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Ten-Meter RTTY Contest   2012   Dec 2   Comment Summary

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MØCFW(JK3GAD)   Single Op LP   62012-12-02 08:22:26
Equipment used: K3 100W, 5 meter wire on flag pole with ATU

GUØSUP   Single Op LP   1,2652012-12-02 09:02:01
Lousy conditions! What more can be said.

It was slow going most of the time, with up to 30 minutes between QSO's.
Calling CQ was lonely, VERY LONELY, and the band didn't really open as much as
it could.

Still, it was fun,

73 de Phil GU0SUP
W7RN(WK6I)   Single Op LP   14,2022012-12-02 15:12:09
Felt like a game of 10 meter whack a mole. Lots of fading here. No Europeans
heard or worked, and only a handful of JAs. Only 3 hours with any sort of rate.
Thanks again to Tom and Midge for the always excellent hospitality. - jeff wk6i
W1ZD   Single Op LP   7,8962012-12-02 15:27:58
Band conditions were "ugly" as compared to last year. Let's hope it improves
next year. Thanks for the Q's.
N8NOE   Single Op HP   4902012-12-02 15:28:14
Had some Fun, but only had about 1 Hr to run before the Band Dies out.. Tried to
meet some Friends and never saw them to give a point..
VE9AA   Single Op LP   4,2232012-12-02 15:33:34
Operated the first half of the contest using about 28-30w....some kind of issue
with my rig on AFSK, so much later, bumped it up to 95w with a small amp.
Still, it was real tough to be heard on 10m this weekend using LP.
RTTY is not my forte, so my macros are a little squirrely and I generally did
not know what I was doing, but I am sure some appreciated the mult. EVeryone
pretty much hung with me to make the QSO even though some of the exchanges here
were "by hand"....HI
Thank goodness for some suppertime sporadic Es into 4 land to push me over the
100 Q mark.
With the declining (?) solar cycle, might I suggest a 50 Q limit for a
certificate? COngrats on a nice contest and hope to see you all next time !
Mike VE9AA IC-746, 5el @ 24', N1MM
N1JM(@N1JM/7)   Single Op LP   8802012-12-02 15:44:31
Sat evening propogation was zippo from AZ. Operated few minutes before church
and a couple of hours in between football games. Band seemed to close down
about 4PM. Overall band condx were poor as predicted.

K3/100, P3, 14AVQ
KI7MT   Single Op LP   1,4082012-12-02 15:44:43
I like RTTY contests, but did not have a good time on Sunday. After an hour or
so, I'd had enough and pulled out of this one.

Bad timing for this contest I think. Couple weeks before shortest day of the
year (about 7 hours of sunlight here, much worse for others), 3 Major DXE's
running, a Major CW contest going all weekend, and the SFI was in the tank.
Can't do much about SS stuff, but the others could use a bit of consideration
I'd think.

What stations I did work seems to print pretty well. I'm pretty much done wiht
contests until after New Years.

73's, and Hope Everyone has a Happy & Safe Holiday Season.

NØBUI   Single Op LP   7742012-12-02 15:44:59
Tem meters was not in good shape here in SE Minnesota.
Thank you for the Qso's.
73, Mike N0BUI
K6LL   Single Op LP   15,7322012-12-02 15:58:40
Solar Flux 98 - not high enough to work even one European from here. The RTTY
Skimmers show a lot of promise. 2 Tone RTTY Decoder also looks good, sometimes
better than MMTTY. Panadapter helped to find signals on sparsely populated band.
Thanks to those who spotted me. I had N1MM set to spot all S&P QSO's.

WØYK   Single Op LP   7,4802012-12-02 16:00:25

Thanks to everyone who showed up despite the dip in SSN. Seems like folks were
really trying hard to make it all work. I missed Saturday night because W6OTC
and I were lashing down his Yagi in front of the approaching storm. We noticed
late in day that it had slipped down the mast and was windmilling. However,
checking Packet spots and reflector chatter that evening indicated that we
didn't miss much. Sunday morning it took a long time for the band to open,
amid a raging rain storm with high winds. Sustained some more damage here and
the power went off a few times.

