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CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB   2015   Feb 27   Comment Summary

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K3OQ(@W3RFC)   Single Op Assisted HP   23,5692015-02-28 08:09:36
The best I've done on this contest. Thanks to W3RFC for the use of the station.
Wish I had more time, but family activities prevent me from operating the
second night.
N7IR   Single Op LP   2,0472015-02-28 13:45:02
Ran a short operation on Friday evening to gather a few points for the club
score. Conditions seemed decent for a phone contest on 160 meters. HK1T was
loud here, but working only European and east coast stations. I did manage to
work a few Caribbean stations.

Gary, N7IR
KD5UVV   Single Op HP   30,7022015-02-28 22:07:01
Used 240' inverted V dipole for the contest, apex at 45' Static crashes moved in
on Saturday night. Beat my score from last year. Had a good time. Thanks to
everyone for the contacts. 73
W7FI   Single Op HP   12,0952015-03-01 01:08:51
K3, AL82, dipole, Pixel loop
EA7KW(@EA7PP)   Single Op Assisted HP   49,6162015-03-01 02:17:37
The purpose of going to the contest site was to install and test a new receiving
antena for 160 and 80m . I only stayed the first night. Conditions were bad, too
much noise and weak signals from Aorth America.
Thanks to all for your patience.

N4DU   Single Op Assisted HP   51,3452015-03-01 04:10:39
500w into Inv-L up
60 ft. Thanks for the QSOs
AG2AA   Single Op LP   20,1182015-03-01 04:10:45
Had fun. Casual, part time operation. missed a lot of the usual 6 and 7
stations. Worked several VE3 but rest of Canada missed!
KS4X   Single Op QRP   7052015-03-01 04:52:58
Just a little time to contest FT-817 and 160 dipole qrp 5watts
K5YAA   Single Op HP   76,5602015-03-01 05:23:06
A good contest with fairly good participation. SSB contests seem to have more
whiners than CW for sure. I had two guys slip down from well over 2 Khz away
and say the frequency is busy OM. What I thought to myself and kept rollin' as
I had been occupying the frequency for a number of hours. One old boy even told
me he heard me working people up and down the band and he knew I had not been on
"his" frequency until I called a few CQs. I asked both characters what
kind of radios they were uusing and didn't get a response so I just kept
hammering since I felt I was the one actually occupying the frequency. Oh, well
I'm glad the better contests are on CW where complainers don't exist.

Worked all 48 lower states and a handful of Canadian provinces. There must have
been a dozen or more NE stations on. I guess they are busy in the the cornfields
during Sweepstakes and NAQP because rarely does a NE mult show up in those
tests. Several from both Dakotas another pleasant surprise. Called by a number
of XE stations as activity from there very good.

Friend KI0I whipped me score wise with his big 'ol loop tied in the trees of

Thanks to N2NT and the CQ gang for anothrt fine contest in their cololection of
good ones.

73, Jerry K5YAA

Rig: K3 and Alpha 9500 into a Vee up 80'. N1MM logging.
N4PN   Single Op HP   131,3272015-03-01 05:35:54
Lots of activity the first night...little hard to get going on Saturday
evening...biggest surprise was being called by RW7K...big signal!
Enough noise from local storms to keep the EU count way down...
Had a goal of 750 Q's and would quit and finish packing..
Made it to 800 Q's and got in bed at 3am...
Leave tomorrow, along with Charlie, NF4A, for Croatia. See you next
weekend in the ARRL SSB DX Contest from 9A1A...9A4PN and 9A5PC before
the weekend...
Thanks to ARRL and all who showed up this weekend..
73, Paul

Inverted Vee - apex @ 90'
Assorted short bevs/EWE's
Logging w/Win-Key
K3WW   Single Op Assisted HP   107,9282015-03-01 05:40:36
Some broken receiving antennas, sorry for those I could not hear.
AC4G   Single Op LP   19,8262015-03-01 05:47:41
Band conditions were not good. Never heard the typical EU, JA, KH6, etc.

Tuned most of band 1800-1990 with high SWR above 1900. Best power out 95W
where antenna resonated, but due to length of coax to get to antenna (300ft)
figure power to antenna was 75W at most. Above 1900, with high SWRs, power
output measured was 8W max. Surprised stations heard me. There was a couple
6's and a VE7 that I did not work during the contest, but was able to work all
others I heard. Will needing to invest in an antenna tuner as I currently do
not own one.

Had fun! Thanks for the QSOs. Until next year....hope the conditions are
N3QE   Single Op Assisted HP   4,8602015-03-01 06:03:38
Best rate was in a run in the first half-hour, before the sun had even set! Then
it was time to go out to eat with family. Did a little S&P after getting
back, but not much. Had some vague plans to jump back in Saturday night after
NAQP RTTY, but no, did not happen (thoughts of spending more than enough time
next weekend on phone straightened me out!)
N2CU   Single Op HP   2,5522015-03-01 06:16:40
Just one sweep up the band (to about 1870) and then I couldn't take it any
longer. For me, SSB and 160m are like oil and water. DX that are normally easy
to work on CW would require several repeats, if I could work them at all. Plus,
add in all the splatter and US stations calling CQ a half kHz away from DX...
well, you get the idea.

K3, L7 1kW, 46' Inverted L, K9AY loops (got my SE-NW loop back in business
Saturday), N1MM Classic.

Tom N2CU <><
K4MM   Multi-Op HP   15,5822015-03-01 06:29:15
SSB tough down here in noisy SFL. Son John, W4IX, stopped by and got in the
chair for a bit. Hence the Multi-Op Category.

RIG: FT-950
AMP: Dentron 160-10 L
ANT: Inverted "L"
No Short Bev here anymore. Thanks for the Q's. 73 Tom K4MM
NS3T   Single Op LP   24,2422015-03-01 06:30:56
Tried hard to score higher, but conditions just weren't there for me either to
Europe or out West in the US. Very frustrating to be unable to get the
attention of mults in CA, ID and UT late on Saturday night. Just means I need
to spend the summer laying down more radials. Only used one inverted L because
of recent snow and ice cover.

Even with my 100 watts, I was able to run here and there. HK1T really had an
amazing signal, and ZF2AM was pounding in all weekend as well. Heard about 10
EU countries, but couldn't get through. Need those phased L's to be working.

I was a bit disappointed to hear a W station hold a run frequency for a VE to
allow that VE time to S&P the band, and then return to take back his secure
spot at 1803. That's not being a single operator.

73 Jamie NS3T
W4KW   Single Op HP   71,6942015-03-01 06:50:22
Thankfully I dropped the ends of my 160 Meter Inverted V before all the Ice and
Snow came, otherwise it too would probable have been trash like one 80 Meter
and one 40 Meter Double Bazooka.
The snow covered ground seemed to help my signal. Friday night produced over
400 contacts and was pretty quiet as compared to Saturday night.
Finally worked Rhode Island to capture all the contiguous States.
Worked several TCG Folks, Mark (K0EJ) was my first contact.
Thanks to all for the contacts.
K4WI   Single Op HP   59,0862015-03-01 07:17:25
only had very limited time for this one! Tnx to all! Cort, K4WI
N4FP   Single Op LP   2,3692015-03-01 07:23:41
Testing new Flex 6300 on 160, 100 watts. Live in restricted antenna community,
so at night pulled a 20' fishing pole up flagpole with 4 foot overlap at top
for a total height of 38 ft, fed through SG-230 tuner at base. Thanks to those
who worked hard to pull me out of the mud, as well as those who tried but
KU2C   Single Op Assisted LP   10,3352015-03-01 07:30:46
RIG: K3/P3 and 43'Vertical

Thanks to all who could hear me!
K3OO(@K3OOOOO)   Single Op Assisted HP   15,7202015-03-01 08:20:01
Most of my op time was Friday night. About 15 minutes Saturday night.
Conditions to Europe seemed poor. I heard a lot of Europeans with good signals
on the EU beverage. Lots of them were CQing on the same frequency as USA
stations CQing.

Rick K3OO
W4WWQ   Single Op HP   28,7102015-03-01 09:32:41
Missed 5 of 48 states and 9 Canadian, mostly maritime.

Guess I need more than 5 radials under the 1/4 wave vertical. A beverage would
help too. There is always next year.
KØVXU   Single Op HP   92,7362015-03-01 09:39:34
K3, TL-922A, Inverted L

I hadn't planned on operating much in this contest, but as things worked out I
was able to spend a considerable amount of time in the chair. My 6+ decade old
body is telling that, too.

Friday/Saturday was very busy with lots of activity. Here in the middle
country we don't hear the DX as well as others, but I did manage a couple of DX
contacts across the Atlantic. Running seemed to be productive but S&P
provided some good mults.

Saturday/Sunday seemed slow. Many of the stations I heard were already in the
log. Running still seemed productive but there were many minutes of S&P.
Also, the atmospheric noise went up Saturday night as snow began to fall. The
noise floor went from S7 to S9+10. If it were not for the ability of the K3 to
knock down the noise, my totals would have been much lower.

