only. Just 3 hours after the begining of
the contest, my son Simon was born (4kg/53cm). I'm happy man. See you in next

4square on 40m

73 de Rich OK8WW / OM2TW
WW2DX(@W3JK)   SOSB/20 HP   543,2122008-12-01 05:46:28
Thanks to Ken W3JK for allowing me to operate his station for the contest.
Stacked TH7's and AL-1500 connected to the K3 was truly a joy. This was my
first real effort and I think it's safe to say I am hooked! It was very cool to
work EU from 10z to 20z! Nice runs each morning and I need to really work on
getting the calls first time out of the gate. Still with 100+/hr runs into EU
it was a real blast. I expected more JA's in the log but never had any luck and
only logged a handful, the unexpected mult was CE0Y called me in the last hour
on Sunday. I have lots to do this spring with new tower, antenna's and shack
layout but looking forward to more contesting next season from home. Thanks to
all that worked me and see you in the next one!

73 de Lee
N5AW   SOAB LP   1,878,6162008-12-01 05:51:02
After missing CQWW SSB this year I really was looking forward to CW. Despite the
worst conditions on ten meters in the 20+ years I’ve made a serious effort in
this contest it was still a great week end.

The “Good”: Second highest total QSOs ever – only eclipsed by 2002’s
sunspot maximum. Working 100 countries on 40 meters for the second time and
doing it in twelve hours! New CQWW personal records for QSOs, countries and
zones on 40 and QSOs and countries on 20. New beverages that helped me copy
lots of weak signals on the low bands.

The “Bad”: Lowest totals on 10 meters since 1986. Static on 160 spoiling
what sounded to be a great opening to Europe the second evening. Missing HC8N
on ten when everyone else seems to have worked them – would have been my only
six bander. New beverages that let me hear even more DX on 80 and 160 that I
couldn’t work.

The “Ugly”: DX stations not giving their calls. Guys who keep calling after
the DX station has come back to someone. All the US stations answering my
CQ’s, especially when I was trying to run Europe. One guy even duped me
(I’m sure this is an even bigger problem for the “big guns”).

Missed zones 21, 22, 23, 26, and 34 not only on 40 but the other bands as well.
Heard 21, 22 and 26 on 40 but really only had shot at working 22.

Radios: K3 and Orion.

Antennas: 10/15/20: 3L SteppIR @ 134’, 4L SteppIR @ 75’, Th3jr fixed SE @
40’, Stacked C3’s (2L) @ 101’ and 80’ fixed NE. 40: Moxon @ 137’,
Lazy H between two towers @ ~120’ pointed NW-SE. 80: Array of 5 sloping
dipoles from 134’ tower. 160: 6 elevated radials on 137’ tower. Receiving:
840’ beverage NE, 530’ beverage NW.

Continent List N5AW 2008 CQWW CW

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- --
USA calls = 2 3 14 26 1 2 48
VE calls = 12 9 23 48 16 0 108
N.A. calls = 13 23 38 48 22 0 144
S.A. calls = 4 9 37 47 44 3 144
Euro calls = 2 59 158 305 14 0 538
Afrc calls = 1 7 16 21 13 0 58
Asia calls = 2 4 16 18 0 0 40
JA calls = 3 11 100 56 11 0 181
Ocen calls = 3 9 22 15 19 0 68

Total calls = 42 134 424 584 140 5 1329
SM6CNN   SOAB(A) HP   1,544,4192008-12-01 05:51:59
Using K3 twins and one ACOM2000A. Antenna for 10-20m 2 el quad and for 40-160m
15m never opened up properly here and 10m was dead. Tremendous activity on low
bands fortunately.
B4TB   M/S HP   1,442,3042008-12-01 05:56:48
As Rene DL2JRM said:we just enjoy the contest,not for win,if win,we happy,if
lose,we just for fun.
Only low power this time,simple antennas,high bands were totally dead,and sorry
for those who called me on the low bands,there is only verticals without RX
antenna,made us difficult to copy you!
But contest was fun,looking forward to the next!

ANTENNAS: C19XR,homebrew verticals for 80 & 40m
Software: Win-test
SV9CVY(DL6FBL)   SOAB HP   6,342,7352008-12-01 06:01:02
Bottom line first: propagation sucked. About 700 QSOs, 50 multipliers and over 1
million points LESS than last year.

This time I brought a Kenwood TS-850S (tnx DL4NER), because I loved its noise
blanker, and I had hoped to be able to better take up with the very high noise
floor at the QTH (see my 3830 posting for the SSB contest). Unfortunately it
did not help. I even think that I made things worse: whenever I turned up on a
new band, especially on 40/80/160m, of course a big pile-up built up. The 250Hz
filters in the 850 can not handle that very well... The 500Hz filters are too
wide, because those bands were fully packed. I do not remember this problem
from last year when I was using my FT-1000MP. Unfortunately my new K3 was not
available, because it is still travelling home on some ship after being used at
the VK9DWX expedition last month...

The weather was fine before the contest. Saturday morning strong wind started
and athmosperic noise added to the normal very high noise floor. This made it
almost impossible to copy weak signals. I suffered especially after sunrise on
15 meters, when JA/Asia was calling, and I was not able to get their callsigns.
I hoped for a better opening on Sunday, but of course that never happened. Over
the course of the day the wind was playing with the antennas, and one element
of the Optibeam was getting stuck in the 40m loading wire of the neighboring
element, which created high SWR on 20 and 40 meters. When the antenna was
turned South (where the wind was coming from), it would come off again by
chance after some 10-20 minutes. After sunset it happened once more, and then
of course the wind calmed down and the element was still stuck. I had to live
with the high SWR all through the night, before Sunday morning Mike's cousin
George came and climbed the tower to get it right again (BTW Sunday was a warm
sunshiny day with no clouds and well over 20C).

After 24 hours I was 350 QSOs and 30 multipliers down from last year, so I lost
another 350 QSOs and 20 multipliers on the second day.

Another thing, and please don't get it wrong: Mike has received E-Mails asking
if it is possible to operate from his station. Please be aware that this is NOT
a rental station, but a private house... I have to be very thankful that Mike is
accepting me in his home.

73 Ben
K5RQ   SOSB/40 LP   157,4402008-12-01 06:06:54
New K3 was received the day of the contest, great rig. Low Power is tough at
times. 73
VE3MGY   SOSB/160 QRP   11,3302008-12-01 06:15:30
Band was very good all weekend and QRN very low to nonexistant.

Nice to work OX5AA for a new DXCC. Even nicer to do it with 5 watts.

YL1S   M/S HP   1,023,7922008-12-01 06:15:53
Nice condx 80m and bad on 15m / 10m Sorry
Tnx for contest QSO's !
OX5AA   M/2 HP   5,204,5562008-12-01 06:18:56
Ian G3WVG and Nigel G3TXF travelled North for CQWW CW to operate as OX5AA from

With an outside temp of -22C (-8F) working on the antennas during the two days
before the contest was an experience not to be forgotten. Stations who worked
OX5AA on 160m should be particularly grateful to Ian G3WVG who installed a 160m
inverted-L antenna at the top of a mast in unbelievably cold conditions.

The shivvering greens of the Northern Lights on the day before the contest were
a magnicent sight but caused us concern for the propagation. But eventually 160m
and 80m both worked better than we had expected.

Special thanks are due to Jesper OX3KQ for allowing us to use the OX2A
clubstation and for his work in preparing antennas prior to the CQWW CW Contest

73 - Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG (Kangerlussuaq airport, west coast of Greenland)
N2WN   SOSB/160 LP   7,9682008-12-01 06:19:47
Ummm Bummed is the best description I have of the weekend. 160 sounded killer,
many EU were REALLY 599, but just could not be heard on the other side of the
pond. It was disappointing hearing a lot of new countries (8) loud and clear
but not even getting a "ditty dadah ditty" from them. Don't think I was alone,
seemed like many high power US stations had the same problem. Usually reliable
QSOs with G, GM, EA8 just didn't happen. On the plus side, I did work 3X5A
fairly quickly (did miss them on 10M). Both D4C and ON4UN were plus 20 Friday
night. Saturday night sounded the same or worse on the top band, so after
working 3 QSOs in the first 3 hours, I opted out for some sleep. 10 sounded
good Saturday morning and wish I had spent more time there. 15 was much better,
more EU stations than I recall in a while. 20 was packed all the way to 14150
when I was on.

Oh well, dems da breaks...

CU in ARRL 160!

W3PP   M/M HP   7,323,6502008-12-01 06:21:58
It was fun even with a short crew. Tough going when all six bands are opened
and there are only 3 ops. Also strange to see more countries on 80 than 15,
particularly when I only have a dipole on 80!

Next year we order up more sun spots.
VE3CX   SOAB(A) HP   1,014,9502008-12-01 06:26:34
Blew up my keyer two days before the contest, so I ended up using the
paddle/sending by hand. Sure makes me appreciate how much easier it is to use
the computer for sending.

Low bands were in great shape.

The more I use it, the more impressed I am with the receiver in the K3,
especially in crowded bands conditions.

Thanks for the QSO's

Tom - VE3CX
K5GO(N5DX)   SOAB HP   3,900,0002008-12-01 06:31:26
This was a change for the K5GO station. CQWW CW has always been our big contest
and we always have worked it MULTI-MULTI. I ended up having to work the contest
SOAB with hopes of getting more points for the WRTC. It was nice to have N5OE
drive all the way from Texas and help out with things before and during the
contest. Also, KM5G and K5LG showed up during the contest for a little while
to hang out.

I went into the contest with a goal of 4.5 million points. Band breakdowns:

160: Not good from here. My goal was 50 countries going into the contest.
Propogation to EU seemed to be limited to Western Europe. I probably missed a
lot of easy Caribbean mults.

80: Not nearly as good as last year. My goal going in was 400 contacts and 90
countries. I was only able to run Europe for a short time Friday night around
EU sunrise. Very aggravating to have BA4T CQing for hours with a good signal
and to never work him. We need something better than a dipole for the

40: Better than expected. Goal going in was 700 contacts and 110 countries.
Had a great run of Europe the last 3 hours of the contest. Really exciting to
find and work 8Q7DV. Bummer to try and work 4L0A at the start of the contest
only to have him CQ in my face. Never heard him again on 40, but worked him on
80. Conditions seemed better the second half of the contest on this band.
Getting a frequency low in the band is imperative for running EU or JA from

20: Better than expected. Goal going in was 1000 contacts and 120 countries.
I've never had European runs like what was experienced in this contest. Both
days I had hourly rates in the 140s. At times I thought I was listening to
K5ZD's audio, just wish I could copy calls as good as he can.

15: Much worse than expected. Goal going in was 400 contacts and 100
countries. In CQWW phone I was able to run EU for a couple of hours both
mornings. There were no European runs this time. Very few of the Europeans
worked even moved the meter. Got lucky to work two JAs Saturday evening.

10: As expected. Well, probably a little worse. Only opened for a couple of
hours to South America Saturday. Heard one LU Sunday.

I should have done a better job on multipliers. There were a lot out there.
It is frustrating to work the contest one time and know that I probably won't
work it again SOAB. But we have a lot of fun working it Multi-Multi and are
looking forward to the local competition with NR5M. Station details at


SJ2W(SM2WMV)   SOSB/80 HP   386,4252008-12-01 06:45:24
Had a blast working the first serious effort in a contests from the new QTH that
was bought late this summer. Only band that we had real antennas up for was 80M
so I as station owner decided that I would do the honors :)

Up in the north we have daytime propagations towards both JA and US but
unfortunatly a lot of people only seem to use the cluster nowdays and doesn't
scan the bands. I checked now afterfards and the time I got real JA rate was
the only time I got spotted during daytime, that time I worked 40 JAs in just a
short while.

I worked a total of 104 zone 25 and a total of about 290 US stations were
logged. Worked 37% DX which is a bit suprising for me, didn't think the number
would be that high.

Propagations were good but activity seemed to be pretty low. The US and JA
stations that called during daytime were really loud but low activity, S&P the
bands! Dont just look at the cluster. No VK6 worked which was a dissapointment,
propagations were there because I logged three other VK:s but none from zone 29.
Was also extremely annoying that during a S&P run I heard 4S7NE, a DU and HS
station during just a few kHz calling other stations, all new mults (and never
worked). I went up a few kHz and started to CQ towards east but without any

Most positive thing after the weekend was how easy it was to break pileups,
something I have never experienced before on 80M so the new QTH seem to perform
OK, or it was just luck. Biggest thrill of the contest? Working KH7X at 10:57z!

Rig: FT1000D (thanks SM2HWG)
Amp: 4-1000A
Antenna: 4-SQ
K4FX   SOAB HP   535,5002008-12-01 06:46:05
What a ruff contest! I discovered my trusty windom had a bad balun the morning
of the contest. I threw up a 80m dipole hastily. The only good thing about this
dipole was it showed me just how good the windom was :-) I installed an Inverted
L for 160 just for this contest, it work halfway OK considering I only have 100w
on that band, I did pick up some new countries on 160 so it was worth it. I
worked 40m with the inv L via a tuner and it worked pretty decent, not nearly
as good as the windom, but a lot better than nothing!!! I was very pleased to
work TO3R and 8Q7DV on 40 with it! 20m was really good, as was 15,

My goal over the next weeks is to improve my low band antennas. 80 and 40 meter
totals killed me in this contest.

Icom IC-756 Pro II
K1EL Winkey 2 serial keyer
Heathkit SB-220
Cushcraft A4S @ 23M/75'
80 Dipole @50'
160/40 125' Inverted L (top at 40') with about 10 100' radials
MFJ-989D Tuner
PC 2Ghz Dual Core Pentium /w 2GB Ram & N1MM (the very best!)

I will see you all (and hopefully quite a few more! :-)) in the next one!!!

Bill K4FX
NE3F   M/2 HP   3,547,1102008-12-01 06:47:32
UA6LV   SOSB(A)/20 HP   670,8522008-12-01 06:49:27
Extremely bad conditions to NA...
S57AD   SOSB/80 LP   32,4472008-12-01 06:58:10
TS-430S @ 80W, OCF dipole @ 12m (40'), N1MM Logger

Part time effort again due to some family QRM, mostly splitted to 2 ÷ 4 hours
chunks at afternoon & early evening hours. 98% S&P. In spite my OCF dipole is
kind of NVIS at 12m (40') level, have been beaten even by some QRP stations in
EU pile-ups, but, OTOH, suceed to break some DX pile-ups at the first call
(kudos golden ears at TF4M, CT3, ED4R/8, IG9X, 3V8BB, etc)... Bad habit indeed
that even some EU stations in local pileups missed to sign their call-sign for
several minutes. Spent last nearly 30 minutes of available operation time
(before I went to bed) trying to get call of station from zone 33, having huge
EU pile-up at 3595 & listening up, but NOT signing at all! Anyhow, excelent
CONDX at 80m band, had lot of fun in spite of limited time.
ZF2AM(K6AM)   SOAB HP   7,253,4642008-12-01 07:09:11
Conditions were very good on the low bands but the opening on 15 was very light
and 10 was mostly dead. Unfortunately the main 40 meter antenna at 100 ft was
shot, so we ended up with the backup at 65 feet. It was OK but not the same.

I'm a senior citizen so I missed about 500 Q's to get a bit of sleep. If
everyone else lost big on 10 and 15, I could break the top 10.

As always, a big thanks to Andrew for the hospitality. It's always a blast to
come down to Paradise and run 200+ rate for hours on end.

Hey, does anyone else think the Caribbean should be re-classified as a
K3ZM   SOAB HP   4,145,9252008-12-01 07:12:21
SO1R Slow Operator One Radio

Propogation on the low bands seemed quite workable, and there was only modest
QRN. If 15 meters ever really opened to EU, then I missed it.

10 meters is very hard to make useful with only one radio (15 as well). I
guess I'll have to install a different station configuration and learn how to
use it.

One highlight was having my CQ answered by VU2NKS at 2250Z on 40 meters.

Had only one small run going on 160 - the rest was all search and pounce

On Saturday night, I was running EU on 80 meters near their sunrise and worked
about 75 stations while basically sleeping. I have no recollection of this,
but the contacts are in the log. Talk about auto-pilot. I had slept for 1.5
hours on Friday night. Then slept for 3 hours on Saturday night.

I went to bed on Friday night with 559 QSO's. At the mid-point of the contest,
I had 1,599 QSO's and 1.85 meg.

Thanks to all the DX for answering my CQ's. In particular, many thanks to the
endless stream of stations from the countries of the former Soviet bloc - lots
of fine operators.

Extra thanks go to my XYL, Margaret, who gave me the FT-1000MP as a wedding
present (with INRAD and Collins filters in every single slot) and who helped me
(just the two of us) put up both towers and tram up the yagis.

Peter K3ZM
YE1ZAT   M/S HP   3,110,2922008-12-01 07:13:44
Thanks for all contacts !!

All members were really enjoying the contest even propagation was really
'unique' for us this time.

15 M was not good as usual and even 10 M was totally 'silent' from our side.

Hope to C U all again in next contest in 2009 !!

Season Greetings !

Joz - YD1JZ
for YE1ZAT Team
HA8BE   SOSB/80 HP   238,1282008-12-01 07:16:49
Rig: IC-756
Ant: Vertical(28m)
Rx ant: K9AY, 1/2wawe dipole

Nice contest - Tu!
K1DG(@N1LI)   SOAB HP   6,039,1762008-12-01 07:18:17
My 40M beam developed an intermittent problem recently. Taking it down is a big
job with all the other antennas on the same tower (the 40 is at the very top),
and I just did not have a combination of time and weather to allow repairing
it. It worked well enough in the CQWW SSB and both modes of SS, so I figured I
could live with the problem one more weekend, and fix it in the spring.

However, a severe wind storm earlier in the week apparently made things
worse...the SWR bounced from 1:1 to 3:1 randomly, but guys kept calling. Got
through the first day OK, but just after 00z Saturday night, the SWR went to
3:1, and stayed there. I was hearing OK, but had to struggle for every QSO. I
considered quitting, but knew I was doing well on the other bands and kept
going. Before I took my sleep break Sunday morning, I gathered the parts I
would need for a makeshift antenna - a wire GP that I could hang from a tree.
Installation would have to wait until daybreak.

At 17z on Sunday when the 20M run began to slow, I went outside and installed
the 40M GP in a tree close to the house so I could at least work a few
multipliers in the last few hours. Managed to work RW9USA, VK6LW, ZC4LI, H7A,
and A54XR with it, so I guess it was worth the time. I could not crack the
pileup on OD5NJ though. I tried to run with it, but nobody answered my CQs. Of
the 543 QSOs on 40, fewer than 50 were made after the halfway point.

Amazing rates on 20M. I guess that everyone has been looking forward to this
contest, and wanted to operate. With 15 and 10 in poor shape, everyone was on
20. I had long stretches with the rate meter over 200. Missed those LP Asian
openings while I was busy on other bands.

When I put the second radio there on 15 Sunday morning, the first signal I
heard was TO3R - a solid s7! A little while later, I thought the European
signals were peaking a bit, and managed a half-hour run there good for almost
100 Qs.

My 6 QSOs on 10 consisted of local multi-multi K1TTT and 5 LUs, all in a
10-minute period Saturday. Nothing else heard, though I only listened a few
times. Dear sunspots: We miss you - please come back soon.

80 and 160 played quite well, and I had some nice runs on both. I'm very
pleased with the antenna performance on those bands at this QTH. A new 500-foot
2-wire Beverage in the friendly neighbor's woods made listening easier.

Congratulations to K5ZD on another great job, and his retirement. Unlike Randy,
I am *not* retiring from SOAB contesting, and will have a working 40M antenna
next year.

Despite the 40M beam failure that probably cost me this contest, I still love
this game!

73 and thanKS for all the QSOs,

Doug K1DG
K4LY   SOSB/160 HP   14,0802008-12-01 07:18:46
Since I got my 160M inverted L back up six weeks ago and had found band
conditions really good at times, working WAC and 51 countries, I decided to try
a competitive 160M efort. NOT! A storm to the SE made the band fairly noisy
and even forced me to retire early Saturday morning when cloud to cloud
lightning was overhead. Propagation was normal-good, but not the excellent
conditions we had earlier in the week when I could work the Russians and
eastern Europeans with my modest station, a TS-850 and 900 watt amp. On the
other hand, my results are a testament to what you might do on a small lot. I
have an acre, but my 65' tower by the house and Hygain Hytower 50' from the
house would have fit on my 60' x 180' lot back in the days when I was W2CRS in
Schenectady, NY. All I do for 160M is run a 1/4wl wire from the lower part of
the Hygain Hytower up to the 80' level on the 65' tower at the back corner of
my house some 50' from the Hytower, which means the sloping wire is about 35
degrees from vertical. The remaining 30' flat top of the antenna runs north to
another tower on the other back corner of the house. Thus, with the Hytower, I
can operate all bands, including 160M, with a single coax feed. The sloping
inverted L tops out at 80'on a broken Jackite telescoping fiberglass pole, but
was at 85' last winter (that 5' made a difference) before the pole broke in 3
places. I know a solution and should have done this last year. Last week I cut
a 24' bamboo pole (bamboo grows wild here) which is much stronger (and
heavier)than the fiberglass. I cut it and walked it 1 1/2 miles to the house
Thurday and with it substituted for the broken Jackite pole, I will be able to
get the top of the sloping inverted L, up to the 88' level which I hope to do
before next weeks 160M test. There are 35' and even 50' bamboo trees I could
cut if I find it easy to put the 24' bamboo on top of the tower strapped to the
mast. Even with the top of the sloping inverted L at 90' or 100', many of the
Europeans will probably continue to CQ in my face. With the Hytower only 50'
from a curving road and 52' from the house, I have only about 120 degrees where
I can put out 100' radials. In the other 240 degrees, I only have room for 80M
radials at best, so I'll never have a a great radial system. I figure I'm
loosing 2 dB in power to some of the HP stations, 2 db at low angles because my
wire is sloping at about 55 degrees, and 2 db because of the inadequate radial
field and closeness of the sloping wire to the house and tower. With that 6
db, I bet I could have worked almost all 75 of the countries I heard this past
weekend. The two KAZ (variation of the flag) receiving antennas worked very
well. Thanks for the Qs and CU next weekend in the 160M test.
Doug K4LY ex- W0AH W2CRS V31AH
W4ZV   SOSB/160 HP   74,6002008-12-01 07:18:57
Very frustrating weekend here. I could never run except once briefly the last
night around 06-07z, after most of Eastern EU was in daylight. Signal
strengths were simply never what they should have been and I had great
difficulty in many pileups. Stations farther north were in and out with
impunity. I called SV9CVY forever and never did get him...while he answered
K5RX 3 times before Jim realized it.

I believe North was the place to be this weekend...the farther the better. The
top 3 multi-multis (KC1XX, K3LR and W3LPL) were amazingly within a few QSOs of
each other (385/381/397) and I'm normally much closer to them. I noticed the
same effect from Europe. Normally countries bordering the Mediterranean are
the strongest from EU. This time I missed CT, EA6, IT9, 9H and only worked
5B4AII and LZ9W from zone SV, YO (YR9P was another experience like
SV9CVY above), 4X, etc. I must have spent an hour total calling 4L0A on all 3
evenings only to hear him answer VE3EJ's CQ Saturday night. I won't bore you
with all the countries and zones I heard but didn't work.

Stand by for an incredible score from N7UA...possibly even challenging the
existing USA record. N7UA is at a latitude about the same as VE1 or VY2 and he
was working *everything* over the pole. I even heard him calling some stations
not long after my sunset on Sunday afternoon! When W6/7s see Bob's score, I
hope all will pledge to never whine again. Under normal conditions when
there's Aurora, South is the place to be. But when Aurora is calm, being
farther North means you're actually closer to the DX beaming directly through
the Au zone. Another example of this was OX5AA who was audible almost any time
I tuned the band! Another example of Northern propagation in quiet
conditions...VY2ZM worked ~90 JAs in one morning run about a week before the
contest! Congratulations to Bob N7UA who I'm sure won for USA and possibly
broke the record.

I enjoyed using both N1MM and my K3 with diversity for the first time. Using
Skimmer 1.3 in Blind Mode (legal for unassisted) was a big disappointment. I
got so many false decoder dots I quit looking at them and just looked at the
waterfall. Next time I'll probably use PowerSDR's waterfall which doesn't have
the 24 kHz width limitation of Skimmer when used on the K3 output with LP-PAN.

Thanks to everyone for your patience with my weak signal!

73, Bill W4ZV
E21EIC(@E21YDP)   SOSB/40 LP   454,0202008-12-01 07:20:04
Thanks E21YDP for invited me to used his station.
Which is same station as Fred, HS0ZAR/K3ZO used in
CQWW CW 2004 and 2007.
This is my first time in 40m. single band contest.

Ant: 40M Fullsize Rotary Dipole @25mH.
Rig: Kenwood TS-850S
Pwr: 100 Watts

Congrats to Bruce, XW1B for his new MonstIR antenna
at 45mH. His signal very lound !

A Lot of Fun!!!

73, Champ, E21EIC/KY1A
VA2WDQ   SOAB(A) HP   1,471,5002008-12-01 07:22:23
CQ WW CW is always a great time! Missed allmost Saturday cause we were on a
funeral ceremony. One of our friend has passed away last Tuesday. So I couldn't
pretend to high score. I did S/P prior to RUN. The propagation was really nice
sometimes on all bands except 10m. Too north here)))

Thanks to all who answered me and to all who called me)))


W1GD   SOAB(A) HP   1,942,0172008-12-01 07:24:22
All logs loaded to LoTW
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOSB/80 HP   239,6322008-12-01 07:28:47
Alpha 87A
4-sqaure sloping dipole array (K8UR style) from 100' tower.

First time in 12 years that I haven't been on the DX side of the pileup....had
to relearn sending 5nn04. :-)

This was a good year to be on the low bands! From time to time the band would
shift from good to very good to really, really good. Lots of nice signals. A
ton of northern EU who are often shut out. JH1OGC was very prominent for hours
at a time. Only two zones heard that I didn't work: z17 (UN4L had a nice
signal) and z22 (8Q7DV calling mults.) RW4PL had a really nice long path
signal Sunday morning. 23 zones and 93 countries after the first 12 hours!

The only lowlight was a local noise source that appeared Saturday afternoon and
persisted for the first few hours of darkness. Condx were such that many
signals were stronger but it undoubtedly cost a few QSOs and at least one mult.
Otherwise it was mostly highlights!

Kudos to the guys who ID frequently (who also are almost always the
high-scoring types.) Without cluster spots to assist, it's an execise in
patience sometimes with very strong local stations calling just as the mystery
DX sends his call after 5 you wait another 5 minutes....

Hope to be back on the DX side again next year. Thanks for the QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
WT3Q   SOSB(A)/160 HP   36,5662008-12-01 07:31:01
never called cq (should have)missed quite a few countries ah0-5b-sv9 all heard
with good signals ..first night was great second night no so 3rd sunset was bad
too guess next time i'll need to cq a bit
OK1IW   SOSB/160 LP   39,7152008-12-01 07:31:13
Nice contest, as usualy. Thanks for all.
Rig: K2+100W PA, Inv.V @ 25m
CU Milan OK1IW
YR9P(YO9HP)   SOAB(A) HP   3,559,8572008-12-01 07:41:53
The score is smaller than my target (4 M pts) and even than last year score (3.8
M pts) due to poor propagation on 10 and 15 m bands. The low bands were good,
but even 160 m and 40 m bands were below the level reached one month ago, in
the SSB leg. But CQWW is always fun and it worth to be QRV regardless of our
complaints about propagation. 73, Alex YR9P - YO9HP
K8GL   SOAB HP   2,700,0002008-12-01 07:47:12
First, a big thanks to my spouse Mary Jo for supporting my effort to "put up one
last antenna" and for feeding me during the contest! Also kudos
to CQ Magazine for running the best contest of the year!

It was strange to start the contest on 80 meters. The 40 meter absorbtion on
Europe started at 2300Z. 15 and 10 were poor here in the northern US.
However, 80 and 160 were great thanks to my VE3DO loops and a new ground system
under my verticals.

The number of great ops continues to rise. The only downer was the
continuation of some to sign their calls once every 10 minutes. 8P5A PJ2T PJ4A
P40W P40Q V47NT and others get praises for signing their call during every QSO
and having great QSO rates!

2X IC765
TitanII amp (20 and 40)
Henry 2KD Classic (80 and 15)
LK500ZB (10 and 160)

10/15 2/2 quad 83'/46' plus 2 el quad at 40'
20 3 el at 83'
40 rotary dipole at 70'
80 2 el wire vertical'
160 gamma fed 83' tower
VE3DO loops at 50 degrees and 160 degrees

CU next year!

LN3Z(@LA3Z)   M/S HP   4,074,2082008-12-01 07:50:55
Great lowband condx, and for a change not to much bothered by aurora either.
Some super Murphy problems during the contest, but wont complain over
this...but it took us out of the contest a few hours. If lowband was good, high
bands were terrible. Did not work a single qso on 10m, and this is the first
time we manage not to...

Managed to work a few big guns in NA on 15m, but band never gave respond to our
cq calls.
Lots of fun, and lowband really took off this weekend.
W8UVZ   SOSB(A)/160 HP   52,8002008-12-01 07:55:02
In my many years of 160 m contesting, doubt I have ever heard the band this busy
and crowded. Plenty of patience needed to work rarer stns with huge nr of EU
callers. Several rarer EU stns needed but difficult for NA to work with the
QRM and constant EU piles. Suppose I heard at least ten more mults that
weren't worked.

But fun times indeed. Thanks for the contacts.

73 George W8UVZ
HB9CA   M/2 HP   7,581,0452008-12-01 07:56:31
For our 2nd attempt in this category (last year as HB9CT) we made a number of
improvements to the station and increased the number of operators too. Let's
see where we stand compared to the competition.
Everything worked fine and we all enjoyed another great contest. We'll be back

vy 73, Stephan, HB9DDO
K4OD   SOAB LP   60,6762008-12-01 07:58:31
20/15/10 - 3 EL TRIBANDER
80/40 - ALPHA DELTA 80/40 DIPOLE
W7PP   SOAB(A) HP   333,9002008-12-01 08:07:10
Great fun until company arrived at 1PM on Sunday, lost 6 hrs. Got to work on 40
meter antenna, a single vertical won't hack it... C U Next Year !
N2CU   SOAB(A) HP   635,7962008-12-01 08:09:34
All S&P except for one run on 20m. CU in the ARRL and CQ 160's.

FT1000MP, Drake L7, TH6DXX 48', (2) 40m slopers, 80m 1/4 sloper, 160m inv. L
46', N1MM (of course).

Tom N2CU <><
N7OU   SOSB/20 QRP   7,1382008-12-01 08:09:49
Operated in my car from a high spot in Portland, Oregon. Used a K2 at 5w and an
8 ft mobile whip. Sunday morning yielded many EU contacts, including DL, F, EA,
CT, G, EI, and OH.
Bill N7OU
EA5RS   M/S HP   7,165,0002008-12-01 08:22:17
TRX 3xFT1000MP
1xAlpha 76

ANTs (single tower station)
160m Shunt-fed tower
80m Inverted vee @ 20m
40m 2 el Yagi
10/15/20 OB11-3 @ 27m
2xA3 @ 15m/20m

Great fun and miserable conditions on the high bands
It was a thrill to work multipliers on 10m with all kinds of weak, weird
propagation modes except regular ionospheric, with most signals ESP
Only heard one US station on 10m (K1TTT) but only for about 30-45secs, I
replied twice to his CQs but he never heard me, a ? was all I got, then his
signal disapeared
Looking forward to more sunspots to increase and shift Qs to higher bands where
we should be more competitive
Thanks to all who called

Juan EA5RS
NE8P   SOAB HP   288,2002008-12-01 08:22:45
First time from home QTH. S&P only.
GMØIIO   SOSB/20 LP   116,0812008-12-01 08:26:40
FT-857D with Par Electronics EF-20 on 10m fishing pole. No short skip so missed
lots of EU countries. Lots of fun and good conditions. 73, George
M/N2WKS   SOAB(A) HP   817,0802008-12-01 08:28:50
Callsign was a mouthfull (fistfull?) which made S/P difficult. I hope everyone
logged it correctly (M/N2WKS) and not as any of the busted versions. I will
have to get a local callsign for next time.

I had diffuculty on the low bands and I will need to improve the antennas on
40/80/160 as I could not be heard by many even here in Europe. Conditions did
improve later on Saturday night on both 40 and 80 and I was able to run for
periods of time on both but 160 was not very productive.

I guess I missed the 15 meter opening as I was only able to work a handful and
nobody was particularly strong except a few of the guys in the caribbean.

20 was the money band and I pushed the rate meter up over 200 a couple of times
which I usually can't even do in morse runner so it was a lot of fun.

I used an ICOM 7700 for the first time and it was so clean even right next to
strong stations that it made it much easier to run then I am used to with the
756pro I normally use. I hope I did not get too close to people not realizing
it, if I did it was not intentional.

I tried to use the Rigexpert tiny and I couldn't get CAT working. CW worked ok
but I noticed it was CPU intensive which was a bit annoying on this single cpu
machine...probably not an issue on a dual core box but I probably should have
used the rigexpert plus. I wasn't able to get CAT working from the rigexpert
plus with n1mm and an FT2000 either so I have some computer issues to work

QSO total was a record for me but point total was not due to all the 1 point
QSOs I had with EU stations. I will need to work on a plan to balance this so
I can improve my score next time.

QSL via LOTW. 73 es thanks for all the QSOs.

LY5W(@LY2ZZ/LY5A)   SOSB(A)/160 HP   317,4052008-12-01 08:30:51
Thanks to Jonas LY2ZZ for excelent station, let me broke World Record.
Score must be change for those TO stations isn't in database.
My mistakes - was to lazy to bring beverages, and weather not so fine - rain
and wind.
Some 90 JA and over 150 (only) USA/VE stations in my LOG.
Where were zones 12 (Chile), 26 (Thailand), 34 (Egypt), 36 (many stn), 37
(5H3EE), 39 (TO3R)??? Before contest I worked those zones.
Amazing - 4 KH6 stations!
Bad boys - HA8IB, SP3BQ, DJ0MDR, UZ2M. No listening, don't like to use filters,
and thinking about himself - if have MEGA WATT You are king of the band! NO WAY
GUYS! Remember it in future! And forget my small signal before,...I was in
73, Saulius "SAM" LY5W
Sorry for those small ones what I can't heard with help of those QRMers,....
N3RS   M/M HP   10,106,8502008-12-01 08:33:13
We lost one of the ACOM amps just before the contest and had to resort to a
manual switching amp in one of the band switching positions. We were also
several ops short for a competitive M/2 effort and decided to go for a maximum
point effort for the FRC. My grateful thanks my wife for putting up with this
crazy hobby and to the operators, who stayed in the chair as much as possible.
We are getting a bit long in tooth to put in the hours that we once did.

Most bands were surprisingly good, considering the solar flux. It was very
difficult the first night on 80M and on Saturday on 15M getting a run going.
Had to resort to S&P on both of those bands for the first day. Sunday was much
better and running was possible.

Thanks to all those who called in and for those who fought the QSB and stayed
with us.

With any luck, we will be back as a M/2 in the next one.

73 de Sig
YQ9W(YO9WF)   SOAB(A) HP   3,957,5542008-12-01 08:37:04
The main target was accomplished - new YO SOAB(A)HP record!

73 Ionut YO9WF / YQ9W / YP9W
N4PN(@W8JI)   SOSB/40 HP   947,7842008-12-01 08:37:32
First...Thanks Tom for again letting me operate from that great
station you have. It is just unbelievable operating at your place.
As always, everything worked great...

Thought if condx were fairly good, I might have a shot at Phil,
KT3Y's US record on 40m...Condx were much better than fairly good...

First night stations that called include: EA9EU, R1ANR, 6V7N, TF3CW,
EW7LO, OD5NJ, HR1RTF, Z29KM, ZS6C, V51YJ, 9J2BO (called the 2nd night
also, tks Brian - no problem), ZA1Z, UA2FL, CX9AU, TA1AN, EL2DX,
CE0Y/SM6CUK, UN9L, XW1B - LP, (tks Bruce - you almost knocked me out
of the chair - vy strong), OY1CT, E21EIC (tks Champ), HL5YI, YB3MM...
Took off for home at 1455z, short nap, shower...returned at 2101z..

Sat. afternoon stations that called include: EK3SA, VE2XAA/2 (only z2
worked), 3B8/SM6GOR (he also called on Sunday..tks..better twice than
not a all..agn, no problem), 7Q7BP (tks Brian), 9M6/N2BB (tks Bob),
VP8NO, 9M6XRO (big signal), VP9AD, JW5NM (tks Math), EX8M, FK8KAB
(nice surprise/nice signal), HP3TA ...Took off for home at 1417z...
returned at 1829z...found the band wide open...and big, big signals.
Thanks to TF4M, XW1A (tks Larry - ur signal like Bruce's, really,
really strong LP - put you on spkr so Tom and Ralph could hear
you - btw, it was 3 hours before sunset here.!!), and last
but surely not least, C98LW...many other "less rare" stations also
called and thanks to all of you...many were double mults at the time.)

Had emailed Nelson, 4S7NE, earlier in the week to see if he had
rcvd my card for a contact on 160m. Alerted him that I would be
on 40m and K1ZZI would be on 80m....I never heard him, altho he
was on, but Ralph got him the first night..

Amazing that I could work stations all over Europe at 4, 5 and 6am
local time here...middle of the day over there....

The operators at 8Q7DV had announced that this year they would not
be doing an "all-out" effort...but their signal, beaming due South
on Saturday morning was S9 plus...double mult...

Total operating time was 34 hours.....fastest 34 hours in my life...
Maybe could have made it closer to 1M if I had stayed in the chair
and tried to work VE's or some non-contesters in the Caribbean, but
getting way too old to go the whole weekend wish I
had gotten back at the rig earlier on Sunday, as the band was wide
open when I sat down at 1829z....only 1:29 in the afternoon here,
which means the band probably never did "die" completely...

Enjoyed operating along side of Ralph, K1ZZI for the first time..
Fun sharing the excitement when that rare one came along...

If "funny" is the word....only funny thing this contest was a big
SP contest station dropping right on top of my frequency calling
CQ...after questioning him as to what was going on...he informed
me that he took a break and was coming back to "his frequency".
He didn't stay too long .. just a few CQ's and he was gone..

Thanks again to Tom and Marsha for providing this OT the opportunity
to operate from such an outstanding station...your friendship means
the world to me...

Again, thanks to all who are in the log...

73, Paul, N4PN @ W8JI

Rig: Yaesu FT1000MP Mark V
Ameritron AL1200
Ant: 2 - 3el Yagi's (48' booms) on rotating tower
Logging: CT
S57Z   SOSB(A)/40 HP   517,4222008-12-01 08:37:42
This year I expected a good contest. Hour and a half before begining arrived at
the location.
Checking set-up I found that interface for keying didn't work.
I said OK and started contest without PC keying. Good old days... After a few
minutes, I found that cooling in PA didn't work and something smell from PA. I
fixed that by el. heater focused fan with cold air on tube. Very funny to see.
But it was not so funny, because my el. heater (the only one)is used for
cooling PA. On the other hand, room from which I worked, was very cold. The
temp. was cca. 10 deg and I was freezing until the end of ctest.
TNX to all for QSO-s. See you next year.



4O3A   SOAB HP   6,664,4892008-12-01 08:42:52
First conclusion:

Missed good chance to make my best result ever, better then last year. Goal was
8M points, and even with worse conditions on 15M and 10M, it was almost
possible. But had a lot of problems, with happy final at the end. ( Prices
comes Monday and draw me back from hilltop in haven, hahaha )

1 - Start with problems – I thought it was problem?
Have to say that my station is pretty OK and almost all elements inside and
outside are installed. SO2R and station automation is great and comfort is
Only one important element I can’t control is – weather.
Friday evening starts with worse scenario I was afraid about - south wind with
rain and lot of noise. But noise was not the worse I had on station and pile up
was good. Everything was under control and score was 10% higher than last year.
But problem does not start yet. It comes suddenly Saturday lunch time, when
weather become to be better and bands clear.
2 - Real problem on scene!
Saturday afternoon I lost electricity. Since electricity did not come back
until sunset, I understand that electricity failure has to be serious.
Generator was switched on and it does not looks as any problem at all. But…
Suddenly, generator started to break after hour or two. And then is stopped
every 10 – 15 minutes. Looks like diesel filter was bad, because after
pumping diesel it started again normally. And next 16 hours I was in total
mess. Generator stopped every 15 – 20 minutes, after I had to shut down all
equipments, except PC which was connected on UPS, go in generator room with
Boro 4O6Z, pump diesel, started again and come back in shack to wait until AMP
timer switched on. Then I had to search for new frequency, building up pileup
I was really very close to quit contest, but fortunately survive and left in
chair somehow.

3 - Nightmare finished at Sunday morning…
Total damage is – 2 hours without any electricity and 14 hours with lot of
disturbance and operating 80% of this time.
I lost advantage I had before losing electricity and Sunday morning, when
electricity come back I was 600 QSO’s behind last year result. This
difference was kept until the end. To be realistic, without disturbing I was
able to make at least 600Qs more, what should make score of 7,5M points.

Good ones is I did not quit. I was so mad and disappointed, and decided to shut
all down, but after 10 minutes said – NO? Too much to left both CQ WWs?!

In generally, it was Low band contest. Bad propagation on 15M and 10M did
limitation and final multiplier score is worse I ever had. Total QSO points is
same as last year, what mean that average QSO weight is better because I did
more of 3 point QSOs on 40M. Of course, 40M was main band and many rear
stations called me – H44, CE0, FK, FO….Sunday evening I finished on 40M,
and it sounds great. Clear band, only DX callers.

Thanks to all who called me. My truly congratulation to Ben, DL6FBL who again
make nice show and did great score from average station and good location. Also
to Toni, who had his own contest and pileup’s. Looking forward to see what
surprise he has for us – poor EU contesters.

CU in CQ WW 160

N5DO   SOAB LP   647,8202008-12-01 08:45:51
I had a slow start, possibly due to arriving just before the start time after
traveling in from spending Thanksgiving in Sedona with my brother and his

I read the comment from Paul, K5AF, about his still trying to learn to love his
K-3s. I understand where he is coming from; I've had mine for about 3 weeks
now. I used it in the SSB portion of Sweepstakes. It worked fine, but I was
not excited about it being markedly better than my old FT1000MP. However, I was
very impressed with how well the rig worked this weekend. It really handled the
QRM well.

When I got done I realized that I forgot to work the US on 20M -- dumb mistake!
Thanks for the fun weekend.
KN5O   SOAB(A) HP   1,468,2482008-12-01 08:46:26
I had planned to operate my station as a multi-op this year with the DeltaDX
Association. But it is a bad time of year in the USA to do this given the
holiday weekend. However, I actually operated much longer that I thought or
had planned.

This was my very-first-ever "serious-effort" CQWW CW participation and all
contacts were made S&P. I had a lot of fun, although the last 4 hours were not
great. I wasn't feeling too well, having stayed up for almost 48 hours
straight. At age 57, it's really getting hard to pull those all-nighters
compared to those times during my college days.

Unfortunately, lots of committments, chores, etc. occurred during the contest
that only allowed me to operate for about 2/3-rds of the time. Found out way-
too-late that N1MM cannot drive my FT-1000MP with only the CAT cable. Hmmm,
should have checked that sooner, oh-well. So operated only with the PRO-III.

I actually had a borrowed K3 side-by-side with the PRO-III (not in a SO2R
configuration). I was somewhat "underwhelmed" with it, given all the hype over
the specs, etc. In fairness, I've only played with it for a week, but I found
the receiver (at least to my ears) to be no better in use than the PRO-III
(with filter settings for 200 Hz in the presence of adjacent strong signals).
I know that the actual test measurements show otherwise, but I did not observe
that (when in use this weekend) to be the case. Given that, I'm going to wait
to purchase another radio to replace my FT-1000MP until the new ICOM 7600 is

Here in the "RF black hole of South Louisiana," 80M band conditions were awful
Friday night with thunderstorms moving through the area. Lots of QRN even when
using the Beverages, but even so, they helped a lot. Never did get the 160M
inverted-L up as planned. 10M was non-existent for me the entire weekend.
Additionally, 15M conditions were very poor. But 40M and 20M were supurb, with
many Europeans nearly "pinning the S-meter."

Otherwise things were uneventful except for the occaisional hitting of the
wrong function keys on the keyboard, especially late in the contest when I was
very, very tired. So thanks to all for the Q's - it was great to put you in my

Rig: ICOM 756-PRO-III with Collins 30S-1
Antennas: 80M: 2-slopers @ 85ft, 40M: XM-240 @ 87ft, 20M,15M,10M: 5 element
HyGain monobanders @ 100 ft, 88 ft and 73 ft respectively.
Software: N1MM, V8.11.1
VY2SS   SOAB HP   531,5132008-12-01 08:49:47

160M:Inverted "L" 50 feet vertical and 6 radials
80M: 1/4 wave vertical with about 20 radiaLs
40M to 10M R7 multiband vertical

160M: 100W
80M to 10M: 500W

My beam is still not working. I was hoping to have it for this contest but
that didn't hurt as bad as my back. I hurt it moving a tower before the
contest and did the entire contest on pain killers.

I only lasted 2.5 hours on Friday night but vowed to run late on Saturday. Then
my son paid a surprise visit to watch a hockey double header. 14 hours gone out
the 48 but half of that would have been sleep time. Then another visitor on
Sunday. Where are these people during the week?

VY2TT took away the bottom half of 20M but surprisingly was not a problem on
the other bands.

I was dissappointed with 40M but it came to life near the end of the contest so
I could catch a few mults.

I had a good time as always. Next year, more power!
K3OO(@K3OOOOO)   SOAB(A) HP   2,542,0682008-12-01 08:49:55
I sure thought(hoped) we would get at least one sunspot for the weekend. Tracked
the previous 27 day cycle and it looked good.

The weekend was still alot of fun.

Meteor Scatter on 10m was amazing on Sunday afternoon. I was listening to K3LR
cqing on 10m. His signal at times was in the noise.. Then would peak to 20 over
9 for a second or two. That always is fun to listen too... Now you know your at
the bottom of the cycle when you find things like 10m meteor scatter to amuse
you! hi

I saw my friend Jim WX3B say in his soapbox"Skiing...and contesting in the same
weekend. It doesn't get much better than

Well i say ..Golfing and contesting in the same weekend ..It doesn't get much
better then that!

I got a round of golf in on Saturday with my 15 year old son Mark. He is
currently a 2 handicap.. and the old man almost beat him..

Fun weekend .. CQWWCW is the best!!

Rick K3OO
KNØV   SOAB LP   126,1602008-12-01 08:50:08
40M was pretty hot Sunday afternoon.
K7SS   SOSB/20 QRP   52,0522008-12-01 08:52:16
Good fun in this one. Decided to try for a QRP single band on 20. Started out
great with LOUD JA and Asia. Pacific Islands were pretty much non existent with
only a couple ZLs in the log, and the usual very loud KH6s. Didn't get a VK
double mult til late Sunday. As everyone up in this neck of the woods noted,
the middle of EU was just not there for us this year. Never worked a G, SM, DL,
I, OK, etc etc. However CT and EA was loud and workable, but I cant recall a
recent DX contest, on 20, in which we didn't work a single central EU station.
20 felt pretty much like being on 15 in a low to mid-cycle year, with only the
edge of EU and zone 33 pretty much being the DX in that direction. Had to laugh
listening to the D4C and 3X5A a swarm of hornets and it lasted
for hours. Didnt even try on the first day, hoping there might be a minor lull
and a shot on Sunday, which there was. Decided to get on 160 in the late
evening and wound up getting my first ever 160 WAC, was short only Africa and
on Saturday nite 3X5A rose above the noise beautifully and was worked. YEAHH!!
Back on 20 what was missed into EU was made up for with great ASIA opening both
afternoons. Heard and missed the JT and the HS, but was able to work most
others. Almost all S&P, and found that if there were more than two or three
calling the DX, it was most likely unworkable. Pretty much had to have a clear
shot to work anyone. Rarely able to call over anyone to get the DX. Did hear
zones 36 and 37 calling folks, but they never sat still long enough to call em.
Leaving a pileup and coming back in 10 minutes often proved fruitful, however
once the packet swarm found someone you could pretty much forget them for some
time. The swarming on newly found and spotted stations seemed ferocious. All in
all great fun and would do it again. One last note, I just have to comment on
the wonderful CW skill level noticed this weekend. Sounds like CW is here to
stay. Great ops with great ears everywhere ! 73 Danny K7SS
F4DNW   SOSB(A)/80 HP   96,0402008-12-01 08:54:17
Cat: SOSB A 80 HP,
qso made on 20m are only for fun with NA before 80m opening, during 2 hours
sunday evening, with very nice signal and low noise.

80M: 1st night on 80m was noisy, s7 of noise on NA beverage
2nd was better some interesting multi

thank you to all, a pleasure to contact some friends as usual
merci spécialement a TO3R de m'avoir appelé 80m

wrk cdx; ft1k field, 500W acom1010, 60ft vertical, berverages, N1MM soft

cu next week for ARRL160
73,Jerome F4DNW
W3EF   SOAB LP   1,351,0412008-12-01 08:56:37
Station Description:

IC-7800 and IC-765
TopTen DX Dxoubler and Band Decoders
WX0B Six Pak and Bandpass Filters
Various homebrew switching panels, pedals, coffee, etc.


160M: Twin inverted L's in phase (more or less -- optimal direction for EU
seemed to be the one marked "SW").

80M: Wire 4-"square" (hung from 125' tower -- odd sloping things for which the
optimal direction for EU was the one marked "NW").

40M: Crippled and unrotatable KLM 40M4 at 125'; tied off pointing vaguely at
EU; GP in hickory tree.

20M: Crippled, unrotatable and disconnected Telrex 20M646 at 105'. Whoops,
guess that means A3S at 52' on top of house.

15M: Telrex 15M845 at 96' (working --yay! Too bad the band never really opened
to EU.); A3S.

10M: A3S & ESP.

Beverages: 760' NNE, 280' NW, 270' W

Operators: same old me.


This was a kind of "welcome home; now it's time to fix your station" contest
for me. We had been living in HB9 for the past three years. (In fact I
managed to set the record for this contest in SOAB HP for HB9 in 2005 from club
station HB9MM, and had fun last year as part of the crew at GJ2A.) Now our
tenants are gone and we have the house back (though I still commute to HB9,
where I have an apartment). But as you can see from the antenna description
above, I have my work cut out for me!

Still, I have no complaints about my performance under the circumstances. I am
particularly happy about the zone and mult totals on most of the bands,
especially 20 without my monobander. I would have liked to take less sleep but
I have been travelling a lot lately and had a cold by Friday so I knew I would
need at least a few hours both nights this time. Best moments include getting
an invitation for a return visit from Vidi, ZS1EL, which I will probably take
up this spring, and bagging some really fine DX such as 8Q (zone 22), J2, 5H,
and 6V. Never heard a thing but D4C and some locals (mostly W3LPL) on 10m,
despite frequent checking. Heard but not worked included JW, 7X, KH0, 9M, and
missed in particular were several of the usual double mults such as VK2 and JA
on 15 and 40 and ZL on 15 and 20.

My biggest thanks go to my helper Paulo who not only built the towers with me
four years ago but continues to work on them (including pulling out the stops
to get the 40 reconnected and tied down, and to repair three of the wire
antennas, on Friday). I had to call him in on Sunday when the rain lowered a
tere branch just enough to block the rotation of the A3S (my one useable 20M
antenna). With a bow and arrow and some rope he cleared the problem in
minutes. (Of course I would have done this myself :-) but I was glued to the
chair; also I would not have trusted my aim by that point!)

Congratulations to the current dominant force in USA LP contesting, N1UR, and
to my favorite nemesis, N5AW, for their posted scores, and to the others who
will doubtless cause me to miss this bid for the top ten box. I'll be back!

73 es gud dx,

Maury W3EF
N7DD   SOSB(A)/20 HP   404,2022008-12-01 09:04:12
Just getting over the flu so decided to do a limited effort using the internet
cluster. First time for me and it was fun. Used WriteLog and cherry picked the
band map for Q's. Openings were very strong to Europe but short. Seems that as
soon as the sun went down at a particular location the band closed there.

The only surprise was being called by 9Q1EK during a JA run. His signals were
raspy and had many echos. Cant figure out what path that was.

Missed zone 34 as usual and didn't have enough grey-line for zone 22.
K5NA   M/S HP   5,650,1282008-12-01 09:06:27
This was a fun contest even though it is the bottom of the cycle.

I didn't think that the cycle could bottom out more, but it did. This was our
poorest 10M effort ever and we had no contacts on 10M in zones 6, 7, 8, or 9. I
don't remember that EVER happening before.

15M started out looking like a disaster too, but we kept plugging along and
eventually got our multiplier totals on 15M to 80 percent of what we had last

20M and 40M were outstanding. We had longer and more substained runs on these
bands than I remember ever having before. It is interstng that 40M was a little
better for us than 20M. I don't recall that happening before either.

80M and 160M were great with better conditions and more multipliers than ever
before from this QTH in Texas.

We had three outstanding operators (K5WA, N3BB, and K5PI) come over to help us
do this contest. I was amazed how these guys could stay in the chair for hours
and maintain incredible run rates. Susan (K5DU) and I did mainly logistics and
multiplier chasing while marveling at the skills of these three operators.

This was the first contest for my brand-new new K3 and it was our 40M station.
K5WA brought another K3 over and we put it on 20M. I think those two fine
radios helped us do a better job of running on crowded bands. I am glad we took
the time to put those radios on-line before the contest started.

Since I didn't do much running, I didn't get my hands on either of those radios
very much. I am looking forward to the next weekend and the 160M Contest and my
first serious effort with a K3.

73, Richard - K5NA
KY5R   SOSB/160 HP   21,8402008-12-01 09:09:36
Condx so so on Top Band from "the Heart of Dixie". Just a part time effort
trying to snag a few new countries which I did. Also discovered I can hear much
better the Xmit in the "heat of the battle". Missed the 1st Sunrise period due
to sleep induced coma Hi Hi. Cya'll this coming weekend as I will try for WAS
again during the weekend.Sri for QRM at times as I am an Alternate mode op just
trying to break into CW test operation but no excuse eh!
Great to hear all the activity es TNX fer QSO's. Tim, KY5R
S53MM   SOSB/80 HP   555,4082008-12-01 09:12:17
Ant: 4 1/2WL slopers

I will not forget this one becuse of a "run of a lifetime" from zone 3 stations
on Sunday morning between 7:30 - 8:15 local time. Together there are 29 QSOs
from zone 3 in the log.

Satisfied with number of NA QSOs. On the other hand it was not looking good for
JA after first day with only 15 QSOs in the log. I was expecting around 60
Luckily activity in UA and UA9 is icreasing. On Saturday morning there was
ZL2AZ calling in on LP, then on Sunday evening another 3 ZLs on SP.

USA - 466
UA9 - 84
JA - 45
VE - 36

Missed zones: 1, 12, 23, 31, 34, 36.

1st night: 860q
after 2nd night: 1830q

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 0 1482 0 0 0 0 1482 67.1
AS 0 156 0 0 0 0 156 7.1
NA 0 529 0 0 0 0 529 23.9
AF 0 22 0 0 0 0 22 1.0
SA 0 10 0 0 0 0 10 0.5
OC 0 11 0 0 0 0 11 0.5

N2IC   SOAB HP   4,428,1022008-12-01 09:14:04
A very interesting weekend. 10 and 15 were the deadest I have heard them from
this QTH, and maybe even during the sunspot minimum from the previous Colorado

160 - I don't have a big signal on this band - a vertical on a rocky
mountaintop just doesn't work like it would on flat land. Band was okay on
Friday night, but really played well around Europe sunrise on Saturday night.
36 Europeans worked. Very poor to JA both mornings with only 2 JA's worked.
Heard VR2PX, BY, and UA0 both mornings, but no QSOs.

80 - FB to Europe and JA both nights. 97 EU and 102 JA's. Fun to work UN4L
short path, and EY8MM long path, as well as a very loud JT1BV.

40 - The nighttime workhorse. Never could get much going to Europe. When the
band was at it's best, I was either on 20 running JA, or beaming JA after
Europe sunrise. Otherwise, the MUF was too low to Europe. 175 EU. 465 JA.

20 - Best 20 meter numbers ever for me. Super EU rate for about 1.5 hours each
morning. I learned one thing this year - Be on 20 just as the sun is rising,
rather than DXing on 40 and 80. For about 30 minutes at sunrise, I felt like I
was at KC1XX ! 564 EU (136 DL's). 311 JA's. Surprised to miss Zone 18 - usually
easy from here around 01Z, but by 01Z, the band was almost dead.

15 - Struggled to work 10 EU and 13 JA. First contest I have operated from here
that there was no JA opening. For a few minutes 5H3EE was the loudest signal on
the band.

10 - A VHF band. HC8N and LU1HF were beacons for hours, but never moved the S
meter. Happy to work PY2NDX and CE3AA for double mults on 5 minute openings.