WB2RHM   Single Op LP   7,5402012-12-02 16:00:32
S01R! 10m was completely dead air last night, did not open till 8AM this
morning.... then it dropped out 3 times during the day.......... What fun....
Result: 68 fewer QSOs and 1,000 fewer pts. Coming on yesterday's Melee, it was
a long, long day....... Hope 10 is better behaved next weekend.......
K6GHA   Single Op LP   3,7452012-12-02 16:01:19
Through all the rain, and flooding, it was a fun few hours. Thanks for a fun
RTTY event.
NS9I   Single Op LP   1,3112012-12-02 16:01:32
Couldn't buy many Q's from 6-land in 160 contest ... almost all were CA in this
test. KH6 was only station heard for about 2-hrs. SA and Caribbean coming in.
Fun 'test ... love RTTY 'tests! Wish there were more of them.
WN6K   Single Op LP   6,6802012-12-02 16:08:25
Got into this to see what we might expect for conditions next weekend if Ten
continues to dwell in the doldrums... not looking too good. Although I did not
spend time from the beginning of the test, only the latter part, very little DX
in this one... 30 states (can't work those close ones with such poor conditions)
and 4 Provinces (NB,QC,ON and AB) DX was LU,HC,JA,ZL,KH6,KL7

Solar data at end of test was 102 -14 -1

WN6K, Paul
HC2UB(K7MKL)   Single Op LP   45,9622012-12-02 16:09:58
Great start with fine opening to the eastern Mediterranian but a very slow end
with few Qs in the last two hours...most of those S&P.
W9ILY   Single Op LP   4,9202012-12-02 16:12:51
Terrible conditions and low participation compared to last year.
W6SX   Single Op HP   4,1142012-12-02 16:13:14
High Power Check Log

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, 2Tone, MMTTY, N1MM.
KL8DX   Single Op LP   7152012-12-02 16:14:02
If the band was poor in the lower 48, it was dismal here in
Alaska. This is the second weekend in a row that 10 meters
has produced very little. I'm sure hoping things look up for
next weekend. HC2UB was a nice surprise last QSO in my logbook.

I had high hopes of breaking 100 QSO's this weekend but I guess
it was not in the cards. Thanks to those 55 who made it. Lots of
QSB making for a handful of repeats.

Best wishes for a DX filled and safe holiday season! Temps here
have been between -22F and -24F all day. Time to stoke the wood
stove as it's supposed to get colder over the next few days.

Phil KL8DX
Denali National Park
Rig: Icom 756PRO
Software: N1MM
Interface: Rigblaster Plus
Antenna: TA-34-XL Mosley
K7VIT   Single Op LP   1262012-12-02 16:14:07
My first TEN-RTTY Contest. Thanks for the opportunity to play on a favorite
band. I was on late so things were on their way out. I wanted to provide
another QSO to the guys who braved declining solar flux. From what I heard,
thank goodness for E-skip. :-))

Thanks to those who answered my calls.
73, Jerry
N6RO   Single Op LP   4,1482012-12-02 16:20:12
First hour on Saturday produced a dozen JAs and ZL. Rain noise discouraged
operating Sunday morning, but had a good rate hour two hours before the end.
NN6NN(@N6EE)   Multi-Op LP   12,9802012-12-02 16:31:16
The pileups were unbelievable!
VA7AM   Single Op LP   6,3002012-12-02 16:34:02
KB5JC   Single Op LP   2,3102012-12-02 16:53:39
Fun contest - exchange was easy - 10 Meters was up and down - not great.
AB4SF   Single Op LP   5,5352012-12-02 16:54:30
Everyone showed up except the sunspots!
VA7ST   Single Op LP   2,8712012-12-02 16:56:59
Nothing like last year. Qs and mults are way, way down. The band just wasn't up
to the task today. No Europe at all, no JAs heard even in the late afternoon.
Enjoyed several short runs of stateside callers, many admirably popping up out
of the noise as the antennas turned northwest.

Thanks again to Don and Ed for setting up this thing -- definitely a keeper!

Year over year...