A big thanks to all who provided a QSO and a special thanks to all those who
had the patience to stay with me as I struggled to copy through the noise.

Let's do this again next year, okay?

Russ - K0VXU
N1CC   Single Op LP   20,9762015-03-01 09:40:56
Elecraft K3/100 100W to Inverted L used PRO-1B Loop on receive.

The ambient noise level (local) on 160 is S9 +10. The InLogis loop worked
partially. I have a problem with very low signal levels, and am waiting for a
new pre-amp to see if that is the problem. Loop directivity is very good, and
it's sharp. Could not hear several stations that called, no matter what I did
by turning the loop, the SNR is just not good enough -- InLogis has worked with
me and I think the problem will be resolved very soon.

Friday night conditions seemed better than Saturday. Friday NP4** called me
and could not get his call -- his direction is toward one of the local noise
sources. Saturday Lightning Crashes pretty well made only the
"strong" guys get into the log.

Two of the strongest stations worked and heard full time during my on-the-air
time had poor suppression on their SSB signal, with the USB about 10 dB lower
than their main signal. One was in Texas and the other in Georgia. As long as
I stayed 10 kHz away from them all was good. I am sure others who know them
have spoken to them about having a clean signal.

This was my first real foray into SSB on 160. Interesting, and am hopeful that
I get the loop working right - so that I can hear the weak stuff!
ZF2AM(K6AM)   Single Op HP   509,6462015-03-01 09:43:33
Conditions were fair the first night and we had a nice but short EU opening.
Not as good on day two. The band was quieter than most years but the EU run
just never got going. Thus was our highest score in the past several years and
second highest ever. I got the sense that we were louder than years past. Stan,
K5GO, gave us a new vertical antenna that he used to post the high score in the
160 CW contest last month. It worked better than our regular two element wire
beam on the more distant states.

Thanks to everyone for the Q's. Thanks also to Andrew and the gang at the CARS
for the hospitality and the use of the very fine station.

I'll see you next week at PJ2T to join WE9V and W0CG to try to break the record
in the ARRL SSB contest.

John, K6AM/ZF2AM
NM9P   Single Op Assisted HP   24,5982015-03-01 10:08:46
Flex-6500 to an Offset Fed Dipole up 38 ft. & 20 ft. rotatable shielded
magnetic loop installed Friday right before contest.

Running Low Power Assisted, But CQ doesn't allow LP-Assisted, so I must
register as High Power-Assisted and run/score with the big boys!

First time running this contest Assisted with N1MM+ (or any N1MM program)
Nice! Almost tripled my score from last year's 8588 (LP-Unassisted)!
K5WRN   Single Op HP   1542015-03-01 10:13:16
Noise on 160m is tough. Not enough ops willing to work at pulling out weaker
stations. shame.

Kenwood TS-480 / Ameritron 811-H (700w) / 200' dipole
AA3B   Single Op HP   22,1282015-03-01 10:16:41
SSB, yuck.
WD5R   Single Op HP   121,3372015-03-01 10:31:36
(As heard from the living room)

The results did not justify the effort.
Must have set a record for most time
spent cq'n with no results Saturday evening.

Also, must have set a record for most times
contacts resulted in smiles for Marlene.

And speaking of something new and different,
Saturday night Marlene found herself with
one foot in a "sand box".

I almost fell out of my chair when her side
of the conversation indicated that the Guys
encouraged her to keep the freq and they moved.

It's that type of friendly acceptance that keeps
her going through the long dull stretches.

Both Marlene and I will have good thoughts
of 160 meter contesting as we look forward to
the next contest season.

For Marlene,
Thanks for the good times,

Doug, n5ect,
2nd in command at WD5R
NI7R   Single Op HP   7982015-03-01 10:37:35
Played a little Friday night to see how well my inadequate 160 vertical (coil
with 14 foot whip) performed on SSB. As expected, not very well. Furthest
contact was OH.
KG7H   Single Op HP   86,8142015-03-01 11:12:01
Conditions were very good first night, very slow slog the second night with poor
propagation to the east, until after midnight. Worked all states except Vermont.
No Canada worked or heard east of VE3. I was happy to have my endless CQ's
answered by some DX multipliers: LU. PY, and a few others. Nothing worked west
of KH6, usually I can get a UA0 or VK/ZL by the second morning but none this

Thanks to all who worked me and apologies to those I could not extract from the
noise, thanks for trying.

Best 73 de Craig KG7H
W5WMU   Single Op HP   38,6502015-03-01 11:33:16
Lousy conditions..with A 15 and k 3 shut it down early. Save energy for this
weekend. Tnx for the Q's Pat
KC2TA   Single Op LP   1,2152015-03-01 11:35:05
80 Dipole/40 Vee same feed up 45
KE4KMG   Single Op Assisted HP   10,0802015-03-01 11:41:27
CQ160SSB Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2015-02-27

CallSign Used : KE4KMG
Operator(s) : KE4KMG

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : SSB
Default Exchange : TN
Gridsquare : EM65XF

Name : Michael K. Boyea
Address : 1741 Carter Rd
City/State/Zip : Decherd TN 37324-3976
Country : USA

ARRL Section : TN
Club/Team : Tennessee Contest Group
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4659.0

Band QSOs Pts StP DXC
1.8 104 240 37 5
Total 104 240 37 5

Score : 10,080
Rig : TS-2000


Soapbox : Program crashed lost 12 QSO

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2015-03-01 Signature : Michael K. Boyea
KB8O   Single Op HP   34,2722015-03-01 11:46:48
Only had 3 hours on Friday evening, and with the NAQP 1 hour Saturday night.
Band was full from top to bottom but decided to sit and run.A lot of good
signals and a fun time again on 160...

Jay KB8O
1100 foot loop @ 70'
Icom 7600 , HF AUTO , ALS 1306
N1MM Logger
HK1T(@HK1R)   Single Op Assisted HP   1,064,7142015-03-01 11:51:49
Tks To All Station, A lot of Fun, Heavy QRM but now the beverages its working
better, see you on the next Contest ;-)

K8TE   Single Op Assisted LP   1,0372015-03-01 12:45:47
Maybe next year I'll have time and a 160M antenna?
NØUJJ   Single Op LP   2,6402015-03-01 12:57:31
Decided to play for a bit
100w into a "inverted L"
thanks for the Q's
K3NM   Single Op Assisted LP   48,1742015-03-01 13:14:06
Icom 7600 with 160meter full size vertical delta loop,Thanks for all the
VE6JY   Single Op Assisted HP   42,3282015-03-01 13:19:06
Poor conditions first night, went to terrible the second night.
W7WHY   Single Op HP   1,0082015-03-01 13:22:54
160 CW is a lot of fun. SSB not so much. Thanks for the Q's and 73

TS-450SAT + AL-811H ~550 watts
Inverted 'L'

N1MM Logger Plus
S54O   Single Op Assisted HP   29,0822015-03-01 13:26:33
Band QSOs Pts StP DXC
1,8 160 786 0 37
Total 160 786 0 37
Score: 29.082

Ts590 + GU81
Dipole @3-12m
KØIDX   Single Op HP   88,1642015-03-01 13:31:57
Poor condx from ND, lots of noise, needed KL7....again.
K3TN   Single Op LP   10,7422015-03-01 13:37:13
TS-850 to 51' T antenna

Just a few passes up and down the band to give out the rare MD multiplier to
the deserving. Snow and ice have covered up the doghouse (laundry tub) covering
the base feed - kinda squirrely loading up but fun to see how far 100w could go
on 16 SSB. Got a few west coasters.
NJ8J   Single Op LP   2,2002015-03-01 13:57:33
Alinco DX-77T
LDG AT-11MP Automatic Antenna tuner

100' OCF Dipole fed with ladder-line

Logger: yfktest

Put in 3 hours. My setup is definitely a rabbit (the small mouth part, at any
rate) on this band.
K3PA   Single Op HP   23,8922015-03-01 13:57:55
Nice rates!
N1SZ   Single Op Assisted HP   62,2482015-03-01 14:00:49
Friday night was fun. Good run rates and low noise. Saturday was a different
story. Local noise was horrible Saturday. Despite the K9AY loops, the noise
got the better of me. I went to bed early and hoped that the local noise would
abate by 4am local.... it didn't. Everything Saturday night/Sunday AM was a
struggle. I personally prefer the CW contest to the SSB version. While there
are a lot of great SSB ops out there, there are some real LIDS too.

Thanks to all for the QSOs. See you next year!


W1TJL   Single Op Assisted HP   52,3262015-03-01 14:03:50
Another part time contest, luckily 160 Meter contests are perfect for that. I
only worked 9 hours or so. Conditions were not great - same antenna last year
had much better results. Everything worked well, no hardware or antenna

Started the day Saturday on a very sad note - the funeral of KB1H, Dick
It was very well attended by Amateur Radio brethren. He was well liked and
admired in our ranks. A great loss to our community.

73, Dick. We will miss you...

