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SPDX RTTY Contest   2014   Apr 26   Comment Summary

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WJ2D   SOAB HP   2,041,8722014-04-27 03:37:18
Started late and went to bed early! Lots of fun chasing the sections. I worked
the last section at 0947z (P) for all Polish sections.
AA3B   SOAB HP   9,167,1902014-04-27 05:10:47
7453 QSO points
AA5AU   SOAB HP   1,647,0302014-04-27 05:51:11
First contest with new Dell Windows 8.1 desktop with 4-port serial card
installed. It worked great!

73, Don AA5AU
G4MKP   SOAB HP   1,004,6522014-04-27 05:59:15
Nice contest. Thanks for the Qs everyone.

AA5VU   SOAB LP   14,5532014-04-27 06:18:06
43 QSO's = 231 QSO Points x 21 Mutis x 3 Coninents
GMØFGI   SOAB HP   3,534,9302014-04-27 06:49:04
Conditions poor, very little heard on 10m.

Thanks for all contacts and to organisers.
VU2NKS   SOAB HP   3,424,6502014-04-27 07:20:23
Elecraft K3 with KPA500

3 El Steppir w/40m
N9IO   Multi-Op HP   130,9282014-04-27 08:23:42
668 total points,
8 provinces,
4 continents.
Decent conditions, I had a lot of fun working all over Europe..
Very good participation in this test, Congrats SP-DX RTTY.

Clay N9IO
Society of Midwest Contesters
VA7ST   SOAB HP   671,6102014-04-27 08:40:25
Just 8.5 hours, which is a couple more hours than usual on this one. Mults were
up considerably thanks to 20M EU and SP stations, although 15M provided almost
no access the Europe. Worked ZS6WB for Africa on 20M after 0430z -- a
tremendous surprise as I didn't think I'd get that sixth continent this year.

Managed more than six times my 2012 score, and another few EU contacts would
have tripled my previous best ever from 2013.

High bands were not in good shape. Fortunately, 20M had a bit of life though it
wasn't great. The polar path to Europe didn't offer too much until evening, when
I ran about 100 stations over two hours.

Band QSOs Pts DXC Prv Con
7 1 5 1 0 0
14 199 1685 39 15 5
21 17 145 6 0 1
Total 217 1835 46 15 6

2014 SOABHP 217 61 671,610
2013 SOABHP 130 46 239,890
2012 SOABHP 95 35 106,400
2011 SOABHP 111 27 77,328
2010 SOABHP 49 13 10,374
2008 SOABHP 159 13 41,912
2007 SOABLP 28 6 3,648
2006 SOABLP 78 23 41,492
2005 SOABLP 73 26 41,730
2004 SOABLP 79 17 41,565
F1IWH   SOAB LP   233,6402014-04-27 09:37:06
Rig TS450S 100W max-
Contest for fun.
Thank you all for Qso's.
73 de dan Qth nr Bordeaux
W5EW   SOAB LP   526,6142014-04-27 14:05:42
Band conditions were not good on any band with a lot of QSB. At times some
bands seemed to be open but few stations to work.

Thanks for the QSOs.

Station: Icom 7600 running 90 watts. Antennas: 20-15-10 dipole(home made
from Mosley TA33 driven element) at 32 feet with 1/4~ slopers on 40 and 80 at
27 feet. Software: N1MM with MMTTY and 2-Tone in a separate decode window.

2-Tone was a huge help and kept me from asking for many repeats.

Ray W5EW
K1SD   SOAB HP   2,446,8482014-04-27 14:36:24
The Titan is finally off the bench and on the air. I really enjoyed operating
HP for the first time in quite a while. Nice activity.

Elecraft K3, Ten Tec Titan, Bencher SkyHawk @ 70 ft, Cushcraft A4S @ 42 Ft,
Inverted Vs on 40 and 80.