QSO Sec DXCC Score
2012 87 28 5 2,871 3 hrs
2011 153 37 16 8,109 4 hrs
KX7L   Single Op LP   6632012-12-02 17:11:46
This one was a bit of a bust for me. Wasn't able to get on the air until late
in the afternoon on Saturday, and by then the band was petering out. Sunday,
though propagation seemed mediocre, I was doing OK until a tree fell across the
power lines and the power went off for a few hours. Oh well... next year!
WA5ZUP   Single Op LP   3,6722012-12-02 17:22:52
Band was all but dead here in northwest NM. I took a long nap. Not looking
good for next week's ARRL 10 meter contest. What a difference from last year.
N2BJ   Single Op HP   2,9042012-12-02 17:56:38
N8HM   Single Op LP   422012-12-02 17:58:24
I had been looking forward to this contest. I was only able to operate for a few
hours in the morning. Unfortunately, conditions were terrible. Went several
stretches where no signals at all were heard on the band.
AL9A   Single Op LP   3122012-12-02 18:15:45
A classic case of the "too's".

Too little SFI - 102 just doesn't cut it on 10M from AK.
Too low an antenna - courtesy of gale force winds blowing here since last
Too little power - complements of the contest rules. Anything less than 1kw
from AK is QRP.
N6ML(@K6LRG)   Single Op LP   6,8852012-12-02 18:49:36
K3, HyGain 103BA, remote

It was going quite well, until my nice east coast run suddenly dried up. I
looked at the meter, and wasn't getting any power out, and the K3 was reporting
high SWR. I think I blew the 10m BPF... guess it couldn't handle sustained 100w
RTTY. That was the end of the remote operation.

Condx seemed quite good domestically. Worked all of the W1/2/3/4 mults except
VT and ME (but at least 3 RI's and a DC!). The band was shortening up, and I
was starting to work more 0's and 5's when the "event" occurred. Had planned to
look for the Carib/SA mults in the afternoon. Oh well... maybe next year....
W1HFN   Single Op LP   1,0802012-12-02 18:56:53
Band pretty quiet for much of my on-air time. Surprised by some DX, though.
K7IA   Single Op HP   882012-12-02 20:04:17
If there were big time action in the local AM hours on 10m, I missed it.
Tuckered out from the ARRL 160, I hit the sack for a few winks and awakened
just in time for lunch. It's been a long time since something like that has

I swept the band twice, and although there were some weak pips on the P3, MMTTY
couldn't do much with them. The few US stations worked were in 4-land (even the
W6), and the others were in SA.

The macros are the same as for the ARRL RTTY Roundup, so one less thing to do
next month...
8P6SH   Single Op LP   12,5662012-12-02 21:35:23
Wow. Where did the propagation go?? Coupled with the 100W limit made this one a
gruelling time. Still had fun. The highlight though was working 5T0SP who
initially I thought was in the contest but who was still a new country on

Even with a relatively competitive 10m array, I still felt QRP and the bad
propagation did not help. Really felt like I needed big 6 and 7 element 10m
arrays to be competitive this week-rnd.Fortunately my location is relatively
noise-free because most stations all Sunday were basically at my noise floor
with very few stations tickling the S-meter.

My dad was also celebrating his 75th birthday on Sunday, so could only do a
very limited effort which would have looked reasonable had the propagation
switch been set to on.

Anyway thanks for all the stations that copied me, and who slugged it out.
it'll be interesting to see the top scores.

Dean - 8P6SH
K5ER   Single Op LP   2102012-12-02 22:14:44
Only 42 minutes op time, but got to show a new ham how to rtty contest. Lots of
Mark, K5ER
N7US   Single Op LP   3,9222012-12-03 00:34:37
Really poor conditions made it tough to stay with it.
N2WK   Single Op LP   6,8402012-12-03 02:09:16
That was the hardest 150 Q's I ever worked. K index 2-3 all weekend and that's
not good when you live above 43 deg lat. Strong stations would call and then
disappear and very weak stations would pull you out. Thanks to the sponsor's
and thanks for all the Q's.

5C5W(CN8KD)   Single Op LP   21,5662012-12-03 02:45:19
I spent a log time to work only 263 q's due to the bad condtions on the band.

Thanks very much to ED and Don for the efforts for this contest.

I hope to see everybody next year. 73's, Mohamed
ZC4LI(STEVE)   Single Op LP   6,2642012-12-03 03:40:27
Least said about that the better I think !!