The station and operator played well. I'll keep the old TS-950SDX's around for
a while longer. It rained on Thursday and Friday, reducing the power line noise
to insignificant levels on all bands and all directions.
KØRF   M/M HP   6,320,7002008-12-01 09:15:54
A week before the contest this was going to be a Multi Single or Multi Two
entry. Then we had settled in on a Multi Two but before we started we looked
at the rules and there was enough confusion about band changes that we decided
to just go Multi Multi.

We had planned a crew of 4, W0UA, AA0RS, W1XE and myself. The day before the
test, I heard Tom, W2CO on the band and told him he was free to stop up during
the test and we were glad he did to help out during the daytime. N4VI, Chris
just stopped up on Saturday and we put headphones on him and a paddle in his
hands for a few hours.

W0UA was the QSO champ of this effort. We used and abused him for 40 of the 48
hours. And, every time the stations started to run (mostly on 40 to JA and 20
to EU) we stepped aside and watched his magic. Watching the rate meter pop up
to the 300s was quite a thrill. I have been doing this for 40 years and, for
pure running skill and speed, I have still to see anyone match him.
AA0RS, Dave, worked 160 for almost every QSO there, plus he managed to also
work 40 meters for our best run to EU at the end of the contest. It must have
been frustrating for him to use my 160 set up that is consistently a couple
s-units weaker than his big 4-square at his home QTH, but he never complained.
He just did a fantastic job with what he had here.
W1XE plugged in wherever I needed him. The firsat night on 80 meters he
marched up and down 80 meters picking up lots of mults. He was ready for the
JAs when they came in and did an FB job of getting them in the log even when we
made him move up the band to make sure 40M was free of his harmonic. W1XE,
George is usually pretty composed and, I must say, that I was quite surprised
to hear him shout with delight when he picked up EY8MM on 80M longpath as I was
working s-0 EU stations on 20M scatter over South America.
W2CO, Tom, has never come up for a contest before and he had great instincts
for finding the elusive signals on 10M. He managed to suffer through learning
CT, my less than ergonomic set up, and the 20M harmonic to pull out more
stations than I thought we would.
N4VI, Chris, came up and filled in on 20M Saturday when we really needed the
break. Chris has operated up here many times in the past and I hope this will
be the beginning of his return.
The crew worked very hard. There were many times when we had all we could do
to stay awake but everyone gutted it out. I am very happy with the results and
ready to do it again, hopefully with real 15M and some meaningful 10 M too.

73 to all and see you again in the pileups. Thanks for all the contacts.

Chuck and the gang at K0RF
K7WP   SOAB HP   946,5122008-12-01 09:16:19
Great time spent this weekend with some terrific openings to EU on all bands
except 15/10. Good to have the JA runs from the west coast again! 3X5A VooDudes
were LOUD! Thanks for all the Q's, and great to hear all our DX community
friends...please have a terrific Holiday Season! CU in the 160 contests...

Rig: FT1000MP/ Alpha 76A/ Force 12 6BA@ 70'/ low CL33 mult ant fixed at SA/
HF2V 40m mult/ 160/80 sloper.

73, John K7WP
AF6EV   SOAB LP   31,2392008-12-01 09:23:11
This contest was a lot of fun for me. My only regret is I couldn't put more time
into it. The holiday weekend makes it real hard to find time to operate, with
family obligations and all. I'm pretty happy with my score from my little
station. My rate was much better per hour than my SSB effort. It was a pleasure
having OPs answer my call the first time, unlike my SSB experience. Thanks to
all for pulling my small signal out.

I put up a 80M loop for this contest on the advice of K6GEP and KD4HXT(thanks
Tim and Dave). My 80M performance was not stellar, but at least I got on. The
antenna really shined on 40 with a 20 db improvement in S/N ratio over my
dipole. It also has a good lobe to the northeast on 20M, which improved the
signal from Europe by an S unit. I have no conclusive results on 15M as the
band was not too active the times I checked. I'm looking forward to using this
in future contests. I also need to work on getting it a little higher.

Station details:
Rig FT450 @100W
Antennas: Fan dipole @25ft, 80M loop @20ft average.
Tuner: MFJ-949E
Software: N1MM

Thanks for all of the Qs.

N7IR   SOAB QRP   29,9602008-12-01 09:23:25
Had visiting relatives for the first time during a CQ WW contest. Due to the
limited operating time available (late at night) I decided to try to break my
Zone 3 QRP 160 meter SOSB record. Unfortunately the band seemed to be broken
from here during those hours and I couldn't even get close. I turned the
failed attempt into a very limited SOAB QRP effort for our club score. Had a
good time S&P on 15, 20 and then 40 during the last couple of hours of the
contest to build up the multiplier totals. Worked 3X5A on four bands again
this year: 160, 40, 20 and 15. Heard the Dudes on 80 for hours but could never
get through, even when they had no other callers. My antenna for that band must
be broken!
Gary, N7IR
VE6EX   SOAB HP   1,011,0602008-12-01 09:33:13
Hi All:
Well I went into this looking at doing 3k Q's @ 1 million +, and I guess I
may have one out of two. It was a thrill to see the meter turn 1 mill on the
TRLOG meter....Though--- the wringer will thin that for sure. One of my beloved
940's got sick in the night and a standin rig had to be brought in to fill the
bill, but that did'nt slow the stride a lot. Tons of CQ'ing and lots of fills
to deal with in the 40+hrs of contesting. It was an epic CQWW CW event for
sure. Not a peep on ten so I did'nt beat on that too much, thanks for the Q's
and glad to be on from home.
VE6EX was:: SO1R
Kenwood ts940sat + home made pr of 3-500 amp to 1kw input.
2el on 20. 2el on 15 plus quarter slopers on the low bands off my 60'
Special tnx to TRLOG who put up with my many goofups doing 40+hrs and
narry a peep in confusion. You gotta love that TRLOG dos keyer, totally
Special thanks to Nancy my xyl who held the fort with our the teenagers
(now two at home), Russ, Jeanette and Michael while I did my thing on the
contest bands...
Dan VE6EX..
KN4Y   SOAB LP   136,9162008-12-01 09:34:42
Raining and cool, good weekend for a contest and the band conditions were OK,
EI5DI   SOAB HP   2,089,5962008-12-01 09:35:33
SD, WinKey, Pro3.

Manual sending (single-paddle key) at all times. Sorry for
all the mistakes in 5NN14 near the end :-)
K1TR   SOAB(A) HP   160,5712008-12-01 09:37:46
While not sharing 15m duties at KC1XX, I worked a few from home. Great fun!
W1TY   SOSB/40 LP   17,8892008-12-01 09:46:41
I can't even copy CW. A 20 WPM, no-code Extra!

So let my software decoder allow me to give out a few Q's.
CT9L   M/M HP   24,798,8802008-12-01 09:53:59
Thanks to all who gave us a call. We had another nice contest and a lot f fun
even with poor condx on the upper band. 10m was almost totally closed, 15 and
20 closed very early. Congratulations to the D4C team and all other M/x who put
together a lot of enthusiasm, time and material. Looking forward to see what the
the 3X5A guys did.

Thanks again to all participants. We'll see you next year ... for sure.
The RRDXA team.

P.D. More information on our operation (CT9L and CS95A) and be found at .
W7YAQ   SOAB LP   34,5442008-12-01 09:54:04
Spare time effort -- beautiful wx and weekend guests. Nice to catch OX5AA and 3
JAs on 160.
LA8AW   SOAB HP   134,5962008-12-01 09:55:33
I have very limited space for antennas.
HF6V on ground for 40/80m - 18 radials 5/10m long in direction west/east.
GAP Titan DX for the other bands (HF6V IS better on 40/80m!)
Next year a BB HexBeam will replace the GAP! Antenna/mast already in basement.

No conditions on 10m, limited on 15m. 40/80 fairly good

Average 28 qso/hrs and had approx 13 hrs operation.

Great fun.

Cu in next contest.

73 de LA8AW
W6PH   SOAB HP   1,421,1362008-12-01 09:58:26
Rig: TS-930S, AL-1200 (SO1R)
Antennas on Field Day AB-577 masts
40m: 40-2CD at 60 feet
20-10m: Cushcraft ATB-34 at 55 feet
80m: Inverted L (35 up by 30 feet horizontal)
160m: Base loaded 80m inverted L

I almost gave up after a couple hours as I had a high noise level. I took a
couple hours off but went back to the radio and found the noise gone. The
bands seemed pretty good but I was demotivated and tired and went to bed at
midnight missing some good low band openings to Europe. Same thing Sunday
morning. We were out of town for Thanksgiving so I had to put all my antennas
up during the day Friday. Not a good way to start a contest. No equipment
problems at all, just operator issues.

40 meters was a really great band. I did a lot of S&P trying to break 100
countries and ended up low on QSO count. I think the JA's are back though.
They answered my CQ's continuously for a couple hours.

20 meters was only open to Europe for about an hour at sunrise here and then
faded away. I never worked HA or SP on 20m. I only worked two OH's and one
Signals went all the way up to 14140 while the band was open to Europe.

15 meters was only open to the Caribbean and South America with no propagation
to Japan or Asia which we usually get. During the last hour I checked 15m and
found JA5FDJ and JA3YBK CQing. I couldn't get JA3YBK to hear me but got JA5FDJ
in the log after a couple tries.

My only contact on 10m was with W6YX who was weak but came to S9+ on bursts.
Nothing else despite frequent checks.

I am disappointed in my 80m results. I worked stations on 160m that I couldn't
work on 80m. I think the guy wires for my AB-577's are resonant on 80m which
suck energy from the inverted L right near them. My antennas are spaced pretty
close in an area 75 feet by 75 feet which puts the masts about 30 feet apart
with the vertical in the middle.

Lots of "shoulda's" but there is always next year. I sure hope we aren't in
for another Maunder Minimum. I only have a couple more sunspot cycles left.

73, Kurt, W6PH
DR5N(@DLØGK)   M/2 HP   5,146,0862008-12-01 09:59:11
Nil Condx on 10m and bad condx on 15m!
Great DX on 40m, 80m and 160m with 39 Zones worked on 40m!
K6RM   SOAB(A) LP   6,7322008-12-01 10:08:38
K3 to G5RV at 35 ft average height. Inadvertently made my first QSO running
only ONE WATT! My apologies to JA5FDJ who did a great job digging out my sig
for that QSO!!
73, Barry, K6RM
DJ1YFK(@DJ6ZM)   SOSB/40 HP   784,2242008-12-01 10:13:27
FT2000, ACOM 2000A, 3el (OB804020) @ 100ft, Schurr Profi (100% manual CW)

First of all, thanks to Toffy, DJ6ZM, from who was hosting my once again for
the CQWW. Over the last years he has built a very competitive station and it's
always a pleasure to operate from there. Thanks!

After SOAB HP for a few years, I decided to do SB40 this year. 40m has been in
an excellent shape over the last weeks and the 18-year-old DL record by Y42MK
(now DL5AXX) seemed quite possible to beat. If the figures at are
correct, those 716k points from 2051 QSOs and 108+36 mults mean the pts/QSO
average was almost 2.5! I figured something around 2.0 would be more realistic
for me, but 2250 QSOs, 35 zones and 135 DXCCs are feasible and would give me
765k points.

The contest started well with a 142 hour and QSOs kept flowing in at good
rates. 1000th QSO was logged around 11z. Rates in the daytime were still great,
with a little lower point average. I kept running almost for the whole Saturday,
and finished Saturday with 1700 QSOs and almost 90 DXCCs (all on CQ!). US
propagation went down a little after sunrise but recovered quickly until noon.
JAs started to come in around noon, so there was not a long EU-gap to bridge.
DX around the clock, amazing. On Saturday afternoon I was fortunate to hold a
very clear spot at 7009 and was called by an amazing number of Asian and OC
multipliers, absolute highlights were FK8KAB and H44MY. CE0Y/SM6CUK calling me
in the first night was also a great moment.

Activity from JA seemed excellent, over 110 QSOs. Ten BYs, even two BVs. Three
times KH6, twice short path, one long path. And a KL7 on Sunday morning,
something I didn't expect to happen.

I stayed up for the whole 48h but only spent a total of 44h or so on 40m. I
took two breaks, two hours on Sunday morning and the last 2h, to let DL3OBQ
(who operated all other bands at DJ6ZM's station during the weekend) catch some
mults and QSOs on 40m. I had a busy week at work before the contest but managed
to get enough sleep each night and slept (or rather tried to) 3h before the
contest. On Sunday evening around 18 UTC my mental capabilities quickly melted
away and I seriously had no clue what I was doing. During a good run I forgot
what those letters and figures I exchanged were, why I had to send 5nn14 to
everyone and why we do all this stuff at all. Of course when I concentrated
hard, I could get a vague picture of it, but my mind wandered off and thought
the strangest things about it. Yes, at one point I somehow thought I was a
clerk in a shop who traded 59914s for 59905s to customers with names like
DL1XYZ. I was putting my sales on a long list on my computer. Later I tried
without success to explain to myself the nature of the signals I heard, how the
VFO knob influences the signals etc. I was very sure that the place where I was
(frequency) must be some three dimensional structure since it had such a
complex sound. I forgot for quite a while that there was a rotator which I
could use to point the antenna to some other direction. I forgot that there was
an antenna involved too, for that matter. I didn't realize it was telegraphy I
copied. I could not explain to myself why I would do all this. Did I tell that
at one point, pulling a weak JA out of the noise, in my sleep deprived mind,
equaled to diving through some muddy pond where you had to find the exit? Now
you know.

Strange enough, although I had no definite idea of what I was doing, I just
continued to make a lot of QSOs and the rates were okay. Also, when someone
walked into the shack I was able to communicate normally and as soon as I was
not focused on the radio, my mind was rather clear.

Somehow, in the last hour, after a strong coffee and a quick toilet break, I
suddenly felt much better and finished the contest almost knowing what I was

The final result is very close to what I expected. A few more QSOs, more Zones,
less DXCCs, but I am very happy. The station worked flawlessly, the QRM from
DL3OBQ working on 80m was usually not a problem and I could hear pretty well.
Not bad for two antennas on the same boom! Unless in that state of sleep
deprivation I did some major stupidities, the record should make it through the
log check.

This was probably *the* year for SB40. It was fun, but I will rather do allband
again next year....

Below some stats by Win-Test and CBS.

Contest : CQ World Wide DX Contest
Callsign : DJ1YFK
Mode : CW
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : Single band (SB) 40 m
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... : 14
Locator : JN58QD
Operating time : 43h56

160 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
80 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
40 2363 37 131 168 4668 1.98
20 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
15 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
10 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
TOTAL 2363 37 131 168 4668 1.98
TOTAL SCORE : 784 224

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 06g) by K5KA

Contest: CQ-WW-CW
Callsign: DJ1YFK
Category: SINGLE-OP

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 142 0 0 0 142 142 5.6
0100 0 0 116 0 0 0 116 258 4.6
0200 0 0 99 0 0 0 99 357 3.9
0300 0 0 93 0 0 0 93 450 3.7
0400 0 0 90 0 0 0 90 540 3.6
0500 0 0 47 0 0 0 47 587 1.9
0600 0 0 71 0 0 0 71 658 2.8
0700 0 0 61 0 0 0 61 719 2.4
0800 0 0 78 0 0 0 78 797 3.1
0900 0 0 72 0 0 0 72 869 2.8
1000 0 0 63 0 0 0 63 932 2.5
1100 0 0 48 0 0 0 48 980 1.9
1200 0 0 65 0 0 0 65 1045 2.6
1300 0 0 73 0 0 0 73 1118 2.9
1400 0 0 71 0 0 0 71 1189 2.8
1500 0 0 86 0 0 0 86 1275 3.4
1600 0 0 76 0 0 0 76 1351 3.0
1700 0 0 40 0 0 0 40 1391 1.6
1800 0 0 44 0 0 0 44 1435 1.7
1900 0 0 47 0 0 0 47 1482 1.9
2000 0 0 32 0 0 0 32 1514 1.3
2100 0 0 49 0 0 0 49 1563 1.9
2200 0 0 39 0 0 0 39 1602 1.5
2300 0 0 53 0 0 0 53 1655 2.1
0000 0 0 35 0 0 0 35 1690 1.4
0100 0 0 33 0 0 0 33 1723 1.3
0200 0 0 51 0 0 0 51 1774 2.0
0300 0 0 24 0 0 0 24 1798 0.9
0400 0 0 54 0 0 0 54 1852 2.1
0500 0 0 35 0 0 0 35 1887 1.4
0600 0 0 31 0 0 0 31 1918 1.2
0700 0 0 26 0 0 0 26 1944 1.0
0800 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 1946 0.1
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1946 0.0
1000 0 0 31 0 0 0 31 1977 1.2
1100 0 0 38 0 0 0 38 2015 1.5
1200 0 0 32 0 0 0 32 2047 1.3
1300 0 0 36 0 0 0 36 2083 1.4
1400 0 0 37 0 0 0 37 2120 1.5
1500 0 0 39 0 0 0 39 2159 1.5
1600 0 0 20 0 0 0 20 2179 0.8
1700 0 0 48 0 0 0 48 2227 1.9
1800 0 0 27 0 0 0 27 2254 1.1
1900 0 0 10 0 0 0 10 2264 0.4
2000 0 0 49 0 0 0 49 2313 1.9
2100 0 0 46 0 0 0 46 2359 1.8
2200 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 2363 0.2
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2363 0.0
Total 0 0 2363 0 0 0 2363

Gross QSO's=2531 Dupes=168 Net QSO's=2363

Unique callsigns worked = 2363

The best 60 minute rate was 142/hour from 0000 to 0059
The best 30 minute rate was 160/hour from 0001 to 0030
The best 10 minute rate was 186/hour from 0010 to 0019

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSO's/minute 1 times.
4 QSO's/minute 17 times.
3 QSO's/minute 117 times.
2 QSO's/minute 455 times.
1 QSO's/minute 1029 times.

There were 0 bandchanges and 0 (0.0%) probable 2nd radio QSO's.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 13
4 777
5 930
6 603
7 16
8 11
9 10
10 2
11 1

------------ C o u n t r y S u m m a r y ------------------
Country 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
3A 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
3X 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
4L 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
4O 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
4X 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0.2
5B 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0.2
6W 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
6Y 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
8Q 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
9A 0 0 15 0 0 0 15 0.6
9J 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
9M2 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
9M6 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
A4 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
A7 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
BV 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
BY 0 0 10 0 0 0 10 0.4
C6 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
CE0Y 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
CM 0 0 6 0 0 0 6 0.3
CN 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
CT 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0.2
CT3 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
CU 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
CX 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
D4 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
DL 0 0 69 0 0 0 69 2.9
DU 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
E7 0 0 8 0 0 0 8 0.3
EA 0 0 50 0 0 0 50 2.1
EA6 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
EA8 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0.2
EI 0 0 7 0 0 0 7 0.3
ER 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0.2
ES 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0.2
EU 0 0 10 0 0 0 10 0.4
F 0 0 32 0 0 0 32 1.4
FG 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
FJ 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
FK 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
FM 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
FR 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
FS 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
G 0 0 80 0 0 0 80 3.4
GD 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
GM 0 0 19 0 0 0 19 0.8
*GM/s 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
GU 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
GW 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
H4 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
HA 0 0 26 0 0 0 26 1.1
HB 0 0 9 0 0 0 9 0.4
HB0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
HC 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
HC8 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
HI 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
HK 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0.2
HK0/a 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
HL 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
HS 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
I 0 0 27 0 0 0 27 1.1
*IG9 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
IS 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
*IT9 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
J3 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
J6 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
JA 0 0 111 0 0 0 111 4.7
K 0 0 742 0 0 0 742 31.3
KH2 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
KH6 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
KL 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
KP2 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
KP4 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
LA 0 0 15 0 0 0 15 0.6
LU 0 0 8 0 0 0 8 0.3
LX 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
LY 0 0 25 0 0 0 25 1.1
LZ 0 0 12 0 0 0 12 0.5
OA 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
OE 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0.2
OH 0 0 31 0 0 0 31 1.3
OH0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
OK 0 0 57 0 0 0 57 2.4
OM 0 0 22 0 0 0 22 0.9
ON 0 0 19 0 0 0 19 0.8
OX 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
OY 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
OZ 0 0 16 0 0 0 16 0.7
P4 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0.2
PA 0 0 57 0 0 0 57 2.4
PJ2 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0.2
PY 0 0 16 0 0 0 16 0.7
PZ 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
S5 0 0 22 0 0 0 22 0.9
SM 0 0 30 0 0 0 30 1.3
SP 0 0 58 0 0 0 58 2.5
SV 0 0 7 0 0 0 7 0.3
SV9 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
TA 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
*TA1 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
TF 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
TI 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
UA 0 0 225 0 0 0 225 9.5
UA2 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0.2
UA9 0 0 90 0 0 0 90 3.8
UK 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
UN 0 0 14 0 0 0 14 0.6
UR 0 0 108 0 0 0 108 4.6
V2 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
V3 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
V4 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
VE 0 0 51 0 0 0 51 2.2
VK 0 0 11 0 0 0 11 0.5
VP5 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
VR 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
VU 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
XE 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0.2
XW 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
YB 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
YL 0 0 15 0 0 0 15 0.6
YN 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
YO 0 0 28 0 0 0 28 1.2
YS 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
YU 0 0 22 0 0 0 22 0.9
YV 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0.2
Z3 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
ZC4 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
ZF 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
ZL 0 0 10 0 0 0 10 0.4
ZS 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
05 0 0 513 0 0 0 513 20.3
14 0 0 424 0 0 0 424 16.8
16 0 0 356 0 0 0 356 14.1
15 0 0 351 0 0 0 351 13.9
04 0 0 221 0 0 0 221 8.7
25 0 0 114 0 0 0 114 4.5
17 0 0 63 0 0 0 63 2.5
20 0 0 63 0 0 0 63 2.5
03 0 0 60 0 0 0 60 2.4
08 0 0 28 0 0 0 28 1.1
18 0 0 28 0 0 0 28 1.1
09 0 0 19 0 0 0 19 0.8
11 0 0 16 0 0 0 16 0.6
24 0 0 13 0 0 0 13 0.5
33 0 0 11 0 0 0 11 0.4
32 0 0 11 0 0 0 11 0.4
13 0 0 9 0 0 0 9 0.4
30 0 0 9 0 0 0 9 0.4
07 0 0 6 0 0 0 6 0.2
28 0 0 6 0 0 0 6 0.2
06 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0.2
19 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0.2
21 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0.2
40 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0.2
31 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
10 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
26 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
35 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
22 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
27 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
29 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
12 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
39 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
36 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
23 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
38 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
01 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
Total 0 0 2363 0 0 0 2363

Multi-band QSO's
1 bands 2363
2 bands 0
3 bands 0
4 bands 0
5 bands 0
6 bands 0

----- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O ' s -----
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 0 2363 0 0 0
VE3IAE   SOSB/40 LP   69,8882008-12-01 10:19:33
Amazing prop on 40 m, especially on Sunday. Still, some mults turned to be
unaccessible with low power and a tiny aluminium stick hidden in bushes.

IC-756Pro3 + Hustler 5BTV
WØRAA   SOAB HP   18,4802008-12-01 10:24:25
My health issues still seem to be taking a toll on my contesting stamina.
Hopefully things will eventually improve. Are the VK's and ZL's forbidden in
the contest? I never heard a single one, and I spent a lot of time searching
for them. Although my score was pretty feeble, I still had fun and they say
that's the name of the game. Thanks to those that gave me a few points.
DL9JON   SOAB HP   59,6162008-12-01 10:33:08
vy bad conds on 10mtrs,thanks all for nice qsos. 73 Heiko
VE7SV   M/2 HP   5,882,3302008-12-01 10:40:03
Low bands were fun but the high bands were very poor for us
in the Pacific North West.Thanks to all for the many qso's and
especially those that take time to say hi or good luck.

Now for the 160m contests.
4X/DL3PS(@4X6O)   SOSB/40 LP   194,8292008-12-01 10:50:50
Thank's to Moni 4X6ZK and Dov 4Z4DX for their great hospitality. They helped me
in any case that I had a great time at the club station.

Conditions on 40m had been bad on Saturday night.

73 de Franz, DL3PS / HB9EHQ
9A1P(9A1UN)   SOAB HP   7,410,9312008-12-01 10:51:49
Amazing weekend, 1st time in my life I came to contest qth open the door
turn on rigs and start runinn&runnin. Everything was ready a week b4 the
contest and it really helps to rest b4 the contest instead of climbing towers
as usual.
Contest started great and continued that way till the end. Not a single
came out during the 48 hours except some rain and wind, which one cant
I tried to avoid EU runs and focus on north america as much as possible and it
was the right choice as pt/qs is vy high. 2,29 on 40 and 20m. 820q with NA on
Lot of juicy mults came on CQ and I was surprised when oa4ww,6y1v,kv4fz,yw4d
and d4c came back on my 160m CQ.
Used FT1000 and FT2000 combo with Alpha and OM'pwr amps.
160m dipole
80m vertical with many radials
40m 3el hm owa yagi
20m 5el hm owa yagi
15m 6el hm owa yagi
10m 6el hm owa yagi

and the key ants: 200m long beverages which were used on almost all bands due
to QRN.
Unfortunatly 4O3A had some problems otherwise it could be a tight photo finish
end. Congrats to all the SOAB guys for great competition.
cu in the next one

I Love This Game!

73 Dave 9A1UN
PAØJED   SOSB/40 LP   142,6642008-12-01 10:54:16
Station set-up:

yaesu ft-990
power 100 W
n1mm for logging
50mtrs rg-213/u
1/4 gp antenna

No cluster etc, just me and the elements.
Murphy was this time on an acceptable level, power failure in the sleeping
freezing outside, and almost freezing inside. Heating is electrical.



LZ9W   M/M HP   13,866,4082008-12-01 10:58:27
Condx on 160m and especially these on 20m and 15m bands were much poorer this
year compared to CQWW CW 2007. This affected significantly our QSO numbers on
these two bands.
In spite of bad condx, we really enjoyed the BEST contest in the world.

CONGRATS to DF0HQ team for winning it this year in EU. We are looking forward
to next F1 race in CQWW CW 2009.

Some more antennas and towers will be added at LZ9W until then.

THANKS everyone for the Q's and see you all in CQ WPX SSB 2009 !

73, de Wally LZ2CJ
on behalf of LZ9W M/M Contest Team
OK1JOC   SOAB LP   914,0002008-12-01 11:02:01
W1YRC   SOAB HP   152,3172008-12-01 11:03:37
Had fun. I wish we could crawl our way out of this cycle bottom, though. Working
multipliers is tough with marginal propagation.
K1RX   M/M HP   7,154,6042008-12-01 11:09:54
Had hoped to mount a larger group effort but just did not pan out. So fearless
and crazy, the 3 of us (Tom, Mark and I) decided to go for it in the MM
category (as in the past)and forgo a M/2 to keep it simple. Hats off to Tom,
N9NC for staying up nearly the entire time. Although Zone 34 would have been
nice to bag as SU9NC, was very happy to have him banging away on the bands
here! Plus he managed to make it home for a local "get to the know the
neighbors" party. (Some kind of prep work for a future tower?) So he was out
for Sat. late afternoon til 11 PM but was able to talk KF1V into coming back
after he left Sat. morning to help. Happily, he did make it back and stayed
long enough to keep me from getting too lonely (single op, 4 stations)! Only
on Friday night through Sat. AM did we have the full staff (all 3 of us!).
With Sunday being a slow day on average, I managed to setup two SO2R stations
so we can be covering 4 bands at the same time (2 Op, 4 Radios)- one station
was better equipped to do this while the other station used the classic two
headphones on the head approach - looks weird (have pictures) but does work
when you have one band actually producing Q's while the other is more like a
beacon station with the very occasional caller. This made Sunday afternoon

Some highlights:

Saturday morning after struggling to work one JA on 80, very late in the
opening (12Z or so) the band opened big time to Asia - best I have heard in
years and proceeded to bag several more JA's, HL and B1Z and others in that
part of the world! This after the op from that early morning struggle was then
on 15 M, watching those Asia Q's being logged! He was shocked to say the least.
Said to him, so what is the problem working JA on 80? :)

Only real problem was just not enough bodies to put in the chair. Too bad as
the conditions at least on 80 and 40 were wild! 20 M was the best for Q's I
have ever seen although our totals don't reflect bigger numbers (what do you
expect when 15 and especially 10 were nearly dead). Great rates on Sat and Sun
morning - thanks to our EU friends for making this a real highlight!

The week prior to the contest, managed to put up a second 40 M yagi fixed on
Europe which proved pretty helpful when the larger 3 el. was pointed elsewhere.
That was fun to do the quick switch from EU to the Pacific at certain times.

Never saw such poor operating on 80 M with stations just jumping on the
frequency and not moving after being asked. Even narrow filters just did not
make up for the operating skill in play. And with stations as high as 3600,
still not much room to squeeze in, however did manage to generate some
reasonable numbers for this place.

My thanks to those that operate this contest with style and skill - a real
pleasure for sure! Thanks to our friends all over the world that make the CQ
WW CW the best contest going on the planet!

73, Mark, K1RX
P49Y(AE6Y)   SOSB/40 HP   1,600,0002008-12-01 11:10:21
These are preliminary numbers, as my program didn't seem to understand new mults
like E7. As compared to last year, Qs are up by 350 or so, score is just
slightly up, but mults are down by 2 Zones and 10 countries. Don't know why,
but although I seemed to have worked every ham in DL and YO, never heard a
single Zone 1!
But conditions were excellent with the band open from solidly from about two
hours before sunset until two hours after sunrise.
As usual, contesting from Aruba is a social event. We had an excellent post
contest dinner last night with W2GD (P40W), K0DQ (P40Q) and Donna, AI6V (P49V)
and AI6YL, P43JB and Yvonne, and P43P and Katrin. Not to mention Thanksgiving
with some of the above plus P43A and P43C and ribs with P43L and Lissette.
The new Force 12 2el 40 at 75 feet played well, and our 4 new beverages with
a common feedpoint 800 feet from the shack were terrific receiving antennas.
Thanks to KX7M and W6LD for spending many hours in the thorny "cunucu" behind
the house to set up that system.
The K3 also worked FB. It's great to be able to operate very close to other
stations and not be bothered by them (unless they have key clicks, in which
case even the roofing filters of the K3 can't help).
73 and thanks for all the Qs,
Andy, P49Y, AE6Y
Rig: K3, Alpha 86, Force 12 el yagi, beverages
Logging: Cqpwin ver. 11.1
OM3AG   SOSB(A)/15 HP   64,3202008-12-01 11:14:05
Tcvr YAESU FT 1000 MP Mark V Field , AL 80 B , 4 el. 6 band ECO Yagi, MicroHam

Very poor propagation .Tnx all qso .73 Laci
K1KI   M/2 HP   8,930,8202008-12-01 11:18:20
Had tentative plans for a serious M/S, then perhaps M/2 as a couple of
additional operators said they might come. Then we were down to just two
people as the weekend arrived - so KM1P and I just decided to put in as many
hours as each of us could! Ended up a whole lot of fun with Joe doing 35-40
hours and me doing about 45. Eleven hours of sleep Sunday night was easy!
Joe's 5 hour trip from a visit to relatives in the Philadelphia area stalled a
bit in traffic, making it closer to seven hours, but he arrived in time to have
a brief snack and then threw himself into the 40m maelstrom.

Joe did most of the running on the hot bands on one station and I did whatever
other band was open (and there were seldom more than two). Had a couple of
antenna problems on 160-80-15 that would have been very annoying if we'd been
more serious. No 4-sq switch box on 160, so it was on Eu the whole time. On
80m it was way down to the SE so everything in that direction was worked on the
NE or SW position. SWR is reasonable so not sure yet what to fix. On 15m the
(very old) stacking switch is not working quite right - think the lower antenna
at 30' got 1/3 of the power all of the time... No smell of any roasting
transformers or other issues except when the 10m beam was pointed SE towards
the house the keying cable needed some extra ferrite to calm down.

Though ten meters was not the "usual" fun band, we worked more DX countries
than in just about any VHF contest we've done. Finally got HC8N late Sunday
afternoon. Heard them a few times whisper weak under a local birdie a few
times before that but no QSO. Heard YW4D Saturday but too weak to work, got
him Sunday. Managed one zone 8 QSO when HI3A answered one of our rare CQs on
10m. He was there for a minute then never heard again. Kudos to M/M 10m
operators who listened to the hiss all day ling!

Nice opening to JA on Sunday morning on 160 - heard a half dozen but didn't
work any of them (nor VK or ZL). Band seemed great Friday night to Europe, not
as good Saturday night. Heard UA9MA in the last hour but no QSO.

Two hours after sunset on Saturday, worked VK6DXI with the beam LP to the
southeast, also heard VK6HD and some JAs. YE1ZAT was 559 but his local QRM
level must have been high, so no QSO.

On Saturday morning on 15m before the band (barely) opened to Eu, one my CQs to
the SE brought back a LP response from a JR6R**, the only JA heard on 15m.
Guess his southerly Okinawa QTH helped out. Had a nice 90 minute EU run on
Sunday morning, otherwise lots of tuning and S/P.

Of course, the real reason for a multi-op effort here is to force me to clean
the radio shack (home office) and make it more presentable. That goal was
mostly attained - most of the stacks of paper and half-completed projects at
least got pushed to the side of the room...

The log is going to be uploaded to LoTW soon - thanks for the QSOs and QSLs.

73 Tom/K1KI
G4ERW   SOSB/20 LP   69,8602008-12-01 11:19:30
Due to family committments, only managed to get on the bands occassionally over
the weekend. Operated on 20m and 80m but decided on a SOSB20 entry.

Rig: TS850 100 watts
Antennas: 80m inverted-V dipole @ 10m / 20m 3ele Quad @ 12m
G4MKP   SOAB HP   539,9142008-12-01 11:22:48
Elecraft K3 + Challenger 3 Amp

80m Inverted L
40m Vertical Tx/Dipole Rx
20-10m MQ26 Mini Beam @ 20'

This was tough but enjoyable. I had a nice run on 20m of about 100 North
American stations on Sunday afternoon - I love the 3 pointers! Thank you to
everyone that called me and put up with the endless 'diddy dah dah did its' on
the low bands - QRN at my QTH at times S9. A sincere apology to EI6DX who
called me with 2 minutes left, I could no longer read cw by this stage and the
poor chap had to QRS to about 5 WPM in order for me to make copy!


1 - Morse Runner practice for 30 minutes of every non contest day of the year
2 - Buy a rotator (or wear gloves) in order to turn the beam
3 - Check 15m and 10m every 30 minutes
4 - Stay awake for the morning opening to Asia/Pacific
5 - Buy a QTH with 10 acres
6 - Morse Runner practice for 30 minutes of every non contest day of the year

Cheers and thanks for the Q's,

DJ6QT   SOAB QRP   16,3802008-12-01 11:25:03
Piece of wire , 5 watts and nerves, that is all you need.
OK6Y(OK2PTZ)   SOAB LP   1,098,8102008-12-01 11:26:21
Hi all!
Thanks for all QSOs. Similar result like last year. S/P mode almost all

K1ZZI(@W8JI)   SOSB/80 HP   341,8502008-12-01 11:37:08
First I would like to thank Tom, W8JI for letting me operate at his super

I also had the pleasure of sitting along side Paul, N4PN who was absolutely
rocking on 40m. Once in a while Paul would pull out the headset so we could
both listen to that rare station or new zone just blasting in.

My first surprise came from Nelson, 4S7NE who called in at the beginning of the
contest. The W8JI phased Beverages and K3 in diversity mode worked flawless
running 112 JA’s during our first sunrise. JL1TS called in running five (5)

Now for my adjustment back into the real world. It was an experience I will
never forget. Thanks to all that called in. It was a blast!

Ralph K1ZZI @ W8JI
WA6L   SOAB(A) HP   112,0522008-12-01 11:48:26
Rig: Elecraft K3 + HL-1.2Kfx
10 -20m: Teledyne T11@ 35'
80m: not-very-good-verticalk
160m: sloper from tower

I think I finally understand why K6AM and others go on DXpeditions for this
contest. It is not to supply that "rare one" for the US stations. It is go
get away from all the family stuff that prevents you from spending time on the

I barely got 8 hours in the chair, and most of that was late night and early
morning. There was family this, and shopping that, and going to the #@*!^%%
airport on Sunday.

With that said, I enjoyed the time I did have on the air. With no hope of
doing anything competitive, I went after as many mults as I could find. I got
several new entities, including Mongolia, which I have heard a dozen times
before and never been able to work. I also got 24 additional band-modes;
mostly on 160 and 80. That made it a good weekend.

I looked for San Diego DX'ers to get my zone 3, but only caught K6NA on the
air. Hey -- congratulations to Wild Bill on his efforts!

I love this stuff . . .


SP4Z   SOAB(A) HP   3,379,8722008-12-01 11:56:33
dear Contesters:
Low bands were in good shape
I was QRT on Sunday morning from 02:00 to 05:00 UTC for sleep
Really nice 30 min opening to NA on 15m on Sunday afternoon
but only for very directive area: VE1,W1,W2,W3
I am far to North-East of Poland, close to LY@EU border.
There no were other signals at that moment specially from
mults area of Carribean Sea even plenty of spots.
Strange very selective opening on 15m.

I wanted to rich 3000 QSO - but mults are worth that total score.
Congrats Balkans friends YQ9W LZ8A YR9P for their higher numbers of QSOs
in our category.

Plenty of work made before Contest with repair 3 antennas on
one mast. It put up on Friday - one week before Contest + Beverages
for season + hardware work on equipment setup of course.

TRCV was small IC7000 bcse FT1000MP Mark V was deaf due to some problems
with roofing filter perhaps - not time to check what was wrong
(borrow that rig few days before Contest)
Main Receiver had almost 20 db weaker signal than Sub-Rec.
So I used in IC7000 - 3 memo channels for each band with handly finding and
recording in few seconds a new spoting station and backing to CQ in main
to not loose running freq (sometime was already busy after "Cluster" QSO).
Sometimes I hate that procedure but after mult QSO - feel much better.
Sometimes I was first working spoting station or monitoring that QRG
waiting for best moment to DX QSO during CQs in other time.
DSP in IC7000 really work good - cancelling QRMs from big stations
close my freq.

Lost few nice double mults like KH7X, HS0ZDY on 80 + few on 160m
I really recommend small split for rare stations on low bands:
QRMs slows rate that station. This method used 5H3EE, 7X0RY, XW1B

All and all I like that contest very much and there are plans
for next years.

73 Wes SP4Z (thank you Henryk SM0JHF)
TF3CW   SOSB/40 HP   310,2502008-12-01 12:13:34
Always great fun to run the CQWW. CW filter fried early on in the contest,
and thus made copying a real challenge, at times.
No real US run this time, EU made up 73% of the Q´s, and the US trailed at

Antenna was a 1/4 wave Vertical with a few radials.

Thanks for all the Q´s - Siggi TF3CW.
LN8W(@LA8W)   M/S HP   4,528,7972008-12-01 12:20:45
The best low band condx ever and the worst ever high band condx at the same
time. What are the odds?

Congrats to LN9Z(Jan LA9HW, op) for a fantastic SB160 score and thanks to Team
LN3Z for yet again inviting Murphy to their place for the WW CW weekend. Giving
us time to contest in peace :-)

Memorable moments:

Called by KH7C Hawaii on 160m.
CE0Y/SM6CUK whispered in on 20m for a double.
Called by HS0ZDY on 80m for a double mult when only 9 minutes left of the
Plus many more that not comes to mind...

We had lots of fun but enough is enough - give us flux, now!

Thanks for all the QSO's.

Bjorn LB1GB & al.

Aurora Contest Team, LN8W
LA Contest Club -
OQ5M(ON5ZO)   SOAB(A) HP   2,342,3582008-12-01 12:22:48
Quite a contest! My soapbox:

73 de Franki ON5ZO = OQ5M
G3YBY   SOSB(A)/15 HP   39,6002008-12-01 12:43:29
Hard going!
VE3OSZ   SOSB/160 LP   14,4482008-12-01 12:46:58
Best signal from Europe was from LN9Z.
EA7OT   SOSB/40 LP   212,0852008-12-01 12:56:11
Hello to all,

Great contest in 40 meters but very hard conditions for a low power.

I hope to see you all in the next contest. 73,s de EA7OT...

Rig: Yaesu FT-2000
Ant: Inverted V @ 15m and rotative dipole @ 15m
Soft: N1MM
J3/DL5AXX   SOAB HP   6,806,7452008-12-01 13:03:03
first, thanks to all of you for the QSO's...

Goal was to reach 5000 QSO's, but after hearing much noise on 160 and 80 and no
one on 15 prior to the contest, I took the goal down to 4000.

QTH Cabier lodge at the south east part of Grenada

Planned setup: SO2R

Station 1
Spiderbeam (20m-10m)
Vertical 40m
combined vertical for 80m and 160m on base of 60ft-spiderbeam pole

Station 2
HF9V (80m-10m)

Antenna and filter switching (coax stubs) using 2 Microham StationMaster
driving 3 6x-switches

In a few hours of winding coils and cutting coax as capacitor, I didn't get a
match for the vertical on 80m. So I decided to use the HF9 on 80m. The place to
lay out the radials was very limited, so most of them are in the atlantic ocean.
May be I play with some kind of elevated radials the next days. All other
antenna setup went up as expected.
The amps doesn't worked as expected. Finally it ended up in 2 AL811, which
reach 400 to 500 watts depending on the band, where on of them doesn't work on
15m. I have to contact Elecraft to get the K3 back to live. Just before the
contest the K3 went dead on frequencies above 30m. Antenna and filter switching
worked as expected.
So there was only a 2 radio setup left on the low bands, where it was quite
unusable due to the statics...

The contest started with great rates on 40m. I reach #500 at 02:42. Then I went
to 80m and 160m. There was heavy statics on both bands. Not to compare with the
last years condx, where I operated J3A on 80m. So my apalogies to all that
doesn't get heard. 30 minutes after sunrise I started on 20m with heavy pile
ups. After nobody came back to me, I had to operate split even on 20m. At 14z I
checked 15m first time and heard some weak europeans and started a modest run,
with a mix of EU and NA. After 2 hours I went back to 20m, checking 10m from
time to time, without any signal on. I tried a few times to go back to 15m for
some NA, but didn't got a run. 22z 20m was very slow, so I decided to take nap
and attend to marriage diner of hungarian pair, which was married at the
lodge's beach on saturday. So day 1 ended in 3000+ QSO's. Getting back to the
plastic chair at 01z the runs on 40, 80 and 160 was much slower then first
night as expected, but with instant runs. There was heavy storms and rains that
night, to be afraid on my antennas. At 9z I was that tired, that I didn't know
what I have done. So I went to the sofa for another nap until 10:30z. Then I
started again on 20m with the same heavy pileups as on Saturday. This time i
moved to 15m earlier and I got some good european runs. Later I got another
good NA run on 15. The last 2 hours I spend on 40 m, starting with some good
beverages like rum punch...
Now it's Monday I'm back to the lodge's life.

I'm very happy on the result, operating as single op in the CQWW for the first

Thanks also to J39AL for local support.

73 es cu on the low bands these days
IO3X(@IV3JCC)   M/S HP   624,9622008-12-01 13:06:40

Thisone was the first ww in cw mode for me, till now only rtty and from time to
time ssb.
The majority of the time was in S&P because still i'm not prepared for running,
may be for the next year ...i hope...i'm learning. The categoty has been chosed
MS because my friend iv3omq was with me for some hours, great ears, in the past
he was telegrapher on cargo ships.
For me has been the discovery of new exiting world .
Great partecipation with the bands crowded also in the hig part.
The propagation from here was better in saturday, especially in 40 and 80.
Great surprise kh7x and ah2r that called me, in 40 and 20, tnx om.
785 qso are not many for my set up,many for my ears, and a good beginning to
improve me.
TNX to all also for the patience during the many ???....but i'm learning.

ciao de io3x (iv3jcc) Gianni
LA8OM   SOAB LP   422,1252008-12-01 13:07:12
RADIO: Kenwood TS-570

ANTENNA: Elevated vertical (wire on 10 m fiberglass pole + 3 random length
radials) w/ CG-3000 tuner
S53F   SOSB/40 LP   335,3402008-12-01 13:08:04
Ant: 2xg5rv sloper @25m
Rig: FT-2000
Pwr: 100w

73 de Vinko s53f
ED2R   M/S HP   1,142,2622008-12-01 13:16:32
Very nice contest as usual, but we missed better propagation on 15 meters, and
conditions on 10 meters were almost non existent, as expected. Anyway, the
contest was fun enough anyway. Fortunately, conditions on 20m and the low bands
will always be there.

We operated from a new location this time, and everything turned out just fine.
Mr Murphy did not turn up this time! Thank you!

The funny thing about this contest was when all of a sudden we had a huge
pile-up of stations calling us. The pile-up was absolutely huge and many big
stations were calling us. Why are the big multiplier stations calling us all of
a sudden? Something is going on here, I thought. Then I looked at the cluster
and I found that someone had spotted us as D2R!!. Yes, he made me feel like I
was in Angola! What a pile-up! hihihi. Then, W3LPL spotted us again with the
correct call sign this time. Sorry to dissapoint you guys! ;)

To finish, I'd like to thank EA2TO Javi for his support in organizing this
contest from Amurrio.

Thanks a lot for the QSO's and see you in the next one!
N5PO   SOAB HP   509,8082008-12-01 13:21:14
Great Fun, but mucho QRM...
OZ7BQ   SOAB QRP   222,6562008-12-01 13:22:19
This years preparations payed off well both in terms of claimed score and number
of QSOs. 10 and 15 Meters were disappointing, 80 and 160 Meters performed much
better than expected, in particular considering my QRP status.

In this contest S&P operation is a must for a QRP station, so one has to rely
on CQ-calls from LP and HP stations. If stations sends their call signs too
often it slows down the QSO speed, if the intervals are too long, S&P stations
can not afford to wait, but must move on to maintain the QSO rate. It is a
difficult balance, and if the pile up is too big, it is just a waist of time to
keep calling. The fun part is to find your optimal rate not least considering
the hunt for multipliers. Hopefully not too many opt for S&P operation.

Again this year I am amased just how many stations you can work with a K2 and
10 watts to an inverted L antenna for 160, 80 and 40 Meters and a sloping 20
Meters dipole for the higher bands. All located in a small suburban garden.
Next year I will have to improve time planning in order to get a few more
productive operating hours as well as time for food and sleep. Also I need to
find an efficient way to catch other stations operating in S&P mode.

73 and good DX. OZ7BQ
K5EK   SOAB(A) HP   646,3372008-12-01 13:24:20
Tough weekend for a contest with all the family obligations.
K3AU(K2YWE)   SOAB LP   904,1272008-12-01 13:25:07
Delightful low band conditions, especially in early hours. I'm sure I'll think
of more joys after I get some sleep. I getting too old for this single op
stuff. I took eating breaks and got some sleep both nights.
LCD monitor died during the first few hours. Used laptop screen as jury rig.
Unintentionally proved without a doubt that very few stations can hear me when
I'm using my 40m antenna on 80m. That was a half hour episode. My usual line
noise came and went throughout the contest. I'm out of excuses not to track it
VC6R(@VE6SV)   M/S HP   3,189,0102008-12-01 13:33:46
The VC6R operator workhorses were VE6RST and VE6CNU who did a great job in
running and keeping the F1 key alive. VE6EZ joined us for the first 24 hours
VE6GP did the required repairs and provided the team with excellent technical

160M – An all time high for Qs, Zones and Countries

80M – 2nd most productive nighttime band. The first 24 hrs the high K index
made for weak and short openings. Discovered that the 4-SQ had some problems,
repaired Saturday morning. The next 24hr much improved. Last 1 1/2 hour
produced some impressive mults.

40M - The nighttime workhorse. The low MUF at our latitude meant that Q runs
into Europe and Japan were not possible. We could only S&P the louder stations
from these regions. Gray line contributed the deep DX mults.

20M – Was a daytime band only in regard to establishing any time of Q run. DX
wise it did not open to Europe until after 1500Z and closed to Japan by 0030Z.
Our over the pole was weak and not very productive.

15M – A shadow of its formal self from the high sunspot years. As this band
is our golden workhorse band for running DX stations. Very short openings to
everywhere. In total this band was only live for about 8 hours for us for the
whole contest

10M – heard about 4 stations at high noon, worked 2

-the VC6R team
K2PS   SOAB LP   1,144,2062008-12-01 13:42:22
Score down from last year. The only change was to patch the broken 160M dipole
and toss it back up into the trees, but even lower this time, since my elbow
surgery limited my ability to get that line way up high.

So that's my excuse for 160. But I was also down about 50 Qs on 80, and
nothing really changed there. Really had tough going on that band.

On the other hand, the low 40M two element wire beam played pretty well. Even
was able to run 'em Sunday afternoon with my 100W, and increased my Q total on
that band by about 40%.

20 was down a bit, but perhaps that was because I was able to spend more time
on 40. And of course we all know about 15 and 10.

Congrats once again to LP stalwart N1UR, who's really in a class by himself,
and also to N5AW, who does a terrific job from TX.
DJ5QV(@DJ6QT)   SOAB HP   2,097,1102008-12-01 13:47:18
First time CQWW-CW for me. Big thanks to Walter DJ6QT for letting me operating
his very competitive station. What a experience! Beeing called by booming AH0BT
on 80 was one of the highlights for sure.

Still need to improve CW for better rates in pileup situations. Very good
conditions on 40 and 80. 15 was poor (not to talk about 10).

Matthias DJ5QV
CW5W(@CX6VM)   M/S HP   6,965,5042008-12-01 13:48:20
First of all I am glad to have the group in El Mangrullo. Some operators
couldn´t join us but will do next one, I hope :)

This was the first MS from the station, really not good to MS with a tribander
for 15 and 20 mts...! we learn a lot for future operations...

Congratulations to ZW5B and PR1T for great scores, really frustrating listening
to them running while we take "mate" hi hi...

Some 6 banders!.. hat off for all of them and also the other stations that
listened us in 160 and 80 mts.

Waiting for better condx, really next ARRL10 it´s going to be very boring...

VA3KA   SOSB(A)/160 HP   9,7802008-12-01 13:54:29
Just a few points for Contest Club Ontario. S&P only.
G3WW   SOSB(A)/80 HP   18,4802008-12-01 14:01:27
Family commitments meant only 4.5 hours radio time this weekend.

Nevertheless, 3 new band/slots so mustn't complain.

FT-1000MP MK-V, Butternut HF-9V, 200w
G4OWT   SOAB HP   209,4082008-12-01 14:06:47
Unable to do the full duration so made the most of it on 40 80 and 160. Didn't
hear a thing on 10m & not much on 15. Highlight was hearing 3X5A come out the
noise on 160.
M6T(@GØKPW)   M/S HP   9,312,2402008-12-01 14:21:42
160 – 33m tall Vertical with top loading + Inv-V @ 28m
80 – 4 square + Inv-V @ 20m
40 – 402CD @ 30m
20 – 204CD @ 28m + TH5 @ 28m
15 – Extended 155BA @ 30m + TH5 @ 28m
10 – 105CA @ 30m + 105CA @ 20m
Rx - 180m Beverage to NW, K9AY loops, verticals

The CQWW CW contest marked a return to multi-operator contesting for the M6T
team. I've been lucky enough to use the station for many single operator
entries over the past 2 years, but CQWW SSB this year was rough due to
tierdness and I could see that things at work were going to be no quieter
running up to the CW leg. Furthermore, the ‘CU2X effect’ on WRTC
qualification scores puts anyone competing against Toni in the Single Op
sections at a big disadvantage to folks in the multi-op sections. In any case
it would be good to get some of the old team spirit back. So I suggested to
Bob, G4BAH, the station owner, that we do multi-single for the CW leg. This
turned out to be a great decision. Dave, G4BUO from the old team joined me
along with Jiri, M0ITY who’s done a lot of work on the station over the last
few years, and we added new members Gerry, GI0RTN, Simon 2E0CVN, and Tony,

As a fairly last minute plan, there wasn’t a great deal of time to work on
the station and we were never going to build a fully competitive European MS
station in the short time available, but we added a 160m vertical (thanks to
Dave, and Justin, G4TSH for coming up a couple of weekend previous to build
that) and an additional 10m yagi to improve performance and add flexibility.
Along with fixing bits and pieces, labeling all the things that I knew about
(like what antenna cable is what), setting up and getting everything straight
still took the best part of 2 days and I was still sorting things out 5 minutes
before the start.

Low band conditions seemed generally excellent – especially on our night #1
and night #3 – night #2 seemed somewhat poorer.

You know things are good on 160 when you go to run there on the first night and
your 3rd QSO on the band is N6TR in Oregon. Over the course of the weekend we
heard (but didn’t necessarily work) all sorts of stuff including KL7. On
night #3 we were running at least a sprinkle of JAs and ZS4TX was a great
signal on the band when moved from 80. The vertical was definitely a great
upgrade to the old dipole. That said I don’t think conditions on 160 were the
best they have ever been.

80 was also in good shape and took the brunt of the running on night #1with
many super Zone 3 signals.

40 seemed remarkable to me. I haven’t often done CQWW CW all-band from
Europe, but to be running a mix of JA and W (as far as the left coast) at
nearly midday local time is great. DF0HQ’s 40m country total of 169 probably
shows just how good the band really was – that’s an enormous number for any
band in the CW leg. The band was busy, but not overcrowded like in the SSB leg
as well.

Similarly 20 was very busy but not bursting. A real shame to miss zone 31 on
the band (as well as zone 34 on all bands). I saw several KH6s spotted, but
none were sufficiently audible to be workable. It did however close pretty
early for us.

On the other hand I’ve never heard 15 as bad as in this event. We only
briefly ran on there for one 10 minute period early Sunday evenig where the
band briefly opened reasonably to the US. Other than that, it was hard work.

I’d like to say that I’ve never seen 10m as bad – but I’d be lying –
it was just as bad in the SSB leg one month ago…

Of course we had out little challenges. Setting up on Friday was miserable in
the pouring rain. During the contest on Saturday daytime we had to replace 2
lifting ropes on the 10m antenna tower which had failed (or were likely to
fail) on the Friday after darkness. That took about 15 person hours in total
and made about 2 QSOs…. About midnight Saturday night in the pouring rain we
also had to drop and luff the main 20m tower to fix an internittent feed-point
problem, and we had a mechanical failure (loose screw – but with a really
obscure fitting) on the run station amplifier which needed a complete strip
down on the shack floor.

One downside to the multi-single section was that you inevitably end up in a
lot of packet pile ups. Many this weekend were just horrible – and I think
they are getting worse much over time. There was quite a lot of blind calling
going. We saw evidence of behaviours which showed multiplier operators just
jumping onto a packet spot frequency and calling without even hearing the DX
station – sometimes the DX station wasn’t even there at all – I think
others were having some fun and feeding fake spots into the system just to
watch the pile-up appear! Now – we all suffer from QRM and sometimes can’t
hear the DX – especially in these big pile-ups - but there were stations
really going beyond what was acceptable this weekend and making life much more
difficult for all concerned.

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs, mults and moves and competition. Thanks to
Andrew, G4ADM for a great roast dinner and to Bob, G4BAH for the use of the
station. We had great fun and will be back.


Andy, G4PIQ for team M6T
KC3WX   SOAB HP   537,5512008-12-01 14:23:36
Still tuning my contest skills as I've been out of the game for a few years.
Frustrated by PC/blue screen crashes. Thankful N1MM is a true database so I
lost nothing. Not sure if RF is creeping in or Vista doesn't play nice with
N1MM or Rigblaster but it sure had me saying hmmmm a lot. (among other things
not so nice). But overall, had fun...Steve
OG5ØF(@OH1AF/OH1F)   M/M HP   6,384,6092008-12-01 14:25:43
(preliminary score)

We were celebrating our club's 50th anniversary by working CQWW for the first
time ever in the multi-multi class. Original plan was to be in M/2, but on
Friday evening we found out that we have 6 operators and 5 stations available,
so team decided to do M/M instead. And we had a lot of fun! It was fun even we
didn't have functional toilet or running water this time ...

We had some technical problems (with PCs, network and crappy 160m antenna etc.
- it is a miracle to work 64 qsos with an inv v feed point @24m), but we had
almost zero interference between stations, which is always nice. Score is
nothing to be proud of, but condx were also quite crappy for all band
operation. During the nighttime only 160 and 80 m were runnable. 20m was
pathetic, but what you do when the band is open only between 06-16z! 40m was
outstanding during the daytime - it was like running 15 meters during the
sunspot maximum: JAs started to come on early morning via short path, then
later at noon stateside was strong. When sun went down, band went also. On 80m
we were thrilled to work Alaska and Hawaiji. Our current antenna combination is
not really good for M/M as 40m and 20m main antennae are in the same tower and
pointing to same direction etc. We are trying to improve our antenna farm in
the future and hopwfully our club will be in the M/M class also in the future.

Our team included the core team of OH1AF/OH1F from the last 20 years plus a
skilled and cheerful guest operator Jouko, OH1RX. One member of our backup team
died during the contest - Mr. Mouse finally found our trap and is now SK.
W6OAT(@K6IDX)   M/2 HP   3,728,7752008-12-01 14:28:10
Our thanks to Brad, K6IDX for the use of his wonderful station.
K1IM   SOSB/40 HP   155,3822008-12-01 14:29:02
Fun was had...I thought that over or near the pole propagation was down the
second day here in CT. Replaced the old 1985 40m 4-square cables this past
summer. The array seems to work well. Almost complete with the 80m 4-square
array. See you all again next year in Dayton !