K3ZM   Single Op HP   387,9802015-03-01 14:08:16

If the geometric center of your house has icicles hanging down from it, this
has a negative connotation.

If the field mice are moving out of your house because it is warmer outside,
this has a negative connotation.

If the best way to get out to your listening antennas is on a pair of ice
skates, this has a negative connotation.

If the temperature in the radio room of the Titanic was higher after the ship
sank than it currently is in your own shack, this has a negative connotation.

If you have yet another burst pipe despite draining your elevated house as best
you could upon departure, this has a negative connotation.

If you prudently left the thermostat at 62 degrees when you left but arrived to
find that the trap under the kitchen sink was frozen solid, this has a negative

If you “pre-bought” your propane last August for the entire season but they
still let you run out, this has a negative connotation.

If you have to wait two days for your radio equipment to reach normal room
temperature before turning them on, this has a negative connotation.

If there is more sign of PEI in the real estate listings than there is in a 160
meter contest, this has a very negative connotation.


The competition started out with a decent level of activity, even though the
event began an hour before my sunset. There was some sort of band noise about
S3 throughout Friday evening, but no bothersome QRN. Hourly totals to start
out were as follows:


Virtually no EU stations were worked around or after my sunset either evening.
Usually in this contest, stations like UU7J, EI7M and others call in early, but
not this year. As EU sunrise swept across the continent, I moved up to around
1890 and enjoyed a sustained run of DX stations under quiet conditions.
Signals from EU were not that strong, but they were good enough. One DL
station happily announced that he was running only 100 watts.

The west coast was coming in well. Many VE7’s were worked both nights. A
happy surprise was being called by Roger, VK4YB at 1015Z on Friday night. I
worked a couple of KH6’s but no other Pacific. I enjoyed a lovely collection
of multipliers across the South America, Central America and Caribbean region.
At bedtime Saturday my totals were as follows:

832 QSOs
45 Countries
57 States and Provinces
100 Europeans

The sunrise opening to EU on Saturday night had lower signal levels. It was
much harder to copy the EU’s. At times, working them was like a VHF opening.
By 0530Z, EU was done and I had managed to put another 40 of them in the log,
for a total of 140 for the weekend. This EU run on Saturday night was on about
1965. There is some room to spread out in this contest and people know to look
up there.

I had hopes of reaching 1,250 QSOs before the end, but there did not seem to be
that many stateside stations to work on the second night.

One highlight was working brother K2DM, who put up a dipole at his old house in
NJ just so he could contact me. George ended up working many other stations,
including FL, MN and CO. All with an antenna 10 or 20 feet above the ground.
Another highlight was working nephew Patrick, KK6ZM.

I missed VY2, VO1 and VO2, as well as the VE8 stuff that I deny exists. Never
heard KL7.

A very hearty well done to John, ZF2AM, whose signal was pounding in here
Saturday night. I think that new vertical is a winner.

Thanks to all for the contacts.


Peter K3ZM
LY5W   Single Op Assisted LP   10,2122015-03-01 14:23:37
Kenwood TS850 and 40m DELTA Loop
Not for me this time, not from this QTH
OT6M(ON9CC)   Single Op HP   128,7902015-03-01 14:34:28
Due to coughing and a sour troat, I missed the first night but got up at 0600Z
and worked a handfull of stations, including HK1T barefoot!. Then I started at
about 1500Z and went to bed shortly after midnight local to catch 4,5 hours of
sleep. I then managed to work a handfull of north Americans (no VE). Heard K3ZM
but he was too high in QRG where my antenna isn't tuned.

Shortly after I started I had a visit from Murphy and the DSP-B board on my
IC-7800 gave up ... a known issue with the 7800 ... had this issue in the past
with the DSP board of RX-A so immediately recognised the issue. After a
cool-down and restart, RX-B came back.

General impression: well, it's 160m SSB contest ... that means digging out weak
stations in a really crowded band with adjacent 59+20dB signals close packed. I
had a good laugh when I got chased by a PA station living in DL who thinks he
is entitled to have a clear frequency below 1.900MHz and doesn't want any QRM
from neighbouring stations (duuuuh ...! LOL) ... so it was the fun of CQ160SSB
as usual :)

+ It was nice to make my friend Paul, ON2PCO's first QSO on 160m.
- Litte VE/W worked.
- I need to remember to swap the bathroom LED-spots with old-fashioned power
consuming halogen spots before the next 160m contest ;)

Setup: full-size dipole, IC-7800, ACOM2000, N1MM+

All QSO's recorded so drop me a note if you want the mp3 of our QSO.

NA1DX   Single Op HP   67,9522015-03-01 14:35:27
Fun to get runs going!
OK2BFN   Single Op Assisted LP   102,5552015-03-01 14:37:18
IC746, inv.L ant.
73, Tom
WX4G   Single Op Assisted HP   150,7882015-03-01 14:42:54
Interesting contest...US activity was down..but European activity was up. Fun
going thru the European peaks both nights...loudest European was DG1CMZ peaking
20 over s9 at the peak. I tried to get over 600 q's...but could not find any
stations I had not worked...and endless CQ's with nothing...but the few
stations I worked said I was loud. South Florida is not the best place for
this contest...we are 300+ miles from all the other states. Was happy to get
HV0A on SSB...and only missed MT for states...but no VO, VE 1, 2 or 5. Glad to
get VE7NY...NE was my last state!! I was Non-assisted up until Saturday
midnight...and got decided to add 12 mults by going assisted...HV0A
was #1!!
W3DQ   Multi-Op HP   36,3232015-03-01 14:49:24
Quite a slog. Paul, N8HM, came straight from work and put in a lot of time and
energy (thanks!) and had to deal with our initial station problems. We had RX
antenna issues that resulted in our not using them after all. We also
never got the spotting configuration to work properly.

The band was noisy Friday night, but nice and quiet Saturday night.
Unfortunately, that didn't translate to better results.

For reasons we can't quite understand, we were rarely spotted When we were
spotted, we had some nice, albeit, short, runs. [Parenthetically, we did note
that a neighboring station was self-spotted]. Not much beyond the Midwest (no
SD or NE) or the far west (no NM, MT, NV, CA, UT or WY), and very few
Canadians. Maybe next year!

We seem to be in a rut -- our scores have been relatively the same for the
couple of years. It's time to really understand the radio environment and what
can be done to improve things.

Thanks for the Q's. We had a fun time!

Eric W3DQ (w/Paul,N8HM)
Washington, DC


Orion 565 + Hercules II (500w)
N6KI(@NX6T)   Multi-Op HP   67,3202015-03-01 15:16:38
Conditions poor and local noise was so high on our full length INV V Dipole that
we resorted to using our 6 ft RX Loop for entire contest. We know there many
stns calling but when we nulled out the major local noise source the loop then
did not favor direction many signals were arriving from. 2 K3s, ACOM 2000A, 6
Ft RX loop. 73 de N6KI
SEØX(SMØMDG)   Single Op QRP   34,4422015-03-01 15:34:43
QRP was much more fun than I initially thought! I logged 200+ Qs - almost half
the number of my SM LP record, and more than a third of my HP and ASS SM

Mostly its hard and slow, but I was surprised how well some operators hear,
even some weak stations like CR3L and RA9Y picked me up right away. On the
other hand there are some strong stations out there that definitely lack in
RX antenna department.

99% of the logged calls are obviously in EU with DL and SP in the lead. The
only DX worked are CR3L and RA9Y mentioned above. Many more where heard, but
there is just so much 5 watt can do.

Most of the contest I used the SunSDR 2, a physically small but loaded Russian
SDR. Having the band scope really made a difference for S&P but also made
it simple to quickly locate a “hole” to run in. At the end of the contest
used the K3 and I instantly missed the band scope!

SunSDR2 & Elecraft K3
SPE 1k (used the tuner)
Top loaded 20 meter vertical & FCP
Pennants and Clifton Labs active whip
Power 5 watt
C6ANM   Multi-Op HP   168,4922015-03-01 15:38:56
This was better than our short operation last year, but not matching our better
years here. We just did not seem loud. We called many strong stations but got
no replies, e.g. XE1RCS, VE7GL, NV7NV. Perhaps is it is our limited power
restrictions here in the Bahamas. We can only run 200 watts, unfortunately
this puts us into the High Power category for Multi-Single. We did not work
SD, MT, NV or WA, although we did call NV. Similarly, we did not work BC, MB,
NF, NS, PEI or QC in Canada!

We did enjoy the weather here though! A good time of year to thaw out after a
hard winter in New England.
KØOO   Single Op LP   22,8992015-03-01 15:45:55
Quite a challenge as always. Had some interesting weather here as well.
We could use more participation from the western states and the Canadians. The
elusive state seemed to be South Dakota. Band conditions were holding up
throughout the test. Lets look forward to the next one and to some better

Many thanks to all that helped to make this possible.


