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Iowa QSO Party   2012   Oct 20   Comment Summary

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W4UCZ   SO Fixed LP   5,0402012-10-20 18:28:22
Thanks to all for a fun afternoon. I realize it is more difficult
to get the resources organized, but I personally very much like the
nine hour format ... "Done By Dinner" as it were.

Best to all. See you next year.

Mark, W4UCZ
W4ANT   SO Fixed LP   8,3152012-10-21 08:17:54
Found WA0DX on 40 phone at 2114 for the 100 point bonus.
ACØW   SO Fixed HP   1802012-10-21 11:50:29
Attempted to chase a few mobiles in between other activities.
KØPC   SO Mobile LP   64,0002012-10-21 16:04:51
I enjoyed another beautiful fall day traveling across Iowa. My driver John,
W9DND did a great job and we were within ten minutes of our schedule all day.
The roads were in good shape, the bands were great, and Murphy stayed home. We
got to all twenty planned counties but never made it to the bonus county that
we were able to hit for four minutes at the end last year.

The QSO total was nearly identical to last year but the multiplier count was
down by 17 (25%). The missing mults were evenly divided between IA counties and
states/provinces. I don't know what caused this drop.

Many stations were in the log multiple times over the day but the clear leader
was KV8X in Ohio. He came back 27 times and was able to work us on both 40M and
20M. Nice job Tom, I appreciate your effort.

Other heavy hitters include:
WB0TEV - 21
K5WAF - 19
OM2VL - 18
N4VV - 18
W0EAR - 18
W9MSE - 18
WA9LT - 18
NU0V - 17
DL3DXX - 16
and many others. A total of 151 unique calls are in the log.

Thanks to everyone for participating and I hope to be back next year.

Pat K0PC
KV8Q   SO Fixed LP   9,5002012-10-22 06:30:31
I decided to play in two state QSO parties at the same time, New York and Iowa.
I had a ton of fun and picked up some needed counties in both states. In the NY
event, I had 169 Q's with 48 mults. In the Iowa side of the log, I had 95 Q's
with 50 counties. I really enjoyed chasing the mobiles around, as usual.
Hat's off to:
K0PC - 27 Q's
K0DAS - 16 Q's
W0ZQ 15 Q's
NT2A - 13 Q's
NU0Q - 11 Q's
WI0WA - 10 Q's
W2W - 9 Q's
W0GXA - 8 Q's (Even tho Bob was sick all week)
N2Y - 8 Q's
W2PV - 8 Q's
N2R - 4 Q's
K9IUA - 3 Q's
Thanks to everyone, mobiles, rover, and fixed station alike, for all the
contacts. I might even try this again next year.
WØZQ   SO Mobile LP   58,9122012-10-22 07:01:49
It was a nice day to be out and about in Iowa and playing radio. Many thanks
for all the Q's and to the sponsor for this fun event. Most worked stations

KV8Q   15
K5WAF  14
N4VV   12
NN9K   12
W4ANT  12
OM2VL  12
KS4X   11
W0EAR  11
WA9LT  11
K4BAI   SO Fixed LP   1,4502012-10-22 10:43:15
FT1000MP, 100W, TH6DXX, dipole. Time was limited, but seemed a good deal of
activity, particularly from mobiles. Didn't pick up any of the few remaining
IA counties that I don't have confirmed. Maybe next year. Thanks for all
QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
OM2VL(@OM8A)   SO Fixed HP   9,6332012-10-24 13:51:57
First time in IA QP. (also hunted stations in NY QP). Thanks for the FB QSOs and
many new counties for me!
Most QSOs with:

K0PC 18
K0DAS 15
NU0Q 13
W0GXA 10
W0ZQ 9

73 Laci
WØBH   SO Fixed HP   6462012-10-24 20:44:56
Got on to help out the mobiles NU0Q, K0PC, W0ZQ, and K0DAS. Thanks for the fun!

73, Bob, w0bh
NUØQ   SO Mobile LP   54,9122012-10-29 19:27:55
Great weather again this year for mobiling across Iowa. This year, we ran the
counties of Polk, Dallas, Boone, Story, Marshall, Jasper, Poweshiek, Tama,
Benton, Iowa, Linn, Jones, Cedar, Muscatine, and Johnson. Unfortunately, we
were running late and couldn't stay in some counties long enough to work
everybody who was calling. Sorry about that. Next year, maybe I'll plan
better. I hope people got the counties they needed.

I actually called CQ on 40m SSB a few times, but never got any response. CW
kept me busy most of the time.

My antenna (screwdriver with magmount on roof) seemed to work fine on 40 and
20, but the SWR would change as I transmitted. Please let me know if my signal
didn't sound right. For some reason, I couldn't tune up on other bands. I'll
work on that before next time.

It's always fun to work Europeans while mobile, and propagation seemed to hold
up all day. OM2VL was especially loud, even louder than many stateside hams.
And the short skip worked on 20 meters at times, helping me pick up a few Iowa
counties at the other end of the state.

The car worked well in spite of the 150,000+ miles on it. But we did run into
a road construction delay in Story County where we had to wait about 10 minutes
for a pilot car. I had checked the website for detours, but I didn't think they
would be working on Saturday!

Thanks to my wife Karen for doing all the driving. To make it fun for her
also, we stopped at a few points of interest, including the new High Trestle
Trail bicycle bridge near Madrid, the Lincoln Highway bridge in Tama, and the
restored Lincoln Highway bridge in Mt. Vernon. The ridge road south of the
Iowa river in Tama county was also a beutiful drive.

Thanks to the other mobiles, especially the ones from out of state, for making
the Iowa QSO party successful again this year. I think there were at least six
mobiles on CW and a few others on SSB. See you all next year.