Tom, K1IM (ex WA8TTS)
K7GK(@K7ZSD)   SOAB HP   2,004,4702008-12-01 14:33:20
Among several goals for the contest was trying to keep up with the best SOAB
scores on the West Coast. Last year my score was about 35% down from the top.
Looks like this year I've taken a step in the right direction, but fell short
of catching up completely. Congrats to K7RL on another fine score from the
North West and thanks to other West Coast ops for providing a great

Yet again I find low bands in better and high bands in worse shape compared
with last year. I didn't think 20 M opening to Europe can get any worse than it
was last year. I was wrong. Last year I had 85 QSOs to this year's 80. Not a
great decline, but a decline nonetheless. Need I mention 15?

Who knew you can get end up with more mults on 40 compared to 20 and almost the
same number of contacts?

In retrospect, I wish I ran more, particularly on 40 and had more energy and
mental capacity to do better with the second radio, especially on day two. On
the other hand I'm quite pleased to get to the 2 M mark in CQWW, a first for

Many thanks to Brad and Ruth for hospitality and letting me play using a great

Denis - K7GK
NØHR   SOAB(A) LP   620,0042008-12-01 14:34:20
Doubled my Qs from last year's attempt. This was done by: replacing the sloper
for 80/160 with better (wire) antennas, entering assisted class (packet
spotting), and a few more hours in the chair. Propagation was not any better

My primary goal was to increase my DXCC band/mode counts and have some fun. I
was hoping for at least 500 Qs.

I know I'm outgunned in the SOAB(A) category. No amp means I'm one of those in
the SOAB(A) class running low power. I'm also competing with those using SO2R
and/or Skimmer. My IC-746 is also outdone by better rigs in an environment like
CQ WW. The QTH (Iowa) is also a disadvantage.

Oh well... list of excuses from a little-pistol I guess.

Rig: Icom IC-746
10/15/20: SteppIR 4 element @ 82'
40: Cushcraft XM-240 @ 85'
80: Wire 1/4 wave sloped vertical
160: Sloping Inv L with peak at 50'

Log already posted to LoTW and new DXCC band/mode confirmations have arrived.

More CQWW analysis and write up on my blog:
KSØM   SOSB/20 LP   31,6712008-12-01 14:46:54
With my limited time, I had a lot of fun in this one. The band was full of calls
and I only did S&P. I found calls from 14.000MHz up to 14.138.5 MHz. I bet the
SSB, RTTY and PSK ops were a little annoyed.
N4DXI   SOAB(A) HP   49,0142008-12-01 14:56:38
Many weak signals, without amp and DX Monitor, I would have not been able to
decipher calls or have the DX hear me.
W9RE   SOAB HP   4,206,5242008-12-01 15:09:33
Wow what a different contest this year. In the first hour I told my wife that I
would probably quit or not operate much because conditions on 40 were so bad
(and I thought the rest of the bands also) then I discovered 80 meters.

On Wednesday WB9LTY, N9FC and myself tilted over my 80 meter yagi to fix a
broken reflector switch box-thanks guys.

On Friday W9KY, K9XV and myself found the source of a 10 over S9 noise on 80
meters located at a neighbor's house about 250' away-thanks guys. Turned out
to be some low voltage under counter lights. Neighbor agreed to turn them off
for the contest he said they are almost always on.

Congrats to N2IC on a great score from out west!

Had a wx front that came thru about 0830z second day that provided very high
noise levels that lasted about an hour or so.


---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
0 1 36 32 6 0 0 75 75
1 12 67 0 0 0 0 79 154
2 21 55 0 0 0 0 76 230
3 51 0 21 0 0 0 72 302
4 19 59 8 0 0 0 86 388
5 1 110 0 0 0 0 111 499
6 13 63 0 0 0 0 76 575
7 6 24 22 0 0 0 52 627
8 9 25 1 0 0 0 35 662
9 1 17 21 0 0 0 39 701
10 0 11 12 0 0 0 23 724
11 1 7 6 9 0 0 23 747
12 0 0 2 81 0 0 83 830
13 0 0 0 131 0 0 131 961
14 0 0 0 133 2 0 135 1096
15 0 0 0 111 2 0 113 1209
16 0 0 0 103 6 0 109 1318
17 0 0 0 58 10 7 75 1393
18 0 0 0 34 15 0 49 1442
19 0 0 0 24 23 0 47 1489
20 0 0 36 16 5 0 57 1546
21 0 0 61 0 4 0 65 1611
22 0 0 9 53 0 0 62 1673
23 0 9 18 9 0 0 36 1709

0 6 3 11 0 0 0 20 1729
1 0 44 13 0 0 0 57 1786
2 4 32 6 0 0 0 42 1828
3 3 24 7 0 0 0 34 1862
4 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 1864
5 0 27 7 0 0 0 34 1898
6 0 52 16 0 0 0 68 1966
7 4 29 20 0 0 0 53 2019
8 0 2 61 0 0 0 63 2082
9 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 2083
10 2 2 26 0 0 0 30 2113
11 0 4 13 0 0 0 17 2130
12 0 2 0 65 0 0 67 2197
13 0 0 0 134 0 0 134 2331
14 0 0 0 100 4 0 104 2435
15 0 0 0 74 2 0 76 2511
16 0 0 0 74 8 0 82 2593
17 0 0 0 26 16 0 42 2635
18 0 0 0 36 4 1 41 2676
19 0 0 0 37 9 0 46 2722
20 0 0 55 5 6 1 67 2789
21 0 0 100 0 0 0 100 2889
22 0 0 59 8 0 0 67 2956
23 0 0 59 7 0 0 66 3022

TOTAL 156 704 703 1334 116 9
YW7A(VIC)   SOAB LP   81,2412008-12-01 15:10:57

W7ZR   SOAB(A) HP   920,4902008-12-01 15:13:13
Lost my 160/80 vee the first night when things were going well. That really
hurt overall score. Had fun though.
VO1MP   SOAB(A) HP   1,149,7202008-12-01 15:13:48
As always a fun contest , however after lots of deliberation and chiding by
local radio friends about my incalcitrant attitude toward getting my SO2R
into action I finally capitulated
and decided that here goes .....!!!
So It was by a sense of experimental design that finally I would operate as
SO2R. Initially I had felt that this is a piece of cake, after all I had seen
Yuri VE3DZ do it from here and he made it look so easy .. ... yeah right !!

Initially I had allowed myself a lot of leeway and decided that Rate and or
score should not
factor into the evaluation process less I distort my own evaluation.... this
poved to be a small part of my own
undoing so to speak .
I had set parameters of 300 Band Countries, 100 Zones and 1000 QSOs all of
which were far too low as guidelines. I spent only 28 Hours operating and a
lot of time snacking and napping not necessarily in that order. MY very first
observation is that the amount of energy expended while doing full blown SO2R
far exceeds that required with a single rig and keyboard , Hardly an earth
shatterign revelation !! Consequently I frequently succumbed to the feeling
that I needed to take a break (s) so napping and snacking became the rigeur
du jour. Kudos to the guys who do this seemlessly , it is obvously not( for me
anyway ) an inherent skill and would seem to require a tonne of practice to
get thoroughly at ease with the process.. I am one who is accustomed to
operating more or less by rote without having to pay attention to controls and
switching in addition to operating. As a method to otherwise eliminate the
process of having to simultaneously tune another band while operating I elected
to do assisted with a cluster connection , this method did in fact help
.........however as others are apt to call it ... this mode ..IS.. by it's
nature ..assuredly Single Op distracted. Any body who does full blown SO2R
without cluster quite obviously has to work....or operate however one wishes
to categorize it.Toward the end of the contest I found myself totally
abandonning the two radio listening process and elected to switch back and
forth between rigs .. not a true SO2R . I did find it an interesting
exercise and although I had used two rigs for a long time it was my first
excursion into REAl SO2r . I will comment that I found it tireing as opposed
to difficult and for me that may be a consequence of ageing as opposed to
abilities. Will I try it again ?.... yeah I think so.... however the
ergonomics and station lay out need to be improved to facilate conrol and
minimize fatigue I guess one has to operate to realy see the shortcomings and

Conditions were variable 40 meters as most have noted were not great on
night one 80 and 160 were good
from here as other have noted..

Piss and Moan:
I read with amusement the notes posted by KH7B and echo his sentiments
entirely, I too have become increasingly aware that the number of lids is
increasing , I found the same problem with sweepstakes and now aqain in
CQWWCW . Perhaps it IS an accepted part of PILEUP busting where might is
I also absolutely refuse to change my mind on who it is I have acknowledged
and I resort to resending the letters I had actually copied as many as five
or six times until they get the message ..... cheeeese and I am not even a
mult in this contest..... my observations made during ssb sweeps still hold
true. Unfortunately one needs to repeat the process over and over because the
few lids in you present pile up will be worked and gone soon and a new batch
will take their place ....... I know it's like preaching to the Choir...
however unless we do something to minimize the effect of these LID operators
it can and will only get worse. I know people dont like pissers and moaners
but we need em, as a some time Contest op dxpeditioner who hasn't been on
one for a
while I wonder how DX Location operators cope with or have found this....

Anyway Thanks for Qso's
C'Y'all Next one

73 Gus VO1MP
PY2SEX   SOSB/40 LP   290,3042008-12-01 15:13:58
Wow!!! What contest....

I've got lost some times, since 2002 I did not made a contest like this one,
almost 6 years out of ham bands and is very nice to be back mainly in CW. This
was completly different from SSB. Now I was heard, not like I would, but was
good. I have to thanks the American Stations for be patient with my QSB and QRN
and of course my ears that are still weak, I need to be in more Contests to fix
this up. My new radio help me a lot with his filters. I lost a lot of countries
again and I just lost one zone (26) that I heard very strong and couldn't be

A lot of station did put a HUGE signal here but couldn't hear me back. :(
Like HL2AEJ, 5Z4/RW1AU, TK5EP, 9M6/N2BB, E21EIC, 6Y1V, J88DR, XW1B, A45XR,
OD5NJ (wking only NA). And some of other that is not in this list also could be
heard not so strong, but is more difficult get heard with only 100W in 40m. Like
my friend PY1NB from PR1T team said, life is too short for QRP. hihihi...

Thanks to all stations that give me good points and multipliers.. I hope my
callsign will be in all logs, is too hard to forget. hihihi...

All my log is already in LOTW.

C ya in the next one....

PY2SEX - Alex

Yaesu FT-950
Ant. 2 el. Yagi @ 17m high.
PWR. 100 W
LP1H(LU5DX)   SOAB(A) HP   5,409,8882008-12-01 15:26:20
Job schedule lead me to LU5HM's beatiful station.. Packed with M2 aluminum

First time doing SO2R!! Never again will be SO1R :-).

Big thunder storms all weekend long prevented us from getting an RX atenna up,
also we experienced a 5 hour power outage.

Enjoyed the weekend very much with Ramon LU5HM, his father LU7HE and all his
family. They made me feel like at home.

Ramon even climbed the tower under the rain to get the 80 M2 yagi to operate on
the lower portion of the band.!!! Thanks from heart for doing that and for all
the hospitality and support!

73 to all!

Martin, LU5DX
K1IR   SOAB HP   50,5242008-12-01 15:32:37
I wish I could have invested a lot more time in my favorite contest, but it
wasn't to be. The 20m pileup on Sunday morning was huge; it satisfied my need
for a contest fix. I hope everybody had fun.


Jim K1IR
HK1X   SOSB/20 HP   667,4452008-12-01 15:36:31
NIce conditions these year, again on my 20 meters, not time to make a complete
contest, but 28 hours is less for won on the band.
My conditions close at night and open early to Europe, Japanese stations very
nice ears on these seson, nice prospect for the conditions in the future.
Many thanks for all work me on 20 meters, hope see in 160 with all stuff in ww
Pedro Claver
W1ZT   SOAB HP   1,055,3762008-12-01 15:37:15
Great to be home this year and able to be on the bands. In spite of the
extended low sun spots 40m was a real treat with an extended morning opening on
Sunday local time. Europe and Asian stations were loud and available to my
dipole antenna through 1230z. Unfortunately, that was the end of my effort as
the SteppIR driven element (the 40/30m version) jammed and I could not operate
at all for the rest of the day on any HF bands. Ugh! It will be disassembled
when the temp gets above freezing here. Glad to see all the activity and enjoy
the bands when I could. Thanks for all the Qs.
73, George .. W1ZT
HC5WW(JA6WFM)   SOAB LP   2,018,9502008-12-01 15:45:01
TS-570 Long wire plus ICOM AH-2 and 2ele yagi 20m 15m and 10m
enjoyed WW CW contest from South America 1st time. Hiro
W6XI   SOSB(A)/40 HP   223,2882008-12-01 15:47:29
My best effort to date and enjoyed it a lot. Turning my sleep upside down
doesnt help. Very good conditions on Sunday and sure would have liked to see
the whole weekend like Sunday. Missed the 8Q7 just too many calling and too
short a window. Missed the JT1 because of the SE Asia SSB on his frequency at
the time I could have heard him. The equipment worked flawlessly the whole
time. Too bad the operator had to get some rest. I did notice that several
stations I called said we had already QSOB4, but not so. Several also tried to
call me N6XI so I suspect he got a few contacts that actually was me. I missed
a few that he must have worked and I got credit for. Oh well. Missed zones
22,23,34 The Stew Perry is next for this station.
PU2MTS   SOSB/10 LP   14,2682008-12-01 15:58:44
Very poor propagation on 10m band but a lot of fun during the weekend.
Thanks a lot for everybody that contact me.
KT3Y   M/S HP   5,905,2602008-12-01 16:13:51
73 Phil
VE3JM(@VE3RM)   SOAB HP   4,301,2322008-12-01 16:17:49
Many thanks to Don for letting me operate from his station again. This was my
fourth visit to Don's this year.

Lower bands were very good. 80 was just amazing. Lots of fun.
SN5N(SP5KP)   SOAB HP   956,0802008-12-01 16:34:26
Station SP5KP /in contest's SN5N/

Rig :FT1000MP MARK-V Field, IC7000, PA Home Made
Ant :2el QUAD 20/15/10m made by SP3GEM
Dipole (80m), inv V (40,30m), LW (160m)
Soft:Loging DX4WIN v 7.04 by KK4HD
Contesting - Write Log v.10.68B by W5XD


VY 73!

Krzysztof "Chris"

DL1IAO(@DFØUK)   SOAB(A) HP   3,555,3542008-12-01 16:35:52
IC756PRO3(Inrad) + Titan425
WT v3.21 on HP Omnibook XE3

(10/15/20) Optibeam OB16-3 @ abt 40m total height (on a university building
with 17m crank-up tower on roof), broken rotor
(40/80) Wire Dipoles in a drastic INV V configuration below tribander
sharing the same feedpoint
(160) 1/4-wave Sloper

Butternut HF6V

I gave my best to get this station ready for SOAB but all I had was a 1-radio
setup with a broken rotor. Decided to take it easy and use packet to boost
the score. Never found myself napping so often, even during the better
rate times.

A thank you goes to DK9IP & DF1MA for their attempts to repair the rotor,
my dad DJ1DB for helping out with the station setup and the very welcomed
warm meals, and my YL for putting up with a contester.

CU all again next year!


YU2A   SOSB/20 HP   914,8172008-12-01 16:44:21
Thanks for nice contest . Very variable propagations.

Kenwood ts-850 s + amp
Ant . 5 el Beam @ 30 m
2 el.C-Quad @ 35 m
3 el beam fixed to NW
LOCATION : Near Nis city , Niska banja spa , @ 650 m/asl .

Operating time : 34h ( 00:00-19:00 and 04:30-19:30 )

QSO : 2412
PTS : 4999
DXC : 145
Zone: 38 ( Missed 34 and 31 because all station from 31 zone work on 20m when
is propagation not good for Europe )

Claimed Score : 914.817 pts

Top activity country in my log :

1. USA - 787 30%
2. EU RUSSIA - 210 7.9%
3. GERMANY DL - 175 7.1%
4. JAPAN JA - 163 6.8%
5. ASIATIC RUSSIA - 128 5.3%
6. ENGLAND - 104 4.3%

Rate per minute Times :

2 QSO in minute 415
3 QSO in minute 211
4 QSO in minute 56
5 QSO in minute 19
6 QSO in minute 2

2.07 pts / qso

Thanks Marko YT2T for hospitality, thanks for all who is call me and CU on
bands next year.

Miro YU2A
N3ZA   SOAB(A) HP   1,017,1262008-12-01 16:55:16
More hours but lower score than SSB. C'mon sunspots!
W1TO   SOAB HP   173,4412008-12-01 17:05:37
Limited time for operating due to family visit. I spent the last 5 hours at
K1TTT filling in.
K8CC   M/S HP   5,123,2862008-12-01 17:12:14
We had some special motivation for working the contest this year. Our
contesting colleague, Uli, KK8I/DL2HBX, who has been with us the past 5+ years
working in Detroit for Volkswagen, will be moving back to DL-land next summer
so this was his last CQWW from the USA.

Conditions were very strange from W8 this year. The first day, 40M sounded the
worst I've ever heard it from this QTH. The European big guns were only S2-3
and would CQ in our face when we called with 1500W and a 3L full-size yagi at
120'! JAs were just whispers the first day, and just not workable.
Fortunately, 40M got better to Europe after their sunrise, and was much better
the second day. We were still getting European answers to CQs in the 10Z hour,
so we made up some ground. EU was also good in the late stages of the contest.

OTOH, 80M was the best I've ever heard it from here. Many EU were S9 on the
meter, and we could run steady streams of EU like it was 40M (which was a good
thing since 40M was so bad). A big thrill was finding 8Q7DV CQing on 3571 all
by himself at the end of the contest. OTOH, the 80M 7X0RY pileup was a train
wreck, as USA stations would continue to call even while he was transmitting.

We were initially at a disadvantage on 160M. Our usual antenna consists of
shunt-feeding the 140' 15M tower, which works VERY WELL. However, the shunt
feed failed two weeks previous in SS phone. The initial suspect was the vacuum
gamma capacitor, but an ohmmeter check showed an open circuit between the gamma
drop wire and the tower. K8CC went up the tower Thanksgiving morning to
replace the drop wire, but some of the hardware at the top was rusted and
snapped off when trying to make the repair. Plan B was to extend the 65' high
80M dipole to 160M, but performance during the first night of the contest was
very, very, poor. Saturday morning we scrounged up enough replacement hardware
to fix the shunt feed, and Saturday afternoon KK8I went up the tower and
replaced the feed wire. Our performance on 160M the second night was much,
much improved.

Friday afternoon, KK8I came out early and we re-erected a set of K9AY loops for
160M receive. Admittedly, these aren't as good as beverages, but they were far
away from the transmitting antennas and seemed to perform as advertised and
were a valuable aid to receiving on 160M.

Congrats to the teams at W2FU and K5NA for their fine scores.


Dave/K8CC, Don/K8BB, Uli/KK8I, Ken/W8LU and Ken/W8MJ


No Elecraft K3s nor CW Skimmers were used in generating this contest score
We're strictly old-tech with our ten year old FT-1000Ds :-)
C6ATA(K2KW)   SOSB/80 LP   573,5342008-12-01 17:31:56
Another fun Team Vertical trip with N6BT and KE7X!

Long text...

My score should hold up for a new 80m LP World Record. This is amazing, since
less than an hour into the contest I was ready to quit since nobody heard me!

The first hour on 80 was frustrating: nobody heard me. Worse, the entire
first night was the same: I felt like I was using a dummy load for an antenna.
I would call 10-20 over S9 EU stations and they would CQ in my face. After
about 45 minutes, I asked N6BT (who did 160m LP) if he wanted to shut down and
go drinking, as our hopes for new LP world records looked impossible. 160m was
just as bad.

I nearly gave up after the first hour, but I sat in the chair (yes, there is a
happy ending…) I had 25 QSOs in each of the 2nd and 3rd hours. Something was
very wrong. Was it propagation? Was it our antennas? We didn’t know. Both
N6BT and I set world records for QRP and LP on both 80 and 160, and we have
never had this much trouble working guys.

At the end of the first night, I had about 850 QSOs and 200k points. My target
for the first night was 1200 QSOs. My score was not looking good for breaking
the world LP record.

As the sun was setting on the 2nd night, things were the same: 10 over S9 EU
stations would CQ in my face. N6BT and I scratched our heads thinking of what
was different this year (and different from the first 2 days we had 80 on the
air this week). We’ve used these antennas before. We’ve used this QTH
before. They were both world-class. I finally realized the only difference was
either propagation (which didn’t make sense since the K index was so low AND I
heard so well) or we had some weird transmit problem on both 80 and 160.
Finally I realized I installed new baluns on both 80 and 160 (torroid chokes
based on K9YC’s information). I removed the balun, and shortly after I had
a EU pileup on 80 and things looked right again. Was the problem the balun?
Propagation? I still don’t know.

The 2nd night turned out to be very productive, and I had a good run into
UA/UR, Eastern EU and the Scandinavian countries. I put over 500 EU QSOs in
the log that night (as compared to 180 the first night). Around 65% of my 2nd
night’s QSOs were 3-point QSOs which quickly propelled my score to where it
should be. My 573k claimed score should hold as the new world record (unless
someone else beat it this year).

ANT 1: 2 ele vertical parasitic array on the beach (converted 40m verticals
with top hat wire loading)
ANT 2: Dipole with an effective height of 100’
ANT 3: single vertical (last 3 hours of contest only)
Stack Match to combine the above antennas while transmitting
N1MM Logger

The dipole had a commanding signal into the Caribbean and Central/South
America, and enabled me to work nearly all the mults who were active on 80m in
those areas (I missed V2, CE, FJ and VP9). The verticals were better to EU, US
and JA. Heard but couldn’t work: A45, all TA stns, VK, ZL, zone 18, 4O, Z3,
YB, and TO3. I was disappointed I never worked zone 29, 30, 32, 38 (all should
have been easy) and 39 (I worked VQ9LA a few times before the contest..).

On Sunday afternoon N6BT converted the 55’ 160m vertical to a full-size 80m
vertical just to see how it compared to the short 2 ele array (N6BT wasn’t
feeling good, so he only operated 160 the first night). While checking the
difference between the two 80m antennas, we discovered the combination of the 2
ele vertical plus the single vertical were louder than any single antenna into
EU! The antennas happened to be spaced about ½ wavelength on 80, were
broadside to northern EU, and the coax obviously worked out to be about the
correct length for a broadside array! In an optimized broadside array, we
should have seen about a 2dB gain, though I typically saw 1- 2 S-units gain
into EU on receive, and lower signals into JA. You should always experiment
with antennas!

Many thanks for everyone who got on to make this a great contest! And thanks
to everyone who called me. QSL via WA4WTG

Congratulations to Fred KE7X signing C6AKX on beating his own 20m LP NA record
by a sizeable margin. He came close to the 20m LP world record this year.

73, Kenny K2KW – C6ATA
K1VC   SOAB(A) HP   1,170,9362008-12-01 17:32:27
It's been a very long time since I participated in a contest. I set a goal to
break 500 Q's doing the contest part-time in S&P mode. When I hit 500 Q's in
one day, I raised the goal to 1000 Q's. This is the first time I've hit 1000
Q's and broke one million points. I'm very happy with my score considering I
only have 2 dipoles hung in the trees. Thank you to all the great operators
that heard me tiny signal and for being very patient.

Alpha 78
Dipoles (2)
N1MM Logger
Very understanding wife and kids
W4ZYT   SOAB LP   74,0942008-12-01 17:33:38
Too much going on this weekend to allow much participation. Forty meters seemed
hot Friday evening and Saturday morning.
N7UA   SOSB/160 HP   149,1122008-12-01 17:42:05
Great conditions in this contest; a real treat from here. Was able to run both
Europe and JA. Running Europe from here is a rare thing, so I felt very lucky
to finally have a hole right through what would normally be the aurora curtain.
Northern Europeans worked me from their full day light.
Here's a partial break down:

Zone Q's

25 210 (Thanks JA)
14&15 106
16 37
17 11
18 8
19 6

Note that, until this year, Zones 16 and 17 have only been worked a few times
from here in the last 20 years, except for long path.
I hope the sun stays quiet for quite some time.

I did not work much in Southern Europe but did snag 5B4AII. No SV or even I
stations were worked. Also no Zone 26 (usually able to be worked from here)or
Southern Asia, South Africa and almost no South America from here. It was as
if the Southern Hemisphere had a large attenuator circling the equator. But it
was really a thrill to be able to work over the pole, which more than
compensated for the lack of Southern propagation.

Best missed but heard were 3V8BB, EY7AF and UA0YAY (Zone 23, which I never

Before the contest I had phased three North/South beverages together in attempt
to get rid of some bad local noise that was in the beam pattern of my wire 4
square. This turned out to be an excellent receive antenna for over the pole,
even though I spent a lot of time at the controls cancelling noise and peaking

Great contest, great fun.
K9RS   M/S HP   5,888,0112008-12-01 17:49:37
Thanks to Art, N3DXX, and Victor, KD2HE, for all the effort while I was
struggling between a cold and family holiday visits. I think we had fun. Looks
like a big score from W2FU! Great job Jeff and team.
K2LE(@K2LE/1)   M/2 HP   6,958,7842008-12-01 17:54:29
This was a low band contest. 40 m was open from VT to EU just about 24 hours, 80
m. about 17 hours.
15 was really disappointing, not to mention 10 meters, R.I.P. I hope to live
long enough to see that band open again.
Thanks to our small crew ( and support by K2DO) it was a most enjoyable
Congrats to K1KI who stole the M/2 show in New England with just 2 ops...
NN4TO(K1TO)   SOAB HP   5,534,9042008-12-01 18:06:26
Another operation in memory of good friend Vic, N4TO who died in August. Vic
and I went to HI3A last year and PJ4A the prior year, so it was very sad not to
have him with us physically this year.

Using NN4TO was a challenge at times, though. Many DX stations could not
easily comprehend the concept of a USA 2x2 call sign in that format.

Full house of single-op competition. At least I feel like I was in the same
contest. ;<)

Quite surprised that in the sunspot minimum that things did not slow down
enough either night to allow for sleep. I paid for this later when I just
completely zoned out in the last half hour. In fact, it looks like the last 12
hours were sub-optimal. ;<)

Thanks to good guys N4TB, WC4E and WD4AHZ for some recent assistance with the
station. Despite their help, my top 40M beam was not in service this weekend.

HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT
0 ..... 7/12 93/38 1/2 1/2 ..... 102/54 102/54
1 3/6 . 80/11 9/8 . . 92/25 194/79
2 11/14 . 81/8 . . . 92/22 286/101
3 4/4 . 92/9 . . . 96/13 382/114
4 . 23/18 74/3 . . . 97/21 479/135
5 14/10 1/1 63/5 . . . 78/16 557/151
6 4/4 33/20 30/5 . . . 67/29 624/180
7 1/0 93/13 11/8 . . . 105/21 729/201
8 1/1 13/10 45/10 1/1 ..... ..... 60/22 789/223
9 2/1 6/5 36/4 4/6 . . 48/16 837/239
10 . . 47/9 17/17 . . 64/26 901/265
11 3/5 3/2 4/5 74/18 . . 84/30 985/295
12 . 1/1 . 167/17 4/8 . 172/26 1157/321
13 . . . 159/5 9/9 . 168/14 1325/335
14 . . . 169/5 2/1 . 171/6 1496/341
15 . . . 137/3 4/3 . 141/6 1637/347
16 ..... ..... ..... 92/6 18/21 ..... 110/27 1747/374
17 . . . 76/9 20/8 5/5 101/22 1848/396
18 . . . 42/7 7/5 2/2 51/14 1899/410
19 . . . 27/17 9/5 1/2 37/24 1936/434
20 . . 42/7 . 8/1 3/2 53/10 1989/444
21 . . 66/2 9/3 6/2 . 81/7 2070/451
22 . . 54/0 16/8 . . 70/8 2140/459
23 . 20/6 33/1 4/2 . . 57/9 2197/468
0 ..... 19/3 40/1 ..... ..... ..... 59/4 2256/472
1 . 5/1 54/1 . . . 59/2 2315/474
2 . 6/4 58/4 . . . 64/8 2379/482
3 3/3 2/0 23/2 3/0 . . 31/5 2410/487
4 1/0 29/4 12/1 . . . 42/5 2452/492
5 3/3 7/2 59/0 . . . 69/5 2521/497
6 1/1 62/1 18/0 . . . 81/2 2602/499
7 1/0 32/1 16/1 . . . 49/2 2651/501
8 1/1 3/0 85/1 ..... ..... ..... 89/2 2740/503
9 . 4/2 103/2 . . . 107/4 2847/507
10 . . 23/0 . . . 23/0 2870/507
40 min off
11 . 3/3 17/0 56/2 . . 76/5 2946/512
12 . . . 144/4 . . 144/4 3090/516
13 . . . 139/0 . . 139/0 3229/516
14 . . . 100/1 4/2 . 104/3 3333/519
15 . . . 67/1 7/5 . 74/6 3407/525
16 ..... ..... 1/0 56/1 3/0 ..... 60/1 3467/526
17 . . . 43/0 2/2 1/1 46/3 3513/529
18 . . . 25/2 2/3 . 27/5 3540/534
19 . . . 29/6 . . 29/6 3569/540
20 . . 2/0 4/2 5/0 . 11/2 3580/542
21 . . 36/2 . 2/2 1/2 39/6 3619/548
22 . . 46/0 . 1/2 . 47/2 3666/550
23 . . 12/2 . . . 12/2 3678/552
30 min off
DAY1 43/45 200/88 851/125 1004/134 88/65 11/11 ..... 2197/468
DAY2 10/8 172/21 605/17 666/19 26/16 2/3 . 1481/84
TOT 53/53 372/109 1456/142 1670/153 114/81 13/14 . 3678/552

PRFX 160 80 40 20 15 10

DL 2 50 188 268 1

EA 11 42 45 3

F 12 44 64 4

G 1 18 70 94 1

I 8 60 68 2

JA 1 5 9 1

K 1 10 148 72 2 3

OK 1 21 79 99

PA 7 38 68

SP 1 16 51 66

UA 18 76 113

UR 11 104 82

VE 8 18 67 69 8

6-banders with HD2M, HC8N

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL percent
North America 26 56 244 181 26 3 536 14.5
South America 7 14 28 32 41 10 132 3.6
Europe 17 287 1128 1397 21 0 2850 77.3
Asia 0 5 31 24 3 0 63 1.7
Africa 3 8 23 29 12 0 75 2.0
Oceania 0 2 9 10 11 0 32 0.9

160 - GP
80 - Sideways inv vee array
40 - 2L 80' fixed to EU, 1/4 wave vert
20 - 4/4 100'/50'
15 - 4L 87', C3E (2L) @ 170'
10 - 6L @ 50'

(2) FT-1000MP + AL-1500

73, Dan, K1TO
K1RU   SOSB/20 HP   757,7682008-12-01 18:10:05
As is far too usual, spent some time fixing stuff that was neglected when I had
the time to fix it. Having said that, had lots of fun this weekend as there
seemed to be plenty of good conditions.
Radio: TS-940S + amp
Antenna: 204BA @ 80'
W3KL   SOAB(A) HP   885,4082008-12-01 18:19:49
Another great contest. I was planning more "on" time, but I had family visiting
for the holidays.

Highlights: Having some of the rarer DX call me while running on 15, 20, and

Challenges: finding room to run on 20; not spending more time on 160.

Looking forward to the ARRL contest this weekend.

73, Jeff W3KL
KG4HTT   SOAB QRP   7,9802008-12-01 18:21:26
used a 10 ft. X 10 ft. bent dipole in my townhouse attic
KA3DRR   SOAB(A) LP   13,7762008-12-01 18:33:08
CQ WorldWide DX CW 2008 in no less terms rocked my transceiver and scorched my
wire antenna. The build-up leading into the major of major DX contests was
eagerly anticipated in the shackadelic. Fun? Absolutely. Exciting? For sure. I
enjoyed an ionospheric weekend of ham radio fun.

I learned from my CQWWDX that is, my station is built for searching and
pouncing (SP) until Helios revives the high bands like 15m or 10m. Even then,
with the phenomenon of network swarming, penetrating near instantaneous
pile-ups requires a new SP strategy. I'm beginning to pay attention to 'spot
time' as 'spot decay' in one N1MM dialogue box.

Twenty meters kicked serious propagation as the CQWWDX starting gun sounded.
Many thanks to all those S9 Japan Zone 25 stations filling bandwidth as the
contest charged the ionosphere above. Three point Qs quickly populated my
logger and super charged motivation. I enjoyed my geographic advantage living
near the Pacific Ocean. However penetrating deeper into the Asiatic zone
cluster tested the station's capacity at 50watts into a $50 wire antenna. That
is when a personalized band map facilitated efficient skimming of self-spotted
multipliers. Overall, 20m remains the range of RadioSport Titans and I worked
my Qs in between the kilowatts.

Forty meters undoubtedly gets the best band award. I just cannot RadioSport
without my favorite low band at the minimum, minimum. However, the nature of
40m propagation forces one to forego sleep. I enjoyed simultaneous propagation
into Asia, South America, and the Caribbean on this spectrum space. Again, S9
Zone 25 Japan stations ruled my log. However I did hear XW1, RW0, 9M6, BY, but
just not enough in the antenna system this year.

Eighty meters, on the other hand, did not produce Qs as I thought. Perhaps my
timing was off and I'll work on that next year with better charting.

Fifteen meters is the band in waiting. I really missed South America and the
Caribbean this year. In fact, my performance on the band was, well, abysmal. My
hat is off to the King Henry Sixs for providing 50% of my 15m Q total. Perhaps
next year 15m will invigorate our antennas and sizzle our logs? I'm looking
forward to a different spectrum space next year.

I added a few firsts toward my 5BDXCC award chase with 3 new entities going
into the log on forty meters. And 1 new entity toward the first one hundred.
Additionally, I loaded my antenna on 160m as an experiment with 15watts and
discovered reasonable bandwidth and a stable standing wave ratio as well. Also,
I missed easy zones on at least three bands that is Zones 3,4, and five. My
operating technique is focused on scoring DX points and zones however knocking
off zero-pointers but with zone point impact is important.

My ham radio fun meter pegged into the red zone and CQWWDX ruled my weekend.
Thanks to all those operators who filled my logger this weekend.

Scot, KA3DRR
HC8N   M/M HP   34,385,5762008-12-01 18:50:36
We definitely experienced the disturbed conditions - this score is about 10
million points below our last m/m which was two years ago. We had two new ops
this trip - Dave, N3RD who got his fill of shoveling on 40 meters and did a
fine job of it; and Lee, KY7M who swapped Africa for Galapagos and, being the
new guy, got 10 meters as a bonus. He stuck it out on 10, did a great job
there, and did some relief operating on 80 as well. Dave, W6NL was at the helm
on 80 doing a masterful job again this year, with needed help from Barb, K6BL.
The Gator (N5RZ) was in charge of getting a sweep and keeping lids under
control on 20. George, W2VJN returned for 160M duties and did a great job
there. K6AW was on 15 and N5KO filled in wherever and whenever needed, for as
long as necessary.

We used five K3´s this trip 160-15 and everyone was very pleased with the
radio´s performance.

Secial thanks to our hosts Guido, HC8GR and Chelita, HC8FR and their family for
their warm hospitality and friendship. Thanks to the expeditions who make it
out to less-traveled places to put on rare mults, and thanks to everyone for
the qso´s.

73, Steve K6AW/HC1
YV5KG   SOSB/15 LP   60,3502008-12-01 19:01:06
Hello ham friend the operation from state Miranda location Cua to 80 Km of south
of capital Caracas qth of friend Karl YV5YA.

Rig TS-870 antenna Mosley tribander to 60 feet.In the contest The first day
there listened stations of north and south america to some stations of africa
with signal of S5 to S9 the second day I listen to europa EA, I, F, DL, G, YL,
S5, with S4 to S8 and very bad propagation to VK,ZL,KH7,JA,BY,VU.

Many tnx to Karl YV5YA and YY5ANG Naudy for the operation in your qth,
And very special to the family briceño for the days that there spends in Cua
Jose YY5BJE, Susana YY5ESD, Suer ;)YY5EBV many tnx.
YY5EBV(@YY5BJE)   SOSB/40 LP   61,7072008-12-01 19:20:13
Many tnx father Jose YY5BJE and YY5ESD mother for the operation with the program
cw skimmer my rig TS-440 antenna dipolo for 40m and interface for CW home made
for YV5KG Jhonny. I am very happy for my firt contest in cw very very happy 17
year old and operator YL.
AD6WL   SOAB(A) HP   444,1852008-12-01 19:28:05
Lots of activity but very tough conditions. I had originally planned on
operating Low Power but decided to turn the amp on.
VE6WQ(@VE6JY)   SOSB/40 HP   483,9662008-12-01 20:04:03
Operating from VE6JY's superstation. Don is a great host. Equipment was an ICOM
IC756ProII and homebrew amp. Antennas were 5 ele at 160 ft, 3 ele at 120 ft and
his large log periodic fixed on the US. Conditions varied greatly over the
weekend but gradually improved as the solar wind calmed. The last few hours on
Sunday afternoon were really hot. Europe was difficult during the first few
hours and most activity was S+P but the band never closed to somewhere in the
world. The JA opening was poor on Saturday morning but much better on Sunday
morning. Daytime openings to Europe were often better then the evening
openings. With all my listening I heard 11 mults I couldn't work. Missed three
zones: 23, 34 and 36. Overall a fun weekend.
K6XT   SOAB HP   599,6912008-12-01 20:04:36
Lightning storm Saturday night took out great low band openings. Could only do
just under half time. Was great to have 80M open to EU and Asia on Sunday AM
simultaneously with EU's calling me, I need this problem more often!

73 Art
KK9A   SOSB/20 HP   250,0002008-12-01 20:06:42
I was just having fun in this one. Conditions on 20m seemed very good.
NY3A   SOSB/15 HP   136,7302008-12-01 20:11:49
My thanks to all the great cw operators out there!

Even with no sunspots 15m does amazing things. Like working ZL on Friday night
at 7:30PM local time. I missed part of the EU opening on Saturday. The band
opened really early but closed early and abruptly to EU. On Sunday it opened
later to EU but with better signals and about 1 hour of decent run rates.

A couple of times, while working the cq machine with no replies, suddenly I had
a pileup of USA stations calling. One time it was when a dx station, whose call
ended with an A, was just above me. It's amazing that some packet folks don't
verify who they are working. There are going to be log check hits in some logs
as I worked everyone!

1.5KW, 5L at 60ft

KC1XX   M/M HP   15,414,1442008-12-01 20:13:39
Congratulations to everyone in all categories for great scores under some tough
solar minimum conditions. Hats off to the K3LR and W3LPL teams for a job well

Definitely a low band contest this weekend. Others from the North American
northeast area noted a drop in propagation to Europe on 160. We also
experienced a minor drop from last year. 80 and 40 Meters saw an increase due
to the favorable conditions and also had fun with some long path contacts to
Asia that are not always available.

Kudos to KM3T, W2RQ, N2AA, KC1XX, and N1KWF for slugging it out on the higher
bands this weekend. Also, a special thanks to K1TR and K1QX for performing
some very valuable relief duty.

Speaking of relief, our other teammates, Christine and the girls, provide the
most important relief of all by being great hostesses! We're pretty lucky!

Happy Holidays to all, thanks for all the QSOs, and we'll see everyone again in


160 384 782 2.04 20 81
80 1564 4350 2.78 34 126
40 2017 5756 2.85 38 151
20 2173 6154 2.83 38 151
15 602 1545 2.57 29 118
10 111 165 1.49 12 24

Totals 6851 18752 2.74 171 651 => 15,414,144
K3CR(LZ4AX)   SOAB HP   5,840,8492008-12-01 20:23:50
Well, that was the end of my 5 year long streak of being in US top 3 in CQWW CW.
Unless K4ZW proves me wrong, all three spots there belong entirely to New
England this year.

I did everything possible to be competitive as much as I could but it just
wasn't meant to be. Things started breaking from the beginning and kept doing
so until the end. Maybe there are still things falling apart there now but at
least I'm not there to see. It started with the 40m antenna, went through 80m
antennas, the rotator on 10m, the beverages and finished with my K3. Neither
one of the problems was crucial enough to make me think about quitting, though.
They probably affected my score somehow but not that much. I was able to come up
with quick fixes for the K3 (faulty main VFO encoder) and beverages, the 80m
spare antenna was better than the K1DG's improvised GP and the 40m antenna
wasn't that bad even being broken.
In accordance with general misery theory, conditions also sucked. Well, not on
all bands. They sucked only on the bands where the antennas were in shape. With
the exception of W3LPL, N8II and PR1T everything heard on 10 was worked. Only
one EU on 15 on Saturday. Heard several south Europeans but they couldn't hear
me. I wasn't too persistent, however. 20 was really hot and I decided to stay
there, hoping that 15 would improve on Sunday. And it really did improve. All
EU stations were ESP level but they had no problems copying me. Even managed a
short run. 20 wasn't that bad actually, although in the last several contests I
had at least 70-80 Jas there. Only 16 this time. Nothing from zones 23, 24, 26,
28. Barely got 27. To compensate for the higher bands 40, 80 and 160 were

The non-IDing is getting worse and worse every year, though. I have around 100
dupes in my log. About 80 of them are because the other station didn't identify
themselves when I was tuning across. If they would send their call once each 3
QSO, which is very optimistic estimate given the current realities, by jumping
right in I saved time for 160 contacts. They lost time for 80 contacts. It's
that simple. There were also about 10 contacts which I didn't log because I
couldn't squeeze the call out of the other station after working them. Some of
them were probably mults as they were sending rare zones but I wasn't willing
to hang around forever. Here I lost time for 10 contacts, they will loose the
same 10 plus another 30 in penalties. Hopefully one day they will finally get
it, although I'm not that optimistic.

Well, that was my last contest from K3CR. In 2 weeks I will be completely done
with my PhD and I will be leaving Penn State. Ironically, my first contest from
K3CR was also CQWW CW, back in 2001. I learned a lot for these 7 years, the
station also improved a lot. We didn't win any major contest, we were very
close to winning several times but just close. However, K3CR is now a regular
in US top ten of all major contests. Jim Breakall, WA3FET was the driving force
of all of it. My thanks go to Jim and his students Jon Arent, James Turner, Bill
Glessner, Brad Parola and Kyle Labowski, who did a lot of work and spent
countless hours on the towers to help keeping the station in shape through the
years. My hat is off to you guys, you are the greatest !

Congratulations to K1LZ, K5ZD and K1DG for the great scores. I don't know where
my career is going to take me next, but if it will be in US I will definitely be
back at K3CR for more next year. And I hope Randy will change his mind until

73, Alex LZ4AX

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y --------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
0000 0 0 62 10 0 0 72 2.1
0100 0 0 54 0 0 0 54 1.6
0200 8 0 44 0 0 0 52 1.5
0300 37 4 0 0 0 0 41 1.2
0400 0 76 0 0 0 0 76 2.2
0500 27 27 0 0 0 0 54 1.6
0600 10 45 0 0 0 0 55 1.6
0700 3 51 19 0 0 0 73 2.1
0800 0 2 73 0 0 0 75 2.2
0900 6 12 53 0 0 0 71 2.0
1000 1 1 33 0 0 0 35 1.0
1100 0 7 17 0 0 0 24 0.7
1200 0 0 1 135 0 0 136 3.9
1300 0 0 0 186 0 0 186 5.4
1400 0 0 0 178 2 0 180 5.2
1500 0 0 0 191 5 0 196 5.7
1600 0 0 0 128 19 0 147 4.2
1700 0 0 0 81 21 4 106 3.1
1800 0 0 0 40 17 0 57 1.6
1900 0 0 0 35 0 0 35 1.0
2000 0 0 12 8 8 0 28 0.8
2100 0 0 99 0 0 0 99 2.9
2200 0 0 98 4 0 0 102 2.9
2300 0 0 27 7 0 0 34 1.0
0000 0 15 15 0 0 0 30 0.9
0100 0 44 0 0 0 0 44 1.3
0200 9 19 0 0 0 0 28 0.8
0300 7 61 4 0 0 0 72 2.1
0400 0 72 7 0 0 0 79 2.3
0500 20 11 0 0 0 0 31 0.9
0600 7 34 0 0 0 0 41 1.2
0700 3 8 22 0 0 0 33 1.0
0800 0 0 63 0 0 0 63 1.8
0900 0 8 29 0 0 0 37 1.1
1000 3 1 17 0 0 0 21 0.6
1100 0 1 0 16 0 0 17 0.5
1200 0 0 0 157 0 0 157 4.5
1300 0 0 0 151 0 0 151 4.4
1400 0 0 0 9 79 0 88 2.5
1500 0 0 0 28 31 1 60 1.7
1600 0 0 0 91 6 0 97 2.8
1700 0 0 0 73 7 0 80 2.3
1800 0 0 0 22 0 2 24 0.7
1900 0 0 7 10 6 0 23 0.7
2000 0 0 93 3 0 0 96 2.8
2100 0 0 99 4 0 0 103 3.0
2200 0 0 8 26 3 0 37 1.1
2300 0 13 10 0 0 0 23 0.7
Total 141 512 966 1593 204 7 3423

Gross QSO's=3468 Dupes=45 Net QSO's=3423

Unique callsigns worked = 2549

The best 60 minute rate was 197/hour from 1501 to 1600
The best 30 minute rate was 200/hour from 1341 to 1410
The best 10 minute rate was 234/hour from 1500 to 1509
K5EWJ   SOAB LP   14,5962008-12-01 20:46:20
My antenna farm was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike, but did get my 160 meter
inverted L back up. I had fun with my new K3 barefoot and my old 1921 model
Vibroplex Bug. I will be back next year with my SteppIR and an amplifier.

The K3 was a joy to listen to. I look forward to using it with a better
antenna system.

73, Cookie
N7WA   SOSB/20 LP   121,3682008-12-01 20:59:48
1) No central Europe, very little Europe at all from the Pacific NW.
2) Wrapped my 40M beam coax around the tower

1) Fair number of JA's (thanks for getting on guys)
2) Lives Scores Web Page, there were two of us running Low Power SB/20 so we
had an impromptu private competition that made it fun to stay in the chair.
3) I had fun which isn't something I remember happening much the past couple

Interesting events:
Having E51 call in while CQing Europe.
Having VP8 call in while CQing Japan.

N6TR   SOSB/160 HP   45,0182008-12-01 21:00:52
Nice to have some openings to Europe both nights. Worked 3X5A in the first 10
minutes of the contest.

Congrats to N7UA who was obviously in the spotlight!! Awesome score.
W3UA   M/S HP   6,842,0102008-12-01 21:06:59
Our raw score at the end of the test was 6,899,700 -- but after careful log
analysis, elimination of bogus calls and other possible sources of troubles, we
ended up just a notch behind W2FU (although if one of "his" (a.k.a. Green Heron
Engineering) rotator control boxes would not fail, and NU3C spent 40 minutes
chasing mults rather than wiring back our old M2 control box, we well may beat
them -- but there were more equipment failures to blame for our lower than
possible score. Too long to list). Indeed, 44K points is not a huge distance
either, so even being close behind W2FU is quite a success for the three of us.
Indeed, they won by a huge margin with much better multiplier count. We need to
work on our skills -- or just sleep less.

Highlight was our new 4 square for 80 meters (KC1XX did a great job as usual).
We never had 80 meters like this. Overall improvement comparing to the slopper
was from 1 to 2 S-units in Europe. I could work EY8MM on 80 30 minutes before
our sunset, through the EU-wall.

Another new toy was CW Skimmer...

Now I have much better view of the future M/S setup... Hopefully, by the next
contest season we will have everything in place.

Gene W3UA

QSO/ZN+DX by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-0000Z --+-- 28/39 89/44 --+-- --+-- --+-- 117/83 117/83
D1-0100Z 13/17 5/3 54/10 - - - 72/30 189/113
D1-0200Z - 8/9 48/12 - - - 56/21 245/134
D1-0300Z - 25/29 61/7 - - - 86/36 331/170
D1-0400Z 8/11 5/5 52/18 - - - 65/34 396/204
D1-0500Z 12/13 - 61/24 - - - 73/37 469/241
D1-0600Z 8/8 21/14 8/4 - - - 37/26 506/267
D1-0700Z 4/4 6/6 82/7 - - - 92/17 598/284
D1-0800Z --+-- 7/9 85/3 --+-- --+-- --+-- 92/12 690/296
D1-0900Z 1/1 3/4 37/9 - - - 41/14 731/310
D1-1000Z - - 28/2 22/21 - - 50/23 781/333
D1-1100Z - 2/2 2/2 131/22 9/12 - 144/38 925/371
D1-1200Z - - - 121/5 22/29 2/4 145/38 1070/409
D1-1300Z - - 2/3 122/5 10/14 1/2 135/24 1205/433
D1-1400Z - - 1/1 132/6 16/17 2/3 151/27 1356/460
D1-1500Z - - - 109/9 3/3 - 112/12 1468/472
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 118/24 1/1 3/5 122/30 1590/502
D1-1700Z - - - 91/18 5/7 - 96/25 1686/527
D1-1800Z - - 1/2 45/12 4/5 - 50/19 1736/546
D1-1900Z - - 25/2 12/6 - - 37/8 1773/554
D1-2000Z - 1/1 71/0 5/5 - - 77/6 1850/560
D1-2100Z - 1/1 103/0 3/5 - - 107/6 1957/566
D1-2200Z - - 65/0 4/5 - - 69/5 2026/571
D1-2300Z - 30/6 13/1 - - - 43/7 2069/578
D2-0000Z 2/3 71/0 --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 73/3 2142/581
D2-0100Z 4/4 53/0 - - - - 57/4 2199/585
D2-0200Z 2/2 71/1 - - - - 73/3 2272/588
D2-0300Z 3/3 72/0 1/1 - - - 76/4 2348/592
D2-0400Z 4/6 71/0 - - - - 75/6 2423/598
D2-0500Z 3/4 70/0 - - - - 73/4 2496/602
D2-0600Z 2/3 58/0 - - - - 60/3 2556/605
D2-0700Z 1/1 68/0 - - - - 69/1 2625/606
D2-0800Z --+-- 27/0 1/0 --+-- --+-- --+-- 28/0 2653/606
D2-0900Z 1/1 1/1 15/0 - - - 17/2 2670/608
D2-1000Z - 7/1 2/0 1/1 - - 10/2 2680/610
D2-1100Z - 6/2 - 38/0 - - 44/2 2724/612
D2-1200Z - - - 112/2 - - 112/2 2836/614
D2-1300Z - - - 116/1 - - 116/1 2952/615
D2-1400Z - - - 119/0 4/4 - 123/4 3075/619
D2-1500Z - - - 82/4 - - 82/4 3157/623
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 90/4 2/2 --+-- 92/6 3249/629
D2-1700Z - - - 48/3 2/2 - 50/5 3299/634
D2-1800Z - - - 57/1 1/1 - 58/2 3357/636
D2-1900Z - - 4/0 41/1 - - 45/1 3402/637
D2-2000Z - - 98/1 1/1 - - 99/2 3501/639
D2-2100Z - - 67/0 3/4 - - 70/4 3571/643
D2-2200Z - 27/0 25/1 - - - 52/1 3623/644
D2-2300Z - 20/5 24/0 1/2 - - 45/7 3668/651

Total: 68/81 764/1381125/1541624/167 79/97 8/14
W6YI(N6MJ)   SOAB HP   3,561,8402008-12-01 21:22:32
Thanks again to W6YI for the use of his station. This was the first time I have
ever had the chance to do CQWW CW as a single op, and I have to say it was alot
of fun! I definately need to try it again when the sunspots come back.

Low band conditions were great from southern California. I worked about 100 EU
on 80m, and even worked a few on 160. I could have worked more on 160, but they
all seemed to have such big pile ups and it would take me forever to get
through. The only time I could actually run EU was for about an hour on 20m
each morning. Sometimes we can run EU on 40m, but I was never able to work
more than a few at a time before the freq got taken over. I only worked 1 EU
on 15m, and 10m never opened anywhere other than to LU1HF.

Thanks to all the JA's that got on. It would be nice if there was more of
them, but I'll take what I can get. I worked a total of 1125 q's with zone
25. 15m was open all 3 days to JA, but they never seemed to move the S meter.
Only worked 46 JA's there.

Congrats to all the big scores out there.

Dan N6MJ
N4KG   SOAB(A) HP   854,9062008-12-01 22:13:24
One of my Worst Starts ever.

I had put off replacing my broken / fallen 80M dipole until Friday afternoon,
plus installing dedicated 2M link with Locals to help coach / spot for them.

After cleaning out most of the available mults on 40M Saturday morning I *went
to bed* for a couple of hours. I just wasn't up to fighting any more Europeans
working Europeans after doing that all night on 40 and 80 Meters! I was ready
to make this a Low Band Only Effort.

After a good nap, I got back in the game but ended up missing MANY EU mults on
20 and maybe 15M (was it open?).

By 0700Z Sunday, I was too tired to have to go back to 40M so I went to bed
(again). Then I overslept Sunday Morning, starting back at 1400Z on 20M.
Getting to 15M later in the morning yielded only CT, CU, EA, and F from

Sunday afternoon was INCREDIBLE! 40M was wide open to Europe at 2 pm CST
(2000Z). 20M was open to the Pacific with very strong JA's but Not a Trace of
the BV, BY, HL, UA0, VR2, or 9M6 stations being spotted by stations further

At the End, I decided to go back to 80M where I heard 4L0A, 5H3EE, 8Q7DV, and
TA3D running Europe. I did manage to work TA3KZ plus couple of closer
multipliers. Hearing so many Asians on 80M was FUN, even if I didn't work
several of them.

Conditions at the End of the Contest were MUCH Better than the Beginning!

ALL QSO's were either S&P or from Packet Spots
with a heavy emphasis on Multipliers. NO Runs.

So it goes. I hope I will be better prepared for the next one.
I'm still working on the Log / Statistics. No way to do this in one day!

6 Banders = ZERO due to ZERO stations heard on 10 Meters!
5 Banders = 10 stations 3X CU HC8 KP2 PJ4 TO4 V4 VP2M YN
4 Banders = 17 stations 5K0 8P CT9 D4 EF8 J39 J68 J88 KH7 M6 OA PJ2 PZ V3 ZF
3 Banders = 33 stations 5H 6V 6Y EA EA8 FJ FM J3 LX OX RW2 SV9 TO3R V2 YS ZM
2 Banders = 58 stations
1 Banders = 306 stations

Thanks to KG4CUY for writing a program to create a Callsign Listing by Number
of Bands showing which bands were worked derived from the Cabrillo Log file.

Tom N4KG in North Alabama
KØOD   SOAB LP   407,1762008-12-01 23:27:24
Used a new DX Engineering MBVE-1 vertical for all contacts.
YO2MAX   SOAB(A) LP   504,1552008-12-01 23:45:52
Rig: ICOM IC-7400/max.100W
Antenna: 40M DELTA LOOP
Software: N1MM Logger V8.11.1

Very nice contest. Thanks for all contacts and 73's de
S57AL   SOSB/20 HP   751,3382008-12-01 23:58:58
TX/RX: FT1000MKV Field
ANT: yagi 5/5 @ 17/31m
3.el.yagi @ 12m
PA: 1500W

Very bad conditions from this part of the EU, because of weather (snow&rain).
I lost electricity on sunday morning for 1h.
Stil, it was fun like usual during the contest.

In log: 780 Q NA
140 Q JA
100 Q UA9
Congrats to YU2A for nice score.

See you in next CQ WW.

73, Ivo, S57AL
S54X(@S57RTH)   SOSB/20 HP   359,9102008-12-02 00:08:28
Worked from S57RTH station, with FT2KMP, 4 el. QUAD and tired Dentron MLA2500
which was giving only arr. 500W. Nice pileups from USA 4 and 5, nice opening
Sunday morning to JA LP, but no stns from zone 1. Thanks to Tom and his family
for renting the location.
HA8FM   SOSB/40 HP   359,8562008-12-02 00:09:22
New QTH, new problem! 73 Tibi
SP6A   SOAB LP   231,0182008-12-02 00:10:07
Hi competitors! Piece of wire, radio ( most important), and "balls" - that is
all what you need! Pity that I have to go to work on friday and saturday as
well. Cu you next time, best 73 de Zibi SP6A
Used rig: IC756 pro , multi-trap vertical, and "lazy"GP for 160m
7J1AQH(VE7HA)   SOAB LP   61,2542008-12-02 00:15:25
QRM heavy. Ops good. Woodpecker back on 40m. Sigs strong. 10m still dead.
OH2BH(OH1WZ)   SOSB/40 HP   930,0002008-12-02 00:17:00
Another great experience at the OH2BH contest station. Biggest
excitement was to watch the towers turn in the darkness as
I could not rely on the meters. Took a couple of construction-
lamps from home and set them to illuminate the yagis from below :)

40 meters was a daytime DX-band. I was fortunate to have 2 antennas,
since the JAs and WVEs came through at the same time. The score is highest
from OH on 40 m. Full analysis will appear later on the pages of PileUP!