Pat K0OO
W5AP   Single Op HP   4,3502015-03-01 15:54:38
Just a K3 to a SPE 2K-FA amp to a 60 foot shunt-fed tower with 16 radials
Wanted to see how my amp with its internal tuner handled 160. It was great
with <1.5:1 over the 1.8 to 1.9 range.
AA1K   Single Op HP   42,1082015-03-01 16:12:07
It always takes me a while to find the microphone and re-learn how it works to
get on in this contest. My usual casual operation, often high in the band and
with a lot of S&P. Always nice to say hello to old friends and new. Though
activity seemed down -- activity topped out around 1950 khz and in many years
I've found it going all the way to 2000. A good warmup for ARRL DX SSB next
weekend. Rig: K3, Alpha 89, TX arrays BS/EF and 3/4 el. parasitic. Lots of
phased Beverages and short RX verticals. Details
VE3PN   Single Op HP   257,5642015-03-01 16:12:35
Alpha 8410 crashed 3 times Saturday eve swapped to Centurion but lost good spot
below 1900. Apart from CA Missed Western stations not many 7's heard

KØPK   Single Op Assisted HP   17,1362015-03-01 16:14:04
Poor propagation made this one a slog. The band was quiet and signals were much
weaker than during the CW contest last month. Only DX worked was ZF. No EU or
PAC DX heard at all. Lots of "one-way" prop. experienced here.

Station: K2/100 & TT Centaur (500w), 1/2-sloper at 40'

Thanks for the mults & Qs! 73 - Paul, K0PK
N4DJ   Single Op HP   25,3802015-03-01 16:24:56
Rig Elecraft K3 and Drake L7 at 500 watts output
Inverted L for transmitting and Beverage on the Ground for receiving.

Thanks for the Qs.
AJ7T   Single Op HP   6602015-03-01 16:29:14
Tried my best. Heard many stations but they just didn't hear me. I guess a temp
inverted vee at 30 ft just isn't enough for anything but a cloud warmer. I'll
see what I can do to change my transmit antenna before the next 160m contest.
K1VC   Single Op LP   32,9772015-03-01 16:29:20
This was a lot of fun! I haven't participated in this contest since 2010. I
started a few hours late due to other commitments and it reflects in my score.
Did 50/50 S&P and run using N1MM Logger+. I didn't setup N1MM Logger+
correctly with my radio interface and so my radio wasn't logging the frequency
correctly (user error). Fixed that quickly and all worked well. Friday night
was hard, trying to get back in the swing of contesting. Saturday I had family
commitments but managed to operate a few hours. I was very surprised that I
could run a frequency with a simple dipole at 50 feet and 100 watts. I stayed
at the upper end of 160 and that certainly helped. I forgot how much fun it
was to run a frequency. I was amazed at what I could hear. I did a lot of
S&P on Saturday night to find multipliers. Unfortunately, I didn't work a
single European station but I heard so many of them. Thank you to all who

Vin, 73
KC4HW   Single Op HP   5,0682015-03-01 16:32:45
HP=200 Watts
Antenna: Inverted Vee, apex at 65'

Thanks for the QSOs.

KVØQ   Single Op QRP   55,5782015-03-01 16:43:22
Enjoyed working the states with 5 watts. Heard a number of DX stations but was
only able to work a few of the louder ones. Thank you to all the stations
which pulled my signal out of the noise and for the many who tried which I
could not work!

Best 73s

Bill KV0Q

Equipment Ten Tec Orion 2 with a Drake R4C receiver for tuning
Ant: Full sized 4 square vertical array with phased beverages.
VA7IR   Single Op HP   4,9022015-03-01 16:58:51
Never heard so many alligator stations,,that were over S9+ that could not
was ok on friday night,,but with a K5 index on sat night and living north, the
northern donut did its best to stop me from hearing and getting out..
Thanks to those that heard me and made the contact..
K3YDX   Single Op HP   21,7152015-03-01 17:18:09
Operating time hampered by some babysitting chores but enough time to have fun.
As others mentioned, the feed point for the inverted L was buried by snow and a
crust of ice impacting resonance a bit.
Sure seemed to be a lot of MI stations on and when I mentioned this to one of
them his reply said it all, "What do you expect, we have freezing
temperatures and 10 foot snow drifts. Where can we go?"

Thanks for the Q's
K9JX(KB9FBI)   Single Op LP   17,7872015-03-01 17:32:46
CQ160SSB Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2015-02-27

CallSign Used : K9JX
Operator(s) : KB9FBI

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : NON-ASSISTED
Band : 160M
Power : LOW
Mode : SSB
Overlay Category : CLASSIC
Default Exchange : IL
Gridsquare : EM49TQ

Name : Tim Childers
Address : 107 West Point Dr.
City/State/Zip : Jacksonville IL 62650

ARRL Section : IL
Club/Team : SMC
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4738.0

Band QSOs Pts StP DXC
1.8 161 363 45 4
Total 161 363 45 4

Score : 17,787
Rig : Yaesu FT-1000MP

Antennas : Dipole

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2015-03-01 Signature : Tim Childers
N2GC   Multi-Op HP   62,8912015-03-01 17:33:01
IC756PRO3, AL-1200, Inv Double L @55'
FP/KV1J   Single Op LP   6,8002015-03-01 18:20:38
Just on for a short time when I has some propagation. Using a dipole with the
center up 20 feet and half of it laying on the ice.

I could hear great! Low noise and both EU and USA stations very loud. Heard
stations all up the band. Often USA and EU both on the same frequency calling
Problem was that I was very weak. Very few stations could hear me although I
heard them 5/9 +10. Not much other choice this time with the WX so windy and
ground frozen so no guy anchors. No trees on this part of the islands.

73, Eric FP/KV1J
K4YCR   Single Op HP   2,7512015-03-01 18:29:37
CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Henry L. Wyatt II
ADDRESS: 306 Quail Ridge Drive
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V13.1.1
WB4MSG   Single Op HP   117,2162015-03-01 18:59:25
Not time for a full effort at qrp so went full power to make it a bit
more fun. Had a large noise source somewhere that gave me a fit at times
not sure where it was in the area. Got an ok from a neighbor to run a
beverage to the west at about 800 ft and it worked very well.
AK8H   Single Op QRP   3,5672015-03-01 19:09:51
Had short contest, the Flu bug set in early, and I spent all but the 2 hrs 15
mins on the couch. I look forward to next year and a better result
VE3BR   Single Op LP   13,9592015-03-01 19:26:06
Radio: Ten-Tec Jupiter
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4736.0 updated part way through to 1.0.4738.0

Conditions appeared to be very good with litttle to no noise. I started late
and off the bat was hearing Europeans (9A, DK, OK, EA and more) at 59 and a
whole bunch of NA/SA/Caribbean (ZF, C6, HK, NP4, XE and more) at 59+20 or
better, not to mention everybody and their uncle in K/VE. All this on my
non-resonant vertical. I thought something out of ordinary was in the making
and decided to go at 4 W in a QRP attempt. Nothing but frustration followed;
pretty much nobody was hearing me. After a couple of hours I decided to go full
blown 100 W from my Jupiter. Guess what? Nothing changed; nobody was hearing me
either. If I worked all I could hear, I would rake up quite a score. As it was
I have the following question: if an alligator is "all mouth, no
ears", then which animal is the opposite?
K4BAI   Single Op HP   42,1802015-03-01 19:42:23
FT1000MP, Alpha 91B, 1 KW, tee vertical. Good conditions. Good participation.
Worked S57DX and DK6WL, all time new DXCC countries on 160 SSB. Quite rare DX
for my compromise antenna. Thanks for the QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
K1RZ   Single Op HP   148,2002015-03-01 19:43:41
Good contest. First SSB contest on 160m. Stations were well spread out across
the band. Signals in the US very strong first night. Thanks everyone. Dave,
DJ8OG   Single Op Assisted HP   74,2562015-03-01 21:17:04
TNX for all QSOs. Even managed some NA and caribbean stations mostly on saturday
Little part time operation but it was (mostly) fun :-)

Vy73 Matt - DJ8OG
N6AN(@W6UE)   Single Op Assisted HP   10,8652015-03-01 21:39:12
Had a few hours to play following events near the station.
This was a Single Alligator Assisted operation. My apologies for not hearing
very well. There are no listening antennas nor space to install them, so both
tx and rx are with a full size horizontal dipole at about 100' I did manage to
pull a number of stations out of the noise after many repeats. Thanks for your
David N6AN

K3 with N1MM
Alpha 78
Dipole at 100'
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   4,9502015-03-01 23:04:14
I echo Tom's (N2CU) comments about 160 and phone. Throw in the LP factor and it
gets even worse...

I just made a couple of passes, working only new multipliers.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
SP3GTS   Single Op Assisted HP   90,8422015-03-01 23:15:21
IC-765+SB-220M, ANT:21,5m Vertical, K9AY, 2xBev 275m
N4MM   Single Op HP   12,7422015-03-02 00:27:35
Paper log mailed 3/2/2015
EA3PT   Single Op Assisted HP   86,9552015-03-02 00:46:08
A contest with very few conditions.
I had a whole weekend with technical problems
the end result has been better than expected after the first night
LY4A   Single Op Assisted HP   388,2402015-03-02 01:38:01
TNX for QSOs...

