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JIDX CW Contest   2014   Apr 12   Comment Summary

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N3QE   SOAB HP   9242014-04-13 06:00:02
40M and 20M in really good shape to JA in my mornings.
K2PO   SOAB LP   88,4582014-04-13 06:02:34
Fun time.

80m was great (more than twice the QSOs as 10m, and almost as many QSOs as

Tnx to all the fb Japanese operators, and especially JA2KVB and JA7ZFN for
5-band QSOs, and to JS3CTQ for 6 band QSOs.


/Bill, K2PO
OH5TS   SOAB LP   19,9952014-04-13 06:08:56
73 to all JA-friends, Kari
N7IR   SOAB LP   90,3902014-04-13 06:51:02
First time running this contest using SO2R and spots. What a difference from my
prior attempts! Had some good runs on 40 and 10 meters the first evening and
morning Japan time, respectively. Thanks for the contacts and your patience.
Gary, N7IR
OH1TM   SOSB/20 LP   92014-04-13 07:11:07
Poor cndx.. I worked all stations who heard me with my vertical and LP: JH4UYB,
K8IA   SOSB/15 HP   15,4002014-04-13 07:19:45
Conditions very spotty compared to the past few months. Plus JA activity seemed
below par. Way too much idle time in this category this year.

Looking forward to 7QP (May 3-4) and, of course CQWPX CW (May 24-25). CU there

73, Bob K8IA
K1GI(@N6RO)   SOSB/10 HP   24,6822014-04-13 07:25:41
Great condition! Thank you for all JA station made QSO with me and Ken N6RO
hosting me.

Masa K1GI
N5AW   SOAB LP   6,4902014-04-13 07:47:25
Very poor conditions. Nothing at all on ten.
W4BQF   SOAB HP   3,1922014-04-13 07:56:59
Good JA participation but somewhat poor band conditions from south Georgia!
Thanks for the Q's and 73,

Tom - W4BQF
WQ6O(K2EIU)   SOSB/80 LP   5,6102014-04-13 08:00:34
Ten year record score in this category, by W7DRA, looked like easy pickins- yes
it was.

Radio Oakley ROCKS!
N6RO   SOSB/20 HP   9,4172014-04-13 08:56:10
Radio Oakley contesters usually do a multi-multi in major DX contests. But
JIDX does not have this category; we do not like M/S restrictions, so we did
four single-banders at four station positions. The goal was to surpass existing
score records in four categories; we did, but others could have done better -
we'll see.

10m HP: K1GI 301/41 = 24682
15m LP: K3EST 295/42 = 12370
20m HP: N6RO 219/43 = 9417
80m LP: WQ6O 85/33 = 5610
DH8BQA   SOSB/10 HP   2342014-04-13 09:27:32
IC-7100, KPA500 + 4 ele Yagi

10 m pretty much dead on Saturday, not a single signal heard during the
morning. Sunday only slightly better with a very few JA's just above the noise
and real hard work to put them in the log. Only worked 3's, 4's & 6's, no
other call areas heard. Hope better luck next time.

73, Olli
XQ1KZ   SOSB/10 LP   29,8802014-04-13 09:48:10
Good contest now from my home.
New Continental Record.

Nick, XQ1KZ

5 EL OWA Yagi
Icom 775DSP
100 Watts
W7WHY   SOAB HP   1802014-04-13 10:01:49
Thanks for the Q's and 73
WJ9B   SOAB HP   88,5602014-04-13 10:02:35
73, wj9b
AL9A   SOAB HP   39,1682014-04-13 11:37:10
Marginal conditions for most of my op time. Bands just didn't seem strong,
except for 15M where most activity seemed to be from here. No big pile ups,
just steady string of single or two calls at a time with lots of CQs in

It seems like half of the JA ops are running portable with a "/n"
appended to the end of their calls. Had to ask for a lot of fills from the guys
trying to manually send with a hand key or bug. You'd think the tech savey
Japanese would all be using electronic keyers or PC software to generate their
code, but that ain't happing! Still, it was a CW contest, which is way better
than dealing with the various accents on SSB!
9A6A   SOSB/40 HP   1,5372014-04-13 13:35:13
RIG: TS690S + PA
Ant: GP
VE7JH(@VE7UF)   SOAB HP   143,7242014-04-13 13:40:25
I set out to better my score from last year but the propagation gods thought
otherwise. VE7UF allowed me to use his multi-multi contest station just like
last year. Despite several upgrades to the station my score was below that of
2013. Had a few more mults, but the QSO count was down.

The bands were kind of open but there was a lot of CQ-ing required to make a
contact every 3-4 minutes.

Anyway, it is always fun trying to copy the straight-key guys, especially since
they all seems to be /P so their callsign becomes 8 letters. No 40WPM there!
I missed three prefectures totally this year, but got JD1AAI on 4 bands.