Thanks to Martti (TA4ZA), Pertti (TC4X) and Toni (CU2X) for your help in
getting the stn on the air.

LY8O(@LY1PM)   SOSB/20 QRP   200,2002008-12-02 00:40:58
WOW! Never ever immagine it is possible to work such a number of multipliers
with QRP! Heard zones 2 and 3 with no chance to reach and perhaps 15 more
countries with no luck to complete the QSO. Have had a big fun with two radios
+ two independent stacks + very light introstation qrm. Many times feel funny
sitting with one mult in the left ear and another in the right and jus pressing
F1 cosequently in one of PCs. First plan was to participate HP on 40m but one
week before the contest strong winds broke one (lower) of our new 2x2el Moxons
antenna so the decision was 20mQRP to reach new local record - wich was done
succesfully, twice :) Unfortunately conditions were too short for better number
of QSOs - band closed at around 17z on Saturday and about 15.30z on Sunday. On
Sunday there was an unexpected nice CQ in the afternoon somewhere 14.130 .. 140
MHz with dozen of W/VE stations. Thank you guys!!! And thanks for everyone for a
super weekend - still under impression.
Equipment :
IC-756pro3 tuned to 5W + 3 x KT34XA on 42m rotary mast.
IC-756pro2 tuned to 5W + 3 x 5 el. yagis on 49m rotary mast.
Software - WinTest.
Yehh, with such setup life is not too short for QRP :))
My biggest thanks to Petras LY1PM for his possition and all hospitality.

73, Remi LY8O
5X1AB(S53R)   SOAB HP   516,4262008-12-02 00:43:56
Here is my little contribution to the CQWW. Good to be back after a while –
although this is a story by itself. Travelled thru 5X and 9Q in the past two
weeks as part of my job. The plans were to try and operate from 9Q initially,
but nobody was available locally to “rent” the station. Luckily, Aramais,
5X1AB, who works for the same agency, offered to use his station – if we were
lucky enough to make it on time from Kinshasa to Kampala. So we left Kin on
Saturday morning and it all started on the wrong foot already there. We were
late and you bet we missed late afternoon flight from Nairobi to Kampala. So we
hung around Nairobi till past 10pm and finally made it to Aramais’s home
around 1am Sunday – dead tired. Listened the bands for a few minutes, hooked
up the PC and went to bed till 6 in the morning. Fired up the station and
thought that the pile-up will just start. Well I was dead wrong!! No pile ups
at all, or better more, just what is generated by cluster. The setup at 5X1AB
is moderate – Hustler vertical and IC-PW1, but still….

I figured out during Sunday that the old way of doing contests, at least if you
do not run with a huge signal is gone forever. Generally people just stair at
the PC waiting for a spot to pop up and jump on the DX-es from band-to-band. No
more tuning up and down, searching for that weak rare ones! This creates a peak
of 40-50 QSOs and then it all goes dead again – till another spot comes up.

Did some research between my log and the sports I found on DXScape, and it is
interesting, to say the least. Let’s see how logs/categories of some stations
compare to what I came up with :-))

Another thing I want to mention and it has already been noticed before is about
the behaviour of mostly EU stations – and that goes all across the continent,
not just selected countries. Me really having a week signal on 40m meant that I
had to call the station that I picked up for 4 to 5 times, before the poor guy
on the other side could hear me through the wall of stations just calling and
calling and calling!! Even worse, while I was in QSO they tried to make their
way by breaking-in. No go with me guys!! If the rest of the world plays by the
rules, EU will have to do it too!

To finish, I’d like to thank Aramais and his family for the great
hospitality. Had my tea and fruits next to me all the time! And then a special
Sunday lunch……

73 and hopefully this is a come-back to a bit more serious contesting that I
missed very much due to my work commitments in the past 4 years or so. Pile-ups
still make goose pimples come up!!!

Robert, S53R
PY2NDX   SOAB HP   5,189,4812008-12-02 01:29:23
Rig: TS-850S
Amp: Dentron MLA-2500B (2x 4CX400A - Modified)
Pwr: 500 Watts
Ant: 160- Dipole @12m
80 - Dipole @17m
40 - 2 el. Yagi @ 18 meters
10/15/20 - TH7DX @ 15 meters

QSO/ZN+DX by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 124/39 --+-- --+-- 124/39 124/39
D1-0100Z - - 83/26 23/7 - - 106/33 230/72
D1-0200Z - - 140/14 - - - 140/14 370/86
D1-0300Z - - 122/13 - - - 122/13 492/99
D1-0400Z - 9/14 59/5 - - - 68/19 560/118
D1-0500Z - - 106/6 - - - 106/6 666/124
D1-0600Z - 18/21 13/0 - - - 31/21 697/145
D1-0700Z 2/3 5/5 14/6 - - - 21/14 718/159
D1-0800Z 1/2 12/9 33/4 --+-- --+-- --+-- 46/15 764/174
D1-0900Z - - 67/11 - - - 67/11 831/185
D1-1000Z - - 4/2 16/7 9/15 - 29/24 860/209
D1-1100Z - - - 13/16 2/1 - 15/17 875/226
D1-1200Z - - - - 57/30 - 57/30 932/256
D1-1300Z - - - - 129/14 - 129/14 1061/270
D1-1400Z - - - - 100/12 - 100/12 1161/282
D1-1500Z - - - - 44/9 27/16 71/25 1232/307
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 165/7 --+-- 165/7 1397/314
D1-1700Z - - - - 118/4 8/3 126/7 1523/321
D1-1800Z - - - 35/5 3/0 20/11 58/16 1581/337
D1-1900Z - - - - 109/3 5/3 114/6 1695/343
D1-2000Z - - - - 128/4 - 128/4 1823/347
D1-2100Z - - - 124/5 3/4 3/2 130/11 1953/358
D1-2200Z - - - 82/18 - - 82/18 2035/376
D1-2300Z - - - 67/0 6/4 1/2 74/6 2109/382
D2-0000Z 3/4 2/3 45/5 --+-- 1/0 --+-- 51/12 2160/394
D2-0100Z - - 98/5 - - - 98/5 2258/399
D2-0200Z 4/4 - 8/0 5/4 1/1 - 18/9 2276/408
D2-0300Z 1/1 5/4 12/0 - - - 18/5 2294/413
D2-0400Z - 7/9 10/9 - - - 17/18 2311/431
D2-0500Z 1/1 3/3 36/2 - - - 40/6 2351/437
D2-0600Z 2/4 6/4 7/5 - - - 15/13 2366/450
D2-0700Z - 7/0 37/2 - - - 44/2 2410/452
D2-0800Z --+-- 3/2 57/1 --+-- --+-- --+-- 60/3 2470/455
D2-0900Z - - 6/1 15/5 - - 21/6 2491/461
D2-1000Z - - - 16/1 - - 16/1 2507/462
D2-1100Z - - - - - - 0/0 2507/462
D2-1200Z - - - - 28/8 - 28/8 2535/470
D2-1300Z - - - - 54/3 - 54/3 2589/473
D2-1400Z - - - 5/5 11/1 - 16/6 2605/479
D2-1500Z - - - - 10/1 7/10 17/11 2622/490
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 13/0 18/11 31/11 2653/501
D2-1700Z - - - - 115/2 - 115/2 2768/503
D2-1800Z - - - - 116/1 5/3 121/4 2889/507
D2-1900Z - - - - 114/1 3/1 117/2 3006/509
D2-2000Z - - - 83/2 37/2 - 120/4 3126/513
D2-2100Z - - - 109/0 - - 109/0 3235/513
D2-2200Z - - 21/0 74/3 - - 95/3 3330/516
D2-2300Z - - 19/1 87/2 - - 106/3 3436/519

Total: 14/19 77/74 997/118 878/1191373/127 97/62

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

NA 5 26 508 631 887 43 2100 61.1
AS 0 3 118 84 20 1 226 6.6
AF 1 6 9 14 24 14 68 2.0
EU 0 24 328 115 403 9 879 25.6
SA 8 17 27 27 33 29 141 4.1
OC 0 1 7 7 6 1 22 0.6

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total

3V 1 1 2
3X 1 1 1 1 1 5
4L 2 1 3
4O 1 1
4X 1 4 1 6
5B 1 1 1 2 5
5H 1 1 2
5X 1 1 1 3
6W 1 1
6Y 1 1 2
8P 1 1 1 3
8Q 1 1
9A 1 6 3 10 1 21
9G 1 1
9H 1 1
9J 1 1 2
9M6 2 2
9Q 1 1 2
A7 1 1 2
BV 1 1 2
BY 3 2 1 6
C6 1 1
CE 2 1 1 2 6
CE0Y 1 1
CM 1 1
CN 2 1 3
CT 1 3 4
CT3 1 1 3 5 1 11
CU 1 1 1 3
CX 1 2 3 1 2 2 11
D4 1 1 1 1 1 1 6
DL 1 40 12 69 122
DU 2 2
E7 2 1 1 4
EA 4 5 26 1 36
EA6 1 1 2
EA8 1 1 3 4 5 14
EI 1 2 3 6
EL 1 1 2
ER 1 1 2
ES 2 2
EU 4 1 5 10
F 1 2 6 25 1 35
FG 2 1 3
FM 1 1 2
FR 1 1
FS 1 1 1 1 1 5
G 1 10 3 28 42
GM 3 1 4
GW 1 1
HA 1 14 8 13 36
HB 1 1 11 13
HB0 1 1 2
HC 1 2 2 1 6
HC8 1 1 1 1 1 1 6
HI 2 1 2 1 6
HK 2 1 1 4
HK0/a 1 1 1 1 4
HP 1 1 2
HS 1 1
HZ 1 1
I 1 3 5 42 51
IG9 1 1
IS 4 4
IT9 1 6 2 9
J2 1 1
J3 1 1 1 3
J6 1 1
J8 1 1 1 3
JA 1 71 68 4 144
JW 1 1
K 2 14 465 584 814 32 1911
KH0 1 1 2
KH2 1 1 1 3
KH6 1 2 3 3 1 10
KL 1 1 2 4
KP2 1 1 1 1 1 1 6
KP4 1 1 2
LA 1 3 2 6
LU 3 6 6 11 8 34
LX 2 1 1 4
LY 1 6 4 4 15
LZ 1 7 4 8 20
OA 1 1 1 2 2 7
OE 3 2 2 7
OH 3 14 2 2 21
OH0 1 1
OK 1 18 4 22 45
OM 1 7 4 12
ON 4 2 6 12
OZ 1 1 2
P4 1 2 1 1 1 1 7
PA 6 2 12 20
PJ2 2 1 2 3 3 1 12
PY 2 3 4 7 4 7 27
PY0F 1 1 1 3
PZ 1 1 1 1 1 5
S5 1 9 7 15 3 35
SM 1 6 2 3 12
SP 1 19 2 11 33
SV 2 3 5
SV5 1 1
SV9 1 1 2
TA 1 3 4
TG 1 1
TI 1 1
TR 1 1
TT 1 1
UA 1 61 13 10 85
UA2 1 1
UA9 37 6 1 44
UK 1 1
UN 1 3 1 5
UR 1 45 4 22 72
V2 1 1
V3 1 1 1 3
V4 1 1 1 3
V5 1 1
VE 1 29 23 55 108
VP2M 1 1
VP5 1 1 1 1 4
VP9 1 1
VU 1 1
XE 1 8 3 12
YB 2 2
YL 1 5 3 9
YN 1 1 2
YO 5 3 12 20
YS 1 1 2
YU 1 8 8 8 25
YV 1 2 3 6
Z2 1 1
Z3 1 1 2
ZF 1 1 2
ZL 1 1
ZP 1 2 2 1 6
ZS 1 1 1 3 1 7
OMØM(OM3CGN)   SOSB(A)/40 HP   1,038,5842008-12-02 01:56:10
4el OWA 18m high
homebrew 4SQ
Microham phaser unit+MKII+station master

Wow what a condx this year.
MY SOSB40(A) EU record (4U1ITU) withstand the poor man stack attack HI HI HI.

VY 73 DX
9A7T   M/2 HP   2,163,5702008-12-02 01:56:38
This was small scale M/2 operation with only one amplifier (400 W) and second TX
was TS950S barefoot.
1st station:
IC7400 + IC2KL, 2 el. quad (20/15/10), V160HD Titanex vertical(40/80/160)
2nd station
TS950S barefoot, DLP20 Titanex logperiodic (40/20/15/10), inverted V (40/80)
Conditions were great on 80, good on 20&40, bad on 15 and nonexistent on 10
meters. We had some good runs to NA on 20 & 80 meters, but otherwise it was
mostly s&p specially on second station. We are very pleased with multiplier
numbers on 80/40/20 meters. We missed lot of multipliers on 15 because we
couldnot get through to some of Carribeans and Pacific stations with low power.
On 160 linear amplifier was on strike till Sunday, so we missed lot of juicy
multipliers in Carribean area and in Asia that we couldnot reach with only 100
watts. DX cluster generated pileups were huge on all bands and was very
difficult to get through to some rare multis, sometimes it took up to 20
minutes to break these pileups, but it was fun anyway. We all went to sleep for
6 hours on Ssturday night, so we could work all Sunday long.
Anyway we are very pleased with our score with modest setup. See you all in 9A
CW Contest on December 20/21.
73 de Zlatko, 9A2EU
E77CFG(9A2AJ)   SOSB/160 LP   113,7342008-12-02 02:09:21
FT-1000, 100W, inverted L antenna, beverages
YO8KIS(@YO8KVS)   SOSB/40 HP   145,0442008-12-02 02:24:06
Rig: Kenwood TS 870
AMP: Home made, 1k
Ant: Dipole, GP
Software: CT 989.3 - DOS
Comp: P1

Using call of local radioclub - Radioclubul Iasi, for first time in Contest!
Very bad WX in location. Thanks to Cristi, YO8CT and Lilian, YO3BL.
Adam, yo8big.
N2EIK   SOAB(A) HP   145,1402008-12-02 02:47:49
my 80 meter antenna hates me!
ON4UN   SOSB(A)/160 HP   299,8472008-12-02 03:04:34
Good conditions like we have witnessed in the past two and half months. Belgium
was on the border line of the Northern area where these extremely enhanced
conditions took place. Southern Europe (Spain, Italy) has a "bad time" for a
change, and for the Southern hemisphere conditions did not seem exceptional
either. Except maybe for this most extraordinary QSO I had with ZS6WN who came
in solid 59 with his signal coming from due North!!!
Too bad I never heard zone 31 with KH6 (has been available regularly in Europe
the last months). I also noticed rat only two KH6 stations were spotted on the
DX clsuter, whereas one Eu station brags having worked 4 KH stations! I missed
a few easy European multipliers ( e.g. GU, GJ, C3, T7); that’s probably why I
end up 2 countries short of DXCC. But with 98 countries and 29 zones, I really
should not complain. It is clear that such a good score can only be reached
thanks to the use of the DX cluster (in the "assisted" category).
I worked 280 North American stations, and missed only a few mults in
the Americas (5K0, TO4X and HD2: I just could not get through the US pileup).
Some of the more exciting QSO’s besides ZS6WN: KL7HBK (strong!), quite a few
W6-7s’s CW5A, 3 BY stations, 9M6/N2BB, SU9HP, UO0YAY (zone 23) and W7DT (Wa)
one hopur before his sunset (S9!!).
It really looked that this time all good things came via the North Pole. Our
friends up North had a ball, and where routinely they can only enjoy looking at
the aurora, this time they were masters in the field, and had super propagation
in all directions.
It is nice to see that the quality of the signals on the band (re. chirp and
wide band noise) is improving every year. Guess a lot of top banders use an
Orion or a K3? This was my first low band contest with my new K3, and it worked
like a charm. The operating manners seem to have improved as well, although
still too few stations ask ‘QRL’ before trying to steel a frequency…
These are some of the best 160m conditions I have ever seen during a contest on
160m. Let’s have more of that.
Thanks to all who have given me a QSO, and to all US stations: looking forward
to similar conditions and even more US contacts next weekend in the ARRL 160m
73 – John – ON4UN
SK3W   M/M HP   9,284,2322008-12-02 03:45:22
Second CQWW CW M/M from SK3W.

We had 11 operators on site, and 6 stations active.

10: SM5PHU
20: SM5AJV, SG3P


Improvements on all bands except 10 and 15m, see last years 3830 post:
HL1VAU   SOAB LP   142,4432008-12-02 04:38:29
Beat high power stations when S&P work was really difficult.
Heard but lost a lot of big mults like 3X5A, HC5WW, 3V8BB, 6Y1V, D4C, 5K0T and
bunch of EU mults.. 10/15m was almost dead...! :-(
Nevertheless, I had good first experience on Top band and did some wire
antenna test successfully.. Enjoyable contest weekend and thanks to all OPs who

picked up my barefoot signal...! CU Next year..! 73 Rocky
DF1DX   SOAB QRP   367,5362008-12-02 04:50:04
K3 @ 5W, TS850 @ 5W, MK2R, Win-Test
Tribander and (low) dipoles

14 hours offtime is far too much for a good score.

73 Juergen, DF1DX
LY2OX   SOAB HP   224,6402008-12-02 05:04:05
I had guests during weekend and I was also fighting with my XYL :She was
constantly switching off my AC power to prevent me of contesting or she was
steeling my headphones.I was lucky to have 3 sets of them.Such is life...
9A2L   SOSB(A)/40 HP   677,1852008-12-02 05:11:38
Our score will go out as CHECK LOG.

Since we didn't build our higher bands antennas we decided to go on 40m as
MOSB(A) to see how it works and to collect some expirience in contesting. Hope
that we eill be M/S in WPX SSB

op's were: 9A2AE, 9A2DM, 9A2VJ, 9A3AG, 9A3DF, 9A8A.


FT-1000MV + OM2500
OB4-40 20m high


Sasa, 9A3AG
S59ABC(S51DS)   SOAB(A) HP   3,223,8002008-12-02 05:54:26
FT-2000, 1kW
KT34XA @ 20m
40m: vertical
80, 160m: dipoles @ 18m
beverage 110m long to NW
Win-Test 3.23.0

My first experience with the Beverage antenna. I did not expect that this
antenna performs so well. I finished to build up the antenna two hours before
the beginning of the contest, so I needed more sleep during the contest as I
have been planned. But I really enjoyed while running NA pile-up on otherwise
noisy and crowded 40/80m bands. I missed NE beverage, it was hard to work JA
(as always). The S59ABC contest location is on the top of the hill and there is
no place to build up 160m Beverage (unfortunately).

My another first experience is with DX-cluster. I have never connected any
logging program with the DX-cluster because there was no internet access till
now. Win-test is excellent tool. I had the complete control of what is going on
the bands during the contest. With few mouse cliks I can decide if it is time to
change the band, to leave the running mode and start s/p, so the another
RIG/antenna/BPF/etc is not needed any more (and there is no another RIG). I
finished the contest on 80m in s/p mode with 90 point and click QSO during last
hour (I did not touch the VFO, on the keyboard I was pressing only ins in plus
keys). Assisted categrory is really fun.

At the end I made 500 less QSO than last year but I have better score (300.000
more points). I have never tried to make any EU run. But due to bad weather
(heavy static) on the Sunday afternoon it was almost impossible to make any US

KØKT   SOSB(A)/80 HP   183,6002008-12-02 06:04:49
Excellent conditions on 80, especially Friday night and Saturday.
VK6LW   SOSB/40 HP   841,7702008-12-02 06:19:03
Had a great time with the new 2 ele beam built in the week
before the contest, 40m seemed to be the place to be at
this stage of the cycle.
VU2PTT   SOAB HP   1,301,4812008-12-02 06:20:59
WOW, I enjoyed this contest, stayed in the chair for 40+ hours, not
too many QSOs, close to about 1300 and enjoyed some fine DX on 40 &
80m. Got carried away on 80m, especially since I am back on
this band seriously after several years. It was worth putting up the
80m antenna - a sort of horizontal + vertical zig-zag dipole on my
roof - and working VY2ZM the first night and W1KM at the very end of
the contest.

If any one has a recording of my signals on 80 and 40m I
would be keen to have it on my email

Started much better than previous years and at the end of day 1 had
close to 900 Qs - but poor conditions on 15m and 10m hampered the
numbers. 10m was actually open to EU, but not many listening there -
like NS3T said on it certainly looked like a Low Band

Rig: Icom 746pro + SB-200 amp
Antennas: 10-15-20M Force 12 C3S @ 60',
40m inverted Vee @ 55',
80m zig-zag vertical dipole
Logging: N1MMLogger with MicroHAM MK II interface for CW & recording

Just have to figure out how to get a TopBand antenna into the mix
on my 28x35 feet roof and of course resist the temptation to get
carried away by juicy DX :)

Forced to work split - UP1 on 40 & 80m when running as the continuous
callers from EU were drowning out my reply as well as some of the
DX who were calling in with weak signals. By spreading them out a bit,
it was slightly easier but certainly not the best to separate out
signals. Riding the RF gain did not help as many EU callers were S9+.

I have recordings of all QSOs except the first hour, and can send it
to any one who is interested in hearing how they sounded here.

73 de Prasad VU2PTT
N4LZ   SOAB(A) HP   56,0642008-12-02 06:34:51
The Hamsticks on the van in the driveway seemed to work OK. Had fun!
OK5W(@OK1KSO)   M/S HP   7,713,4292008-12-02 06:38:50
Due bad icing we lost a wooden mast supporting 80m sloper system. It was a big
loss. Guys quickly put up a provisional sloper. It was more low dipole than
a sloper as it was sloping down from some 16 meters only. What a difference it
was compared to the original system we used to use in the past.
All other equipment worked fine except some problems with 160m PA.

It is unbelievable what is going on when a DX station is spotted. Dozen
of endless callers starts call and call immediately without hearing anything.
It getting worse and worse year to year I guess...
How the contesting was nice without DX-clusters. Do you remember?


Zdeno OK2ZW
NF8J(@N8CC)   SOSB/160 HP   34,4002008-12-02 07:04:15
First time effort as SO in CW contest. K3, 1/4 wave vertical, beverages for
recieving. Tnx to those who worked me...
VP2MDG(K2DM)   SOAB HP   4,149,7172008-12-02 07:06:13
Incredible pileups as always. Thanks to all for calling. CU in SSB next year.
73, George K2DM / VP2MDG
WØAIH   M/M HP   4,927,2802008-12-02 07:11:51
See you all on 160 next weekend!
XE2AUB   SOAB LP   101,7502008-12-02 07:32:33
Apologies for my abuse of F7 Key (?), had a terrible cold and ears were not
working properly. Conditions did not help but it was fun working this contest
any way. Best 73 to everybody.
CT3NT(CT1BOH)   SOAB HP   11,511,9402008-12-02 07:57:20
Many thanks to my wife Lara for supporting my contesting activities.

Many thanks to CT3 Madeira Contest Team for their incredible support – CT3BD,

CQWW CW is “The Contest”. Thanks to all for the QSOs.

This was the third (full) contest I operated from this QTH:
2005 CT3EN 6483 151 516 13M
2006 CT3NT 6563 160 520 13.3M
2008 CT3NT 6392 143 462 11.5M

Looking back, what is missing is 10 meters that was extremely poor this year.
No 10 meters but excellent 80 and 160. Unfortunately I was not able to take
advantage of this.
For 80 and 160, there was extremely high noise that comes from USA direction.
Because of this all the USA station that I copied on the low bands I had to
listen on the European beverage, as the USA beverage was useless. Only the
really loud stations got through. Sorry if you called and called…

I really miss the 7000/8000 QSOs of P40E.
The potential of this QTH is reached, and in order to stay competitive, an all
clear, low angle, no noise in a bluff by the ocean location in needed.

Stay tuned for the Next One…

Video 1 - A problem before the contest

Video 2 - The group fixing the problem

Video 3 - A general view of the station

José Nunes
G3LZQ   SOAB(A) HP   328,5392008-12-02 08:08:30
A token entry with less than optimum sessions all S&P except for 10m (20-mins).
Had planned a 40m session as guests were using Tribander and 160m Vertical with
80m 4-sq as Rx antenna. Far too tired after a hard week so ended up doing a
relaxing chase the dx and a few points for the deserving. I managed to grab the
80m 4-sq at 06z Sunday for a couple of hours & again 22z.
Hrd 39z on 40m (CE3BFZ I think quit after a cluster spot)and Z-27 several but I
was not prepared to stay around given the cluster mayhem. Why stns call for up
to 10 times without listening is beyond most experienced operators. They just
ruin the fun and I felt some are quite deliberate QRM. Some DX had 3-QSO's
before the callers stopped.
Dont think have ever hrd so many ZL,JA,KH6,W6 W7 ever in CQWWCW on 40m.
9A1CMA(9A5TO)   SOSB(A)/15 HP   20,0002008-12-02 08:39:35

I was only Sunday (10-13Z) active with FT1000MP MARK-V + kW, 6el Yagi @ 20m and
DXCluster use.
Tnx for QSO's and hope CU in 9ACW test on 3th weekend of December!


Tom, 9A5TO
KZ5D   SOAB HP   1,427,9522008-12-02 08:44:30
Weird conditions at the start. Only able to S & P the first 2 hours with a very
low rate. And had a couple of problems to attend to with the rig. But after
that, things settled down and I was able to have a decent showing. I had to
drive back from a Thanksgiving week holiday, so I ended up sleeping much mor
ethan I had planned the first night, although the low pbands were superb.
Saturday conditions were very good until mid-day, and then thunderstorms rolle
din to create real problems on 160. Almost unable to use the band Saturday
night. Thanks to all for the Qs. It's always a lot of fun!
OT4A(ON4AEK)   SOSB(A)/40 HP   900,0452008-12-02 08:54:19
Last year i worked myself into a nice 5th place of the world and 3th in Europe,
so i decided to do even better this year.

First night cdx were average , second night not that good but slowing
improving towards the morning, sunday late evening was great in to W6,7.

Improved my result with 1/3 of the points of last year, so hope to be top 3
world wide. Lets see what comes out.

All together i enjoyed this contest again as much as all previous years !

So thanks all for the points and hope to see you soon agn in cw !

Equipement used: Ten Tec ORION,
N1MM logging software, Winkey
home made amp (4/1000P)
home made 4 el monobander(17 m boom, 26 m high)
YV1FM   SOSB/40 LP   318,5002008-12-02 08:56:01
Thanks a lot to all who contacted my station.
My setup: Ic-746pro, antenna inverted V, 100w, N1MM Logger.
9M2CNC(G4ZFE)   SOAB HP   2,334,5082008-12-02 09:07:10

Elecraft K3/100, Icom PW-1@400W
Force 12 C3-S at 12m
Cushcraft D-40 at 10m
HF2V with 64 radials
Wellbrook ALA-100M receive loop

Nearly didn't make it for CQWW I was in Bangkok airport the day before the
protesters took the airport over.

The main station improvement this year was a Cushcraft D-40 antenna. Despite
being lower than the old 40m Inverted V the D-40 performed better.

- being called by 3X5A on two bands :-)
- able to run on 40m with new antenna
- increased activity from JA

- packet pileups
- even more split operations this year

Conditions seemed a lot worse than last year.

The best band and the new antenna worked well especially to W6/7 and VK/ZL. It
was good being able to run on 40m for once and being able to work W6/W7 and EU
at the same time was interesting. Some problems with the Chinese Radar but not
across the whole band.

Congratulations to K. Champ E21EIC for his UFB 40m single band operation.

Rather disappointing this year and the band closed very early on both nights.

Better than expected and the increased JA activity was noticeable on this

I was hoping for more but despite many band checks only 4 QSOs!

Thank you for the QSOs. QSL is via G4ZFE and the contest logs are already on

73 de Rich, G4ZFE/9M2CNC
K8AZ   M/S HP   5,863,2002008-12-02 09:15:05
Congratulations to the guys at W2FU, W3UA, KT3Y and K9RS. Fun weekend,
especially at night -- and this contest we celebrated the return (from FL) of
stalwart crew member K8NZ. Definitely the best 160m and 80m conditions we've
ever experienced at K8AZ. On the other hand, 40m went long shortly after 0z
both nights, with bent-path propogation the only useful mode to EU.
(Curiously, the propagation returned to normal path after EU sunrise, and the
band stayed open to EU until after 10z. I actually heard JAs CQing -- direct
path -- at 2 pm local on Sunday). 10m and 15m were both a big struggle, and
(of course) 20m was simply a zoo during the daylight hours.

Tom, K8AZ
W5GAI   SOAB LP   409,7282008-12-02 09:22:21
Logging software: N1MM First time doing a contest using N1MM to also key the
transmitter, using WinKey USB. Missed the 1st 3 hours of the contest
integrating N1MM and WinKeyUSB after learning that the RS232 interface
cable I had in P29 was not working, then the desktop COM port would not
recognize the radio, s moved over to laptop and wrestled with the N1MM/WinKey
setup a good while before getting them talking. I got lots of practice on the
P29 DXpedition and found it does help once you get used to it. 10/160 were
really poor, with 15 not far behind. That left everyone on 20/40 and it was a
zoo, all the way above 14140 which I have never heard before. Spent too much
time trying to break piles for new mults, such as ZS4TX and ZS1EL who always
has huge pileups. Highlights: working Gary W5ZL at 6Y1V on 40/20, finding a few
rare ones who had yet to be spotted & bringing on the hordes of big guns: 5Z4,
AH0, B4, C4, ER, IT9, J4 (SV9), TA, UA9, UP, UU, ZC4, working NR5M and
LU1HF on 10 meters (only ones I ever heard there), and VE3ZI on 160 because he
was the only DX who would answer me.
HBØ/DK4YJ   SOSB/40 HP   716,5522008-12-02 09:51:46
After beeing to Liechtenstein for the ARRL CW this year, DK9TN and me decided to
return to HB0 for the CQWW CW. Due to space restrictions at our QTH we decided
to do SOSB 40m and SOSB 20m. Located at the very steep rise from the rhine
valley at abt. 1250m asl, the QTH has a clear shot to the west but high
montains to the east.

I used a inverted vee @ 10m and a triple leg vertical antenna for 40m.
Surprisingly for me, the dipole worked better for almost all stations
except south america, so it was not a big issue for me that we had to take down
the vertical due to a storm on sunday noon.

The first night was great, I stayed on one frequency for the first 10 hours and
got 1000+ QSOs, 110 DXCCs and 30 Zones in this time. Conditions on 40m seemed
fantastic, I worked lots of westcoast during the whole contest. The afternoon
was pretty boring as QSOs to the east are quite difficult from that QTH. I
missed a lot of mults in that direction. Only 2 JAs came in the log, a few UA9,
no VU, YB, HS, BY, DU etc.

I almost gave up hope for zone 2 when ve2xaa/2 called in on sunday at
around 12:30 local time. What a nice surprise!

Thanks for all the QSOs and for the patience when it took me quite a while
to dig out the signal between all this QRM from EU.

All QSOs of this acitivity will be confirmed automatically via the bureau.

Some pictures will be available soon at

73s and cu next year,

Matthias, DK4YJ
GM7R(GMØNAI)   SOAB(A) HP   1,272,0002008-12-02 10:08:05
Antennas Cushcraft 10,15,20m tribander and 1/4wave vert on 80m

160m No antenna yet.

80m Struggled severely with the lack of RX antennas. Otherwise went Ok seemed
to be loud enough on TX to hold a run freq.

40m No antenna yet

20m Good fun and QRM not as bad as the SSB leg! Got into a nice freq 14.0255
just above the general and advanced US band edge. Good run to W on Saturday
afternoon. Looking forward to ARRL DX already.

15m Just multing via point and click from cluster.

10m Didn't venture on this one

In general good fun and got me some more CW practice which I sorely need!
Need to install 40m and 160m before ARRL DX in Feburary.
Had a really funny incident with the num lock on my new small footprint
Was running and must have accidentally hit the numlock key.
The small footprint keyborad doesn't have a seperate number pad on the RHS so
it turned UIOJK and L into 45612 and 3!
This was really confusing and caused some stress trying to get the callsigns in
the log.
The numlock key has already been removed to stop any re-occurence.

Equipment operated without any issues. Amp tripping problem not evident on the
CW leg.
Need some more investigation as to trips on SSB. Fault code indicated high
Have re-made all Balun, log cell and feeder connections since.

Thanks for the QSOs.


SN3C(SP3ASN)   SOSB(A)/20 LP   150,0802008-12-02 10:14:58
ic 765 100 5 el yagi 16 mtr up
EI4HQ   SOSB/40 LP   78,8972008-12-02 10:16:11
S&P all the way. Fantastic fun. Highlight: ZM3A at 1130 utc local time on Sunday
morning. Low point: couldn't work JA no matter how hard I tried. I could hear
them well loud, but no way were they hearing me... I heard several other EI/G
stations complaining they had the same problem. Thanks to 9M2CNC, Richard, for
a good contact despite horrible QRM. My 'Great Ears Award' for the contest goes
jointly to ZM3A & 9M2CNC. The list of gottaways would have given me 105
countries and 29 zones - I've got to work on my antennas some more! Still, not
at all bad for a station still being worked on, and 24 hours by a relative
novice in the chair. Roll on next year.
PJ4A(@PJ4G)   M/S HP   14,641,8912008-12-02 10:16:45
FT1000MP, FT1000MPMkV, AL1200, 1 KW, 160 inverted L; 80M dipole at 80'; 40M 2 el
at 90', C3 at 95', C31XR at 60'. We had only one working amplifier, so the
multiplier station ran only 200W and we missed a lot of mults that we could
hear and called. Thanks for all QSOs. 80M was poor on Sat night, but pretty
good on Friday and Sunday. 40 and 20 M seemed better than last year. 15M was
not as good as last year, particularly on Sunday. QSLs for PJ4A, PJ4/K4BAI,
PJ4/W4OC and PJ4/KU8E go via K4BAI, bureau or direct, or you may request a
bureau card via e-mail at 3/4 of the score goes to
SECC and 1/4 to FRC. Peter, NO2R, made no QSOs outside the contest. Many
thanks to Noah, K2NG/PJ4G for use of his rental station and to John, W2GD and
to Peter, NO2R for a great job of antenna repairs. 73, John, K4BAI.
SP1NY   SOSB(A)/80 HP   167,2592008-12-02 10:25:42
I'm moving shortly so all my antennas are already on the groung.
Only Inv vee for 80m with apex @50 ft left. Was almost impossible for me to
break huge pile-up to some rare mults. Lots of stations were continously
calling, don't even listen for just one second, creating total chaos.
Condx were good, sunday morning around 09Z still heard, on my poor
ant US big guns with S5-7 sigs.
Nice contest, as usual. Had a great fun.
See you in further contests from my new location.

FT-2000, FT-1000MP + PA 500W
Inv V - Tx/Rx
OK7XX   SOSB(A)/160 HP   203,1742008-12-02 11:07:29
TX ant.1: full size dipole 4SQR
TX ant.2: low inv.V
RX ant.1: 7xBeverages 400m long
RX ant.2: 8 Circle
TRX: IC756
9A5A(9A5W)   SOSB/40 HP   1,218,4452008-12-02 11:22:06
For the first time SO SB 40m. Antennas 3+3 el did excellent job.
Rare DX called me (H44,9J,9Q,V5,Z2,EL,JX..). Thanks everybody
who called me and made to me realy big fun.
Score could be more better but cca 4 hours missed in heavy raining and wind
causing S9 static making beverage unusable too. That is why my plan to be on
air cca 43 or 44 hours was reduced to 40 hours.
9A5W   SOSB/40 HP   1,218,4452008-12-02 11:24:06
For the first time SO SB 40m. Antennas 3+3 el did excellent job.
Rare DX called me (H44,9J,9Q,V5,Z2,EL,JX..). Thanks everybody
who called me and made to me realy big fun.
Score could be more better but cca 4 hours missed in heavy raining and wind
causing S9 static making beverage unusable too. That is why my plan to be on
air cca 43 or 44 hours was reduced to 40 hours.

Former submittal had my call written wrongly.
I am a little sleepy yet.
PI4TUE   M/S HP   2,855,9312008-12-02 11:34:44
Rig: K3 (this time I just didn't want to bring my Orion again....)
Antennas: SteppIR @220ft, dipoles 40m/80m @200ft, HF2V 40m/80m @180ft 2x 0.25
sloper from 200ft on 160m to USA and JA
RX only: K9AY

Very much enjoyed this contest!
Workload at QRL and home prevented us from a decent preparation, however
Aurelio/PC5A did a great job in getting the station ready on time. He had to
climb the tower on friday to fix the SteppIR, which again had a major tilt and
azimuth offset. It simply will not clamp.
We set up our only RX antenna, a home made portable K9AY, just 4 hours before
the start of the contest in darkness. Initially it showed no directivity
whatsoever and disconnecting the ground had no effect. The decoupling cap to
ground inside the switchbox proved open circuit. The shack of ESRAC (Eindhoven
Student Radio Amateur Club) being at the technical university, certainly had
lots of spare parts to offer. At T-30 or so the K9AY showed a f/b of several
s-units on some local stations.
There were enough operators so everyone got his share of rest(right?). We
enjoyed some visitors and some old friends who even joined in (great!).
The SteppIR did perform very well; the bi-directional option was appreciated a
lot. The K3 has true contest performance. Together with David-Clark headphones
which offer hearing protection in the noisy shack (used for zillions of packet
nodes, repeaters, link stations, psk31mail, networks etc), it was comfortable
till the final moment.
160m rx-wise we still have do some more experiments. Over the years we have
tested several on the 200ft level roof: K9AY, Magnetic loop and a KAZ. On
ground level we tested on the north side of the buildings a K9AY and a small
20ft vertical. This time we put the K9AY on the west side of the building.The
ground level rx antenna's were far away from the building and had some 200m
lengths of double shielded coax. In all cases we had mediocre front/back
results. Ground stakes with buried copper radials were used. The K9AY and short
vertical worked very well on other locations with the same hardware and coax.
But on the university area local noise level seems such high that no dx was
received. Long vertical travel of the coax along the building to the shack at
the top floor won't help too. But at his point we have nothing that works
effectively. Still both east and west 160m slopers offered plenty of contacts.
The contest was fun as ever, 40mtrs was just a-m-a-z-i-n-g !
Despite having only a single yagi, dipoles, a vertical and slopers, being at
+200ft level compensates for this. It is a privilege to use the shack and
next-door "living room". Thanks to Steef/PA0IB adn Martin/PA3DSC for their
efforts in the PI4TUE /PI5EHV station. Thanks for all of you who contacted us.
We sure look forward to the next one.
'73 Mark, PA5MW
ZL1BYZ   SOAB(A) HP   1,409,8482008-12-02 11:36:11
Equipment: FT1000mp MKV Field, IC-2KL amplifier, 3L yagi, 40m 1/4 wave vertical,
80m dipole, WriteLog.

This was a few QSO's more than last year's result, which it looks like I did
not submit. A resonably pleasing result as most contest results this year have
been down to previous years. Although I did spend a couple more hours this

There was some great DX stations up from various places which make the contest
all the more interesting, thank you all for your efforts and the QSO's.

Again a poor showing on 80m from me, I really must upgrade my 80m antenna. I
can hear all the stations but on tx it's just a cloud warmer.

73, John ZL1BYZ.
K5FP   SOAB LP   209,0782008-12-02 12:32:02
Kids and grand kids here. Not much time to operate.
AD1C   SOAB(A) LP   176,1152008-12-02 12:33:19
Radio: ICOM 756 Pro III (100W)
Antenna: half-G5RV in attic
Software: WriteLog 10.69D
Hardware: microHAM microKEYER (CW)

This contest was either a labor of love, or stupidity, or both. An average of
15 QSOs/hour for 24 hours? Surely there's a better way to spend one's time!

I spent the 1.5 weeks before the contest checking out 20 meters before I went
to work, trying to determine when European signals peaked. I was hoping to
work a bunch in the contest. Having a K index of 0 didn't hurt. Friday
morning I worked LZ, HA, PA, YU and HB0 between 1530-1630z, so was feeling
good. Right before the contest started, I worked DJ, 9A and OM on 40, so was
feeling even better that I would put lots of Europe into my log.

I started the contest on 20, figuring 40 would be bedlam. I was rewarded by
working RW0CWA and DU3NXE as my first two QSOs. I had never worked a Zone 27
before from this QTH! I worked a few JAs and a KH6, and headed to 40, but I
was unable to work any Europe.

I set the alarm to wake up at 1030z (3:30 a.m. local time), hoping to catch
some of the Caribbean on 40 before the sun rose there and they left to go work
Europe on 20. Though I worked some, I don't think the mission was that
successful. However, I did pick up VK6LW at 1046z, my first Zone 29 from this
QTH, followed by ZM1A at 1049z, my first ZL. After working three VEs, and
taking a break to work T31DX on 40SSB, I took an hour off and came back at
1343z. This time, I worked a few more JAs, then B5A at 1349z for my first China
and Zone 24! After a few more JAs and VEs, I pulled the plug on 40 and finally
went up to 20 (I had been checking 20 earlier, but hadn't heard any Europe).

OM7M was my first Europe of the contest at 1430z. At 1551z, I worked 9A5P, who
was essentially the last Europe I'd work Saturday, though I did work CT1JLZ
about 20 minutes later. I made my first two QSOs on 15 at 1621z (PZ5TT and an
always loud CU2X - that would be the ONLY Europe I work on 15 during the entire
contest). Back to 20, worked EE5W at 1704z, and was fortunate to get through to
OX5WW at 1711z for the double mult. Another trip to 15 to work P40W and 6Y1V,
who was one of the loudest, most consistent stations on 15 during the contest.

At 1640z, I tuned to 10 meters, heard KO7X and had a partial QSO, which I
didn't log. Sorry, Alan. I didn't hear anyone else on 10 the entire weekend.

At 2045 I broke through the 3X5A pileup on 20. Though I heard them on both 15
and 40 later, this was my only QSO with the VooDudes.

The rest of the day, I basically bounced between 20 and 15 trying to work
anything new I heard. I checked 40 at 2025z, worked VY2TT but didn't hear any
Europe. At 2239z, I finally worked TM2S on 40, followed by CU2X and EF8M, but
that was it. Back on 20, I worked RW0LT at 2350z, followed by KG6DX (on the
first call) a few minutes later. I worked 6 more Europeans on 40 between 0001
and 0023z, but then had to QRT to go to a birthday party. I was not thrilled
with how few Europeans I had worked on 40, though I knew it was going to be
tough. Some were loud and CQ'd in my face, some were not that loud but came
back on the first call.

At the half-way point, I had just over 200 QSOs and had already worked 10 new
ones for my Colorado restart DXCC. I made a list of "easy" mults I had worked
on other bands but missed on 20 (6Y, 8P, V4, V2, HI, FJ, VP5, YS, CO, KP4 and
HK). Before the contest ended, I had worked them all except for CO. There
were lots of Cubans on 40, but few on 20.

I returned from the party and got back on the air at 0630z. Picked up some
good double mults like PR1T and D4C. My antenna doesn't really work on 80, but
I made a decision to go there just before going to sleep, to pick up the easy K,
VE, Zone 3 and 4 multipliers. Thanks to the VE7SV op on 40 who told me where to
find them on 80.

I abandoned the 10z wakeup Sunday morning and didn't get back on the air until
1330z. More JAs and VEs on 40, found VE2XAA/2 for the Zone 2 mult. I had
written myself a note about the total lack of Scandinavia (LA/OH/SM) and Zone
16 in the contest, then just after that, I worked OH6M at 1402z and 5 minutes
later SK3W for two new mults on 40. I heard a couple of Russians, but not
strong enough to get their attention.

I got started again on 20 at 1421z, and worked more Europe until 1635z. Once
20 dies to Europe, it's really dead, at least at my QTH. So I went to 15,
worked VE2XAA/2 for a rare double-mult. 15 was very spotty. Signals came up
out of the noise for a little bit, then disappeared. So I just sat on the loud
stations and called until I worked them or gave up. I repeated this a couple of
times, and added a few new mults each time. I couldn't get through to KP2M for
some reason, even though they had a decent signal on 15.

I checked 40 again at 2114z, worked VA3NR but still no Europe. So it was back
to 20 for all but the last 15 minutes of the contest, except for working 8P5A
at 2307z on 40 (I kept checking 40, but no action). I called CQ once the
entire weekend (14088.77, a good frequency :-), hoping to have a few JAs call
in, and a zero-pointer came back at 2212z. That was it! I worked every JA I
could find, including beating K1TTT to JS6RGY at 2335z (take that, Dave :-) but
also got very lucky and worked AH0BT at 2248z, and YE1ZAT at 2312z. I probably
spent too much time calling the YE1, and should have been trying to work stuff
on 40, but I couldn't help myself. The same thing happened with the two OA4s
on 20. I called OA4SS for a long time as I could hear the pileup dwindling.
Then someone spotted it and the pileup grew again. Argh! Same thing with
VP2MDG. I called OA4WW on-and-off a few times, and finally got through, but it
took a long time.

In the last 10 minutes, I worked M6T, OK5W and OM7M on 40 for two new mults.

I was disappointed to not work KL7 on 40, which would have been my last state
on that band. I was also looking for FJ/WJ2O on 15 for an all-time new band
country, but didn't get that one either.

Overall, I added 20 new countries to my DXCC total, now at 118 worked. I added
4 new zones (24, 27, 28 and 29). I worked 83 different entities in the contest.
I gained a little more confidence with the station capabilities. And I had
fun, which is the most important part!

Continent Report:

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

AS 0 0 22 37 0 0 59 17.2
OC 0 0 9 9 3 0 21 6.1
NA 0 3 50 68 12 0 133 38.7
SA 0 0 13 20 9 0 42 12.2
EU 0 0 12 68 1 0 81 23.5
AF 0 0 3 5 0 0 8 2.3

Country Report:

160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total

3X 1 1
4O 1 1
6Y 1 1 1 3
8P 1 1 1 3
9A 1 2 3
BY 1 1
C6 1 1 2
CE 1 1
CM 5 5
CT 1 1
CT3 1 2 3
CU 1 1 1 3
CX 1 1 2
D4 1 1 2
DL 17 17
DU 1 1
E7 1 1
EA 3 3
EA6 1 1
EA8 1 1 2
F 1 8 9
FG 1 1
FJ 1 1
FM 2 2
FS 1 1 2
G 1 3 4
GM 1 1
GW 1 1
HA 2 2
HB 2 2
HC 1 2 3
HC8 1 1 1 3
HI 1 1 1 3
HK 1 2 3
HK0/a 1 1 1 3
I 3 3
J3 1 1 2
J6 1 2 3
J8 1 1
JA 21 35 56
K 2 1 2 2 7
KH0 1 1
KH2 1 1
KH6 6 5 3 14
KL 6 6
KP2 1 1 2
KP4 1 1 2
LU 1 1 2
LX 1 1
LZ 1 1
OA 1 1
OE 1 1 2
OH 1 1
OK 3 4 7
OM 1 2 3
ON 2 2
OX 1 1
P4 3 2 1 6
PA 3 3
PJ2 2 2 2 6
PY 2 5 3 10
PZ 1 1 2
S5 1 6 7
SM 1 1
TG 1 1
TI 1 1 2
UA9 2 2
V2 1 1 2
V3 1 1 1 3
V4 1 1 2
VE 1 23 31 2 57
VK 1 1
VP2M 1 1
VP5 1 1
VP9 1 1
XE 2 3 5
YB 1 1
YN 2 2 4
YS 1 1 2
YU 1 1
YV 2 1 3
ZF 1 1 1 3
ZL 2 2
OG5B(OH5BM)   SOSB(A)/20 HP   470,3522008-12-02 12:50:38
Old Sol was not favorable in 61,5 latitude (too low to get Usa runs over the
Somebody opened 20m 2 hours before local sunrise(7Z) and
Somebody closed the band 2 hours after the local sun set (13Z).
Saturday difficult to hear any Zone 3 Sunday wa a bit better but KL7 and KH6
not audible.
Better luck next year or we are in maunder minimum 2.
Tnx for those trying to catch the muffled signal.
KB1H   M/2 HP   5,550,4162008-12-02 12:55:01
About five hours before the start of the contest the
20M rotaing beam would not move! Stuck south. KE1LI made a quick
exit from a family post-Thanksgiving gathering to come and make
a quick climb. I am still recovering from a knee replacement. All
Paul could do was move the antenna to Europe and pin it. No
rotating antenna on 20M for the weekend! Getting that one JA on
20M was a chore but we did it finally. Also missed many African
multipliers where huge pileups were the case.

W1UJ had two skimmers and a listening position feeding spots to
our internal network. One skimmer was using a new K3 for the IF
frequency so a quick band change on the K3 moved the skimmer.

Newbie W1WBB worked 160M Friday night and when not operating he
was feeding spots to the network from the listening position.

For more than three hours Saturday morning K1EBY tore quite a run off on
20M. At least three hours with 145+ or more.

15M was a big disappointment. Never a good run and usually if the
band is half way decent we do OK. Calling CQ on a quiet band was surprised
to get answered by OH0S for a double mult.

Again with no high horizontal(or any horizontal) 40M antenna our
band total on 40M is quite dismal compared to others. If we can
only finish our 150 foot tower and get that full size three element up!

The weather did not disappoint us either with several hours of
ice pellets adding to QRN.

Thanks for all the QSOs and logs will be uploaded to LOTW in a few
days. - 73 Dick , KB1H
N7NM   SOAB(A) HP   274,6702008-12-02 13:06:29
Great Fun!!
Just exporing added bandwidth after recent license and callsign upgrade - what
a difference! Still constrained by antenna situation, maybe next year!
Thank for the Q's and CU in the next one,
73, Doug - N7NM
K1LZ   SOAB HP   7,059,3202008-12-02 13:18:47
Finaly guys,

Thank you to all of you.

DJ5MW   SOAB HP   4,559,4002008-12-02 13:33:44
changed to SOAB after some years of assisted.

Not easy to find all the mults on your own, but after all it`s more relaxed way
of operating than in assisted. Not so many hectic band changes :-)

CW is!

73 de Manfred, DJ5MW
E73M   M/S HP   7,986,8692008-12-02 13:52:15
Edo, E73CW; Danny, E73M; Boris, E73Y and Edin, E74A

CQ Station:
Alpha 8100
Dell P-III 1GHz desktop + Win-Test v3.23.0
EZ Master

Emtron DX-2b (TNX E78A)
Dell Inspiron 640m laptop + Win-Test v3.23.0

160m - 24m shunt fed tower
80m - dipole at 24m
40m - 2el. Cushcraft XM-240 at 24m
20m - 4/4 el. YAGI at 26/13m
15m - 5/5 el. YAGI at 18/9m
10m - 5/5 el. YAGI at 21/12m
180m long NE/SW beverage
120m long NW beverage

QSL via K2PF or E73Y

160 133 14 59 0 181 1.36
80 837 30 108 0 1306 1.56
40 2239 39 143 15 4503 2.01
20 2171 38 134 10 4519 2.08
15 113 32 105 0 260 2.30
10 53 6 29 0 68 1.28
TOTAL 5546 159 578 25 10837 1.95
TOTAL SCORE : 7 986 869

By band - All modes
QSOs (without dupes) - By time

! Hr ! 160 ! 80 ! 40 ! 20 ! 15 ! 10 !Total!
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 00 ! 13 ! 38 ! 125 ! ! ! ! 176 !
! 01 ! 20 ! 15 ! 99 ! ! ! ! 134 !
! 02 ! 8 ! 11 ! 110 ! ! ! ! 129 !
! 03 ! ! 6 ! 124 ! ! ! ! 130 !
! 04 ! 3 ! 64 ! 59 ! ! ! ! 126 !
! 05 ! 1 ! 116 ! 19 ! 1 ! ! ! 137 !
! 06 ! ! 64 ! 48 ! 18 ! ! ! 130 !
! 07 ! ! ! ! 106 ! 16 ! ! 122 !
! 08 ! ! ! ! 115 ! 13 ! ! 128 !
! 09 ! ! ! ! 127 ! 11 ! ! 138 !
! 10 ! ! ! ! 131 ! 11 ! 3 ! 145 !
! 11 ! ! ! 3 ! 119 ! 6 ! ! 128 !
! 12 ! ! ! ! 140 ! 16 ! ! 156 !
! 13 ! ! 1 ! 2 ! 147 ! 8 ! ! 158 !
! 14 ! ! ! 4 ! 165 ! 3 ! ! 172 !
! 15 ! ! 1 ! 6 ! 178 ! ! ! 185 !
! 16 ! ! 1 ! 4 ! 154 ! ! ! 159 !
! 17 ! 27 ! 46 ! 4 ! 68 ! 2 ! ! 147 !
! 18 ! ! 67 ! 39 ! 7 ! ! ! 113 !
! 19 ! 3 ! ! 111 ! ! ! ! 114 !
! 20 ! ! 1 ! 115 ! ! ! ! 116 !
! 21 ! ! ! 120 ! ! ! ! 120 !
! 22 ! 3 ! 4 ! 116 ! ! ! ! 123 !
! 23 ! 1 ! 1 ! 100 ! ! ! ! 102 !
! 00 ! 3 ! 4 ! 98 ! ! ! ! 105 !
! 01 ! 1 ! 97 ! 17 ! ! ! ! 115 !
! 02 ! ! 19 ! 72 ! ! ! ! 91 !
! 03 ! ! 19 ! 54 ! ! ! ! 73 !
! 04 ! 1 ! 2 ! 74 ! ! ! ! 77 !
! 05 ! ! 2 ! 88 ! ! ! ! 90 !
! 06 ! 1 ! ! 105 ! 3 ! ! ! 109 !
! 07 ! ! ! 100 ! 3 ! 1 ! 5 ! 109 !
! 08 ! ! ! 65 ! 18 ! 7 ! ! 90 !
! 09 ! ! ! 88 ! 1 ! 4 ! 20 ! 113 !
! 10 ! ! ! ! 37 ! ! 19 ! 56 !
! 11 ! ! ! ! 70 ! 8 ! 1 ! 79 !
! 12 ! ! ! 22 ! 39 ! ! 3 ! 64 !
! 13 ! ! ! 8 ! 98 ! 2 ! 1 ! 109 !
! 14 ! ! ! 3 ! 93 ! 2 ! ! 98 !
! 15 ! 1 ! ! 1 ! 113 ! 1 ! ! 116 !
! 16 ! ! 2 ! 1 ! 73 ! 1 ! ! 77 !
! 17 ! ! ! 1 ! 107 ! 1 ! ! 109 !
! 18 ! ! 52 ! 2 ! 40 ! ! ! 94 !
! 19 ! 1 ! 71 ! 21 ! ! ! 1 ! 94 !
! 20 ! 1 ! 1 ! 81 ! ! ! ! 83 !
! 21 ! 45 ! 16 ! 17 ! ! ! ! 78 !
! 22 ! ! 115 ! 1 ! ! ! ! 116 !
! 23 ! ! 1 ! 112 ! ! ! ! 113 !
! ! 133 ! 837 !2239 !2171 ! 113 ! 53 !5546 !

E73M - Continents
By band - By mode
QSOs (with dupes)

! Band / Mode! EU ! NA ! SA ! AF ! AS ! OC !
!160 CW !81.2%! 2.3%! ! 4.5%!11.3%! 0.8%!
! 80 CW !71.7%!19.6%! 0.8%! 1.7%! 5.9%! 0.4%!
! 40 CW !49.3%!35.8%! 1.4%! 1.0%!11.5%! 1.0%!
! 20 CW !45.9%!42.6%! 1.0%! 1.0%! 9.1%! 0.4%!
! 15 CW !34.5%!13.3%!10.6%!16.8%!16.8%! 8.0%!
! 10 CW !84.9%! ! ! 5.7%! 9.4%! !

73's Boris E73Y
ON6AB   SOAB QRP   199,1002008-12-02 14:14:49
Started a bit late only to make a few nice qrp qso’s.
Things went so good that I kept on going. Good conditions on 20 and 160, bad on
15 and non existing on 10.

All contacts 20 and up made with a terrific AV620 vertical, a real amazing
antenna. Not such a bad thing for search and pounce after all. Fast, no turning

Sunday afternoon things became serious and it was clear I was missing a lot of
multipliers because of no antenna on 40 and 80. I stopped contesting for a few
hours and I went in the garden to set-up my HF2V again.
After that, score went up nicely although on 40 the going was tough with my 5W
in between these huge short skip signals.

I participated in the ASSISTED category since I used the DX cluster to stay
away from the spotted stations and find some calmer areas in between them. (In
all my naivety I hope everybody log as assisted when using a cluster.)
The game was to work them before they were spotted. After that, I could forget
about it.
All contacts were made on search and pounce. Didn’t call CQ a single time.


P49V(AI6V)   SOSB/20 HP   999,3162008-12-02 14:23:03
Almost completed the new station before the contest. Excuses for the lame score
are a bad cold that did not allow me to hear very well (appreciate all the
fills), and the computer crashed at the beginning of the contest and gave me a
bunch of trouble on Sunday which cost me about three hours. Otherwise, it was
a nice way to relax (?!) after working solid for two months on the new house
and station. Thanks for all the Qs and hope things, including myself, are in
better shape for the next contest. 73 Carl
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   SOAB LP   1,478,4902008-12-02 14:35:04
Thanks for all the QSO's.
Antenna improvements really paid-off,specially on 80/40 meters.I can hear and
feel strong there.Worked several new ones on 80 meters which is surprise to
Pity that i had no time to build a INV.L for 160m,which will hopefully boost
my signal there. 4el yagis for 15/10 were allmost of no use in these
Only 10m contact was with ZS4TX ,who peaked at 599 in that time.
Must say special THANKS to my father LZ1TA for much needed support in antenna
building/tunning and to my mom for strong coffee and excellent food during
my countless crazy contest operations.