Very bad propagation in outher place for USA this weekend on 160m. Good
activity for Caribbean TNX for some guys ho called me on cq like us HC1PF,
PJ4DX, HK1T, NP4A, TO66R and some others. Bad activity this year from Africa
side and i think its first time with this low activity , maked only 3 mults
from this place.
Nice to work in test with online results by but to low use it
for this contest.

My congrasts to Garbry IT9RGY ho worked from OM7M with good results and nice to
race with him :) ...

Also TNX N2NT and K1DG for make new copy of my lost cq 160m 2003,2004,2005
plaques what received week ago from Doug.


Antennas: 2x Dipoles

So see all on next test what will be more us 3 on this month :) :

Thanks again and see all on the air...

Rolandas LY4A
Skype: rolkaxx

Look some photos from my FB profile:
N4XD   Single Op HP   138,3692015-03-02 05:14:09
Some random thoughts:

-Friday night/ Sat morning seemed much better to EU then Sat night/ Sunday
-Quite a few somewhat to very distorted signals. I'd think some of these folks
would be embarrassed to hear them.
-I was surprised to hear several signals below 1840 at the start (and
throughout) the contest. I NEVER had any problem finding an opening about 1840.
Perhaps some folks can't tune the antenna above 1840??
-N6RK had an outstanding signal from the west coast. Loudest I heard by far
-The two stations that called in from Z16 were also quite loud. Congrats to
them too for excellent stations.
-N1MM+ again worked flawlessly. Thank you to the team that created it and
support it. Excellent program!
-Ground here in Pittsboro NC was still covered with frozen snow. It appeared to
help the signal (better ground plane??). I missed several of the western states
and AK, KH6. Was pretty amazed at some of the European signals. Loud and, in
some cases, easier to copy then stateside signals. Never thought it would be
possible to work 20 plus countries on SSB on top band.

Overall an enjoyable contest even though I prefer cw. Thanks to all
K5GDX   Multi-Op HP   123,8082015-03-02 05:52:17
IC-7600 + Ten-Tec Titan (1KW)
Generator power
TX: Balloon-supported 1/4 wave vertical over ~40 radials
RX: 4-square

This was our club's fourth attempt at CQ160 SSB with this portable setup.
Everything worked as expected, there were no thunderstorms to shut us down, and
line noise wasn't a problem.

Conditions didn't seem so good though, especially the second night with the
high K index. Run rates were never very high and really dropped through the
floor during the overnight hours. DX signals weren't strong like in the CW part
or in ARRL DX last weekend. Mults from north of the border were few and far
between -- we only worked NB ON MB AB BC. We had no problem working all of the
CONUS mults, but nothing from AK or HI or anything else around the Pacific.

Thanks for the Qs! 73 de WQ5L
N3HEE   Single Op Assisted LP   15,1622015-03-02 06:11:38
Just playing around handing out a few Q's. Not much of a phone op. Trying out
my new Pro 7 headset. K3/100 @ Wires in Trees (WITS)
K7WP   Single Op HP   5,4082015-03-02 06:31:27
A few points for the Outlaws...

73, John K7WP ..
W1XX   Single Op HP   96,8242015-03-02 07:14:30
Man, this was tough sledding (no pun intended, as we got another 8 inches of
snow). Discovered right away that the beverages didn't work right. The
all-important WEST beverage was useless...the SOUTH bev was noisy...used the EU
bev for almost all directions...weird. A fix would have to wait til morning.
Trudging through 3 - 4 feet of snow on the back 40 woods found a couple of tree
branches on the wires...but day-2 proved no better. Storm noise or what?

EU were few and far between. The few loud ones had trouble hearing me and the
EU SR never really materialized. The best I could get out of HV0A was
"QRZ W1" ... later he got chased off 1823 for apparently being
out-of-band. I thought Francis could operate anywhere he wanted? No G, F, HB,
SP, S5 etc...few W6s and 7s....hard to believe.

On a good note, KH6CC did find me on my first SR. Where was Lloyd? And a loud
LU2DFK called in on the wee hours of morning-2.

Always nice to hear: "Thanks for the new one." 73! -- John, W1XX
W2GB   Single Op QRP   3402015-03-02 07:27:09
Antenna problem forced me to leave the contest early
W3LL   Single Op Assisted HP   267,3002015-03-02 08:50:29

Conditions on Friday were good thru the evening and night ending at 610 Q's.
EU stared calling in before and until their sunrise.

Saturday was very slow until 0200Z when the rate picked up. Only 323 Q's for

All Q's were generated while running with no S&P. The assisted category
accounted for 3 mults.

Thanks for all the Q's.


Bud W3LL
IZ4DPV   Multi-Op HP   368,0162015-03-02 09:50:13
wow, the first contest in multi single version.
Unfortunately, the setup and 'single operator hihihii.
the conditions of the first night with the united states have been worse than
the second night.
ps: many European stations were operating in the frequency where unfortunately
only Italy can 'transmit 1830-1850 ssb !!
strong signals from northern Europe and especially difficulty listening
stations out side europe.
a special thanks to the station v31ae robert, hk1t and a71cm signals with
really strong!
thanks to all the stations that call me!


73 iz4dpv max
KDØFW   Single Op Assisted HP   77,8202015-03-02 11:52:01
160 meters is still one of my favorite bands. Trying to build and tune antennas
and listening wires the day before the contest needs to stop. Also had problems
with the computer crashing 3 or 4 times and I think that the old XP is to blame.
I am still just a new contester at heart and am still in the learning stages at
this point. I will try and do better next year. All and all it was fun and will
look foward to next year. Mike
LU7DW   Single Op Assisted HP   7752015-03-02 12:00:46
OM7M(IT9RGY)   Single Op Assisted HP   448,4762015-03-02 12:15:08
Another fantastic adventure in one of my favourite hill :)
Thanks again to OM7M, especially to OM5RW Miro that helped me to setup the
station and put up the beverages.....ahh and for the beer ;)

At the beginning was really hard to keep a good freq and make QSOs, fist hour
on 90qso against 165 of LY4A.
After that I started to use full time the 2°VFO, the only way to increase the
number of QSO.
I didn't expect this high number of QSO, I missed 2-3 DXCC for sure.
It was funny listen in the pile up ZL1 and 9H with 9+10....maybe someone

Sunday morning I realized that I could beat the EU Record made by UU7J and I
got it!
Thanks to all of you for the QSOs and to LY4A for the fight on

73, Gabry OK/IT9RGY
W3NRJ   Single Op HP   5,0462015-03-02 13:30:13
Band in good shape noise-wise for contest compared to other times on band in
previous 2 months. CA copied late in the evening, but only one weak European
heard before midnight EST here.
DH8BQA   Single Op QRP   46,8222015-03-02 13:52:06
Elecraft K3, 5 W + full size Lazy Loop @ 18 m

Limited to QRP power due to RFI into the network connection mandatory for
remote ops. :-( Painful experience, QRP in SSB on 160 *is* a special kind of
masochism. ;-)

73, Olli - DH8BQA
9A5BWW(@9A7A)   Single Op Assisted HP   242,3972015-03-02 14:13:19
First time in CQWW160. Setup was inv L+inv V+PA. I was using 9A7A contest
location for this contest. RX - beverages, all reversible.
NR5M   Single Op HP   127,2332015-03-02 14:14:31
Was trying to get my K3 up and running in diversity mode but due to operator
setup mistakes and ancillary equipment failures (Not the K3),that never came to
pass. Spent some time at the start of the contest reconfiguring the station to
use my more comfortable Icom 7700.

I am still VERY interested in comparing the 7700 and the K3 side-by-side.
Maybe in the ARRL phone contest this weekend! We will see if I am up the
learning curve enough to make that happen.

Great fun as always. Even got some sleep in between Q's on the second night!

George, NR5M
IZ4AFW   Single Op Assisted HP   40,6352015-03-02 15:16:41
Unfortunately missed the two sunrises so just a (very) part time operation to
make some QSOs in SSB. CU soon!! de Fabio IZ4AFW / IO4W / NZ1W
KA1J   Single Op HP   20,3502015-03-02 15:19:48
Couldn't participate as much as I'd liked to have but had a good time anyway.
Had several people comment I was attempting a dupe QSO. Using N1MM, I must be
doing something wrong when it comes to logging. Would just go back to paper
check logs except for the current Cabrillo requirements and how that would
affect submitting efforts after contests are over.

Amazingly the AMTRAK QRM was not a factor in this contest, was wonderful not to
hear the buzzing & arcing that's usually louder than most of the radio

Lots of fun!

