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North Dakota QSO Party   2016   Apr 16   Comment Summary

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KM4HI   Fixed HP   392016-04-17 11:35:00
Good propagation to ND from NFL on 20, 40 and 80m both days.
Needed 80m for 5BWAS, thank you W0ND!
Thanks to the ND stations who were QRV for the QSO Party.
73 - Jim KM4HI
WC7Q   Fixed HP   32016-04-17 14:12:57
Where were the operators.?????
AI6DO   Out of State LP   22016-04-17 15:56:21
Looked for ND and NE stations several times during the day, but found only one
ND station.
KN4Y   Fixed LP   12016-04-18 12:24:33
Worked that only CW operator I heard.