I have dillema for next one - TBDC or RAEM , they both are on the same weekend
this year.

Best of luck to all and happy holidays.

73,Nasko , LZ9R (LZ3YY)
LX7I(@LX2A)   M/2 HP   9,690,9102008-12-02 14:36:05
This year we started with a completely new team, as some operators were not able
to join us.
I was very happy that Andy YO3JR and Tibi YO9GZU joined the team.
It was the first time we worked together with this combination of OPs, 7 OPs
from 4 different countries. This was realy a nice experience and I enjoyed it
very much.
Up to the end it was not 100% clear in which category we will start as the
station is desinged for M/S or SO2R and not for M/2. But we chose the M/2
category to have more fun.
We had an interesting competition with LX8M who started in the M/M category
with a very good portable setup.We also noticed that we were not so an rare
LX-multiplier as the years before. (LX8M claimed 7067QSOs and 7242000 Points)

We all had a lot of fun, and had only some minor problems, but we also saw that
there is a lot of space for improvements and I have already started in planning
to improve the setup.

congratulations to all the fine scores especially D4C(Wow) or DL1EFD from 6W
(one of the ops at LX7I)

thanks for all who called us,
more info will follow on

this was the last contest from LX7I for this year,
we participated in 15 contests and made over 41.000 QSOs this year,

more operations are planned for next year,

73s and GOOD DX from
Philippe LX2A / LX7I / LX9DX
A7YX(@LU8XW)   M/S HP   374,4142008-12-02 15:02:21
TS 870
TL 922A

Triband 14 21 28 MHz JVP36 DX - 59 foot up
Dipole 7 MHz - 26 foot up
W9ILY   SOSB/20 LP   94,1292008-12-02 15:12:57
Another great contest-too bad condx were not better. Biggest thrill? Having
9Q1EK answer my CQ on an almost dead band. Thanks!
NR4M   M/M HP   8,007,1702008-12-02 15:51:50
The Goat Farm Gang rides again! We had a great time as always in WWCW.
Conditions were kind of interesting. The few problems we had were of little
consequence. We have lots of station improvements planned before next fall.
Great group, great fellowship while having great fun on the air. Many thanks to
Steve and Caroline for allowing us to overtake the farm for the weekend!
W7QN   SOAB LP   94,9502008-12-02 16:13:16
Nothing hears from central EU this year.
TM2Y(@F6BEE)   M/S HP   6,894,2302008-12-02 16:27:28
We did quite well during the first third of the contest. Then the snow fall
during the 2nd night made 40m band sound a bit strange and quiet.
Some nice and rather unusual DX (for us) worked on the low bands:
- N7UA on 160 in the first night. Fortunately for us the opening lasted more
than 10 minutes as we justed switched mult band when I discovered him with a
big signal. Easily worked VR2PX in the last hours of the contest but B5TT never
came back around the same time.
- KH6LC on 80m at our SR on Sunday morning. Weak.
- Missed the QSO with KL7WV - Zone 01 on 40m. He was spotted but was too weak
to call.
- We never worked zones 01 and 34 on any band.
- The words are missing to qualify 10m ...

After operating our dearest CQ WW DX CW as S/All from West Africa in the past 4
years, I used to know the very bad behavior of European guys (no, those are not
operators). It sounds even worse from this side and it is often impossible to
get a confirmation of QSO.

We have been very honored to have both Olivier F5MZN and Laurent F6FVY, the
authors of the now world famous Win-Test logging S/W, as operators. Of course
we used WT, with the same release from end to end of the contest and not even
the latest or a future one!
Also it was the first time we had the same radios on all run and mult
5 x K3-100.
As there were some strong winds mid November, we had to fix the 5el-15m yagi
the week-end before the contest and also the big 6el-10m had to be taken down
on thursday. It was worth fixing this one to work 41 Q on this band, unless we
worked most of them on the other beam, a 5el at 26m. Who knows ?

Come back sunspots !

Thank you for the QSOs and multipliers, congratulations to our many European
M/S competitors.

73 de Jacques, F6BEE (sometimes 6W1RW)
K1BX   SOAB LP   2,413,5722008-12-02 16:48:10
2 Sat morning 20m 150 hours then 130 before a club member decided it was time
for me to QSY from his Freq.

Listened to another one with 2 sigs on at same time, repeatedly, with a Single
Xmtr entry. Great stuff.

No time for SO2R setup as I have had to work too much this month. Could not
stay on for more than the 40 hours. Too bad, so close, could be worse. Ed must
be tired.

Odd call in my log for Zone 39 - "TU" - that is all I ever heard him send.

Had a JA call me on 40m Sat at 4:45 local. That was a first. Worked 1 JA on

For me, 160 was great Fri night, Sat not so great.

IC775, Winkey USB, N1MM

160m Inv L @ 70'
80m Inv Vee @ 70'
40m 402CD @ 50'
20m 3ele on front of 402CD, X7, A3 South @ 30'
15m X7 @ 60'
10m X7

73, art
K5LH   SOAB(A) LP   287,7302008-12-02 17:39:32
Part-time, LP effort (OMNI V and wire dipoles, Aetherlog). Thanks for for an
enjoyable contest.
W1KM   M/M HP   10,205,1002008-12-02 17:44:05
I had planned on the usual SOAB, but a couple of things came up on Monday that
made my weekend plans doubtful. K3NA agreed to do a mini-MM and we got KT1D to
join us for 8 hours on Saturday afternoon/evening. I ended up operating 37
hours and Eric was the ironman, going over 45 hours.
Not SOAB, but similar. We both got to play on all bands. So we definitely got
our WW "fix."
We used the online scoreboard to chase the hare, K1TTT; we never caught them,
but we got tantalizingly close a couple of times.
Lots of great qso's. A couple of last minute double mults stand out: VU2PTT
calling in on 80 and nailing Willy on 160.
Thanks to all for the Qs and to the organizers for all the work they do to pull
this off every year.
Greg W1KM
K3ZO   SOAB HP   2,824,1582008-12-02 17:48:24
Lots of fun over the North Pole on 40 meters at sunrise.
7J1AAI(W1NN)   SOSB/40 HP   602,7122008-12-02 17:52:11
Thanks to Shige JH1GTV for allowing me to use his fine station once again.

The QSO number does not include 67 dupes but does include 37 zero point JA

During the week before the contest, Shige spent a lot of time getting the
station ready and I spent a lot of time learning to use N1MM, analyzing logs
and thinking about strategy. We both thought we were ready to go and I was
getting some nice signal reports from Europe during the 30 minutes before the
contest. But five minutes before the starting time, the worst happened: the
SWR suddenly spiked. I was off the air! After examining all of the coax and
hardline connectors and splices, we determined that the problem had to be on
the tower. To make a long story short, Shige made three trips up the tower
(thank you!) and two balun replacements later Shige had fixed the problem. I
was finally on the air at 0442. Fortunately, the missed hours were during the
daytime so I did not lose any prime operating hours, but the delay still
probably cost at least 100 contacts.

This was my first CQWW from Japan in a long time so I didn’t know what to
expect in terms of band conditions, although it helped a lot to look through
last year’s results. It was also my first 48 hour contest in many years.
I’ve been avoiding 48 hour contests because of how disruptive they are be to
one’s business and sleep schedules. One of my goals this time was simply to
see if I could still manage 44-45 hours in the chair. I made it to the end of
the contest only taking off four hours, so if it had not been for the time
missed at the beginning, I would met my 44 hour operating goal. Of course, the
second night was pretty tough and I had my share of hallucinations and weird
experiences – and I spent a certain amount of time trying to think up a good
reason to quit early - but somehow I forced myself to stick it out to the end.

This was a real learning experience and I think I can do a lot better if I have
another chance to operate this contest. Clearly I need to do something about my
low country total. I found it very tough to know when to go searching for
multipliers. The K3 I was using does not have the sub receiver so looking for
multipliers meant giving up my CQ frequency and finding a new one is not so
easy on 40 meters. As a result I probably CQ’d too much and didn’t do as
much S&P as I should have. A new sub-receiver is on the list of things to do
for next time.

Over the years that I have operated in Japan I have become resigned to the fact
that Japan is not the best place in the world to operate contests from. But I
now realize that 40 Meters single band is different and Japan is a pretty
decent place to operate this category. We have pretty good propagation to both
NA and Europe where there are lots of 3-point contacts available. It’s
probably a better place to operate from in this category than most parts of NA.

The best thing about this contest is hearing and working old friends and making
new friends and being part of this amazing 48-hour worldwide beehive of
activity. 99.9% of ops are decent and courteous and are just trying to have
fun and do the best they can. When so many signals are crammed into such a
small space, there are bound to be problems, but on balance they seem pretty
few to me. A little peer pressure and education would go a long way to
correcting some of the poor operating practices we hear about.

I hope to see everyone in the next one.

73, Hal W1NN & 7J1AAI

Raw QSO Distribution by Continent

EU 812
NA 627
AS 242
OC 39
SA 29
AF 9

Total 1758

Country Totals
USA 581
EU Russia 198
Ukraine 145
AS Russia 69
DL 69
V26K(AA3B)   SOAB LP   7,056,4002008-12-02 17:58:16
This was my lucky 13th trip to the Caribbean for CQ WW CW and 11th visit to the
V26B super station. As always, I would like to thank WT3Q, N3OC, V21N and Team
Antigua for helping to make this effort possible.

The station was in great shape when I arrived thanks to the work of Team
Antigua. The only problem I encountered was intermittent high SWR conditions
when using the Stack Matches on 20M and 15M – I decided it would be best to
only use the top antenna in each stack and this seemed to work fine. A NE
beverage was installed within 30 minutes of arriving. AC power was solid.

My goal for the contest was 6000 QSOs and 8.4M. I estimated an average of 2.5
points per QSOs. I then developed QSO and multiplier targets for each band,
and time allocations for running 3 point QSOS, running 2 point QSOs and hunting
multipliers. The following is a comparison of my actual performance to my
pre-contest goals:

Score Score Score
Goal Actual Delta

8400000 7056400 (1343600)

Goal Goal Actual Actual Delta Delta
Band QSOs Mults QSOs Mults QSOs Mults

160 201 40 219 57 18 17
80 612 94 669 93 57 (1)
40 1972 137 1953 130 (19) (7)
20 1547 131 1738 123 191 (8)
15 1558 119 811 94 (747) (25)
10 110 40 35 23 (75) (17)

Total 6000 561 5425 520 (575) (41)

Scenario Goal Actual Delta

Run 3 Pt 27.0 27.6 0.6 hours
Hunt 4.0 4.4 0.4 hours
Run 2 Pt 12.0 11.6 (0.4) hours

Total 43.0 43.6 0.6 hours

Overall Productivity:

QSOs/ Mults/ Points/
Scenario Hour Hour Hour

Overall 124.5 11.9 162279
Run 3 Pt 138.2 11.6 158275
Hunt 19.1 18.9 256027
Run 2 Pt 148.1 10.0 136203

I obviously missed my pre-contest goal by several miles. The primary reason is
that I did not have the productivity on 15M that I had anticipated. The 15M
band did not open to Europe for very long and most of my contacts on the band
were with North America. Certainly 10M was also a disappointment – I was not
able to work a single station from Zone 3, 4 or 5.

I was very surprised by the totals for 160M. It was quite a thrill to have
many loud EU and AF stations call in on the second night around 02z. I also
felt loud on 80M this year.

Thanks for all the QSOs. I will go again in 2009. QSL via AA3B.

73 Bud V26K / AA3B
WØBH   SOAB HP   228,9282008-12-02 17:59:42
Great fun and good low band conditions this year from Kansas .. wish I had more
chair time. I actually felt loud on 80m into Europe for a short (and all too
rare) time on Saturday evening! Also a big thrill working TO3R through a
pileup on 40m on Sunday in broad daylight. Thanks to all for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
W1RM   SOAB(A) LP   1,378,7232008-12-02 18:08:42
Highlight was beating W3LPL to VK6DXI on 40. Frank's op probably was using the
wrong antenna!
W7VJ   M/S HP   2,461,1082008-12-02 19:30:34
To say this was a spectacular contest would be an understatement. It could even
be called magical. There are so many highlights that it would fill several
pages highlighing them all; EU on 160; short path EU on 80; EY8MM on 80;
working EU on 40 at 1:00 PM local time and through the afternoon; C98LW on 40
long path Sunday morning local with no pile up; the JA runs were back on 20;
TO3R on 40 15 minutes before the end of the contest after all of us tracking
him through the weekend; working the TT8 on one call through the pile; JA on 15
meters on Sunday for a double mult. – amazing but true; working friends DK9TN
and DK4YJ both at HB0; and much more. Being on 40 was like operating from
another QTH. Now I have a felling for what the East Coast U.S. experiences.

It was also exceptionally gratifying to see the synergy of the team come
together, despite two missing members; one due to a funeral, the other to a new
birth. The post-contest debrief resulted in a list of minor improvements; quite
a change from the previous lists which had major “to do” improvements.

Congratulations to the team. Thanks to everyone for the QSOs. Wishing you and
your families the best of the holiday season.


Andrew, W7VJ
VE7IN   SOAB LP   65,6252008-12-02 20:04:40
This was an S&P only to get back in the groove so to say in CW contesting after
not being to active the last couple of years or so.

I was suppose to be using my K3 to get use to it, but didn't get the cables
made up in time, man sometimes time seems to move quick.

Although not a great score for the time spent, enjoyed just listening to some
of the guys for a while and what already has been mentioned by a few of the
guys, annoying to be waiting for an ID, whereas the top stations always drop
their call almost after every Q, doesn't seem to slow them down as evident by
their scores.

Found the bands from here to be quite variable, was pleased at the mults I
worked on 40 in about the last 30 minutes or so of the contest.

Thanks all for the Q's.
K4SSU(NA4BW)   SOAB HP   1,260,7442008-12-02 20:16:43
Rain finally made it's way to NW Ga. this weekend. All weekend. What was great
for our depleted lakes around here made for a great deal of rain static plus
QRN on the radio for 80 and 160 and made those bands almost unusable @ this

This was my 1st somewhat serious effort in CQWW CW and I found it to be a
fabulous contest with a lot of super ops around the globe. Thx for the q's and
to Dave who after this weekend, can probably claim me as a dependent on his
2008 tax return. :}

73 Brian NA4BW
W8QZA(@NØKE)   SOAB QRP   214,6422008-12-02 21:25:03
Xmtr: Elecraft K-2


160 M Sloper

40-80 M Hi-Tower Vertical

40 M 2 el yagi up 55 feet

10-15-20 TA-33M Tribander up 60 ft

10-15-20 3 el Delta (Quad variant) up 60 ft

Phil (N0KE) was doing this contest at Keko's station, TI5N. So I asked my long
time friend from high school (over 50 years!) if I could use his newly
constructed "station in progress" for the contest. He graciously agreed.

I arrived at his station in Silt, Colorado about 2 1/2 hours before the start
of the contest. I followed all his carefully placed notes and hooked up the
antennas outside. Inside, I connected my computer to his Elecraft K-2 and
connected the antennas. After fixing my keyer and clearing up a few bugs, I was
ready for my first contest Q only 8 minutes after the start on the contest!

Everything worked well, and it was exciting to work Europeans on 20 as fast as
I could call them each morning from 14:00 to 16:00 Z! I hadn't done that from
my home QTH since the peak of the last cycle! That 3 el Delta (which is a
triangular shaped Quad)really played well!!

My best Q was finding TO3R (Reunion) at the very bottom of the 15 M band
calling pretty lonely CQs. I got him with the Delta and my 5 watts in 3 or 4
calls! Other good Qs for me on 15 and 20 were 9J3A, 3V8BB, SV9CVY, 3X5A, and

The only problem, which is obvious to anyone looking at the band stats above,
is my performance on 40 M. I am not sure why I did so poorly on 40, but
stations simply did not seem to come back to me.

...and absolutely no Qs on 10 meters, despite going there many times both days
and even calling blank CQ at times. No propagation!!

But it was a wonderful and thrilling contest for me. The excitement kept me
awake, and I had no trouble getting only 1 hour sleep the first night and 1 1/2
hours the second night, an all time low for me!

Thanks Phil!!!

73, Bill Parker W8QZA QRP
IR9Y(@IT9BLB)   M/S HP   4,460,8242008-12-02 23:59:21
Very bad weather with extreme winds destroyed the 40m beam just
before the contest and gave us no chances to rise up the 160m
inv-L and wire RX antennas for low bands. The only way to join
the contest: a simple 1/4wave vertical on 40m and no 160m :-((
It was anyway a perfect occasion for new CW operators' training
in contest.

See you in next one!
P3F(@5B4AGN)   M/2 HP   18,430,0432008-12-03 00:07:30
A fun weekend despite conditions less good than last year. Low bands were
difficult on the Saturday night due to 9+20dB white noise. No idea where that
came from. HF bands were mixed with 20m performing quite nicely, 15m mediocre
and 10m disastrous.

Work on filtering effective significant improvement with all operators agreeing
we have become free of inter-station interference.

We left ourselves rather short of time to tune the 80m phased array and in the
end finally got it working properly by Tuesday after the contest. Lesson
learnt for next year!

Thanks to all for the contacts and oodles of fun. Thanks too, of course to the
team at CQ who provide us with the opportunity for so much fun.

Bob, 5B4AGN
DL2AA   SOAB(A) LP   420,7322008-12-03 01:21:49
This Low Power effort confirmed once again that CW is definetely the more
enjoyable mode. Especially on the low bands I got almost every station on the
first call. The antennas performance here is something I appreciate.

However, 40 was the band of frustration this time. Either because of the lack
of a decent antenna or just poor conditions. Low point was when DL1QQ worked a
JA on the second call and I had to give up after serveral attempts...

During the 18.5 hours of operation I got two nice runs: one on 20 late Sunday
afternoon working W's and the other one on 80 three hours before the end of the
contest. The rest was mainly S&P.


RL3BK   SOAB LP   270,3682008-12-03 01:33:06
Equipment used:
ICOM 7000
100 W output
R8 (40,20,15,10)
Dipole (80,160)
73's to all
De Vlad
F8BPN   SOSB/160 HP   45,6582008-12-03 01:49:45
Because of a meeting I had to leave home 3 hours before sun rise, so, a few
hours trafic on the first night unfortunately. This first night was much better
than the second night where the QRN level was terrible. S9+20 dB on my inverted
L and S6 to 8 on the receiving antenna. Hard to pick up low signals.
I heard a lot of DX, but impossible to work them, there was permanent callers
who were not making possible to hear when the DX was returning, so after a few
try I gave up. It could have been some more multipliers.
Never mind, it was great to take part in this contest as usual.
Let's hope next year, the sun spot will make it even more attractive on all
See you on the band

73/88 F8BPN Mau
ZL1AZE   SOSB/80 HP   8,3162008-12-03 02:37:46
The normally high noise level from a nearby industrial area abated for a while
on Sunday night, which allowed me to hear some stations on 80M. The band seemed
to be in good shape, I ended up with 103 QSOs in the log after only 80 minutes
of operating time!

Radio: FT1000MP MkV
Amp: AL80A 500W
Antenna: Inv Vee Dipole @ 15m

Thanks for the Qs!
S57DX   SOAB(A) HP   4,049,2202008-12-03 02:41:05
G3RSD   SOAB LP   276,4442008-12-03 02:54:09
I think that stations calling CQ ,particularly those with unusual call signs
"4V7" for example should consider reducing their speed.......many times I found
myself listening to the call three or four times to be sure I was reading it
Very good contest with quiet condx.
F5UFX   SOAB HP   982,4222008-12-03 03:02:37
Many other activities to deal with this week-end... so I only had a few hours
for contesting, mainly during the nights.
Conditions were really very good on 80 and 40m, with a lot of easy multi on 80.

Just a few hours of run on 20m on sunday, that's all for high bands.

See you for Arrl 160 next weekend !

f5ufx, sebastien
LY2GW   SOSB/80 LP   93,7552008-12-03 03:25:10
IC-737, Ant. LW 42m at 14m@
N9CO   SOAB LP   65,1212008-12-03 03:26:44
Spent more time putting up Christmas lights on the house than I did operating.
6V7N(DL1EFD)   SOAB LP   6,690,8552008-12-03 04:23:29
This was my first CQWW as a single OP from Africa after operating PJ4W in 2002
and FG5BG in 2005, always SOAB LP.

Looking at the logs from 6V7D and 6W1RW in 2006 my goal was about 4900 QSOs and
515 Multipliers, resulting in 7.5 Million points. I missed that goal mostly
because because I couldn't make use of the good conditions on the low bands. I
could only once get a short run going on 80 and I had difficulties being heard
at all on 160. 10 was also a disappointment but I hadn't expected much after
watching conditions the first week down here.

I was lucky with the AC power. It only failed 3 or 4 times for a few minutes
and once for about 45 minutes, luckily never in a big pileup. I could quickly
plug a battery in and continue from that. There was no need to start the
generator which was there just in case. Everything else worked flawlessly, also
a first for me (knock on wood).

I started on 20 but couldn't get a run going so after a scan of the band giving
me CE0Y I went to 40 running Europe. Rates were not what I had hoped for but OK.
Then 80 and 160 for a disappointment. At the end of the night I was down over
200 QSOs from my goal.

The daytime brought productive runs so I kept that difference. No Europe on 10
that I could hear apart from EA5 and CU2X on the first day. 3X5A were working G
but I couldn't hear anything at all.

Around 1430h 10 opened to the East Coast for 45minutes working mostly big guns
and a few Caribbeans. At the end of day one I had 2461 QSOs and 400

At 0200 I had a little over 2 hours sleep in the chair and I woke up more or
less refreshed. I had a little down period during the day again but finished
the contest without problems.

Before sunrise I can get my first run going on 80, the Packet pileup forced me
to go split and I managed a 92QSO hour on 80 before going to the higher bands

At 1100 a loud and lonely UT2FA came in on 10 but a CQ produced no further
QSOs. 10 didn't open to the US on the second day either. Only Europe in the
were some EA5, UT2FA, CS2T and CU2X.

The USA pile-ups on 15 and 20 on the second day were still unbelievable. I
still need to learn how to hear better. Sometimes I just couldn't hear even
partial calls. The K3s variable bandwith is a great help in managing pile-ups
though. When the pile-up was normal I would use 400Hz and narrow it down to 200
or 150Hz when it got too hard.

6band-QSOs with 3X5A, CU2X, HC8N and KC1XX.

Congrats to Bud AA3B/V26K for another great scores. Let's see what the guys on
Aruba were doing...

Merci to Jan-Francois 6W7RV for being my host.

Elecraft K3
10m 3el @17m
15m 3el @15m
20m 3el @15m
40m-160m Titanex V80
K9AY-loop (although rarely used)
Writelog 10.58f

QSO/ZN+DX by hour and band

Hour 160M 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm

D1-0000Z --+-- --+-- 79/32 7/12 --+-- --+-- 86/44 86/44
D1-0100Z - - 90/22 - - - 90/22 176/66
D1-0200Z - - 138/3 - - - 138/3 314/69
D1-0300Z - 48/29 4/4 - - - 52/33 366/102
D1-0400Z 3/5 21/16 1/1 - - - 25/22 391/124
D1-0500Z 3/6 2/2 93/4 - - - 98/12 489/136
D1-0600Z 7/10 14/4 27/11 - - - 48/25 537/161
D1-0700Z - 3/2 2/1 85/33 - - 90/36 627/197
D1-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 181/20 --+-- --+-- 181/20 808/217
D1-0900Z - - - 96/3 63/29 - 159/32 967/249
D1-1000Z - - - - 104/19 2/2 106/21 1073/270
D1-1100Z - - - 1/1 128/8 1/2 130/11 1203/281
D1-1200Z - - - - 98/7 2/3 100/10 1303/291
D1-1300Z - - - 1/2 94/16 - 95/18 1398/309
D1-1400Z - - - 1/1 82/12 30/10 113/23 1511/332
D1-1500Z - - - - 104/2 16/7 120/9 1631/341
D1-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 98/21 --+-- --+-- 98/21 1729/362
D1-1700Z - - - 1/0 181/1 - 182/1 1911/363
D1-1800Z - - - 92/0 46/5 - 138/5 2049/368
D1-1900Z - - - 145/8 - - 145/8 2194/376
D1-2000Z - - 12/6 - - - 12/6 2206/382
D1-2100Z - - 112/3 - - - 112/3 2318/385
D1-2200Z - - 112/1 - - - 112/1 2430/386
D1-2300Z 4/4 14/10 13/0 - - - 31/14 2461/400
D2-0000Z --+-- 12/3 32/2 --+-- --+-- --+-- 44/5 2505/405
D2-0100Z - - 124/10 - - - 124/10 2629/415
D2-0200Z - - - - - - 0/0 2629/415
D2-0300Z - - - - - - 0/0 2629/415
D2-0400Z 5/4 1/1 1/1 - - - 7/6 2636/421
D2-0500Z - 19/0 23/3 - - - 42/3 2678/424
D2-0600Z - 91/6 - - - - 91/6 2769/430
D2-0700Z - - - 95/4 - - 95/4 2864/434
D2-0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- 107/4 2/3 --+-- 109/7 2973/441
D2-0900Z - - - 22/0 43/2 - 65/2 3038/443
D2-1000Z - - - 88/1 17/1 - 105/2 3143/445
D2-1100Z - - - - 87/2 1/2 88/4 3231/449
D2-1200Z - - - 8/3 64/4 - 72/7 3303/456
D2-1300Z - - - 72/4 - - 72/4 3375/460
D2-1400Z - - - - 54/1 - 54/1 3429/461
D2-1500Z - - - - 63/3 5/4 68/7 3497/468
D2-1600Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 154/4 --+-- 154/4 3651/472
D2-1700Z - - - - 148/1 - 148/1 3799/473
D2-1800Z - - - 86/2 57/1 - 143/3 3942/476
D2-1900Z - - - 171/2 - - 171/2 4113/478
D2-2000Z - - - 117/4 - - 117/4 4230/482
D2-2100Z - - 92/13 - 1/1 - 93/14 4323/496
D2-2200Z 1/1 - 59/1 1/2 - - 61/4 4384/500
D2-2300Z 1/0 - 109/1 - - - 110/1 4494/501

Total: 24/30 225/73 1123/1191475/1271590/122 57/30
ZY7C(PY8AZT)   SOAB HP   5,710,3642008-12-03 04:56:33
First time ever as SOAB from ZY7C @ CQWW CW! Wow boy, such a great contest and
I'm really far away form the Big Boys (aka SOABers)! I did try a simple SO2R
system. It showed worth on the long darktime hours. Second night was almost
only for mult casing.

In Northeastern Brazil 10m openings are marginal and quick, SO2R helped a lot
to monitor 10m while on 15 and 20m.

15m is the best band from here. Day 1 was very productive, but the second day
high bands weren't in good shape. So, 20m became my choice most of the day 2.

40m wasn't an easy band this time. A lot of QRN and lids turned each contact
challenger. So, I need to slice the pileup switching between EU and USA yagis.
Great opening to pacific and Asia, btw.

80m sounds great but I high SWR on the 3el wire yagi forced me use the 4-sq all
the time. It's a little noisy and beverages wasn't a better option to listen on
this band.

160m was so amazing on beverage, easy to listen for all over the globe, that
I'd dare to run on 160m for couple minutes. I'd never imagine get a big pileup
on top band. That you for patient if you ware on the pileup, I couldn't manage
the mess, so I get back to S&P.

I missed the last minutes! I spend last 2 hours casing mults on whatever band
and last 30min sleeping with the hands on the VFO!

Thank you for all QSO, sorry If sometimes I couldn't put every callers on the
log. I did my best and hope work you next time.

Let's wait for the sun!

73, Luc
N4TZ/9   SOAB LP   1,708,0002008-12-03 05:10:47
"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

High-band conditions in general seemed poorer than
last year's CW weekend and also worse than the
2008 SSB contest. At least I worked a USA
multiplier on 10m this time!

Unlike N1UR and N5AW, I did not achieve QSO totals
reminiscent of a sunspot maximum! I was a good
500 QSOs short of my 2003 contest, which gives me
something to look forward to when sunspots return.

Once again, I worked about 1,000 QSOs search and
pounce which means I did have a few small runs.
Very few Europeans heard on 15, most near S0.
Could not work them on second radio while running
on 20 so several times concentrated on 15 on
Saturday. Unlike N1UR, I did not find 15 very
cooperative on Sunday morning, except for a
couple of African multipliers.

I took a nap after European sunrise Sunday to
awaken to horrible QRN from falling snow. I
don't have any beverages to the SW or NW so
missed some hoped for (expected?) multipliers
from that part of the world on the 160-20m bands.

I did work two new ones (OX, OH0) on 160 to reach
100 countries worked in contests with low power.
Last year I had such bad QRN on 160 that I had
to listen on the NE beverage to work zone 8 and
9. After that, I purchased an MFJ noise canceller
which I unboxed just before this contest and put
on the desk (unconnected) to keep Murphy away.
It seemed to work in this passive mode, because
I could hear a lot more than I could work on
160 this year.

Continent List 2008 CQWW CW N4TZ/9

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL
--- -- -- -- -- -- ---
USA calls = 2 1 2 8 2 2 17
VE calls = 26 25 18 34 11 0 114
N.A. calls = 19 26 31 33 24 0 133
S.A. calls = 4 9 30 23 39 1 106
Euro calls = 27 141 145 392 13 0 718
Afrc calls = 3 6 12 18 12 0 51
Asia calls = 0 4 23 6 1 0 34
JA calls = 0 3 5 29 0 0 37
Ocen calls = 2 3 15 5 4 0 29

Total calls = 83 218 281 548 106 3 1239
RWØA(@RKØAXX)   M/S HP   7,081,2242008-12-03 05:31:30
Very nice Run on 20M second night to USA with double mults from Caribean.
40m working 48 hours of 48 hours contest. USA on 160M only big guns. New record
of zone 18 (Can be RZ9OZO?) and UA0.
Great contest. We will be working on next year!
73 DSW
OT5W(ON4RU)   SOSB/40 LP   289,9202008-12-03 05:46:54
With over 100 DXCC entities from 35 zones,the Contest has been a real success !
Thanks a lot to all who called me and particularly to KH7B a real exploit on
meters band !
9A8M(@9A1CCJ)   M/S HP   2,479,2002008-12-03 07:12:27
Hallo everybody!

Excellent propagation on 40 - we have enjoyed Sunday evening - all of the world
was on the table - excellent. Thank you to you all and CU AGN next year!

TS-930S + OM PA
TS-2000 + L4B

160 IV DIPOLE @20m
80 IV DIPOLE @20m
40 2L YAGI FIX TO NW @20m
20 4L YAGI + 3 L QQ @22m
15 4L QQ @13m
10 5L QQ @13m
YU1AW preamplifier

N1MM Logger V8.10.6 - our thanks to N1MM

MNI 73'S!

sale, 9A3XV
in behalf of 9A8M team

P.S. We are laving this game too!!!!
AY7X(@LU8XW)   M/S HP   374,4142008-12-03 07:27:20
TS 870
TL 922A
Triband 14 21 28 MHz JVP36 DX - 59 foot up
Dipole 7 MHz - 26 foot up

Yesterday send the summary as A7YX which is not correct.
AY7X is valid.
Excuse my error, to write.
Pablo LU6XV
N2GC   SOAB HP   1,376,8562008-12-03 07:27:50
IC756PROIII, AL-1200, Fan dipoles @35'

Highlight was running 42 QSO's in 18 minutes on 14021 with my little dipole
before the big guns covered me up. The rest of my short lived runs on 20 were
above 14100. hi
PJ4LS   SOAB LP   536,7032008-12-03 07:38:19
First day Hexbeam broken, fixed 2nd day
Enjoyed working this contest
Next year will have better antennas
No problems working with SD contest software
Tnx the DX stations for their patience, 73's GL DX
CS2T(CT1ILT)   SOAB LP   4,810,9952008-12-03 07:42:36
Despite the tyring week at University I was still able to operate in CQ WW CW,
unfortunatly not in the category I wanted.

This has been quite a busy year at University so not that much time for

40m was THE BAND... incredible signs from everywhere. New 3 elem wire yagi is
working as planed.
20m incredibly good propagation to JA long Path on Sunday Morning.

2008 2007
50% Europe 51% Europe
41% USA 40% USA
5% Asia 3% Asia
2% Africa 2% Africa

4252 QSOs 4268 QSOs
117 Zones 128 Zones
450 DXCC 502 DXCC

pretty much the same as last year, just not that many mults as last year.
Missed a lot of easy 15m european Mults
10m was non existing... I checked almost every 2 hours and could hear much.
KC1XX was heard with good sign for 10 secunds but he didnt hear me.
K1LZ the same but he heard me :)

Congratulations to Krassy K1LZ for good score.

Cu Next one

Filipe Lopes
V47NT(N2NT)   SOAB HP   11,169,8702008-12-03 08:03:54
Many thanks to W2OX, K3NM, and V44KAI for their support on my 3rd trip to V4.

On Thursday I became ill and thought I wouldn't be able to put a full effort
But I slept a long time, so I felt good enough to sit in the chair for 48
Only had to take a 15 min "health" break on Sunday :)

The power line noise was mostly gone this year, and the addition of a EU
beverage was a big help. The 20 mtr ant (TH7) was a bit of a problem. Could not
crank up the mast, and the rotator failed. However,the armstrong method was used
and fixed to EU in the morning, USA/Asia in the late afternoon. The QTH is so
good, that an antenna at 20 feet is plenty.

Got off to a great start, and things went well. My biggest mistake was assuming
I would be able to find the other Caribbean single ops on Sunday for passing
around the bands. That didn't happen. Heard 8P5A and V26K exactly one time all
weekend, and never once heard PZ5TT. I heard K1TTT on 10 mtrs for one second
but that was it. No USA on 10. I can't wait until 15 and 10 actually open for
one of these. 160 and 80 were in good shape, but it was obviously noisy on the
other end. I had to go split almost every time.

Most frustrating moment was when someone spotted me as ZF2NT, and I spent 10
mins working dupes. I try to send my call after almost every qso, but v47nt is
a mouthful. By Sunday afternoon, there was no way I could send it by hand.
At times I couldn't even remember it!

CU next year!

73, Andy N2NT
ZPØR(N3BNA)   SOAB HP   1,596,9202008-12-03 08:16:08
Where to start....I'd have to say that determination and perseverance were
essential... The pleasant part was 10m where I made 58 Qsos and 28 countries
including OE2S...I could hear pretty well there. Another happy result was that
we took down the 80m inverted Vee at 100 feet and replaced it with a sloping
dipole at 105 feet....We had been discussing this for a long time and finally
did it during the contest. (Propagation was poor and I needed the break) The
increased gain on 80m made possible some nice QSOs in spite of very high noise
and no effective listening antenna. Wish we had place for a beverage, but we
are located in the city.

As oldtimers know, we have been taught that at the end of a CW QSO (outside the
contest) to exchange two little dits...The story behind this practice is to know
that the other operator is still there and didnt fall out of his chair...The
same concern for the other operator has played out many times on 10m when band
conditions suddenly changed...But I have never heard of an occasion that it
actually happened during a QSO.......until now !!!

I was running JAs (with the volume cranked up so I could try to hear) and
suddenly I found myself crawling on the floor, asking for water....with the
whole room spinning. Had been really pushing hard despite the obstacles, but
this earned me a few hours of rest (after my emergency medicine.) Less than 2
hours later, I was back at it on 80m with the volume cranked even higher.

I know that it was evident to many that I wasnt doing well in the pileups...but
I put forth the effort. My hearing is extremely poor, and I do not hear the
tones, all the signals sound like aurora-influenced signals. And there was
terrible splatter from other SA stations..Some may wonder why this deaf guy
goes on dxpeditions, and makes a fool of himself to the world, but I know that
1500 guys were happy for the multipliers. And I have always enjoyed wonderful
hospitality with my host family here in Paraguay. Final score was 1.6
meg....not great, but all hard-earned....I still need to check the log for that
contact when I fell out of the chair!
SP3LWP   SOAB LP   659,0782008-12-03 08:23:18
TRX : IC718
ANT : LW -160M
W3DZZ - 80,40M
GP - 20,15,10M

VE3ZI   SOSB/160 HP   124,9362008-12-03 08:23:42
Lost the whole of the first night due to equipment failure...
5H3EE(DL4SM)   SOAB HP   4,091,5602008-12-03 08:38:06
spiderbeam @12m
80/40m dipole @ 10m
FT890 + FL2100z

Could not really take advantage of the good low band conditions. Did hear a lot
more on 80m, but my many "did´s" are easily to ignore...hi. Also I did force
myself not wasting to much time with calling rare mults...

top: sunday morning on 40m, 2h after sunrise W6/7 have still been calling me
flop: 10m...only HC8N was a beacon there

The rest was es always: 15m best band...20m with huge (but short) US
pileups...80/40m multi is to bad

Anyway: Did reach my goal of 4mio points and had a lot of fun with you all,

See you all next year, Mike
HA8JV   SOSB(A)/80 HP   520,9262008-12-03 09:27:33
thanks to all calers!
TO4X(@FS5KA)   M/M HP   11,684,6612008-12-03 09:29:04
The station isn't really competitive in any category so we
decided to go multi-multi. Ann handled 40 and 15, I took 160,
80, and 20, and Charlotte chased QSOs on 10 and multiplierss
on other bands.

Our goal was to beat the second tier USA multi-multi
stations, and it looks like we succeeded.

We had over 300 dupes which seems very high. One station
worked me four times on 80 meters. We don't know why this
happened, although DX Summit shows some bad packet spots
for us.

Special thanks to Mort, W1UQ/PJ7UQ for the use of the station.
Thanks also to the rats and cows for adding excitement, and to
everyone work worked us.
HB9ARF   SOAB LP   694,5442008-12-03 09:47:25
TS-870 - 100 Watts

Force 12 C-4s at 14 Meter used for 10/15/20 and 40M
Butternut HF-9VX used on 80M
Short Dipole from Kelemen for 160M

First time using Wintest, very good tools

During this week end it was sunny during the day and snowing at night
small gun but always a pleasure to contest in CW
Thanks to all and see u next year

Phil - HB9ARF

some statistics

HB9ARF - Continents
By band -
QSOs (with dupes)

! Band / Mode ! EU ! NA ! SA ! AF ! AS ! OC !
! 160 CW ! 98.7% ! ! ! 1.3% ! ! !
! 80 CW ! 77.6% ! 11.8% ! ! 4.3% ! 6.2% ! !
! 40 CW ! 60.7% ! 24.9% ! 0.8% ! 1.7% ! 11.9% ! !
! 20 CW ! 38.3% ! 43.9% ! 2.3% ! 2.8% ! 12.2% ! 0.5% !
! 15 CW ! 39.8% ! 12.0% ! 3.6% ! 10.8% ! 26.5% ! 7.2% !
! 10 CW ! 100.0% ! ! ! ! ! !

Powered by Win-Test 3.23.0
DJ7EC   SOAB(A) LP   118,0082008-12-03 10:12:39
Original plan was to do 40m SB. Changed it to AB assisted close before the
contest. Our clubstation is QRT for an unknown period so I had to use my own
station at home. That is a G5RV UNDER the roof. So no way to be something like
serious anyway, hi.

Conds on 10m/15m sucked , but 40m was THE band to use. Nice surprise was 3X5A
as a new DXCC.
The hole setup and especially my K3 performed very well, great fun to use that
one.All QSO´s were S/P.

Cu next year! 73´s Hauke .
4LØA(@4L4WW)   M/S HP   16,253,8922008-12-03 10:37:24
We are very thankful to Gia for getting us to use his great station again and
very grateful to Gia's family for hospitality.
It was nice to meet and operate in one team with Vaho 4L8A. Our first
experience in M/S from Gia's station in CQ WW. It seems to us, we did it in a
proper way. See you next year !!!

4L0A Team.
W6YA   SOSB/15 HP   59,5962008-12-03 10:48:08
Big mistake to pick 15m this year for SOSB. I didn't realize 15 could be this
bad during CQWW. The only Europeans worked were CT/CU/EA. The only Asians
worked were BY/JA/UA0. Most of the fun was cherry picking on the low bands.
80m was especially good during European sunrise Sunday morning (Saturday night

As I said last year, "there's always next year!"

73, Jim
DL4AAE   SOSB/20 LP   135,9602008-12-03 11:37:01
Condx worse compared to last year: 20 m closed at 18 UTC at my QTH! (apart from
a sporadic E opening which yields some desired EU multipliers.) So less QSO
numbers, zone and country multipliers than last year. But this really doesn't
matter at all when operating my brand-new Elecraft K3 transceiver. It was a
pleasure simply tuning the band and making new contacts. Thanks also to my YL
for motivating me by making one of my favorate winter meals for lunch!

73, Uwe DL4AAE
IC8FBU   SOSB/40 LP   22,1002008-12-03 11:54:38
My first cw contest, not much but pleased to participate. CU next time.
EA3ALV   SOSB/80 LP   12,4122008-12-03 12:10:26
100 W on an inverted L at back yard... and a noisy environment brings not much
C6AKX(KE7X)   SOSB/20 LP   978,0002008-12-03 12:14:11
20m had shut down about 2300 each day before the contest but on the first night
it was open to US. Started with the rate meter between 200 and 300 and I
thought "Yea, I'm going to get my first 200 hour." Well, worked 50 in the first
15 minutes and then the band crashed. I think it took me about 5 hours to get to
200 q's. Took a nap, got up about 0600 worked a few mults including the A73A and
other zone 20, 21 mults. Many thanks for all the multipliers that called in.
Band open to Eu about 1030Z and was able to hold 14055 for 11 hours straight!
Sunday was about the same. Lots of mults call in while I was running so the
antennas must have been really working.
Antennas on this band were standard Team Vertical verticals on the beach. One 2
element toward southern Eu, one 2 element toward US plus a dipole back of the
villa away from the beach to give some RF toward all the Caribbean and South
American mults. All three antennas were combined by a WX0B stack matcher that
allowed one, two or all three antennas to be used at once. I think that helped
a lot in attracting the attention of the multipliers.
The rig was an Elecraft K3 running 100 watts. The K3 is awesome. The K2 was far
better than the MP and the K3 is far better than the K2.
Had a problem on Sunday afternoon and wonder if any of you might have heard it
being very chirpy. Got a report from somebody and listened on another receiver
and sure enough it sounded pretty chirpy. The K3 had been sporadically
indicating LOW BAT. Changed out the power supply and it didn't fix the chirp.
After the contest a check indicated the chirp was no longer there. I heard
several other chirpy signals on the band and I don't remember ever hearing that
Great contest conditions and great operators from all over the world. Many
thanks to all who called in. Please QSL to WA4WTG or I will try to have the
logs from this year and the previous years up on LOTW soon.
OL3M(OK1TGI)   SOAB QRP   167,6162008-12-03 12:33:04
I had small problems with my healt(stomach, bowels). I often had to do break,
but I bought ;).

I used my old horizontal loop 82m in 10m for all band with LDG Z11.

Five hours before start was tempereture in hamsack 0°C. I did't have problem
with cooling my FT817 ;)

73 Igor OK1TGI
W4VIC   SOAB(A) HP   50,5702008-12-03 12:49:42
Thanks for the Q's!
ZS4TX(@ZS9X)   SOAB HP   6,197,7072008-12-03 13:25:32
Prime operating hours were lost as a result of storms and lightning. Had to run
the station on a generator for the full duration of the contest because of a
mains supply failure to the area around ZS9X.

10m was wide open to parts of EU for at least 5 hours each day but not many
people monitoring that band currently! A surprise 10m opening to NA and SA
around 15Z helped the mult total a bit. Real pity that mostly only the big MM
stations were active there.

15m Was again the bread and butter band with good signals from all over while
20m was as frustrating as ever with big signals from most callers and being
heard over the pile ups became very difficult on Sunday. Like on 20m I had to
repeat calls several times on 40m before the "real" caller came back with a

80m showed promise with good signals from EU, NA and ASIA while the highlight
was surely OX5AA calling me almost an hour after my sunrise at the end of my
morning opening run.

160m was useless as a result of the thunderstorms. Even the local ZS stations
were almost unworkable.

See you in 2009

HGØA(HA5JI)   SOSB/80 HP   365,8202008-12-03 13:26:38
Congratulations to my friend HG3R (HA3NU). Sorry my QTH not the best for
contesting. 73 Gyuri/HA5JI
K3BU   SOSB/160 QRP   782008-12-03 13:59:03
Great opening to Canada, managed to snatch 13 new ones in two zones.
Wish I could have been assisted by Skimmer, better luck next time.
Thanks for two pointers, Merry Christmas to all!
too busy with restorations, see ya'll at the Hamfest there in
the fall!!
N2EE(K3BU)   SOSB(A)/40 QRP   12008-12-03 14:14:17
My biggest 0 score yet. My computer would assist me only with US stations,
managed to work 21 of them in 3 zones.
Nothing like having world's biggest and bestest contest penalize, discriminate
and punish one for working their own country that is biiiig. (Keeps the low
bands nice and QRM clean :-)
Oh, and them 3 QSO penalties for NILs, I wonder how many QSOs I will lose due
to other stations not putting me in the log. I swear I worked each of them,
made duplicate recordings and had two witnesses.
I have to confess that I was thinking of Skimmer which puts me in the Ass-isted
category without mercy. My dog Whiskey also assisted me by warming up my right
foot while I was nailing the precious 0 pointers, sooo triple-assisted
Has anyone achieved 0 points with more contacts?
Oh, I had to lie about my score and insert 1 point, program refuses to take
zero score, more discrimination!!!

73 Yuri, K3BU
too busy with work around restoration, THE place for next NE
ham convention coming soon in fall of 09
EE2W(@EB2BXL)   M/M HP   12,240,0002008-12-03 14:26:38
First of all, Thanks to Julen, EB2BXL, for his support.
Once more we have a problem with the callsign EE2W. Some spots mentioned EI2W,
resulting in more than 500 dupes on the log.
Despite the bad propagation on the upper bands we have an excelent performance
on 80 and 160m. Talking about 160m, we did work zone 31 quite easily and 131
stations from zones 4 and 5, even 11 stations from zone 3, zone 23, 24 and 19.
Not bad, at all. The antenna it was just a short vertical / 25m linear loaded
and a hat.
We made all the QSO on 160m following the actual spanish regulations 1830-1850
Khz. 31 JA, 466 W on 80m, amazing condx.

Congrats to DF0HQ.
Tnx for all the QSO and hope to see you next year from Ondarroa, M/M

73 de EE2W
W1BYH   SOAB HP   32,6192008-12-03 14:44:34
Just returned from a week vacation in time to spend a few hours searching and
pouncing to add a few points to the YCCC score.
Norm W1BYH
GM4YXI   SOAB HP   1,541,3162008-12-03 14:45:33
I only got back home from an overseas business trip about 2300 on Friday night,
my HF antennas were not in a useable state and I was in no fit state to start
the contest, being completely exhausted. While travelling earlier in the week I
had already come to terms with the fact that a full-on SOAB effort was not going
to be physically possible so I decided to ‘invent’ my own
category……Single Op Low bands! I thought it would be better to enjoy some
good low band openings without chasing all over the shop. As I was missing a
lot of countries on 160 I decided to give the GM7V call a rest this year and
use the home call to improve my DXCC score a little.

I slept until 0400, then got started. As this was to be a non-competitive
effort I did not really worry too much about ‘tactics’, at the start at
least; that does not mean I was not trying to maximize my score, I just ran
most of the time, did very little S&P and did not necessarily worry about being
on the best band for 3-pointers. I also changed bands a lot less often than I
would have, had I being doing a proper SOAB.

As 160 was my main focus (at least when I started) I stayed on there from 0400
to well after my sunrise, then did one hour on 80m which was well open even to
zone 3 up to 0930. Then did an hour on 40m after which I collapsed in a heap,
despite JAs booming in 40m short path. I got back on around 1300 and stayed on
40m until 1600 when I just had to stop and sleep an hour, then managed an hour
on 80m but had to sleep again. Got back about 1900 and struggled on until 0200
mostly on 160 and 80. Slept 0200 to 0430. Judging by what others have written I
may have missed some good 80 on the first night but it was quite good on the
second night I thought. 160m was OK too, and I was pleased to be called by KH6
about an hour before my SR on 160m on Sunday morning. JAs and zone 3 were quite
easy on 80m too. I managed to keep going most of Sunday. As others have
commented, it was a revelation to be running Zones 3, 4 & 5 as well as JAs on
40m between 11-1300, indeed I think W/VE was probably available throughout the
24 hours on 40m, if not necessarily in volume. I also noticed that even while
some W6s were coming in long path on 40m on Sunday afternoon, most W7s were
worked short path throughout. Usually I’d be on 20 or 15m at this time! I was
quite chuffed to work a few JA on Sunday evening (JA sunrise) on 160m. Never
heard KL7 on any band.

My one non-LF QSO was 3X5A on 10m…..I needed that for a new one; they were
the only signal I could hear on 10m and were true S9!

Sorry to hear of the WX antenna problems at G5W and G4IIY. So it’s not just
me that has these woes! After a stormy SSB event, it was flat calm and freezing
up here too but it was only Sunday evening rain/ice which caused my 80m inv Vee
to develop a high SWR.

I noted the points made by several folks regarding frenzied calling and not
enough listening. I do not buy the reasoning of some that this is a
‘perceived’ problem and function of poor CW skills on the part of the
station being called by the pile-up. Yes, my CW is mediocre for sure, it can
therefore be difficult to control the pile-up and it is a bit depressing when
my requests for ‘lsn lsn’ and repeats of a partial call were greeted by
strings of ‘hi hi hi’…I could just hear the irony. It is just plain bad
operating and rudeness when guys just call regardless of who you go back to. I
do not see what gives them the right to think they are a special case that does
need to wait their turn. As Andy said, we cut some slack on the basis of
mis-copying and QRM but I thought the impatience was worse this year. Some of
the well know EU multi-ops seemed to think they did not have to wait and I am
afraid to say that many of the offenders in general had calls beginning with R
or U. Compared to the super-controlled JAs and generally well-behaved North
Americans, some European operators, particularly from the eastern end of this
continent behave like a bunch of ignorant madmen. And don’t get me started on
key clicks and attempts at frequency stealing……

But still, good fun. And a few new ones on 160m.

Keith GM4YXI

AL1500 plus ICOM

160m: Inv L and inv vee

80m: 70ft vertical (elev radials plus gnd screen) and inv vee

40m: four square, delta loop and quarter vertical

Five 130-170 m beverages
PJ2T   M/2 HP   20,887,4382008-12-03 15:23:37
Thanks to W0NB, K8ND, W8WTS, N5OT, K8MR, and N4QQ for giving up their
Thanksgiving holidays with family to be here slogging around in the mud, heat,
and mosquito ponds. The contest came at the end of the longest period (two
weeks) of bad weather I've ever seen in Curacao. Heavy rain, grey and cloudy
every day, and swarms of mosquitos. Conditions for building the RX antennas
were difficult to say the least, but the team hung in there and got 'em done.
(One of our non-operating guests came down with a bad case of Dengue Fever from
mosquito bites, and she is still in very poor condition.) Life in the tropics is
not always perfect.

As always, the DX Engineering RX four square played wonderfully. Also, we were
thrilled with the performance of a new fixed-on-Europe tribander antenna we've
installed on the bluff behind the QTH. This enabled us to open the bands much
earlier than ever before, and resulted in a much more authoritative signal in
Europe. The story of installing that thing, especially the 1100 feet of 7/8
Heliax, is best told elsewhere. Still, no amount of hardware can overcome poor
conditions, and 10 and 15 were huge disappointments. Congrats to our
competitors in Europe and in Africa who had better band conditions and made
very effective use of them. Nice work!

In spite of the world economic crisis, Murphy is apparently still being funded.
On Wednesday before the contest we turned on the Titan II amp and kaboom, blown
HV board and blown metering board. We replaced the HV board but had to go to a
backup linear because of the lack of metering. About half an hour later we
turned on the Ten-Tec Titan 425 and kaboom, HV blown and a dead amp for the
weekend. The first Alpha we put at that position as backup blew in a few hours
and the second Alpha would turn itself off after warmup. This on top of a list
of problems with the QTH (dead air conditioners, dead security gate opener
motor, and myriad other things). We lost two FT-1000s to corrosion damage in
October and they were returned last week thanks to fast work by Yaesu guru
WA4GEG and transportation by K8MR and N5OT. But those two repaired transceivers
were negated by two we lost in the CW week. And one PC decided to die just prior
to the contest. It was a very, very tough week and we had challenges keeping our
attitudes positive.

In spite of the difficulties, we had a great time, the ops were superb, and we
posted a score of which we are proud. Special thanks to John, N4QQ, in his
first trip to PJ2T who prior to this week had never used computer logging, but
learned with lightning speed and was a real asset to the team.

I also thank Wilse, WX7P, Rice, Washington, who was kind enough to allow me to
visit his QTH during CQWW SSB a month earlier.

Huge thanks to all the members of the CCC club who made PJ2T possible and keep
it viable. Lot of work, lot of fun!

73 from the tropics,

- Geoff, W0CG, PJ2DX
TA2RC   SOSB/160 LP   114,1202008-12-03 16:45:22

A home station operation again.
Bad WX conditions cancelled again my real contest shack operation from Kefken
Equipments:Kenwood TS 870,power 80 watts,Inverted L with 48 radials,inverted L
15 meters up,nothing for receiving.
First morning was good up to Saturday midnight.I made 480 QSO at first
half.After Saturday midnight,propagation went down and waited on the chair.I
heard some DX multipliers and called him but only CQ CQ to me.Strange one way
And also I went to Istanbul(125 km away from QTH) two hour before sunrise for
a emergency job meeting without sleeping and back home at Sunday sunset but
conditions was still bad...

Finally,a little bad propagation as to 2007.
I planned a better 2009 F1 race:)

P4ØQ(KØDQ)   SOAB LP   8,359,5002008-12-03 17:14:43
What a blast!

My last CQWW (and overseas op) was in 2004. That, plus a last minute decision
to go, made for an interesting weekend of re-learning old lessons.

This operation was my first from the P40A (John, KK9A) station in North Aruba,
about a third of a mile east of the beach. Surprisingly, there are hills to
the NE and NW but they don't seem to be an issue. John has an extremely well-
engineered antenna farm on a small lot with existing antennas for 10-80 and
they were connected and running in minutes with only minor issues. The biggest
outside challenge was to put up the 160 meter antenna (sort of an inverted L
built on an existing 56 foot vertical and 13 radials) and a pennant for receive
(which can charitably be described as 'slightly better than nothing'). It was
the rainy season so some sort of low noise receiving antenna was highly

Equipment wise, I brought or borrowed everything. The P4 ham community is
extremely gracious. Special thanks to Jacky, P43P, and to Andy, P49Y, for
rounding out the SO2R station. We arrived Monday evening and was still working
minor details up to the starting bell, but - providentially - everything held
together through the contest. As an aside, Donna and I also had a very
enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner with Andy, P49Y, JP, P43A (& Christina) and - as
a special treat - Carl, P49V, and Sue who are newly back in Aruba, putting up a
new three tower station.

My strategy, such as it was, was driven by (1) the competition (which I
understood to be John, P40W, and Bud, V26K, in this hemisphere) and (2) the
station's capabilities. I knew I was at a significant disadvantage to both
John and Bud on 160 and wasn't sure about 80. I also knew from past experience
that John was the past master at multiplier production and rarely missed an
opening. Finally, while I understood intellectually that it was the bottom of
the sunspot cycle, I really didn't process the implications of more mults on 80
than 15 or NO/NO USA on 10. Period. My potential advantages were
3 points per W vs 2 for Bud and SO2R to John's SO1R. The resultant plan was
simple: run like a bandit and pick up what mults I could on the second radio.
Even though that was probably a blinding flash of the obvious, it was important
to have it firmly implanted in my subconcious to avoid the natural DXer tendency
to go on multiplier hunts. In general, I stayed with that plan, even in the
face of hearing Bud and John both wildly running Europeans on 160.

The learning curve was steep, ranging from hardware ("where's the narrow filter
switch on this rig and what's this VRF dealie") to software ("how come TO5X
doesn't register as a mult"), not to mention "when is Europe workable on 160?"
I was also concerned about my stamina, having not attempted 40+ hours in a long
time (ended up taking 4 hours off the second night and feeling pretty good at
the checkered flag).

In the end, I felt good but had no real sense of how I'd done vs. the
competition. The only benchmarks I had were Bud's winning score last year,
John's all-time SOABLP record from sunnier days, and my own previous #2 and #3
HP efforts, also during higher sunspot periods. I knew I'd blown it by
deciding to wait until the second night to focus on 160 (conditions were
noticeably poorer Saturday night) and, particularly, by not moving ultipliers.
I think I only moved 3 or 4 and, incredibly, worked V26K on only one band (160)
and missed 8P5A on 3 bands.