Thanks to the organizers of the contest and to all the Sunday Warriors in Japan
who came out to play!
Gabor, VE7JH
WJ9B   SOSB/40 HP   12,2852014-04-13 14:31:30
73, wj9b
K6JEB   SOAB HP   6482014-04-13 14:31:40
I had a couple hours in the shack so I figured I would park the Yagi on Japan
and return the favor so many JA stations have done for me in other contests.
Also, I figured this would be a good way to get some of those prefectures I
don't yet have in the logbook. Conditions weren't spectacular but it was still
fun. I was using an Icom IC-781 with an Ameritron AL-811H amp into a Yagi for
20m/15m/10mup 13 meters, a delta loop (cut for 30m) on 40m up about 15 meters,
and a ground-mounted Butternut HF9VX for everything in between. :)
NX6T   M/S HP   191,4502014-04-13 16:56:40
Had a skeleton crew for Ops this year but John, one of the SDCC new WA2OOB Ops
volunteered to anchor the Saturday and Sunday early morning shifts and did a
great job digging out Qs on 40 and 80 mtrs. KB7V and N0DY handled the Saturday
afternoon shift very well even though Jeff N0DY was suffering from one heck of
a head cold after a marathon week at his work ! We beat 2013 MULTS total but
were down on Qs on 80 mtr band as condx were not so great with elevated A and K
indexes. 2 K3s, 2 ACOM 2000A Amps, 40 mtr 2 EL Yagis at 76 and 46 ft, 2 #EL
SteppIR Yagis at 70 and 40 ft, 80 and 160 Mtr Inverted V dipoles at 70 ft.
73 de Dennis N6KI
VA7ST   SOAB LP   722014-04-13 18:09:20
Only 15 minutes of actual operating time, spaced out over many hours while
handling some "work" work. Conditions were bleak for a low-power
JA1BPA(@JG1ZUY)   SOSB/10 HP   71,6002014-04-13 18:32:26
After a having achieved a JA record on 10mb (767 Qs), this was
certainly not a year for JAs living in Eastern Japan.  

The SSN and SFI were similar to last year, but K index was at 5(!)
at the beginning and stayed at 3 until the end, which made a huge
impact for us in JA1, JA7 and JA8 land in relatively higher latitude.
but relatively smaller impact for stations in JA6 land, particularly
for those on the southern islands of Okinawa (JS6).

The first hours were terrible with European paths skewed to the south
and only Southern Europeans heard. There was a short opening for
Northern Europe via scatter from the Indian Ocean around 11UTC, but
that was the end of the first day (local time).

I had a good sleep over 6 hours and hoped that the geomagnetic storm
would be over by the time I would wake up, which did not happen.
The local morning opening to North America was terrible with many
CQ Zone 3s, a few 4s and one 5. I was happy to work PJ4 and YV
from Zone 9, but missed Zone 8. (These are among the most
difficult zones in the Americas from JA). I was disappointed
to miss AL9A, but thankfully, he called me later at 0230UTC.

The local afternoon made no improvement. I was looking at the
RBN and JAs were only spotted from Russia until 07UTC, when
JA6s started receiving spots from DL. With local sunset (09UTC)
approaching, more spots were coming from Western Europe for
JA6s, JA4s and JA3s, but I seldom got spotted. As DH8BQA
mentions in his comments, it was as if there were a glass
wall to block the radio wave between the West and the East
of Japan somewhere in between. I managed to work PI4DX,
PA0O and F4GWY, but no Gs, ONs, HB9s or EAs.

Thank you to everyone who called me despite the Aurora barrier.
My next operation from JG1ZUY will be IARU HF Championship either
as 8N1HQ or as JG1ZUY.

de Icko, JA1BPA
VK4SN   SOSB/15 HP   22,7242014-04-13 20:09:57
Good start to the contest with good number of JA's on air. Sunday was sluggish
and ended very slow indeed, gaining only 10-15 contacts per hour around
10-1100z. Lack of ops made it difficult for a record breaking attempt.. Hi hi.
Conditions to VK were excellent for 15m the entire weekend. Many thanks for
the contest.
W6SX   SOAB HP   4,5082014-04-13 21:06:25
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, N1MM.
OG6N(OH6NIO)   SOAB HP   7,4242014-04-14 00:54:30
The A index was already at 15 on Saturday and it really showed on the bands. I
only managed to work one station when the contest started and went back to some
other duties. When I came back to the radio two hours later the things were not
much better so I was on and off checking the propagation and only some 60 QSOs
in the log at 1645Z when I finished. On Sunday the A index was 22 so not much
better was expected. I hope we have better luck the next time.
JG1VGX/1   SOAB LP   55,5902014-04-14 01:26:47
Sorry for the longer callsign with a portable designator. I live in Tokyo(#10)
and often operate major contests in Chiba(#12), but they are damn too common
for this event!! So, as in the previous years (2012 in Nagano #09, 2013 in
Yamanashi #17), I made another short trip (it was a 2-hr drive) for
Tochigi(#15) prefecture to hand out a rarer mult. I hope this strategy worked a

Cannot say the condx was great. SSN was in the dip and we had the storm! ;<
Total number of Qs went down from 387 of the last year to 264. I was working
mobile with a little whip (single element, 2-meter long) and the power of 50W.
The highlight was that I was able to work seven countries and six zones on 80
meters with this short whip that included US, Canada and Hawaii. Wow, that was
a fun!!