73 Steve.
5B4AIF(5B4AIE)   Single Op LP   13,8602012-12-03 04:17:56
Band opened late and closed early.
Thanks to all who called
73 Norman
K7QQ   Single Op LP   12,5282012-12-03 05:03:45
Band QSOs Pts Sec DXC
28 232 232 44 10
Total 232 232 44 10
Score: 12,528
VY2LI   Single Op LP   8402012-12-03 06:07:56
Flying the VY2 flag;albeit, very briefly.73,Bill
F5RD   Single Op LP   5332012-12-03 06:23:49
Transceiver: ICOM IC-751AF 80W in RTTY
Antenna: Ground Plane
Software: N1MM Logger V12.11.2
4 contacts in 2011, it was not many
41 contacts this year, it's better, but always not many
I have to improve my antenna if I want to do better
Thanks to all who worked me
See you again next year
F5RD Bernard
NR4M   Single Op LP   2,4842012-12-03 07:22:39
Best I can say about this weekend on 10 was that I learned to say 'conditions
really suck!' in more than a dozen languages!

Antennas here are really set up for DX, not domestic contesting. When
propagation to EU just wasn't there, it was easy to find other things that
needed doing.

Appreciate the sponsors putting forth the effort that they did.

Thanks for the Q's
WB2ABD   Single Op LP   1,3862012-12-03 07:58:00
just didn't seem to be that many stations on, although band seemed to have

K3 3el Steppir @ 45ft N1MM/MMTTY GHE Radio Boss
WØLSD   Single Op LP   1,5662012-12-03 08:02:59
Only about 350 less Qs than last year even though the same amount of time.
Sounded like 10 meters of old.. a few places in the US where I had propagation,
i.e. FL and MA, couple of Africans and South Americans and that was it.
W5AP   Single Op LP   5,8002012-12-03 08:39:59
10M was lackluster at best. Some parts of the day the band closed.
Looking for the day when this band is open. Think sun spots
Still had fun and glad to find a contest that isn't dominated by high power and
SO2R and fairly short (daylight)So this is a nice event. Thanks
NX8G/5   Single Op LP   5,1872012-12-03 10:18:53
Operated from my winter home in Franklinton, LA.

I managed about 130 Qs and around 5,000 points, a far cry short of the 20,000+
points I has last year with a lesser HW/SW combination and a year's less
experience. What a difference a year makes! I learned a lot though and still
had fun! My thanks to Don and Ed for putting on this fine event.
K2PS   Single Op LP   5,8962012-12-03 10:59:13
First time in this contest. I was thinking it was right down my alley: Low
Power, 10 meters only, DC a mult - all perfect for my SB10 LP station in
Northwest Washington, DC. The reality was a bit different of course, with
truly low-sunspot type propagation. But a contest is a contest, after all, and
I did the best I could.

I note, from reviewing the scores reported so far, and since most propagation
was coast to coast, the Westerners surely had an advantage from population and
number of states in the east. We Easterners had a meager EU opening, with
likely only the stations with big aluminum getting heard here, and not enough
CA/WA/OR/AZ to make a difference. The South American/Caribbean stations, whose
skip got them to both coasts, led the way, and I have pity for our Midwest
black-hole guys.

Hopefully the flux will rise for next weekend!

73, Pete, K2PS/3 in DC
W6YX   Multi-Op LP   15,6022012-12-03 11:31:30
Solar flux was falling all week. Fell below 100 on Sunday. Not good for 10m.

Tom ND2T started the contest with less than one hour to sunset, but made
32 QSOs and 6 Mults in the first 1.5 hours. Thank you to Tom and the JA's!

I came in before Sunrise (15z) to operate the rest of Sunday. There was a
big rain storm going on in CA, and it soaked me as I went to tower base
(in the dark) to switch antennas from the 160m back to the 10m antenna.

Even with low solar flux, I could start working W4's at my sunrise. I could
also watch the East Coast stations work Europeans. No Europeans heard
or worked, our best DX eastward was 5C5W in Morocco.

During the day, 10m would slowly fade up and down. Never "fully" open,
just selective openings. Also "short skip" to close by was very difficult -
New Hampshire or North Carolina were easier then Nevada or Arizona.

Final with 3 hours to sunset, whatever openings were left had shifted to the
Pacific. In the last hour I only worked one QSO and one Dupe! Still, we
made a respectable score in our first attempt at Multi-op in this contest.