All that said, it was one of the most enjoyable contests in memory. I was
astounded at the ability to run on 40 meters and, in spite of having
multipliers repeatedly "CQ in my face" on the low bands (and high bands on
backscatter), I found the Low Power experience a treat, especially with two

The traditional after-contest dinner had the potential for an "Oscar envelope
moment" right up to the point that John 'fessed up' he'd gone High Power after
all. Then it was waiting to see how Bud did. At this moment, it appears the 3
point advantage did the trick in spite of his superb effort.

If it does turn into a #1 finish, it will cap a personal quest to win all six
of the major contests (both modes CQ WW, CQ WPX, and ARRL DX). I suppose
there'll be a personal "asterik" since the others were all in the heavyweight
(SOABHP) division, but a welterweight belt is better than none at all,
especially at my age.

In any event, for me this is still a magical hobby. . . even at 64.

Blessings and thanks for the Q's
VY2TT(K6LA)   SOAB HP   7,250,0892008-12-03 17:27:06
It seemed like a lot of stations just went away after I asked for a fill on
their call. Maybe they were calling someone else. Maybe they will get a NIL.

Hightlight was beating out VY2ZM in a 160m Caribbean pileup. Oh, and working
XW1B and E21EIC over the North pole around 1120Z Sunday morning on 40 meters.

Then there was the guy who tuned up on me for a few minutes, then called me and
had his keyer get stuck on dahs. Did he turn off his radio? NO. Not until after
a few minutes of dahs. Then he thought he got it fixed and called again, only
to start QRMing me with more dahs.

I took one 80 minute break during which I slept an hour. I also took 6 10 - 20
minute breaks when the bands seemed to go away and they always were better when
I returned.

20m opened very early to EU Saturday, much later Sunday.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
VY2LI   SOAB LP   1,6472008-12-03 17:29:42
I am not a CW op.Just a few points for MCC.This could get addictive.Maybe next
year.Since I tripled last year's score, I owe it to myself to improve on that
next year.73,Bill
N2MM   SOAB(A) HP   2,424,1762008-12-03 19:47:28
Things were going very well until Saturday night/Sunday. Murphy struck ! RF
locked up the transmitter on 160m, 80m, 15m...rendering those bands useless.
40m beam stuck at 100 degrees throughout the contest. Cause of problem
discovered Monday after the rains ended!!! Lots of work ahead.

Thanks for all the qsos
8P5A(W2SC)   SOAB HP   9,302,1062008-12-03 20:13:26
Once again did my logistically intense CQWW weekend. Flew overnight from
California to New York on Friday night, a week before CQWW. Spent the weekend
with my family and flew to Barbados early Monday morning to set up the station.
Flew back to New York Tuesday night but the flight was delayed and got to the
house at 4AM. Spent Wednesday and Thanksgiving with my wife's family. Flew
back to Barbados the Friday morning of the contest, a five hour flight, plus
losing an hour. Arrived at the station around 21Z to make sure it was working.
Drove to the house to rest for an hour, take a shower, and eat. Then back to
the station for final set up and then operated 48 hours with a single 20 minute

The inability to adequately prepare for the contest precludes my best
competitive effort so I just focus on doing my best and having fun.
Physically, I felt great all weekend as the 48 hour contests seem to be getting
easier. Mentally, I was definitely tired as I was not as effective with the
second radio and occasionally struggled copying the code.

Conditions were much the same as WW SSB, perhaps slightly worse. That would
make them the worst I have ever seen from Barbados. I worked more European
stations on 80 than I did on 15. However, 160 conditions were outstanding and
made the weekend worthwhile. I felt like I could hear and be heard. Worked my
first zone 17 and may have worked more EU in this contest than all my other CQWW
contests combined. I actually hated to see the sun come up. In retrospect, a
single band 160 may have been a better choice.

A bad storm took out my TH6 with water in the traps on Saturday night.
Replacing this antenna is the top project for next year as this has happened
before. I had to use an old C3 that I happen to have mounted on the tall tower
fixed on the US since I have no other place to store it.

Congratulations, to Andy, N2NT/V47NT on a great performance. Even with full
preparation I do not compete with his result.

Thanks to everybody for the Q's and to my wife Kathleen, whose support makes
this all possible.

Also, congratulations to the nation of Barbados on its 42nd year of
independence on 11/30. It is great to see the pride and joy of a truly
welcoming and friendly people that have been so wonderful to my family and I.

QSL via NN1N

73, Tom W2SC 8P5A
K6GEP   SOAB(A) LP   99,9942008-12-03 22:59:58
As a low power contester with wires, I've learned that there are 2 key factors
that either make or break a contest weekend: Humidity and K Index. When
we had humidity in the single digits with our Santa Ana winds on SS SSB
I had a 10 over 9 noise level. We had some nice rain a few days before CQWW
CW, so the insulators on the power poles were washed off, and my noise
level was a quiet S3! And with the K Index at 0 or 1, I was good to go!

I would say 15 meters was half-way open, just like in the SSB contest. 20
was OK. 40 M was good, and 80 meters was superb! I had recently raised
the lower end of my 80M sloper, and it helped a lot.

80M was outstanding on Saturday night! S53MM took the cake for the loudest
EU station I have ever heard on 80. He was an honest S9! AMAZING! I worked
about 6 new band counters on 80, including YT3M (already confirmed on LoTW)
bringing my worked total up to 94. New on 80: HC, YS, OM, YU, (maybe RU1A),
and YV.

As usual, I spent too much time on 80, and neglected 40, but I don't regret
I am kicking myself that I was 6 measly points shy of my goal of 100,000
It still is a personal best for me.

I was surprised that the pileups didn't seem to die down as the weekend went
on. Even big guns from JA like JA3YBK had huge pileups in the last 2 hours.
I couldn't crack the pileups for 3V8BB (80m his sunrise), OX, and AH0BT

Thanks to the 3X5A group for 4 bands. I didn't know this would be an annual
event. Tnx to N6QQ for 10m and move to 15m.

My only pet peave is the TO prefix. Don't get me wrong - I am very grateful
to the groups like TO4X going on dxpeditions, but is there any way to convince
the licensing authority to use the good old FS or FG or FR prefixes? Why
cant we keep TO for French Polynesia where it belongs? OK I will stop

Thanks to the many dxpeditions for making this a fun weekend.


80 meter dipole sloping from 50 feet (improved)
40 meter inv vee at 50 feet
20 meter dipole at 20 feet oriented NE
15 meter dipole at 25 feet

ZC4LI(STEVE)   SOSB/40 HP   1,292,4842008-12-04 00:37:58

Antenna:- C/Craft A3S + 40M addon @ 50ft
Rig:- Icom-756 Pro3
Amp:- Acom-1000
Software: CT 10.03

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's
The band stayed open for 48 hours here, I had been hoping
that it would shut down for a few hours so that I could
get some kip, fat chance of that so I went to bed anyway.
I did a little better than my last effort on 40 in 2006 so
that was pleasing.
Best hour was 145.


None to mention that haven't already been mentioned on the
reflector. There did seem to be more shall we say ''wider''
signals around this year, is this a new strategy ?
The Euro zoo was in good form as well.
I managed to keep the dupes down to 98 this year.

Log is on LoTW, for paper cards see QRZ.COM

Hope to CU in the TARA this weekend.

73 Steve.
3V8SS(ASHRAF)   SOAB LP   27,7402008-12-04 00:38:47
This is my first WWCW and I'm now the first ever tunisian CW Op.
Condx were very poor on high bands. 40 & 80 were so crowded. Hope to do better
job next year NchAllah. 73's to all. Info on:
VK2IA   SOAB HP   3,062,2562008-12-04 01:23:53
Had to postpone my trip to Cocos on very short notice which meant that I had to
find an alternative in Sydney really quickly. Fortunately this didn't turn out
to be too difficult – thanks to Fishers Ghost Radio Club and their location
at Cataract Scout Park, where our club call VK1CC has been activated in CQWW
SSB over the last three consecutive years. No serious M/x effort was planned
this year from there, so I gave it a go.

There are mono band yagis for 10-15-20 on site each of them sitting on an 18m
pole as well a ground mounted 40m quarter wave vertical. All I had to do was
putting up some low band (wire) antennas. The site is typical Aussie bushland
with quite a few gum trees around which made it tricky to navigate wires
through the trees. Antenna work started on Thursday afternoon. I decided to put
up a 3 ele inverted vee wire beam on 40m (Europe) and an 80m inverted vee with a
director element towards NA. For 160m, the pick of the day was an inverted L
antenna combined with a quarter wave wire for 80m. While the 40m antenna was
performing superbly - it allowed me the first time to run EU at any time from
opening to closing of the band, 80m was very disappointing and 160 was a
disaster... (guess here is where much more effort needs to go in in the

Used a semi automatic SO2R set up consisting of a K2, an IC-735 (plus amps) and
an SCK II box with a USB only notebook and a SixPak for antenna switching. Did
not use second radio at all when signals were too weak and noise level too
high. A few hours into the contest had to switch to 'manual antenna connect'
mode as the SixPak started to do weird things...

The biggest problem on site was the power line noise peaking to S7-8 or even
above on 160, so apologies to those who I just couldn't hear.

10 - Band open to JA for quite a few hours per day, but many weak signals below
noise level

15 - Good opening to EU the first day with a wide range of signals. Think I
missed out on quite a few contacts who I just couldn't hear.

20 - Stayed on purpose too long on 15 the first day, caught up Qs during day

40 - Best band, focus on EU

80 - Only S&P, struggle except during 30 min sunrise peak.

160 - One QSO only - hard work to get VK2BJ across town into log.

Really enjoyed to participate from Sydney again after many years of travelling
elsewhere. Great to see strong VKCC participation this year which hopefully
made it easier for many to tick off VK and zones 29 & 30.

Thanks for the Qs and see you all in RDXC as VK9AA.
Bernd VK2IA
BA1AN   SOAB HP   1,526,1882008-12-04 02:15:25
10/15/20/40 500W C4SXL
80/160 100W 14 Meters Ver WIRE
CT1ENQ   SOAB LP   165,8522008-12-04 02:52:28
My first CQ WW CW. No doubt that 'WW' is the contest. Amazing amount of
stations, i wonder how it will be when the sunspots come.
Once again, a busy working week. During the SSB part i rented a new house, been
moving since then but left the radios for the last thing to move. Arrived a bit
after he start. Station was the same, no narrow filters, manual keying, at
least not so many RF leaks this time to jam icoms internal keyer. There was a
massive storm saturday morning, and some static noise due to the lightning,
anyway, low bands were great. 10m as mentioned, were dead, 15 and 20 closed
very early.

Listened KH6LC very strong on 20 but could not make it, 5H3EE also very strong
but no luck. YE1ZAT had a huge pile up and FM5CD also no i didnt even try. Did
work a couple of new ones.

Congrats to CT1ILT for his score :)

Thanks all for the Qs.
Merry Xmas and happy 2009!

73 de ct1enq miguel
RK9AD   SOSB(A)/40 HP   558,5302008-12-04 03:41:11
It was very good propagation on 40 m! Thanks V31WA for coming my cq. Nice run to
USA. Thanks to all! Good contest!
RW9USA   SOSB/40 HP   1,118,4472008-12-04 03:56:58
UA9BA   SOSB/160 HP   237,4402008-12-04 04:03:25
My plan to join Canary isl. EF8M M/2 didn’t come together. So I had to decide
what to do in THE CONTEST.
Three weekends prior to THE CONTEST I spent on 160m from my small station on
the shore of lake Karataban (MO04uq) with a short 27m tall vertical with three
temporarily installed 50m long radials (the 10 permanent 50m long radials were
all gone in just few days after CQWW CW 2007) that I had to unroll each time I
wanted to operate on 160m. I was simply amazed at the CONDX on Top Band during
those weekends! I just couldn’t believe some of the signals, especially from
NA hours before our sunset and hours after! N7UA at one night was measured as
loud as s9+15dB!!! That was above my understanding of things. I couldn’t
believe that signal until Bob started a chat and revealed some detailes that
only Bob and I knew so he made me believe that was him - N7UA, not a pirate. So
having had such remarkable experience I made my choice to go into THE CONTEST
SOSB 160M real quick. And now I am one of those that in years from now will be
in position to tell my own Top Band fairy tales of the unique period of quiet
sun with no spots on it for some 200+ days in a row and what wonders it brought
to us amateurs on the Top Band. It’d be just like listening now to those
that experienced the 1957 sunspot maxima and how everybody could work everybody
around the globe on 10m with a wire and a 50W AM TX.
Yes, indeed it was a fantastic weekend for me! The first NA that I heard was
K7BG at about 00:20 after the start of the contest. Then N0NI (never wkd’em),
then just too many from zone 4. At 01z I was called by VO1HP with good signal.
Finally I worked my first USA and that was Bob N7UA at arnd 04z. In the first
5 hours I had over 350 QSOs in the log from 13 zones and 56 countries! With a
short vertical, 700W TX and no RX antennas! I was fevering! I couldn’t wait
till the next round. So it came but alas the band wasn’t as good. It was much
noisier and signals didn’t sound clean and clear (they were sort of muddy) and
not loud. So I struggled the Saturday night with such CONDX till about our
sunrise and only managed 280 QSO’s . After the SUN showed up the band came to
life! Isn’t it another wonder?! I always thought and saw the other order of
things before this weekend! The band was good till 12:00 LST (3.5 hours into
the daylight!). Intrestingly the loud NA stations weren’t the usual BIG GUNS
except for the few like VY2ZM and N7UA. For instance K3WW had a much better
signal than L3LR. W3LPL was barely audible, K1DG had a good one but problems
with reception. K9DX is worth special mentioning. John had a GREAT signal but
very handicapped in receive. Last station I was trying to work this morning was
again N0NI and VE3EJ . That morning I heard many zone 5 stations but very few
came back. I again was too excited and didn’t sleep and at 14:30 LST started
to listen to the very quiet band. And at 14:45 LST I heard K7BG cq’ing weak
but Q5, and that’s 2.5 hours before sunset, at the prime time on 15M band!!!
What a THRILL!!! Few minutes later I found N7UA, then N6TR (never wkd you
Tree). WOW!!! Then the JA guys started to roll in and the first West European
was OZ1LXJ and DK0RTC at 11:54z (their sun’s high!!!). Isn’t all that
AMAZING?! This last night was THE NIGHT! Very quiet band and clean signals
from all over the world ( I only haven’t heard zone 02, 06, 13, 31, 36, 37
and 38). It felt as if I was dreaming and just watched myself in a dream! Lots
of RARE DX QSOs! How about SU9HP calling in?! Nigel OX5AA was excellent copy
for hours!!! KL7HBK was nice copy for at least an hour! D4C was all over the
band looking for multipliers and even once stupidly calling “ JA ONLY” for
half an hour while EU was begging for QSOs. 3X5A were there all the time loud
73’s & GL, Willy UA9BA
HG6N   M/S HP   7,576,1182008-12-04 04:34:03
CE3AA(XQ4CW)   SOAB(A) LP   1,962,7162008-12-04 04:35:39
Thanks to CE3AA Directory and CE4CT for all their help.
W8CAM   SOAB HP   21,5382008-12-04 04:50:34
Overall it was a fun contest, and it helped us old guys hone our skills.
I could have scored a lot better if the CQ's were slower and my CW was faster.
HG1A(HA1ZN)   SOAB(A) HP   2,057,5802008-12-04 05:05:13
RIG:TS-870,FT-857 (SO2R) 2xSB2006 linear (made by HA2SB)
ANT: INV "V" 160-80-40 5 el.trybander DL1FK beam on 20-15-10
DUNAX GP 40-20-15-15
K1EA software CTwin 10.01
Thanks for everybody! I' am very enjoyed. 73! Zsolt
SM5MX   SOSB/160 LP   19,8362008-12-04 05:41:13
Had to pull the big switch after only 18 hrs. Enjoyed working two countries in
zone 40 for a change, TF and OX!

CK2DWA(@VE2DWA)   M/S HP   2,059,2092008-12-04 07:05:42
Equipment Description: Yaesu FT-1000MP, Elecraft K3, Kenwood TS-930, Kenwood
TL-922, Ten-Tec Titan, Heathkit SB-200

Antennas : TH7 @ 15 meter, TH3 @ 3 meter, dipoles for 40, 80 y 160, Inverted L
for 160

PC: 2 Notebooks and 2 desktop PIII & PII PCs W/N1MM V 8.11

Comentarios: Murphy got stuck in the ice outside the house and spent the
weekend at the station, several items got broken: 2 ports in the brand new
SixPak, the coaxil cable in rotative tribander, the rotor control, the parallel
port in our main PC, the inverted L for 160 meter and the 2 chairs for the
shack.. even the ionosphere got broken, we didn't make a single QSO in 10

Friday was a very long day at work and I've arrived home only 45 minutes before
contest starts while we were waiting for VE3KI (our N1MM guru) together with
VO1AU we assembled the 2 stations, therefore we started the contest one hour

The propagation was in our expectation, lots of low band and waiting for 20
meter openning to EU. Around 3 hours in the contest the keying parallel
port got dead, I need to brought my wife's PII PC to the shack, download N1MM,
configuring, etc... here we lost another hour. Also we start to have
problem in the brand new SixPak, finnally we did all antenna switching "old
fashion style" by hand. Having a visit from VE2ZAZ was a nice experience, I
hope he will be operating with us in a near future

Satuday was a good day 20 meter open with EU, but not a signal in 10 meter and
very few in 15 meter. In the evening we noticed some problems in the RX using
the TH7, after few more QSOs the antenna went died, VO1AU tried to climb the
tower, but is was icy and very slippery, therefore our best 20 antennas was a
TH3 fixed to EU @ 3 meter high in 15 meter we have a 40 meter dipole and in 10
meter an 80 meter dipole.

Saturday night the snow storm arrived, the band were full of snow statics and
we were out of the air for three hours. Sunday was a LONG day with our
poor antennas, we did S&P all day long getting some multipliers in 20 and 15,
10 meter was dead, but we listened K1TTT calling CQs, but we could get his

I've use for a first time a K3, very good radio, but the audio sound very
digital for my ears, anyway I hope to get one of this radio in a future to use
together with the TS-930 for my station.

Using CK2 as a prefix got many people confusing us as KK2, KC2 and K2, not a
good CW PFX.

As my mentor and friend K3LR say: I need to start to improve my station now,
because next contest preparation starts next second after the actual contest

Myself only I need some money and some time to do the work :-).

TNX to LW8EXF for her support and the others to came to operate/visit and
having the first MS from my QTH.

See you in ARRL 160 this weekend, I'll be as VE2DWA part time operation

73, Claudio LU7DW/VE2DWA/VE3AP
K2CJ   SOAB(A) HP   405,4402008-12-04 07:27:30
S9 line noise level all bands Saturday !
C6AQQ(ND3F)   SOSB/40 LP   508,4002008-12-04 09:32:15
Enjoyable contest from a new site on New Providence Island (a private home).
Some OTH radar or other wideband "buzz" made going tough for hours at a time,
but the K3 loaned to me by W8ZN performed flawlessly. Missed many mults on
Sunday who couldn't hear my weak signal in the pileups. Was nice to have EL2
and A43 call in among others! Antennas were a trap (40/20/15) 1/2 sloper
against a 35' aluminum push up mast tied to a palm tree with a 1/2 wave
vertical passive director to EU during the evening and NW/US during the early
morning; also a trap dipole at the top of the pole for higher angle. The
ground-mounted verticals for the 80/160M did not work well at all. The Asian
stations were very loud here both short path in the morning and long path in
the afternoon, but were stronger and easier to work outside of the
contest...will try again next year! Thanks to all.
IK1YDB   SOSB(A)/80 HP   393,3602008-12-04 09:48:23
tx ant Wire Deltaloop@31m
rx ant 4 X EWE switchable NA-JA-OC-AF
Contest log N1MM
Qth High Borbera Valley
near Genoa City
820m high SL

Flavio IK1YDB
PI4Z   M/S HP   1,483,3982008-12-04 10:56:23
We enjoyed the weekend. Another test how things are working.
Had not enough operators to chase multipliers. One of the operators is
fluently in morse code, but needed to learn typing :-). So he did mostly S&P.

160m and 80m were super. We have a problem with the coax on the 40m, made a
delta loop instead. This worked quite good.

N1MM, LP-PAN, Skimmer
K3 + Alpha 374A
FT-2000 + SGC500
C4-SXL for 10, 15, 20.
Delta loops for 80, 40.
Inv L for 160.
HF9V for 80, 40, 20, 15, 10.
W8JI reversible Beverage 200m NW-SE.

We learned what was wrong and what we have to improve.
DK6XZ(E77XZ)   SOSB(A)/15 LP   17,7122008-12-04 11:31:16
Well, tought the 15m will become open and started to work there on Saturday
morning, semi-serious. The next container to me was DK9IP entering seriously
40m and was making horrible QRM - anyway! After 5 hours of having patience, I
realised that band would never open really. So started just to play around and
to work interesting spots of the world activated by the contester coleagues.

7 hours for 108 Qs was not that worth, but still it was interesting to check if
able ( and how fast ) to come trough the pileups on multipliers. 20m was in good
shape, pitty I haven´t started immediately there - even the local QRM was there
a bit stronger. OB16-3 @18m showed 10-15dB better performance against to the NA
fixed KT34 @17m.

Was pleasure to exchange the report with so many of you, so said - to say
"hello", in this "greatest CW party on the air".

Stay tuned until the next contest. Will see you there...

73 Suad, DK6XZ/E77XZ
EI2CN   SOSB/160 HP   153,4502008-12-04 11:34:56
This is the firts time using a receiving antenna, a K9AY which certainly helped
with its directivitiy though I am not sure SNR is improved. Found Friday
night and Saturday nights great though Sunday night was slow. Thanks to those
who worked me. Perhaps it does not make sense to work a weak JA but the DXer
comes out and they were most appreciated. I find JAs top drawer operators.

I was disturbed that some seemed to think that one should vacate their
frequency of several hours so that they could work the DX station who had just
answered my CQ. Life is short and man is greedy. Still it was a great contest
and my thanks to the organisers at CQ.

The fist still needs improvement but is getting better. This was fun.

73 Doug EI2CN
RZ9OZO(RW1AC)   SOAB HP   5,453,2282008-12-04 12:46:02
Thanks a lot for hosting to Anatoly UA9PC.
It's super fun and really vy intresting to operate from hard 18 zone.

160 - 3 el yagi wire up 60 mtrs ( 44 m boom ) to EU/JA , dipole
80 - 3 el yagi full size rotory ( 24 m boom ) up 42 m
40 - 4 el yagi rotory ( 24 m boom) up 42 m
20 - fix 4 by 4 el to EU , 4 by 5 el to USA , (3 el , 5 el JA )
15 - 4 by 5 el H-frame rotory , ( 5 el , 5 el JA)
10 - 4 by 5 el H-frame rotory , (7 el , 5 el JA )

Vlad RW1AC
OM8A(@OM3RMM)   M/S HP   10,694,9102008-12-04 13:15:13
According to the conditions in my opinion we are at the bottom of the solar
minimum. Lower bands were working great. KH7B could be heart during the whole
day on 40 m. Our equipment worked 100%. Thanks God Mr. MURPHY had forgotten us
We operated form 4 stations. 3 of them were equipped with new TRX IC7700 which
seem to be a good choice. However, the biggest advantage was the new HW and SW
for the antenna operation (TNX OM2KW). It still has some minor imperfections but
after removing them the stations will be much more flexible. The OM Power PA's
worked also 100%. After the contest we were satisfied both with the result and
the technical equipment.
Rasto OM3BH
HG3R(HA3NU)   SOSB(A)/80 HP   630,2302008-12-04 13:15:34
This was the ever first contest with my new contest call HG3R using a new
contest style QTH. I haven't manage to setup any special ant, so I used only a
sloping dipole to USA and a simply Inv vee@16m + 3 beverages for RX. The QTH
seems to be fb specilly to west direction. I enjoyed the contest vy much.
Thanks to all for points.
F6ARC(@F6CTT)   SOSB/80 HP   675,4172008-12-04 13:31:42
Once again, F6CTT loaned me his equipment: thanks to Joseph. Despite the fact
that everything worked without any technical problems, the discipline of
certain European stations has gotten worse and left me with a bitter taste in
my mouth. I must move with the times, but it was so nice when no DX clusters
were used during contests!

Thanks to everyone who called me.
Oliver - F6ARC

Rig: TS-950 + h.m. amplifier
Ant: Long dipole with each leg 147m long
Apex at 24m
CE3DNP   SOSB/20 HP   128,0372008-12-04 14:17:46
Very hard, no condx, maybe next yr.
KV4FZ   SOSB/160 HP   193,4402008-12-04 15:02:32
At times I just could not break the European wall for a country that I needed. I
would call strong stations over and over without even a QRZ. Signals from
Europe, especially Eastern European countries and Western Asia were superb but
so many were not hearing me. My goal was 1000's and 100 countries but fell
TC4X(OH2PM)   SOSB/40 HP   1,365,0002008-12-04 15:23:09
It was a great contest. I have never before enjoyed a single-band contest as
much as at this time. Although single band operation can never be as
fascinating and exciting as all band operation with the timing of band changes
and multiplier transfers. Funny enough, at times I awoke accepting single band
as my future after all those 50 years of contesting, hopefully it was just a

One thing has been again proven, you go 2500 km south and you do the same or
even better with a roof top inverted V dipole than at home with a 3el full size
yagi at 36m. It is raising a question whether there was any steel in the
concrete because the dipole worked astoundingly well. However I was expecting
at least 500 W-qsos insteand of some 200 tha are in the log. It is hard to say
if the reason was in between of my ears or shorcome of the antenna. I heard a
few more multipliers but could not hear in the qrm if they came back to me.
During the second day I got only 19 new mutipliers and just half of the first
day's qso count. Martti, OH2BH, who was operating 80m some 40 km away blaimed
me for spending too much time in foam bath. (Envious, poor OM, he did not even
have hot water in his QTH). Well, there are many ways of enjoying contestig,
especially when you have pain in the legs after assisting your travel companion
to get contest antenna up.

In the beginning of the week the weather in souther Turkey by the Mediterranean
was awfull, rain, storm and flashes of lightings. Towards the contest week end
the WX improved, it was like the best summer days back home. Only for a short
period I suffered from QRN created by a distaant thunderstorm.
Thanks to all who called me and whom I could hear. See you in the next contest
who knows from where.

Pertti, OH2PM/OG2P operator of TC4X
YT7AW(@YU7BPQ)   SOSB(A)/40 HP   640,0002008-12-04 16:22:04
Hell of a contest...really
just came to QTH on late thursday, noticing that all of equipment is ready to
run (3el wire USA and 2el wire JA) and my plans were to put up two more 2el
wire beams for Africa and South America, and maybe a vertical.
Friday was, I guess, the windiest day this year...Up on a 35 meter high roof it
really does make a difference. I've only managed to put up a vertical antenna,
which accidentaly broke just half an hour b4 the contest started. Even with
that wire on the roof and 3 radials I could hear AF much better than on other
two antennas...whatever...I will use it as a RX antenna.
I started running low power, and after four hours and about 350qsos logged, I
decided to get an amp and start running HP.
till 11am and my first brake I logged arround 900q's, 29 zones and about 115
dxcc's which was fine.
After 2 hours of brake JA starts running. nice and early openings to far east
brought a lot of nice mults.
at 10PM I made another short brake just to get ready for bunch of US. A bit
after 11PM I started a nice run of three pointers. and everything was going so
well untill 2AM, when my amp showed 650W of reflected power...3el USA
broke...probably the wind, I said.
with no possibility to get out on the roof that late (it's really hard to get
the key that late), I thought that the contest is over for me...and I went for
a good sleep...till 10AM.
the only antenna left is 2el wire beam pointed to JA. about 1400 qsos were in
the log...and I said 'why not'. quite low daytime rates didn't put much QSO's
in the log, but I kept trying. it is fun anyway.
I had so much trouble to get ve2xaa/2 for my 38th zone multiplier calling him
with 2el JA. but after about 20 minutes he was in the log. after that hard QSO
I decided to make a quick dipole and just throw it out through the window of my
shack at the nineth floor. First QSO made with it was R1ANR for a new mult :)
And it helped a lot with some NA stations...
finally, at 11:14PM qso nr 2000 was in the log, and I've shut down the

highlights of the contest:
KL7AC came on my CQ, as well as H44, EL, EY and probably some more nice mults.
reaching the mark of 2000q's with Murphy all around.
possibility to work JA during the whole day! West coast coming in on long path
'till late evening hours...

simply, propagations were great. I'm just sad that my main antenna broke in the
middle of US opening, leaving only about 300 US in my log. but 90 JA's, 16 BY's
(nice surprise), and nice number of Africa in the log...

anyway, I've just recently moved to another city, and already have some land on
a small hill top, so I guess I'll do something usefull with it :)

73's and CU
Goran, YT7AW
LX8M   M/M HP   7,231,3242008-12-04 16:22:18
At first we (Polish part of the team) planned a small, light contest expedition
to HB0. We started to organize it over three months before the contest but we
were not able to find a QTH. As we wanted very much to go somewhere I emailed
to Joel LX1ER (I know Joel from my prevois visit to LX in 2002). Joel answered
very quickly and he found a QTH for us. We decided to use this QTH at once.
After some days Joel let us know there is a group of German HAMs going to do
exactly the same. So we decided to join our teams. Very soon from a ligh
operation it became quite a big project (if you could see the number of
euipment packed to a car you would not believe it).

We were located in Poul, near Vianden. The QTH has a lot of room for antennas
and the owner who is very friendly for HAMs. However there are no antennas
there so we had to build everything from the background. We started on
Wednesday morning and worked very hard for three days (in snow and fog).
Finally we built inverted L for 160m (10 radials), vertical for 80m (10
radials), 2el vertical for 40m (12 radials for each element), two spiderbeams,
vertical R7000 and also some beverages and K9AY (2 el). Thanks to the splitters
brought by Dan DL5SE we could use all receiving antennas on 160, 80 and 40

We had four stations running all the time: 2xFT-1000MP, TS-850 and IC-756PRO.
Three power apmplifiers had about 600-700 Watts, the fourth (used on 40m) had
about 1kW.

We used DX Cluster connected via Packet but after some time we had problems
with connection so we used GPRS.

The QTH is very good for operation, almost no QRM. We could hear many
multipliers but many of them were very hard to work with 600W. Especially on
low bands calling a multiplier required a lot of time. So finally we decided to
rather call CQ.

So in the end our score lacks multipliers but the number of concacts is quite
good. We think that it is a good score for a station which was built in three
days completely from the background by a team which met for the very first
time. What is very important in that story (perhaps more important to a score)
is that we met new friends, real friends. Our hobby is really great and builds
friendship among people.

The contest operation would not be possible without the help of Bart LX2HB and
especially Joel LX1ER (who is one of the most friendly HAMs I ever met).

We are almost sure that we are the only one team which was visited by Santa
Claus. It was Joel who came to the QTH dressed completely like a Santa Claus
and brought gifts (sweeties) for all of us.

On Monday after the contest all the antennas were put down and everything was
packed to cars. In the afternoon we had a great party prepared by Joel in his
QTH. On the Monday evening the last members of the team left the QTH of Poul
where we operated from. We hope to come back there again. Possibly with the
same team.

Thanks to all who called us.

HBØ/DK9TN   SOSB/20 HP   410,5712008-12-04 16:28:47
After beeing to Liechtenstein for the ARRL CW this year, DK4YJ and me decided
return to HB0 for the CQWW CW. Due to space restrictions at our QTH we decided
to do SOSB 40m and SOSB 20m. Located at the very steep rise from the Rhine
valley at abt. 1250m asl, the QTH has a clear shot to the West but high
montains to the East.

The original plan was to do a SOSB 80 entry. Due to a very loud and constant
noise level during the two nights before the contest, I decided it would be a
better idea to switch to 20m. Therefore the only antenna I could use was a
simple vertical @ 7m that we have taken with us as a spare.

Because of the high mountains to the East, it was pretty hard to work stations
from Asia in the mornings with this limited antenna setup. Therefore zone
19,23,24,28 and 29 and some easy Asian DXCC mults are missing. Fortunately
there was a nice long path opening into JA on Sunday morning and after a couple
of seconds there was a tremendous pile-up of JAs on my frequency. They
disappeared in the noise as quick as they showed up.

Another highlight was to work many stations on the West Coast with excellent
signals, among them friends of mine like N6MJ, N0AX and W7VJ.

It was a great experience to not only be called from rare DX stations we
normally hunt (like 3X5A, HC8N) but also to get QSY request from them ;-)
Thanks for all the QSOs and the patience when it took longer due to heavy
inter-station interference at our location.

All QSOs of this acitivity will be confirmed automatically via the bureau.

Pictures and logsearch available at

CU in the next one (then with better antenna).

Chris DK9TN
IR4X   M/2 HP   10,340,6582008-12-04 16:40:00
Bad propagation, terrible conditions, it was probably our worst contest.
The first night only one band was available, 80 meters, all the other antennas
have more than 3 of SWR. Antenna were completely frozen.Ice and noice were
always present. BVGS unavailable. With this bad propagation on 20, 15, and ten
meters it was very hard to get this score.
Thanks to the new three operators enjoy the usual IR4X team this time: I2WIJ,
Thanks for calling us.
IR4X team
K1AR(@K1EA)   M/2 HP   10,594,3832008-12-04 17:16:14
Great contest -- even with low sunspots! Had the pleasure of N9RV coming to
experience W1-land from Montana as well as George, W1EBI coming out to complete
the team.

Congrats to the WE3C gang for a great win and thanks to Ken and Jan for being
great hosts as always!

73 John, K1AR
WXØB(AD5Q)   SOAB HP   2,932,4102008-12-04 19:36:07
Well, it didn't rain this year, and I thought 40 was in pretty good shape.
Europe was runnable for both nights. This increased my mult totals, as I always
do plenty of pouncing.

My 160 numbers are low, as I was very busy on 40 & 80 for the first hours of
the content and didn't go to 160 until the tail end of the EU opening. On the
2nd night the noise levels were high, especially on 80 & 160. Everything
quieted down after midnight, so Asia was fine. So I mostly missed EU on 160.

The 20M pileups were good on both mornings, but I have made the mistake before
of not paying enough attention to 15 when the rates are too high to effectively
sweep with the 2nd radio. So on Day 2 I left the 100+ rate early and tried
running on 15 for some EU mults, as I also needed to sweep 20 for the mults
that I missed in my runs. I worked Nicaragua on that run – no EU. In the end,
I missed both Germany and Japan on 15 even though I was there a lot both tuning
and CQing.

But 10 was worse. HC8N moved me to 28020 when I worked them on 15, but with the
full stack on Galapagos I heard nothing. I tuned across the band frequently
looking for the usual suspects (zones 8, 9, 11 & 13), but never heard a single
propagated dit or dah all weekend. I see where most worked at least 6 countries
on that band – weak South Americans. I probably wasn't tuning carefully enough
to catch the weak ones. Only 1 contact on 10: a WA5 local in Dallas, who I
moved up from 15.

So that covers all the mistakes. It was my best CQWW ever, and at the bottom of
the solar cycle. Please let's have one more year of sunspot bottom. I think I am
about to finally get the strategy right.

My thanks to Jay and Sharon.

Roy – AD5Q
P4ØW(W2GD)   SOAB HP   9,020,0002008-12-04 22:47:45
Station: IC756ProIII, ACOM 2000 - 1 KW, 1970's FRC Keyer
Software: Win-Test 3.18
160M: 55' high Vertical Dipole, Inv. V @ 70'
80M: 3 ele wire yagi (EU) @ 55', Inv. V @ 70'
40M: 4 ele wire yagi (EU) @ 55', 2 ele wire beam (US/JA)@ 60'
20M: 4 ele F12 @ 70', F12 C4 @ 60'
15M: 4 ele Cushcraft @ 79', F12 C4 @ 60'
10M: 5 ele F12 @ 75', C4 @ 60'
Beverages: 800' NE, 450' N/S, 450' NW, 500' E/W

I strongly concur with many of the comments posted by my Aruba shipmate Scott,
K0DQ/P40Q. This was one fun contest.

It had been a full year since last visiting P40W. The local environment is
relentless and terribly cruel....and without regular maintenance, things
electronic exposed to the elements go downhill very quickly. My worst fears
were realized when I arrived.

Landed on Aruba on Monday afternoon. The weather was rainy....a continuation
of the WX pattern of the prior 10 days. The plus side to the rain, the power
lines are squeeky clean of salt, so no noise. The downside, its very tough
working on antennas and climbing towers under these conditions. And vegetation
seems to grown leaps and bounds literally overnight.

By early Monday evening I'd put together the following inventory of antenna

Broken 80/160 Inverted V @ 70'- broken 160m half element
Missing 1/2 of the DE element on 40M 2el wire beam (NW) - element wire never
Broken support rope, upper side of 160M vertical dipole (and the remaining rope
now buried deep inside an extremely thorny brush)
Broken balun connection to the same 160M vertical dipole
Erratic SWR readings on the same 160M Vertical Dipole after balun replacement
C4 40M rotatable dipole no longer resonant in 40M CW band.
15M 4el yagi sounds "very dead" and has a flat SWR
Broken/missing portions of 800' NE beverage
Broken/missing sections of 450' NW beverage
Broken/missing sections of 500' N/S beverage
Broken/missing sections of 500' E/W beverage
Both rotators (HamIIIs) will not rotate - suspect cabling problems
TenTec Titan Amplifier Power Supply will not turn on.

So you thought you had station problems? I was at my first decision point late my butt off to try to have sufficient functioning antennas for a
semi-serious SOAB entry, or settle on doing my first ever Single-Band effort.
And if the decision ened up to go S/B, try to find an amplifier.

I had just 2 days to make repairs since I'd booked a trip to PJ4 on Wednesday
and Thursday to repair the F12 240N 40M beam at PJ4G aka PJ4A in this contest.
To say I was somewhat discouraged by the situation Monday night is an

Awoke Tuesday morning to more rain showers...which would persist with varying
intensity most of the morning and early afternoon. But whenever the rain would
lighten up I ventured out to make antenna repairs. By mid-afternoon I'd
recovered the 160M vertical dipole support ropes and had it strung out,
repaired the NE beverage, repaired the 160 inverted V, repaired the 160M
vertical dipole problems, and replaced the missing 40M 1/2 element on the 2el
wire beam. Then the skies really opened up at 3 p.m.- a 3+ inch cloud burst in
less than 30 minutes. My accommodations are very spartan, located under a house
porch. During the storm the rain water backed up onto the porch floor above me,
and down it came into my room! Instant flooding, onto my bed, a 20A switching
Power Supply which fortunately wasn't plugged in at the time, and of course
parts of the floor. It was extremely fortunate I was there....and quickly
deployed some plastic to protect equipment and the bed from additional damage.

After the rain subsided, I went to the airport to pick up Pete, NO2R. The short
trip was complicated by 'lakes' at most every intersection, and gulleys on
unimproved roads that just 4 hours earlier had been totally intact. They had
even held Peter's AA flight on the tarmac for 15 minutes before proceding to
the gate, until the intensity of the storm subsided. Fortunately, it was the
final episode of the really bad rain for the day.

Peter (also aka VU7ACY) was enroute to Bonaire, and would provide me with the
needed help for the 40M beam repair, as well as stay on to operate with the
PJ4A M/S team. With Pete's assistance, my 3 el 80M and 4 el 40M wire beams,
that are suspended from a catenary rope between towers @ 60 feet were erected
in about 2 hours.... we worked up until last light. Then, after getting
cleaned up, we enjoyed a most delightful dinner with Scott K0DQ/P40Q. Making
any decisions regarding entry class would now have to wait until Friday. We
picked up W4OC at the airport at midnight. His flight to Bonaire was cancelled
earlier in the day but he made it to P40 from Miami. Pete, Don and I would fly
together over to PJ4 in the morning.

I hadn't been to Bonaire since 1988 when I was a PJ1B team member in the CQWW
CW M/M at PJ9EE's place. The growth of the island's population struck me
immediately, and then seeing the QE2 at berth was a total surprise (no cruise
ships stopping at Bonaire in the ole days). Spent the next two days
refurbishing the PJ4G F12 240N and other antennas. So far the PJ4A score is
high claimed. Had Thanksgiving dinner with K4BAI, KU8E, W4OC and NO2R before
heading to the airport. Unfortunately my flight ended up being significantly
delayed....and I eventually landed on Aruba at 1:20 a.m., just 19 hours before
the start of CQWW. Spent an hour doing some station setup and worked 3X5A on
160M low power....then to bed.

Friday dawned sunny....thankfully! On the list of problems the priority items
were repair the 160M and 15M antennas, complete repair of the remaining
beverages, and finally, get at least one rotator turning and indicating. P49Y
stopped by to lend a hand Friday morning, thanks Andy!

Managed to implement solutions to each of the problems over the course of the
day and early evening, but it meant working right up to the contest bell with
no opportunity for the all important nap before the start.

Earlier in the day, Jacky, P43P, offered his Acom 2000 for the weekend, and I
gladly accepted, giving me some options in the event I didn't manage getting
the antennas adequately repaired.

It was probably about 2330Z, after testing each of the antennas with the amp,
that I decided to go SOAB HP, knowing I wouldn't be at my competitive best
lacking adequate rest....but CQWW is the BIG ONE, and figured it would be more
fun HP than LP or QRP or S/B.

I wasn't ready to start competing until 0010Z....but still had a respectable
first hour on 40M. Quickly moved to 80...which was quiet and rocking! But the
best part of the 1st night and probably the entire contest was the 3.5 hours of
straight running on 160 the first night. The band was wide open, signals from
EU were super strong, and the QRN level was low. Nearly fell out of my chair
when my friend Willie UA9BA called in over the EU pile....TNX had been
many years since I'd logged a z17 on 160M in the WW CW. And as it turned out,
160M was terrible the second night. The rest of the first evening bounced
between 40/80/160 with nice rate. But by 09z I could no longer keep my eyes
open and took a 2 hour nap. Awoke later than I'd have liked but found 40M
still wide open to the States and JA and stayed there probably a bit too long
before transitioning to 20M.

Checked 10M every 15 to 30 minutes, and it was tough finding anyone to work.
Never heard z5, z4, or z3. Never heard 3X5A, but worked D3C in z35, go figure.
Conditions remained terrible on ten from beginning to end.

15M was marginally better, but the runs to EU were quite brief. Plentiful W/K
runs made spending time on 15 worthwhile however. The only JA worked was a
chance long path contact Sunday morning....would never have expected that one.

20M was the money band for QSOs but I'm still puzzled by my low country
multiplier. The 257 QSO clock hour between 19-20z the first day was a total
rush....too bad it didn't last for a few more hours.

40M seemed productive whenever I went there, but missing sunrise the second day
hurt my multiplier total. I slept 4 hours the second night. Having some nice
LP contacts (VU, XW, VK) taught me a few new things about early evening
propagation on this band.

80M was better the first night than the second, but my 93C total was an all
time high at P40W.

Have you noticed how when a packet pileup hits, everyone seems to be on EXACTLY
the same frequency? Well, they actually are on the same frequency. Guys, if
you want to get through, remember to off set your TX frequencey just a little
before calling, you'll get a response much more quickly. Also observed the
'two letter' calling technique had almost disappeared this thats

Congrats to all the skilled operators who competed in SOAB HP catagory this
year. Hats off to Andy N2NT and Tom W2SC for their outstanding z8 scores, and
of course Jose CT1BOH/CT3NT, who so far has set the standard of excellenct.
I'm sure the results will be close in any event.

The traditional get together dinner after the contest is always a great way to
decompress and get a better feel for what actually happened over the prior 2
days. It was great to see PJ3JB, P49Y/AI6V and their wifes, my neighbor on
Aruba Andy, P49Y/AE6Y, my friend Scott P40Q/K0DQ his XYL Donna, and Jackie P43P
and his YL. The social aspect of these trips is too often overlooked....I think
we have it right on Aruba.

Did I make the right decision going SOABHP instead of LP, QRP, or maybe SB 80?
In retrospect, I think so, since I wasn't really prepared to do a serous S/B
effort, I was dead tired, and running HP let me more readily feed my rate

As always special thanks to Humphrey and Corrie, my hosts, for opened their
home to me once again.

See everyone next year.


John W2GD a.k.a. P40W
SN1I(@SP1PEA)   M/S LP   1,059,4802008-12-04 23:25:06
Rig: Icom IC-751A
160/80 - dipoles @42m
40 - 2el @50m
20/15/10 - X7 @46m
W5KFT(N1XS)   SOAB HP   960,3872008-12-05 00:11:01
Thankas to Bryan W5KFT for the use of his fine station, and Robert K5PI for his
assistance. I was fighting a nasty cold, got about 36 hours in the chair.
Great runs on 20 and 40. 3 Q's on 10 (two point-less ones) qnd 3X5A ! Go
figure! Thanks to all for the QSO's
EA5GS   SOSB(A)/15 HP   28,3652008-12-05 00:39:54
I haven't too much time to work this contest (4,77 hours), so i made only S&P

Good luck to all of you.

Jose Mª
UA4FER   SOAB QRP   666,1982008-12-05 01:29:50

My goal was 1000 qso.
High bands were as expected. 15M was opened only the first day.
Low bands were amazingly above expectation.
The first day I tried to avoid big pile-ups and didn't waste time with stations
who copied me bad. Left all this for the second day. Second day brought me less
contacts but more struggle for every one.
Both days I succeeded two shot runs towards Europe on 20 with total about 100
qso. All the rest time it was S&P with two radios on different bands.
20m was bread and butter - more qso and more 3 pointers.
The most surprising qso:
- VK6LW on 40m with a second call,
- K3LR on 40m at my sunset on the long path. The only one US for me on 40m.
Thanks everybody for copying my signal.

C4Z(5B4AIZ)   SOSB/20 LP   443,1822008-12-05 02:28:21
After gaining 2nd place Asia in the same unassisted category last year from a
semi-serious entry with a lot of time outs I wanted to hit nr 1 spot this year
so gave it my best shot.

Band conditions down on last year plus later opening/earlier closing times gave
an inevitable drop on mults worked although I did improve the q's count by 20%.
I had a target of 0.5M pts, didn't make that, but hopefully if the CQ milling
machine doesn't decimate my score I should beat last years score of 348k pts.

20m was hard work, propagation to eu was patchy with band fading in and out,
contacts with west eu very much down compared to norm, it was like the 10mtr
sporadic effect although the high power stns were maintaining contacts I would
have 3/4 minutes running 2/3 per minute then nothing for 2/3 minutes, very odd
for 20mtrs. Also very poor propogation due east and west. Usually get good sigs
from Carib/central America, this time it was a struggle and mults from that area
very much down. likewise not much heard from south east Asia/Oceana.
On the other hand sigs from JA & USA were very strong and I can't recall W7's
sounding so loud before. Having said that W6 was thin on the ground and poor
cndx too to W8/9 who normally come through very well in the later afternoon

Highlights, double mlts from CE3DNP, HC8A, ZL2CV all of whom were the only stns
wkd in those areas.

Lowlights, The equipment and antennas all performed well with no problems and
logging by SD was flawless. There were no thunderstorms either, so all in the
garden was rosy but Murphy just cannot stay away can he? A domestic crises cost
me 1.5 hours loss of primetime operating at local noon Sunday (z+2hrs)
Pileup chaos caused by the cluster. As a LP op we have to move on and try back
later (if they are still there) when we come across this situation but never
previously have I had to move on so often and certainly never had to do so
without having a clue who the dx stn was because even after a few minutes I
never heard the c/s through the continuous calling and that is not to include
the poor dx ops who do not give their callsigns. And - what is this dit dit
business at the end of the qso?, often undetectable through a pile. At least a
good op with the savy to call a couple of hundred hertz up from the cluster zoo
has a chance to time a call if he hears TU. Ok I am sore as I lost 3 mlts due to
continuous callers over the top when the dx stn only got my partial and I was
only able to find one of them later. I don't blame the dx ops for giving up on
the qso after several tries as copy was marginal but this pileup behaviour is
reaching unacceptable levels of bad operating and bad manners. As a european
politically, although now living just outside europe physically I have to hold
up my hands and say that eu ops must take the blame. I say to those poor ops
just take time to listen to a pile from JA or USA, notice the difference, how
orderly but particularly note how improved is the rate at which the dx op works
off the pile - more q's for everyone - makes a lot of sense.
I would personally like to see the cluster closed down for big contest
weekends, ok scores would drop but does that really matter, is it important for
increases year on year, especially when due to technological advances and with
even less need for operator skills. Spotters will need to work for their corn,
any idiot can read a cluster screen and on this note closing the cluster would
rid us of these moron blind callers who don't read code. CW is an operator
skill not a digital mode as many try to argue.

The hobby cannot continue to sit on it's hands and shake it's head and do
nothing, minds of those who matter and can exert some control need to be
concentrated on working towards a solution before we start to lose entrants to
this greaat contest!

Rant over may I say thanks to all for the contacts and company and despite the
above grumble I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and being amongst your community
for most of the time. See you next year.

73 Brian 5B4AIZ.
AN8R(EA8AY)   SOAB HP   1,356,9922008-12-05 04:40:01
I´m very happy was my firs cq ww dx cw all time all band and was very funny.
Use only a little ts480sat, sb200 (400w out), spiderbeam at 33ft and Dipole NC
ANTENNAS for 40/80. Thanks
N2FF   SOAB(A) LP   379,4562008-12-05 05:25:29
I heard some great stuff on 80 but they did not haar my 100 watts and a dipole
at 50 feet. As I do not run on CW this was all S and P.
NP4Z   SOAB(A) HP   6,721,7522008-12-05 06:39:57
The first time in 25 years contesting that Im completely ready days before the
contest, SO2R, antennas , Amps..
Then the unexpected.. got sick on friday... Fever, chills headaches.. etc..
I knew it was going to be very hard to use the 2nd radio, at that point made
the desicion to run assisted.. 10/15 where the worst Ive seen ever..
The low bands where just beautiful, hated to shut down to rest at nights but I
had to. Well will take a lot of vitamins next year to avoid the unexpected

Set up

160: Sloper 120ft tower 1
80: Flat top dipole from twr 1 to tower 2 90 ft
40: 2 el Yagi up 127 ft
20: Skyhawk 10 el tribander 80ft, Force 12 tribander up 135 Ft.
15: Force 12 5 El yagi 70 ft.
10: Force 12 5 El yagi up 45
WX0B Stackmatch, SIX Pack
Dunestar Automatic Bandpass filters
Top ten Decoders
European beverage 500'
North/South unterminated beverage 1000'

IC781 /4ckl amp Radio 1
FT1000mp AL1200 amp Radio 2
N1MM software

KCØVKN   SOSB/40 LP   23,5442008-12-05 06:56:28
Very low key operating this year. Had a nice time with the excellent condx
Sat/Sunday. JA's were very loud and very workable.

Thanks to those (ok...only 123!) that answered.


DL7BY   SOSB/80 LP   85,2672008-12-05 08:31:25
RIG: FT920
ANT: Windom
LOG: UXCLog 6.31

Tnx to all, gave me a qso and their patience to pick me up.

73'es best DX Ben
YR9F   M/S HP   320,4162008-12-05 08:58:41
Own objectiv was testing new antenna TH7DX and new rotor Yaesu 800DXA, and new's
inv'v for 1.8, 3.5, 7 Mhz, with remote switch from Ameritron.
GU4YOX   SOSB/40 LP   187,8122008-12-05 10:22:48
After a few months off the air due to a flood in our home, I was delighted to
get back into operating again after a full shack rebuild, and what better way
then CQWW CW! I really enjoyed myself this year pottering on 40M. I thought
conditions were good here in Guernsey working ZL's and US at lunchtimes. My
Win-test stats show 27% of all QSO's were with N. America and 67% EU with the
balance of QSO's going to other continents. My highlight was working a handful
of JA's taking a quick QRZ JA during pile ups and working 3X5A and the OX5AA. I
tried breaking the EU wall to work HL but couldn't get through. I did not work
any GJ's or GD's either ! The weather held out OK and was a steady 7 to 9C.
Antennas were Inverted V at 60' and a 40M ground plane as well. Had to do a few
domestic chores over the weekend but just enjoyed getting back in there. Thanks
to all for all the QSO's, the QSL letter box was full today when I got in from
work! See you all next year, 73 Bob GU4YOX
VE3GSI   SOAB LP   305,0252008-12-05 10:26:12
My log is now in LoTW, QSL Cards also Ok!
Nice to see 15 meters open, but did not hear any signals on 10 meters.
Thanks everyone.
de Eric - Ve3gsi
PE7T   SOAB(A) HP   379,5002008-12-05 10:43:13
Mostly S&P with 120W to a sloping ZS6BKW. That was my first CQWW-CW from Eu
since crossing over to the Dark Side to join the Zoo. Advanced operating
techniques such as wrap-around calling are being adopted as I join enraged
packs in out-of-control pile-ups. It all feels...well...surprisingly good!!

Wilbert, PE7T/ZL2BSJ
ZM4A(@ZL4AA)   M/S HP   1,297,2002008-12-05 12:43:29
Great contest as usual, despite some unexpected problems which reduced our
on-air time. ZM4A has modest antennas and is at 46 degrees S, so is not really
competitive at this point in the sunspot cycle. However 15m was surprisingly
good and 40m provided lots of QSO as expected.

Frustrating to see us inaccurately spotted several times - there will be a few
busted calls in logs.

Andy UA3AB took a few hours out from his tour of N.Z. to visit and operate with
us - thanks Andy.

Please QSL ZM4A via ZL4AA. Thanks for the QSOs in CQ WW CW 2008.

73 Chris ZL1CT / GM3WOJ
YU6DX   SOSB(A)/40 HP   549,4722008-12-05 13:41:46
Greetings to all!
What a nice contest,40 meters really rules!
Arrived at location 2,5 hours before contest,10cm of snow on the ground,rain
and strong wind,and lot of job to do.
Pulled 24 radial out of snow,added 4 more on bad wx condx,that job took 1,5
hours of mu precious time.When I finished ant job,another problem pop
up,problem with my lap top,and cat interface plus telnet via mobile phone,com
ports on my comp go crazy,that all happened 10 min b4 contest,I could not solve
that problem because contest will begin soon.I decide to use cluster via
When test started I decide just to collect mtpl first nihgt and not to call
cq,I thought it is better to collect more as I can.
After 4 hours only 80 qso but good mtps with 29 zones.
started with cq in the morning,and it was fun.After 12 hours 800 qso was in
KC1XX,W3LPL...etc were all the time on 40 wow!Lot of station from asia very
early with good signals!Next morning(sunday) i saw that some 6 radials were
pulled,thanks to my dog DINGO who played well with them.I fix that problem
fast,and carry on with test,well lot of time was spend to chase
mtpl,ve2,c98,9m6,ah0...but they are in the log.Missed OA4 first nihgt,he had
big pile up,and my 400 W fl 2100z with one new and one old tube was not enough
to break thru,then KL7 ...nobody,saw later that kl7wv was active...:( so no
zone 1,34,and 11.Heard CE3AA,abd CE3BFZ but no chance ,maybe with OM power
sometime:)when I collect money.
Congrats to all on a good scores,it was a lot of fun and my simple verical done
great job!Missed abt 200 qso chasing mtpl,first night that is my evaluation.
Great sig:
C98LW nice sig with 100w,5X1NH,ZS4TX....
YW4D,P40,D4C,HC5WW etc.
Again thanks to all,and this is first ww with my new call YU6DX.