Thanks for all who tried hard to pull my lengthy callsign out of the mud.

73 rin JG1VGX

QTH: City of Sano, Tochigi (PM96th, JCC#1504)
Rig: IC-706mkII @50W
Ant: A base-loaded mobile whip (Diamond MD-200), 2-meter len. element.
Logging: 2.0.25
LY7Z(@LY2TA)   SOAB LP   4272014-04-14 01:40:52

73! Andy
S56A   SOAB LP   4,5762014-04-14 01:47:16
Poor condx with weak sigs but good ops!

73 de Mario, S56A
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SOSB/15 LP   92014-04-14 03:22:20
K2, 5 meter wire with ATU (CG3000) on balcony, logging software used: Win-Test

Operated on Sunday only. As everyone noted, there was huge difference in terms
of propagation compared to last year's. I only heard several JA signals and
worked only 3 stations. Never mind as I was switching this (using Win-Test) and
GC (DXLog), so not bored at least.

Thanks for copying my signals in this terrible propagation.

73 Kazu
NØAC(@NØNI)   SOSB/40 HP   2,0302014-04-14 08:10:30
Poor conditions from this QTH. I only operated the first night. Thanks to Toni,
N0NI, for the use of his station. Also thanks to Dean, N0XR, for the computer
setup assistance.

I am greatful for every one of your QSOs.

Bill, N0AC
W6PH   SOAB HP   55,1802014-04-14 18:57:42
FTdx3000 - AL1200
A3S at 40 feet

This is a fun contest from the west coast. I didn't start until Saturday
morning (13z) and made a few contacts on the low bands. Surprisingly, 20m was
open to Japan but not many signals. Later at JA sunrise, 15m opened and
shortly later 10m opened with a bunch of contacts before I had to QRT to go to
an afternoon party. By the time I got back, the bands were all closed to Japan
and I set my alarm to get up at 9z for JA sunset which was Sunday evening in
Japan. As hard as I tried, there just weren't that many stations active. I'm
still looking for Saga Prefecture (41) to finish my WAJA award.

73, Kurt W6PH
K6CSL   SOAB LP   3782014-04-15 07:18:11
The band conditions were poor. Very Noisy with difficulty copy any but the
strongest JA stations. Not much fun with 100W and now mostly wire antennas. I
am using a brand new HyGain 12AVQ Triband Vertical that is now ground mounted
in my back yard. It isn't visible over the roof of my mobile home, so I'm still
staying "invisible" Bert, K6CSL
W6J(WQ6X)   SOSB/40 LP   2,2012014-04-15 15:03:31
Work constraints prevented me from joining the crew @ NX6T so I again reserved
W6J and operated from Concord (SF east bay) running an ICOM 7000 into an HF2-V
vertical. The solar noise was HORRENDOUS (S-9 much of the time) making copy
I missed the 15-meter opening and found 20 & 80 meters lacking, so like
last year, I decided to submit this log as a low power 40-meter entry.

As with every year, I am consistently disappointed by the poor turnout of the
JA stations themselves. This is YOUR contest - wassup with not participating
in your own event?

ZM2B(ZL2BR)   SOAB HP   70,3942014-04-16 04:12:02
10m was disappointing, was hoping for 300+ contacts on this band like 2013. Not
much happening on 40m either. But as always a nice enjoyable contest.
HA1AG   SOAB LP   14,1962014-04-16 04:55:28
Bad condx, 40m was the best and most enjoyable. JAs were workable and even
runnable 2 hours after their SR.

I went for the sweep of prefectures but finished with 5 missing. This could be
a fun contest from OC.

73, Zoli HA1AG
SP9LJD   SOAB HP   30,4782014-04-18 01:37:11
Tnx fer all QSO's JA fellows - SAYONARA.
9A7T   M/S HP   33,1892014-04-20 22:49:13
Poor conditions on all bands, especially 20 meters was very poor. We made only
half QSOs from last year. We hope for bettet propagation next time. CU all in
ARI Contest!
73 de Zlatko, 9A2EU
RA/KE5JA   SOSB/15 HP   10,4582014-04-25 16:23:42
QTH is Sakhalin Island, Asiatic Russia
HG8W(HA8ZO)   SOAB HP   30,6032014-04-28 12:55:27