A fun contest, as long as we have still have sunspots! Thanks for the

W6YX: ND2T and K6UFO

C-31XR tribander at 60ft
6 el yagi at 70 ft
One Yaesu FT-1000MP, 100 watts
Writelog software

QSO/Mults by hour
Hour 10M Cumm OffTime
00Z 25/6 25/6
01Z 7/0 32/6 18
02Z - 32/6 60
03Z - 32/6 60
04Z - 32/6 60
05Z - 32/6 60
06Z - 32/6 60
07Z - 32/6 60
08Z - 32/6 60
09Z - 32/6 60
10Z - 32/6 60
11Z - 32/6 60
12Z - 32/6 60
13Z - 32/6 60
14Z 2/2 34/8 55
15Z 12/8 46/16
16Z 20/11 66/27
17Z 42/14 108/41
18Z 50/9 158/50
19Z 44/6 202/56
20Z 30/2 232/58
21Z 27/0 259/58
22Z 9/0 268/58
23Z 1/0 269/58
Total: 269/58
N3QE   Single Op LP   12012-12-03 11:46:42
The ARRL 160M gave me my contest fix for night but sometimes I would get the
hankering during the day too.

Was happy to find 9Y4/DL7VOG coming in loud and clear :-)
CT1EEK   Single Op LP   4,7042012-12-03 12:20:56
Seeing the propagation “forecast”, I was sure that the TEN meter RTTY day
will be a challenge. SFI was 102. Early in the morning, Eastern Europe was
coming by, no JA's. Not a whisper from Europe. Later USA was quiet, some
signals. Patience will do the difference. Enjoy all the Q’s. For the record,
almost for 3 hours, my eldest son (6 years) was just by my side, watching his
father decoding all that strange noises coming out from that little box that we
call radio, making all possible questions! You can imagine! Maybe in the near
future we will be a MS station ;-)! CU on the screen!
UT1IA   Single Op LP   3,0032012-12-03 13:41:31
Unfortunately there was very bad propagation on 10m all contest long. :(

73 Vladimir (Bob) UT1IA
"Contesting is fun !"
AD5XD   Single Op LP   2,2012012-12-03 13:44:44
Conditions were just bad. Enough so that I took a break for church and then
quit 1.5 hours before the end of the contest cause the band died completely
here in the mid-west.

Put up a 3 el mono band beam just for the contest that turn out to not be much
better than my 10m dipole as it was a CD antenna designed for vertical olarity.
Already in the process of modifying it for The SSB 10m contest.
WØRAA   Single Op LP   5442012-12-03 15:11:46
Boy what fun! LOL! Lousy band conditions ruled and a whopping 32 Q's in 3
hours. Almost embarrassed to submit a score. Better days have got to be ahead.
K5DD   Single Op LP   4902012-12-04 11:50:26
Contest software: N1MM
Radio: Flex 5000
Antenna: Hy-Gain AV640 (testing match box conversion to a remote tuner)

Band QSOs Pts Sec DXC
28 35 35 9 5
Total 35 35 9 5
Score: 490
K2YG   Single Op QRP   1,1522012-12-04 11:55:29
Elecraft K2, 5 watts, Tribander
AB1J   Single Op LP   4592012-12-04 12:34:03
Last year this was an HF contest, this year it was
essentially a VHF contest, with all the charms thereof.
Such is life on this betwixt and between band. Hope
it's better the next couple of years - then we head
back into the ditch.

After last year I was ready to rock 'n' roll: more
memory in my computer, another monitor to spread out
all the N1MM windows, three decoders chugging away (MMVARI,
MMTTY and 2Tone) but after scouting out the band on
Saturday, I decided on just a token effort, especially
following a major effort in the CQ WW CW the weekend before.
I hung out around the house and checked in occasionally.
Spotted lots of stations to help those with a more
serious intent.

I'll be sporadically active in the ARRL 10M next weekend.
The SFI is still declining at this moment. How low can it go?

Have a nice holiday season, whatever you celebrate.

Kermit, AB1J
W4SDJ   Single Op LP   1,1592012-12-04 14:44:14
My first Ten Rtty. Band better than expected and had fun!
KSØM   Single Op LP   2342012-12-04 18:49:12
Poor band conditions and I did not stay in very long. First call heard was at
1354z. Hope the RTTY RU is better.
N8NOC   Single Op QRP   1022012-12-06 17:19:49
Had a lot of fun though the band was mostly dead and made it real hard working
W4UK   Single Op LP   3,5702012-12-07 08:37:34
Wire dipoles only