73 best dx & cu in contests

old FL 2100z (400W)
vertical with 28 radials

loc. 340 m asl

software N1MM
VK2IM   SOAB HP   1,220,3102008-12-05 14:04:27
Enjoyed the contest.
Vlad VK2IM (ex.VK2AEA)
VE7FO   M/M LP   415,0102008-12-06 00:24:49
No story this time. Well, there were stories but don't remember what they were
Here's some station info
Rig : FT 1kMP MkV
Antennas : 160 Inverted L
30 ft vertical portion
Flat top runs N-S
Radial field 20 ft x 30 ft rectangle south of
the vertical
: 80m broadbanded fan dipole
Centre at 40 ft, ends at 20 ft
: 40m dipole
Centre at 40 ft, ends at 30 ft
Beautiful DX Engineering balun which made 40m a
quiet band even though I'm located in the city
: 40 yr old Hy-Gain TH3 tri-banbder at 45 ft
: R5 vertical mounted above the TH3
Logging : N1MM
PZ5TT(VE3DZ)   SOAB HP   9,955,3082008-12-06 04:59:51
First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks to my host, Ramon PZ5RA
and his family. This was first my first trip to a "3-point" location warm
tropical QTH after about 10 of doing CQ WW from "up north" - CQ Zone 2.
The trip itself wasn't easy. It took about 17 hours from me to get to Point B
(Paramaribo) from Point A (Toronto). However, I arrived 5 days ahead of the
Contest and was completely confident that I would have enough time to rest and
set up the station. Ramon met me at the airport and drove me to the station.
The temperature outside was +35 C, quite a difference after minus 5 C in
Toronto! But there is A/C in the shack, so I felt very comfortable.
I spent next few days testing the station and learn the propagation, operating
mostly RTTY and SSB or CW on WARC bands. Pile-ups were really huge sometimes,
especially on low bands. There is no any RX antenna for Topband at the station,
so 160 was a bit tough, even NA is not very loud there. Also I noticed some kind
of line noise that was coming, of course, precisely from the EU direction, but
it never exceeded s3, and I was not really concerned about it. Ramon told me
that he never heard that noise before. But on Friday the level of the noise
increased and became S7 at peaks...
On Friday before the contest I decided to take a nap before the contest hoping
that it will help me to stay awake the whole contest. For some reasons I
couldn't. I spent few hours in bed, did some reading, but slept for only about
an hour...
Conditions on Friday night were pretty good, with a lot of NA and some JAs
coming, so I decided to start on 20 m with the 2nd radio on 80. However, the
pile-up quickly became so big that I had to focus on one radio only.
Later I discovered that RX on my 2nd radio stopped working (the reason yet to
be found), so this was the end of my short SO2R operation... However, the
pile-ups were so big, that I almost never felt that I needed 2nd radio.
40 was especially tough. It's a pleasure for me to run a pile-up when 5, even
10 stations are calling, but when 100's are calling at the same time... I think
mentally I was not prepared for that. I don't know why, but I hesitated to go
split on crowded 40 m band and that was probably another mistake because I had
to send twice almost each time I answered a call... My other mistake was
staying on 160 and then later on 10 for too long, calling CQ and hoping for new
mults. :-)
Morning brought me another "surprise" - the noise on 15 m increased to S7,
which made pulling weak EU signals out of noise not an easy task. The noise
stayed all day, only disappearing for a moment and then quickly coming back...
It also affected 10 m reception big time, luckily on 20 m it was tolerable.
By the time I went to 80 m at around 03:00 UTC on Sunday, I felt completely
done and I started to fall asleep on keyboard. Cold shower helped only for a
half on hour. I decided to take a couple of hours nap, but, of course, I
overslept, and got up 4 hours later instead. EU was long gone on 80, some of it
was still workable on 40 m though. It was kind of fun to work stuff like YB, HS,
JA's over the North pole on 40 in the morning.
Sunday morning and afternoon went under pretty much the same scenario as
Saturday, except the noise on 15 m increased to S 8, but the good news was that
it became intermittent and sometimes I could enjoy "clear" a5 and
10 meters. Not often though...
At the end of the test I went to 40 again, and could only find "some" space
around 7095, the band was extremely packed with CW stations up to 7100...
Despite all the small problems, I am pretty satisfied with my score and
experience operating from a "3-pont" location, even though I missed my goal of
6000 Q's and 10 M points by a tiny bit. I believe next time I will do better.
Again, big thanks to Ramon and his family and to all people who agreed to move
for me (too many to mention).
Congratulations to CT3NT, V47NT and 8P5A on great scores. Amazingly, I never
worked or heard Andy, V47NT, though he made over 7000 Q's... Only 1 QSO with
V26K and J3/DL5AXX who (both) are at 5500 Q's level...
I believe a couple of big scores are yet to come (3V8BB, V31WA, etc.)
I have more than a dozen of 6-banders in my LOG. Just remember huge signals of
D4C and HC8N on ALL bands. I don't know how I could miss 3X5A on 40...
Thanks to all for the QSOs!

OL1C(@OK1ONA)   M/S HP   3,907,0922008-12-06 05:10:33
Bad CONDX, but it is our the best result. :-] Next time, we will be better.
VK6DXI   SOAB HP   2,335,6922008-12-06 07:20:11
Upper bands were better than expected and at the same time lower bands were good
as well.
I was aiming at 1500 QSO (still no good antennas here), but things went better
than expected.

Lots of fun, but I must admit that second night and specially morning before
the end of the contest was very tough. I had to operate "standing up", to avoid
falling asleep. I just came back from a long business trip, literally around the
world, and had no time to recover from it.

36 hour contests for single op's are "more humane".... :-)

73 and till next one
LS1D(@LW9EOC)   M/S HP   2,586,7502008-12-06 09:05:34
Murphy everywhere, problems in 40m, rf on computers, 48hs we operarate 35hs.

try to solve all these problems for the next contest, we were really on the
verge of saying "game over" but as a group of friends decided to continue

CU ARRL 10m next weekend!

73 Team LS1D
EI6DX(UA1OUT)   SOSB/80 LP   122,4002008-12-06 09:35:46
Great conditions this year!
Thanks to all for calling and picking up my signal in pileups.
KEØUI   SOAB(A) HP   476,1602008-12-06 10:33:27
Good contest for the conditions. 80 was particularly satisfying.
W9SN   M/2 HP   1,436,8562008-12-06 11:35:15
Tons of fun but had to cut short on Sunday. K0RU and W9RNY drove 10 hours to
get here. Used a Helium Balloon @ 200 ft for top band antenna. Winds took her
down after 12 hours.
IO4T   M/S HP   5,097,4962008-12-06 14:44:51
First full time m/s on cqww cw at IO4T.

Some problems:
- on rx antenna on 1st night (cables cut and eaten by animals)
- big noise on yagis during heavy rain time
- ethernet broken few minutes after grey line saturady kept us 30m away from

Anyway great contest. We must prefer CW than phone judging on qso number.
Our 40m score is simply unbelievable for us: until few month ago we ran 40 with

More operator presence in shack would increase mults score.

FT1000MP - IC761
AL1500 - AL1200
Filters dunestar, stubs, switches boxes by IZ4EFN.

IO4T roof:
10m 4/4 yagi @5m/11m
15m 5L @11m)
20m 5L @17m
10/15/20 spiderbeam 7m
40m 3L KLM linear loaded @12m
80m 1/4 vertical "biscia"
160m dipole

IO4T forest(2-300m of coax away from shack):
K9AY, bvg 200m to USA, bvg 160m to JA, when connected)

Tnx to Alfeo I1HJT for join us for the first time, tnx to Filippo IK4ZHH for
coming back in Modena once more.

Some photos

YS4RR(K9GY)   SOAB LP   2,618,1092008-12-06 17:00:07
Many thanks to Raymundo YS1RR for letting me use his YS4RR call and Cangrejera
Beach QTH (about 16 feet ASL). Also many thanks goes to my XYL for letting me
go on these contest-expeditions (especially over the Thanksgiving holiday).
Thanks to Thelma for the great cooking and Tono for all the tower climbing.

This is my 2nd CQWW as DX, 4th Central American operation, and 6th

With all these airline restrictions these days it was a concern whether I could
get two bags each less than 50 pounds. Fortunately both bags made it under that.
Preferred airline of choice is Continental. They are on time, provide real food,
and Houston is actually a nice airport! This year I stayed until Tuesday and
that was a good plan which allowed some WARC and 160m emphasis after the

Customs at SAL delayed me about an hour and half. Guess that is good motivation
to improve my Spanish before my next trip. Last year I had the CRAS permit at
the airport but this year due to a delay at the ARRL with my IARP I did not
have the CRAS permit on hand yet.

Congrats to my Yaesu FT-857D which is a workhorse making over 15k QSOs in
contest-expeditions. Good practice in pileup management! The JA's get the award
for best behaved. The award for most butchered call by me goes to NX2PX/M ouch!

Field day style operation combined with seat of the pants planning resulted in
some initial problems with the 160m dipole. Enough tinkering and the use of a
tuner got it back in line. Achieved better height and orientation on the
antennas this year versus last year. No thunderstorms at all this year which
helped 160 and 80 compared to last year. Seems like I was found pretty quick
upon QSYing to a new freq. Maybe that's due to the skimmer usage these days.
Microham USB interface seemed to have a slight problem which wasn't figured out
until after the contest when I restarted the computer...duh! Need to work on my
bandpass filter planning as the FT-817 for 10m QRX was not as helpful as hoped

I'm convinced on the 20 minute sleep breaks. Works real well but just need to
keep it to 20 mins. My first break ended up being 30 mins which was probably 10
mins too long. Total sleep time 4.5 hours. My pre-contest routine of getting
three hours sleep from 2pm-5pm local was disrupted and that hindered my effort
initially. Overall time management was better this year versus last year.

Beat my score from last year. Always good to set a new record for El Salvador.
Thanks for all the QSOs: 75.5% NA, 16.1% EU, 4.2% AS, 3.2% SA.

Dipole antennas (heights approximate):
160m balun @ 95 feet (inverted V)
80m balun @ 72 feet (used for 10m also)
40m balun @ 49 feet (used for 15m also)
20m balun @ 33 feet

Best of health to all,
JA1YPA   M/2 HP   3,511,5682008-12-06 20:20:25
Thank you very much for each station which contacted.
The high band was completely NG this time also.
I think that 3.5MHZ and 1.8MHz of scores were not extended for the low
capability of equipment.
However, the result was enough to please us.
DJ5EU   SOSB/80 HP   111,6212008-12-07 00:37:06
My 1st contest ever. When looking to the console of my Flexradio, I felt like
the lonely swimmer in the high sea... Thanks All, Ecki
IKØXBX   SOSB/80 HP   108,4582008-12-07 00:54:21
IC756 PRO 3 + Inrad Roofing Filter
Alpha 76A
Verticale in fibra di vetro ¼ onda con 30 radiali
Verticale Butternut HF9
K9AY (remotizzata a 150 metri dalla verticale durante il contest) in RX
Riduttore di rumore ANC4
Protezione Front End in RX
Software N1MM per gestione contest
CW Skimmer 1.3 per riempire il band map

per maggiori info
PA3AAV   SOAB HP   2,427,4002008-12-07 01:12:08
Sunspots needed urgently.
ES2MC   SOSB/160 LP   45,2762008-12-07 01:35:44
Rig: TS-850
Ant: Inv. L (15m high vertical part), inv. vee, 2 beverages

Tried a low power operation on 160m this time - well, you really need
patience... Still, I am glad to log Canada, US and Japan, also a few other DX,
but of course, mainly EU stations were worked. Heard and called many DX-s, but
my 100W simply was by far not enough. The score should be a new top LP result
on 160 for Estonia, this was also the main idea of doing it... :)

CU next year!

Arvo, ES2MC (yes, this time as ES2MC and not ES5MC in the contest...)
ES5TV   SOAB HP   3,601,3782008-12-07 05:30:16
A frustrating contest. Being overloaded with work I had not been to my QTH after
CQWW SSB. The week before the contest we had large snowstorm with heavy wind and
my 80m Yagi broke:( So I was left without it. When I got to my QTH I saw that
the other antennas were luckily OK and usable on that tower.

Then I discovered my 2nd Radio - MP - was completely deaf. Late Friday night I
rebuilt all the systems for my spare radio ORION II. After a few minutes of
tuning up suddenly smoke came out of it and TX was gone! I could not understant
what the hell is going on and a few hours before the start I was left with only
1 radio and no sleep. Being sad and mad I still decided to run the contest in
an experimental SO1R CQ mode. To see how big QSO and mul tcount is achievable
withtout any S&P or QSYs. Well the result is above. I have to admit I did one
double mult QSY that I could not resist - SU9 from 15 to 20.

It was quite boring and difficult to stay up with not much sleep and 2nd radio
to play around with. All this pain and torture and 48h fight for 3.6m... My
guess is 145-150z and up to 500 DXCC would have been doable with SO2R. Aso a
few hundred more QSOs. That means at least 4.5m points but not much more
either. Conditions on 40-10 were horrible again. No eastern propagation on high
bands like I had in SSB part. 40m has been useless for years for me. Maybe I am
being there at completely wrong times but just don't get anything going.

80-160 were great of course. Can't imagine how many goodies I could have worked
with having 2nd radio. Painful. Anyhow, nice DXs called in but I almost got a
heart attack having superloud KH7C calling me 16.25 UTC first evening on 160m.
Got 31 but almost did not put it in the log as I thought that some EU guys are
having fun. I excluded any possibility KH6 being that loud. Never heard, worked
KH6 on top band in my life.

It seems that many other EU SOAB guys had problems and fought with tough
conditions. Congratulations to Kim, OH6KZP for excellent score from OH4A!

Some useless statistics below

By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

! Hr !160 ! 80 ! 40 ! 20 ! 15 ! 10 !Total !
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
! 00 ! ! !103 ! ! ! ! 103 !
! 01 ! ! !101 ! ! ! ! 101 !
! 02 ! ! 24 ! 80 ! ! ! ! 104 !
! 03 ! ! 155 ! ! ! ! ! 155 !
! 04 ! 22 ! 69 ! ! ! ! ! 91 !
! 05 !141 ! ! ! ! ! ! 141 !
! 06 ! 48 ! 72 ! ! ! ! ! 120 !
! 07 ! ! 18 ! 93 ! ! 14 ! ! 125 !
! 08 ! ! ! ! 69 ! 22 ! ! 91 !
! 09 ! ! ! ! 54 ! 48 ! ! 102 !
! 10 ! ! ! ! ! 2 ! 51 ! 53 !
! 11 ! ! ! ! 51 ! 34 ! 1 ! 86 !
! 12 ! ! ! ! 155 ! ! ! 155 !
! 13 ! ! ! ! 143 ! ! ! 143 !
! 14 ! ! ! ! 139 ! ! ! 139 !
! 15 ! ! 49 ! ! 35 ! ! ! 84 !
! 16 ! 63 ! 48 ! ! ! ! ! 111 !
! 17 ! 42 ! ! 40 ! ! ! ! 82 !
! 18 ! ! 64 ! ! 4 ! ! ! 68 !
! 19 ! ! 125 ! ! ! ! ! 125 !
! 20 ! ! 127 ! ! ! ! ! 127 !
! 21 ! ! 2 ! 94 ! ! ! ! 96 !
! 22 ! ! ! 90 ! ! ! ! 90 !
! 23 ! 79 ! ! 2 ! ! ! ! 81 !
! 00 !101 ! ! ! ! ! ! 101 !
! 01 ! 23 ! 66 ! ! ! ! ! 89 !
! 02 ! ! 11 ! 28 ! ! ! ! 39 !
! 03 ! ! ! 32 ! ! ! ! 32 !
! 04 ! ! 16 ! 14 ! ! ! ! 30 !
! 05 ! ! 99 ! ! ! ! ! 99 !
! 06 ! ! 62 ! ! 15 ! ! ! 77 !
! 07 ! ! ! ! 74 ! ! ! 74 !
! 08 ! ! ! ! 67 ! 7 ! ! 74 !
! 09 ! ! ! ! 18 ! 29 ! ! 47 !
! 10 ! ! ! ! 88 ! ! ! 88 !
! 11 ! ! ! ! 96 ! ! ! 96 !
! 12 ! ! ! ! 90 ! ! ! 90 !
! 13 ! ! ! ! 82 ! 1 ! ! 83 !
! 14 ! ! ! ! 98 ! ! ! 98 !
! 15 ! 30 ! ! ! 7 ! ! ! 37 !
! 16 ! 53 ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! 54 !
! 17 ! 71 ! ! ! ! ! ! 71 !
! 18 ! 5 ! ! 25 ! ! ! ! 30 !
! 19 ! ! ! 44 ! ! ! ! 44 !
! 20 ! ! ! 45 ! ! ! ! 45 !
! 21 ! ! 39 ! 28 ! ! ! ! 67 !
! 22 ! ! 56 ! ! ! ! ! 56 !
! 23 ! ! 76 ! ! ! ! ! 76 !
! !678 !1178 !819 !1286 !157 ! 52 ! 4170 !

ES5TV - Continents
By band - All modes
QSOs (with dupes)

! Band ! EU ! NA ! SA ! AF ! AS ! OC !
! 160 ! 70.2% ! 16.8% ! 0.4% ! 0.9% ! 11.4% ! 0.3% !
! 80 ! 70.3% ! 18.0% ! 0.5% ! 0.6% ! 10.2% ! 0.4% !
! 40 ! 71.8% ! 11.4% ! 3.5% ! 1.5% ! 10.7% ! 1.1% !
! 20 ! 53.0% ! 31.3% ! 2.7% ! 0.8% ! 11.7% ! 0.5% !
! 15 ! 75.8% ! ! 0.6% ! 8.3% ! 14.6% ! 0.6% !
! 10 ! 98.1% ! ! ! 1.9% ! ! !

Worked DXCC

DXCC | CT | 160 | 80 | 40 | 20 | 15 | 10 | TOTAL
1A | EU | | | | | | |
1S | AS | | | | | | |
3A | EU | | | | | | |
3B6 | AF | | | | | | |
3B8 | AF | | | | | | |
3B9 | AF | | | | | | |
3C | AF | | | | | | |
3C0 | AF | | | | | | |
3D2 | OC | | | | | | |
3D2/c | OC | | | | | | |
3D2/r | OC | | | | | | |
3DA | AF | | | | | | |
3V | AF | | | | | 1 | | 1
3W | AS | | | 1 | | | | 1
3X | AF | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | | 5
3Y/b | AF | | | | | | |
3Y/p | SA | | | | | | |
4J | AS | | 1 | | 1 | | | 2
4L | AS | | | 1 | | 1 | | 2
4O | EU | | 1 | 3 | 3 | | | 7
4S | AS | | | | | | |
4U1I | EU | | | | | | |
4U1U | NA | | | | | | |
4U1V | EU | | | | | | |
4W | OC | | | | | | |
4X | AS | 2 | | 6 | 1 | 4 | | 13
5A | AF | | | | | | |
5B | AS | 2 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 2 | | 9
5H | AF | | | | | 1 | | 1
5N | AF | | | | | | |
5R | AF | | | | | | |
5T | AF | | | | | | |
5U | AF | | | | | | |
5V | AF | | | | | | |
5W | OC | | | | | | |
5X | AF | | | | | 1 | | 1
5Z | AF | | | | | | |
6W | AF | | | | | 1 | | 1
6Y | NA | | 1 | | | | | 1
7O | AS | | | | | | |
7P | AF | | | | | | |
7Q | AF | | | | | | |
7X | AF | 1 | | | 1 | | | 2
8P | NA | | | 1 | 1 | | | 2
8Q | AS | | 1 | | | | | 1
8R | SA | | | | | | |
9A | EU | 1 | 6 | 11 | 8 | 5 | 1 | 32
9G | AF | | | | | | |
9H | EU | | | | | | |
9J | AF | | | | | 1 | | 1
9K | AS | | | | | | |
9L | AF | | | | | | |
9M2 | AS | | | | 2 | 1 | | 3
9M6 | OC | | 1 | | | | | 1
9N | AS | | | | | | |
9Q | AF | | | | | | |
9U | AF | | | | | | |
9V | AS | | | | | | |
9X | AF | | | | | | |
9Y | SA | | | | | | |
A2 | AF | | | | | | |
A3 | OC | | | | | | |
A4 | AS | | 1 | | | | | 1
A5 | AS | | | | | | |
A6 | AS | | | | | | |
A7 | AS | | | 1 | | | | 1
A9 | AS | | | | | | |
AP | AS | | | | | | |
BS7 | AS | | | | | | |
BV | AS | | | 1 | 1 | | | 2
BV9P | AS | | | | | | |
BY | AS | 4 | 3 | 4 | 6 | | | 17
C2 | OC | | | | | | |
C3 | EU | | | | | | |
C5 | AF | | | | | | |
C6 | NA | | 1 | | | | | 1
C9 | AF | | | | | | |
CE | SA | | | 2 | 2 | | | 4
CE0X | SA | | | | | | |
CE0Y | SA | | | | | | |
CE0Z | SA | | | | | | |
CE9 | SA | | | | | | |
CM | NA | | | | | | |
CN | AF | | 1 | 2 | | | | 3
CP | SA | | | | | | |
CT | EU | | 3 | 2 | 2 | 1 | | 8
CT3 | AF | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 1 | | 7
CU | EU | 1 | 1 | 2 | | | | 4
CX | SA | | 1 | 2 | 3 | | | 6
CY0 | NA | | | | | | |
CY9 | NA | | | | | | |
D2 | AF | | | | | | |
D4 | AF | 1 | | 1 | 1 | 1 | | 4
D6 | AF | | | | | | |
DL | EU | 81 | 153 | 80 | 74 | 15 | 12 | 415
DU | OC | | | | | | |
E3 | AF | | | | | | |
E4 | AS | | | | | | |
E5/n | OC | | | | | | |
E5/s | OC | | | | | | |
E7 | EU | 1 | 3 | 10 | 4 | | | 18
EA | EU | 3 | 19 | 27 | 26 | 8 | | 83
EA6 | EU | | | | 2 | | | 2
EA8 | AF | 2 | 2 | 4 | 3 | 1 | | 12
EA9 | AF | | | | | | |
EI | EU | 1 | 6 | 3 | 8 | | | 18
EK | AS | 1 | | 1 | | | | 2
EL | AF | | | 1 | | | | 1
EP | AS | | | | | | |
ER | EU | 3 | 4 | 2 | 3 | 1 | | 13
ES | EU | 6 | 5 | 3 | 8 | 5 | 3 | 30
ET | AF | | | | | | |
EU | EU | 8 | 12 | 2 | 8 | | | 30
EX | AS | 2 | 1 | 1 | | | | 4
EY | AS | | 1 | | | 1 | | 2
EZ | AS | | | | | | |
F | EU | 9 | 19 | 23 | 37 | 2 | | 90
FG | NA | | | 2 | | | | 2
FH | AF | | | | | | |
FJ | NA | | | | | | |
FK | OC | | | | | | |
FK/c | OC | | | | | | |
FM | NA | | 1 | 1 | 1 | | | 3
FO | OC | | | | | | |
FO/a | OC | | | | | | |
FO/c | NA | | | | | | |
FO/m | OC | | | | | | |
FP | NA | | | | | | |
FR | AF | | | | | | |
FR/g | AF | | | | | | |
FR/j | AF | | | | | | |
FR/t | AF | | | | | | |
FS | NA | | 1 | 1 | 1 | | | 3
FT5W | AF | | | | | | |
FT5X | AF | | | | | | |
FT5Z | AF | | | | | | |
FW | OC | | | | | | |
FY | SA | | | | | | |
G | EU | 16 | 34 | 23 | 72 | 2 | | 147
GD | EU | | | 2 | 2 | | | 4
GI | EU | | | | | | |
GJ | EU | | | | 1 | | | 1
GM | EU | 3 | 6 | 6 | 11 | | | 26
GM/s | EU | | | | | | |
GU | EU | | | | 1 | | | 1
GW | EU | 3 | 2 | 1 | 1 | | | 7
H4 | OC | | | | | | |
H40 | OC | | | | | | |
HA | EU | 5 | 19 | 15 | 12 | 5 | 1 | 57
HB | EU | 1 | 8 | 14 | 15 | | | 38
HB0 | EU | | | | 1 | | | 1
HC | SA | | | | | | |
HC8 | SA | | | | | | |
HH | NA | | | | | | |
HI | NA | | | 1 | 1 | | | 2
HK | SA | | | 2 | | | | 2
HK0/a | NA | | | | | | |
HK0/m | SA | | | | | | |
HL | AS | | | | 4 | | | 4
HM | AS | | | | | | |
HP | NA | | | | | | |
HR | NA | | | | | | |
HS | AS | | 1 | 2 | | | | 3
HV | EU | | | | | | |
HZ | AS | | | 1 | | | | 1
I | EU | 7 | 19 | 46 | 67 | 3 | 3 | 145
IG9 | AF | | 1 | | | | | 1
IS | EU | | | 1 | 1 | 1 | | 3
IT9 | EU | | | 1 | 4 | 3 | 1 | 9
J2 | AF | | | | | | |
J3 | NA | | | 1 | 1 | | | 2
J5 | AF | | | | | | |
J6 | NA | | | 1 | | | | 1
J7 | NA | | | | | | |
J8 | NA | | | | | | |
JA | AS | 7 | 37 | 12 | 43 | | | 99
JD/m | OC | | | | | | |
JD/o | AS | | | | | | |
JT | AS | | | | | | |
JW | EU | 1 | | | | | | 1
JW/b | EU | | | | | | |
JX | EU | | | | | | |
JY | AS | | | | | | |
K | NA | 98 | 190 | 79 | 365 | | | 732
KG4 | NA | | | | | | |
KH0 | OC | | | | | | |
KH1 | OC | | | | | | |
KH2 | OC | 1 | | | | | | 1
KH3 | OC | | | | | | |
KH4 | OC | | | | | | |
KH5 | OC | | | | | | |
KH5K | OC | | | | | | |
KH6 | OC | 1 | | | | | | 1
KH7K | OC | | | | | | |
KH8 | OC | | | | | | |
KH8/s | OC | | | | | | |
KH9 | OC | | | | | | |
KL | NA | | | | 2 | | | 2
KP1 | NA | | | | | | |
KP2 | NA | 1 | 1 | | 2 | | | 4
KP4 | NA | | 1 | | | | | 1
KP5 | NA | | | | | | |
LA | EU | 3 | 6 | 3 | 4 | 1 | 1 | 18
LU | SA | | 1 | 6 | 11 | 1 | | 19
LX | EU | 2 | 1 | | 1 | | | 4
LY | EU | 11 | 17 | 7 | 14 | 4 | 1 | 54
LZ | EU | 3 | 11 | 21 | 19 | | | 54
OA | SA | | | | 1 | | | 1
OD | AS | | | | | | |
OE | EU | 3 | 5 | 4 | 4 | | 2 | 18
OH | EU | 26 | 23 | 11 | 25 | 9 | 5 | 99
OH0 | EU | 1 | 1 | | | | | 2
OJ0 | EU | | | | | | |
OK | EU | 29 | 50 | 23 | 15 | 6 | 6 | 129
OM | EU | 7 | 12 | 8 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 39
ON | EU | 5 | 8 | 6 | 10 | 1 | | 30
OX | NA | 1 | 1 | | | | | 2
OY | EU | | 1 | | 1 | | | 2
OZ | EU | 5 | 9 | 3 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 22
P2 | OC | | | | | | |
P4 | SA | 1 | | 2 | 1 | | | 4
PA | EU | 15 | 22 | 12 | 21 | | 1 | 71
PJ2 | SA | 1 | | 1 | 2 | | | 4
PJ7 | NA | | | | | | |
PY | SA | | 4 | 9 | 14 | | | 27
PY0F | SA | | | | | | |
PY0S | SA | | | | | | |
PY0T | SA | | | | | | |
PZ | SA | | | | | | |
R1FJ | EU | | | | | | |
R1MV | EU | | | | | | |
S0 | AF | | | | | | |
S2 | AS | | | | | | |
S5 | EU | 11 | 20 | 18 | 16 | 3 | 3 | 71
S7 | AF | | | | | | |
S9 | AF | | | | | | |
SM | EU | 17 | 22 | 6 | 4 | 3 | 1 | 53
SP | EU | 31 | 50 | 13 | 17 | 3 | 2 | 116
ST | AF | | | | | | |
SU | AF | | | | 1 | 1 | | 2
SV | EU | 1 | 2 | 5 | 3 | 1 | | 12
SV/a | EU | | | | | | |
SV5 | EU | | | | | | |
SV9 | EU | | | | 1 | | | 1
T2 | OC | | | | | | |
T30 | OC | | | | | | |
T31 | OC | | | | | | |
T32 | OC | | | | | | |
T33 | OC | | | | | | |
T5 | AF | | | | | | |
T7 | EU | | | | | | |
T8 | OC | | | | | | |
TA | AS | 1 | 3 | 1 | 1 | 1 | | 7
TA1 | EU | | | | 1 | | | 1
TF | EU | 1 | 3 | | 1 | | | 5
TG | NA | | | | 1 | | | 1
TI | NA | | | | | | |
TI9 | NA | | | | | | |
TJ | AF | | | | | | |
TK | EU | | 1 | | | | | 1
TL | AF | | | | | | |
TN | AF | | | | | | |
TR | AF | | | | | | |
TT | AF | | | | | | |
TU | AF | | | | | | |
TY | AF | | | | | | |
TZ | AF | | | | | | |
UA | EU | 84 | 142 | 76 | 69 | 16 | 1 | 388
UA2 | EU | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | | 1 | 6
UA9 | AS | 54 | 59 | 42 | 79 | 7 | | 241
UK | AS | | | | | | |
UN | AS | 3 | 8 | 7 | 9 | 4 | | 31
UR | EU | 44 | 60 | 43 | 28 | 4 | | 179
V2 | NA | | | | | | |
V3 | NA | | | | | | |
V4 | NA | | 1 | | 1 | | | 2
V5 | AF | | | | | 1 | | 1
V6 | OC | | | | | | |
V7 | OC | | | | | | |
V8 | OC | | | | | | |
VE | NA | 12 | 13 | 5 | 25 | | | 55
VK | OC | | 3 | 7 | 5 | 1 | | 16
VK0H | AF | | | | | | |
VK0M | OC | | | | | | |
VK9C | OC | | | | | | |
VK9L | OC | | | | | | |
VK9M | OC | | | | | | |
VK9N | OC | | | | | | |
VK9W | OC | | | | | | |
VK9X | OC | | | | | | |
VP2E | NA | | | | | | |
VP2M | NA | | | | | | |
VP2V | NA | | | | | | |
VP5 | NA | 1 | 1 | 1 | | | | 3
VP6 | OC | | | | | | |
VP6/d | OC | | | | | | |
VP8 | SA | | | | | | |
VP8/g | SA | | | | | | |
VP8/h | SA | | | | | | |
VP8/o | SA | | | | | | |
VP8/s | SA | | | | | | |
VP9 | NA | | | | | | |
VQ9 | AF | | | | | | |
VR | AS | 1 | | | | | | 1
VU | AS | | 1 | 4 | | 2 | | 7
VU4 | AS | | | | | | |
VU7 | AS | | | | | | |
XE | NA | | | | 1 | | | 1
XF4 | NA | | | | | | |
XT | AF | | | | | | |
XU | AS | | | | | | |
XW | AS | | | 1 | | | | 1
XX9 | AS | | | | | | |
XZ | AS | | | | | | |
YA | AS | | | | | | |
YB | OC | | | 1 | | | | 1
YI | AS | | | | | | |
YJ | OC | | | | 1 | | | 1
YK | AS | | | | | | |
YL | EU | 11 | 13 | 6 | 6 | 5 | 2 | 43
YN | NA | | | | | | |
YO | EU | 10 | 14 | 20 | 20 | 1 | | 65
YS | NA | | | | | | |
YU | EU | 4 | 13 | 24 | 19 | 4 | | 64
YU8 | EU | | | | | | |
YV | SA | 1 | | 5 | 1 | | | 7
YV0 | NA | | | | | | |
Z2 | AF | | | 1 | | | | 1
Z3 | EU | | 1 | 1 | 3 | | | 5
ZA | EU | | | | | | |
ZB | EU | | | | | | |
ZC4 | AS | | 1 | 1 | 1 | | | 3
ZD7 | AF | | | | | | |
ZD8 | AF | | | | | | |
ZD9 | AF | | | | | | |
ZF | NA | 1 | | | | | | 1
ZK2 | OC | | | | | | |
ZK3 | OC | | | | | | |
ZL | OC | | 1 | 1 | 1 | | | 3
ZL7 | OC | | | | | | |
ZL8 | OC | | | | | | |
ZL9 | OC | | | | | | |
ZP | SA | | | | | | |
ZS | AF | | | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 5
ZS8 | AF | | | | | | |
| | 677 | 1178 | 819 | 1286 | 156 | 52 | 4168

Powered by Win-Test 3.21.0

Worked zones

! 160 ! 80 ! 40 ! 20 ! 15 ! 10 ! TOTAL
01 ! ! ! ! 2 ! ! ! 2
02 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
03 ! 9 ! 10 ! 10 ! 7 ! ! ! 36
04 ! 24 ! 59 ! 9 ! 129 ! ! ! 221
05 ! 76 ! 132 ! 65 ! 250 ! ! ! 523
06 ! ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! 1
07 ! ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! 1
08 ! 3 ! 8 ! 9 ! 8 ! ! ! 28
09 ! 3 ! ! 9 ! 4 ! ! ! 16
10 ! ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! 1
11 ! ! 4 ! 9 ! 14 ! ! ! 27
12 ! ! ! 2 ! 2 ! ! ! 4
13 ! ! 2 ! 8 ! 14 ! 1 ! ! 25
14 ! 162 ! 316 ! 207 ! 290 ! 35 ! 16 ! 1026
15 ! 153 ! 254 ! 199 ! 229 ! 59 ! 33 ! 927
16 ! 142 ! 221 ! 129 ! 113 ! 22 ! 1 ! 628
17 ! 27 ! 34 ! 30 ! 49 ! 6 ! ! 146
18 ! 24 ! 25 ! 10 ! 26 ! 5 ! ! 90
19 ! 2 ! 4 ! 1 ! 3 ! ! ! 10
20 ! 18 ! 31 ! 54 ! 48 ! 8 ! ! 159
21 ! 1 ! 2 ! 4 ! 1 ! 1 ! ! 9
22 ! ! 2 ! 4 ! ! 2 ! ! 8
23 ! 1 ! ! ! ! ! ! 1
24 ! 5 ! 3 ! 5 ! 7 ! ! ! 20
25 ! 7 ! 37 ! 12 ! 47 ! ! ! 103
26 ! ! 1 ! 4 ! ! ! ! 5
27 ! 1 ! ! ! ! ! ! 1
28 ! ! 1 ! 1 ! 2 ! 1 ! ! 5
29 ! ! 1 ! 2 ! ! ! ! 3
30 ! ! 2 ! 5 ! 5 ! 1 ! ! 13
31 ! 1 ! ! ! ! ! ! 1
32 ! ! 1 ! 1 ! 2 ! ! ! 4
33 ! 4 ! 6 ! 7 ! 6 ! 3 ! ! 26
34 ! ! ! ! 1 ! 1 ! ! 2
35 ! 2 ! 1 ! 3 ! 2 ! 3 ! ! 11
36 ! ! ! ! ! 1 ! ! 1
37 ! ! ! ! ! 2 ! ! 2
38 ! ! ! 2 ! 1 ! 2 ! 1 ! 6
39 ! ! ! ! ! ! !
40 ! 3 ! 4 ! ! 1 ! ! ! 8
! 668 ! 1161 ! 801 ! 1266 ! 153 ! 51 ! 4100
TM6M(@F6KHM)   M/S HP   8,888,8362008-12-07 05:54:55
Poor conditions on up band and te run on 20m stopped very early.
Some goods conditions on 80m but very hard to break pile-up to the eastern DX
and Africa.
Good run to the US on 160 on second night with several west coast stations.
Thanks all for calling and see you on another contests.
Congrats to OM8A and M6T.

160: 25m top loaded vertical with radials
80: Full size sloper on the main tower
40: 2 el DXBEAM@30m (
20: 6 el DXBEAM@26m (
15: 6 el DXBEAM@18m (
10: 5 el home made@14m
1 KT36xa@12m
4 bevs with preamp (200m coaxial cable for each rx antenna)
1 K9AY to SA
1 explorer Hygain
Win-test powered of course!!!

73's TM6M team
OE2S   M/S HP   4,916,4782008-12-07 06:47:26
Not enough operators for a serious effort, as nobody was at the station more
than 24 hours. Great trouble with ballon for 160m due to storm up to 100km/h,
which did demolish the antenna several times. Started to repair it at 3 a.m.
and got almost all QSOs on 160m in 2 hours incl. nice multis like HC8, PZ5
Vy poor condx on 15m and 10m. Cu next time with a baxk-up TX-antenna for 160m.
KØTV   M/2 HP   5,316,8002008-12-07 07:18:30
Another one for the books. Everyone here at K0TV had a great time.

I had to go to a high school reunion that started just as the contest was
starting so WO1N volunteered to be the station captain in my absence. Ken did a
fantastic job of keeping everything running and the chairs filled until I
arrived on Saturday afternoon. One of the amps failed somewhat dramatically
near the start but Ken was able to put a different amp into the station and
keep the station on the air. I still don't know what happened to that amp but
I've basically got until February to fix it. I'm sure it will be back on the
air long before that.

A couple of the regulars couldn't make it this time but other operators stepped
up to the plate admirably. Work has to come before contesting so we all
absolutely understand.

The 160 receive antennas were working extremely well but the transmit antennas
didn't seem to be up to snuff. It was very frustrating to call EU stations that
were solid S9 signals and the best we could get was a QRZ? from many of them.
Even ON4UN needed a few tries to hear us. When John can't hear you, there's
something seriously wrong. I'm writing this a week later after the ARRL 160
contest where I got some new transmit antennas on line that seemed to work much
better. Too bad they weren't up a week earlier. Still more to do on that. We'll
be looking for everyone during the Stew Perry and the CQWW 160 CW contests
later this season.

The 40 meter rotator failed a couple of days before the contest and the beam
got stuck pointed at KH6. I wasn't able get it turned to EU until the second
night. Once the antenna was pointed at EU, we could really hold a frequency but
it was difficult the first night with only the four square, the big beam on KH6,
and the South beam. When all was said and done, 40 actually had more countries
and zones than 20.

The new station configuration with the amplifiers in the other room made the
operating positions much more pleasant. Less noise and heat in the "OR". The
new multi-deck autotune 8877 amp worked flawlessly. It's a real beast that
makes lots of blower noise and lots of heat but it loafs along keeping two
stations up and running at the legal limit.

Watching live scores was a lot of fun and the competition is a blast to watch.
I sure wish those stations using stone knives and bearskins for logging would
upgrade so they could get into the fray with the live updates.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and we look forward more fun in
the coming months.

This contest's MVP goes to WO1N for an outstanding job all around. Too bad Ken
isn't a regular for this contest but I understand he loves operating from K1TTT
normally. We'll miss him next year for this contest. We're lucky to have him for
the 160 and SSB contests.

Best 73,

K4XD   SOSB(A)/80 HP   65,6242008-12-07 10:22:55
Another relatively short writeup as I play catch-up here -- this completes the
"K4XD does CQWW on 80M" triumvirate, having done an 80M entry in all three
modes. Was very educational and while I did miss the excitement of deciding
when to change bands and the almost bottomless pit of Q's and cluster spots of
CQWW SOAB, I did enjoy being able to put the headphones down for hours in the
middle of the day and get out of that blessed operating chair!

In CQWW RTTY, I felt pretty strong on 80M -- no doubt because domestic stations
count. In CQWW SSB, I felt like a peanut whistle, having people CQ in my face
routinely from sundown until an hour before local midnight. CQ WW CW was
somewhere in the middle. Each night seemed to improve (was it me, conditions,
or both?). The first night seemed awful -- strong signals received, my signals
ignored even from usually easy to reach G and F stations. Rates were as low as
5/hour. The second night was better -- I started getting more answers earlier,
a couple hours after sunset. I felt at least like I had an antenna in the air.
Sunday was a total surprise - of course the contest only lasts a couple hours
past sunset on the East coast, but I managed the second best hour (don't get
too excited, we're taling 17 Q's here!) and even squeaked in another mult.

Many attempts to run just never caught on, unlike in CQWW RTTY where I was able
to run both domestic and DX alike. While the rate was never strong, I would run
for 10 minutes and get nothing back. I expected to get some points from VE
stations during runs, but they were few and far between. The only total
surprise was having a JA answer my CQ Sunday morning -- after wondering if I
was reaching Canada, I almost fell out of my chair. Radio is full of
surprises, some good, some Murphy-ridden.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I now have almost a year to decide
if next year's CQWW will be SOAB or if I'll pick another band to put under the
spectrum scope.

I did work a Q or two on every other band besides 80 and they are all in the
log going to CQWW, but didn't include them in my summary since this is a
SOSB(A)/80 entry.

Thanks to everyone I worked and apologies to everyone who wondered if I had
fallen asleep at the keyboard (I may have!). Special thanks to those who took
planes, trains, boats and automobiles to give us DX to chase and mults for the

Rowland K4XD
VE6JY(VA7RR)   SOSB/20 HP   716,6682008-12-07 12:30:23
Many thanks to Don, VE6JY, for hosting me for another CW WW weekend - this is
the 5th time that I've made the plane ride from home near Vancouver, BC, to
Don's QTH a bit northeast of Edmonton, AB, for Worldwide code. It's been
single band 20 for the past 4 years, and it's always worth the trip.

Conditions up our way were both good, and not so good. As far as calling CQ
goes, the band closed promptly both evenings right after sundown. Normally, I
will get openings off and on over the pole throughout the night, where I can
S&P at up to about 20/hr. Didn't happen this year. There's usually a nice
peak into Z21, 22, and 23 about 05-06Z. Although geomagentic conditions were
quiet, this opening produced nothing except A45XR on Friday night, and was not
there at all on Saturday evening. Had a good shot at a VU2, JT, and A73A on
Friday at this time, but they couldn't hear me - all responded to my call(s) by
making another CQ. All in all, I got about five hours of sleep on Saturday
evening - wish it were less.

What was good was the overall activity, and the openings to EU were better
for me than in the past couple of CW WW contests. For the first time, I was
able to run EU from about 10Z-1130Z on Sunday morning before sunrise. I knew
that this opening was a possibility, but had never encountered 20M band
conditions good enough to experience it. We also got about 1-1/2 hours each
day of runnable Europe from about 1515Z to 1645Z. Quite a difference from last
year, when only a handful of EUs answered a CQ the entire weekend.

The USA stations were plentiful, and a number of Africans called in during
the USA run times.

Many thanks to all for the Q's.


Gary VA7RR
OM7M   M/S HP   9,027,0002008-12-07 12:48:58
Really one of the worst propagation for last x years on the high bands. 10m was
nearly closed all the day and 15m was opened to east coast for a couple of
minutes. Signals on 15m was only a few dB above the noise level that got
reflected in the score. On the other hand 40m was opened all the day and at the
midday was possible to work both with Jas and Ws. 20m was closed very quickly
which disallowed another QSOs on this band. Low bands was quite good
especially Top band for mults score.
Congrats to our competitors OM8A for their terrific M/S score.

Anyway had a great fun and cu at next one.
KØRC   SOAB(A) HP   807,1922008-12-07 23:18:54
Rig : TS-950SDX + SM-230 + IC-2KL @ 400 Watts

Antennas : HyGain TH-11DX @ 22m + 40m 1e @ 21m + 40m + 80m sloper +
160m inverted vee

Soapbox : Friday night and Saturday night 20m then 40m shut down very
early. Saturday + Sunday morning (8:00 AM) 20m was wide open to EU.
IU2R(IK2QEI)   SOAB HP   3,500,9412008-12-08 03:04:08
Special Thanks to Romeo IK2EAD and Guido IK2BCP to let me use the Montichiari
IU2R contest station.

After 2 years of contesting from CN3A is somethings strange to come back in
single op class in Europe. A lot of fun like always, I had very bad wx with
snow, thunderstorm and heavy rain.

Thank you also to Matteo IK2SGC and Severino IW2LLH for the support.

Season's Greetings, Stefano IK2QEI
LY2IJ   SOSB/160 HP   346,4102008-12-08 07:17:58
Murphy came early this time -
I was taraned on my way to station before contest- not that nice expierence
at all at 01:10 am local, so lost first most juicy 70 minutes. But
forgot it all after 10 minutes of operation. Lost other 2.5 hours for driving
from/to station for day break.
Condtions were outstanding, rates good including mults calling, but not easy
or even possible to break pile-up on DX, so spent most of time CQing.
First ever KH6 in contest, missed zones 6, 11, 12 ,13, 26, 32, 36-39.
10 stations from zone 3, 6 - from zone 40, 6 VK's, 225 USA+ 25 VE, JA7OEM 1
after his Sunrise, KV4FZ 40 minutes after my Sunrise, 208 DL's, 92 JAs,
158 UAs + 75 UA9/0 and missed 3A, ITU, VIC, 9H, C3, GJ, GU, GM/s, T7, TA1,
EL2, HL, ZL and many Caribeans.
It was nice to sit with VE7GL on almost same freq for 20minutes Sunday evening
(at 17 UTC or so)- he was running JAs and didn't hear me.

Equipment - shining K3 with LP-pan, 7 Beverages 220..340m long each, PA and 3
phased dipoles on 80m tower switchable in 6 directions.

Sorry for slow reaction - I need to select right RX antenna, tune RIT and
narrow filter in case of weak sigs and QRM - many stations didn't wait so long
- sri.

TU for contacts!
73 Arunas
9M6/N2BB(MDØCCE)   SOAB(A) HP   2,295,9282008-12-08 09:08:57
Interesting to hear the contest from a different perspective. Contest started
at 08:00 local time on Saturday, and was up the entire night before working
160m from 9M6; not ideal for contesting but maximizing the week spent on "radio
holiday." Thanks for all the Qs and all the fun.

73, Bob MD0CCE

FT-1K Mk V, Quadra, tribander at 45ft, vertical for 40/80m, inverted vee for
160m with centre at 45ft
S51NZ   SOSB/80 HP   128,1522008-12-08 10:16:49
ic746pro, 400w output, 1/4 vert., 80m rx ant.
Tnx to all for contact's.

73', Huby - s51nz
DL3YM(@DF2PY)   SOAB HP   3,490,5022008-12-08 11:24:11
This has been the sixth straight year that I do the CQWW from Wolf’s (DF2PY)
place, and even though condx admittedly stank on the higher bands and Murphy
declared our QTH as his temporary home, I cherished every moment of it.

Wolf has put a lot of effort and engineering expertise into optimising the
station which got ready just in time for the contest weekend. Once setting up
the station on Friday night was completed we again enjoined the camaraderie
with the DR4A guys during our pre-contest-pizza-dinner. This is becoming a nice
tradition and it puts me in the right mood for going 48 hours straight when I
see the commendable dedication of this crew.

Started running on 40 using the new 3 el wire yagi fixed NA and was rewarded
with much better rates than I was used to. It was actually stunning to hear
stations Q5 copy on the new antenna that were totally inaudible on the old 2
el. I knew I was getting in trouble, though, when I QSYed to 80 and found that
the new receive switching matrix quit after just a few minutes, forcing me to
operate with the TX antenna - turns out later that we had a sequencing problem
which never was on our testing agenda. That probably hurt my performance on 80
and 160 and possibly was the reason why I did not work zone 3 on topband
despite excellent condx. Saturday was mostly spent running on 20 while picking
up mults on 15. Rates started to accelerate when 20 opened to NA around 1400,
unfortunately closing again already 3 hours later. Finished the day alternating
between 80 and 40 before changing to 160 around 2230.

Halfway into the second night the second radio amp fuse blew up, leaving me a
very restricted SO1.5R until sunrise on Sunday. Found that 160 was not as hot
as the night before, but 80 stayed open long and I continued working into
central America with the second radio well over 30 mins after my sunrise. While
maintaining a little lead QSO-wise over my target during the day, I started
falling behind concerning mults. A short but intense opening on 15 could not
compensate for that and 10 remained dead. Unfortunately I ran into tech
problems again on Sunday evening when I tried to hit 160 real hard. Kept pretty
much alert until 2200, but quickly and intensely crashed thereafter, meditating
over the mystery how all those people I was talking to fit into these small
boxes on my table...

Thanks all for a weekend that could not have been spent better otherwise.
Special thanks to Wolf & family for providing a home rather than just a shack,
to my XYL & my boys for letting me go and keeping up with a very tired dad the
whole following week. And many congrats to DJ5MW for a great score I was sure I
could not beat – turns out I didn’t even come close. Maybe one day I will,
OL6P(OK2WTM)   SOAB LP   1,852,7852008-12-08 12:30:02
Poor condx and horrible wind.

FT-1000MP, N6TR log
160m: vertical 25m, Inv-Vee, Inv-L
80m: vertical 15m, Inv-Vee, vertical GAP
40m: 2el. YAGI, vertical GAP, Inv-Vee
20m: 5el. OWA
15m: 4el. OWA
10m: 5el. OWA
RX ant 2x beverage 170m

Congratulation CS2T to his very good score and very very good signal.

Thaks all for qso!
73, Petr
TO3R   M/S HP   5,387,8922008-12-08 13:56:15
It was great to give you guys a rare mult.

So many things were happening not to get us on the air but fortunately we did

TRCVRs - Elecraft K2s
AMPs - Ameritron ALS-500 and ACOM-1010
20/15/10 - 2 el SteppIR yagi
40m - vertical
80m - vettical
160m - Inverted-V

QSLs will be send to everyone in the log via the buro

73s, TO3R team
OP4K   M/S HP   2,679,9242008-12-08 15:48:15
We all were very happy to be invited by Joe ON4JZ (OP4K) for the CQ WW CW
contest. The small team of 4 operators (ON4FG – Stefaan, ON4JZ – Joe, ON5UM
– Jim, ON5TN – Karel) decided to give it a go in the M/S section. Due to no
space for a second set of antennas to do decent multiplier chasing there is no
alternative for now in the multi section.
We are thinking about building smaller antennas on a lower and partly screened
roof as well as the necessary filters for the multiplier station.

For now we have to settle with the big OptiBeam OB18-6 @ 50m for 40 up to 10m
and an inverted Vee also @ 50m apex perpendicular on USA for 80m. 160m always
turned out to be the most difficult band to achieve even for some small
results. But as I am retired and not living far from Joe I had the possibility
to visit several times in the past months Joe’s QTH to study the terrain and
come up with a valuable solution to the 160m problem. Joe was getting the
permissions from the neighbors to stretch some long DYNEEMA “rope” from the
top of the tower @50m to a distant point and so we ended up with a vertical
space of 26,5m @ 8m over ground. A top loaded (T) vertical was build with DX
Wire and finished with only 1 radial (37m long). After some tune and prune we
had the antenna resonating on 1830 kHz with an SWR of 1.5/1 @ feed point. This
value turned out to be very acceptable as the “flattening” line of coax was
more than 80m long to reach the radio. SWR @ Fres was 1.1/1 .Great. But we knew
that the only problem would be the screen to the Southern 150°. This proved to
be correct as we did not work many stations from Africa. Even 4L0A did not get
in the log. So, maybe we will have to find a solution for this missing part in
the future but then we are talking about crossing a large avenue. Most probably
this will be not feasible.

All things set in time we had some spare time left to look into some future
projects and there are many in the books now.

We started on 40m and stayed there for 2 hours until we moved to 160m to check
out the new aerial and it proved to be much better than the previous ¼ wave
Now we could at least make some nice runs and soon the qso total was over 150.
So, time to go to 80m and check it out. There also things went well and soon
after switching back and forth between the low bands we had our sunrise that
took us to20m. Maybe we could have done some more stateside runs into the
sunlight hours on 40m. First hours on Saturday were on 20m, switching to 15m
but signals were rather weak and runs were
difficult .Switching operators was very smooth and we all had a lot of fun. It
turned out that 20m would be the band to stay on most of the time on Saturday
and forget about 10m. No signals were heard there, strange!

The 20m band closed very early Saturday evening and we found ourselves fighting
for a frequency on 40m already at 17.25 UTC. This would continue for the rest of
the weekend as it seemed that for many 40m was the best band to open and close
the daylight. Many multipliers were available but we missed a lot of them due
to good runs and no second station available.

Night time came and we switched between 40 and 80m before going to 160m at
midnight UTC. Until I was relieved by Karel ON5TN I had one of the most
difficult shifts in my whole contesting career. Running the station was very
difficult between 00.00 UTC and 03.50 UTC. Still don’t know why but it really
didn’t take off.

Some good runs followed on 40 and 80m before going to 20m for the rest of the
day. No visits to 15 or 10m on Sunday. It was not worth the effort.

OP4K ended its operation on the low bands but unfortunately the 3000 qso target
was not reached as we fell 16 qso’s short. The multiplier counter stopped at
492 and so we knew that a big score was not for this time.

The whole team was feeling happy with the score and with another nice
experience amongst friends.
Now it’s time for more new stuff. Spring 2009 will tell.

Thank you all for the Qso’s and we hope you all did well. Of course we are
sorry for those who tried hard to be in our log but unsuccessfully.
Thank you again Joe and your wonderful parents for the hospitality.

Best 73 and Happy Holidays,

ON5UM / OP5T on behalf of the OP4K team

QSL ok via bureau via ON4JZ or if you prefer direct, see or
N7BV   M/2 HP   1,178,7162008-12-08 19:05:19
Conditions seem more of the same - Poor!

We had two new Elecraft K3's and were taken by the rigs features and
selectivity. Really easy to listen to hour after hour.

Thanks for all the QSO's. 73
S52AW   SOSB/40 HP   1,023,3242008-12-09 00:38:27
Ant: 4L quad + 3L beam
Rig: FT-1000mp mkV + PA

73 de Karl s52aw
LA5LJA   SOAB HP   222,0542008-12-09 11:56:58
Just tuneing around and enjoy the big activty on the band's.
Using a mfj-1792 vertical with 60 rad's a 10mtr.
100w for 99% off the qso's, highligt ah2 and kh6 on 40.
GØCKV   SOSB/40 LP   209,5942008-12-09 17:18:37
This was almost totally a S&P effort, relaxed but focused. I tried a couple of
times on Sunday to call CQs but it didn’t take long before someone loud just
stepped on me pretending I wasn’t there.

The click and shout cluster mob (the guys who spent so much money on the amp
that they couldn’t afford a receiver or a new hearing aid?) was sadly
seriously ill behaved on Sunday. With better managed pile-ups I might have done
another few zones and countries. Among those I heard well but couldn’t catch
were OD5NJ, TK5EP, VU2s PTT and PAI, C98LW, 5X1AB, 9K2HN and AH2R.

I had nevertheless great fun and I have to be more than satisfied with 800q,
32z and 122c with low power and a temporary wet string in suburban London.

With the exception of that click and shout cluster mob and some of those overly
aggressive big guns I find the vast majority of operators pleasant, fast and

The bottom line: A quite enjoyable contest and the conditions must have been
pretty good on 40.
N2BA   SOSB/20 HP   646,0932008-12-09 18:04:40
Thanks to W2GD for getting the high beam working. Now I just have to get the
switching box for the low beam, and the spotting antenna to rotate!

Geez, ignore the station for 2 years and pretty much all the antennas don't
OK2RRR(@OK2RZ)   M/M QRP   1,641,3352008-12-10 04:28:45
Hi - High Power Champions !

Are you tired of keeping your Henry 8Ks within 1500 W levels?

Are you tired of key clicks, splatters and Cluster fueled pile ups?

Do you want to test yours skills rather than your equipment?

Want to check out if great performance could be achieved with small

Then please let us introduce you the first but hopefully not last
CQ WW CW Multi-Multi QRP “eightseventeen” team effort of OK2RRR …

… The time has come to a change, let’s have fun again !

RIG: 4x FT- 817 , QRP – 5 W output

ANT: set of 14 “QRP” antennas for TX & 10 beverages

Thank you for nice QSOs !

We always confirm all of them by „ Roger, Roger, Roger „ !

72 Jiri, OK2RZ

OK2RRR – Radio Club of Jara da Cimrman
QTH: HHRR – HAM Heaven Radio Ranch

The only member of : „CCCCC“ - Czech Cimrman´s Crazy Contest Club“

„ It is neither necessary to win the contest nor to participate…“

Motto - by Jara da Cimrman
Czech genius much better known than Leonardo da Vinci
RWØCWA(N5ZO)   SOAB HP   2,784,3092008-12-10 05:08:20
Zone 19.
Operating time about 45 hrs.
FT-1000MP + 1 kW amplifier, N1MM for logging.

This was interesting contest effort from interesting location to participate.
Highlite was excellent antenna system on 160/80 (full size GPs + beverages) and
very good band conditions on low bands. I had relatively low noise especially
from US direction and I was able to work 120 US stations on 160 and another 150
on 80. This far exceeded what I was expecting.
Low point was conditions on 15 and 10 which bands never really opened anywhere.
I only heard 2 stations on 10 m and was able to work JA but not HS. 15 m
opened to US zones 3 and 4 only at the very end of the contest producing 12 US

Hardest population center to work from this location seemed to be Western
Europe, and I have only 12 G QSOs and another 7 F QSOs in the log. This
despite big monobanders on all bands 40-10 m. Also, I only had 86 contacts to
zone 5, so US East coast is not easy either.

On the other hand, I only made 655 one point JA QSOs, so that really did not
compensate for those lost Western European QSOs and mults.

Surprising point also was that there actually was some propagation on some band
all the time, and with sunspots coming in next years one can actually expect to
make quite good score also from this part of the world in coming years.

Local club in Khabarovsk is building impressive contest station in this
location, and I'm sure we will hear from that location in future contests.

I'm very gratefull for local team RW0CN/AA7CH, UA0CA, RW0CF, RW0CR, UA0CW,
RZ0CQ, UA0CC, UA0CO, UA0CDX, UA0CAD and others for many hours of hard work
pre-contest on building and setting-up this world class contest station and
site and letting me have this opportunity to try how CQ WW is from this part of
the world. It was truly wonderfull trip and experience !

73 Marko N5ZO
OK1CW   SOSB/160 HP   129,6772008-12-10 05:20:13
Nice contest.
Big problem with strong EU stations calling DX stn long time on the freq. I had
several beverages and loop for RXing. It seemsed to be was very important to
read weak stations under big guns "without" RX. But it is only hobby. Big fun.
I ussed rig IC 775DSP, PA Acom and Ant: vertical 31m , inv vee in 30m.
WE3C   M/2 HP   11,472,2242008-12-10 09:00:43
We were considering a casual participation effort due to operator availability.
But, it came together at the last minute with three full time ops, one with
limited time due to illness and one operating Sunday afternoon.