73 James K1SD Rhode Island
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SOAB LP   5,4002014-04-27 14:52:04
K3, 5 meter wire with ATU (CG3000), Win-Test 4.11

I used Win-Test SP-DX module so score above is not accurate.
Not many DX except YB and JA....

73 Kazu
W6SX(W5SX)   SOAB HP   7,6002014-04-27 20:02:41
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY and
2-Tone, N1MM.
AE7DW   SOAB LP   7402014-04-27 20:35:46
TX: FT897 @ 100w
ANT: JTV680 @ ~25' (rooftop)
KDØFW   SOAB HP   376,7402014-04-27 22:05:01
966 x 65 x 6 = 376,740
SP4LVK   SOAB LP   807,6602014-04-27 23:15:15
RIG:FT-950 PWR:15 ANT: 2el Delta Loop & Long-Wire(50m)
F5RD   SOAB LP   1,976,2562014-04-28 00:21:06
Transceiver - IC751AF 80 Watts.
Antennas - Center-fed 2x20m on 80 to 10m, 2 el HB9CV on 10m.
Software - N1MM Logger V14.04.01
My ninth SPDX RTTY Contest and the best.
There were many stations on 40, 20 and 15m,
But 80m was very disturbed by stormy weather,
and 10m was in poor shape. Only 18 contacts
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
S56A   SOAB LP   2,819,2502014-04-28 01:30:30

73 de Mario, S56A
AB1J   SOAB LP   1,023,8762014-04-28 06:26:23
I did this contest because I have all this cool ham radio gear sitting on my

After a slow start things picked up Saturday evening on 40 and 20. I got up
early but Sunday morning was slow again. Still, I was happy with the overall
result. I don't know if the N1MM score calculation is correct, but it says I'm
a millionaire due to the generous scoring system. Inflation - I feel rich but
I'm not.

The skimmer ran fine and this was the first contest where I didn't think much
about it, just let it do its thing. It fed me gobs of spots and I gobbled them

I always like to experiment with something - this time a stand alone TrueTTY
window. TrueTTY has a good decoder but it isn't better than the sum total of
my other three in N1MM so I can't see much future for it in my shack. In any
case, it gets to be too much to keep track of in the heat of battle.

There was a lot of slow, deep QSB resulting in lots of repeats. I set my
repeat macro for five serial numbers, kind of long but hoping that eventually
I'd catch a good wave and ride it on in to the other station. I wish folks
would make separate repeat macros instead of just repeating their normal
exchanges which are often too short under bad QSB conditions.

28 of my 231 QSOs (12.121212...%) were with SP stations. At first glance 231
looks like maybe a prime number, but it has factors of 3, 7, 11, 21, 33 and 77.

Thanks for all the Qs. CU when I need my next contest fix, or else in the CQ
WW RTTY in September. Have a good summer.

Ken, AB1J

TS940S RCKskimmer XP
20-10m attic dipoles and outdoor 40m stealth antenna
NA2M   SOAB HP   301,2902014-04-28 09:04:47
RIG: Elecraft K3/KPA500 400W
Ant: R5 Vertical
W7RTX   SOAB LP   5,4122014-04-28 09:18:58
Band conditions deteriorated throughout the length of the contest.
W3FIZ   SOAB HP   1,151,1602014-04-28 17:01:06
Cut the grass, had a glass of wine,played rtty contest. Cut the grass had a
glass of wine played rtty contest. You know where this is going. Didn't have a
lot of time for the test. See all next year
K5GDX(@WM5DX)   Multi-Op HP   1,613,6642014-04-29 18:03:10
Our first club effort in a RTTY contest. Several of the operators had never
operated RTTY or had never operated in a contest before. All had a great time.

-- Ray WQ5L
LA1KUA   SOAB HP   584,1602014-05-09 16:08:53
1tH RTTY Contest
IC 7600 IC2KL

Windom + W3DZZ + Yagi
WA8HSB   SOAB QRP   402014-05-12 15:53:59
Quick in/out of shack before going to bed. Thanks for the Qs! 73, John