73, Gary KA1J
VA3TIC   Single Op LP   18,3282015-03-02 16:14:12
4hrs in total
N4BCD   Single Op Assisted HP   8,6582015-03-02 16:55:34
A 132' ladder-line fed doublet was pressed into service as an end-fed wire and
worked against a poor ground. The 300' beverage had decent ears but the TX
antenna couldn't even bust a pile up to SD. One of these days I'll have a
proper vertical for 80 & 160. Thanks for the Q's.
F6GOX   Single Op HP   154,6802015-03-02 17:18:23
Same antenna than for the CQ160 CW, one inverted L 20/20 meters. That means no
help from any receive antenna even if I have a 2K & 1.8K SSB filters from
INRAD. So the goal was to do what I can do... I play the game with the same
pleasure than the last month. The surprise was to do 501 qso and over 150.000
points. The propagation seems worth than during the cw party. No asia stations
was QSO except RA9Y (18) but how could I listen Asia without rx antennas in the
huge strong EU signals ? All the band was completly full of europeans from this
side... During the night and at my sunrise, nice signals were coming from US
but I lost QSO with many states. So I have taken a good decision : increase the
number of the radials, only 11 at this time, and built my rx antenna system...
WX all this week-end was rain, rain, and rain... Thanks for all QSO and see you
next contest. 73 Laurent F6GOX
VE3SS   Single Op Assisted HP   41,2622015-03-02 18:13:10
First time participating from my own station.
Using a brand new inv-l, it appeared to work
quite well with alot of positive comments.
Had alot of fun. Thanks for the Qs.
KØTT   Single Op HP   127,1972015-03-02 19:08:38
Compared to last year, I managed 100 more QSO's but multipliers were down. No EU
or PAC heard this year. Final score about the same.

IC-765/TL-922A 1/8 wl vertical top loaded w/32 radials.
W3HAC   Multi-Op HP   2,0572015-03-02 19:26:07
Antenna and Weather problems plagued us early on. Did not get as much time as
had hoped for. Had a great time so be sure to look for us again on the next
one. Many thanks to all that helped to make this possible.

Don K6zo and Meghan Kc7MOC
W1AN   Single Op Assisted HP   76,7902015-03-02 21:10:32
Noise was low but not the best propagation. Struggled copying many stateside
stations. Thanks to those who stayed with me. Took a short break Saturday nite
at 0330Z, but then found myself waking up near 0630Z. No catching up on EU
after that! Trying to find a place to park was not easy but I did enjoy the
short runs.
73, John W1AN
RW7K(@UA7K)   Single Op Assisted HP   337,7702015-03-02 23:34:49
First night no openning to USA/VE, the only station I've worked was K3ZM. Second
night condition to USA/VE was better. Nice to be called by :
EA6URA,EX8MK,VR2XAN and others. Thank you guys !!! 73 ! Andy ex.uu4jmg

Worked DXCC

DXCC | CT | 160 | TOTAL
1A | EU | |
1S | AS | |
3A | EU | |
3B6 | AF | |
3B8 | AF | |
3B9 | AF | |
3C | AF | |
3C0 | AF | |
3D2 | OC | |
3D2/c | OC | |
3D2/r | OC | |
3DA | AF | |
3V | AF | |
3W | AS | |
3X | AF | |
3Y/b | AF | |
3Y/p | SA | |
4J | AS | |
4L | AS | 3 | 3
4O | EU | |
4S | AS | |
4U1I | EU | |
4U1U | NA | |
4U1V | EU | |
4W | OC | |
4X | AS | 5 | 5
5A | AF | |
5B | AS | 2 | 2
5H | AF | |
5N | AF | |
5R | AF | |
5T | AF | |
5U | AF | |
5V | AF | |
5W | OC | |
5X | AF | |
5Z | AF | |
6W | AF | |
6Y | NA | |
7O | AS | |
7P | AF | |
7Q | AF | |
7X | AF |
8P | NA | |
8Q | AS | |
8R | SA | |
9A | EU | 10 | 10
9G | AF | |
9H | EU | |
9J | AF | |
9K | AS | 1 | 1
9L | AF | |
9M2 | AS | |
9M6 | OC | |
9N | AS | |
9Q | AF | |
9U | AF | |
9V | AS | |
9X | AF | |
9Y | SA | |
A2 | AF | |
A3 | OC | |
A4 | AS | |
A5 | AS | |
A6 | AS | |
A7 | AS | 2 | 2
A9 | AS | |
AP | AS | |
BS7 | AS | |
BV | AS | |
BV9P | AS | |
BY | AS | |
C2 | OC | |
C3 | EU | |
C5 | AF | |
C6 | NA | 2 | 2
C9 | AF | |
CE | SA | |
CE0X | SA | |
CE0Y | SA | |
CE0Z | SA | |
CE9 | SA | |
CM | NA | |
CN | AF | |
CP | SA | |
CT | EU | 6 | 6
CT3 | AF | 1 | 1
CU | EU | 1 | 1
CX | SA | |
CY0 | NA | |
CY9 | NA | |
D2 | AF | |
D4 | AF | |
D6 | AF | |
DL | EU | 135 | 135
DU | OC | |
E3 | AF | |
E4 | AS | |
E5/n | OC | |
E5/s | OC | |
E6 | OC | |
E7 | EU | 3 | 3
EA | EU | 20 | 20
EA6 | EU | 1 | 1
EA8 | AF | |
EA9 | AF | |
EI | EU | 5 | 5
EK | AS | 1 | 1
EL | AF | |
EP | AS | |
ER | EU | |
ES | EU | 2 | 2
ET | AF | |
EU | EU | 10 | 10
EX | AS | 1 | 1
EY | AS | |
EZ | AS | |
F | EU | 19 | 19
FG | NA | 1 | 1
FH | AF | |
FJ | NA | |
FK | OC | |
FK/c | OC | |
FM | NA | |
FO | OC | |
FO/a | OC | |
FO/c | NA | |
FO/m | OC | |
FP | NA | |
FR | AF | |
FS | NA | |
FT/g | AF | |
FT/j | AF | |
FT/t | AF | |
FT/w | AF | |
FT/x | AF | |
FT/z | AF | |
FW | OC | |
FY | SA | |
G | EU | 17 | 17
GD | EU | |
GI | EU | |
GJ | EU | |
GM/s | EU | |
GM | EU | 3 | 3
GU | EU | |
GW | EU | 3 | 3
H4 | OC | |
H40 | OC | |
HA | EU | 12 | 12
HB | EU | 15 | 15
HB0 | EU | 2 | 2
HC | SA | 1 | 1
HC8 | SA | |
HH | NA | |
HI | NA | |
HK | SA | 1 | 1
HK0/a | NA | |
HK0/m | SA | |
HL | AS | |
HP | NA | |
HR | NA | |
HS | AS | |
HV | EU | 1 | 1
HZ | AS | 2 | 2
I | EU | 58 | 58
IG9 | AF | |
IS | EU | |
IT9 | EU | 6 | 6
J2 | AF | |
J3 | NA | |
J5 | AF | |
J6 | NA | |
J7 | NA | |
J8 | NA | |
JA | AS | |
JD/m | OC | |
JD/o | AS | |
JT | AS | |
JW | EU | |
JW/b | EU | |
JX | EU | |
JY | AS | |
KG4 | NA | |
KH0 | OC | |
KH1 | OC | |
KH2 | OC | |
KH3 | OC | |
KH4 | OC | |
KH5 | OC | |
KH5K | OC | |
KH6 | OC | |
KH7K | OC | |
KH8 | OC | |
KH8/s | OC | |
KH9 | OC | |
KL | NA | |
KP1 | NA | |
KP2 | NA | |
KP4 | NA | 2 | 2
KP5 | NA | |
LA | EU | 5 | 5
LU | SA | 3 | 3
LX | EU | 2 | 2
LY | EU | 24 | 24
LZ | EU | 6 | 6
OA | SA | |
OD | AS | |
OE | EU | 4 | 4
OH | EU | 7 | 7
OH0 | EU | |
OJ0 | EU | |
OK | EU | 34 | 34
OM | EU | 9 | 9
ON | EU | 12 | 12
OX | NA | |
OY | EU | |
OZ | EU | 8 | 8
P2 | OC | |
P4 | SA | |
P5 | AS | |
PA | EU | 14 | 14
PJ2 | SA | |
PJ4 | SA | 1 | 1
PJ5 | NA | |
PJ7 | NA | |
PY | SA | 1 | 1
PY0F | SA | |
PY0S | SA | |
PY0T | SA | |
PZ | SA | |
R1FJ | EU | |
S0 | AF | |
S2 | AS | |
S5 | EU | 24 | 24
S7 | AF | |
S9 | AF | |
SM | EU | 10 | 10
SP | EU | 56 | 56
ST | AF | |
SU | AF | |
SV | EU | 30 | 30
SV/a | EU | |
SV5 | EU | 2 | 2
SV9 | EU | 4 | 4
T2 | OC | |
T30 | OC | |
T31 | OC | |
T32 | OC | |
T33 | OC | |
T5 | AF | |
T7 | EU | |
T8 | OC | |
TA | AS | 6 | 6
TA1 | EU | 2 | 2
TF | EU | |
TG | NA | |
TI | NA | |
TI9 | NA | |
TJ | AF | |
TK | EU | |
TL | AF | |
TN | AF | |
TR | AF | |
TT | AF | |
TU | AF | |
TY | AF | |
TZ | AF | |
UA | EU | 66 | 66
UA2 | EU | 3 | 3
UA9 | AS | 14 | 14
UK | AS | 1 | 1
UN | AS | 2 | 2
UR | EU | 46 | 46
V2 | NA | |
V3 | NA | |
V4 | NA | |
V5 | AF | |
V6 | OC | |
V7 | OC | |
V8 | OC | |
VK | OC | |
VK0H | AF | |
VK0M | OC | |
VK9C | OC | |
VK9L | OC | |
VK9M | OC | |
VK9N | OC | |
VK9W | OC | |
VK9X | OC | |
VP2E | NA | |
VP2M | NA | |
VP2V | NA | |
VP5 | NA | |
VP6 | OC | |
VP6/d | OC | |
VP8 | SA | |
VP8/g | SA | |
VP8/h | SA | |
VP8/o | SA | |
VP8/s | SA | |
VP9 | NA | |
VQ9 | AF | |
VR | AS | 1 | 1
VU | AS | |
VU4 | AS | |
VU7 | AS | |
XE | NA | |
XF4 | NA | |
XT | AF | |
XU | AS | |
XW | AS | |
XX9 | AS | |
XZ | AS | |
YA | AS | |
YB | OC | |
YI | AS | |
YJ | OC | |
YK | AS | |
YL | EU | 4 | 4
YN | NA | |
YO | EU | 20 | 20
YS | NA | |
YU | EU | 11 | 11
YV | SA | 2 | 2
YV0 | NA | |
Z2 | AF | |
Z3 | EU | |
Z6 | EU | |
Z8 | AF | |
ZA | EU | |
ZB | EU | |
ZC4 | AS | |
ZD7 | AF | |
ZD8 | AF | |
ZD9 | AF | |
ZF | NA | 1 | 1
ZK3 | OC | |
ZL | OC | |
ZL7 | OC | |
ZL8 | OC | |
ZL9 | OC | |
ZP | SA | |
ZS | AF | |
ZS8 | AF | |
| | 789 | 789
Worked States/Provinces

