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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2012   0300Z May 10   Comment Summary

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W7WHY   Single Op HP   1,3782012-05-09 21:02:41
Fun, but either bands sucked or not as many on tonight. Nothing heard from the
east coast.

Thanks for the Q's and 73.
KR7C   Single Op LP   8402012-05-09 21:03:07
Bands seemed in pretty good shape tonight. Thanks for the Qs!
73, Stan
WW9R   Single Op HP   1,4402012-05-09 21:03:46
What a great way to start my summer schedule! I will have Wednesday nights free
for the summer so I can participate in the CWTs. It is great to hear so many
fine cw operators.

Thanks for all the Q's.
Pat WW9R
Big Bend, WI
CWops #730
N8BJQ   Single Op HP   2,7362012-05-09 21:04:30
Much more fun than the 1900 session. Work many stations on 3 bands and a couple
on 40. Nice 160 activity at the end.
NT7R   Single Op LP   4752012-05-09 21:04:37
I always enjoy a CWOps test. Maybe I'll get a cwops number one of these days...
KØRF   Single Op HP   3,7352012-05-09 21:04:43
going well for the first half then ran out of stations. Thanks F5IN for three
K9GS   Single Op LP   1,9522012-05-09 21:05:07
Great participation tonight!

Thanks for the QSOs and see you at Dayton.


-Gary K9GS
WØUCE   Single Op HP   3,5642012-05-09 21:06:17
Nice turn out for another fun time. QRN on 80 was bad. Thanks for the Qs.


WØBH   Single Op HP   3,0242012-05-09 21:14:38
An especially fun thing to do now that school is out for the summer! Thanks to
W9ILY for a 4-bander, and thanks to everyone else for the Qs.

73, Bob, w0bh
K4ORD   Single Op LP   7002012-05-09 21:19:01
Some stations on 20M were strong and many were weak here, got K4BAI on 3 bands
160,80 & 40 heard him on 20M but he was very weak. Also heard F5IN on 80M at
the last few seconds,but too late. Thanks to all 73 Riley
WDØT   Single Op LP   1,2602012-05-09 21:20:34
Lot tougher conditions tonite as compared to the last CWT that I made, which was
a month ago. Just didn't have many stations on 20m copyable.. 40m was
definately the best by far, and 80m I get beat out a lot.. Didn't try the other
bands. Noise was much better here tonite, could hear will, just couldn't be
Still fun, I need to get my number renewed, will try to accomplish before next

Great to meet so many excellent ops,including many Thursday nite NS regulars!

Rig: TS450S, 100 watts, Low Vee beam (25ft up) sloping East bidirectional.

73 God Bless, thanks for all the fun!

Come join the NS tomorrow nite, with NS RTTY at 0130Z, SNS at 0200, and NS
Ladder at 0230, 1/2 hour each, see writeup in CQ Contest.
N5RR   Single Op LP   2,2202012-05-09 21:55:33
Triple Band QSOs with W0UCE, W7WHY, and K4FT. Had an 8 minute 20M QSO with N6GQ
near the end of the session, he turned the power down to 0.3W and he was S2 on
the meter. Condx were up and down here.
N6RO   Single Op HP   4,2242012-05-09 22:18:51
Great first 30 min., then painful on 80/160m.

Start on 15m next time (0300z) to see if summer skip is starting and staying
until 03Z+.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   2,7742012-05-10 05:28:31
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. No activity heard on
15M at the beginning, although a VK4 was strong on that band. 20M was good to
Europe, but little activty heard. LZ2RS's 5W QRP was quite strong. Signals
from most parts of the US were good. Only missed K4ORD on that band of the
stations I heard. 40M was good to most of the US, but no DX heard. Again, rn
out of callers and stations to call pretty soon. 80M was fairly noisy from
nearby thunderstorms, but was able to work F5IN and W7WHY. Went to 160 for
last ten minutes and found pretty good activity and QSOs as far away as K0RF.
Again, the QRN was high. Lot of fun, but would be better with more different
stations participating. Thanks to K0RF, K4FT, and K4RO for QSOs on four bands.
Non-members worked were WD0T, UA3BX, K6LRN, KD6GC, W6JTI, AE0P, and NT7R.
Thanks for alll QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
K4RO   Single Op HP   3,4202012-05-10 11:59:56
73, Kirk K4RO