We tried to maximize our run station's performance by managing the band changes
very carefully. It appears we got it right in this one.

Our team's focus on keeping the run stations going was excellent, although
available operator time impacted our S&P efforts. We experienced several
extended periods of QRM to our run frequencies on 40M & 20M.

80M we could not get solid runs going the first night, signals were strong but
were unable to work them. Resorted to low rate S&P. Second night we ran, but
at low rates.

The improvement we experienced with the recently modified 40M beam in the SSB
contest was again confirmed in this one. Our Q's almost doubled from last

We had a big improvement in 20M performance by better band management and focus
on openings. It was very exciting near the end of the contest working new
multipliers long path at 140 degrees.

Thanks to all the callers, the great competition and the sponsors for holding
this wonderful event!

And, a big thank you to everyone that helps maintain and improve the station.

A super special congratulations to the WE3C Team for your outstanding efforts
and performances in both of the 2008 CQWW DX events!


The WE3C Team
IR4M   M/S HP   8,719,3802008-12-10 13:12:52
Despite the bad weather with frozen rain and high wind during almost
all the contest, resulting in a tremendous QRN, we are satisfied with our
result; 800+ Qso and over 1 million points more than the last year.
Propagation was excellent on low bands, specially during the second night,
with the west coast of the US heard with good signals on 160m after our
sunrise. We could not say the same on high bands: 10m almost dead, 15m never
really decently openend for the US and 20m closing too early did not helped
our score. We definitely need more sunspots !!

This edition IK7JWY Art joined the team and helped a lot during both running
and mult-search operations. He made a car trip of over 800+800 km from south to
north Italy to join us !! Thank you Art!

See you next!

IR4M Team
ISØ/OLØA(OK1CZ)   SOSB/15 LP   38,4062008-12-11 02:40:15
Horrible condx, bad WX, wind, rain, thunderstorm, hailstorm. Antenna damaged by
wind. Bad luck this year.
ISØ/OK1CZ   SOAB QRP   38,4062008-12-11 02:41:41
Horrible condx, bad WX, wind, rain, thunderstorm, hailstorm. Antenna damaged by
wind. Bad luck this year.
YL2GQT   SOSB/40 HP   325,0282008-12-11 11:30:10
The best contest in the year! with the best condition on low bands.

73! and GL
KL7CQ   M/S HP   1,208,3282008-12-11 18:00:30
This was the KL7FH memorial contest station effort. We started out with the
ceremonial Makers Mark toast to Frank,KL7FH. Had to fix the amplifier to get
started, somehow, QRP just didn’t appeal to us. Friday night, very little
Eu, only worked big guns. Saturday, it opened up on 15 to Stateside, and
JA’s with nice pile ups. Saturday night, Eu opened up on 20, and 40.
W1HIS   SOAB HP   581,9962008-12-11 20:55:57
Single antenna for all bands: wire doublet,
21 m (70 feet) long and 6 m (20 feet) high.

Op impaired by herniated lumbar disk and
pain medication.
A73A   M/S HP   8,446,9442008-12-12 08:53:16
This was a very successful expedition from Doha to a beach location at the north
end of the peninsula. Our antennas were verticals over salt water at high tide
and within a quarter wavelength or so at low tide. CQ WW DX CW, Field Day

We now call the 80m vertical The Rainmaker, since it rains every time we try to
set it up at the beach. It almost never rains here in the desert, but Murphy
had other plans. We had rain on Friday and thunderstorms all around until
Sunday night after sunset, so our time on 80 and 160 was not as productive as
we had hoped. Next time we will use some listening antennas, as we had none
for this contest. Condx appeared very good, but between the noise and the poor
pileup behavior from Europe, rates were not enough to stay there.

A71EM, BX, CV, CO, and K5GN did all the setup and takedown starting Thursday
morning and finishing Monday night. The contest started here at 3AM Friday.
BX and GN carried most of the operating, as EM was recalled from leave to work
on Saturday and Sunday. This meant that the two guys with the least sleep
prior to the start were left to keep the run and mult stations busy for nearly
the full 48 hours. It has taken us a while to get back to normal since we had
to get right back to our day jobs!

Condx on 40m were amazing. Ali said, "the pileup never stops!" as we struggled
to keep going Sunday night. We worked North American stations on 40m in all
hours from 13Z-06Z, and probably could have found more if we had stayed there
full time. K1AR called in at 1730Z, quite amazing. We looked hard for Zones 4
and 3 on the long path on 80 and 160, but with no luck. Missed Zones 2, 6, and
34 for WAZ.

10m refused to really open. We CQ'd there when we found signals, but never
could get anything going. No Zone 14, for example. 20m was interesting, we
could hear some signals at nearly all hours, though things were very slim at
night. 15 was not as good as in the SSB contest, but having full-size antennas
for the low bands was very cool.

Station: Two Tents at Al-Mafjar
Radio A: FT-1000MP, AL-811, 600W
Radio B: FT-847, replaced later by IC-746ProIII, IC-2KL, 400W
160: Inverted L, 20m aluminum tubing vertical plus wire, two elevated radials
80: full-size quarter-wave aluminum tubing vertical, two elevated radials
40: full-size quarter-wave wire verticals, two radials apiece, driven element
and reflector
20: full-size half-wave wire dipoles, driven ele. and reflector
15: full-size half-wave wire dipoles, driven ele. and reflector
10: full-size half-wave wire dipoles, driven ele. and reflector

We used the Skimmer software with a QS1R SDR sharing the MP's receive antenna
line. We also put a switch into the second station's feedline to take the
transceiver out of line and substitute the SDR. This didn't work as well as it
meant being off the air with that station while the SDR was skimming. We chose
to try Skimmer since we had no easy way to establish a reliable connection to
any DX clusters, being so far from the city.

We found that a good operator could find at least as much on the band that the
Skimmer missed as the Skimmer found, but it was a help. The biggest problem
with finding mults was our fatigue in the second 24 hours.

The antennas were somewhat directive, but really have a broad pattern. Next
time we may have some listening antennas to help sort out Asia from Europe, LP
from SP, etc.

We are all looking forward to the next opportunity to do this again!
Especially with a little more of Cycle 24.

Statistics follow


Dave K5GN

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 06g) by K5KA

Contest: CQ-WW-CW
Callsign: A73A
Category: MULTI-OP
Operators: A71BX, A71EM, K5GN

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 8 26 92 0 0 0 126 126 2.5
0100 3 22 65 6 0 0 96 222 1.9
0200 7 0 92 1 0 0 100 322 1.9
0300 0 1 45 64 5 0 115 437 2.2
0400 0 0 12 100 1 0 113 550 2.2
0500 0 0 1 143 10 0 154 704 3.0
0600 0 0 0 80 50 0 130 834 2.5
0700 0 0 0 32 118 0 150 984 2.9
0800 0 0 0 9 132 3 144 1128 2.8
0900 0 0 0 5 152 2 159 1287 3.1
1000 0 0 0 131 12 0 143 1430 2.8
1100 0 0 0 39 74 0 113 1543 2.2
1200 0 0 0 74 55 0 129 1672 2.5
1300 0 4 5 119 3 0 131 1803 2.5
1400 48 3 3 32 0 0 86 1889 1.7
1500 0 65 26 0 4 0 95 1984 1.8
1600 0 0 126 0 0 0 126 2110 2.5
1700 0 3 113 0 0 0 116 2226 2.3
1800 0 0 128 0 0 0 128 2354 2.5
1900 4 0 126 0 0 0 130 2484 2.5
2000 0 3 111 1 0 0 115 2599 2.2
2100 0 2 108 0 0 0 110 2709 2.1
2200 0 1 145 0 0 0 146 2855 2.8
2300 0 0 116 1 0 0 117 2972 2.3
0000 0 0 103 0 0 0 103 3075 2.0
0100 0 23 49 0 0 0 72 3147 1.4
0200 0 44 6 0 0 0 50 3197 1.0
0300 0 47 32 1 0 0 80 3277 1.6
0400 0 0 32 20 0 0 52 3329 1.0
0500 0 0 8 94 0 0 102 3431 2.0
0600 0 0 0 107 5 0 112 3543 2.2
0700 0 0 0 57 70 1 128 3671 2.5
0800 0 0 0 1 166 1 168 3839 3.3
0900 0 0 0 0 159 2 161 4000 3.1
1000 0 0 0 0 107 13 120 4120 2.3
1100 0 0 0 34 1 20 55 4175 1.1
1200 0 0 0 8 24 4 36 4211 0.7
1300 0 0 1 79 1 0 81 4292 1.6
1400 0 10 0 68 0 0 78 4370 1.5
1500 0 20 68 4 0 0 92 4462 1.8
1600 0 5 83 0 0 0 88 4550 1.7
1700 0 51 47 0 0 0 98 4648 1.9
1800 0 1 79 0 0 0 80 4728 1.6
1900 0 0 70 0 0 0 70 4798 1.4
2000 8 1 76 0 0 0 85 4883 1.7
2100 6 52 40 0 0 0 98 4981 1.9
2200 2 15 37 0 0 0 54 5035 1.1
2300 2 62 0 0 0 0 64 5099 1.2
Total 88 461 2045 1310 1149 46 5099

Gross QSO's=5142 Dupes=43 Net QSO's=5099

Unique callsigns worked = 3580

The best 60 minute rate was 178/hour from 0829 to 0928
The best 30 minute rate was 182/hour from 0859 to 0928
The best 10 minute rate was 198/hour from 0555 to 0604

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSO's/minute 13 times.
4 QSO's/minute 145 times.
3 QSO's/minute 549 times.
2 QSO's/minute 1015 times.
1 QSO's/minute 777 times.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 38
4 1119
5 2393
6 1511
7 16
8 9
9 12
10 1

------------ C o u n t r y S u m m a r y ------------------
Country 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
3A 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.0
3V 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.1
3W 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
3X 0 1 1 1 1 0 4 0.1
4J 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
4L 0 1 2 2 1 0 6 0.1
4O 0 2 1 1 2 0 6 0.1
4X 1 2 9 6 4 1 23 0.5
5B 1 5 4 3 3 2 18 0.4
5H 0 1 0 1 1 0 3 0.1
5X 0 0 0 1 1 1 3 0.1
6W 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
6Y 0 1 1 0 1 0 3 0.1
7Q 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
8P 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0.0
8Q 0 1 1 2 1 1 6 0.1
9A 0 7 21 21 21 2 72 1.4
9H 0 1 2 0 0 0 3 0.1
9J 0 0 0 1 1 1 3 0.1
9K 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.0
9M2 0 1 0 1 1 0 3 0.1
9M6 0 1 0 1 2 0 4 0.1
9Q 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
A4 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 0.0
BV 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 0.0
BY 0 1 1 2 2 0 6 0.1
C6 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.0
CE 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
CN 1 0 0 1 0 0 2 0.0
CT 0 2 2 1 2 0 7 0.1
CT3 1 0 2 1 2 0 6 0.1
CU 0 1 2 1 1 0 5 0.1
CX 0 0 2 2 3 0 7 0.1
D4 0 1 1 1 1 0 4 0.1
DL 1 25 230 117 73 0 446 8.7
DU 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
E7 1 3 19 4 8 1 36 0.7
EA 1 4 25 11 16 0 57 1.1
EA6 1 1 1 1 1 0 5 0.1
EA8 0 2 2 1 3 0 8 0.2
EI 0 0 4 1 1 0 6 0.1
EK 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0.0
EL 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
ER 1 2 10 4 9 1 27 0.5
ES 1 1 8 6 4 0 20 0.4
EU 1 3 15 17 17 0 53 1.0
EX 0 0 2 1 1 0 4 0.1
EY 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 0.0
F 0 5 38 18 11 0 72 1.4
FM 0 2 1 0 0 0 2 0.0
FR 0 0 1 1 2 0 3 0.1
FS 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 0.0
G 1 4 49 19 11 0 84 1.6
GI 0 0 2 1 0 0 3 0.1
GM 0 1 9 3 3 0 16 0.3
GU 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.0
GW 0 1 4 2 1 0 8 0.2
H4 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
HA 1 9 40 32 37 6 125 2.5
HB 1 3 19 7 6 0 36 0.7
HB0 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.0
HC 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
HC8 0 1 1 1 1 0 4 0.1
HI 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
HK 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
HL 0 0 3 1 1 0 5 0.1
HP 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
HS 0 1 1 2 1 1 6 0.1
HZ 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 0.0
I 1 7 73 29 43 1 154 3.0
*IG9 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0.0
IS 0 0 3 1 2 0 6 0.1
*IT9 0 1 5 3 7 0 16 0.3
J2 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
J3 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0.0
J6 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
JA 1 34 61 22 36 0 154 3.0
JT 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
JW 0 1 2 2 0 0 5 0.1
K 0 40 213 57 5 0 315 6.2
KG4 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
KH0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
KH2 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.1
KH6 0 1 2 2 0 0 5 0.1
KL 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
KP2 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0.0
KP4 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
LA 2 1 10 10 3 0 26 0.5
LU 0 0 1 1 3 0 5 0.1
LX 1 2 3 2 2 0 10 0.2
LY 2 7 25 21 15 0 70 1.4
LZ 1 7 24 20 24 3 79 1.5
OA 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
OE 0 2 12 10 16 1 41 0.8
OH 3 13 40 27 12 0 95 1.9
OH0 1 1 1 0 0 0 3 0.1
OK 1 14 88 47 42 2 194 3.8
OM 1 6 24 12 17 2 62 1.2
ON 1 1 11 9 2 0 24 0.5
OX 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
OY 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
OZ 1 2 15 8 2 0 28 0.5
P4 0 0 2 1 0 0 3 0.1
PA 1 2 39 18 10 0 70 1.4
PJ2 0 0 3 1 1 0 5 0.1
PY 0 1 8 4 5 0 18 0.4
PZ 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
S5 1 8 38 20 21 3 91 1.8
SM 1 4 24 15 3 0 47 0.9
SP 1 17 89 48 38 2 195 3.8
SU 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.0
SV 0 2 7 7 10 0 26 0.5
SV5 0 0 0 1 2 0 3 0.1
SV9 0 1 2 4 3 0 10 0.2
T8 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
TA 1 1 2 2 2 0 8 0.2
*TA1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
TF 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
TK 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0.0
UA 29 82 276 229 227 1 844 16.6
UA2 0 1 5 7 3 0 16 0.3
UA9 13 34 111 130 98 1 387 7.6
UK 1 0 1 1 1 0 4 0.1
UN 1 4 11 11 15 0 42 0.8
UR 3 33 144 127 109 0 416 8.2
V2 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
V3 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
V4 0 1 1 1 1 0 4 0.1
V5 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 0.1
VE 0 3 17 4 2 0 26 0.5
VK 0 1 2 6 2 0 11 0.2
VP5 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.1
VQ9 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.0
VU 0 1 1 5 2 1 10 0.2
XW 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
YB 0 0 0 5 2 0 7 0.1
YL 2 2 17 12 6 0 39 0.8
YN 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
YO 1 4 33 21 41 5 105 2.1
YU 0 10 27 18 25 3 83 1.6
YV 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
Z2 0 0 0 1 1 1 3 0.1
Z3 0 1 5 2 3 0 11 0.2
ZA 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
ZC4 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 0.1
ZF 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
ZL 0 1 2 3 0 0 6 0.1
ZS 0 1 0 3 3 1 8 0.2

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
16 36 123 455 391 373 3 1381 26.9
15 15 115 541 321 321 23 1336 26.0
14 12 58 494 247 149 0 960 18.7
17 8 22 77 86 85 0 278 5.4
20 5 24 82 65 89 11 276 5.4
05 0 35 175 41 7 0 258 5.0
25 1 34 64 23 37 0 159 3.1
18 7 11 34 38 18 0 108 2.1
04 0 8 44 20 0 0 72 1.4
08 0 6 12 5 5 0 28 0.5
33 2 3 6 4 6 0 21 0.4
11 0 1 8 4 5 0 18 0.4
22 0 2 2 7 3 2 16 0.3
28 0 2 0 8 6 0 16 0.3
21 2 4 3 2 3 0 14 0.3
38 0 1 0 4 5 4 14 0.3
19 0 1 4 6 1 0 12 0.2
13 0 0 3 3 6 0 12 0.2
09 0 0 7 3 2 0 12 0.2
35 0 2 3 3 3 0 11 0.2
03 0 0 11 0 0 0 11 0.2
37 0 1 0 3 4 1 9 0.2
26 0 1 2 3 2 1 9 0.2
24 0 1 1 2 4 0 8 0.2
27 0 0 2 1 4 0 7 0.1
40 0 1 2 3 1 0 7 0.1
32 0 1 2 3 0 0 6 0.1
10 0 1 2 1 2 0 6 0.1
30 0 0 1 4 1 0 6 0.1
31 0 1 2 2 0 0 5 0.1
29 0 1 1 2 1 0 5 0.1
39 0 1 1 1 2 0 5 0.1
23 0 0 0 2 2 0 4 0.1
36 0 0 0 2 1 1 4 0.1
07 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 0.1
12 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0.0
01 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.0
Total 88 461 2045 1310 1149 46 5099

Multi-band QSO's
1 bands 2627
2 bands 554
3 bands 267
4 bands 99
5 bands 31
6 bands 2

The following stations were worked on 6 bands:


----- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O ' s -----
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 47 178 1248 658 490 6
LZ7J(LZ1YQ)   SOSB/80 HP   521,8012008-12-12 09:38:39
Thanks for donations to K1LZ/ Krassy !!!
EA8CMX(OH2BYS)   SOSB/80 HP   1,104,2622008-12-12 10:37:26
I was testing 3 el wire yagis (1 toward USA and 1 toward EU, later stacked
toward EU) without almost any RX-antennas. No problems with rigs, amps or
antennas, only too much QRN and same lousy operator. Actually after the contest
I found the excellent practicing tool to maintain the skills between the 4
contests, that I can participate annually nowadays, It's MORSERUNNER!!! Let's
see the influence later... P.S. I'm a litle bit of nersous waiting to see the
scores of Lambedusa and Cyprus. GL! Mauri
S51F   SOAB LP   1,662,6242008-12-12 11:19:14
160m - inv-V
80m - pyramide & inv-V
40m - 2el YAGI & vertical/6 radials
20,15,10m - X-9 & TH3
RIG: IC-781 & 735

without HW problems, only loss 2-3 hours because
heavy storm and AC failed second morning

Thanks to all,

Frank, S51F
NT6AA   SOAB LP   95,9452008-12-12 18:53:59
Great start, things didn't go well for me the second half, oh well! Lot's
learned, I think the portable station is playing better at least on the low
bands. I hope this is a trend and that the next big contest will be better yet!
PS2T(PY2NY)   SOAB HP   4,036,5162008-12-13 06:38:16
I have PS2T Syndrom hi hi - Could be a better operation under other guy hands,
but anyway, was fun. My problem at this big super station is that I am not
totally feeling good with setup than my own home, where I did 3.300 QSOs in the
past. Now, I have two different marks: 1) Personal QSO Nr Record is from my QTH
3.300 and 2) Personal Score Record is from PS2T... Weird? Like always, thanks
to Mr. Oms PY5EG/PY2OMS for sharing is huge station right now that I am moving
myself to Araraquara, due of new job position... PS2T is fantastic place and
can take better positions in the future with better propagation conditions...
All the best See you soon. Vitor PY2NY
OA4WW(SOAB)   SOAB HP   6,000,0002008-12-14 04:41:01
The black holes did not show up this time so the result - as expected - was
almost the same as 2007.
Thank you for the QSOs!
Olli HP1WW
JH3PRR   SOAB(A) HP   2,473,8352008-12-14 07:21:59
What a bummer! I fell asleep early in the morning and missed the best openings
on 160m and 80m for both days. Next year, I shall operate 48 hours!
Kudos to HC8N who had a very good ear from 15m to 160m!

IC-7800+TL-933 1kW, 160m Vertical Dipole, 80m 4SQ, 40m-10m MonstIR,
YL6W(YL2GD)   SOAB HP   2,845,7762008-12-14 10:52:20
73 to all! Gunar - YL6W/YL2GD
AA1K   SOAB HP   3,329,1862008-12-14 15:31:45
Max 60-minute rate, 161/hour 1350z Sunday
WA7LNW   SOAB LP   42,1602008-12-15 18:23:24
Operated this year from portable location using only 100 watts from TS-440S/AT
and 102 ft. wire inverted-v fed with 450 ohm twin lead to a 4:1 balun.

Was surprised at how well this set up performed given the current band

Thanks to all who dropped by to give me a contact.

Happy Holidays and Best of DXing!

de Jack, WA7LNW
Southwestern Utah
S57L   SOSB/20 LP   264,6402008-12-16 10:20:59
Ant: 3L beam
Rig: ts-850s

73 de Jane S57L
WJ9B   SOAB LP   1,008,0152008-12-16 14:18:44
Difficult going using 100 watts from Florida....
73, Will, wj9b, dit dit
OP4A   SOAB HP   475,5482008-12-17 23:18:48
Worked with a IC746 + FL2500(500watts) into a short dipole for 80m and a ECO
multiband vertical for 40 to 10 meter.
Logging N1MM works super.
Merry Xmas and happy 2009 to all ;o) CU next year.
73 Francis OP4A
KØCL   SOSB/40 HP   149,4452008-12-19 11:01:28
FT1000MP, Alpha 91B, Hytower vertical.
DL6UAA   SOSB/160 LP   26,0192008-12-19 15:58:39
FT847 - inverted "U" with 2 radials. ODX: VY2!! Not easy to copy long distance
DX in case of stroooong EU signals. I had luck for 3 times to hear rare DX (HC8
a.s.o) before -maybe- DXcluster-User killed the frequencies. Result: heard the
rare DX but no chance to work after cluster-reports.
YN2Z(K9ZO)   SOAB LP   3,053,3782008-12-19 22:00:28
Tribander at 60 ft. Wires. FT950.
Rural location. Chickens, roosters, dogs, cats, boom boxes. Excellent,
healthy meals.

I was pretty tired before the contest started due to making 3600 contacts
during the week so I took lots of short naps during the contest. Often I wasn't
able to find a band which produced contacts, so I got up and stretched or took a
nap. I wasn't able to hold a frequency during the first 3 hours, but things
picked up a bit and I ended up with about 2400 contacts the first day. Good
short runs at times, but only with 2 point USA stations. DX contacts were
spotty and the bands never seemed to open well to Europe or Japan.

The second day was similar to the first. I couldn't penetrate all the QRM on
the low bands and did not hold a frequency much. A lot fewer runs to the USA
during daylight on 15/20. At times when I expected Europe, there was mostly
USA. Spent time S&P and had a hard time getting through to the far away DX.
The most difficult times seemed to be when the bands were in transition.

The third opening on 40 meters as darkness descended at the end of the contest
produced a good number of Europeans and was the only time when CQs resulted in
contacts on the low bands.

In all, it was a very successful trip and it had been many, many years since I
had been on the DX side of CQWWCW. I traveled very, very lightly, with only T
shirts, shorts, and bare feet, but returned to the reality of a winter
snowstorm at home.

IR2C(IK2PFL)   SOSB(A)/20 HP   646,5102008-12-20 13:04:38
Contest : CQ World Wide DX Contest
Callsign : IR2C
Mode : CW
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Band(s) : Single band (SB) 20 m
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... : 15
Operating time : 25h27

160 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
80 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
40 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
20 1687 36 134 49 3803 2.25
15 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
10 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
TOTAL 1687 36 134 49 3803 2.25
TOTAL SCORE : 646 510

Operators : IK2PFL

Lost two hours at the beginning on Saturdy morning, plus one precious hour on
Sunday near the end of the opening witht USA.
Thanks to everyone who partecipated to make this contest so crazy and funny.
B. Regards,
CN2R(W7EJ)   SOSB/160 HP   550,8512008-12-23 10:45:54
Condx to NA were great, lots of west coast but condx to Asia and EU
were down.

Still had fun, except November trip was a downer.
Amp blew up 5 minutes before the test started.
Rained 80% of the time.
Phased verticals on 160M bent twice before the test.
Big storm on the first night of test, bent one vertical again. Made
zero qsos on verticals despite spending a huge amount of time erecting
and tuning them. Rolled out 80 41 meter radials. Took one full day to
roll them back up. CN2M (OH2MM) operated SOSB 20M for CW. He brought
some sort of sore throat sickness with him.
I am still trying to recover from his sickness.
The flight home from the November trip was late into Paris, so I had to
spend the night there.
It took me 40 hours to get home.
Both of my checked bags were lost for 5 days.
When I got one bag, it was completely crushed.
Lost a bunch of Moroccan food I always bring home.
This was my most evemtful trip!

Check out:
3 web cam Photos from Cn2r and 2 from W7EJ. All updated every 5 minutes
IG9X(IK1QBT)   SOSB(A)/80 HP   702,1252008-12-23 14:31:48
After good experience in 2006 from Pantelleria Island in M/M IH9P,
I returned in African Italy zone 33, for the first time as SOSB 80m
from IG9 Lampedusa Island.
Setup Icom 751A, TL922, fiberglass vertical antenna 1/4 wave homemade, for RX
two EWE directions NW-NE and one short beverages to N, contest Logging
Vy bad WX condition, before and during the contest, strong wind 45/55 nodes,
during almost all the contest, they have penalized quite a bit the
Four hours before the start, my antenna was serius damaged by strong
squall of wind and for the first 7 hours I used an Inverted V dipole,
at 6 meters on the ground. Only saturday morning, I have been able to repair
the vertical antenna, and then I begun to be really competitive with the
good setup.
Many thanks to everyone who called me during the contest.

See you on next year!
VU2PAI   SOAB HP   654,5112008-12-24 05:34:19
My worst performance in cqww contests ever. Thanks to the 5-9 qrn level beacause
of a arching transformer towards my north to north west direction. My noise
level is s0 when it rains.. but it only rained for some time on sunday night.
Hopefully i will sort out the noise problem with the help a electric lines man
from the power company. Hope to see you in the next contest.

73 and merry xmas and happy new year to all contesters. Pai, VU2PAI
WI9WI   SOAB HP   824,0402008-12-25 17:25:59
Very slow start here. The MUF to Europe was below 7 MHz shortly after the
contest started. The contest was mostly S&P though I did have a good run on 20
for a couple of hours Sunday morning. Very few second radio QSOs, probably only
20 or so since I was S&P most of the time. I mainly used it to look for openings
on other bands. Only one QSO on 10, a ground wave contact with W0AIH which was
the only station I ever heard on 10 in spite of checking it frequently on the
second radio.

I was pleased with my performance on 40 and 80. My new 2 element vertical array
with a new 2 element Comtek box works a lot better than a low (about 75 ft)
inverted V. I was actually able to work a fair number of Europeans on 1 call
which was hard to do on the V.

73 to all

HI3A(AD4Z)   SOAB LP   5,838,0442008-12-27 14:53:54
This operation was dedicated to my friend Victor Dubois N4TO (SK). I tried to
get HI3TO callsign to honor him but couldn't get it.

Thanks to my "Compadre" Tino(HI3CCP)for his support and friendship. Thanks for
keeping our families as one family.

Thanks to Dan(K1TO)for all your Help...."Gracias mi Amigo".

Special Thanks to Elecraft for their Support. K3 went QRT 3 hours before the
Contest caused by a failure on my Power Supply that sent over 20vdc to the
radio. A quick explanation to Scott (Tech Dept)and he help me troubleshooting
via phone. We found a blown Zener Diode in the 100w Amplifier Module, I
replaced the part and I was back in business.
Very Happy with the outstanding performance of my K3, the best radio I've ever
operated in my 41 years as a Ham.

Thanks Everybody for the QSO/Points/Multipliers...CU Next Year!!!

W3LPL   M/M HP   14,225,7962008-12-30 18:22:15

160 398 889 2.23 20 87 W3LPL K4ZA
80 1276 3422 2.68 31 123 NI1N N3OC
40 1947 5522 2.84 38 146 N3UA KD4D
20 2040 5834 2.86 37 151 N3KS K3KU WR3Z AC6WI
15 719 1847 2.57 29 116 K3MM W3ZZ
10 80 114 1.43 11 18 K1DQV ND3A
Totals 6460 17628 2.73 166 641 => 14,225,796

Continent Statistics

160 80 40 20 15 10 ALL Percent

North America 172 224 213 194 165 46 1014 15.2
South America 9 24 63 85 90 26 297 4.4
Europe 213 973 1559 1672 411 1 4829 72.3
Asia 8 45 107 86 9 0 255 3.8
Africa 8 24 35 43 33 7 150 2.2
Oceania 4 22 45 34 25 0 130 1.9

QSO Counts By Band-Country

PRFX 160 80 40 20 15 10

3B8 1 1
3V 1 1 1 1
3X 1 1 1 1 1 1
4J 1
4L 1 2 1
4O 1 1 1 1
4X 1 1 8 1 4
5B 3 5 4 2 3
5H 1 1 1
5X 1 2 1
5Z 1
6W 1 1 1 2 1
6Y 1 1 1 1 1
7Q 1
7X 1 1
8P 1 2 2 1 1
8Q 1 1 1
9A 3 9 21 20 9
9G 1
9H 1
9J 2 2 2 1
9M2 1
9M6 2
9Q 1 1
A4 1 1 1
A7 1 1 1 1
BY 1 1
C6 1 2 1 2
C9 1
CE 4 3 4 2
CE0Y 1
CM 1 4 10 1
CN 1 1 2 2 2
CT 2 2 4 4 5
CT3 1 6 4 6 2
CU 1 1 2 2 1 1
CX 1 1 4 4 5 2
D4 1 1 1 1 1 1
DL 30 155 266 286 81
E7 2 4 13 11 2
EA 3 29 61 71 36
EA6 3 4 1
EA8 2 8 8 14 6
EA9 1
EI 2 8 16 9 6
EK 1 3
EL 1 1 1 1 1
ER 1 7 7 8 1
ES 3 5 8 7 1
EU 1 10 9 19 4
F 9 48 80 77 30
FG 2 1 1
FJ 1 1 1 1
FM 1 4 3 3 3
FO 1 1
FR 1 1 1 2
FS 1 1 1 1 1
G 18 73 109 130 23
GD 2 1
GI 1 1 3 3 2
GM 2 9 17 22 3
GM/s 1 1 1
GU 1 2 1
GW 4 6 9 11 4
H4 1 1
HA 7 30 41 46 7
HB 1 18 26 27 13
HB0 1 1
HC 1 3 2 3 2 1
HC8 1 1 1 1 1 1
HI 2 2 2 2 1
HK 2 4 4 3
HK0/a 1 1 2 1 1
HL 1
HP 2 1 2
HR 1 1
HS 1
HZ 1
I 3 31 102 102 33
IG9 1 1
IS 1 4 6 4
IT9 1 3 3 7 6
J2 1 1
J3 2 2 2 2 2
J6 1 1 2 2 2
J8 1 1 1 1
JA 3 23 38 53
JW 1 2 1
K 81 100 79 62 74 40
KH0 1 1 1
KH2 2 3 2
KH6 4 4 7 6 7
KL 1 1 1 9 2
KP2 2 2 2 2 2
KP4 2 2 2 2 2
LA 3 15 13 14 1
LU 4 12 25 20 12
LX 2 2 2 2 2
LY 4 21 23 18 5
LZ 1 15 26 25 7
OA 1 2 2 2 3
OD 1 1
OE 1 11 17 13 5
OH 13 23 29 32 1
OH0 2 3 1 1 1
OK 17 69 103 83 20
OM 1 15 24 22 5
ON 3 10 27 29 7
OX 1 1 2 2 1
OY 2 4 3
OZ 4 11 5 16 4
P4 1 2 4 4 3
PA 4 30 56 67 11
PJ2 2 3 3 4 3
PY 2 19 28 36 7
PZ 1 1 1 1 1
S5 6 29 50 41 26
SM 17 32 23 35 14
SP 11 48 72 76 7
SV 1 2 13 9
SV5 1
SV9 1 3 3 3 2
T7 1 1 1
T8 1
TA 1 4 4 2 1
TA1 1 1 1
TF 1 2 4 4
TG 1 1
TI 2 4 1 2
TK 1 1 1 1
TR 1 1
TT 1
UA 14 79 82 124
UA2 1 3 4 5 2
UA9 7 34 11
UK 1
UN 1 6 2
UR 6 54 84 94 2
V2 1 1 1 1 1
V3 1 1 1 1
V4 1 1 2 1 1
V5 1 1 1
V7 1
VE 65 76 71 77 46 3
VK 9 18 14 8
VP2M 1 1 1 1 1
VP5 1 1 1 1 1
VP9 1 1 2 1 2
VQ9 1
VU 3
XE 1 6 8 7 10
YB 2
YJ 1
YL 4 9 9 13 2
YN 1 1 2 2 2
YO 1 12 33 34 4
YS 1 1 1 1 2
YU 1 16 34 22 5
YU8 1 1
YV 1 2 6 2 8
Z2 1 1 1
Z3 1 3 4
ZC4 1 1
ZF 1 1 1 1 1
ZL 5 13 5 9
ZP 1 1 3 1 1
ZS 1 5 2 4 2


HOUR 160 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOT

0 28/24 41/29 129/57 39/26 7/8 2/2 246/146 246/146
1 31/15 42/26 103/33 11/6 . 2/2 189/82 435/228
2 19/12 45/15 69/16 15/10 . . 148/53 583/281
3 19/6 44/17 64/14 4/0 . . 131/37 714/318
4 22/17 99/4 91/7 6/0 . . 218/28 932/346
5 14/6 85/7 93/11 2/2 . . 194/26 1126/372
6 6/5 67/4 55/0 2/4 . . 130/13 1256/385
7 13/4 61/3 47/3 1/1 . . 122/11 1378/396
8 12/1 20/18 36/3 1/1 ..... ..... 69/23 1447/419
9 4/0 20/0 47/8 . . . 71/8 1518/427
10 5/1 9/8 73/1 6/6 . . 93/16 1611/443
11 13/0 10/1 25/4 59/20 4/7 . 111/32 1722/475
12 3/0 8/0 20/2 162/12 74/35 1/2 268/51 1990/526
13 1/0 . 12/0 158/9 105/19 7/7 283/35 2273/561
14 . . . 163/12 41/19 9/4 213/35 2486/596
15 . . . 152/15 27/8 4/4 183/27 2669/623
16 ..... ..... ..... 112/17 36/10 8/3 156/30 2825/653
17 . . . 85/10 27/4 5/2 117/16 2942/669
18 . . 2/0 54/5 27/3 8/0 91/8 3033/677
19 . . 14/1 22/3 22/0 4/0 62/4 3095/681
20 . . 61/3 18/2 30/4 2/0 111/9 3206/690
21 . 33/0 116/1 29/5 13/0 1/0 192/6 3398/696
22 10/1 78/0 104/1 19/1 . . 211/3 3609/699
23 8/3 72/4 77/0 4/0 . . 161/7 3770/706
0 4/1 50/4 50/2 ..... ..... ..... 104/7 3874/713
1 4/1 59/3 18/0 4/0 . . 85/4 3959/717
2 23/1 43/1 28/1 6/0 . . 100/3 4059/720
3 31/4 70/3 23/0 4/2 . . 128/9 4187/729
4 15/0 42/1 32/1 . . . 89/2 4276/731
5 18/0 39/0 28/0 1/1 . . 86/1 4362/732
6 17/1 41/0 42/0 2/0 . . 102/1 4464/733
7 32/2 44/2 41/0 . . . 117/4 4581/737
8 7/0 21/0 38/2 1/0 ..... ..... 67/2 4648/739
9 3/0 17/0 36/1 . . . 56/1 4704/740
10 4/0 6/0 43/4 1/0 . . 54/4 4758/744
11 6/2 11/0 23/0 55/0 . . 95/2 4853/746
12 3/0 19/1 22/4 153/4 18/4 . 215/13 5068/759
13 . . 14/0 148/1 91/14 . 253/15 5321/774
14 . . 3/0 122/2 95/6 2/0 222/8 5543/782
15 . . 4/0 130/1 32/0 4/1 170/2 5713/784
16 ..... ..... ..... 93/2 17/2 1/0 111/4 5824/788
17 . . . 50/2 17/0 10/0 77/2 5901/790
18 . . . 58/1 10/0 6/0 74/1 5975/791
19 . . 22/1 25/0 8/2 . 55/3 6030/794
20 . . 69/2 24/1 7/0 3/2 103/5 6133/799
21 . 2/0 80/1 23/0 8/0 1/0 114/1 6247/800
22 14/0 27/1 49/0 12/1 3/0 . 105/2 6352/802
23 9/0 51/2 44/0 4/3 . . 108/5 6460/807
DAY1 208/95 734/136 1238/165 1124/167 413/117 53/26 ..... 3770/706
DAY2 190/12 542/18 709/19 916/21 306/28 27/3 . 2690/101
TOT 398/107 1276/154 1947/184 2040/188 719/145 80/29 . 6460/807
VE3FU   SOSB/20 HP   440,1812008-12-31 10:42:08
Congratulations to VE3XD (LP) and VA7RR @ VE6JY (HP) on super SOSB 20m scores!
(10 years ago VA7RR and I operated 20m together at the VE3EJ MM).

Having moved from my old QTH 4 years ago I have been pretty much been off the
air since, except for a few multi-ops and SOSB 20 HP last year at VE3RM. I was
finally able to get my two towers (72' Trylons) and tribanders (TH6 & EX-14) up
late in October, and finished connecting the coax, rotor cables and control
wires about a week before the contest. Not having any antennas for the low
bands, I decided to do SOSB 20m again this year, and thanks to the loan of a
TL-922 from VE3AAQ (VO1AU) I was able to do HP. Unfortunately things didn't go
as well as I had planned in the first contest from my new QTH :=( On the bright
side - things can only get better!

Not having been seriously on the air since CQWW CW last year I was expecting
(and hoping) things would pick up right where they left off. Obviously that
wasn't the case. At the start of the contest last year I was able to run USA
stations, plus S&P SA, AF, and OC so that by the time I shut things down for
the night at 0700Z I had 300 QSOs in the log. This year, there was no USA to
run at the start and I had 23 QSOs in the log when I turned everything off at

When I wasn't able to get much of a run going into EU at sunrise Saturday I
thought conditions would be that way for the rest of the contest. I S&P'd my
way up and down the band during, in retrospect, what was a good opening to EU
and didn't make as many QSO's as I could have if I had stuck to CQing.

Like everyone else, I found the band very crowded and only open during the
daylight hours. As soon as the sun came up / went down it was like someone
threw a switch.

In the end, I made 360 fewer USA QSOs and 210 fewer EU QSOs than last year.
That accounts for the 2/3 reduction in QSOs and score from last year. That
plus the 4 fewer zones and 19 fewer countries :=( On the plus side, my pts/QSO
is up :=)

Thanks for all the QSOs and see you again next year!


CN2M(OH2MM)   SOSB/20 HP   2,050,8812008-12-31 11:58:45
This was a guest operation to Jim Sullivan's (W7EJ, CN2R) famous World-class
contest station located in the outskirts of Casablanca, Morocco. Jim himself
chose to operate 160 M Single band. Thus, the other bands remained for another
single-band effort. I chose to operate SOSB 20 meters.

RIG: Yaesu FT1000MP Mark V + ACOM 2000 amp.
ANT: Three monoband yagis for 20 m:
4-el at 15m fixed to EU,
5-el rotary at 26m,
4-el rotary at 27m.

With 3 independent yagis, it was comfortable to simultaneously cover the two
main QSO-sources, Europe and North America. Depending on the propagation, the
third yagi was pointed to Africa, Asia, South America, or Pacific, greatly
facilitating picking up multipliers, both from my own pileup and by

In some respects, this was an exceptional operation:
1. Not a single vistit by Murphy on 20M (however, Murphy bothered Jim on 160M)
2. The QSO count was the same on the 1st and 2nd day, which is very unusual
(usually the 1st day is much busier). This may be due to better propagation on
the 2nd day. Or, alternatively, the operator, having been QRT for the whole
year, got slicker on Sunday.

A disappointment was the poor propagation with the band closing early in the
evening and opening late in the morning. In particular, access to remote areas,
such as JA and the long path was poor.

I am very thankful to my host Jim for this opportunity. It was kind of
"bring-your-toothbrush-only" operation. Just take your seat and go ahead.

I also want to express my gratitude to:
*Ali, CN8TW, for lending equipment and providing housing in his ranch.
*Mohamed, CN8KD, for help with the licence and a good call, and for very nice
*Ibrahim ("braim") for his excellent household and assistance.

Please visit Jim's site for details of his dream station.

73 Ville OH2MM
OHØV(OH6LI)   SOSB/160 HP   245,0002009-01-04 03:11:51
Was on an expedition building OH0V.
Now some signal available on 160.
Thanks for the QSOs!
Some multipliers were impossible to get due to big pileups.
See you all in 2009 contests!
Jukka OH6LI
KQ2M   SOSB/20 HP   1,039,1042009-01-04 17:24:59

In November I made a post to this reflector about how to use
work and other "real-life" activities to help prepare for the contest
This new claimed US record is a direct result of that approach.

Over the years I have repeatedly had major inner ear problems which have
seriously restricted my ability to fly (and thus no Caribbean DXpeditions
for me). In February 2007 I developed a much more complex and serious nerve
related problem and I had not flown since that time. To be safe, I made a
decision to only fly to a vacation location that I could drive back from -
just in case. So my family and I flew down to Miami for a Caribbean cruise
and all was well until day 5 when a recurrence of the problem eliminated any
chance of flying back. After the cruise I rented an SUV in Miami and drove
back the 1347 miles to Connecticut in 26 hours.

To make a great contest score you need to maximize your "BIC" (Butt in
chair) hours and focus on maximizing rate. A little physical and mental
preparation go a long way to improving results and I knew that to get home
as fast as possible, I would need to drive in a way that I could maximize my
rate without getting speeding tickets or having to stop. I prepared to
drive at a constant speed without tiring myself too much and focus on a
minute by minute and hour by hour strategy to pile up the hours/miles. At
70+ mph, if you can keep going with only infrequent and brief stops, you can
drive a long way pretty quickly. I started at 2PM in Boca Raton, FL and
took off-time at 3:15 AM in southern VA, 902 miles later after driving 12
of 13 hours. The next day I made it home by 4:30 PM, with only one stop,
just like in the contests!

In the CQWWCW contest at the bottom of the cycle, with ZERO sunspots and 1
hour and 15 minutes less daylight than in CQWWSSB, I knew that I would have
to be machine-like in run efficiency and maximize every minute of operation
in order to have any chance at the record. I knew that I would have to run
hour after hour with no breaks; to pileup the q's and with such low muf, I
would have to be perfect in finding the brief openings, if any, to Asia,
and the Pacific. I would also have to work every PY/LU and VE
station and to cq endlessly on a dead band, "just-in-case" someone heard me
and called in.

Sure enough, CQWWCW started with a marginal opening to South America, and
after working the 20 audible stations, I proceeded to tune with the Top
antenna South to find a long path VK6, 3X5A (like a beacon all night long!)
and 3 ZM stations. Yes, even the New Zealand stations were peaking to the
SOUTH! Over the next 2 hours, I snagged 2 LP JA's, 9G5ZZ and a few SW Eu
stations - they each had a 5-10 minute opening and were gone. At 0317z
after calling cq for a long time, 3B8/SM6GOR called me for a double mult!
and then I found CT9L, TO3R and VK6HG followed by 2 more VK's. It was SLOW!
At the end of the 04z hour, there was a brief opening to Africa and I worked
9J3A, ZS6C, CU3HQ, ZS4TX, Z29KN and C4N. 5H3EE and 4X2M were S5 but they
could not hear me. Although I continued to hear JA's long path on and off
all until 06z, it was not possible to work them. I went to sleep with only
82 q's
in 20 zones and 32 countries.

At 10z 20 was open and it was already wall-to-wall with super weak Eu
stations. They were not runnable but 1 out of 3 could hear me and I S & P'd
a bunch of mults until just before 11z when my run started. My frequency
EXPLODED in a roar of Eu and Russian stations, at first 15-20 at a time and
then almost 50 deep! I had to pinch myself to remind myself that I was
operating in Connecticut, NOT in the Caribbean!
The pileup was so big that it hurt my rate as I struggled to pull out 1 or 2
calls at a time. Over the next 5 hours, my rates were 150, 157, 193, 177
and 165, with my first ever 200+ hour on 20 from my qth (205)! WOW!!!

I had to tune at the upper and lower ends of the pileup to get enough of a
callsign but very few stations were listening to my strategy and continued
call on top of each other. I had hoped to listen for any Asian stations
calling over the pole, but their was no chance in the EU ROAR! I could only
pull out Zone 14, 15 and 16 stations with the occasional zone 20. If
anything else was calling, it was being drowned out. The qsb was fast and
stations often disappeared between the first and last characters of their
call. This was HARD WORK and the rate was suffering. I kept plugging away
and finally the pileups diminished to the point where the rate actually
began to INCREASE! I was surprised at how few mults I had. At 1630z I had
about 1025q's with only 25 zones and 81 countries. Finally my luck began to
change as El2DX, 5X1NH and KH6FI all called in for 5 quick mults followed
shortly thereafter by several more TF stations (amazing activity from
there!) and VY1EI for zone 1. Then as the rate dropped, I began to use the
2nd FT1000MP VFO in between cq's and picked 17 mults in the next hour by
using the South pointing dipole at 40'! It was a pain though as the dipole
was on a separate antenna switch, so in the 3 seconds between cq's, I had to
manually push the VFO B button and turn the antenna switch, listen for 1-2
seconds, and then manually switch the 2 position Daiwa switch back and push
the VFO A button. This split second work repeated hundreds of times, was
VERY tiring!

Europe was completely gone by 18z and the next two hours were constant cq's
with an occasional VE or African or SA station calling in. J28JA, J39BS and
EA6ZS called me and then I found VP5W, 4L0A and YN2Z, each of whom I worked
while they were unsuccessfully calling other mults. The SA pileups were
intense and the African pileups were completely insane. Over the next 2
hours I worked 40 more stations, mostly S & P with a scattering of SA/NA and
African mults mixed in with the occasional VE and VK callers. At 2118 the
band opened marginally to KL7 and the Pacific and I worked KL7AC, KL2R and
KG6DX for a double mult. At 2135z, right at Connecticut Sunset, I went S &
to work every JA as well as 5K0T, AH2R, AH0BT. The JA
opening was 45 minutes shortpath and then disappeared with the rest of 20.

At 2345z I couldn't even hear any PY or LU stations. YE1ZAT was about S5
longpath with a lot of flutter and I gave up after 15 minutes of calling
him. I went upstairs to
watch TV and be with my family. I came back down at 0045z and worked YE1ZAT
at 0059 for a double mult. I was hearing the occasional JA and China
station longpath now, but they could not hear me. From time to time I also
heard VK6DXI and VK6HD longpath but I had already worked them.

Since I could not work any of the longpath JA and Chinese stations that I
was hearing (from S3 - S7), I took another break. My totals at 01z were
1278 q's 24 zones and 120 countries and I had a shot at the US record if 20
opened to Asia and the Pacific on Sunday. For some perspective, after 25
hours of the contest, I had only worked 7 countries in Asia and 4 in the

At 0230z I came back to the shack to hear about 10 different long path JA's
and three different Chinese stations. I called all of them over the next
two hours and only worked three of the JA's and NONE of the Chinese
stations. One China station was S7 and still could not hear me! There was
no African sunrise opening, however, 3X5A was a beacon for most of the
peaking at an amazing s9+10!! The only Pacific station that I heard was a
weak ZM1A who was peaking at 165 degrees instead of the usual 245! There
were no audible Eu or Middle Eastern stations. I went to sleep at 0630z and
awoke at 0930z ready to S & P Eu and African stations.

Unfortunately, 20 was DEAD at 0930z. At 1015z I finally heard a weak EA8
station but could not hear any of the EU calling him. This was a BAD sign!

At 1019z I heard and worked S50K followed by a few more EU over the next 25
minutes - all Eu stations were peaking 120 - 135 degrees with the few
Russians that I could hear peaking at 150 - 175 degrees! With the MUF this
low, I could not run anyone and with the loudest stations only S3 - S5, the
short-skip in Eu was drowning me out when I called. I continued to S & P
picking up mults TK5EP and RZ9OZO in zone 18 with an occasional Northern Eu
station. Most did not hear me, including EX2X who I never did work. I was
unable to run and now unable to work stations S & P! At 1130z Eu was STILL
coming in Skewpath! I realized that I would never be heard down low in the
band so I went all the way up in nosebleed territory where NO ONE was even
near me, hoping for the weak Eu and qrp stations to call me. At 1142 Eu
started coming in shortpath and I began a decent run on 14114! The rate was
slow but it was steady. More importantly, I was being heard in zones 21 and
22 and 4K4K, 4L3Y and VU2NKS called in along with and OH0 and GD4EIP follwed
by VU2PTT, and 7Z1SJ. Only TWO zone 17 stations heard me and nothing from
Zones 18, 19, 24 and 26. I heard EX2X come back to VO1HP but EX2X never
called me.

Although I had a good freq., the rate was lower than it should have been and
the RTTY stations were tearing up 14100 and above. I s & p'd 8Q7DV and
called a few other mults including 7X0RY but they could not hear me through
the relentless and FEROCIOUS Eu pileups. I started a run at 14033 and had a
few more hours of good rate, but it was clear that the band was open only to
EU and Africa. With only the top antenna rotatable and the signals being
mostly low angle, I was unable to split my signal
in the directions that I needed it. At 1645z I pointed the top antenna at
Africa and was rewarded with V51YJ and a few zone 33 stations. I began to
use the 2nd FT1000MP vfo again in between cq's and found TT8JT at 14122! and
some incredibly large African pileups with stations who refused to ID. I
wrote down the frequencies and checked them every so often. By 1730z Eu was
just about gone and every station had a massive pileup. I cq'ed constantly
and tuned with the second vfo and rotated the top antenna endlessly. I
found a good freq. at 14011 and worked the trickle of zone 14 stations with
the occasional zone 33 and zone 40. 9Q1EK called in (I had been chasing him
for two
days!) along with a few VK's. At 1950z I stopped cqing and tuned
only needing to concentrate on the few African stations that I had not

You know that you are desperate for q's when you have to fight through the
pileup of 9J2BO just for the three points! At 1959z I caught a break when
5Z4/RW1AU, simply overwhelmed by his pileup, decided to go split and listen
up 1. Only I heard him say "qsx up 1" through the endless callers following
the "scorched earth" policy of calling him endlessly so that no one
else could hear him. I worked him first call "up 1" for country #137 and
spent the next hour working a few weak PY's/KL7's and VE's. I had just
broken the US record (1.007 Meg) with 1.011 Meg but the extra 4,000 points
would never hold up after UBN.

At 2129 sharp, Connecticut sunrise coincided with JA sunset and over the
next THREE minutes I had my JA run of THREE stations. I worked a few more
VE's and 2 JA's over the next 15 minutes and then the band died. It opened
briefly at 2215 for another 10 minutes and then died again. Not even a PY
or LU was heard! The contest was over. I came upstairs and drank some
coffee hoping for "one more shot" at an opening before the end of the
contest. At 2315z I came downstairs and heard a weak JA peaking at 155
degrees, and THEN the band started to open back up at 2320z! I worked a
weak NH7O and then nabbed a very fluttery skewpath YB3MM at 2329z.
At 2331z I worked VK6HZ over the South Pole for VK6 number 5! and
tuned for Asia. At 2340z I found a surprisingly loud skewpath BU2AI who I
called for TEN MINUTES before he got was able to confirm my call. In that
time he had not worked anyone else and apparently no one else had heard him!
I was very lucky that no one called him and that he was also very
persistent! I was thrilled to FINALLY work double mult Zone 24 Taiwan and
thought how ironic it was to work Taiwan after hearing China all weekend but
not being able to
work it!

Two minutes later I found B4B and at 2357z he got my call and I had China
and country #139! The band was now open decently skewpath/longpath and
I frantically looked for the DU/9M2/9M6 and other stations that I had heard
earlier. I could not find anyone except JA3OOK who was my last qso at

With the three mults I got in the last 10 minutes of the contest, my final
score was:

2059 q's 37 zones 139 countries 1,039,104.

Good enough to break the US record by 3.2%. Hopefully it will hold up after

During the contest the mults I heard but did not work were: JW1CCA,
DU3NXE, 9M6XRO. CE0Y/SP6, EX2X. I never heard zones 23, 26 or 34.

The contest was split between run hours and "struggle to work anyone" hours.
The band did not close or open gradually, it was like a light switch - on or
off. I operated 30 hours and had:

1511 q's in 11 hours
1691 q's in 14 hours
1863 q's in 19 hours

I worked only
196 q's in the other 11 hours - mostly US and VE stations and about 15 LP

Here are the one minute rates:

3 per minute 221 !
4 per minute 96 !!
5 per minute 16 !!!
6 per minute 1

The best hourly rate was 205 - the first time I have done that on 20 from my

It was frustrating to struggle for Asian and Pacific q's and mults, knowing
that I missed almost everything that was on. But this is THE bottom of the
cycle and with ZERO sunspots all weekend I surpassed even my expectations
for what was possible.

When I broke the US 20 Meter CW record back in 1993? from KM1H I had done so
just after the peak of the cycle. The European activity has grown immensely
since that time which bodes well for cw contesting in the future. When you
can challenge and break a high-band CW record at the bottom of the cycle,
you know that the future of contesting is very bright!

One observation... I notice more and more stations refusing to give their
callsign, even after being asked! This is poor operating practice that
increases the number of callers and dupes, and wastes everyone's time,
INCLUDING the DX station. Even when I was running at 200+ per hour, I never
worked more than 5 stations without IDing, which was at maximum about 90
seconds. There is simply no good reason why all DX stations can't do this.
When a DX station is working guys at 5 - 6 minute, I don't mind waiting a
minute or so - but when the rate drops and people call endlessly, the DX
stations needs to ID MORE often, not less often!

I agree with the poster who noted that most of the best ops, with the
highest scores, tended to give their call very often, if not after almost
every qso. The best ops do not find IDing a burden - but look at it as an
operating efficiency. Only poorly skilled ops refuse to give their

In reading the contest writeups I was absolutely blown away by the large
number of EU stations that had 2000+ q's on 80 with 125+ countries! Even
though the 40 meter numbers were immense as well, this was the first cw
contest that I could ever recall where MANY EU and US stations had higher
qso totals on 80 than 40! AMAZING!

What a great contest this was filled with all kinds of surprises and
challenges. Just the way that I like it! Thanks to every one for the qso's
and especially to all the Dxpeditions for all the planning, traveling
and expenses incurred just to put on a new mult for the rest of us!

73 and Happy New Year!
Bob KQ2M
IG9W(IZ1GAR)   SOSB(A)/40 HP   1,393,7942009-01-10 03:06:24
bad wx strong wind and qrn in the first and second night. tks at all station
calling me . 73 emilio iz1gar
CU2X(OH2UA)   SOAB HP   7,864,0052009-01-14 06:03:50
It is not always that easy. I feel badly disappointed even after having the
highest European claimed score so far for CQWW CW 2008 and claiming the 3rd
highest score ever in Europe now at the bottom of sunspot cycle. Sic!

I don't give a damn about the score, but I'm not happy with my effort. I just
couldn't get the right feeling on for the whole weekend. It was operating
without passion and just pushing the score that should be enough to win Europe.
Like a civil servant doing the job what one has to do and then going home at

Normally I'm very well prepared for the contest but this time it was all
different. The contest started two days too early. There was a plenty of things
to do in order to leave the station with good mind for the winter season. So I
was doing all kind of little things and just didn't have enough time to get
prepared. At some point I had to make the decision whether to pay attention on
finalizing the station or getting ready for the contest, and this time
accidentally I had left the contest itself for low priority.

There's a lot of potential in CU2X station, as we saw on SSB leg. Unfortunately
I wasn't able to squeeze everything out of CU2X this time and failed in making
one of my dreams come true by breaking both SSB & CW European records in same

As always, my greatest thanks to whole team of the Azores-Finland Friendship
Consortium: CU2BV, CU2CE, CU2DX, OH2BH and OH8NC and to my home team, the
Arcala Extremes contest group.

73 de Toni, OH2UA
CT1JLZ(OK1RF)   SOSB/20 HP   942,1052009-01-14 14:11:58
Very bad weather, storms both two days. Both two days static rain.
During contest ten times clear out electric power. First morning on three
Thanks to all who called me.
73! Jiri, OK1RF
OE5OHO   SOSB(A)/20 HP   550,0952009-01-14 15:18:21
CQWW is. And I was there. But no sunspots. And Murphy introduced his sister
Abdominal Influenza to me after the first 24 hours. Otherwise a nice contest.
JA8RWU   M/S HP   2,640,2642009-01-16 19:30:11
Atsu, JF3NRI(aka N9KAU) visited Hokkaido from Tokyo for the test for the first
time to my QTH and to JA8. Maybe next time I hope he will enjoy Hokkaido other
than test.
Two full timers(NRI and me) made 99% of our QSOs. CDT and CLT just dropped in
to help us. Thanks to their help we could have a rest.
Very tough condx on high bands, but low bands were great. The most mults ever
on both 80m and 160m. Finally worked South America(HC8N) on 160m for the first
time and completed 160m WAC at last!