| 160 | TOTAL
CT | |
MA | 3 | 3
ME | 1 | 1
NH | |
RI | |
VT | |
NJ | 2 | 2
NY | |
DE | 2 | 2
PA | 5 | 5
MD | 2 | 2
DC | |
AL | |
FL | 2 | 2
GA | 1 | 1
KY | |
NC | 2 | 2
SC | |
TN | |
VA | 1 | 1
AR | |
LA | |
MS | 1 | 1
NM | |
OK | |
TX | |
CA | |
AZ | |
ID | |
MT | |
NV | |
OR | |
UT | |
WA | |
WY | |
MI | |
OH | |
WV | |
IL | |
IN | |
WI | |
CO | |
IA | |
KS | |
MN | |
MO | |
ND | |
NE | |
SD | |
NB | |
NS | |
NF | |
PEI | |
LB | |
QC | 1 | 1
ON | 1 | 1
MB | |
SK | |
AB | |
BC | |
NT | |
YT | |
NU | |
| 24 | 24

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R1DX   Single Op Assisted HP   67,3502015-03-03 03:41:02
No propagation to NA both nights.
W3TS   Single Op HP   127,8722015-03-03 08:34:54
Had to do GrandPa duty and watch my grandsons who are not quit old enough to be
operators for multi/single so I missed 6 hours of prime time on Saturday

Rig: Ten-Tec Orion + 2x 3-500Zs at 1400watts.
TX Ant: 60 foot high 80M/40M fan dipole used as an 1/8 wave Tee over 70 x 70
foot long radials.
RX Ants: 300 foot NE/SW short beverage and 300 foot SE/NW beverage and a NE
and NW Flag. The best I can do on a 150 x 200 foot town lot with the help of
understanding neighbors.
Logger: N1MM
N8II   Single Op HP   18,6482015-03-03 11:51:27
I had a fairly busy day Friday, so was too fatigued to feel like operating the
first night (out to dinner with family at start). Conditions the second night
were far from favorable with very high absorption, but very low QRN. Some
stations out to about MI, IN, and VE3 were pretty loud, but I never worked any
farther than OK (K5YAA loud and easy) in the states (not even TX!) and ended my
evening when it was past sunset on the west coast. Sunday right after sunrise
was pretty much a bust, very low activity. It just did not hold my interest.
The DX worked was TO66, ZF, and C6. At least it was nice to say hello to some
contest friends.

73, Jeff
KCØDEB   Single Op LP   42015-03-03 13:37:10
Considering the lack of having a 160m antenna....
KIØI   Single Op HP   85,3752015-03-03 19:14:33
Funny Band, seemed that signals were being sucked up into black holes that kept
moving around. No EU copied here and only some faint east coast sigs heard
working a few EU DX. At first I cud Barely hear TX but after a while there were
40 over sigs from there. No AK or HI to be heard.
My time was cut short by a snowfall Sat. nite which brought a fone call to go
into work 6AM Sun. morning to clear roads. Thinking of a long day on Sunday I
went QRT a little before 11pm Sat nite.
Rig here: Icom ProIII driving Kenwood TL922 abt 700w to a Bazooka fed coaxial
Inverted L up 55ft then out to a tree. Part time use of 530'longwire bev rcv
antenna. N1MM+ logging
LU2DKT   Single Op HP   8,5262015-03-03 19:56:16
Hi Topbanders…..during the first night propagation was low and noise level was
very high. The copy of stations was very difficult with a QRN level at S9+5 in
the USA and Europe beverages picking +25 or more into the vertical.

Second night could be divided into 3 sections, at the beginning, noise level
was 10 db lower than the night before which was great but propagation was still
low. The overall balance was better anyway.

Then, propagation improved a little bit at the end of the windows to Europe so
a few more stations could be worked.

Finally, the noise started to rise again and reached the same level of the
night before but propagation was better so I could work more NA stations.

This contest in particular is a little frustrating from this location because
being so far away and having so many stations participating, it is very
difficult to penetrate into Europe or USA.

I was not able so far to have a commanding signal from here which has to be
added to the fact that not many stations have antennas pointed to this part of
the world.

It took sometimes dozens of call to get thru stations but some of them, even
though they were strong, were impossible like IZ4DPV, YU1EXY, and an special
mention goes to AK5DX with more than 50 calls and XE1RCS with more than 120
calls during both nights. Definitely, their noise level should be very high.

Other station are amazingly well balanced to reach and receive to this side of
the world like N7GP N6RK W0AIH K3ZM K5RX VE3PN among others having very good
receiving capabilities. A very constant strong signal was received from RW7K,
opening the band on both nights, even though it was not so easy to be worked.

Having actually a full quarter wave vertical with 120 quarter wave radials and
legal limit power, I think I am close to my station/location limit and I could
only add perhaps 3 or 4 db with a 2 or 3 phased elements and I wonder if that
could have a serious final effect to the other end besides to my pocket.

I think that to have more fun I have to wait till propagation gets better and
more RX antennas are pointed to this direction.

Thanks to all who worked me and see you in October on 160 !! ….. Eddie
YR8E(@YO8RNI)   Multi-Op HP   223,7482015-03-03 20:42:25
Well, this contest was quite an effort, both physically and logistical, the
location is different from our normal qth and we had to put all the Rx antenna
and carry and set-up all the equipment friday.About 1,5km of wire and almost
1 km of coaxial, hi!We had to solve some unexpected problems, like restoring
our power after a mouse entered in the distribution panel and get everything
fried, including himself, changing one of the monitors in the last minute
before starting the contest, some minors but painfull compatibility issues,
etc. For the first time we tried to work with two radios each with their
computer, it was very nice, we know the way to go now, hi!Also we had more
beverage this time,5 of them and we've had a "learning curve" in
using them,but it could be tricky and I'm sure I 've missed some stations that
were not in the directions I was listening.
Band was quite crowded, although less stations than in the past years.Some
signals were way too wide, but you get used to it.Some just pop up on your
like you have never been there, etc.Wkd a few qrp stations and could hear them
right awawy, nice.
First night was not very good, almost no prop to USA/VE so only 5 W stations
the log , but we hoped it will be better saturday morning, just like in the cw
contest.Unfortunately it was worse, just one more W stations and no VE!We are
little disapointed from this point of view, a week before we worked in the
DX 51 stations and 16 state in a few hours, but that's it.Instead I worked
other interesting stations like TO66R,NP4A or HK1T.It was nice to be called by
a lot of stations that I was chasing myself in the past years,like 4M5L,KP4KE,
EK6SI,7S1ZJ, 9K2GS, 5B4AIF or CR3L, among others.We managed to work 58 dxcc, 6
more than in cw.Two hours before the end we had 670 qso's in the log and we
didn't expect to rich our goal, 700 qso's, and the rate was very sloooow, but
in the last hour we even made 10 more qso's after 700, the last one being made

the last minute of the contest!

Equipment used:

K3 and FT 1000MP interlocked with Acom 2S1
Acom 2000A amplifier
27m Vertical with 60 radials
300m bev NNW
2X200m end-fire array beverage NW
200m beverage SW
150m beverage E
250m beverage NE
EWE antenna, not realy used,hi!

Thanks everybody for qso.

KO7X   Single Op HP   6,8782015-03-04 08:57:24
Lots of snow static Saturday evening. Was only able to copy the strong signals.
N2CEI   Multi-Op HP   240,9482015-03-04 10:56:04
This is the first time in 5 years that we did not have any Bad weather during
the contest. The band was quiet Friday night and the Summer time noise started
to pick up on Sat night. Domestic Signals were also stronger on Sat night so--
I guess there is a coloration! Sandra,K4SME had the best operating time
producing 78/hr during her 4 shift on Friday night. DX was best on Sat night
but signals were distorted like 6M Aurora. No KL7 in the log so Missed WAS.
Only mis-hap we had was two headsets broke at the same time, one each on the
RUN and the S&P rigs. How does that happen? We were off the air for 1/2
hr for repair in "prime time" Sat night Dave, K0DI, operated the RUN
station remotely form his home in So Cal during his two shifts each night
Nice to have a west coast guy on the Grave yard shift! BUT-- he did think it
was odd to work KH6 from Florida sitting in California! All in all, its been a
fun 160M contest season and time to put it all away before the lightning gets
HB AMP, 4-400's Shared by both positions
1/4 Wave Monopole with 120 1/4W+ radials and lots of wet soggy Ground!
Beverages for RX

See you next year when the season starts! Its a great Band to Play on!
HA4XH(@HA3DX)   Single Op LP   214,2082015-03-04 13:40:01
Rig: FT2000 Ant: Delta loops(NW-SE) (SW-NE) verticaly polarized.+ K9AY
Greatest thrill was to get a call from C6ANM,4M5L,NP4A and KP4KE, but this year
it was quite hard to work US stations almost only S&P remain.
Only above 1900Khz was able to find real workable spot in the band.

Thanks for all QSO's


Charlie HA4XH
W1/SP4Z(@K1VR)   Single Op Assisted HP   42,9652015-03-04 14:51:25
Condx were worse for EU than CW part
Thanks all for QSOs

Wes SP4Z
NI5T(@N5BG)   Multi-Op HP   71,4312015-03-04 19:19:36
NI5T Soap box


Friday afternoon started off very slowly. Prior to sundown, contacts were few
and far between. We had a static noise come up with bursts of S9+ noise across
the band for a period of time. One of the ranchers has a fence charger, which
added a cyclic click to the frequency. Thankfully the noise bursts went away as
the sun approached the horizon. The electric fence proved to be of no concern.

As the sun set locally, it was more like popping pop-corn, with occasional
contacts and periods of quiet. Q-rates grew slowly and were in the 20’s and
finally in the 30’s.

After a key contact and a spot, things picked up drastically, about 0415Z. Q
rate climbed near 50 for a two-hour period. The true joy of contesting was
experienced as calls were continuous, sometimes two and three at a time. Larry
N5BG warmed up our dinner on the Alpha 99 (LOL).

All equipment seemed to be working great. Positions 1 & 2 have individually
selectable receive beverage antennas, and all were working, although the NE
beverage seemed much quieter than the others. We only tripped the amp out once
for being out of it’s SWR range, but that contact was a needed multiplier and
Joe K7JEM went for it barefoot!

By the end of day 1, WAS had been achieved with KL7RA calling us. All states
filled, and 5 Canadian provinces and with 450+ Q’s in the books, Missed the
DC multiplier this year, did not hear them at all. We called it a day.

As to the challenge of N7GP(N5IA) he reported about 25 more Q’s in his book
at sunrise. He had several DX multipliers that we didn’t, which put his score
about 10K above ours. The 25 Q’s from Milt’s Super-station weren’t that
bad on the pride, close enough we figured…but 10K…. The stage was set for
day 2.

Day 2 began around sundown here in NM. No need to waste time we thought during
daylight hours. Things ran very slow for next 4 to 5 hours. Many of the same
stations that we had already worked the previous night. K7JEM was not available
the 2nd night, then Rick W5CF became ill and had to go home. We decided to shut
it down around 0500 hrs.

All in all fun was had by all three of us at the Virden Contest Club. We are
looking forward to a better time next year. See you all then .
WBØYYE   Single Op LP   1082015-03-04 19:28:28
[log removed from comments]

NAME: Dan Sellmeyer
ADDRESS: 324 South 52 St.
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4751.0
N7GP(N5IA)   Single Op HP   111,5202015-03-04 21:08:43
Propagation is the great leveler on 160 Meters.

In 2013 I had QSOs = 838 State/Prov = 55 Countries = 21 Total Score =

In 2014 I had QSOs = 742 State/Prov = 55 Countries = 12 Total Score =

And 2015 gave QSOs = 722 State/Prov = 55 Countries = 13 Total Score =

For 2013 and 2014 the transmit antenna was a single vertical.

The 2015 transmit antenna was a full sized 8-Circle.

With only six Qs outside the North American continent it was difficult to push
the score into the 6 digit column.

Worked all states with the exception of Vermont. I heard one S&Ping while
I was in the S&P mode.

Only EU heard were CU2CE when he called me at his sunrise the first night and
CR3L when he called me at his sunrise the 2nd night.

LU2DKT had an enormous 10 dB over S9 signal. Absolutely like next door when I
got his prefix and selected the 135 degree azimuth for the TX/RX array.

No VK or ZL after hours of directional CQing to those areas. The same result
from UA0.

Where do the contacts come from? The top 5 west of the Mississippi were CA=46,
AZ=37, TX=36, WA=25 and CO=19. The top 5 east of the Mississippi were OH=35,
VA=28, MN=27, IL=26 and MD & PA tied for 5th with 25 from each state.

The VE provinces contributed 34 Qs and XE land provided 6 Qs.

Thanks for all the contacts. Again an apology to those that I could not pull
out of the noise. CU all next season.

73 de Milt, N5IA, operator of N7GP
DJ9ØIARU(DL2SAX)   Single Op HP   77,8002015-03-04 23:46:10
Only a few hours to offer the special call on 160m
4U1WB(AJ3M)   Single Op HP   2,0882015-03-05 07:42:26
Thank you for the QSOs.


Inverted V
KU1T   Single Op Assisted HP   5,0752015-03-05 10:27:48
Thanks for the Q.
S57DX(@S51V)   Multi-Op HP   501,6602015-03-05 23:37:35
Many thanks to station owner Silvo S51V for great hospitality! It was a pleasure
to operate with his big antenna system. See you all next year!
Slavko S57DX
W3SO(W3YOZ)   Single Op HP   54,2302015-03-06 07:38:03
Missed: MT, NV, UT, WY, NE and SD.
Provinces worked: NS, QC, ON, SK and NB.
DX: C6, KP4, XE, ZF, TO6, HK and S5.

There was no QRN to amount to anything.

Thanks for the Q's.

73, Marty, W3YOZ
OK7K   Multi-Op HP   539,6162015-03-06 08:04:49
Nice contest as usual and great weekend with the super bunch of people!

First time we used serious 3 stations for 160m. Run interlocked with Mult
stations and third one station as help for Run.

RUN: FT-1000MP
MULT: FT-1000MP MarkV

HELP for RUN: FT-1000MP - only for RX

TX Antennas:
Vertical @ 34m with 150 ground radials
1/4L Sloper @ 24m

RX Antennas:
Beverage 360m to USA (320 deg)
Beverage 430m to USA (310 deg)
Beverage Stagger 2x320m to USA (320 deg)
Beverage 360m to Carribien (280 deg)
Beverage 360m to South America (250 deg)
Beverage 360m to Africa (170 deg)
Beverage 360m to VK/ZL (080 deg)
Beverage 320m to VK/ZL (080 deg)
Beverage 360m to Japan (045 deg)
Beverage 260m to North (015 deg)
Beverage 180m to near East (135 deg)
K9AY Loop

Any way thanks for nice EU Multi race and congratulations to:
HG8DX, S57DX, UA2F and others.

See you in SSB part of ARRL.

On behalf of OK7K group - Petr OK1BN
WØAIH(NM7X)   Single Op Assisted HP   134,0462015-03-08 15:26:52
WØBH   Single Op HP   30,7802015-03-12 21:30:13
Contacts have been uploaded to LOTW. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
IT9VCE   Single Op Assisted LP   35,0002015-03-13 14:16:01
Excellent propagation, very quiet. Scores best staff in the last five years. In
order to make some QSOs more was required to look and respond to stations that
called the limit of the band.
VE7GL   Multi-Op HP   62,0002015-03-15 16:52:01
Very little east coast, nothing south of HK, no Asia. KL and Hawaii only
contacts north and west.